High School DxD:Volume 6 Life 2

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Life.2 Asia-chan's worries[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.”

Asia and I have been practicing for the three-legged race today as well with Xenovia helping us out. Lately we have been practicing every morning behind the gymnasium. Compared to the time before we began practicing for it, we have gotten much better at it!

“Auu! One, two! Hauuu! Three, four!”

Asia is desperately trying to follow me. Daily training is a must, after all. By working hard little by little, we can get one step ahead. Fufufu. I found that out while getting trained by Buchou, Sensei, and the dragon.

“Yes. You guys have quite a good rhythm now. Now let’s have you guys run as if it's the actual race.”

Xenovia says that while fixing our rope. When I looked at Asia, she seemed a bit gloomy.


Huh? Is Asia worrying about something? …….Well, our next opponent is Diodora after all. Asia has looked even more concerned ever since our next battle was announced.

“Asia, tell me what is concerning you.”

Asia put on a confused face at my suggestion, and then tells me after thinking for a bit.

“…….I don’t regret saving that person back then.”

Asia saved a wounded devil when she belonged to the Church. Because of that she was treated as a heretic and lost her place, and then she experienced painful memories. The devil whom she saved is none other than – Diodora. I don’t know why he was there and met Asia. But the reason she saved him is because she is a kind girl. I won’t blame her for doing that. There is no way I can. She is a kind girl after all.

Asia’s life did take a 180-degree turn for saving Diodora, but it’s certain that she is having a good life with us here. But I do think about it. Would Asia have had a better life if she was still a holy maiden? Is she having a better time with us than the time when she was a holy maiden?

So I do think about it sometimes. If something can be done about it now. That maybe it would be possible for Asia to return to her place as a holy maiden once again if I ask Michael-san? No, because of the possibility that the system left behind by God might be influenced with Asia’s power, she won’t be able to return to the Church headquarters, Institutes related to it, and places with surveillance by angels. But she might be able to get her previous lifestyle back. Which one will she choose when I ask her? I’m so scared that I can’t ask her. That’s because I don’t want to lose Asia….. It’s my selfishness. If I ask Buchou, that might actually happen. If that would be for her best, then……..that means I’m a selfish bastard. I don’t want to imagine Asia disappearing from my current lifestyle…….


Asia looks into my face.

“You had a very serious expression just now. ……You also looked sad…..”

“…..Hey, Asia. If you were able to get your old lifestyle back, what would you do?”


Asia gets shocked and opens her eyes wide.

…..I’m dumb so I ended up asking. Even though I might lose her. But I was thinking of what's best for Asia, so I……

I am getting ready for her answer while my heart is racing fast. My hand which is holding tightly onto her hands starts getting sweaty. But the answer Asia gave me is……

“I won’t go back.”

She had a smile. She didn't even have any hesitation.

“I have asked Ise-san once before. I asked you “Can I stay by Ise-san’s side forever?”. Ise-san, you said “Yes”, to me.”

Ah. Before the fight against Phoenix, I certainly did say that.

“I like this place. I also like Kuou Academy and the Occult Research Club. I also like Buchou-san, Akeno-san, Sensei, Kiba-san, Xenovia-san, Koneko-chan, Gasper-kun, Irina-san, and Kiryuu-san. I also love ……Ise-san and Ise-san's parents. The new life I started in this city is something very important, and something I greatly love which makes it so wonderful.”


I really am an idiot…… I should have known that this girl is having fun with her current lifestyle. But why did I…….ask such a stupid question?! I then say while holding her shoulders.

“Yeah, Asia and I will always be together! I also won’t allow you to get married! Asia, don’t think too much about Diodora. No matter what happens, you know that you can say no if you don’t like it?”

Asia looks in puzzlement, but then shows her smile immediately.


Xenovia then says with an apologetic expression.

“…….Asia. I want to apologise to you once again. The first time I met you, I said harsh things to you. I still regret it even now. …….Asia, you treat me kindly. You said I’m your f-f-friend….”

Oh, Xenovia has a red face that you don’t see often. Asia takes Xenovia’s hand and says with a big smile.

“Yes. Xenovia-san and I are friends.”

They were straightforward words said face to face with complete honesty. Xenovia's eyes became moist.

“Thank you. Thank you, Asia.”

Yeah. Even I started to become so emotional that I want to cry. Yeah, Asia-chan is indeed a kind girl. She really is my pride!

“Uuuuuu! It really is touching…….”

I heard a cry during this emotional scene. When I looked in the direction I heard the voice, I saw Irina.

“Irina. You also came?”

“Uuu, yes. Xenovia invited me…… She said “Mornings at Kuou Academy also feel good”. And when I arrived, I saw this beautiful friendship. This also must be because of the guidance of the Lord and Michael-sama…….”

Irina who has become deeply moved starts to pray to the sky.

“If I remember, you haven’t joined the Occult Research Club right?”

“Yes. I decided to join another club. Or rather, I decided to make one personally!”

“Hmm, so you are going to start up a club, huh. So what’s the name and description of the club?”

Irina puffs up her chest with pride and says loudly.

“Ufufu, be shocked by hearing its name! The club name is “Shidou Irina’s salvation of love club”! The description is simple! We will help those in need without receiving anything in return! Aaaah, I will be spreading my love to the sinful pagans for the Lord and Michael-sama since I hold strong belief in our teachings!”

She started praying to the sky while making a weird pose. Man, her eyes are glittering lively. But listening to her bad taste in naming her club makes it sound like a club where you wouldn’t want to go for help.

“………Umm, yeah. Well, do your best.”

I could just reply random words of encouragement. Irina bangs her chest and says.

“Leave it to me! Of course I will help out the Occult Research Club when it needs it! This time I will be helping out the Occult Research Club with the race between clubs because of Rias-san's request!”

Haa, so she will be joining us for the sports festival then.

“I'll ask just in case, but how many people are there in your club?”

“It’s still only me! Thanks to that it is only thought of as an association of like-minded people, so there are restrictions on the activities and funds given. I will have to start by convincing Sona-kaichou first.”

That will be hard. That Kaichou is really strict. Fuku-kaichou is also strict. It will take time for the club to be authorised.

“So it’s decided that I will be put in the Occult Research Club for now.”

That basically means that she is a member of the Occult Research Club! No, I shouldn't point that out. I calm myself and then say.

“Putting that aside, let’s resume our practice.”

