High School DxD:Volume 7 Life 2

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Life.2 The Shitty Geezer from the North has Arrived[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Hohoho, I have come to visit.”

Odin the geezer is laughing loudly in the VIP room located in the highest floor of the Hyoudou residence. Apparently he had business in Japan and came to this town just to pass by. It seems like this place which is controlled by the Three-Great Power of angels, fallen-angels and devils is much safer than other places.

A god visiting my house…. Something amazing is happening, Grandpa who is in heaven right now.

Everyone in the Gremory group has gathered in my house. Azazel-sensei has showed up as well.

The date with Akeno-san was cancelled like I thought. After that, we reunited with Buchou and the others, and we returned home bringing the geezer with us. Akeno-san was disappointed but she was more troubled about meeting her father. She became upset. She doesn’t even step forward and she has stopped smiling.

Akeno-san’s father, Barakiel-san, is also here but Akeno-san doesn’t even look at him. …….It seems the discord with her father is very deep.

Barakiel-san. I heard what kind of person he is from Sensei before. He is a warrior-type man who is also a very serious person. I hear that he is so strong that he is on par with Sensei. In terms of attack power alone, he is the strongest within the fallen-angels. He must be insanely strong then……

“Here is your tea.”

Buchou served Odin the geezer some tea while smiling. Fufufu. I got my cheek pinched really hard by Buchou just before. She said she needs to discuss something with me very seriously afterwards. I want to escape……..

“You don’t have to worry about me. But, it seriously is huge~. That one is also huge~.”

This shitty-geezer….. He looked at Buchou and Akeno-san’s breasts with lecherous eyes! I won’t forgive you if you touch them! Buchou and Akeno-san’s breasts belongs to me!

“Mou! Odin-sama, you can’t look at them with such a perverted gaze! She is the sister of the Maou Lucifer-sama!”

The Valkyrie person hit Odin the geezer’s head with a fan. The geezer started massaging his head with his eyes half opened. Is it alright to hit the head of the Chief God from the North with a fan? That Valkyrie person sure is amazing.

“Geez, you are so hard headed. Sirzechs’s sister is famous for being a beauty with a glamorous body, so it can’t be helped if I end up wanting to stare at her breasts. Oh, this here is my escort Valkyrie. Her name is---“

“My name is Rossweisse. I will be under your care during our stay in Japan. Nice to meet you all.”

With Geezer’s introduction…..Rossweisse-san greeted us. She looks different because she isn’t wearing the armour from before but she sure is beautiful. Is she the same age as me?

She looks like a cool beauty who seems to be good at working even if she is so young.

“She is a virgin girl where the ‘Years she didn’t have a boyfriend equals her age’.”

Geezer gave us extra information with a lecherous face. Rossweisse-san starts to panic a lot.

“T-T-That has nothing to do with this! I didn’t choose to not to have a boyfriennnnd! I didn’t choose to still be a virginnnnn! Sob!”

Ah, she fell on her knees and started smacking the floor. Somehow she reminds me of myself so I sympathise with her.

I didn’t choose not to have a girlfriend either…….

But Rossweisse-san, I thought you were a cool beauty but right now there is a huge gap between your appearance and personality……….

“Well, the business world of battle maidens is also having a hard time. Even if there are those with looks, they are mostly those who are not outstanding. Lately the number of heroes and yuusha[1] have decreased, and the Valkyrie squad has been minimised because of the lack of funds, so even this one was at the corner of the room before she became my escort.”

Geezer says that while nodding his head. Is that so? Hmm, I really can’t understand the World of the North.

Sensei then says it while laughing at the conversation.

“During the time Geezer is staying in Japan, it’s decided that we will be his guard. Barakiel is a back up support member from the fallen-angels side. I also have been busy lately, so I only have limited times I can stay here. During then, Barakiel would be looking after all of you in my place.”

“I look forward to working with you all.”

Barakiel-san gave a short introduction.

So we are going to be Geezer’s guard huh…..

“Geezer, don’t you think you came a bit early to visit here? The date of your arrival should have been few days ahead. The reason for your visit this time is so you can talk with the Japanese Gods right? Michael and Sirzechs would be the middlemen and I would be sitting with you in the meeting…..right?”

Azazel-sensei asked while drinking green tea.

“That’s about it. And in our country there is a bit of trouble…. Actually there is a troublesome lad who is against my ways. I thought I should move things faster before he does something. That’s why I want to discuss several things with the Japanese Gods. Until now, we were basically unsociable to each other and we didn’t have any connections.”

Geezer made a sigh while stroking his long white beard. So the God from the North also has problems of his own huh. Well it would be natural for each faction to have a trouble or two.

“When you mean trouble, do you mean that you have the Vanir after your head? I beg you, don’t start ‘Ragnarok’ by yourselves, Geezer.”

Azazel-sensei puts on a sarcastic smile.

Hmm. There are so many special words that I don’t know. What are they talking about?

“I don’t care about the Vanir….. Well, there is no point discussing it. By the way Azazel-boy. It seems the Khaos-Brigade are increasing the number of those who can use Balance-Breaker. Scary isn't it. But I heard that those are a rare phenomenon?”


We all became stunned and looked at each other. So you would go into that discussion! Like we thought, the reason why they had Sacred Gear possessors fight against each faction was to make them reach Balance Breaker!

“Yeah, they are rare. But there is some idiot who used the quickest, yet the most scary and easiest way by force to make the rare phenomenon happen. That is something that one who is knowledgeable about Sacred Gear would at least think of once, but it is something no one could do because you would be criticised by each faction. It’s definite that you would be heavily criticised whether you succeed or not.”

“What is that method?”

Sensei answers my question.

“Rias’s report is basically correct. The plan in which you will eventually succeed when you do it a lot. First you gather humans who possess a Sacred Gear by force. It’s basically abduction. Then brainwash them. Next you send the Sacred Gear possessors to the place which has strong foes gathered….the crucial places where superior beings reside in. You continue that until you have someone who reaches Balance Breaker. When they reach it, you summon them by force through a magic circle.”

So that shadow user reached Balance-Breaker after all…..

Sensei continues.

“These are things no faction can do even if they thought about it. If I, who has an alliance with the angels and devils confronts them and do the same things at crucial locations, then that will signal the start of a war. So no one wished for that. But they were able to do it because they are terrorists.”

So if you were to treat Sacred Gear possessors like that, you would be prosecuted by the other factions.

……Huh? I think I trained to reach Balance-Breaker in an inhuman way….. I had a monstrous dragon chasing after me during summer holiday…..

“Your face is saying that you reached Balance-Breaker in such a way, Ise.”

“Of course I am, Sensei.”

“But you are a devil. You are tougher than a human you know?”

“Even so, I almost died!”

“Aaah, well, it doesn’t matter since it’s you.”

“Aah! You try to settle the problem like that~! You are cruel, Sensei!”

Sob, I’m the only one who gets treated like this! I’m going to become a delinquent now!

“Either way, it’s the [Khaos Brigade]’s way to abduct humans like that and brainwash them to make them reach Balance-Breaker.”

“What kind of people do those kinds of thing?”

Sensei continues to answer my question.

“The regular Hero-faction members are a gathering of the great legendary yuusha and heroes-sama[2]. Their physical bodies don't lose out even if they're against angels or devils. They also possess Sacred Gears and legendary weapons. On top of that, they have reached Balance-Breaker, and on top of that they have a pushy Longinus which can even slay a God. From the reports, the Hero-faction has a strong will not to lay their hands on Ophis’s snakes, so in terms of their power enhancement it still is unknown.”

Either way, the central members are super strong huh. More like, can heroes and yuusha-sama do such an inhuman thing?

“What are they going to do by increasing those who can use Balance-Breaker, now that’s the problem.”

Odin the geezer isn’t even putting on a serious face and says that while drinking the green tea. This geezer is quite the easy going old man. Maybe you can say he is an courageous person. Even in the battle from the other day, he went against the armies of Mid-class and High-class devils by himself. Something one would expect from a God.

