High School DxD:Volume 6

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Novel Illustrations

Can I stay by Ise-san forever?


Part 1

I found myself in an elegant Japanese room.

The floor was covered in exquisitely woven straw mats. There are expensive looking vases within the room and a beautiful traditional Japanese garden outside while making a peaceful sound that went “kong”.


And right in front of me wearing a white kimono is—Asia!? She bows her head while sitting in a formal posture. Having a foreign girl with blonde hair and green eyes wearing a white kimono is so pure that she looks sacred and amazingly good!

Looking at me with teary eyes, Asia says this to me.

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. Today, I, Asia, am going to become a bride.”



“Sob, Asia-chan you have grown so much……”

“Asia-chan, you look beautiful!”

Next to me, my mum and dad are crying hysterically while looking at Asia!

“Asia, you know that you can come back to us at any time, right?”

Buchou says so while wiping tears from her eyes!

“Asia-chan, you can leave the rest to us.”

Akeno-san is also being emotional like Buchou! Eh! Eeeeeh!? What’s going on!? What is this!? Asia-chan!?

Mum saw my confused look and explains it to me.

“Hey Ise, you should say something to Asia-chan. You adored her as if she was your little sister.”

This is so sudden! More importantly, Asia is seriously getting married!?

Who’s her groom!? The one who stole Asia’s heart—.

SLIDE! A handsome guy appears, energetically sliding open the door.

“Nice to meet you, Onii-san. My name is Diodora Astaroth. I’m a High-class Devil and am super rich. Fufufu, you can leave Asia to me. I will definitely make her happy!”

He’s making a splendid pose while speaking his appeal to me and my family! H-He’s one of the young High-class Devils!

He’s an heir to the house of Astaroth, if I remember correctly! A Devil household where the current Maou Beelzebub came from!

Ah, that’s right! He suddenly proposed to Asia, at the end of the summer holidays, immediately after we returned from the Underworld!

“What a handsome man! We don’t have to worry about a thing!”

“Yes, the fact that he is also rich makes him a good choice. Even when she starts getting on years she’ll have a stable life.”

My parents says that! Ooooi! What the heck are you two saying!

“I have every confidence in Diodora, I know I can leave Asia to him.”


Even the Onee-sama pair, Buchou and Akeno-san are agreeing!

Are you two okay with this!? Seriously!?

“Now Asia, let’s begin the ceremony. Let’s head towards our bright future together!”

The Astaroth rich boy picks up Asia in a princess-carry and tries to leave!

“Ah! You! I didn't say you could leave!”

I chase after them! But Asia just waves at me!

“Ise-san! You’ve taken good care of me up to now! I will definitely attain happiness~!”


Hold oooooon!

“Asia! Your Onii-san[1] hasn’t accepted this yeeeeeet!”

I chase after them while crying but I can’t reach Asia—

N-No…… Asia……

M-My adorable Asia has……become a bride……

Part 2

“Ise-san. Are you okay?”

……Asia is looking at me with concern, still in her pyjamas.

I rubbed the sleep out of eyes and open them. I look at the clock—and it’s exactly morning.

“……Asia, you’re still here.”

“Yes. I’m right here? You were calling my name in your sleep.”

Ah, I see. It was just a dream. So Asia getting married was just a really bad dream.

I lift my upper body up, while having many tears falling from my eyes.

“I had a dream where you got married. Sob, it was more painful than I thought.”

Asia gives me a confused look but says this with a smile on her face.

“Ise-san you worry too much. It’s okay. I’m not getting married any time soon.”

“Really? I would die from loneliness if you left me you know?”

“Yes. It would be a very serious thing if Ise-san died of loneliness.”

Asia answers me with a big smile! Aaah, my adorable Asia-chan!

I’m really going to start bawling like a child if she got married. I was this upset just from dreaming about it. It’s pretty bad.


—! Something is moving under the sheets!?

Waking up with a huge yawn is—Koneko-chan!? W-When did she get in here?

Koneko-chan wipes her sleepy eyes, then wrapping her arms around me she went back to sleep. What should I do? Her small body is so soft……

The only thing she is wearing is a white shirt, so that’s simply not fair! It feels like her skin is rubbing directly against mine……


Her cat ears are twitching with her white tail tracing patterns in the air! After finding out about her true identity, the level of cuteness that she was showing now is like a deadly weapon!

Wait... if her tail is out then what about her panties!? D-Don’t tell me…… No, no. I shouldn't think too much about Koneko-chan like that!

It was decided after the training camp that Koneko-chan would come live with us. That was okay, but whenever she got a chance she would sit in my lap, not to mention sneaking in and sleeping next to me. Though her sharp tongue and neko-punch habits haven't changed…… Is she getting attached to me?

Even though her usual attitude hasn't changed, she comes into my bed like this so I wasn't sure how much I should spoil her. To be honest I’m really happy.

“Anyway, I’m glad that Asia getting married was just a bad dream.”

I let out a sigh while patting Koneko-chan’s head. Then—.

“I seriously wish we can leave it as a dream.”

Buchou, who seems like she woke before us sits on the bed. She’s holding a lot of letters.

“Are those letters?”

I ask her and Buchou sighs with a nod.

“Yes, the one who sent them are—Diodora Astaroth. It looks like they’re love letters. Not to mention the movie tickets, invitations to dinner and product tokens. He also left some big presents at the entrance. How many times has it been now?”

Love letters! Even presents! Yeah, lately these have been sent to my house. – Well, to be more precise they were sent to Asia.

Ungh! The image of that gentle-looking handsome guy appears in my head!

That bastaaaaaard! Proposing to Asia as soon as we returned from the Underworld!

Asia also doesn't know how to respond to this, so she keeps on apologising to us every time a package came. She thinks she’s causing us trouble. It’s not Asia’s fault! There is no way it is Asia’s fault!

Two weeks had passed since then, the summer holidays had ended and we entered the second semester. However, even I realised that my anger towards him is increasing by the day. I immediately got up on the spot and shouted with tearful eyes!

“I will never give our Asia-chan to him!”

Life.1 The Second Term begins!

Part 1

The summer has ended, and it’s already a new term - The second term.

The opening ceremony has already ended and Kuou Academy has begun the September event, the preparation for the Sports Festival. At this time of the year, something that greatly irritates me occured. That is because the number of people who have “shed their skin” increases. It’s something called a “Summer Debut”. People use the summer as an occasion to go through a major image change. Well, compared to when we were first years, their number has decreased, but even so people like that continue to appear. If it’s the guys they have their hair changed by a beautician, and if it’s the girls they change their fashion style to that of the current popular fashions! So people who looked dull just before summer, begin the second term by having a new look! Last year I was shown that a lot and it made me hate it and close my mouth. So I was jealous!

-I also wanted to change myself! I’m also a male high school student! I want to dye my hair, I have an interest in cool guys clothes, and once had thought of trying them out! And it really seems like you can become popular among girls with them! The guys who changed themselves during the summer also have that as one of their motives! –Changing yourself during the summer and getting a girlfriend!

“Then graduate from being a virgin, right. Summer is like an obstacle for high school boys.”

The glasses guy, Motohoma, says it while nodding. One of my evil buddies.

“Oh, Motohama. Did you get information regarding “that”?”

He nods at my question.

“Yeah, Matsuda went to get the actual information right now.”

“Heeeeey! Ise! Motohama! I got the information!”

The one who came into the class is Matsuda. Seems like he got the information regarding “that”.

“Like we thought, Yoshida from the next class did it during the summer! And it seems like he did it with an Onee-sama from third year!”

“That fucker!” “That fucker!”

Motohama and I said with hatred!

Just like we thought! That bastard Yoshida! Not only did he become more fashionable but he also has a bigger attitude and now we know why!

“It’s rumoured that Ooba from our class has also done it with a first year.”

“Are you serious!? Ooba did!?”

When we turned around, Ooba who's wearing a refreshing smile waves his hand at us! Daaaaaamn it! That non-virgin! Is it alright to lose your virginity as easily as that!? It is right! I also want to lose it! Since last year, at the beginning of the second term, we gather information about the summer experience of the people we know. It’s the truth that boys lose their virginity during summer, and for us virgins, information like that is what we desperately want to know! That’s because it really makes you wonder who is a virgin and who isn't! From the information we gathered, it seems the ratio of guys who have lost their virginity has increased since last year! So most of the guys in our grade have already had sex! Whether you had sex or not has a huge effect on your status for high school boys! The eyes of those non-virgins looking at me with fill me up with hatred. Their eyes are saying “Aaah, these guys don’t know women yet” and it pisses me off!

I lay on top of the desk holding down my head! Shit! This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! I was also planning to change and lose my virginity during the summer! But instead I went to the Underworld! Are there any high school boys who go to hell for the summer!? There is! And that’s me!

On top of that, a dragon was chasing after me in the mountains! Can you believe such luck!? Nobody would believe that I spent my valuable high school second year life going through life and death situations with a monster and I also don’t want to tell anyone!

After all, the only erotic event I had during the summer was the hot bath, but other than that nothing! Nothing happened! Comparing it to the past it’s the difference of heaven and hell, but I still wanted something more! My first experience with Buchou! Doing it on the bed with Akeno-san! Making babies with Xenovia! Not a single one of those things happened during my time in the Underworld!

I was fortunate that nothing happened to Matsuda and Motohama either during the summer. If they go through becoming a man before me, I will seriously commit suicide.

“Smells like virgins.”

The one who appears while laughing at us is the glasses-girl, Kiryuu. Her mouth is smirking and she’s laughing with her nose.

“Kiryuu! Did you come to laugh at us!?”

She nods at Motohama’s question.

“Fufufu. Since it’s you guys, I’m sure you guys spent a worthless summer.”

“Shut up!”

“By the way, Hyoudou. Lately Asia acts weird at times, do you know the reason for that?”

Kiryuu asks me. I know the reason. It must be about Diodora. I also realise that. Asia panicked when the teacher asked her questions and she even held the textbook upside down.

Though Asia is having a chuckle with the other girls right now….. Asia is popular in our class. She’s popular amongst both guys and girls. She’s obviously a beauty where you get healed just by talking to her. Among guys there are those who talk to her to feel healed rather than feeling love towards her. Rather than looking at her with perverted eyes, they would rather get close to her and be healed. Well I don’t blame them. It’s true that I relax a lot when I am with Asia. Asia notices that I’m looking at her and waves her hand at me. Asia puts on a smile but she seems stiff…. Hmmm, it’s certain that she’s being troubled. Now what should we do with the proposal? While I was thinking about that, Kiryuu looked at me with suspicious eyes.

“What is it?”

“No, it’s just that since entering the second term your popularity with girls has increased quite a lot.”

-! Are you serious! But why?

“Your face has become more serious, and even from my eyes I can tell that your body has become quite muscular. There are girls who say that you've become more wild.”

Hmmm. I see. I check it by touching my face. I know that my body is muscular. Well, it would happen naturally if you lived with a dragon in the mountains. I also spent my life like a wild animal. But me becoming wild, huh. I see, fufufu. People who notice do look at people seriously. Did my charm that increased during the summer start to fascinate the girls?

“Fufufu. I work out after all. That means I have grown up during the summer.”

I put my hand under my chin and make a big grin, and then Kiryuu seems to feel down.

“……If only you didn't become so full of yourself.”

W-What’s that with you feeling down……. I don’t get her at all.

“H-Hey! This is urgent!”

Suddenly one of the guys in my class comes over in a rush. What happened? He gulped down some mineral water that his friend gave him, and spoke out so everyone could hear him.

“There is a transfer student coming! It’s a girl!”

After a pause……


The whole class shouts in a shock.

“Um, it might be unusual during this time of year but a new student will be joining us.”

Everyone is excited with the teacher’s words. The guys have high tension! That’s because it’s a girl! You would expect us to be excited! Even though the girls are astonished by the guys' reactions, they are just as excited as us.

“Come in.”

The one who comes in with the teacher’s word is……….


Shouts of joy come from the guys. The one who appears is a chestnut-haired girl who has twin tails, and the guys act like that because she’s quite a beauty. But for me, rather than being happy, I am so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out of my head. When I look, Asia is acting the same way as me and Xenovia has shocked eyes and can't believe what she is seeing. Of course we would act this way! If “she” suddenly appears like this, then people who know her would get shocked! The transfer student bows her head down and introduces herself with a big smile. The cross coming down from her neck is shining. She changed her hairstyle into twin tails but there is no doubt about it!

“My name is Shidou Irina. Let's get along, everyone!”

Yes, it’s none other than Shidou Irina, who came to retrieve the stolen Excaliburs before summer with Xenovia!

Part 2

“Come with me for a sec.”

During break Irina was receiving a lot of questions from the guys and girls, and I grabbed her hand quickly and took her to a place where there is no one except Asia and Xenovia.

Shidou Irina. My childhood friend. She moved when she was little to another country, and received a blessing from a Church and became a Holy-sword wielder under the Protestant Church.

Earlier there was an incident where the Excalibur that was under the care of the Church was stolen by one of the Fallen-Angel leaders. For that incident Xenovia and she came to this town. Xenovia learned about the truth of God and remained in Japan by becoming a devil without thinking properly. Irina on the other hand, returned to where she originally came from. We haven't seen her since then……. But I never thought we would have a reunion like this……. Man, I was surprised. It happened all of a sudden. She’s not our enemy right? The Three Great Powers made an alliance. T-Then the reason why Irina came here is……

“It has been a while Ise-kun, and also Xenovia!”


Irina hugs Xenovia.

“Xenovia! I’m glad you are doing okay! It might be awkward due to our positions but I’m truly happy!”

“Yes, it has been a while Irina. I’m glad you are doing alright yourself. Is it punishment that the cross you are wearing is giving some minor damage to me…….”

The reunion of the former holy-sword wielder duo. Xenovia is also showing a smile. Now now, what should I ask? While I was thinking, Xenovia began the discussion.

“What brings you here?”

Yes, a simple yet straight question.

“I transferred here by Michael-sama's order. I will give more details after the lectures. I will be in the old-school building, okay?”

Irina says that while making a cute wink. I sent a text message to Buchou using my mobile and texted “Shidou Irina came, did you know about it?”. She replied back “Yes, it was suddenly determined to turn into a situation like that. I will introduce you to her with a proper explanation after the lectures, so please look after her until then. She is a transfer student after all”. Ah, so Buchou knew about her. Obviously. This is Buchou's territory so Irina wouldn't be able to enter unless it had been discussed with Buchou beforehand. So, I will wait until after school.

In the clubroom after classes.

“Shidou Irina-san. I welcome you to our school.”

All the members of the Occult Research Club, Azazel-sensei, and Sona-kaichou gathered to welcome Irina. By the way, the one on my lap is Koneko-chan. It has become her personal seat.

“Yes! Everyone! Well, there are people I’m meeting for the first time but most of you I have met before. My name is Shidou Irina! Church…. No, I came here to Kuou academy as a messenger of the angels!”


Everyone gave her applause. Well, I hear that she came as a support member from the Heavens side. If I think about it, devils and fallen-angels are here but not angels. We are getting backed up by Heaven, though. Irina began her speech about “Gratitude to the Lord” and “Michael-sama is great”. Everyone made a bitter smile but listened to her. She has a strong faith in her teachings like always….. There was something I wanted to ask Xenovia so I whispered in her ears.

(H-Hey Xenovia.)

(Why are you speaking in a low voice?)

(Irina doesn't know about the death of God right?)

(At least she didn't know about it when she parted with me.)

That’s right. Is it really okay? All of us know about the death of God. If this girl finds out, will she get so shocked that something serious might happen? I was worried about that but Sensei asks her without any thought.

“You do know about the death of “God from the Bible” right?”

“S-Senseiiiiiiiii! You can’t suddenly ask her something like that!”

I said it to Sensei but Sensei just sighed.

“Idiot. If she’s here then she received the mission while knowing all about it. Listen, this place is one of the most important places among the territory of the Three Great Powers alliance. If someone affiliated comes here, then it means they are stepping foot in while having basic knowledge of it.”

Irina nods at Sensei’s word.

“Of course Governor-sama of the Fallen-Angels. Don’t worry Ise-kun. I already know about the absence of the Lord.”

Seriously? We look dumb for worrying about her!

“You are quite tough. I never thought Irina, who has such a strong belief in the teachings, would come here without being shocked at all.”

After a pause with Xenovia's words, many tears started to flow out from both of Irina’s eyes! She shouts while getting closer to Xenovia!

“Of course I’m shocked! My spiritual support! The centre of my world! Father of many creation dieeeeeeed!? I was living while believing in all of the teachings so I spent 7 days and 7 nights sleeping when I heard the truth from Michael-sama! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Lord!”

Aaah she started to cry while hugging onto the table. W-Well, for a strong believer, the death of God would be very shocking. My family is non-religious so I don’t know how it feels but Asia basically fainted when she found out about it.

“I understand how you feel.”

“I know.”

Asia and Xenovia gently said that to Irina. The three of them hugged each other. Asia and Xenovia continued to pray to God till this day. I think they are still feeling grateful to God.

“Asia-san! I’m sorry for calling you a witch last time! I even said horrible things to Xenovia when we said our goodbyes! I’m sorry!”

Asia and Xenovia smiled at Irina’s apologies.

“I don’t mind. I’m hoping we can get along since we all love the same Lord.”

“Same as me. That was also my fault for acting without thinking properly. I turned into a devil immediately after all. But I’m happy that we are reunited like this.”

[Ah, Lord!]

The three of them started praying…… Can I assume that they have an understanding of each other now? A lot has happened but it makes me happy that the weird tension is starting to disappear. Maybe this is the birth of Church-Trio. Smiling with everyone is the best. Though two of them are devils…..

“Can I assume that you are Michael’s messenger?”

Irina nods to confirm Sensei’s question.

“Yes Azazel-sama. Michael-sama was troubled because not a single person from the Heaven’s side is here. He said it’s a problem if none of the staff is in this area.”

“Oh yeah, Michael did say something like that. This location is active with the power of those from either Heaven or the Underworld, but the ones who are actually working here are Rias and Sona Sitri's group, and a small number of other people including myself. Well, it’s functioning well enough with us but Michael said something so serious that he thinks someone from Heaven should also work here and said he would send someone. Heaven has already given a lot of support which is more than we can ask for. I said we don’t need anyone but he said that he won’t accept that and the one he decided to send is her.”

Sensei says that while sighing. Oh, so that’s what happened. Yeah, this place only has devils and Fallen-Angels. So it won’t be weird if one or two Angels are sent. But Buchou’s base certainly has become crowded. There were only several devils in the beginning. Now, Fallen-Angels and people from the Church come and have natural laughs. We seriously don’t know what will happen in life. Buchou also seems to have had complicated feelings in the beginning but she started to get heated up with responsibility after being personally asked by Maou-sama, because of a reason like “It might turn out useful in many ways” and “It’s something very honourable”.

Irina suddenly got up and started to pray. Then her body started to glow and white wings appeared from her back!? Ooooooooh! She looks like an angel! Wait, did she become an angel!? Everyone gets shocked but Sensei calmly asks Irina while putting his hand under his chin.

“-Your name is Shidou Irina correct? Did you go through the angel transformation?”

“Angel transformation? There is such a phenomenon?”

When I ask Sensei, Sensei shrugs his shoulder.

“No, the truth is there was no such thing until now. Though a possible theory was discussed between the scientists of Heaven and the Underworld………”

Irina nods at Sensei, who sharpened his eyes and is having a thought.

“Yes. I received Michael-sama's blessing and became a reincarnated angel. I heard that the Seraphs used the technologies of the Devils and Fallen-Angels to make it possible.”

Such a thing is possible?! So the alliance of the Three Great Powers has progressed that much. I heard that an angel couldn't be born due to God’s death, but even if it is reincarnated angels, the number of angels should increase. But Irina is an angel, huh. Devil, Fallen-Angel and Angel. All three are gathered here. Irina continues on.

“Four Great Seraphs and other Seraphs. The total of ten Seraphs decided to have twelve subordinates called [Brave Saints] each with a position from an “Ace” to a “Queen” of the cards. The cards of King will be the position of the Angel-sama who would be the master.”

Sensei took an interest with Irina’s discussion. This person loves the discussion about technologies.

“I see. The evil-pieces technologies. So they used the technology of the evil-pieces and the artificial Sacred Gears of the Fallen-Angels, huh. Man, Heaven sure did create an interesting thing right after we gave them our technology. If the devils are chess, then the angels are cards, huh. Well, cards also have the meaning of “trump card” in them. After God’s death the increase of pure angels became impossible. So increasing the number of reincarnated angels would connect to strengthen their forces.”

So they turned the “evil-pieces” into an angel version, huh. So things like that are also possible I see.

“If you are using such a system then it seems like there will be someone strong called a Joker hiding. The twelve members also represent the twelve apostles. Man he sure does entertain me, that Elder Angel-sama.”

Sensei started to laugh with enjoyment. This Fallen-Angel Governor-sama sure likes to read through things.

“So what card are you then, Irina?”

I ask her because I want to know, and Irina says it with confidence.

“I’m an Ace! Fufufu, as Michael-sama's Ace. I received an honourable position! I can even die! Even if the Lord is gone, I can continue to live if I’m Michael-sama's Ace!”

Oh, her eyes are glittering! Ah, there is a symbol of “Ace” on her hand.

“So the new support of your life is Michael-san, huh.”

When I said that with a sigh, Xenovia who is next to me responds.

“Yes. It’s better than losing yourself.”

Well, that’s true. Rather than losing yourself with the death of God, it seems like you can walk forward working under a new master. Irina tells us with joy.

“Also Michael-sama said he can see a special Rating Game between evil-pieces and Brave Saints happening in the future! He also said that right now only the angels of Seraph has them but in the near future High-level angel-sama besides the Seraph would be given this system and is hoping for them to battle each other just like the Rating Games of the devils!”

Game!? Against an angel!? The match between “evil pieces” and “Brave Saints”!? We were shocked but Sensei seemed impressed.

“There are those among angels and devils who are against the decision made by the top people. We had a relationship where we had wars against each other for a very long time, so there would be those who feel uneasy if we suddenly tell them to get along. But Michael sure has thought about it. Like that, he’s preparing a representative war where they can make their arguments into battle techniques and they can release them. It’s just like the World Cup or Olympics of the human world.”

So it’s for those people with uneasiness to release their stress? Hmmm, so each faction started to have new political measures with the alliance….. Those things sure do look hard.

“Then would it be possible for us, the Gremory group, and the angels who are using this game system able to have a battle?”

Sensei twitches his neck.

“Maybe in the future it will. Even if I say that, not right away. At least ten years…..or maybe twenty years. Well, around then would be a good time for you devil rookies and you will be able to enjoy it.”

T-Twenty years….. That certainly feels long. Devils and angels do have long lifespans.

“Looks like we are able to enjoy it.”

Kiba also looks interested. Our group’s Ace-sama seems to be interested.

“C-Churches are scary……”

Gasper seems like he’s troubled. Yeah, I hear that the Churches are still continuing with the vampire hunt. We still haven’t made a negotiation with the vampires yet. Each of the Churches are continuing with the same teachings even after the alliance, but in reality they are cooperating with devils and Fallen-Angels. I hear that they made a new type of investigation team to make sure new types of evil won't be born. We and the Sitri group gained that information. In other words we can take down anyone who makes a suspicious move within the Three Great Powers alliance with our own judgement. I hope we don’t encounter such things as much as possible. We are trying to get along with each other after all……

Peace is the best! Well, even if a thing called Brave Saints appeared, I’m glad it won’t affect the Rating Game for a while. Right now I have my hands full with competing against the high-class youth devils.

“Let’s stop these types of discussions here and start today's welcoming party for Shidou Irina-san.”

Sona-kaichou says that with a smile. Irina also says that while looking at everyone.

“All of the devils! I have been looking at you as my enemy and have been eliminating some! But Michael-sama said “We have to get along with them from now on, okay?”, so I also hope I can get along with everyone! The truth is I personally wanted to get along with everyone! I would like to work hard as the representative of the Church! Please take care of me!”

Well, there were complicated issues, but with this it looks like Irina will be joining us as buddies of Kuou Academy. After that the student council members also joined us and Irina’s welcoming party began.

Part 3

A few days have passed since Irina transferred………

“Yes yes! I will do the “Item borrowing race”!”

Irina raises her hand up high. She has already settled in with the class. Because of her energetic nature she is popular with boys and girls. It’s currently homeroom time. We are deciding which people will participate in certain activities for the Sports Festival.

……Haa. Instead, I’m laying on my desk and sighing. It was decided that Irina will be living with us as well. During the summer the Hyoudou residence turned gorgeous because it became six storeys high and has three storeys underground. Most of the members of the Occult Research Club have moved and began living in my house, and now even Irina has started living there. Well, there is sufficient space so it won’t change if one or two more people begin living with us. When the number of girls increases, I find that I feel even more uneasy. Apart from my mum, they are all beauties! It’s an ideal place to live for any high school boy! Well, that’s what I thought at first, but reality isn't that simple. It’s true that “Three women make a market” and there are no spaces for me to enter…….

For example, when Asia, Xenovia, and Irina gather and start a girl's talk. It's really hard to enter into a conversation with them! When Koneko-chan enters the conversation, there are no spaces for me to enter! I’m the only guy you know? What should I do? Play games? Read manga? There is no way for an erotic guy like me to have a conversation with a girl to begin with! When I become lonely and go to my “Onee-sama”, Buchou and Akeno-san also have a girl's talk but “Onee-sama” version! And if I come in saying “Buchou~” or “Akeno-san~” then it will just make me feel sad!


I’m shocked! I’m a gutless guy who can’t even cope with this! I can’t believe I was aiming to become a Harem King in this situation! I realise it once again. My lack of spirit, that is! A harem requires you to take on several girls at once! How can I have a hard time in a situation like this!? But I don’t know what to dooooo! Should I research what clothing brands girls wear and talk about it!? Or should I find a fashionable clothing store and talk about that!? I don’t knowwwwwwwwww! I don’t know what to talk about when I join the girls' discussion! It seems like the reason I’m unpopular is because of that and now I’m shocked!

…….Well, that’s not the only thing happening at my house so it’s okay. Usually I spend my time at home getting along with everyone. But there are living styles for girls as well. I shouldn’t think too much about it…… Well, there are erotic situations at times. But it’s scary when the battles between girls start…… Huh? That’s weird. Am I having troubles when I’m having an ideal lifestyle? ……….Is a harem supposed to be something hard……….?

Sob…… To old-man Tannin. I’m having trouble during my youth.


I was suddenly called by Kiryuu. Right now she is standing in front of the blackboard and is writing about Sports Festival activities.

“There’s a tear under your armpit.”

“Eh? Seriously?”

I look under my armpit as Kiryuu said….. But it was too late when I realised it. That’s because I lifted one of my arms to check under my armpit! Obviously there isn't any tear!

“Yes! It’s decided!”

My name is written on the blackboard with chalk!

“Uwa! You tricked me Kiryuu!”

I was tricked! I was thinking so I let my guard down! I make a complaint but she just makes a lecherous laugh!

“You will be doing the three-legged race. Your partner is….”

Kiryuu’s chalk points to a certain girl. And the one in that direction is…… Asia raises her hand timidly!

“We will have you and Asia do the three-legged race.”

Like this, it was decided that Asia and I will do the three-legged race due to Kiryuu’s trick.

Part 4

The next day, the whole Academy was practicing for the Sports Festival. My class also changed into track suits and we were practicing on the school grounds with a mix of boys and girls.

“I challenge you Xenovia!”

“Bring it on Irina!”

Irina and Xenovia are running at the grounds. My classmates are also cheering the both of them on. Geez, what are they doing……… More like both of them are fast! They are roaring noisily around the ground! To be expected from a devil and an angel. Man, if it’s girls only, my class might win. The only rivals we would have would be the student council members…… Several girls in the Sitri group who are in the same grade as us.

“……But if they move that fast, it’s hard to see the movement of oppai.”


“Like I thought, a proper velocity is most needed for them to bounce.”

The three erotic guys, Matsuda, Motohama, and I are observing the movements of the girls' oppai. Both big and small ones are hard to keep your eyes off when they are running! Cheers to track suits!

Irina is slender but she has quite the size. If I remember, her body parts were quite developed when she was wearing the bondage style battle suit. My memory knows that for certain. Then there was someone who spoke to me.

“Oh, Hyoudou.”

“Ah. Saji.”

It’s Saji. He’s carrying measuring tools and such.

