High School DxD:Volume 6 New Life

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New Life[edit]


When I opened my eyes, I was in my room.

…….Huh? I defeated Diodora, I then met Vali, and then what happened?

It feels like I have been losing my consciousness a couple of times……

“Are you awake?”

When I looked in the direction from where the voice came from…… A silver haired maid, Grayfia-san was there. Wait…. The crimson haired boy…… Milicas is with her. He’s looking at me.

“Ise-niisama has finally woken up, Okaa-sama!”

“Milicas-sama, I have asked you not to call me that in front of people.”

“Boo… Yes.”

When I got my upper body up, Grayfia-san gave me a cup of water.

“Ah, thank you.”

While I am drinking it, Grayfia-san is trying to start up a holographic device. Huh? What is this? The device starts up and the vision of a man appears in 3D. – It’s Sirzechs-sama. He is wearing quite a rough clothing. Is he out somewhere secretly?

[Hey, Ise-kun. Looks like you are awake.]

“Ah, yes!”

[Thank you very much about the incident earlier. Thanks to you and Rias’ effort, we were able to settle things with the Old-Maou factions for now.]

I was then told that I lost consciousness at the end and that I have slept for a couple of days after that. Apparently turning into that [Juggernaut Drive] put a lot of burden on my body. I can’t turn into that form right now, but I was also told I shouldn't.

[While you were sleeping, Azazel talked about a couple of things with Ddraig. When you thought that you lost Asia Argento-san, your rage increased to the utmost level, which released the sealed power.]

I see. So I turned into that outrageous form due to my anger. But that Ddraig appeared while I was unconscious, huh.

[That form allows you to attain the power which surpasses God and Maou temporally. – But it also reduces the life of the possessor considerably. It’s better you don’t turn into that form anymore. If you die, lots of people will be sad. Even my sister….]

“Yes. I understand.”

I don’t remember what that form was, but I don’t want to turn into that form again. There will be no meaning to it if I were to die. I turned into that form after I thought Asia died and went berserk, but if possible I don’t want to have to turn into that form ever again.

I was also told that the Old-Maou faction of Khaos Brigade has collapsed because they lost their core members. And Vali, who is the descendant of a Maou, has no interest in their matters so he declined their offer to become their leader. Sirzechs-sama said the Old-Maou faction is basically finished.

The remnant devils either surrendered or hid themselves in the darkness. Because of the incident involving Diodora, the house of Astaroth lost all their trust. The crime of their next heir having aligned with Khaos Brigade was serious, and so the current head of the house of Astaroth was dismissed. The house of Astaroth lost the privilege for having a Maou come from their family for a while. The current Beelzebub was asked to take responsibility for this incident. But it seemed like the current-Beelzebub was also receiving an assault from the Khaos Brigade during the incident as well.

Also because the other three Maou defended him, the voices of those blaming the current Beelzebub have settled down.

[Right now, losing Ajuka Beelzebub who is the current Beelzebub will be fatal for the devils. He is a man talented in technological programmes. He is also the one who created the basic theory of the Rating Games. Most of all, you can’t find someone of his calibre.]

Sirzechs-sama says that. Looks like the lack of manpower in the devil business world is a serious issue.

Maybe it's because I am the Sekiryuutei, so Sirzechs-sama also told me about Uroboros. Ophis. But I had doubts about her, especially with her aim.

“Can I ask you one thing?”

[What is it?]

“Ophis….. The boss of Khaos Brigade’s and their aim is to get rid of that giant dragon called Great-Red, so she can return to the dimensional gap, correct? Then if we help her, won’t she leave the terrorist group?”

But Sirzechs-sama shakes his head to the sides.

[No, unfortunately that will be very hard. Right now it is thought that all the dimensional gaps located in every part of the world are balanced because Great-Red resides in it. If Great-Red was to be killed by Ophis or Vali, or if Ophis was to rule the dimensional gap we won’t know what will happen to this World. Nothing would have happened if it was Ophis in the past, but the current Ophis stayed in this world too long so she has changed a lot from the first time she appeared.]

