High School DxD:Volume 6 Afterword

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Hyoudou Issei is an Oppai dragon! He can transform into the legendary Chichiryuutei by pressing on Rias Gremory’s oppai which is like a switch!

Hello. It’s Ishibumi. I did something dumb again. My disease is still active. How was the “Oppai dragon’s song”? I wrote it, dreaming that Fujimishobo will make a CD for it.

Now, with this volume 6, there will be a stop to the flow which started from volume 3. I wrote it as the continuation of volume 5. Ise was also groping the girls oppai like a raging billows.

In this volume, it was the story about them getting involved in the conflicts of adult of Sirzechs, Azazel, and other factions including Odin VS Khaos Brigade. The story was behind that where Ise and the others fought to save their comrades.

Since volume 6 was an end for one story arc, I made it flashy. Last time their powers were suppressed, so this time I had them release it full power.

By the way volume 1 and 2 is the first arc; volume 3 to 6 is the second arc, and it will be the start of the third arc from volume 7. From the next volume, it will be entering a new arc! This time, there were things unresolved in this volume. I’m sure the readers will be wondering but they will be resolved in the new arc……..maybe!

And after many trials Asia was able to attain happiness! She finally kissed Ise who she loves, and they will live very happily from now on as well.

And Irina returns! She enrolled in Kuou Academy while turning into an angel. She has high spirits, but as the church trio along with Asia and Xenovia, please love her too.

In the story, Irina who is a protestant ignores the difference with other religions, but think of it as DxD original. In the world of this story, the heavens maintain all religions.

I made an evil-piece like thing for the angels, but they won’t collide with the plot so please just remember it is a part of the setting. But maybe the mysterious Joker might appear.

Ravel doesn’t have that many appearances, but she is popular among readers. So she will definitely appear from now on. I’m thinking of turning them into a regular member of the main cast depending on their popularity.

And Freed. Good bye Freed. Everyone let’s give him an applause. He was a good villain. And Ophis appears. I just thought I should have her face revealed. Now about the Juggernaut Drive. It activated in a creepy way. It’s full of mysteries.

Now for the thanks.

Volume 6 was able to be released safely. Miyama-zero-sama, Editor-sama, I’m always under you're care! To the readers-sama! Thank you for the support till now! It will still continue, so please look forward to it! Ise and the others' story will still continue.

Now for the advertisement! It is decided that High School DxD will be on the cover of Dragon Magazine July edition which will be released on May! Everyone, thank you very much! The sales are doing alright. And now it will finally be on the cover of Dragon Magazine! Special information and a short story will be included, so if you see a Dragon Magazine with a DxD cover, please buy it!

So let’s meet in volume 7 then. It’s planned to be released in Summer.

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