High School DxD:Volume 7 Life 1

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Life.1 Peace is the Best[edit]

Part 1[edit]

In Kuou Academy during lunch break. I was eating my bento with Matsuda, Motohama, and Asia.

“If I remember correctly, it’s almost time for the school trip. We need to decide on our group.”

Motohama says that while eating fried eggs.

Oh yeah, the school trip is coming up. We, the second years, are going to Kyoto. Lately, so many things have happened that I forgot about it. Also around that time our uniform will change into that of a winter uniform. Though the heat of summer is still present.

“Hmm, do we make a group of 3 or 4 people?”

When I said that, Matsuda nods.

“Oh yeah. Apparently the place where we will sleep in is for 3 or 4 people. Well we have to make a group with the three of us. We are hated by the others after all.”

Don’t say that Baldy. I know that very well.

After the life or death summer holiday ended, opinions about me changed quite a lot. Though the three of us are hated by the girls for being the perverted high school boys. This school has a higher ratio of girls than boys, which is why they have strict opinions.

I get along with Asia, Xenovia, Irina and Kiryuu. So we eat together like this. But with other girls, no.

“Perverted trio. Do you want to pair with our group during the trip? It’s paradise because it consists of four Bishoujo’s you know?”

The girl who is wearing glasses says that. Don’t say ‘paradise’ with such a lecherous face!

“Yeah, apart from you they are the Bishoujo-trio.”

Matsuda says that while nodding, and his head gets hit by Kiryuu.

“Shut up! Well, let’s ignore this guy. Hyoudou, it’s Asia. You know?”

“Ise-san, will you pair with us?”

Asia(!) asks with a smile. Mou! If Asia-chan asks me like that, I will be troubled!

“Of course. It’s definitely OK!”



Me and Asia forgot about our lunch and hugged!

“Y-You guys sure have become ‘closer’ after the sports festival ended…. You guys are talking twenty-four seven while sending the glares of love…..”

Kiryuu says that while pressing her glasses up.(!)

“Fufufu. Asia and I share one soul in one body. We are always together. Right?”

I then had Asia feed me a Vienna sausage while saying “aaah”.

“Yes. I will always be with Ise-san.”

Yeah. It feels like the distance between me and Asia shortened after the sports festival. Before, I thought of our relationship as that of a brother and sister, and I tried to protect Asia as her brother….

Y-Yeah. After the kiss, I also started to think of Asia as a single girl…. Rather than a little sister, I see her as a single girl more often now. At the same time I started to like her more. I liked her from before, but after retrieving Asia from Diodora, I realised how important she is to me.

I thought strongly that “I have to stay with her forever!”. Different from a lover. But an opposite-sex within the family. But that’s also different from a little-sister.

I think I will always be with Asia until our death. Though I don’t know after how many hundreds or thousands of years it would be. But I will take care of Asia for the rest of my life.

Oh, and I will add one more thing. After that incident, I have Asia give me a morning kiss on my cheek every morning!(!)

“Well, that’s how it is, so we will pair up with you guys. I can’t leave Asia to other guys since she is pure and can’t decline other people’s requests. And that way, Xenovia-chi[1] and Irina-san will feel better as well, right?”

Xenovia stops eating the especially large bento and nods at Kiryuu’s idea.

“Yeah. I also want to be with Ise.”

“It will be more fun with Ise-kun!”

Irina who is eating bread also agreed.

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Why is Ise the only one getting popular like this!? Man, God is so cruel! I also want to be hugged by a bishoujo!”

Matsuda whines. Well yeah, God is dead after all. And rather than being popular, I’m just in the environment which seems that way.

Well it seems like I’m popular from different perspectives, so I won’t say anything. Wait, am I popular if it is just limited to Asia? But the love between me and Asia is different from the naughty harem ones. So it’s complicated.

“Hmm, lately it seems like there are so many ‘flags’ for Ise….. If I can actually see those kind of things, I would break them with a hammer…..”

Motohama says it like a curse while fixing the position of his glasses. ……Your eyes are scary….

“Just like that, let’s move as a group with these seven people. Kiyomizu-dera! And Kinkaku-ji and Ginkaku-ji are waiting for us!”

Kiryuu declared it while having her glasses glow.

Anyway, the group members for the trip are decided. The guys consist of me, Matsuda, and Motohama. Three of us. The girls consist of Asia, Xenovia, Irina, and Kiryuu. Four of them. Looks like we will go around the town of Kyoto with these members. If I remember there is a temple called Tenryuu-ji[2]. I have one of the Two Heavenly Dragons - Ddraig, residing in me so it might be good to go there.

So the school trip is coming up, huh.

Hmm, maybe I should go shopping with Asia and the others to buy the necessary products.

Part 2[edit]

After school. Club room.

It was about time to go home, and we were talking about the trip while drinking green tea.

Our adviser, Azazel-sensei, hasn’t come to the club room today. Lately, he has been returning to the Underworld to discuss something. A leader sure must be busy. Even so, he still shows up at school, so school life must be fun for him.

“If I remember, it’s about time for the second years' school trip.”

Buchou says that while drinking green tea elegantly.

“Where did Buchou and Akeno-san go last year?”

Akeno-san answers my question.

“We also went to Kyoto. I went to Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji and other locations with Buchou.”

Buchou nods her head and continues.

“Yes. But there are only a limited number of places you can visit within three days and four nights. You should think of going everywhere and make a plan beforehand and move accordingly. If you don’t include the time for eating and sight seeing, you will regret it. You will mainly travel from one place to another by using the bus or the train, but lots of time would be wasted while you are travelling.”

“Buchou wanted to go everywhere. It was bad that we didn’t think about the travelling duration(!), so we lost the time to go to the Nijou-jou which we were planning to see last. She was stomping her feet at the railway station.”

When Akeno-san said that with a small laugh, Buchou’s face turned red.

“Mou, you promised me that you wouldn’t say that remember? I was in high spirits. For a Japan lover like me, it was Kyoto that I admired so much. Therefore I had my eyes taken away by the town and souvenir shops more than necessary.”

Buchou started talking about her memories. She must have enjoyed Kyoto a lot.

“Hadn’t you been to Kyoto before the school trip? You could have used the transport magic circle.”

When I said that Buchou says “no no” with her fingers.

“You don’t understand, Ise. It’s good because you visit Kyoto for the first time on the school trip. And travelling using a magic circle? I won’t do something tasteless like that. It’s the Kyoto I long for, so I wanted to walk around with my own feet and feel the breeze with my own skin.”

Ah, Buchou’s eyes have started sparkling. Buchou becomes all dreamy when it has something to do with Japan.

She did say that she wanted to have a lifestyle going between Japan and the Underworld even after becoming the head of the house of Gremory. Oh yeah, Azazel-sensei said he will also come with us to the school field trip. He apparently wants to enjoy Kyoto.

