High School DxD:Volume 8

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Novel Illustrations

Life.1 Devil's Job

Part 1

It is sudden, but I’m confused about what to do with the thing right in front of me. There is an oppai in front of me. Yeah, that oppai. It's definitely a breast. There are two enormous soft looking things in front of me. Should I suck it……..? No, before that I will explain how it turned out like this. During PE, I didn’t feel well so I went to the infirmary room. Unfortunately, the nurse wasn’t here so I went on to the bed until the nurse comes back…… Apparently I took a nap for a bit. And when I opened my eyes there is a boob which is white like snow in front of me. I was familiar with this oppai. The only real oppai I ever saw belongs to one person beside my mum’s. I looked up a bit to confirm the face of the person, this oppai belongs to.


The one who was sleeping quietly was Buchou, who has long crimson hair. She is my “Onee-sama”.

High school dxd v8 011.jpg

……..But why was Buchou on the same bed as me…….and she was naked……. I mean, your black wings are growing out Buchou. Did she become defenceless because she was sleeping? Not long ago, there was a time when Buchou was inside the same bed as me before. I won’t explain about that now, but it happened. That time, Buchou was also naked, and I have that image saved inside my head. Yeah, it’s permanently saved! I sometimes use it to take out the “youth” inside me! But I never expected that I would get to sleep with her again this quick……. Also, it seems like she’s sleeping while hugging my head…… I can feel the sensation of her oppai with my nose….. Oppai are amazing! They're soft! Shit! My tears aren’t stopping! There is a treasure right in front of me, but I can’t touch it! Can I only enjoy it with my nose!? While I was thinking like that, it seems like Buchou woke and she opened her eyes.

“………Ara, Ise. Fuaaaa.”

Buchou made a yawn.

“…..Bu…..Buchou……. Umm…….what is this……situation……?”

I asked her a question while my heart was beating fast. Buchou answers while patting my head, which she is hugging on to.

“I felt a bit tired. I was thinking of taking a nap in the infirmary and you were sleeping. So I invited myself inside.”


I wasn't sure what to say. So that’s how she explains it! Something like that happened while I was sleeping for a bit!

“Was I a nuisance?”

“No! It’s the best! No, no that! Ummm, I don’t know how to put it…..”

A nuisance!? Absolutely not! I’m so deeply moved that my tears aren’t stopping, Buchou-sama!

“Bu….but sleeping naked is a bit….. Too much?”

“I can’t sleep without being naked. It also would be perfect if I have a pillow or doll that I can hug on to.”

Pi…pillow. Do…..doll. Is that so. So I’m a replacement for a doll. No, no. That would be good enough! Buchou then looks into my face. What is it, Buchou?

“…….Ise. Do you like girls' breasts?”

“Yes! I love them!”

I answered her immediately. That was obvious. Those were my true feelings. This was the only thing I couldn’t lie about. I’m a high school student that lives by ero. Hearing that, Buchou made a naughty smile. She brought her face near my ear. I could smell something nice from her crimson hair. That scent stimulates my brain. Then she made a finishing blow.

“Do you want to touch my breast?”

…..!! There is something mysterious running through my body after I heard something guys want to hear from girls. I want to touch it! I want to grope it! I want to suck it! This is one of the dreams of every guy! While my head was in paradise, Buchou says it to me.

“Then will you listen to my request?”


What is it! I will do anything for touching your oppai, Onee-sama! I will fulfill any request! Buchou then says it to me while my head was pink inside.

“Then try to get one contract.”

Part 2

“We have arrived.”

Asia greets everyone with an energetic voice. Asia and I went straight to the club room after the lecture ended.

“Ara-ara. Ise-kun. Asia-chan. You have come early. Would you like tea?”

Akeno-san greets us with a smiling face. Your black silky hair is wonderful like always, Akeno-san. Your oppai are massive like always as well.

“Yes please!”

As soon as she heard my reply, she starts to pour tea into a cup. Looks like everyone besides us were already here. Buchou is also drinking tea elegantly.

“Hey, Koneko-chan.”

I greeted the small girl sitting in the corner of the room.


Fufufu. If I could add the two girls with Buchou and Asia, you can create the ultimate bishoujo-team. The Occult Research Club, which is full of bishoujo! It’s the best workplace there is! I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that I only came here to be with them. Aaah. I’m so glad I joined this club! The oxygen here is fresh and it tastes really delicious!


There was a guy who raised his hand to greet me………. It’s Kiba. A good looking guy, whose refreshing face pisses me off. He is the enemy of all the guys in this school. Chi. Bloody good looking shit.

“Aaah. Yeah, yeah.”

I waved my hand roughly with my eyes half closed.

“So everyone has gathered. Then let's start the discussion.”

Buchou says that after confirming we are all here. The other members and I sat in the sofa surrounding the table. The person sitting on the chief-seat is our crimson haired Buchou-sama. So the meeting of the Occult Research Club began.

Part 3

“I will be going with Ise as a supervisor.”

When the meeting that continued till night became a discussion about me, that’s what Buchou said. The activity of the Occult Research Club. The Occult Research Club’s “outer” activity is researching about ghosts and magic related things. But the actual activity is different. We are devils. By the time the sky gets dark, that’s when our real work begins. The job of devils is to be summoned by a summoning magic circle and to make contracts. By fulfilling their wish, we received a price. The price can be money, objects, and sometimes life. Lately there aren’t many people who draw a magic circle to summon a devil. So current devils draw a magic circle on leaflets and give them out to humans with strong desires so they can do their business. Going back to the discussion from the meeting, it looks like the results from my work are bad. I still haven't made a single contract yet……. I feel so ashamed. No, I am getting jobs. That’s not a problem. But every time I go to the client, weird things happen resulting in the contracts not being completed. I am getting close with the people who summon me……. Well devils are supposed to make contracts, so there’s no meaning if I can't fulfill their wish even if I get friendly with them. Buchou is also troubled with me, and that resulted in her words just before. For me to make trouble for Buchou…… I’m such a useless guy. And people who always summon me end up being hentais. Am I actually able to fulfill my dream of becoming a Harem-King? Yeah, that’s right! I’m going to keep on making contracts and receive a peerage from Maou! And when I become a high-class devil, I’m going to gather bishoujo and make my own harem! For achieving that, I am going through this harsh life…… But the reality is really harsh. Shit! I want to have girls in both my arms, and want to talk about polygamy!

“…….No vulgar imagination allowed.”

Ouch! Koneko-chan said that with narrow eyes. Seems like she saw through my imagination. She’s usually a quiet girl, but the words she sometimes says shock my heart.

“Fufufu. You had a lecherous smile.”


Something snapped in my head and I got pissed.

“Shuuuut up! Kibaaaaaa! Unlike you, I can only be popular in my imagination! I can only do erotic stuff in my head! My imagination is mine only! Damn it! I also wanted to be born as a handsome guy! All the good looking guys should just disappear from this world! Every primate that can create a harem is my enemy!”

I shouted my anger with teary eyes.

“Geez. Don’t cry. And a primate? Are you trying to look at gorilla and chimpanzee as enemies too?”

Buchou made a sigh while patting my head.

“Sob…. If I was popular, I would have been doing drumming like those guys in heavy-metal…. Why weren’t we evolved from a gorilla…….”

I started to say illogical things. But Buchou’s patting is the best. Aaaah. Getting treated like this from a bishoujo-sama is the best. The pain in my heart is disappearing.


Then the big magic circle on the ground started to glow. It was making the club room bright by releasing blue-white light. When this magic circle grows, it means that someone is trying to summon a devil. In other words, we are being called by humans with desires. We transport to the clients place by this magic-circle, and fulfill their wish. This is how the devils job starts. Akeno-san walks toward the magic-circle while shaking her ponytail. She raised her hand and is checking something. After doing it for few seconds, she looks at me and Buchou with a smile.

“Buchou. It’s a wish that even Ise-kun can fulfill.”

Buchou nods her head after hearing that.

“I understand. Ise, lets go.”

Buchou grabs my hand and walks towards the magic circle.

“Bu..Buchou! Are you seriously coming with me?”

Is she really going to supervise me? I will be too embarrassed that I can’t work like usual! Buchou puts her hand on my cheek and smiles.

“You are my adorable servant. So I will take care of you. So follow me.”

Uuu……..you are a cheater. Buchou. I would want to get spoiled by you if you say that.

“Yes. Please take care of me.”

My face became red.

“Ise-san! Please do your best!”

While getting cheers from Asia, Buchou and I walked into the glowing magic-circle.

Part 4

When the bright light stops, we were in a room. From the looks of it, is it a room in an apartment? When I looked around the room, there were so many objects related to Sengoku[1]! There was a sword in a sheath mounted on the wall. There were lots of posters of Japanese castles. There was also a scroll that says “Fuurin-Kazan”. There was a helm of the bushou[2] from the sengoku era on the shelf. The room was dark, but there were lights on lamps.


I was so shocked that I let out my voice. Of course. That’s because there is an armour of a bushou right in front of me. Man, these are supposed to be expensive, aren’t they? It looks creepy because it’s in this dark room. So who’s the client? Who called me and Buchou? I looked at every direction but there isn’t anyone.



The bushou’s armour moved at the same time I heard a woman’s voice.


I got shocked and screamed.

“Ar….are you two devils……..?”

I can feel that I’m being looked at from behind the mask of the armour! The pressure isn’t normal! But opposite of the pressure, the voice sounded adorable! She seriously is a girl….?

“Y..yes. We are devils.”

I nodded my head while hiding the fact that I was scared.

“So I actually summoned a devil…….”

“Pa…..pardon me, but are you a woman?”

The armour nodded at my question.

“But I’m really shocked……. Devils do exist……..”

Shocked? That’s my line!? Where in the world is there a girl who wears armour in her room!?

“My name is Susan. Just like you can see, my hobby is to collect things related to the sengoku-era…….”

Susan!? She’s a foreigner!? I’m getting even more shocked!

“I’m sorry for dressing up like this……It’s dangerous at night, so I protect myself like this by wearing this armour…….”

I probably shouldn’t say that she’s the dangerous one.

“The first step of learning another country's culture is by being in contact with them. It’s wonderful.”

Buchou nods her head while saying that. No, no. That’s kind of wrong.

“But I’m glad that the ones who came out were kind looking devil-san. If it was a scary devil-san, I would have drawn out this katana, “Kijin-marukuni-shige”……..”

Susan has a Japanese sword in a sheath in her hand. Scary! Susan is really scary!

“S…so what was the reason you summoned us? You called us because you wanted us to fulfill your wish right?”

When I asked, she started to cry.

“…….Sob….sob……..Please come with me to the University I am attending to as an exchange student……. University at night is really scary………”

I think you're the scary one. But I couldn’t say that.


It’s midnight, and there is an armour walking in the street. This is a bizarre view. My town will turn into a horror town. Buchou and I accepted her wish, and we were guarding her while heading to the University she goes to. To tell you the truth, I don’t think she needs any guards……Susan is wearing a Musha's armour. And its midnight. How come she seems more intense than us devils, who are the residents of night? Damn it! People who summon me are all weird! We told her that it would be alright if only Buchou and I go to the University to get her book. But……

[No, no. I can’t let only devil-san go. I will go as well!]

She said it while crying and she followed us.

High school dxd v8 023.jpg


Susan is crying maybe because she’s scared of walking at night. Please don’t cry with a low voice that sounds like a curse. You have so much intensity that its scaring me.

“It’s a waste to leave her as a human.”

Buchou says it while she was taking interest at the atmosphere Susan is giving off. Susan, there’s a devil looking at you! Susan is really a scaredy cat, and she starts to swing her katana if she gets scared even a bit. She was troubled because she left an important notebook at school. Then she saw the leaflet to summon devils and she ended up summoning us. We have already received a payment. It’s not a big wish so we didn’t mind doing it for free, but she insisted she would pay a price. The payment we got was a small scale Japanese castle. We can only keep it in the club room. Maybe Akeno-san would be happy. We have already sent it to the club room via the magic circle.

“Don’t be scared. I’m with you, so walk with pride.”

“Sob….Thank you…”

Buchou cheers Susan on while she walks next to her. Buchou, armour walking by itself is already scary.

“But isn’t it heavy while walking wearing that armour?’

It’s my question. You would need quite a lot of stamina to walk while wearing armour like that. She’s also a girl. Isn’t it hard?

“There’s no problem. Even if I look like this, I train while wearing this armour when I’m bored. Of course it's training only inside my room. The Musha from long time ago ran around the battlefield wearing armour. Even I should be able to do that.”

What are you competing with……? You seriously are someone who is hard to understand Susan.

Oh, it looks like it’s the end of the night walk with the Musha. I can see our destination, the University.

“Ah. This is the University I go to……. See? It has a scary atmosphere doesn’t it?”

No, you are the one with the scary atmosphere. An armoured person right in front of the University at night. It’s really scary.

“Let’s go inside. Aaaah, it’s scary……..”

An armour that is going inside the University. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Like this, we finished our job.

We returned to Susan’s room after safely retrieving Susan’s notebook. Buchou started to cast the magic circle for returning to the club room after confirming the job is completed.

“Okay. We will be going back now.”

I bid my farewell to Susan with a smile. Fufufu. I can’t help myself from smiling. Of course. I accomplished my job safely. The meaning of this is big. Yes, I have fulfilled my promise with Buchou! By completing my job, I can grope Buchou’s oppai! When I think that I can put my face in that rich and prosperous oppai, the sexual urges within me aren't stopping! Aaah, the excitement of youth within me is rising! My eyes are already locked on at Buchou’s breast and I’m not even letting it out of my sight for a second! Yeah, first of all I will get her right oppai. I’m going to grope it while moving my hands clockwise! I will also enjoy the left oppai by putting my hand on top of it and shake it…….

“Um……excuse me…….”

Susan talks to me shyly while I was thinking about erotic stuff on full throttle. Hm? What? It creeps the hell out of me if an armour is trembling……….

“…..It might be a bit rude…….. if it isn’t rude there is one more wish I want to be fulfilled…..”

Wish? She wants to make another contract? Huh? I want to go back and grope Buchou’s……

“That’s okay.”

I was making a face because I didn’t want to, but Buchou who is beside me agreed to it. Wait Buchou! We have to listen to this armour-girl’s wish again!? While not noticing my teary eyes, Buchou turns off the magic circle to listen to Susan. Sob……. Buchou’s oppai is going further away….. Buchou left me alone who was in shock and started to listen to Susan’s wish. Susan then was trembling like a maiden and said.

“To tell you the truth……. I’m thinking of going forward to someone……. who goes to the same University as me……. and tell him my feelings.”

“Is that a challenge to that person? Eh? Going forward as in killing that person?”


Oh, so it isn’t. She said going forward, so I thought she wanted to start a battle or something.

“Umm....ummm there is a man that I like…… I’m slow at these things but I want to tell him my feelings…..”

I see. So there’s someone she likes. I imagined a bushou from the sengoku era with massive beard. The man who this armour-girl must be in love with is someone like that. He probably laughs like “Gahahaha!”. Buchou put a smile on hearing that and nodded.

“It’s a wonderful wish. Okay. I will listen to your wish.”

“You will? I’m glad! Devil-san are good people!”

Susan started to do a step dance after hearing Buchou. Don’t do step dance while wearing armour! It’s scary!

“So what are we supposed to do? Do you want us to organise a showy play? Or do you want us to get this person’s heart by using demonic-power?”

“No, no! If it’s possible I want to go out with him by telling my feelings….. But it’s my first time at things like this….. I’m not sure where to start from.”

Hmm. She doesn’t want to make the man she likes into her lover with the power of devils. In other words, she wants to make it happen with her own strength. But she doesn’t know how. So she wants our help, huh.

“It would be the quickest if you confess you feelings directly.”

Susan shook her head violently at Buchou’s suggestion.

“It’s impossible for me!”

“Then how about a letter?”

Buchou nods at my suggestion.

“Yes. I think a love letter is also good. I think its wonderful to show your feelings in a letter as well.”

“I understand! I will write it!”

Susan went into a corner of the room and started to search for something. She then took something out. It was a calligraphy set. She got a blank page for the calligraphy and put it down. She then dipped the brush in the ink.

By combining the room and Susan’s appearance, it looks like a horror film when she’s writing. An armoured person writing in ink. It feels as if she has a strong grudge……. She looks like one of those ghosts with a strong grudge who lives in a haunted house. The armour that is shining under the candlelight is glowing strangely. Someone call a fricken ghost buster! This room is cursed!

“Su…Susan…….. Isn’t it better to use a normal pen and paper? What are you trying to write?”

I asked her while a single drop of sweat dropped from my cheek.

“Eh? This is the letter. A love letter. I wrote [I send this letter for a purpose of thee. In the meaning of peace].”

“Hold on a second! What language is that!?”

I asked her because she wrote some unknown sentence from the beginning of the letter.

“It’s Japanese. It means that “Please be rest assured because it’s nothing special”.”

“No, no. Don’t bend your neck like you don’t know what I mean! That’s not it! No matter how you look at it, people of the current generation won't understand what you wrote! And no one uses ink now! What is this, the sengoku-era!? Does the letter have to be like the sengoku-era as well!? It’s also weird to say that it’s nothing special when it’s supposed to be a love letter! It doesn’t seem like you are trying! I mean, if you don’t express your love, then that’s just a cursed letter!”

Susan drops down on the floor. She seems shocked at hearing what I said.

“N…no….. I can’t write a letter besides this……”

“Eh!? You came to Japan as an exchange student, so learn how to write normal Japanese! No, even English is fine since you are an exchange student! Even that person will try to translate it because he would want to know what is written!”

“Then there was no meaning for me to come to Japan! Japanese men are the descendants of samurai! I want to go out with a Samurai-san in order to have a proper relationship!”

This person is useless! I need to do something quickly! She’s one of those foreigners who have a total misunderstanding of Japan! It’s worse than the usual Japanese otaku! There’s no way she can learn our culture!

“I also haven’t met a samurai since I came to this country. I thought that there would at least be one in this town.”

This is bad! Buchou also has a misunderstanding! There aren’t any! Japan, which is one of the leading countries of the world, won’t have samurai walking on the streets! Though there’s one person in this room who would carry a sword around the streets! So who is this guy that Susan is crazy about? What kind of warrior is he……?

“Then this won't be needed then.”

Susan made a sigh while pulling back the string of a bow.

“Arrow-letter!? Susan! If you shoot an arrow in that outfit, you would be arrested immediately! It would become an international problem!”

[Shooting with an arrow-letter! The person inside the armour is a foreign woman staying as an exchange student!]

Man, I can already imagine it having a big page on the newspaper……

[I wanted to shoot his heart…….]

I can even imagine what she would say to the media. It would be on the newspaper for days being used as a joke.

“It is……? I thought an arrow-letter is normal in Japan.”

“Yeah. I think it was normal hundreds of years ago. You are in the wrong era. This is Heisei period. It’s not the Azuchi-Momoyama period. If there was a Time-machine, I would be sending you back to the past right away.”

She seems like an unfortunate person who was born in the wrong time and country……. I was holding my head down, and Buchou, who is next to me, made a sigh.

“It can’t be helped. I will teach you how to write a love-letter for the whole night.”

Spending the night in the same room as a girl. It sounds romantic, but the one next to me is in armour. Even if Buchou is here, this is…….. I started to feel like crying a bit.

Part 5

After a few days.

Buchou and I were at a certain park. There is a base right in front of us. There are various flags with a certain symbol on it everywhere. And at the centre of it, there is an armoured Musha sitting on a chair. It’s obviously Susan. She finished writing the love-letter safely and she safely gave it to the person she likes. I wanted to see how she gave the letter, but she successfully gave her letter. And that person is coming to the park today to give a reply to her confession. Buchou and I came here because Susan wanted us to witness the outcome. But to build a base in the place of confession. It’s hard to tell her after she did it to this extreme. Man, just do whatever you want.

“Mummy, what is that?”

Children who came to the park ask their parents.

“No! You must not look!”

Even the children’s mothers left the park immediately after sensing the weird killing intent. Yes, it’s like your mummy says children. You must not look. If you see something like this, you would become a good-for-nothing adult.

“Oh my. Is it some kind of play based on a civil era? What do you think granny?”

An old couple is sitting on a bench looking at us, thinking it’s some kind of play. But I’m more interested in the guy coming here. What kind of guy is coming? So would it be a warrior from the civil times? Susan on other hand is shaking a bit while wearing armour. She seems nervous, but it looks so creepy. There is a bizarre phenomenon occurring in day light.

“Looks like he’s here.”

When I looked in the same direction as Buchou, there was someone far away getting closer.


The sound of metal colliding. I have heard a sound familiar to this before. The one who appeared from far away is wearing western armour…… He held a cone shaped lance in his right hand and a shield on the left. His head is covered with a helm that also covers his whole face so I can’t see the face…….. I dropped down on the floor holding my head down. Man, I’m speechless! What the heck is that! What the fuck is that! It’s a fricken hentai Knight who is armoured, with illegal weapons!

“Bu..Buchou…. May I go home now?”

“No. Let’s stay and look. Aaah, it’s amazing. It’s a collaboration of a Musha and a Knight.”

“I didn’t want to look at a collaboration like this!”

I was screaming next to Buchou who is enjoying it. Hey, if I look carefully there’s an arrow piercing the helm! It’s a direct hit to the brain! Hey, hey, hey, hey! He turned into a “Arrowed-head Knight”!

“Susan! The arrow! That person has an arrow piercing his helm! Instead of a Ochi-musha, it’s an Ochi-Knight!”

“Yes. I thought about it a lot... and the only method I had, to give the letter, was by using the arrow.”

“Hand it to him by using your hand! Think a bit more! You could even have it posted! That’s an attack! You just attacked him! It’s an attack that is an instant kill! It’s a direct hit to the head! It’s an assault! Isn’t that the reason why he’s carrying a lance!?”

“It’s a splendid lance…….”

Susan says it shyly. Don’t fall in love with a weapon that is used to pierce through someone! Is that also the charming point of this guy you fell for!?

“Damn it! Why do all my clients end up being weirdos!”

While I was thinking, the Knight gets closer to Susan. He came into Susan’s base while making sounds of metal colliding. No matter how you look at it, it looks like a battle. The Knight stands in front of Susan. Susan also got up and stood. There is an abnormal atmosphere. The intensity is extreme. The area was filled with killing intent. It seems like there is a warp in the space between them because of the energy they are giving out. If you look at this scene, no one would suspect that it’s the scene of a confession. That’s because no matter how you look at it, it looks like a battle scene. The Knight pierces the ground with his lance violently and took out something. It’s a letter.

“……This letter. I have read it………”


The Musha is shaking. Please stop because it’s scary. It’s scary because you are responding like a girl.

“……It was a wonderful arrow-letter. For me to let my guard down and get shot……. It was a good arrow-letter…….”

Eh? Wonderful……? Eh? Does the Knight have a few screws loose?

“I…I was just thinking about shooting the bow…….Horie-kun.”

Thinking about shooting!? That’s a thing someone who’s trying to kill someone would say! Wait, Horie-kun!? Is that right! So this arrow-head knight is called Horie-kun!

“If it’s me, I would be glad to go out with you……”

Arararara. She got a good reply. He doesn’t mean “going out” as in going all out in battle right? But that’s what it would look like to other people.

“Ho….Horie-kun….. Sob…..I’m glad…….sob.”

Susan had a tearful voice. I can't tell because she’s wearing a helm, but she sounds like she’s crying.


The western Knight, Horie-kun, hugs Susan gently. They are hugging each other while wearing their armour so I can hear the sounds of metal colliding. What the heck is this?

“Let’s talk about “The Book of Five Rings” you wrote about in this letter.”

“Yes. I wanted to talk about Miyamato Musashi’s Niten Ichi-ryuu with you Horie-kun……”

The Musha and Knight took each other's hand and walked away.

“Thank you very much both of you!”

Susan waves her hand at Buchou and I. Buchou responded with a smile. Buchou can keep her calm even if she saw that huh. You are truly amazing Rias-Buchou…….. But most amazing of all, was the birth of a hentai couple born right in front of me.

Part 6

After that there was a photo sent to me, it was a picture of a Musha and Knight. Looks like they are getting along. But a few days ago there was a TV programme about a collection of bizarre things and it said that……

[In a certain town at night, an armoured Musha and Knight walk the streets! The town is haunted by vengeful ghosts!]

Susan you seriously should stop going on dates at night. It’s a scandal that I didn’t want to know. The price we got from Susan’s love plan was the lance Horie-kun had. It’s on display in the clubroom. Sometimes, Kiba who is familiar with western weapons, takes pleasure in holding it. Anyway I’m glad that I completed the contract safely. I didn’t know what was going to happen but…… But my mind was already concentrated on Buchou’s oppai. Since the time we finished that contract, I have been following Buchou’s breast with my eyes. Gufufufu. Finally! Finally I can grope Buchou’s oppai! I can touch it! Enjoy it! Oh, my drool came out…… Gufufufu. But I can’t stop smiling! And today, it’s only Buchou and I in the room! The other members aren’t here! This is my chance! Be brave, me! I made my determination and walked up to Buchou.

“What is it, Ise?”

Buchou smiles elegantly. Uuu, if you smile with a cute face like that I would feel guilty…… But I gulped and prepared myself!

“Bu..Buchou! Wh..what happened to the promise!?”


Hearing my question, Buchou made a naughty smile. She knows! She knows what I want to say! Uuu, she’s enjoying this situation…….

“Th..that! O…o…..o….oppai!”

“Ufufu. I know. You don’t have to make a serious face like that.”

Even if you say that, it’s a matter of life or death for me! Buchou got up from the sofa and stood in front of me.

“Okay. I will count to five starting from now. Until then, my breasts are yours. Okay, I will count. ONE.”

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! What is that!? Count to five!? Even if you say that!


Aaaaaaaaaah!! She already count up to two! This is bad! She started before I got my heart ready for it! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah! At this rate I won’t be able to grope Buchou’s oppai! I started to inhale some air to calm myself. Raise my spirit, me! I should have been prepared! Grope! I’m going to grope it! I’m going to grope Buchou’s oppai!


It’s three already!? There’s no time left! Right Oppai!? Or the left oppai!? Aaah! I don’t have the time to be thinking about it! Then I’m going to grope both! I prepared my hands for groping! And I try to grope them……


Suddenly the door opens.

“Ise-san. Were you here before me?”

“Sorry for coming late.”


“Sorry, it took so long for cleaning.”

Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan and Kiba. The club members came in!

“Ara-ara. What were you doing?”

Akeno-san looks at me and Buchou with a smile.

“That’s the end. Too bad, Ise.”

Cruel words reach my ears! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? Did the time run out when I looked at the other club members coming in!? N…no……. I dropped down at my disappointment……… Sob…..My first oppai…….sob……. The club members look at me with wonder. Buchou just laughed……. Aaaah. How can this be……. I went through all that to make a weird couple…… And my payment. My treat has…….. Buchou knelt down and pat my head.

“Ufufu. Ise is really an interesting boy. Did you want to touch my breast that much?”

“Of course. Sob…….”


Buchou hugged me gently…… Because it was so sudden, my mind froze for a second.

“Then I will hug you like this for a while.”

Buchou says it as if she is talking to a child. My face got red because I can feel her warmth. I mean, the other members are looking!

“Do your best next time as well. My adorable Ise.”

I felt my brain blowing up inside after hearing that. Aaaah. Just like I thought. That’s right. Buchou is the best. I will not forget this warmth. I will make achievements under Buchou! While having that thought in my heart, I was being spoilt within Buchou’s arms.

Life.2 Familiar's Requirement

Part 1

Right now I’m looking at a magnificent view. The scene where the girls are changing their clothes is right in front of me! YES! I’m in the girls changing room! I’m enjoying the bodies of the first year girls. Peeping on junior girls getting changed…….. Having the feelings of guilt and corruption makes this situation even better. Man…..Even if they are my juniors, the ones who are developed are amazing. Their oppai are appealing themselves even if they are covered in a bra! Eh? Where am I peeping from? Fufufu, I’m inside a steel locker, that has a piece of paper on it which reads, “Don’t Use”. I’m enjoying the view which could be recorded in the world’s treasure of UNESCO. Oh, that girl has nice legs! Thank you for the beautiful legs! That’s what I would like to shout! By the way, there’s another locker, that has a piece of paper on it which says, “Don’t Use”. Inside it, my comrades Motohama and Matsuda are also hiding.

[I have a super VIP seat. It has the value of an S-Rank seat for the concert of an idol.]

Like that I was introduced by my two evil pals! Yes! It certainly is a SS-Rank seat! Hmm? That’s a really small girl over there…….. Hey, that’s Koneko-chan! Oh, so this was Koneko-chan’s class! What a coincidence! Uwa, Koneko-chan is really small! In a lot of ways!

SHIVERS. I can feel a mysterious aura coming from Motohama’s VIP seat. That’s right. He is a real loli-con. He can’t keep in his excitement after seeing Koneko-chan. Right about now, he’s saving the image in his brain. Looks like you will be busy tonight Motohama! No, but Koneko-chan is my important kouhai. I shouldn’t be enjoying her loli-body……. Huh? Maybe this can be enjoyable. That’s weird. I’m not supposed to be a loli-con……. The girls leave the room. But Koneko-chan didn’t try to leave even when she finished getting dressed. Huh? Did something happen? It’s hard to leave……. When it finally became only Koneko-chan left in the room, she got up slowly and…….

