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Life.5 The Great Red![edit]

“Hmm. Huh? What is going on?”

When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in Balance-Breaker form anymore. I was confused when I found myself being hugged by Buchou and Akeno-san who are in tears.

I don’t quite remember, but according to Kiba I went berserk and defeated the guy called Shalba. Yeah, I don’t remember that at all.

Wait, isn't the girl Xenovia is hugging onto Asia!? Why?

“Vali rescued her.”

Kiba points at Vali. Ah, so Vali was here.

……Wait, why’s he here? And why is he smiling? When I asked for the reason, I found out that Vali came here by coincidence.

But I’m glad Asia is safe!

“Asia! Asia!”

When I called out her name, Asia opens her eyes slowly.

“……..Huh? ………Ise-san?”

OH! She’s okay! I’m glad! My Asia-cha……


I was about to hug her but I get pushed away by Xenovia!


Xenovia hugs onto Asia. Oh my, she’s crying like mad.

“Xe…Xenovia-san. What’s wrong? I-It’s hard to breath…..”

“Asia! Asia Asia Asia Asia Asia Asia! You and I will always be friends! Friends forever! That’s why please don’t leave me again!”

Asia pats gently on Xenovia’s head.

“……Yes. We will always be friends.”

“I’m so glad.”

Irina who was besides me started nodding her head down while crying.

……Looks like case closed. I made a sigh of relief. Then Vali comes to talk to me.

“Hyoudou Issei. Looks like you are alright.”

“Yeah. Looks like I caused you trouble.”

“Well, it may be alright at times. More than that, it’s about time. Look up the sky.”


I was in wonder but I looked up the white sky of this battle field.



A gigantic hole was created in the sky. Then something appears within from it.


I became so shocked that my mouth dropped open because of what I am seeing from the thing which appeared from the hole. Vali says it while putting on a smirk.

“Look carefully, Hyoudou Issei. That is the one, I wanted to see.”

A gigantic creature….. A true-red coloured dragon appeared in the sky swimming magnificently.

Huge! He’s much bigger than old-man Tannin! It easily exceeds hundred meters! Vali continues while narrowing his eyes.

“There are two dragons called the ‘Red Dragons’. One of them is the ancient dragon from Wales residing in you. Welsh Dragon. The Sekiryuutei [1]. Hakuryuukou [2] also comes from the same origin and the same myth. But there is one more ‘Red Dragon’. That is the Red-Dragon which is recorded in Revelation [3].”


“The True God-Emperor of Red-Dragon. Apocalypse Dragon, the Great-Red. It’s the great dragon which is called the ‘True-Dragon’. It chose to live in the dimensional gap and swims there for eternity. Today, we came here to confirm ‘that’. The field of the Rating Game is inside a section in the dimensional gap by putting on a barrier. This time, Ophis's true aim was to confirm that. Shalba's plan was something which wasn't important to us.”

“But why is it flying in a place like this?”

“No idea. There are lots of opinions about it….. That is Ophis's ‘aim’ and the ‘target’ I wish to defeat.”

Vali’s target……

That time, Vali showed the clearest eyes ever seen before.

“The one I want to fight the most. The Apocalypse Dragon Great-Red who is called [DxD], Dragon of Dragon. – I want to become “The True God-Emperor of White-Dragon”. It won’t look good if the ‘white’ is a rank below the ‘Red’ when there is the ultimate-class for ‘Red’ right? That’s why I will become one. One day when I defeat Great-Red.”

So that is Vali's dream.

So this guy also has a dream. So the reason why he put himself within the terrorists is so he can fight that huge dragon. I know he’s doing bad things, but after hearing his dream, I realised he has a thing called a dream as well.

“Great-Red. It has been awhile.”


Near us, a black-haired little girl wearing a one-piece was standing there.

“Who is that girl…..? She wasn't there before.”

Vali makes a bitter smile after seeing her.

“-Ophis. She’s the Uroboros. She’s also the head of Khaos Brigade.”

-! Are you serious! That is the boss! More like, what is she doing here! Don’t tell me she’s here to fight me!?

The small girl made a posture of shooting a gun using her hands at Great Red.

High school dxd v6 c009.jpg

“I shall, definitely get my hands on silence.”


This time a sound of the wing flapping.


It seems like something heavy fell down as well! What is it this time! Wait, its Sensei and old-man Tannin!

“Sensei, Old-man!”

“Oh, Ise. Looks like you are back to normal. I was scared about what would happen to you, but I knew that you will revert back to normal from [Juggernaut Drive] with that song and women’s breasts. You are the big-idiot who reached Balance Breaker by pressing women’s tits after all. Looks like it wasn't a waste that I made the lyrics for that song.”