“Well, this is something which is still being investigated, so nothing will start even if we discuss it here. Geezer, are there any places you want to go?”

When Sensei asked the geezer, geezer moved his fingers with a lecherous face.

“I sure want to go to the Oppai-pub!”

“Haha, you sure have good taste, Chief God-dono! Hell yeah, let’s go there right now then! Young girls from my organisation opened up a shop in this town for the VIP’s recently. I will invite you there then!”

“Uhohoho! To be expected from Azazel-boy! You sure know your things! Prepare me a big breasted one right away! I’m going to grope many of them!”

“Follow my lead shitty-geezer! Welcome to Japan! Do you want to untie their kimono obi[3]? That is something you must do at least once when you come to Japan! I will show you the Japanese-style!”

“I can’t wait for it~ I can’t wait for it indeed~!”

Both of them heated up, and left the room immediately! What perverted leaders! Can you believe that everyone!? Can you believe that person is a chief-God!?

And for such a lecherous Governor and lecherous geezer to be the leaders of their groups! Aaah, even Buchou has her hand on her forehead while twitching her eye brows~!

Please take me as well! That’s what I wanted to say, but I stopped myself from saying that. It feels like Buchou will get mad at me.

“Odin-sama! I..I’m also going!”

Rossweisse-san follows after them, but…

“You stay here. It won’t be a problem if Azazel is with me. You can stay put in this house.”

“No! I’m going!”

They had a conversation like that at the corridor, and she followed them. All of us in our group and Barakiel-san who are left behind made a sigh.

“Akeno, I would like to talk to you.”

I was at the kitchen located on the first floor. I then heard a conversation when I was on my way back to the top floor. When I was heading there….I witness Akeno-san and Barakiel-san having some kind of argument.

“Don’t casually call my name.”

Akeno-san’s voice is so sharp and cold that even I have never heard her talk like this before. She also doesn’t have her smiley face but instead she has an unpleasant face.

“……What is the meaning of this, that you are seeing the Sekiryuutei?”

Is this trouble about me!? This is harsh! The way he says that is odd. I thought it’s rude to be eavesdropping, but I would be anxious about this if I were to leave.

“This is my life. Why do I have to have you comment about this?”

“I heard rumours. That he is a shameless dragon that fights, eating woman’s b-breasts as his energy source. And he has another name called Chichiryuutei as well.”

Am I having Barakiel-san misunderstanding me!? Using the breast as an energy source!? That’s crazy! Am I having such weird rumours about me going around!? I held my head at the shocking comment.

[…..Uuu. Partner, give me a break~. How much more do you have to torture me…..]

Ddraig cries inside me. Shut up for a sec! This is also a life and death problem for me as well! I can stand being called Oppai Dragon! But how can I walk around the Underworld when there is a rumour about me eating woman’s breasts!?

[…….Uooooon! Uoooooon!]

Don’t cry Ddraig! I also want to cry!

Breasts are a side dish! They aren’t main dishes!

“I’m worried about you. I’m worried that you are……receiving embarrassing treatments.”

Ah, I see, that is the way a father who has a daughter behaves. More than that, Barakiel-san doesn’t seem like a bad person.

What happened between him and Akeno-san…..

“Don’t talk about him like that. Ise-kun is……lecherous, but he is a kind and dependable man. So you judge people by rumours and gossip. You are the worst. Like I thought, I can’t do something like…..forgiving you……..”

Akeno-san! She’s defending me! I feel happy. My eyes are getting soggy.

“I’m saying this as a father—“

Barakiel-san says up to there but Akeno-san talks over him.

“Don’t act like a father! Then why didn’t you come for me back then!? The one who left Kaa-sama[4] to die without helping was you!”


Barakiel-san became silent with those words.

Then I, who was hiding behind the shadow, met Akeno-san’s eyes.

“Ise-kun…… Were you listening?”

I was caught. No, it was my fault for eavesdropping…..

I came out while feeling awkward. Barakiel-san became enraged when he saw me!

“Ngh! Shameless! For a man to be eavesdropping! Like I thought, the rumours about you targeting woman’s breasts are true! I won’t let you eat my daughter’s breasts, damn Chichiryuutei!”

He has a big misunderstanding!

I want to cry! For Akeno-san’s father to have this kind of a misunderstanding! But, since he is Sensei’s friend then misunderstandings like that should be cleared up……… Maybe it won’t! That person seems like he will find this kind of misunderstanding funny and he might add stuff to itttttt!

[What! You say Sekiryuutei eats young woman’s breasts, Azazel!]

[Yeah, that’s right. When he touches them, the women’s clothing are blown off, and when he talks their breasts start to talk. Be careful, Barakiel. Maybe Akeno’s breast might become the victim~. As if. Don’t take it seriously, Barakiel. Heeeey, can you hear me~?]

[Absurd……. He is like a monster who is a woman’s natural enemy which took real physical form….. A breast eating dragon….. A…Akenooooooo! Damn it! Sekiryuuteiiiiiiii!”]

I easily thought something like that must have happened! It really seems something like that happened! And it’s scary since half of that fits with the rumours!

“I won’t allow you to see e-each other!”


Barakiel-san has holy-lightning running through his hand! Heeeey! What’s going on!? Am I about to be wiped out due to a misunderstanding!?

Akeno-san comes between me and Barakiel-san, and she embraces me as if she is protecting me.

“Don’t touch him. Please don’t take away this person from me. He is someone who is necessary for me……. That’s why disappear from here! You are not my father!”

……Akeno-san’s scream. Hearing that, Barakiel-san stops his holy-lightning, and then says it while closing his eyes.


After apologising with such few words, he turned to leave. His back looked a bit sad, even for a person with such a good build.


Akeno-san hugs me tightly. It seems like she has some feelings inside her she can’t tell me.

“I beg you. Don’t say anything. …….Let me stay like this for a short while. Please, Ise…..”

Her voice was trembling.

…….I don’t know what happened between them, but…..

I gently hugged her back.

Part 2[edit]

The next day we, the Gremory group, participated in an event in the Underworld sponsored by the house of Gremory.

“Yeah, thanks.”

It was a handshake and autograph event.

A huge row of people are in front of us, and I give my autograph sheet to each kid while shaking their hands.The kids take my autograph which is written in my bad devil letters happily, then they shake my hand with a big smile….

“Oppai Dragon! Do your best!”

They say something like that to me.

Just seeing that makes me man-cry underneath my armour.

Craaaaap! I’m super happy right now!

I will continue to be an Oppai Dragon for these kids!

“Switch-princess’s oppai! Switch!”


Buchou who was next to me doing autographs and handshakes made a small scream. A naughty brat was poking Buchou’s breast!

“Oyyyyyyyyy! You can’t touch Buchou’s breaaaaaaast! This oppai belongs to me! You can’t!”

I warned the boy while crying!

You can’t touch it! Buchou’s oppai is mine! Other people can’t touch it!

“Mou, Ise. Don’t get jealous. It’s just a little child who is doing it. I will let you touch them afterwards so calm down.”

Buchou says that while making a sigh.

Uuuu, that’s because, Buchou……. Buchou’s oppai has……

Yes, please let me touch it afterwards…….

Haaa…… So that means Switch-princess is popular as well. Ah, if I look carefully there are many woman lining up in front of Kiba. I’m so envious of him!

Kiba has the role of the “Darkness Knight Fang” who is the enemy from the television programme. His appearance is that of a leader from the enemy forces wearing chivalrous armour.

I was originally hoping to become that! My first dream disappeared due to the kids support, but Kiba has obtained the thing I originally wanted.

I don’t care! I’m Oppai Dragon no matter how you look at it!

And in front of Koneko-chan who is wearing a cute beastly costume, many of her ‘big friends[5]’ are lining up. Koneko-chan also has the role as the “Hellcat-chan” who is on the good side along with Oppai Dragon. Koneko-chan didn't hate this role and was giving them proper responses.