Xenovia and Irina also joined our practice for the three-legged race, and the practice was resumed.

“Fuu. I am a bit tired.”

Asia says while pulling her track suit. We certainly did run quite a lot since morning.

We are in the gymnasium storage room located in the corner of the school grounds. We entered here to put away things such as the ropes used for practice. Maybe it’s because I am used to running that I have no trouble with this much exercise, but I was doing it while worrying about my partner Asia so I was tired mentally. It’s still really early for arriving at school so I decided to go to the classroom after I take a rest in the clubroom. Suddenly, when I was about to leave the storage room after putting away the ropes --


The sound of a door being closed! ……..When I search for the source, I see Xenovia closing the door with her back facing the door. W-What’s going on…..? Asia also seems puzzled at Xenovia’s action.

“What’s wrong? Xenovia-san.”

Asia asks. Xenovia replies seriously.

“Asia, I heard that girls our age start to flirt with others during this period.”


………..Eh? What did you just say? I started doubting my own ears because of what I just heard.


Asia asks hesitantly to which Xenovia replies clearly.

“It means you get your breasts played around with by a boy.”

-! T-This girl! She suddenly says such things in a place like this!? After closing the door!? And Asia is also in here! Geez~! I really can’t understand her at all! On top of that the meaning of “flirting” is a bit different!


Asia exclaims in a high pitch voice with her face beet red.

“Xenovia! Don’t suddenly start a conversation like that!”

“Ise, be quiet for a bit. I will talk to Asia first. Your role will come after that. I’m sorry, but can you start your warm up in the corner of the room? It will become very intense from here.”

What role!? And it will become very intense!? What do you mean by a warm-up!? Should I just practice on opening and closing my palm!? Xenovia’s talk doesn’t end there.

“There is a girl in our class who has her breasts played with every day by her boyfriend. I researched quite a lot.”

Why do you research and ask those things seriously!?

“Asia. Don’t you think it’s a good time for us to also experience it?”

Xenovia puts her hands on Asia’s shoulders and states that with a serious face. What is this!? Hasn’t it suddenly turned into a serious discussion!?

“A-Auuuuu….! E-Even if you suddenly say that……”

Asia is also troubled! That is the right reaction!

“It’s okay. It might be a bit ticklish at first, but I heard it’s something that feels very good afterwards. If you do that, then you guys will be able to perform better in the three-legged race.”

How can you take the discussion that far!? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?

“……….Is “combination” formed by doing that………”

Is Asia-chan being convinced!? It can’t be! Are you okay with that Asia?! Xenovia smiles at Asia who is still confused.

“Asia, we are friends.”


“Let’s also “flirt” together as well. It won’t be scary if we do it together.”

“……Y-Yes? I-Is that so…….?”

Their discussion looks like it has been concluded! Please don’t taint Asia with discussions like thaaaaaaat!

Xenovia then looks at me.

“Then let’s do it. I will also be practising making babies as well.”

“Hold on! You mean suddenly in a place like this…..! Well, I have in fact been admiring the atmosphere and the location of the storage room for doing it though!”

Ignoring me, who is panicking, Xenovia takes off her shirt.


Xenovia’s big oppai which are held with a bra are in clear view!


My nose also starts to spurt blood with her splendid way of stripping! It’s not as big as Buchou or Akeno-san's, but Xenovia’s oppai are also big! I didn't even have time to make any more comments before Xenovia unhooked her bra.


Because the thing which was suppressing them is gone, her magnificent breasts appear right in front of my eyeeeeeeeeeees! Why are the girls around me so aggressive and have such a splendid way of stripping! But her nipples are a beautiful pink like always!

“They are breasts which I haven’t had anyone touch except Ise. Do you still remember how they feel?”

Yes! I put that memory preciously into my heart! I didn't grope them with my hands, but they were really soft! She is a swordswoman who has a stern body and I thought it would be the same for her oppai, but I was dead wrong! Her skin is beautiful and smooth! The sensation was really like that of a marshmallow!

The incident at the pool changing room! That time she also came to me saying “Let’s make babies”! Does this girl like storage rooms!? Isn't it usually a bedroom!? No, this, in some ways, kind of turns me on! But it isn't normal!

“You too Asia.”

Xenovia goes to Asia. Heeeeeeey! What are you doing holding onto Asia’s track suit and trying to strip her!?

“B-But…..My heart still isn't ready yet…….”

High school dxd v6 061.jpg

Xenovia takes off Asia’s clothes while Asia is still being timid. She was stripped to only her bra! I become emotional at the sight of the cute bra!

“It’s okay Asia. If you are nervous, should I do it with Ise first? You will understand how to do it by looking at me and Ise, and you will be both ready and up for it.”

“Eh! …..U-Umm…..”

“Fufufu, I’m joking. I knew you didn’t want to be overtaken by someone who came after you.”

“I-I didn't mean it like that……”

“Today is the chance. Buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou aren't here. Now might be the only time we have the chance to “flirt” with Ise.”


Asia became silent at that sentence! Uuu. For me, this discussion is going in a weird direction, so I can’t keep up with it. But I just had my eyes taken away by Xenovia’s naked breasts!


Xenovia’s hand moves silently as she unhooked Asia’s braaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Asia, with a very red face, hides her exposed breasts! Yes! Normal girls should be acting like this! Xenovia-san! You are being too straightforward! No, actually thank you very much! It’s the best!

Xenovia then takes my hand……and then pushes my body with a bang!


I get pushed down and inside the floating dust, I realise that I have been pushed down onto the mat, which was used in PE!


Something covers me! Shake-shake! The oppai which shake in front of my eyes! Xenovia got on top of me! Xenovia takes my left hand and places it on her breast!


My nose doesn't know when to stop spurting out blood!

A deadly softness is felt from my hand! My five fingers get buried into it! The erect nipple is touching right into my palm giving me unreal excitement! Hey hey hey hey! I will reach Balance Breaker once agaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

“Ise-san…… I don’t want to lose to B-Buchou-san……”

Asia who sits next to me takes my right hand and puts it on her breast…..


It isn't as big as Xenovia’s, but I can certainly feel Asia’s breast with my other five fingers!

Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia! I’m glad you have matured so much! No, that’s not what I mean!


A sweet voice comes out of Xenovia’s mouth. My brain gets paralysed immediately!

“Like I thought, it is different when you touch it yourself and when it gets touched by a man. Now Ise. Both Asia and I are ready. You can now start fondling.”