After finishing her tea, Buchou changes the topic.

“The trip is important, but we also need to discuss what we need to do for the School Festival.”

“Ah, the school festival is also coming up. Our school doesn’t have that much time between the sports festival, school trip, and school festival and they occur consecutively. Thinking like that(!), second years like us will be busy.”

Yes, the school festival happens after the school trip. There are so many events in the second semester.

Buchou receives a sheet from Akeno-san and puts it on the table. Looks like we have to write the idea for the Occult research club and submit it to the school council.

“That’s why we need to discuss about the school festival now and prepare for it. If it is decided before hand, the third year and first year members can prepare for it while all of you are away. There are so many members this year so it will be a big help.”

It’s just like Buchou said. The school trip is important but we also need to focus on the school festival as well!

“School festival! I’m looking forward to it!”

Asia seems like she is looking forward to it. Asia likes these kinds of events.

“Yeah. I enjoy high school events too. The sports festival was also great.”

Even though her expression hasn’t changed, Xenovia’s eyes are sparkling. She also made a big rampage at the sports festival. Xenovia claimed first place for everything. After the sports festival, each (!)sports club tried hard to have Xenovia join their club.

“It will also be my first (!)for these sorts of things so I’m looking forward to it. I sure did transfer in at a good time! This is also the guidance of Michael-sama!”

Irina says that while making a pose to (!)pray to the heaven. The Church-trio seems like they are really looking forward to the school festival. It might also have to do with the fact that they didn't have any chance for these sort of things due to the customs of their religion.

“Last year….. Was the haunted house, right? I wasn't part of the club then, but I heard it looked realistic and was a hot topic.”

I didn't enter the haunted house, but one of my classmates did and said that it looked real. Apparently the ghosts that came out seemed real.

“Yes. We did use real ghosts after all, so it should have been scary.”

Buchou says this as if it were nothing.

“R-Real ghosts…..?”

When I asked, Buchou responds normally with a smile.

“Yes. I requested the Youkai, which don't cause harm to humans, to have the role of scaring people. Those Youkai were also troubled because they didn't have a job, so it was good for both sides. Thanks to that, it was a great success.”

Buchou and Akeno-san started laughing like Onee-samas.

“We were scolded by the student council afterwards. Sona-kaichou, who was the vice-President at that time yelled at us, saying ‘Using the real thing is more than just ignoring the rules!’”

Akeno-san, I also think you guys ignored the rules...

“Then will it be the haunted house again this year? Or should we do a circus show including a Vampire-in-a-box?”

Gasper made a weird face and started hitting my head.

“Senpai is a meanie! You always use me as a joke!”

Playing with your kouhai is the senpai’s privilege! I’m going to pick on Gasper like mad until I graduate. He is a valuable junior after all. I will look after him properly.

Buchou then started thinking about my suggestion.

“Maybe we should do something new…..”

When Buchou was about to say something, our phones rang at the same time. Everyone knows what that means so we looked at each other. Buchou took a breath and said with a serious voice.

“-Let’s go.”

Part 3[edit]

The abandoned factory within the town.

We, the Gremory group, and Irina made our way there.

The sun has already set and the sky is getting dark. There are several presences within the dark factory. And they are mixed with hostility and killing intent.

“-Gremory group, huh. You guys come fast.”

The one who appeared from the darkness is a man wearing a black coat. From the darkness around that man, black abnormal things with the shape of a human shows themselves. It isn’t just a dozen. There should be about a hundred of those humanoid monsters within the factory. Buchou takes a step forward and asks with a cold tone.

“Khaos Brigade. –I presume you are from the Hero-faction? Hello. My name is Rias Gremory. I’m a High-class devil who was asked to look after this town by the Three Great Power alliance.”

Hearing Buchou’s greetings, the man smirks.

“Yes, I do know you. Sister of Maou. Our aim is to purify you devils and to save this town.”

He’s looking at us like we are garbage.

Yes, this guy is a member of the group called ‘Hero-faction’ of Khaos Brigade! Lately, this Hero-faction has been making small scale assaults in our town. More like there are many incidents where people from the Hero-faction are assaulting important places for each of the factions.

Lately we have been taking care of them. Our opponents have been humans in most cases….

Then two people appear next to the man. They are humans. A man who is wearing sunglasses and a man wearing a Chinese native costume. All three of them are foreigners.

And you can say the weird abnormal black things are their combatants. It seems like the Hero-factions are using that as their weapons. Even if they are combatants, they are so strong that Low-class devils can’t take them on. It requires you to have the power of a mid-class devil or higher, and luckily in terms of power we are between mid-class devils to high-class devils.


My gauntlet glowed red. The countdown had already finished so I went into Balance Break right away! I wore the armour and step in front as the vanguard. At the same time I took Ascalon out and gave it to Xenovia. Xenovia caught it and made a stance.

The two-main vanguards consists of me in Balance-Breaker and Kiba standing at the very front. A bit further away from us is Xenovia. Her role is to support us and at the same time attack the enemy as the vanguard.

The middleguards are Irina, Koneko-chan, and Gasper. They support the vanguards and guard the rearguards, and also do things like middle management supports. It is the role of Koneko-chan and Irina to defeat the enemies we forgot to take down.

The rearguards are Buchou, Akeno-san and Asia. Buchou is the leader as well as doing the supporting attacks. Akeno-san also supports us by attacking from the rear with her demonic-powers. Asia’s role is to send the healing aura to the vanguard if we were to take damage.

This isn’t the formation of the Gremory group, but the Occult research club when Irina is added. 3-3-3. I will fall back to the middleguard if I’m not in Balance-Breaker and have the role to support. It then becomes 2-4-3.

It was a different formation to that in a Rating Game. The Game forces you to move your comrades accordingly depending on the battlefield.

When the enemy saw our formation, the man wearing the black coat creates what seems like white flame from his hands.

Kiba who is next to me narrows his eyes.

“---! Another Sacred Gear possessor.”

I see. So this guy is also….

The members whom the Hero-factions sent were basically all Sacred Gear possessors. So they come at us by using the power which was bestowed to them from the ‘Sacred Gear programme’ that God left behind.

“This is a problem. Lately, we have been fighting Sacred Gear possessors.”

Buchou also made a sigh. But her eyes are filled with determination. The moment the man waving the flame approaches us…..


I lit the fire on my booster on my back, and made a dash right away from the start! At the same time I reflected the fire.


They avoided it immediately, but I was able to get rid of the abnormal combatants. The combatants disappear into the air when defeated.

Shit! I won’t be able to move as I want inside the building! Because of my power output, I could break the buildings in this town and that will gather attention and it will become a problem!

But for dodging my attack, they are quite trained! But they aren’t enemies that we can’t defeat. We have the upper hand here by a big margin.

Then one of the main enemies shouted.

“Be careful with the Sekiryuutei’s power! We will get killed from a single attack! But he won’t be able to move freely within the factory!”