What a pro! I saw the spirit of a professional coming from Koneko-chan!

We finished the autograph session and returned to our dressing room.

With this, the event has finished! It’s mission accomplished!

Man, I’m tired~. I deactivated my armour and returned to my base form. Then a staff member approached me.

“Ise-sama, thank you for your hard work.”

The one who came bringing me a towel is...the ojou-sama[6] with the roll hair-style, Raiser’s sister, Ravel Phoenix.

“Oh, Ravel, thanks.”

I took the towel, and wiped my sweat.

When Ravel heard that we would be participating in an event in the Underworld, she came to help us out.

“T-This is also part of my training! And I think giving dreams to the children of the Underworld is a wonderful job, that is why I am helping! I-It’s not like I am doing this for Ise-sama and the Gremory group!”

She says that, but she did her task very seriously.

I don’t quite understand her, but I think she is a good girl. When I first met her she had a very proud attitude, and I only thought of her as an ojou-sama. I didn't like her because she looked down on me, but now she can talk to me normally.

Sometimes I feel a gaze of admiration from her... Maybe I’m just imagining it.

“I started to think that giving dreams to the kids is not a bad thing lately.”

“All the children have their heads full about you.”

“Yeah. They came to shake my hand very seriously. So I felt that I need to protect their dreams seriously as well.”

Yeah, I don’t know how much I can do for them, but I’m thinking of being an Oppai Dragon for them as much as possible.

“Ise, it’s about time to return to the human World.”

Buchou comes into my dressing room.

“Ah, that’s right. We have to guard Odin the geezer after this.”

That shitty-geezer keeps on asking impossible things since his arrival. He goes to an Oppai-pub, and hits on girls walking in the streets and he does whatever he wants!

I want to hit his head with a fan just like Rossweisse-san does, at least once!

“Yes, we need to return quickly. Good work to you as well Ravel. Thank you for today.”

“T-That’s all right, this is all for my learning.”

Ravel cheeks turn red when she was thanked by Buchou.

“Then, see you next time.”

“Yes, please call me for the next event. If you n-need me then I will definitely help you out.”

After having a conversation like that with Ravel, I returned to the human world with Buchou and the others.

Man, a handshaking session, I definitely want to do that again!

Part 3[edit]

The event in the Underworld ended, and after having been dragged around by Odin the geezer for his tour in Japan, me, Kiba, and Gasper of the men's team were battle practising.


I am in Balance-Breaker form and I have fire coming out of the thrusters on my back, and I am chasing after Kiba who is moving around in a zigzag at god-speed. Kiba who is a ‘Knight’ has faster legs than me. But…


I can go past him directly if I multiply my power and increase my dash!

The boosters on my back give the maximum output, and I close my distance with Kiba immediately!


Kiba wields his holy-demonic sword, and I made my Ascalon appear to block his attack!


Both of us move in various directions while moving at a very high velocity. During that time, he was wielding his sword while not showing even a slight opening.

……Shit. Fighting him using a sword will be disadvantageous for me. I started to get pushed back, and Kiba’s blade started to reach me.

The speed of the holy-demonic sword is increasing! I start to lose the sight of his blade with my eyes. When Kiba reaches his top speed, he will definitely come against me at once.

-So there is no option but to fight him with my fists while closing the distance to him even more!


I made the booster on my back go on and went within his range!

A body blow from a short-range! Unlike me, Kiba has nothing on his body. In terms of defence, I have an overwhelming advantage. I also have higher attack power as well. If it hits, then my chance of winning will increase!



I heard the sound of metals colliding. Kiba made the pommel of his sword strike like a bowling ball, and he smacked my helmet from the side.

Maybe he foresaw my body blow, so Kiba used a counter on me!

…..Possibly due to being hit on the head, my consciousness and sight became warpy for a moment….. I had my brain shaken.

So if he can’t hurt me with a direct blow to the outside of my head, he decided to aim for the inside instead.

Kiba’s counter is very effective for close-range fighters. I have received it many times, and Xenovia also received it many times as well.

I’m always on alert, but I can’t predict how and where he will counter attack because it always changes.

But I never thought he would use his pommel like that…. I thought that by closing my distance with him to where he wouldn’t be able to wield his sword it would stop him from responding to my attack…..

I can’t be hit like that again, so I decided to leave my current position and step back. But…..

I had my foot frozen, and I had myself connected with the ground.

“-It’s the holy-demonic sword of Ice.”

Kiba has a sword made from ice within his hand. With this, I got my legs sealed and I won’t be able to escape!


And another sword. In his other hand, he has a holy-demonic sword covered with electricity…

A holy-sword of lightning! So he’s planning to use that to electrify me inside my armour!

Then! I will also show it! My secret technique!


A pair of red dragon-wings appear from my back! On both wings, there is a small claw just like those of a Pteranodon!

It’s a new thing added to me due to the influence of [Juggernaut-Drive]. I still can’t fly properly, but I can at least move them!

I moved my wings very precisely, and had the claws on my wings grasp hold of Kiba’s hands! Yeah! I caught both his hands!

“Your guard is down!”

I try to hit a strong blow to his stomach since his stomach is defenceless!

Even though his arms are sealed, he made a blade appear from his right foot, and he tried to kick with it! So you can create a sword even there!?

When my blow and the holy-demonic sword on Kiba’s leg was about to collide, a heavy sound was made.

“T-Time’s up~! That’s the end of the time! It’s a s-stop!”

Gasper was jumping around while carrying a large bell.

Kiba and I stopped our attacks just before they hit.

There is a time restriction for practice battle. Kiba and I draw ourselves back while making a bitter smile.

Today, it is a draw.

“There are times when I can’t keep up with Ise-kun’s training loads.”

After the practice, Kiba says that with a smile while gulping a sports drink.

After the practice battle, each of us do our own training.

Kiba is resting. Gasper is training by stopping a small sized robot flying in the air using his eyes. The robot is for Gasper's personal use, a training item created by Sensei.

I deactivated my armour and made a bitter smile at Kiba’s words while doing a squat.

“Maybe I had an insane power released from me after going into [Juggernaut-Drive]. But I can’t use that anymore because I will die. But if Asia was to…… No, my comrades might be put in a dangerous situation. Even if I can’t use [Juggernaut Drive], that doesn’t mean I’m done for. –I will become stronger in another way. If I don’t have talent, then I can make it up by working harder. If I lack demonic-powers then I can make up with my stamina. I won’t give up. I heard that Sairaorg-san also obtained his place as the heir in the same way. If someone has accomplished that before me, then I can work even harder for it.”

Yeah, even if an idiot like myself had his life shortened due to [Juggernaut-Drive], there is no point for me to stay there and wait to rot.

I also can’t show the children myself in that situation either. If Buchou and Sairaorg-san’s match was to happen, the whole match will be broadcast throughout the Underworld.

I don’t want to show my pathetic side to the children.

“But in terms of speed, I can’t beat you Kiba.”

When I said that, Kiba shook his head to the sides.

“The instant dash you did when you used the booster on your back was the same speed as me.”

“Only at direct speed. Even if I close my distance with you directly, you dodge it the majority of the time. It seems like I would have to move around in a zigzag like you, but I still haven’t been able to use my booster properly yet. Right now, I can only move forward with it.”

“You have to get used to it. But in terms of power you overwhelm me. Also having Sekiryuutei as your opponent puts a lot of pressure on me, and I get chills every time your punch comes at me. No matter how many lives I have, it isn’t enough.”

Well thank you for that then. But it takes time for my attacks to hit him. Kiba also counters so I hesitate because I have to think how to attack him.

Lately me, Kiba, and Gasper have been training in this sturdy battlefield created by Azazel-sensei and Sirzechs-sama. It’s made in a certain basement in the Gremory territory of the Underworld.

