High School DxD:Volume 6 Uroboros

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I, Azazel, have taken care of quite a number of devils from the Old-Maou faction in the Rating Game field. The rest of them should be easily taken care of by my subordinates.

I left the rest to my subordinates and flew up the sky heading towards to a certain location —The jewel which has Fafnir residing in it is reacting towards this way.

When I immediately teleported here with Odin’s power along with my subordinate, the jewel inside my stomach. When I saw a person at the corner of the field, the jewel increased its brightness.

I then stood in front of that person. ……A little girl who has her black hair down till her hips. She is wearing a black one-piece, and you can see her thin limbs. The little girl has a graceful face, but she is looking at the centre of the field which has many shrines lined up. …….I sharpen my eyes and then say to her.

“—I never expected for you to come here personally.”

The girl reacts to my voice and then looks at me. She laughs lightly.

“Azazel. It has been a while.”

“Didn’t you have the appearance of an old person before? Now that you have the appearance of a Bishoujo-sama, you definitely have my respect. What are you plotting.—Ophis.”

Yes, she is the [Uroboros Dragon], Ophis! The boss of the Khaos Brigade! No mistake about it. The creepy aura which you cannot describe only belongs to Ophis. The last time I met her, she was in the form of an old-man, but this time she has the appearance of a black haired girl. Well to her, appearance is only a decoration. She can change as much as she wants.

If she came here personally, then that means this terror is that much more important to her.

“Observing. Just that only.”

“Sight seeing from such a good place aye….. But for the Boss to appear huh. Will the World be peaceful if I defeat you here?”

I said it with a bitter smile while pointing my spear of light at her. But she shook her head.

“Impossible. Azazel can’t defeat me.”

She said it clearly. Like I thought. I won’t be able to defeat her by myself. I know that. But it’s certain that the Khaos Brigade will get critical damage if I defeat her here.

“Then how about with the two of us?”

The one who came down while flapping his wings is……an enormous dragon!


The former Dragon-king Tannin! This guy also was involved in eliminating the Old-Maou faction within the game field, but it seems he came here after he finished his work. Tannin glares at Ophis with his big eyes.

“The young devils are betting their future, and they are standing on the battlefield. I don’t like the fact that you came to interfere in it! For you, who didn't take any interest in the world to become the boss of the terrorists!? What made you become like that!”

I also nod at Tannin’s opinion and I also ask her.

“Killing time. –Don’t tell me such a dull reason like that. Because of your actions, there are casualties in each area.”

Yeah, since she stood on the top of the terrorists, she lent her power to all types of dangerous guys, and it brought casualties to each of the factions. The number of people getting killed increases day by day. It’s so serious that we can’t ignore it anymore.

What drove her to act and make her stand on the top of the terrorists? I just couldn't understand that. Why did the ultimate existence who stayed silent about the World decide to act now?

But Ophis's answer was something I couldn't accept.

“—The silent World.”


For a moment, I didn't understand what she said.


I ask her once again. Then Ophis looks at us straight and says it again.

“I want to return to the dimensional gap, and attain silence. That is the only reason.”


She’s saying that’s her reason? The dimensional gap. To make it simple, the human World and the Underworld, the human World and the Heaven, the dimensional wall which exists between them. The boundary which separates the World. Nothing exists there and it is called “The world of nothingness”. I knew she was born there, but……..

“…….I would laugh because your reason is being homesick, but the dimensional gap huh. If I remember, over there at the dimensional gap…..”

Ophis nods at my words.

“Yes, Great Red is there.”

Right now, the dimensional gap is in the control of that guy. I see. Ophis wants to get rid of him so she can return to the dimensional gap. Don’t tell me with that requirement…… The requirement to get rid of Great Red was the reason why she placed herself with the devils from the Khaos Brigade and other dangerous guys from the different factions.

Then I thought of a single possibility in my head. —I get it now, Vali. Your objective that is!

When my mind was trying to make up a conclusion, a magic-circle appears next to Ophis, and someone teleports here. The one who appeared is a man wearing the clothes of a noble. That guy bows at me, and puts on a smile.

“It is my first time meeting you. I am the one who carries the blood of the true Asmodeus. Creuserey Asmodeus. I came here to ask you, the Governor of fallen-angels for a battle as I am the member of the True-Maou faction of the Khaos Brigade.”

……..Hahahaha, look what we have here……. It’s the appearance of one of the masterminds. I said it while scratching my head.