So it means a serious thing would happen if the balance of the world collapses. Then Ophis and Vali's aim are very dangerous! So that’s why leaders of each faction are having a hard time about this. Ngggh. If I was to defeat Vali in the future, I need to hope someone defeats Ophis instead. I don’t want to be the one fighting her as well!

My goal is to become a High-class devil and to make a harem!

[We need to reconsider about the Rating Games for young devils in the future as well. It will be too dangerous if they are all being interfered with by the terrorists.]

“Then it will be cancelled?”

[We probably have to restart it. But there is a match which we want to see no matter what. The people who live in the Underworld and those from other factions are saying strongly that they want to see this certain match definitely.]

“A game between who and who?”

[-The match between Rias and Sairaorg.]


So many people want to see that match huh! A battle between Buchou and the number one youth, Sairaorg-san!

-I desire to fight you with only pure power.

The thing he said to me. I still have it burned in my ears. I see. So if we were to resume the game, we will fight Sairaorg-san next huh.

[At the same time the match between Sitri vs Arch-Duke Agares is also desired strongly……. If we were to have the match played then it will be the matches of Power vs Power and Tactics vs Tactics.]

Sirzechs-sama seems like he’s enjoying it. He must be looking forward to those matches.

[Anyway, until the match makeup is decided, all the young devils are asked to be on standby.]

Terrorism did just occur after all. There is a possibility that the game itself would be cancelled due to the public opinion of the Underworld. Looks like the Rating Game for the young devils is also put in a tight spot.

But about the ‘Oppai Dragon’, it seems like it became super popular amongst the children in the Underworld.

[I’m coming up with a second song. Ufufu, when I was a child I dreamed of becoming a musician. I’m happy that one of my dreams is fulfilled.]

Ah, Sirzechs-sama has eyes sparkling with lights. So he composed that song with so much passion huh…..

Sirzechs-sama then says it to me.

[You are amazing.]


[Yes. The audience group with the least number for the Rating Game is….. No, you can say that it is basically zero and that audience group is the children. For the children watching Rating Games among adult devils, it would be far from entertainment for them. The truth is, the only game which is popular among children are the ones with reincarnated devils like Tannin, dragons, Monsters, Youkai and the match with those without human form. For the children, it would be like monster films with lots of impact.]

Hahahaha, a monster huh. Certainly old-man Tannin has the appearance of a monster.

[In the future I don’t mind if it is just during the game. – If possible I would like children who will carry the future of the next generation to see your fights.]

“So you are asking me to become the hero of the brats…..I mean the children during the game?”

[Yes. But I won’t force you. It is just my hope.]

I don’t understand anything complicated about the how the game is important in the Underworld…… But for the children huh……

[That’s the Oppai dragon!]


I then remembered about the children who became happy seeing me when I took an interview. Somehow there was a side of me feeling eager to do this. I never had someone become so happy to just see me…..

[-Just aiming for a Harem as your goal is a waste.]

I remembered what old-man Tannin said to me at the Underworld. No. Old-man, I won’t change my ultimate goal of making a harem. After all I want to have my own harem full of beauties!


Showing my cool side to the brats wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

Maybe young mums might come with them as well!?

Someone’s wife! A young wife! Wonderful! If I remember right, the recent Hero programme also targets the mums for their audience as well!

If I become famous, then my own Hero show might start! The kids will come bringing their mums! Maybe I will have a fateful meeting with someone!

I felt like I found the door to gather the beauties of the Underworld!

Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I will capture many wives!!

Old-man! I will aim to become a Harem-King after all! Of course I will even allow wives!

“Roger that, Sirzechs-sama! For the wives…. No, I will try hard for the kids! By the way I can hear cheers from behind you. What’s going on?”

[Ah, that’s right. Today, it is the Kuou Academy’s school festival. I also came to see my little sister shine.]


I check the calendar and the digital clock to confirm the date and time of today! Ah! It really is the school festival todaaaaaay!


I slept in so I almost missed it!

[Grayfia, send Ise-kun to the academy using the transport magic circle right away.]

“Yes, I understand.”

Thank you! To be expected from Maou-sama! I got changed right away! Three-legged race with Asia! It will be bad if I was late!


The sound of blank gun shots echoes in the sky. Then the announcements for the programme could be heard.

[It is the three-legged race. People participating, please line up at the starting point.]