So they knew. I can defeat most Sacred Gear possessors if I am able to hit them even once. And also…

I gathered the demonic-powers to my hand, and I shot it to the front while holding back as much power as I can!


Small-scale Dragon-shot! If my opponent is human, then this would be enough! Since the fight against Saji, I practiced shooting a shot for small scale battles. And this becomes very useful in battles which take place in this town! With this attack, I took down members of Hero-factions numerous times. It will be a lethal attack if hit…..


Dragon shot disappeared!? The moment when it was about to hit the enemy, it seemed like the shadow within the factory stretched and devoured my attack. No, maybe it was actually like that? The ability to control shadow?

The one who had done it was the man wearing glasses. So it’s that man’s Sacred Gear….


Kiba goes slashing forward at godspeed. The holy-demonic sword swings down at the man wearing glasses but…… the shadow from before devours Kiba’s sword by moving fast! Then…..!


From Kiba’s shadow, the blade of the Holy-demonic sword came out! Kiba twitched his body and dodged it. He then stepped back.

“--! The ability to release things it devoured from a shadow to another shadow as it wishes….. It’s not a direct attack type. It’s a defensive type which changes the flow of an attack. It’s a troublesome type of Sacred Gear.”

Kiba then says it while narrowing his eyes.

I got it now. When the attacks get devoured by that shadow, it comes out from a different shadow…. T-Then the dragon-shot I shot before is…….


Along with the air vibrating, I felt my aura from the shadow within the building! When I looked, a red demonic-power shot is coming this way!

It’s target is… Asia! Xenovia who was slaying many creepy combatants sensed Asia’s danger as well.

“Hell no!”

I created another shot of demonic-power quickly and made it collide with the one heading towards Asia to have them cancel each other out!


The two shots collided and a bomb blast is created within the factory.

“I won’t let you lay a finger on Asia!”

Xenovia immediately acted as Asia’s shield and started guarding her. Thanks Xenovia! But when it becomes about Asia her response is insanely fast. But protecting Asia together is something we have decided. It’s also because she barely has any combat ability, but she is the key of the team and a valuable healer. We can’t let her get taken down in a team battle.

In the event that she faces danger, it’s decided that the one who can respond to her danger would defend her. This time it was Xenovia.


Inside the blast, I saw something glowing in blue-light. When I looked……the one wearing a native costume is holding onto a bow which looks like it is made from light, and he was about to shoot!

Light….. This is bad! For us devils, power of light is very poisonous! And it’s an attack from a Sacred Gear with many mysteries! We don’t even know what kind of abilities that bow has! Even if I’m wrapped with the power of Sekiryuutei myself, it will be dangerous for my comrades who aren’t wearing any protection!

The arrow made from light was released! And it changed its direction in mid-air! So it has the ability to change its direction after being released!


Several light attacks also came from the direction behind me.

“If it’s a light-attribute attack, then leave it to me!”

When I turned around, Irina made lights within her hand. Irina who is a reincarnated angel can use attributes of light. She cancelled the attack of the enemy by using the spear of light.


The sound of something getting frozen. And also the sound of the wind!

Akeno-san released spears of ice towards the light-user without any pause. But the shadow from before stretched and devoured the spears. The ice then comes out from Buchou’s shadow, but Buchou dodged it as if it was nothing. You are so splendid, Buchou!

……Then the shadow appears around the light-user, and started to create a wall. Then many arrows of light come out from the shadow-wall. Also the fire attacks of the flame-user come out from the wall as well!


I, the vanguard, responded and hit away all of the attacks……. So they can even attack from within the shadow, huh. From our eyes, the shadows are so thick and we can’t see the light-user.

“Gasper-kun! Did you get the data of it!?”

Kiba asks without taking his eyes off the enemies. Gasper who is a rearguard and who had been using a ‘device’ for the whole time answers Kiba.

“Y-Yesssssss! I-I got it! The flame Sacred Gear is called [Flame Shake]! And the defence-counter type Sacred Gear, [Night Reflection]! Lastly, the light-attack Sacred Gear is [Staring Blue]!”

Gasper has been finding out the Sacred Gears of the enemies by using a device created by Azazel-sensei. The Sacred Gear scanner machine created by Azazel-sensei has been very useful lately. It’s very effective in a fight against Sacred Gear possessors. Until now, we got all the information of the Sacred Gears.

“Gasper. Once you finish, drink my blood.”


I had Gasper carry a small bottle with my blood in it. That’s so he can activate his Sacred Gear to stop time anytime he wants to. Normally in a battle inside the town, we make Gasper turn a section of his body into a bat and make it fly around the whole battle area. That’s so we can find if there are enemies hidden. Koneko-chan also uses senjutsu to search for the ‘ki’ in the areas. The two First-years have the job to search around the area.

Gasper’s eyes are indeed powerful, but in the battle against Sacred Gears, it can’t be used that effectively……..

It seems like they know about Gasper’s ability, so when Gasper shows his glowing eyes and tries to face them, a combatant reacts and becomes the shield for the Sacred Gear possessors and keeps them from being ‘stopped’.

They know about my powers, and also about Asia’s healing ability. The reason why there is a light-user with them is because they probably predicted that it would be us, the devils, who would come to fight them…….

“The stronger we get, the more likely we would become their ‘target,’ and the methods to take us down would be researched thoroughly. Probably something like that, I think.”

Kiba smiles sarcastically.

Target……. Methods. And to research…… Then I remembered what Sairaorg-san said.

-'No matter how much power you have, you will lose if you get trapped. They will aim for the slightest opening with full power.'

A slight opening. Even though we are overwhelmingly stronger, we don’t know what will happen when we show them a slight opening.

First of all, that light-attack is troublesome. We are devils after all. Apart from me, my comrades will be in trouble if they get hit by it head on.

It seems like Kiba was thinking about the same thing as me, so he was looking at the light-user who is being protected by the shadow defence-type Sacred Gear. Then the combatants appear in front of the Sacred Gear possessors. Looks like there are still plenty of grunts left. How will we be able to get rid of that shadow? Defeating the possessor must be the best option, but the shadow will most likely stretch and defend him…….

And transferring my power to others needs to be thought out thoroughly in these circumstances. Everyone in our group is already strong, so they will turn into a monster of destruction if I transfer my powers. That’s why we can’t do that inside the town. We are invincible if we were allowed to go all out.

………………… There is no use for me to think about the hard things. I am the ‘Pawn’ who is also a vanguard after all. I will just follow Buchou’s orders!

Buchou then gave her orders.

“I will now give the orders to the vanguard team of Ise, Yuuto, and Xenovia. Ise will take on the flame-user. Yuuto, you aim for the shadow-user! And Xenovia will eliminate the grunts to make a path for the two of them! Middleguard and rearguard will support the vanguard with all of their powers! We will eliminate all of the grunts!”