DON! Oooooooooooooh!!? There was a violent punch which hit the locker I’m in! I just dodged it by twisting my body, but Koneko-chan’s fist punched through the steel door! As to be expected from the girl with superhuman strength! Terrifying!

High school dxd v8 c006.jpg

PACHIN! The door got ripped off. There’s no point in having the steel door! Me and Koneko-chan were facing each other.


I put a smile on and raised my hand up to greet Koneko-chan…….

“…..You are the worst.”


“Gufu! Oga! Wai..! Koneko-chan! Hold on a sec…..GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

I was horse-ridden by her, and she hit me with her fists without a word! I’ll die! Ouch! I’m going to die!

The next day, Motohama and Matsuda confessed with a blue face that it was their first time seeing a bloodbath.

Part 2

After school that day.


“Are you okay?”

I was getting my bruised face fixed by Asia’s healing ability in the Occult research club room. Asia seems worried.

“……You reap what you sow.”

Koneko-chan mutters from the sofa which is a bit away from me. Her mouth is in the shape of an “n” and her expression didn’t look pleasant. Well of course she will get pissed if she was peeped on getting changed. But it was a combo of punches and she didn’t hold back. I thought I was going to die.

“Geez. Why are you so….”

Buchou made a sigh of astonishment.

“Ara ara. You have to keep the level of peeping at girls changing at a moderate level.”

Akeno-san who always has a smiley face poured some tea for me.

“I got too carried away.”

“I will show you anytime when I’m getting changed.”

The one who made a gay reply was Kiba.

“Shuuuut up!! How can I enjoy looking at a guy getting changed! I can't even enjoy looking at a girl with an undeveloped body!”


GLARE. I received a sharp glare from Koneko-chan. I..I’m very sorry Koneko-sama!

“Ise-san. You shouldn’t be peeping at girls getting changed……. I…if you want to see the naked body of women that much……I can……..”

Asia says it while wriggling her body shyly.

“No, no! You don’t have to push yourself Asia! I want to! But that’s not it!”

Lately this girl has became more daring. She’s cute, but I will get confused if the girl I am supposed to protect says that to me.

“Yes. If you want to see naked bodies, you can just tell me. I can show you mine at anytime inside the bath and bed.”

Buchou-sama says it casually! I’m living with Buchou. And she says that to me! I’m grateful! Tears are coming out from my eyes! Buchou always does erotic things to me, so my body can't handle it! But I can’t do anything since I’m living with my parents. And also……


PINCH. Like this, Asia pinches my cheek silently with an unpleasant face……………

Part 3

“A familiar……?”

I replied with a suspicious voice, and Buchou nods.

“Yes, a familiar. You and Asia still don’t have one.”

Familiar. An existence which becomes the hand and foot of us devils. I was also told that they become handy for the devils job. Normally, handing out the leaflets are the jobs of a familiar. It was also the job for newcomers as well. I also handed out leaflets like mad at night while pedalling a bicycle…..

BON! A red bat appeared on Buchou’s palm after making a sound.

“This is my familiar.”

A bat which is the same colour as Buchou’s hair. It had a noble atmosphere with only that.

“This one here is mine.”

The thing Akeno-san summoned was something which looked like a palm-size Oni………. Ko-oni[3]?

“…….This is Shiro.”

Koneko-chan was hugging a white kitten. Since her name is Koneko, her familiar is a kitten huh. It’s so cute.

“Mine is…….”

“Ah. You don’t have to tell me.”

“You are so cold.”

Kiba made a bitter smile at my straight rejection but he made a small bird appear on his shoulder. I see. So everyone besides me and Asia has a familiar. Buchou’s bat flies above my head.

“A familiar is a basic for devils. They can help their masters. They can be used for information transmission. They can be used for persisting. You and Asia also need one since it can be used for adapting to certain situations.”

Buchou says it while patting my cheek. Aaah, getting patted by Buchou blows away all the pain I received today. My Onee-sama….

I was feeling entranced by it, but then the magic circle on the floor started glowing. What happened?

“Buchou, preparation is set.”

Akeno-san reports to Buchou. Preparation is set? Me and Asia are in wonders, but Buchou then tells it to us with a smile.

“Now, let’s go and capture your familiars.”

Carrying out her words. That is my master.

Part 4

When the glow for the transport magic circle stopped, I was in an unfamiliar forest.

“In this forest there are many familiar devil users living here. Today, I will have Ise and Asia get their familiars here.”

The Forest of Familiars.

Haa. So that’s how it is. There are giant trees growing around here, so not much sunlight shines through to the ground. Though a devil's eyes still work perfectly in the darkness so it doesn’t matter.

What a dense forest. I can't even feel heat around here, so it wouldn’t be weird if anything popped up.

“Get daze!”[4]



Woah! Asia and I were surprised by the sudden loud voice and it made us jump. Asia even hid behind my back. The one who appeared in front of us is a young man wearing rough clothing’s.

“My name is Satooji of Madara Town! I’m a devil in training, aiming to become the Familiar Master!”[5]

Nggh, a weird guy suddenly appeared. A devil? This guy? Hmm…….

“Satooji-san, I brought the ones I spoke of.”

Buchou then introduces us to the so called Familiar Master.

“Hee. A dull face boy and a blonde beauty huh. OK! Leave it to me! If it’s me any Familiar immediately would be ‘get daze’!”

Hmm, this guy sure does say the word ‘get’ strongly. And don’t call me dull face!

“Ise. Asia. He is a professional in terms of familiars. Today we will catch familiars in this forest while receiving advice from him. Okay?”

“ “Yes.” ”

Asia and I nod at Buchou.

I see. So I will also get a familiar. Hmm, I wonder what kind of types there are. While having that thought, Satooji-san asks us in a friendly manner.

“Now, what type of familiar do you desire? Strong one? Fast one? Or one with poison?”

“Don’t say something scary like poison type all of a sudden. So, what type do you recommend?”

Satooji-san smiles at my question and gets out a thing that looks like a catalogue. The one he points at is a creature with great ferocity that is drawn out on the whole page.

“This is what I would recommend! One of the Dragon-Kings! Chaos Karma Dragon, Tiamat! It’s a legendary dragon! It’s also the only female among the Dragon-Kings! Even until now, there hasn’t been a devil who has caught her yet! That would be obvious! Since it’s said to be as strong as a Maou!”

Even if it hasn’t been caught, it’s a Maou level! Are you crazy! No matter how I look at it, it looks like the Last Boss which appears in an RPG!

“This doesn’t look like the level of a familiar! It’s like the super boss! The final Boss! And no one has caught it yet!? Do you know the meaning of ‘recommending’!? I feel as if I was thrown into the last dungeon!”

“That sounds good. It seems like they will get along since they are both legendary dragons. Ise. You are my adorable servant, so it might be acceptable if you can pull that off.”

The cheerful Buchou-sama says something so reckless. Are you trying to kill your adorable servant!? Certainly the power of Sekiryuutei is residing in my left arm, but I will seriously get killed!

“It’s impossible, Buchou! I can tell that we won’t be able to get along even from this book.”

“It’s just your imagination, Ise-kun. Yeah, you can do it.”

“Shut up, Kibaaaaaaa! You go and hunt it, damn itttttt!”

I already had a bad start from the beginning! I calmed down and asked once again.

“Umm, I don’t need a familiar like this one, so aren’t there any other ones which are friendly and easier to catch?”

“Hahaha! I see, then how about this one? Hydra!”

I was shown the illustration of a gigantic serpent with many heads. …….Hmm? I can’t sense it being friendly from the illustration. Even if it looks like this, maybe it specialises in sewing and making green tea?

It has sharp eyes, sharp fangs and there is a poisonous mark of a skeleton on the illustration…… Wait there are actually skulls around the serpent in this illustration.

“This one is amazing! It has deadly poison! There are no devils in this World which can endure its poison! On top of that it is immortal! The worst creature in the World which even kills its master! See? Pretty useful right?”


Crap, I can’t keep this feeling I’m keeping inside me.

“Can I punch him? Buchou, can I punch this guy?”

“Calm down, Ise. Hydra is rare so it would be wonderful. If I remember, there is one deep in this forest….. We would be able to return by the end of today.”

Buchou looks deep into the forest. She’s really eager to catch it!? I wouldn’t be able to return alive!! I will get lost and disappear right away! If things go wrong I would end up being inside this Hydra-san which is ‘useful’ and ‘friendly’!

Satooji-san puts his thumb up.

“Hahaha, you should experience the adventure!”

High school dxd v8 055.jpg

“Stop messing with me! I don’t want a monster which is more powerful than me!”

“This boy sure has lots of requests. Then, what would you prefer?”

Satooji-san who is messing around. Yeah, I want to kill this guy with the dragon inside me.

“Aren’t there any cute familiars? Like girl-types.”

Yeah, if you think about it there should be ones like that. Then Satooji makes a sound with his tongue with an unpleasant expression.

“That’s why newbie’s don’t understand anything. Listen? You have to catch powerful familiars. And each one has different abilities. If you are trying to become a Familiar-Master then you have to catch the same one several times, and then pick the strongest male and female among them. You have the two breed and make them give birth to their baby with strong abilities. And also---”

It seems like he started talking about the logic of familiars. Man, he sure is annoying.

“I also want a cute familiar.”

Asia says while hiding behind me.

“Okay, I understand.”

Satooji-san stopped his logic talks and replied with a smile. …….What is this guy? Looks like capturing a familiar will be a long road ahead.

Part 5

“Listen up, seirei[6] gather around this lake.”

Satooji-san says it with a small voice.

There is a spacious clear lake in front of us. It is glittering with sparkles, and it seems like a very sacred lake. We are hiding in the shadows near the lake while hiding our presence.

“Yes, the water seirei, Undine, living in this lake doesn’t show themselves in front of others.”

According to Satooji-san, the water seirei Undine is a maiden with a pure heart and beautiful body. On top of that they heal your broken heart!

Oh, that is wonderful! A maiden! Pure! Beautiful! Asia who has those specifications is always with me, but thinking I could get a familiar which is like Asia makes me excited!

Fufufu, looks like I can get a step closer to making my Harem come true. First of all, I will make a cute girl-type my familiar. I’m sure it would be wearing a transparent robe and it is a beautiful slender seirei with light-blue hair colour.

Aaah, Undine! My Undine! Yes, I will make it give me a lap-pillow first! I will then make her clean my ears then! T-Then finally the o-o-o-oppaaaaaaaai!!

Man! I can’t wait!

“B-Buchou, since it would be my familiar, I can do whatever I want with it right?”

I try to get confirmation from Buchou just in case. Don’t tell me there is a ‘no sexual harassment’ policy for your familiar right?

“Yes, do as you like. It would become your familiar after all.”

Buchou answered like that, and I shed tears of joy from it. Soon, there would be a girl who I can do whatever I want with! I can’t express my joy except by shedding tears.

“Oh, the lake started glowing. Undine should make its appearance.”

Satooji-san pointed towards the lake. Oh finally! I then looked towards the direction Satooji-san pointed, with joy. Now, take me to the dream World!

And the one that appeared was a being with light-blue hair sparkling like lights, who was wearing a transparent robe over its……… gigantic body.

The insane biceps, the calves which were thicker than my waist, and the chest which looks like it has metal inside it, and like a veteran warrior it has many scars on its face.

Because of the sudden turn, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wipe my eyes many times. Hoping that this isn’t reality.


What the fuck is thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!?

“That is Undine.”

Satooji-san’s violent words reached my ears. It is like a fantasy in the other way!

“No no no! No matter how you look at it, it is a martial artist in training. Look, those biceps are meant for destroying a human’s body. It seems like it can conquer the World with just its fists. It doesn’t even have an opening. It’s a man of valour.”

“Yeah, Undine always have a battle while having their territory on the line. If you aren’t strong, you wouldn’t be able to get the lake. The World of the Seirei is also about power. But it sure is a strong looking seirei. That is quite rare. I recommend you catch it. A water seirei specialising in punching sure won’t be bad.”

Undine which specialise in punching!? A description I didn’t want to hear! I didn’t want to hear such dangerous words!

“It is bad! It isn’t a healing type at all! It is like the killing-type! I don’t need a healing-type seirei which has enormous punch power!”

I cried out loud. Horrible! I never heard of such a horrible thing before!

“But, that is the female type you know? And it has quite a potential.”

“I so didn’t want to hear that!”

I covered my face and started crying! Oooooooooo! So you are telling me that is a girl!? Aaaagh, the truth is so violent!

“Ise, the World is changing now.”

Buchou says it while resting her hand on my shoulder while nodding her head. I don’t want that kind of change!

“But she has pure eyes. I’m sure she is a girl with a pure heart as well.”

Asia says that with a smile. Umm Asia, can you not call that ‘thing’ a girl. Huh? That’s weird. My tears aren't stopping at all.

“Ah, another one has appeared.”

I heard Akeno-san say that, and I also looked in hope that this time it will be…….

……..And what appeared was a light-blue hair colour seirei with the same physique.



“I…..Ise-kun, I don’t think it’s something which will make you cry out that much, you know?”

“Kibaaaa. I had dreams inside fantasies. I was seeking for a beauty of the World. That’s because Buchou who is a devil is super beautiful. You would end up having hope in fantasies. But, what is that? Why do I have to see some martial artist make his appearance!? I hate it! I hate fantasies!”

“It’s okay. I’m sure there are fantasies which will fulfil Ise-kun’s dream.”

Kiba comforts me while rubbing my back. He is a good-looking guy who I really hate, but at times I think he is a good guy.

“Oh, look.”

Satooji-san points at the lake. When I look, the two big build Undine(Female) are glaring at each other. You can sense the hostility between them, and the space between them bended with their ‘Touki’.



The thick fist nailed into their opponent’s stomach, or the uppercut cracked the opponent’s chin. One of them low-kicked the opponent's calves making an explosive sound, and the straight punched nailed deeply into the opponent’s face.

Both of them started bleeding from every part of their body. They started showing an intense battle of hitting each other. The sacred lake now turned into a battle stadium.

…..No, that’s not what’s important. Eh? What are these girls doing?

“It’s the fight for the territory. And both of them look like warriors with lots of experience.”

Satooji-san started shaking his head and seemed very interested in it.

“Fight for the territory…… Shouldn’t they fight in a more ‘fantasy’ way? Isn’t there any magic used by seirei and stuff?”

“After all, violence is the answer.”

“Buchou, can I go home? I’m about to cry now you know?”

Actually I’m already crying! I want to go home! I want to go home with Asia! Even if I catch that thing, it doesn’t seem like it would use any magic at all! It seems like their punches are even stronger than the magic they use, and how can their big physique become useful in missions! It probably can’t even hide itself in shadows!

“Hahaha! Look, boy! The victor will be your familiar! The ultimate fight of Undine! It’s a wonderful adventure indeed! Oh! They certainly show a rare way of punching!”

Satooji-san says it with enjoyment while patting on my shoulder.

“Hahaha……. As if! Shut up with the adventure craaaaaap! I don’t want adventure like this!”

“How about we n-name her Dine-chan the Undine?”

Asia says that while being scared and watching the battle in front of us.

Eh!? Is this girl really trying to catch that thing!?

“Asia, no matter how you look at it, that Dine-chan will be too much for us. If you make that as your familiar, then you would become pregnant if you stay next to her.”

“I will bear the baby if it is Ise-san’s child!”

Asia says that clearly.

“Yeah. What are you saying? That isn’t the problem! ……..Eh!? You will actually bear my children!? No, that’s not the issue! Forget about that Dine-chan! You won’t be able to control it Asia!”

“B-But, I’m certain that Dine-chan was lonely by herself….. I know it.”

Hmmm, she was somehow empathising with that thing. It seems even more dangerous now, so I put my hand on Asia’s shoulder and tell her. While putting on a smile.

“Even if that is the case, that girl would be able to live by herself. Look, she succeeded in building a body which can break her opponents. Let’s give up on Dine-chan. Wait, who is Dine-chan anyway!? Don’t give her a name! More like, which one is Dine-chan!?”

“Hey, boy! Dine-chan is in crisis! She just received a seoi-nage[7].”

“Satoooooooooji! You shut the fuck uppppp!”

“Haaa….. Okay. Let’s just move on to another place. At this rate there will be no progress in this.”

Buchou says it while making a sigh.

Like this we gave up on Dine-chan, and moved on to another place.

Part 6

“The Sprite Dragon[8]?”

Satooji nods at my question.

“Yeah, the Sprite Dragon. Just like its name, it’s a dragon which uses blue lightning.”

We moved away from the fight scene of the Undine and we were told about the rare dragon while on the way.

Apparently, right now there is a super rare dragon which flew into the depth of this forest. Satooji-san suggested that maybe it would be good to catch that.

But, we were introduced to a very dangerous looking last-boss dragon called Tiamat before. I started shivering because of its scary name.

“Is that dragon, super strong?”

When I asked while shaking, Satooji-san smiles.

“Apparently its still a baby. If you are going to catch it, now is the time. You would definitely not be able to catch it once it matures. It won’t be as strong as Dragon-Kings, but it's placed in the Top-tier classes for dragons.”

A baby dragon. Maybe we would be able to catch it? Hmm, this certainly makes me worry. Top-tier dragon. I also have the power of Sekiryuutei, so our compatibility might be good. More than that a ‘dragon!’ sounds cool and strong.

But, I would rather prefer a girl-type familiar…… Hmm, it sure makes me think hard! It certainly does! Oppai or a dragon.

While I was thinking seriously, Satooji-san made a loud sound by saying “Owa!”. When I looked to see what it is about….

A scale which glows in blue…..

A dragon-looking creature which is about the size of an eagle is resting on a branch.

“Sprite Dragon! That is it!”

Satooji-san was over hyped about it.

….Oh…….oooooo! T-That is a dragon!? Wow, my first time seeing a real one! It’s small, but looks awesome. Its eyes are so lovely.

“Sprite Dragon. It is also my first time seeing one. What beautiful scales. It’s glowing in blue just like a blue diamond.”

Buchou was looking as if she was deeply moved. So it’s also Buchou’s first time seeing it. It must be very rare. Now I have decided! A cute familiar would be good, but a rare dragon would be good as well! So I choose you![9]

-Then it happened when I had made my choice.


Asia’s scream. When I turned around…..

A sticky thing was attacking Asia!

“T-This is!”

Buchou’s scream! Oh, there are sticky things on Buchou as well!

When I looked, all the girls were being attacked by the sticky things.


The sticky gel is falling from the sky. Did it fall from the trees? This gel is moving! Living thing? Creature? Is it alive!?

“A slime.”

Kiba says it. So this is a slime! I know it from a game!

Wait! It isn’t poisonous is it!? I thought of a dangerous predicament like that, but in the next instant that thought disappeared.

“My c-clothes…… are melting!”

Just as Asia screamed, the gel-creature started melting the girl's uniforms!

All of the girl's uniforms melted and their underwear was exposed!

Buu! I started to get a nosebleed! What a wonderful turn of events!

The attacks of the slimes aren’t stopping, and it started to melt their underwear as well! Uoooooooo! A scenery which my eyes can’t let go of, is happening right in front of me!


Koneko-chan hits me while hiding her private parts!


“……Please don’t look.”

E-Even if you say that….. Those slimes might be dangerous……. Ah, I also saw Buchou and Asia and Akeno-san as well. Save to my brain. Saved to my brain.

Kiba seems to feel bad, so he looked away. You sure are a gentleman. I will look, without holding back.

Then something which looks like a tentacle appears from the trunk of a tree and it started to wrap around the girls!


Asia screams. The tentacle wrapped around Asia’s leg and started to make its way up. It went inside her ripped clothes and started to move. Asia’s legs! Oppai! Butt! They are being violated!

When I looked, Buchou and the other girls are also having their important parts tangled by the tentacles. B-But even if this is improper it seems like a wonderful situation! Satooji-san who was having a proper look at them says it while having a nosebleed.

“This one doesn’t have a name, and it is a slime which melts clothing. And also just mere tentacles. These guys often work together to attack their prey. Even if they are called monsters, slime only targets the clothes and the tentacles target woman’s secretion so they aren’t harmful…..”


High school dxd v8 069.jpg

……Wh…..at? I couldn’t believe my ears. A slime which melts clothes!? A tentacle which eats woman’s secretions!?

“It’s not a rare slime and tentacles, and they are just a nuisance for when you want to investigate the forest. It would be the best to use fire on them to get rid of them-”

“Buchou, I will make these slimes and tentacles as my familiars! Melting clothes! Eating woman’s secretions! They are the ones I have been looking for!”

I declared it with my eyes sparkling while cutting off Satooji-san’s explanation!

Fufufu. Found it. I finally found it! My familiars. My only familiars! Buchou makes a sigh while burning the slimes and tentacles with fire. Nooooooo, my slime-chan and tentacle-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! They are getting burnnnnnnnnnnt!

“You know, Ise. A familiar is very crucial for devils, okay? Think properly.”


I closed my eyes and started to think.


“Like I thought, I will make them my familiars!”

“Ise, only three seconds have passed since you started thinking.”

Next to Buchou, Akeno-san was burning the slime and tentacles! Aaaaaaah! My……! My familiar-chans are being sent to the heavens! They are being burnt very well!

Koneko-chan was also tearing the tentacles and throwing them as if she sees them as pests.

Please don’t do that! Don’t bully my tentacle-chan!

“Step aside Ise. You have to burn these useless creatures. You are in the way.”

Buchou has no sympathy. She’s horrible!

“Hell no! Hell no! I’m going to make these slimes and tentacles my familiars!”

I shook my head while protecting the slimes and tentacles hovering over Asia.

“I will protect these guys even with my life! These guys are my important comrades! Friends! Familiars are our friends! They are my comrades, Buchouuuuu!”

A lecherous familiar like these guys! I will never have the chance to catch them!

“These are the guys whom I was looking for! I want to fly to the realm using these guys! I want to aim high!”

These guys will definitely be useful when creating a harem! It’s obvious that they will become useful in many erotic situations!

“Ise-san, umm…… you are hugging onto me…….”

Asia is putting on a red face. Please bear it, Asia. I want to protect these slimes and tentacles. There are things that I must protect!

“Sob, Surataro…… Shokushumaru…. My important partners…. I will definitely protect you guys….”

I hugged them gently along with Asia while shedding tears.

“Ara ara, looks like he gave them names already.”

Akeno-san says it cheerfully. Yes, I have given them names.

“……It is my first time seeing a devil who craves for these slimes and tentacles this much….. It truly did surprise me. The World is so huge, isn’t it Gremory-san?”

Satooji-san says it while he actually looked very astonished.

“I’m sorry….. This boy is true to his greed, so he doesn’t think properly….”

Buchou puts on a sad expression. It’s like she is looking at something pitiful.

Sob. I won’t go home until I make them my familiars!

I wasn’t going to move even an inch, and I heard something flying this way. When I looked…..there was a blue-scaled baby dragon floating in the air. Sprite Dragon. When on earth did it come here?


A blue lightning starts running through the baby dragon’s body.

…….Eh? Don’t tell me that its…….


Without any time to dodge it, strong electric voltage runs through my body!


……..My whole body is paralysed….. If this was a cartoon, I’m positive that my skeleton would have showed up…….

“U-Umm, Ise-san…..? Are you okay?”

……Asia, whom I was hugging, seems okay…. What the fuck……

“Sprite Dragon only gives electric damage to those who it acknowledges as its enemies. So it must have thought that the girl isn’t its enemy.”

Satooji-san who is burnt black beside me explains it to me. You also received quite a bit of damage from it! Wait, from the explanation you just gave me then, its certain that it sees me and you as its enemies! Kiba was also a bit burnt. He’s putting on a smile but I can sense that he wants to kill that dragon.

Haa! When I looked, the slime and tentacles which were on Asia had turned to ashes! Impossible! My comrades! My familiar-chan!

“Suratarooooooo! Shokushumaruuuuu! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”

I cried while embracing their corpses. How did it turn out like this! This World sure isn’t fair!

“Looks like it eliminated the slimes and tentacles which were attacking Asia. Maybe this dragon is a male. I heard that male dragons will also take a liking to females from other races.”

Buchou says it while patting the baby dragon’s head. The dragon sure is honest with his feelings.

But this is horrible. My Surataro and Shokushumaru……have passed away……

I feel shocked. Shit! So it’s a dragon and it is lecherous! That’s why the girls are unharmed and it also burnt Kiba! ……..Actually good job on turning Kiba black! But I still can’t forgive you! Surataro and Shokushumaru were lecherous but they weren’t bad! Maybe! They were living their life very seriously!

I wiped my tears and got up. I then stood in front of the baby-dragon.

“……..Surataro and Shokushumaru. They were really good guys…… My number 1 comrades…… And you turned them into ashes……”

I started to shake with rage. Yeah, I won’t forgive you! I will be the one to take their vengeance!


Baby dragon made a sigh.


Something inside me made a sound and I snapped. A shallow aura starts to envelope my body. Even the other members were pushed back because of the abnormal intensity.

“……I’m pissed now. Sprite Dragooooooooon!”

While emitting violent aura, I pointed my fist towards it. The trees around here started to make noises due to my aura.

“Amazing. A pulse of demonic-power so strong that I have never felt something like it before! Ise-kun still has powers sleeping inside him. I never thought it would awaken with something like this!”

“Overwhelming aura! Ise, why don’t you use that power for something more useful!”

Akeno-san and Buchou were both shocked but also astonished. I’m sorry my two Onee-sama. Having my greed and desires taken away, my rage has awakened me.

“The lecherous greed and the pure desire to have sex. Having those expectations betrayed, the rage has pushed forward Ise-kun.”

Kiba tries to analyse the situation calmly. That’s right Casanova! No one can stop my wrath!

“……..It’s only that the super-pervert snapped.”

That’s right Koneko-chan! Your answer is the most accurate!

Sprite Dragon! I will not forgive you! The slime which melts clothing, Surataro! The tentacle which eats girls’ secretions, Shokushumaru!

The guys who I fell in love with at first sight. And yet you……

Even Buchou and Akeno-san can’t stop me now! No! Please don’t come and stop me! For guys! There are things guys must do!

“Ultimate! Invincible! My power of dragon which is said to be the strongest in the World! Receive this power with your own body and perish!”

I said the quote used by Raiser Phoenix, and moved my hands covered in demonic-powers towards the dragon…..


“You can’t bully him.”

Asia says it as if she is lecturing me while hugging the baby dragon.

………I stopped my fist right before I reached the baby dragon.

……Sob. If Asia who is like a little sister to me says that, then I won’t be able to do anything…..

I was glaring at the dragon, but it seemed like it was getting attached to Asia and was being spoiled by her.

“I hear that Sprite Dragons open up to those with pure hearts. It seems like it really is attached to that girl.”

Satooji-san explains. So that means it completely attached itself to Asia. Well, Asia does have a pure heart. She is a good girl after all.

“Looks like it is Ise’s defeat.”

Buchou was smiling while resting her hand on my shoulder.

Haa…….. My demonic-power disappeared and I took a breath.

“U-umm, can I make this dragon my familiar?”

Asia asks.

“I guess that will depend on Ise. How about it, Ise?”

Buchou asks me. Everyone looks at me. Uu, it seems like I’m the villain here. No, I am the villain. I did go crazy because of my sexual desires. It’s not the dragon’s fault. Instead it helped Asia who was being attacked by the slimes and tentacles…..

“Yeah, I will let Asia decide.”

Surataro, Shokushumaru, I couldn’t take your revenge. I shed tears of regret.

Part 7

“…..In the name of A-Asia Argento, I order you! Y-You shall become my familiar and respond to my contract!”

We returned to the entrance of the forest. Asia opened a green magic-circle in front of us. The Sprite Dragon is located in the middle of the magic-circle, and the contract ceremony between Asia and the familiar is about to take place.

Of course, since Asia is a beginner, Akeno-san is supporting her. But it seems like the ceremony is progressing very well. Akeno-san also seems relieved. Asia is very talented at being a devil, unlike me.

“Normally the Sprite Dragon is a dragon who won’t pledge to a devil, but it seems that girl has a very pure heart. Something like this has never happened before, but it seems like the contract ceremony will finish safely.”

Satooji-san says that.

Hmm, so Asia has succeeded in catching a rare dragon in a rare way huh. She is amazing after all.

The light from the magic circle starts to gradually lose its light. Because the contract has finished, the baby dragon flew to Asia and started to play with her.

High school dxd v8 079.jpg

“Ufufu. You are tickling me. Rasse-kun.”


When I became curious about what seems like the baby dragon’s name, Asia answers me.

“Yes. He is a dragon which uses “Raigeki[10]” and I also used Ise-san’s name as well. Even though he uses lightning, I want him to be lively like Ise-san. ……Would it trouble you?”

“No, that’s alright……. Well, who cares. Let’s get along Rasse—”

When I tried to approach it, its body started to glow in blue….