Xenovia says that, but Asia is someone I need to protect! But my instincts are making me grope Asia’s breast without me realising it! If you are a man, you can't help but grope! If there are oppai, then you grope!

Then Buchou comes into my mind! Buchoooooooooooooooooou! I also wanted to do this with Buchou, but if she welcomes me with a situation like this…….then I……I……!


The door suddenly opens.

“…….I came here because none of you were coming out and………..W-W-W-Wh-what are you doing in here?!”

The one who came in is Irina! Crap! Two half-naked girls and one guy! A situation where I won’t be able to make any excuses! This is Irina we are talking about after all, so she might say something Christian-like, like “filthy!”……

“Do it in a b-bed! This place is filthy and is no good!”

The thing she called filthy was a totally different thing.

Part 2[edit]

The same day after school. It's club activity time.

I want to do something about my grinning face, but because of what happened this morning, I have been remembering the sensation of Asia and Xenovia’s breasts for the whole day. Asia and Xenovia are playing Othello. I couldn't have a proper conversation with them for the whole day! That’s because I still have the sensation of their breasts in my hands! There’s no way I could focus on my school life! I have been thinking about oppai throughout all the lectures! Xenovia’s oppai was great. But Asia’s was also….. No no! I shook my head to get rid of evil thoughts! Asia is important to me! I shouldn't hold lecherous feelings towards her! B-But it’s true that I think her body has matured…… At this rate, maybe Asia’s oppai will get as big as Buchou's and Akeno-san's oppai? I have heard before. That devils can use their demonic powers to alter their body to a certain degree. Is Asia making her body grow without realising…..? No no, this is just my imagination……. But that would be sweet…….

“……A lecherous face.”


Koneko-chan pinches my cheek.

“Ovch(Ouch), it vurts(hurts) Koneko-chan…….”

It feels like Koneko-chan has become strict like Buchou lately….. No, basically, she points at me when I become lecherous, but she also becomes unpleasant when I get along with other female club members. It’s just my imagination you say? I think that might be it…….

“Looks like everyone has gathered.”

After confirming that everyone is here, Buchou takes out something which looks like a video.

“It’s a video recording that has the matches of the young devils. Our match against the Sitri group is also on it.”

The recording of the battles. Yes, it was determined that we were going to look at the recording of the matches today. So a big monitor was prepared. Sensei then says while standing in front of the monitor.

“Not just you guys, but the other young devils also had a game. House of the Great-King Bael and Maou Asmodeus’s House of Glasya-Labolas, House of Arch-Duke Agares and Maou Beelzebub’s House of Astaroth. Each of them had a match after yours. This is the recording of those matches. It’s the video of your rivals so watch carefully.”


Everyone nods seriously at Sensei’s words.

It really does make me anxious. What kind of matches did the other guys besides us have? They are all devils who are our peers right? I’m really anxious; I want to know how they did in their matches.

Everyone else feels the same and they all have their eyes directed at the monitor. Koneko-chan who is on my lap is also focused on it.

“First is the match between Sairaorg…. House of Bael versus House of Glasya-Labolas.”

The match between Sairaorg-san and the Yankee! The video began and several hours have passed. The excitement of watching the match of those besides us disappeared as soon as we started watching it. The faces and eyes of every member turned very serious . What we witnessed was a very overwhelming “power”.

In the one on one between the Yankee and Sairaorg-san , the Yankee was pushed back one-sidedly. The battles between their servants were already finished. Both sides had strong servants, and it finished in a climax. But the problem was the battle between the [King].

The Yankee, Zefardoll who lost all his “pieces[1]” provoked Sairaorg-san and asked him to fight one on one. Sairaorg-san accepted it without any hesitation. However, all types of attack created by the Yankee are knocked back by Sairaorg-san. Even if hit, Sairaorg-san fights back as if nothing happened. After finding out that his attacks aren't working, the Yankee started to become more impatient and began to lose his calm. And then Sairaorg-san's fists get released!

Numerous defensive techniques are destroyed as easily as if they are a sheet of paper, and Sairaorg-san's fist digs deeply into the Yankee’s stomach. It can even be understood through the monitor that his single blow has so much power that it even made their whole surroundings shake. The Yankee dropped down on the spot and fainted in agony while holding onto his stomach. Sairaorg-san only used punches and kicks! But the power of his attacks are on a totally different level. When the Yankee dodged it, Sairaorg-san's blow pierced through the building destroying most of it, and their surroundings were blown away. That kind of thing…… It’s obvious that you will receive fatal damage if you get hit by even a single one of them!

“……The one who was called the wicked one. The new heir of the Glasya-Labolas, who is hated, can’t even put up a fight. He’s someone of that much caliber, that man Sairaorg Bael.”

Kiba, our group’s ace also narrows his eyes at what he just saw. His expression is also serious and must have lots of things going through his mind. Sairaorg-san's speed was quite something as well. I couldn't even see what was going on, and even Kiba also had his eyes taken by that speed. Was Kiba able to follow his speed just from the video?

He has this much power while having nothing in his hands…… Gasper starts to shake and is clinging onto my arm. Don’t flinch Gasper…..

“Rias and Sairaorg. Both of you have too many one on one battles even though you guys are the [King]. Basically, the [King] can just have their “pieces” march forward while the [King] doesn’t move. You do know that the game will be over if the [King] is taken down, right? Maybe those who carry the blood of House of Bael are hot-blooded.”

Sensei says that while sighing. Buchou's face goes red with embarrassment. C-Certainly, Buchou does go forward…..

“By the way, how strong is that Yankee devil?”

Buchou then answers my question.

“If we didn’t limit it to the current six Houses, then he wouldn’t be weak. But since the former heir died in an accident, he participated as a representative…..”

Akeno-san continues.

“In the ranking produced by the Game committee, Bael is ranked first, Agares is ranked second, Gremory is ranked third, Astaroth is ranked fourth, Sitri is ranked fifth, and Glasya-Labolas is ranked sixth. It’s the comparison of average rank of their strengths, including the King and their servants. Though each of them turned the result around after having a match.”

“But only Sairaorg Bael is excelling….. That’s what it means, right Buchou?”

Buchou nods at my words.

“Yes. He is a monster. It’s said that “Maybe he will rise up in a short time when he participates in the official game?”. In other words, you can say that our fame would increase if we defeat him.”

I see. He is thought to be the strongest, so our fame would indeed increase if we defeat someone of his caliber……

“Is he stronger than Raiser?”

