High School DxD:Volume 7 Life 4

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Life.4 Two Heavenly Dragons vs Evil-God Loki![edit]

Part 1[edit]

“I wish for an ‘Oppai Maid Café’!”


Buchou rejects my suggestion while making a sigh.

The club activity for the day was to plan what we will be doing for the school festival. It’s a busy time right now, but we still need to choose them before hand. We are allowed to attend school just for today.

And for my suggestion, I chose maid-café! Also with oppai! Buchou and Akeno-san. If we do a café using the Two-Great-Oneesama's as our maids, then we can most likely get the most sales within the whole school!

“But if we do that, other males would see Buchou and Akeno-san’s oppai you know?”


I became shocked at Kiba’s comment. T-That is true. If that happens then other bastards besides me would see Buchou and Akeno-san’s oppai! I can’t allow that! I am the only one who can see and enjoy their oppai!

“……Ku, such a regret. Then we also won’t be able to do ‘Oppai Haunted House’ either……”

“You were also thinking such a thing like that, Dosukebe[1]-senpai?”

Even Koneko-chan was astounded by my stupid opinion.

I feel disappointed and Buchou says it to me while making a sigh.

“You know, Ise. Using an ecchi theme certainly seems like we can get lots of customers. But the student council won’t allow it, and the teachers will also reject the idea.”

Ah, that’s certainly true. It’s exactly like what you said.

But if that is the case, what are we going to do? Will it be the same as last year? But Buchou rejected that idea by saying “I don’t want to repeat the same thing”. And no ecchi.

If I think about it, other clubs are also doing maid-café. Though if we do the same maid-café as them, we can still beat them. The girls in our club are of high level beauty.

But that was also a no-no since Buchou doesn’t want to do the same thing as others.

Even when Buchou asks every single member, no one could give a new idea which sounds interesting.

I will quote the trait that we have.

Occult-type research….it won’t be a hot topic.

Rather, the one which would become a hot topic are the Two-Great-Onee-sama, Koneko-chan who is a loli and cute, the famous 2nd Year beauty trio of Asia, Irina, and Xenovia, Gasper who is very popular among a certain group of guys, and the idol of the school girls Kiba.

….And lastly the famous lecherous guy of this school, me. Yup. Everyone besides me is popular…. Shit, I feel like crying.

Ah, but wait. If you don’t include me and Kiba, other members are popular amongst guys. You can say Gasper is also seen as a girl. I hear that he hangs around with girls in his class.

Girls are worried about Gasper if he was thrown into a group of guys because they might do something to him, so the girls look after him.

“…..How about a contest to find out who is the most popular girl in the occult research club, for example?”

It’s something I blurted out without thinking much…..then the girls look at each other.

“I’m curious which one of the Two-Great-Onee-sama's is the most popular~.”

It’s something Gasper said, then Buchou and Akeno-san look at each other.

“ “There is no doubt I am the most popular.” ”

Buchou and Akeno-san’s words overlap each other, and then they glared at each other! They both have a smile on, but they have a very scary aura around them.

“Ara, Buchou. Did you say something?”

“You too, Akeno. Didn’t you just say something I cannot ignore?”

I’m glad that Akeno-san is starting to turn back to her usual self, but….. Scary! It’s really scary since it seems like they are about to start a big battle right now!

Like this, the two of them started to have a quarrel and the meeting was dismissed. It was decided that we would choose what to do for the school festival on another day.

Will we really be able to decide this before the school trip?

Azazel-sensei was looking at our meeting quietly while drinking green-tea at the corner of the room this whole time, but now he is looking outside the window where it is getting dark. He then spoke.

“…….So it’s already dusk.”

Hearing that, everyone put on a serious face. ……Yes, after this we have to battle Loki.

The school bell which signals the end of club time is heard.

“It’s still too early for a Ragnarok. –You guys, we are going all out.”


We raised our spirits with Sensei’s word, and the time for the battle has come.

Part 2[edit]

-The time for battle.

The Sun has already set, and it’s night.

We were at the rooftop of a high-rated hotel building in the suburb where the place of the meeting of Odin the geezer and the Japanese Gods will be held.

Maybe because we are standing in a very high place, the breeze here is very violent.

On the rooftops of the surrounding buildings, the members of the Sitri group are positioned on standby. I could also discern a person standing afar.

Saji said he would come late...I wonder what kind of training he is being forced to do... Saji-kun, whatever you do, don’t show up ‘after’ the battle.

Sensei has to be the middleman for the meeting so he is staying beside the Geezer.

Replacing Sensei, who can’t participate in this battle, Barakiel-san is on standby with us on the roof. Rossweisse-san is also participating in this battle so she is wearing her armour while on standby.

And very high up in the sky, old-man Tannin is there! If he flies up there like that, he will be seen by humans and it could make things chaotic, so he has a spell cast on him so that normal humans won’t be able to see him.

Vali and his team are waiting for the battle, a bit further away from us.

“-It’s time.”

Buchou says that while looking at her wrist watch.

It’s now time for the meeting to start. This means that an important discussion has started in one of the rooms inside the hotel.

Now, what’s left is to wait for ‘that guy’ to come.

What should we do if he doesn't come like he promised……? Maybe he’s already inside the hotel, disguised and trying to approach the geezer……?

“No tricks huh. You have my respect.”

Vali made a bitter smile. Something happened? –The moment I thought that….


The sky above the hotel started to become distorted, and a big hole was created.

The one who appeared from the hole was…..the Evil-God Loki and the giant ash-grey wolf, Fenrir!

…..They appeared to us head on.

“Target confirmed. Mission start.”

When Barakiel-san said that from the small communication device on his ear, a gigantic barrier-type magic-circle was activated around the hotel.

The Sitri-group lead by Kaichou activated the magic-circle in order to transfer us, Loki, and Fenrir to the battlefield.

Loki senses that, but he just showed a smirk and didn't retaliate.

We were then covered in light...


When I opened my eyes, it was just a spacious field.

It’s filled with rocks. If I remember, this was supposed to be an abandoned ancient mine. Apparently it isn’t used now.

I confirmed my group members. Led by Buchou, everyone is here including Irina. Barakiel-san and Rossweisse-san are also here.

Vali and his team are also here a bit away from us.

And, in front of us are Loki and Fenrir. I started my countdown for the Balance-Breaker as soon as I confirmed them.

“So you aren’t fleeing.”

When Buchou said it with sarcasm, Loki laughed.

“There is no need for me to flee. All of you will retaliate anyway, so I finish you all here and then I can go back to the hotel. It’s just a matter of time. Even if he does or doesn’t participate in the meeting, I will have Odin disappear.”

“You are wrapped with dangerous thoughts.”

Barakiel-san says that.

“The first one to have a dangerous idea was your side. An alliance between each faction…. To begin with, when the Three-Great powers recorded in the Bible decided to have an alliance, everything became distorted.”

“Looks like you have no intention of talking.”

Barakiel-san started to cover his hand with the holy-lightning. From his back, 10 black wings appeared.

And, my countdown has completed. I do a ‘Promotion + Balance-Break’ immediately!

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!!!]


While releasing a red light, the power of Sekiryuutei is materialised as armour on my body. Okay. I can feel my power rising.

