High School DxD:Volume 5 Reunion

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Part 1[edit]

The second half of August—.

We of the Gremory group were receiving a farewell from the underworld at the station in front of the main residence.

“Well then, Issei-kun. I look forward to the day we can meet again. You may return here any time without hesitation. Think of the Gremory family as your own family.”

Buchou’s father said that as many servants stood behind him.

“Thank you very much! B-But, that is a bit too grand for me…”

I was smiling bitterly, but Buchou’s mother also affirmed it.

“Not at all. Issei-san. Please take care of Rias in the human world. Since my daughter can be so selfish, I worry.”

“M-Mother! W-What are you saying!?”

Buchou’s face turned deep red. What a cute Buchou!

“Yes! Of course!”

I hit my chest and nodded. I’ll take care of Buchou! It may be rude of me to say this, but I’ll protect the woman I fell in love with all my life!

“…Uu, I’m also being moved to tears. The future of my family is bright…”

Buchou’s father was crying. Eeeeeeeeeh? Why, why?

Buchou’s mother sighed beside him.

“Wait a minute, dear. Isn’t this where the father is supposed to retaliate by saying something like [I won’t give up my daughter yet!]?”

“Even if you say that, Issei-kun seems to have surpassed my power already, so isn’t it enough already? I think it will be fine even if I settle down soon.”

“Please wait until Rias has graduated from high school at least before talking about retirement.”

???? He seemed to be getting excited, but about what?

“Rias, send us a letter during your remaining summer holidays.”

Sirzechs-sama said that while carrying his son Millicas-sama in his arms. Grayfia-san was standing immediately behind them.

“Yes, onii-sama. You stay well as well, Millicas.”

“Yes, Rias-nee-sama!”

We had boarded the train and were giving our last farewells to Sirzechs-sama and the others from the window.


At that moment, I noticed. Sirzechs-sama, Millicas-sama, and also Grayfia-san.

I saw two parents and their child in that three-shot. As I thought, it was like that. It wasn’t a joke—.

Part 2[edit]

The return train.

I was being pressed by my untouched school homework.

That’s right! I had been busy since coming to the Underworld, but I had completely forgotten about this!

Furthermore, thinking back, didn’t I spend off the important summer of my second year of high school on a mountain with a dragon? I wanted to cryyyyyyyyyyyy!

I had used my precious youth on surviving in that mountain! I didn’t have any date with Buchou, nor did Akeno-san do any erotic things to me in my room!

I started on my Japanese homework while crying.

But, I did have some amazing experiences during my time in the Underworld. And I had done various studies. We were strong—in terms of power. However, in the case of opposing teams who took greater control than us, no matter how great our power was, we would lose depending on the tactics used.

…If I’m also going to play the games as a [King] in the future, I have to start thinking about tactics and the like right away…

Because, no matter how great my power was from the legendary dragon, if I recklessly plunged forward and fell into my opponent’s tricks, it will be an immediate game over! If I was taken out as a [King], my team would have to resign! Though I should have won overall in power, I was defeated by Saji in terms of technique…

Uwaah…I’m so anxious about the future.

I spoke to Buchou who was sitting in the seat in front of me.


“What is it?”

“I’ve acted reckless until now in order to become a harem king. That is my goal, and my wish to become that hasn’t changed even now. —But, Tannin-ossan told me. That it’s a waste to set that as my final goal. So, I thought about it a little, but I think it’s useless to just aim for an ordinary harem. It’s best if I can make a harem with an attractiveness that won’t lose to anyone and that is strong in the games as well.”

Buchou listened to my words and showed a very surprised expression, but she soon smiled.

“It seems the summer training camp was a success. Meeting other devils in the Underworld seems to have been a big plus for you. We both seem to have learned and advanced forward a lot.”

Yes! I gave it my all!

Suddenly, Koneko-chan appeared there…and sat down on my laaaaaaaap!?

I couldn’t understand what was happening, but—Koneko-chan had sat down on my lap and was twitching her cat ears.


I timidly looked at her face, and then,


She smiled with a smile across her whole face. Yeah. With just something like that, my brain flew off.

Asia had teary eyes, Buchou scowled with narrowed eyes, and Akeno-san was giving off pressure with a silent smiling face, but…

High school dxd v5 367.jpg

Yeah! Cuteness is justice!

Like this, the train headed to the human world we lived in—.

The time in the Underworld has been fun. It was a summer vacation I didn’t think I would forget for my entire life.

As the train arrived at the underground platform on the human world-side, I stretched myself.

“Well, we’ve arrived, we’ve arrived. Now then, let’s return home, Asia—”

When I turned to look at Asia. A mysterious man with delicate features had drawn near Asia.

“Asia Argento…We finally meet.”


Asia was bewildered. This was bad! Was he a pervert! I won’t let you put even a single finger on my Asia-chan!

“Hey, hey, hey! What business do you have with Asia!?”

I came between them! But, the mysterious delicate man questioned Asia with a sincere expression.

“…So you’ve forgotten me. We should have met that time.”

The delicate man—Wait, I’ve seen him somewhere before. The delicate man suddenly revealed his chest and showed a big scar there. It was a deep scar. Asia’s eyes opened wide when she saw that.

“—. That wound, could it be…”

Asia? You remember him?

“Yes, my face couldn’t be seen back then, but I am the devil from that time.”


Asia became speechless at those words.

“My name is Diodora Astaroth. That time you weren’t able to treat it to the point where a scar wouldn’t remain, but my life was saved due to your Sacred Gear.”

I had heard about Asia’s past. She had been branded as a witch for saving a devil by chance.

—That’s right, he was the devil who had been the trigger for Asia being driven out of the Church.

“Diodora? You’re Diodora, aren’t you?”

Buchou seemed to recognise him…Ah, I remembered, he was at the meeting between young devils! The handsome high-class devil from that time! I think he was from the family of the current Beelzebub!

Diodora tenderly took Asia’s hand and kissed it! Y-You bastard, what do you think you’re doing to Asia!?

I was about to leap at him, but without caring about that he spoke to Asia.

“Asia, I came to meet you. I apologise that I couldn’t greet you at that meeting. But, I think the encounter between you and I was destiny. —I want you to be my wife. I love you.”

—He had proposed to Asia right in front of me.

The hot summer had come to an end, and the autumn that would likely become long would soon begin.

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