I ask Buchou timidly. Raiser is indeed immortal, but it’s not like you can’t defeat him. But he was unmistakably a strong opponent.

“I won’t know unless both of them fight against each other, but even from my own favourable views, I feel that Sairaorg is stronger.”

Uheeeeeeeeeeee! That much!? There is someone who is that strong even before participating in an official game!

“Well, I will show you the graphs. They’re the ones that are distributed to each faction.”

Sensei activates his techniques, and a holographic vision of a graph appears in the air. On the graphs the faces of Buchou, Kaichou, Sairaorg-san and the other remaining three youth devils appear. Below it, something which looks like a parameter moves and is getting longer upwards. It’s written in Japanese. Each graph has the category of Power, Technique, Support and Wizard. So these are the types given during the game. Another one, the “King” category, also appears. Maybe it’s the quality as a [King]. Buchou, Kaichou and the sis from the house of Agares are fairly high. At the current point, Kaichou is higher than Buchou. Sairaorg-san on the other hand is considerably high. The Yankee is the lowest.

On Buchou's graph, the Wizard category, demonic power, increases the most and her Power category increases fairly high as well. The other categories of Technique and Support are a bit above the mid-point, and are positioned in an average mark.

And Sairaorg-san….. Out of the youth devils, he has the lowest for Support and Wizard. But the problem lies in his Power. The graph increases and keeps on increasing so high that it reaches the ceiling! What an abnormal increase! It’s too extreme, but that’s how much overwhelming power he has! Out of the other five devils, other than Sairaorg-san, Zefardoll has the highest, yet Sairaorg-san has several times more power than him!

“Sairaorg didn't even fight seriously in the one on one battle against Zefardoll.”

Sensei says that. So he didn't fight seriously….. Even just looking at his powers, isn't it higher than my power while I am in Balance Breaker state? Is it even possible to attain such a thing without having a legendary dragon!?

“So this person, Sairaorg-san, must be a genius as well, then.”

No matter how you look at it, he is good at hand to hand combat. But Sensei shakes his head side to side, rejecting my opinion.

“No, Sairaorg is the first pure devil from the House of Bael who didn’t have any talents. He also couldn’t inherit one of the traits passed down from the House of Bael, the power of destruction. The ones who strongly inherited the power of destruction are his cousins, the Gremory siblings.”


Something like that happened…….. Buchou's mother came from House of Bael. So the power of destruction was passed down to Buchou and Sirzechs-sama, and it didn’t get inherited to the actual blood which is Sairaorg-san. What irony.

“But he’s the strongest within the youth right?”

“By doing something, which pure devils who inherited the gift passed from their clan normally wouldn't do, he surpassed the geniuses.”

“Normally wouldn't do?”

Sensei says with a serious face to me.

“Intense amount of training that is. Sairaorg is a rare pure devil who attained power by doing abnormal amounts of training. He only had his own body. So he trained it to the extreme.”

What Azazel-sensei just told me is something astonishing. That’s because I thought that high-class devils and pure devils are a bunch who had overflowing talents. Buchou was blessed with talent. But Sairaorg-san wasn't. Buchou, who is staring at Sairaorg-san's match, has complicated look on her face. Sensei continues as if he is telling us a story.

“He was being beaten and kept on being beaten since he was born, and continued to get defeated. Among the high-class devils and pure devils who are coloured with a brilliant environment, he was the one who was walking in a muddy and bloody path.”

So that is why. That’s why I felt a different pressure and confidence coming from him that is different to that of Buchou and Kaichou.

“A talentless person to become chosen as the next heir. Do you know what an exploit that is? He’s the real deal since he knows the great difference between humiliating defeat and the happiness of victory. Well, in Sairaorg's case his strength also comes from something which is a secret, though.”

The video for the match ended. It’s the victory of Sairaorg-san……Bael's victory. At the end, the Yankee from the Glasya-Labolas hid himself behind a shadow, and the match ended when he declared his defeat while being frightened of something. The Yankee became frightened and dropped down in tears. Sairaorg-san left his place while not responding to it at all.

“Yankee guy is pathetic!”. No, I couldn't laugh while saying that. Even we were oppressed by the feeling of overwhelming power though it was just on the monitor. I felt something strong coming from him which drives him to achieve victory. Sairaorg-san’s expression is that of not flinching at anything and just walking straight ahead to his path. The video finished, and Sensei then says it in the room which became dead silent.

“I will tell you guys before hand, but after your fight with Diodora, your next opponent is Sairaorg.”

“~! Are you serious!”

I ask him while being shocked, and Sensei just nods. Buchou also asks Sensei with a doubt.

“Is it not a bit too early? I thought we would fight Glasya-Labolas before him.”

“He’s no good now.”

Buchou and everyone else put on a doubtful expression at Sensei’s word.

“Zefardoll was crushed in his match against Sairaorg. His soul was carved with fear in his match against Sairaorg. He won’t be able to fight now as Sairaorg has crushed both his heart and mind. That’s why the rest of the matches will be done with the remaining participants. The house of Glasya-Labolas ends here for the matches among the youth.”

~! In my eyes, Zefardoll who is still shivering in fear even after the match appears. At this point, the Yankee has…..

Crushing their mind…… I see. So that’s what Buchou meant when she said he might be stronger than Raiser. Even if he is immortal, he won’t be able to resurrect if his mind gets torn.

“You guys also should be careful. He will come at you while having the high spirit of crushing the mind and spirit of his opponents. He really is trying to become a Maou. Not even a slight hesitation or the will to give in lies in there.”

Sensei's warning definitely does strike deeply into me. Yeah, we definitely can’t let our guard down! I reached Balance-Breaker after all! I will cooperate with everyone and defeat Sairaorg-san! Buchou then says it while taking a single breath.

“First, we need to focus on the next match. We will also watch the video of the Astaroth whom we will be fighting next. –I heard that they defeated their opponent, the next heiress of the Arch-Duke, Seegvaira Agares.”

“The Arch-Duke lost!?”

So that sis with glasses who confronted the Yankee lost. Her servants seemed quite strong as well though…… That man Diodora who defeated her, what kind of strength does he have……

“Sona who gave us a hard time received a gold star mark, and like Akeno said earlier the Astaroth who defeated the second rank Agares received a big gold star mark. It certainly is regretful, but it was the rank given before the match began and they were nothing but predictions. So no one can tell what will happen when the game begins. That's how the Rating Game is.”