[Vanish Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!!!]

Vali is also enveloped in a spotless white plate-armour.

Vali and I step in front of Loki at the same time.

Seeing that, Loki becomes overjoyed.

“This is wonderful! So the Two Heavenly Dragons will be joining forces to defeat this Loki! My heart has never raced like this!”


Vali made his move! He moved in the sky while creating a course of light in a zig-zag, and closed his distance with Loki at high-speed.

I also ignited the thrusters on my back along with his movement!

From the sky, Vali and from the ground, I - go heading towards him!

“A combination between the Red and the White! Most likely I’m the first one to get a fight like this!”

Loki is very lively and he activates a wide-range of defensive magic-circles which covers his whole body.

-When I thought like that, the countless magical-lights which appeared from the magic-circles turned into a sash being released towards us!

It seems like it’s an attack with a high-level of power which can follow the enemy! Many sashes of light are released towards Vali, who is flying around the sky!

Even dozens of its attacks are shot towards me!

Vali flies around in an acrobatic-style in the sky, and he dodges all of the attacks. I just went ahead without caring whether the attack hits me or not!


The magical attack pierces through my body, but an attack like this is nothing! I will close my distance with him right away!

Gathering the strength to my right fist, I fly towards Loki who is at a low altitude with full speed! I have my dragon-wings appear from my back!



I charge forward and the magic-circles surrounding Loki all perish after making a noise! From there, Vali releases an insane demonic-power attack at him…. An equation besides the demonic-power appears within Vali’s hand.

Is that the norse-magic which he just learned?

“-As a start, here is my first move.”


He shot it! I leave the spot immediately! That was dangerous! That bastard attacked without even waiting for a moment as soon as I broke Loki’s defence!

It was an attack which covers one third of the area of this mining place!

What an insane attack! It’s outrageouuuuuuuus!

After the attack ended, a huge bottomless hole is created at the spot where Loki was standing before.

He probably narrowed the attack range, but a single attack of his has an insane attack-power!

…….Once again, I realised it. My rival isn’t normal!


-! I started to hear someone laughing out loud!

When I looked at the direction where the laugh came from, I saw a man floating in the air. –It’s Loki. His robe is a bit torn, but it seems like Loki himself is unscathed.

He’s unscathed after receiving an attack like that? ……This God is truly terrifying.

If it turned out like this, I will use the secret-weapon! I grabbed on the hammer which is located on my hip, the Mjölnir, and send my demonic-power through it to make it a convenient size!

I was barely able to lift it with my hands, but I slammed it towards Loki.

Loki’s eyes started to twitch.

“…….. Mjölnir. The replica? Even so, you are carrying a dangerous weapon over there. Damn Odin, does he want to make the meeting successful that much…….!?”

He seems pissed at Odin the geezer for giving this away, rather than the fact that I have this right now.

In my normal state, this would have been too heavy to carry, but right now I am barely able to lift it with my Balance-Breaker state.

I ignited the booster on my back while having the posture of lifting the hammer up!


I head towards Loki at very fast speed, and I slam down my hammer once I grasped sight of my target!

Come out! The thunder which can even defeat a God! I release it while saying that in my head!


Loki dodges it! A huge crater was created on the ground…..but the actual thunder didn’t come out!

…….What’s the meaning of this? Wasn’t this supposed to release a thunder which can even paralyse a God?

I swing it down a couple of times…..but even a slight buzz of the thunder didn’t come out!

Is this a defective produccccccct!?


Loki laughs at the miserable state I’m in.

“It’s unfortunate. That hammer can only be used by someone with a very strong and pure heart. You must have some evil feelings within your heart. That’s why it doesn’t create lighting. Normally I hear, that doesn’t have any weight, and is as light as a feather you know?”

Seriously!? Evil feeling? ………….Y-Yeah. I do understand what he means!

I’m lecherous after all! So I can’t use it because I’m the Oppai Dragon!?

“It’s about time that I start to attack seriously then!”

When Loki clicks his fingers, Fenrir who was just observing till now steps forward.

“-The fangs which can kill God. My servant Fenrir who has such fangs! You will meet your demise even with a single bite! If you two can defeat this beast, then come and get it!”

Loki gives an order to Fenrir. And that moment….-Buchou raised her hand.



At the same time Kuroka smiled, magic-circles are activated around her, and a very big and thick chain comes out of it! –The magical-chain, Gleipnir. It was fortunate that we received it earlier than we anticipated, but because it was very hard to carry it, Kuroka hid it inside her personal territory.

Having been led by old-man Tannin and Barakiel-san, my comrades and Vali’s comrades grabbed on to the chain and then threw it towards Fenrir!

“Fuhahahahaha! It’s useless! Countermeasures against Gleipnir were already…..”

Leaving Loki laughing out loud behind, the magical-chain which was enhanced by the Dark-Elves wraps around Fenrir’s body as if it has its own consciousness!


The giant wolf howls painfully, which echoes throughout the area.

“—Fenrir, captured.”

Barakiel-san says that while looking at Fenrir which can’t move its body.

Yes! They have succeeded in capturing Fenrir!

Amazing! It’s perfect! The Dark-Elves whom we never met sure did an outstanding job!

If Fenrir’s movements are sealed, the group can defeat it with ease as long as they don’t let their guard down.

-Then this means that Loki is the only one left.

I thought that the Evil-God would panic by having Fenrir’s movement sealed…… But he’s still laughing creepily.

Does he still have something up his sleeve? When I was being suspicious of him, Loki spread his arms wide.

“Their specs are lower, but…..”

The space on both sides of Loki become distorted.

…….W-What? What is he planning to…..

From the distortion created in the space, a ‘new’ thing appears.

Ash-grey fur. Sharp claws. Eyes without any emotion.

And a very wide-opened mouth!

“Sköll! Hati!”

It howls loudly towards the sky as if it responded to Loki’s call.



The cloud under the night is blown away, and a full-moon giving out a gold-colour appears.

Having the moon shine on them, the two giant beasts…..no, the wolves howled.

…..Fenrir! No way! Why!? How!?

It wasn’t just one of them!?

Not only me, but everyone else also had a shocked face. No, only Vali seemed like he was having fun.

Having the two new Fenrir obeying him, Loki then says it.

“I changed a jötunn[2] woman living in Járnviðr[3] to a wolf, and made it breed with Fenrir. As a result, these two were born. Their specs are quite a bit lower than their father, but their fangs are the real thing. They can easily kill a God, and all of you.”

………So Fenrir had children…….

How the heck should I know that! Midgardsormr didn’t tell us anything about this! It must mean that dragon didn’t know about this as well! This is the worst!

Loki sends out an order to the two Fenrir!

“Go, Sköll and Hati! That bunch of people are the ones who captured your father! Tear and rip them apart with those claws and fangs of yours!”


Along with the sound of wind, the two wolves headed towards my comrades!

One of them headed to Vali’s team. The other one headed toward the Gremory-group!

Ku! There aren’t any more chains! They used the chain on the parent-Fenrir after all!

“Hmph! A mere dog!”


Old-man Tannin breathed out a powerful flame from his mouth! Wow! To be expected from the former dragon-king! He enveloped the child-Fenrir with his intense flame!