“What are you doing?”

“Observing bouncing oppai.”

“Y-You sure don’t change.”

Saji sighs. Hmm? Saji has a bandage around his right arm. A wound?

“What’s with that bandage?”

“Hmm? Oh, this.”

He unwraps the bandage a bit. Then there were many marks that looked like a black snake.

“…….What is that?”

I ask with suspicion and Saji answers.

“When I asked Azazel-sensei, he told me the cause of this happened when I had a battle with you in the last game. Apparently, connecting myself with you - the Sekiryuutei, who reached Balance Breaker - and taking your blood had an influence on my body. It seems like the line which was disconnected from my body also reflected the information of the Sekiryuutei it had taken data of.”

“Are you serious? Is it bad?”

“No, it seems like it doesn't have a bad influence. It’s just that it’s appearing on my body. Like this, for example.”

What Saji shows me is a small jewel that has appeared on a part of his arm. …….I thought it was a jewel, but it is, isn't it? It’s identical to the jewel on Vali's, Sensei's, and my dragon-type Sacred Gears.

“…….Maybe you got cursed?”

When I said that, he made a really disturbed face.

“Uwaa….. Don’t say something which I was having concerns about…… Did you know that Vritra didn’t leave that much of a good legend?”

Saji changed the subject and then asks me.

“So what activities will you be doing Hyoudou?”

“I’m doing the three-legged race. It’s been decided that I’m doing it with Asia.”

“Ku! You seriously are a lucky bastard! I’m doing the bread-eating race.”

Hmm, bread-eating race. That’s also fun, but I will just enjoy my run with Asia-chan.

Saji is being envious of me, and two girls wearing glasses appear.

“Saji what are you doing? We will be checking the setting of each of the tents, so follow us quickly.”

“We, the student council, lack manpower anyway so please work.”

It’s Sona-kaichou and the Fukukaichou, Shinra Tsubaki-senpai. Both of them are calling Saji. Oh, both their glasses are shining.

“Y-Yes Kaichou! Fukukaichou!”

Saji rushed and went to their sides.

Kaichou and Fukukaichou sure look strict…… Speaking of glasses, I remembered the next heiress of the house of Agares. That person was also cool and……wearing glasses. Are most of the people among devils who are wearing glasses calm and serious? Saji waved his hands at me and moved to a corner of the grounds with Fukukaichou.

[-Vritra aye.]

Hmm? Ddraig, what do you mean?

[No. Don’t worry about it. But it looks like the direct contact with me has fastened it greatly. No matter how many pieces his soul was cut into, it will be a different story when it has a “start”.]

I don’t even know what you just said.

[Close to you, there are Fafnir and Vritra. And you have met with Tannin. Looks like this host has strong ties with each of the Dragon-Kings.]

Hmm. Looks like Ddraig-san went into a world of his own.

“Asia! Did your oppai develop during the summer holiday?”

“Kyaa! Kiryuu-san! Please don’t grope them!”

…….Ah. The glasses-girl is sexually harassing Asia. Man, when I take my eyes off her she always sexually harasses Asia…… I should warn her afterwards. Or else Asia will turn erotic! She has already started to have an interest in those things because of Buchou and Akeno-san's influence…….

Now, I should start my practice with Asia then. From the tools for the activities, I took out a rope for the three-legged run.

“Asia! Let’s practice!”


She bowed her head down to Kiryuu who was going all over her, and came running to me quickly. The other girls and guys in my class have already started practicing. Ah, there are those who are good at it but their rhythms are off. They also look timid because they are attached to each other. Asia and I also got closer and tied the rope to our legs.

“Okay, let’s do it immediately Asia!”

Even though she seems embarrassed, she puts her hand around my hip and we are now ready.

Hmmm, Asia’s hair smells nice……. It’s because her body is touching mine, but I can feel something soft……

No no! I need to push away bad thoughts! My partner is Asia! Self restraint! Self restraint! After taking a breath, we nod at each other and take a step forward.

“Now, one, two….”

We move while making a sound, but……


Our legs tangled and we became unbalanced!



I quickly grab a hold of Asia who is about to fall and fix our balance!

“……H-Hmm……Looks like I need to keep my rhythm the same as Asia’s.”

That’s what I think. When I look at Asia, her face is red and seems like she is enduring something. Huh? Hmm? It seems like my right hand is holding onto something really soft……

Hey, I’m groping Asia’s oppai!

I get it….. So the place I grabbed onto when Asia was about to fall was her oppai!

Hmm, I think her mass has increased! No, I shouldn’t touch them any longer than this! I had my hand let go of Asia’s oppai!

“S-Sorry! It wasn't on purpose!”

I apologised! What have I done! Even though I say that Asia is important to me, I ended up groping her oppai! But Asia’s oppai also have a good sensation!

“……I-It’s alright. I’m okay. But please tell me you will touch them beforehand…. I also need to get ready for it….”

It’s okay if I ask you then!? No, that’s wrong! It’s not intentional!

I started to become troubled with self-hatred and an urge to have sex, but I won’t last long at this rate. I said it after taking a breath.

“L-Let’s resume our practice then.”

“Y-Yes. But I’m sorry. I’m not that good with sports.”

Asia feels down.

“Don’t worry. We just need to have the same rhythm. It’s teamwork.”


Asia bends her neck cutely. Yeah, why is every single action of this girl really cute!

“Yes, teamwork. Let’s let our voice out together and move step by step. We will run after we get used to it.”


Yes. It’s the same as my training. We can get used to it, one by one. It will definitely become a key for success. That’s what I, who didn’t have anything, learned.

“Then let’s do it once more!”


Like this, we started by getting our rhythm right.

Part 5

After school that day.

I make my way to the clubroom along with Asia, Xenovia, and Irina. The other members including Buchou who arrived before us are wearing serious faces. Huh? Something happened?

“Did something happen?”

When I ask, Buchou answers.

“Yes. Our next opponent for the Youth Devil Rating Game has been decided.”

Hee. So it’s already decided. Starting from the Gremory vs. Sitri match, there were games between the six households. So the Gremory group also has to battle all the other houses besides the Sitri group. I wasn’t that shocked about it, but I understood the reason for everyone's strange reactions after Buchou’s next words.

“Our next opponent is…….Diodora Astaroth.”


I became speechless at something I could only think of as a bad joke.

Life.2 Asia-chan's worries

Part 1

“One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.”

Asia and I have been practicing for the three-legged race today as well with Xenovia helping us out. Lately we have been practicing every morning behind the gymnasium. Compared to the time before we began practicing for it, we have gotten much better at it!

“Auu! One, two! Hauuu! Three, four!”

Asia is desperately trying to follow me. Daily training is a must, after all. By working hard little by little, we can get one step ahead. Fufufu. I found that out while getting trained by Buchou, Sensei, and the dragon.

“Yes. You guys have quite a good rhythm now. Now let’s have you guys run as if it's the actual race.”

Xenovia says that while fixing our rope. When I looked at Asia, she seemed a bit gloomy.


Huh? Is Asia worrying about something? …….Well, our next opponent is Diodora after all. Asia has looked even more concerned ever since our next battle was announced.

“Asia, tell me what is concerning you.”

Asia put on a confused face at my suggestion, and then tells me after thinking for a bit.

“…….I don’t regret saving that person back then.”

Asia saved a wounded devil when she belonged to the Church. Because of that she was treated as a heretic and lost her place, and then she experienced painful memories. The devil whom she saved is none other than – Diodora. I don’t know why he was there and met Asia. But the reason she saved him is because she is a kind girl. I won’t blame her for doing that. There is no way I can. She is a kind girl after all.

Asia’s life did take a 180-degree turn for saving Diodora, but it’s certain that she is having a good life with us here. But I do think about it. Would Asia have had a better life if she was still a holy maiden? Is she having a better time with us than the time when she was a holy maiden?

So I do think about it sometimes. If something can be done about it now. That maybe it would be possible for Asia to return to her place as a holy maiden once again if I ask Michael-san? No, because of the possibility that the system left behind by God might be influenced with Asia’s power, she won’t be able to return to the Church headquarters, Institutes related to it, and places with surveillance by angels. But she might be able to get her previous lifestyle back. Which one will she choose when I ask her? I’m so scared that I can’t ask her. That’s because I don’t want to lose Asia….. It’s my selfishness. If I ask Buchou, that might actually happen. If that would be for her best, then……..that means I’m a selfish bastard. I don’t want to imagine Asia disappearing from my current lifestyle…….


Asia looks into my face.

“You had a very serious expression just now. ……You also looked sad…..”

“…..Hey, Asia. If you were able to get your old lifestyle back, what would you do?”


Asia gets shocked and opens her eyes wide.

…..I’m dumb so I ended up asking. Even though I might lose her. But I was thinking of what's best for Asia, so I……

I am getting ready for her answer while my heart is racing fast. My hand which is holding tightly onto her hands starts getting sweaty. But the answer Asia gave me is……

“I won’t go back.”

She had a smile. She didn't even have any hesitation.

“I have asked Ise-san once before. I asked you “Can I stay by Ise-san’s side forever?”. Ise-san, you said “Yes”, to me.”

Ah. Before the fight against Phoenix, I certainly did say that.

“I like this place. I also like Kuou Academy and the Occult Research Club. I also like Buchou-san, Akeno-san, Sensei, Kiba-san, Xenovia-san, Koneko-chan, Gasper-kun, Irina-san, and Kiryuu-san. I also love ……Ise-san and Ise-san's parents. The new life I started in this city is something very important, and something I greatly love which makes it so wonderful.”


I really am an idiot…… I should have known that this girl is having fun with her current lifestyle. But why did I…….ask such a stupid question?! I then say while holding her shoulders.

“Yeah, Asia and I will always be together! I also won’t allow you to get married! Asia, don’t think too much about Diodora. No matter what happens, you know that you can say no if you don’t like it?”

Asia looks in puzzlement, but then shows her smile immediately.


Xenovia then says with an apologetic expression.

“…….Asia. I want to apologise to you once again. The first time I met you, I said harsh things to you. I still regret it even now. …….Asia, you treat me kindly. You said I’m your f-f-friend….”

Oh, Xenovia has a red face that you don’t see often. Asia takes Xenovia’s hand and says with a big smile.

“Yes. Xenovia-san and I are friends.”

They were straightforward words said face to face with complete honesty. Xenovia's eyes became moist.

“Thank you. Thank you, Asia.”

Yeah. Even I started to become so emotional that I want to cry. Yeah, Asia-chan is indeed a kind girl. She really is my pride!

“Uuuuuu! It really is touching…….”

I heard a cry during this emotional scene. When I looked in the direction I heard the voice, I saw Irina.

“Irina. You also came?”

“Uuu, yes. Xenovia invited me…… She said “Mornings at Kuou Academy also feel good”. And when I arrived, I saw this beautiful friendship. This also must be because of the guidance of the Lord and Michael-sama…….”

Irina who has become deeply moved starts to pray to the sky.

“If I remember, you haven’t joined the Occult Research Club right?”

“Yes. I decided to join another club. Or rather, I decided to make one personally!”

“Hmm, so you are going to start up a club, huh. So what’s the name and description of the club?”

Irina puffs up her chest with pride and says loudly.

“Ufufu, be shocked by hearing its name! The club name is “Shidou Irina’s salvation of love club”! The description is simple! We will help those in need without receiving anything in return! Aaaah, I will be spreading my love to the sinful pagans for the Lord and Michael-sama since I hold strong belief in our teachings!”

She started praying to the sky while making a weird pose. Man, her eyes are glittering lively. But listening to her bad taste in naming her club makes it sound like a club where you wouldn’t want to go for help.

“………Umm, yeah. Well, do your best.”

I could just reply random words of encouragement. Irina bangs her chest and says.

“Leave it to me! Of course I will help out the Occult Research Club when it needs it! This time I will be helping out the Occult Research Club with the race between clubs because of Rias-san's request!”

Haa, so she will be joining us for the sports festival then.

“I'll ask just in case, but how many people are there in your club?”

“It’s still only me! Thanks to that it is only thought of as an association of like-minded people, so there are restrictions on the activities and funds given. I will have to start by convincing Sona-kaichou first.”

That will be hard. That Kaichou is really strict. Fuku-kaichou is also strict. It will take time for the club to be authorised.

“So it’s decided that I will be put in the Occult Research Club for now.”

That basically means that she is a member of the Occult Research Club! No, I shouldn't point that out. I calm myself and then say.

“Putting that aside, let’s resume our practice.”

Xenovia and Irina also joined our practice for the three-legged race, and the practice was resumed.

“Fuu. I am a bit tired.”

Asia says while pulling her track suit. We certainly did run quite a lot since morning.

We are in the gymnasium storage room located in the corner of the school grounds. We entered here to put away things such as the ropes used for practice. Maybe it’s because I am used to running that I have no trouble with this much exercise, but I was doing it while worrying about my partner Asia so I was tired mentally. It’s still really early for arriving at school so I decided to go to the classroom after I take a rest in the clubroom. Suddenly, when I was about to leave the storage room after putting away the ropes --


The sound of a door being closed! ……..When I search for the source, I see Xenovia closing the door with her back facing the door. W-What’s going on…..? Asia also seems puzzled at Xenovia’s action.

“What’s wrong? Xenovia-san.”

Asia asks. Xenovia replies seriously.

“Asia, I heard that girls our age start to flirt with others during this period.”


………..Eh? What did you just say? I started doubting my own ears because of what I just heard.


Asia asks hesitantly to which Xenovia replies clearly.

“It means you get your breasts played around with by a boy.”

-! T-This girl! She suddenly says such things in a place like this!? After closing the door!? And Asia is also in here! Geez~! I really can’t understand her at all! On top of that the meaning of “flirting” is a bit different!


Asia exclaims in a high pitch voice with her face beet red.

“Xenovia! Don’t suddenly start a conversation like that!”

“Ise, be quiet for a bit. I will talk to Asia first. Your role will come after that. I’m sorry, but can you start your warm up in the corner of the room? It will become very intense from here.”

What role!? And it will become very intense!? What do you mean by a warm-up!? Should I just practice on opening and closing my palm!? Xenovia’s talk doesn’t end there.

“There is a girl in our class who has her breasts played with every day by her boyfriend. I researched quite a lot.”

Why do you research and ask those things seriously!?

“Asia. Don’t you think it’s a good time for us to also experience it?”

Xenovia puts her hands on Asia’s shoulders and states that with a serious face. What is this!? Hasn’t it suddenly turned into a serious discussion!?

“A-Auuuuu….! E-Even if you suddenly say that……”

Asia is also troubled! That is the right reaction!

“It’s okay. It might be a bit ticklish at first, but I heard it’s something that feels very good afterwards. If you do that, then you guys will be able to perform better in the three-legged race.”

How can you take the discussion that far!? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?

“……….Is “combination” formed by doing that………”

Is Asia-chan being convinced!? It can’t be! Are you okay with that Asia?! Xenovia smiles at Asia who is still confused.

“Asia, we are friends.”


“Let’s also “flirt” together as well. It won’t be scary if we do it together.”

“……Y-Yes? I-Is that so…….?”

Their discussion looks like it has been concluded! Please don’t taint Asia with discussions like thaaaaaaat!

Xenovia then looks at me.

“Then let’s do it. I will also be practising making babies as well.”

“Hold on! You mean suddenly in a place like this…..! Well, I have in fact been admiring the atmosphere and the location of the storage room for doing it though!”

Ignoring me, who is panicking, Xenovia takes off her shirt.


Xenovia’s big oppai which are held with a bra are in clear view!


My nose also starts to spurt blood with her splendid way of stripping! It’s not as big as Buchou or Akeno-san's, but Xenovia’s oppai are also big! I didn't even have time to make any more comments before Xenovia unhooked her bra.


Because the thing which was suppressing them is gone, her magnificent breasts appear right in front of my eyeeeeeeeeeees! Why are the girls around me so aggressive and have such a splendid way of stripping! But her nipples are a beautiful pink like always!

“They are breasts which I haven’t had anyone touch except Ise. Do you still remember how they feel?”

Yes! I put that memory preciously into my heart! I didn't grope them with my hands, but they were really soft! She is a swordswoman who has a stern body and I thought it would be the same for her oppai, but I was dead wrong! Her skin is beautiful and smooth! The sensation was really like that of a marshmallow!

The incident at the pool changing room! That time she also came to me saying “Let’s make babies”! Does this girl like storage rooms!? Isn't it usually a bedroom!? No, this, in some ways, kind of turns me on! But it isn't normal!

“You too Asia.”

Xenovia goes to Asia. Heeeeeeey! What are you doing holding onto Asia’s track suit and trying to strip her!?

“B-But…..My heart still isn't ready yet…….”

High school dxd v6 061.jpg

Xenovia takes off Asia’s clothes while Asia is still being timid. She was stripped to only her bra! I become emotional at the sight of the cute bra!

“It’s okay Asia. If you are nervous, should I do it with Ise first? You will understand how to do it by looking at me and Ise, and you will be both ready and up for it.”

“Eh! …..U-Umm…..”

“Fufufu, I’m joking. I knew you didn’t want to be overtaken by someone who came after you.”

“I-I didn't mean it like that……”

“Today is the chance. Buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou aren't here. Now might be the only time we have the chance to “flirt” with Ise.”


Asia became silent at that sentence! Uuu. For me, this discussion is going in a weird direction, so I can’t keep up with it. But I just had my eyes taken away by Xenovia’s naked breasts!


Xenovia’s hand moves silently as she unhooked Asia’s braaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Asia, with a very red face, hides her exposed breasts! Yes! Normal girls should be acting like this! Xenovia-san! You are being too straightforward! No, actually thank you very much! It’s the best!

Xenovia then takes my hand……and then pushes my body with a bang!


I get pushed down and inside the floating dust, I realise that I have been pushed down onto the mat, which was used in PE!


Something covers me! Shake-shake! The oppai which shake in front of my eyes! Xenovia got on top of me! Xenovia takes my left hand and places it on her breast!


My nose doesn't know when to stop spurting out blood!

A deadly softness is felt from my hand! My five fingers get buried into it! The erect nipple is touching right into my palm giving me unreal excitement! Hey hey hey hey! I will reach Balance Breaker once agaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

“Ise-san…… I don’t want to lose to B-Buchou-san……”

Asia who sits next to me takes my right hand and puts it on her breast…..


It isn't as big as Xenovia’s, but I can certainly feel Asia’s breast with my other five fingers!

Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia! I’m glad you have matured so much! No, that’s not what I mean!


A sweet voice comes out of Xenovia’s mouth. My brain gets paralysed immediately!

“Like I thought, it is different when you touch it yourself and when it gets touched by a man. Now Ise. Both Asia and I are ready. You can now start fondling.”

Xenovia says that, but Asia is someone I need to protect! But my instincts are making me grope Asia’s breast without me realising it! If you are a man, you can't help but grope! If there are oppai, then you grope!

Then Buchou comes into my mind! Buchoooooooooooooooooou! I also wanted to do this with Buchou, but if she welcomes me with a situation like this…….then I……I……!


The door suddenly opens.

“…….I came here because none of you were coming out and………..W-W-W-Wh-what are you doing in here?!”

The one who came in is Irina! Crap! Two half-naked girls and one guy! A situation where I won’t be able to make any excuses! This is Irina we are talking about after all, so she might say something Christian-like, like “filthy!”……

“Do it in a b-bed! This place is filthy and is no good!”

The thing she called filthy was a totally different thing.

Part 2

The same day after school. It's club activity time.

I want to do something about my grinning face, but because of what happened this morning, I have been remembering the sensation of Asia and Xenovia’s breasts for the whole day. Asia and Xenovia are playing Othello. I couldn't have a proper conversation with them for the whole day! That’s because I still have the sensation of their breasts in my hands! There’s no way I could focus on my school life! I have been thinking about oppai throughout all the lectures! Xenovia’s oppai was great. But Asia’s was also….. No no! I shook my head to get rid of evil thoughts! Asia is important to me! I shouldn't hold lecherous feelings towards her! B-But it’s true that I think her body has matured…… At this rate, maybe Asia’s oppai will get as big as Buchou's and Akeno-san's oppai? I have heard before. That devils can use their demonic powers to alter their body to a certain degree. Is Asia making her body grow without realising…..? No no, this is just my imagination……. But that would be sweet…….

“……A lecherous face.”


Koneko-chan pinches my cheek.

“Ovch(Ouch), it vurts(hurts) Koneko-chan…….”

It feels like Koneko-chan has become strict like Buchou lately….. No, basically, she points at me when I become lecherous, but she also becomes unpleasant when I get along with other female club members. It’s just my imagination you say? I think that might be it…….

“Looks like everyone has gathered.”

After confirming that everyone is here, Buchou takes out something which looks like a video.

“It’s a video recording that has the matches of the young devils. Our match against the Sitri group is also on it.”

The recording of the battles. Yes, it was determined that we were going to look at the recording of the matches today. So a big monitor was prepared. Sensei then says while standing in front of the monitor.

“Not just you guys, but the other young devils also had a game. House of the Great-King Bael and Maou Asmodeus’s House of Glasya-Labolas, House of Arch-Duke Agares and Maou Beelzebub’s House of Astaroth. Each of them had a match after yours. This is the recording of those matches. It’s the video of your rivals so watch carefully.”


Everyone nods seriously at Sensei’s words.

It really does make me anxious. What kind of matches did the other guys besides us have? They are all devils who are our peers right? I’m really anxious; I want to know how they did in their matches.

Everyone else feels the same and they all have their eyes directed at the monitor. Koneko-chan who is on my lap is also focused on it.

“First is the match between Sairaorg…. House of Bael versus House of Glasya-Labolas.”

The match between Sairaorg-san and the Yankee! The video began and several hours have passed. The excitement of watching the match of those besides us disappeared as soon as we started watching it. The faces and eyes of every member turned very serious . What we witnessed was a very overwhelming “power”.

In the one on one between the Yankee and Sairaorg-san , the Yankee was pushed back one-sidedly. The battles between their servants were already finished. Both sides had strong servants, and it finished in a climax. But the problem was the battle between the [King].

The Yankee, Zefardoll who lost all his “pieces[2]” provoked Sairaorg-san and asked him to fight one on one. Sairaorg-san accepted it without any hesitation. However, all types of attack created by the Yankee are knocked back by Sairaorg-san. Even if hit, Sairaorg-san fights back as if nothing happened. After finding out that his attacks aren't working, the Yankee started to become more impatient and began to lose his calm. And then Sairaorg-san's fists get released!

Numerous defensive techniques are destroyed as easily as if they are a sheet of paper, and Sairaorg-san's fist digs deeply into the Yankee’s stomach. It can even be understood through the monitor that his single blow has so much power that it even made their whole surroundings shake. The Yankee dropped down on the spot and fainted in agony while holding onto his stomach. Sairaorg-san only used punches and kicks! But the power of his attacks are on a totally different level. When the Yankee dodged it, Sairaorg-san's blow pierced through the building destroying most of it, and their surroundings were blown away. That kind of thing…… It’s obvious that you will receive fatal damage if you get hit by even a single one of them!

“……The one who was called the wicked one. The new heir of the Glasya-Labolas, who is hated, can’t even put up a fight. He’s someone of that much caliber, that man Sairaorg Bael.”

Kiba, our group’s ace also narrows his eyes at what he just saw. His expression is also serious and must have lots of things going through his mind. Sairaorg-san's speed was quite something as well. I couldn't even see what was going on, and even Kiba also had his eyes taken by that speed. Was Kiba able to follow his speed just from the video?

He has this much power while having nothing in his hands…… Gasper starts to shake and is clinging onto my arm. Don’t flinch Gasper…..

“Rias and Sairaorg. Both of you have too many one on one battles even though you guys are the [King]. Basically, the [King] can just have their “pieces” march forward while the [King] doesn’t move. You do know that the game will be over if the [King] is taken down, right? Maybe those who carry the blood of House of Bael are hot-blooded.”

Sensei says that while sighing. Buchou's face goes red with embarrassment. C-Certainly, Buchou does go forward…..

“By the way, how strong is that Yankee devil?”

Buchou then answers my question.

“If we didn’t limit it to the current six Houses, then he wouldn’t be weak. But since the former heir died in an accident, he participated as a representative…..”

Akeno-san continues.

“In the ranking produced by the Game committee, Bael is ranked first, Agares is ranked second, Gremory is ranked third, Astaroth is ranked fourth, Sitri is ranked fifth, and Glasya-Labolas is ranked sixth. It’s the comparison of average rank of their strengths, including the King and their servants. Though each of them turned the result around after having a match.”

“But only Sairaorg Bael is excelling….. That’s what it means, right Buchou?”

Buchou nods at my words.

“Yes. He is a monster. It’s said that “Maybe he will rise up in a short time when he participates in the official game?”. In other words, you can say that our fame would increase if we defeat him.”

I see. He is thought to be the strongest, so our fame would indeed increase if we defeat someone of his caliber……

“Is he stronger than Raiser?”

I ask Buchou timidly. Raiser is indeed immortal, but it’s not like you can’t defeat him. But he was unmistakably a strong opponent.

“I won’t know unless both of them fight against each other, but even from my own favourable views, I feel that Sairaorg is stronger.”

Uheeeeeeeeeeee! That much!? There is someone who is that strong even before participating in an official game!

“Well, I will show you the graphs. They’re the ones that are distributed to each faction.”

Sensei activates his techniques, and a holographic vision of a graph appears in the air. On the graphs the faces of Buchou, Kaichou, Sairaorg-san and the other remaining three youth devils appear. Below it, something which looks like a parameter moves and is getting longer upwards. It’s written in Japanese. Each graph has the category of Power, Technique, Support and Wizard. So these are the types given during the game. Another one, the “King” category, also appears. Maybe it’s the quality as a [King]. Buchou, Kaichou and the sis from the house of Agares are fairly high. At the current point, Kaichou is higher than Buchou. Sairaorg-san on the other hand is considerably high. The Yankee is the lowest.

On Buchou's graph, the Wizard category, demonic power, increases the most and her Power category increases fairly high as well. The other categories of Technique and Support are a bit above the mid-point, and are positioned in an average mark.

And Sairaorg-san….. Out of the youth devils, he has the lowest for Support and Wizard. But the problem lies in his Power. The graph increases and keeps on increasing so high that it reaches the ceiling! What an abnormal increase! It’s too extreme, but that’s how much overwhelming power he has! Out of the other five devils, other than Sairaorg-san, Zefardoll has the highest, yet Sairaorg-san has several times more power than him!

“Sairaorg didn't even fight seriously in the one on one battle against Zefardoll.”

Sensei says that. So he didn't fight seriously….. Even just looking at his powers, isn't it higher than my power while I am in Balance Breaker state? Is it even possible to attain such a thing without having a legendary dragon!?

“So this person, Sairaorg-san, must be a genius as well, then.”

No matter how you look at it, he is good at hand to hand combat. But Sensei shakes his head side to side, rejecting my opinion.

“No, Sairaorg is the first pure devil from the House of Bael who didn’t have any talents. He also couldn’t inherit one of the traits passed down from the House of Bael, the power of destruction. The ones who strongly inherited the power of destruction are his cousins, the Gremory siblings.”


Something like that happened…….. Buchou's mother came from House of Bael. So the power of destruction was passed down to Buchou and Sirzechs-sama, and it didn’t get inherited to the actual blood which is Sairaorg-san. What irony.

“But he’s the strongest within the youth right?”

“By doing something, which pure devils who inherited the gift passed from their clan normally wouldn't do, he surpassed the geniuses.”

“Normally wouldn't do?”

Sensei says with a serious face to me.

“Intense amount of training that is. Sairaorg is a rare pure devil who attained power by doing abnormal amounts of training. He only had his own body. So he trained it to the extreme.”

What Azazel-sensei just told me is something astonishing. That’s because I thought that high-class devils and pure devils are a bunch who had overflowing talents. Buchou was blessed with talent. But Sairaorg-san wasn't. Buchou, who is staring at Sairaorg-san's match, has complicated look on her face. Sensei continues as if he is telling us a story.

“He was being beaten and kept on being beaten since he was born, and continued to get defeated. Among the high-class devils and pure devils who are coloured with a brilliant environment, he was the one who was walking in a muddy and bloody path.”

So that is why. That’s why I felt a different pressure and confidence coming from him that is different to that of Buchou and Kaichou.

“A talentless person to become chosen as the next heir. Do you know what an exploit that is? He’s the real deal since he knows the great difference between humiliating defeat and the happiness of victory. Well, in Sairaorg's case his strength also comes from something which is a secret, though.”