Me and Kiba can’t train to our hearts content due to our abilities. If we get serious, we will destroy landscapes or fill the area with swords.

We were having troubles because there were only a few places we can train at.

Then we got a present from those two people!

Apparently it is a present because of our achievement in the incident involving Diodora.

We transferred from the magic-circle located at my house and came here. It’s made quite special, so apparently it won’t be sensed by terrorists.

It seems like High-class devils who participate in the Rating Game have similar places as well, and we, who are youth devils, received it as an exception.

It seems like the ones who have this exception within the youth devils are us and –Sairaorg-san’s team.

Other members also use this place quite often. This time we wanted to do this with just guys, so we are the only ones here right now.

“We are getting stronger, right…..?”

I ask Kiba while doing a squat.

“Of course. I know this is rude to say, but you and I have surpassed Buchou and Akeno-san. We probably can overwhelm average high-class devils now. But, we can’t let our guard down.”

“Yeah, since my abilities and yours are known by many, it’s easier to deal with us right?”

Kiba nods at my words.

Yeah, my ability and Kiba’s ability was shown throughout the Rating Game which was broadcasted throughout the Underworld. Since that happened, other high-class devils would make a counter plan or a proper strategy to defeat us.

My weaknesses are that I won’t be able to stand up against powerful attacks without balance breaker, and my power increase is easily sensed by other people. When it increases, the aura around my body increases drastically at once.

If the opponent senses “Ah, he increased his power”, there is a threat that they would avoid me or run away. It will be bad if they make me consume my stamina randomly.

To chase the opponent who fled away, destroying the battlefield would be okay, but if a special rule is created like the time in the Sitri match, I wouldn’t be able to do that easily.

Kiba’s weaknesses are that his defence isn’t that high since he has nothing protecting his body and also his legs. Legs are part of Kiba’s speciality, but it is also his weakness. He would be out if they aim for his legs. Nggg, like I thought, the Rating Game is really deep.

“For example there is apparently a Sacred Gear which slows down the opponents legs, so I would also be in danger if I were to encounter such a foe. It will be alright if I don’t get hit by it, but we won’t know what will happen in the actual thing.”

Kiba says that while drinking the sports drink.

So that is Kiba’s natural enemy huh. I also have a natural enemy as well. And that is a dragon-slayer.

“Even I would have to be on alert if I was to encounter a dragon-slayer.”

“You are right, so it would be dangerous if you were to be hit even once. There is also compatibility during a match, so if someone with a dragon-slayer were to show up then we will take them on. Though we would have to depend on Ise-kun for other opponents.”

I still haven’t received a dragon-slayer’s attack with my body, but it must really hurt just like the damage from light.

“W-W-W-Will I be of any use…….?”

Gasper asks while raising his hand timidly.

“In your case rather than fighting individually it’s more wise to fight while pairing with us isn’t it?”

When I said it while looking at Kiba, Kiba nods.

“That’s right. Gasper-kun’s power is adapted for supporting, so its real potential will be unleashed only when pairing with someone from the group. As long as we continue to live as devils, it is necessary to get adapted to team battles, so covering each other's weak points would be an obvious thing to do.”

“Well, becoming strong by yourself is good, but we won’t know how effective that will be against strong teams.”

“Yeah. Ise-kun especially needs to be careful since you are trying to become a ‘King’ by leaving Buchou in the future.”

“It would be Game-over if the ‘King’ is to be taken down, huh. Yeah, I know that really well. So I will get used to team battles as soon as I can. Though it might be good if I can fight like Sairaorg-san. The ‘King’ stepping forward and fighting.”

“But if a strategy was made to counter that….. We are also thinking of tactics to take on Sairaorg-san individually, but if we were to fight like how he does then we would be……”

“Out, huh. Man, this is hard! The world of devils that is! I got it then, when I become a ‘King’ I will think carefully about my actions besides certain times.”

Like this we, the men's team, gather here daily to train and discuss about game strategy. If I remain on saying “I don’t know!”, then my future ahead will be unstable so I study really hard about this with Kiba and others. Thanks to that, I’m able to discuss about these things pretty well.

“Looks like your knowledge about tactics has become sharper.”

Then a new voice is heard. When I turned around, it was Azazel-sensei.

“Here, I have some food. It’s onigiri[7] hand made by the girls.”

We, the guys, were in joy and stuffed them into our throat immediately. Yum! This onigiri has a taste of Asia. It has a ‘kind’ taste to it.

Sensei sits next to us who are taking a break and then laughs.

“Looks like your body is turning into good shape, Ise. I can tell that it is due to training a lot by the looks of it.”

“I won’t be able to become the 'Ultimate Pawn’ if I don’t get even stronger. It’s something I promised Buchou, so I need to fulfill that before I become independent.”

“Oh yeah, I heard. When the time comes for you to become independent from Rias, you are taking Asia and Xenovia with you right?”

He heard it from Asia? Or from Xenovia? Well, that doesn’t matter I guess.

“Well, yeah.”

“You did it.”

“Well, I don’t know how to put it, but I promised Asia I will always be with her. I want to stay with Asia too. I also think it might be fun to do the devil’s business with Xenovia as well.”

I don’t want to separate from Asia after all.

Sensei then says it while roughly patting my head.

“One thing, Ise. If you are going to become a ‘King’ in the future, then there is one thing you must remember.”

“What is that?”

Sensei suddenly put on a serious face and says it.

“-It’s ‘Sacrifice’. During the game, there will definitely be a time when you have to abandon your ‘pieces’. How will you cope with it when that time comes? Your value as a ‘King’ will be tested then.”

“……So you are saying I should abandon the option to save them?”

Sensei shook his head at my question.

“You can save them. If you can save them, then you should do that. In real battle it is a serious thing, saving your comrades that is. –But it won’t be like that during a game. Since there is a transportation when you retire, chances of you dying are slim. That being the case, you may have to abandon a critically injured comrade, and move on to the next step.”

“……You sure ask me for a difficult option.”

I can’t abandon my comrades. If my comrades are in a pinch, then I would go and save them immediately.

“You have the greatest affections with your comrades in this group. And that will turn into an obstacle in future games. –Kiba.”

Sensei then moves his gaze from me to Kiba.


“During the game, in the worst case, who would you choose between Rias and Ise?”

“I will choose Buchou.”

Kiba answers Sensei without any hesitation. Yeah, that’s the right answer. Even I would have hit him if he chose me instead.

I’m not the one who has to survive in the worst case during the game. That would be the ‘King’, Buchou. If the ‘King’ was taken down, then all is done for.

Sensei continues after confirming that.

“Other members also need to hold that determination as well. Maybe it’s because you guys are the Gremory group, but your love towards your comrades is strong. Your affections towards your comrades are amongst the top-class within the devils as well. That will be your weapons, but also your weak points. If other devils learn that “These guys won’t abandon their comrades”, then they will build their tactics aiming for that point. Continuing to lose the matches due to saving your comrades will lower your ratings. What you guys need in the future games is the resolve to abandon your comrades who go down in front of your eyes. Sona Sitri has shown you that during the game in the summer holiday. I’m not telling you to abandon your comrades during the real battle. But keep that in your heads during the games. Ise especially needs to understand that if you are planning to go independent. –The one who has to survive till the end in the game when you are the ‘King’ is you, and not your servant devils.”

-The resolve to sacrifice my future comrades, huh.

……Yeah, he’s right. I need to understand that. Even I, who haven’t become a ‘King’ yet, am suffering this much just by thinking of it, so I won’t be able to completely understand what’s going inside Buchou’s heart.

Buchou. Do you have the resolve to abandon me and Kiba? Can you do that? If Buchou can win the game, then I will happily give up my body.

I also need to hold that resolve in the future.

It’s frightening. The courage to make your comrades into sacrificial pieces…. I would want to somehow avoid that……

I will have to think about it. Until that time comes.

What will I have determined when I participate in the game as a ‘King’.

Wait, I have to promote before becoming oneeeeeee!