“Looks like the Asmodeus of the Old-Maou faction showed himself.”


Before I confirm his identity, he had the demonic-aura around him running through his body. The colour is deep black. So this guy also received Ophis’s power.

“It’s not the “Old”! I am the blood inheritor of the True-Maou! I will avenge Cattleya Leviathan right here!”

Is he Cattleya's man or something. Well it doesn't matter. If I can defeat the mastermind of this terror, then I can’t ask for anything more. So I will have myself accept his challenge.

“Fine then. Tannin. What will you do?”

“I’m not a rude guy who would interfere in a one on one. I will have myself watch over Ophis.”

This guy really is a warrior. It’s a waste having him as a dragon.

“I leave it to you. It has got chaotic, but it’s about time my students reached Diodora's place safely.”

I slip that out of my mouth, but Ophis shakes her head when she heard that.

“I also gave my snake to Diodora Astaroth. If you consume it, your power increases drastically. Defeating him won’t be easy.”


I laughed out loud at what Ophis just said. She doesn't know! You really don’t understand Ophis!

“Why laugh?”

I said it to Ophis who tilts her head.

“Snake huh. That seems powerful. But unfortunately, that won’t be enough.”

“Why? My snake, it grants enormous power if you consume it.”

“Even so, that won’t be enough. In the game before, due to the rules, he couldn't use his power completely.”

The training with Tannin, how serious that is, Diodora Astaroth will find that out with his own body. Dragon king as his training partner. Even if he is the former dragon king, a legendary dragon that is still active was chasing around a single brat. Even though he held back, you would be dead normally. Dying in the process would have been normal.

—But, he endured it. He returned alive, and reached Balance Breaker! You guys still don't understand what that means!

I took out Fafnir's jewel, and made a stance with the artificial Sacred Gear.

“Now, Fafnir. I will have you tag along with me. Our opponent is Cruzerey Asmodeus! Let's go, Balance Break!”

Next moment, I was covered with golden plate-armour. Ise, there is nothing which is restraining you here now.

—So rampage!

When I was trying to show off like that, a magic circle intrudes us. That crest is….. I see. So you will come out personally. And the one who appears from the magic circle is the Crimson haired King, —Sirzechs.

“Sirzechs, why did you come?”

He narrows his eyes to my question.

“For this plan I got my little sister involved in the political matters of us adults. So I need to come forward as well. I thought it would be bad if I leave everything to Azazel every time. I want to persuade Cruzerey. If I can't even do that, then I won’t be able to face my sister.”

Man, this guy really is…..

“…..You are such a Mr. Nice guy. You know it will be a waste?”

“Even so, I wanted to ask them directly as the current King of the devils.”

I pulled away my spear. The moment he saw Sirzechs, Cruzerey’s expression turns to that of rage.

“….Sirzechs! The hated fake existence! To appear here personally! Because of you…… Because of you guys, we…….!”

Look. This is the reality. To them, your existence is the one they hate the most.

“Cruzerey. Can you lower your weapon down? If it is now, I can still prepare for negotiation. For having the descendant of the previous Maou be further away from the spot light, and drove them to the corner of the Underworld. Even now I think “Maybe there was another way?” at times. I want to prepare a negotiation with the descendant of a former Maou. More than that, I would like you to talk to the current Maou Asmodeus. Falbium.”

Sirzechs’s words are polite. That’s why it ticked off Cruzerey instead.

—It’s useless, Sirzechs.

To begin with, your words as the current Maou won’t reach these guys. You are naïve. Cruzerey then gets enraged.

“Don’t speak nonsense! Not only the fallen-angels, but you have allied with the angels, so I don’t want to hear you who have become a filth talk about devils! Not just that, but are you telling me to talk to the impostor!? That is enough with your nonsense!”

I made a sigh and said it to Cruzerey.

“Like you are in the position to say that. You guys, the Khaos Brigade, have the dangerous heretics of the Three-Great-Powers gathered.”

He makes a smile.

“We are not cooperating. We are using them. The hated fallen-angels and angels are beings who are only tools that we use. Understanding each other? Peace? All existences besides devils must be destroyed, why can't you understand who Devils are! No! We, the Maou, are the ones who have to become the Kings of the World! By using Ophis's power we will destroy the world, and create a new World of devils! For that, you impostor Maou are in our way!”

Ah, this is bad. It’s the mind of bosses of grunts that comes up in books. The devils are already in danger of continuing their kind already, so what are they thinking…..?

