High School DxD:Volume 6 Boss X Boss

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Boss X Boss[edit]

“I’m sorry I’m reporting to you by this communication system, Sirzechs. It’s about the mysterious death of the heir of the Glaysa-Labolas and the increase of Diodora Astaroth's demonic powers……”

[So it was related like I thought. – The devils still have many troubles even now.]

“I still don’t have any evidence, but if we were to believe in Vali's warning, then Diodora is…… Looks like we need to do that plan which we discussed after all. ……Man, I already feel down because of one of the guys with me had a certain “event”……”

[I heard about it. It seems like one of the leaders of the Grigori got married.]

“…..Man, everyone is rushing things. Not just that, but they were having “fun(sex)” with women from different factions behind my back…… Shit! Am I the only single guy left!?”

[Fufufu. How about you settle down with someone now Azazel?]

“Don’t wanna. I’m a man who lives by his interests. ……There are plenty of w-women!”

[Yes. I will make it that way. – Anyway that plan. I trust you in it.]

“Yeah, leave it to me. Though we would be having them go through harsh things though…..”

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