Buchou says that. So people besides us also had a hard time. I thought about it during Summer, but we won’t know what will happen during the game.

“But I never thought that Agares would lose.”

Buchou says that while trying to play the next video. And then it happened.


At the corner of the room, a transportation magic-circle for a single person appears! Eh! What’s happening? Did someone come? It’s an unfamiliar symbol.


Akeno-san says that. And after a single flash, the one who appears in the corner of the room is a gentle looking guy with a refreshing smile. And the first thing he says is…..

“How are you doing? It is I, Diodora Astaroth. I have come to see Asia.”

The ones sitting around the table are Buchou, Diodora, and Azazel-sensei who is sitting there as an advisor.

After pouring green tea for Diodora, Akeno sits next to Buchou. We, the remaining servants, are looking at them from the corner of the room. It kind of reminds me of the incident with Raiser. It was also like this back then. The difference between a High-class devil and Low-class devil that is. What’s different from the incident with Raiser is that this time it isn't about Buchou but Asia instead. Asia who is sitting next to me is putting on a troubled expression. I hold onto Asia who seems nervous and she also grips back on my hand as well. Her nervousness has reached even me.

Buchou knows what she is doing. And Asia…..No matter what happens, I will protect you, so rest assured.

-I will even turn into Balance Breaker in order to decline him.

……Though if I end up doing that to a High-class devil, then it will cause a problem. I have broken off Buchou's engagement by doing that once. – I can even do it a-again!

Diodora who doesn't even know I had such determination, says to Buchou while making a gentle smile.

“Rias-san. I will say it straight forward. I would like to “Trade” [Bishops].”

[Trade]. –The Rating Game system where the [King]’s can exchange their servants who are their “pieces”. I hear that it is possible between the same chess pieces from Ravel. If it is [Bishop]…..then it would be either Asia or Gasper!

“Iyan! Is he talking about me!?”

Gasper tries to protect his own body, but I slapped his head.

“Of course not.”

This guy sure has become stronger. Until recently he would be screaming “Heeeeeee! I-Is he talking about meeeee!?” and maybe hide himself in a box. So there is a result in the Underworld training even for Gasper. By the way his training with overcoming garlic is still in progress. Sometimes he smells like garlic, and it’s like his charm now.

……Anyway the [Bishop] that Diodora wants is Asia. The moment she heard him say “Bishop”, she gripped onto my hand strongly. –It feels like she’s saying “I don’t want to”.

“The servant I am seeking from Rias-san is……the [Bishop] Asia Argento.”

Diodora says it without hesitation and looked at Asia. His smile is a refreshing one.

Shit! Like I thought, he was aiming for Asia! Not just that! Isn't it horrible that he’s trying to get Asia through a trade!? She’s the one he proposed to!

“The one I will be arranging is…..”

Diodora tries to get out a catalogue, quite possibly the one with his servants on it, but Buchou says it without any pause.

“I thought so. But I’m sorry. I thought that I should say it before you show me that catalogue with your servants, so let me say it before hand. I have no intention to have a trade. It’s not that your [Bishop] doesn't match up with mine, but I just simply don’t want to lose Asia. –She is my important servant devil.”

Buchou said that face to face!

Uooooooooooooo! Buchouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I became emotional! The reason she didn't look at the catalogue is because she didn't want to show us that she will be comparing us!

“Is it because of her ability? Or is it because of her charm as an individual?”

But Diodora asks normally. T-This bastard! She said no, so just give up and leave! Buchou then gives the best answer to him.

“Both. I think of her as my little sister.”


Asia puts her hand to her mouth, and her green eyes get teary. I think she became really happy that Buchou said she is like her little sister.

“We live together. Having my affections deepen and not wanting to let go of her won’t be a good reason? I think that is a good enough reason. I can’t understand you for trying to get Asia through me with such a method, Diodora. Do you understand the meaning of a proposal?”

Buchou says that with a smile filled with intensity in it. She says it in the most appropriate way she can, but anyone can tell she is pissed!

Diodora still has a smile. That instead makes it creepy.

“-I understand. I will return for today, but I will not give up.”

Diodora got up and walked towards us...….towards Asia. He stood in front of Asia who seemed troubled. He got on his knee and tried to take her hand.

“Asia. I love you. It’s okay, destiny won’t betray us. Even if everything in this world rejects us, I will overcome them no matter what.”

He said something I totally can’t understand and tries to kiss Asia’s hand.


Something snapped inside me.


Before I had realised it, I grabbed onto Diodora's shoulder and stopped him from kissing. Diodora then says it with a refreshing smile.

“Can you let go of me? I feel a bit sickened to be touched by a filthy dragon.”

-! T-This bastard! He said it with a smile! So that is your true face! I was about to get pissed but…..


High school dxd v6 083.jpg

Asia’s slap smacked onto Diodora's cheek. Asia hugs onto me and says it with a shout.

“Please do not say that!”

……. I never thought Asia would have slapped him. But I feel relieved! Diodora's cheek became red because of the slap. Even so, he won’t stop his smile. He can still keep his smile on, and that is so creepy that it scares me……

“I see. I understand. –Then how about this. In the next match, I will defeat Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei. Then I would like you, Asia, to answer my love…..”

“There is no way I will lose to you.”

I ended up saying it to his face. No, that’s because he decided all this by himself.

But this is okay. It’s easy to understand. I just need to beat him. This guy that is!

“Sekiryuutei…….Hyoudou Issei. In the next match, I will defeat you.”

“Diodora Astaroth. I will show you the power of the dragon which you called filthy to the extreme!”

Diodora and I glare at each other. I won’t hand Asia over to him! Then, Sensei’s mobile phone rang. After a few exchanges, Sensei tells us.

“Rias. Diodora. Good timing. The date for the game has been decided. –It’s in five days.”

The day finished there, and Diodora went home. Don’t come to the club-room ever again! With a new resolve, I got heated up for the upcoming game. The official information about the game which came from the Maou reached us several days later.

Part 3[edit]

“High-class devil huh……….”

The devils work late at night.

I have finished a single request and am pedaling my bicycle because I am on my way heading home. Thanks to the training in the Underworld, I am able to transport using a magic-circle. But my regular customers think that “I = Riding a bicycle”, so when I showed up using the magic circle once, they felt let down. Because of that, I returned to my old ways of riding a bicycle. Even though I’m able to transport using a magic circle, it has no use. But I can’t betray the expectations of my regular customers. And I think the number of requests will increase if I become a “bicycle devil”. I also have to say that riding a bicycle is good training.