The video for the match ended. It’s the victory of Sairaorg-san……Bael's victory. At the end, the Yankee from the Glasya-Labolas hid himself behind a shadow, and the match ended when he declared his defeat while being frightened of something. The Yankee became frightened and dropped down in tears. Sairaorg-san left his place while not responding to it at all.

“Yankee guy is pathetic!”. No, I couldn't laugh while saying that. Even we were oppressed by the feeling of overwhelming power though it was just on the monitor. I felt something strong coming from him which drives him to achieve victory. Sairaorg-san’s expression is that of not flinching at anything and just walking straight ahead to his path. The video finished, and Sensei then says it in the room which became dead silent.

“I will tell you guys before hand, but after your fight with Diodora, your next opponent is Sairaorg.”

“~! Are you serious!”

I ask him while being shocked, and Sensei just nods. Buchou also asks Sensei with a doubt.

“Is it not a bit too early? I thought we would fight Glasya-Labolas before him.”

“He’s no good now.”

Buchou and everyone else put on a doubtful expression at Sensei’s word.

“Zefardoll was crushed in his match against Sairaorg. His soul was carved with fear in his match against Sairaorg. He won’t be able to fight now as Sairaorg has crushed both his heart and mind. That’s why the rest of the matches will be done with the remaining participants. The house of Glasya-Labolas ends here for the matches among the youth.”

~! In my eyes, Zefardoll who is still shivering in fear even after the match appears. At this point, the Yankee has…..

Crushing their mind…… I see. So that’s what Buchou meant when she said he might be stronger than Raiser. Even if he is immortal, he won’t be able to resurrect if his mind gets torn.

“You guys also should be careful. He will come at you while having the high spirit of crushing the mind and spirit of his opponents. He really is trying to become a Maou. Not even a slight hesitation or the will to give in lies in there.”

Sensei's warning definitely does strike deeply into me. Yeah, we definitely can’t let our guard down! I reached Balance-Breaker after all! I will cooperate with everyone and defeat Sairaorg-san! Buchou then says it while taking a single breath.

“First, we need to focus on the next match. We will also watch the video of the Astaroth whom we will be fighting next. –I heard that they defeated their opponent, the next heiress of the Arch-Duke, Seegvaira Agares.”

“The Arch-Duke lost!?”

So that sis with glasses who confronted the Yankee lost. Her servants seemed quite strong as well though…… That man Diodora who defeated her, what kind of strength does he have……

“Sona who gave us a hard time received a gold star mark, and like Akeno said earlier the Astaroth who defeated the second rank Agares received a big gold star mark. It certainly is regretful, but it was the rank given before the match began and they were nothing but predictions. So no one can tell what will happen when the game begins. That's how the Rating Game is.”

Buchou says that. So people besides us also had a hard time. I thought about it during Summer, but we won’t know what will happen during the game.

“But I never thought that Agares would lose.”

Buchou says that while trying to play the next video. And then it happened.


At the corner of the room, a transportation magic-circle for a single person appears! Eh! What’s happening? Did someone come? It’s an unfamiliar symbol.


Akeno-san says that. And after a single flash, the one who appears in the corner of the room is a gentle looking guy with a refreshing smile. And the first thing he says is…..

“How are you doing? It is I, Diodora Astaroth. I have come to see Asia.”

The ones sitting around the table are Buchou, Diodora, and Azazel-sensei who is sitting there as an advisor.

After pouring green tea for Diodora, Akeno sits next to Buchou. We, the remaining servants, are looking at them from the corner of the room. It kind of reminds me of the incident with Raiser. It was also like this back then. The difference between a High-class devil and Low-class devil that is. What’s different from the incident with Raiser is that this time it isn't about Buchou but Asia instead. Asia who is sitting next to me is putting on a troubled expression. I hold onto Asia who seems nervous and she also grips back on my hand as well. Her nervousness has reached even me.

Buchou knows what she is doing. And Asia…..No matter what happens, I will protect you, so rest assured.

-I will even turn into Balance Breaker in order to decline him.

……Though if I end up doing that to a High-class devil, then it will cause a problem. I have broken off Buchou's engagement by doing that once. – I can even do it a-again!

Diodora who doesn't even know I had such determination, says to Buchou while making a gentle smile.

“Rias-san. I will say it straight forward. I would like to “Trade” [Bishops].”

[Trade]. –The Rating Game system where the [King]’s can exchange their servants who are their “pieces”. I hear that it is possible between the same chess pieces from Ravel. If it is [Bishop]…..then it would be either Asia or Gasper!

“Iyan! Is he talking about me!?”

Gasper tries to protect his own body, but I slapped his head.

“Of course not.”

This guy sure has become stronger. Until recently he would be screaming “Heeeeeee! I-Is he talking about meeeee!?” and maybe hide himself in a box. So there is a result in the Underworld training even for Gasper. By the way his training with overcoming garlic is still in progress. Sometimes he smells like garlic, and it’s like his charm now.

……Anyway the [Bishop] that Diodora wants is Asia. The moment she heard him say “Bishop”, she gripped onto my hand strongly. –It feels like she’s saying “I don’t want to”.

“The servant I am seeking from Rias-san is……the [Bishop] Asia Argento.”

Diodora says it without hesitation and looked at Asia. His smile is a refreshing one.

Shit! Like I thought, he was aiming for Asia! Not just that! Isn't it horrible that he’s trying to get Asia through a trade!? She’s the one he proposed to!

“The one I will be arranging is…..”

Diodora tries to get out a catalogue, quite possibly the one with his servants on it, but Buchou says it without any pause.

“I thought so. But I’m sorry. I thought that I should say it before you show me that catalogue with your servants, so let me say it before hand. I have no intention to have a trade. It’s not that your [Bishop] doesn't match up with mine, but I just simply don’t want to lose Asia. –She is my important servant devil.”

Buchou said that face to face!

Uooooooooooooo! Buchouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I became emotional! The reason she didn't look at the catalogue is because she didn't want to show us that she will be comparing us!

“Is it because of her ability? Or is it because of her charm as an individual?”

But Diodora asks normally. T-This bastard! She said no, so just give up and leave! Buchou then gives the best answer to him.

“Both. I think of her as my little sister.”


Asia puts her hand to her mouth, and her green eyes get teary. I think she became really happy that Buchou said she is like her little sister.

“We live together. Having my affections deepen and not wanting to let go of her won’t be a good reason? I think that is a good enough reason. I can’t understand you for trying to get Asia through me with such a method, Diodora. Do you understand the meaning of a proposal?”

Buchou says that with a smile filled with intensity in it. She says it in the most appropriate way she can, but anyone can tell she is pissed!

Diodora still has a smile. That instead makes it creepy.

“-I understand. I will return for today, but I will not give up.”

Diodora got up and walked towards us...….towards Asia. He stood in front of Asia who seemed troubled. He got on his knee and tried to take her hand.

“Asia. I love you. It’s okay, destiny won’t betray us. Even if everything in this world rejects us, I will overcome them no matter what.”

He said something I totally can’t understand and tries to kiss Asia’s hand.


Something snapped inside me.


Before I had realised it, I grabbed onto Diodora's shoulder and stopped him from kissing. Diodora then says it with a refreshing smile.

“Can you let go of me? I feel a bit sickened to be touched by a filthy dragon.”

-! T-This bastard! He said it with a smile! So that is your true face! I was about to get pissed but…..


High school dxd v6 083.jpg

Asia’s slap smacked onto Diodora's cheek. Asia hugs onto me and says it with a shout.

“Please do not say that!”

……. I never thought Asia would have slapped him. But I feel relieved! Diodora's cheek became red because of the slap. Even so, he won’t stop his smile. He can still keep his smile on, and that is so creepy that it scares me……

“I see. I understand. –Then how about this. In the next match, I will defeat Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei. Then I would like you, Asia, to answer my love…..”

“There is no way I will lose to you.”

I ended up saying it to his face. No, that’s because he decided all this by himself.

But this is okay. It’s easy to understand. I just need to beat him. This guy that is!

“Sekiryuutei…….Hyoudou Issei. In the next match, I will defeat you.”

“Diodora Astaroth. I will show you the power of the dragon which you called filthy to the extreme!”

Diodora and I glare at each other. I won’t hand Asia over to him! Then, Sensei’s mobile phone rang. After a few exchanges, Sensei tells us.

“Rias. Diodora. Good timing. The date for the game has been decided. –It’s in five days.”

The day finished there, and Diodora went home. Don’t come to the club-room ever again! With a new resolve, I got heated up for the upcoming game. The official information about the game which came from the Maou reached us several days later.

Part 3

“High-class devil huh……….”

The devils work late at night.

I have finished a single request and am pedaling my bicycle because I am on my way heading home. Thanks to the training in the Underworld, I am able to transport using a magic-circle. But my regular customers think that “I = Riding a bicycle”, so when I showed up using the magic circle once, they felt let down. Because of that, I returned to my old ways of riding a bicycle. Even though I’m able to transport using a magic circle, it has no use. But I can’t betray the expectations of my regular customers. And I think the number of requests will increase if I become a “bicycle devil”. I also have to say that riding a bicycle is good training.

…..Training with guts has been put into my body strongly now…. And so I was thinking while pedaling. It’s about the High-class devil. I experienced it in the Underworld, but noble devils tend to look down on other devils below them. Buchou and her parents won’t do that. But just like the incident with Raiser and also with Diodora, basically the High-class devils from the old families don’t have a good opinion towards the reincarnated devils and Low-class devils.

It’s unfair! It’s easy to think like that, but if I think carefully they are devils with a long history so they won’t think well of those who suddenly show up and expand their authority. Those kinds of things are hated by the ones who have been present since long ago. I really don’t understand them though. I’m a reincarnated-devil and a Low-class. So I desperately work hard to have myself acknowledged.

“Buha! Sports drinks taste good.”

On my way back, I took a break in front of the vending machine. But I took a step back at the sudden presence! ~! Who is it!

The one who appears from the darkness is…….a guy wearing rough clothes!

“It’s been a while, Sekiryuutei.”

“Bikou! Why are you here!”

Yes, it’s the refreshing smiley faced Sun Wukong! This time he isn’t wearing Chinese armour, and he appears dressed up like a flashy young person. I mean, why is this guy here!

“Well, I came to accompany my partner.”

Bikou looks back.

-Don’t tell me it’s……!

And the one who appears is……

“It’s been two months, Hyoudou Issei.”

Vali appears wearing a white shirt!


I put my alert to the maximum and made a stance on the spot!

Shit! Why are these guys here!?

“I hear that you reached the complete Balance-Breaker? It makes me happy.”

I became a bit peeved at his smile. He sure does look down on me like always.

“Yo, the genius Hakuryuukou. Do you want to continue from where we left off here?”

I try to activate my Boosted Gear, but he just laughs.

“You are quite aggressive today, Hyoudou Issei.”

“For me, you are a big hindrance to my future plan.”

“To become a High-class devil? –Even if you don’t worry about it, I think you will become a High-class devil in a few years time.”

To have been complimented by the Hakuryuukou sure does make it likely. In my case, I don’t think it's that easy so I’m desperately trying to achieve higher.

“I didn’t come here to say that today.”

“Then why did you come?”

“I hear that you will be having a Rating Game? And your opponent is the next heir of the House of Astaroth.”

Where did he hear that from? Well this guy is the boss of a special team of terrorists. He might have many individual connections….

“What about it?”

“You should be careful.”

While not losing my stance, I ask Vali with a doubt.

“……What do you mean?”

But Vali just shrugs his shoulders.

“You saw the recorded video, right? The match between the House of Astaroth and the princess from the Arch-Duke.”

Just like Vali said, after Diodora returned we, the Gremory group, watched the recording of the match between Diodora and that sis from the House of Agares.

The match was Diodora’s victory…… But Diodora’s power was overwhelming. Only he showed abnormal power during the game, and he defeated the Agares sis and her servants. Diodora’s servants just supported him, and the [King] fought by himself and showed the power of an ikkitousen[3]. Diodora is a wizard-type who specialises in demonic-powers. He oppressed the Agares by showing a powerful demonic-power that surpasses Buchou.

And we all became suspicious after seeing that. We didn't pay attention to the game, but Diodora himself. That’s because he suddenly got a power up. Before that, that Agares sis had the advantage. Was he hiding his true power till the last moment? Sensei saw the match live, but he had doubts because of the intense power up of Diodora compared to the data he was given before the match. Buchou also had the same opinion. “Diodora wasn't a devil who was that strong”. Both of their opinions were the same. Diodora was plenty strong enough before the power up. He was a High-class devil who had demonic-powers a bit lower than Buchou's. But during the match, Diodora showed a power which astonished everyone.

Everyone was like “Can you really become that strong in such a short time?”. But this match also became a battle between the Kings at the middle. Do all of the Youth devils have the wrong idea that the opening and the mid game should be about strategies and the end-game should be a direct fight? Each of the VIP’s from each faction who were observing the matches are enjoying seeing new types of battles though…….. Especially the battles between [King]’s seem to get them heated up.

“Well, it won’t get through the skulls of those High-class devils if it’s coming from my mouth. But I thought that it might be okay for you to know it.”

…….Should I say thank you or what? And it happened when I was having mixed feelings. A shadow appears. Vali and Bikou also didn't anticipate it so they also looked that way. Who is it!?


The one who appears from the darkness is…… A big build “daughter born from a man” who has an unbelievable amount of muscles and is wearing gothic-Lolita clothes…….! And he’s wearing cat-ears on his head like always!


My regular customer! Did he come to pass by!? But for him to come past me while I am doing my job as a devil, some unknown power must be behind this Mil-tan! The moment he appears, Vali looks at him twice. He probably can’t believe what he is seeing.


He raises his hand and greets me and comes up to me. I also raised my hand and greet him with a smile I forcefully made…..

“Judging from it’s ears, is he a Nekomata? Even I couldn't sense him until he came closer. Is it senjutsu?”

Vali asks Bikou with a serious face. That’s not it! I made a comment at Vali within my head.

“No, that is……. Isn't it some type of Troll? …….Cat-Troll?”

Bikou also bends his neck and is troubled at how to answer. I’m also troubled at how to answer, so don’t ask me as well! But because of the Mil-tan’s appearance, the tension in here is gone. It also feels like Vali softened his battle instinct as well. You are amazing Mil-tan!

“Well, who cares. Let’s return Bikou.”

After just saying that, Vali tries to leave with Bikou.

“Wait. You came to see me just for telling me that?”

Vali shows a laugh at my question.

“I was nearby, so I decided to warn my future Rival-dono.”

“See ya Sekiryuutei. Hey, Vali. Let’s go to the rumoured Noodle-shop on our way~”

After saying that, Vali disappears into the darkness while taking Bikou with him. Geez! I don’t get it! I can’t understand what’s going on! How can he show up in front of me with a refreshing face after causing so much trouble? And he appears as if he was taking a walk!

[Your rival is a weird one.]

Ddraig also says that. Right! I also think so!

[Well, you are also quite a weirdo as well.]

What a rude guy.

[-But I’m having fun.]

What is it, all of a sudden?

[It feels like you speak to me the most out of all the possessors I ever had. You are the first host whom I think I have fun having conversations with.]

That’s because I’m clueless and I need to ask many things, or else there are lots of thing I won’t know about.

[……Maybe that was the good thing. You don’t treat me like a tool, but as a single being.]

You aren't a being!? I’m rather shocked at that instead! Ddraig, you are a Sekiryuutei are you not? A-Am I wrong?

[Kukuku. You sure are a weird one.]

…..Hmm, I really don’t understand Heavenly Dragons at all.

Part 4

“I see. So that’s what Vali told you.”

When I returned to the club room after finishing my job, I had Buchou remain and told her about what happened. Buchou put her hand under her chin and is in thoughts.

“…..If he entered this town, then we should have known about it….. But we can’t find them at all. A technique to eliminate your own presence? A certain application of the senjutsu? Or did they use Kuroka's space barrier?”

Buchou activates a small magic-circle, and it seems like she is contacting someone.

“I will report about this to Onii-sama and Azazel just in case.”

Buchou then makes a small smile after she finished reporting about it.

“We should also be on alert about Diodora. It’s not like I believe in what Vali said, but there is a need to be on alert about it. Now, shall we go home then?”


Like that, Buchou and I headed home.

I pedal the bicycle and Buchou sits behind me. When Buchou puts her arms around me, it’s the best because her oppai get pressed onto my back! Everyone should be resting at home now. All members apart from Kiba and Gasper live in my house. I heard that Kiba and Gasper live in a mansion near my house together. Gasper-kun learned how to go outside the old-school building now[4]. He sure did grow up. Kiba’s house is located near my house, so if something happens he can come right away. When Buchou and I arrived, we go directly to my room. When we opened the door….

“Ara ara, Ise-kun. Welcome home.”

The person standing is Akeno-san who is wearing an erotic costume!

“A-Akeno-san! That costume!”

A costume from a character in a certain game which has lots of exposure! Miko[5]…… It’s like a Miko costume and it reveals her whole thighs, and also her breasts are exposed a lot where it just hides the important part. Amazing! Erotic! You look ecchi Akeno-san! If you turn around like that, your oppai will spill out! It’s a costume which doesn't have any way to put on underwear, so it’s certain that she isn't wearing a bra! Akeno-san then smiles at me.

“Ufufu. Remember what I told you last time? If it’s okay with me wearing it, that I would wear this for you. ……Do you not find this to your liking?”

Ah! We certainly had a discussion like that before the match against Sona-kaichou in the bookstore! I never expected that Akeno-san would remember it!

“N-No! It’s the best!”

I made a lecherous face and made a reply of joy. It really is the best!

“I’m glad. Ufufu. What should we do now? Should we have an observation party? Or…….”

Akeno-san gave an erotic gaze at me while squeezing her breasts!

“Do you want to have private party on top of the bed with touching allowed?”


I had a strong nosebleed with her words which shook my thoughts! Yes!

-I was going to say that, but I had my body frozen by the killing intent I felt behind me! When I looked around, it was Buchou who had a dangerous smile and she then says it to Akeno-san.

“……Akeno? What are you doing?”

“Ara, Rias. So you were here.”

Akeno-san said that on purpose. Akeno-san mostly calls Buchou “Rias” at home. At school and when we are doing the devil’s job, she calls her “Buchou”.

“I am here, since this is Ise and my room. It’s obvious that I’m here.”

“I see. Then wait there for a bit. I’m trying to have Ise-kun get some fun. –You are a hindrance.”

Buchou freezes while smiling at Akeno-san’s words, and she then says it with a shaking voice.


Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! She’s wrapped in a red aura! This is bad! A fight is going to start! I feel danger, but several girls appear from the corner of the room. –It’s Asia, Xenovia and Koneko-chan! What are you girls wearing!?

The design is a bit different, but Asia and Xenovia are wearing Miko costumes similar to Akeno-san’s! Then of course it means they have lots of exposure! Uwaah…… Asia is showing her thighs that much! She has great legs, but your Onii-san feels complicated! It’s really great because of her white skin and slim legs!

“Yeah. It’s easy to move. I can’t wear my underwear with it, but it’s good since it’s easy to move with it.”

Xenovia says something like what a warrior would say. What no bra!? You aren’t wearing panties either!?

“B-But if we don’t wear a bra, then……..it can be seen through…….”

Asia says it shyly while hiding her breasts. Just like she says I can see a pink thing when I look carefully…….. No no! No matter how beautiful Asia’s pink thingy is, I can’t look!


While I was getting excited, the one who approaches me is Koneko-chan whom is wearing a cosplay costume of a beast! Comparing to the other girls she barely has any exposure, but her real cat ears and tail are too lovely!

“…… Do I look good in it? Nyan.”

The pose she just did while saying “Nyan” has an unknown amount of impact on me! Cute! This Loli-loli Koneko-sama is so cute! The girls are doing a cosplaaaaay! What is this dreamy situation!?

“……I will also wear it!”

Buchou who has teary eyes didn't want to be left out, so she went to the corner of the room to look through the piles of cosplay!

“B-But how did it turn out like this?”

A sudden cosplay tournament. So I ask Akeno-san.

“Well when I told everyone that I would be fulfilling my promise with you, they said they wanted to wear it as well. So it turned out like this.”

I see. Everyone must have done it out of curiosity. But everyone has nice figures so their cosplay is amazing! Hmmm, maybe I should record it with a camera afterwards. Can I use it as my “private power generator[6]”!?


The one who came out of the changing room is Buchou, who is wearing an erotic devil costumeeeeee! She has her real devil wings flapping adorably!

“Now, Ise. I look better don’t I? I know what kind of costumes Ise likes.”

Buchou makes a pose with pride! Her Oppai are shaking!

“Yes! You look good in it!”

But Buchou sure does hold strong rivalry towards Akeno-san.


Akeno-san walks to the changing room after seeing that! When she comes out quickly, she is now wearing a costume which is basically a string!


My nosebleed isn’t stopping! She’s basically naked! Her n-nipples can be seen if she moves a bit!

“Ise-kun, costumes which have this much exposure are the best right?”

Amazing….. Right in front of my eyes something unbelievable is happening!

“Ise-kun. Put your hands up and have your finger pointed upwards as well.”

Huh? Just like Akeno-san said, I had my right index finger point up. Then Akeno-san grabbed my hand and made it go to her breasts….. ZOOM! Mnyuuuuuuu!

My index finger gets sucked into Akeno-san's breast!


My nosebleed flowing out increases!

Unbelievable softness which surpassed a marshmallow can be felt with my index fingeeeeer!

“Aaan…….. ……..This is……A-Amazing…… Ise-kun's finger……. When I saw Ise-kun glaring at Diodora, my heart was beating fast…… Ise-kun showed his manly side, so…….I couldn't hold myself…….”

Akeno-san says it with a stimulating breath! An unknown electricity runs through my body! Why is this Onee-sama so erotic! This is bad! I will reach Balance-Breaker once again! It feels like I’m going to! It feels like I am continually touching girls' breasts!


Buchou grabs my left hand silently! She then takes it to her breast…..


My whole left hand touches Buchou’s breaaaaaaaaaaast! Uwaaaaa! Right now I’m touching the breasts of the Two-Great-Oneesama at the same time!

“…………..Nuuu….. Like I thought, my chest gets hot…….when I’m being touched by Ise…… What is this comfortable feeling……. It increases the more I get touched by Ise….. So I end up releasing noise……. Aaaan…….”

My nose starts to burst blood like a waterfall with Buchou's sweet sound! I’m going to die from blood loss! But no matter how many times I touch Buchou's oppai, I never get bored of it! Her smooth silky skin is so elastic and soft that it can bounce and bounce! More than that, her breast which I can’t fully hold onto gets out between my five fingers and it is overwhelming! And when I close my fingers, the sensation of the overwhelming breast is amazing!

I’m going to reach it! I definitely am going to reach it! It seems like I will reach to a new power! My right hand which was poking on Akeno-san's breast is now groping it instead when I realised it! I focus all my concentration on my hands so I can enjoy the unbreakable pudding! I don’t know if I should describe it as being juicy, but this basically demonstrates the softness of a woman’s body!

Aaah, when I compare it like this, Buchou and Akeno-san's oppai are definitely different! Akeno-san's breast is a bit softer? But Buchou's is more elastic! Even though they have me touching their breasts, there are sparks between their eyes! Buchou then shouts with teary eyes!

“I won’t lose to Akeno!”

This time Buchou went to the changing room!? Ah, Akeno-san also goes in!

“No, I can definitely show a better posture to Ise-kun than Rias!”

“Ise said that I am attractive!”

“That isn't true! Last time Ise said my body feels good!”

“You probably made him say that by force! Wait, did you call my Ise casually with his name!?”

“Why can’t I!? Ise!Ise!Ise!Ise! Rias, you dummy!”

“Akeno you stubborn head! Today I won’t forgive you!”

The two Onee-sama started fighting inside the changing room! Are they on good terms or bad terms…..? I started thinking that they really are friends.

“……Ise-senpai. Here is the tissue. You need to stop the nosebleed.”

Koneko-chan, thank you. Ah, crap. I don’t have much blood left……

“This isn't good. When both of them start their fight, we can’t stop them. Let’s move to another place. We are going Asia.”


I was dizzy with blood loss so Asia and Xenovia took my hand. Buchou and Akeno-san started shouting by saying things like “Waa!” and “Kyaa!” inside the changing room, so we moved to the room next door.

“So the match is in five days. It’s soon.”

Xenovia says it while moving her piece for the devil-style “The Game of Life”. In the room next door the four of us, Asia, Xenovia, Koneko-chan and I started playing “The Game of Life”. Devil-style “The Game of Life” - It’s the Underworld version of “The Game of Life”. We start as a Low-class devil and move our rank to Mid-class, High-class, and then Ultimate-class. You win when you become a Maou. The actual Underworld isn't that simple like this, but just like in the human world this is also popular in the Underworld.

We sat around the table. Koneko-chan is on my lap. I sometimes lose myself when I can feel her soft bottom but I need to remain calm.

Because I touched the breasts of Xenovia, Asia, Buchou, and Akeno-san repeatedly my brain is about to melt…… I think I can masturbate repeatedly with the sensation I still have left in my hand. Man if it is between lovers you can experience that twenty-four seven…… I want to make a harem quickly so I can have the environment where I can grope tits!

Because I had so much blood-loss, my consciousness is about to get cut off….. Am I losing too much blood both in private and during battles? Man……



I can hear the voices of the Onee-sama through the walls. They sometimes fight seriously. I’m the cause of it but Koneko-chan gave me the advice that “……When it turns like that, rather than stopping them it is better to have them fight I think”. According to Koneko-chan “……Ise-senpai needs to know more about a maiden’s heart”. Maiden’s heart - Will I be able to become popular if I understand them more? Haaaa, I want to be popular with girls. Then someone knocks on the door and then enters. It’s Irina.

“Waa, when I got home Rias-san and Akeno-san were having a big fight. I was surprised. Ah! Is it “Game of Life”? Let me join too.”

Irina, who went to the Church[7] after finishing her errands, reacted to the Game of Life.

“Devil-style one? Waa, I’m interested in it! For a reincarnated angel like myself, I think I can enjoy it with a mix of feelings since I will be able to experience a fake life of a devil!”

This girl seems to have fun at everything.


Asia makes a small laugh.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Asia?”

When I ask, Asia says it with a smile.

“Yes. I thought that this is fun.”

“Yeah, it is fun. But why all of a sudden?”

“Ise-san. I love my current lifestyle. And I love everyone as well.”

“I know. Don’t worry about the next Rating Game. We just need to do our roles normally.”

When I cheered her up, Xenovia nods.

“That’s right Asia. Asia and I are friends. I will become your sword and beat anyone who will cause harm to you.”

She sure is dependable. It must be Xenovia’s own way of cheering her.

“Asia, let’s finish the game quickly so we can get first place in the three-legged race!”


Asia makes a big smile. Yeah. I……We will protect Asia! I won’t let her go to Diodora’s side!

Then the door opens and Buchou enters. She’s wearing a bunny outfit. Were they having a costume battle or what…..? Ku, it feels like more blood will be coming out from my nose……

“I’m sorry all of a sudden. But.”


When Buchou looks at all of us, she had a doubtful expression.

“We are getting interviewed. We will be appearing on a television programme in the Underworld. We will be appearing as the youth devil and get interviewed.”


Including myself, everyone had a dumb look. But…..

“““Television programme!?”””


I, Asia Argento, became very surprised. We will be appearing on television. Daily life with Ise-san has lots of shocking events every day. Several months have passed since I started living with Ise-san. I was able to attend school and I started to become friends with Kiryuu-san, Matsuda-san, Motohama-san, and everyone else in the class.

Buchou-san, Akeno-san, Kiba-san, Koneko-chan, and Gasper-kun are treating me very nicely. Xenovia-san is my friend who is the same age as me. I also became friends with Irina-san. Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Oka-sama are very kind, and my life in Japan is very new and fun.

Things I couldn’t do while I was in the Church are now fulfilled.

A sudden proposal from Diodora-san…… I was very shocked. It was the first time a man did a thing like that to me so I didn't know what to do.

But Ise-san said “Stay by my side” to me. That is enough for me. If I can stay with Ise-san, then that is enough for me. I’m happy if I can live and laugh with that person.

Lord. Please allow me to be with Ise-san forever. Let me stay next to him forever.

And please listen to one of my wishes. I-If I can wish for it, if someone were to propose to me next, make it that person…….