Everyone responded and moved out all at once!

Xenovia moved forward and started annihilating the grunts! To be expected from a Power-type! Her power sure is different to others! After the grunts perished, Kiba and I saw our targets!

Kiba closed his distance with god-speed and started slashing at the wall protecting the light-user!


The blade of his holy-demonic swords were devoured! After this, the holy-demonic sword should come flying from somewhere!


It then came out from my shadow when I was heading for the flame user!

“Ise! Dodge that and shoot the dragon-shot to the shadow!”

Buchou’s order! I don’t know whether I can but roger that! I dodge the blade of holy-demonic sword! Ha! I’ve seen Kiba’s strike many times and received that with my own body during our training! While dodging it, I shot out a red aura to the shadow!


Oh! My demonic-power got sucked in!? I see! So when it lets the attack out of the shadow, that shadow will still be connected!

“Yuuto! The shadows are connected so the dragon-shot would come back at you! Cut the dragon-shot in half inside the shadow and make it explode before it appears!”

“Roger that!”

Following Buchou’s order, Kiba wielded his holy-demonic sword within the shadow!



Along with the sound of explosion, there was a scream! When I looked, the shadow-user was blown away!

“I tested to see what will happen if the attack explodes inside the shadow, but it seems like he couldn’t take care of it and it returned the explosion back to him. Even though he can change the direction of the attack, it seems he can’t change the impact of the attack.”

Buchou was putting on a smile of victory. What foresight! To be expected from our [King]!

While I was admiring her, an arrow of light was flying at me! It’s not blue! It’s a green coloured arrow!


I got shocked at the sudden attack. I somehow dodged it, but another one came from the direction where I don’t sense any enemies from! Everyone was also shocked at the sudden attack. Buchou then looked at the shadow within the factory.

“Looks like there is one more enemy. Using the shadow as intermediary, the enemy attacked from outside which is the safe zone. Even if we took down the shadow-user, looks like the ability will still remain for a short while……”

What! There’s more hidden enemies!? There are two light users then? So the enemy can snipe us through the shadows which we can’t see through! That shadow sure is convenient!

Ah, but the shadows perished. Looks like the ability died off because the possessor was defeated. Gasper then says it while looking at the device.

“A-Amazing! The data came out just from the attack now! That was the [Staring Green]!”

“I will take care of that one then. Koneko, follow me. You can search the enemies location with the ‘ki’, right?”

“……Yes, Xenovia-senpai.”

Xenovia leaves the factory taking the cat-eared Koneko-chan with her! Oh, I also have to do my job!


I go forward while igniting my booster on the back!

“Damn Sekiryuutei! Burn!”

The flame-user creates a powerful fire attack with both his hands, aiming at me!


The fire comes at me……. But. Weak. It’s rather cold instead of hot. Raiser’s flames were hot even with the armour! Comparing it with Old-man Tannin’s fire would be comparing it with a match-stick!

“If you want to burn me, then bring a phoenix or a dragon!”


My fist cut through the enemy's fire and then went deeply into his stomach. A direct hit. The same time the flame-user went down, Kiba also defeated the light-user who is a bit away from me. We defeated all of the Sacred Gear possessors. That’s what we thought.


The shadow-user who was defeated got up and screamed. Then a black thing started covering his body. The shadow spread even more and it started to cover the whole factory.


What are these chills I'm feeling…….? I felt a weird power from the shadows. How do I explain it…. I felt like a sudden change from him. Or it seems like he reached to something new…..


Then a light appeared below the shadow-user’s foot and a magic-circle was formed. It’s a magic-circle I have never seen before. It looks like a transport magic-circle but it’s not that of a devil. It doesn’t have the devils symbol at all. Fallen-angel types? But I still haven’t seen that before. I have seen the magic-circle Sensei uses quite often, so I’m familiar with the fallen-angel type ones as well.

Then the shadow-user gets enveloped by the light. After the flash, the shadow-user disappeared.

“Phew. Looks like it’s finished.”

I took a breath after the battle and removed my armour.

“Good job, Ise-san.”

I don’t have any wounds, but I still got healed by Asia. Asia’s aura is warm, and that alone feels like it healed me.

The combatants all perished. The remaining ones vanished as soon as the shadow-user disappeared.

“Go to sleep~ Go to sleep~”

Gasper moved his fingers in a circle and made the Sacred Gear possessors lose consciousness. It’s a vampire’s power. Gya-kun sure has a cute pose.

Buchou and Akeno-san created a magic-circle so that they can send the two men captured to the Underworld. All that's left is for Xenovia and Koneko-chan to come back……

“We defeated him. We beat him up quite a bit, but we didn’t kill him.”

Xenovia returns while carrying a man on her shoulder. Koneko-chan is behind her. Oh, so you girls defeated him. As to be expected from Xenovia and Koneko-chan!

We also made that man lose consciousness. It’s a shame that we let one of them get away.

“Now the transmission to the Underworld is done. Well, we probably won’t get any information this time as well.”

We have been sending Sacred Gear possessors to the Underworld using the magic-circle, but apparently their memories while being in the Hero-faction have been erased. We send them just in case we can have them checked, but I think there is a high probability that we won’t get any new information.

It seems like they put a certain kind of programme on the Sacred Gear possessor’s memory when they send them to the crucial locations of each faction, and if captured, deletes their memories. I heard that it is near impossible to retrieve the deleted memories.

It’s good that we can send them alive. It’s the basic rule to “Kill terrorists without any exceptions”.

Oh yeah. After the incident with Diodora, there was a change in my Sacred Gear. Especially to my Balance-Breaker. It took 120 seconds for activation, but now I can get into Balance-Breaker within 30 seconds.

Also the duration where I can stay in Balance-Breaker mode also extended a lot. Now I can wear my armour for 2 hours per day. On good days, Ddraig said I would be able to go up to 3 hours. The limit of one transformation per day is also gone. If it’s within the range of my transformation duration, I would be able to transform as many time as I want.

The two things which were a major weakness of mine have been fixed quite a lot. That’s a major improvement. I’m seriously improving…… I heard that this was due to the phenomenon of the so-called [Juggernaut Drive].

But this is still nothing. I still haven’t caught up to Vali yet.

“But battling without breaking as much things as possible is something really harsh for our team which is the super-attack type.”

Kiba makes a bitter smile at my comment.

“It can’t be helped. We have powerful abilities, so if we don’t fight while suppressing our powers, then this town will collapse.”

Oh, yeah. There are people within their homes, so thinking like that, we can’t destroy buildings. Even if it is an unused building, and we destroy it, people might realise about the incident.

“If we think of this as a rule for the Rating Game, then it would become a good experience. We did suffer once with this.”

It’s just like Buchou said. If we are going to do Rating Games in the future, then there would be games with different rules. If we adapt to these types of battles, then it will become useful for the actual game. In reality, I think the experience in the match against Sitri has become useful. I can use the power of the Sekiryuutei to a good degree.