…..Training with guts has been put into my body strongly now…. And so I was thinking while pedaling. It’s about the High-class devil. I experienced it in the Underworld, but noble devils tend to look down on other devils below them. Buchou and her parents won’t do that. But just like the incident with Raiser and also with Diodora, basically the High-class devils from the old families don’t have a good opinion towards the reincarnated devils and Low-class devils.

It’s unfair! It’s easy to think like that, but if I think carefully they are devils with a long history so they won’t think well of those who suddenly show up and expand their authority. Those kinds of things are hated by the ones who have been present since long ago. I really don’t understand them though. I’m a reincarnated-devil and a Low-class. So I desperately work hard to have myself acknowledged.

“Buha! Sports drinks taste good.”

On my way back, I took a break in front of the vending machine. But I took a step back at the sudden presence! ~! Who is it!

The one who appears from the darkness is…….a guy wearing rough clothes!

“It’s been a while, Sekiryuutei.”

“Bikou! Why are you here!”

Yes, it’s the refreshing smiley faced Sun Wukong! This time he isn’t wearing Chinese armour, and he appears dressed up like a flashy young person. I mean, why is this guy here!

“Well, I came to accompany my partner.”

Bikou looks back.

-Don’t tell me it’s……!

And the one who appears is……

“It’s been two months, Hyoudou Issei.”

Vali appears wearing a white shirt!


I put my alert to the maximum and made a stance on the spot!

Shit! Why are these guys here!?

“I hear that you reached the complete Balance-Breaker? It makes me happy.”

I became a bit peeved at his smile. He sure does look down on me like always.

“Yo, the genius Hakuryuukou. Do you want to continue from where we left off here?”

I try to activate my Boosted Gear, but he just laughs.

“You are quite aggressive today, Hyoudou Issei.”

“For me, you are a big hindrance to my future plan.”

“To become a High-class devil? –Even if you don’t worry about it, I think you will become a High-class devil in a few years time.”

To have been complimented by the Hakuryuukou sure does make it likely. In my case, I don’t think it's that easy so I’m desperately trying to achieve higher.

“I didn’t come here to say that today.”

“Then why did you come?”

“I hear that you will be having a Rating Game? And your opponent is the next heir of the House of Astaroth.”

Where did he hear that from? Well this guy is the boss of a special team of terrorists. He might have many individual connections….

“What about it?”

“You should be careful.”

While not losing my stance, I ask Vali with a doubt.

“……What do you mean?”

But Vali just shrugs his shoulders.

“You saw the recorded video, right? The match between the House of Astaroth and the princess from the Arch-Duke.”

Just like Vali said, after Diodora returned we, the Gremory group, watched the recording of the match between Diodora and that sis from the House of Agares.

The match was Diodora’s victory…… But Diodora’s power was overwhelming. Only he showed abnormal power during the game, and he defeated the Agares sis and her servants. Diodora’s servants just supported him, and the [King] fought by himself and showed the power of an ikkitousen[2]. Diodora is a wizard-type who specialises in demonic-powers. He oppressed the Agares by showing a powerful demonic-power that surpasses Buchou.

And we all became suspicious after seeing that. We didn't pay attention to the game, but Diodora himself. That’s because he suddenly got a power up. Before that, that Agares sis had the advantage. Was he hiding his true power till the last moment? Sensei saw the match live, but he had doubts because of the intense power up of Diodora compared to the data he was given before the match. Buchou also had the same opinion. “Diodora wasn't a devil who was that strong”. Both of their opinions were the same. Diodora was plenty strong enough before the power up. He was a High-class devil who had demonic-powers a bit lower than Buchou's. But during the match, Diodora showed a power which astonished everyone.

Everyone was like “Can you really become that strong in such a short time?”. But this match also became a battle between the Kings at the middle. Do all of the Youth devils have the wrong idea that the opening and the mid game should be about strategies and the end-game should be a direct fight? Each of the VIP’s from each faction who were observing the matches are enjoying seeing new types of battles though…….. Especially the battles between [King]’s seem to get them heated up.

“Well, it won’t get through the skulls of those High-class devils if it’s coming from my mouth. But I thought that it might be okay for you to know it.”

…….Should I say thank you or what? And it happened when I was having mixed feelings. A shadow appears. Vali and Bikou also didn't anticipate it so they also looked that way. Who is it!?


The one who appears from the darkness is…… A big build “daughter born from a man” who has an unbelievable amount of muscles and is wearing gothic-Lolita clothes…….! And he’s wearing cat-ears on his head like always!


My regular customer! Did he come to pass by!? But for him to come past me while I am doing my job as a devil, some unknown power must be behind this Mil-tan! The moment he appears, Vali looks at him twice. He probably can’t believe what he is seeing.


He raises his hand and greets me and comes up to me. I also raised my hand and greet him with a smile I forcefully made…..

“Judging from it’s ears, is he a Nekomata? Even I couldn't sense him until he came closer. Is it senjutsu?”

Vali asks Bikou with a serious face. That’s not it! I made a comment at Vali within my head.

“No, that is……. Isn't it some type of Troll? …….Cat-Troll?”

Bikou also bends his neck and is troubled at how to answer. I’m also troubled at how to answer, so don’t ask me as well! But because of the Mil-tan’s appearance, the tension in here is gone. It also feels like Vali softened his battle instinct as well. You are amazing Mil-tan!

“Well, who cares. Let’s return Bikou.”

After just saying that, Vali tries to leave with Bikou.

“Wait. You came to see me just for telling me that?”

Vali shows a laugh at my question.

“I was nearby, so I decided to warn my future Rival-dono.”

“See ya Sekiryuutei. Hey, Vali. Let’s go to the rumoured Noodle-shop on our way~”

After saying that, Vali disappears into the darkness while taking Bikou with him. Geez! I don’t get it! I can’t understand what’s going on! How can he show up in front of me with a refreshing face after causing so much trouble? And he appears as if he was taking a walk!

[Your rival is a weird one.]

Ddraig also says that. Right! I also think so!

[Well, you are also quite a weirdo as well.]

What a rude guy.

[-But I’m having fun.]

What is it, all of a sudden?

[It feels like you speak to me the most out of all the possessors I ever had. You are the first host whom I think I have fun having conversations with.]

