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Life.4 I Love You[edit]

The place we arrive in is…..the shrine located at the deepest end. When we go inside, there is something that looks like a gigantic device.

It’s a circular device which is carved into the wall, there are jewels located in various parts, and it also has mysterious symbols and letters in it.

Is this portraying some sort of magic-circle?

Then I scream after I saw the centre of the device.


Asia is tied to the centre of the device! Judging from her looks, she doesn't have any wounds! Her clothes don’t seem ripped either! I’m glad! Looks like she has no wounds.

“You finally came.”

The one who appears from the side of the device is Diodora Astaroth. His gentle smile increases my anger! I started my count down for Balance Breaker! When the countdown ends, I will punch Diodora! With full power! In full speed! I will pierce through that guys face!


Asia looks this way after hearing my voice. –Her eyes are swollen. She was crying. And her eyes are so red that it tells me that she shed an abnormal amount of tears. When I saw that, I thought of a sick conclusion.

“…….Diodora. Did you tell Asia about the whole thing?”

The thing Freed told us before. Something we must not have Asia hear. But Diodora just smiled at the question I gave him.

“Yeah. I told everything to Asia. Fufufu, I wanted to show it to you as well. The moment she had the best expression. The face she had when she found out everything was going according to my plan was simply the best. Look, I even left the video of it. Should I play it? She really had a splendid face. The expression of the women affiliated with the Church falling, no matter how many times I see it, I never get bored of it.”

Asia started to sob.

“But I think it's still lacking. Asia still has hope inside her. Yes, I’m talking about you guys. Especially the filthy Sekiryuutei over there. Because you saved Asia, my plan turned into a failure. That fallen-angel woman….Raynare. I was supposed to appear and kill Raynare, after she killed Asia once and I was planning to give my evil-piece then. I thought you wouldn't win, even if you were to interfere. Then I found out you are the Sekiryuutei. It’s an interesting occurrence. Thanks to that my plan was postponed quite a lot, but she finally returned to me. Now I can enjoy Asia.”

“Shut up.”

Even I couldn't believe how low my tone was. I did think he was a villain. Something you would call my instinct. It is a vague expression, but I felt the same thing I felt from Raiser coming from him as well.

No, that isn't it. He’s not a villain, but a scum who far surpasses a villain! No, he’s a brute! A shit like this was talking about love to Asia!

I am even more raged than the time Vali said he would kill my parents. Even when I was already at my limits of endurance, Diodora won’t stop his sickening words.

“Asia is still a virgin, right? I like to train them from virgins, and I will hate it if she was already “used” by Sekiryuutei.”

This guy……

“Ah, but maybe it might be fun to NTR[1] from the Sekiryuutei?”

I can’t keep calm unless I beat the shit out of this guy…..

“Maybe it would be good to forcefully have sex with her while she screams out your name…”

“Shut Upppppppp!!”

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!]

Something exploded inside me.

“Diodoraaaaaaaa! You! You are the one person I will never forgive!”

I got engulfed by the red aura, and I was now enveloped by the plate armour which has the power of Sekiryuutei in it. Maybe the Sacred Gear responded to my feelings, I turned into Balance Breaker before the two minutes countdown!

“Buchou, everyone. Please don’t interfere.”

“Ise. We will defeat him together. – That’s what I would like to say, but it looks like we can’t stop you. – You can’t hold back, okay?”

Buchou gave me the best reply. Yes, that’s what I’m planning on doing.

“Ddraig, can you hear me?”

[What is it Partner.]

“Let me do as I want just for today.”


Seeing me, Diodora laughs with joy. His whole body is wrapped in a deep black aura.

“Ahahahaha! Amazing! So this is Sekiryuutei! But I also powered-up! With the snake Ophis gave me that is! I can kill you instan~”


I ignited the fire from the boosters on my back, and closed our distance with an instant dash.


I punched sharply into Diodora's stomach before he could finish his sentence.


Diodora's body bends. His face gets distorted to that of receiving intense pain. It seems like he couldn't react to my speed. I push forward my fist, and tried to destroy his insides.