I know I am being greedy. But I love him, so I dream about it a bit. I feel really happy when I embrace my dream.

Lord, please look at me with warm eyes while I spend my life with that person whom I deeply love.

Boss X Boss

“I’m sorry I’m reporting to you by this communication system, Sirzechs. It’s about the mysterious death of the heir of the Glaysa-Labolas and the increase of Diodora Astaroth's demonic powers……”

[So it was related like I thought. – The devils still have many troubles even now.]

“I still don’t have any evidence, but if we were to believe in Vali's warning, then Diodora is…… Looks like we need to do that plan which we discussed after all. ……Man, I already feel down because of one of the guys with me had a certain “event”……”

[I heard about it. It seems like one of the leaders of the Grigori got married.]

“…..Man, everyone is rushing things. Not just that, but they were having “fun(sex)” with women from different factions behind my back…… Shit! Am I the only single guy left!?”

[Fufufu. How about you settle down with someone now Azazel?]

“Don’t wanna. I’m a man who lives by his interests. ……There are plenty of w-women!”

[Yes. I will make it that way. – Anyway that plan. I trust you in it.]

“Yeah, leave it to me. Though we would be having them go through harsh things though…..”

Life.3 The Great Battle!

Part 1

“Ah~. Ah~. I-I’m~. No. I am the Gremory group’s….!”

I was sitting in front of the mirror in my room to practice speaking. And to smile as well! I want to make a big smile, but even the practice makes me nervous.

That’s because we will be appearing on television. It can’t be helped if you want to practice speaking!

That night, Buchou received a call from Grayfia-san. The business she had with us was “The television station offered an appearance on their programme”. It doesn't end there since it was an offer for the whole Gremory group to appear!

The Rating Game for the young devils including Buchou has been broadcast to the whole Underworld. Buchou and other young devils were already famous for being family members of Maou and such, and it seems their fame increased even more after that game.

Even in the Underworld there was an article in a magazine which had a “Princess Rias Gremory's Special!”. I found out that Buchou is popular during Summer, but that just means she became even more popular. For the young female devils, the girls uniform of the Kuou Academy is popular, so I heard that it would get released for sale in the Underworld soon.


There is someone hugging me from behind! I remember this sensation of Oppai! When I looked at the mirror, it’s Buchou as I predicted.

“What are you doing Ise?”

“Y-Yes. I was practicing because we will be appearing on the television.”

“Ufufu. It’s alright. You can answer normally when they ask you a question. The one who would be asked the most questions would most likely be me.”

Buchou starts to pat my head to make me feel comfortable! Aaah, Buchou! My Onee-sama! Your way to take care of your servant is perfect!

“Hey, Ise. You know you don’t have to burden yourself that much about Asia?”

Buchou continues with a gentle tone.

“Lately, you have been thinking about Diodora more than Asia has. Yes, I was also thinking about it too, but it seemed like you were worried about Asia even more. – Do you think it's your fault that Asia came to this side of the World?”

……Buchou is amazing. I nod my head while looking down.

“……Yes. But Asia said she is enjoying the current ways of her life. I also think that is for the best……… But, I…….”


High school dxd v6 111.jpg

Buchou hugs me gently. She then says it to my ear.

“Ise and I. Let’s make that girl happy with everyone in our group. But you and others also have to achieve happiness okay? If not, then I would get sad.”


I started to man-cry with Buchou's words! Sob! That’s because Buchou is too kind! The woman I fell in love with is an amazing woman! I would follow you to the depths of the World! Yes! Buchou, me, and rest of the members will lead a happy life with Asia! Spending our life with a smile! That must be happiness! Buchou then smiles at my self determination.

“Yes, I know. My lovely Ise.”

Part 2

Just like that, it’s the day of appearing on the television.

We teleported to the Underworld by using the magic-circle personally for us! I just came here recently so I never thought I would step foot back here this quickly. The place we arrived in is the basement of the big building which is built in a city. In the place for transport magic circle arrival area, we were welcomed with warm arms by the staff.

“We are glad you are here, Rias Gremory-sama and her servants-sama. Please come this way.”

We were being led by the person who seems to be the producer, and we went to the top floor via the elevator. The interior of the building doesn't look different to those in the human world, but they are different in very simple things. There are many devices that work using demonic powers within the building.

And on the poster placed in the corridor…..It’s Buchou! The smiling picture of a crimson haired beauty looks like that of an idol! Then from the end of the corridor, a familiar person comes while bringing 10 people with him.

“Sairaorg. So you were here too.”

Yes, the one who Buchou talked to is the next heir of the House of Bael, Sairaorg-san. He has the noble jacket rested on his shoulder, and he looks wild like always. Even from a novices' eyes, he has no openings. So he’s always ready for action huh? The blonde woman with a ponytail who is right behind him is his Queen. She sure is beautiful.

“Rias. Are you also getting interviewed?”

“Yes. Have you already finished Sairaorg?”

“I will be getting interviewed now. Most likely a different studio from you guys. – I saw your match.”

Buchou raises her eyebrows a bit.

“No matter how much power you have, you will lose if you get trapped. They will aim for the slight opening with full power. Above all, there are many unknowns in a Sacred Gear. We won’t know what will happen, and what it can do. Compatibility is also important in the Game. I have learnt many things from the match between you and Sona Sitri. –However…..”

Sairaorg-san then pats on my shoulders.

“I desire to fight you with only pure power.”


Sairaorg-san left after saying that.

…..My shoulder which was lightly patted. He only did that, but it feels very heavy. Do I have some expectations from the number one youth? Man, it makes me nervous!

After the greeting with Sairaorg-san we went to the dressing room, and we left our bags in there. Azazel-sensei didn't come with us because he would be appearing on a different programme. Irina is staying back at home. Today, it’s just for us, the Gremory group. After that we were taken to what seems like a studio, and we went inside. They are still preparing, and the staff are still doing work. The interviewer lady who was here before us comes to greet Buchou.

“Hello, it is my first time meeting you. I am the announcer of Underworld broadcast studio 1.”

“Same goes to you. Hello.”

Buchou also responds with a smile, and shakes her hand.

“I’m sorry all of a sudden, but for the interview……”

Buchou, the staff, and the announcer lady started the discussion about the interview. There are also many seats for the viewers inside the studio! Waa…… So it would be broadcast while having people look at us live…..

Crap. I started to get quite nervous! Even if Buchou is the main, we will also be standing there for the actual thing…….

“…….I….I…I….I….I-I…..I want to go hooooome……!”

Gasper, who is trembling behind me. It must be cruel to have a hikikomori appear on television. But I’m also nervous. Gasper, endure.

“There will also be questions asked for the other group members, but please don’t be too nervous about it.” The staff tell us.

“Ummm, is Kiba Yuuto-san and Himejima Akeno-san here?”

“Ah, that would be me. I’m Kiba Yuuto.”

“And I am Himejima Akeno.”

Kiba and Akeno-san raise their hands.

“I think there would be quite a number of questions asked for you two for the interview. Both of you are increasing in popularity.”

“Are you serious!”

When I make a sound of shock, the staff nods.

“Yes. Kiba-san is getting more female fans, while Akeno-san is getting more male fans.”

Oh. He’s handsome and she’s beautiful after all. Then it won’t be weird if they are popular.

I see. Since the match against the Sitri was broadcast throughout the Underworld, Kiba and Akeno-san's popularity raised. Damn you, Kiba! Akeno-san…….I kind of feel complicated. She is my other Onee-sama…… I didn't know whether I should be happy or not, and Akeno-san then smiles at me.

“You don’t have to worry. I only have eyes for Ise-kun. So I won’t go to another person.”

She then holds my hands gently! Uoooooo! Akeno-san! She sure is an Onee-sama who thinks deeply of her fellow group member! Huh! I then felt a sharp gaze! When I look around…..Buchou is glaring at me and Akeno-san! My master sure has a strict check on her servants!

“And who is the other person, Hyoudou Issei-san?”

“Ah, that would be me.”

I’m also popular!? I’m a bit……No, I feel really excited! But the staff puts on a question mark above his head.

“…….Ummm, you are……?”

Seems like she doesn’t know me! Eeeeeeeeh!?

“Um, I am the [Pawn], Hyoudou Issei. I’m also the Sekiryuutei as well……”

When I said that, the staff realise it.

“Ah! You are! Your armoured form had a strong impression, so I couldn't tell Hyoudou-san in a normal state.”

Certainly! In the match, I was in the armour form for quite a time! It was a Blitz[8]. So it might be obvious if the impression of me in my normal state is weak.

“Hyoudou-san will also have an interview in a different studio. You are famous as being the “Chichiryuutei[9].”


What is that!? I became shocked at the unknown nickname I was given! The staff then continues lively.

“You have become very popular amongst children. It seems like you are called “Oppai Dragon” amongst children. You screamed out “Oppai” in the match against Sitri correct? That was broadcast during snack time in the Underworld. And it became very popular among the children who saw that.”

Are you serious! I’m a hot topic amongst the brats in the Underworld!? I can’t understand it! But an Oppai-dragon….. Ah, I think I did keep on saying Oppai….. It seems like children get attracted to those simple things. Looks like what grasps the children’s attention is the same both in the Underworld and human world.


Suddenly Ddraig started crying inside me. Hey hey hey. What happened?

[I, who was called a Heavenly Dragon….. I, who has been feared as the Sekiryuutei…..]

He’s crying seriously…… Seems like he is really shocked. Hmmmm, well it is Chichiryuutei, and an Oppai-dragon after all……

“Then Hyoudou-san, please follow me to the different studio. I will guide you.”

I received a personal script from the staff, and I started cheering Ddraig up while I was heading towards the different studio.

So what will be waiting for me huh?

“Man, I was nervous.”

After the recording, we started relaxing in the dressing room. It’s obvious that everyone was nervous as well. So they started relaxing by leaning on the wall or dropping dead on the table as soon as we entered the room. The programme was a collection of questions towards Buchou from the beginning to the end. How was the match against Sitri? What will you do from now? Is there any youth devil you have your attention on? Such questions like that.

Buchou answered with a smile normally, and she didn’t forget to behave with elegance. Her family might also watch it, so she can’t show anything shameful. Buchou showed us and the visitors an awesome interview as the next heiress of the Gremory! Then when the questions moved onto Kiba after that, there were cries of the female fans. His popularity among the female audience was the real deal. Even during Akeno-san's turn, male fans were shouting “Akeno-sama!”. And when it was my turn, the kids were yelling “Oppai dragon!” and “Chichiryuutei!”. I don’t know how to express my feelings, but I really was popular with kids……

It seems like my armour form looks like a stuffed toy to the kids. But since I kept on saying oppai and oppai, I became popular in a weird way.

Hahahaha, there must be a reason why they filmed “that” in the order studio.

“By the way Ise. What were you asked to be filmed at the other studio.”

Buchou asks while eating a snack.

“It’s a secret. The staff also asked me not to tell people who are close to me as well.”

I said it while making an evil-laugh which sounded like “Nihehe”.

“I understand. I will be looking forward to it.”

It seems like Buchou is also looking forward to it. Then it happened when we were trying to stand up to go home. The door opened, and someone enters.

I thought she was cute for a moment. It’s a girl who has her hair braided in a roll. And she’s quite a bishoujo. But she looks familiar….

“Is Ise-sama here?”

“Ravel Phoenix. What brings you here?”

Ravel and my eyes met. It seemed like her face became bright for a moment, but she then makes an unpleasant expression. She then pushes the basket she is holding to me.

“T-This! It is a cake! My second eldest brother has a television programme in this studio so I came to give you this since I had time!”

Is that so? I’m not sure, but I took the basket from her and checked inside. A delicious looking chocolate cake is inside. Wow, it looks splendid. But why did she give me the basket with a shy face? It looks good.

“Did you make this?”

“Y-Yes! Of course! I have confidence if it is cake! A-And I promised you that I would make you a cake!”

“Thank you. But you could have made it for me when we have tea like we promised.”

“I won’t do anything to disturb you. You have a match with the House of Astaroth coming up soon correct? So I won’t waste your time. But I thought maybe I can just give you a cake. You should be grateful!”

Hmm, is she forceful or is she modest? But I’m happy she came all the way here.

“T-Then I will be leaving here…..”

Ravel goes home as if she finished her business.

“Wait a sec! Kiba!”

I stopped Ravel, and made Kiba make a small cake knife. I cut a bit off the cake and took a piece of it to my mouth.….The sweet taste of chocolate spreads inside my mouth. It doesn't have too strong of a taste, and is just right. The softness feels good too.

“It’s delicious, Ravel. Thank you, I will eat this at home. Hahaha, I don’t know when I will see you next, so I thought I will give you the comment for the taste now. I will make sure to arrange having tea with you on a different occasion. If it is me that you would like to have a drink with though.”

When I said that, Ravel got teary-eyed and her face was red to the maximum. Huh? I thought she would respond by saying “Of course! Ohohoho!”……..

“……Ise-sama, for the next match, I will be cheering for you!”


After Ravel said her goodbyes to us, she left the scene quickly. When I turned around to Buchou…..

Buchou has her eyes closed while raising her eyebrows. And the girls are looking at me with a scary atmosphere…….

W-Why…..? I became suspicious of this situation. But like this our interview finished, and the match against Diodora was drawing near.

By the way, a video which has me appearing on it was sent to my house by the studio. I got shocked when I checked it out! …….I never thought it would turn out like this…… How should I tell Buchou and others……

Part 3


In the changing room for the big bath located on the first basement floor in my house, I took a gulp of fruit-milk after having a bath. Ah, it tastes good! I drink it in a single sip while putting my hand on my hip!

But you know that this big bath is located on the first basement floor right? I still can’t believe in it. The Hyoudou residence, which had a major renovation during Summer, is now six stories high, and has down to a third basement. The second basement floor has a pool. The girls swim in it when they feel like it. Seriously, it really is luxurious. Thanks to that, there is enough space for the girls to live in. My parents are happy as well, so it should be alright.

And there are all sorts of milk drinks inside the fridge located on the first basement floor, so we can drink after having a bath. According to Buchou, “Drinking a variety of milk after a bath is a must in Japan”.

Buchou's obsession towards Japan is scary at times. By the way, I change the types of milk drink I drink after bathing everyday. Buchou is in the fruit-milk faction. Akeno-san, Asia, Koneko-chan are in the normal Milk faction. And Xenovia is in the coffee Milk faction.

I had a bath after the training towards the upcoming game, so I feel refreshed. I have started to become a training norm lately. I don’t feel calm if I don’t train. Working hard daily is my routine.When I left the big bath room, the big hall which is across from the big bath room is titled with light. There is a big hall next to the big bath room on the first basement floor, so we can do film watching marathons and all sorts of training. I was training here just before too.

The door is ajar, so I check inside. Xenovia is in there wielding a practice purpose sword. She is wearing training wear and is wielding the sword seriously.


“Yo. I wasn't trying to peek but the lights were on in this room so I happened to check inside.”

I entered the room.


“Yeah, since the game is coming up.”

“But, didn't you train quite a lot before dawn as well?”

Yes. Xenovia increased the amount of training as the game was drawing near daily. Even today she overworked for training, and it seems like she was being haunted by something. During the spar, even Kiba seemed like he was being overpowered by Xenovia’s high spirit. But since she was rushing things, she created an opening and received a counter.

“I am… weaker than Kiba after all.”

Xenovia says it with straight eyes.

Certainly. When we first met, Xenovia was stronger than Kiba. But the situation changed all of a sudden because Kiba's talent started to bloom after he attained Holy-demonic sword.

“Even on the video, Kiba showed that he could use Durandal better than me. – In terms of simple talents, Kiba has more talent than me.”

Xenovia has cloudy eyes. I think there is a part inside her that is a bit jealous of Kiba.

“From my eyes, both you and Kiba are amazing.”

Xenovia smiles at my words which don’t even sound like I am cheering her.

“Thank you. But the thing I can’t forgive the most…….is myself who lost in the previous match without doing anything….. That’s why I am training so I won’t let my guard down any more.”

……So it is about that. In the match against Sitri, Xenovia lost against Shinra-senpai who possess a counter-type Sacred Gear. In terms of power, Xenovia was superior. But the timing and compatibility between them was bad, so she lost against her.

I also witnessed how scary a Technique-type can be when I looked at the video. They settled the match in places where pure power doesn't work, and it made me realise how broad the game could become. Well I do think we are super strong if we were to fight normally. Oh crap, this confidence could lead to our defeat.

“No matter how awesome a power you have, I realised that there are many ways for us to get defeated. Settling the match with pure power seems the most easiest to know though. But especially in the game, it would be a team battle, so rather than having one strong individual, we need to cooperate in a style of “Person A ability” + “Person B ability”. The road to becoming a High-class devil sure is hard…..”

I sat on the floor, and made a sigh. It truly is hard to get a promotion to a High-class devil.

“Do you want to become a Maou, Ise?”

“No, I never thought about things like that….. Why do you ask all of a sudden?”

“In the future, you will be going solo from Buchou right? To stand at a greater height.”

“Yeah, that is my plan.”

“Asia said she will be following you.”

“Hmm? Aaah, yeah. We promised we will be together forever.”

“Take me along with Asia as well.”


An unexpected situation. I never thought she would say that……

“Why do you want to come with me?”

When I ask, she answers with a big smile.

“It would be fun being with Ise.”

I see. It’s fun huh.

“Roger that. I will think about it.”

“Yes, I hope you do positively.”

I don’t know any plan about the future, but building a business with Asia and Xenovia seems interesting. I was thinking while bending my neck, and Xenovia stops swinging her sword.

“Somehow, talking to you made the nervousness inside me disappear.”

Xenovia approaches me who was sitting down and….


She kissed me on the cheek! Uoooooooo! I was shocked at the sudden thing! A kiss in the cheek huh!

“It’s my gift to you. Should I give it to your lips next? Fufufu. Then I will be resting for today now.”

Xenovia leaves after saying that. I could only touch my cheek for the sudden kiss she gave me.

Part 4

“It’s about time.”

Buchou says that and then stands up.

The day of the match. We gathered at the Occult Research Club room late at night. Asia is in nun's clothing, and Xenovia is in erotic battle wear. And the others including myself are wearing the Kuou Academy uniform.

We gathered around the magic-circle located in the middle of the room, and are waiting to be transported.

Our opponent is Diodora Astaroth. The noble house where the current Beelzebub came from. I don’t know what kind of power he used, but he is a devil who is capable of going at his enemy by himself directly with his enormous amount of demonic-powers. But the game will end when you take down the [King]! In our group there are plenty of guys who won’t lose with pure powers. If he comes at us, we will just crush him!

But I also need to learn a different way to fight other than that…… A counter huh. Maybe I should practice it as well. Sairaorg-san is a super Power-type. He is in the similar category as me. If I learn to counter, it seems like I can turn the tables around….. For Power-types, the moves of Technique-types are something you can’t ignore. While thinking about it with my small brain, Asia holds onto my hand nervously.

I smiled silently and held her hand as well.

Yes, first I need to take care of Diodora. I will definitely not hand Asia over to him. No matter what kind of demonic-power he would use against me, I will protect Asia! Then the magic-circle glowed, and we are about to get teleported…..

“…….Did we arrive?”

When our eyes recovered from the lights made from the teleportation, we opened our eyes….. The place we arrived was a spacious place.

The place is lined up with thick pillars. The ground is made from…..rocks. We look around, and we see a big entrance of a shrine at far!

……….Huge. It looks like those shrines that appear in Greek mythology. At first glance there are no broken parts, and it seems like it was just built. The sky is white like always. So this is our base huh.

Now, lets get pumped up for it. Would it be a blitz? Or a long-battle? I still don’t know, but I will just have to accomplish my role!

I was getting my courage up like that….. But we didn't hear the announcement of the arbiter no matter how much time had passed.

“…..This is weird.”

Buchou says that. Just like how I became suspicious, others are also suspicious with this situation. Did something happen to the people in charge of the match? I was thinking such things, and then….

A magic-circle appears on the other side of the shrine!

Eh!? Diodora!? Don’t tell me we will have a battle with this short distance!?

I panic! The group makes their stances! But there isn’t just one magic-circle! Many lights have appeared, and they are surrounding us!

“……It isn’t the symbol of Astaroth!”

Kiba says that while making a stance with his sword. Akeno-san then says it while having her hand covered in electricity.

“…….None of the magic-circles are similar. Except….”

“They are all devils. But if my memory is correct….”

Buchou looks around with serious eyes while being covered in red aura. The ones appearing are many…….devils! All of them appeared with hostility! They glare at us while surrounding us!

One, two, three….. No, I will stop counting. That’s because they don’t just stop at ten or a hundred! There are between several hundreds to a thousand of them, and we are surrounded by an insane number of people! The whole area is covered with devils that have just appeared.

“Judging from their magic-circles, they are affiliated with the Old-Maou faction of Khaos Brigade.”


I became scared to my wits! Are you serious!? The Khaos Brigadeeeeee!? Why did they intrude in the game of the youth devils!? Oh, they are terrorists after all! But why our match?

“The blood relative of the annoying fake Maou, Gremory. I will have you perish here.”

One of the devils surrounding us says that to Buchou in a provoking way! Just like I thought, for the devils supporting the Old-Maou faction, the current Maou and the devils who support them must be an eyesore.


A scream! This voice belongs to…..Asia!

When I turned to Asia, she isn’t there!


The voice came from above! When I looked up, I saw Diodora who is carrying Asia! That bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

“Hey Rias Gremory. And Sekiryuutei. I will take Asia Argento with me.”

He said something foolish with a refreshing smile!

“Let go of Asia, you shit! Coward! And what is the meaning of this! Aren't we supposed to play the game!?”

Diodora showed an evil-smile for the first time to my shout.

“Are you dumb? This isn't a game. All of you will die here by them…..The agents of Khaos Brigade. No matter how powerful all of you are, you won’t be able to take on this many number of High-class devils and Mid-class devils right? Hahahaha, so die. Perish right away.”

Buchou glares at Diodora.

“Are you telling me you are connected to the Khaos Brigade? Scum. And you even defiled the game, so death would be fitting for you! More than that, you try to take away my adorable Asia away from me……..!”

Buchou’s aura increases! She’s pissed! Of course she would be! I’m also about to snap! This guy! I just can’t forgive this bastard!

“If I were to stay with them, then it seemed like I can do anything I want to whenever I want. Well, struggle as much as you want. I will become one with Asia while you are busy with them then. You know what I mean? Sekiryuutei, I will make Asia mine. If you are able to follow me, then come to the depth of the shrine. You would be able to see something magnificent.”

While Diodora laughs loudly, Xenovia shouts at me.

“Ise, the Ascalon!”


I responded right away, I made the gauntlet appear. I pulled the sword out from the tip, and handed it to Xenovia.

“Asia is my friend! I won’t let you do as you want!”

Xenovia’s eyes are also burning with rage. She tries to slash at Diodora right away…. But the demonic-power released by Diodora crumbles Xenovia’s stance. Her blade didn't reach Diodora, but the holy aura released from the sword goes towards Diodora! Yes! Take that!

That’s what I wanted to happen, but Diodora dodges it swiftly up in the air! Shit! So he won’t go down that easily huh! Looks like getting her stance crumbled was bad!

“Ise-san! Xenovia-san! Ise~…..”

Asia begs for help! But the space starts to shake and it gets distorted. Diodora and Asia’s body get blurry and they start to disappear.


I call for Asia who disappeared but I don’t get any reply. …….Shit! I couldn't protect Asia! Again I….! I….!

“Ise-kun! Stay calm! We need to take care of the enemies right in front of us first! Let’s go and save Asia-san after that!”

Kiba says that to me.

…….Yeah, he’s right. It’s simple. I need to get past this place, go to Diodora to beat the crap out of him and save Asia!

Diodoraaaaaaaaa! I won’t forgive you!

The devils surrounding us. So they were serving under the descendants of the Old-Maou. I don’t know many details about it, but I need to beat them up if they get in our way!

Their hands shine mysteriously! They are trying to attack! Diodora said not only do they consist of Mid-class devils but also High-class devils. Will we able to dodge all of their attacks? Is it better to hide behind the shadow and take them down one by one? Or should I ignore them and head towards the shrine?

While I was thinking up of a plan, I heard a scream, “Kyaa!”, under this tense situation. Akeno-san’s voice! What happened!? When I looked, a single-eyed shitty old man wearing a robe was lifting up Akeno-san’s skirt and looking at her panties.

High school dxd v6 137.jpg

“Hmmm, nice butt. More than that, the curviness only the young ones have is irresistible.”

T-This shitty geezer!

I pulled Akeno-san away from the geezer! Akeno-san’s ass belongs to me!

“You shitty-geezer! Where did you pop out from! –Wait, you are…..!”

I was familiar with this old-geezer! Yes, after the match with Kaichou, this geezer visited the infirmary room I was resting in. If I remember, this geezer is…..

“Odin-sama! Why are you here?”

Buchou asks while being surprised.

Yes! Odin! The God from the North! It’s the arrival of the God! The geezer says it while stroking his long white beard.

“Hmm. It will be long if I explain it, but to put it simply, this game has been taken over by the Khaos Brigade.”

Like I thought, the whole game was taken over by them.

“The game committee and those from different factions are cooperating to take them on. Well, we know up to the fact that Diodora Astaroth was allied with the Old-Maou faction behind the shadows. He must have received the “snake” from Ophis which resulted in his sudden power increase. Then it will be dangerous for you guys right? So you needed some help. But this game field is covered by a strong barrier. So it would be hard for normal people to break or go through the barrier. Especially destroying it would be really hard. We can’t do anything unless we stop the one who turned the barrier on from the inside.”

“Then how did you enter here geezer?”

“When I gave one of my eyes to the Mímisbrunnr, I became familiar with these types of demonic-powers, magics, and other spells. The same applies for barriers too.”

Geezer showed his left missing eye to me. –Something which seems like a crystal is put inside, and magical letters glowing in the depth of it are popping up.


When I saw the symbol appearing on the artificial eye, I felt as if my whole body froze stiff. It has a really dangerous glow……! I can even feel Ddraig's nervousness through the Sacred Gear.

“The enemy is the Chief God of the North! Our name will rise if we take his neck!”

The Old-Maou faction devils start to shoot the blocks of demonic-powers at once! The number of attacks is insane!

When we were prepared to take on the shots aimed at us, Odin-geezer just hit his rod onto the ground once.


The attacks coming at us get reflected away and perish! Geezer just laughs, “Hohohoho”, while stroking his beard. This Geezer is amazing! To be expected from a God! He made the attacks perish easily! The devils changed their expression. There are many High-class devils among them, but this Geezer still has this much confidence!

“Normally, I can break the barrier with my power but I could only enter here….. Hmm, so what kind of enemy did this? Though I was told by that brat, Azazel, to give this to you. To be making an old man work this much, what should I do with that brat afterwards…..”

This Geezer sure does complain a lot….. What we received from the Geezer are small communication devices.

“Go, leave this place to this Geezer and run towards the shrine. I’m saying this Geezer will be standing in the battlefield to cover you guys. This is a big privilege you know?”

When the Geezer points his rod at us, a shallow aura envelops us.

“That will protect all of you until the shrine. Now, go go.”

“But Geezer! Will you be okay just by yourself?”

I get worried but the Geezer just smiles energetically.

“For a baby who only lived for a decade or so to worry about me….”

Something which looks like a spear appears in the Geezer’s left hand.


He releases a single blow with it towards the devils! Then…


Enormous amount of aura is released from the spear, and a sound which pierced through the sky echoes throughout the area! I couldn't believe what I saw. The thick single blow goes straight to the end of the Earth, and it gouges the ground deeply! Dozens of devils have perished with that single blow! What an intense power! It’s not a matter of fact that it is at a completely different level!

“You know, Geezers need to work out sometimes too. Now then, terrorist devils. Come at me with all your might. This Geezer here is stronger than you can imagine.”

He has this much power even though he held back! Uwaa……Gods do have a power in a totally different league…..

The devils became even more nervous. There aren't any devils who would come at us like before to make their name famous anymore.

“I apologise! I will leave this place to you!”

Buchou gives her thanks to Odin the Geezer and then says it to us.

“We will run towards the shrine!”

We responded to Buchou's words, and ran towards the shrine. During that time, the Geezer and the devils resumed their battle.

When we entered the shrine, we put the communication devices we received from the Geezer on our ears. Then we heard a familiar voice.

[Are you guys alright? This is Azazel. Looks like you received this from that geezer Odin.]