I’m talking big by saying that I will become independent, but I don’t know when that will happen! Vali said something like I will be able to become a high-class devil within few years, but I don’t know if that will happen.

Nggggggh! Going ahead towards my dream day by day! I’m thinking of going forward step by step without any lack of working hard!

But before that, I need to think about the game in front of me. I kind of understood what I have to do in Buchou’s game.

I took a breath, and then said it to Kiba and Gasper.

“Kiba, Gasper. It seems like we have to be resolved.”

Kiba nods.

“You mean the resolve to abandon our comrades who fall in front of us during the game right?”

“Yeah, we need to ---make Buchou win the Rating Games.”

Gasper also responds to my thoughts while having rice around his mouth.

“Y-Yes! That’s exactly right~!”

“That’s why lets be defeated while smiling for Buchou. Except we are to be taken down after giving it our all, and let’s be defeated while taking on the enemy head to head. We would look uncool if we were to show our back to our enemy. Let’s take them on face to face and fair and square and then be defeated.”



That’s right. If we were to be taken down, we, the men's team, will go down looking cool. While protecting Buchou.

But more than that, lets win. We can’t discard the feeling of wanting to win.

Sensei was scratching his cheek next to us.

“You are saying something cool, but you know Ise? Can you do something about yourself when you fight women….? I know that dress-break and pailingual are effective, but if you just concentrate on using that, they will aim for that point. More like the weak point of it is easy to tell. If a half-naked woman appears, what will you do?”

“My eyes will be all over them!”

Sensei lowered his shoulders at my answer.

“This guy is useless. He’s definitely going to lose.”

E-Even if you say that if an erotic woman was to appear in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to calm myself! Ah, that’s why it is easy for them to aim at that and lower my guard.

Hmm, so I should get used to erotic things? Impossible! I won’t be able to charge ahead while ignoring erotic things in front of me!

That’s because we have to look, if there is an oppai in front of us!

Phew. Well, who cares. When I finished eating the onigiri I confirmed that Kiba and Gasper also finished eating and raised my spirit.

“Okay then, Kiba, Gasper! Lets do another round of sparring from the beginning then!”

Yeah! I shouldn’t think too much about it, and train for now!

When I tried to spar with Kiba once again, Sensei tells me to come to him by gesturing with his hand.

“Ise, come here for a bit.”

He had a lecherous expression. He thought about something again huh.

“What is it, Sensei?”

“The thing is, another prototype for the Oppai Dragon came to me again. Check it out.”

When I approached him, Sensei got something out of his pocket.

“W-What is this…..?”

The thing Sensei took out is…..a small figure.

“It was decided that Oppai-dragon was to collaborate with a hamburger chain in the Underworld. It’s a toy which comes when you order the kids meal. This one is the toy of you. This one here is the toy of Rias aka Switch-princess.”

It c-certainly looks like a deformed toy of me in a Balance-Breaker! This one here is the toy of crimson-haired Buchou! Haa, it certainly is made delicately. It looks cute.

“There is also a gimmick to it. You get a bonus when you collect both of them. When you poke on Switch-princess with your figure….”

Sensei moves the hand of the toy of me and pushed the breast of the toy of Buchou. Then….



Buchou’s voice echoed! What is this!? Isn’t this amazing!?

“Like that, it makes a sound.”

Sensei said it while putting his chest forward proudly.

“What is this!? I really want it! Uwaa! This will definitely be a hit product!”

I took the toys into my hand while my body was shaking.

Amazing! This is a sacred toy! Y-You can actually make these sorts of things!?

“Hahahaha, right!? Even Sirzechs praised that “It is a world-shaking toy!”! I love thinking about these kinds of things! Listen, if you want to become a high-class devil, then you have to value your ideas!”

Sensei who was laughing proudly looks so bright!

Amazing! I did think this person was a genius, but never thought that he was a genius of this calibre…..

Terrifying idea indeed. To make a business by using a single idea of oppai…. No wonder Sirzechs-sama would be in joy. The future of the Underworld is going to be bright!

The Governor of fallen-angels Azazel! To be expected from the charismatic fallen-angel! I think deeply from my heart that I was glad he wasn’t my enemy…..

“Listen, Ise. Oppai are filled with dreams. So lets show them to the kids. There are dreams which grow using oppai.”

“Y-Yes! A business using oppai is the best!”

I was making the toy cry out ‘Iyaaan Iyaaan’ continuously and then Sensei tells me with a serious face.

“Can I leave Akeno in your care?”


I opened my eyes wide at the sudden request. Sensei continues as if he is telling me something.

“You probably know, but Akeno hates Barakiel and the fallen-angels. Since Barakiel came this time, she won’t listen to me as well. The only man who can talk to her properly is you. –If something happens, please support her. I can feel safe if it is you.”

“I don’t mind, but…… I don’t quite understand her situation you know?”

“Want to hear it? –Though if you hear it from me, I would talk as if I’m supporting the fallen-angels side since I’m the governor of the fallen-angels. At the same time if you hear it from Akeno it will be full of hatred. If you want to hear it, then hear it from Sirzechs or Grayfia. Those two will tell you from the proper perspective.”

I see. Akeno-san is part of the Gremory-group. It certainly might be better to ask those two who know about the servants of the House of Gremory.

Sensei continues on.

“…..I’m sure you realised it after living with her, but there is a part in Akeno where she is emotionally weak. Usually she acts as the admiration of the school students, one of the two great onee-sama who is covered with elegance. But when that is removed, the one there would be a girl similar in her age. The most obvious time was when you were defeated in the match against Sitri. The ‘Queen’ who has to be the most calm acted differently to that of the King’s tactics.”

I kind of know what he is saying.

Akeno-san is usually an elegant and confident onee-sama who says things like “Ara ara” and “Ufufu”. But at times she has a side when she acts as a maiden, and when that side comes out she looks very fragile.

She is a dependable onee-sama, and I think that the true Akeno-san is one of those girls around there.

That’s what I think, so I don’t know how accurate this is.

Sensei puts his hand on my shoulder and said it with sad eyes.

“There will be times when she shows those sides of her to you, so try to do something about it when that happens.”

“What do you mean by something……”

“This will test your ability as a man, Ise. It’s nothing much, girls will feel safe when you embrace them and kiss them once or twice.”

My ability as a man….. That’s something I’m most lacking at! If I was man enough, I would have done a threesome with Buchou and Asia who sleep with me every night already!

Am I gutless for not doing anything at the most important part……? I don’t want to admit it!

Even if I’m like this, I will be aiming to become a Harem-king! But, I will definitely make that true!

I will definitely become good at handling girls!

“Also about the [Juggernaut-Drive].”

Then Sensei started to talk to me about the [Juggernaut-Drive].

“I won’t use it. I don’t want to die after all.”

“Well, that’s obvious but it has awakened once, so I’m thinking of looking into the power of the Sekiryuutei from a different perspective.”

Different perspective? There is another way then?

“How would I do that?”

“Because of the influence of [Juggernaut-Drive], it should be in the state where the thoughts of the past Boosted-Gear possessors are released. I asked Ddraig, and found out that the negative feelings of them are trapped within the Sacred Gear. It is basically like a curse, and it seems like they are trying to use the power of darkness to control you and rampage so they can drain your life to the Sacred Gear.”

“T-That certainly is a terrifying story…..”

Negative feelings. A curse…… This Sacred Gear is more like a type of horror genre than I thought….

If I think about it, I still don’t know that much about this Sacred Gear. I just use it’s power basically. There are still unknown factors about it.

“They say that the families and people close to the past possessors have become unfortunate due to the curse. That’s why if you eliminate the curse……the negative feelings, then instead of the [Juggernaut-Drive], I made the logic that you might be able to attain a power that rivals [Juggernaut-Drive] without trimming your life. For that, you have to go deep into the consciousness of the Sacred Gear and release the thoughts of past Sekiryuutei’s from their negative feelings.”