That’s because I’m clueless and I need to ask many things, or else there are lots of thing I won’t know about.

[……Maybe that was the good thing. You don’t treat me like a tool, but as a single being.]

You aren't a being!? I’m rather shocked at that instead! Ddraig, you are a Sekiryuutei are you not? A-Am I wrong?

[Kukuku. You sure are a weird one.]

…..Hmm, I really don’t understand Heavenly Dragons at all.

Part 4[edit]

“I see. So that’s what Vali told you.”

When I returned to the club room after finishing my job, I had Buchou remain and told her about what happened. Buchou put her hand under her chin and is in thoughts.

“…..If he entered this town, then we should have known about it….. But we can’t find them at all. A technique to eliminate your own presence? A certain application of the senjutsu? Or did they use Kuroka's space barrier?”

Buchou activates a small magic-circle, and it seems like she is contacting someone.

“I will report about this to Onii-sama and Azazel just in case.”

Buchou then makes a small smile after she finished reporting about it.

“We should also be on alert about Diodora. It’s not like I believe in what Vali said, but there is a need to be on alert about it. Now, shall we go home then?”


Like that, Buchou and I headed home.

I pedal the bicycle and Buchou sits behind me. When Buchou puts her arms around me, it’s the best because her oppai get pressed onto my back! Everyone should be resting at home now. All members apart from Kiba and Gasper live in my house. I heard that Kiba and Gasper live in a mansion near my house together. Gasper-kun learned how to go outside the old-school building now[3]. He sure did grow up. Kiba’s house is located near my house, so if something happens he can come right away. When Buchou and I arrived, we go directly to my room. When we opened the door….

“Ara ara, Ise-kun. Welcome home.”

The person standing is Akeno-san who is wearing an erotic costume!

“A-Akeno-san! That costume!”

A costume from a character in a certain game which has lots of exposure! Miko[4]…… It’s like a Miko costume and it reveals her whole thighs, and also her breasts are exposed a lot where it just hides the important part. Amazing! Erotic! You look ecchi Akeno-san! If you turn around like that, your oppai will spill out! It’s a costume which doesn't have any way to put on underwear, so it’s certain that she isn't wearing a bra! Akeno-san then smiles at me.

“Ufufu. Remember what I told you last time? If it’s okay with me wearing it, that I would wear this for you. ……Do you not find this to your liking?”

Ah! We certainly had a discussion like that before the match against Sona-kaichou in the bookstore! I never expected that Akeno-san would remember it!

“N-No! It’s the best!”

I made a lecherous face and made a reply of joy. It really is the best!

“I’m glad. Ufufu. What should we do now? Should we have an observation party? Or…….”

Akeno-san gave an erotic gaze at me while squeezing her breasts!

“Do you want to have private party on top of the bed with touching allowed?”


I had a strong nosebleed with her words which shook my thoughts! Yes!

-I was going to say that, but I had my body frozen by the killing intent I felt behind me! When I looked around, it was Buchou who had a dangerous smile and she then says it to Akeno-san.

“……Akeno? What are you doing?”

“Ara, Rias. So you were here.”

Akeno-san said that on purpose. Akeno-san mostly calls Buchou “Rias” at home. At school and when we are doing the devil’s job, she calls her “Buchou”.

“I am here, since this is Ise and my room. It’s obvious that I’m here.”

“I see. Then wait there for a bit. I’m trying to have Ise-kun get some fun. –You are a hindrance.”

Buchou freezes while smiling at Akeno-san’s words, and she then says it with a shaking voice.


Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! She’s wrapped in a red aura! This is bad! A fight is going to start! I feel danger, but several girls appear from the corner of the room. –It’s Asia, Xenovia and Koneko-chan! What are you girls wearing!?

The design is a bit different, but Asia and Xenovia are wearing Miko costumes similar to Akeno-san’s! Then of course it means they have lots of exposure! Uwaah…… Asia is showing her thighs that much! She has great legs, but your Onii-san feels complicated! It’s really great because of her white skin and slim legs!

“Yeah. It’s easy to move. I can’t wear my underwear with it, but it’s good since it’s easy to move with it.”

Xenovia says something like what a warrior would say. What no bra!? You aren’t wearing panties either!?

“B-But if we don’t wear a bra, then……..it can be seen through…….”

Asia says it shyly while hiding her breasts. Just like she says I can see a pink thing when I look carefully…….. No no! No matter how beautiful Asia’s pink thingy is, I can’t look!


While I was getting excited, the one who approaches me is Koneko-chan whom is wearing a cosplay costume of a beast! Comparing to the other girls she barely has any exposure, but her real cat ears and tail are too lovely!

“…… Do I look good in it? Nyan.”

The pose she just did while saying “Nyan” has an unknown amount of impact on me! Cute! This Loli-loli Koneko-sama is so cute! The girls are doing a cosplaaaaay! What is this dreamy situation!?

“……I will also wear it!”

Buchou who has teary eyes didn't want to be left out, so she went to the corner of the room to look through the piles of cosplay!

“B-But how did it turn out like this?”

A sudden cosplay tournament. So I ask Akeno-san.

“Well when I told everyone that I would be fulfilling my promise with you, they said they wanted to wear it as well. So it turned out like this.”

I see. Everyone must have done it out of curiosity. But everyone has nice figures so their cosplay is amazing! Hmmm, maybe I should record it with a camera afterwards. Can I use it as my “private power generator[5]”!?


The one who came out of the changing room is Buchou, who is wearing an erotic devil costumeeeeee! She has her real devil wings flapping adorably!

“Now, Ise. I look better don’t I? I know what kind of costumes Ise likes.”

Buchou makes a pose with pride! Her Oppai are shaking!

“Yes! You look good in it!”

But Buchou sure does hold strong rivalry towards Akeno-san.


Akeno-san walks to the changing room after seeing that! When she comes out quickly, she is now wearing a costume which is basically a string!


My nosebleed isn’t stopping! She’s basically naked! Her n-nipples can be seen if she moves a bit!

“Ise-kun, costumes which have this much exposure are the best right?”

Amazing….. Right in front of my eyes something unbelievable is happening!

“Ise-kun. Put your hands up and have your finger pointed upwards as well.”

Huh? Just like Akeno-san said, I had my right index finger point up. Then Akeno-san grabbed my hand and made it go to her breasts….. ZOOM! Mnyuuuuuuu!

My index finger gets sucked into Akeno-san's breast!


