High School DxD:Volume 4 The Festival Ends

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The Festival Ends[edit]

When we set foot on the school grounds, the armies of the three big powers had come in and carried out the processing after the battle. They carried away the corpses of the dead Magicians, and looked to be cleaning up after the battle. When we advanced to the centre of the school grounds, the forms of Sirzechs-sama, Serafall Leviathan-sama and Michael-san could be seen giving orders to people who seemed to be subordinates. When Sirzechs-sama caught sight of us, he raised his hands.

“So you were safe. Thank goodness. —Azazel, what happened to that arm?”

Seeing the one-armed Azazel, Sirzechs-sama gestured his hand at Asia. Asia responded to that and applied her recovery Sacred Gear on the opening of Azazel’s wound. Pale green light healed the wound on Azazel’s arm, but the lost arm wasn’t fixed.

“I was caught by Katerea and nearly self-destructed along with her. I had no choice but to cut it off.”

“I see. Her matter was a problem on the Devils’ side. About that wound—”

Sirzechs-sama tried to say words to make up for it in another form, but Azazel held him back with his hand and showed that it ‘wasn’t necessary’.

“I also...caused trouble with Vali.”

“...So he betrayed you.”

“From the start, he was a guy that pursued only power. If you look at it from the results, it’s possible to understand and say ‘Ah, I see’. —However, it’s my responsibility that I didn’t stop it from happening.”

Azazel’s eyes seemed lonely somehow. Did he feel something for the time he was with Vali? Michael-san came between Sirzechs-sama and Azazel.

“Now then, I’m returning to Heaven at once and will work on a plan for the matter of peace and countermeasures against the Khaos Brigade.”

“I’m sorry. I had arranged things this time. We who set up the place of this conference feel ashamed.”

“Sirzechs, please don’t feel so responsible. As for me, I’m just glad that the Three Great Powers are walking on the path to peace together, you know? With this, useless quarrels should also decrease.”

“Well, subordinates who don’t agree with that will also leave.”

Azazel made that sarcastic remark.

“That is inevitable since we’ve been hating each other for a long time. However, it should change even a little from now on. The problem is the Khaos Brigade that we can’t assume is good.”

“Then let’s cooperate and discuss from now on regarding that matter.”

Azazel and Michael-san nodded at Sirzechs-sama’s idea.

“Then, I’ll return to Heaven at once. I’ll come back immediately, so we’ll conclude the formal peace agreement at that time.”

And then, I spoke out to Michael-san, who would try to be here later, though it was rude.

“U-Umm, Michael-san!”

“What is it, Sekiryuutei boy?”

“There’s just one thing I’d like to ask of you.”

“Very well. There isn’t time, but I’ll hear this one thing.”

There was a wish that I wanted to be granted at any cost.

“It’s because of the System that Asia and Xenovia receive damage when they pray to God, right?”

The two of them were former believers. Sometimes, they would pray as old habits didn’t fade and they would receive damage.

“Yes. If Devils or Fallen Angels pray to God, the System moves and decides to give them light damage. Because this was included in the System with or without God’s presence, it moves naturally. What about it?”

“Can’t you make it so that there is no damage when only Asia and Xenovia are praying?”

That was my wish. I was always watching them force a smile, but they wanted to pray like normal as expected. They’re Devils, but I think they should be free to have something they believe in.


Hearing my wish, Michael-san showed a surprised expression. Was my request strange? Asia and Xenovia, who were on either of my sides, were also surprised. However, Michael-san gave a small laugh and nodded in agreement.

“I understand. If it’s only two people, I may be able to do something about it. The two of them are already Devils and can’t get near church headquarters. Asia, Xenovia, let me ask you. You know God is absent, right? Even so, will you still pray?”

At Michael’s question, the two of them shook their head and then nodded.

“Yes, I want to pray even if there is no Lord.”

“Me too. I’ll give thanks to the Lord—to Michael-sama.” (!)

Michael-san smiled at both of their responses.

“Very well. I’ll do that right away when I return to headquarters. Fufufu, it should be fine if there are only two Devils who don’t receive damage when praying. How interesting.”

Alright! He said it!

“With this, you can pray to God without problems, Asia! ...Though he doesn’t exist.”

Asia became teary-eyed and embraced me.


There, there. I held her gently. I’m happy for you, Asia. I’ll exert myself for the sake of Asia’s happiness from now on as well.

“Ise, thank you.”

Xenovia also voiced her gratitude. I gently stroked the heads of both Asia and Xenovia.

“It’s fine. You can pray without restraint from now on.”

Did Xenovia’s cheeks turn slightly red because she was embarrassed? Hahaha, don’t worry about it!

“Michael-sama, about the aforementioned matter, please do as you said.”

Kiba requested something to Michael-san.

“Following your advice, I swear on the Holy Demonic Sword you gave us that I will not allow Holy Sword research to produce any more victims. It was a huge error for us to flatly reject important believers to this extent.” (!)

Ooh, Michael-san! So you would also go that far! Rather, just when did Kiba have such a talk with Michael-san?

“That’s great, Kiba!”

“Yeah, thank you, Ise-kun.”

Azazel spoke to Michael as they pleasantly watched our exchange.

“Michael, I’ll leave the explaining to the Valhalla guys to you. After all, it would be problematic for me to move imprudently. Afterwards, you’ll have to convey what happened today to Mt. Sumeru[1] as well.”

“Yeah, since there would be no persuasive power if either the Governor of the Fallen Angels or the Maou explained things, I’ll have to tell them. I’m accustomed to reporting to God after all.”

Leaving it at that, Michael-san took a great number of his subordinates and flew to Heaven. Azazel declared ahead to the Fallen Angel troops.

“I have chosen peace. The Fallen Angels won’t fight with the Angels and Devils at all from now on. Those who are dissatisfied with this may leave. However, I’ll kill you without reservation the next time we meet. Only those who want to follow may come with me.”

[We will live for the sake of Governor Azazel till the day we die!]

The subordinates’ loyalty became a roar. Azazel saw this and expressed his gratitude with a small ‘Thank you’. What incredible charisma.

After Azazel issued orders to his troops, the Fallen Angels deployed magic circles and returned. The Devil troops also seemed to be transferring through magic circles. The school grounds that had been crowded with all those troops became rapidly desolate, and then only the few people gathered with us were left. Azazel, the only Fallen Angel left, let out a big breath and left in the direction of the school gate.

“I’ll leave the cleaning up to Sirzechs. I’m tired, so I’m heading back.”

He tried to wave his hand and head back, but he stopped just once and pointed his finger at me.

“That’s right, Sekiryuutei. Since I plan to stay here for a little while, I’ll help that Bishop of Rias Gremory. I can’t stand seeing a Sacred Gear that can’t be controlled.”


That was my idiotic voice. What did you say just now, Mr. Governor?

“For the red, it’s women. For the white, it’s power. —Either one is so purely simple that it's shocking.”

Saying just that, Azazel then left while whistling. At that time, I thought Azazel’s words were just a joke.

July 20XX AD—

Heaven’s representative Head Angel Michael, Governor Azazel of the Fallen Angel central organisation Grigori, the Underworld’s representative Maou Sirzechs Lucifer, with these representatives of the Three Great Powers, a peace treaty was signed. Thereafter, disputes between the Three Great Powers were prohibited in the framework of cooperation. This treaty adopted its name from our school which became its stage, and was called the [Kuoh Treaty].

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Mt. Sumeru is the central-world mountain in Buddhism.[1]

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