…….But, the child-Fenrir is moving inside the flame as if nothing has happened! It has received damage! But it didn’t flinch at all!

Those two Fenrir have to be defeated head on! When I looked towards my comrades, Loki shot out a huge-magical-attack ball!


I dodged it just before it hit me, but it wiped away the part of my armour which it grazed! Getting hit by it directly would be bad! Like I thought, a God is a God, even if he is called an Evil-God! So it means he can destroy Boosted Gear Scalemail!

“……I won’t be able to activate the power to halve if my opponent is a God-class. So I will have myself reduce your power slowly!”


Vali created many attacks made from his demonic-power which are mixed with the Norse-magic formula, and he shoots them out. Each of them gets taken down by Loki’s magical power, but not all of them could be wiped out, so several of them hit Loki’s body. But, he didn’t receive any remarkable damage.

“To be expected from the Hakuryuukou! It seems like you learned the Norse-magic in such a short time, but….-It’s still not enough!”

Loki releases a wave of magical-power which is glowing like a rainbow. Vali makes his wings bigger, and it seems like he is planning to take it head on.


The Divine-Dividing’s ability was activated, and Loki’s attack continues to get smaller.

“-It seems like I can use my ability to halve without touching it if it’s an attack like this. But, this consumes a lot from me.”

Is it an applied technique of his move which halves his territory? Even if it doesn’t affect Loki’s body, it works on his attack. It seems like he is also growing and attaining new ability. Scary!

But, several of the attacks he released hit and pierce through Vali’s armour! The Divine-Dividing Scalemail gets damaged heavily, but Vali repairs it immediately.



I also shot my super-special Dragon-shot towards Loki without any pause! If I can’t use the hammer, then I have to attack him like this!


My shot goes towards him, but Loki puts on a ghastly expression and takes my attack front on…..


He then made it go towards Vali’s direction! My dragon-shot was heading towards Vali, but Vali evades it by moving with a fast velocity.

“Fuhahahaha. Hakuryuukou has a more proficient strength, while the Sekiryuutei has an intense spirit in his attack. You don’t have techniques, but I can’t take you lightly. Hmmm, amazing! A blow which is filled with spirit rings a bell to peoples hearts. Just how much feeling did you put inside that attack just now?”

It seems like Loki, who stopped my attack, has a bit of smoke emitting from his hands.

…….He isn’t an opponent I can’t defeat, huh. It would be impossible by myself, but if I’m with Vali, then there is a possibility that we can win! If I still have some energy left, I should transfer my power to Vali, or my comrades…..

But, I was told before that if I were to take the supporting role, the enemy would concentrate their attack at me along with my comrades.

“Rather than the Hakuryuukou who moves in high speed—It’s certain that it is much easier to capture the Sekiryuutei! If you were to transfer your multiplied power, it would be just bothersome! That’s why I will kill you first!”

Oh my! So he read through what I was thinking!

Loki directs his hand at me. –He’s planning to take me down first!

“-Ignoring me is something I can’t accept.”


Vali moves immediately, and went behind Loki who was aiming his attack at me!

He can pull it off! Vali has gathered an enormous amount of demonic-power to his hand and he is trying to release his blow! If that hits, then even Loki won’t…..


Vali…..was eaten by Fenrir’s large mouth which suddenly appeared from his side.


Vali spurts out blood! The fangs easily destroy the white armour with ease, and Vali’s body has been pierced through completely. Vali’s blood taints Fenrir’s mouth in red.

It’s not the child-Fenrir. It’s the parent-Fenrir! …….Why is the parent-Fenrir here!? When I looked, there isn’t a chain on him. Perhaps!

When I turned around, the child-Fenrir had the chain in its mouth! It acted as if it was fighting my comrades, and then freed its parent!

“Fuhahahaha! Looks like I have the Hakuryuukou crunched first!”

Loki laughs loudly!


I charge towards Fenrir to rescue Vali! I turned the size of the hammer to its original size. It certainly didn’t go like how we planned!

Vali! If you go down here, then our strategy won’t work accordingly! I don’t want to admit it, but we need your power for this fight!

Not even flinching against my charge, Fenrir gets ready to take my attack head on. …….So it doesn’t think my attack is scary, huh!

“You damn dog!”

I try to do a straight punch to its nose! –But.



It slashes down with its front paw!

It easily broke my Boosted Gear Scalemail….! Ouch…..!

Gough! From my stomach, and from my mouth, blood burst out! This is bad. If Vali is down, and even the only vanguard left which is me also goes down…

“Ngh! I won’t let you take down those two!”

Old-man Tannin backs us up by breathing out a fireball! It’s a fire with insane heat and mass! But, like I thought Fenrir shows no sign of running away!

Battle of monsters! Their sizes are about the same! If that’s the case, then dragon looks stronger than a wolf!


It makes a howl with its beautiful voice! Old-man’s fire gets eliminated by the howl which shook the whole area around here! Seriously!? It can also eliminate an attack from a dragon-king with a single howl!?


Fenrir disappears for a moment!


A sound of something being torn apart! And then.....!


I heard old-man’s scream!

……Old-man’s body is being slashed! Old-man’s blood covers the battlefield!

It moved at godspeed, and then ripped Old-man with its claws!


I was filled with frustration! A legendary dragon! My benefactor who trained me! Old-man who is so strong and grand got cut down without doing anything!

I feel very frustrated. I was told that the dragons are the strongest creatures! I was told that dragons are more prideful than anyone!

The ash-grey wolf in front of me destroys my beliefs so easily!

The old-man bit and drank something which was hidden in his back tooth while spurting out blood from his mouth. Then the old-man’s wounds starts to disappear while making smoke immediately. Old-man used the phoenix’s tear. Just in case, all the members have a possession of the phoenix tear. The phoenix’s tears were distributed from the devils for this battle.

I also took out a small bottle from my stomach, and sprinkled the phoenix’s tear on my wounds.


While making a smoke from my wounds, the phoenix’s tear starts to heal my wounds.

……But, that was certainly a dangerous situation. That claw dug deeply into my body. What attack power!

The hardness of Boosted Gear Scalemail is nothing in front of that wolf! That’s why it must have easily destroyed Vali’s armour as well. It also tore out old-man’s body with it. Fenrir’s fangs, claws, and everything else must be unrivaled. How can he pass through three legendary dragons without a wound…….!?

This wolf is an insane monster!

Me and Vali who are the vanguards were given several phoenix’s tears. But from Vali’s situation where he is still bitten by it, it doesn’t change the fact that he is still being bitten even if he uses the phoenix’s tear, so there would be no meaning to use it. I need to release him from that state.

I won’t be able to win against Fenrir if I just go straight at him. So Fenrir has the same power as the true Ddraig? I can’t use Ddraig’s power to the fullest, so fighting against it properly would be hard.

If it’s Juggernaut-Drive…….

It may work, but I will die. I definitely will die. …….In the worst case, I have to do that. I should be prepared just in case. It’s definitely better than Buchou, Asia and my comrades dying.

But at this rate, we will just continue to waste phoenix’s tears.

Even so, I have to help Vali!

“On the occasion, I will have you fight against these ones as well.”