—It’s Sensei.

[I know that there are things you want to say, but hear me out. This Rating Game has received an assault from the Old-Maou faction of the Khaos Brigade. The field you guys are at, and the special field where the VIP room is, are flooded with devils from the Old-Maou faction. But this is something we anticipated before hand. Currently, all the factions are working together to defeat the Old-Maou faction.]

So the observers are also having a hard time as well huh. More than that, what does he mean by saying that he anticipated it?

[Lately, those who are related to the current Maou started to die mysteriously. The ones who were behind it are the Old-Maou faction of the Khaos-Brigade. It was told that the heir of the Glasya-Labolas died in an accident, but in reality it was the Old-Maou factions who killed him.]

……So the Yankee’s relative was killed by the Khaos-Brigade. Was he targeted because he had the same blood as the current Maou?

[And the mastermind behind it are the descendants of Old-Beelzebub and Old-Asmodeus. Just like Cattleya Leviathan that I defeated, the hatred of the Old-Maou faction towards the current devils government is great. By terrorising this game, they tried to shake the World as a start by killing and showing the dead bodies of those related to the current Maou. There isn't a better occasion to attack than this. We anticipated something bad, ever since the match between Astaroth and Agares.]

Then it means our match was already decided to be targeted by the Old-Maou faction from the beginning. The ones who are targeted are Maou and their relatives. In other words Buchou. And also the bosses of each faction who came to see the match. Then that geezer, Odin, was also one of their targets.

“Then the reason why Diodora's demonic-power increased more than before is?” Buchou asks.

[He must have borrowed Ophis's power. They also must not have thought that Diodora would have used that power during the game. That’s why by adding that with the incident with Glasya-Labolas, we anticipated that something would happen in this match. But they didn't change their plan at all.]

So that shit powered up by borrowing the power of the boss of the terrorists! And he won his match with that! I don’t like this at all!

[To them, as long as they can finish us off, anything is fine I suppose. Even for us, this is a chance we can’t normally hope for. It’s a good time to crush the Old-Maou faction who seems like they will give negative influence to the World. Odin, Greek Gods, and Gods from Sakra's side are also planning to annihilate the terrorists. We told the bosses of each faction in secret about the possibility of a terrorist attack occurring, and we asked them whether they would participate for this plan. All of them decided to cooperate and are thinking about winning. Right now, everyone is rampaging against the Old-Maou faction devils.]

So all the bosses from each faction are basically saying “We won’t lose to terrorism!” huh.

[I’m sorry Rias. I said War wouldn't happen that often, but it turned out like this. We made you guys face such danger. We wanted to have them move before the start of the game. We thought they would appear then, and like we thought it did. But it’s certain that we sent you to a dangerous zone. I thought of this plan by persuading Sirzechs. I wanted to bring out the Old-Maou faction no matter what.]

“What would have you done if we died in the process?”

I ask Sensei without any care, and Sensei then says it with a serious tone.

[I was planning to take proper responsibility for it. If my life is needed to make up for it, then I would have done that.]

—Sensei was planning to die….

So he lured those guys out with that much determination….. That is important, but I need to tell Sensei what happened earlier!

“Sensei, Asia was taken away by Diodora!”

[~! I see. Either way I can’t have you guys stay there any longer. Leave Asia to us. It will turn into a battlefield over there. The Old-Maou faction devils are continuously being teleported there by the magic-circle. There is a hidden basement in that shrine. It’s made to be very sturdy. Hide there until things settle down. We will eliminate the rest of the terrorists. This field is made by the Longinus possessor who belongs to the Khaos Brigade. You can somehow enter inside, but it’s near impossible to leave from there. – Longinus [Dimension Lost]. It exceeds among the Sacred Gear related to barriers and space, so even that geezer, Odin, who specialises in techniques can’t destroy it.]

“Are you also here in the battlefield Sensei?”

[Yeah, I’m inside the field. It is a really big field, so I’m far from you guys though.]

“We will go and save Asia.”

I said it to him straight forward.

[Do you know what kind of situation it is right now?]

Sensei's voice is mixed with anger. But I still won’t give up! There is no way I can!

“I don’t understand anything complicated! But Asia is my comrade! My family! I want to save her! I don’t want to lose Asia ever again!”

Yeah! While we are discussing like this, we don’t know what that bastard is doing to Asia! Just thinking about it is making my stomach burn black! Buchou then says it with a smile.

“Azazel-sensei. I’m sorry, but we will continue to go forward inside the shrine to save Asia. The game is cancelled, but I won’t agree to it if we don’t settle this with Diodora. I need to teach him how foolish it is to take my servant away from me!”

Buchouuuuu! To be expected from Buchou! She sure knows what to do! Akeno-san also continues from there.

“Azazel-sensei. We have the right to use our power against those who do suspicious actions within the Three-Great-Power alliances correct? You know Diodora showed rebellious actions towards the current devil society?”

Oh! She’s right! We have those rights! To be expected from Akeno-san! Sensei makes a sigh from the other side of the communication device.

[…….Geez. You guys are stubborn brats…… Well, okay then. This time there aren't any restrictions. That is why there isn't anything which will hold your powers back. – Go and rampage to your hearts content! Especially Ise! Show the power of Sekiryuutei to that traitorous brat, Diodora!]

Oh! Sensei sure knows what he is talking about! Thank you very much!


I replied back with high spirit!

[Lastly, listen to this. It is important. They started this while knowing that we started to get the gist about their plan. In other words their plan is something which won’t be affected even with us knowing about it.]

What does he mean? I became suspicious, but it seems like Buchou understood.

“Does it mean they started the terrorist attack because they have something up their sleeve?”

[Yeah. We don’t know what it is, but it is certain that this field is dangerous. The game has stopped, so there isn't any retiring. Even if you guys get in a dangerous situation, there is no way to help you so keep that in mind. – Be careful.]

…..I see. The opponents have confidence in themselves, so they still proceeded even if their plan was already known to us. I don’t know what they are planning to do, but what we need to do is simple and clear! We need to beat Diodora, then save Asia, and then hide under the basement! It’s a bit scary that there isn't teleportation for when we need to retire, but it would be okay if we beat them before they beat us! But why do I have such a high encounter rate to meet strong foes?

— Power gathers around dragons. I think I heard someone say that before. Did I end up like that because I am the one who has the Sekiryuutei residing in me…..?

“Koneko, can you find Asia?”

Buchou asks Koneko-chan to find Asia. Koneko-chan points towards the end of the shrine while having the cat ears appear on her head.

“……I can sense Asia-senpai and Diodora Astaroth from there.”

Yeah! Wait for me Asia! I will go to your aid soon!

All of us then ran towards the depth of the shrine.

Part 5

Inside the shrine was a spacious place. It feels like there is no end to the spacious hall. There are just giant pillars inside the shrine, and nothing else is there.

When we go through the shrine, another shrine appears right ahead, so we go towards there. When we kept on repeating that, we felt a presence within one of the shrines!

We stopped and made our stances. The ones who appeared are... ten people with small builds who are wearing robes.

[Hey, Rias Gremory and her servants.]


Diodora's voice echoes throughout the shrine! Where is it coming from!?

[Hahaha, Sekiryuutei. You won’t find me no matter whether you look around or not. I’m waiting at the end of another shrine for all of you. – Let’s play a substitute for the Rating Game that has been cancelled.]

The bastard says some rubbish like that! Is he sending his voice using demonic-powers? And he wants to play? What is he trying to do?

[Let’s have a match while using our “pieces”. The rule is that you can’t use the same pieces again until you reach where I am at. Other than that, anything is okay. For the first match, I will be sending my 8 [Pawns] and 2 [Rooks]. By the way all of my [Pawns] have promoted to a [Queen]. Hahaha, it’s 8 [Queens] from the beginning but that is okay right? After all, Rias Gremory is a young devil famous for possessing powerful servants.]

He’s insane! He’s telling us to take on all the Pawns who have promoted to a [Queen] and 2 [Rooks]! If I remember correctly, all 8 of his [Pawns] are girls! Man he’s lucky… A harem…. No, no. This isn't time for being jealous of Diodora!

“Fine. I will play along with your nonsense. I will carve into your head, just how powerful my group is.”

Buchou affirmed! Seriously!? Is she okay with it?

“Is it okay to agree to the enemy’s suggestion?”

When I ask Buchou, she says it while narrowing her eyes.

“We should agree to it. They have… Asia as their hostage.”


Yeah, we won’t know what they will do if we provoke them. Buchou then points at me.

“We will have Ise, Koneko, Xenovia, and Gasper head out.”

She’s telling to go past this with us four!? I think we are lacking quite a number!?

“Those who were just called. Come over to me.”

I, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, and Gasper gather around Buchou and she whispers to us.

(I will leave the 2 Rooks to Xenovia. You can fight with all your might. So use your full power against them.)

(Roger that. I like it. I’m good at those things.)

Oh, you seem like you will be enjoying it Xenovia-san! But she’s right. If she has no restriction, then she seems like she can even beat 2 Rooks. She is originally a Power-type.

(Against the Pawns, Koneko would be the attacker. Use the senjutsu to send your ki in them so you can take them out. Ise and Gasper will be Koneko's support. But you two will be the key for this battle. Ise, please have Gasper drink your blood.)


(Heeee, Roger!)

(Roger that Buchou!)

We nod at Buchou. But I was called back by Buchou.

(Ise, you know……)

Yes, yes….W-What….?

I started trembling at what Buchou just said to me! Are you serious! It’s okay, right? I really can do it, right!? I tried to get a confirmation from her for the last time, and she nods!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I scream within myself! The fear I had just before is now gone!

I can do it! I can… We can win against these guys!

[Then let’s start.]

Along with Diodora’s words, his servants made their stance towards us.

I had my finger cut lightly by Kiba’s demonic-sword, and gave my blood to Gasper.


I knew that Gasper’s heart just got a pulse. The next moment, Gasper’s body is covered in a weird aura. His red eyes start to shine mysteriously as well. Yeah, the atmosphere of Gasper changed. With this, we are fully prepared! When Xenovia releases her Durandal, she makes a double sword stance along with Ascalon, and she walked towards the 2 Rooks.

“I will take Asia back.”

An intense pressure never seen before is coming out from Xenovia. Her eyes are sharp.

“… I never had someone whom I could call a friend. That’s because I thought I could live without such people. I thought I could live if I had the love of God.”


The 2 Rooks sprint towards Xenovia. –Fast! So they are Rooks with speed! Xenovia doesn’t even flinch and continues talking to herself.

“Then those who started to treat me in a friendly manner came. Especially Asia, who always smiled at me. She called me her “friend”.”

Yeah, you are our comrade and also our friend, Xenovia. She shows sad eyes while dodging the Rooks attacks.

“… When I first met Asia, I said horrible things to her. I called her a witch. I called her a heretic. But Asia came and talked to me as if nothing happened. She even called me her “friend”!”

Xenovia… So she always thought about it.

“That’s why I will save her! My best friend! Asia! I will save her!”


A destructive wave is released from Durandal, and it blows away the two Rooks!

When Xenovia swings her Durandal up high, she shouts with a teary voice!

“That’s why! I beg you! Durandal! Respond to me! I won’t like it if Asia disappears. If I lose Asia, I…! Please! Give me! Give me the power to save my friend! Durandaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!”

High school dxd v6 c007-008.jpg


As if it responded to her words, Durandal increases its aura by several times! What an intense amount of aura! Even I who isn't receiving the attack can feel it itching my skin! Durandal is glowing ten times more than before. Amazing…


The area around Xenovia starts to crack with just the holy aura Durandal is naturally emitting.

“I realised lately that, I can’t suppress Durandal very well. It might take a lot of time for me to get the silent wave of aura that Kiba showed. Then I just have to keep on going forward. I decided to increase the sharpness and the destructive power of Durandal instead.”

Xenovia made a cross with Durandal and Ascalon up the air. Durandal's wave is transported to Ascalon, and the holy aura increases even more. Ascalon's aura also increases its holy power because it has come in contact with Durandal. The aura emitted from the two swords starts to make a synergy.

“Now, let’s go! Durandal! Ascalon! Let’s go to save my best friend! Please respond to my feelinnnnnnnnnnnnngs!”

Durandal and Ascalon start to create pillars of light! A big hole is created on the ceiling of the shrine! Xenovia swings that towards the two Rooks!


The two big waves of holy power merge and enveloped the two Rooks!


The shrine vibrates violently! When the vibration stopped, what appears before my eyes is…. The two big slashes that appeared in front of Xenovia. The pillars that were there before are now gone along with the wall. Even the ceiling above Xenovia and onwards is gone! More like the majority of the shrine disappeared with the waves created from the two Holy-swords.

So this is the attack power of Xenovia without any restrictions! And all of that was the holy power! If the opponents are devils, then it would be a deadly attack! No, it’s not something so nice like that! They will disappear without a trace! The two Rooks did perish!

When I saw those two Rooks on the video, they didn't seem weak. Instead they seemed quite strong. And she took them out with a single blow……

Xenovia is breathing heavily. So continuous use of that would be impossible.

She accomplished her job. Now it is our turn!

“Koneko-chan, Gasper, let’s go!”



Good reply!


Koneko-chan let her cat ears and tail appear with that sound! Yes! Both her sound and cat ears are so cute that blood will burst out from my nose! Our opponents are eight Pawns who had all promoted to Queen! They might be the most fearsome, but there is a way to win!

“First, I will also promote!”

During the game, I can only promote if I go to the enemy base, but since the Game is off now, I can promote to [Queen] with Buchou’s authorisation! That’s why I promoted to a Queen quickly!


I then used Boosted Gear’s power!


I gathered the demonic-powers to my brain! I will release it once again! This ability which was once sealed!

“Evil passion released! Image MAX! Spread! My pleasant dream field!”

A mysterious space appears around me!

“Buchooooooooou! I am a hentai and a pervert! Even so I will use this power for you! No, I will use it for myself!”

After pledging to Buchou, I made a “Lock-on” to the eight Pawn girls ahead! To their breast! I will try to ignore that Buchou had an astonished face just now!


Yes! My special technique has caught them! They won’t be able to get away from this technique! The real game starts from here!

“Hey! All the Pawns’ Oppai-san! Tell me what you are going to do, starting from the right oppai!”

I close my eyes, and speak to the oppai! Then their oppai starts to speak in a way only I can hear!

[First we will get rid of the troublesome vampire~!]

[Let’s take him down with the three of us at once!]

[Vampire! We must defeat! Defeat!]

Wow! I open my eyes and told the other two what I just heard.

“That girl, that girl, and that girl are aiming for Gasper! Gasper, “stop” the ones I just told you!”


Gasper stops the three Pawns that I pointed at with the power of his Sacred Gear!


The three Pawns were grasped by Gasper’s eyes, and their movements were sealed easily! Yeah! They stopped! Gasper who drank my blood is doing alright! Next! I ask the other Pawns on the other side!

“What are you guys thinking about?”

[Woah, those girls were stopped! Then they will find out that we are aiming for the Nekomata!]

[Don’t tell me this is the rumoured power of the dragon who can hear the voices of oppai? Scary! I was planning to target the Nekomata! Don’t tell me it was useless to use a defence spell to stop my heart from being read?]

[The Nekomata will find out about our plan!]

I see. These three are after Koneko-chan! Impertinence!

Wait, they even made a plan to stop their heart from being read? Well they would do that since they won’t be able to come all at once since I’m here!

“Gasper! Next, those three will head towards Koneko-chan! Stop them there!”



Gasper’s eyes glowed, and now those three stopped!

—There are only two Pawns left! That was settled in an instant! It really did finish quickly!

“Uhahahahahahahahahahaha! We are overwhelming! The eight Pawns who promoted to Queen are now crumpled on the ground because of our super combo!”

I released an evil and vulgar laugh! It is fun! This really is fun! I can understand the movements of my opponents, only limited towards women! And if I use it with my comrades, it is the ultimate combo attack! If you can read their heart, then you will know their movements. If you know their movements, then I can tell that to Gasper and stop them them in their tracks. Gasper doesn't have that much battle experience, so he can’t use his Sacred Gear more sufficiently because he won’t know what the enemy would do. But it is a different story if you know their movements!

Diodora must have miscalculated. He didn't know how elegant my move can be, if my opponent is limited to women! Even I'm shocked at how well this works! It even works against those who cast a spell on themselves to stop me reading their heart. Ah, I don’t actually read their hearts directly, but speak to their oppai. Maybe that minor difference led to their spells not working.

Two enemies left. They became scared at our combo and are backing away. Kukuku, you girls must be scared! For your attacks to be seen through, and to be stopped!

“… No matter how I think about it, you act like the villain.”

Auu! I received harsh words from Koneko-chan! Yes, it certainly is! I also think that, but it is needed for victory! I must be inhuman! This is all to save Asia. So I will listen to the voices of Oppai no matter what! I walk slowly, and lightly touched the Pawns which are stopped.


Then the robes were blown away and they became fully naked. Arara, Bishoujo-chan! I couldn’t see their faces because they were covered by hoods, but Diodora also gathered a fine looking group of girls.

I can’t forgive him even more! But this girl sure has a nice body!


I laughed almighty while having a nosebleed. I also touched the other Pawns which are stopped and destroy their clothes. This one has big breasts! Save to my brain. Save completed.

Since they have been stopped, I can do whatever I want to them.

“… Fufufu. Look. For those who can’t move to become this defenceless, I can destroy their clothes easily as well. The combo of Pailingual and Dress Break. I never thought I would become this invincible if my opponent is a girl…..”

I started getting scared at my possibilities. I never thought I would attain such power at the depth of my sexual desire…….. When I look, the two Pawns are trembling. They will have their breasts read. They will be stopped. And they will have their clothes destroyed and have their naked bodies seen. There is nothing more humiliating for a girl.

“—Sensei, I started to think I can conquer breasts.”

Inside me, I felt as if Azazel-sensei said “Those who conquer Oppai, will conquer the World[10]”. Yes, Sensei. I will conquer Oppai!

“Now, what will the remaining girls do for me aye!”

I started moving the fingers of both hands while putting on a vulgar smile.


Then I received a punch to my face by Koneko-chan!

… Ouch! It hurts, Koneko-chan…

“… Let’s defeat them quickly, super lecherous Senpai.”

Koneko-chan started defeating the Pawns which are stopped by punching them. I then gave Gasper an order immediately and made him stop the remaining Pawns. I sure can’t win against Koneko-sama. I will defeat the opponents like she says then…… Like I thought, if it is limited to women, my Pailingual and Gasper’s combo could be called the ultimate.

“Phew. We claimed the first victory.”

I, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, and Gasper defeated 8 Pawns and 2 Rooks easily. I thought we were at disadvantage before the battle, but when we battled them we got the complete victory.

……We are amazing without any restrictions just like Sensei said. But like Sairaorg-san said, we will lose without doing anything if we fall into a trap.

The battle has many depths. If there were guys among the Pawns, then we would have had a really hard fight. I’m glad Diodora is a pervert. All the Pawns were girls because that guy is a pervert. I can understand his feelings though.

The Pawns who couldn’t move got their demonic-powers sealed by Koneko-chan’s senjutsu, and were made to lose consciousness by Gasper's vampire abilities so that we can tie them to a pillar.

With this the enemy has the Queen, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, and Diodora left. They have full members. The ones who haven’t fought from our side are Buchou, Akeno-san, and Kiba.

“Let’s get going.”

We then moved onto the next shrine with Buchou’s words.

Then the ones who are waiting for us next are three enemies.

“… If my memory from the video is correct, they are the two Bishops and the Queen.”

Kiba says that. How did Kiba determine that? They all wear the same robes so I can’t tell the differences. Can you tell from their heights? Or from the quantity of their demonic-powers?

But they are sending the Queen for the second battle? But just like in the first match, is it Diodora's strategy style to send his strong servants from the beginning. The remaining two Knights are nowhere near Kiba's level when I saw them on the video.

“We were waiting for you, Rias Gremory-sama.”

Diodora's Queen takes of the hood and reveals her face. Oh! A beauty! A blonde older woman. Her blue-eyes are beautiful.

I think one of Diodora's Bishops is a girl and the other is a guy. But, both of them are wearing hoods, so I can’t see their faces. From the video, the supporting skills of the two Bishop are splendid. In terms of demonic-powers, they are superior to Gasper and Asia. In terms of Support though, I think our Bishops are superior. After all, we have the healer and the time stopper.

The problem is the Queen. This Queen-san was fighting against the Queen from the house of Agares head-on, and she won in the end. I remember that her fire demonic-powers were amazing.

“Ara-ara. I will be going then.”

The one who took a step forward is Akeno-san! So Akeno-san will be going ahead I see!

“The remaining two Knights would be enough with just Yuuto. I will fight as well.”

And Buchou too!? The Two-Great Onee-sama have lined up together!

“Ara, Buchou. It would be enough with just me.”

“What are you saying. Even if you learnt how to use holy-lightning, overdoing it is a taboo you know? Rather than receiving damage here, it’s better to go at them with more power to minimise our damage.”

The holy-lightning and the power of destruction! They are both powerful! And both will be used together! Like I thought, I can sit back with relief if it is these two's combo!

Koneko-chan then pokes me. Hmm? What happened Koneko-chan? She tells me to bend down, and then whispers into my ear.

Yes yes. I see. Hmm.

“Just that?”

“… Yes. Akeno-san will power up with that.”

Hmm. I don’t really understand, but if it is Koneko-chan’s suggestion then I might as well say it.


I called her, and she turns around.

“Hmm, if you were to defeat those people with ease, let’s go on a date next Sunday! —Will this really work Koneko-chan? I don’t think Akeno-san will get stronger with just having a date with me…”


Electricity started sparkling in this area. When I looked at Akeno-san……. Akeno-san is enveloped in aura of holy-lightning!

“… Ufufu. Ufufufufufufufufufu! I can have a date with Ise-kun!”

Holy Lightning is coming down in the whole area while she puts on a smile with intensity!

“You are horrible, Ise! You have me, and yet you only ask Akeno out!”

Eeeeeeeeh!? This time Buchou makes a claim at me with teary eyes! I really don’t know what is going on!

“Ufufu, Rias. This is proof that my love has finally been received by Ise-kun. Seems like you have to give up now, yes?”

“W-W-What are you saying! I don’t want it to be said from the vulgar Akeno who sparkles her lightning from just a single d-d-date!”

Huh? Huh huh? It seems like Buchou and Akeno-san have started a quarrel?

“What did you say? I don’t want it to be said from you, who doesn't seem like you will be getting love[11] from him anytime soon.”

“T-That is not true! E-Even a while ago he…..!”

“What happened a while ago?”

“…He touched my breast a lot on the bed.”

“……Isn’t it just that Ise-kun had a bad sleeping posture and that happened?”

“…………We also k-kissed. Twice.”

Ah, Buchou’s tone just now sounded insanely cute. She was acting completely like a normal girl.

“Then I will tongue kiss him right now. Three times, right in front of you Rias.”

“Akeno! No! No! I don’t even want to imagine your tongue going inside that boy’s mouth! His mouth belongs to me!”

……What kind of things are you discussing, my two Onee-sama. Are they still quarrelling about me as their servant? Hmmm, I feel happy but also embarrassed…..

Even the enemy Queen and Bishops look confused and don’t know how to respond. But it seems like the Queen couldn’t endure this situation, so the Queen got enraged while covering herself with an aura of fire.

“You two! Stop this, for god’s sake! Don’t ignore us for fighting over a man……!”

“Shut up!” “Shut up!”


Buchou and Akeno-san’s especially huge attack is released at the Queen and the Bishops! The power is so incredible that it gives me chills just by looking at it! The power of destruction and Holy-lightning was released at the same time, and it takes out the enemy! Even the surrounding scenery is destroyed!


The Queen and the two Bishops are on the ground while smoke is coming from their bodies. ……..No matter how you look at it…….they won’t be able to fight anymore…… And this is the result of interfering in their argument……. It would be weird if it’s coming from me, but it was a horrible match. More like it is scary to make the two Onee-sama angry. And their quarrels haven’t ended!

“To begin with, do you even know all of Ise's body, Akeno!? I know it even to the tiniest details you know!?”

“You just know it, but you haven’t touched it or received it. Rias is always talk! I’m already prepared to accept him whenever and anywhere!”

“Nggggggh! ……Well, I will stop at there. I will discuss this with you slowly after we save Asia. Asia’s rescue comes first.”

“Yes, I know. Asia-chan is like a little sister to me too.”

Oh, both of them have finally got the same opinion!

After we defeated the Queen and two Bishops, we went further into the shrine.

Part 6

“Asia-chan, I will be going to see the sports festival with Otou-san.”

“We will record your appearance at the finest moment! Haa, the part where Asia-chan is running, she sure must look cute.”

A bit before the Rating Game started, my Mum and Dad were checking the camera while smiling.

Several months have passed since Asia started living in my house. Mum and Dad treat Asia like their real daughter and adore her.

“Geez, Dad and Mum are treating Asia like their real daughter now. Looks like there is no place for me.”

I said it to Mum.

“Ara. That’s because Asia-chan is much cuter. You should know how it feels to have a lecherous son like you. Asia-chan on the other hand heals our heart.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just like Mum says.”

Damn it! My Mum and Dad’s love to me feels like it is somewhere really far! I am a lecherous high school student just like they say! Asia gets red in the face, and says it timidly.

“…….I grew up not knowing my real mother and father……. I do think “If I had a real mother and father, would it be like this?” when I am with Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Okaa-sama…… No, it must be a bother for a home stay like myself to think like that…..”

Dad then says it to Asia directly.

“I think of Asia-chan as my real daughter.”

Mum also smiles gently.

“So do I, Asia-chan. Even we thought we were bothering you because we thought of you like that. See, we only have this idiotic son over here, so I became happy when a girl started to live with us. Right Otou-san?”

“Yes. If it is okay with Asia-chan, you can think of us as your real parents. Also this house…….is Asia-chan’s house too.”

“Yes. This house is the place where Asia-chan can return to. You don’t have to feel reserved.”

It felt like Mum and Dad truly love Asia. Asia started to get teary-eyed when she heard the two of them say that. Mum and Dad also seemed like they thought they did something bad, but Asia shakes her head.

“……That’s not it. I’m very happy…… ……..Otou-sama………Okaa-sama…….. ………I……I……..”

Asia is crying with happiness, and I pat her head gently.

“This house is also Asia’s house. Dad, Mum, and I are your family. And I think Buchou and others are also your comrades and your family as well. That’s why you don’t have to feel reserved. Asia can stay here forever.”

I said it with a smile.

Asia’s smile. The smile that I want to protect. The smile I must protect.

Hey, Asia. We are family. You know that house is also Asia’s house too? Let's go home with me and everyone.

I will! I will definitely rescue Asia!

Part 7

When we stepped foot in the shrine where Diodora’s Knights are supposed to be waiting, someone familiar appears before our eyes.

“Ya, it has been awhile.”

The white-haired priest.


Yes, the one who appeared in front of us is that shitty-priest! It’s been a while since I last saw him! I haven’t seen him since the Excalibur incident. So he was still alive huh.

“You thought “This guy was alive?” right, Ise-kun? YES YES. I’m so stubborn, that I’m alive very clearly you know?”

“Stop reading through my mind!”

Geez, this guy sure knows how to read my mind! But where are the two Knights? I thought they would be here…… More like, why is Freed here?

“Hmm, are you perhaps looking for the two Knights?”

His words as if he read my mind once again. His sickening smile sure does disturb me….. Freed chews with his mouth, and spits something out. When I look……it is a finger!

“I ate them.”

—! What is this guy saying……. Ate them…..?

I became suspicious, but Koneko-chan narrows her eyes while covering her nose.

“……That person has “quit” being a human.”

Koneko-chan says that with disgust. He makes a big smile and makes a laugh which is impossible for a human.

“Hyahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Right after I was slashed down by you guys, I was retrieved by that shit Valiiiiiii! And I got fired by that rotten Azazeeeeeel!”


While making a weird sound, parts of Freed’s body start to swell up! It rips the priest’s clothes, and something which looks like it may be a horn or not starts appearing on his body. His whole body starts to increase in size, and his arms and legs get several times thicker.

“The ones who picked me up after I lost my place are the guys from Khaos Brigade! They….! They said that they would give me powers, and what did I geeeeeet! Kyuhahahahahahahaha! To turn me into a Chimera! Fuhahahahahahahahahaha!”

