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Life.3 The Joint Army![edit]

Part 1[edit]

Next day, everyone gathered at the spacious hall located at the basement of Hyoudou residence.

We the Gremory group + Irina, Azazel-sensei, Barakiel-san, Sitri-group and…..lastly the Vali team was present which turned it into a place with an awkward tension.

It feels weird to have Vali and Bikou present at my house. Buchou and others were against them coming to my house, but after hearing Sensei and Sirzechs-sama’s opinion, they agreed to it.

Sirzechs-sama, why did you allow these guys to come to my house?

Don’t tell me it has something to do with them saving Asia? –It can’t be.

More like what are their reasons for cooperating with us? What are they thinking?

He said he will eliminate Loki, but is that his true intention? I don’t get it at all.

Odin the geezer and Rossweisse-san are contacting their homeland from another room.

It also became a big problem for them since Loki came to Japan.

Now then, we have already started discussing about the countermeasures against Loki.

The Maou Sirzechs-sama is also aware about this case we are having. This has also been passed to the heaven and the fallen-angel side.

To make Odin the geezer’s meeting successful, it was decided for the Three-Alliances to cooperate and protect him.

So they are telling us to take on Loki with just us.

Our opponent is a God. But the biggest problem is the wolf he is carrying with him. Fenrir.

A real monster which has power surpassing that of its father. What I heard was that it has a power on par with the Two Heavenly Dragons before they were sealed, and even Sensei and old man Tannin can’t beat it one on one.

Of course me and Vali who can’t pull out the full power of the Two Heavenly Dragons are no match for him.

Apparently by using Juggernaut-Drive we will have a chance to defeat it, but I will die if I use it, and Vali will end up using his demonic-powers and won’t last long enough to fight Loki. If it goes wrong Vali will also use his lifespan and die.

We might win if the remaining members fight putting their lives on the line, but there will be sacrifices.

I was told that it would be certain for several people to die in it.

Reinforcements……are something we can’t hope for. From every faction that is. The terror, where the Hero-faction are sending Sacred Gears users, is still continuing and each faction is in chaos because of it.

Each important area has the maximum alert on and it is a situation where they can’t send any of their man power to us.

If that’s the case, then we would have to find a way to win this battle while minimizing the casualties as much as possible. Since there is a countermeasure for it, the strategy meeting is still ongoing.

“First of all, Vali. What is your reason for cooperating with us?”

Sensei who is standing in front of the whiteboard asks Vali a question which we all wanted to know. Yes, we want to know the reason why this guy is helping us. It’s too creepy.

Vali makes a creepy smirk and then speaks.

“I just want to fight Loki and Fenrir. Bikou and the others have already agreed to it. Does this reason not satisfy you?”

He is a battle loving maniac. He must be crazy for wanting to battle that dangerous monster!

Hearing that, Sensei twitches his eyebrows with suspicions.

“Yeah, I’m not satisfied. But it’s true that we want you as our manpower. Right now we are in a situation where each faction can’t send their manpower to us because of the Hero-faction. There might be a connection between your team and the Hero-faction, but…. Due to your personality there is no way for you to cooperate with the Hero-faction.”

“Yeah, we try not to get involved with each other as much as possible. I’m still planning to fight Loki and Fenrir even if we aren’t able to get your cooperation. –Though if you don’t cooperate with us, then we will still battle them while dragging all of you into it.”

…..A threat, huh. If we cooperate, they will defeat Loki with us. If we don’t cooperate, they will attack us along with Loki in order to defeat him, huh.

“It seemed like Sirzechs was also thinking hard about this, but he said he won’t be able to turn down the offer of you who is the sole survivor of the descendants of Old-Maou. He sure is a naïve Maou, but I also think that it would be better to have you cooperate with us rather than letting you roam free.”

“Though there are more issues which we can’t come to an agreement with each other.”

Buchou says that after hearing Sensei’s opinion. It seems like she has some complaints, but since the Maou who is the King of devils said that, Buchou also won’t be able to talk back.

Sona-kaichou also seems to agree to this. Though her expression tells me she is very dissatisfied.

It must be easier to have them under surveillance rather than letting them free, but I don’t know if this guy will actually listen to us or not…..

If Buchou agrees to this, then I have to do the same. Well, if these guys show any suspicious movement, then I think I should be prepared to beat them at least.

Asia who is very honest doesn’t have that much suspicion towards them because they saved her once. Other group members seem to have some disagreement to this, but they came to agree to it.

Sensei then stares at Vali.

“Though he’s probably plotting something.”

“Who knows.”

“Though it won’t be a problem if we make it so that we can cut down any suspicious movements.”

“I don’t have any intentions of doing something like that, but if you were to come at me, I won’t go down doing nothing.”

Vali just smirks at Sensei’s words.

“….Well, lets put this about Vali away for now. Let's move on to the countermeasure against Loki. I’m planning to ask a countermeasure about Loki and Fenrir from a certain someone.”

“You are going to ask about Loki and Fenrir?”

“Yeah, there is this guy who knows very well about those guys. So I will have him give information to us.”

“Who is this person?”

I said that while putting my hand up.

“One of the Five Dragon-Kings, ‘Sleeping Dragon’ Midgardsormr.”

-! A dragon-king, huh. So what does that dragon-king have to do with all of this?

“Well, that’s an obvious choice, but will Midgardsormr respond to our call?”

Sensei answers Vali’s question.

“We will open the dragon-gate with the Two Heavenly Dragons, the power of the Dragon-King Fafnir, Vritra, and Tannin. We will just summon Midgardsormr’s consciousness over there. His actual body is sleeping in the depths of the ocean in Northern Europe.”

Hmm. So there is a way like that. So legendary dragons can do those kinds of things, huh.

“Is it me or am I…also included….? The truth is I feel pushed back because everyone else are monsters….”

Saji asks that timidly. He does have the Sacred Gear of Vritra after all.

“Well, I will have you come as one of the factors needed. Leave the majority of it to me and the Two Heavenly Dragons. Hold on until I get in contact with Tannin. I will go and talk to Shemhaza about the countermeasure for this. You guys stay on stand-by until I come back. Barakiel, follow me.”

“Roger that.”

Sensei and Barakiel-san leave the hall after saying that.

The Occult research-club members, and the student council are left behind. And also the members of the Vali team.


Bikou puts his hand up.


When I ask, Bikou says it with a naughty smile.

“Can I go to the indoor pool below this floor?”

…………. I didn’t know how to answer back because he asked something which I didn’t expect.

Buchou takes a step forward, and points her fingers at Bikou.

“Hey. This house belongs to me and the Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei. I won’t allow you to do as you please.”

It seems like this house became mine and Buchou’s…… Well, her spoiled comments like this aren't something new so I guess it’s alright, but Buchou sure has a harsh attitude towards Bikou. Well, he is mainly an enemy so that can’t be helped I guess.

“Now~ Now~, let me use it. Switch princess—“


Buchou smacked Bikou’s head very hard! OOOOOOOO! It made a huge sound!

Bikou then talks back at Buchou with teary eyes.

“Ouuuuuch! What was that for! Switch-princess!”

