High School DxD:Volume 6 Vali Lucifer

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Vali Lucifer[edit]

“Vali, I received contact from the leaders. That guy, Shalba, is on the verge of death but survived.”

“I see, Bikou. Either way, Shalba rushed it. He was talking about resisting till the end, and our ancestors who were exiled by the current-Maou government rushed it too. – They destroyed themselves because they only acted with hatred.”

“Those guys from the Old-Maou faction said they want you to become their leader. What will you do?”

“Tell them I’m satisfied with my current position. I don’t want to increase my duty as the descendant of the former-Maou any more than this.”

“Aaaah, looks like the Old-Maou faction is basically done for. Looks like the other factions will start to rise up now.”

“Cattleya, Cruzerey, and Shalba. –You guys had too much envy. If you chose to live as the prideful descendant of the former-Maou, then you should have lived with pride like one.”

“So, what was the reason for saving that healing Sister from Sekiryuutei's group? It didn't seem like you at all.”

“-Just boredom. That’s the only reason.”

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