A single bat wing appears on his back. And a gigantic arm also grows from his back too. His face also changes so that it lost it’s original form, and in his mouth, which is opened wide, sharp fangs appear. His face looks like that of a dragon.

…….How can this be!? His arms! His thighs! His whole body is in a mess! His whole body doesn't even have proper balance in looks! What kind of brain would you need to change a person into something like this!? The giant creature before me doesn't even resemble Freed. Even the other group members have a disturbed look. So this guy had his body modified by the Khaos Brigade. But this…… This is just too horrible!

“Hyahahahahahahahahaha! By the way did you know? Diodora Astaroth's hobby that is. His hobby is beautifully crazy, and just listening to it makes your heart beat.”

Suddenly Freed started talking about Diodora.

“Diodora’s taste in women. That rich boy certainly has great taste. Apparently he has fetish for girls affiliated with the Church! Yes, the ones you call nuns!”

Taste in women? Nun……

I then matched those words with Asia. Freed continues while having a smile.

“And the ones he preys on are the passionate and strong believers. Do you know what I am trying to say? His servant devils that Ise-kun and others defeated just earlier are all former believers of the Church! The same could be said for the girls who are at his house! All of them are famous nuns and Holy-maidens from various areas! His taste is really something, don’t you think!? The devil rich boy seduced the women from the Church and made them into his toys! Oh wait, that’s why devils exist! He speaks with sweet words to the passionate Holy-maidens and makes them fall for him! I guess that’s what you call a devils whisper!”

“Wait. Then Asia was……”

Freed laughs loudly at my words.

“The one who wrote the scenario of Asia getting kicked out of the Church is none other than Diodora Astaroth. The scenario goes like this. One day, a devil rich boy who loves to have sex with nuns found himself his very ideal, Bishoujou Holy-maiden. He couldn't help but wanting to have sex with her ever since he saw her. But he thought it would be hard to take her away from the Church, so he used a different plan to make that girl his.”


…….Hold on a sec. W-Wait, so Asia was…..

“The Holy-maiden is a very, very kind girl. I got advice from someone who is knowledgeable with Sacred Gear that “The Sacred Gear possessed by the Holy-maiden can even heal devils”. So the rich boy put his attention there. “Maybe she will get kicked out of the Church if another believer sees her healing me”! Even if a scar is left, it would still be alright if I can have sex with her! That’s how that rich boy lives!”

—I don’t regret saving him back then.

I got a flashback of Asia saying that with a smile.


What the fuck is that? Seriously, what the fuck is this…… Freed then laughs again as if he wants to piss me off even more.

“She will get exiled from the Church which she believed in, then her life will get ruined and she won’t believe in God, and then she will come to me. –That’s what he was thinking. Hyahahaha! Even the painful experience for the Holy-maiden is a spice for that rich boy! He will save them from the depth of despair, and then rape them! He will rape both their body and heart! And that was the best and ultimate entertainment for him! He had been raping and making the girls from the Church his own! And he won’t be changing even from now! –So the rich boy, Diodora Astaroth-kun, is a devil who loves to fuck strong believers of the Church! Hyahahahahaha!”


I couldn’t keep down this feeling I have in me. From my fists, blood is dripping because I’m clinching it tightly. I glare at Freed and tried to take a step. But Kiba grabs my shoulder.

“Ise-kun. I know how you feel. But you should keep that feeling for Diodora Astaroth.”

He says it calmly. But instead that ticked me off!

“Are you telling me to be silent about…..”

I became pissed and tried to grab Kiba’s collar. But I stopped my hand after seeing Kiba’s face.

—That’s because Kiba’s eyes are filled with anger and hatred.

“I will fight. I will stop that vulgar mouth of his.”

Kiba goes past me with intensity. The aura coming out from Kiba is filled with such a strong hostility that it cooled down my anger. Kiba stands in front of Freed who turned into an abnormal shape, and he creates a single Holy-demonic sword in his hand.

“Hey hey hey! You are the rotten Knight-san who cut me down back then! Thanks to that I went through a lovely model change like this! But! You know I also became quite a lot stronger? I even ate Diodora's two Knights easily. I also got their traits as well! So now I’m an invincible monster, so lets get along Casanova!”

That guy actually ate the Knights! Kiba then says it in a cold tone with few words.

“It would be better if you don’t exist anymore.”

“Don’t get all cooooooocky!”

Freed who turned into a monster with rage, starts to have many blades coming out from his body and is coming this way…..


Kiba disappears from my sight.


Then the monstrous Freed who is in front of us is cut into pieces!

High school dxd v6 179.jpg

“—What the heck… You are too overpowered……”

Freed who only has his head rolls on the ground while his eyes are wide opened — He was defeated in a single attack!

He finished the battle when Freed was about to attack! He must have slashed him in godspeed! Uwaa….. I couldn’t follow him with my eyes.

“Hihihi. Well you won’t be able to stop Diodora's plan or defeat the guys behind him. More than that you don’t know the true horror of Longinus possesors…… Hyahahaha…”


Kiba stabbed Freed who only had his head left. He finished him off. He gets rid of the blood right away by swinging it in the air. The blood spilt makes a circular mark on the ground.

“—You can continue howling to the Grim Reaper in hell.”

This guy even said a finishing quote!

…..Shiiiiiiit! Even a guy such as myself thought he was cool!

Did this guy get stronger again? I couldn't even tell Freed’s strength at all. But I do understand that Kiba was overwhelmingly stronger than Freed. Freed…… I had an inseparable relationship with him, but his last moment is something I can’t describe with words. This guy was also a victim in some way maybe? No, this isn't the time to think about it. Right now, Asia is the priority!

“Let’s go everyone!”

We then ran towards the last shrine where Diodora is waiting.


I will never forgive you!


I, Azazel, have taken care of quite a number of devils from the Old-Maou faction in the Rating Game field. The rest of them should be easily taken care of by my subordinates.

I left the rest to my subordinates and flew up the sky heading towards to a certain location —The jewel which has Fafnir residing in it is reacting towards this way.

When I immediately teleported here with Odin’s power along with my subordinate, the jewel inside my stomach. When I saw a person at the corner of the field, the jewel increased its brightness.

I then stood in front of that person. ……A little girl who has her black hair down till her hips. She is wearing a black one-piece, and you can see her thin limbs. The little girl has a graceful face, but she is looking at the centre of the field which has many shrines lined up. …….I sharpen my eyes and then say to her.

“—I never expected for you to come here personally.”

The girl reacts to my voice and then looks at me. She laughs lightly.

“Azazel. It has been a while.”

“Didn’t you have the appearance of an old person before? Now that you have the appearance of a Bishoujo-sama, you definitely have my respect. What are you plotting.—Ophis.”

Yes, she is the [Uroboros Dragon], Ophis! The boss of the Khaos Brigade! No mistake about it. The creepy aura which you cannot describe only belongs to Ophis. The last time I met her, she was in the form of an old-man, but this time she has the appearance of a black haired girl. Well to her, appearance is only a decoration. She can change as much as she wants.

If she came here personally, then that means this terror is that much more important to her.

“Observing. Just that only.”

“Sight seeing from such a good place aye….. But for the Boss to appear huh. Will the World be peaceful if I defeat you here?”

I said it with a bitter smile while pointing my spear of light at her. But she shook her head.

“Impossible. Azazel can’t defeat me.”

She said it clearly. Like I thought. I won’t be able to defeat her by myself. I know that. But it’s certain that the Khaos Brigade will get critical damage if I defeat her here.

“Then how about with the two of us?”

The one who came down while flapping his wings is……an enormous dragon!


The former Dragon-king Tannin! This guy also was involved in eliminating the Old-Maou faction within the game field, but it seems he came here after he finished his work. Tannin glares at Ophis with his big eyes.

“The young devils are betting their future, and they are standing on the battlefield. I don’t like the fact that you came to interfere in it! For you, who didn't take any interest in the world to become the boss of the terrorists!? What made you become like that!”

I also nod at Tannin’s opinion and I also ask her.

“Killing time. –Don’t tell me such a dull reason like that. Because of your actions, there are casualties in each area.”

Yeah, since she stood on the top of the terrorists, she lent her power to all types of dangerous guys, and it brought casualties to each of the factions. The number of people getting killed increases day by day. It’s so serious that we can’t ignore it anymore.

What drove her to act and make her stand on the top of the terrorists? I just couldn't understand that. Why did the ultimate existence who stayed silent about the World decide to act now?

But Ophis's answer was something I couldn't accept.

“—The silent World.”


For a moment, I didn't understand what she said.


I ask her once again. Then Ophis looks at us straight and says it again.

“I want to return to the dimensional gap, and attain silence. That is the only reason.”


She’s saying that’s her reason? The dimensional gap. To make it simple, the human World and the Underworld, the human World and the Heaven, the dimensional wall which exists between them. The boundary which separates the World. Nothing exists there and it is called “The world of nothingness”. I knew she was born there, but……..

“…….I would laugh because your reason is being homesick, but the dimensional gap huh. If I remember, over there at the dimensional gap…..”

Ophis nods at my words.

“Yes, Great Red is there.”

Right now, the dimensional gap is in the control of that guy. I see. Ophis wants to get rid of him so she can return to the dimensional gap. Don’t tell me with that requirement…… The requirement to get rid of Great Red was the reason why she placed herself with the devils from the Khaos Brigade and other dangerous guys from the different factions.

Then I thought of a single possibility in my head. —I get it now, Vali. Your objective that is!

When my mind was trying to make up a conclusion, a magic-circle appears next to Ophis, and someone teleports here. The one who appeared is a man wearing the clothes of a noble. That guy bows at me, and puts on a smile.

“It is my first time meeting you. I am the one who carries the blood of the true Asmodeus. Creuserey Asmodeus. I came here to ask you, the Governor of fallen-angels for a battle as I am the member of the True-Maou faction of the Khaos Brigade.”

……..Hahahaha, look what we have here……. It’s the appearance of one of the masterminds. I said it while scratching my head.

“Looks like the Asmodeus of the Old-Maou faction showed himself.”


Before I confirm his identity, he had the demonic-aura around him running through his body. The colour is deep black. So this guy also received Ophis’s power.

“It’s not the “Old”! I am the blood inheritor of the True-Maou! I will avenge Cattleya Leviathan right here!”

Is he Cattleya's man or something. Well it doesn't matter. If I can defeat the mastermind of this terror, then I can’t ask for anything more. So I will have myself accept his challenge.

“Fine then. Tannin. What will you do?”

“I’m not a rude guy who would interfere in a one on one. I will have myself watch over Ophis.”

This guy really is a warrior. It’s a waste having him as a dragon.

“I leave it to you. It has got chaotic, but it’s about time my students reached Diodora's place safely.”

I slip that out of my mouth, but Ophis shakes her head when she heard that.

“I also gave my snake to Diodora Astaroth. If you consume it, your power increases drastically. Defeating him won’t be easy.”


I laughed out loud at what Ophis just said. She doesn't know! You really don’t understand Ophis!

“Why laugh?”

I said it to Ophis who tilts her head.

“Snake huh. That seems powerful. But unfortunately, that won’t be enough.”

“Why? My snake, it grants enormous power if you consume it.”

“Even so, that won’t be enough. In the game before, due to the rules, he couldn't use his power completely.”

The training with Tannin, how serious that is, Diodora Astaroth will find that out with his own body. Dragon king as his training partner. Even if he is the former dragon king, a legendary dragon that is still active was chasing around a single brat. Even though he held back, you would be dead normally. Dying in the process would have been normal.

—But, he endured it. He returned alive, and reached Balance Breaker! You guys still don't understand what that means!

I took out Fafnir's jewel, and made a stance with the artificial Sacred Gear.

“Now, Fafnir. I will have you tag along with me. Our opponent is Cruzerey Asmodeus! Let's go, Balance Break!”

Next moment, I was covered with golden plate-armour. Ise, there is nothing which is restraining you here now.

—So rampage!

When I was trying to show off like that, a magic circle intrudes us. That crest is….. I see. So you will come out personally. And the one who appears from the magic circle is the Crimson haired King, —Sirzechs.

“Sirzechs, why did you come?”

He narrows his eyes to my question.

“For this plan I got my little sister involved in the political matters of us adults. So I need to come forward as well. I thought it would be bad if I leave everything to Azazel every time. I want to persuade Cruzerey. If I can't even do that, then I won’t be able to face my sister.”

Man, this guy really is…..

“…..You are such a Mr. Nice guy. You know it will be a waste?”

“Even so, I wanted to ask them directly as the current King of the devils.”

I pulled away my spear. The moment he saw Sirzechs, Cruzerey’s expression turns to that of rage.

“….Sirzechs! The hated fake existence! To appear here personally! Because of you…… Because of you guys, we…….!”

Look. This is the reality. To them, your existence is the one they hate the most.

“Cruzerey. Can you lower your weapon down? If it is now, I can still prepare for negotiation. For having the descendant of the previous Maou be further away from the spot light, and drove them to the corner of the Underworld. Even now I think “Maybe there was another way?” at times. I want to prepare a negotiation with the descendant of a former Maou. More than that, I would like you to talk to the current Maou Asmodeus. Falbium.”

Sirzechs’s words are polite. That’s why it ticked off Cruzerey instead.

—It’s useless, Sirzechs.

To begin with, your words as the current Maou won’t reach these guys. You are naïve. Cruzerey then gets enraged.

“Don’t speak nonsense! Not only the fallen-angels, but you have allied with the angels, so I don’t want to hear you who have become a filth talk about devils! Not just that, but are you telling me to talk to the impostor!? That is enough with your nonsense!”

I made a sigh and said it to Cruzerey.

“Like you are in the position to say that. You guys, the Khaos Brigade, have the dangerous heretics of the Three-Great-Powers gathered.”

He makes a smile.

“We are not cooperating. We are using them. The hated fallen-angels and angels are beings who are only tools that we use. Understanding each other? Peace? All existences besides devils must be destroyed, why can't you understand who Devils are! No! We, the Maou, are the ones who have to become the Kings of the World! By using Ophis's power we will destroy the world, and create a new World of devils! For that, you impostor Maou are in our way!”

Ah, this is bad. It’s the mind of bosses of grunts that comes up in books. The devils are already in danger of continuing their kind already, so what are they thinking…..?

Sirzechs. You might have mixed feelings, but you are doing a better job as a King you know? Because Old-Maou were like these guys, the devils were heading to the path of self destruction. Their thoughts. Their beliefs. They do not match. The gap between both sides is big, and it will never get fixed. Sirzechs then says it with sad eyes.

“Cruzerey. I just want to protect the seeds of devils. I need to protect the civilians, or else our kind will not prosper. I don’t care whether you call me naïve. I want to lead the children with the future. – We don’t need War in the current Underworld.”

“Naïve! More than that it is a foolish reason! Do you think that will be the end of devils!? Devils steal the souls of humans, we lure them to hell, and we exist to eliminate God and angels! There is no need for negotiation anymore! Sirzechs! The fake King with fake kindness! — A Lucifer! A Maou! They are a being who annihilates everything! Even though you have the power of destruction, why don’t you use it against the fallen-angel beside you!? Like I thought, you don’t have the right to call yourself a Maou! I, Cruzerey Asmodeus, who am the true Maou will annihilate you!”

That was the end of Sirzechs who is the current Maou and the descendant of the Old-Maou. Sirzechs then speaks to Ophis.

“…..Ophis. Is a negotiation with you also impossible?”

“Only if you consume my snake, and make an oath to me. One more thing. Hand over the ownership of the dimensional gap around the Underworld. I will take all of it.”

—Obedience and closure of the Underworld huh.

There is no way a Maou who carries the Underworld on his back will accept that easily. Sirzechs looks up and closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes…. His eyes are filled with coldness which gives me chills. After confirming that, Cruzerey distances himself and creates large blocks of demonic-powers in both of his hands.

“Yes! That’s it! That is easier to understand, Sirzechs!”

Cruzerey was hoping for this the whole time. …….Sirzechs, there was no way that your words would have reached him from the beginning. Even so, you still wanted to talk to him huh. –Your thoughts. And the thoughts of the Underworld that is.

Sirzechs puts his right hand forward, and then he pointed it up. Demonic-powers were gathering there. Sirzechs’s demonic-power starts to give an irregular aura. –The power of destruction. Sirzechs then says it with a strong tone.

“Cruzerey, I will eliminate anyone who becomes a threat to the Underworld as a Maou.”

“You! Don’t you dare use the name Maou!”

Cruzerey releases huge demonic-powers from both his hands. Sirzechs doesn’t flinch, and changed the demonic-powers in his palms to several smaller spheres and then he shot them forward.


Cruzerey’s demonic-power perishes after it touches Sirzech’s demonic-power as if it was ground away. The demonic-power released by Sirzechs moves as if it has its own mind and eliminates Cruzerey's attack. Sirzechs himself dodges or uses defensive spells for the attacks which couldn't be eliminated. One of the spheres of power of destruction goes into Cruzerey’s mouth.


Cruzerey swells up once. When it calms down, at the same time his demonic-powers decrease drastically! –Did Sirzechs get rid of the snake Cruzerey consumed?

Sirzechs then says it.

“—[Rune the Extinct]. I got rid of Ophis's snake in your stomach. – With this you won’t be able to fight with enormous power.”

By having the snake, which is the base of his power up, destroyed, his confidence from earlier disappears and now he looks impatient. Sirzechs' attack. It’s my first time seeing it.

One of the reasons why Sirzechs was chosen as a Maou. – Overwhelming power of destruction. It eliminates everything it touches. It doesn't even leave a trace. Absolute destruction. Even if it was small, it has outrageous power. He didn't overuse the absolute power of destruction, he didn't even increase its mass, he kept it in a small size, and he is able to control several of them like his own limbs. A technique which requires delicate control and a great level of talent. Sirzechs has those.

“Damn you! Just like you! And just like Vali! Why do those who carry the name of “Lucifer” are blessed with powers, yet both of you clash with us!?”

Cruzerey tries to release more shots while cursing.


— But one of the spheres touches Cruzerey’s stomach, and it takes away his whole stomach. Even if small, the power of destruction has enough power. The moment it touches it, it eliminates everything in its surroundings.

“…..W-Why…. Why does the real one have to lose against the impostor……”

While having blood coming from his mouth, Cruzerey sheds tears of blood. Sirzechs closes his eyes and swings his arm to the side slowly.

That moment, Cruzerey’s whole body was eaten away by several spheres floating in the sky.

Life.4 I Love You

The place we arrive in is…..the shrine located at the deepest end. When we go inside, there is something that looks like a gigantic device.

It’s a circular device which is carved into the wall, there are jewels located in various parts, and it also has mysterious symbols and letters in it.

Is this portraying some sort of magic-circle?

Then I scream after I saw the centre of the device.


Asia is tied to the centre of the device! Judging from her looks, she doesn't have any wounds! Her clothes don’t seem ripped either! I’m glad! Looks like she has no wounds.

“You finally came.”

The one who appears from the side of the device is Diodora Astaroth. His gentle smile increases my anger! I started my count down for Balance Breaker! When the countdown ends, I will punch Diodora! With full power! In full speed! I will pierce through that guys face!


Asia looks this way after hearing my voice. –Her eyes are swollen. She was crying. And her eyes are so red that it tells me that she shed an abnormal amount of tears. When I saw that, I thought of a sick conclusion.

“…….Diodora. Did you tell Asia about the whole thing?”

The thing Freed told us before. Something we must not have Asia hear. But Diodora just smiled at the question I gave him.

“Yeah. I told everything to Asia. Fufufu, I wanted to show it to you as well. The moment she had the best expression. The face she had when she found out everything was going according to my plan was simply the best. Look, I even left the video of it. Should I play it? She really had a splendid face. The expression of the women affiliated with the Church falling, no matter how many times I see it, I never get bored of it.”

Asia started to sob.

“But I think it's still lacking. Asia still has hope inside her. Yes, I’m talking about you guys. Especially the filthy Sekiryuutei over there. Because you saved Asia, my plan turned into a failure. That fallen-angel woman….Raynare. I was supposed to appear and kill Raynare, after she killed Asia once and I was planning to give my evil-piece then. I thought you wouldn't win, even if you were to interfere. Then I found out you are the Sekiryuutei. It’s an interesting occurrence. Thanks to that my plan was postponed quite a lot, but she finally returned to me. Now I can enjoy Asia.”

“Shut up.”

Even I couldn't believe how low my tone was. I did think he was a villain. Something you would call my instinct. It is a vague expression, but I felt the same thing I felt from Raiser coming from him as well.

No, that isn't it. He’s not a villain, but a scum who far surpasses a villain! No, he’s a brute! A shit like this was talking about love to Asia!

I am even more raged than the time Vali said he would kill my parents. Even when I was already at my limits of endurance, Diodora won’t stop his sickening words.

“Asia is still a virgin, right? I like to train them from virgins, and I will hate it if she was already “used” by Sekiryuutei.”

This guy……

“Ah, but maybe it might be fun to NTR[12] from the Sekiryuutei?”

I can’t keep calm unless I beat the shit out of this guy…..

“Maybe it would be good to forcefully have sex with her while she screams out your name…”

“Shut Upppppppp!!”

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!]

Something exploded inside me.

“Diodoraaaaaaaa! You! You are the one person I will never forgive!”

I got engulfed by the red aura, and I was now enveloped by the plate armour which has the power of Sekiryuutei in it. Maybe the Sacred Gear responded to my feelings, I turned into Balance Breaker before the two minutes countdown!

“Buchou, everyone. Please don’t interfere.”

“Ise. We will defeat him together. – That’s what I would like to say, but it looks like we can’t stop you. – You can’t hold back, okay?”

Buchou gave me the best reply. Yes, that’s what I’m planning on doing.

“Ddraig, can you hear me?”

[What is it Partner.]

“Let me do as I want just for today.”


Seeing me, Diodora laughs with joy. His whole body is wrapped in a deep black aura.

“Ahahahaha! Amazing! So this is Sekiryuutei! But I also powered-up! With the snake Ophis gave me that is! I can kill you instan~”


I ignited the fire from the boosters on my back, and closed our distance with an instant dash.


I punched sharply into Diodora's stomach before he could finish his sentence.


Diodora's body bends. His face gets distorted to that of receiving intense pain. It seems like he couldn't react to my speed. I push forward my fist, and tried to destroy his insides.


Diodora vomits things inside his stomach along with blood. I ask while pulling back my fist.

“And the instant kill you were talking about?”

Diodora steps back while holding on to his stomach. His expression doesn't have the confidence he had before.

“Ku! With something like this! I’m a High-class devil! The blood relative of the current Maou Beelzebub!”

Diodora puts his hand forward, and makes many bullets of demonic-powers.

“There is no way that a noble high blood like myself will lose to a lowly, filthy, and vulgar reincarnated-devil like you!”

Diodora's infinite number of demonic-powered bullets showers down on me like rain drops. I just walk towards him without dodging it. I deflect the bullets with my hand, and I close my distance with him. Even if the bullets hit my armour, I advance forward without any care.

Thank you, Old-man Tannin. That torture isn't something which only became useful. The enemy is supposed to be stronger than Buchou, but his attacks aren't scary at all.

[That’s right. The training with the Dragon-King trained you quite a lot. In the match against Sitri you couldn't show the result, but with no restrictions you can release your power. The durability of the armour is more stable than that time in the match against Sitri.]

Yeah, Ddraig. I couldn't use my full power in the fight against Saji, but its different now. And with this guy as my opponent, I can hit him with the intent to kill.

[In terms of simple battle power, you are quite the opponent right now.]

When I came right in front of him, Diodora stops attacking and tried to make a distance.


I ignited the boosters on my back and caught up to Diodora immediately. Then he created many defence barriers.

“It looks thinner than Vali's barriers.”


My fist breaks all of his defence barriers with ease.


Then a punch to his face! I finally did it! There isn't a hit which makes me feel better than this! Because of the impact of being hit, Diodora slams on to the ground. His face is bleeding, and he also had tears in his eyes.

“……It hurts. It hurts. It hurts! Why! My demonic-power hit you! I was supposed to have had my power increased drastically with Ophis's power!”

I lift Diodora's body……and hit him with my fist covered in aura! A strike to his stomach!

“Guha! Gaha!”

Then a strike to his face! It’s not over yet! I gathered the aura to my right hand, and I tried to hit him with the enormous amount of aura!

“I won’t be defeated by a damn rotten dragon like you!”

Diodora put his left hand forward, and creates a thick wall of aura.


My fist hit the wall, and my impact was stopped.

This….. What can this possibly do!

“Ahahahahahaha! Did you see! I have higher demonic-power than you! There is no way that a power idiot Sekiryuutei can defeat me!”

I then used the power of Sekiryuutei in front of Diodora who is smiling.

“-How about I show you the power of the power-idiot then?”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]


Intense amount of aura burst out of the booster, and the impact of my punch increases.


A small crack is made on the wall. And then….


The wall perishes with my fist which increased its impact.

“Sorry. I’m a power idiot, so I can only use my power like this. But if you are my opponent, then this should be enough.”


Diodora changed his expression right away.

“Don’t make our Asia cry!”

I released my punch at him while shouting!


I crushed and bend Diodora's left hand which was put forward, and from there I directed my fist towards his face!


My fist nailed into his face! With my strike, Diodora flies back and crashes against a pillar. Diodora who fell on the ground gets up and then shouts.

“This must be a lie! There is no way I will be beaten! I won against Agares! I’m also planning to win against Bael! There’s no way I will lose to the untalented heir of the Great-King! Gremory who holds affection can’t even be my opponent! I’m Diodora from the House of Astaroth!”

When Diodora puts his hand upwards, many circular sharp things made from demonic-powers appear around me. The sharp objects all point towards me, and come at me like missiles!

-I won’t be able to dodge all of it!

I lower my head down, or I jump to the side to evade it. But there is a limit to it. I fend the sharp objects with a punch or kick. The tip of it bends, and it wraps around me as if it has its own will!


It goes around me finding the thinnest part of the armour, and it destroys it to pierce my body!

Shit…… It hurts! So he gathered the demonic-power to the tip, and opened a small hole on my armour with it. Since he can’t take me on from the front, he decided to aim for the single point huh………

But, not yet! I used both my hands to pull out all the sharp object at once! Because I pulled it out by force, my blood spills on the ground. Diodora tries to do the same attack again so I used my booster to shorten my distance with him and released my kick.


A sour sound echoes throughout the shrine. My kick hits Diodora's right thigh and it seems like it crushed his bone.

“Daaaaamn itttt!”

Diodora who put on a painful expression points his hand towards me and started to gather demonic-powers immediately. He’s trying to shoot the demonic-power with his utmost level. I also directed my hand towards him. I gather dragon aura to my hand!


A red light shoots out from my right hand, and a massive demonic-power is also shot from Diodora's hand.


Our shot collides and pushes against each other….. But with something like this……. You won’t be able to stop me!


[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

The power which has been increased by my Sacred Gear passes on to it, and the power of my dragon-shot increases!


My dragon-shot blows away his shot and it skids through along his side. My dragon’s aura which went past him creates a huge hole in a section of the shrine, it pierces through the wall and goes outside.

Even so, he still tries to gather demonic-powers…..


I slammed my fist against the floor. The shrine itself vibrates. His eyes twitch when he sees the giant crater on the floor. Diodora is trembling while his teeth chatter. I missed on purpose. I could have hit him with it. …….Shit. I’m too soft hearted…….

I walk to him, and pull him up. I then open the mask part of my helm, and glare at him with my face exposed while emitting my red aura violently.

“Don’t ever get near Asia again! The next time you show yourself before us, then that time I really will blow you away!”

Diodora's eyes get dyed with the colour of fear……

[Partner. His heart is already crushed. – His eyes are that of those who have become ingrained with the fear of dragons.]

……I see, Ddraig. I let go off Diodora. He is just shaking like mad.

“Ise, aren't you going to finish him off?”

Xenovia asks me while pointing Ascalon at Diodora. Her eyes are dangerously cold! This is bad. Her killing intent is at the MAX!

“He might approach Asia again. Don’t you think it will be better for the future if we cut off his head here?”

Xenovia is serious. If either me or Buchou agrees, she will decapitate Diodora's head. But I shook my head to the sides.

“……This guy is also a relative of the current Maou. Even if he assisted the terrorists, it would cause trouble to Buchou and Buchou's brother if we kill him. I already beat him enough.”

Buchou raises her eyebrows and then closed her eyes. Buchou was incensed at him, but she must have decided to let the higher-ups handle Diodora's punishment.