“You! Because of you, I….am being called weird names in the Underworld!”

Buchou also has teary eyes. She is super pissed. She is about blow up.

Ah~, so you weren’t okay with that after all. If I think about it, the first one to call her that name is Bikou, and Sensei used that name after hearing that.

“Who cares. Oppai Dragon, I also watch that show. I’m honoured, since the name I gave is being used.”

Bikou just laughs loudly while having fun. He seems like he really is enjoying it deeply from his heart.

“Nggggggh! What should I do with you….!”

Buchou seems like she doesn’t like Bikou’s attitude and her whole body is trembling. She is enveloped in a red-aura and she has a dangerous atmosphere around her.

“S-So this is the last Excalibur! So amazing.”

“Yes. Vali got information from his personal connections, and when we compared it to the scroll passed in my family, we were able to find it. Though the location of it is a secret.”

When I looked at the place where the voice came from, Irina and Arthur were discussing about the Excalibur. Irina’s personality is useful at times like this. She opens up to others right away.

Next to them, Kiba and Xenovia seem to be listening to their discussions while being alert.

They must want to know about the holy-swords since both of them are swordsmen.

Then Asia pulls my sleeve. She’s acting hesitant.

“What’s wrong, Asia?”


Asia directed her gaze….at Vali.

I then realised what she wants to say.

“You want to thank him?”

Asia nods her head silently at my word.

The other day, Vali rescued Asia who was blown away to the dimensional gap. She must want to give him her gratitude. Mou! Asia-chan, you are such an honest and sweet girl! You are my pride!

Vali is dangerous, but I can’t decline Asia’s request.

I took Asia’s hand, and then stood in front of Vali.

Vali is sitting on a chair with his legs crossed and is reading a book which looks complicated.

“Vali, can I have a second?”

“What is it, Hyoudou Issei?”

When I urged Asia, she steps in front of Vali.

“U-Um… Thank you very much for saving me the other day.”

“Hmm? Ah. That's right. Well, I did it out of a whim. Lets not worry about it much.”

Vali just looked at us once, and then continued to read the book.

Yeah. Well, this should be okay then.

I took Asia’s hand to distance her from the bastard right away. I can’t get used to this guy after all.

Hmm? Then another pair of people came into my sight.



So it’s Koneko-chan and Kuroka, huh.

Koneko-chan is glaring at her sister while being alert and Kuroka on the other hand is putting on a bewitching smile.

“…..Ko…Koneko-chan’s sister is beautiful, but she is s…scary~.”

Gasper is shaking behind Koneko-chan’s back. Oi oi, Gasper. Don’t hide behind a girl.

Is Kuroka trying to pick on Koneko-chan again?

I approached them and went between the two.

“I won’t let you take Koneko-chan.”

I said it to Kuroka while looking at her straight.

Koneko-chan also grips tightly onto my hand and hides behind my back. Like I thought, she still doesn’t get along with her sister. I need to protect her.

Kuroka put on an astonished face for a second and then makes a naughty smile. It seems like she is looking at my face.

“Hee. It seems like your face became manlier since the last time I saw you -nya. Do people turn out like that when they reach Balance-Breaker? Or is it because you ‘experienced’ a woman’s body -nya?”

Kuroka gives a wink to me. S-She’s cute. She’s Koneko-chan’s sister after all, of course she will be cute. But I also can’t forget that she is also full of evil inside her.

But, but! Will Koneko-chan also become this beautiful when she grows up? Then she really will turn into a beautiful woman! I started to become eager to look forward for it!

Oh…. My instinct turned into lecherous thoughts… This isn’t the time for it!

I shook my head! I need to protect Koneko-chan with my life calmly.



I took a step back at the sudden sensation! J-Just now, I felt a lick on my cheek!

When I looked, Kuroka has her tongue out flirtatiously.

“Hmm. Is this perhaps still a taste of a virgin -nya?”

“S-Sorry for being a virgin!”

Since it was a bulls-eye, I replied back angrily!

More like, can you actually tell that just with a taste…..? S-Senjutsu definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly! No, the one terrifying might be a Nekomata!

“H~ey, can I ask you one favour -nya?”

“What is it…..?”

“Won’t you try making a baby with me?”


I became troubled at how to reply back at the sudden proposition. J-Just now, what did she say…..?

I was puzzled and Kuroka continues.

“You know, I want a child of a dragon. A child from an especially strong dragon. I also asked Vali, but he turned me down. Then, the only one left is you. Human-based dragon is valuable –nyan. And I can’t ask for more if it carries the genetics from the heavenly-dragon. I do want to leave behind a child~. That’s why I want someone who will give me their genes –nyan.”


What is she saying…… M..M…My child……..?

She’ s saying the same thing as Xenovia. And unlike Xenovia, it seems like she is hiding something so it’s scary.

….B-But, are the genes of the Two Heavenly Dragons that valuable…..? W-Well, they are legendary dragons after all. Perhaps I can make a harem using that?

Hmm, I can’t imagine it! If one more person says that to me, maybe I can start a business by using my genes? This is very hard.

Kuroka continues.

High school dxd v7 155.png

“Nyahaha, you will get a bargain if it’s now. How about we have physical contact until I get pregnant –nya?”

Deal! –That’s what I want to say but there is a loli-girl glaring from behind me, so I couldn’t say that.

Kuroka laughs with joy after seeing Koneko-chan’s reaction.

“……I won’t hand over……Senpai’s *mumble mumble*….to Nee-sama.”

I couldn’t hear what Koneko-chan said half-way through, but it seems like it reached her sister when I looked at her reaction.

Kuroka made a big smile then waved her hands at me and Koneko-chan. She then went to Vali’s place.

-! Akeno-san is making a sigh at the corner of the room. She’s been like that ever since Barakiel-san came. The joint-forces….will it actually become successful?

“This monkey! I will eliminate you!”

“Try it! Switch!”

Ah, Buchou and Bikou are still fighting.

Part 2[edit]

After Sensei returned, me, Saji, and Vali teleported from the Hyoudou residence using the transportation magic-circle, in order to summon that Dragon-King we talked about. Even though we made special preparations, we still need to succeed in summoning his consciousness.

The place we arrived at was….a white space. Is it those places used for Rating Game’s stadium and such? Even if I look around there isn’t anything remark------there was.

A huge dragon was waiting for us.

“It hasn’t been that long since we last met, all of you.”


Yes, it was old-man Tannin. Oh yeah, Sensei did say that we need the power of each dragon to summon Mido-whatever his name was.

“……So the one over there is Vritra, huh.”

Old-man Tannin looks at Saji. Saji himself was trembling over his whole body.

“D…D….Dragon……. A Dragon-King! The Ultimate-class devil……!”

It seems like his feelings were mixed with nervousness and admiration.

“Don’t feel nervous. Old-man looks scary on the outside, but he is a good dragon.”

“I..Idiot! He is the Ultimate-class devil Tannin-sama! To call him an o…o..oldman!”

What’s wrong with Saji…? I certainly do think old-man Tannin is great as well.

Saji then says it while pointing his finger at me.