“S-So I have to put to rest the fragments of the past possessors thoughts who are residing within the Sacred Gear, and then create a new powerful and safe power which isn’t a ‘Juggernaut-Drive’…..?”

“Well, that’s basically it. Putting to rest the thoughts of the past Sekiryuutei, try to do that. Ddraig, help him out with it.”

[Yeah, that’s okay, but the thoughts of the past Sekiryuutei are so covered in deep darkness that even I won’t be able to approach them.]

“The oppai dragon Hyoudou Issei-kun will do something about that.”

This is insane! I still have to test whether I can do that at all!

But I won’t be able to use the current [Juggernaut-Drive] anymore. Not just me, but it might make those around me unlucky so that’s even more reason not to use it. Looks like I have to believe in Sensei’s hypothesis, and find the new power that way.

“Ise. I believe in your chances. Each one of the past Sekiryuutei was devoured by the power. Your talent must be the lowest in history. But I believe you are the embodiment of possibility since you attained Balance-Breaker with a woman’s breast, and reverted back from a berserk state with a woman’s breast. Oppai Dragon! That’s certainly something. You know that it has been a while since a dragon reached such a unique name, right? Even if your physical body and demonic-power is lower than Vali and other legendary dragons, you can still get used to the power of Sekiryuutei and become even stronger in your own way. From now, show your actions with your efforts, guts, and unexpected ways.”


Looks like I have to believe in Sensei, believe in Ddraig, and believe in my chances.

I will become stronger in my own way.

On top of that, rather than being used by this Sacred Gear, I want to achieve using it instead!

The man who understood about the Boosted Gear the most in the history.

I also think having such a title would be awesome.

After thinking that, I resumed my training with Kiba and Gasper.

Part 4[edit]

On a certain night, after several days since Odin the geezer’s arrival.

We, Sensei, Geezer, and Rossweisse-san were inside the wagon of the eight-legged warhorse called Sleipnir.

And we are flying if I may add! We are moving in the sky during the night.

Maybe its because the warhorse is big, but the wagon is also big.

Kiba, Xenovia, Irina, and Barakiel-san are flying outside as a guard. This is done so we can take on the terrorists immediately if they show up.

“The Japanese ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ sure is good~. Geisha girls are the best~.”

This shitty-geezer Odin was laughing “hohoho” while putting on a satisfied expression.

Damn it!

Think of us, your guards! Lately, we have been dragged to various places in Japan with this giant warhorse. We went to the Kyabakura[8] located in the metropolitan area, we went to the amusement park, and also went to a few sushi restaurants. We were sightseeing Japan as the geezer wanted to.

Because we are under age and high school students, there were places we couldn’t enter, so we had to be on standby near the entrances!

Damn you, you shitty old maaaaaan!!

If he treated me to go into a Kyabakura, then I wouldn’t have had this much hatred towards him!

When I looked, all the group members had an exhausted expression. Beside me, Asia is leaning her head on my shoulder and is sleeping!

Akeno-san on the other hand is…….. It looks like her mind is elsewhere. She was emitting an aura from her body which said not to talk to her.

But taking care of the geezer sure is hard. When I get mad he says such things like “I’m deaf so I can’t hear you~” or “Azazel-san, is the oppai not ready yet?” and avoids me so obviously! He is indeed an outrageous old man!

But, this old man is an important guest. So we didn’t complain to him that much and followed him quietly.

“Odin-sama! It’s almost time for the meeting with the Gods of Japan, so please lose that mindset of being on vacation. At this rate you will be yelled at by other people when we return to our homeland.”

The past few days, Rossweisse-san responded calmly and followed Odin the geezer, but it seems like she is at her limit and is about to explode.

“Geez, you are a woman who doesn’t know how to lighten up. How about you relax a little? That’s why you can’t even get a single man.”

“This has nothing to do with me not having a b-b-boyfriend! I’m not s-single because I want to be!”

Aaaah, there she goes crying again. People from the North sure are hard to handle….. I hope they leave soon….. That’s what I started to think. But.......



Suddenly the wagon stopped, and the impact of it stopping hits us!

Everyone lost their balance at this unexpected event!

“What happened!? Don’t tell me it’s a terrorist!?”

“I don’t know! Though when things like this happen it’s never anything good!”

Rossweisse-san and Sensei were on alert.

I heard the cry of the horse. So it means something happened to that big horsie.

When I looked out from the window of the wagon……Kiba, Xenovia and Irina were in battle positions while having Barakiel-san positioned at the centre.

I…I still can’t fly. I can have my devil wings appear but I can’t manage to fly.

Even Sensei laughed at me— “It sure is funny that you attained Balance-Breaker before flying. I think the sequence of it is the other way around, normally."

I can make dragon-wings appear during my Balance-Breaker state. If Ddraig can handle the flight control then somehow I'll be able to fly.

…….Looks like I need more training. I also need to practice flying as well. Even if I raised my power, I still can’t let the kids in the Underworld down.

I opened the window of the wagon, and looked ahead of Buchou and everyone else. At the same time I started my countdown for Balance-Breaker.

I don’t know what will happen, so it would be good to be prepared just in case.

……Up ahead a young looking man is floating. He’s a good-looking man who has a bit of an evil look in his eye.

The thing he is wearing resembles the robe the geezer wears when he is dressed up properly. Though the main colour of it is black.

Rossweisse-san realised who the man is and puts on a very shocked expression. And Azazel-sensei made a sound with his tongue. W-What is it…..? Who is he?

When the man lifts his robe, he made a smirk and talked very mightily.

“Nice to meet you everyone! I am the Evil-God of Northern Europe! Loki!”

…..E…Evil……God? Did he mean ‘God’? If he’s from Northern Europe, then is he from the same place as the geezer?

Everyone apart from me has serious eyes.

It seems like they are very shocked. It's as if their faces are saying “No, it can’t be.”

Sensei flaps his black wings and exits the wagon.

“……Loki.A Norse God.”


Buchou says that next to me. God!? Seriously!? T-Then that means that person is a God from the same place as Odin the geezer…..

What did he come here for? Somehow it feels like it’s nothing good.

“If it isn’t Loki-dono. To meet you in a place like this. Do you have some business with us? On this wagon is the chief-God of Northern Europe Odin-dono. You know what the consequence of your actions are, no?

Azazel-sensei asks calmly.

The God called Loki then spoke while crossing his arms.

“Nothing much. Our chief-God left our organisation to get in touch with other factions, and that is very painful to endure.”

……A declaration which sounds completely like a villain!

Hearing that, Sensei changed his speaking manners.

“You are quite arrogant to say that up front, Loki.”

His voice is also mixed with anger! Even if he looks like that, Sensei likes peaceful days, so he seems to hate those who come and selfishly disrupts the peace.

Hearing Sensei, Loki laughs with enjoyment.

“Fuhahahaha, if this isn’t the Governor-dono of the fallen-angels! Normally I wouldn’t want to meet you or the devils, but it can’t be helped. –Along with Odin and the others, you shall receive my punishment.”

“So it’s okay for you to get in touch with other factions? That’s contradictory.”

“It’s okay if it is to destroy other factions. I don’t agree about having peace. It is your religion that stepped foot on our soil and spread the bible after all.”

“……..There’s no point saying that to me. Say that to Michael or the deceased God from the Bible.”

Sensei replies like that while scratching his head.

“Either way, it is a problem for the chief-God Odin to negotiate with the Gods of the Far East. Then we won’t be able to have the day of “Ragnarok”. –What is it you wish to obtain by trading for the information regarding Yggdrasil?”

Sensei points his fingers and then asks.

“I will ask you one thing! Are your actions connected with the Khaos Brigade? Wait, if I remember, you weren’t an Evil God-sama who would answer honestly.”

Loki replies back without caring.

“I feel sickened that you would mix my opinions with those foolish terrorists. –I came here of my own will. And Ophis has nothing to do with this.”