Xenovia seems very regretful, but then stabs down Ascalon on to the floor. She did that to get rid of even the slight anger.

“……. I understand. If Ise is saying that, then I will stop. – But.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Xenovia and I point our sword and fist towards Diodora.

“ “Don’t ever come and talk to Asia again!” ”

With our words filled with intensity, Diodora shakes his head numerous times while having eyes full of fear. When we let Diodora go, we walked towards Asia.


Along with me, the other guys also gathered around the device.


I pat gently on Asia’s head.

“We came to rescue you, Asia. Hahaha, I did promise you. That I will definitely protect you.”

Maybe because she felt relieved, Asia starts to shed tears of joy. It’s okay. After we rescue Asia, we will escape to the basement of the shrine, and wait until Sensei and others take care of everything. But after a while, Kiba’s expression changes.

“……I can’t take off the restraints on her limbs.”

What!? Impossible!? I tried to take off the restraints connecting Asia and the device….

“Shit! It won’t come off!”

It can’t be pulled of even with my power of Sekiryuutei! All of us try to take off the restraints on Asia’s limbs, even if we try to cut them off with holy-demonic-sword or holy-sword or even by using demonic-powers, it won’t even budge! What is this restraint!? Is it specially made!?

Then Diodora said it with a very small voice.

“……It’s useless. That device can only be used once due to its mechanism, but its made that it won’t stop unless you use it once. –It won’t stop unless Asia’s ability is activated.”

“What do you mean?”

When I asked, he answers timidly.

“That device is one of the special barriers created by a Longinus possessor. The strong barrier protecting this field was also made by him. [Dimension Lost] is the ultimate barrier-type Sacred Gear. Having the possessor in the centre, it spreads an unlimited amount of mist. It can seal everything inside its zone and it can even teleport it to a different dimension. When it reaches Balance-Breaker, it changed its ability in which it can create any type of barrier device the possessor wishes with the mists. –[Dimension Create]. The barrier made can’t be stopped unless it is activated once properly.”

Kiba then questions Diodora.

“What’s the requirement for activation, and what is the ability of this device?”

“……. The activation requirement is either I or someone affiliated with us gives the signal to start, or if I was to be defeated. The ability of the barrier is to increase the power of the one in the restraint, in this case Asia, and reverse its effect.”


Hold on…… Then I thought of a bad conclusion…… In the match against Sitri, Asia’s healing ability was reversed and….

Kiba seems like he also realised it, and he questions him again.

“What about the range of its effect?”

“……..This field, and the viewing room where the observers are present at.”


Everyone got shocked at that answer! This is bad! Asia’s Sacred Gear ability to heal is enormous! It can even heal devils and fallen-angels! If that was to amplify and be reversed, and if the range of its effect is this field and the observing room……!

“…….The leaders of each faction might be eliminated………!”

We turned blue at the shocking truth! If that happens all of the human world, Underworld and Heaven will be in serious trouble!

“So they thought of a plan like that with the match against Kaichou!”

Diodora shook his head to my doubt.

“……No. It seems like the possibility of it was predicted quite some time ago. Except, since the ones in the Sitri group used it, the plan was proved to work…….”

Buchou’s face turns into that of anger.

“The traitor in the fallen-angels remained in the organisation and let Sona borrow “Reverse”. So they gathered data from it and might have been using them!”

…….House of Glasya-Labolas. The match against Sitri. Diodora. So Khaos-Brigade was behind all this…..

Shit. So this device made from the Longinus is someone affiliated to Khaos Brigade huh!

Ddraig, can’t you do something about this? You are also a Longinus, right?

[No, Dimension Lost is a higher rank Longinus than the Boosted Gear. And if it reaches Balance-Breaker, its near limitless. Please remember it. Longinus more powerful than the Boosted Gear exists.]

Of all the places, why is that bastard with such a powerful Sacred Gear in Khaos Brigade!?

“…….Shit! Damn it……! What should we…….”

I became frustrated and slammed on the floor. And then Asia says…..

“Ise-san, destroy this along with…..”

“Don’t say something stupid! If you say that again, then I will get pissed! I won’t forgive you Asia, even if it is you!”

“B-But at this rate, Sensei and Michael-sama will…….with my power…….. If that was to happen I would rather…..”

I put my hand on Asia’s shoulder and say it straight to her!

“I…..! I……! I made an oath that I won’t let Asia go through sadness again! That’s why I won’t let you do that! I will protect you! Yeah, I will! I will definitely protect Asia!”

I cried. But I’m serious. I will definitely protect Asia!


Asia also became emotional and she started shedding tears. I then said it to Asia with a smile.

“That’s why lets go home together. Mum and Dad are waiting at home. Let’s go back to our house!”


The device is activated silently! Shit! It finally started!

We shot demonic-powers and dragon’s power towards the device again….. But it was unscratched!

So this is the power of a Longinus which is ranked higher than the Boosted Gear!

……No, wait….

I then thought of something. I look at Asia. Yeah, its directly attached to Asia.

“Ddraig, I believe in you.”

[What do you mean, Partner?]

Ddraig asks with wonder, and I then touched the restraint on Asia. If it's impossible by using Ddraig’s power directly, how about a special move in which I use Ddraig’s power on my imagination?

“Asia. I will apologise before hand.”


Asia tilts her head adorably…. But this is all for the sake of saving Asia... I’m sorry!

“Rise! My sexual desire! My worldly desire! – Dress Break! Balance-Breaker Boost version!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

All the jewels on my armour glow red, and the power flows to my hand which is touching the restraint.

What I imagine is Asia’s naked body! Yes, the appearance of when she was born wearing nothing! I saved that on my brain before! I remembered that and imagined strongly while getting a nose bleed!

The sensitive and smooth white skin! A soft body! A beautiful one! The pink…..! Nipplessssssss!



The sound of metal breaking……and the sound of clothes being blown away! The restraints on Asia’s limbs are blown away, and at the same time her nun outfit is blown away too.


Asia ducks down immediately.


Seeing Asia-chan’s naked body which is still growing, I had blood coming out from my nose. Yes! Even today, Asia-chan’s Oppai are white and beautiful!


Maybe its because Asia was released from the device, the device also stops.

“Ara ara.”

Akeno-san made Asia wear clothes right away using her demonic-power.

Buchou then knocks on my armour and then asks.

“How did you come up with the idea that Dress Break can destroy it? Can that destroy anything which is attached to the woman’s body?”

“I-I’m not actually sure, but the restraints were on her wrists and ankles, so I thought maybe it would be counted as one of her clothing’s. I then remembered about Asia’s naked body within my head, and imagined seriously that I want to turn her into that state. Maybe it wouldn't work if I did it normally. I think I succeeded because I was in Balance Breaker state and increased it with the Boost version. It feels like I cleared the grey zone.”

I made a bad explanation like that, but I think that’s how it is. Even Buchou tilts her head saying “Hmm, maybe Ise's imagination and wild ideas were also a factor for it”.

Anyhow, Asia is safe! I also destroyed the device! Diodora is also disheartened! And we are all doing well! My wild delusion saved my comrades! Yeah! Then it’s mission accomplished!



Asia who is in new nun costumes hugs on to me! Sob……It’s a shame that I’m being hugged while I’m wearing the armour, but I’m glad Asia is back!

“I believed in you…… That Ise-san will come to rescue me.”

“Of course. But I’m sorry. You heard something painful right?”

Asia shook her head to the side and then says it with a smile.

“I’m alright. I was shocked that time, but I have Ise-san with me.”

Sob! She is such an adorable girl! Mou! Your brother isn’t going to let you marry ever! I will adore her while she is with me!

Xenovia also had teary eyes.

“Asia! I’m glad! If you were to disappear, I……”

Asia smiles while wiping Xenovia’s tears.

“I won’t go anywhere. Since Ise-san and Xenovia-san will protect me.”

“Yeah! I will protect you! Definitely!”

Oh, best friends are hugging. Asia and Xenovia’s friendship is so beautiful. Kiba and I….. Fuck, I definitely don’t want to hug him.

“Buchou-san. Everyone. Thank you very much. For doing this for me….”

Asia bows and everyone responds with a smile. This time Buchou hugs her and she then says it with a smile.

“Asia. It’s okay for you to not call me ‘Buchou’ at home you know? You can think of me as your older sister.”

“-! Yes! Rias-oneesama!”

Buchou and Asia are hugging. It’s an emotional scene!

“I’m so glaaaaaad! I’m so happppppppy that Asia-senpai returned!”

Gasper is also crying a lot. Ah, he’s even getting his head patted by Koneko-chan. Ah, looks like we can return home safely. The device is destroyed, so this should be the end. Maybe I should deactivate my armour once we hide in the basement. It might be better to stay in this form till the last minute. It would be scary if someone comes and attack us.

“Now, Asia. Let’s go home.”

“Yes! But before that, I need to pray.”

Asia seems like she is praying something to the sky.

“Asia. What did you pray for?”

Asia then says it shyly.

“It’s a secret.”

Asia runs towards me while smiling.


Then something very bright appears. When I looked, Asia is surrounded by pillars of light. When the pillars of light disappeared…..


No one was there.

Lord. Can you please listen to my wish?

Please protect Ise-san forever.

And also……

Please allow me to continue living with Ise-san……..

  1. Ise referring to himself
  2. Referring to servants
  3. A person who has the strength of a 1000 people
  4. Ise addressing him as a sarcasm
  5. Priestess
  6. Masturbation
  7. It’s not the one which was the base of the fallen-angels
  8. Short Battle
  9. Bust Dragon Emperor
  10. Parody from the famous quote of the anime/manga Slam Dunk
  11. Sex
  12. Japanese acronym for Netorare, used to define a genre of Eroge (Hentai Game), meaning "Cuckold". In short, the main protagonist's loved one(s) are taken or seduced away from him and the heroine might be willing or unwilling.

Juggernaut Drive

Part 1

We didn't know what happened for a moment. No, even now I still don't know what happened.

Ise-kun defeated Diodora Astaroth and destroyed the device made by a Longinus, and we rescued Asia-san safely. I, Kiba Yuuto, and the group were trying to leave this place.

Then that moment, Asia-san disappeared inside a bright light.

…….What just happened?

“An object made from a Longinus perishes from the attack of a Longinus, huh. Damn Mist-user, he eased up. It's necessary to readjust the plan.”

An unfamiliar voice. When I looked at the direction it came from, an unfamiliar man was floating in the sky. He's wearing light armour that had a cape on it.

……What is this amount of aura which feels like it froze the core of my body…..

Buchou then asks that man.

“……Who are you?”

“It's my first time meeting you, sister of the annoying fake Maou. My name is Shalba Beelzebub. The true successor of the Great True Maou Beelzebub. I'm different from the relative of the fake one you fought earlier. Diodora Astaroth, I lent you my power and look at the situation you are in. In the match against Agares, you used Ophis's snake without my authorisation and had the enemy predict our plan. You are very foolish indeed.”

-Old Beelzebub!

At a time like this! Seems like the mastermind of this terror that Azazel-sensei mentioned has showed himself….

Then Diodora Astaroth begs the descendant of Old Beelzebub…..Shalba Beelzebub.

“Shalba! Please help me! If it is with you, we can kill the Sekiryuutei! If the Old-Maou and Current-Maou were to join forces…..”


A strike of light which was shot from Shalba's hand pierces through Diodora's chest.

“Pitiful. I even told you the power of that girl's Sacred Gear and yet you couldn't do anything. That explains how useless you are.”

Shalba says it while laughing.

Diodora turned into dust and perishes. –The power of light? An ability which is similar to that of angels and fallen angels? Or does the Khaos Brigade have research on how devils can use the angels and fallen angels' power?

I then saw a unfamiliar device on Shalba's arm.

…….Is that the source which created the light?

Then Asia-san has really…… It looks like everyone else realised it too. Xenovia's body trembles with rage.

“Now, sister of Sirzechs. It may be sudden, but I will have you die here. The reason is simple. That is to destroy every blood relative of the current Maou.”

Shalba says it with a cold voice. His eyes are also filled with hatred. He must have a huge hatred towards the current Maou. Authority and nobility, and the seat of Maou was taken away from him, and they were pushed away to the end of the Underworld so their hatred must be very deep.

“So you mean to kill Glasya-Labolas, Astaroth, and us, the Gremory.”

Shalba narrows his eyes with Buchou's words.

“That is correct. It is simply displeasing. We, the true successors, to be called the “Old” by you people, the relatives of the current Maou, and it is something very hard to endure.”

Shalba made a sigh.

“Our plan ends with this. It is our defeat. I never thought that a Boosted Gear, a mid-tier Longinus, would win against the Dimension Lost, a high-tier Longinus. I can only say that this was something we didn't anticipate. Well, we got significant results for future terrorism, so I have to be satisfied with it. Cruzerey died but it won't be a problem. –As long as I'm active, we can still progress even without Vali. The True Beelzebub is great. Now, as my souvenir while returning…. –Sirzechs's sister, I will have you dead.”

“You don't challenge the current Maou directly, but kill their relatives, what cowardice!”

“That's alright. I will kill the family of the current Maou first. It won't mean a thing if we don't have them taste despair.”

“-Scum! Most of all, the crime for killing Asia! I absolutely won't forgive you!”

Buchou rages, and she increases the red aura around her body to the limit. Akeno-san also puts an angry expression, and she started to wear the holy lightning on her whole body. I also don't plan to forgive him! Asia-san……was finally able to conclude with her whole past! The one she loves, Ise-kun, ended it by breaking the obstacle! She was finally able to resume with her current happiness!

And the one in front of us took her away from us! The crime for killing our important comrade! He won't be able to repent even with the cost of his life, but I will have this terrorist die right here!

High school dxd v6 225.jpg

“Asia? Asia?”


Ise-kun calls for Asia-san while walking unsteadily on his foot.

“Asia? Where did you go? Hey, let's go. We are going home. Dad and Mum are waiting. I-If you hide, then we won't be able to go home. Hahaha, Asia sure likes to play around.”

Ise-kun……starts to look around for Asia-san. While walking weakly on his foot…..

“Asia? Let's go home. Now, there is no one here anymore who would bully you. Even if there was, I would beat them up! So let's go back. Asia, we still have to do the three-legged race for the sports festival……”

-I wasn't able to look at him.

Seeing that, Koneko-chan and Gasper-kun started crying. Akeno-san also looks away, and tears are flowing out from her eyes. Buchou is hugging Ise-kun gently.

I also couldn't stop the thing coming out from my eyes……

“Buchou, I can't find Asia. Even though we are finally able to go home. We still need to hide under the basement Sensei told us. But if Asia isn't here…….. ………D-Dad and Mum said Asia was their daughter. Asia also said Dad and Mum are like her real parents as well….. She is my……. She is our important family……”

Ise-kun says it with an emotionless face, and Buchou gently strokes Ise-kun's cheek.

“………I won't forgive you. I won't forgive you! I will cut you! I will cut you up and kill you!”

Xenovia slashes at Shalba with Durandal and Ascalon while shouting!



Shalba reflects the two holy swords with a defence barrier, and shot a demonic-power bullet to her stomach!


Xenovia falls on the floor. The holy-swords were also pushed away and it stabs into the floor.

“………..Return Asia….. ……..She is……..my friend…….! ……..She is my kind friend…… She was kinder than anyone….! Why……!”

Even though Xenovia was slammed to the ground, she is trying to find the holy-sword which is away from her, and then grips onto it. Shalba then says it to Ise-kun.

“Vulgar reincarnated devil and the dragon which is the same as garbage. The princess of Gremory seriously has bad taste indeed. That girl disappeared beyond to the dimension. Her body should have perished by now. – It means, she died.”

Then Ise-kun's gaze locked onto Shalba, who is floating.

Like that, he continues to look at him. He looks bizarre. He continues to look at Shalba emotionlessly.

[Rias Gremory, leave this place at once. If you don't want to die, then it would be better to leave here immediately.]

Ddraig's voice. He emitted a sound, so even we can hear him. Leave? What does he mean? Buchou also put on a puzzled face like me. Ddraig then directed his voice to Shalba.

[The devil over there. Shalba was your name, right?]

Ise-kun pushes Buchou away, and stands up.


Ise-kun heads towards Shalba, while walking like a ghoul. When he went underneath Shalba, Ddraig's voice comes out from Ise-kun's mouth! His sound that doesn't have any slight emotion gives chills to my body.

[Made the wrong choice.]


The shrine shook violently, and Ise-kun starts to emit a blood-like red aura! That aura starts to rise, and it gets bigger. It started to dye the whole area inside the shrine red.

I can understand from the quality of the aura I can feel with my skin! That aura…….is dangerous! From Ise-kun's mouth, a curse-like chant is emitted. The voice isn't just that of Ise-kun. Young. Old. Male. Female. A creepy sound which is mixed with voices of several people.

[I, who is about to awaken…]

<It started.> <Looks like it will start.>

[Am the Heavenly Dragon that has stolen the principles of domination from God….]

<It was always like that, no matter what.> <That's not right; it was like that every time.>

[I laugh at the “infinite”, and I grieve at the “dream”….]

<The one the World seeks….> <The one the World rejects....>

[I shall become the Red Dragon of Domination…]

<It was always power.> <It was always love.>

<<You guys choose destruction no matter how many times!>>

Ise-kun's armour starts to change…. It became more sharp, and it grew large wings. From both hands and feet, claw-like things appeared. On the helm, many horn-like things appeared.

-That appearance is a dragon itself.

And then, from all the jewels in its body, a mixed scream like voice of the old, the young, man, and woman is emitted!

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ And I shall sink you to the depths of crimson purgatory!” ” ” ” ” ” ”

[Juggernaut Drive!!!!!!!!!!]


Ise-kun's surroundings were blown away! The floor! The wall! The ceiling! All of that is destroyed by the blood-like red aura emitted from Ise-kun's armour!


Ise-kun makes a beast-like roar and stands with his four limbs at the spot while moving his wings!


The sound of the wind! So fast! I couldn't follow it with my eye……


I heard Shalba's scream. When I turned around, Ise-kun who turned into a miniature dragon is gnawing on Shalba's shoulder. A mouth-like thing appeared on his helm, so he must have bitten using that fang.

Munch Munch Munch Munch……

The sound of flesh getting torn apart.

“Damn you!”

Shalba creates a light with his right arm and tries to release it towards Ise-kun. But from one of the jewels, a dragon arm covered in red scales appears, and stops Shalba's right arm.

Then from another jewel, a blade appears and cuts off Shalba's right arm!


Shalba shows an expression of pain! His blood spreads around the floor of the shrine!


While making a creepy sound, Ise-kun bites off Shalba's arm, and descended to the floor.

When he comes down with his limbs, he spits out the flesh from Shalba's shoulder. The red armour mixes with Shalba's blood, and it was giving off a creepy brilliance.

“Gegogyuuga-gyhugohaaa! Guooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

He……has already lost the voice of a human….. On all of the jewels which are shining, either a dragon arm or blade grows out from it, and it started to turn into a shape which has lost the form of a human.

“Don't screw around with me!”

The enraged Shalba who descended to the ground releases an attack of light with his remaining left arm!

Then Sekiryuutei's wing…..glowed with light! It looks like that of Hakuryuukou's wing! The moment Shalba's pulse of light was about to hit…..

[Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide!]

That sound echoes, and the pulse of light halved….. And halved again! It didn't know when to stop halving and Shalba's attack became so weak that it was like penlight.

This is……The power of Hakuryuukou that Ise-kun stole before! He can even use it at this high level!

“Vali's power! Damn you! How many times do you have to stand in my way! Valiiiiiii!”

Shalba roars, but instead of releasing a light, this time it was the pulse of demonic power! Huge! Enormous amount of aura goes toward Ise-kun!


Ise-kun moved its direction just by flapping his wings. -! He fended of such a powerful attack with just that!? But does Shalba Beelzebub hold a grudge against Vali? The descendant of Old Beelzebub and Old Lucifer. Maybe due to their standing point, there must be a rift.

What! Then I realised the change in Ise-kun. The mouth on the helm of Sekiryuutei opened wide! A laser cannon thing appears from inside it. Then a single laser!


The red laser comes out from the mask and it goes straight to Shalba, blowing away his left arm! The power of the laser doesn't stop, and it leaves a skinny line on the wall, floor and ceiling of the shrine. Then……


An explosion happened from a far off place! Smoke appears and spreads dust everywhere.


Ise-kun makes a roar, and when he covers himself with enormous amount of aura, a hole is made to the floor and it turned into a huge crater. Just by exposing his aura it seems like it will blow away the surroundings!

“Y-You Monster! A-Are you telling me this is the ‘Juggernaut-Drive'!? This is no joke! M-My power should have been raised to that of the former-Maou due to Ophis' power! He has surpassed the Boosted Gear's specs recorded in the data!”

Shalba's expression finally turns into that of fear. His eyes are dyed with fear, and looks at Ise-kun as someone he should fear.

We could only stand there and look in a daze. Buchou has her eyes opened wide and her whole body is trembling. Akeno-san, Xenovia, Koneko-chan, and Gasper-kun are looking at Ise-kun with fear. My body also couldn't stop trembling.

-That is a monster. That isn't Ise-kun anymore. Ise-kun……. Sekiryuutei started to change his stance. It spread its wings and looked directly at Shalba.


A sound of something sliding. When I looked, the chest and stomach part of the armour opened, and something that looks like a launcher shows up.


After the silent vibration, a red aura gathers to the launcher. That starts to get bigger, and the aura is compressed and is charging at the launcher……….!

The wings which are spread to the sides are glowing red, and the creepy red colour spread around the area.

“Ku! I can't die in a place like this!”

Shalba tries to draw a magic circle with his remaining leg……. But that leg was “stopped”.

“……You stopped it! My leg!”

The eyes on the armour shone red. ………Are you telling me it activated an ability similar to Gasper-kun's Sacred Gear!?

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!!!!!!!!!]

[Longinus Smasher!!!!!!!]

It echoes through the shrine numerous of times. The sound coming from Sekiryuutei's Sacred Gear.

Then from the launcher that has been charged, an enormous amount of red aura is shot! This is bad! At this rate we will also get dragged into it!

“Buchou, let's retreat at once! We have to evacuate from this shrine!”


Buchou walks towards Ise-kun craving for him, but I stop her.

“My apologies!”

I hold Buchou in my arms and ran. Akeno-san lent her shoulder to Xenovia, and Koneko-chan and Gasper-kun follow after me!


“I-Impossible……..! I, the true successor of the True-Maou…..! I still haven't made a fool out of Vali yet! Beelzebub is greater than Lucifer! Curses! A mere dragon! Red dragon! White dragoooon!”

Shalba gets enveloped by the red aura that was shot, and he disappeared into the light along with the shrine……..

Part 2


When I got out of the shrine, I created many holy-demonic swords to make a shelter, and had everyone evacuate in it.

When I confirmed that the sound of the shrine crumbling stopped, I released the swords, and checked outside.

-The shrine is completely destroyed.

The device made by the Longinus is still remaining, but it had broken parts everywhere and has many cracks as well. Sekiryuutei's power can be this powerful…….


Ise-kun stands on the shrine which turned into a ruin, and releases a sad echo towards the sky.

-Even if he lost himself, he still has the sadness of losing Asia-san within him.

Shalba Beelzebub and Diodora Astaroth are no longer alive. The fight is supposed to be over, yet Ise-kun's armour shows no sign of disappearing.

……..What should I do? What should I do to make Ise-kun return to himself?

Including Buchou, the whole group can only just look at the roaring Ise-kun.

“Looks like you guys are in trouble huh?”

A new person? Then a crack is made in the air! From the crack, the one who appeared is Hakuryuukou Vali. And also the man wearing ancient Chinese armour. It's my first time seeing him, but he must be Sun Wukong.

And another unfamiliar man wearing a business suit. The sword this man is holding has a great amount of light I have never seen before. I knew right away. The man Ise-kun met. The wielder of the Holy King sword Collbrande.


Buchou gets shocked at Vali's appearance. – But she made a stance to attack immediately. We also made the stance to battle too. But I couldn't sense hostility from them.

“I have no will to fight. I just came to observe. –Sekiryuutei's [Juggernaut Drive] that is. But by looking at it, it seems like he went through an incomplete Juggernaut Drive. You are lucky that Juggernaut Drive occurred within this specially-made battlefield. If this had happened in the human world, the urban areas and its surroundings might have vanished.”

Buchou asks Vali.

“…….This form, is he able to revert from it?”

“Since it isn't a complete Juggernaut Drive there would be cases where he can revert, but there will also be a case where he remains like this, trimming his life and die. Either way, staying like this for long would put Hyoudou Issei's life in danger.”

So it is a dangerous form after all….. Then Bikou walks towards me. – He was holding onto a familiar girl.

“Here, she is part of your guys' group, right? This healing sister.”

The girl who Bikou handed over to me is…..Asia-san!



Buchou, Akeno-san, and everyone else gathers around Asia-san. From the looks of it, she had no external wounds. It seems like she is unconscious……but she's breathing!

“She's breathing!”

Everyone got in tears with my answer. Even I have tears coming from my eyes. I'm glad! I'm seriously glad!

“But why….”

When I ask, the wielder of Collbrande answers.

“We were investigating the dimensional gap around here by chance. Then this little lady came flying into the dimensional gap. Vali said he recognised her, so we brought her here. She was lucky. If we weren't there by luck, this girl would have been exposed to “nothingness” and would have perished.”

I see. So that's the reason. But I'm glad that Asia-san is safe.


Xenovia confirms Asia-san's safety and maybe she felt relieved, so got on her bottom crying. I put Asia-san down on where Xenovia-san is. She hugs on Asia-san with a lot of care, and is shedding tears of joy.

“-What's left now is Ise.”

Buchou looked towards Ise-kun. Ise-kun is still continuing to roar because of the sadness of losing Asia-san.

“Is he able to revert to himself if we tell him about Asia's safety?”

Vali shook his head to the side to Buchou's suggestion.

“It's dangerous. You will die. Though I won't stop you from doing it.”

Akeno-san and Koneko-chan approach Vali.

“I know we are not in a position to ask, but please. Please help us save him. If it's you, the Hakuryuukou, can you not fulfill the role to bring back his consciousness?”

“……Please. We will also help using our full strength, so please let us borrow your power to bring him back….”

Both of them are thinking deeply about Ise-kun. I thought Vali would decline right away but he starts to think about it.

“Yeah. It would work if there is something which will stimulate his heart…….”

“Wouldn't it be okay if we just show him Oppai?”

Bikou says that while scratching his head. I also thought that was the best method, but I couldn't let it slip out of my mouth.

“Not if he's in that form. What always calmed down a dragon was a song….. We don't have such a thing, and a song for the Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou doesn't exist.”

“There is!”

A white-winged angel flew towards us while speaking over Vali. –It's Shidou Irina-san.

“Haa, I finally arrived. Wait, that's Ise-kun!? I heard it from Michael-sama and Azazel-sama, but such a serious thing was actually happening!”

Getting shocked and to be in high spirits. Like always, Shidou Irina-san has such strong emotions.

“Irina, why are you here?”

When Xenovia asks, Irina-san pushed forward the holographic projector. It's the one used by devils.

“The fact that Ise-kun went into a dangerous form is already known by the VIP's who are at the observation room and at this field. So they thought leaving it like this isn't a good idea, Maou Lucifer-sama and Azazel-sama made me carry this secret weapon! By the way, the one who teleported me here is Odin-sama! He sure is amazing! The God from the North! And he has a huge beard!”

……Her spirit is so high that it destroyed the atmosphere here.

“I don't actually get it, but if it is something prepared by Onii-sama and Azazel, then we can depend on its effect.”

Buchou took a breath, and then pushed the button.

Then…..a huge holographic vision appears to the sky. Ah, Ise-kun also looked that way. Then something which surpassed our anticipation appears from the vision.

[Oppai Dragon! Now starting!]

When Ise-kun in an armour form appears on the vision and says that……children gathered around him.


Children in the vision around him said that loudly. Ise-kun and the children started dancing. Then a casual music started. Ise-kun and the children started to dance along with it. Letters appears on the sky…… The title and the lyrics of the song appeared. Everyone had their eyes pop up at the shocking happening!


[The Song of Oppai Dragon]

Lyrics: Azazel

Composer: Sirzechs Lucifer

Choreography: Serafall Leviathan















Everyone was dumbfounded. We didn't know how to respond. I then understood. This is most likely the video taken at that television studio. Looks like the filming when only he was asked to come was a children's music programme.