“Agaaaaaaaaaaah, Gggggggggga!”

……Gough…… U-Umm, Rasse-kun I wonder why I just received an electric shock…..

“I forgot to mention, but male dragons hate males from other races.”

Satooji-san who was also burnt black gives me additional information. Behind him, Kiba also was turned black while putting on a refreshing smile.

So if its guys, they are all the same to you Rasse-san?

“Rasse is a naughty one.”

He’s too naughty, Buchou….

“Ufufu. The part where he hates men, he sure is similar to Ise-kun.”

Oh, so you mean he hates the same gender, right Akeno-san….?

“……Like I thought, I would have preferred Surataro and Shokushumaru…..”

Even if I regret like that, they won’t return. Sob, why did you guys leave me and die!?

“……Perverts should just die.”

Yes, it’s exactly like what you said Koneko-sama.

Looks like my path to catch my familiar is still far ahead.

Well, since Asia has caught her familiar, this might be a ‘Good End’.

Life.3 Memory of Oppai


It’s the beginning of summer. Outside the cicadas are crying loudly. I’m sitting at the window side of the club room looking out the window. Today I’m looking outside with low tension.

“Ise♪ What are you doing?”


The one hugging me from behind is Buchou. Usually I would say “Owa! Bu-Buchou! I would get in trouble if you hug me all of a sudden because of the sensation of your oppai I can feel on my back!”. But the current me is…… I can only make a big sigh.

“…….What’s wrong? It’s not like you.”

Buchou rests her face on my shoulder and asks with a doubtful voice. She seems like she’s finding it boring because I’m not responding to her.

“I’m sorry Buchou. I was just thinking about my past for a bit.”

“The past?”


Yes, the sad parting I had when I was in junior school.

“When I was a kid, I lost something precious during this season of the year.”

I was looking outside with sad eyes. Buchou notices that it’s not a normal atmosphere so she became confused. She kisses me on my cheek lightly and says.

“Tell me about it. I will listen to you.”

“Okay. I want everyone to hear it as well.”

“Are you sure? Okay. Everyone gather up.”

The club members gather at Buchou’s instruction.

“What is it?”

Asia tilts her neck.

“Ara ara. What is it about?”

“…..I’m interested in it.”

Akeno-san and Koneko-chan.

“Ise-kun’s past? I want to hear his worries as his friend.”

“Are things like this also part of the club activity? I don’t understand Japanese customs.”

Kiba and Xenovia gathered as well. Everyone sits as if they are surrounding me. Everyone looks suspicious after seeing me feel down. Then I told them a story about a long time ago.

When I was seven years old….. There was a place I visited every time I finished school. A park in the neighbourhood. Over there was an Occhan[11] who did picture story shows for people who went there. I was always looking forward to Occhan’s picture story shows. Occhan rung the bell for the start of the story. There were few viewers. Everyone was a kid. There were times when it was just me. Even so Occhan showed me the show carefully. I loved Occhan.

“Long, long time ago. At a certain place, Geezer and Granny were living there. On a certain day the Geezer went to the mountains for lawn mowing. Granny went to the river to do washing. When Granny was doing washing at the river………”

I was waiting for the next development with my heart beating. Occhan changes to the next picture while looking at me with a smile.

“An Oppai flowed down.”

A small me was excited to see the detailed picture of Oppai that was drawn on the whole paper and looked so real. Yeah. I thought that I wanted to grope oppai like that. I also greatly admired the detailed picture Occhan drew.

“Donbura-ko. Bain-bain. Donbura-ko. Bain-bain. No matter how you look at it, it was a gigantic breast that is bigger than a G-cup. The size of it. The shape of it. It was the finest breast there is.”

My heart was racing hearing about an oppai story from a long time ago while I was eating an Oppai pudding. The Oni that was defeated by oppai. The geezer who became happy by oppai. A youth who received divine punishment by oppai. The dog who dug oppai. Hearing the Oppai-stories from a long time ago, I learnt about the World. I asked Occhan who was getting ready to go home after finishing the show.

“Did Occhan also grope oppai?”

Occhan answered me with a smile.

“Yes, I have groped them. A lot of them. Boy. Oppai isn’t something you only grope. You can suck it.”

“……Eh? But that would make you like a baby?”

Me back then, thought that oppai was only for groping. But I was wrong.

“A boy won’t understand yet because you are still a child. You will understand when you get older. The urge to suck it. An adult man still lives everyday life to fight against that urge.”

That time I didn’t know what Occhan was saying. But I just understood that what Occhan was saying was something cool.

“Listen boy. You suck it like this.”

Occhan starts sucking the oppai-pudding from the tip of it. The pudding disappeared into Occhan’s mouth instantly.


My heart as a young boy was aroused seeing it.

“Here. I will give you a couple of these oppai-puddings. Practice at home.”

Occhan says it as if teaching his successor. I took the oppai-pudding home and practiced sucking it very hard while hiding from my parents. But I couldn’t suck it like Occhan. I started to realise how great Occhan is every time I fail at it.

On a certain hot day in summer. I was pedalling my bicycle to the usual park with excitement. Today is the day for the new story! Occhan wrote a new story about oppai! What kind of story will it be? A fun story? A sad story? Is the oppai this time big? Or is it small? I couldn’t help myself from being excited. The thing that appeared in my sight after arriving at the park was……

“Hurry, we are going. Geez. Showing things like this to the children from noon.”

It was Occhan who was being taken away by a policeman. It can’t be! Why is Occhan…..? He didn’t do anything bad! To me who was a kid, Occhan was everything. I went to the side of Occhan who was being taken away.

“Occhan! Occhan! Why! Why!”

I got caught by another policeman and I couldn’t save Occhan.

“No! You can’t go near him! He is a bad person who showed something he is not supposed to, to you kids!”

“Occhan isn’t bad! Occhan taught me about Oppai! Occhan! Occhan! Oppai! Oppai!”

I screamed while crying. I was taught many things by Occhan. He isn’t evil. He was just a perv. Occhan smiled at me and said it quietly.

“Boy. One day grope oppai. Then suck it.”

That was Occhan’s last word.

“Oy, what are you telling to a kid!? Hurry, we are going!”

“Occhan! Occhan! The new story!? What about the new story!?”

Occhan was taken away by the power of the state. I could only glare at the policeman taking Occhan away. I couldn’t hear the new story. What kind of story was it? I just became frustrated thinking about it. Give my Occhan back to me! Give my oppai back to me! My….. At the park where the cicadas were crying at summer. I……. I lost something precious.

“….So that’s how it is.”

My past. I think it was violent. I lost my important Occhan. Me, who was feeling down, looks across at everyone. Everyone had an astonished face. Absurd…… I became shocked at everyone’s reaction. No matter how you think about it, it’s a story that would make you weep like crazy! Asia was the only one who didn’t seem like she understood and had a face full of questions……..

“Ara ara. So Ise-kun’s urge to have sex came from there.”

Akeno-san is smiling calmly.

“Yes. I was troubled on how to react. More like, that person was taken away because he was a hentai.”

Kiba makes a bitter smile. No! Occhan isn’t a hentai! He’s a God!

“…..I really can’t understand Japanese people.”

Xenovia shrugs her shoulders and got up from the chair.

“No, Xenovia. That is being rude to other Japanese people. Originally Japanese aren’t worthless people like this……”

Kiba tries to support me. But am I worthless!?

“………Man who talks about indecent things to a child…… A real hentai. The worst story ever.”

Koneko-chan who has her eyes half opened gets up from her seat.

“What is it with that reaction!? The current me exists thanks to Occhan!”

I say it with narrowed eyes. Buchou puts my head onto her breast and hugs my head while calming me down.

“I know, Ise. The one who shaped you into “you” was that man. But I think it would have been okay if you had included it with the story of a gentleman.”

“But I can’t imagine Ise-kun who isn’t ecchi. It’s Ise-kun only if he looks at woman with lecherous eyes.”

“Yes, you are right Akeno. Ise who isn’t interested in woman’s breast isn’t Ise. When I see Ise looking at my breasts it makes me think that “This boy is also healthy today” and I can feel relieved.”

Buchou and Akeno-san seem like they are talking about me. Are my eyes that lecherous!? I certainly am enjoying myself to the fullest by staring at Buchou and Akeno-san’s breasts!

“…….Senpai who isn’t Do-sukebe……….”

Koneko-chan tilts her neck while putting on a serious expression. Eh!? Me who isn’t lecherous is that hard to imagine!? Wait! Even I can’t imagine it! It’s Occhan’s will that I’m enjoying the sensation of Buchou’s breasts with my face like this! Shit! Buchou’s breasts are the best!

It's now evening. On the way home after club activity. Buchou and Asia are walking to the side of me. Since we live in the same house, we go home together. It seems like today is the worst day. I talked about my past but no one had sympathy towards me. Fine then! The memory of Occhan is mine only!

“……Buchou-san. Ise-san seems to be in a bad mood.”

“Asia. At times like this it is the best to leave him alone.”

Both of them seem like they are saying something, but who cares. What should I do with the feeling I have right now after I got my memory laughed at? I was walking down the road with a complicated feeling. Then I heard “that” nostalgic sound.

RING RING. ……! Then I looked at the direction where the sound came from. I knew that my eyes were fully opened because I got shocked. 10 years…… Yes 10 years.

RING RING. That was the bell of the start of the story. I saw a familiar man preparing for the show at the park I passed by.


When I realised it, I was walking towards the direction of that man. It’s definitely him. That face. He looks much older but I’m not mistaking it!

“Is it you Occhan…….?”

I asked the middle aged man timidly. The man noticed me. He looks into my face for a while and then smiles at me.

“You are….. I see. I realised who you are right away. You have gotten big, boy.”

Ah…… He is…… He truly is.........!

“Occhan, you were alive!?”

It’s an emotional reunion! Occhan! I haven’t seen him since that day! I mean he actually remembered me when I have become this big! There were tears coming from my eyes because I’m so happy! Occhan you have got more wrinkles…..

“Yeah, thanks to you. How many years has it been? About 10 years? Hahaha. Boy, you have got big. Did you grope oppai?”

…..! I might have been waiting to get asked this question for 10 years. When I think like that, there were tears falling down from my cheeks. Then I nodded with a smile. Again and again.

“Yeah. I groped it! I groped it! Oppai was amazing! This person is my first oppai!”

Then I introduced Buchou who came next to me. Buchou was troubled over how to react. But please let me for today. Hearing that, Occhan nodded as if he was satisfied.

“Is that so? I’m glad. So that boy would have a girlfriend after 10 years. A girlfriend with a splendid oppai indeed. You have to grope them while you are still young. Then how about it? Did you understand what I was talking about back then? You want to suck oppai don’t you?”

“Yeah, I want to suck it! Occhan! I want to suck oppai!”

Occhan had a smile on after I said that.

“Boy. Do you want to look at the picture show that you couldn’t see back then?”

What he took out of his bicycle is……. The continuation of my “dream” that I couldn’t see that day. My wish that couldn’t be granted on that summer day. I wiped my tears and answered him with a big smile.


RING RING. The start bell of the show. Yes. The continuation of the story from that day.

“Then it’s the start of the “Oppai taking Geezer”. A long, long time ago. In a certain place. There was a Geezer that digs oppai……”

Just like 10 years ago, I have the oppai pudding in my hand. I sat on the ground listening. There is also the conversation from the two behind me. I want these two to hear this as well.

“Umm Buchou-san…..? What should I do……..?”

“Asia. Leave him like this. But if Koneko was here, she would have said…… Koneko? You were here?”

“……He is the worst.”

I just ignored those harsh words directed at me, as I was listening to the geezer talking about tits.

Life.4 The Oppai of Tennis

Part 1

Hello everyone. It sure is a hot summer.

Right now I am staring at a dictionary. Hmmm…… It’s deep. The thing that I was searching for sure has a deep meaning to it.

“Ise-san, what were you searching for?”

Asia comes next to me and stares at the dictionary.

“Yeah, I was looking for the origin of the word [Oppai].”


Asia seems troubled with how to respond, but I’m serious. It has always bugged me.


It has a wonderful ring to it. I think the Japanese person who said this word first should be left in history. There aren’t many words that actually grasp hold of men’s hearts. The only beautiful words I know that can stimulate my heart are ‘Oppai’ and ‘Raw tits’.

I wanted to know why Japanese people began to call woman’s breasts ‘Oppai’ so I searched for the reason.

“…..There are many theories. The theory where “Oh yummy” turned into oppai. The theory where ancient Koreans used to call things you suck ‘ppai’. So people started to think “maybe that was the root of it?”. The one which has the highest possibility is the first one. What do you think, Asia?”

“E-Even if you say that….. I think oppai is something which are delicious for babies. That’s why the “Oh yummy” theory perhaps?”

Huh? Would this be counted as sexual harassment? W-Well, lets let it slide then.

-But I do think that oppai are something delicious for any guy of all ages!

I was about to say that, but stopped myself. This is bad. I shouldn’t teach weird things to Asia who trusts me a lot. I have to change the topic!

“Buchou who went to the student council room sure is late!”

I changed the subject. And then…..

“Buchou and Kaichou might be discussing something very serious. By the way Ise-kun and Asia-chan would both of you like green tea?”

Akeno-san poured green tea for me and Asia.

All of the members in the Occult Research Club are waiting for Buchou’s return since she went to the student council room.

“Oute[12]. It’s my win.”

“Muu, I have no more options. Looks like it is my loss.”

Kiba and Xenovia are playing shougi on the table nearby.

“……With this, it’s Xenovia’s five losing streak.”

The one who is watching their game is Koneko-chan.

“Do you also want green tea Gasper-kun?”

Akeno-san talked to the box in the corner of the room.

“T-Thank you very muccccch!”

A voice came from the box. Yes, Gasper is inside that box.

“Gasper, get out of the box and drink the green tea.”

I said that while making a sigh, but this guy just cries about it.

“I’m s-sorrrrrrry!! No! Not outside!”

Like this, he is afraid of other people so he’s always inside the box. He’s a troublesome junior indeed.

“I’m back. I just returned now.”

The one who entered the room is Buchou.

With Buchou here, that makes everyone present now.

Part 2

During the Occult Research Club conference, Buchou began a discussion while putting on a troubled face.

“I have to hand in the club activity report.”

“Eh? Didn’t you just hand that in before?”

I said that. The reason why Buchou was away is because she went to hand in the club activity report to Sona-kaichou. Buchou says it while making a sigh.

“What I submitted just now is the report for the actual club activity based on ‘The relation between UFO and devils’. The problem is the report based on our activity as devils. So many things happened lately that I forgot all about it. Unlike last year, the due date for it is earlier this year.”

“The devil club activity report…..you say.”

I tilted my head at words I heard for the first time. Kiba then explains it to me.

“Buchou who is a pure-devil is actually required to attend the school in the Underworld for High-class devils. She’s studying in Japan as a special privilege student. If she doesn’t attain the units for the devil school at Kuou Academy, then she will be forced to return to the Underworld.”

For the current devils who have the responsibility to maintain their kind, it is because of that that they welcome those who were reincarnated from a human as devils. Hmm, Buchou who was born between pure-devils seems to be in a difficult position. Akeno-san then gives additional explanation.

“Attaining credits. In Buchou’s case, other than making a pact with humans she can also attain them in other means such as researching about types of monsters and youkai in Japan. The truth is we, her servants, were also allowed a bit of freedom by helping her with the research.”

Ah, I see. That’s why Buchou built the Occult Research Club.

So the reason why we, her servants, can live in the human world is because we are working in the Occult Research Club as her servants. It means we need a job and a role to live in the human world.

Buchou then says it while looking at everyone around the table.

“That’s why I will create the report which needs to be submitted to the Underworld now. That’s why I want to know the present state of the monsters and youkai living in this town. As usual, let’s go and ask the knowledgeable Kappa[13] who lives in the swamp located on the outskirts of town.”

Kappa? You mean the Kappa which has a ‘plate’ on its head which loves cucumber and lives around the water?

Kiba then puts his hand up and informs Buchou.

“Buchou that Kappa returned to his homeland. He said that he will inherit the family business to cultivate cucumbers.”

“……So he returned to his homeland. That would be a more stable future, rather than aiming to become a rapper.”

It seems like something happened and Buchou nods her head seeming to acknowledge the situation.

“W-What is this about the rapping Kappa?”

I ask Kiba.

“The Kappa left its home because it didn’t want to inherit the family cucumber business and started living in this town. It was fond of rapping. I often listened to his song, ‘Shirikodama Rhapsody’.”

What a bizarre name…… What kind of rhapsody is it.

“…….The light of the town which dries my plate, my anger which cannot be conveyed, I will just take your shirikodama.”

O-OH! Koneko-chan suddenly started to rap!?

“Koneko-chan was his fan.”

Kiba says that. Are you serious? So Koneko-chan likes rap? But it sure has unique lyrics…. Is it because it is a Kappa?

“But it seems like he went to his homeland because his father got a ‘plate shortening disease’. His family has a rare and old youkai way of cultivating cucumber, so with this they would be able to pass on the traditions.”

“Then it looks like we have to ask the gossip loving Dullahan that lives in the old mansion located in the fourth district.”


Buchou said something I didn’t know, so I ask. Xenovia answers instead.

“She’s referring to the headless armoured Knight. It rides on a huge horse while carrying its head with its arm. It’s a monster which declares peoples death and it mainly lives in Europe. I have defeated them a couple of times as well.”

To be expected from the former exorcist who came from the Vatican! Looks like monster hunting is her specialty!

Kiba then puts a thick book in front of me.

“Monster encyclopedia. When you say the name of the monster you want to look up, it will automatically open the page for you. For example, Dullahan.”

Then the book opened by itself, and the pages began changing automatically. Oh, a magical phenomenon! Then it stopped. When I looked, there is a illustration of a headless Knight along with symbols I can’t read. These symbols must be devil-letters. I still can’t read all of them yet. I can’t read the descriptions, but I understood the characteristics of Dullahan from the illustration.

“That Dullahan had a serious hernia a few days ago and is hospitalised now.”

Akeno-san tells Buchou, while reading the documents in her hands.

He’s headless and has a hernia!? I don’t understand! So you are telling me that the head it is carrying can also receive a hernia!?

Buchou sighed after hearing Akeno-san’s report.

“I see, looks like Dullahan is also having difficulties.”

Judging from their conversations, it seems like they can’t get in contact with the informant. I then pointed to the box which the half-vampire Gasper is in.

“Then Buchou, how about we submit a report about a rare ‘Vampire in a box’? I don’t think there are any vampires who go inside a box rather than a coffin.”

“S-S-Senpaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! W-What are you sayinnnnng!”

The box screamed. I approached the box and tapped on it.

“You are Buchou’s servant, so you will have to cooperate. What kind of box do you prefer? How does it feel inside? Are there differences between boxes made from different makers? Wait, don’t you think it would be faster just to teleport this box along with you to the Underworld?”

“Uwaaaaaaaan!! I….I will be shipped away by Ise-senpaaaaai!”

“Vampire in a box. And that will be sent from the country which produced it!”

While Gasper and I were having a conversation like that, Buchou says it while sighing.

“Geez, I understand. Let’s find another way.”

“Another way? Do you have something in mind?”

Buchou nods at my question.

“There is a human who is very knowledgeable about monsters in this academy.”

That’s something I heard for the first time.

Part 3


The sound of a racquet hitting a ball was coming from the tennis court.

I followed Buchou and set foot in the tennis courts. Apparently the person Buchou is looking for is here.

More than that! Like I thought, girls tennis wear is wonderful! And those bloomers worn under the skirt that I can even see from over the fence! Even if they aren’t pants, they are stimulating in their own way! More than that, those legs! Their thighs are the best! Tennis during summer is the best after all!

“It’s the Wild Beast Hyoudou!”

Uooooo! I was caught peeking from behind the fence, and I received a booing from the girls! Maybe it’s because I’m a perv, so the girls hate me very much. Hmph! It doesn’t matter, since I get along with Buchou and Asia! But just looking at them should be something that is allowed!

“Shut up! It’s not like you will lose something, so it should be alright!”

“Being watched by you feels like we are losing something important! If you want to watch, then bring Kiba-kun!”

“Iyaa! Don’t have me within your sights! Help me Kiba-kun!”

Shit! They are treating me like dirt! Do you prefer good-looking guys that much!? Damn you, Kiba! Please come with me next time! If you are with me then I can watch them as much as I want!

“Hurry, Ise. We are going.”

Buchou was troubled by this situation and she has her hand on her forehead. I’m sorry Buchou. It seems like my thoughts go elsewhere when my ero-sensor starts to respond…..

“So Buchou. Does this person know that you are a devil?”

“Tentatively. This campus also takes in humans that are from special backgrounds and that have good relations with devils. So they should be told about the devils who have this school as their base.”

Buchou and I were talking while sitting on one of the benches.

Hmm, so this school still has many secrets that I am unaware of.

We are waiting at the place where we're supposed to meet, but no one has come yet, probably because we came too early.

I couldn’t take my attention away from the girls so I was looking towards the court. Then I heard the footsteps of a horse.

“Ohohohoho! How are you doing, Rias-san! It’s very rare for you to come here! So I welcome you!”

A woman appeared while making a big laugh on top of a big horse! She has her brown hair twirled in a roll elegantly. Wait, she’s riding a horse in this school!?

I know this person. She is the captain of the tennis club, Abe Kiyome-senpai. Leave the check on beautiful girls to me!

But what surprised me even more is the one behind her! A headless armoured Knight was riding behind her! Uwaaaaah, he really doesn’t have a head!


The horse’s cry! A black-fur horse! It’s eyes are glittering and are giving a suspicious glow! It’s breathing hard from its nose! What is this horse which seems like it belongs to the conqueror of the end of century[14] !

Abe-senpai gets off the horse and calms it down. At the same time, the headless knight also gets off his horse.

“Ufufu, it’s a good horse don’t you think? A few days ago, the head of Dullahan, Mr Smith, was hospitalised. So I was asked to look after it in the mean time.”

Senpai says it pridefully. This is the horse of a monster!? No wonder it had weird vibes coming from its body! But it isn’t something a mere high school girl can handle!

“And this here is Mr Smith’s body.”

It doesn’t even have a head, but it still tried to bow his head. He must be greeting us. So this is a Dullahan. Isn’t it bad if a monster is walking around the school!? I think its head was hospitalised because of having a hernia…… Though it seems like its body is fine. Just looking at someone wearing armour during summer makes me feel hot. And it’s carrying a watermelon in its arm…….

“Ara, bringing a monster within the campus is against school rules.”

Buchou says that to Abe-senpai. I think it’s more than just against the school rules, Buchou!

“During the time that its head is hospitalised, the body-kun can act by himself correct? That’s why I’m taking care of it along with the horse. But I thought giving them free food won’t be good, so I gave them jobs to do. As the tennis club’s mascot character! Dullahan, the “Headless Honda-kun”! The watermelon is a replacement for his head! Don’t you think it fits with the season for summer?”

“Mascot!? No no no, it can’t be!? No matter how you look at it, this is a monster! It doesn’t have a head! It’s scary! It’s moving around without a head! I don’t even understand having a watermelon as a replacement for its head! Wait, Honda!? What do you mean by Honda!?”

I said that, but…. Buchou nods her head as if she was convinced.

“We can’t help it if it is a mascot.”

“Buchou!? Eeh!? You are alright with it!? It doesn’t have a head you know!?”

“The head isn’t a problem.”

It is a problem, Buchou! It doesn’t have a head! We can’t allow it to move without a head! No matter how you look at it, it’s a supernatural being!

“Kaichou said the same thing and agreed with it.”

Senpai also said that. That’s impossible! Even Kaichou allowed it!? It doesn’t have a head!

High school dxd v8 109.jpg

“Kyaa! Honda-kun! Your western armour is also shinning today!”

“A headless mascot is a new type of vibe indeed! So cute!”

He started receiving cheers from the girls over the fences! Dullahan responds back by wavering his hands.

Uooooooo! What popularity! I do think it is the wrong type of popularity boom, but is a headless knight popular amongst current high school girls!?

“Hyoudou on the other hand should die!”

“Get away from Rias-senpai! Beast! You pest!”

“Honda-kun! Take Hyoudou’s head!”


So a headless knight is more popular than me!? Impossible!? No matter how you look at us, I’m more human looking!? Even if I’m a devil, I’m sure I am ‘prettier’ than a headless knight! I also have a head!

A headless knight who rests his hand on my shoulder. No, its Honda!

“Hondaaaaaaaaaaaa! Why are you more popular than me when you don’t have a head!? So not having a head would make you more popular with the tennis club huh!? That is it huh! That must be it huh! Buchou, please cut my head off! It would be a cheap price if that is what it would take for me to become popular! Cut off my head please!”

“Calm down Ise. You will die if I do that.”

Sob, I know that. I know that, but….. I felt down, and Senpai asks Buchou.

“So then, Rias-san. What business do you have with me?”

“The captain of the tennis club, Abe Kiyome-san. I’m sorry to bother you, but may I interview you who is a beast tamer? I would also be happy if you would tell me a few things about the monsters and youkai that you have under your control.”

Buchou asks her, but…..

“No, I don’t want to.”

Abe-senpai refuses immediately.

“Why do I have to explain myself to you who is a devil? I’m grateful for having been accepted on this campus when I am from a special background, but this and that would be two different things correct? It also seems like Rias-san has connections with many people from different industries, so there won’t be any reason for you to interview me specifically correct?”

Mggggh, somehow her attitude towards Buchou pisses me off! But Buchou continues calmly.

“So won’t having a connection with me be beneficial then?”

Abe-senpai laughs loudly, while putting her hand on her mouth.

“Ohohohohohohohoho! You have quite the confidence in yourself! But having a connection with you feels like it will become scary afterwards! So at the same time I would also like to have a relationship with Kaichou while distancing ourselves. A trade with a devil needs to be done carefully or else I might have my soul taken away correct?”


Buchou put on an astonished face at Abe-senpai’s words.

I see. So this is how non-devil people think of us.

I was working hard in the world of devils when I became one and before realising it, I have blended in with the way devils do things.

But for non-devils, devils are symbols of evil. A contract would mean paying the price of something equivalent. So contracts with devils might be thought of as something scary.

I would also be scared if a devil asks for a pact if I was still a human. Even Buchou was making a bitter smile.

“Nowadays, we don’t do such serious things you know? I will just invite you for tea or dinner normally. Will you still not accept it?”

“The tea made by Akeno-san is the best!”

I also support Buchou’s invitation to her. Then Abe-senpai seemed like she thought of something and put on a lecherous smile.

“Ufufufu, I just thought of something interesting. It won’t be fun if we do this for free. So how about this? Let’s have a tennis match between me and the monsters under my control against Rias-san and the Occult Research Club? How about if the loser has to obey whatever the winner says for free?”

Hey, hey! We suddenly have a tennis match now!? And also that winning condition!?

“Ara, that seems interesting. I also know how to play tennis. So if we win, how about you cooperate with the interview for our report then? So what would you desire if you win, Kiyome-san?”

Oooo!? Buchou agreed with it immediately!? You sure like having matches Onee-sama! Kiyome-senpai then looks at me and takes a good look at me.

“……By the way, are you the famous [Welsh Dragon] rumoured in the business world who is also known as Sekiryuutei?”

“Eh….. Yes, I am indeed.”

Usually I won’t feel bad to be looked at by a pretty senior…… But somehow her eyes are scary….. How should I put it. Eyes of a dangerous collector……? I never had someone look at me like that so I’m really scared.

“I have decided. If I win, then can I borrow him? A rare dragon would be the best indeed! He is a servant of a devil, so having him would be impossible. But how about borrowing him for a while---“


Buchou rejects it immediately with a smile. Her smile was giving out a scary atmosphere. You are s-scaring me Buchou!

Buchou is someone who takes care of her servants. Buchou especially adores me, and she is very strict about discussions like this. Buchou pulls me to her, so I won’t be taken away.

“This is my important servant. If it’s a wish like that, then I won’t let you touch him.”

Seeing Buchou’s reaction, Abe-senpai makes a sigh.

“Then, lets make it that we never had this discussion—“

“We agree with your condition.”

Then someone agrees to Abe-senpai’s condition.

When I turned around, it was Akeno-senpai.

“If we win, we will have Kiyome-san help us with our report. If Kiyome-san wins, then you will borrow Ise-kun temporarily. You are okay with those conditions, correct?”

Eh? You don’t need to ask me about it!? Honda patted my shoulder and felt sympathy for me. Ah, maybe Honda is a good guy….

“Hold on Akeno!”

Buchou tries to argue with Akeno-san, but Akeno-san then says it.

“Buchou, we just have to win. If we win, then everything will be solved.”

Buchou tries to say something to Akeno-san, but…… She made a sigh and nods. Like I thought, they don’t care about my opinion after all!

“Yes, I understand.”

Getting Buchou’s approval, Abe-senpai laughs loudly.

“Ohohohohohoho! Then it is settled! The truth is, it would be foolish for you to challenge me who is the captain of the tennis club! So train as much as you can! My adorable monsters that I am in control of can play tennis perfectly as well!”

