High School DxD:Volume 4 Special Life

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Special Life[edit]

The day before we entered summer vacation. That is, after the closing ceremony had ended.


“Hi. I’ll be imposing on you from today on.”

Akeno-san and Xenovia came to my house carrying some big luggage. Right after Akeno-san greeted me—


She embraced me! Owah! So suddenly!

“I, Akeno, have arrived here at your side just now. Ise-kun...”

P-Please don’t look at me with such teary eyes... My chest tightened!

“...A-Akeno and Xenovia will also be living together with us in this house... I-It was Onii-sama’s suggestion. Koneko also plans to come later.”

High school dxd v4 329.jpg

So said Buchou, who somehow seemed to feel regretful about it. According to the story, Sirzechs-sama apparently proposed this for the sake of improving the physical relationship of our family. It was said that Buchou resisted it till the end, but my parents had consented to it, and the moving-in of Akeno-san and Xenovia had been arranged. So, as soon as Akeno-san arrived at my house, she clung to me like glue and wouldn’t let go. Uu, I’m happy, but the looks that Buchou and Asia are giving me are painful...or perhaps I should say scary... Akeno-san, aren’t you enjoying this situation? The feeling of your breasts is wonderful, but...

“Ise-kun♪, I’ll sleep together with you tonight. Ufufu♪, I want to do things with Ise-kun in bed all night just once.”

“Seriously!? Uooooo! N-Nosebleed!”

“Asia, is it fine if I share the same room as you?”

Xenovia tried to confirm this, but that Asia was looking at me and Akeno-san with watery eyes. Ooh, it seems I’ll be scolded by Asia later! Buchou sighed while pinching my cheek. It hurts, onee-sama...

“However, this house has rather become small, hasn’t it? I’ve decided. I’ll reconstruct it during summer vacation. I’ll get in touch with my brother.”

Eeeeeh!? What will happen to the Hyoudou household from now on...?

With this and that, the first school semester came to a close. Next is summer vacation! Playing all day-long as much as I like! Since I’m living together with Buchou and the others, various things are bound to happen to me according to the plan. This plan might not come to be probably... After all, I was Buchou’s servant, Akeno-san’s pet Kouhai, and Asia’s onii-san. Damn it! Even though summer is the important season where it’s possible for male high school students to graduate from being a virgin! I don’t want to hear the bragging of my class’ boys who have graduated after summer ends! I don’t think it’s possible, but if I’m beaten to the punch by Matsuda and Motohama, I’ll have no confidence in living. Ah, that ‘mufufu’ pink life... It’s receding because of my training! However, I have to become strong. I have to get closer to Vali by even a little, and if I’m going to survive as a Devil from now on, powering-up is required. If I want a harem, first, I need physical strength.

—However! During summer vacation, I want to have sex with Buchooooooooooou!

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