Uwa! It’s just about to start! The place I teleported to was the forest near the old school building! I run towards the school ground quickly!

[Now the three-legged race for the class match for the second year is about to start.]

It started! If I remember, me and Asia’s race was the middle race! I ran as fast as I could and came out to the school ground!

“Ise! It will be faster from here!”


So she came to find me! Ah! I see. It will certainly be a short-cut if I go through the tent!

“Hyoudou! You are late! Hurry, go to Asia-san!”

Saji who is in the tent also gave me a cheer!

“Yeah! Leave it to me!”

Ah, I finally found the lane!

Asia is…… Found her! Aaaaaah, she is about to get her foot tied with another guy from my class and she looks sad!

No no no! I will be the one to run with Asia-chan!


Asia noticed my shout. She looks around and found me! She shouts with a smile where she is about to cry!


Wait for me! I won’t let Asia be alone! I’m always Asia’s comrade! I finally arrived at Asia’s place and then say it to the guy from my class.

“Sorry, I will run.”

He then pats on my shoulder.

“Of course! Go and run with Asia-san!”

He gave me a cheer! Yeah, just watch me! Asia-chan and my combination that is! I duck down and tied my leg with Asia’s with a rope.

“Ise-san! You came for me!”

“Of course. I am Asia’s Ise after all, you know? I will definitely come to Asia’s need.”

Ah, she looks like she is about to cry again. Asia’s cry baby side never gets cured.

“It’s the next race!”

Then it was our turn. We hold each other’s hip and made a posture to run anytime.


The empty gun shot echoes through the sky. It started!

“Let’s go! Asia!”


We showed superb combination from the start and ran fast.

“Ise! Asia! Get first place!”

“You can do it!”

Buchou and Akeno-san gave us a cheer!

“Ise-kun! Asia-san! You can aim for first place!”

“Ise! Asia! Goooooo!”

“Do your best both of you!”

Kiba, Xenovia and Irina also gave us a cheer!

“Ise-senpai! Asia-senpai!”

“Please do your best!”

Gasper also shouted loudly! Even Koneko-chan has high spirits!

“I won’t let you off the hook if you lose!”

Azazel-sensei! I will win!

“You came, Ise! I will record the part where you win!”

“Ise! Asia-chan! Do your best! Fight!”

Dad! Mum! Look at the victory of your son and daughter!

I then said it to Asia while running.

“Asia, stay by my side forever. You aren't allowed to leave me again.”


Asia puts on a face where she is about to cry again, but she endured it and concentrated on running!

And then…..



We passed through the goal tape!


We received the flag for first position, and I made a guts pose!

Hahaha, look! Asia and I can run fast!

“Yeah! We did it Asia!”

“Yes! We did it, Ise-san!”

Asia and I took each others hand! Look! Our rhythm is the best after all!

And then…. My legs start to weaken. I just got up from a lethargic state. Did I over do it….?

“Ise-san! Are you alright?”

Asia supports my body.

“Ah, I think I got too excited.”

“Ise. Asia.”

Buchou appeared. She points at the gymnasium with a smile.

“Asia. No one is behind the gymnasium, so heal him with the Sacred Gear.”


I’m sorry, Buchou. Nggh, I feel pathetic. I should have a lot of stamina and I end up like this……

I borrowed Asia’s arm and went past Buchou and then……

“-Asia, do your best.”


? Buchou’s words made Asia turn red….. Huh?

High school dxd v6 279.jpg

Like that we moved behind to the gymnasium and I had Asia heal me. Aaah, Asia’s healing is the best. The light-green light relaxes my body immediately. When my body returned to normal, I got up.

“Yeah. With this I should be fine with the remaining activities!”


“Hmm? What is it?”

Asia calls me, so I turned around…..

Asia tip toes. Then Asia’s lips overlap with mine.


A sudden kiss. I didn’t know what was going on because of the kiss.

S-Shit. My head is about to burst……! Because…..! Because, she just……! I just kissssssssssed her! And with Asiaaaaaaaaa! Asia then tilts her head adorably with a smile.

“Ise-san, I love you. I will always stay beside you.”

I became so happy that I fell down. I……

I’m so happy right nowwwwwwwwwwwww!

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