High School DxD:Volume 7 Vali Lucifer

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Vali Lucifer[edit]

“The Juggernaut-Drive which I haven’t used for a while burned me as it was very dangerous. If I can, I want to reduce the number of times I have to use it. Otherwise, I won’t last at this rate. –So, what happened on your side, Arthur?”

“It seems like I can do something about it by using the power of this Excalibur which controls ‘ruling’. –To Fenrir that is. It has restrictions so Fenrir’s power will decrease quite a lot…… But even if you had your eyes on its fangs, you sure have weird taste for taking in such a dangerous monster to our team.”

“Vali, we received a call from Cao Cao.”

“Bikou, what did he say?”

“To make it short “We will act on our own. Just don’t get in our way”. That’s what he said.”

“Cao Cao. Let’s hope that nothing happens to both of us. Though we won’t hold back if you were to come at us.”

“But, I never thought he would get the support of a God from a different world. Hyoudou Issei. He sure is someone I can’t predict and he sure does entertain me. His growth rate is at full-speed in a totally different direction.”

“Fufu, Oppai Dragon huh. He’s like an existence which is a joke, but it seems he is becoming something which will not be a joke.”

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