Hearing that answer, Sensei loosened the tension in his body.

“……So you are not from the Khaos Brigade. But this is also a problem in its own way. I understand, geezer. So this is the problem that the North faction carries, huh.”

When Sensei looked towards the wagon, the geezer just got out of the wagon with Rossweisse-san. He activated a magic-circle under his feet, and he moves in the air along with the magic-circle.

“Hmm. There are still a few hard-headed people and that’s the current situation we are facing. There are fools like this one who come out like this.”

Geezer says that while stroking his white beard.

“Loki-sama! Your actions exceed your authority! Doing something like pointing your fangs towards the Chief-God! This is unforgivable! You should make an argument at the official meeting!”

Rossweisse-san changed from the business suit to armour immediately, and then said that to Loki.

But the enemy didn’t listen.

“A mere battle-maiden shouldn’t get in my way. I’m asking Odin. Are you still planning to continue doing something which is outside our Norse world?”

Geezer who was urged to answer replied back normally.

“Yup. Talking to Sirzechs and Azazel is ten thousand times more interesting than talking to you. I want to know about Japanese Shinto. They also have an interest in our Yggdrasil. After we make peace, I’m thinking of exchanging our cultures by sending out each of our messengers.”

Hearing that, Loki smirks.

“……I have confirmed your plans. Such a foolish act. –Let’s have a display of powers here then.”


I suddenly felt uneasy. An overwhelming hostility starts to pierce through my skin!

The God Loki was releasing his hostility towards us……No, I can understand he is aiming his hostility at Odin the geezer!

“So, I can take that as a declaration of battle, right?”

Loki also smirks at Sensei’s last warning.

“Take it as however you want it to be.”


Then, a wave hits Loki!

When I looked around to see what happened…..it seemed like Xenovia swung her Durandal. There is a massive amount of aura rising from the holy-sword.

“Victory goes to one who makes the first move.”

Xenovia says that calmly! You act too fast Xenovia! That’s such a head start!

“It seems like it didn’t work. To be expected from a Norse God.”

When I looked back after Xenovia said that….Loki was standing there as if nothing happened.

Are you for real!? Xenovia’s attack couldn’t do a thing!

“Holy-sword huh. It has impressive power, but it isn’t enough to take on a God yet. It’s no different than a gentle breeze.”

Kiba creates a holy-demonic sword in his hand, and Irina also creates a sword of light in her hand.

Loki laughs seeing that.

“Fuhaha! Futile! Even if I look like this, I’m a God. A mere attack from a devil and angel is nothing.”

Loki points his hand forward slowly.

My instincts understood that some unknown pressure is gathering at his hand.

Allowing him to shoot that is……bad!

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!!!]


The countdown is over! A red aura envelops around me, and it shapes into armour!

Ddraig! I will leave the flying to you!

[Yeah, leave it to me.]

I got out of the wagon the same time my Balance-Breaker activated, and I charge forward in super-fast speed towards Loki!


A sound echoes from the jewels, and the booster on my back ignites!


I close the distance immediately, and try to release my punch but it was dodged swiftly. My punch just passed his nose and misses! I then shout at the same time.

“Buchou! I will be using promotion!”

Receiving Buchou’s confirmation, I promote to the [Queen] right away! I felt power flow inside me!

“-Oh. That’s right. I forgot that the Sekiryuutei was also here. You have quite some power on you. –But.”

Glowing particles of light gather at Loki’s hand! I can tell just by looking at it! He is compressing overwhelming power and he is trying to release that at me! A direct hit from that would be bad!

“It’s still too early for you to take on a God!”

I shot my dragon-shot with my maximum power towards the wave of power Loki is about to shoot!



The two forces collide violently, and blow up!

The explosive wind created by them comes at me and my comrades! Shit! He easily destroyed my full powered attack! So this is the strike of a God huh!

Red smoke dissipates from Loki’s hand. It seems like my dragon-shot worked a bit.

Loki saw that, and he makes a smile.

“……It’s not like I held back completely. This is truly amusing. It certainly makes me happy. So I will have a laugh then. Fuhahahaha!”

I’m not happy at all! If that wasn’t him being serious, then he is an opponent who would be very hard to handle by myself!

Taking on a God with the power of Sekiryuutei might be hard!

Buchou and Akeno-san spread their wings and came out of the wagon. Buchou is covered in crimson aura and she’s in a battle mode.

“Crimson hair. House of Gremory….was it? You must be the blood relative of current Maou. Two leaders of the fallen-angels, one angel, many devils, and on top of that the Sekiryuutei is with you. Odin, for a mere guard, this is a bit overboard don’t you think?”

“A fool like yourself ended up coming here. It turned out to be the right decision after all.”

Loki nods at the geezer’s words and made an even stronger smirk.

“Very well. Then I will call it.”

Saying that, he spreads his robe, and says it loudly.

“Come out! My adorable son!” Loki’s shouted.

After a moment of silence… a rift is created in space.

What is it? Did he call something?


The thing which appeared from the distorted space is……an ash-grey dog! No, a wolf!

A giant wolf which looks like it is 10 meters tall appears in front of us!


Wh….. W-What is this….. This u-unreal pressure…..

The moment the wolf glared at me, my body was unable to move as if I was paralyzed…..

Next I felt a cold thing running through my body. I felt more; fear, killing intent, urges to run away, and sense of my heart being grasped more than when I was confronting Loki.

…….Shit. My hands are shaking……!

When I looked around, not only me but other members of our group have their bodies shaking as well. Buchou, Kiba, and also Xenovia. Even our members who are daring are frightened at the unseen pressure that the wolf is giving out!

W-What is that wolf!? What on earth is that…..!

The wolf doesn’t show any sign of moving. It was just piercing us with its eyes.

[……Partner, he is dangerous. If you can, you should avoid him.]

Even Ddraig who is called the Sekiryuutei[9] is saying something like that.

So it means that wolf is such an opponent huh….. That wolf is definitely way stronger than Loki!

“This is bad….. You guys, don’t lay your fingers on that giant wolf! Ise, keep your distance from it!”

Sensei’s expression is so nervous that I’ve never seen him like this. The daring Azazel-sensei who didn’t even back down when taking on the old-Maou is saying that……

“Sensei! That wolf, what on earth is that?”

Sensei answers my question as if he can barely slip a sound from his mouth.



Everyone became shocked at Sensei’s answer, but also at the same time they seem to understand the reason for their trembles.

“Fenrir! Impossible, in a place like this!”

“……This is certainly bad.”

Kiba and Buchou both understand about the enemy, and they were on alert.

What is it? Though I do understand that it is incredibly dangerous.

“Ise! That is one of the worst and greatest creatures! It has the fangs which can definitely kill a God! If you get bitten by it, even that armour won’t last!”


That much!? So this giant wolf, is that dangerous! And it can definitely kill a God! Isn’t that cheating!? I understand now! No wonder Ddraig told me to avoid it!

Perhaps, we won’t be able to defeat it even if we were to go at him at once?

Loki says it while patting Fenrir.

“That’s right. You should be careful. This one is among the top-class of the worst monsters that I have created. After all, this one's fangs are something which can kill any God. I haven’t tried it, but it should be effective against Gods from other religions. It can give mortal wounds whether you are a high-class devil or a legendary dragon.”


Loki’s finger is directed at Buchou.

“I actually didn’t want to use the fangs of my Fenrir on those not from the Norse…… Well, having this child learn the taste of the blood of those outside the Norse world might be a good experience for him.”


…..That bastard. Don’t tell me……that he’s….!

My bad premonition then became true by Loki’s mouth.

“-The blood relative of Maou. Tasting that blood will also become useful for Fenrir. –Kill her.”


Under the abyss night, the ash-grey wolf made a howl.

That howl was enough to make our whole bodies shiver, and it sounds so beautiful that our hearts were attracted to its howl.


A single flow of wind. The wolf in front of me disappeared from my sight…..

That moment, my body moved before my brain did!