My nosebleed flowing out increases!

Unbelievable softness which surpassed a marshmallow can be felt with my index fingeeeeer!

“Aaan…….. ……..This is……A-Amazing…… Ise-kun's finger……. When I saw Ise-kun glaring at Diodora, my heart was beating fast…… Ise-kun showed his manly side, so…….I couldn't hold myself…….”

Akeno-san says it with a stimulating breath! An unknown electricity runs through my body! Why is this Onee-sama so erotic! This is bad! I will reach Balance-Breaker once again! It feels like I’m going to! It feels like I am continually touching girls' breasts!


Buchou grabs my left hand silently! She then takes it to her breast…..


My whole left hand touches Buchou’s breaaaaaaaaaaast! Uwaaaaa! Right now I’m touching the breasts of the Two-Great-Oneesama at the same time!

“…………..Nuuu….. Like I thought, my chest gets hot…….when I’m being touched by Ise…… What is this comfortable feeling……. It increases the more I get touched by Ise….. So I end up releasing noise……. Aaaan…….”

My nose starts to burst blood like a waterfall with Buchou's sweet sound! I’m going to die from blood loss! But no matter how many times I touch Buchou's oppai, I never get bored of it! Her smooth silky skin is so elastic and soft that it can bounce and bounce! More than that, her breast which I can’t fully hold onto gets out between my five fingers and it is overwhelming! And when I close my fingers, the sensation of the overwhelming breast is amazing!

I’m going to reach it! I definitely am going to reach it! It seems like I will reach to a new power! My right hand which was poking on Akeno-san's breast is now groping it instead when I realised it! I focus all my concentration on my hands so I can enjoy the unbreakable pudding! I don’t know if I should describe it as being juicy, but this basically demonstrates the softness of a woman’s body!

Aaah, when I compare it like this, Buchou and Akeno-san's oppai are definitely different! Akeno-san's breast is a bit softer? But Buchou's is more elastic! Even though they have me touching their breasts, there are sparks between their eyes! Buchou then shouts with teary eyes!

“I won’t lose to Akeno!”

This time Buchou went to the changing room!? Ah, Akeno-san also goes in!

“No, I can definitely show a better posture to Ise-kun than Rias!”

“Ise said that I am attractive!”

“That isn't true! Last time Ise said my body feels good!”

“You probably made him say that by force! Wait, did you call my Ise casually with his name!?”

“Why can’t I!? Ise!Ise!Ise!Ise! Rias, you dummy!”

“Akeno you stubborn head! Today I won’t forgive you!”

The two Onee-sama started fighting inside the changing room! Are they on good terms or bad terms…..? I started thinking that they really are friends.

“……Ise-senpai. Here is the tissue. You need to stop the nosebleed.”

Koneko-chan, thank you. Ah, crap. I don’t have much blood left……

“This isn't good. When both of them start their fight, we can’t stop them. Let’s move to another place. We are going Asia.”


I was dizzy with blood loss so Asia and Xenovia took my hand. Buchou and Akeno-san started shouting by saying things like “Waa!” and “Kyaa!” inside the changing room, so we moved to the room next door.

“So the match is in five days. It’s soon.”

Xenovia says it while moving her piece for the devil-style “The Game of Life”. In the room next door the four of us, Asia, Xenovia, Koneko-chan and I started playing “The Game of Life”. Devil-style “The Game of Life” - It’s the Underworld version of “The Game of Life”. We start as a Low-class devil and move our rank to Mid-class, High-class, and then Ultimate-class. You win when you become a Maou. The actual Underworld isn't that simple like this, but just like in the human world this is also popular in the Underworld.

We sat around the table. Koneko-chan is on my lap. I sometimes lose myself when I can feel her soft bottom but I need to remain calm.

Because I touched the breasts of Xenovia, Asia, Buchou, and Akeno-san repeatedly my brain is about to melt…… I think I can masturbate repeatedly with the sensation I still have left in my hand. Man if it is between lovers you can experience that twenty-four seven…… I want to make a harem quickly so I can have the environment where I can grope tits!

Because I had so much blood-loss, my consciousness is about to get cut off….. Am I losing too much blood both in private and during battles? Man……



I can hear the voices of the Onee-sama through the walls. They sometimes fight seriously. I’m the cause of it but Koneko-chan gave me the advice that “……When it turns like that, rather than stopping them it is better to have them fight I think”. According to Koneko-chan “……Ise-senpai needs to know more about a maiden’s heart”. Maiden’s heart - Will I be able to become popular if I understand them more? Haaaa, I want to be popular with girls. Then someone knocks on the door and then enters. It’s Irina.

“Waa, when I got home Rias-san and Akeno-san were having a big fight. I was surprised. Ah! Is it “Game of Life”? Let me join too.”

Irina, who went to the Church[6] after finishing her errands, reacted to the Game of Life.

“Devil-style one? Waa, I’m interested in it! For a reincarnated angel like myself, I think I can enjoy it with a mix of feelings since I will be able to experience a fake life of a devil!”

This girl seems to have fun at everything.


Asia makes a small laugh.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Asia?”

When I ask, Asia says it with a smile.

“Yes. I thought that this is fun.”

“Yeah, it is fun. But why all of a sudden?”

“Ise-san. I love my current lifestyle. And I love everyone as well.”

“I know. Don’t worry about the next Rating Game. We just need to do our roles normally.”

When I cheered her up, Xenovia nods.

“That’s right Asia. Asia and I are friends. I will become your sword and beat anyone who will cause harm to you.”

She sure is dependable. It must be Xenovia’s own way of cheering her.

“Asia, let’s finish the game quickly so we can get first place in the three-legged race!”


Asia makes a big smile. Yeah. I……We will protect Asia! I won’t let her go to Diodora’s side!

Then the door opens and Buchou enters. She’s wearing a bunny outfit. Were they having a costume battle or what…..? Ku, it feels like more blood will be coming out from my nose……

“I’m sorry all of a sudden. But.”


When Buchou looks at all of us, she had a doubtful expression.

“We are getting interviewed. We will be appearing on a television programme in the Underworld. We will be appearing as the youth devil and get interviewed.”


Including myself, everyone had a dumb look. But…..

“““Television programme!?”””

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Referring to servants
  2. A person who has the strength of a 1000 people
  3. Ise addressing him as a sarcasm
  4. Priestess
  5. Masturbation
  6. It’s not the one which was the base of the fallen-angels

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