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Part 1[edit]

After the game had ended, I woke up within the medical facility. I was on a bed.

That’s right, this is the first time I’ve ended up here.

My case this time had been more a matter of blood loss than injuries. It seemed I had been given a blood transfusion immediately after that and could now move like this. I had gone outside and was drinking juice by the vending machine.

We had won.

However, half of us, consisting of me, Xenovia, Asia and Gasper, had been taken out, and the Gremory group which had been said to be overwhelmingly superior before the game had our estimation lowered.

Our estimation seemed to have particularly lowered because of how Gasper had been lost so quickly right at the start and how I, the Sekiryuutei, had been taken out. As the natural result hadn’t come about, the evaluation of those at the top was harsh.

Buchou—appeared completely mortified. There were also the achievements of Kiba, who displayed ace-class strenuous effort and the fact we had achieved victory in the end, but—. It seemed that the end had been won by a direct confrontation between the [Kings].

This had been our first victory…Somehow, we hadn’t been blessed with a complete victory. We had certainly gone through a tough battle. Even though our group had enormous power, we were far away from a perfect victory.

Yeah! This situation was bad!

Shaking my head, I decided to change the mood and to go to Saji’s hospital room. His injuries had also been completely cured already. In the game we were enemies, but once it had ended, we were friends as usual.

Well now, I’ll go boast about Buchou’s breasts again.

“Please take this.”

I heard Sirzechs-sama’s voice from Saji’s room. I could see inside the room from the slightly open door. Inside were Sirzechs-sama, Kaichou, and Saji on his bed.

Saji was receiving something from Sirzechs-sama. He was holding an expensive-looking small box in his hands.

“U-Umm…This is…?”

Saji was nervously trembling.

“This is something awarded to the person who excelled and fought the most impressively in the Rating Game.”

Sirzechs-sama said that while smiling. However—.

“I-I…lost to Hyoudou…T-This isn’t a situation where I should be receiving this.”

Saji grasped the sheets of his bed in apparent frustration and regret.

“That’s true. But, consequently, that Ise-kun—the Sekiryuutei was defeated. We watched your battle in excitement from the spectators’ room. To the extent that even Odin of the Norse praised you.”

Sirzechs-sama took out a medal from the small box and put it on Saji’s chest.

“You shouldn’t humble yourself. Even a devil like you can aim for the top. I’m happy that I can see promising young devils of the future. Devote yourself more. I have high expectations of you.”

Then, Sirzechs-sama patted Saji’s head.

“It’s fine no matter how many years or decades it takes. —Continue aiming to be a Rating Games teacher.”

At Sirzechs-sama’s words, Saji—cried silently. His tears flowed down endlessly, and his face became disheveled.

“…Saji, you displayed a gallant figure to a lot of people. Because you fought a splendid battle.”

Sona-kaichou was brimming with calm and self-control from her eyes.

Kaichou is also surely happy that her prided servant had gained such a huge estimation.

Saji fingered the medal on his chest, then wiped away his tears with his hand and nodded strongly.

“…Yes…Thank you very much!”


Feeling that it would be impolite to listen any further, I left that place.

…Saji, congratulations.

I had only thought of Vali as my rival. I had believed without doubt that Vali was the only rival I had to defeat. —I was wrong.

That’s why, I’ll say it to him face-to-face once more next time.

That, I’m sorry.

Hey, Saji. Which one of us will advance to being a high-class devil first and have our dreams granted?

I—won’t lose! Absolutely. And I’ll win for sure the next time we fight!

So, until next time.

My rival, Saji Genshirou.

Part 2[edit]

I came across Buchou just before she entered my hospital room.


Buchou also noticed me, and smiled. Like that, we went into my hospital room and started to chat pleasantly.

“Ise, thank you for your hard work in the game. You did well. But, please don’t embarrass me so much, okay? Since your sexual desire really is too excessive.”

Buchou smiled bitterly. Aaaah, I embarrassed her.

“S-Sorry…My new techniques and power-ups tend to be related to my worldly desires…”

“That technique is sealed when in games.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? Seriously!?”

No way! Seriously!? Why!? I-Is it because it’s perverted!?

“Because it will make us unable to fight against female devils anymore. So it’s banned.”

“Uu, if Buchou says so, I’ll obeeeeeeeey.”