Sirzechs. You might have mixed feelings, but you are doing a better job as a King you know? Because Old-Maou were like these guys, the devils were heading to the path of self destruction. Their thoughts. Their beliefs. They do not match. The gap between both sides is big, and it will never get fixed. Sirzechs then says it with sad eyes.

“Cruzerey. I just want to protect the seeds of devils. I need to protect the civilians, or else our kind will not prosper. I don’t care whether you call me naïve. I want to lead the children with the future. – We don’t need War in the current Underworld.”

“Naïve! More than that it is a foolish reason! Do you think that will be the end of devils!? Devils steal the souls of humans, we lure them to hell, and we exist to eliminate God and angels! There is no need for negotiation anymore! Sirzechs! The fake King with fake kindness! — A Lucifer! A Maou! They are a being who annihilates everything! Even though you have the power of destruction, why don’t you use it against the fallen-angel beside you!? Like I thought, you don’t have the right to call yourself a Maou! I, Cruzerey Asmodeus, who am the true Maou will annihilate you!”

That was the end of Sirzechs who is the current Maou and the descendant of the Old-Maou. Sirzechs then speaks to Ophis.

“…..Ophis. Is a negotiation with you also impossible?”

“Only if you consume my snake, and make an oath to me. One more thing. Hand over the ownership of the dimensional gap around the Underworld. I will take all of it.”

—Obedience and closure of the Underworld huh.

There is no way a Maou who carries the Underworld on his back will accept that easily. Sirzechs looks up and closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes…. His eyes are filled with coldness which gives me chills. After confirming that, Cruzerey distances himself and creates large blocks of demonic-powers in both of his hands.

“Yes! That’s it! That is easier to understand, Sirzechs!”

Cruzerey was hoping for this the whole time. …….Sirzechs, there was no way that your words would have reached him from the beginning. Even so, you still wanted to talk to him huh. –Your thoughts. And the thoughts of the Underworld that is.

Sirzechs puts his right hand forward, and then he pointed it up. Demonic-powers were gathering there. Sirzechs’s demonic-power starts to give an irregular aura. –The power of destruction. Sirzechs then says it with a strong tone.

“Cruzerey, I will eliminate anyone who becomes a threat to the Underworld as a Maou.”

“You! Don’t you dare use the name Maou!”

Cruzerey releases huge demonic-powers from both his hands. Sirzechs doesn’t flinch, and changed the demonic-powers in his palms to several smaller spheres and then he shot them forward.


Cruzerey’s demonic-power perishes after it touches Sirzech’s demonic-power as if it was ground away. The demonic-power released by Sirzechs moves as if it has its own mind and eliminates Cruzerey's attack. Sirzechs himself dodges or uses defensive spells for the attacks which couldn't be eliminated. One of the spheres of power of destruction goes into Cruzerey’s mouth.


Cruzerey swells up once. When it calms down, at the same time his demonic-powers decrease drastically! –Did Sirzechs get rid of the snake Cruzerey consumed?

Sirzechs then says it.

“—[Rune the Extinct]. I got rid of Ophis's snake in your stomach. – With this you won’t be able to fight with enormous power.”

By having the snake, which is the base of his power up, destroyed, his confidence from earlier disappears and now he looks impatient. Sirzechs' attack. It’s my first time seeing it.

One of the reasons why Sirzechs was chosen as a Maou. – Overwhelming power of destruction. It eliminates everything it touches. It doesn't even leave a trace. Absolute destruction. Even if it was small, it has outrageous power. He didn't overuse the absolute power of destruction, he didn't even increase its mass, he kept it in a small size, and he is able to control several of them like his own limbs. A technique which requires delicate control and a great level of talent. Sirzechs has those.

“Damn you! Just like you! And just like Vali! Why do those who carry the name of “Lucifer” are blessed with powers, yet both of you clash with us!?”

Cruzerey tries to release more shots while cursing.


— But one of the spheres touches Cruzerey’s stomach, and it takes away his whole stomach. Even if small, the power of destruction has enough power. The moment it touches it, it eliminates everything in its surroundings.

“…..W-Why…. Why does the real one have to lose against the impostor……”

While having blood coming from his mouth, Cruzerey sheds tears of blood. Sirzechs closes his eyes and swings his arm to the side slowly.

That moment, Cruzerey’s whole body was eaten away by several spheres floating in the sky.

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