“Ultimate-class devils are those that only the chosen ones can become in the Underworld. Add to that, the current top 10 rankers in the Rating Game are all Ultimate-class devils. The amount of contribution, the results in the game, your ability, you can finally reach that rank when you receive the best estimate value in all of those areas. For devils, it is the best ranking there is.”

Saji says that with a fervent speech. Haa, so he was that amazing, huh.

Ultimate-class devil. I also want to aim for it. But wasn’t the amount of contribution only possible when you have your own territory or something? Hmm, the road to become one will be hard.

“……Hakuryuukou. The moment you show the slightest suspicious movement, I will bite you apart without hesitation.”

Old-man Tannin glares at Vali. Vali just made a bitter smile.

Sensei activated the spell right away and he draws his personal magic-circle on the ground. A light runs through it, forming a special symbol.

“But, will that guy actually come? Even I only met him two or three times.”

Old-man Tannin says that while making a sigh.

“If the Two Heavenly Dragons are here then he will respond, whether he wants to or not.”

Sensei says that while drawing the magic-circle.

“Is he a difficult dragon?”

When I asked the old-man, he answers while narrowing his eyes.

“That guy basically never moves. He is one of the creatures that makes his movement at the end of the World. He is sleeping till his role is to start. He has come up to the surface at times, but even at those times he continued to sleep. Several hundred years ago, he finally declared that he would continue to sleep until the end of the World.”

A dragon like that was able to become a dragon-king…..? I don’t know how they determine things at all.

But I did understand that he is hard to visit even if you wanted to. If he’s at the depth of the ocean, then there is no way to meet him.

“The base of the magic-circle is completed. Now everyone, stand at the location given.”

Being urged by Sensei, all of us stood on top of the points which have an unfamiliar symbol on them. Apparently the symbol below all of us represents the marks of the Two Heavenly Dragons and the Dragon-Kings. When Sensei confirms that we are standing in the points given, he uses the small magic-circle in his hand and starts to proceed to do the last input.


The shallow light runs through the magic-circle and the place I’m standing on glows red in colour, and the one Vali is at glows white in colour. The one Sensei is standing on glows gold in colour, the one Saji is standing on glows black in colour, and the one old-man Tannin is standing on glows purple in colour.

[Each of them reflects the colour of each dragon.]

Ddraig explains it to me.

[They aren’t here right now but blue represents Tiamat, and the green represents Yu-long.]

Hee. The truth is I don’t even get it even if you tell me about the colours.

Then the magic-circle was activated. But there isn’t any response, and we stood there for several minutes.

Will the consciousness of Mido-whatever his name is, actually come?

I became suspicious about this, but a projection of something starts to appear. The projection starts to form a shape above us….

I just dropped my jaw open because the vision keeps on expanding. When I looked, Saji had the same reaction as me…..


What appears in front of us is a gigantic monster which seems like it fills the whole space.


Uwaa, this dragon is bigger than Great Red-san!

He appears to be a huge dragon. Though its head is a dragon-like the old-man, it seems like it’s lo~ng body is in a coil.

So it’s a dragon which has a long skinny torso. Oh yeah, I did hear that there are western type dragons like Ddraig and the old-man and also that there are eastern type dragons which are long and skinny.

Maybe he realised I was in shock, so the old-man explains.

“This guy has the biggest body out of all dragons. It must have five or six times the mass of Great-Red.”

Th…..th….then it’s size is five or six hundred meters…….? It surpasses the category of a monster!

I was in shock and I hear a very loud weird noise.


……Is this snoring?

Is this Dragon-san sleeping…….?

“Like I thought, he’s sleeping. Hey, wake up, Midgardsormr.”

When old-man Tannin calls out to him, the gigantic monster opens its eyes slowly.

[………This nostalgic pulse of a dragon. Fuaaaaaaah…….]

A single loud sigh. Wow, what a huge mouth! It’s so big that it can swallow the old-man easily!

[Oh, its Tannin~. It’s been a while.]

He has a very laid-back talking manner.

Midgard……sormr……was his name, right? He then looks around us.

[…..Even Ddraig and Albion are here. …….Also Fafnir……and Vritra….? Is it the end of the World?]

“No, it isn’t. We came here today because there are things we want to ask you so we summoned your consciousness to this place.”

Old-man Tannin says that, but……


Midgardsormr resumed snoring once again. This guy is useless! This dragon sleeps during a discussion!

“Don’t sleep! Geez, you and Yu-long never fixed your lazy attitude so I can’t stand it!”

Old-man gets mad. Midgardsormr opens its big eyes once again.

[…..You are always angry Tannin…… So what is this thing you want to ask me about?]

“I want to ask you about your brother and father.”

Old-man says.

“……His brother and father? You are going to ask him that? Didn’t we come here to ask him about the countermeasure against Loki and Fenrir?”

I asked about the doubt I had to Sensei.

“To begin with, Midgardsormr is a dragon created by Loki. Even though it had enormous power, due to its gigantic body and his lazy attitude, even the Norse Gods didn’t know how they can use him so they ordered him to sleep in the depth of the ocean. They told him to do something at least when the end of the World was to come.”

“S-So that’s why he is called the 'Sleeping Dragon'……. He really is indeed a huge sleeping dragon.”

Midgardsormr answers the old-man’s question.

[So its about ‘Wanwan[1]’ and ‘Daddy’. Okay~. Daddy and Wanwan are beings I don’t care about anyway….. Ah, but Tannin. Tell me one thing.]

“What is it?”

[Aren’t Ddraig and Albion going to fight?]

He looked at me and Vali with its huge eyes.

“No, they aren’t. This time they are planning to defeat Loki and Fenrir by joining forces.”

It seemed like Midgardsormr smiled at old-man’s answer.

[Hee, interesting….. I was wondering about it because both of them are standing together without fighting.]

After saying that, he answered his question.

[Wanwan is more troublesome than Daddy. You would die most of the times if you were bitten by his fangs. But he has a weakness. The magic-chain Gleipnir created by the Dwarves can capture him. You can seal his movement with that.]

Wanwan, huh. Well, from the point of view from this dragon it would be a little doggy indeed.

“We have already checked that. But from the reports from the North, the Gleipnir didn’t work. That’s why I thought about getting another method from you.”

Hmm. I can’t keep up with their conversation. Well, it would be okay if other guys smarter than me can understand it.

[…..Hmm, maybe Daddy enhanced Wanwan. If that’s the case then ask the Dark-Elves living in the certain land of the Norse World. If I remember, their elder knows a technique to power-up the magic residing within the Dwarves' items. I will transmit the location of the place where the elder is living to the Sacred Gears of Ddraig and Albion.]

Sensei points at Vali.

“Send the information to Hakuryuukou. This one has an unfortunate brain so we are having a hard time.”

I’m sorry! For being an idiot!

“But Dwarves and Elves really do exist, huh.”

I spoke what came to my mind.

That’s because they are beings I only know from fantasies and movies. Well, if I say that, then it won’t be weird for them to exist if angels and devils exist as well.

“The majority of them hid themselves in the other world due to the major change in the human world. Small groups of them still live in a secret area of the human world though.”