“But it certainly has become troublesome.”

Kiba says it while making a sigh.

“What do you mean, Kiba?”

“I mean there are those who use special techniques among the Sacred Gear possessors who are sent to us. If we say it in a way of devils, then it means those who specialise in techniques and support-types started showing up. The ones sent first were all either power or wizard types. …… Have they started to grasp hold of our battle styles?”

If you mention it, the battles against the ones that have been sent by the Hero-faction have certainly increased in time. Their attacks were simple at first, then they started sending the ones with abilities that I can’t understand …… This time, the example is the shadow Sacred Gear.

“…..Sensei also said it. That there are many unknown things about Sacred Gears.”

Buchou agrees with Koneko-chan’s comment.

“Yes, that’s why they devoured the power of Sekiryuutei and Holy-demonic sword using the ability from just before. They must have realised that if blocking the attack is impossible, then you can just do it with a different method.”

“U-Umm there is something I feel suspicious about….. Can I give my opinion?”

Irina asks.

“Yes, please.”

Irina starts saying her opinion with Buchou’s request.

“I think the actions of the Hero-faction are ‘weird’, if they came to research about us or to defeat us.”


Xenovia asks and Irina nods.

“Because if they really are planning to defeat us, then I think they would have made battle tactics after 2 or 3 battles. Then they would attack us seriously in the fourth battle, right? But even in the 4th or 5th time they attacked us, nothing changed. I did think they are just being very cautious but…… how should I put it….. it seems like their bosses are doing some kind of experiment.”

“Experiment? Do you mean about us?”

Irina tilts her head at Akeno-san’s question.

“More like….. It feels like they are experimenting on the Sacred Gear possessors….. It’s just my gut feeling so I can’t express it properly…… They are sending their forces apart from this town which belongs to the other factions, so maybe they are just sending their forces to the places where the ones with strong abilities are at.”

Everyone became quiet at Irina’s opinion. Even I started to think hard about Irina’s opinion. I see. So you can see it from that way, huh. I thought they were just sending their forces to each faction because they have them down as their targets.

……So there must be a reason why they make the Sacred Gear possessors clash with us.

“……A sudden change.”

Everyone put on a serious face when Koneko-chan said that. Wait, that is…!

“……W-Wait….. Don’t tell me….. Then the reason why Hero-faction send those guys to us is so they can reach Balance-Breaker?”

“But Ise-kun. The response that shadow-user showed before disappearing into the magic-circle….. Don’t you think it resembles it?”

I couldn’t disagree with Kiba’s opinion. That weird atmosphere that shadow-user had. It certainly seemed like he was trying to obtain something different. –So you are telling me it was Balance-Breaker.

“But can they reach Balance-Breaker just by fighting us?”

Buchou says it while sharpening her eyes.

“…..Sekiryuutei, the one who controls holy-lightning, Holy-demonic sword, Holy-sword Durandal and Ascalon, the time stopping vampire, Nekomata senjutsu-user, and also an exceptional healer….. Ise, from the enemies' viewpoints, I think they see us as irregulars and as very powerful opponents. More than winning or not, to humans fighting us is something not normal.”

So we are basically ‘rare-monsters’ with high EXP to them, huh! Ah, but she’s right. I had a start for my power-up by training with Old-man Tannin, and I reached this high by fighting the legendary youkai Sun Wukong and a Nekomata who uses senjutsu.

Though I needed Buchou’s oppai in the end…. The last stage of reaching Balance-Breaker is different for each person.

“But you can say that their methods are too forced and messy.”

Irina continues after Kiba.

“It feels like even if dozens or hundreds of their allies are killed, it would be okay as long as one of them reaches Balance-Breaker. We have so many opinions about them now, so I think they know that we are getting a grasp of their true aim.”

We couldn’t conclude our opinions, so it’s decided that we will leave it for now. We activated the magic-circle and then returned to the base. When we took a breath after returning to the club room, Akeno-san started humming and singing while we were preparing to go home. She looks really happy.

“Ara, Akeno. You seem to be in a good mood. Did you find something which will satisfy your S-personality?”

Akeno-san then answers Buchou’s question with a big smile.

“No, that's not it. Ufufu. It’s tomorrow. I can’t help myself from smiling. The date. Tomorrow Ise-kun is my boyfriend.”

Yes, tomorrow is the day off and is the day for our date.

The atmosphere changed immediately, and it was scary that all of the girls were directing their killing intent at me…….

Part 4[edit]

We returned home after the battle.

“……How is it?”

Koneko-chan who came into my room asked me. She was in cat-ear mode and was being embraced by me.

“Yeah. It feels good.”

Koneko-chan was using her whole body and……her senjutsu on me.

Lately I get my fatigue taken away by Koneko-chan who uses her senjutsu on me. I get my external wounds healed by Asia, but I can’t get my stamina healed with it.

Koneko-chan controls the flow of the ‘ki’ to replenish my stamina so I don’t have any fatigue the next day. Apparently by controlling the flow of the ‘ki’ properly, the natural healing ability increases and the circulation of blood and things which are good for the body happen. Koneko-chan is trying hard to improve that.

Right now I’m having Koneko-chan use the ‘ki’ on me and it feels good and warm…….

I’m sure Koneko-chan is wearing a thin white cloth. Apparently it was given to her by Akeno-san because it purifies one's body and will be easier to use ‘ki’……. But this white cloth is so thin so I can feel the body of the woman directly.

Koneko-chan is small but she has a soft body so again I realise that she is a girl……. No, no! I shouldn’t think like that about my junior!

From her soft body, a warm feeling gets sent to my body and spreads to my whole body. It feels as if I am taking a bath at the ideal temperature and it feels so good. At the same time even the inside of my body is getting warm.

“………At the same time I’m removing the fatigue you have. The life energy which was consumed by [Juggernaut Drive] can be healed bit by bit if I use the healing-type senjutsu on you.”

Koneko-chan says that to me while smiling. Maybe the reason why her face is a bit red is because she is being embraced by me who is a man.

Like Koneko-chan explained the feeling, it feels warm inside because the life energy which was taken away is being healed bit by bit.

“Yeah, it seems like the years in my life has been taken away quite a lot by this thing called [Juggernaut Drive]. I heard that I would be in danger at this rate.”

[At this rate you won’t live longer than 100 years.]

After the sports festival I was told that by Sensei. When I was unconscious, Sensei talked to Ddraig regarding my body.

Even if it was incomplete, due to the effect of [Juggernaut Drive] my lifespan was shortened drastically and I was finally told that I won’t live more than 100 years. In the battle from earlier, my life as a devil has shortened very much.

A hundred years would be plenty for humans but it is very short for devils. Buchou heard that and……she was crying afterwards. I couldn’t let Asia hear it. If she finds that out after we promised to stay together forever, I could see her fall into despair.