Diodora vomits things inside his stomach along with blood. I ask while pulling back my fist.

“And the instant kill you were talking about?”

Diodora steps back while holding on to his stomach. His expression doesn't have the confidence he had before.

“Ku! With something like this! I’m a High-class devil! The blood relative of the current Maou Beelzebub!”

Diodora puts his hand forward, and makes many bullets of demonic-powers.

“There is no way that a noble high blood like myself will lose to a lowly, filthy, and vulgar reincarnated-devil like you!”

Diodora's infinite number of demonic-powered bullets showers down on me like rain drops. I just walk towards him without dodging it. I deflect the bullets with my hand, and I close my distance with him. Even if the bullets hit my armour, I advance forward without any care.

Thank you, Old-man Tannin. That torture isn't something which only became useful. The enemy is supposed to be stronger than Buchou, but his attacks aren't scary at all.

[That’s right. The training with the Dragon-King trained you quite a lot. In the match against Sitri you couldn't show the result, but with no restrictions you can release your power. The durability of the armour is more stable than that time in the match against Sitri.]

Yeah, Ddraig. I couldn't use my full power in the fight against Saji, but its different now. And with this guy as my opponent, I can hit him with the intent to kill.

[In terms of simple battle power, you are quite the opponent right now.]

When I came right in front of him, Diodora stops attacking and tried to make a distance.


I ignited the boosters on my back and caught up to Diodora immediately. Then he created many defence barriers.

“It looks thinner than Vali's barriers.”


My fist breaks all of his defence barriers with ease.


Then a punch to his face! I finally did it! There isn't a hit which makes me feel better than this! Because of the impact of being hit, Diodora slams on to the ground. His face is bleeding, and he also had tears in his eyes.

“……It hurts. It hurts. It hurts! Why! My demonic-power hit you! I was supposed to have had my power increased drastically with Ophis's power!”

I lift Diodora's body……and hit him with my fist covered in aura! A strike to his stomach!

“Guha! Gaha!”

Then a strike to his face! It’s not over yet! I gathered the aura to my right hand, and I tried to hit him with the enormous amount of aura!

“I won’t be defeated by a damn rotten dragon like you!”

Diodora put his left hand forward, and creates a thick wall of aura.


My fist hit the wall, and my impact was stopped.

This….. What can this possibly do!

“Ahahahahahaha! Did you see! I have higher demonic-power than you! There is no way that a power idiot Sekiryuutei can defeat me!”

I then used the power of Sekiryuutei in front of Diodora who is smiling.

“-How about I show you the power of the power-idiot then?”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]


Intense amount of aura burst out of the booster, and the impact of my punch increases.


A small crack is made on the wall. And then….


The wall perishes with my fist which increased its impact.

“Sorry. I’m a power idiot, so I can only use my power like this. But if you are my opponent, then this should be enough.”


Diodora changed his expression right away.

“Don’t make our Asia cry!”

I released my punch at him while shouting!


I crushed and bend Diodora's left hand which was put forward, and from there I directed my fist towards his face!


My fist nailed into his face! With my strike, Diodora flies back and crashes against a pillar. Diodora who fell on the ground gets up and then shouts.

“This must be a lie! There is no way I will be beaten! I won against Agares! I’m also planning to win against Bael! There’s no way I will lose to the untalented heir of the Great-King! Gremory who holds affection can’t even be my opponent! I’m Diodora from the House of Astaroth!”

When Diodora puts his hand upwards, many circular sharp things made from demonic-powers appear around me. The sharp objects all point towards me, and come at me like missiles!

-I won’t be able to dodge all of it!

I lower my head down, or I jump to the side to evade it. But there is a limit to it. I fend the sharp objects with a punch or kick. The tip of it bends, and it wraps around me as if it has its own will!


It goes around me finding the thinnest part of the armour, and it destroys it to pierce my body!

