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Can I stay by Ise-san forever?


Part 1[edit]

I found myself in an elegant Japanese room.

The floor was covered in exquisitely woven straw mats. There are expensive looking vases within the room and a beautiful traditional Japanese garden outside while making a peaceful sound that went “kong”.


And right in front of me wearing a white kimono is—Asia!? She bows her head while sitting in a formal posture. Having a foreign girl with blonde hair and green eyes wearing a white kimono is so pure that she looks sacred and amazingly good!

Looking at me with teary eyes, Asia says this to me.

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. Today, I, Asia, am going to become a bride.”



“Sob, Asia-chan you have grown so much……”

“Asia-chan, you look beautiful!”

Next to me, my mum and dad are crying hysterically while looking at Asia!

“Asia, you know that you can come back to us at any time, right?”

Buchou says so while wiping tears from her eyes!

“Asia-chan, you can leave the rest to us.”

Akeno-san is also being emotional like Buchou! Eh! Eeeeeh!? What’s going on!? What is this!? Asia-chan!?

Mum saw my confused look and explains it to me.

“Hey Ise, you should say something to Asia-chan. You adored her as if she was your little sister.”

This is so sudden! More importantly, Asia is seriously getting married!?

Who’s her groom!? The one who stole Asia’s heart—.

SLIDE! A handsome guy appears, energetically sliding open the door.

“Nice to meet you, Onii-san. My name is Diodora Astaroth. I’m a High-class Devil and am super rich. Fufufu, you can leave Asia to me. I will definitely make her happy!”

He’s making a splendid pose while speaking his appeal to me and my family! H-He’s one of the young High-class Devils!

He’s an heir to the house of Astaroth, if I remember correctly! A Devil household where the current Maou Beelzebub came from!

Ah, that’s right! He suddenly proposed to Asia, at the end of the summer holidays, immediately after we returned from the Underworld!

“What a handsome man! We don’t have to worry about a thing!”

“Yes, the fact that he is also rich makes him a good choice. Even when she starts getting on years she’ll have a stable life.”

My parents says that! Ooooi! What the heck are you two saying!

“I have every confidence in Diodora, I know I can leave Asia to him.”


Even the Onee-sama pair, Buchou and Akeno-san are agreeing!

Are you two okay with this!? Seriously!?

“Now Asia, let’s begin the ceremony. Let’s head towards our bright future together!”

The Astaroth rich boy picks up Asia in a princess-carry and tries to leave!

“Ah! You! I didn't say you could leave!”

I chase after them! But Asia just waves at me!

“Ise-san! You’ve taken good care of me up to now! I will definitely attain happiness~!”


Hold oooooon!

“Asia! Your Onii-san[1] hasn’t accepted this yeeeeeet!”

I chase after them while crying but I can’t reach Asia—

N-No…… Asia……

M-My adorable Asia has……become a bride……

Part 2[edit]

“Ise-san. Are you okay?”

……Asia is looking at me with concern, still in her pyjamas.

I rubbed the sleep out of eyes and open them. I look at the clock—and it’s exactly morning.

“……Asia, you’re still here.”

“Yes. I’m right here? You were calling my name in your sleep.”

Ah, I see. It was just a dream. So Asia getting married was just a really bad dream.

I lift my upper body up, while having many tears falling from my eyes.

“I had a dream where you got married. Sob, it was more painful than I thought.”

Asia gives me a confused look but says this with a smile on her face.

“Ise-san you worry too much. It’s okay. I’m not getting married any time soon.”

“Really? I would die from loneliness if you left me you know?”

“Yes. It would be a very serious thing if Ise-san died of loneliness.”

Asia answers me with a big smile! Aaah, my adorable Asia-chan!

I’m really going to start bawling like a child if she got married. I was this upset just from dreaming about it. It’s pretty bad.


—! Something is moving under the sheets!?

Waking up with a huge yawn is—Koneko-chan!? W-When did she get in here?

Koneko-chan wipes her sleepy eyes, then wrapping her arms around me she went back to sleep. What should I do? Her small body is so soft……

The only thing she is wearing is a white shirt, so that’s simply not fair! It feels like her skin is rubbing directly against mine……


Her cat ears are twitching with her white tail tracing patterns in the air! After finding out about her true identity, the level of cuteness that she was showing now is like a deadly weapon!

Wait... if her tail is out then what about her panties!? D-Don’t tell me…… No, no. I shouldn't think too much about Koneko-chan like that!

It was decided after the training camp that Koneko-chan would come live with us. That was okay, but whenever she got a chance she would sit in my lap, not to mention sneaking in and sleeping next to me. Though her sharp tongue and neko-punch habits haven't changed…… Is she getting attached to me?

Even though her usual attitude hasn't changed, she comes into my bed like this so I wasn't sure how much I should spoil her. To be honest I’m really happy.

“Anyway, I’m glad that Asia getting married was just a bad dream.”

I let out a sigh while patting Koneko-chan’s head. Then—.

“I seriously wish we can leave it as a dream.”

Buchou, who seems like she woke before us sits on the bed. She’s holding a lot of letters.

“Are those letters?”

I ask her and Buchou sighs with a nod.

“Yes, the one who sent them are—Diodora Astaroth. It looks like they’re love letters. Not to mention the movie tickets, invitations to dinner and product tokens. He also left some big presents at the entrance. How many times has it been now?”

Love letters! Even presents! Yeah, lately these have been sent to my house. – Well, to be more precise they were sent to Asia.

Ungh! The image of that gentle-looking handsome guy appears in my head!

That bastaaaaaard! Proposing to Asia as soon as we returned from the Underworld!

Asia also doesn't know how to respond to this, so she keeps on apologising to us every time a package came. She thinks she’s causing us trouble. It’s not Asia’s fault! There is no way it is Asia’s fault!

Two weeks had passed since then, the summer holidays had ended and we entered the second semester. However, even I realised that my anger towards him is increasing by the day. I immediately got up on the spot and shouted with tearful eyes!

“I will never give our Asia-chan to him!”

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Ise referring to himself
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