After I was told that I would die if I go into that form, whether incomplete or perfect, my face remained pale for a while.

I was shocked. What was more shocking was that I would have to part ways with my comrades after 100 years and I was very saddened by that fact.

Well, it might be weird for a brat in his teens to talk about whether he was going to live for more than 100 years or not. But when I had 10,000 years more to live and was suddenly told that I won’t live more than 100 years, the shock I received was huge.

I have only been a devil for about half a year, and that means I used up 99% of my life span you know? The shock I felt can’t be expressed in words. If it trimmed my life-span by a bit, then I would be fine but this time I wasn’t.

If I only have 100 years to live, then I won’t be able to fulfill my dream of getting a promotion and becoming a Harem-king.

Using the [Dividing Gear] was also forbidden. Apparently I will also die if I use it in this state as well. It seems like even absorbing the opposite power will trim down my lifespan so I won’t be able to do that anymore.

Using the power of the Sekiryuutei won’t be a problem, but by using the power which surpasses the limit will also start to shorten my life span.

It seems like Vali uses the enormous demonic-powers within him in place of his life and somehow manages that, but for someone like me who has barely any demonic-power would be………. Since I don’t have anything to use besides my life, I will get closer to my death when I use the power which surpasses the limit of a Heavenly Dragon. Now, using the power which surpasses the limit due to rage would mean death for me……

But Sensei also continued like this. “There is a way to return the lifespan lost bit by bit”. And that would be the healing method by senjutsu. Losing my lifespan is one of the consequences for using [Juggernaut Drive], and if the core of life energy is broken or hasn’t been broken, then by using senjutsu on my body it can gradually return back to normal.

“……There will be many people saddened if Ise-senpai was to die. ……I would also hate it if Senpai dies. That’s why I am doing this to retrieve the life energy which has been lost, bit by bit. ……..I will spend all my life trying to heal it…… So please don’t turn into that form again…….”

Koneko-chan says it with teary eyes as if she is begging me. I got a heartbeat! If you ask me like that, then I won’t be able to say no Koneko-chan!

“Yeah, I got it. I won’t make everyone worry about me anymore. But I don’t remember how I turned into that form so I’m not confident in it, even so I will make sure I won’t use [Juggernaut Drive] again.”

“…….Yes, please do.”

Koneko-chan then hugs me tightly. It feels like she is trying to say “Please don’t use that form again”.

I never thought that Koneko-chan, who is a powerful and strong tongued girl, would hug me like this when I first saw her…….But I’m so happy! Having a close relationship with Koneko-chan is fun.

And I don’t want to die before becoming a Harem-King. More like I don’t want to die before having sex with Buchou! I also want to have sex with Akeno-san, and I also want to work hard making babies with Xenovia! I even started thinking that it might be alright to have a relationship like that with Asia, so I don’t want to die before fulfilling those dreams.

When I was thinking about such greedy things, Koneko-chan put on a very red face.

“……Senpai, there is actually a much more faster way.”

“Hmm, how do you do that?”

“……..It’s Bo……Bouchuujutsu.”

Hmm? It’s a ‘jutsu[3]’ I never heard before.

“Bouchuujutsu? What is that?”

“…..A woman who specialises in using the ‘ki’ has to share her ‘ki’ to the man, and it heals the life core greatly.”

“Hmm, so there was a convenient ‘jutsu’ like that. Maybe I will ask you to do that next time.”

When I said that, Koneko-chan’s face became even more red, and she panicked. She then says it with a determined voice.

“…………………………U-Understood. B-But it is my first time, so……………”

………………….Huh? Her response is weird. Maybe I should ask her for more details about it. It seemed like something is going to happen because of my misunderstanding.

“…….Hey, I will ask you just in case, but how do you actually perform that Bouchuujutsu?”

Koneko-chan answers my question with embarrassment.
High school dxd v7 055.png
“………The man and the woman……..have to become ‘one’…… It’s a ‘jutsu’ where the woman has to send their ‘ki’ directly to the man’s body…..”



“That-! Is that sex!! Mugaa!”

I was about to say that loudly but Koneko-chan covers my mouth.

“Y-Your voice is too loud, Senpai.”

I nod my head while having my mouth covered and I had her remove her hand from my mouth. After taking a breathe, I said it with a small voice.

“Then that means Koneko-chan and I would have to…….. I can’t do that!”

This is outrageous! I never thought that Bouchuujutsu was to……..have sex…..!

“Are you dissatisfied with me….?”

Koneko-chan says it with sad eyes! Is it me or does she look more sexy than usual!?

“N-no, that’s not what I meant! Koneko-chan is my junior, and it’s still…..”

It’s still too early! But I didn’t say it. I knew that she would feel unhappy if I said that.

“I’m really grateful, but wouldn’t that lead to making babies….? Ah, but even if we are devils, it should be impossible between a former human and a former youkai.”

“No, the female Nekomata normally mate with the male of different race……. Mainly, it often happens with human males.”

The topic changed to the issue about Nekomata, but I think this is good. It’s better if we change the topic! Koneko-chan cares deeply about her comrades, and it scares me because it feels like she will give her virginity to me! She needs to fall in love with someone seriously and do that with the one she loves!

“Aren’t there any male Nekomata?”

My question to her. Yeah, I need to change the topic from sex to the population of the youkai.

“……The number of them are low, but there are….. …….But female Nekomata mate with males from different races due to the old teachings.”

So they have a tradition like that, huh. Even if she is a youkai, I wonder if they have different ways to keep their kinds.

“…….My kind is the rarest, so it’s certain that I need to leave offspring…… I have reincarnated to a devil, but I do want a baby…..”

…..I see. It would be normal for Koneko-chan to want to have a baby. When that time comes, I want her to make babies with the one she loves.

Hearing Koneko-chan’s thought, I was nodding my head. Koneko-chan then says it while acting hesitant. She seems shy but she has determined eyes!

“……My b-body and breasts are small….. But I still can have s-sex properly…… I can still make b-babies….. And if Senpai really does come into danger, then I would have to perform Bouchuujutsu by force……. I am already prepared for it…..”


I started to get a strong nosebleed. The erotic voice stimulated my brain immediately! No! You can’t do that Koneko-chan!

“K-Koneko-chan! Y-You can’t! You can’t turn into an erotic girl!”

“……But if I live in this house, it seems like I must know about those kind of things…… Lately that’s what I started to think…….”

Holy shit! Buchou and Akeno-san have finally even influenced Koneko-chaaaaaaaaaaan!

I put my hands on Koneko-chan’s shoulders so I can talk to her seriously. Please forgive me though as my nose is still bleeding! If a girl says that to me, no matter even if it is Koneko-chan, I can’t help but fantasize about it!

“Listen well, Koneko-chan! I have also said this to Asia as well! You shouldn’t compete with Buchou and Akeno-san! It is very bad if you start learning from the scene between me and the ‘Two-Great Onee-sama’! Koneko-chan has to always stay as Koneko-chan! Onii-san is very strict about those things!”