Shit…… It hurts! So he gathered the demonic-power to the tip, and opened a small hole on my armour with it. Since he can’t take me on from the front, he decided to aim for the single point huh………

But, not yet! I used both my hands to pull out all the sharp object at once! Because I pulled it out by force, my blood spills on the ground. Diodora tries to do the same attack again so I used my booster to shorten my distance with him and released my kick.


A sour sound echoes throughout the shrine. My kick hits Diodora's right thigh and it seems like it crushed his bone.

“Daaaaamn itttt!”

Diodora who put on a painful expression points his hand towards me and started to gather demonic-powers immediately. He’s trying to shoot the demonic-power with his utmost level. I also directed my hand towards him. I gather dragon aura to my hand!


A red light shoots out from my right hand, and a massive demonic-power is also shot from Diodora's hand.


Our shot collides and pushes against each other….. But with something like this……. You won’t be able to stop me!


[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

The power which has been increased by my Sacred Gear passes on to it, and the power of my dragon-shot increases!


My dragon-shot blows away his shot and it skids through along his side. My dragon’s aura which went past him creates a huge hole in a section of the shrine, it pierces through the wall and goes outside.

Even so, he still tries to gather demonic-powers…..


I slammed my fist against the floor. The shrine itself vibrates. His eyes twitch when he sees the giant crater on the floor. Diodora is trembling while his teeth chatter. I missed on purpose. I could have hit him with it. …….Shit. I’m too soft hearted…….

I walk to him, and pull him up. I then open the mask part of my helm, and glare at him with my face exposed while emitting my red aura violently.

“Don’t ever get near Asia again! The next time you show yourself before us, then that time I really will blow you away!”

Diodora's eyes get dyed with the colour of fear……

[Partner. His heart is already crushed. – His eyes are that of those who have become ingrained with the fear of dragons.]

……I see, Ddraig. I let go off Diodora. He is just shaking like mad.

“Ise, aren't you going to finish him off?”

Xenovia asks me while pointing Ascalon at Diodora. Her eyes are dangerously cold! This is bad. Her killing intent is at the MAX!

“He might approach Asia again. Don’t you think it will be better for the future if we cut off his head here?”

Xenovia is serious. If either me or Buchou agrees, she will decapitate Diodora's head. But I shook my head to the sides.

“……This guy is also a relative of the current Maou. Even if he assisted the terrorists, it would cause trouble to Buchou and Buchou's brother if we kill him. I already beat him enough.”

Buchou raises her eyebrows and then closed her eyes. Buchou was incensed at him, but she must have decided to let the higher-ups handle Diodora's punishment.

Xenovia seems very regretful, but then stabs down Ascalon on to the floor. She did that to get rid of even the slight anger.

“……. I understand. If Ise is saying that, then I will stop. – But.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Xenovia and I point our sword and fist towards Diodora.

“ “Don’t ever come and talk to Asia again!” ”

With our words filled with intensity, Diodora shakes his head numerous times while having eyes full of fear. When we let Diodora go, we walked towards Asia.


Along with me, the other guys also gathered around the device.


I pat gently on Asia’s head.

“We came to rescue you, Asia. Hahaha, I did promise you. That I will definitely protect you.”

Maybe because she felt relieved, Asia starts to shed tears of joy. It’s okay. After we rescue Asia, we will escape to the basement of the shrine, and wait until Sensei and others take care of everything. But after a while, Kiba’s expression changes.

“……I can’t take off the restraints on her limbs.”

What!? Impossible!? I tried to take off the restraints connecting Asia and the device….

“Shit! It won’t come off!”

It can’t be pulled of even with my power of Sekiryuutei! All of us try to take off the restraints on Asia’s limbs, even if we try to cut them off with holy-demonic-sword or holy-sword or even by using demonic-powers, it won’t even budge! What is this restraint!? Is it specially made!?

Then Diodora said it with a very small voice.

“……It’s useless. That device can only be used once due to its mechanism, but its made that it won’t stop unless you use it once. –It won’t stop unless Asia’s ability is activated.”

“What do you mean?”

When I asked, he answers timidly.