Vali receives the information and then speaks.

“-I understood their locations. Azazel, activate the world map using the holographic vision.”

When Sensei opens his mobile phone and uses it, the holographic image of the world map appears from the screen. Vali pointed at a certain point. Sensei sends the information of it to his comrades right away.

“……Hou, you actually know that much.”

Old-man says it to Midgardsormr with admiration.

[Yeah. When I went up to the land, the Elves and Dwarves took care of me.]

Won’t it be a problem if this guy is to come up? He’s too huge.

“-So how do we take care of Loki?”

Old-man asks about Loki this time.

[Yeah~. Daddy would probably be okay if you use Mjölnir against him.]

Hearing Midgardsormr, Sensei put his hand under his chin.

“In other words, we basically have to attack him normally, huh. But will the Thunder-God Thor lend us his Mjölnir if that shitty-geezer Odin asks him…..”

“I doubt Thor will let us borrow it. That is one of the weapons only Gods can use.”

Vali says that at Sensei’s opinion.

[If that’s the case, then ask the Dwarves and Dark-Elves I mentioned earlier. They should have received the replica of Mjölnir from Odin.]

“We are saved thanks to your knowledge, Midgardsormr.”

Sensei gave his gratitude with a smile.

[No no. Talking like this at times is fun. Now~, I will be going then. I will be sleeping again. Fuaaaaa~.]

Midgardsormr makes a big sigh. The vision starts to turn off.

“Yeah, thanks.”

It seemed like Midgardsormr’s big mouth smiled at the old-man’s gratitude.

[It’s okay. Wake me up again if something happens.]

After saying that, the vision turns off completely, and he has finally disappeared.

Midgardsormr. He was a huge and weird Dragon-King. Will I meet him again?

Like this, we obtained the information from the Dragon-King and we started our move.

Part 3[edit]

The next morning. We finished our breakfast and gathered at the hall in the basement. All of us and the Sitri-group aren’t going to school today. Well, we are planning to have the familiars disguise as us and have them experience the school life.

The decisive battle against Loki is closing in, so we have to take some rest. All the members of our group were feeling down because they were looking forward to school life. Everyone loves school after all. I also love it!

It seems like Sona-kaichou also felt frustrated that she cannot go to school. It’s probably because she is the Student Council President so she must feel that “Something might happen while I’m not there”.

Sensei then appeared while muttering.

He has a very unpleasant expression.

“Here is the present from Odin the geezer. –The replica of Mjölnir. Geez, that shitty geezer was actually hiding this thing. But that Midgardsormr, I can’t believe he actually knew about this.”

“Is it that amazing?”

When I asked, he explains it to me.

“It is the replica of the legendary weapon wielded by the Norse Thunder-God, Thor. This has the lightning of God running through it.”

Hmm, that sounds amazing.

“Yes, Odin-sama said he will lend this replica of Mjölnir to Sekiryuutei-san. Here you go.”

What I received from Rossweisse-san is……a normal hammer. It has gorgeous ornament and design on it though.

“Please send your aura through it.”

After Rossweisse-san says that to me, I insert my demonic-powers very strongly in it….


A single flash. After that, the hammer gradually starts to get bigger….


It became a gigantic hammer which exceeds my height, and it dropped down on the ground. Putting the grip aside, the head part of the hammer became insanely big!

The whole hall shakes because of the impact.

…..It dug itself onto the ground because of its intense weight.

Funnnnnnnngh! I try to lift it with all my might but it doesn’t even budge.

So heavy! Maybe I can’t lift it unless I turn into Balance-Breaker state perhaps? But I don’t think I can swing this around as I want even if I am in a Balance-Breaker state……

“Hey hey hey. You put too much aura into it. Keep it down.”

Sensei says it while making a sigh. When I lowered my aura down like he said, it got smaller and became a size just right for my hands.

……But the weight hasn’t changed! Ngggggh! I can’t lift it after all!

“You should be able to lift it in your Balance-Breaker state. Anyway, just stop for now.”

I let go off the hammer after Sensei says that to me. Then it returned to the original size.

“Even if it’s a replica it has the power close to the real thing. Normally, it can only be used by a God, but with Barakiel’s help we made it so even devils can use this temporarily. Don’t swing it around randomly okay? The whole area around this place will vanish because of the high energy of thunder.”

“Seriously!? Uwaa, scary!”

Hearing what Sensei just said, I backed down a bit. So he’s making me carry such a dangerous weapon.

Ah, but if I transfer my boosted power to this…..

Certainly, this is a weapon appropriate for the counter-measure against Loki.

“Vali, how about you beg that geezer Odin as well. Maybe right now, he might give you something special.”

Sensei says that lively. Please stop! It would just be scary if my rival gets any stronger than he already is!

But Vali himself just put on a fearless smile and shook his head.

“Don’t need it. I’m planning to master the power of the Heavenly-dragon’s original power. I don’t need extra weapons. What I want is something else.”


…….His words just now. They pierced through my heart a bit. That’s right. He has overflowing talents. Even if he doesn’t work hard like me or gets any new power, he is already strong enough with his talent alone.

I was told that I would never beat him in amount of demonic-powers and techniques. Even his physical ability is high even without doing anything, and I on the other hand have to work hard to attain it.

I’m jealous.

The one who is my rival has qualities that greatly surpass mine.

……No, I think that there is my own way of growth. I will get stronger in my own way, and one day I will definitely beat Vali.

I can’t give up. I will definitely…..

“Bikou, good timing. I received a message directed to you.”

Sensei then looks at Bikou.

“Huh? To me? From who?”

Bikou points at himself and put on a doubtful face.

“-It goes “Fool. I will punish you as soon as I find you”. It was from the Shodai[2]. It seemed like he was looking for you with Yu-long.”

“T-That shitty geezer is…… So he found out about me being a terrorist. On top of that Yu-long too!”

Bikou started sweating a lot from his face with Sensei’s words and he turned pale.

Oh my, I never thought that this guy who is always laughing would become so panicked. Hmm? Shodai? I…Is he talking about the First Generation Sun Wukong…..?

“Bikou, should we go to your homeland once? It might be interesting to meet Yu-long and the First Generation Sun Wukong.”

“…..Don’t do that, Vali. Putting aside Yu-long who seems to be retired, the first generation geezer is a real monster. He can still be considered as active. That geezer, has mastered senjutsu and youjutsu completely so he is really strong……”

For this guy who bravely fought against old-man Tannin to get this scared…..

That old-man seems to be coming on the day of the battle, so right now he is on stand by in the Underworld. He’s such a good mental support so I’m happy. For the old-man to fight alongside us that is!

“Ah~, I will be reconfirming our strategy. First, we will wait for him to show up at the place of the meeting being held, then the Sitri-group will use their powers to transfer you guys to a different location along with Loki and Fenrir. The location of the place you guys will be transferred to is a demolished stone pitting site. The ones taking on Loki will be Ise and Vali. We will counter him with the Two Heavenly Dragons. The ones taking on Fenrir would be the other members of the Gremory team and Vali team who will use the chain to capture it. I will have you guys eliminate it after that. We definitely can’t let Fenrir get to Odin. The fangs of that wolf can crush a God. Even if it is the Chief-God Odin, he will die if bitten with those fangs. We have to stop that from happening at any cost.”

