High School DxD:Volume 7 New Life

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New Life[edit]

“Ah, the school trip is coming soon.”

I get lazy in the Occult research club room, and I am looking forward to the upcoming school trip. Geezer finished his conference safely and returned to his homeland. It seems like he got some good response. I returned that hammer back to the geezer.

Vali….. He disappeared while taking one of the Fenrir with him. It’s actually a big problem, but since we caught Loki, the whereabouts of Fenrir would be known soon and the countermeasures against it will be made as well.

But that bastard had been aiming for Fenrir the whole time. It’s our fault for not realising it, but I can’t forgive him for using us. That guy, what is he planning to do with Fenrir?

Like I thought, I will never come to terms with that guy.

Sensei isn’t here today.

He said he will send off Barakiel-san who finished his role. We thought we could send him off as well, but he said “It will be enough with just me”.

“Ise-san, we have been busy lately, so we have to go shopping for the school trip next time.”

Asia says that while looking at the guidebook for the school trip.

“Asia, I hear that we have to wear underwear which is popular right now.”

Xenovia says that. Asia makes a red face hearing that.


“Yup. It seems like when we go inside the bath where we will be bathing with everyone else, others will laugh at us if we don’t wear proper underwear. I also don’t have cute looking underwear. Maybe it would be better for us to shop together.”

“Sc…School trips are very deep.”

Hmm. This must be Kiryuu’s doing. Well for girls, the pros and cons about the pants they are wearing is a thing they have to check. The society of girls sure must be tough!

“White is the best! I think that is the actual underwear that the lord and Michael-sama would say ‘Yes!’ for!”

Irina enters the room with a lot of enthusiasm.

“No. I will be wearing victory pants together with Asia.”

“Eh! M-Me too?”

“No, no! The colour for faith is white! Or the ones with an emblem of a cross!”

The Church-trio are arguing about their underwear. ……What are you girls doing?

It sure is peaceful. I can’t believe we had that many battles.

I then had a thought.

The stronger we get, the more I realise that there are many strong foes in this World. And somehow they usually appear in front of us.

It’s not like I want to become the strongest in this World or anything. But I do want to become the ultimate ‘Pawn’.

Though if they were to attack us, then I think we need strength to fend them off. It’s the basics for the group to work together and fight…….

But I also have to become stronger by myself as well. I want to pursue a lot more about the possibility of the Sekiryuutei which Sensei has predicted. So I will continue to convince the thoughts of my past senpais which are still remaining within the Sacred Gear.

Hmm, maybe I should develop a new technique? Next time, after I discuss it with Sensei, I should try it out with having Kiba and Saji participate in my training.

“I’m doomed!”

When I looked, the silver-haired woman…. Rossweisse-san was crying.

“Uuuuuuuuu~! Horrible! Odin-sama is so horrible! To leave me behind!”

Yup. Just like that, she was left behind by Odin the geezer. Probably by now, the Geezer should have realised that Rossweisse-san isn’t with him……

But if he hasn’t contacted us, then that means……

“Fired! This must mean that I’m fired, doesn’t it!? I worked so hard for Odin-sama and he left me in Japan! Just like he says, I can’t do my job properly! I’m a virgin! I’m a woman where my age equals the number of years I haven't had a boyfriend!”

She has already lost herself…

“Mou, don’t cry Rossweisse. I made sure that you could work in this academy.”

Buchou rests her hand on Rossweisse-san’s shoulder.

“……. Sob. R-Really?”

“Yes, just like you wished for. You want to be a teacher, correct? And not a student?”

“Of course….. Despite my appearance, I have already graduated from school in my homeland by skipping grades. Even though I’m still young in age, I am qualified to teach students.”

Seriously? She doesn’t appear to be older than us at all, but she chose to become a teacher.

“But will I able to live in this country….? But if I returned home, others would get mad and say "You must be brave to show your face when you returned after Odin-sama’s arrival.” And I probably would have my position removed…..! Uuu…and I was finally able to find a job where I could have a stable life!”

She’s quite depressed. Certainly she would look like a complete idiot if the Chief-God, who she was supposed to be escorting, arrives home before his bodyguard.

“Ufufu, so that’s where this plan would come in.”

Buchou got closer to her, and took out a document of some sort and showed it to her.

“If you come to the Underworld now, you can get privileges like this and privileges like that.”

Rossweisse-san made a shocked face after looking through the documents.

“Really!? There is this much insurance…. And there are tax refunds!”

“That’s exactly it. Also don’t you think that a service like this and a system like this is wonderful too?”

“It’s amazing! So d…devils get paid this much……! The base salary is totally different from ours! Even if you compare them to Valhalla, these have better requirements!”

-She’s bribing a battle-maiden!

B..Buchou….she really seems like an insurance woman now….. So this is what you call a whisper from a devil! Devils do make contracts with humans with greed as their job after all. This is the way of a High-class devil, Buchou’s expert way of convincing people! I think she has a natural talent in doing this. This is what you would call a devil!

“By the way, if you come under me then you will also get these benefits.”

“…….I heard that one family member of the Gremory household promoted to a Maou and that the specialities made within the Gremory territory are very popular and are receiving high sales for it.”

“That’s true. You can even do that job for your career. The Gremory’s are looking for very talented people.”

Buchou who is continuing to bribe Rossweisse-san takes out a crimson…..chess piece from her pocket!