“I will show you how high-class devils play tennis. I won’t hand over my adorable Ise to you!”

“I’m looking forward to it! Ufufu. Oh yes, if I get Hyoudou-kun, then I will adore him in a different way.”

Both of them put their faces closer and laugh. Scary! Their faces are smiling but I can sense murderous intent from them! Both of them are serious! I-I….became the object of the bet! What will happen to me!?

“I’m sorry, Ise-kun.”

Akeno-san apologises to me while hugging me. The sensation of o-oppai!

“If I didn’t say that, then Buchou’s objective wouldn’t progress at all. I will also do my best for the tennis match.”

“Y-Yes! I’m okay with it!”

I couldn’t argue if Akeno-san is hugging me!

Everything will also be alright if Buchou wins, but I’m also curious of what will happen to me when I am temporarily under Abe-senpai. Her gaze of a collector is scary, but she is a beauty. She even said she will adore me. M-Maybe I would be able to have an awesome experience such as bathing with her! I just can’t stop imagining about it. I’m a servant who is unfaithful to its master and is very lecherous!

But I haven’t played tennis that much…….

Part 4

The day of the match.

“Ufufu. I will applaud you for not running away.”

Abe-senpai who was waiting for us at the tennis court welcomes us with a suspicious smile. On the other side of the fence, different types of monsters are glaring at us. So those are monsters and youkai that are under Abe-senpai’s control. There are quite a number of them. All of them are giving weird vibes and they are scaring me!

The mascot character, the Dullahan’s body Honda, waves his hand at me. Honda! You are a good guy after all!

“We will have ourselves win today.”

Buchou declared it confidently! Buchou really is eager to do this!

“There would be two single matches and one double match. The team who gets two victories wins. Rias-san and I will have to participate. The remaining players will be determined by drawing lots.”

The drawing lot was prepared by Abe-senpai. She sure has good preparations. But please don’t pull out my name! I’m not confident in it! It also feels like I would pull Buchou behind, so I hope any of Akeno-san, Kiba or Xenovia’s name is drawn out! Please! If the tip of the lottery is blue, then it would be a single match. If red, it would be doubles.



Oh! They pulled it out! The singles would be Akeno-san and Xenovia! My wish came true!


Buchou will be one of the players for the doubles!

Then please let either Kiba or Koneko-chan be her partner! Asia who is no good at sports and me who is crap at tennis won’t be useful!

I pulled the ticket while closing my eyes. When I looked……the tip of the lottery is red!

“Looks like my partner is Ise. Let’s do our best!”

“Uwaaaaaaah! Seriously!?”

Buchou has a smile, but I have a pale-blue face instead. I felt chills on my back! This puts a lot of pressure on me! I will definitely pull Buchou’s leg!

So like that, it’s Akeno-san’s match. Her opponent is…..

“Let’s do our best.”

It was a girl monster who has both arms as wings! Uwaaaaaah! Cute! So there are monsters like these as well!

“So it’s a harpy. It’s a winged monster. Majority of them are females.”

Buchou explains it to me! For real!? The world of monsters is full of mysteries since there are even cute girls like her! More than that her oppai are huge! There are bird-like claws growing from her legs, but 70% of her body is that of a human! I can’t resist it!

Harpy-chan holds the tennis racket with its wings, and confronts Akeno-san on the court.

“Akeno-san, do your best!”

I send her a cheer as loudly as I can. And inside my heart I was also shouting out “Do your best as well Harpy-chan!”. I’m such a lecher! But, knowing that there are cute monsters like her makes me feel happy! Ah, I started to think that maybe a harem of monsters might be good too.

“Ara ara. You are full of openings, Harpy-chan!”

“Iyaaan! This devil onee-san is so strong!”

The match ended with Akeno-san dominating the match, and we received one victory! Yes! If Xenovia wins the next match, then our team automatically wins the game! So there will be no need for me to play in the doubles!

“Now, it’s my turn.”

Xenovia headed to the court while spinning her racket. Xenovia said she doesn’t have much experience in sports involving balls, but she has amazing athletic talent so she would definitely pull it off!

“Pleased to have you challenging me.”

Xenovia’s opponent is a woman who’s lower half body is that of a snake. Uooooooo! Even though her lower-half is that of a snake, she’s still quite……! Even this monster-chan is quite a beauty! It’s a bit unfortunate that she has no thighs, but she has boobs! That alone is enough for me!

“Lamia tribe, I see. Like I thought, majority of her kind must be females.”

What! So there are still monster tribes where majority of them are girls!? Amazing! The World is so big indeed! Maybe I should go and catch a monster one day. I want to go to a village filled with girl monsters!

My dream was expanding and I was fantasising about it. Then Honda the Dullahan came and served the watermelon. I’m grateful but what point is there to change the watermelon which was a replacement of your head into a desert, Honda…..

But if that girl is a snake, then won’t it be harder to move? Maybe this will be Xenovia’s win since she can move her body freely. –That’s what I thought.

“Mggh! You are pretty good!”

Xenovia was having a hard time!

“Over there!”

The snake girl was stronger than I thought! Possibly because her lower body is a snake, it allows her to be in control of her court without moving but just stretching her body! And just like a snake, she is persistent and she can endure normal attacks! She’s one of those types who wait for the overturn victories!

“I’m sorry; it was due to me being weak.”

Xenovia apologises to Buchou. At the end of a long match, Xenovia lost!


Then this makes me have a serious responsibility since I would have to participate in the last match!

“It won’t be a problem since Ise and I will settle this! So all of you don’t to have to worry about anything!”

Buchou is filled with spirit! Do I also have to be resolved then!?

“I ended up coming out for the doubles match as well. My partner is……Yuki-onna. Come here, my adorable Yuki-onna-chan!”

Abe-senpai says it towards the crowd of monsters.

Are you for real!? Y….Yuki-onna! I then imagined a beautiful youkai wearing a thin kimono!

You are talking about the Yuki-onna which you meet when you get lost in the mountain, then have a fateful meeting with it, then it comes down to your village by turning into a human right!? That Yuki-onna which eventually becomes your wife in the end right!?

First Harpy, then Lamia, and now Yuki-onna! Please freeze me to death, Yuki-onna-samaaaaaaaa!


Then a white gorilla makes a howl in front of me.


It started banging on its chest with its thick arms like a drum. Abe-senpai then introduces the gorilla.

“I will introduce you to her. She is Christie a Yuki-onna and also known as a yeti(Female).”


I became so shocked that my eyes would pop up out from the violent truth and it’s casual name!

Eeeeeeeeeh!? Yuki-onna!? Don’t lie! It’s just a big white gorilla! Ah, but it has a pretty ribbon on its head! But this is something which cannot be forgiven!

“Fuck off! Yuki-onna-sama isn’t some hairy thing like this which starts drumming on its head! Does it even know what drumming is!? It's the behaviour of a gorilla that it does towards its enemies! And its drumming like it! It’s just a gorilla! THIS, is a gorilla!”

I argued while shedding tears of blood. Abe-senpai then gets mad.

“Don’t be foolish! Christie is a splendid Yuki-onna! This girl's mother was a very fine Yuki-onna that drove away groups of mountain climbers to protect the mountain!”

“Of course they would run away! Anyone would run away if something like this shows up! Imagine encountering a big white gorilla! Do you think there is any other option besides running away!? Even a banana which seems like it will work, won’t be useful in a snowy mountain and will be stiff like a rock! You can only use it to hammer down nails with!”

Look, look, look! It's using its fist against the ground to knuckle walk right in front of us! A gorilla!? It’s a gorilla with the scientific name of “Gorilla gorilla”! A snow gorilla has come down to people's town! Rather than freezing me to death, it feels like it would punch me to death with its gifted body!


It even said uho-uho! Its completely a gorilla!

“Ise! Yuki-onna’s freezing breath is powerful! If you get hit by it, you will turn into a statue of ice!”

“Buchou!? Eh!? This seriously is a Yuki-onna!? The Yuki-onna that appears in books and television are beautiful! The ribbon on its head is so pretty that it makes me want to kill it! Wait, what is a freezing breath!? I never heard of such terminology for tennis!”

“Reality is more strange than what is said in books. Ise, keep that in mind.”

“Noooooooo! I don’t want that reality! I don’t care if it is just a dream! I love those erotic Yuki-onnaaaaaaa! A freezing breath gorilla is just a monster! It should be named as “Freezing Gorilla Go-ristie” instead! Go home! Go back to the mountaaaaaaaains!”

“Christie. It seems like he is very interested in Yuki-onna you know? Beauty sure is a crime.”

Abe-senpai just said something dangerous! Please don’t! I have no interest in gorilla! Don’t say such things to make the gorilla be aware of me!

But after the gorilla took a good look at me…..


It laughed and put on a smile as if it looked down on me!


Something snapped inside me!

Shit! I started to have enthusiasm in this match after being pissed! Christie! No! Go-ristie!

“Ise-san, I will be cheering for you! Please don’t lose against Christie-chan!”

“Do your best, Ise-kun. I’m waiting to see your amazing side.”

Asia and Akeno-san are cheering for me! Uoooooo! If they are saying that, then I can’t let them down! I felt something hot flowing within me because of my rage against the gorilla and the cheering from the girls!

“Shit! If it comes to this, then I have to do it! Buchou, I can do this!”

“Well said, Ise! To be expected from my servant-devil!”

I’m not confident in tennis, but I have to do it! I can’t turn back now! I can’t show my uncool side to the girls! My lecherous gut somehow pushed me forward.

But something appears within my sight.


A sound of the air vibrating! Goristie was swinging something unimaginable!

“What the heck is that big-ass racket!?”

The enormous racket within Goristie’s hand! It can only be seen as a weapon!

I was so shocked that my eyes were about to pop out again but Abe-senpai answers normally.

“It’s a specially made racket.”

“It’s a blunt weapon! That is a weapon! It’s so huge that it seems like it can even beat down enormous monsters! That isn’t a racket! Eh!? Am I going to be slamed down with that thing!?”

If that thing comes down at me, then I will have myself cut down to my guts!

And now the match……no, the death match was about to start.

Buchou won the coin toss and chose the serve order, and Abe-senpai got the right to choose which side of the court to use.


Buchou bounces the ball on the ground a few times, and then throws it up high. She then smashes it!

The ball which is hit by Buchou bounces once on the opponent's court and Abe-senpai hits it back! Then their rally started.

“Uo! Uwaah!”

I tried to react to the ball, but I can’t follow the movements of the two veterans! Both Buchou and Senpai can continue their match even though their partners aren’t doing anything!

……H-Hmm. Even though I started the match with high spirits, am I even needed? When I looked at Goristie she isn’t moving and seems bored. But she still has the scary pressure coming from her body.

It couldn’t be helped, so I decided to look at Buchou’s legs and bloomers. Aaaah,those white thighs of Buchou’s! The size of her thighs are the best!

“Christie! The ball went your way!”

Abe-senpai shouts. It seems like the ball went towards Goristie while I had my eyes taken away by Buchou’s legs. The Snow-Gorilla then made sharp eyes! She doesn’t look like a Yuki-onna after all!



The explosive sound echoes throughout the court and it doesn’t even sound like its coming from a racket!

Then something goes past me very quickly…


I heard the sound of something breaking behind me!

…….When I turned around timidly…..a huge crater was formed over there….!


The court is destroyed!

I know that it happened with Goristie’s hit! But the ball? Where is the ball?

“Ise-kun! Watch out! The ball blew up with that hit!”

Kiba says that. To be expected from the [Knight] Kiba! Both his physical ability and eyesight are good!

……..No, no. The ball blew up you say? Are you serious!? So Goristie’s hit not only destroyed the court but also the ball!? I will be killed! I will die if I get hit by that thing!

“Go back to the jungle! Damn Gorilla!”

The rally continues. I also went in and somehow hit the ball back.

“That’s wrong! Christie’s home land is Japan-Alps!”

“Christie is Japan made!? Are you saying that Japan-Alps is a foreign country!?”

I said that to Abe-senpai while continuing the rally. I have some confidence now! When I was feeling like that, Goristie opened her mouth wide….


A blizzard is coming from Goristie’s mouth! Wow, its freezing! So cold! So this is the freezing breath! She really is a monster!


Ah, my hand which is holding on the racket froze!

My movement has become bad. The opponent starts to gain points.

“Ohohohoho! Looks like it is our victory!”

Abe-senpai laughs loudly while putting her hand on her mouth.

Ku…… I have no way to beat that ice gorilla monster. So I will turn into the tennis captain’s toy at this rate huh….. T-That might be good, but it feels like Buchou will hold a grudge against me after that….. Lately, Buchou became strict about those sorts of things….

I was having a hard time in the match, and the headless knight approaches me.

“Honda, what are you doing?”

Honda separated his armour up in the air, and points at them with his thumb.

“Are you telling me to wear the armour?”

Honda puts his thumb up and gives me a sign language where he is saying “That is correct”.

“Why? We are enemies you know?”

Honda took out a panel like thing, and writes something with a marker pen.

[I’m also mad that the Yuki-onna is a female yeti. Wear it! We will get rid of her!]


I couldn’t stop the things coming out from my eyes! Hondaaaaaaaaaa! That’s right! When we were introduced to a harpy and lamia, we will also think that a Yuki-onna would be a beauty as well right!? Yeah, I know how you feel Honda! A monster like that shouldn’t be allowed to exist!

“Honda! You and I are just a novice tennis devil and a headless mascot knight! But!”

[Yes, if we combine our powers then we will have the chance to attain victory!]

Honda writes down what I’m feeling onto the panel!

“Yeah! If it’s us, then we can do it!”

I wore Honda, and stood up on the battlefield again! Shit, it’s hot in here! Maybe because it’s summer, so it is like a super hot hell! But I can get over this with my spirit!

“Buchou, I still have my head! There’s nothing to fear when ‘we’ have a head!”

“Y-Yes, you are right…..”

Buchou is pushed back at the pressure I am giving out.

“A dragon-knight with a head! It’s burning with something passionate!”

“To be expected from Ise-senpai! He sure does unexpected things, like wearing the armour of Dullahan!”

“…….It looks cool but also uncool.”

Xenovia and Gapser were getting heated up with my appearance, and Koneko-chan is tilting her head.

“Let’s teach the ice gorilla how powerful the power of Dullahan with a head growing out from it really is!”

That day, we became ‘one’ and ran through the battlefield together…..

Part 5

“It is our loss. It can’t be helped, I will participate in your interview.”

Abe-senpai says that while finding it dull.

We won! My power while wearing Dullahan was more than we imagined, along with how much anger we had towards the gorilla.

“……Honda, it’s not coming off.”

I couldn’t take the armour off. My hand moved by itself and wrote something on a panel.

[Sorry. Because of the curse of wearing me, it won’t come off for a while.]

“That’s insane! You must be joking! Are you a cursed armour or what!? Tell me about that first!”

I was screaming and Abe-senpai says it to me.

“That would be a problem. Because of the agreement for being a mascot, we need to have Honda-kun remain in the tennis-club until Dullahan’s head is cured.”

“So what are you telling me to do about it!”

“Then, how about we have Hyoudou-kun work in that state. Will that be okay, Rias-san?”

“Yes, I don’t mind if it is to help the tennis club. In that state, Kiyome-san won’t be able to do anything with Ise so I can feel safe about it.”

Buchou nods at Abe-senpai’s suggestion. Buchou! You are too cruel!


I had teary eyes and the ice gorilla was gazing at me with burning eyes. Eh…… What is that reaction…..?

“It seems like Christie got her heart taken away by Hyoudou-kun in armour during the match just now.”

Abe-senpai says something impossible! Uooooooo! That’s absurd! So you are telling me that our strong will brought victory to us along with a tragedy!?

High school dxd v8 131.jpg


Goristie approaches me while having her eyes in the shape of a heart! I felt danger so I ran! Honda seemed like he felt the same way as me, so we ran very fast!

But Goristie followed us with threatening speed by knuckle-walking! Fuck off! Why are you also that fast, damn ice gorillaaaaa!

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I don’t want a gorilla to fall for meeeeeeeeeeee!”

Like this, I became a mascot of the tennis club for a while, and worked along with Goristie. It was a living hell because Goristie’s gaze was hot and the inside of Honda was also hot! During that time, Buchou completed her report safely. That is good.

Though for me, it was a summer in which I had the worst experience of my life………….

Life.5 Hell Teacher Azazel

Part 1

Greetings, everyone.

The school has just entered the summer holiday! I feel like enjoying this long holiday.

I feel that way, but I have my head held down because of the scene in front of me.

“Iche, carry me.”

The crimson haired little girl asks me to lift her up.

“Uu, carry me….”

Next to her, a blonde little girl is crying.

Little girls resembling Buchou and Asia are in front of me, and Buchou and Asia themselves aren’t anywhere in the house!

When I woke up this morning, both of them were gone and I was having trouble because instead there are two little girls…..

But, these girls, I know it’s insane but are they….. When I was being suspicious of this situation….


Someone was knocking on the door.

“Ise-kun, Rias, Asia-chan, it’s morning you know?”

The one who enters my room is Akeno-san.

“Ara-ara…… so many children.”

That was Akeno-san’s response after seeing this scene.

“U-Umm, Akeno-san, I really don’t understand……”

I am getting my cheeks pulled and having my hair messed up by the two little girls. Akeno-san puts her hand on her cheek and begins thinking for a while, and then she says with a smile,

“It’s summer holiday, but let’s call all the club members to this house.”

Like this, it was decided to have an emergency meeting of the Occult Research Club.

Part 2

With Vice President Akeno-san’s single call, the Occult Research Club members gathered in the living room of my house.

Everyone is looking at the children with weird expressions. The girl who looks like Asia is hiding behind me, and the girl who looks like Buchou is sitting on my lap. It seems like they have become attached to me.

“But, they sure do look like Buchou and Asia.”

Xenovia looks at the two little girls while tilting her head.

“More like, I think they are Buchou and Asia-san.”

Kiba says.

“Are you serious, Kiba? So these two are really Buchou and Asia after all?”


Kiba affirms clearly, and nods his head.

I did have a vague feeling they were. They are Buchou and Asia no matter how you look at them. But, why did they turn into little girls? I can’t help but think that they lost their memories as well. However, I don’t think they've completely lost their memories since they called me “Iche”…..

“……I think there was a technique that turns you into little girls.”

Koneko-chan said it quietly as if she remembered something.

“Koneko-chan, is there really a technique like that?”

“Yes, since devils can change their appearances depending on their demonic powers.”

The one who answered me is Akeno-san who is pouring tea. She continues and gives me more of an explanation.

“You know how it’s said in legends that devils appear in the form of an old lady or small child? That is exactly true, and devils can change their appearance to their liking when they have reached a certain age. It’s normal for a middle-aged woman to have a younger appearance in the world of devils. In comparison, the majority of men tend to have the appearance of their true age.”

I see, I see. So you can make your appearance look how you desire depending on how you use your demonic powers.

Then, Buchou and Asia turned into little girls by using demonic powers…… and what were they trying to do?

“Though, even in those cases you don’t lose your memories…..”

Akeno-san put her hand on her forehead while having a troubled expression.

“This is the rebound of the technique.”

Azazel-sensei says while drinking tea.


Sensei nods at my question.

“Yeah, when someone with a high richness of demonic power uses a technique they are not familiar with, sometimes they make a big mistake with it. So, the techniques comes back at them.”

“Then Buchou failed at using the technique? It also seems like they lost their memories.”

“It seems like it. Because of the kickback of the technique, they also had their memories sealed along with temporarily turning into children. But for a devil such as Rias to make a mistake... She probably imagined something else strongly while activating the technique. Anyway, to revert them back to normal we either have to wait for a while or we need to have someone with the power of anti-spell.”

For Buchou to fail a technique……. Seriously, what happened?

Even if I look at the mini-Buchou sitting on my lap, she just tilts her head dubiously.

“Iche, you have a weird face.”

But, she really is cute! It means that this is her when she was a child, right? No wonder her brother loves her so much!

“Uu, Asia also wants to sit……”

From behind me, the teary-eyed mini-Asia says that while looking at the mini-Buchou sitting on my lap, with envious eyes. Aaaaah, even this one is cute! She’s so innocent that my desire as her guardian is becoming very high! That’s weird. I don’t have a slight fetish towards lolis……

Is this perhaps the love that fathers have towards their daughters? Or is it brotherly love towards a sister? Either way, mini-Buchou and mini-Asia are little girls who have more impact than I can imagine!

“B-Buchou and Asia-senpai……. they are so adorable……”

The one who says that timidly is Gasper.

“Yeah, Gasper. Try making both of them laugh.”

I say something that a senior would say. Gasper is shocked but nods his head slowly.

He then searches inside his bag and…… he took out a paper bag. …….. I have a bad feeling about this.


Gasper made holes in the paper bag using his index-finger and middle-finger….


And then wears it over his head! I knew it!

“Look, Buchou, Asia-senpai. It’s a paper bag~. You get a hundred times more courage when you wear this.”

The two sparkling red eyes which appear from the holes in the paper bag are directed towards the two little girls.



Mini-Buchou and Asia cling to me, and they are shaking! Just as I thought! They are scared! ‘Paper-bag Gasper’ is a no-no!

By the way, ‘Paper-bag Gasper’ is the power-up form I gave to the hikikomori-vampire, who has a phobia of other people. By wearing the paper-bag, his heart gets stronger so he can confront other people!

But his appearance will turn into that of a pervert, and he becomes a monster who causes great fear to others! That is the end of my explanation!

“Heeeeeeeeeeeey! You! Gaspeeeeeer!”

I hit the paper-bag pervert away! Of course! What the heck are you doing!?

“W-W-W-W-What are you doing……!?”

Gasper protests as if he doesn’t understand.

“It’s not “What are you doing”! What are you trying to do by approaching Buchou and Asia while turning into your paper-bag form!? They will get scared! You are really scary in that!”

“N-No… I just wanted to tell them that by wearing the paper-bag you will overflow with courage.”

“It won’t! From other people’s perspective, you just look like a perv who is approaching little girls! Damn it! I was dumb for asking you!”

“….. Uu, it was scary.”

“I’m not scared! Rias never cries!”

Asia is shaking and Buchou is acting strong, while clinging to me. They sure are cute!

“Oh, it’s alright. It’s okay now, since I have taken down Gasper~”

I pat both of their heads gently.

“Uu, Senpai is horrible. I’m going to shut myself in!”

‘Cardboard Vampire’ is Gasper’s stationary mode. When this cross-dressing boy with a pure heart - who has a phobia of other people - has something happen to him, he escapes into the cardboard box, and he shuts himself in his own world! Don’t copy him everyone! You might get exported by mistake!

“However, Buchou and Asia-chan certainly are adorable. Maybe it might be alright if Ise-kun and I raise them like this.”

Akeno-san says it with enjoyment.

“Me and Akeno-san?”

“Yes. Ise-kun will be the father and I will be their mother. That would make us husband and wife.”

“Husband and wife!?”

Hearing those keywords, I started to imagine a scene in my mind.

High school dxd v8 141.jpg

[I’m back.]

I return home from work.

[Ara-ara, welcome home, dear.]

The one who appears in the entrance is Akeno-san in an apron!

[Papa! Welcome home!]

[Papa, play with me!]

The ones who welcome me back are mini-Buchou and mini-Asia.

[Hey, you, two. Papa is tired from work, so you can’t be reckless, okay?]

[No~! I’m going to play with Papa!]

[Asia was waiting like a good girl!]

[Akeno, it’s okay. Now, my daughters, let’s play together. Hahahaha.]

[Mou, you are too soft on these two.]

……..Wonderful. It’s really wonderful. I would admire that situation. A lifestyle like that might be good!

“……Ise-senpai, you are drooling while having lecherous eyes. ……. It seems like he went to a world of his own.”

“Hahahaha, he must have experienced that lifestyle within his head. Ise-kun sometimes goes away from the real world.”

Koneko-chan and Kiba are talking like that. Ah, even if it was just temporarily, I imagined a wonderful lifestyle.

While doing something like that, Azazel-sensei stands up and then says,

“Well, I will look for a way to dispel it. You guys also look for a way. You guys would be in trouble if it stays like this right? Let’s call each other when we find out something, so we'll split up temporarily.”


Every club member apart from me responds to Sensei.

Ara? We are splitting temporarily? So we don’t have any solution right now?

“I will start by checking back from the traces of Rias’s demonic powers. I will check Ise-kun’s room, which was the place the technique was activated.”

Akeno-san heads to my room after saying that.

“Then, how about Koneko-chan and I start looking from other places then.”


Kiba and Koneko-chan also leave the room!

“Fumu. I don’t understand anything about demonic powers. Then, I will train Gasper. Hey, vampire. Come out of the cardboard box. If not, I will cut you.”

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Xenovia-senpai is bullying me!”

Xenovia exits the room while carrying the screaming cardboard box.

“So then, I will leave these two to you for a bit, Ise.”

Sensei also goes! I am left behind in the living room with the two little girls.

“……….. I-I’m a baby-sitter then, huh.”

“Iche, play with me.”

“…..Carry me.”

I carry both of them, and become lost at the current situation.

Part 3



“Yeah, it sure is cute.”

I was outside while holding both their hands. They take interest in anything that appears in front of us, and they pulled me towards everywhere.

I was urged by them when they said “I want to go outside!”, so like that we went out……. So what did these two want to do after all……..?

For now, our destination is the convenience store in our neighborhood. It felt like they would be satisfied if I buy them ice cream.

But, even Buchou who is a very noble Onee-sama is now a normal little girl. Even the quiet Asia is now spoiled and disobedient.

But they are cute so it’s OK! …….But I did think raising a child would be difficult.

“Ah! It’s Ise!”

I heard a familiar voice from another direction. When I looked, I saw my mates Matsuda and Motohama.

It’s summer holiday, so were they heading towards my house from noon? But I sure did meet up with annoying guys….

“What are you doing….~Wait, children!?”

“Hey hey, what are those little kids!?”

They both got shocked after seeing Buchou and Asia. Well, obviously.

“D-Don’t tell me, they are Ise’s children!?”

“Judging from the hair colour, they are from Rias-senpai and Asia-chan….?”

They started to guess something! They came up with the conclusion of them being my children!

“There’s no way that I have kids!”

I don’t want to have kids when I didn’t even do baby-making! I wanted to say that, but stopped. As I am living with bishoujo, I want to remain as the embodiment of their jealousy!

I tried to make excuses, but they continue with their delusion.

“From their appearance they are about 3 or 4 years old…… Ise is 17 right now right? ……..Is it just possible then?”

“Are you serious!? T-That guy acted as if he doesn’t have any experience, and you are telling me he was laughing at us behind our backs….?”

Matusda and Motohama look at me while putting on a serious expression which I can’t describe.

“Wa-wait a sec! Y-You guys, what are you calculating!? What are you guys imagining!?”

“It’s an emergency meeting! It’s me! [Case D] occurred! It’s [Case D]!”

Matsuda called somewhere after calling somewhere! W-Where are you calling!? What is [Case D]!?


Motohama takes a photo of mini-Buchou and mini-Asia! Heeeey! What are you taking!?

“Matsuda! We have the proof! Now, let’s head towards the hall of [Ise Extermination Committee]!

“Hell yeah! Ise! Prepare yourself after the meeting is over! We are always wishing for your misfortune!”

My mates leave this place really quickly! I tried to call them back!

“Hey! What do you mean by Extermination committee and wishing for my misfortune!? Wait! Where are you guys going while leaving your best mate here!?”


What I heard from afar is such a heartless word.

Part 4

……I think, I’m a bit exhausted. I was dead tired inside the living room, after coming back from the convenience store.

“It’s cold.”


Mini-Buchou and mini-Asia were eating their ice cream deliciously. But, this is a problem. I’m scared that another weird rumour about me might start in my class after the summer holiday is over!

I was holding my head down and Azazel-sensei appeared in front of me.

“I found the way to dispell it.”

Sensei was dressed up as an explorer. He hands me a western-style looking sword and steel shield. Huh? What is this?

“We will gather ingredients with the power of darkness within them. There is a medicine which will dispell the spell on them by mixing those ingredients. That’s why, Ise, let’s get going!”

Azazel-sensei points in a direction while enjoying himself.

“Huh? Go? To where?”

I was full of suspicions, and Kiba comes in and explains.

“We found the way to turn Buchou and Asia-san back to normal. First we found the magic-spell used from the trace of demonic-power in your room, and we are currently finding the way to dispell it by reading the spell backwards. This was also mentioned in one of the documents Sensei brought, so it would be okay if Akeno-san or I am present. It’s just a matter of time.”

Hmm, I see. So the spell used by Buchou could be solved huh.

Sensei then adds additional explanation.

“That alone would be enough, but we decided to make a medicine to dispell the spell as well. But for that we need ingredients, so you and I will be gathering them.”

“You say gathering ingredients but where are we going?”

“To various locations. Akeno, you come as well. If you and I go, we can support Ise.”

Akeno-san put on an unpleasant face after being called by Sensei. Akeno-san doesn’t seem to get along with Sensei that well.