That is our plan. The Sitri-group will transfer us along with the enemy, then me and Vali will take on Loki. We are leaving Fenrir to the other guys.

…….Such pressure. My opponent is a God after all….. Even if Vali is with me, that doesn’t mean that I will be safe due to the enemy we are facing…… Hehehe, you really can’t tell what will happen in your life……

“Now, since we left the chain to the elder from the Dark-elves, we just have to wait for it to be completed, so what is left is…… Saji.”

Sensei calls Saji.

“What is it, Azazel-sensei”

“You are also important for this strategy. You do have the Vritra Sacred Gear after all.”

Saji becomes so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out at Sensei’s words.

“Pl…Please hold on a second! I…..I don’t have insane power like Hyoudou and Hakuryuukou!? I won’t be able to fight by taking on a God and Fenrir! I thought I just have to transfer everyone with Kaichou and others!”

He’s panicking. Certainly Saji’s ability is effective, but it will definitely be hard for him to take on a God and Fenrir.

Sensei made a sigh while knowing that.

“I know. I won’t say things like to fight in the front line to you. –But I will have you support your allies with Vritra’s power. Especially Ise and Vali who are fighting in the front line need your support.”


“For that you will need a bit of training. There is something I want to try out. Sona, I will borrow this guy for a bit.”

Sensei asks Kaichou.

“That is okay, but to where?”

“I’m taking him to the fallen-angels territory in the Underworld.-Grigori’s institute.”

Sensei has a cheerful face.

Ah, I know this face. It must be hell training.

This is from my experience, but those who get dragged into something when Sensei shows a cheerful face like that will see hell.

Only a few months have passed since I met him, but I have come to understand that part of Sensei.

“Saji, Sensei’s training is hell. I almost died in the Underworld as well. On top of that you are going to the laboratory institute. You are dead.”

I put my hands on my friends shoulder, and looked at him with pity in my eyes. Hearing that Saji gets even more scared.

“Hahaha. Then let’s get going Saji.”

Sensei grabs on Saji’s collar who is resisting, and he started to activate the magic-circle.

“Seriously!? H-Help meeeeee! Hyoudoooooou! Kaichoooooou!”

The magic starts to emit a light and glow, and it envelops the crying Saji.

Goodbye, Saji. I will never forget you!

Well, putting that aside, Saji will be our support? What is Sensei planning…..?

[In the battle against you, Vritra who was sleeping inside that boy started to wake up. It must have something to do with that.]

Ddraig says that. Ha~, I see. I’m looking forward to see what will happen.

“By the way Ddraig. Aren’t you going to talk to Albion?”

It’s a reunion after all. I thought there was going to be some conversation.

[No, there isn’t anything to talk about…… Right, white-one?]

Ddraig says it so everyone can hear, but….

[………. Don‘t talk to me. I don’t have a rival called Chichiryuutei.]

Albion’s response was a harsh one! Oh my!

[W-Wait! It’s a misunderstanding! The one who is called Chichiryuutei is my host, Hyoudou Issei!]

Ddraig tries to defend himself. Oi! Are you trying to put all the blame on me!? Wait, this is certainly my fault~!

[……To awaken by pressing b-breasts, and to deactivate from Juggernaut-Drive by pressing breasts….. This is so horrible that I want to cry, red-one.]

Albion’s tone is mixed with disappointment. Hearing that, ‘our’ Ddraig started crying.

[I also wept! My tears never stop! Uooooooon!]

[Sob. How did this happen….. We were supposed to be the prideful Two Heavenly Dragons…. Do you know how I felt when I saw a hero television programme which portrayed my rival as ‘Oppai Dragon’? …..Sob.]


W-What is this…… The legendary dragons. The two dragons who were called the Two Heavenly Dragons are……crying.

I felt complicated at this situation, but Vali was also troubled on how to respond.

“……Albion, are you crying again? You were also weeping when we were watching the television programme which portrays Hyoudou Issei.”

Something like that happened…….? I made the Two Heavenly Dragons cry……

Vali then asks me while putting on a troubled face.

“-I’m sorry Hyoudou Issei. At times like this, how should I comfort him?”

“Like hell I know! Don’t ask me! As a start, I’m sorry! I am an Oppai Dragon after all!”

Geez! I don’t care what happens anymore!

While irrelevant things like that were occurring, we continued our preparations for the battle against Loki.

Part 4[edit]

While the preparations are progressing, me and Buchou were trying to confirm how the Thunder hammer Mjölnir works.

Then a magic-circle appeared, and a silver-haired maid comes out from it.

It’s Grayfia-san. She appears to be carrying documents.

“Ojou-sama. Here are the documents regarding the magical chain Gleipnir. On the day of the battle, it is scheduled for the chain to be sent directly to the battlefield.”

“Thank you, Grayfia.”

Buchou receives the documents from her and starts to look through them.

……Then I had something I wanted to ask them because both Buchou and Grayfia-san are here.

I then ask them timidly.

“U-Umm. Since Buchou and Grayfia-san are here, there is something I want to ask…..”

Grayfia-san looks at me with her cool eyes.

Sirzechs-sama’s ‘Queen’, and his wife. And she is also Millicas-sama’s mother.

“What is it?”


I was a bit hesitant to say it, but I finally made my mind up and said it.

“It’s about Akeno-san. Why isn’t she getting along with her father? I don’t see Barakiel-san as a bad father…..”

Buchou and Grayfia-san look at each other. After that, Buchou finally spoke.

“…..It’s a sad past.”

Akeno-san’s mother was a miko[3] from a certain famous temple.

Her name was Himejima Shuri. It seems like Akeno-san used her mother’s surname.

Then one day, Barakiel-san flew near the temple where Akeno-san’s mother was present, after being heavily wounded in a battle against enemy forces. Akeno-san’s mother saved the wounded leader of the fallen-angels, and she nursed him back to health.

“Himejima Akeno’s mother got into a close relationship with Barakiel-dono during then. And it was as if she had a new life inside of her.”

Grayfia-san tells me. Buchou then continues.

“Barakiel couldn’t leave Akeno’s mother and Akeno, so he stayed there while fulfilling the role of the fallen-angels leader. Even though they had a quiet lifestyle, they still had a peaceful life. –But.”

Their peace didn't last long.

Her mother’s family got into a misunderstanding, thinking that she had been brainwashed by the fallen-angel's leader with black wings, so they sent out a famous jutsusha[4].

Well, they could have been fended off with Barakiel-san’s power. But among the jutsusha, there were those who had a grudge against Barakiel-san after being defeated by him.

“Those jutsusha told the location of Barakiel-dono’s house to the ones who were in conflict with the fallen-angels.”

When Grayfia-san said that, Buchou put on sad eyes.

“He must have been unlucky. On that day, Barakiel was away from his home by chance. The enemy attacked the house where Akeno and her mother lived without any hesitation. By the time Barakiel sensed the danger and arrived... Akeno was saved because her mother protected her with her life. But Akeno’s mother was...”

