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The trouble ended and I, Azazel, was tagging along with Barakiel who was planning to buy a few souvenirs in Japan.

It seems like the other idiots asked Barakiel to bring them stuff when he returns. Man, those guys….. Well, it can’t be helped since their Governor which is me is like this.

When I was resting on a bench inside the department store, Barakiel returned carrying many bags with his hands.

“…..Hmm. Looks like I have everything they asked for.”

“Good job.”

Barakiel sits next to me. He seems exhausted. For a stiff warrior-type like him, shopping must be hard. But he still finishes everything to the end once he is asked to do something.

I then took out a bento-box which was inside the bag that I was carrying.

“Barakiel. Here, take it.”

“What is this wrapping?”

“Just open it.”

When he opened it, there was a single bento-box.


It’s something Akeno gave me when I was on my way here. She gave it to me without saying anything, but I knew who I had to give it to without asking her.

“This is….”

When he opened the bento-box, it had magnificent Japanese food inside which is full with different colours.

Barakiel looks at me. I urged him to “Eat it” without saying it and by making a smile.

He took the hashi[1] and puts the food into his mouth timidly.

That moment…............a single tear drips down from Barakiel’s eyes.

“…….Nikujaga[2]…….. It has the taste of Shuri.”

He started gulping them and was addicted to it. He just kept on eating it while being silent.

He was eating it with enthusiasm while shedding many tears.

I then said it to my friend.

“Leave Akeno to me, Rias, and the others. There isn’t a problem. The guy who she fell for is an idiot and is lecherous, but he is a good guy.”

Barakiel stops his hashi, and covers his eyes with his hand. He then says it to me while his voice is mixed with a cry.

“He….I want to believe that he will……take care of Akeno.”

“Yeah, it’s going to be okay.”

“He doesn’t eat w…woman’s breasts right?”

“Yeah, he doesn’t eat them.”

“I see….. You are right.”

Barakiel started to resume eating after being relieved. He started filling his mouth with nikujaga.

The food made by the woman he loves which he thought he would never taste again. That taste has silently, but certainly reached him.

You will be able to eat it again. As much as you want. And as many times as you want.

Ise. I couldn’t say this in front of you but...

-I also feel like I was saved by you as well.

“Damn, I have never heard of a dragon who makes people happy by using oppai.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. chopstick
  2. Japanese meat and potato food

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