And the name of the song is “The Song of Oppai Dragon”!

They filmed it by having Ise-kun using his Balance Breaker, and made him dance with the children. Seeing this video, I'm really shocked. And the ones who made the songs are……. What are you people seriously doing!?

-This is just horrible…….



Ise-kun held his head down and he actually said a proper word! Wait, why oppai!? No, he isn't proper after all!?

“He responded!”

Buchou sheds tears of joy.

“…….No, he actually responded to a song like this….”

Koneko-chan…..had her ears facing down and seems heart broken.

“Shidou-san, can you play the music one more time!”

Irina-san accepts Buchou's request.

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

The resume button for the holographic projectile is pushed.








“Uuu….Oppai….. Grope…grope…….. suck…..suck….”

Ise-kun started to groan while holding his head down.







“…….Z-Z-Zoom zoom……..Iyaan…….push…..”

Ise-kun's finger is making a posture of finding something! Sharp claws have disappeared from his fingers.

“Looks like it will work now.”

[Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!]

Vali turns into Balance Breaker immediately, wearing a white armour. He gets closer to Ise-kun while flapping his wings, and shortens his distance in god speed!


The sound of Hakuryuukou which echoes through the area. At the same time, it feels like Ise-kun's power reduced quite a lot. Vali must have touched Ise-kun at the speed of light and activated his ability. It was thought to be impossible before, but because of the music Ise-kun started getting his consciousness back and worked.

“Now, Rias! Your nipples are what he is looking for!”


Buchou gets so shocked that her eyes were about to pop out with Akeno-san's words! Akeno-san continues without any care.

“Ise-kun reached Balance Breaker by pressing your nipples. Then the opposite effect must work as well. We couldn't approach because he was covered with a dangerous atmosphere. But it is a different story if Ise-kun started regaining his consciousness with the song!”

“B-But will Ise really revert back from [Juggernaut Drive] with my nipple…….”

“He will! It's impossible with me…… Fufufu. Roles like these suit you better…… That makes me a bit jealous.”

Akeno-san puts on a sad face, but the things she is saying is…… Nipples this and nipples that…. That is just absurd…..

Buchou glances at Vali, but Vali had sweat coming from his forehead and looked away. It seems he doesn't want to get involved with us any longer! That is harsh! Bikou is holding on his stomach and can't stop his laughter from coming out. Yeah, laugh all you want. We can only laugh at this! Ise-kun, how much of an oppai dragon can you be!

Buchou took a deep breath and she looks like she is determined.


She walks towards Ise-kun. She doesn't have the slightest hesitation in her steps! Is that really okay Buchou!? Is it just me or lately you don't think twice when it is about Ise-kun!? While the song is getting repeated, Buchou shortens her distance with Ise-kun and she finally stood in front of him.

She unhook the buttons of her uniform and then her bra. We aren't able to see from this angle so rest assured Buchou.


Ise-kun found what he is looking for and then takes his shaking fingers towards Buchou's breasts……

During that, the song was played again.





Next moment, Ise-kun's armour disappeared and he was released.

“……Are Rias Gremory's breasts like a control switch for Hyoudou Issei?”

Vali asks that with a serious face but Bikou replies by saying “Hey, isn't that just too mean!?” and was laughing out loud.

I don't care what happens anymore…….

Ise-kun. You are a splendid Oppai dragon………………

Life.5 The Great Red!

“Hmm. Huh? What is going on?”

When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in Balance-Breaker form anymore. I was confused when I found myself being hugged by Buchou and Akeno-san who are in tears.

I don’t quite remember, but according to Kiba I went berserk and defeated the guy called Shalba. Yeah, I don’t remember that at all.

Wait, isn't the girl Xenovia is hugging onto Asia!? Why?

“Vali rescued her.”

Kiba points at Vali. Ah, so Vali was here.

……Wait, why’s he here? And why is he smiling? When I asked for the reason, I found out that Vali came here by coincidence.

But I’m glad Asia is safe!

“Asia! Asia!”

When I called out her name, Asia opens her eyes slowly.

“……..Huh? ………Ise-san?”

OH! She’s okay! I’m glad! My Asia-cha……


I was about to hug her but I get pushed away by Xenovia!


Xenovia hugs onto Asia. Oh my, she’s crying like mad.

“Xe…Xenovia-san. What’s wrong? I-It’s hard to breath…..”

“Asia! Asia Asia Asia Asia Asia Asia! You and I will always be friends! Friends forever! That’s why please don’t leave me again!”

Asia pats gently on Xenovia’s head.

“……Yes. We will always be friends.”

“I’m so glad.”

Irina who was besides me started nodding her head down while crying.

……Looks like case closed. I made a sigh of relief. Then Vali comes to talk to me.

“Hyoudou Issei. Looks like you are alright.”

“Yeah. Looks like I caused you trouble.”

“Well, it may be alright at times. More than that, it’s about time. Look up the sky.”


I was in wonder but I looked up the white sky of this battle field.



A gigantic hole was created in the sky. Then something appears within from it.


I became so shocked that my mouth dropped open because of what I am seeing from the thing which appeared from the hole. Vali says it while putting on a smirk.

“Look carefully, Hyoudou Issei. That is the one, I wanted to see.”

A gigantic creature….. A true-red coloured dragon appeared in the sky swimming magnificently.

Huge! He’s much bigger than old-man Tannin! It easily exceeds hundred meters! Vali continues while narrowing his eyes.

“There are two dragons called the ‘Red Dragons’. One of them is the ancient dragon from Wales residing in you. Welsh Dragon. The Sekiryuutei [1]. Hakuryuukou [2] also comes from the same origin and the same myth. But there is one more ‘Red Dragon’. That is the Red-Dragon which is recorded in Revelation [3].”


“The True God-Emperor of Red-Dragon. Apocalypse Dragon, the Great-Red. It’s the great dragon which is called the ‘True-Dragon’. It chose to live in the dimensional gap and swims there for eternity. Today, we came here to confirm ‘that’. The field of the Rating Game is inside a section in the dimensional gap by putting on a barrier. This time, Ophis's true aim was to confirm that. Shalba's plan was something which wasn't important to us.”

“But why is it flying in a place like this?”

“No idea. There are lots of opinions about it….. That is Ophis's ‘aim’ and the ‘target’ I wish to defeat.”

Vali’s target……

That time, Vali showed the clearest eyes ever seen before.

“The one I want to fight the most. The Apocalypse Dragon Great-Red who is called [DxD], Dragon of Dragon. – I want to become “The True God-Emperor of White-Dragon”. It won’t look good if the ‘white’ is a rank below the ‘Red’ when there is the ultimate-class for ‘Red’ right? That’s why I will become one. One day when I defeat Great-Red.”

So that is Vali's dream.

So this guy also has a dream. So the reason why he put himself within the terrorists is so he can fight that huge dragon. I know he’s doing bad things, but after hearing his dream, I realised he has a thing called a dream as well.

“Great-Red. It has been awhile.”


Near us, a black-haired little girl wearing a one-piece was standing there.

“Who is that girl…..? She wasn't there before.”

Vali makes a bitter smile after seeing her.

“-Ophis. She’s the Uroboros. She’s also the head of Khaos Brigade.”

-! Are you serious! That is the boss! More like, what is she doing here! Don’t tell me she’s here to fight me!?

The small girl made a posture of shooting a gun using her hands at Great Red.

High school dxd v6 c009.jpg

“I shall, definitely get my hands on silence.”


This time a sound of the wing flapping.


It seems like something heavy fell down as well! What is it this time! Wait, its Sensei and old-man Tannin!

“Sensei, Old-man!”

“Oh, Ise. Looks like you are back to normal. I was scared about what would happen to you, but I knew that you will revert back to normal from [Juggernaut Drive] with that song and women’s breasts. You are the big-idiot who reached Balance Breaker by pressing women’s tits after all. Looks like it wasn't a waste that I made the lyrics for that song.”

That song was filled with dreams, but that is too horrible!

“By the way, the offer came from Sirzechs. That guy and Serafall were so eager in it that they composed the music and even made the choreography for it.”

Sensei, even I was shocked when I found that out afterwards. You can say that it is the joint product of the devils world and the fallen-angels world. The Old-man also laughs lively.

“Hahahaha. To be expected from the breast loving Sekiryuutei! – Oh. Looks like something outrageous appeared while we were following Ophis.”

Sensei and Old-man also looked at Great-Red.

“How nostalgic. Great-Red huh.”

“Have you also fought him Tannin?”

Old-man shook his head to the sides to Sensei’s question.

“No, he didn't even pay attention to me.”

So even old-man couldn't become his opponent? Then that giant dragon, how powerful is it……?

“It’s been a while, Azazel.”

Vali speaks to Sensei.

“Did you defeat Cruzerey Asmodeus?”

“Yeah, but Sirzechs was the one who took care of him. …….If their leaders are taken down, then their henchman will run away. Looks like Shalba Beelzebub was taken care of by Ise in [Juggernat Drive].”

“And Onii-sama?”

Buchou asks Sensei.

“The barrier collapsed, so he returned to the observation room.”

Sensei then says it to Ophis.

“Ophis. The guys from the Old-Maou faction who were rampaging in each area either retreated or surrendered. – In reality, the Old-Maou faction which was controlled by the descendants is now basically finished.”

“Yes. That is also one of the conclusions.”

Ophis didn’t show even a slight sign of being shocked. So it doesn’t hurt them even if a single faction was crushed. Hearing that, Sensei shrugs his shoulder.

“Among you guys, the group with power apart from Vali is the faction assembled by the humans who are either the descendants of heroes or Sacred Gear possessors. I think they were called ‘Hero-faction’ right.”

Hero-faction? There are still factions remaining in the terrorists group!? Ah, if I remember their organisation consists of dangerous heretics from different places…..

“Now, Ophis. Shall we fight?”

Sensei points his spear of light at Ophis. Is the battle going to resume!? And the fight will be between bosses!? But Ophis turns around.

“I will go home.”

Oh my, looks like she has no desire to fight. People on our side won’t be satisfied with that, and old-man Tannin shouts and tells her to stop while spreading his wings.

“Wait! Ophis!”

But Ophis just put on a creepy smile.

“Tannin. The dragon-kings are gathering once again. – This will turn interesting.”


When I thought the air vibrated for a moment…..Ophis has now disappeared!

Oh my, she ran away! Sensei and old-man Tannin were making a sigh.

“We will also retreat.”

Vali’s voice. He was just about to enter the cut to another dimension created by the guy wearing a suit. You guys are too fast at escaping!

“Hyoudou Issei. – Do you want to defeat me?”

“…..I do. But you are not the only one I want to surpass. I want to surpass Kiba, who is in the same group as me, and I also want to surpass my pal, Saji. There are so many things I want to surpass.”

“Me too. There are those I want to defeat besides you. This is weird. Looks like the current Sekiryuutei and the current Hakuryuukou have dreams and objectives more important than their destined fight. Maybe you and I are weird dragons. But something like that might be good at times. – But one day….”

I then pointed my fist towards Vali.

“Yeah, let’s settle it. It will be a trouble if Buchou and Akeno-san’s oppai were reduced to half.”

“Like I thought, you are truly amusing. – Get stronger, Hyoudou Issei.”

“See ya, Oppai-dragon! And also Switch-princess!”

Ku! Bikou's smile he showed at the end pisses me off! Wait, what’s a Switch-princess? Ah, Buchou's face turned very red. Why?

“Kiba Yuuto-kun. Xenovia-san.”

The man wearing a business suit calls Kiba and Xenovia.

“I am the wielder of Holy-King sword, and the descendant of Arthur Pendragon. Call me Arthur. One day, let’s have a battle of Holy-swords. Good bye.”

After that, Vali and his comrades disappeared into the crack to another dimension. I did think I should have gone after them. But he saved Asia. I don’t know whether he did it out of boredom or not. But, I didn't feel like fighting him here.

But one day….. I will definitely. There will be a time when we have to face against each other. So I need to prepare for then. I took Asia’s hand, and said it to her with a smile.

“This time, let’s go home for real Asia. To our home.”

“Yes. I will go home to the house Otou-san and Oka-san are waiting at.”

I was looking at the smiling Asia……and then I lost consciousness.

Vali Lucifer

“Vali, I received contact from the leaders. That guy, Shalba, is on the verge of death but survived.”

“I see, Bikou. Either way, Shalba rushed it. He was talking about resisting till the end, and our ancestors who were exiled by the current-Maou government rushed it too. – They destroyed themselves because they only acted with hatred.”

“Those guys from the Old-Maou faction said they want you to become their leader. What will you do?”

“Tell them I’m satisfied with my current position. I don’t want to increase my duty as the descendant of the former-Maou any more than this.”

“Aaaah, looks like the Old-Maou faction is basically done for. Looks like the other factions will start to rise up now.”

“Cattleya, Cruzerey, and Shalba. –You guys had too much envy. If you chose to live as the prideful descendant of the former-Maou, then you should have lived with pride like one.”

“So, what was the reason for saving that healing Sister from Sekiryuutei's group? It didn't seem like you at all.”

“-Just boredom. That’s the only reason.”


“Shalba Beelzebub was defeated. Hakuryuukou Vali also said he won’t stand at the top.”

“I see. So that means the Old-Maou faction of Khaos Brigade is done for. Well, maybe it turned out like that because the [Dimension Lost] possessor from our group held back.”

“As if. You ordered him to do that. So what now? Is it about time that we, the Hero-faction, which consists of the descendants of Heroes, act? Cao Cao.”

“Now, what shall we do? –I was having fun gathering those with talents.”

“Just like the original. But in the near future, we will have to act whether we like it or not. The thing which resides in you won’t allow you to stay like that. That Ultimate Longinus…….”

“-[True Longinus] huh. The direction this spear is pointing to. Is it domination? Or……”

New Life


When I opened my eyes, I was in my room.

…….Huh? I defeated Diodora, I then met Vali, and then what happened?

It feels like I have been losing my consciousness a couple of times……

“Are you awake?”

When I looked in the direction from where the voice came from…… A silver haired maid, Grayfia-san was there. Wait…. The crimson haired boy…… Milicas is with her. He’s looking at me.

“Ise-niisama has finally woken up, Okaa-sama!”

“Milicas-sama, I have asked you not to call me that in front of people.”

“Boo… Yes.”

When I got my upper body up, Grayfia-san gave me a cup of water.

“Ah, thank you.”

While I am drinking it, Grayfia-san is trying to start up a holographic device. Huh? What is this? The device starts up and the vision of a man appears in 3D. – It’s Sirzechs-sama. He is wearing quite a rough clothing. Is he out somewhere secretly?

[Hey, Ise-kun. Looks like you are awake.]

“Ah, yes!”

[Thank you very much about the incident earlier. Thanks to you and Rias’ effort, we were able to settle things with the Old-Maou factions for now.]

I was then told that I lost consciousness at the end and that I have slept for a couple of days after that. Apparently turning into that [Juggernaut Drive] put a lot of burden on my body. I can’t turn into that form right now, but I was also told I shouldn't.

[While you were sleeping, Azazel talked about a couple of things with Ddraig. When you thought that you lost Asia Argento-san, your rage increased to the utmost level, which released the sealed power.]

I see. So I turned into that outrageous form due to my anger. But that Ddraig appeared while I was unconscious, huh.

[That form allows you to attain the power which surpasses God and Maou temporally. – But it also reduces the life of the possessor considerably. It’s better you don’t turn into that form anymore. If you die, lots of people will be sad. Even my sister….]

“Yes. I understand.”

I don’t remember what that form was, but I don’t want to turn into that form again. There will be no meaning to it if I were to die. I turned into that form after I thought Asia died and went berserk, but if possible I don’t want to have to turn into that form ever again.

I was also told that the Old-Maou faction of Khaos Brigade has collapsed because they lost their core members. And Vali, who is the descendant of a Maou, has no interest in their matters so he declined their offer to become their leader. Sirzechs-sama said the Old-Maou faction is basically finished.

The remnant devils either surrendered or hid themselves in the darkness. Because of the incident involving Diodora, the house of Astaroth lost all their trust. The crime of their next heir having aligned with Khaos Brigade was serious, and so the current head of the house of Astaroth was dismissed. The house of Astaroth lost the privilege for having a Maou come from their family for a while. The current Beelzebub was asked to take responsibility for this incident. But it seemed like the current-Beelzebub was also receiving an assault from the Khaos Brigade during the incident as well.

Also because the other three Maou defended him, the voices of those blaming the current Beelzebub have settled down.

[Right now, losing Ajuka Beelzebub who is the current Beelzebub will be fatal for the devils. He is a man talented in technological programmes. He is also the one who created the basic theory of the Rating Games. Most of all, you can’t find someone of his calibre.]

Sirzechs-sama says that. Looks like the lack of manpower in the devil business world is a serious issue.

Maybe it's because I am the Sekiryuutei, so Sirzechs-sama also told me about Uroboros. Ophis. But I had doubts about her, especially with her aim.

“Can I ask you one thing?”

[What is it?]

“Ophis….. The boss of Khaos Brigade’s and their aim is to get rid of that giant dragon called Great-Red, so she can return to the dimensional gap, correct? Then if we help her, won’t she leave the terrorist group?”

But Sirzechs-sama shakes his head to the sides.

[No, unfortunately that will be very hard. Right now it is thought that all the dimensional gaps located in every part of the world are balanced because Great-Red resides in it. If Great-Red was to be killed by Ophis or Vali, or if Ophis was to rule the dimensional gap we won’t know what will happen to this World. Nothing would have happened if it was Ophis in the past, but the current Ophis stayed in this world too long so she has changed a lot from the first time she appeared.]

So it means a serious thing would happen if the balance of the world collapses. Then Ophis and Vali's aim are very dangerous! So that’s why leaders of each faction are having a hard time about this. Ngggh. If I was to defeat Vali in the future, I need to hope someone defeats Ophis instead. I don’t want to be the one fighting her as well!

My goal is to become a High-class devil and to make a harem!

[We need to reconsider about the Rating Games for young devils in the future as well. It will be too dangerous if they are all being interfered with by the terrorists.]

“Then it will be cancelled?”

[We probably have to restart it. But there is a match which we want to see no matter what. The people who live in the Underworld and those from other factions are saying strongly that they want to see this certain match definitely.]

“A game between who and who?”

[-The match between Rias and Sairaorg.]


So many people want to see that match huh! A battle between Buchou and the number one youth, Sairaorg-san!

-I desire to fight you with only pure power.

The thing he said to me. I still have it burned in my ears. I see. So if we were to resume the game, we will fight Sairaorg-san next huh.

[At the same time the match between Sitri vs Arch-Duke Agares is also desired strongly……. If we were to have the match played then it will be the matches of Power vs Power and Tactics vs Tactics.]

Sirzechs-sama seems like he’s enjoying it. He must be looking forward to those matches.

[Anyway, until the match makeup is decided, all the young devils are asked to be on standby.]

Terrorism did just occur after all. There is a possibility that the game itself would be cancelled due to the public opinion of the Underworld. Looks like the Rating Game for the young devils is also put in a tight spot.

But about the ‘Oppai Dragon’, it seems like it became super popular amongst the children in the Underworld.

[I’m coming up with a second song. Ufufu, when I was a child I dreamed of becoming a musician. I’m happy that one of my dreams is fulfilled.]

Ah, Sirzechs-sama has eyes sparkling with lights. So he composed that song with so much passion huh…..

Sirzechs-sama then says it to me.

[You are amazing.]


[Yes. The audience group with the least number for the Rating Game is….. No, you can say that it is basically zero and that audience group is the children. For the children watching Rating Games among adult devils, it would be far from entertainment for them. The truth is, the only game which is popular among children are the ones with reincarnated devils like Tannin, dragons, Monsters, Youkai and the match with those without human form. For the children, it would be like monster films with lots of impact.]

Hahahaha, a monster huh. Certainly old-man Tannin has the appearance of a monster.

[In the future I don’t mind if it is just during the game. – If possible I would like children who will carry the future of the next generation to see your fights.]

“So you are asking me to become the hero of the brats…..I mean the children during the game?”

[Yes. But I won’t force you. It is just my hope.]

I don’t understand anything complicated about the how the game is important in the Underworld…… But for the children huh……

[That’s the Oppai dragon!]


I then remembered about the children who became happy seeing me when I took an interview. Somehow there was a side of me feeling eager to do this. I never had someone become so happy to just see me…..

[-Just aiming for a Harem as your goal is a waste.]

I remembered what old-man Tannin said to me at the Underworld. No. Old-man, I won’t change my ultimate goal of making a harem. After all I want to have my own harem full of beauties!


Showing my cool side to the brats wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

Maybe young mums might come with them as well!?

Someone’s wife! A young wife! Wonderful! If I remember right, the recent Hero programme also targets the mums for their audience as well!

If I become famous, then my own Hero show might start! The kids will come bringing their mums! Maybe I will have a fateful meeting with someone!

I felt like I found the door to gather the beauties of the Underworld!

Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I will capture many wives!!

Old-man! I will aim to become a Harem-King after all! Of course I will even allow wives!

“Roger that, Sirzechs-sama! For the wives…. No, I will try hard for the kids! By the way I can hear cheers from behind you. What’s going on?”

[Ah, that’s right. Today, it is the Kuou Academy’s school festival. I also came to see my little sister shine.]


I check the calendar and the digital clock to confirm the date and time of today! Ah! It really is the school festival todaaaaaay!


I slept in so I almost missed it!

[Grayfia, send Ise-kun to the academy using the transport magic circle right away.]

“Yes, I understand.”

Thank you! To be expected from Maou-sama! I got changed right away! Three-legged race with Asia! It will be bad if I was late!


The sound of blank gun shots echoes in the sky. Then the announcements for the programme could be heard.

[It is the three-legged race. People participating, please line up at the starting point.]

Uwa! It’s just about to start! The place I teleported to was the forest near the old school building! I run towards the school ground quickly!

[Now the three-legged race for the class match for the second year is about to start.]

It started! If I remember, me and Asia’s race was the middle race! I ran as fast as I could and came out to the school ground!

“Ise! It will be faster from here!”


So she came to find me! Ah! I see. It will certainly be a short-cut if I go through the tent!

“Hyoudou! You are late! Hurry, go to Asia-san!”

Saji who is in the tent also gave me a cheer!

“Yeah! Leave it to me!”

Ah, I finally found the lane!

Asia is…… Found her! Aaaaaah, she is about to get her foot tied with another guy from my class and she looks sad!

No no no! I will be the one to run with Asia-chan!


Asia noticed my shout. She looks around and found me! She shouts with a smile where she is about to cry!


Wait for me! I won’t let Asia be alone! I’m always Asia’s comrade! I finally arrived at Asia’s place and then say it to the guy from my class.

“Sorry, I will run.”

He then pats on my shoulder.

“Of course! Go and run with Asia-san!”

He gave me a cheer! Yeah, just watch me! Asia-chan and my combination that is! I duck down and tied my leg with Asia’s with a rope.

“Ise-san! You came for me!”

“Of course. I am Asia’s Ise after all, you know? I will definitely come to Asia’s need.”

Ah, she looks like she is about to cry again. Asia’s cry baby side never gets cured.

“It’s the next race!”

Then it was our turn. We hold each other’s hip and made a posture to run anytime.


The empty gun shot echoes through the sky. It started!

“Let’s go! Asia!”


We showed superb combination from the start and ran fast.

“Ise! Asia! Get first place!”

“You can do it!”

Buchou and Akeno-san gave us a cheer!

“Ise-kun! Asia-san! You can aim for first place!”

“Ise! Asia! Goooooo!”

“Do your best both of you!”

Kiba, Xenovia and Irina also gave us a cheer!

“Ise-senpai! Asia-senpai!”

“Please do your best!”

Gasper also shouted loudly! Even Koneko-chan has high spirits!

“I won’t let you off the hook if you lose!”

Azazel-sensei! I will win!

“You came, Ise! I will record the part where you win!”

“Ise! Asia-chan! Do your best! Fight!”

Dad! Mum! Look at the victory of your son and daughter!

I then said it to Asia while running.

“Asia, stay by my side forever. You aren't allowed to leave me again.”


Asia puts on a face where she is about to cry again, but she endured it and concentrated on running!

And then…..



We passed through the goal tape!


We received the flag for first position, and I made a guts pose!

Hahaha, look! Asia and I can run fast!

“Yeah! We did it Asia!”

“Yes! We did it, Ise-san!”

Asia and I took each others hand! Look! Our rhythm is the best after all!

And then…. My legs start to weaken. I just got up from a lethargic state. Did I over do it….?

“Ise-san! Are you alright?”

Asia supports my body.

“Ah, I think I got too excited.”

“Ise. Asia.”

Buchou appeared. She points at the gymnasium with a smile.

“Asia. No one is behind the gymnasium, so heal him with the Sacred Gear.”


I’m sorry, Buchou. Nggh, I feel pathetic. I should have a lot of stamina and I end up like this……

I borrowed Asia’s arm and went past Buchou and then……

“-Asia, do your best.”


? Buchou’s words made Asia turn red….. Huh?

High school dxd v6 279.jpg

Like that we moved behind to the gymnasium and I had Asia heal me. Aaah, Asia’s healing is the best. The light-green light relaxes my body immediately. When my body returned to normal, I got up.

“Yeah. With this I should be fine with the remaining activities!”


“Hmm? What is it?”

Asia calls me, so I turned around…..

Asia tip toes. Then Asia’s lips overlap with mine.


A sudden kiss. I didn’t know what was going on because of the kiss.

S-Shit. My head is about to burst……! Because…..! Because, she just……! I just kissssssssssed her! And with Asiaaaaaaaaa! Asia then tilts her head adorably with a smile.

“Ise-san, I love you. I will always stay beside you.”

I became so happy that I fell down. I……

I’m so happy right nowwwwwwwwwwwww!


Hyoudou Issei is an Oppai dragon! He can transform into the legendary Chichiryuutei by pressing on Rias Gremory’s oppai which is like a switch!

Hello. It’s Ishibumi. I did something dumb again. My disease is still active. How was the “Oppai dragon’s song”? I wrote it, dreaming that Fujimishobo will make a CD for it.

Now, with this volume 6, there will be a stop to the flow which started from volume 3. I wrote it as the continuation of volume 5. Ise was also groping the girls oppai like a raging billows.

In this volume, it was the story about them getting involved in the conflicts of adult of Sirzechs, Azazel, and other factions including Odin VS Khaos Brigade. The story was behind that where Ise and the others fought to save their comrades.

Since volume 6 was an end for one story arc, I made it flashy. Last time their powers were suppressed, so this time I had them release it full power.

By the way volume 1 and 2 is the first arc; volume 3 to 6 is the second arc, and it will be the start of the third arc from volume 7. From the next volume, it will be entering a new arc! This time, there were things unresolved in this volume. I’m sure the readers will be wondering but they will be resolved in the new arc……..maybe!

And after many trials Asia was able to attain happiness! She finally kissed Ise who she loves, and they will live very happily from now on as well.

And Irina returns! She enrolled in Kuou Academy while turning into an angel. She has high spirits, but as the church trio along with Asia and Xenovia, please love her too.

In the story, Irina who is a protestant ignores the difference with other religions, but think of it as DxD original. In the world of this story, the heavens maintain all religions.

I made an evil-piece like thing for the angels, but they won’t collide with the plot so please just remember it is a part of the setting. But maybe the mysterious Joker might appear.

Ravel doesn’t have that many appearances, but she is popular among readers. So she will definitely appear from now on. I’m thinking of turning them into a regular member of the main cast depending on their popularity.

And Freed. Good bye Freed. Everyone let’s give him an applause. He was a good villain. And Ophis appears. I just thought I should have her face revealed. Now about the Juggernaut Drive. It activated in a creepy way. It’s full of mysteries.

Now for the thanks.

Volume 6 was able to be released safely. Miyama-zero-sama, Editor-sama, I’m always under you're care! To the readers-sama! Thank you for the support till now! It will still continue, so please look forward to it! Ise and the others' story will still continue.

Now for the advertisement! It is decided that High School DxD will be on the cover of Dragon Magazine July edition which will be released on May! Everyone, thank you very much! The sales are doing alright. And now it will finally be on the cover of Dragon Magazine! Special information and a short story will be included, so if you see a Dragon Magazine with a DxD cover, please buy it!

So let’s meet in volume 7 then. It’s planned to be released in Summer.

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Emperor of Red Dragon
  2. Emperor of White Dragon
  3. Book of the Bible

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