“-That’s how it is, so won’t you become my servant so you can start a business in the Underworld? I think you will be able to become a magic cannon member by attaining the [Rook] piece and with that magic of yours. I just hope that it would be possible with just one chess piece.”

Everyone was shocked at Buchou’s offer. Of course we would!

For Buchou, this is her last chess piece! Her last [Rook]! So she will be taking in the Valkyrie who specialises in magic!

But we certainly want more casters. There was no-one else besides Buchou and Akeno-san who are Wizard-Types and specialise in magic.

And if someone like that becomes a [Rook], we have a moving cannon which can do a Full-Burst of magical attack! It seems like she has a variety of special moves and techniques, so we won’t have any loss! More like we would gain more with this!

More than that, she is a beauty and cute so that makes it the best! Though she is clumsy, but she looks like a cool beauty.

“……I feel like this is destiny. It might be my selfish imagination, but ever since I met you all at the hospital in the Underworld, it must have been decided that it will turn out like this.”

Rossweisse-san accepted the crimson coloured evil-piece. Then at that moment, a bright crimson glow lights up the room, and devil wings appeared from Rossweisse-san’s back.

It was accomplished with only one [Rook] piece. Since she is a battle-maiden, I thought she would require more……..

Maybe the compatibility between the ‘evil-pieces’ and those from Norse works in a different way?

“It was recently announced that the unused ‘Evil-Pieces’ change to reflect the growth rate of the master who possesses them. The Maou Ajuka Beelzebub who was part of creating them is famous for including secret factors for the technical programmes.”

Kiba who is beside me gave me an explanation. Hmm, so there are still unknown factors within them huh.

Also the world of devils is amazing for allowing such factors. Maybe they welcome irregular things? If I remember, the game gets heated up when the viewer watches a battle different from the normal ones.

The silver-haired former valkyrie, Rossweisse-san, bows down at us.

“Everyone, I have reincarnated into a devil. I’m Rossweisse, a former Valkyrie. It seems like the annual salary of the Underworld and their insurances are more appealing than the ones of my homeland. I have lots of security now since the financial state of the Gremory household and my future will be very stable so I have become a devil. So please take good care of me from now.”

Her expression looks like she has been brainwashed…….

“And so, everyone, my -- Rias Gremory's last [Rook] will be her, Rossweisse.”

Buchou introduces Rossweisse-san like that with a smile.

……..To be expected from a devil. They are the ultimate beings in regards of controlling peoples' greed!

“Well, I think it’s fine. Even I joined in a mess.”

Xenovia says that casually while drinking green tea. Well, indeed there was a similar situation with her as well.

[Let’s get along!]

Everyone also welcomed Rossweisse-san with warm arms. I also had no reason to decline, and I was happy for a new beauty to join our group.

But, just like that time with Xenovia and this time with Rossweisse-san, the pieces are used up quite easily.

“Ufufufufufufufufu. Odin-sama? The next time we meet, I won’t forgive you, okay?”

Rossweisse-san puts on a creepy smile. S…Scary! She’s covered in an intense aura! The Geezer has a grudge from her! Rossweisse-san might be a bit crooked……

But with this, our group is completed.

Buchou, Akeno-san, Kiba, Asia, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Gasper, Rossweisse-san, and me. All 9 members are completed.

We have to think of a new formation.

When I was thinking such things, Akeno-san gives me a bento-box.

“Ise-kun. These are leftovers, but please accept it.”

Nikujaga[1]? I just picked it with my fingers and chucked it into my mouth.

The taste which has the right flavour spreads throughout my mouth.

“…..Delicious! It’s delicious, Akeno-san! I don’t know how to explain it, but it gives me the feeling of being safe. It’s a bit different from the ones in my house, but it has a motherly taste to it.”

I receive a hashi[2] from her, and start digging into it. That’s because this tastes delicious!

I was eating, and Akeno-san smiles happily beside me.

“I’m glad that Ise-kun is enjoying it. –Oh, your lips.”

Hmm? Do I have something on my face? I tried to take it off with my hand, but Akeno-san's face approached and…..


For a moment, Akeno-san's lips lightly touched my lips.


They didn’t touch each other properly, but th…th…th..that right now was……

“Ufufu. That would make it my first kiss, I guess.”

Akeno-san smiles while having her cheeks red.

K..K…Kisssssss!? Would that count as a kiss!? It’s not a hard kiss, but right now our lips……!

The other girls saw that, and they concentrated their murderous glare at me!




“Yeah, care to explain to us?”

Buchou and Asia close in with a smile, and Koneko-chan and Xenovia close in with scary faces!

Why is this happening to meeee!?

“Kiba, Gasper, help meeee!?”

Since we are the male group who made an oath to each other in that training, so they will definitely come to rescue me!

But Kiba just smiles and shrugged his shoulder, while Gasper looks away and went into the box to hide! What! Was our unification made from something so weak!?


I was being cornered by Buchou and others, but Akeno-san hugs me from behind! She seems to be really enjoying it! She then says it so everyone can hear it!

“Ise, I love you. Ufufu.”

Hearing that, Buchou puts on an angry face and covers her body in a crimson aura!

“Mou-! Ise! Akeno! Today, I won’t forgive you two!”

And my daily life gets even noisier……

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Japanese meat and potato stew
  2. chopstick

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