“That device is one of the special barriers created by a Longinus possessor. The strong barrier protecting this field was also made by him. [Dimension Lost] is the ultimate barrier-type Sacred Gear. Having the possessor in the centre, it spreads an unlimited amount of mist. It can seal everything inside its zone and it can even teleport it to a different dimension. When it reaches Balance-Breaker, it changed its ability in which it can create any type of barrier device the possessor wishes with the mists. –[Dimension Create]. The barrier made can’t be stopped unless it is activated once properly.”

Kiba then questions Diodora.

“What’s the requirement for activation, and what is the ability of this device?”

“……. The activation requirement is either I or someone affiliated with us gives the signal to start, or if I was to be defeated. The ability of the barrier is to increase the power of the one in the restraint, in this case Asia, and reverse its effect.”


Hold on…… Then I thought of a bad conclusion…… In the match against Sitri, Asia’s healing ability was reversed and….

Kiba seems like he also realised it, and he questions him again.

“What about the range of its effect?”

“……..This field, and the viewing room where the observers are present at.”


Everyone got shocked at that answer! This is bad! Asia’s Sacred Gear ability to heal is enormous! It can even heal devils and fallen-angels! If that was to amplify and be reversed, and if the range of its effect is this field and the observing room……!

“…….The leaders of each faction might be eliminated………!”

We turned blue at the shocking truth! If that happens all of the human world, Underworld and Heaven will be in serious trouble!

“So they thought of a plan like that with the match against Kaichou!”

Diodora shook his head to my doubt.

“……No. It seems like the possibility of it was predicted quite some time ago. Except, since the ones in the Sitri group used it, the plan was proved to work…….”

Buchou’s face turns into that of anger.

“The traitor in the fallen-angels remained in the organisation and let Sona borrow “Reverse”. So they gathered data from it and might have been using them!”

…….House of Glasya-Labolas. The match against Sitri. Diodora. So Khaos-Brigade was behind all this…..

Shit. So this device made from the Longinus is someone affiliated to Khaos Brigade huh!

Ddraig, can’t you do something about this? You are also a Longinus, right?

[No, Dimension Lost is a higher rank Longinus than the Boosted Gear. And if it reaches Balance-Breaker, its near limitless. Please remember it. Longinus more powerful than the Boosted Gear exists.]

Of all the places, why is that bastard with such a powerful Sacred Gear in Khaos Brigade!?

“…….Shit! Damn it……! What should we…….”

I became frustrated and slammed on the floor. And then Asia says…..

“Ise-san, destroy this along with…..”

“Don’t say something stupid! If you say that again, then I will get pissed! I won’t forgive you Asia, even if it is you!”

“B-But at this rate, Sensei and Michael-sama will…….with my power…….. If that was to happen I would rather…..”

I put my hand on Asia’s shoulder and say it straight to her!

“I…..! I……! I made an oath that I won’t let Asia go through sadness again! That’s why I won’t let you do that! I will protect you! Yeah, I will! I will definitely protect Asia!”

I cried. But I’m serious. I will definitely protect Asia!


Asia also became emotional and she started shedding tears. I then said it to Asia with a smile.

“That’s why lets go home together. Mum and Dad are waiting at home. Let’s go back to our house!”


The device is activated silently! Shit! It finally started!

We shot demonic-powers and dragon’s power towards the device again….. But it was unscratched!

So this is the power of a Longinus which is ranked higher than the Boosted Gear!

……No, wait….

I then thought of something. I look at Asia. Yeah, its directly attached to Asia.

“Ddraig, I believe in you.”

[What do you mean, Partner?]

Ddraig asks with wonder, and I then touched the restraint on Asia. If it's impossible by using Ddraig’s power directly, how about a special move in which I use Ddraig’s power on my imagination?

“Asia. I will apologise before hand.”


Asia tilts her head adorably…. But this is all for the sake of saving Asia... I’m sorry!

“Rise! My sexual desire! My worldly desire! – Dress Break! Balance-Breaker Boost version!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

All the jewels on my armour glow red, and the power flows to my hand which is touching the restraint.