I understood that Buchou and Akeno-san’s erotic attacks towards me not only give me a huge impact but also to the other members! That isn’t good! Those erotic-attacks are overwhelming because they are being done by the two Onee-sama with erotic bodies, but if pure girls like Asia and Koneko-chan were to do that, then I……..! Then I would have my instinct blown away!

“…….But Asia-senpai is also trying hard as well……..”

Koneko-chan seems a bit disappointed. Looks like one more push would be enough! Wait, I have a date with Akeno-san tomorrow and what am I doing!?

“Koneko-chan! You shouldn’t copy Buchou and Akeno-san, okay? They are just bad influences!”

“She shouldn’t copy who again? I wonder what this is about?”


…………..T-this voice…. When I turned around, my onee-sama was standing there with a smile while emitting a dangerous aura.


“Bouchuujutsu? The mating with other races? And I wonder what this bad influence is about?”

Y-You heard all of it!? I’m going to get killeeeeeeeed!

Even Asia was standing there behind her! When on earth did both of them return to my room!? During this time, they should be talking with the others in someone else’s room until Koneko-chan finishes her treatment on me!

“……Sob. So you will make babies with K-Koneko-chan…. I am always left out….”

Asia has teary eyes and she is totally misunderstanding this situation! Perhaps these girls heard the talk between me and Koneko-chan before entering the room, and have a total misunderstanding because they only heard bits of it!

“Koneko, you are done with Ise’s treatment, right?”

Koneko-chan also got scared at Buchou’s smile, and she just nods her head silently. Because of Buchou’s intensity, she left the room after saying “G-Good night” quickly.

Nooooooooooooo! Don’t leave me here Koneko-chaaaaaaaaan!

“I see. Now Ise. Let’s go inside the bed since it’s already late. But I won’t let you go to sleep until you tell us what you were talking about with Koneko. Right, Asia?”

“Yes, Rias-oneesama. You aren’t allowed to sleep until you tell everything, Ise-san.”

Both of them have some strange intensity in their words, and they then drag me into the bed!

Like this, my interrogation continued till late at night…… But thanks to Koneko-chan, my fatigue disappeared by the next morning.

Part 5[edit]

Next day. Day off.

I was standing at the convenience store near the station where we are supposed to meet up at.

It certainly makes you nervous when it is a date. My heart is beating so fast! My clothes are set properly. Even if we see each other everyday, I need to dress properly.

I look around. The town looks like it’s in the autumn season, but the heat from the summer is still present. I’m wearing long-sleeved clothes, but maybe half-sleeved would have been okay?

When it was about to become 10 o’clock, the time we promised to meet at, a girl my age wearing a one-piece with a cute frill on it stops in front of my eyes…… Wait!


“I’m sorry, did I make you wait?”


I blinked my eyes… and my heart was racing.

Akeno-san with her hair down. Her clothes are those cute ones worn by girls her age. It is my first time seeing Akeno-san wearing boots! I actually thought she would wear sophisticated clothes more mature women would wear. That’s what I imagined. So this is how she dresses up when she goes out with Buchou!

Today Akeno-san is wearing cute clothes worn by high school girls! She looks the same age as me…. No! She may even look younger than me.

She looks even more beautiful than usual. No, Akeno-san is always beautiful, but today she looks exceptionally beautiful. No, rather than looking beautiful, she looks cute!

While my eyes were taken by Akeno-san’s cuteness…..

“I… I feel shy if you look at me like that. ……Do I look weird today?”

She asks me but I shook my head to the side.

“You look super cute! You look amazing!”

Akeno-san seems embarrassed but also happy at my direct opinion. She is usually the “Ara ara” Onee-sama, but today she is like a maiden! This is cheating!

“Today Ise-kun will be my boyfriend for the whole day. ……Can I call you Ise?”

Looking at me with those eyes and acting shy is really cheating Akeno-san!

“P-Please do.”

Even though my heart was racing I could only answer her like that, and Akeno-san put on a big smile after hearing that.

“Yay! Thank you, Ise.”

Her expression of joy was simply the best. Oh crap. A single expression from her is like a weapon! Then I felt someone's killing glare while I was feeling overjoyed! When I looked around…..


…….I saw a crimson colour.

When I looked carefully, a crimson-haired person who is wearing a hat and sunglasses is looking this way from behind the telephone pole…… Ah, and also the blonde person who is wearing glasses with teary eyes. And a small built person who has cat ears growing out from the mask worn by wrestlers. And the suspicious guy wearing a paper bag on his head! And Kiba, who is dressed like he usually does, waves his hands apologetically to us.

Yeah. It’s Buchou and the club members. Did they decide to come and follow us while disguising themselves!?

…….Are they perhaps trying to secretly follow me and Akeno-san while we're on our date?

“Ara ara. For checking on whether we are having an affair, they sure have too many people to check up on us.”

Akeno-san realised it as well and made a small laugh.

She then approaches me as if she wants to show our closeness to them. Ah, Akeno-san’s hair smells so nice……. It’s so hard to resist…..


I heard a dull sound behind me. When I turned around timidly…… Buchou who is filled with rage made a crack on the telephone pole!

……S-Scary. I will act as if I didn’t see that…..

“S-Shall we go then?”


Like this, Akeno-san and I headed towards the town.

Three hours have passed.

During that time, Akeno-san was acting like girls her age. When we went inside the brand clothes shop, she would ask me things like “Hey, Ise. Do I look good in this?” and “Or do I look better in this one?” just like an ordinary girl. Her speaking manners are just like normal cheerful girls! Her usual “Ara ara” and “Ufufu” completely disappeared!

When we bought a crepe from the booth, she said “This is delicious, right Ise?”. We were holding hands while walking in the town, and the way she gripped onto my hand tells me that she is relying on me! My heart was pounding in my chest the whole time!

What I learned today is…… this person is insanely cute! P-Perhaps this is the side of her which she will only show to her boyfriend…..?

She is normally the Japanese beauty with an elegant and noble presence, and that’s the Akeno-san who is popular at school. With her elegant speaking manner and attitude, she shows all of us the way Onee-sama acts.

But right now both her speaking manner and attitude is that of a normal shy playful girl! Any guy would fall for Akeno-san if they see how she is acting now! No, the usual Akeno is plenty….. No, a very wonderful woman who can fascinate any guy!

But! But! The gap she has now and her usual self can give a one-hit KO on any guy because of her cuteness!

I see. So if she has a boyfriend, then she would act like this during the date. She doesn’t have a boyfriend now and I’m just acting as the substitute for now, but Akeno-san will show this side of her to the future boyfriend, huh!

The moment I realised it, the more I started to become jealous of her future boyfriend! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! I’m really jealous of the guy who would make Akeno-san his!!

