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When you order the kids meal at the hamburger chain which is super popular in the Underworld, “Akuma-naldo”, you can get the ‘Oppai dragon’ and the ‘Switch-princess’ toys! When you collect both of them, the ‘Oppai dragon’ will power up! Now, to all of the good children! Rush yourself to the Akuma-naldo!

It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi. The story of Chichiryuutei has finally reached the 7th volume. It has entered the new chapter!

Rias’s last servant has been decided. The former Valkyrie Rossweisse! She appeared a bit in volume 5 and has entered the group in this volume. Even if she looks calm, she is a bit of a ‘sick’ girl who taunts herself, but I’m pleased to introduce you to her.

She is a Wizard-type who is also closer to a technique-type. Rias has gained a ‘Rook’ who can use Norse magic and who is like a moving canon. Gremory group are terrifying indeed.

Her setting age is 17 to 18. Even though she is young, she chose to become a teacher instead of being a student. So that will make it compulsory for her to go to the school trip. This is the birth of Rossweisse-sensei!

After the incident from the last volume, Ise is in a lovey-dovey relationship with Asia. This time Akeno was the main girl so there wasn’t many scenes of them being lovey-dovey, but they are being lovey-dovey at home and school so please imagine it everyone. Behind the scene he is also getting closer to Buchou….. The baka-uple[1] between him and Buchou has escalated hasn’t it.

Entering the new chapter, Ise’s growth rate has also entered the next phase. This volume is the part where he stood in the beginning part of it. Will the curse of Sekiryuutei be solved? He needs to find the stronger form on his own, different from the Juggernaut-Drive. Please look over Ise and his growth with warm eyes by reading the new chapter. Chichigami-sama is like a bonus point thing which comes to him rarely so please don’t take it that seriously.

Now about other characters.

The Two-heavenly dragon has entered their delicate periods. Ddraig and Albion both started crying during the story. This is all due to Ise’s action though….. The pitiful dragons. So please root for them. They aren’t at fault!

The pitiful dragon number 3. Oldman Tannin. Again he acted comically due to Ise. You can ask the former dragon-king when you are in trouble and he will answer anything! Ise’s master sure is a dragon-king who is a strong support.

Saji had the soul of Vritra resurrected due to his battle against Ise. He appeared at the end while covered in a black flame. He still hasn’t mastered using his power at all, but what kind of ability was added to it? He might grow in a different direction to Ise.

Lastly Asia. In the fight this volume, it would had been a dangerous battle if Asia wasn’t present. Her healing ability is something which is becoming very essential to the group. And the group understands that so they fight while protecting Asia with their life. Asia sure has grown……

Now about Khaos Brigade.

The Hero-faction are plotting something creepy from behind the shadows. What are they planning to do with the Sacred Gears? They are certainly trying to achieve something in a different way from the Old-Maou faction. From volume 8, they will get involved in the story even more.

Vali and his team who act self accordingly. They aren’t allying with the Hero-faction, but even though they teamed up with Ise and others in this volume it doesn’t change the fact that they are groups who need to be thought of cautiously. The Two-Heavenly dragons who have a unique relationship….. Ise and he have started to acknowledge each other, but how far will these two grow?

Now, the new chapter will give spot-light to the ‘Sacred Gears’ which were treated as a minor things till now. I think their creepiness has been expressed in this volume. The ability which was convenient. How much of threat will it be when it turns on you?

Now for the thanks.

Volume 7 has been released safely. Miyama Zero-sama, and the supervisor H-sama, thank you very much!

Next story is the school trip! Ise will be in action with Kyoto being the stage for it! –That’s what you would think will happen! Oh my, it will become the compilation of short stories! The title will most likely be “High School DxD 7.5”!

Since there were lots of readers that have been asking for it, it was decided to make a compilation of the short stories serialised in dragon magazine. Unlike the main story, short-story will concentrate on comedy. The DxD will be told from a very different perspective, but Ise and the heroines will be in a even more erotic relationship than the main volumes so please look forward to it! Many of Miyama-san’s beautiful illustrations are planned to be in it though it will depending on the number of short-stories included in it! There will also be a Yuki-onna moe! The people involved in this are enjoying the short-stories as much as the main volumes, so please do look forward to it! It’s planned to be sold in Autumn.

Now for the advertisement! By the time this volume 7 has been released, the September edition of Dragon Magazine will also come with a booklet, and that will be the start of the manga serialisation of High school DxD! The mangaka[2] in charge of it is Mishima Hiroji-sensei! People who also wants to see Buchou’s oppai in action in the manga, please do buy the dragon magazine as well!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Baka + Couple
  2. manga writer
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