What I imagine is Asia’s naked body! Yes, the appearance of when she was born wearing nothing! I saved that on my brain before! I remembered that and imagined strongly while getting a nose bleed!

The sensitive and smooth white skin! A soft body! A beautiful one! The pink…..! Nipplessssssss!



The sound of metal breaking……and the sound of clothes being blown away! The restraints on Asia’s limbs are blown away, and at the same time her nun outfit is blown away too.


Asia ducks down immediately.


Seeing Asia-chan’s naked body which is still growing, I had blood coming out from my nose. Yes! Even today, Asia-chan’s Oppai are white and beautiful!


Maybe its because Asia was released from the device, the device also stops.

“Ara ara.”

Akeno-san made Asia wear clothes right away using her demonic-power.

Buchou then knocks on my armour and then asks.

“How did you come up with the idea that Dress Break can destroy it? Can that destroy anything which is attached to the woman’s body?”

“I-I’m not actually sure, but the restraints were on her wrists and ankles, so I thought maybe it would be counted as one of her clothing’s. I then remembered about Asia’s naked body within my head, and imagined seriously that I want to turn her into that state. Maybe it wouldn't work if I did it normally. I think I succeeded because I was in Balance Breaker state and increased it with the Boost version. It feels like I cleared the grey zone.”

I made a bad explanation like that, but I think that’s how it is. Even Buchou tilts her head saying “Hmm, maybe Ise's imagination and wild ideas were also a factor for it”.

Anyhow, Asia is safe! I also destroyed the device! Diodora is also disheartened! And we are all doing well! My wild delusion saved my comrades! Yeah! Then it’s mission accomplished!



Asia who is in new nun costumes hugs on to me! Sob……It’s a shame that I’m being hugged while I’m wearing the armour, but I’m glad Asia is back!

“I believed in you…… That Ise-san will come to rescue me.”

“Of course. But I’m sorry. You heard something painful right?”

Asia shook her head to the side and then says it with a smile.

“I’m alright. I was shocked that time, but I have Ise-san with me.”

Sob! She is such an adorable girl! Mou! Your brother isn’t going to let you marry ever! I will adore her while she is with me!

Xenovia also had teary eyes.

“Asia! I’m glad! If you were to disappear, I……”

Asia smiles while wiping Xenovia’s tears.

“I won’t go anywhere. Since Ise-san and Xenovia-san will protect me.”

“Yeah! I will protect you! Definitely!”

Oh, best friends are hugging. Asia and Xenovia’s friendship is so beautiful. Kiba and I….. Fuck, I definitely don’t want to hug him.

“Buchou-san. Everyone. Thank you very much. For doing this for me….”

Asia bows and everyone responds with a smile. This time Buchou hugs her and she then says it with a smile.

“Asia. It’s okay for you to not call me ‘Buchou’ at home you know? You can think of me as your older sister.”

“-! Yes! Rias-oneesama!”

Buchou and Asia are hugging. It’s an emotional scene!

“I’m so glaaaaaad! I’m so happppppppy that Asia-senpai returned!”

Gasper is also crying a lot. Ah, he’s even getting his head patted by Koneko-chan. Ah, looks like we can return home safely. The device is destroyed, so this should be the end. Maybe I should deactivate my armour once we hide in the basement. It might be better to stay in this form till the last minute. It would be scary if someone comes and attack us.

“Now, Asia. Let’s go home.”

“Yes! But before that, I need to pray.”

Asia seems like she is praying something to the sky.

“Asia. What did you pray for?”

Asia then says it shyly.

“It’s a secret.”

Asia runs towards me while smiling.


Then something very bright appears. When I looked, Asia is surrounded by pillars of light. When the pillars of light disappeared…..


No one was there.

Lord. Can you please listen to my wish?

Please protect Ise-san forever.

And also……

Please allow me to continue living with Ise-san……..

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  1. Japanese acronym for Netorare, used to define a genre of Eroge (Hentai Game), meaning "Cuckold". In short, the main protagonist's loved one(s) are taken or seduced away from him and the heroine might be willing or unwilling.