The shadow under Loki’s foot expanded, and from there a giant snake……no. Several dragons with long skinny bodies appeared!

…….I’m familiar with that appearance! Its size is reduced a lot, but there is no doubt about it!

“So you even mass-produced Midgardsormr!”

Old-man Tannin said it with disgust!

Yes! He’s exactly right. They are identical to Midgardsormr, but they are about the size of the old-man, and there are one, two, three……Five of them in total!


The mass-produced ones started to breathe out fire all at once!

“You won’t be able to take me down with something like this!”


The mass-produced Midgardsormrs fire was wiped by old-man Tannin’s fire.

Woah! Like I thought, the fire from a real dragon is amazing!

Rather than that, the situation of this battle is getting worse! But I realise right away that everyone is staying strong.


“It will be our loss if we go to the defence! Charge!”

Bikou and Buchou’s voice. Both the Vali-team and the Gremory-group are having fights to the death against the child-Fenrir.




Barakiel-san strikes down the raikou on the child-Fenrirs, it has more than ten times the energy output of the ones Akeno-san uses. But…..

The child-Fenrirs seem unaffected even when they received damage and then resume their attack! I think they received quite a lot of damage from the attack just now…… But the battle instinct they carry surpasses the ones we have!

“Don’t take lightly my training with the Sekiryuutei!”

Kiba moves in godspeed to follow the child-Fenrir, and then swings down his holy-demonic sword.

The holy-demonic swords slash its head, and the child-Fenrir has blood sprouting from its forehead. Yes! To be expected from Kiba!


Xenovia who tried to attack the child-Fenrir with that slight opening gets pushed back after being hit by it with its front paw! Blood comes out from her!


Irina uses the phoenix’s tear she is carrying on Xenovia. At the same time she threw the spear of light. It won’t give remarkable damage, but it seemed like it stalled it for a moment.

After being sprinkled with phoenix tears, Xenovia’s wounds heal immediately, and she then makes a stance with her two swords using Durandal and Ascalon.

“Gasper! Blind its eyes! Koneko, you use that chance to punch it using the senjutsu anywhere on its body!”

The boss, Buchou, shouts! Gasper’s body turns into several bats.

“Ey ey ey!”

Gasper who transformed into bats gathered at child-Fenrir’s eyes, and blinded it! Gasper, nice support!

“I will lower Fenrir’s ki as much as I can!”

Thanks to Gasper, child-Fenrir’s eyes were sealed temporarily and Koneko-chan’s punch hits! She only hit it on its foot once, but that would be okay. The attack which was filled with senjutsu would pass through its body to give damage to its source of life. Though it might be far off from a critical hit. But if it's to help comrades, then that hit would be enough.

“Xenovia, do it now!”

Receiving Buchou’s order, Xenovia makes a stance with the two-swords!

“I still haven’t lost yet!”

Xenovia’s shout filled with high spirit echoes throughout the area!


The wave of enormous aura she demonstrated with her two swords against Diodora’s servants hits the child-Fenrir!


Child-Fenrir gets devoured by the wave created from the holy-swords….. Xenovia’s attack left two deep wounds, but it doesn’t go down yet! So its even useless with that attack!

“-No, we start from here!”


Kiba created many holy-demonic swords below child-Fenrir’s foot, and stalled its movements for a moment! He then went slashing at it at that moment in godspeed! He creates many wounds on child-Fenrir’s body.


Akeno-san’s thunder also struck down!

My team members are stronger than Fenrir! Yeah!

-On the other hand…

“-How’s this then?”

A bit away from me, old-man Tannin breathed out his maximum output of fire at the mass-produced Midgardsormrs! The battlefield turns into a sea of fire!

It seems like one of the mass-produced Midgardsormr is in pain inside the fire! To be expected from the fire-blaze that the former Dragon-king made! That mass-produced Midgardsormr turns into ash inside the fire.

“Here is another one!”


Old-man took a big breath, and then breathed out another enormous fire-blaze towards a single mass-produced Midgardsormr which it blasted away! It creates a huge crater on the ground while making a bomb blast, but we certainly can depend on him!

Amazing. So a mass-produced dragon-king won’t even put up a fight against the old-man, huh. Like I thought, the old-man is strong! It was just that the parent-Fenrir was too strong!

“I won’t let you!”

Rosweisse-san also activated a Norse magic, and is supporting old-man Tannin! The magical bullets fell down on the enemy like raindrops, and it pierces through the enemy.

Oh, that certainly gave damage to the Midgardsormrs. What an amazing battle-maiden!

“Heal! And also for you!”

Asia, who is the logistical support, sends healing-aura at times to those who have received damage. The effect it has is great. But since she is sending her aura continuously, you can tell from her expression that she looks tired. She is supporting everyone while having the pressure of knowing that she might die in this battlefield, so it’s waning her psychological state pretty badly.

But it's certain that Asia’s power of healing is becoming our source of life. We cannot cope in this battlefield with only the phoenix’s tears.

Stay strong Asia! When you are in danger, I will definitely rescue you!

The Vali-team who is taking on the other child-Fenrir, are oppressing their enemy.

“Ora ora ora ora!”

Bikou started to strike the child-Fenrir repeatedly with his Ruyi Jingu Bang.

“Get bigger, Ruyi Jingu Bang!”


Wow! Bikou swung down his staff which has gotten bigger, and sharply smacked the child-Fenrir’s head!

“Nyahahaha♪ I will seal your movements then.”

Kuroka used some kind of jutsu[5] to change the ground under child-Fenrir’s foot into mud. Having his foot trapped and movement sealed, there was someone who came slashing at the child-Fenrir with a holy-sword which is emitting an enormous amount of aura. –Arthur the Holy-King Sword wielder!

“-To begin with, I will take one of your eyes.”


He used the Holy-King sword to graze deeply into child-Fenrir’s left eye!

“Your claws are next.”

He then started to cut of its front paws claws along with its flesh! Uwaaaa! That swordsman sure is attacking very violently! It’s even scarier because he’s putting on a calm face!

“-And now, for those dangerous fangs! If it’s this Holy-King sword Collbrande, it should be able to wipe a mere child-Fenrir along with the dimension!”

The Holy-King sword erased the child-Fenrir’s fangs while making the air vibrate!


The child-Fenrir starts to shout with pain after having its eye, claws, and fangs taken away.


So these are Vali’s comrades, huh. Even if their opponent was just a child of Fenrir, their power is abnormal.

And they took it out with only three of them without having a hard time…..

Most of all, what was amazing is that not even one of them are worried that their leader Vali was taken down and are continuing with their task. That is something we can never do.

“……Hyoudou Issei.”

Vali’s voice! Vali, who was still within Fenrir’s mouth spoke to me. Just looking at him seems painful!

“…..Loki and the other ones….I will leave them to you, Bikou, and others.”

…………..? I didn’t know what Vali was trying to say….

“This parent-Fenrir. –I will definitely kill it.”

Hearing that, Loki laughs.

“Fuhahahahahahaha! How would you do that!? You are already on the verge of death! Won’t acting strong just lower the name of Hakuryuukou instead?”

“-Heavenly Dragon. No, don’t look down on I, Vali Lucifer.”


After Vali gave Loki a chilling glare, he quietly began to chant.

