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I—Azazel, laughed inside the VIP room.

“…So this is the current Sekiryuutei.”

One of the spectating leaders murmured that. The VIP room had become opened-mouthed.

Naturally. Since a new stupid technique had been displayed on the monitor as they all watched as if devouring it.


It was just way too dumb. Even I, being open-minded to perverted things, couldn’t understand at all what had happened in that moment. Since even I was like this, the minds of the others must be in quite a terrible state indeed.

On the monitor, Rias—was blushing deeply. I sympathised with her, but dear me, this was interesting.

However, this Pailingual. It had no flashiness, but in reality, it was a fearful technique.

If the opponent was female, the state of the battle would likely be overturned. Because it exposed the inside of their hearts. There was no other technique as terrifying as this to an opponent.

Moreover, it could read the inside of their hearts even in the type of situation where the spirit was being projected as a holographic image.

In matches limited to female opponents, he would be unparalleled with that technique. He keeps rapidly developing techniques that make him hated by women. Does he really intend to become popular?

It’s regrettable that the person himself doesn’t seem to completely understand how amazing this technique is since it occurred to him at the top of his sexual desire, but…

Rather, he’ll be told by Rias that he’s banned from using it in the games. As it is now, he won’t be able to participate in games with other devils, since many devils own female devil servants.

Vali. I also understand why you, who are of an exceptionally higher rank than Ise, took such an interest in the Sekiryuutei who is widely called the weakest of all the successive generations.


He was described with that one word. A guy who watches and fights without getting tired is the best opponent for a battle enthusiast.

Hey, Vali. Ise is evolving and becoming strong in a different way than you. At that time, what will you do? How will you fight him? He’s a guy who goes far and in a slanted way above our expectations.

So much fun. I really was enjoying myself.

Most likely, it will be the greatest showdown between red and white out of all the previous generations.

Besides that, though, there was the [Reverse] used by the Sitri group. That was something researched by us. We had started giving technical assistance to the devils, but that [Reverse] was still in the research stage. So someone like Armaros or Sahariel offered it to them on the condition of getting data on it during the game, huh? Geez…

It was still at the research stage, so it wouldn’t be strange if anything happened. And Sona Sitri and her servants used it while acknowledging that. So their resolution—their fighting spirit of wanting to win at any cost must have been stirred up, huh.

There were also Fallen Angels who picked out Sacred Gears and embedded them into themselves, but this [Reverse] was similar in that it forcibly granted someone an ability they didn’t originally have. As an act that shortens one’s life and destroys one’s own abilities, it’s dangerous.

Ise also obtained the power of the Hakuryuukou and shaved off his life. Even if this ability increases as an appendix to his own ability like Kiba, there are also safe examples of this, but as expected it couldn’t really be recommended.

Incidentally, since my artificial Sacred Gear was made specifically for my use right from scratch, it has no problems.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to advise them that [Reverse] should be banned from future games. I also feel like I do not want to nip young buds in such a place.

However, to think that they would use [Reverse] like this. Originally, it was created for the sake of reversing contrary things that turned the holy into demonic and darkness into light. To think that they would skilfully use [Reverse] in accordance to their opponents’ abilities.

I ascertained with my own eyes the resolution of the Sitri group this time. Show me how far you guys can go.

In any case, how will the others act now that Ise has been lost? I knew that previously, you would get discouraged by such a thing, Rias, Akeno.

“Hohohoh, what an interesting battle.”

The damn old geezer Odin watched the monitor in seeming satisfaction. For that selfish geezer to give praise. Odin spoke to Sirzechs.



“About that kid who has the dragon Sacred Gear.”

“You mean Hyoudou Issei-kun? He has the Sekiryuutei.”

However, Odin’s next words were unexpected.

“No, I mean the [Pawn] of the Sitri family.”

…I see, so he paid attention to that one. Odin continued speaking.

“What a good devil. You should take good care of that one. He’ll become strong. The achievement of beating the Sekiryuutei kid is huge. Watching the Rating Games of devils is fun because of this. The weak change in the middle of a match. This is what a true match is.”

Odin was paying the greatest of compliments to someone whose existence he didn’t even know about several hours ago.

“That’s right, that’s right! Odin-ojii-chan really understands things, after all☆”

Serafall also praised her little sister’s group and seemed cheery. Even though she had watched with tearfully crying face until just now.

That pawn of Sona Sitri. She said his name was Saji Genshirou. You could say that his estimation rose more than Ise in this match.

This game had been broadcasted across the entire Underworld. Unexpectedly, the name of this previously unknown dragon Sacred Gear user may have become more famous than the Sekiryuutei.

Ise, Rias. This world that you’re trying to plunge into has many difficulties in store for you all.

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