After that, Akeno-san was told about how much her father...how the fallen-angels had many grudges against them from lots of people in the enemy forces. Then, she was shown what reality was when her mother was killed right in front of her eyes.

“Since that day, Himejima Akeno didn’t hold any good views towards the fallen-angels. She then had regrets of her mother being killed and closed her heart to Barakiel-dono.”

I became speechless at Grayfia-san’s words.

……I never thought such an extreme thing happened…… It surpassed what I imagined.

A few years after that, Akeno-san, who was a half fallen-angel, was chased out from her house, and she was alone wandering various places. It was then that she met Buchou.

“But you know, Ise. When Akeno became my servant and started her new life as a devil, she became brighter compared to before. Most of all, her view towards fallen-angels lightened after meeting you....The thing about her mother passing away is something no one can fix, and Akeno should also know that deep in her heart. But Akeno isn't strong enough to accept that yet.”

Part 5[edit]

“…………….It was all my fault.”

After hearing about Akeno-san, I told about what I heard to Sensei who was working in the VIP room just by himself.

And Sensei also started talking about it. –That it was his fault.

“That day, the one who called him out was me. There was a mission which could only be accomplished by him. That’s why I called him out recklessly. During that short time….. –I was the one who took away his wife and her mother from Barakiel and Akeno.”

“…….Sensei. Is that why you tried to look after Akeno-san in place of Barakiel-san?”


Sensei didn’t stop working and he didn’t say anything.

Then there was someone who entered the room.

“Azazel, I have returned.”

It was Vali.

“Ah, so it’s you. How is it?”

Vali put his hand forward at Sensei’s word, and then activated a small magic-circle in the air.

This is….. The emblem carved on the magic-circle resembles the ones used by the Norse Gods.

“I learnt quite a bit of Norse magic. I should be able to withstand Loki’s attack for some time.”

What Vali is carrying in his hand is a book which he has been reading this whole time.

……Don’t tell me that he has been reading a book to learn Norse magic to fight against Loki? In this short time? …….He is gifted and talented in using his demonic-powers. But for him to learn that in such a short time……

Sensei nods after confirming that.

“Understood. ……..Okay, since I finished quite a bit of work I will rest for a bit.”

Leaving me and Vali, Sensei left the room.

Me and Vali are left behind. A weird tension passes through the room. Vali sat on the sofa, and I sat on a chair a bit away from him. He is reading the book from before.

Vali had been going outside with Bikou when he wasn’t needed. He basically comes to my house when needed. He probably doesn’t want to affiliate with us as much as possible. Well, that goes the same for us as well.

I was also about to leave, but I started to feel like talking to this guy for a bit.

I can’t think of anything to talk about, so I scratched my head and then spoke.

“……..You know, even if he is an “Evil-God”, I still didn’t expect to fight a God.”

I didn’t expect any answer coming from him, but he surprised me and answered my question, while reading the book.

“You should remember this. If there are good Gods, then there are also evil Gods. Well, there are situations when even good Gods can be seen as evil from different perspectives……”

“Evil God, huh….. Why does he hate peace? I’m a devil, but I feel satisfied just by enjoying my days with Buchou and everyone.”

Vali stops reading, and says it while looking directly at me.

“It means there are people who consider your so called peace to be a painful situation.”

-Pain, huh.

So does it mean the perspective of enjoying life changes with the individual and the position they are in…..? That is something very sad. I don’t want to participate in a War.

Hmm, I feel people would be at peace after knowing the greatness of oppai.

“Is the current world we live in a pain to you?”

Vali looks up at the ceiling at my question.

“I just find it boring. That’s why I can’t feel anything but joy for this joint-battle.”

His mouth was lifted up so much that it scares me.

A battle-maniac, huh. He must really love fighting.

“It sure does make me hate it. Since there are many strong guys.”

“-But, because of that, this world is interesting. I will become stronger than everyone.”

Vali’s dream, huh. Even though he is the same Heavenly Dragon as me, his dream is different from mine.

“I….will become the 'Ultimate Pawn', and I will be alright if I can become a high-class devil. I’m aiming to make my own kind of a harem.”

Well, if I can aim for it I want to become an Ultimate-class devil, but it seems like I need to do something in my own territory. Ah, maybe I can make a big business with Oppai Dragon……?

Hmm, will it work!? Ah, but this certainly expands my dream.

“It certainly sounds like you.”

Vali was smiling.

“Ah, I still have one more aim.”

Yeah, I forgot the very important one. I said it while looking directly at Vali.

“-I will definitely surpass you.”

Hearing that, Vali put on a very happy smile which I have never seen before and then says it.

“Yeah, you should come up to the place where I am standing. It makes me happy as you get stronger. There was a time when I felt disappointed because you were a Sekiryuutei with no talent and who was weak, but you are trying to grow in a different way from all the Sekiryuutei until now. –You must be the first one to try to master the power of Sekiryuutei while communicating with Ddraig.”

Is it true, Ddraig?

[That is correct. I said it before, remember? That you are the first host to talk to me this much in the whole of history. –And you don’t drown too much in my power, you don’t rely too much on my power and you are trying to master the Sekiryuutei’s power.]

Vali continues after Ddraig.

“They were all hosts who used that very powerful and dangerous power as they wished. In the end, they drowned in Ddraig’s power, and perished in the battle.”

[You are the Sekiryuutei with the least talent in history. Your power and everything else is weak. –But.]

“You are the first Sekiryuutei who is trying to master the power of Sekiryuutei.”

Having Ddraig and Vali say that to me, I became a bit embarrassed. Is it just me or does it seem like you guys have higher expectations of me than I have of myself? That puts pressure on me in a different way.

Albion also speaks.

[Users like that are the most troublesome. When we oppose them, they don’t show many openings.]

Vali agrees at his comments.

“You are right. And just now I had a thought. –In the future it might be interesting to have a match similar to a Rating Game with my team and your team.”

A game between my team and Vali’s team, huh.

……Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! Somehow, that seems fun.

I’m not sure why, but only that match seems very fun.

“Hee. That seems good! I’m going to get stronger and get the best servants there is you know? On top of that they will all be beautiful women and beautiful girls!”

“Fufufu, then I shall be looking forward for that time to come and I'll wait. Though it will seem like I would have to fight against the Gremory team first. –One day, lets battle each other.”

“Rias Gremory’s group also won’t lose to you guys. But don’t come at us like how a terrorist does.”

“Fufufu. I can’t promise that.”

I don’t know when that time will come.

But, I want to defeat this guy…..Vali.

“Yes, yes. It certainly is wonderful. I can feel the youth from you two.”

Wow! Odin the geezer appeared between me and Vali out of nowhere. Did he finish his business?

It seems like he was moved very much emotionally.

“The red and white of this generation are unique. The ones in the past were all wild horses. They rampaged in every location, they started the battle between the red and white selfishly while destroying the surroundings, and then died. They activated ‘Juggernaut Drive’ when they felt like it. Just think how many mountains and islands were blown away.”

Geezer says that while making a sigh.