“…….I don’t feel satisfied by having you say that to me, but this is all for Buchou, Asia-chan, and Ise-kun. I will go with you.”

Akeno-san affirmed it while crossing her arms. Oh, her elbows are touching her breasts!

“Sensei, how about me?”

Xenovia asks while dragging Gasper. Gasper……So you were being trained by her huh.

“You train Gasper.”

“Roger. Now let’s go, Gasper. Next we will train on how to dodge the wave of the holy sword Durandal.”

“Hiiiiiiii! I will be vampire-hunted for real this time!”

Xenovia leaves while dragging Gasper who had a pale-white face. Xenovia, you seem to be enjoying it. Gasper, get stronger.

“Iche, where are we going?”

“…..Don’t leave us.”

Buchou and Asia pull the cuff of my trousers. Hmm, what should I do….

“Well, we will take them with us. I will be coming as well, so we won’t get into that much of a dangerous situation.”

Certainly, having the unbeatable Governor-sama will insure our safety…..

Like this, we started to gather the ingredients, by using the fallen-angel style transport magic circle for long-range distance purposes.

It started, but……..


A dangerous roar is aimed at me!

In the depths of the mountain of some country, I was confronting a massive monster while wielding a sword and shield!

The enemy is called a Minotaur and is a humanoid-shaped monster with the head of a bull! It’s about 4 to 5 meters tall and it is very big! It has thick arms and chest! It has a head of a bull but it has fangs! It isn’t a herbivore! It’s definitely a carnivorous bull!

I’m the only one who is having such a dangerous situation!


A sound vibrated through the air! The battle-axe that the Minotaur has was bigger than me! And it just swung that at me! I will be killed! If I get hit by that, it will cut my body in half with one swing!

The first ingredient. Apparently that is Minotaur’s liver! But it seems like my liver is the one which is being hunted!

“Hey, Ise, go all out!”

The one who said that is Sensei who is preparing for a nabe[15]!

“Sensei! I will be killed! There is no way I can take on this thing!”

I scream and yell for help! Of course! There’s no way I can beat a bull monster with a sword like thissssss!

“What are you saying? Show your love for Rias and Asia~. I will just watch over you with warm eyes from here.”

The Governor-sama says that while checking dashi[16] for the pot! What the fuck are you doing! You even took out a table and a set of stoves!

“Azazel-sensei, I have cut the ingredients.”

“Oh, Akeno, thanks. We now have to wait for that idiot to beat the bull. It would be okay if he gets its liver. Let’s eat the other parts then.”

“I haven’t eaten Minotaur’s meat before.”

“The Minotaur from around here taste amazing. Once you eat it, you will get addicted to it. I even think it is the same as Matsusaka beef. Hey, Rias and Asia, here are your plates.”



“OOOOOOOOI! Why are you guys having a situation like that of a family while I’m having a life and death situation right next to you!? I’m about to be killed by the so-called Matsusaka bull!”

I was put in an absolute demise while avoiding the attacks from Minotaur!

“Rias, Asia, the butcher will be bringing the meat soon. Lucky you~”

“Sensei! The so-called Butcher is about to be killed! I will be killed by the bull! This bull is strong! I will be killed before I deliver the meat!”

Uwa! The battle-axe which came down makes a big hole on the ground! I can’t even stop a single one of those attacks!

“Help me even just a bit! You are the “Governor of Fallen-Angels”, so doesn’t that make you something like a Last-Boss of films and such!?”

“Yeah. I’m strong. If it’s a RPG game, I would be the hidden-boss which appears after you have beaten the game. And someone like that is your ally, so you guys are really lucky.”

“Then please help me! I will get killed if I have to fight a monster by myself!”

“Then that will be boring~. If I shoot out a beam from my hand and defeat the monster, then the monster will be defeated in a few lines of a novel, you know?”

Azazel released a light from his hand.

The bull died.

Item received.

“Look, it finished in a few lines. It’s boring.”

“It’s okay to be boring! Governor-sama who is a bazillion times stronger than me! Please have merccccccy!”

While we were talking like that, I can hear the earth rumbling from a far!

When I looked……a group of Minotaur are heading this way!


Groups of Matsusaka beef are heading this way! Did it come to help its kind after realising it was battling!? I will seriously get killed this time! I’m going to be eaten by the bulls!

“Ara-ara, it came in a herd.”

Akeno-san has a troubled face! Next to her, Sensei put on a troublesome expression.

“Chi, so noisy.”

He points his finger to the herd…..


A ray of light comes from his finger and……


now While making a super big explosion, the herd of Minotaur and their surroundings were blown away!

It’s so insane! It certainly was an attack of a last boss!

“Hmph. The burdens are now gone, Ise. Fight to your heart's content.”

Sensei puts his thumb up! That isn’t it! That isn’t what I mean! If there were so many of them, you can get as many livers as you want! He turned all of them into ashes! He really did finish it in a few lines!

“The beam just now, can you shoot at least one of them this way!? The battle will end with that! Also, among the herd just now there were much bigger ones than the one I am battling!?”

“Just fight. Last-Boss-sensei!!”

I might be lucky or unlucky. The Minotaur became scared from the attack just now! I know how you feel! Scary right!? It would definitely be scary if someone like a last-boss is amongst your enemy!

But I kept the sympathy inside me and went slashing at it thinking this was a chance.

Part 5

I somehow obtained the Minotaur’s liver and we arrived in a different country.

In front of us was Akeno-san, wearing a thin cloth!

“Is this okay?”

The fascinating body stimulates me! Aaah, like I thought, Akeno-san’s oppai are big! The white thighs shown from the slit! Her beautiful legs are wonderful!

“Yeah, unicorns only open up to pure virgins.”

Just like Sensei said, we came to get a Unicorn’s horn this time. We are in a forest, in front of a beautiful lake. Apparently Unicorns appear before pure girls without any bit of filth.

Like that Akeno-san was selected for this role, and we are hiding in the shadows, killing our breath while waiting for the Unicorn to appear. Apparently that thin cloth is something which keeps in the demonic-power of a devil. It was prepared by Azazel-sensei because he thought that Unicorns might not approach a devil woman. Akeno-san stood in front of the lake, and we looked at her from the shadows. Buchou and Asia are sitting on my lap quietly. Yeah, you two are good girls.

Sensei then says quietly.

“Hmm, it might be weird if it’s coming from me, but I do think that Akeno has quite the erotic body.”

Sensei says it while looking at Akeno-san seriously. Rather than looking at her lecherously, it was a gaze of familial affection, as if he is happy about the growth of his daughter or sister.

“I agree. Why does she have such an erotic body?”

“Akeno also carries the blood of fallen-angels. There are so many erotic fallen-angel women.”

“Are you for real!?”

Certainly the fallen-angel women I met before had erotic bodies.

“Yeah, it’s one of their jobs to fascinate men from another kind. Their body becomes something which would be highly craved by men. But, even if you compare them, Akeno is exceptional. You, if you can get her, then definitely take her.”

“W-Well, if I can, then I definitely would…..”

“Yeah. Even if I’m like this, I also have the role to watch over her. I feel relieved after hearing you say that.”

Sensei started nodding by himself. What’s going on…..

“? H-Haa, is that so….”

“Iche, you have a perverted face~”


I’m having my cheeks pulled by the two little girls. It seems like they are mad. What happened to these two little girls…..

“Uu, please don’t pull.”

“Looks like you will have many difficulties. –Oh, it appeared.”

High school dxd v8 c007-008.jpg

When I looked, a white skinned horse appeared near the lake! It really does have a horn growing out if it's head.

“Since ancient times, a unicorn’s horn has been heavily treasured as a medicine to cure everything. It also has the effect to dispell a spell. That’s why we are going to take it.”

“Is it okay? Will it grow back?”

“It won’t be a problem, since we will put medicine on it, so it will have its horn growing back.”

Ah, so even the after-care is done properly.

The Unicorn approaches Akeno-san. The moment Akeno-san’s hand touches it….


Akeno-san karate chopped the Unicorn’s neck! Because the Unicorn had its guard down, it fell down on the spot.

After confirming it, we got out of the shadows.

I’m sorry Unicorn.

Even if she looks like this, Akeno-san is a devil.

First it was a bull, and now a horse. Maybe the next target is a pig.

That time, I was…..foolish.

Part 6

The ingredient we came for…..was the worst!


Right in front of me, a monster which is more than 15 metres tall made a roar. A red scaled monster which has both wings spread…..A dragon!

“This is a Flame-Dragon. A dragon which represents fire. The scales growing from its back is the last ingredient we are looking for,”

Sensei explains, calmly!

Impossible! It’s impossible! No matter how you look at it, this is a monster! Uwaaaaaah! Are matured dragons this big!? I have seen a baby dragon before! Asia’s familiar is a mini-dragon. He is so small that you can carry him. And this guy isn’t something you can carry!

A sword like this would be like a tooth pick against him!

“……S-Sensei….. This is a bit……”

“The dragon which is residing in you is far stronger than this one. Show me that you can do something about it.”

Inside me, I have the legendary dragon……the power of the Sekiryuutei is residing in me. It’s certainly true! But I still can’t use the power properly, and it would be impossible for me to fight this guy!


The dragon released a humongous amount of fire from its gigantic mouth!


I could only just run around while crying! I will be burnt black if I get hit by even one of those!

It will be hot! Seriously hot! More like, why am I having so many near death experiences today!?

“Hey, Sensei! If I think about it, you and Akeno-san came with me today to support me right!?”

I’m sure he said that before we went around different places! But until now I haven't had any support yet!

“Before, you saw Akeno’s erotic appearance right?”


Of course, I saved it into my brain!

“With that our job is done.”


My eyes were about to pop out because of what I was just told! For real!? That’s it!? I was happy, and it was certainly wonderful! But!

“Sensei, it’s too cruel no matter how I think about it.”

Akeno-san argues! Aaah, to be expected from Akeno-san! She’s so kind!

“Who cares. You also want to see the cool side of Ise right?”

“………….T-That is certainly true, but…”

Huh? Akeno-san is going to be convinced with that!?

I was dodging the dragon’s fire-breath and tail whip while being shocked about it! But you will need strength even to dodge! Crap, I’m losing my breath!

“Sensei! I will be killed! My stamina won’t laaaaaaaaaaaaast!”

Maybe my desperate pleading reached him, so Sensei said “Fine then” while shaking his head to the side!

“It can’t be helped! Come ouuuuuuut!”

Azazel-sensei clicks his fingers, and a gigantic magic-circle appears on the ground. Something very big appears from it while emitting black pulses!

“What the heck is thiiiiiiis!”

What appeared from the magic-circle is a humanoid-type super robot which is the same size as the dragon!

Wait, a robot!? My view of the world changed!

“Where did it come from!? Outer-space!?”

“From the secret basement located under Kuou Academy’s pool! That’s the promised setting right!”

Sensei says it while making a wink!

“Don’t customise our school like you want!”

So he was making a thing like this below the pool we swim in! If Buchou who is the shadow ruler of the school finds out about this, she will snap!

“This is a devil-helping robot and I created it using fallen-angels technology! It’s the Maouga[17]! I was asked by Sirzechs! It’s powered by the hatred of humans which is flowing within the whole World! Hatred is overflowing in this world, so this is ecology!”

Sensei who was standing on the robot’s shoulder gives an explanation like that.

“Ma-Maougaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? It’s definitely from a different series! It came out in the wrong story! More like, what do you mean by the hatred being its energy!? It’s evil! No matter how you think about it, it is a weapon used by villains! Why did Sirzechs-sama ask you to make such a thing!? Why did he have to ask this evil-governor of all people!?”

“Small details are unnecessary. What’s important is the flow and how you do things. Let’s go, Maouga! Absorb the hate of people! You are the master piece created by this world of darkness!”

Maouga aims its arm at the dragon. Like I thought, your imagination is evil, Sensei!

“Eat this! Rocket punch!”

When Sensei shouted…..


The arm had fire coming from it, and it was released forward! It really is a rocket punch!


The rocket punch which went ahead very fast was easily dodged by the dragon, and disappeared to the other side of the sky.


Huh? This is it? More importantly……

“Sensei. U-Umm, I just want to ask you something…..”


“T-The rocket punch which went flying, will it not come back?”

Sensei closes his eyes for a while at my question.

“………….. Like this, the hatred in the World disappeared.”

He replied back with a refreshing smile!

“I don’t understand what you mean! Wait, the rocket punch is continuing to fly!? That isn’t ecology!”

Where did the rocket punch fly off to!? Don’t tell me it hit a country somewhere!? Aaaaah, to the people living in that country! I’m sorry for the fact that a gigantic fist suddenly came flying!

“How sad. After all, robots are just weapons….. Sirzechs, can you hear me? How many more times do we have to taint our hands in evil to escape from this way of life…….?”

“Don’t say something like that with such a sad expression! By the way I will ask you this just in case, but which is stronger between Maouga and Sensei?”

“Of course it’s me!”

Sensei pointed at himself confidently!

“Then don’t make it! It’s a waste of money! You alone would be stronger even just by firing a beam!”

“There are even days for me when I can’t use beams.”

“You used it just before!”

While Sensei and I were arguing, the dragon tried to assault us while making a roar “Gaaaaaao!”!

“Shut up!”


A light came from the snapped Sensei’s hand!


A monster sized dragon fell on the ground from just a single hit! Look! I wasn’t needed after all! Maouga also wasn’t needed!

“Hmph. There’s no way that a mere wild dragon can even lay a finger on me.”

Like this, thanks to our… No, thanks to Sensei the ingredients were all gathered.

Seriously, it would have been enough if it was just Sensei alone, but why am I in this worn out state……?

Part 7

I was somehow able to return home.

We gathered the ingredients. I was tired. In both my body and soul.

How many times did I think I was going to die today…..?

From what I heard, Buchou and Asia performed a ceremony in my room, which failed and they were turned into little girls as a result.

This time, to do something opposite of that ceremony, it was decided to do the spell where the spell they used was activated.

We made Buchou and Asia sit in the centre of a dispell magic-circle, and we had them drink the fluid which had the ingredients we gathered crushed in it.



Both of them drank the fluid while having teary eyes.

“Now, what’s left is for me to activate the spell, and return both of them back to normal.”

Akeno-san sent her demonic-powers to the magic circle, and the magic-circle glowed.

Oh, so with this Buchou and Asia will revert back to normal. It felt very long indeed…..

I took a breath, and Sensei talked to me.

“Hey, Ise.”


“What would you do if you could only revert one of them back to normal, due to the medicine and solution for dispelling?”

He questioned me. I didn’t think about anything and answered him immediately.

“I will double it with the Boosted Gear, and make it twice as strong for both of them!”

Hearing that, Sensei laughs.

“Hahahaha! So you answer like that without thinking! Good answer! Yeah, that’s exactly right. You are capable of doing that. If you are a legendary dragon, then you can save both of them.”


I was confused, but it’s the truth that I will save both of them no matter what.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii! Ise-senpai! Please save meeeeeeee! I’m going to be killed by Xenovia-senpai~!”

The one who suddenly entered the room was Gasper. It seems like he was being chased around by Xenovia….

“Mu! Don’t run! I’m just telling you to drink a nutrient juice with lots of garlic inside!”

Xenovia came chasing after Gasper while holding a cup of creepy coloured juice.

-Wait! Gasper is running this way!

“Ise-senpai save meeeeeee!”

H-He’s going to crash into me…….


I get pushed back to the magic-circle with the tackle from Gasper and Xenovia!


The magic-circle glowed, and it releases a single flash.

After that, the ones who appear at the centre of the magic-circle are the usual Buchou and Asia.

“…..Looks like we were able to revert back to normal.”

“Auuu, I’m back to normal.”

I’m glad! Both of them are back to their usual selves! Buchou with big oppai and the adorable Asia!

“So, why did this happen?”

Sensei asks them. Buchou and Asia looked at each other shyly, and then tell us.

“…..For quite some time, Asia and I were very interested about Ise when he was a child. And there was a spell which could turn a person into a child temporarily…….”

“You tried it, and the spell rebounded huh. Geez.”

Sensei made a sigh as if he was astonished. Buchou and Asia put on an apologetic expression.

Wait, so they were trying to make me into a kid huh. Ah, if I remember correctly both of them went crazy when they saw the old album with photos of me. So that’s why.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

Both of them bow their head down.

“It’s okay. I’m glad both of you are back.”

I replied with a smile.

“Ise…….. We still have our memory from when we were turned into children.”

“Yes. Ise-san treated us very importantly.”

“You worked so hard for us until you were beaten down that much…..”

“I was happy……”

Arara, it seems like they are looking at me with soggy eyes? If they act like that, I will feel embarrassed instead.

Huh? Is it me or are Buchou and Asia bigger now?

And the surroundings are bigger…… Was everyone this big? I was troubled with how to react, and Sensei says to me with a smile.

“So, this time it is your turn huh. Hahahaha, you are tiny!”


I made a dumbfounded sound. I started to feel uneasy and looked at my hand and…….they are small!?

I looked into the mirror inside the room, and what reflects is me in the form of a child!!

“Whaaaaaaaaat is thisssssssss!?”

I screamed and Sensei says with a mischievous smile.

“Just now, when you were pushed into the magic circle, it seems like a weird spell was activated.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeh!? So this time it’s me!? But I still have my memory!?”

“It looks like the spell worked on you properly. You are lucky, Rias, Asia.”

All the club members put on a expression of joy when they heard Sensei!

“Iyaaan! Ise! You are cute like I thought!”

Buchou hugs me tightly! I’m not a doll so you shouldn’t be saying “Iyaaan!”!

“Bu…Buchou-san! Please let me hug him as well!”

“Ara ara, then please allow me after Asia-chan.”

It seems like Asia and Akeno-san are deeply emotional as well!? Their eyes are sparkling!

“Ise, I think you are cute as well.”

“I….I also feel the same way.”

Xenovia and Gasper who were the culprits say that timidly while putting their hands up! Apologise! Apologise to me this instant! If I’m this small, then I won’t be able to go outside! How can I tell this to mum and dad! It’s a big problem!

“Then, you should be alright in that state for a while. It seems like Rias, Asia and Akeno are happy as well. No one is unfortunate in this.”

Sensei says something horrible! It seems like I will be super unfortunate!

“Wait! What about those ingredients!?”

“There’s none left.”

Sensei answers with a mischievous smile! What! How can you be so heartless!?

“Sensei! Please go and get the ingredients! You can do that immediately with your power right!?”

“Don’t wanna. I already had plenty of fun today. You just endure being in that state for a while. I’m leaving.”

Sensei is really horrible! He definitely worked today to have fun! I just ended up being unfortunate today!

“Then, I will be leaving now.”

“……I also have to do my research project so I will be leaving as well.”

Kiba and Koneko-chan are also going home!? What is this!? This is just a sad story about me now!

“No, I don’t want this! Someone save meeeeeee!”

Our summer holiday just started. But it’s scary because it seems like I am the only one who will be unfortunate!

Life.6 300 Ise

Part 1

Right now, I’m inside a mysterious capsule!

“Hahahaha, seriously, you came in at a good time, Ise.”

The one activating the device while laughing cheerfully is Azazel-sensei!

When I entered Sensei’s laboratory bringing tea, I was thrown in here when he said “Oh, good timing”! I don’t understand!


Even if I bang from inside the capsule, it won’t even budge!

“What are you trying to do, Sensei!”

“Well, there was something I wanted to try for a bit, and I was troubled because I didn’t have a test subject. And you happened to come by to bring tea, so I just felt like it.”

“You ‘felt like it’!? So you decided to throw your student inside because you ‘felt like it’!”

“Everything comes with a sacrifice.”

“Eh!? It’s determined that I’m to be sacrificed!? No, let me out! Nooooooo!”

I beg for help, but the device is activated! There is an identical capsule next to this one! But nothing is inside. So I’m the only one inside the capsule!

“Wait, what kind of experiment is this!?”

When Sensei turned around at my question and tried to answer….


A single flash and explosion occurred.

Cough! Cough!

…….Uu, so much smoke. I was released from the capsule without realising it.

When I looked, the capsule I was inside is broken. Did it explode because the experiment failed?

The room was messed up because of the explosion and so many things are broken. When I look around the room, Sensei is no where to be seen. He must have got bored because his experiment failed.

I wanted to make a complaint to him. He is a disgrace to teachers since he used his student as his test subject! Just to be expected from the Boss of the fallen-angels. He sure has an evil way of thinking.

“Geez, that Azazel-sensei. He just left me after his experiment ended.”

I left Sensei’s laboratory after saying that.

The place I am currently in is the old-school building of Kuou Academy.

While heading to the club room….


The voice of a girl! This voice belongs to Asia!

When I headed towards where the scream came from…...there was Asia fully naked!


I got a strong nosebleed. Hmm! Like I thought, Asia-chan sure did develop quite a lot since I first met her! Your brother is so happy!

“You are h-horrible, Ise-san. For you to suddenly tear my clothes….”

Asia complains to me with teary eyes.

Eh……? I was told something from Asia which I have no knowledge of. I certainly do have a move limited to girls which blows the clothes of those I touch called Dress Break.

But there is no way I would use it against Asia, and I don’t remember using it now.

“Hey, stop right there Ise!”

This time it’s Xenovia’s voice who seems to be chasing someone.

I looked wondering what was going on and…..I saw myself coming from the corner! Wait, why am I in front of me!?

The guy who looks like me had a lecherous face while having a nosebleed, and he disappeared somewhere after going passed me and Asia.

Xenovia, who is chasing him, then appears. –Wait, Xenovia is also naked!

She is holding a weapon in her hand. After looking around, she caught me with her gaze and came at me, closing in while having her oppai shake. –And that’s while she is holding the Holy-sword!

Devils will die if slain by a holy-sword!

“What is the meaning of not doing anything to me when you have stripped me naked!”

You are angry for that reason!? Xenovia who I can never understand tries to assault me!

“Stop right there, both of you.”

A sudden voice. Xenovia stops her hand and the holy-sword stops right in front of me.

When I turned around, Akeno-san was standing there. She came bringing Azazel-sensei and someone who looks just like me!

Part 2

“The whole academy is filled with Ise.”

An emergency meeting of the Occult Research Club. Buchou puts her hand on her forehead and said it while making a sigh.

All the club members stood at the side of the window, and we were looking at the situation of the new school building through binoculars.

-There are so many of me!

There are me’s throughout the school and they are chasing after the girls who still remained on campus even after school ended, and they were using Dress Break on the girls!

“The groups of Ise are going around making the girls from this school naked.”

Buchou who is next to me put on a troubled face.

Koneko-chan gave strong intensity by breaking the binoculars!

“……. I was assaulted by them when I was on my way here. I didn’t understand the situation then, but I beat it up.”

Hiiiiiiiii! Scary! Koneko-sama is mad! But I don’t remember doing that! More like, what are all those me’s!?

“What should we do with this one here that we caught earlier?”

Akeno-san looked at the corner of the room.

There was a cage, and there is someone who looks just like me inside it!

“This one is the one who made Asia-chan and Xenovia-chan naked.”

Akeno-san tries to touch my look alike who is inside the cage….

“Please show me your oppai! Oppai!”

He said while putting on a lecherous face and is trying to assault Akeno-san! Wow, they are dangerous!

“Be careful, you guys. Especially the girls. Ise’s copies have stronger sexual desire than the original.”

Azazel-sensei said.

“T-then this Ise-san destroyed our clothes?”

“I see, maybe it does have a more lecherous face than usual.”

Asia and Xenovia who changed into new uniforms were looking at my copy with keen eyes. I’m happy that the misunderstanding of me stripping them got through to them. I wouldn’t dare to use Dress Break on Asia whom I adore as my little sister, nor Xenovia whom I still can’t come to understand.

W-well, there was certainly a time when I accidentally blew away Asia’s clothing in the past.

“Hey, Azazel. What were you trying to do in the experiment?”

Buchou asks Azazel-sensei.

“Well~, the doppelgänger went crazy while I was experimenting on it. So Ise’s copies increased. Though I activated the barrier around the academy immediately, so Ise’s doppelgängers wouldn’t be able to escape from here. I made sure the damage would be suppressed.”

Sensei who is sitting on the sofa says that!

“Eh~! You did such a thing for that experiment!? More like, what is a doppelgänger?”

Akeno-san answers my question.

“Doppelgänger has the meaning of “counterpart of a living person”, and it is a phenomenon where your copy appears in front of you.”

Then, those are my copies!? I multiplied during the experiment?

“Hahaha, Ise came into my room at a good time, so I felt like it. It would have been enough if I was able to make one copy of him, but I made a mistake. Then Ise’s doppelgängers, which had Ise’s sexual desire enhanced, were mass produced. Hahahaha! Man was I scared!”

“So, you say that the number of Ise’s increased but exactly how many of them are there?”

Buchou asks Sensei while putting her hand to her forehead and making a sigh.

“Roughly 300.”


Everyone became shocked at Sensei’s confession! Of course! I’m shocked that there are about 300 of my copies!

“No……Azazel-sensei! Do you understand what you have done!? Are you trying to take this academy down to the depths of darkness!? Ise-kun isn’t any ordinary hentai you know!?”

Kiba is really mad and you don’t see that often. Yeah. I think he just said something rude about me.

“……It’s a nightmare that the number of super-perverts increased.”

Koneko-chan also says that while shivering with rage! I can also feel the murderous intent towards me as well! Eh! It’s my fault!?

“Hiiiiiiii! For there to be 300 Ise-senpai…. I-I-I will be stripped~!”

Gasper screams from inside the cardboard! Fuck off! I would never strip a guy naked even by mistake!

“I would like to have at least one of them, but it would be no good if it is Ise-kun who is just lecherous. Like I thought, the real one is definitely the best.”

Akeno-san hugs me! The sensation of her huge oppai!

As to be expected from Akeno-san! She sure understands me!

“You are right. Anyway, we need to do something about it.”

Buchou says it while pinching my cheek. It hurts, Onee-sama……

Kiba then tells us after he spoke to someone over his mobile phone.

“There has already been damage caused to the academy. The majority of the girls who remained at school have received Dress Break, and their clothing was blown away. The Student Council, the Sitri group, are also getting rid of Ise-kun but most of the Student Council are girls so they are having a hard time.”

The Student Council are also devils like us. So they were communicating with Kiba huh. More than that, I’m very sorry for causing trouble! Sona-kaichou, Saji, I’m sorry!


Azazel-sensei created a small magic-circle in front of him, and he moves his fingers as if he’s using a touch panel.



It felt like a very bright flash covered the whole academy.

Sensei then says, after the light stops.

“Anyway, I made the remaining students go to sleep by force so the casualties won’t expand anymore than this. On top of that, I put a barrier over the girls so Ise won’t be able to go near them. So with this, Ise won’t be able to do naughty things to the sleeping girls.”

Seriously? Amazing, he did all that with that single flash. The power of the Governor of the fallen-angels has no limit.


Sensei receives applause and compliments from the girls.

…….What is this weird feeling I have right now. This isn’t about me, yet it feels like I’m being blamed for it!

Sensei got up and then told everyone.

“What’s left is to eliminate Ise. They should disappear like smoke if they receive damage.”

I know he isn’t saying it to me, but it feels like I am being treated like a pest when he said “eliminate”…..

“Well, 300 Ise’s are the same as pests. We need to exterminate them.”

“You said something I had in my mind! You are horrible, Sensei!”

To begin with, you are the cause of all this!

“It’s enough with just one Ise.”

“Yes, Buchou. It will cause damage if there are many of them. Let’s take down all of them.”

Buchou and Kiba are really eager to do this!

“…….Indeed the enemies of women. The worst phenomenon you can imagine. We need to take them down.”


Koneko-chan is really motivated to do this and she thrust her fist forward! The super-human girl who is usually emotionless is eager to do this!

Everyone seems like they don’t care what Sensei has done, and they are more focused on taking down my copies.

You guys are horrible! I’m the one who became the victim of all this! I’m going to cry!

“Okay, you guys. We will think of a plan. Don’t look down on the technology of fallen angels.”


Like this, the plan to defeat my doppelgängers started.

Part 3

Using the doppelgänger we caught before, a strategy was designed.

Doppelgänger says.

“I feel calm, when I look at o-oppai…… Give me o-oppai~”

He says something like a zombie that appeared in the zombie film dad showed me a long time ago….. But this is worse than I thought. Are you telling me that these guys have a deficiency disease towards oppai or something? Like that a strategy was made.

Strategy 1 - Fishing

“First, you have to prepare the fishing rod. And it will be completed if you use the porno mag as bait.”

Azazel-sensei gave out the fishing rods that have a porno magazine as bait.

Apparently we have to lure it out from the window of the clubroom, and wait till we catch my doppelgänger.

The offence team, which will be eliminating the doppelgängers caught, are stationed below. I’m also one of them and…..

N-No, is it really okay for the strategy to be this simple? I became dubious. Wait, this is the power of the fallen angel’s science technology!? This is something not only capable of junior schoolers but also nursery children as well!

“No matter how lecherous I am, I’m not so dumb as to jump into something so dangerous—“

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Porno!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“Porno magazine!”

“Let me read it!”

“It’s mine!”