At the same time, a very bright aura is emitted from Vali! Each jewel on his armour gave off a rainbow-coloured glow.


“I, who is about to awake-”

<They are going to be blasted away!> <They certainly are going to be blasted away!>

Voices that do not belong to Vali echo in the area. …….It must be the remaining thoughts of the past Hakuryuukou which are sleeping within. So it gives out a curse-like voice like this…..!? I realise it when I see it for myself. Maybe what I am trying to convince is actually an embodiment of the abyss.

“Am the Heavenly Dragon who had the principles of domination stolen from everything-”

<The dream will end!> <The illusion will begin!>

“I envy the infinite, and I consider the dream-“

<Everything!> <Yes, give us everything!>

“I will master the path of domination of the White Dragon-“

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “And I shall lure you to the utmost purity!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

[Juggernaut Drive!!!!!!!!!!]

The whole abandoned mining ground was shining with a bright light. A huge output of light is flowing out from Fenrir’s mouth, and it started to swallow Fenrir as well.

Woooooooooooooow! I can feel an overwhelming power which I can’t even calculate. It’s so amazing that it paralysed my senses! So this is…

“Kuroka! Transfer me and Fenrir to the allocated place!”

Vali who is glowing with light commands that to Kuroka. Kuroka also smiles hearing that, and directs her hand at Vali, then starts to move her fingers in the air. If I look carefully, Vali’s armour started to change. Is it an effect from using [Juggernaut Drive]? So the armour starts to change like that, huh.

Ah, the magical-chain meant for capturing Fenrir also got transferred to Vali’s place! Kuroka must have done that. If the chain is used well, then the current Vali should be able to finish it off!


Vali, who has turned into a giant mass of light, and Fenrir get wrapped by many sashes which look like they're made from demonic-power.

Vali and Fenrir start to synchronise with the scenery of the night, and then disappeared from the area!


Even if I shouted his name, I didn’t get any reply….

-Juggernaut Drive.

It’s my first time seeing it but I realised it right away. That bastard Vali activated his Juggernaut Drive!

That guy, is he planning to take Fenrir to somewhere far by force? And, what’s with this allocated place? ……Like I thought, maybe he’s planning to do something bad?

No, he must be planning to settle this somewhere very far away. He must have picked that certain place beforehand.

I was told from Sensei that Vali is able to use his demonic-power in replacement for his lifespan so as to use Juggernaut Drive for a short time…… But I was also told that he can’t use it perfectly. Most likely there is a thin line from going berserk, and it might be dangerous as it would reduce his lifespan.

-Then, I heard a shout.


Buchou’s scream! When I looked, I witnessed Akeno-san who is about to be bitten by the child-Fenrir!

-I won’t let you!

I won’t let Akeno-san be killed! My Onee-sama that I like very much! She’s my important senior!

I looked at Loki once and then ignited the fire at maximum output for the thrusters on my back! I also expanded my dragon-wings and accelerated forward.


The voice on the jewel also echoes while I try to shorten the distance, -but I won’t make it in time! No, I will make sure I do make it!

“You are full of openings!”

Loki tries to shoot his magic from behind me-


But from high up in the sky, a fire-ball and magical-light comes down at Loki!

“I won’t let you!”

“He’s right!”

Old-man Tannin and Rossweisse-san backed me up! Thank you, old-man and Valkyrie-sister! When I looked, there was only one mass-produced Midgardsormr left.

Old-man and Rossweisse-san are in high spirits! They basically annihilated the mass-produced Midgardsormr with only the two of them! I didn’t have the time to be shocked, because right now one of the worst incidents was about to happen right in front of my eyes.

Crap! It was the moment where child-Fenrir’s fangs are about to tear into Akeno-san!


A bitter noise of the fang tearing a piece of flesh was made! The one who was pierced through with child-Fenrir’s fang was –Barakiel-san!

Barakiel-san gets his back pierced with child-Fenrir’s fangs while protecting Akeno-san.


Blood….. A large quantity of blood came out his mouth. A lot of blood comes out from his wound.


“……I can’t afford to lose you as well.”

Akeno-san has an expression where she can’t tell what’s going on right now.



I hit child-Fenrir with a punch from its side! Barakiel-san gets released along with that, and he steps back.


I call for Asia who is nearby. Asia creates a light-green aura in the spot, and she sent the aura towards Barakiel-san!

Being enveloped with the light-green aura, Barakiel-san’s wounds starts to heal slowly.

……His bleeding should stop. But, it will be hard for him to come back to the fight immediately. He should have lost about the same amount of stamina as how much blood he just lost. Quite a lot of blood spilt when the fangs were removed from his body.


Akeno-san is panicking a lot.

“…….Get a hold of yourself, Akeno. The battle hasn’t ended yet.”

Barakiel-san says.

…..Akeno-san. Please don’t cry. It’s okay. I will protect you.

But, there is something I want to confirm. Does Akeno-san really hate her father?

I just want to know that.

I used pailingual on Akeno-san’s breast quietly. With this, Akeno-san’s breast should reveal her secret to only me.

Hey, Akeno-san’s oppai. Tell me. Does Akeno-san really hold a grudge against Barakiel-san?


Akeno-san’s breast won’t answer me. Don’t tell me that it didn’t work? Or is she in such a really shocked state that her breast won’t tell me what she is thinking?

Then her oppai quietly started to talk.

[I’m not Himejima Akeno’s oppai. –I am the seirei of oppai.]



“……………………Who the heck are you!?”

I point at Akeno-san’s breast, and let out a shocked voice.

Akeno-san and Barakiel-san’s body shakes violently because of my sudden shout.

[Please calm down. I am using this girl’s oppai as the medium to talk to you.]

Akeno-san’s breast started to say something even weirder!


What is this!? What is this exactly!?

“More than that! Who are you!”

[I am the seirei which serves Chichigami-sama. –The God who rules all oppai. Your obstinate craving towards oppai has summoned me.]

Impossible! So my pailingual connected to a different channel!?

That is absurd! Can something so crazy happen!?


Old-man Tannin is in the middle of fighting Loki! I thought I should ask the former Dragon-king at a time like this!

“What! Did something happen again!? Is it another breast!?”

During his battle, he gives some time to look at my direction after hearing my panicked voice.

“Which mythology does the God-Chichigami-sama come from!?”

It seems like the old-man can’t close jaws at my question.

I don’t know why, but when I looked around, both enemy and ally stopped their battle and looked at me.

After a pause, old-man shouts towards Buchou!

“…………! Rias-ojouuuuuuuu! Can you heal that guys heaaaaaad!? It’s criticaaaaaal!”

No! You are wrong, old-man! I’m normal! I’m normal, I tell ya!

“Ise! Get a hold of yourself! It’s an auditory hallucination! Aaah, how can this be! Fenrir’s poisonous fang has reached the Sekiryuutei’s mind!”

Buchou also has a misunderstanding that my brain took damage! More than that, I haven’t been affected by Fenrir’s poisonous fang!


I received a healing-light from Asia to my head. Thank you, Asia. No, that’s not the problem.

“You are mistaken! Akeno-san’s oppai definitely said that its an oppai-seirei!”

I try to explain it to them, but this time Barakiel-san says it to me while his voice is shaking.