I started to get pissed so I decided to have so much fun with her that it will make her future boyfriend jealous of me! I took Akeno-san’s hand and declared it to her.

“Akeno-san! Let’s go to the aquarium and game centre! We need to enjoy ourselves today to the extreme!”

Akeno-san was shocked first, but she replies with the ultimate smile.


My brain went down with that single blow. Like I thought, Akeno-san is super cute today!!

“There are so many weird looking deep-sea fish aren’t there.”

Akeno-san said with enthusiasm after exiting the aquarium. Akeno-san and I went to the aquarium after having some fun at the game centre. The aquarium in the town is small but it has a good atmosphere.

Since the beginning of the date till now, I had been holding hands with Akeno-san. Every time we saw a funny looking fish, both of us pointed it out and laughed. Maybe from the perspective of others around us……we might look like lovers. That would be the best! A love date with Akeno-san! It seriously is fun! It will definitely remain as one of the best events of my life!

And there is a bunch led by the crimson-haired person who was following us…… they gave off intense pressure. I think I’m going to die after this date……

Akeno-san confirmed their presence after the crimson-haired group came out of the aquarium. She put on an adorable mischievous face, and we started running after she took my hand!
High school dxd v7 000d.jpg
Oh! Did something happen!?

She turns around and says it to me.

“Let’s shake off Rias and the others!”

What!? But I didn’t argue and started running as well.

Ah, Buchou and the others also started running after they found out we are running away from them! While being pulled by Akeno-san, we turned right, then left inside the town trying to lose Buchou and the others.

After a few minutes of running, we hid ourselves after entering a small road.

After seeing Buchou and the rest go past us from the shadows, Akeno-san and I came out to the main road.

“Ufufu, looks like we lost them.”

Akeno-san stuck her tongue out and she seems like she enjoyed it.

Hehehe, I’m definitely going to get killed afterwards. I’m sure I would get over-killed……

Well, who cares. I’m okay with it as long as Akeno-san is enjoying it.

But because we ran without thinking, we didn’t know where this place is. How much of a distance did we run for?

Then when I looked around…..

I saw signs which said [Rest for ??? Yen] or [Night for ??? Yen]!!!!

T-There are just love hotels around us!!

We came into a wrong place! If Buchou realised we ran into a place like this!

Crap! I’m seriously in deep shit! If we don’t get out of here quickly, I would get into serious trouble!

“A-Akeno-san! We definitely have to leave here or they will definitely misunderstand--”

It happened when I was trying to leave here quickly. Akeno-san was holding onto my sleeve……


When I turned around, Akeno-san who had a very red face says it timidly.

“…….I’m okay with it.”

…….Huh? Okay…….? W-What do you mean?

I was in bewilderment, but Akeno-san says it with a determined face.

“…….If Ise wants to go inside, then I don’t mind. …….I’m okay with it.”


From my nose………blood flooded down.


Eh!? Are you serious!? For real!? It’s okay!? It’s really okay!?

Are you okay with going inside the love-hotel with me!?

You don’t mean just to rest right!? It means we would do ‘that’ right!?

Akeno-san…….didn’t have her usual erotic face, and she was showing an innocent maiden’s expression!

OOOOO! Akeno-san! Your expression is so pure so, I…., I……!

Can you actually do it, Hyoudou Issei!? Your partner is Akeno-san! It might be the best chance there is!

While Buchou doesn’t have her eyes on us…….we will…….we will have our first time!?


Buchou! I believed that my first sex experience would be with Buchou! But now it’s Akeno-san! I just received the best offer from Onee-sama!

It feels like I won’t be a man if I don’t take up the offer! It seems like Akeno-san is determined with it, so I think I won’t be a man if I stopped here!

Can there be anymore happiness if Akeno-san would be the one I will have sex with for the first time!?

Should I do it or not!? Calm down, me! I need to thank Maou-sama for this blessing! While I was about to make the ultimate decision of my life, there was someone who interrupted it.

“Geez, trying to make love to a woman at noon. You sure know what to do, Sekiryuutei-brat.”

Huh? Who is it? The one who appeared was the geezer wearing rough clothes and a hat. Behind him there was a man with a good build and the woman who looked diligent.

The woman was amazingly beautiful. Her silver hair was long and straight. I can tell it's silky just from looking at it.

Geezer. Don’t talk to me. I’m deciding whether to do it or not right now. Wait…….

Huh? I’ve seen this geezer before.

“Hohoho, it’s been awhile. It is I. I came here from the far North.”
High school dxd v7 071.png
The eye-patched geezer said it with a lecherous smile. I remembered his expression.

“Odin the geezer!”

Yes! He is the Chief God from the North! I haven’t seen him ever since the incident with Diodora.


“W-Why are you here?”

Yeah, why is he here in Japan? For sightseeing? Isn’t that a bit of a rash plan while there is so much terrorism right now? That’s what I thought, then the woman butted in.

“Odin-sama! I would be troubled if you wander in a p-place like this! You are a G-God so please act proper!”

Oh. She started yelling at the geezer. Ah, is this person perhaps the girl who was wearing armour and yelling at Odin the geezer?

“Let me, Rossweisse. You are a Valkyrie who has to take care of Heroes, so you need to learn about these kind of places.”

“I am a Valkyrie who has no appeal after all. You two also shouldn’t come here during noon. You two are high school students, correct? Go home and study.”

Somehow, the Valkyrie called ‘Ross-whatever-her-name-is-san’ started being angry at me and Akeno-san as well.

Oh man. Looks like it isn’t the mood to decide whether or not to go inside the love-hotel anymore……. I regret it so much! I started crying within myself!

When I looked, Akeno-san was being approached by a man with a good build who seems to be the geezer’s escort.

“……Y-You are…”

Akeno-san had her eyes wide opened and she seems shocked. Someone familiar? She knows him?

“Akeno, what is the meaning of this?”

The man seems pissed. I can sense anger from his words. What intensity.

“…..It’s none of your business! M-More than that, why are you here!?”

Akeno-san sharpened her eyes and started glaring at him. The maiden side she had just before is completely gone. For Akeno-san to glare at him this much…… Who is he?

“That doesn’t matter! Anyway, get away from here. It’s still too early for you.”

He grabbed Akeno-san’s arm and tried to take her away somewhere by force!

“No! Let go of me!”

Akeno-san is fighting back! Hey hey hey hey! What are you doing to Akeno-san!

I grabbed the man’s arm quickly and made him release Akeno-san.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but let go of Akeno-san. Can’t you see she dislikes it? More like, who the heck are you?”

I ask with the attitude to fight. Then I received an answer I never imagined.

“I’m here as Odin-dono’s escort today. I am one of the leaders of Grigori, Barakiel. I am also the father of Himejima Akeno.”

…….He’s Akeno-san’s father.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. different suffix
  2. Heavenly Dragon Temple
  3. technique
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