There are so many doppelgängers that are being caught by the fishing rods used by the club members!? I was so shocked by what I was currently witnessing that my eyes were about to pop out! Eeeeeeh!? Is this really okay doppelgängers!?

“S-Sensei! They are biting at every cast!”

Kiba who is fishing seems very shocked at how much it worked.


Koneko-chan who is beating and eliminating every doppelgänger caught.

“……We have caught so many that it scares me.”

Yes it is! I’m also surprised as well, Koneko-chan!

“But, there are groups of Ise-senpai who are looking at the situation from the shadows!”

Gasper points at the doppelgängers hiding in the shadows. So there are also copies of me who are cautious.

“Use a manic porno magazine for those guys. They will come out.”

Sensei changes Gasper’s bait. No, I don’t think that will….. But even my thinking like that was…..

“Y-You are right! Amazing!”

Asia pulled the doppelgänger using a rare type of porno magazine!

Asia seems like she’s having a bit of fun even though she is shocked! Asia-chan, are you enjoying fishing using the porno magazines as bait!?

“……..Hentai eliminated.”


My adorable junior is continuing to beat up my doppelgängers without mercy!

“…….Even here!”


The super-human strengthened girl's fist even comes flying this way! She can’t see the difference between me and the doppelgängers!


Gough! …….I received a hit to my stomach! And that was a precise hit!

“…..Ko, Koneko-chan….. I’m… the real one....”

“I won’t be fooled. The real one has an even more lecherous face.”

How can this be! How does she look at me usually!?

“Koneko, it seems like that Ise is the real one. He won’t disappear even if he received an attack.”

Koneko-chan realised it after Xenovia who is also in the offence group supported my claim.

…..Uuu, it must be an unlucky day for me today.

Because of the fishing strategy, half of the doppelgängers have been dealt with……

My mixed feelings have yet to disappear……

Strategy 2 – Seduction

It was decided that we needed a second strategy.

“Looks like they won’t be caught with fishing anymore. Looks like even Ise started gaining a brain.”

Yeah. Azazel-sensei just said something quite horrible.

Sensei calls Akeno-san.


Being called by Sensei, the happy faced Akeno-san puts on an unpleasant expression. That’s because Akeno-san doesn’t get along with Sensei.

“What is it?”

“I have a plan. Your power is required for it.”

“…..I feel unsatisfied hearing that it’s your plan, but I will listen to what you have to say.”

Sensei whispers into Akeno-san’s ear. Hearing that, Akeno-san puts on a complicated expression.

“…..C-Certainly that might work.”

“I want to use Rias, but she would be better as a last resort. It’s you first.”


Akeno-san approved Sensei’s suggestion. Huh? What did they talk about?

Akeno-san used the power of devils, demonic-powers, to make what looks like a changing room appear in the corner of the room, and went inside it.

Is she going to get changed? When I was thinking like that……. Akeno-san wearing a bunny suit came ouuuuuuuut!!

The tights which are wrapping around her beautiful thighs! The erotic bunny suit which is suppressing her breasts! And it makes it perfect by her wearing bunny ears! Akeno-san already has an erotic body to begin with, and having her in a bunny suit has impact beyond any imagination!

“Hey, look. Even the real one has that reaction. This will have an insane effect you know?”

Sensei laughs looking at me since I had my eyes taken away by Akeno-san. That’s because it would be impossible not to be excited looking at Akeno-san in a bunny suit!

Akeno-san then says it loudly after leaving the old school building.

“Ise-kun! It’s your oppai here!”

High school dxd v8 191.jpg

A moment of silence. And right after that---

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Oppai!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The doppelgängers who didn’t come out during the fishing came out at once! You guys, where were you hiding!?

“Give me oppai!”

“Mine! It’s my oppai!”


All of them were saying naughty things, but their expressions are serious! How much do you guys crave for oppai! No, I’m also craving for it all the time as well!

The moment the doppelgängers try to attack Akeno-san—


The lightning flashed, and it envelops the doppelgängers. Oh! It’s Akeno-san’s lightning attack which she specialises in! The doppelgängers disappear immediately!

The effect is big. They don’t feel a thing about being eliminated and just try to jump at Akeno-san’s oppai.

Seeing a situation where they're jumping to meet their doom, the original me can’t stop tears from flowing out.

……..What are you guys doing……

The Akeno-san bunny strategy seems like it's working. I became heartless, and I felt empty inside. Hey, my doppelgängers. Are you guys happy? Having Akeno-san’s breasts in front of them, they ran with all their might putting their hopes on the line. And they were eliminated heartlessly.

“Ara-ara. If this was the real Ise-kun, I would have been happy…. I would have given service in this bunny costume. I’m very sorry, Ise-kun’s doppelgängers.”

Even I was moved by Akeno-san’s charming words that I want to jump into her arms, but I controlled myself.

Sensei walks next to me nodding his head, and putting his hand on my shoulder. His expression was that of sadness. But he is carrying a handycam.

“Can I send this video to my co-workers afterwards? This, is too hilarious.”

“I think that I wouldn’t be blamed even if I hit you.”

Sensei and I began beating each other on the spot.

I made a phrase.

-My self jumping into a fire of flashing lightning.

By Hyoudou Issei.

Strategy 3 – Governor of fallen-angels threat

There were half of the doppelgängers left before Akeno-san’s bunny girl strategy, but the number of them decreased drastically and there is less than ten of them left.

So, the strategy went into the last phase.

“Fuhaha! Foolish Ise!”

Azazel-sensei who is standing on the roof of the old school building! He is wearing the costumes worn by the boss of an evil organisation. He has twelve black fallen-angel wings growing out from his back, and he looks exactly like the boss of an enemy.

He then screams to my doppelgängers who are still hiding somewhere.

“Look at this!”

Buchou who is wearing a dress appears next to Sensei! She is in a princess in hostage mode. Well, you are a real princess after all, so you look beautiful in a dress!

This is the last strategy. Using Buchou who is my master as hostage to lure out the doppelgängers.

If Buchou was to be taken by the boss of all evil, then I would rescue her with my life! She is my master, and more than that she is the woman I love!

Either way, it is Sensei’s plan to use my love towards my master. How evil! To be expected from the boss of the fallen angel organisation!

“Kya~. Ise, help me~.”

But Buchou doesn’t seem like she is that eager about this. Even her speech is too obvious. Well, this does seem quite stupid.

Seeing that, Sensei sighs.

“Hey, Rias. Scream by putting more feeling into it. It’s so obvious you are acting that even I don’t feel like continuing this.”

“Even if you say that…. To begin with, will Ise’s doppelgängers really come out with something like this?”

It’s just like Buchou said, and the remaining doppelgängers don’t show any signs of movement.

“You are right. At this rate they won’t, so I have an idea.”

Sensei takes a big breath.

“Listen! I'm going to grope Rias’s breasts nowwwww! If you don’t want that, then come out and rescue her! Fuhahahahahahahahaha!”

He screamed something foolish like that!

Heeeeeeeeey! Groping Buchou’s oppai you say!? I didn’t hear that you would go that far for this plan! No, it’s just an act, but there are things you should never do!

“……..Ku! What an evil plan! To take my Buchou’s oppai as hostage!”

I lifted my fist up while feeling angered, and Koneko-chan made a sigh next to me.

“……What a lowly strategy.”

It’s just like you say, Koneko-sama!

Sensei then continues to tell the doppelgängers.

“If you don’t come out before I count to ten, then I’m going to grab onto Rias’s breasts! You hear!? Grabbing it! I’m going to do something in front of you which even you haven’t done yet!”

He moves all his five fingers lecherously!

“……You are in high spirits.”

Buchou made a sigh while having her eyes half closed.

“Hahahaha, I don’t have the job of a last-boss like occupation for nothing. Leave these things to me.”

“Okay. Then even I will also have to put on some acting then….”

Buchou made a single sigh of determination.

“Kyaa! Ise! Save me!”

She begs for help with a cute voice! My heart skipped a beat at when Buchou screamed out “Kyaa”!

“ “ “ “Buchou!” ” ” ”

Hearing that voice, my doppelgängers show themselves from behind the shadows.

Oh! The doppelgängers have a serious expression! Even if they are the doppelgängers which only show a strong desire for sex, it seems like their love for Buchou is very strong too! I was emotionally moved a bit after learning that.

“Look! The remaining idiots came out! Just to be expected from my plan! You saw that, you guys? This is the power of fallen-angels science!”

How is this science power!?

But is the reason why it sounds so convincing is because Sensei is someone amazing!?


Sensei released a beam from his fingers without any mercy, and starts to attack my doppelgängers!


Creating a huge explosion, a few doppelgängers were blown away! Like always, it sure has insane power! It scares me because it has that much power while he is holding back!

He continues to shoot his lights towards the doppelgängers rising up towards his attack.

……I felt chills on my back when I think about myself in that situation, but Sensei laughs heartily.

“Observe! Ise’s are like trash now!”

He is enjoying it very much!

“Hey Azazel. Hold back a bit. You do know that we are the ones who have to fix the damage right? Maybe I should ask for the fallen-angels to pay for it…”

Buchou also put on an astonished face.

“Hahahaha. Don’t say that, Rias. This is fun.”

While they were having a conversation like that, the last remaining doppelgänger was trying to stand up with its wounded body after being blown away by the explosion, and is heading for Sensei.

“……..It seems like that doppelgänger-san is desperate.”

Asia who is next to me says that while being worried about it.

…..I-It certainly doesn’t seem like we can ignore that.

That doppelgänger shouts while being wounded.

“I’m going to rescue Buchou!”

I had my heart shaken by those words. ……Yeah. You are right!

By the time I realised it, I had taken that doppelgängers hand. The doppelgänger looks at me suspiciously.

“Let’s go! To begin with, this is all Sensei’s fault! We will save Buchou together!”

Yeah, it all turned out like this because of Sensei. I was about to forget something I shouldn’t have.

The doppelgänger and I shook hands and we connected. Hehehe, we sure are alike.

“Let’s gooooooo!”


The doppelgänger and I ran towards Sensei! Yeah! The source of all of this is that fallen-angel over there! If we don’t beat him, then this academy will not become peaceful! I….We finally realised that!

“Arere? Those guys teamed up all of a sudden. Man, it can’t be helped then.”


Sensei releases the light from his finger without any mercy!


The doppelgänger and I barely dodged that! We can’t stop in a place like this! That guy! We need to eliminate that ‘Last-boss-sensei’!

“Mu! You dodged that huh! How’s this then.”


Continuous shots of light! Explosion happened everywhere, and we still continued to charge forward towards that evil-boss while being surrounded by explosions just like a tokusatsu hero.

At times one would fall, so the other one would help out, and stand up and charge forward once again!

But he shoots his light-laser heartlessly.


But the light-laser deflects right in front of me, and was shot elsewhere. The ones who deflected the light-laser were…..Kiba and Xenovia who are wielding their swords.

Both of them then say it while smiling.

“……I don’t know why, but my body moved by itself.”

“Yeah. Just like Kiba, it happened to me too. I thought I have to act when I saw you guys.”


A gentle light-green light envelops me and the doppelgänger. The wounds get healed immediately, and my body feels lighter. –It’s Asia. Asia who has a healing ability healed me and the doppelgänger.

“……When I watched both of you, I felt something warm welling up within me.”

Asia says that. Yeah, if Asia is with us, I have 100 times more courage than before!

“Yes. If I think about it very carefully, Azazel-sensei is the main cause of this no matter how I think about it.”

Akeno-san also came to our aid!

“……I think it might be good for Sensei to receive some punishment at times.”

“I don’t know what is going on, but I will also cooperate!”

Koneko-chan and Gasper came to our side as well!

It seems like doppelgänger and I lit a fire inside everyone.

……Hehehe, man. Geez….. They are all a bunch of kind guys.

It can’t be helped, since we are comrades after all.

“Now, let’s go forward to defeat Sensei!’


We realised who the true evil is, and we retrieved our bond once again!

And then we ran towards Sensei…. No! Towards the evil governor Azazel!

You are the most evil one after all!

Seeing that, Sensei gets so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out.

“Arara!? Those guys teamed up!”

“Well, it might be good for you to receive such punishment at times. You are basically doing evil deeds anyway.”

Buchou also nods her head.


Sensei becomes very astonished because it seems like something he didn’t anticipate happened.

He spread his black wings, but we arrived at the roof top and grabbed his legs before he could fly away.

“Of all people, I…..! In a place like this! Gyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

A scream which sounds like it is coming from the last boss when it meets its doom. We managed to capture Sensei.

“Chi. Everyone ganging up on me and bullying me.”

Sensei who has many bandages on his face says it while his eyes were half opened and had tears coming out from them.

“What are you saying. You do know this is all your fault right?”

Akeno-san is also making a bitter smile.

“Exactly. You should reflect on your actions a bit, okay Sensei?”


Having even Buchou tell him off, Sensei seems like he can’t talk back.

After he was captured, he received punishment from us. Well, I think it is right to do this at times. More like this incident all started because of Sensei’s whim.

“Ah, it seems like Senpai’s doppelgänger is about to disappear.”

I turned around to the doppelgänger after hearing Gasper’s voice and……I saw my copy who just fought alongside me about to disappear.

I silently gave him a salute. He also responded and saluted back to me.

We only fought alongside each other for a short time, but we were definitely comrades.

And then my doppelgänger disappeared. His expression was that of satisfaction because of successfully capturing Sensei. I also think he did a good deed in the end as well.

And it was decided that the girls who were stripped naked by my doppelgängers would have their memories erased by using Azazel-sensei’s power.

That’s good. With this, rumours of me stripping the girls naked would dissapea---

“No. If I erase it completely it would leave many bad effects on their memories, so I just erased the facts about the doppelgängers. In other words, their memories of having their clothes blown away by Ise would still remain.”

Sensei says.

…….He? What do you mean by that…..?

I was in doubts, and Kiba points his finger downward.

‘This is bad. Many girls are making their way towards the old school building.”


I peek down from the rooftop of the old school building immediately. And then….

“Ah! It’s Hyoudou!”

“Hey, hentai! You have some nerve stripping us naked!”

“Come down here! I will kill you!”

“For being tarnished by you, I will beat you to a pulp!”

So everyone woke up since Sensei’s technique wore off! Crowds of girls who had their clothes blown off had their eyes glittering with killing intent!

I’m going to be killed!

“Hahaha. Sorry, Ise. I will treat you to some food next time, so try to overcome this somehow.”

Sensei leaves after laughing lightly! H-He ran away! That damn shitty fallen-angel sensei!!


My body felt unnatural! Wait, I’m being lifted up by Koneko-chan!

“……At this rate it will cause trouble to the rest of us, so please solve this problem using your body.”


I get thrown towards the crowd of girls with killing intent, by my cute kouhai!


I am caught by several athletic girls and got dropped down in the middle of the crowd.


Me, who is surrounded by girls. In a way, it is a harem. But there is no such beautiful atmosphere here!

I get glared at by everyone. Intensely while silent. Everyone was filled with hostility and killing intent…..

I try to run away immediately. I’m definitely going to be killed!

[Don’t run away! Hyoudouuuuu!]

The girls come after me at once!

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Senseeeeeeei! Where are you! Shit! I won’t be satisfied unless I take you down with meeeeeeee!”

I searched for Sensei while crying out loudly.

Extra Life. The Fun Family of the Gremory

Part 1

On a certain day off. Since morning, Buchou has had a stern look.

“This is terrible.”

Unlike usual, Buchou is in a panic. She is walking from my room to the first floor and then keeps on coming back.

“Rias-oneesama is acting very weird.”

Asia who is sitting next to me is looking at Buchou with a worried face. Just like Asia said, Buchou is acting weird. She suddenly starts to clean the house and keeps on fixing her appearance every 10 minutes. We just finished the intense battle with the evil-god Loki. We, the 2nd years, are going to Kyoto as a field trip soon. It’s about time that us, the 2nd years, have to go to the department store nearby for shopping. But right now I’m concerned about Buchou.

“Buchou. Did something happen?”

When I asked her with a doubtful voice, she answers me with a serious face.

“Onee-sama is coming.”

“Onee-sama? Oh. You mean Grayfia-san?”

She nods quietly when I said that. Grayfia-san. The maid from Buchou’s house. She is deeply connected to finance matters and other things of the house of Gremory, which is a noble household of high-class devils. And she is the servant of Maou and also the wife of Buchou’s brother. In other words she is Buchou’s sister-in-law. But Buchou has been calling Grayfia-san, “Grayfia”. But why is she calling her “Onee-sama” today? I was in doubt, and Akeno-san tells me.

“Today Grayfia-san has a day off.”

“Hmm, a day off. So she has a day off as a maid?”

“Yes. Usually she is a maid who serves the house of Gremory. She has the relationship of servant and master with Rias who is the daughter from the house of Gremory. But it seems like it’s a different story when she gets a day off. Only then, she becomes Rias’s sister-in-law.”

“……Buchou is scared of Grayfia-san who becomes her sister-in-law…….. It seems like she is really strict.”

Koneko-chan says.

I see.

“So Buchou also has someone she is weak against.”

Xenovia nodded with confirmation.

Well even if Buchou is the next heir of the noble house of Gremory, she is still a girl. So Grayfia-san who isn’t a maid gets into a “sister-mode”? I do want to see the scenery where Rias and Grayfia-san are acting like sisters. The conversation between two beauties would look beautiful even if I were to look at them from the sides…….But I think something is going to happen by looking at how Buchou is feeling nervous.

“So she decided to visit my house when she got a day off?”

Akeno-san makes a small laugh at my words and answers me.

“Yes. It seems like there is something she wants to talk to Rias about as her sister.”

Buchou who is beside me and Akeno-san who are talking to each other is checking the room. Buchou, even if you clean more than this, nothing is coming out.

“I….I also need to prepare tea as well. Ise. I want you to dress nicely as well. She will probably check you as well.”

Buchou fixes my collar. She’s also checking my hair.

“I’m getting checked as well? Umm, why is that……?”

“You are….”

She stops there and her face becomes really red.

“…….Be…because…. You are special……..”

I’m special……..? I’m not sure, but is it because I’m the resident of the place she is home staying at? Or is it because I underwent lots of training when I went to the Underworld in summer? We went to the homeland of devils in summer and stayed at Buchou’s house. Especially I, who was doing different things from other members like learning how to dance and learning the history of Buchou’s house. Even now it’s still a mystery why I did all those things. Even all the servants of the house of Gremory call me “Waka[18]”….. It happened when I was bending my neck.


The door bell rang. Well by looking at how Buchou is behaving, I can imagine who the visitor is. Buchou went down quickly and headed for the main entrance. We also looked at each other and walked towards the entrance. The one who appeared from the entrance was a beautiful silver-haired woman with clothes like a celebrity. I recognise her. The clothes and hairstyle are different than usual but……. it’s Grayfia-san, the maid! She looks beautiful today because she is wearing clothes that look like they are from an expensive brand and she has her hair put up. Uwaa…… The usual Grayfia-san who is in the maid outfit is beautiful but Grayfia-san today has the charm of an adult! Usually Grayfia-san appears in front of us by using the magic-circle, but today she came from the entrance. So she must have wanted to visit here properly as a sister-in-law. I can see a gorgeous limousine parked outside! Wow! That’s the wife of Maou for you! Grayfia-san looks at us then greets us while having a smile filled with elegance.

“How are you doing everyone?”

Then Grayfia-san looks at Buchou. Grayfia-san then greets Buchou with a cheerful smile.

“How do you do Rias.”

“Hello Onee-sama.”

Buchou replies back with a smile but I can see that she is nervous.

“It has been a while Hime-sama.”

Another voice. When I looked at the direction where the voice came from there was a strange creature! The face looked like an Asian-dragon. It seems like a dragon and it had red scales throughout its body. But the torso looks like either a horse or deer. The size is about 2 metres I think. Either way it’s a creature I am seeing for the first time. I mean, was this the one that spoke? It seems like it realised I was looking at it and the creature bows its head down to me.

“Oh if it isn’t Sekiryuutei-dono. This is our first meeting. I’m a “Pawn” that serves Sirzechs-sama, and my name is Enku. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

It spoke! And it has a polite speech and greeted me!

“Ha, yeah. Nice to meet you too!”

I also greeted him. Then the voice earlier…… was this guy called Enku after all! Wait, he serves Sirzechs-sama? Then…..

“Ise. He is Enku. He is a Kirin, which is a legendary creature and is Onii-sama’s servant. It’s been a while Enku. I’m glad that you look healthy.”

Buchou pats Enku……. The Kirin’s neck with her hand. So it's the Kirin that doesn’t have a long neck[19]. Even I know it’s name. I don’t know the details about it but it’s the one that appears in Chinese folklore. But Sirzechs-sama has a legendary creature as his servant…….. It said that it is a “Pawn” but it definitely isn’t worth only 1 or 2 pieces. Even if it is a same “Pawn” as me, he seems like he is in a different league as me…….. The Kirin, Enku-san, then says it to Grayfia-san.

“Then Grayfia-sama. I will be returning to my station.”

“Yes. Thank you for escorting me till here, Enku. It would have been fine by myself though……”

“What are you saying. Our great “Queen” who is also the wife of our master. For you to go and visit someone officially without an escort……. Well even though I say that, I don’t even have a slight thought of Grayfia-sama being in danger even without my escort. I thought I should bring “fortune” to Sekiryuutei-dono’s residence by coming along with you. More than that I’m glad to see the face of Hime-sama and Sekiryuutei-dono who is the Waka.”

I see. Officially visiting here as Sirzechs-sama’s wife and Buchou’s sister-in-law is a serious matter. Wait, “Waka” again. Where does my position stand? But what does he mean by “fortune”? I was in doubt and Akeno-san whispers to my ear.

“Kirin is said to bring great fortune. It’s said that if it visits a house, something good will happen to that house.”

Hmm. That’s good. I'm grateful. I hope something good happens to my house.

“By the way, Sirzechs-sama is the only person among the devils who was able to make a sacred creature into his servant. Originally the two sides have relationships that are mutually exclusive. Making that possible makes Sirzechs-sama belong to a different league compared to others.”

Akeno-san gave me additional information. Are you serious! Sirzechs-sama is in a different league, just like I thought……..

“Enku. You could stay even for a while.”

Buchou seems sad.

“Hahaha. Those words alone are enough for this Enku. Even I have lots of duties as a servant of Sirzechs-sama. I must accomplish that when I return to the Underworld. But Hime-sama, I would like to run at the mountain with you again while carrying you on my back like before. Now, I shall leave. I’m hoping to meet all of you again.”

Enku-san turned into a red mist and disappeared after saying that.

“When I was living in the Underworld, Enku became the one I could talk to. He carried me on his back often.”

Buchou says it to me while smiling. I see. Enku-san is also one of those who watched over Buchou growing up. Buchou is immersed in her memory, but Grayfia-san does a single cough. Buchou then had a nervous face again. Confirming that, Grayfia-san asks.

“Now, lets make the greetings short. May I come into the house then?”

Like this Grayfia-san came to visit my house as Buchou’s sister-in-law.

“I see. I’m relieved that Rias isn’t causing trouble.”

“I’m here like this thanks to Rias-oneesama.”

The conversation between Asia and Grayfia-san. Grayfia-san certainly is having a friendly chat with the members that are staying at my house in the living room. Buchou who is next to me has a smile on but she looks stiff. Some of the people living here were gathered. Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia and Irina are sitting around the table. By the way my parents are away today because they went somewhere far.

“Rias is a bit selfish so I was worried that she was troubling everyone in the group.”

“That definitely isn’t the case. Rias is acting as our leader staying here as a home stay, and is looking after us very well.”

Akeno-san smiles by lifting up Buchou’s position. To be expected from her friend!

“Rias is a fortunate person to be blessed with good friends and kouhai.”

Grayfia-san smiles. That smile seems as if she is truly happy. But she then put on a strict face and looked at Buchou……..and me. Wh….why me?

“What’s left is……the gentleman.”

PIRI. After Grayfia-san said that, the atmosphere in the room froze immediately.

“I…..Is it perhaps…….. Is that what this is about………?”

Asia who was smiling until just now has a nervous face.

“……That must be it. Since Grayfia-san came here officially, it must be part of it.”

Akeno-san also has a pressured face along with her smile!

“……..I did think that this day would come.”

The loli-loli Koneko-chan who usually had an expressionless face has a stern look. Xenovia and Irina looked like they didn’t know what is going on……. To tell you the truth even I don’t know what’s going on. Why did the girls’ atmosphere change at Grayfia-san’s words……? The complex heart of girls? I don’t understand! Kiba and Gasper didn’t come here today. Buchou told them that it would be enough with just the members here. Rossweisse-san went out since early morning to buy furniture and such so she can start living at my house. It seems like that person is the type who uses money very carefully. Then Buchou says to Grayfia-san while putting on a red face.

“O…Onee-sama! Did you come here for that matter? I thought that you left it to me so I could make it go naturally!”

“Ara, Rias. Did Okaa-sama and I ever say that even once? You broke it off before, so isn’t it your duty as the next heir to make us feel relieved?”

It seems like Buchou couldn’t talk back to Grayfia-san who is simply talking. She probably thinks that she shouldn’t anger Grayfia-san who came here as her sister. But breaking it off…… Does she mean about breaking off the engagement with her former fiance, Raiser? That became a serious incident for the house of Gremory and other people from other houses started talking behind their back that……

[The selfish princess from the Gremory broke off the engagement.]

For devils in the noble society that take care of status and pureblood, the engagement between households is important. It seems like the freedom of love is something that is very strict for those children from the high-class devils. It seems like noble society is complex. Well it ended by me breaking into the engagement party, beating up Raiser and taking Buchou with me. Even so, Buchou’s parents forgave her about breaking off the engagement.

“The devils are said to have a dangerous birth rate. We especially can’t cut off the bloods of the noble family. One day we would like you to be the parent of children of the next generation. That is what Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, I and that person wish for.”

Grayfia-san said it to Buchou with a serious face. Then Grayfia-san softened her expression and made a bitter smile.

High school dxd v8 219.jpg

“Though I say that, I was also involved in that incident. I helped you. Even before that…. That person and I also had our own share of free romance. That time, we were in a situation that was more complicated than you are.”

“The love romance between you two is like a legend to female devils.”

Akeno-san says it while her cheeks are red. Hmm. I'm not sure but it seems like Grayfia-san also had an amazing romance as well. Well it seems like it’s obvious since her lover is a Maou.

“……It’s also turned into a play.”

Koneko-chan says. A play! Wow!

“I'm very interested in it!”

Asia also seems like she is very interested in it! Girls can't resist a love story. Grayfia-san made a single cough while looking a bit embarrassed and changes her expression.

“*Cough* Since there was the incident with us, I ended up siding with you. I want you to become a splendid high-class devil lady. I want you to have a strong self-consciousness as the next heir. For that there are lots of things we need to fix. The part where you think you can solve your selfishness with money. The part where you act immediately once you think about it. I think the part of you focused on having it all to yourself has softened a bit. Even so it’s miserable that you can’t act when you have to. When it was me and that person, we went through it straight away. There are girls your age who are already married, so keep that in mind. Once you graduate from High school, you will be invited to high-class society's parties even more. If you are thought to be as a selfish girl even in the future, it will become an embarrassment to the house of Gremory. Thanks to the influence of that TV programme, you are getting good support from the typical devils……Anyway, we need to further the learning of your partner from now. Once you become a University student, we need to prepare for the wedding quickly you know? You need to take in a husband right away when you become the heir after graduating from University. Until then we need you to take over from Otou-sama smoothly. You understand don’t you? I personally think that it’s okay to make you stable from now. The Rating Game is important, but only having that in mind might make you become dim as a woman. And you are……”

Aaah. Grayfia-san started preaching to Buchou like a machine gun…… Buchou also can’t talk back and has a very red face while listening to her preach. Usually Buchou acts with elegance but looking at her now she is acting like a girl her age when she is getting yelled at like this. Maybe she’s still a kid that her family still can’t leave her alone. But Grayfia-san right now seems like she is taking out all the things she has been thinking while she was doing her job as a maid as well. Her sermon isn’t stopping.

“Now, now Grayfia. Rias is doing quite well.”

…..! A sudden voice. I’m familiar with this voice. Everyone looks at the end of the table. There was a crimson-haired man! Buchou stood up and gets shocked at seeing that man.


Yes! That crimson-haired man is…….. the Maou Sirzechs Lucifer-sama! It’s the entry of the real Maou everyone! But when did he come in? I couldn’t sense his presence at all. When on earth did he come to the living room of this house in the humans' world?

“Hey Rias. How are you doing? I’m glad that you are doing well. Looks like everyone in the group is the same as well.”

Sirzechs-sama smiles charmingly. This person has a job as a Maou that makes him seem scary. But he is really kind and laid back.

“I’ve brought some gifts. It’s a collection of Rias’ photos that I produced. The title is “The girl called Switch Princess – The growing of Ria-tan compilation”. It’s a record of her growth from when she was a child until she got into High school in Japan.”

