High School DxD:Volume 5 Odin

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“What a blunder.”

That was the first thing my Vice-Governor Shemhaza said in the conference room within the Maou’s territory.

While thinking “That’s an understatement” inside, I—Azazel drank some tea.

On the day of the Maou-sponsored party, the devils had received an attack from the [Khaos Brigade]. To put it accurately, it would be better to say that, “That was what the result became”.

That the SS-class exiled devil “Kuroka” who is wanted throughout the underworld would use a familiar to watch the party was outside of everyone’s expectations.

After that, Rias Gremory’s family and the ultimate-class devil Tannin came into contact with her. And drove her away.

The situation was settled with minimum damage, but—the breach into the party hall was making the other powers question the wariness of the devils.

Just as anyone could see, Shemhaza-kun from the Fallen Angels’ side and the Seraphs of the Angels’ side were angry. Well, I myself couldn’t say anything about them either. I also would never say that I, the Governor, was engrossed in cutting loose at a casino at the time either. Having the treaty violated right away was a grave matter. It was a serious problem.

Shemhaza reported more.

“The opponents were members of the [Khaos Brigade]’s independent special unit, the [Vali Team], consisting of Son Goku [Bikou], nekoshou [Kuroka] and also the user of the holy king sword Collbrande. That three people from a team of people endowed with tremendous power would come is… Also, the management ability of the devils is—”

Ah, when this guy starts scolding, it takes a long while. Now we’re done for.

The incident had been taken under control. Rias and Koneko had been exposed to poison, but thankfully the detoxification had been completed right away and they only had a minor illness. Rather, since everyone was safe, it was a happy miscalculation that Ise had attained Balance Breaker. Everyone here seemed to understand in their hearts.

The Maou’s younger sister Rias was safe. The Sekiryuutei had taken the first step forward. The party had been canceled, but when looking at the big picture, it had been a big gain for us.

Far away from me, Tannin, who was attending in the form of a mini-dragon, and the other seniors were anticipating the battle between Rias and Sona Sitri that would be held soon.

“I’m going to cheer for Miss Rias. Since the Sekiryuutei I personally trained is with her. Kukuku, he’s an interesting kid. Poking breasts like that.”

“The knowledge that Azazel has brought seems to be bringing about a revolution in the Rating Games. If handled poorly, there may be a change within the high-ranked group within half a year.”

“That would be good. Since the top ten haven’t changed in the last ten-odd years. With this, it seems like we’ll be able to see some interesting games.”

Hahahaha, after finishing the arrangements, there was no air of tension here. Were the Three Great Powers really okay like this?

At that time—. The room’s door opened. The person who appeared there made everyone dumbfounded.

“Hmm. So you youngsters can’t greet an old man like me, huh?”

It was a one-eyed old man wearing an old-looking hat. He had a white beard, which was so long that it seemed to touch the floor. His clothes, rather than being luxurious, also consisted of just a single robe. He held a walking staff, but he didn’t have it because he hurt his lower back.


Yes, this guy was actually the king god of all the Norse Gods—Odin! There was also an armour-wearing female warrior Valkyrie that had arrived along with him.

“Oh, oh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it, old geezer of the northern countryside?”

As I rudely called him that, Odin rubbed his beard.

“It’s been a while, Fallen Angel brat. It seems you’ve become intimate with the people you fought with for so long, but… Are you still thinking of something crafty?”

“Hah! Unlike countryside gods that honour old-fashioned bonds according to conventional practices or whatever else, we young people have flexible thoughts. Rather than sticking to troublesome hostile ways of thinking, we place more value on growth and progress.”

“That’s a loser’s mindset appropriate for the weak. After all, you’re a gathering of brats that have lost their founding God and Maou.”

This geezer… As usual, his mouth doesn’t abate at all.

“It’s called becoming independent and standing on our own, geezer.”

“Seeing a bunch of brats doing a play meeting like this, I can’t help but laugh.”

Tch. At this rate, we won’t come to a settlement. Sirzechs then left his seat and greeted the geezer.