Rossweisse-san who is behind him then says it.

“Certainly one of them is a lecherous dragon, and the other one is a terrorist which makes a very dangerous pairing, but you two are calmer than I thought. I thought fighting each other immediately is the way of the Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou.”

I’m sorry for being lecherous!

But it certainly seems like me and Vali are unique heavenly dragons. So what are the difference between our senpai[5] and us? Ah, perhaps the key to convince the thoughts of the past senpai lies there?

“By the way Hakuryuukou. Which part……do you like?”

Geezer asks Vali with perverted eyes. …….Don’t tell me this geezer is trying to talk erotic things with the Hakuryuukou?

“What are you talking about?”

Vali asks while tilting his head.

Then the geezer starts to point at Rossweisse-san’s breast, butt, and then her thighs.

“The women’s body part that you like? This Sekiryuutei over here loves breasts. That’s why I thought you also have a fetish like that.”

“Unthinkable. I’m no Oppai Dragon.”

Vali says that with a vexing expression. I’m sorry! This is all my fault!

“Now now, you are also a man. There should be body parts that you like in a woman.”

“……I don’t take interest in those kinds of thing that much. If I had to choose then it would be the hip. I think the line from their waist to their hip is the part which symbolises the beauty of a woman.”

When Vali answers like that…

“……I see. So that makes you a ‘Ketsuryuukou[6]’.”

When geezer said that……


It seems like Albion was flooding his tears out.

I then say it to the geezer.

“Geezer, please stop. Right now, the Two Heavenly Dragons have entered their delicate season!”

Even I started to feel pity for Ddraig and Albion! Maybe these two received a shock which makes them cry for the first time in their life.

…….I’m thinking of treating Ddraig better from now.

“Albion, do not cry. I will listen to your worries anytime.”

Vali just said kind words to his partner!

Everyone, the Two Heavenly Dragons have entered their delicate season.

“Such a pitiful dragon. Yes, maybe a fairy-tale will be made about a ‘Pitiful Dragon’ one day.”

Geezer! I will seriously get mad!

Geezer then says it after making a single cough.

“Like I thought, young ones are good.”

Suddenly, he started to talk like an old man.

“What do you mean?”

When I ask, he answers while stroking his beard.

“Nothing much. Until this age, this geezer right in front of you believed that he can solve anything with his wisdom. But you know, that was just the pride of this old man. What is truly important is the possibility of the young ones. Hohoho, I started to realise that right now, so how foolish was I….. My pride gave birth to Loki. And now, because of my pride, the young ones are going through hardships.”

Geezer’s eye was filled with sorrow.

Hmmm. I really can’t understand how important people think.

“I don’t really get it, but wouldn’t it be okay just to take it one step at a time?”

I said it without thinking. That is something I believe in all the time. But the geezer put on a shocked face.

W-What is it with that reaction…. Then this time he stared laugh “Kukuku” as if he found it amusing.

“…..Being young is good. They stimulate the old ones. Yeah, you are right. That is very true.”

I don’t quite get it. But the geezer had a satisfied face.

Part 6[edit]

In the empty room, I was in a zazen[7] posture with my upper body naked and just wearing my pants.


This is to concentrate and sink my consciousness into the Sacred Gear.

I’m doing what Sensei told me to do. This is all to find the new possibility.

I send my consciousness deep into it for 30 minutes, but…….

“---! Haaa…….”

I felt my limit and took a breath after breaking my posture.

-It’s useless.

I send my consciousness into the Sacred Gear with Ddraig’s help. I was swimming in the darkness, and even if I pass through it, there is only a white space.

There are many tables and chairs, and people who seem to look like the past Sekiryuuteis are sitting there.

Everyone had a hollow expression as if they don’t have any thoughts. It can’t be helped since they are fragments of their thoughts perhaps.

According to Ddraig, they regain their consciousness only during the [Juggernaut Drive], and they continue to say the cursed chant of the [Juggernaut Drive] to encourage me to go berserk.

Anyway, I tried to talk to each of them…..but I didn’t get any response.

The burden on me mentally is great, so I won’t be able to sink into my consciousness for long so I came back without any progress today.

…..It seems like this will be quite a pain. Will the power of Sekiryuutei go onto another stage by persuading the past hosts……?

Either way, I will stay strong by doing a zazen posture and continue to do this tomorrow. I think continuing to do things is the way to progress.


The door opens.

When I looked up to see if someone entered and…..Akeno-san wearing a white cloth came in.

Huh? She sucked the dragon power which was charged within my arm just recently, so I don’t think I need it yet…..

She closes the door behind her……


……..Was that the sound of locking the door…..?

Akeno-san has her hair down. It seems like she is lacking in judgement and there is a charm in her expression.



Even though she spoke, Akeno-san’s tone sounds low….. Akeno-san stood in front of me after walking towards me slowly.

Then Akeno-san unties her obi[8]…..and then she…..she..she…..


The white cloth drops on the floor.


Blood floods out from my nose. T-That’s because in front of me, Akeno-san is wearing nothing and is in the state she was born in…..!

A white naked body. It isn’t just her oppai that are visible….!

My body became stiff at this intense situation! O..O..O..O…Oppai! That isn’t the only thing!

I can’t move and Akeno-san approaches me while putting her hand around my neck. She then hugs meeeeeee!

Munyuu. Mnyuuun.

Akeno-san’s oppai! Her arms! Her thighs! Her everything! They all envelop meeee!

The woman’s soft and very elastic body blew my brain away!

Aaaaaaaah…. Akeno-san’s body…..why is it so tender, smooth, and soft?!

On my chest, Akeno-san’s oppai gets pressed down! Her whole oppai! Her nipples are touching me as weeeeell!

I couldn’t move because of the sensation of the woman’s soft body. I can smell a sweet perfume from Akeno-san’s silky black hair. Aaaah, why do girls smell this good?

Her perfume hits my nose, and my brain becomes a flower garden!

Then Akeno-san whispers in my ear.

“-Make love to me.”



For a moment my brain froze, then after that my nosebleed bursts out.

……M….Make….love to heeeeer!!?

It’s mostly in the top rank of “Things you want a girl to say to you”, and I never thought I would get to hear that from Akeno-san!

More than that! Is she serious!? S..So…So that means! You mean to do that right!?

Akeno-san hugs me with her full naked body and the sensation of her oppai is amazing, and her white skin is so bright, and both my hands wander around because I don't know where they should go!

-My first experience!

So my first partner is Akeno-san!?

Akeno-san looks straight at me and our eyes met.

-Her expression seems a bit lifeless, and it seemed like she doesn’t care and is in self-abandonment.

Akeno-san approaches my face and…. She closing in to try and kiss me.

…….If I kiss her like this, I would probably push Akeno-san down, and we might do it till the end……

Such an amazing chance has come! Maybe this is the most luckiest event in my whole life!? –But! Even still!

……This isn’t right.

I put my hand on Akeno-san’s shoulder, and pushed her away from my body.

Akeno-san’s skin that can be felt through my hands is soft, and that alone is enough to blow my instinct away.

But I have to endure! Because this isn’t right!