“You….! You are telling me that my daughter is something which is so absurd…..!? Damn you, Oppai Dragon…..!”

-He’s snapped!

And there are raikou running through his boddddddy!


Again, I received a healing-light to my head. Thank you, Asia. No, that’s not the problem!

[N-No everyone, listen to me. I certainly can hear the voice of the so-called oppai-seirei as well…. I can sense the power of a World I don’t know. It’s certainly an unfortunate result, but it seems like this guy attracted the messenger of God from another World.]

Ddraig said it so everyone can hear it to support my claim! Aaaaaaaah! What you need is a partner you can rely on!


“It can’t be!”

“Ddraig also took damage!”

This isn’t good! Not only me, but everyone won’t believe Ddraig as well!

[Uoooooooon! Nobody will believe the words of the Oppai Dragon! This isn’t my fault! It’s my partner, my partneeeeer!]

Ddraig cries out! Lately, I’ve been making you cry often….. I’m sorry.


This time the healing-light hits the jewels on the armour!

Asia-chan! I’m fully healed! HP MAX! Is it not enough!? Does it still look like I need to be healed!?

“Hey, Switch-princess! Go and get ‘pushed’! What he needs right now is your oppai isn’t it!?”

Bikou says it to Buchou like that.

“……….I-Is that so?”

Huuuuuuuuh!? I thought she would make a complaint to Bikou, but Buchou is being convinced by him!?

[Please listen carefully, Chichiryuutei.]

Akeno-san’s tits talk to me once again!

More than that, who are you calling Chichiryuutei! Shit! How come you also know that name!?

[Listen to the real thoughts of this miko[6] and summon the power of Chichigami-sama here.]

I don’t get it exactly, but is that something amazing?

[Chichigami-sama is very merciful and gives divine protection to those who seek oppai.]

…..I don’t get it. It absolutely doesn’t make any sense! B-But it’s true that I want to know Akeno-san’s true feelings.

T-Then, Seirei-san. Can you make it that only me, Akeno-san, and Barakiel-san know her true feelings then?

[Very well. –Then listen to this girl’s true feelings.]

When I closed my eyes, a certain scene is shown within my mind.

I hear the voice of a little girl who is singing.

[-Where are you ~you. Higo ~Where is Higo.]

In the garden of a small one-storey house, there was a girl playing maritsuki[7].

[Akeno, where are you.]

A woman who looks like Akeno-san, called for the little girl. Akeno-san.


Akeno-san was called by the woman, her mother, and she rushes in to hug her.

She has silky black-hair and seems like a kind mother. She’s beautiful, yet it feels like she’s going to disappear.

[Kaa-sama. When will Tou-sama[8] be back today?]

[Ara, Akeno. Will you be going somewhere with your Tou-sama?]

Akeno-san shows a very happy smile to her mother’s question.

[If he comes home early, we will go shopping together by bus!]

<I was lonely.>


That just now……was Akeno-san’s voice.

The scene changed, this time Barakiel-san and the little Akeno-san were inside the bath.

[I don’t hate, Tou-sama’s wings. They are black, but silky and are the same as Akeno’s[9]!]

High school dxd v7 251.png

[I see, thank you. Akeno.]

<It would have been good, if Tou-sama was always with me.>

At the house’s veranda, the little Akeno-san is having her hair braided.

[Hey, Kaa-sama. Does Tou-sama like Akeno?]

[Yes, of course he does.]

Her mother smiles while braiding her hair gently.

<I could only see Tou-sama sometimes.>

And the scene changed dramatically.

Inside a worn-out room. The tansu[10] is pushed down on the floor, and there is a huge hole on the tatami-floor. The table is turned upside-down, and the dinner food is all over the ground.

Everything in the room is in a mess.

[I will have you hand that child over. She is the child of the hated and evil black angel.]

Several people who seem to be jutsusha[11] are surrounding Akeno-san and her mother.

[I won’t hand over this child! This child is my precious daughter! And also an important and precious daughter of that person! Never! I will absolutely not hand her over!]

Akeno-san’s mother shouts as if she is protecting Akeno-san.

[…….It seems like you also have been defiled by the black angel. It can’t be helped then.]

The jutsusha drew out a katana, and went to slash her down….


What appeared next was Barakiel-san covered in blood.

He killed all of the jutsusha, and his body was soaked in blood.

[Kaa-sama! Noooooo! Kaa-samaaaa!]

Akeno-san was……shaking the body of her mother who had already passed away, and was crying out.


Barakiel-san tries to touch his wife with his trembling hands….

[Don’t touch her!]

The little Akeno-san clashed her anger against her father.

[Why!? Why didn’t you stay with Kaa-sama!? We always waited for Tou-sama! If Tou-sama was here, then Kaa-sama wouldn’t have died!]


[Those people said this! That Tou-sama is a black-angel, and that you are evil! They said that black-angels are bad people! They said that I’m a bad child because I also have black-wings! If Tou-sama and I didn’t have black-wings, then Kaa-sama wouldn’t have died! I Hate it! I hate it! I hate these black wings! I hate you! I hate everyone! I hate them!]

<I knew that it wasn’t Tou-sama’s fault. But…. If I didn’t think of it like that, then my mind wouldn’t last….. That’s because I’m…….weak……. I was lonely……and I just wanted to live with only the three of us…..>

I then heard Akeno-san’s mother's voice within my mind.


That was a very gentle voice.

[What ever happens, please believe in your Tou-sama. Your Tou-sama might have hurt many people until now. –But you know…]

This might be a hallucination. But my eyes can clearly see it.

-That Akeno-san’s mother is gently embracing Akeno-san and Barakiel-san.

[It’s true that he loves Akeno and me. That’s why Akeno, please love him too.]

When I regained my consciousness, Akeno-san who is beside me was –having tears flowing out.

“Kaa-sama……! I…….! I wanted to see Tou-sama more often! I wanted Tou-sama to pat my head more! I wanted to play much more with Tou-sama! Tou-sama…… Tou-sama and Kaa-sama….. I wanted to live together with the three of us…..!”

Those are the true feelings of Akeno-san which were hidden inside her.

That scene from before was only shown to me, Akeno, and Barakiel-san.

Barakiel-san who is laying down says it after hearing Akeno-san’s confession.

“Shuri…….and you……. There wasn’t a single day that I forgot about you two.”

He reaches for Akeno-san with his shaking hand.

Akeno-san takes his hand.


Then it happened.


Every jewel on my Boosted Gear Scalemail glowed, and then the Mjölnir starts to emit intense light!

……I can feel something very strong! What is this…….

[Chichiryuutei. Can you hear me, Chichiryuutei?]

I then heard Seirei’s voice from Akeno-san’s oppai.

[You saved this girl’s feelings, and this girl’s oppai. Now is the time I give you the divine-protection from Chichigami-sama….]


Aura burst out from every part of my armour.

[Oppai Dragon. Listen well. The power given from Chichigami-sama can only be used once.]

In any case, if they are giving me power, then there is nothing more I can ask for!

The pulse I can feel from Mjölnir isn’t normal. I can feel something which greatly surpasses the power of me and Vali!