I won’t let you. I will never let you!

Buchou…… The woman I fell for, don’t you dare…..

“Don’t touch heeeeeeeer!”


I dashed in front of Buchou before the wolf did, and I hit the wolf’s face who came at her with godspeed!


Uwaa! I became shocked at my own decision!

That’s because I didn’t move my body with my head just now!

It’s just that the giant wolf was about to head towards Buchou, so my body told me that I must protect Buchou!

When I realised it, I had hit the wolf!


Buchou also seems shocked.

“Bu…Buchou! Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“N-No, I’m okay. Thanks to you protecting me.”

Phew. I became relieved and sighed.

I don’t know what actually happened but it seems like I was able to protect Buchou. That shitty wolf was trying to bite and then kill my Buchou!

The wolf which I had hit looks at me with a fine face.

…..It didn’t work? Hahaha, this wolf is a tough one.


H….Huh? I had just vomited out a blood. W-What….?

I then realised the weird change in my body, and when I looked at the area around my stomach….there was a hole in the armour.

The moment I saw that I vomited out more blood from my mouth. Then intense pain comes to me.



Buchou and Akeno-san made a scream like cry.

My stomach is hot…… Ouccccch….. W-When was I wounded…?

When I looked at the wolf, the claws on its front left leg were covered in blood.

…..Did he also pierce through my armour just before I hit him……?


My body wavers while in air.


My body was about to collapse down but Kiba supports my body.

“Ise-kun. Let’s heal it immediately with Asia-san’s power!”

“Ise-san! Please come here quickly!”

Asia who is our healer says it while crying from the wagon. She’s creating a healing aura in her hands. She must be trying to send the power of healing to me.

“No, I won’t let you. Sekiryuutei, even if it was just for a moment you were able to follow Fenrir’s movement. This is truly terrifying. I will get rid of you before you become a threat.”

Loki tries to give an order to Fenrir again.

-Being attacked again will be bad!

I can’t dodge it! If I dodge then it will hit Buchou! I can’t do that! I will protect Buchou! I’m scared of dying! But more than that I can’t let Rias Gremory die!


Sensei and Barakiel-san each released a spear of light and holy-lightning at Loki with maximum output.

“Even without using Fenrir, just two mere fallen-angels won’t be able to stand a chance against me.”

A magic-circle with an equation I’ve never seen before becomes his shield which expands throughout the sky.

Sensei and Barakiel-san’s attack was easily blocked.

“-! Norse magic! If I remember, their magic is more advanced than the magic of our religion! Just to be expected from the World that has greater magic and sorcery than our World!”

Sensei says that with disgust.

The two fallen angel leaders attacked at the same time, but it didn’t work……!

So this is a God huh!

“Then I will use the same magic!”


Rossweisse-san activated many magic-circles which had the same equation as Loki’s magic-circle, and released many attacks from them randomly! It seems like it’s a full-burst attack!

It has a shocking power output! So Rossweisse-san is also quite a fighter! She is Odin the geezer’s bodyguard, so it wouldn’t be weird for her to have that much power.

Amazing. That person, is she talented at things like magic and sorcery?


Loki’s defence magic-circles are activated around his whole body to defend him, and it easily blocks Rossweisse-san’s attack!

It’s even useless with the same magic!?

“Now, it is my turn.”

Loki tries to swing his hand to the side…..

Fenrir’s murderous intents increased along with it. Its emotionless and cold eyes are directed at us….

Koneko-chan and Xenovia step in front of the injured me and their master Buchou to act as our shield! Stop! It’s useless! That's a wolf that cracked open my armour! Both of you won’t be able to endure it!

-My comrades are about to be killed!

No! I don’t want that! At this rate we will be annihilated! I don’t want that! To end like this…..

While my head gets full with despair, a single light passes through my sight.

It went past the wolf at the speed of light….

[Half Dimension!]


The space distorts while having the Fenrir in the centre of it. Fenrir also has his movement sealed by the space distortion.

-But soon it bites and tears apart the distortion made in the space with its fangs.

A white-silver thing descends down between us and the wolf.

“Hyoudou Issei, are you okay?”


The one that appeared in front of us is the Hakuryuukou Vali!

That attack, I thought I had seen it somewhere, and it turned out to be this guy after all!

But that attack halves anything within its range. Just how powerful is that Fenrir, who was directly hit by it and just had his movement sealed for a second!?

“Oy oy, was the Oppai dragon wounded? Geez, he sure is a guy who I can’t tell whether he is strong or weak!”

The one who came from the side riding on a golden cloud is Bikou.

……Why are these guys here?

“-! Oh my, so it’s the Hakuryuukou huh!”

Loki smiles happily at Vali’s appearance.

“How do you do, God of Evil Loki-dono. I am the Hakuryuukou Vali. –I came here to eliminate you.”

Hearing Vali’s declaration of war, Loki makes an even more stronger smile….

“I am satisfied after seeing the Two Heavenly Dragons. –I will retreat for today!”

Loki brings the wolf back to him.

When Loki turns his robe, a big distortion is created within space, and it envelops around Loki and Fenrir.

“But, on the day of meeting the Gods of this country! I will come here once again! Odin! Next time, Fenrir and I will definitely tear the chief-God’s throat!”

When Loki and the wolf, Fenrir, disappeared my mind went off….

-I have been losing blood a lot lately….

……When I woke up, I was being healed by Asia.

A warm green light envelops me, and it took away the pain in my stomach completely.

“……Asia, thank you.”

I thanked Asia while looking in her eyes. Because I woke, Asia sheds a tear.

“Ise-san! I’m so glad!”

“….I can’t die while leaving Asia, right?”

I hugged Asia back who started hugging me.

“…..Senpai, I’m glad you are safe.”

So Koneko-chan also stayed with me. Since her hands are covered with ki, she must have been strengthening the natural healing ability within me.

“Thank you, Koneko-chan.”

I pat Koneko-chan on her head.

“…..Nyaa. Senpai…”

“Yeah. I’m okay now. –And where are Buchou and others?”

Only me, Asia, and Koneko-chan are inside the wagon.

“Rias-oneesama is talking outside with everyone. …….Also Hakuryuukou-san as well.”


That’s right. Vali appeared at the end of the battle against Loki.

I lifted my body up slowly and left the wagon. It had already descended to the ground, and it was in the park near the Kuou Academy. Since it’s still night, there is no presence of people.

I walked towards the location of Buchou, Sensei, Geezer and everyone else.

I then heard Vali’s voice.

“To make Odin’s meeting successful, you will need to take down Loki correct?”

Vali says it without hesitation after looking around at everyone.

“You won’t be able to fend off Loki and Fenrir with just these members. And also because of the Hero-faction’s attacks, the Underworld, Heaven, and Valhalla are in a ruckus. So they won’t be able to send more people to your aid.”

No one can argue back against his claim.

My eyes and Vali’s eyes met. Vali makes a bitter smile, and everyone looks at me after seeing where Vali was looking.

“Ise! Are your wounds okay?”

“Yes, Buchou. I’m okay now. More than that….”

I looked at Vali. When I looked, Bikou and Arthur, the Holy-King sword wielder, were behind him. And also Kuroka as well. It seemed like they were looking at our response.

“Are you telling me that you will defeat him?”

When I asked with a low tone, he shrugged his shoulder.

“It’s unfortunate but even the current me won’t be able to take on Loki and Fenrir at the same time.”

…….And that’s your answer? You were talking proudly just now. He’s useless since he said he can’t defeat him by himself.


Vali looks directly at me.

“It’s a different story if the Two Heavenly Dragons were to join forces.”


Everyone including me became shocked at Vali’s suggestion! The only ones who aren’t shocked are Vali and his comrades!

Of course we would be shocked! I never thought that he of all people would say that!

We became so shocked that we couldn’t speak and Vali continues.

“For this battle, I’m saying I don’t mind fighting alongside Hyoudou Issei.”

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