“……Why? Is my body not attractive…..?”

Akeno-san asks me with a shaking voice. It sounds as though she thought I would make love to her like this.

I thought there’s no point to lie, so I told her my true thoughts!

“T-T-That isn’t true! It’s the best! I never get bored of Akeno-san’s enormous and large oppai no matter how many times I touch them! I want to grab on to your butt, I also want stroke around your hips, I also want to massage your thighs which have the right thickness! I want to enjoy every part of Akeno-san, and lastly I want to sink my face on your breast!”

“…..Then you can do that, you know? I….want you to do that to me. I want to give my body to you, and be embraced with your chest, and get rid of everything…… They are right in front of your eyes and you can have them by pushing me down. …….But why?”

“Th…Then why do you have such a sad face?”


It seems like Akeno-san regained her proper consciousness with my words.

I continue.

“When you do ecchi things to me, Akeno-san, you always seem to be having fun. But right now it seems like Akeno-san is doing this to forget about a painful memory….”

“…..That’s right. What would you do if I said that? I’m trying to feel relieved by making love with you and head towards the battle. I thought that I can get rid of this feeling if I make love with you.”

High school dxd v7 197.png

T-That is wrong! Even if she feels relieved, that will only last for a short time!

Then Akeno-san won’t be able to go forward!

I picked up the white cloth that Akeno-san took off, and put it over her body. I then hugged her gently.

I felt her soft body once again and my brain was about to go crazy again, but I tried hard to stay normal and then told her.

“……I will just stay like this and hug you! I won’t do ecchi things to you! I….I am lecherous! I really want to have sex with Akeno-san! But I don’t want to make love with you with these kind of feelings!”


I heard about Akeno-san’s past.

I’m an idiot, so I can’t say anything good for the burden she is carrying.

But if Akeno-san is relying on me, then I will just hug her like this until she feels safe!


Akeno-san doesn’t answer.

I think Akeno-san’s feelings became a bit weird because she remembered her past after reuniting with her father. That’s why she tried to get a false sense of relief by getting embraced by me…..a man.

Instead that would leave a scar in Akeno-san! She will definitely regret it!

I thought I should tell her my true feelings.

I whisper to Akeno-san’s ear while hugging her.

“-I will stay by your side. I will always stay by your side whenever you feel sad. I will hug you like this anytime. So please. Please cheer up.”

The only thing I could do is to hug her gently.

“…….Such an idiot. Both me…..and you……”

“Even if I am an idiot, I will protect Akeno-san.”

“……Ise……. Thank you…….. –I love you.”

Her voice is mixed with crying sounds, it has a mixed feeling of insecurity.

I hugged Akeno-san gently like this until she left me.

Akeno-san. If it is me you want, then I will always stay with you.

That’s why please return to the way you were, Akeno-san.

Part 7[edit]

The night that day.

Me, Buchou, and Asia are sleeping on the bed. Buchou and Asia are already asleep, but I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking. There was the incident with Akeno-san as well.

-And also, the battle is coming up.

Somehow it feels like many things happened today. It’s been a short while, but a lot of things occurred. I talked to Vali. I met a Dragon-King. I heard about Akeno-san. I heard about Sensei’s feelings.

……..I’m glad I didn’t hurt Akeno-san.


My body suddenly trembles. –I’m feeling nervous.

I know why. It's because the battle is coming up. I’m feeling scared. My opponent is a God after all. Of course I would feel scared. I want to run away right this moment, if I can, I don’t want to fight. That’s because I might die.

But I can’t do that.

Hearing Sirzechs-sama’s thoughts, Buchou is trying to do this. I can only believe in Buchou and head forward.

To protect my comrades. To protect the woman I love. I need to overcome this with my power.

“Can’t sleep?”

……Buchou’s voice. When I turned my body around, Buchou was there, smiling at me.

“……Akeno had a bright expression. You did something to her right?”

Crap. D…Did she find out about it?

“We didn’t have s…sex.”

I say that while looking away.

Seeing my reaction, Buchou pinches my cheek with her eyes half opened!

“I didn’t ask to hear that. ……..................You really didn’t do it?”

“Y-Yes. I’m still a virgin…..”

Hearing that, she stops pinching me.

“Very well.”

Phew. Buchou has a strict check on her servants.

When I was touching my cheek, which became sore, Buchou took my hand and .......


Aaah, this is it! This is Buchou’s oppai! It’s smooth, it’s elasticity, it sticks forward, and it is very enormous and soft!

High school dxd v7 000e.jpg

My five fingers are receiving the best sensation there is! I remember Buchou’s oppai, when I think of a sensation of oppai, inside me I have a rule that “Oppai=Buchou’s Oppai”!


I got a nosebleed while resting down on the bed. Buchou then says it gently.

“…….My heart is beating fast right? Of course it is. We are going to fight against a God. I also feel nervous.”

I can feel Buchou’s heartbeat through my hand.

“I certainly can. B-but why are you letting me touch your oppai?”

“Ufufu. During the event in the Underworld, I promised you that I will let you touch them, remember? Also I thought that this was the best way to make you relax. –You can’t go to sleep because you are nervous, right?”


She sure knows everything. You are really amazing, Buchou.

“You will be fighting in the frontline, you have a crucial role, a fight against a God, so you are worried whether you can accomplish that. You can’t go to sleep because you are worried about them, right?”

To be expected from my Onee-sama. She saw through everything.

“…..Yes. These roles are scary. It’s an honour, but I feel uneasy because I don’t know if I can fulfil these roles. I also wonder what would happen to everyone if we fail tomorrow. I feel uneasy due to being nervous and the pressure on me.”

I blurted out my weak thoughts I never say to Buchou.

Why is this? I can’t blurt out these feelings to anyone, but I can say it naturally when I am touching Buchou’s oppai. And I also feel safe.

“It’s okay. You can say those things in front of me. –I love Ise, even including those parts about you.”

I can show my honest feelings only to Buchou. I probably can’t show this side of me to Asia or Akeno-san.

Since it’s Buchou, I……

Buchou’s oppai are very soft, and I can calm down when I am touching them. Buchou’s oppai are really mysterious.

“Maybe it’s because I’m an Oppai Dragon, so I started to get peace of mind when I’m touching your oppai.”

Buchou stokes my cheek with her hand.

“I don’t care if you are an Oppai Dragon. Ise is my pride. –So get even stronger. Your dream of becoming an 'Ultimate Pawn’, I also believe in it.”


“If you can get stronger and feel comfort by touching my breast, then I don’t mind being a Switch-Princess. The Switch-Princess that only belongs to you. If I can become the source of your power, then that will fulfil my wish. –My adorable Ise.”

Buchou’s face approaches mine…..

My lips and Buchou’s lips overlap each other.

Our third kiss….

It was much longer than usual, and we kissed while doing it more gently….

Buchou, I will become stronger for you and my comrades.


Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Doggy
  2. First Generation Sun Wukong
  3. Priestess
  4. Practitioner
  5. Refering to previous possessors
  6. Butt Dragon Emperor
  7. Seated Zen meditation, in a cross-legged position
  8. Sash to hold Japanese clothings

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