He took out the photo compilation and starts handing it out to us. Oh, even the photo when she was about the age to be in junior school! So Buchou’s oppai were big already since then! Aaah, I want to meet Buchou from back then…… Buchou on the other hand became red and confiscated the book from us saying “Don’t look! You can’t look!”. Thank you for the cute reaction!

“Sirzechs. You were supposed to have an important meeting today with only the Yondai-Maou weren’t you? Don’t tell me you didn't go to it?”

Grayfia-san’s eyes glow sharply. Sirzechs-sama doesn’t seem like he’s bothered by it and answers normally.

“Hahaha! I thought I would join the meeting from here. If I can send my image from here, then the meeting will be……. Ouch, ouch, ouch. It hurts Grayfia.”

Grayfia-san is pulling Sirzechs-sama’s cheek very hard! Sirzechs-sama is smiling but there are a few tears in his eyes.

“……..Why are you always like this when I have a day off……. Maybe it wasn’t good that I got today off. Maybe I should revert back to a maid now.”

Grayfia-san was scolding him with an unpleasant face. Uwaa, she’s seriously pissed…… I can feel intense demonic power with my skin just from her being unpleasant. What pressure…. No wonder Buchou is afraid of her.

KA. Three small magic circles appeared on the table while emitting light.


Ara? Something that looks like 3D image starts to appear from each magic circle. The image that is mixed with noise is starting to become normal bit by bit. Then three faces appeared from there.

[Sir………zec……..hs……………Sirzechs-chan……. Can you hear me……? Heeeeey. Sirzechs…….chan………]

It’s still mixed with the noises but I’m familiar with this unique way of speaking! Then the face and voice become clear.

[Sirzechs-chan! Geez, you just went to the human world by yourself! I also wanted to go to the human world as well!]

Mahou shoujou…… No. It’s the Maou-shoujo, Serafall Leviathan-sama!

“Hey Serafall. I’m sorry. I’m at Hyoudou Issei-kun’s house.”

Serafall-sama looks at me after being told by Sirzechs-sama.

[Ara ara. You are right. Yahou! Sekiryuutei-kun! Is Rias-chan there as well?]

“How do you do Serafall-sama.”

Buchou also greets her.

[Yes. How do you do Rias-chan. Geez Sirzechs-chan. If you were going there, tell me before hand. Ajuka-chan and Falibi-chan were also curious because Sirzechs-chan who is always on time wasn’t here!]

Even Serafall-sama is mad. Even her mad face looks cute, so I can feel peace. Serafall-sama indeed seems like a Maou-shoujou.

……..Wait. Ajuka-chan……and Falbi…….? I think I have heard the name of the ones that Serafall-sama just said. The faces of the two people that appeared beside Serafall-sama are……

[Sirzechs. For you to leave the meeting and go to the human’s world. Either an incident occurred or something interesting is about to happen. It’s the latter right?]

The super handsome guy with a fascinating face says it with a mysterious smile.

[…….Ehh…. I don’t want anything bothersome. I don’t want to work…..]

The other one is a man with a sleepy face who is resting on his cheek. I’m familiar with both of them….. When I went to the Underworld, the Yondai-Maou gathered at a gathering meeting of the young devils including Buchou from the six households. I only met with Sirzechs-sama and Serafall-sama so that was my first time seeing them so I’m not wrong! These two are also Maou! Uwaaaaaaaa! Something crazy is going on! There are four Maou on the table in my house! More like the gathering of all the Yondai-Maou! This is serious! I’m getting scared and Sirzechs-sama notices me.

“Aaah, I still haven’t introduced you to them Ise-kun. The man with the mysterious atmosphere is Ajuka Beelzebub. He is the chief advisor for the technology department including the Technical Equation Program.”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama then shifts his sight at me.

[It’s good having a mysterious atmosphere because it seems devilish. Oh, sorry. Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei-dono. I have heard rumours about you.]

“Ah…. Nice to meet you too! My name is Hyoudou Issei!”

Oou! I’m getting nervous! Since the one I’m talking to is a Maou! So this person is the Maou-sama who took part in the creation of “Evil Piece”…… Sirzechs-sama then introduces the remaining Maou-sama.

“And the one over there who seems like he can’t be bothered to do things is Falbium Asmodeus. He is mainly in control of military affairs.”

[……Hello. I’m Falibium.]

What an uninspired voice…… Is he really a Maou? Military affairs….. Is it okay for Maou-sama without any spirit to be in charge? I was making unneeded worries…..

“ “ “ “ “ “How do you do Beelzebub-sama, Asmodeus-sama.” ” ” ” ” ”

The other group members also greet them.

[Hey Falbi! You have to give them proper greetings because they are Rias-chan’s servant and Sekiryuutei-chan!]

Ah, he’s getting yelled at by Leviathan-sama. So Asmodeus-sama is being called “Falbi” by Leviathan-sama. Asmodeus-sama on the other hand isn’t trying to fix his listless expression. He’s even making sighs.

[……Serafall and Sirzechs work too hard. I live by the thought that “working means losing”. Apart from important jobs, I just leave it to my servants you know? For times like these you need to gather good servants and make them do the work…… Aaah I’m tired…….]

…..Thi…this is…… If I remember correctly the current Asmodeus came from the house of Glasya-Labolas, right? He has the total opposite personality to that Yankee guy who is the candidate for the next heir of Glasya-Labolas!

“…….Asmodeus-sama used up most of his lifetime's will to do things when he gathered his servants, and gathered talented people. And after, I heard that he orders his servants and passes the majority of his work to others. In other words he’s the type who does all the homework in the first day and use the rest of the days for taking a break. He is said to be the person with the Underworld’s best tactics and the best strategist….”

Buchou told me quietly. Also thank you for giving me an easy example. I see. He did his best first but left the work to his skilled servants after that. You can do that…..? The image of a Maou inside me is crumbling…….. No. Since the time I met Serafall-sama, I somehow imagined it but they definitely surpassed my expectations!

“By the way Serafall is in charge of foreign affairs.”

“V! Leave the negotiations with other nations[20] to me." Serafall-sama winks while doing a peace sign. She’s cute, but is it okay to leave foreign affairs to her? I think she was trying to attack the heavens because she was shocked that she didn’t get called for observation day at school……. Also it feels like Sirzechs-sama is doing most of the other three's work. In other words is the Underworld at peace because Sirzechs-sama is usually a serious person? Hmmm. I can’t understand how the world of devils works!

[So Sirzechs. What is going to happen?]

Beelzebub-sama asks Sirzechs-sama with great interest. After smiling, Sirzechs-sama looks at Buchou……then at me? He looked at both of us. He then spoke.

“To tell you the truth I was going to make Rias take “that” ceremony at the ruins of “connection”.”


Hearing Sirzechs-sama’s words, the three of them smiled…….. Eh? What is this about? The one who was in doubt wasn’t just me but also Buchou. She has her eyebrows up.

“Onii-sama. No. Lucifer-sama. What is the meaning of this? Are you referring to that place that is an important ruin that has been passed down from our ancestors?

Sirzechs-sama nods at Buchou’s question.

“Yes. Those from the Gremory perform a rite of passage at that ruin when they hit a certain age. With the one they hold “dear” that is. You know what I mean, right Rias?”

Hearing that Buchou’s face became so red that I had never seen her like that before…… Arara. What happened Buchou?

[That’s interesting. It’s more important than the meeting.]

[It hasn’t been done since Sirzechs-chan’s one back then!]

[Ah, congratulations. I will congratulate you two before hand.]

Arara. It seems like Beelzebub-sama, Leviathan-sama and Asmodeus-sama know about it. And they seem like they were having fun when they heard about it! What is happening? Grayfia-san stands up and tells Buchou.

“That’s how it is, Rias. That’s the instruction of Otou-sama and Okaa-sama. What we mean by making us relieved is by performing the ritual. We won’t allow you to refuse. You have to give at least that much relief to us. Though my husband ended up bringing unnecessary people into it. Sirzechs, you understand right? It’s re-education for you once we get home.”

Grayfia looks at him with cold eyes while pulling his cheeks hard! Uwaaaa, she’s scary!

“Hahaha. So that’s how it is Ria-tan. Do your best with Ise-kun…….. It hurts. It hurts Grayfia.”

Sirzechs-sama doesn’t lose his smile even if he is getting his cheeks pinched! But there were loads of tears falling down from his eyes! So the strongest person was Maou-sama’s wife! Wait…..me!? Am I participating in that ritual!? Why!? Then my eyes met with Buchou’s…….

“Hauuuuu. Ise….. Wh…what should I do……..?”

……! Th…that’s cheating! Buchou! For you to put on a cute and troubled face and voice like Asia! She totally changed from Onee-sama mode to a normal girl mode! Grayfia-san’s visit. Greetings with the Yondai-Maou. And the mysterious ritual. Continuous stream of unknown things occurred……. But it seems like I have to participate in that ritual as well. Seriously. Why do I always get involved in things like this? Is it because I’m a Sekiryuutei? Hmmm……

“Look at this! I bought each of the basic living ware for about 100 yen! There are shops selling things for 100 yen so it’s wonderful! Cheap is the best isn’t it!?”

Rossweisse-san who came back from shopping for 100 yen returned after the Maou husband and wife left.

Part 2

And a few days have passed since that day. Buchou and I came to the ruins in the mountain region located in the Gremory owned region of the Underworld. Though our outfits haven’t changed and we are wearing the Kuou Academy’s uniform. Everyone in the group is staying at home. Others wanted to come, but they couldn’t since this place is an important place for the Gremory’s and other people not involved in it can’t step their foot inside. Then the question is why am I allowed……..? In front of me there is a surface of rocks and there is a big entrance to the ruins which is delicately stone-built. There are pillars made from stones to the sides. There are also statues of people from each of the generations of Gremory between the pillars. Sigh….. It’s gorgeously made overall. It seems like there isn’t any visible damage at all.

“Fu….. What should I do if he ends up hating me because of rushing it……..”

Buchou who is besides me made a big sigh. I don’t know what to tell her, but lets just finish this quickly and go home.

“It’s okay Buchou. I’m with you. Just leave it to me…….”

It happened when I was trying to show off.


A mysterious voice! When I looked up……. There was something high up in the sky that sparkled. Someone is coming down! An enemy!? I made a posture and there were people wearing masks and Tokusatsu outfits who came down right in front of me! One, two, three, four……five people! I mean look at what they are wearing! They look like those heroes from the Japanese hero squadron[21]! Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink! From their builds Red, Blue and Green are males. Yellow and Pink are females. After they landed, the five of them made a pose!

DOOOOOOOOOON! Behind them a mysterious and flashy explosion occurred along with colourful smoke! What is this!?

“Wh…who are they?”

Buchou is also cautious. Of course she would be! No matter how you look at them, they just look like suspicious people! The person in the middle wearing the red outfit made a pose and shouted!

“Fuhahaha! We are the mysterious Maou…..”

SMACK! The person in yellow hit the person in red with a slapstick. Wait……. The voice of that person in red……..

“Sorry, sorry. Cough. From the start then! We are the Maou-squadron, Maou-Rangers! I am their leader, Maou-Red!”


“I can’t be bothered but I’m Satan-Green.”

“Levi-ta….. I mean, I’m Satan-Pink☆”

“……Ha. Ummmm, I’m Satan-Yellow.”

……… Both Buchou and I were in a state where we can’t close our mouth. …..No no no! I mean! You guys! What do you mean Satan-squadron!? They are Yondai-Maou-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No matter how you look at them, Red is Sirzechs-sama, Blue is Beelzebub-sama, Green is Asmodeus-sama, and Pink is Leviathan-sama! Just a moment ago Leviathan was about to name herself! Then……. Yellow is Grayfia-san? It’s basically confirmed that it is since she seemed like she is used to hitting Red, who is Sirzechs-sama. She seems embarrassed so it must be Grayfia-san. Uwaaaa. Just by looking at Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama, you can tell they are very into this. Because they have been doing poses.

“How is it? A nice pose right? I practiced with my son last night.”

“What! Even I also thought about many cute poses as well☆”

I was troubled and dropped onto my knees. The Underworld is in Peace! It’s so peaceful that I’m starting to cry. No wonder the show that has me as Oppai Dragon became popular. Because people like these funny people are their leaders. Aaah. Did Sairaorg-san want to become a Maou-sama knowing this? He probably wants it to become an Underworld that is more severe. Ehehehe. I don’t know what to do anymore.

“Bu..Buchou. What should we do?”

I ask Buchou. Since this is her brother, then even Buchou will…….

“Wh….who are they…..? I can feel enormous demonic powers. A Maou-squadron…… Are they telling me that they are the gathering of those with the power in a Maou-level?”

…..! She hasn’t realised iiiiiiiiiiiit! Onee-sama! That isn’t good! It’s fatal! Please realise it! That is your brother! Buchou’s Onii-san! Even if he is weirdly dressed up and doing poses, that’s a Maou! More like the people in front of us are all of the Maou-sama and the Ultimate “Queen”! It’s the gathering of the invincible people in the Underworld! As Hero-squadron imposters! Seeing Buchou’s puzzled look, Sirzechs-sama…..no Satan-Red says. Let me call you Satan-Red then. It seems like that’s the flow of it.

“We were hired by the house of Gremory. There are three trials waiting for you two in this ritual. I want you two to successfully break through the trials with only your powers. What’s important is teamwork! “

Red explains it to us. Then Pink points to a certain direction.

“Ha! A mysterious flying object found!”

“What!? Everyone! Attack all at once! [Ruin the Extinct]!”

“[Kankara formula]! Karama-equation!”

“Ey. [Celsius cross Trigger]!”

“……Torya. Attack something like that of Asmodeus…..”

“Ummm. Then I will call it Yellow-shot then.”

BAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!! ……….A scale of explosion that I have never seen before happened up in the sky. Five people who are Maou-class attacked towards the sky at the same time. The shockwave created by it not only shakes us, but the whole mountain area around here and the air violently. The animals in the forest below us are screaming and fleeing…… The sky split and it created a creepy dimensional gap that I have never seen before which was spreading. And a bright coloured particle of light surrounded this mountain. Also a phenomenon that looks like aurora was created…… These rare phenomena occur continuously in front of us…..

“It’s just an evil spirit. Don’t scare us like that, Pink.”


All of the Maou just attacked an evil spirit at once and overkilled it!? An evil spirit that receives an attack from all of the Maou…… Just how evil was that spirit!? Geez! I’m tired of these people!? You guys should have defeated Loki then!?

“So what is the trial?”

Buchou talks as if nothing happened!?

“Bu…Buchou, you didn’t see that……? It seems like those Maou-level guys attacked an evil spirit at once!?”

“Calm down Ise. Evil spirits aren’t good so they should be dealt with.”

“That’s not what I mean! Aaah, forget about it then!”

I understand then! I will follow this flow! I made up my mind that I will slide through everything, even if anything happens! I mean the Maou’s are in high spirits!

“We will be waiting at each trial! The two young people who will carry on the Gremory! Breakthrough all three of the trials successfully and reach the end of the ruin! Now! Each of us will be waiting at certain sections of the trial! Fuhahahahahaha!”

Red goes into the ruins through the entrance quickly! The other four follow after him! ……..Buchou and I who were left behind…….. Unexpected things have occurred…….. I don’t know what their intentions are but for each Maou to be waiting in the ruins……

“Now, Ise! Let’s go in! Since I came all the way here, I’m not fazed anymore! Lets show them how deep the relationship between us is!”

Buchou seems like she got into high spirits! Since it turned out like this, we can’t go back! I decided that I will break through each of the trials along with Buchou!

When we went through the stone-built passage, we reached a room. And Pink was there! …….But that’s Leviathan-sama right? Pink made a peace sign at us after seeing us!

“Now, you two☆ This is the first trial!”

Gulp……. What will she make us do? I just don’t want to fight. The opponent is a Maou and it seems like I can’t win against her. More than that, I don’t want to fight against the cute Leviathan-sama.

“For the first trial…… I will make you two dance!”

………….He? I made a dumb face after hearing the unexpected content of the trial. Buchou on the other hand is……. She seems like she had expected this and is nodding. Eeeeeeeeh……. Thi…this…. What kind of ritual is this?

“I want you two to show me your dance! If you show me an excellent dance, then you will successfully pass this trial☆ Hurry dance, dance! For you two who would be participating in a high society party, knowing how to dance is important.”

When Pink makes a sound with her fingers, an audio system appeared. It starts to play classical and elegant music. Dance!? Are you serious!?

“Here Ise! Lets start!”

Buchou gives me her hand. Oh, I learnt this from Buchou’s mother at the Underworld. Buchou took my hand and bows at me. We then started to dance in rhythm with the music.

…….It’s something I learned in the Underworld so I can do it quiet smoothly. Buchou is also dancing beautifully, and sometimes she leads the parts I am still inexperienced at. I thought that I was called here as support for Buchou……. Did I get called here as her dancing partner? I’m dancing while thinking about that. Then my eyes met with Buchou’s. Buchou’s cheeks are a bit red……. Arara. Why that reaction?

“Ise. You are doing well. Looks like Okaa-sama’s lesson has proved itself properly…… I’m glad. With this, even at times like……..”

………Ummmmm. Buchou’s eye is also teary. And the music ended. Buchou and I bowed to each other after finishing the dance.


We received an applause from Pink.

“Ufufu. Looks like I didn’t have to worry about it☆ Both of you did well!”

Along with getting a compliment, the door made from stone opens in front of us while making a noise.

“Then, move on you two! Go to the second trial!”

Like this, Buchou and I cleared the first trial as if nothing happened.

I’m still confused but we reached a spacious room again.

“…….Ya. Welcome.”

Green. Looks Asmodeus-sama is the one in charge of the second trial. He seems like he doesn’t have any will to do it. Ah. If I look carefully, two women who appear to look like his servants are on standby. They are wearing maid outfits. If I look there is a table and chairs in the room…… On top of the table there are plates and various forks and knives lined up.

“Ummm, the second trial is table manners. I will be watching from here, so eat the food while having your manners checked by the two maids……. It’s a point reducing system, so you will fail if you reach zero points.”

…..Table manners? Now I totally can’t understand what is going on. What kind of ritual is this ruin supposed to have……? It seems like they are checking the learning of noble society from scratch. Is this ritual supposed to make Buchou remember about high-class society? Well Buchou is the next heir. But why me? I’m filled with doubts. Anyway, I will sit on the chair and open the napkin….. Like this Buchou and I started eating. I started to handle the movement of the fork and knife, and also the spoon for the soup with elegance. I was taught about these things by Buchou’s Okaa-sama and the maids. Even at home, Buchou points out at me. All the food is delicious. I can’t taste it till it's in my throat because I’m nervous. Buchou is eating elegantly besides me. She makes a good picture. That’s a Princess for you! I will also clear this without embarrassing this person! And then…….

“With that, eating is finished. That’s the end of the second trial, table manners.”

The maid said that while bowing at us. I’m nervous. Table manners are harder than dancing. Since I’m from a commoner's house, I was unrelated with eating with elegance. I wouldn’t have understood it if Buchou’s mother hadn’t taught me.

“Rias-sama cleared it perfectly.”

Oou! To be expected from my Buchou! Then the maid looks at me! My heart is beating fast!

“…….There were few points deducted……. But you passed it with a high mark. You did very well.”

……! I made a guts-pose because of happiness!

“Yeaaaaaaaah! I was a bit nervous when I made a sound using the fork and knife! Even I can do well!”

“You did well Ise!”


Buchou hugs on to me when she became overjoyed! The sensation of oppai is the best! Buchou…….is very pleased. She even has a few of tears around her eyes and her cheeks became even redder.

“To be expected from Ise. The boy I chose. I’m so happy…… With this, we can clear the rest.”

Wow. She seems like she is deeply moved.

“Fuaaaaaaaaa. You can go now. Congratulations.”

Green made a single sigh and opened the door to the next trial. What would happen to Buchou and me when we finish all this………

Part 3

I asked Buchou while walking in the passage connected to the next trial.

“By the way Buchou.”

“What is it?”

“The love romance between Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san became a topic in my house but did something happen to them?”

That was my only question. It’s been in my mind a bit. About their romance. If it’s something I’m not allowed to ask, then I won't ask again. But Buchou answers me.

“…..Yes. You have the right to know about it as a member of the Gremory group. Onee-sama’s surname is Lucifugus. Grayfia Lucifugus. A daughter from the noble family that has been serving under Maou Lucifer for generations.”

“So you mean……she came from the house close to Maou?”

Buchou nods at my question.

“Just like you know, in the past there was a quarrel between the Maou-faction, who wanted to continue the War against angels and fallen-angels, and the anti-Maou faction. House of Lucifugus was serving under the Old-Maou Lucifer. But an elder-son of a certain noble fell in love with the only daughter from the house of Lucifugus.”

Yes. The Great War that occurred in the heavens and Underworld left the outcome of losing both Maou and God. All three sides of devils, angels, and fallen-angels came to an exhausted state and they were in crisis of continuing their kinds. Even so the Maou-factions who wanted to continue the War got in a quarrel with the anti-Maou faction. It resulted in making the Maou-faction flee to the end of the Underworld, and like that the current devil society was created. Even until now there are problems about the grudge back then. But how can that be…… They fell in love during the quarrel…

“So that is…..”

Buchou continues from my word.

“Yes. Onii-sama and Onee-sama. That time Onii-sama was an ace of the anti-Maou faction. He was even called a Hero. And Onee-sama was a person from the former Maou side. She also stood in the front line as a powerful devil. I heard that she was competing with Leviathan-sama for the spot as the “Ultimate female devil”.”

……So something like that happened. They fell in love even when they were enemies. It seems like there are complicated events involved but they didn’t have that in their minds.

“Onii-sama and Onee-sama fell in love during the battle even if they were from different sides. And after the battle they deepened their love. Wonderful right? Their romance is so admired that it continues to be told amongst the women in the Underworld. I also admired them. There are those who think that Onee-sama is usually Onii-sama’s maid as a form of loyalty towards Onii-sama and the current Maou-faction. But she just likes small tasks and housework. It seems like it's easier to move around doing simple matters as a maid rather than as a wife of Maou. When she is a maid, she wants to do it completely so she started to have a relationship as a maid to us as well.”

Hee. The romance between man and woman during the battle certainly looks like a situation that women would admire. Then it came to my mind. Millicas-sama who is born between the ultimate two…… In terms of talent isn’t he the ultimate-class son?

“…….Along with admiring them, I loved and respected them. But you know Ise? I also feel anxious at the same time. Compared to them who are capable, I thought that maybe I’m an inferior sister. There are times when I wonder if it is okay for me to be the next heir.”

Buchou had an expression of feeling down. I see. Buchou has been comparing herself to those two the whole time. She probably felt inferior to them because her brother and sister-in-law are too superior. You would end up comparing yourself whether you like it or not if your brother is a Maou and your sister-in-law is the “Ultimate-Queen”. After hearing Buchou’s worries, I felt it for the first time. Anyone has huge worries within them. Even Buchou who is looked up to by everyone and who is also one of the “Two Great Onee-sama” also has worries. Buchou is also a girl. I get reminded about that sometimes. I knew that Buchou is a single girl. But I didn’t know she had worries like that. I couldn’t notice it. I hugged Buchou from behind her.


“Buchou’s worries are something that I can’t imagine. But there wasn’t even a single time that I thought you were useless. If Buchou wasn’t here, I wouldn’t have experienced such a splendid life. You will always……always be the best woman to me. That’s how I think even if I know everything about you. I will always follow Buchou for the rest of my life. That’s why lets get through all the obstacles together!

High school dxd v8 c009.jpg

That is the best thing I could say. It’s not something I could call a cheering up. But I wanted to become her strength, even a bit. Buchou holds my hand.

“…….You always look at me. Yes. You are right. I feel like I can go through anything if you are by my side. It means that I am crazy about you. Yes, lets get through this. Together. Forever.”

She is smiling when she turned over, Aaah. This smile is also one of the charming points of Buchou! I can move straight ahead because I know how this person, Rias Gremory smiles.

“…..But I’m still called “Buchou”……..”

“Did you say something?”

“……No. It’s nothing. Let’s go! Let’s finish the last trial!”


I followed Buchou who went ahead. The thing that Buchou said. I couldn’t hear what she said…… We walked through the passage after refreshing our feelings. There is only one more trial left for the so-called ritual!


Buchou and I arrived at the place of the trial where Blue, Beelzebub-sama was waiting. What was arranged was again a table and chairs. A writing implement and a pair of prints of paper are on the table.

“The last trial is writing problems. It’s an exam style test that covers the history of the house of Gremory and general knowledge of the Underworld.”

Test!? Uwa! We came all the way here and the last thing is something which I am the worst at! I became pale instantly!

“That’s why I will have you seated.”

Buchou and I sat on the chairs. Blue made a big sand-clock appear using his demonic-powers.

“Then the limit is one hour. The test starts….now.”

The sand-clock is tipped and the test starts! Uo! It already began! I turned around the test paper that has few pages…….. Unnnn! I looked at the test paper and nasty sweat drops appeared on my forehead. They are all hard questions!

….There are things about peerages and also about high-class, middle-class, and low-class devils related to it……. Maou, Great-King and Arch-Duke are extremely important…… For the high-class devils the peerage goes Duke, Prince, Marquess, Count, Viscount and Baron. Was the peerage for the middle-class devils Baronet and Knight……? It’s similar to the human’s peerage but also includes devils original meaning to it….. Nu, nuuuuuu…….. The applied problems are complicated…… The level of the test is the right level for me because all of the questions are either problems that I can answer or problems that I can’t answer. Buchou is answering the questions smoothly besides me! That’s what you call a talented girl! So problems like this are a piece of cake for her! I’m in trouble. If I fail the test, then I can’t face Buchou and her parents! I used my brain in full and started glaring at the test papers.

“Now stop.”

The test reaches the end with Blue’s words. The sand inside the sand-clock has all reached down as well.

………… I used my brain to the fullest for 1 hour and rested on the table after using up my brain. I did answer all the questions……. Now I need to wait for my mark and know the passing mark. Blue started marking the papers with a red pen. When he was marking Buchou’s paper, the movement of his pen signifies that she is getting all the questions correct. Though when he was marking mine, there were irregular movements of the pen a couple of times……. I never thought that I would feel so nervous to have my test marked in front of me….. Buchou is calm. To be expected from someone with dignity. She must be thinking that there is no way that she will fail. I feel like I’m dead.

“Now then.”

Blue fixes the test paper by hitting the tips of it against the table. Seems like he finished marking. Gulp…… I swallowed down my spit…….

“Rias Gremory passes without any problems. And Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei-kun has……..”

Why do you stop there Blue-san!?

“Passed, but it’s a sudden question! You're finished as soon as you make a mistake! So I will make Hyoudou Issei-kun answer!”

Whaaaaaat the heck is thaaaaat!? I don’t know what he means!? Please forgive me Beelzebub-sama!

“To us devils, there were these things called the 72 pillars that existed a long time ago. I want you to name them from 1 to 72 in a row.”

What!? You make that the question!? It’s the order of the high-class devils from a long time ago, right? When I stayed in the Underworld, Buchou’s mother told me about them so it’s stuck in my brain! I then started to answer him.

“Bael, Agares, Vassago, Gamigin, Marbas, Valefor, Amon, Barbatos, Paimon, Buer, Gusion, Sitri, Beleth, Leraje, Eligos, Zepar, Botis, Bathin, Sallos, Purson, Marax, Ipos, Aim, Naberius, Glaysa-Labolas, Bune, Ronove, Berith, Astaroth, Forneus, Foras, Asmoday, Gaap, Furfur, Marchosias, Stolas, Phoenix, Halphas, Malphas, Raim, Focalor, Wepal, Sabnock, Shax, Vine, Bifrons, Uvall, Haagenti, Crocell, Furcas, Balam, Alocer, Caim, Murmur, Orobas, Gremory, Ose, Amy, Oriax, Vapula, Zagan, Valac, Andras, Flauros, Andrealphus, Cimeries, Amduscias, Belial, Decarabia, Seere, Dantalion and Andromalius! How’s that!”

Haha…… I said all of them. I was told by Buchou’s Okaa-sama that I need to remember this order so she made me learn it until it was stuck in my head. Even if I couldn’t remember all of them while I stayed in the Underworld, I memorised them by practising saying it after that! Though there are high-class devils who aren’t counted in the 72 pillars. I think the house of Lucifugus where Grayfia-san comes from also belongs there. I heard that houses like that are called “Extra Demon”.

“Splendid. Then what houses among them have become extinct.”

“Marbas, Valefor, Buer, Gusion, Leraje, Eligos, Botis, Bathin, Marax, Ipos, Aim, Bune, Ronove, Foras, Gaap, Marchosias, Halphas, Malphas, Raim, Wepal, Sabnock, Vine, Bifrons, Haagenti, Crocell, Alocer, Caim, Murmur, Orobas, Ose, Amy, Zagan, Andras, Flauros, Andrealphus, Cimeries, Amduscias, Decarabia, Seere, and Andromalius! H..How’s that!”

This time I’m not as confident as before! But Beelzebub-sama nods.

“Correct. You did well. I thought that you wouldn’t know about it because you became a reincarnated devil recently. It was supposed to be a nasty problem but….. I will give you a pass.”

