High School DxD:Volume 4 Valhalla

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“—And that is the report from Michael-dono, Odin-sama.”

“These youngsters have sprung back up. It’s a bold thing pretending to be God, that damn Michael.” (!)

“What shall we do? It was unexpected that the God recorded in the Holy Bible has died.”

“Really, with that youngster Michael, that fake Lucifer and that naughty kid Azazel, it’s a play gathering of little brats.”

“Then, shall we teach those youngsters what we, the Asgard, the true Gods, are like?”

“Freyr, I won’t be able to respond to a war engulfing the world after so long with my old body. However, the earnestness of these youngsters is interesting. I’ll go watch the Rating Games of the Devils.”

“They do seem interesting, don’t they?”

“It does seem fun. The struggling of these youngsters who have lost their God. Now then, what will they do from now on?”

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