That song was filled with dreams, but that is too horrible!

“By the way, the offer came from Sirzechs. That guy and Serafall were so eager in it that they composed the music and even made the choreography for it.”

Sensei, even I was shocked when I found that out afterwards. You can say that it is the joint product of the devils world and the fallen-angels world. The Old-man also laughs lively.

“Hahahaha. To be expected from the breast loving Sekiryuutei! – Oh. Looks like something outrageous appeared while we were following Ophis.”

Sensei and Old-man also looked at Great-Red.

“How nostalgic. Great-Red huh.”

“Have you also fought him Tannin?”

Old-man shook his head to the sides to Sensei’s question.

“No, he didn't even pay attention to me.”

So even old-man couldn't become his opponent? Then that giant dragon, how powerful is it……?

“It’s been a while, Azazel.”

Vali speaks to Sensei.

“Did you defeat Cruzerey Asmodeus?”

“Yeah, but Sirzechs was the one who took care of him. …….If their leaders are taken down, then their henchman will run away. Looks like Shalba Beelzebub was taken care of by Ise in [Juggernat Drive].”

“And Onii-sama?”

Buchou asks Sensei.

“The barrier collapsed, so he returned to the observation room.”

Sensei then says it to Ophis.

“Ophis. The guys from the Old-Maou faction who were rampaging in each area either retreated or surrendered. – In reality, the Old-Maou faction which was controlled by the descendants is now basically finished.”

“Yes. That is also one of the conclusions.”

Ophis didn’t show even a slight sign of being shocked. So it doesn’t hurt them even if a single faction was crushed. Hearing that, Sensei shrugs his shoulder.

“Among you guys, the group with power apart from Vali is the faction assembled by the humans who are either the descendants of heroes or Sacred Gear possessors. I think they were called ‘Hero-faction’ right.”

Hero-faction? There are still factions remaining in the terrorists group!? Ah, if I remember their organisation consists of dangerous heretics from different places…..

“Now, Ophis. Shall we fight?”

Sensei points his spear of light at Ophis. Is the battle going to resume!? And the fight will be between bosses!? But Ophis turns around.

“I will go home.”

Oh my, looks like she has no desire to fight. People on our side won’t be satisfied with that, and old-man Tannin shouts and tells her to stop while spreading his wings.

“Wait! Ophis!”

But Ophis just put on a creepy smile.

“Tannin. The dragon-kings are gathering once again. – This will turn interesting.”


When I thought the air vibrated for a moment…..Ophis has now disappeared!

Oh my, she ran away! Sensei and old-man Tannin were making a sigh.

“We will also retreat.”

Vali’s voice. He was just about to enter the cut to another dimension created by the guy wearing a suit. You guys are too fast at escaping!

“Hyoudou Issei. – Do you want to defeat me?”

“…..I do. But you are not the only one I want to surpass. I want to surpass Kiba, who is in the same group as me, and I also want to surpass my pal, Saji. There are so many things I want to surpass.”

“Me too. There are those I want to defeat besides you. This is weird. Looks like the current Sekiryuutei and the current Hakuryuukou have dreams and objectives more important than their destined fight. Maybe you and I are weird dragons. But something like that might be good at times. – But one day….”

I then pointed my fist towards Vali.

“Yeah, let’s settle it. It will be a trouble if Buchou and Akeno-san’s oppai were reduced to half.”

“Like I thought, you are truly amusing. – Get stronger, Hyoudou Issei.”

“See ya, Oppai-dragon! And also Switch-princess!”

Ku! Bikou's smile he showed at the end pisses me off! Wait, what’s a Switch-princess? Ah, Buchou's face turned very red. Why?

“Kiba Yuuto-kun. Xenovia-san.”

The man wearing a business suit calls Kiba and Xenovia.

“I am the wielder of Holy-King sword, and the descendant of Arthur Pendragon. Call me Arthur. One day, let’s have a battle of Holy-swords. Good bye.”

After that, Vali and his comrades disappeared into the crack to another dimension. I did think I should have gone after them. But he saved Asia. I don’t know whether he did it out of boredom or not. But, I didn't feel like fighting him here.

But one day….. I will definitely. There will be a time when we have to face against each other. So I need to prepare for then. I took Asia’s hand, and said it to her with a smile.

“This time, let’s go home for real Asia. To our home.”

“Yes. I will go home to the house Otou-san and Oka-san are waiting at.”

I was looking at the smiling Asia……and then I lost consciousness.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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  2. Emperor of White Dragon
  3. Book of the Bible

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