Blue gives me an applause. Beelzebub’s nasty question certainly gave me a blow. Man, I was so nervous just now…… To tell you the truth, I thought I was done for….. Blue then announces loud.

“With this the ritual, the trial of man and woman of the house of Gremory is finished. Congratulations.”


Buchou and I hugged each other with great joy after receiving the announcement of the end of the ritual!

“Buchouuuu! We accomplished it safely!”

“Yes! You did well! Ise! With this there will be no one who will be suspicious of us! Aaah! You and I are definitely the best partners!”

I don’t actually get it but I also think the same!


Uooooooo! Buchou started giving me a lot of kisses on my cheeks! Just with this, it was definitely worth all the effort!


What seems like the last door opened. Blue then points at it.

“Now. Red is waiting. You should go and report about your passing of the ritual.”

Both Buchou and I nodded, and we went through the last door.

Part 4

There was a light coming from the front when we walked through the passage. When we came out of it, the ceiling disappeared and instead there was the sky of the Underworld…… It seemed like it’s the end part of the ruin and it's very spacious because there's no ceiling so I became shocked. Is this the thing you call a colosseum? It’s circular structured and has viewing seats and a battle stage. Buchou and I came out from one of the corners of the viewing seats. Red and Yellow are standing at the centre of the battle stage. In others words Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. We went down after we found the stairs towards the stage.

“Congratulations, you two.”

Yellow warmly welcomes us. Aaah, so this is the end then. The moment I thought that, Red stepped forward and shouts loudly.

“Yosh! So you have reached here! But! The trials of the house of Gremory aren’t that easy to end here! I will have Hyoudou Issei-kun fight me, Satan-Red, as the real final trial! Now defeat me then!”

Red who made a stance that has red aura around him! Whaaaaaat! I became so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out because of the sudden outcome! Obviously! This….! Are you telling me to fight Red…….. Sirzechs-sama!

“As the leader of the Maou squadron, Satan Ranger, I had wanted to fight Oppai Dragon at least once! Fufufufu! Let’s decide who is the real hero of the Underworld!”

Satan Red…… No. Sirzechs-sama is saying something so crazy because of the flow! I can’t do something reckless like fighting Maou-sama!

“Fufufu! Satan Red! I don’t know who you are, but my Ise is the legendary dragon, Sekiryuutei! You have some nerve to take on the dragon who defeated the Norse Evil-God Loki.”

Buchou! The person in front of us is a Maou! I certainly did defeat a God from Northern Europe but that was because of the legendary weapon and the school comrades I had with me. If it was just myself, then it wouldn’t have been a fight. There’s no way that I can take on the strongest Maou by myself! Red started to emit a tremendous amount of Power of Destruction at me who is panicked at this situation!

“The opponent is the Sekiryuutei who defeated Loki! I’m getting nervous! I haven’t had this much anticipation in a while!”

He’s just talking crazy! I need to have Grayfia-san deal with this situation!

“…….Please just don’t over do it.”

Huuuuuh!? You are okay with it!? Your husband is trying to fight a single devil with his full power!?




Sirzechs-sama shoots out the power of destruction without holding back! I managed to dodge it but……..


The shot that went behind me destroys a large portion of the colosseum! This is bad! I have seen Buchou’s Power of Destruction numerous times, but it’s my first time seeing it destroy everything without a trace! And is it okay to destroy the ruins!? Either way getting hit even once will eliminate me! I realised the danger I am in and made my gauntlet appear and shouted at Ddraig!

“Ddraig! It’s Balance-Breaker!”

[Yeah! I been waiting for it!]

The countdown started and <--!-->the whole time it's ticking, Sirzechs-sama is showing me weird poses. Is it because he’s confident or is it because he likes to do poses?

“It’s a rule that you can’t attack while transforming!”

Oh, so you will follow that rule just like a Hero. Thank you very much.

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!]

The sound echoes and a red-aura surrounding me forms into armour!

“Balance-Breaker Boosted Gear Scale-mail! Satan-Red! Since it turned out like this, I won’t hold back!”

“Fufufu! Bring it on!”

Like that I ended up fighting the Maou, Sirzechs Lucifer-sama.

High school dxd v8 259.jpg

About 10 minutes have passed since the battle started. Puff……pufff. The one who is obviously breathing hard is me.

“What’s wrong Hyoudou Issei-kun! Is this it!? Are your feelings towards Rias this small!?”

Satan-Red is making a pose full of confidence. …..Shit. I knew he is way stronger but……… this is crazy! I can’t even hit him once! All of the Dragon-shots were taken down! I shot them by mixing gigantic ones in with small ones but Sirzechs-sama’s Power of Destruction is overwhelming. None of my attacks are hitting! Even if I shoot them randomly, they get reduced to nothing by the floating sphere of Power of Destruction! It is small but has splendid power. Just touching it eliminates my attacks. I expanded my Dragon wings and charged ahead to have a melee fight, but he just dodged me easily. Sirzechs-sama is insanely strong at physical fights as well. The punch with the Power of Destruction coating on his hand shaved off my armour easily. In other words I’m not even putting up a fight because of the huge power difference between us. Hehehe. I thought that I gained strength even if I’m like this. Seems like it's still hard for me to take on Sirzechs-sama.

“Sekiryuutei-kun! Do your best☆”

“Keep on going. Fighting more than 10 minutes at your current level against Sirzechs proves that you have a promising future. To tell you the truth, I never thought you would do this well. You are a better Sekiryuutei than I expected.”


The other Maou-sama’s are cheering for me from the cheering seats. Seems like you guys are having fun watching the fight! And everyone besides Sirzechs-sama have taken off their mask revealing their faces! Damn it! And Asmodeus-sama is just sleeping! These people must be enjoying this greatly!

“…….Power of Destruction! It must mean…..!”

It seems like Buchou who was thinking while putting her hand on her chin realised something! So you finally realised it! That’s it! That person is……

“You're from the House of Bael!”

So she hasn’t realised!? Well, she would never guess that her brother is playing a Hero….. Red then points at me with his finger.

“You like Rias don’t you? Is it alright like this? If you don’t show a strong spirit to defeat me, then I can’t let you take care of Rias!”

You are right! But the question is how many people are there in this World that can defeat you!? It can’t be helped! I’m going to use it old man Tannin!

I inhaled lot of air and filled my stomach with lot of oxygen. I then imagined a whirl of fire within my stomach. I’m going to make fire inside my stomach with demonic-power! The biggest flame of demonic-power that I can create! I’m going to be showing you the technique I learnt at the summer holiday! The increased power of a dragon…..

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]


I transferred the power to the flames inside my stomach and breathed out all at once from my mouth! I opened the mouth part of my mask!


I breathed out a huge fire-breath towards Sirzechs-sama! You can say that this is the special dragon power I gained at that training! Breath of Fire! It’s not as flashy or strong as that of the old man’s, but unlike Dragon-shot it has a huge range! I will make Sirzechs-sama burn with this! By the way, the name of this move is just what it looks like and is called “Flame Blaze”!

“A splendid breath of dragon fire. But…..”

After nodding his head, Sirzechs-sama waved his hand to the side. The sphere of power of destruction moved and went inside the flames….. Then it suddenly became bigger!


The sphere of power of destruction that expanded spread and eliminated the flames inside its range. That sphere can get that big!? All the flames I breathed out were eliminated and the remaining ones just vanished.

[Partner. Fighting for a long time will be a disadvantage. If you are going to take him down, then it’s better to do it at once.]

Even if you say that Ddraig, is there any chance of victory?

[……That will be hard. To tell you the truth, I never expected him to be this strong. Perhaps he’s stronger than the Old-Lucifer? The power and destructive power is overwhelming, but that “Power of Destruction” is on a different level. He put his talent and effort into the concept of “eliminating”. There’s probably nothing he can’t destroy with that.]

I didn’t need to hear that information! In a desperate situation, Yellow…….in other words Grayfia-san, beckons me to come to her. What is it? And Buchou is standing right next to her. I rushed over to Grayfia-san while not having Sirzechs-sama out of my sight.

“Wh…..what is it?”

I said it while opening the mouth part of my mask. Grayfia-san then speaks.

“Ise-san. Touch Rias’s breast.”

……! I started to burst blood out of my nose at the shocking words and Buchou’s face became really red! If you suddenly say that, both Buchou and I will be troubled! Yellow creates a dressing room with her demonic powers and throws us inside! Yellow then says it to Buchou as if she is persuading her.

“Listen Rias Gremory. This is my advice. You trust Sekiryuutei more than anyone correct? Then you must know his trait. Yes. He can completely change just with a breast.”

It’s painful to be told that by Grayfia-san! You are right! I’m an Oppai-Dragon that changes with breasts[22]!

[Yeah. Just like she says…..]

Ah, Ddraig says it in a monotone voice and has no emotion inside his words! Pull yourself together Sekiryuutei! Buchou……starts to think about it while she puts her hands on her chin. She then nods.

“To be given advice from you, who I can’t tell whether you are my enemy or ally is annoying. But that’s the only way right now.”

Buchou. You still haven’t realised that Yellow is Grayfia-san……. Then Buchou started to take her uniform off! The white skin and her round and big oppai started to show themselves!


The moment she unhooked her bra, her Oppai released themselves! No matter how many times I see them, I never get bored of her pink nipples! I then started to shed tears of gratitude! Buchou’s raw breasts are invincible indeed! They’re the best! Buchou then says it with determined eyes!

“Now Ise! If we can break through this trial, then I will gladly lend you “these” breasts! I want to get through this trial together with you, and make everyone approve of us! Let’s go Ise!”

Buchoooooooooou! You still gave me determined words even while showing your breasts! I…….! I will definitely get through this trial together with Buchou!

“Buchou! Rias Gremory-sama! I will touch your breasts and get through this trial with you and will defeat Satan-Red!”

I made the armour covering my hands disappear and aimed my hands towards Buchou’s breasts! My whole hand! I’m going to grope Buchou’s breast with all of my five fingers!

“I’m your “Pawn”! And I am Hyoudou Issei, the Sekiryuutei! I will be showing them the will power of Oppai-Dragon!”


The five fingers in both my hands get absorbed by her enormous breasts. I’m making sure to taste it slowly! It feels my whole hands are being enveloped by the ultimate quality of soft oppai! Grope! Grope! I’ve started to move my hands! It’s an amazing sensation!!


My nose also sprinkled out a huge amount of blood! Aaaaaaaaah!! Her soft and enormous oppai are stimulating my brain! This is it! This is seriously it! Buchou’s oppai!


! I heard Buchou’s pink voice that was like a finishing blow to me! Buchou made a cry with my hands!

“Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Here it is! Here it comes!”

The dragon power within me is circulating through my body!


In various places of my armour, the aura of dragon bursts out! The jewels also emit a red light! I’m filled with energy! Buchou’s oppai power! It can power me up this much! Maybe this is what you call the Oppai-Dragon and Switch-Princess!

“If we are going to do this, then we will finish it in one blow! Ddraig! I will use all of this power for the Dragon-shot, and I will blow away Satan-Red!”

[Ou! Leave it to me!]

I concentrate all the power to both my arms! My target is Satan-Red. Sirzechs-sama!

Sirzechs-sama! Please receive Buchou's and my feelings!

“That is it! Come! The shot created from the love between you and Rias! As a brother! And also as a brother in law! I would want to receive that!”

The spheres with the power of destruction around Sirzechs-sama also start to gather at one point! He’s trying to take my shot head on!

“Bring it on! Saaaataaaan Red! Goooooooo!! The shot created by me and Buchou! Dragon-shot Neo Bust Burssssssssssst!”

I shot it forward while screaming the name I just made up at the spot!

Part 5


Buchou’s face is right in front of me when I woke up. The soft sensation I can feel on the back of my head….. Is this Buchou’s thigh? I see. I’m getting a lap-pillow by Buchou.

“Are you awake? Ufufufu. You lost conscious after that Ise.”

Buchou smiles. When I got my upper body up, I was at the centre of the coliseum. When I looked around, the coliseum was in bad shape!

“Looks like the battle arena is in a mess because of Ise and Satan-Red’s battle. Looks like we have to send the repair team afterwards.”

Ah. So I ended up destroying that much. Well I was just concentrating on the fight so I didn’t think about these matters.

“Ah. Where’s Satan-Red?”

“He disappeared. Along with the others.”

…..There’s no way I defeated him. Then Ddraig called out to me within my heart.


“Hmm? What is it Ddraig?”

[That Maou, Lucifer. He negated the Dragon-shot you did. I did think that he has an irregular power for a devil. But for him to be this strong…… After that, he retreated with the other Maou’s during the explosion. Well. For you to be able to fight this much at this stage with that man means that you are improving well enough. If it was a few months ago, you would have been defeated instantly.]


Seriously? I did put quite a lot of strength in it. I haven’t neglected my training after the battle against Loki either. I had quite a bit of confidence in the Dragon-shot I just shot earlier….. So it was impossible even after I powered up after poking Buchou’s breast. But I think I’m amazing myself for having fought that much. Ddraig also sounded in awe. The last time he talked like this was since Fenrir. Well, that was also recently as well. So Sirzechs-sama is amazing after all.

“Both of you did very well.”

Sirzechs-sama’s voice. When I turned around, Sirzechs-sama is standing there. Grayfia-san in maid outfit is also besides him.

“Onii-sama. Did you just arrive here now?”

“Yes. I thought it was about time that you finished the trials.”

…..Buchou. Seriously. Please realise it. Sirzech-sama is Red. Sirzechs-sama, just tell her the truth already! When Buchou and I got up, Sirzechs-sama put his hand on our shoulders.

“You did very well. Both of you passed.”

Buchou and I looked at each other after hearing that and smiled. Yes! We ended up doing lots of trials, and it ended up having me fight against Sirzechs-sama. But looks like we passed it!

“With this, both Master and Mistress will feel relieved.”

Grayfia-sama says that. Looks like she’s in a complete Maid-mode right now.

“Ise-kun. I’m sorry for getting you involved in this all of a sudden.”

Sirzechs-sama apologies to me!

“N-no! You don’t have to! It allowed me to touch Buchou’s breast, so it’s OK!”

That’s the truth. It was fun. Buchou’s breast was really amazing!

“I feel better if you say it like that. I was also concerned with the future of both you and Rias. Thanks to that, I was able to catch a glimpse of a bright future. I will leave Rias to you, Ise-kun.”


I don’t understand anything complicated, but I will protect Buchou for the rest of my life! She’s the woman I fell in love with!

“Congratulation Rias-chan!”

Leviathan-sama who suddenly appeared jumped onto Buchou. Arara. When on Earth did she appear?

“…..Ah. It finally finished.”

The one who said that along with a sigh is Asmodeus-sama. Good work for being a Judge for the trial. But please do your job as a Maou properly. When I was thinking about that, a person came towards me. It’s Ajuka Beelzebub. He’s having a serious look at me. More like he is looking at my Sacred Gear with a very interested look.

“Can I have a look at the Evil-Piece inside you for a bit?”

Saying that, Beelzebub-sama poked his finger at my chest and creates many small magic-circles. The devil-letters and numbers written on the magic-circle are circulating really fast.

“Hmm. Looks like you are trying to do something interesting. You are going to the depths of the Sacred Gear right? It’s only something possible because it's a Sacred Gear type with a soul sealed in it. The one who pointed out this possibility must be the Viceroy of fallen-angels, Azazel……..”

He’s smiling and he looks like he’s having fun. He can tell, just by looking at it for a bit!? I did hear that he was someone who is talented at technology, but for him to be this amazing! Sensei! This Maou saw through your hypothesis instantly!

“…..The power of chess pieces. The trait is being used on something else and is changing a bit. This is an interesting phenomenon. Looks like it’s overwritten by a code that isn’t written in my program. From my personal view, it must be the influence of “Juggernaut Drive”…… But the overwritten code is messy. With this program, it would malfunction easily…… Yes. I will alter the evil-piece within you.”

….! I was shocked at the sudden offer.

“Is it alright? Doing something like this. Won’t it be unfair in the Rating Game?”

“Of course I will make sure it won’t work during the Rating Game. But it’s better if you can use it in a real battle right? No. It also might be interesting if you can use it in the Rating Game. It might receive good response from viewers who like irregular causes. Well, since you are Sekiryuutei you would continue to fight enemy forces. It would be good to be in an environment where you can use the ideas of your ability. More than that, it would be interesting for those viewing it. Also I need to give you my gratitude for stopping my family member.”

….Family member. He’s talking about Diodora. Even if he was involved in the incident with Asia, I beat him to a pulp and he ended up being killed by one of the leaders of the Old-Maou Faction. Beelzebub-sama came from the house of Astaroth.

“You don’t have to worry about that. The ones at fault are us. Instead I feel deeply sorry for troubling you.”

Saying that, he creates various magic-circles again and seems to continue tuning the evil-pieces within me. He sounds as if he isn’t that interested in that incident. Maybe the one who isn’t the most affected in that incident is this person. Then I spoke out what I thought.

“Excuse me…… How many secret factors did you include in the evil-piece?”

“There’s no way I would tell you that. I made it so the users can find out by themselves.”

He replied to me like that. He is truly a person who is hard to read. He’s calling devils, “Users”. I can feel a certain type of characteristic fixation from his words. Sirzechs-sama then says it while having a bitter smile.

“Ajuka is a rare person among devils who “create”. Thanks to that, the technology in the Underworld went up about 5 stages. But he doesn’t care about the role as a Maou.”

“It suits me by creating and having fun.”

Hmm, he certainly is a unique type of devil. Then Leviathan-sama whispers into my ears.

“Sirzechs-chan and Ajuka-chan have always been both friends and rivals since a long time ago. They were both candidates for becoming “Lucifer”. But since Sirzechs-chan was more talented at gathering people, Sirzechs-chan became “Lucifer” while Ajuka-chan became “Beelzebub”.”

So there was a past like that…… A rival huh. Something similar to me and Vali? No, we haven’t opened ourselves like these two have…… He is basically my enemy.

“Both of you work too much….. Lets take it more slowly…… I can’t follow your pace…… You will become a loser if you work……”

…..Asmodeus-sama is certainly a unique Maou-sama. Seriously work, please.

“Yes. That should be it.”

Beelzebub-sama who seems like he finished tuning makes the magic-circle disappear. I start to touch my chest….. I don’t feel any changes in me……

“…..Did something change?”

“The one who is going to change it from now is you. What I did was just a start. The one who would choose a door from various doors and opening it with the key will be you.”

……In other words I received the factors, but what will happen from now will depend on me.

“It seems like Beelzebub-sama will get along with Azazel-sensei.”

I thought that both of them will get along since they are both scientists. But Beelzebub-sama shook his head.

“No, no. It might seem like we will get along but we won’t. He’s talented at researching and creating something that already exists. I, on other hand, like to create from nothing. It might look similar but the differences are great.”

Hmm. So it’s like that. I twitch my neck. Beelzebub-sama then said.

“Now, I will go home. I created a certain game in the human world and am managing it. If I’m not there, difficulty will arise.”

“Ajuka. Is “that” the case? Or is it your hobby?”

Beelzebub-sama smiles at Sirzechs-sama’s question.

“Yeah. Hobby is something I want to treasure. Oh yeah, Sekiryuutei-kun. Do you also want to participate in my game? Don’t worry. You can participate from just a single mobile phone.”

He asks me that. But it seems creepy so I…….

“N-no. I will pass.”

I declined it. Beelzebub-sama then makes a bitter smile.

“Is that so. That’s unfortunate. I will look forward to our next meeting. Rise to a new level.”


Beelzebub-sama creates a magic-circle and disappears into the light of transportation while vibrating the atmosphere. Asmodeus-sama disappeared. Looks like he left early.

“Now. There is a plan to start the party for accomplishing the trials. I have already called and gathered Rias’s servants.”

Sirzechs-sama says that. Are you serious? So everyone is in the Underworld. And a party for accomplishing the trial for me and Buchou! I’m a bit happy! I can eat delicious food! I just ate before, but I’m hungry since many things happened today! Hmm? Grayfia-san creates a magic-circle. What is she planning to do? I was in doubt and a creature appeared that one can’t tell whether it’s a hawk or a lion. A Griffin.

“It’s the one Buchou and I rode when we escaped the engagement party!”

Sirzechs-sama nods at my words.

“Yes. We will return home immediately by magic-circle. You and Rias should return home with this.”

Why? I think it's faster to use the magic-circle…… I’m in doubt. Then Grayfia-san whispers into my ears.

“It’s a present for Ojou-sama. Please take care of the roads, Ise-sama.”<--roads?-->

P-Present…..? Something I don’t get continues on.

“Rias. Ise-kun. There’s one last thing. I was going to announce it at the party. But I will tell it to both of you before hand. The match against Sairaorg-sama has been decided.”



Both Buchou and I got shocked at Sirzechs-sama’s words. I see…… So it's finally here…..

“The date and time will be about the same time as the Kuou Academy’s school festival. We will manage the remaining schedules but just keep that in your mind.”

The school festival is after the school trip. After I return from the trip, I will finally have the battle with that person.

…..Hehe. Looks like there will be lots of events in the second term. After confirming that, Buchou and I got on the Griffin and flew up into the sky.

About 10 minutes after we flew up in the sky on the Griffin. Buchou and I are looking down on the scenery down below while feeling the nice wind. It brings back memories. The time during the first term. I broke in to the engagement party. I then turned into Balance-Breaker for the first time and beat Raiser. I then took Buchou and fled. Buchou who is sitting behind me then puts her body onto my back.

“……It brings back memories about that time.”

“For me too.”

I see. So Buchou was remembering the same thing.

“Do you still remember what you said to me on this Griffin?”

“Yes. I will rescue Buchou no matter what. Because I am Rias Gremory’s Pawn.”


Buchou puts her hands around my hip. She attaches her body onto me and is making sure not to get away from me. I feel so happy…… Right now I am really happy. I am having a drive up in the sky with the woman I love. There isn’t any happiness besides this. Oh yeah. There was a continuation of the thing I said back then.

“It hasn’t changed that I still want Buchou’s virginity even now!”

I said it with a strong voice. Buchou made an astonished face and made a sigh.

“……Think about the mood for a bit.”

I got told off. Hmm. Looks like I am too faithful to my greed. I was amending for my mistake. Then Buchou makes a small laugh and says.

“We will always be together. My lovely Ise.”

“Yes. Of course.”

Within my heart, I thought that I want to call her “My lovely Rias” one day.


It’s been a while. This short story collection turned out as free as I pleased and more than I had imagined. In the afterword from the last volume I mentioned that short story collection would be volume 7.5, but due to circumstances it turned to volume 8. I’m sorry. And now here are the introductions to each short story.

[Devil's Job] – Timeline: After Volume 1

This is the story I should celebrate about since it was the first short story. When it was published, Asia hasn’t appeared yet. So I formatted this for the short story. This was published on the Dragon Magazine which came out on the same month as volume 1. Even though it was a very important beginning for this series, I did outrageous things like making a busha appear. What was I thinking….. It became the subtitle of volume 8.

[Familiar's Requirement] – Timeline: After Volume 2

This short story was created from Miyama-san’s suggestion. Miyama-san gave the opinion to the person in charge, “Wouldn’t a Pokémon-like story be good?”, so I wrote this story with enthusiasm. During the story a person and an attack which are like that appeared in the story but it shouldn’t let it get to you. Rasse’s type is Dragon/Lightning type. Wait, the Gremory group are devils, so they are all ‘Dark-types’….. So they are very weak against ‘Fighting-types’.

[Memory of Oppai] – Timeline: After Volume 3

This is a short short story that was written on the back of the poster which came along with the Dragon Magazine. You can say that this is a very important story which shaped the Oppai Dragon…..Ise. What would have Ise been like if he didn’t meet the old man who did the picture story show…… I can’t imagine it.

[The Oppai of Tennis] – Timeline: After Volume 4

The result of discussing how I wanted to play tennis with the supervisor is this. This is also a horrible story. In the previous volume’s afterward I said “Yuki-onna will be appearing” so how was your reaction everyone? I also didn’t expect a moe-moe gorillia’s illustration, so I laughed my ass off when I saw the illustration. Miyama-san is the ultimate illustrator who can draw from cute girls to a shocking Yuki-onna.

By the way, this has no relation with “The Prince of Tennis”.

[Hell Teacher Azazel] – Timeline: After Volume 4

This is the first story when the short story became serialized. I wrote this because I wanted to show off Azazel-sensei’s moments and also Rias and Asia in their younger girl form. During the story a Super Robot appeared, but short stories can have anything happen more than the actual volumes plus it is like a parallel. Since around this time, Akeno-san’s seductive role began.

By the way, this story has no relation with “Hell Teacher Nube.”

[300 Ise] – Timeline: After Volume 5

The story which was published in Dragon Magazine. I used the number theme of 300. I wrote a tragedy about Ise increasing his number to 300.

And again, this has nothing to do with the 300 hundred strong men.

[The Fun Gremory Family] – Timeline: After Volume 7

This is a new written story which was written to preserve the settings. I also gave details about Sirzechs and Grayfia on it. People around them and Ise fears them thinking that Sirzechs’s group are bunch of monsters, but I do think that Rias’ group are also a bunch of monsters while Ise being at the front. Truly they are frightening siblings.

The supervisor gave me the opinion that “Lately Rias doesn’t have any spotlight so let's make a story about it”, so it was decided that I would write this. She is indeed the main heroine, but she seems to be pushed back by Akeno’s aggressive attack….. Akeno’s popularity is too high! No, Buchou is also popular you know?

This time, there were those who appeared for the first time. Those people are the remaining Yondai-Maou, Ajuka, and Falbium who is also called Falbi. He is a former rival of Sirzechs and a lazy Maou. Ajuka is someone whose power is in the same class as Sirzechs, and he is a natural creator-type person so he does the background jobs.

Old fans might realise it, but Ajuka’s word includes something ‘special’ in it. So……maybe it might include what would happen in the future?

Now some explanation of the setting behind the scene. Among Sirzechs’s group there is the “Kougyou[23] of the Deep Sea”, Bahamut; among Serafall’s group there is “Magical Beast King of the Earth,” Behemoth; among Ajuka’s group there is “King Snake of the Realm of the Dead”, Falak; and among Falbium’s group there is the “Blue Holy Bull”, Kuyutha. They are all legendary creatures.

For them to appear just for the setting………probably won’t happen. I just revealed it to the fans who likes the setting of it.

‘Extra Demons’ are famous devils who are not from the 72 Pillars. Among them there is Mephistopheles and other ridiculously strong devils, and they hid themselves in the depths of the Underworld, making a certain distance with the current devil’s government. Only a countable number of their clans have survived. Even the status of those from Grayfia’s house is unknown apart from her. The ‘Extra Demons’ are just only for settings currently.

The third arc will be about Ise witnessing and experiencing about the world of devils from the inside and outside. The inside part would be about the devils society. The outside part would be about their contacts with other factions. So what will Ise obtain from those things? The Khaos Brigade will make their move once again.

But for him to head straight forward even though his opponent is a Maou…… He is hot-blooded guy like usual. Ise also had Ajuka do something to him…. So what would happen after this!?

The next volume will finally be about the school trip. Ise, the 2nd Years, would rampage(?) in Kyoto.

Now for the thanks. Miyama-Zero-sama, Supervisor H-sama, I was able to have volume 8 get released safely. Thank you very much! Due to the number of them, I’m regretful that I couldn’t have all of the illustrations included in them. I definitely would like an illustration collection book for DxD. Even myself, the writer, would like one as well.

I give my thanks to all the fans. Thanks to you all, the sales are increasing! I don’t know how long it can continue, but I’m thinking of doing as much as I can. Please do support me from now on as well.

The truth is I’m writing about a different story. I’m thinking it would be good if it can get released while doing DxD.

That happens in the exact same world as DxD, but I’m hoping it will turn out to something both DxD and new fans would enjoy. Currently, my priority is DxD so please wait patently for it.

The truth is there are hidden factors within this short story collection…..Maybe. Anyway please do support me!

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Japan’s civil war
  2. military commander
  3. Small oni. An oni is a Japanese demon
  4. Get daze is a phrase from Japanese Pokemon. In English version it is the phrase ‘Gotta Catch 'Em All!’
  5. This is a parody of Pokemon. Ash Ketchum’s name in Japanese Pokemon is ‘Satoshi’. Satooji is a parody of it. Ash’s home town in Japanese is ‘Masara Town’. Madara is a parody of it. Familiar Master is a parody of ‘Pokemon Master’.
  6. seirei: means "Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost" [1]
  7. a shoulder throw in judo
  8. Blue-lightning dragon
  9. Pokemon quote parody
  10. Lightning
  11. Old man
  12. Checkmate in Shougi
  13. Japanese youkai(monster)
  14. It is indicating that it looks like the horse from the manga Fist of the North Star. The horse of Raou.
  15. Japanese pot
  16. Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp
  17. a super robot ranked higher than a Majinga or Mazinga
  18. Young master in Japanese
  19. In Japan Kirin is also called Giraffe
  20. mythologies and religions
  21. Power Rangers
  22. Ise being Sarcastic
  23. Glowing-Fish

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