“I can sense the pulse of a God-class power that I am not familiar with. Chichigami……from another World? The Sekiryuutei of this era is certainly full of mysteries!”

Loki says that and lifts his robe, and he once again expanded his shadow! From there…..another group of Midgardsormr came out! There are still some left!? This time again, there are five of them!

It really is a fierce battle! There is no end to this! I never thought it would be this hard to fight a single God and his subordinates! Consecutive appearances of child-Fenrir and mass-produced Midgardsormr! Phoenix’s tears and Asia’s healing won’t last at this rate!

Then it happened. I was bewildered but a black colour appears in front of me.


A black-like fire thing appears from the ground, it twists, and it covers up Loki, the two child-Fenrirs, and the mass-produced Midgardsormrs!

…….W-What is it this time? Is it a shirigami[12]!?

“---! This abyss-black aura is!? Is it the ‘Prison Dragon’ Vritra!?”

Old-man Tannin shouts like that.

Vritra? It’s Saji! If you think about it, it certainly resembles Saji’s aura. But, that guy didn’t have any kind of fire.

A giant magic-circle which appears on the ground. From the centre of it, a black-flame shapes into a dragon.

[Hyoudou Issei-kun. Can you hear me? I am the Vice-Governor of Grigori, Shamhaza.]


I heard an unfamiliar voice from the microphone I have on my ear for emergency. Oh, he’s the person who is from the same place as Azazel-sensei.

“Ah, hello. The one who sent that big black-dragon was you Shamhaza-san?”

[Yes. I was told by Azazel that I have to send Saji-kun to that location after Saji-kun’s training was completed.]

“So that really is Saji!?”

Oh man, he’s like a fire-dragon. He’s pitch black. It seems like a black-fire is in the shape of a dragon. So that’s Vritra.

[Yes, it seemed like Azazel made a bit of a miscalculation. We started his training, but he ended up in a state like that. The time was up, so we sent him in that state. Well, it seems like he can tell apart from an ally and a foe.]

And you gave that as an okay!? Hmm. Fallen-angels are quite daring.

“What did you do?”

[We put every Vritra-type Sacred Gear on him.]

You guys did something so reckless like that…..

I just made a forced smile and the Vice-Governor-san continues.

[When Vritra was exterminated and then sealed into the Sacred Gear, he had his soul split into many layers. Because of that, there are many Vritra-type Sacred Gear possessors. But if you were to group them, there are four types of [Absorption Line], [Blaze Black Flare], [Delete Field], and [Shadow Prison]. These Sacred Gears were hidden within each possessor and had some differences. And our organisation, Grigori, retrieved them and put the Vritra-type Sacred Gears that we kept into Saji-kun. Being in contact with you resulted in Vritra’s consciousness to slowly appear, so Azazel predicted that all of the Vritra-type Sacred Gears might be able to become one.]

I see, that’s why Sensei took Saji with him.

[As a result, the Sacred Gears combined and Vritra’s consciousness was revived. –But it seems like it became berserk because it only revived just now. But it seems like Saji-kun’s consciousness is still in there, so he should respond if you talk to him through Ddraig. So I leave the rest to you. Will you be able to do it?]

“……Yes, I will somehow try to pull it off. If something was to happen, I will stop Saji by force.”

Saji…. Vritra’s black fire covers over Loki, two child-Fenrirs and mass-produced Midgardsormrs, and was sealing their movements. The flame moves as if it had its own mind, and it seems like a snake was wrapping around them.

“Ku! What is this fire!? I can’t move! ………Ngggh! My powers are being taken away gradually!? I-Is this the power of that black dragon!? I have heard that there is a Dragon-king, but don’t tell me this is it!?”

It seems like Loki is also in panic. Child-Fenrirs and mass-produced Midgardsormr are going crazy inside the fire but it seems like they won’t be able to escape.

[Vritra had more special abilities rather than direct attacks. His power might be weak among the Dragon-Kings, but in terms of diversity and variety of techniques he is the best among the Dragon-Kings!]

“…….That’s amazing. Umm, Vice-Governor. If there are other Vritra-type Sacred Gears, can’t you mass produce them with the same method?”

[That would most likely have zero possibility. To begin with, adding Sacred Gears is a dangerous action, and you can die if it goes wrong. But for this case, since you and Saji-kun are friends, and since you two understand each other, Vritra’s soul was able to revive with a miracle. But it will be hard for the same phenomenon to occur in the same way. By the way, even if a new power is added, the evil-piece sleeping inside him won’t change. The basic base is [Absorption Line] after all. The stats of his base body won’t change that much as well.]

So Saji has a limitation, huh. Vritra-power, he sure did attain such a troublesome power!

[Putting that aside, Saji-kun won’t be able to maintain that power for long. Defeat the enemies while they are sealed.]


Yeah! Then let’s settle this!

I took Mjölnir in my hand, and changed it into a giant hammer! It’s light! I see, they did say that this was originally meant to be as light as a feather! So this is what they mean!

“Buchou! Bikou! Child-Fenrir can’t move because of that fire! Let’s finish them off at once!”

To my words both of them….No, everyone agreed, and they started to resume their attack on child-Fenrirs and mass-produced Midgardsormr!

“I will defeat all of Odin-sama’s enemies!”

Rosswiesse-san activates a variety of magic-circles all around her body and released a magical-attack!


It hit the child-Fenrirs and mass produced Midgardsormr who cannot move, and gave them intense damage!

I see! Because of Saji’s power, their powers are being drained and are slowly becoming weaker!

[Saji, can you hear me?]

Using the Sacred Gear, I tried to contact Saji who has become a black-fire dragon.


Oh! I got a response!

[Saji. It’s me, Ise.]

[Hyo….Hyoudou…..? What’s happening to me right now……..? I don’t know why, but my body feels so hot that it might burn out…….]

[…….Get a hold of your consciousness! You came in with a cool entrance, so fulfill your role till the end and then go down!]

[…….What should I do?]

[What can you see you? Look around.]

[……Inside a black fire, I can see giant wolves, and long-skinny big dragons….]

[Continue to restrain them like that. I think it would be okay if you think like that. Anyway, think strongly! Also, can you see a humanoid enemy?]

[…….Found him. ……..I can sense a mysterious magical power coming from him. And he’s trying to get rid of the fire with it…..]

[That guy is the boss! Don’t let him erase it! Think strongly, and keep restraining him! I will do the rest! I will settle this!]

I gripped the hammer tightly.


This time, a thunder is running through it. I won’t miss! I will strike it down with everything I got!


I ignited the thruster on my back with maximum output, and I also expanded my dragon-wings widely and charged forward! There is only one target!

-Evil God Loki!

Loki shoots out a magical attack from his hand! I won’t be able to dodge it now! I want to use the hammer as a shield, but if this power disappears there will be nothing left!


I took Loki’s attack from the front! ……It hurts! With that, my armour broke greatly! The attack even reaches my body under the armour. I felt an intense pain to my chest, stomach, hip and legs.


This time, one of them hits my helm! The helm also gets destroyed, and my head gets exposed! Well, I won’t stop only because I have a better view! I can also tell my head is bleeding.

I don’t have the time to materialize new armour, nor to heal my wounds! I will charge forward like this!



Loki broke through Saji’s barrier of fire! Shit! He is a God even if he is rotten!