I nodded with teary eyes! Such a shame! It’s extremely regrettable! To think I would only be able to use it once! Ah, but does that mean it’s okay to use in real battles?

Buchou smiled bitterly.

“But, we finally had a victory. Compared to last time, it was better, but I still lost Ise, Asia, Xenovia and Gasper. Even if our family is said to be blessed with ability and overflowing with power, if that power can’t be displayed at critical moments, it has no meaning. Even though the probability of victory is high, when you lose, you lose.”

It was just as Buchou said.

If we had made just a single mistake, we might have lost. Even though their chances of winning were less than ours, our opponents desperately came at us. Because they also moved forward, believing they would win.

If one gives in and is careless, one can also lose the matches they could win.

Me and Buchou had realised this obvious fact once again.

…They’re difficult, these games. The same with actual battles.

And just as I had seen the path to being a high-class devil, it felt far away.

But, it wasn’t an unreachable distance. Eventually, I too, like Buchou—.

“But Ise. Both Akeno and Koneko overcame their walls in this game. This is something to be happy about.”

Buchou said that while smiling. That smile was wrapped in gentleness.

“Yes, I think so too! I feel like we won the match, but lost the game, but even so I’m happy that Akeno-san and Koneko-chan have advanced forward!”

“It’s thanks to you, Ise. Thanks to you, everyone in my group are breaking through the things they carry. You’ve broken through all the things I’ve worried about, Ise. I’m very grateful.”

“N-No, I didn’t do anything in particular. I just thought about keeping everyone happy.”

That’s right, I wanted to advance forward together with everyone. Even if tough things occur like this time, I want to break through them together. Because we’re comrades and friends.

“Ise, I’m glad that you’re my servant…Please stay with me forever.”

“Yes, Buchou! I’ll always stay by your side!”

I was also happy, being able to see Buchou’s greatest-rank smile.


Suddenly, someone knocked on the door to my hospital room. After I answered “Yes, come in”—an old man that I hadn’t seen before came in. He was wearing a hat and had only a single eye. Moreover, he had a long white beard.

“Old man, who are you?”

When I asked in puzzlement, the old man laughed.

“I’m the Old Man of the Northern Countryside. Sekiryuutei, it seemed you need to study a little more. Well, you are devoted.”

What was this overly-familiar old-man saying so suddenly? But, how did he know I was the Sekiryuutei?

“You’re Odin-sama, right? This is the first time we’ve met. I’m Rias Gremory.”

Buchou seemed to know him. Odin? Hmm, I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere before…

“I see, I see. Sirzechs’ little sister, huh. I saw you in the game. Well, there was also something like that. But, I see, hmm. So big. When I was watching, I was fascinated by just these.”

The old man was looking at Buchou’s breasts with lewd eyes! Heeeeeeeey! You damn old man! Those breasts are mine! No one besides me can look at them with lewd eyes! As I tried to ferociously protest, a beautiful armoured woman who had entered the room at some point hit the old man’s head with a paper-fan.

“Geez! Did I not already tell you that indecent eyes were prohibited?! Since there’s going to be an important meeting now, please pull yourself together as the King of the Norse Gods!”

“…Truly a Valkyrie with no openings. I know already. It’s a conference on terrorist-countermeasures with the angels, devils, fallen angels, Zeus of Greece and Indra[1] of Mt. Sumeru[2].”

The old man muttered with his eye half-closed as he rubbed his head.

“Well, it’s fine. Sirzechs’ sister and Sekiryuutei. The world isn’t full of only trials, there are many fun things as well. Advance forward while both fully enjoying and suffering through it all. Being reckless is the only way for youngsters to grow up. Hohoho.”

Leaving just those words, the old man and the armoured woman left my hospital room.

Who was that? That old man…He stared at my Buchou’s breasts! Anyone who makes a move on Buchou’s breasts is my enemy, no question about it! I’ll never permit such a thing!

I asked Buchou about it afterwards, but apparently that old man was a northern god! He just looked like a dirty old man!

…Really, there are things I just don’t understand in this world.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Indra, whose name is Japanese is "Taijakuten" (帝釈天), is the leader of the gods or "Devas" in Hindu mythology. He also appears in Buddhism as the god "Śakra".
  2. Mt. Sumeru is the name of the "central world-mountain" that appears in Buddhist mythology. It also appears in Hinduism, under the shortened name of "Mt. Meru".
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