“It’s been a long time, King God of the North, Odin-dono.”

“Sirzechs. I came here on the invitation you gave me to watch the games. However, you’ve also had it hard. The descendent of the original Lucifer is now the Hakuryuukou. Moreover, he became a terrorist. The future of devils isn’t going to be easy.”

Odin made those sarcastic remarks, but Sirzechs simply gave a smile.

The geezer’s gaze then shifted to Serafall sitting next to Sirzechs.

“By the way, Serafall. What’s with that appearance?”

Serafall was dressed up as a magic girl like in Japanese television anime. This geezer is also a cosplay-lover, after all.

“Ara, Odin-sama! Don’t you know? This is magical girl’s outfit☆”

She turned sideways and posed with a peace sign. You’re talking to the God of the North, you know?

“Hmm. So this is what’s popular among the young people these days. Not bad at all. Yes, yes, quite nice.”

Damn perverted geezer. While putting a hand to his chin, he looked down at Serafall’s panties and legs.

There was a silhouette that intervened there. The aforementioned female warrior Valkyrie.

“Odin-sama, you mustn’t do such indecent things! The reputation of Valhalla will cry!”

“Geez, you’re so stuffy. That’s why you can’t get any heroes as a boyfriend.”

The Valkyrie immediately broke into tears at Odin’s words. Hey, hey, what’s with her?

“A-At any rate, I’m just an aged female warrior with a history of no boyfriends! I too want to have a boyfriend! Auuu!”

Odin also sighed. Old man, one should only make a young woman cry when on a bed.

“I’m sorry. This person is my current assistant. Although she’s good-looking, she’s too stuffy. She can’t get a man either.”

I can’t understand how the geezer selects his staff. How can a person like that protect you? Well, it’s fine to quip about other people’s business. Odin then spoke to Sirzechs.

“I heard about it. Sirzechs, Serafall, your family members are fighting each other, right? Geez, making your precious younger sisters face each other even though they're close friends. You people are so bad. You really are devils.”

“If she can’t break through this much, then her hopes for her future as a devil won’t be born.”

“It’s already decided that my Sona-chan will win☆”

Each Maou-sama believed that their sister would win, after all.

Odin sat in an empty seat and spoke brazenly.

“Now then. The matter of the [Khaos Brigade] is all well and good, but I have come to watch the Rating Game. —When is the appointed date?”

The talk on the matter at the party was left for another day, and the topic shifted to the game that would soon be held. Lots of important people from each of the powers had been invited to watch the game, after all.

I stood up from my seat for a moment in order to take a break, and I went to rest on a sofa in the hallway. This discussion and conference with VIPs was making my shoulders stiff.

When I sat down on the sofa—Sirzechs appeared there. What’s with this, did he also slip out? He sat down next to me and spoke.

“Azazel, can I ask you one thing before the games starts?”

“What is it?”

“If you were facing Rias as an opponent, who would you definitely remove among the Gremory group?”

“Ise, of course. Everyone in Rias’ team should feel it one way or another. —That Ise is the one who maintains the tension and spirits of the family.”

Tension was important in battle. It was often the case that the balance would crumble by a single change in that, and one side would quickly lose as a result. The reverse was also possible.

Ise was an emotional pillar for Rias and the others. The reason for that could also be understood. He always runs swiftly forward without giving up, no matter what it is or where it is. That behaviour of his also became the dynamic energy of the other servant devils in part. Even his master Rias depended on Ise.

—It was usual for a dragon to attract others.

Ise wasn’t an exception to that either. That was a result of people being attracted to the dragon that was lodged inside him as well. After all, he managed to get through a pinch with that power this time.

Sirzechs joined his hands together and spoke with a serious look.

“…Sona will aim for that.”

He was worried for his younger sister, huh. I spoke honestly.

“Yeah, the problem is when they remove him. Will their willpower rise, or will it fall? Since they had yet to see Ise as the [Sekiryuutei] taken down right before their eyes.”

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