High School DxD:Volume 7 Boss X Boss

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Boss x Boss[edit]

[I’m sorry I can only say it to you by communicating this way, but it seems like my family was saved by you again. Azazel.]

“Yeah. But you know Sirzechs, this was also a tough one.”

[But it seems like the ‘Oppai Dragon’ saved the day again.]

“Man, he is filled with mysterious powers, that guy Ise. What on earth is a Chichigami! –So is it okay? Not to tell Ise about ‘that’?”

[The one where there is a ‘talk’ about his promotion, right?]

“The discussion about that is rising for Ise, Kiba, and Akeno, right?”

[Yes. Kokabiel’s attack, the terrorist attack during the Three-Great powers negotiation meeting, the terror that occurred at the party sponsored by us, and the terror by the Old-Maou faction. Rias and her group prevented all of them. There's enough of achievements for a promotion. And also preventing Loki’s attack is a big achievement. You can say that the promotion for the three of them is guaranteed.]

“Well, their achievements are top rank among the devils who have been living in peace for a while. Especially Ise, who is a Sekiryuutei and also a popular guy in the Underworld. Akeno is Barakiel’s daughter. Kiba has the irregular Holy-demonic sword. They are all excellent and promising devils. In terms of power, they already have that of high-class devils. But….”

[Yes, that’s right. It’s too early. Regarding Ise-kun, he has only been a devil for about half a year. If he receives a promotion he will become talked about, and he will become the target of the enemy. In terms of gaining more strength, another five years…..no, I want him to wait at least another three years. But the public opinion and the craze of the Underworld are pushing forward for their promotion.]

“Hahahaha, looks like the Maou is going through a rough time. So what is your personal feeling to this then?”

[I would want him to get a promotion. He would bear a certain ‘title’ so he can carry on the house together with my sister and her servants. The old devils are stubborn about those kind of things. But not only is he young, but it is also a bit too early. I still want Ise-kun to remain as an ‘Oppai Dragon’ for a while longer.]

“Well, you are right about that. It’s probably necessary to look over him for a bit longer. –But I think that will be very short you know?”

[Yeah, I know that.]

“Ise. He will be trying to make more achievements so he can go on the railway to become a Harem-king. But even if he does get a promotion….”

[Yes, what he will do from there. Now that is the place where the real thing of being a devil starts.]

“Also, it’s about the Hero faction.”

[Did you find something?]

“The Sacred Gear possessors who were captured alive and have been under my investigation….had an unnatural death.”

[-! All of them?]

“Yeah. The cause of it was Ophis’s snakes.”

[So they drank it like we thought.]

“No, that’s not it. The possessors themselves didn’t drink it. –It’s a new type of snake which you wrap around the Sacred Gears. It seems like it stimulates the Sacred Gears strongly using those new snakes. Most likely, instead of the possessors it forcefully drags out the hidden potential power of the Sacred Gear. Instead of its attack power, it was equipped to stimulate the unknown factors of the Balance-Breaker which still has many hidden factors about it. It’s the most delicate and dangerous way of doing it. If it goes wrong the Sacred Gears will break. They keep on repeating such forceful experiments. I checked the remaining left overs of the snakes, but it is made to stop working if either the possessor dies or if the possessor reaches Balance-Breaker. Something like increasing the number of those who can use Balance-Breaker, including us, it is a feat we cannot copy right now even if we want to.”

[……So those are the methods to increase the number of those who can use Balance-Breaker huh. If the Sacred Gear goes into a ‘burst’ mode and breaks, then the possessor will die. Either way, it is a method which they don’t mind because the possessors would die if they can’t reach Balance-Breaker.]

“Bargain sales of Balance-Breakers are scary, but the thing we have to be the most cautious about is the birth of a new Longinus.”

[…..It seems like it will become messy. Counter measures against Sacred Gears. If I think about it, the enemy which will cause the biggest nuisance are Sacred Gears with variant types of special abilities.]

“If it is a simple power-type then it will be easy to solve the problem. But it’s a pain since there are many abilities which can seal off and kill power-types. Sacred Gears are interesting, but they are scary because of it.”

[-The parting gift left by God. Something which had been supporting us from the shadow till now and which was only something with a special ability to come and become an obstacle to us…….]

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