“You think you can continue to grasp hold of this Loki with something like this!?”

Loki flies high up in the sky! He’s trying to run away!

“Stop right there!”

Loki laughs at me who is calling for him to stop.

“Sekiryuutei, huh. But, it’s futile. I will retreat for now. Fuhahahahaha! However, I will appear for the third time and bring chaos-”


The raikou flashed, and an especially big one covers Loki!

When I turned around….Akeno-san and Barakiel-san are holding hands. –Both of them have black fallen-angel wings growing out.

……Haha. Amazing! A raikou attack of a father and daughter!

“W…What did you do!?”

Loki falls down while having smoke come from him! It doesn’t seem like he has big damage, but it succeeded in stopping his movements!


A black-fire covers Loki once again! Saji! Good timing!

“Impossible! It’s a fire-barrier which I have unsealed once already!”

Loki becomes shocked, but Saji has a willpower that is about the same as me! So he won’t give up that easily!

[……Do it, Hyoudou!]

Yeah, leave it to me Saji! I grasped hold of my target, and aimed at him!

I then lifted up the hammer immediately!

“Oryaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My style Mjölniiiiiiiiiir!”


The head of the giant hammer completely hits down Loki’s whole body!

“Noooooooooooow! Let’s do it, Ddraig!”




I transferred the power which I increased to the maximum to the Mjölnir!

Then…. An unbelievable amount of thunder is created from the hammer!


A super special strike devours Loki.

Loki’s body……..has many tendrils of smoke coming out from it. His body is already crumbled.

Loki who is all worn-out falls on the ground.

“……The reason why the God recorded in the Bible left a phenomenon called Balance Breaker……and a weapon called Longinus which can kill a God without getting rid of them……. Did he know something like this could have happened……? Why did he leave humans a method to kill a God…….?”

After saying that, it seems like he lost consciousness completely.

About the same time, the child-Fenrir and mass-produced Midgardsormr were defeated.

[Chichiryuutei. It was splendid. I’m looking forward to meeting you again.]

Ah, the voice of breast-seirei is getting further away. It finished its role then? No, what on earth was its role to begin with!?

…..I….I’m really starting to get affiliated with unknown things…. I wanted to grow stronger in my own way, but I already have similar things like this happening to me so spare me of it! I can't take it anymore.

I said that strongly within myself to the God of breasts who is apparently a God from another World.

Part 3[edit]

“Yo, Saji.”

I woke up my friend who was unconscious at the centre of the battle field.

He reverted back to his original appearance from the black-dragon state.

“Naa….Is that you Hyoudou? What happened to the battle?”

He has regained his consciousness, but it seems like his body can’t move. I called Asia, and urged her to heal him.

Saji halfway got up, and then I said it to him.

“It has ended. Many things have happened, but it is our victory.”

Saji smiles at my answer.

“……I see. I wasn't very focused as I was barely conscious at the time…. But, I heard your voice. I was happy. While I was suffering from my body which was getting burned, your voice came to me. It gave me lots of moral support.”

“Hahahaha, you can depend on me. But it will be hard if you were to go on a rampage like that.”

“Are you serious? Was I going crazy?”

“Yeah, very much. But thanks to that we won. You were an amazing support.”

Hearing that, it seems like Saji is relieved.

“……Then I don’t care. But.”

Saji looks around the aftermath of the battlefield. The place is in ruins. There are several craters on the ground and it wasn’t the same as before. It really looks like a place after a war.

Other members were in joy because of our victory. Xenovia and Irina are exhausted and sitting on the ground.

Vali’s team members are nowhere to be seen. They had evacuated before we even realised it. They sure are good at disappearing without a trace. Vali also didn’t return after that. ……Did he win? I don’t think he is dead……

Loki had his power sealed by Rossweisse-san who used many types of Norse magic seals on him after he was captured.

The hammer called Mjölnir had amazing power even though it is just a replica. Well, it was also due to my multiplied powers as well, but I was able to defeat a God with it.

“You’ve been fighting in battles like this numerous times, right? Things like God, Maou, and Two Heavenly Dragons and such.”

Saji says it as if he admires me.

“Well, so many things happen in our group. People say that maybe the power of the Sekiryuutei is calling them, but I almost died many times. Geez.”

Thinking about it, I have been going through things like this since I became a devil. Aren’t I fighting against legendary beings a lot? I won’t survive even if I have lots of lives at this point……

“That is the reason why you are amazing. I was really scared before doing the training such that I was trembling. I really wanted to go home. But, if I ran away I wouldn’t be able to face Kaichou and the others…….”

“I’m in a similar situation as well. I’m scared that I can’t continue. –But I have to do it. It seems like my road to becoming a Harem-king is rough, so I have to break every single obstacle on my way. For that, I will have to adapt to the power of the Sekiryuutei and other kinds of power and make them my own. –There are many things I want to make a reality and many things I want to protect. I have to walk right ahead no matter what.”

“……I’m no match for you. Even though you are a sukebe[13].”


Asia smiles. It seems like Saji is healed.

“Asia, can you tend to other people’s wounds as well? You can leave me for last.”

“……Yes, I understand. But please don’t push yourself and rest.”

At my words, Asia goes towards her comrades.


Buchou’s voice was calling me. Buchou was looking at the direction where Akeno-san is.

Ah. Akeno-san is trying to make Barakiel-san stand up. His wounds are healed with Asia’s power, but I think he has used up other factors. He did spill all that blood before.

“Akeno-san won’t be able to support a man with such a good build by herself.”

Somehow I knew what Buchou is trying to tell me. I understand, Buchou!

I approached Akeno-san and Barakiel-san.

I put Barakiel-san’s arm around my shoulder without a word.

“…..Chichi….No. Hyoudou Issei.”

Barakiel-san looks shocked. Apparently he didn’t expect me to help him.

…..You tried to call me Chichiryuutei just now didn’t you? Well, I don’t mind.

“I don’t eat breasts.”

I said it while smiling.

“Y-Yes. You are right.”

He seems like he’s embarrassed. So Barakiel-san even put on a face like this, huh.

“M..My daughter. -Do you like Akeno?”

“Yes. I like her very much. I think she is a reliable and kind lady.”

I replied like that immediately. Is it me or does Barakiel-san look happy after hearing that?

Akeno-san who was also supporting Barakiel-san has a very red face. Well….Ahahaha….Even I would become shy if you react like that……

“.….I see.”

Barakiel-san seems satisfied. Then we sent him to his comrades waiting somewhere else as a rear support by the magic-circle.

“Okay then, Hyoudou Issei. You can still move, right? We have to fix the aftermath of this battlefield. We will be restoring these grounds.”

Having been urged by old-man Tannin, I was also forced to help him.

After this, I was made to do work to fix the hole Vali created, so I worked till morning.

Shit! Vali, you idiooooooooot! Where did you go!?

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Super lecherous
  2. Giant
  3. Forest located east of Midgard
  4. Holy-Lightning
  5. Technique
  6. Priestess
  7. Old/Traditional Japanese ball game
  8. Father
  9. She is referring to herself in 3rd person
  10. Japanese storage cabinet
  11. Practioner
  12. God of Butts
  13. Lewd person

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