High School DxD:Volume 6 Asia

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I, Asia Argento, became very surprised. We will be appearing on television. Daily life with Ise-san has lots of shocking events every day. Several months have passed since I started living with Ise-san. I was able to attend school and I started to become friends with Kiryuu-san, Matsuda-san, Motohama-san, and everyone else in the class.

Buchou-san, Akeno-san, Kiba-san, Koneko-chan, and Gasper-kun are treating me very nicely. Xenovia-san is my friend who is the same age as me. I also became friends with Irina-san. Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Oka-sama are very kind, and my life in Japan is very new and fun.

Things I couldn’t do while I was in the Church are now fulfilled.

A sudden proposal from Diodora-san…… I was very shocked. It was the first time a man did a thing like that to me so I didn't know what to do.

But Ise-san said “Stay by my side” to me. That is enough for me. If I can stay with Ise-san, then that is enough for me. I’m happy if I can live and laugh with that person.

Lord. Please allow me to be with Ise-san forever. Let me stay next to him forever.

And please listen to one of my wishes. I-If I can wish for it, if someone were to propose to me next, make it that person…….

I know I am being greedy. But I love him, so I dream about it a bit. I feel really happy when I embrace my dream.

Lord, please look at me with warm eyes while I spend my life with that person whom I deeply love.

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