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It’s been a while. This short story collection turned out as free as I pleased and more than I had imagined. In the afterword from the last volume I mentioned that short story collection would be volume 7.5, but due to circumstances it turned to volume 8. I’m sorry. And now here are the introductions to each short story.

[Devil's Job] – Timeline: After Volume 1

This is the story I should celebrate about since it was the first short story. When it was published, Asia hasn’t appeared yet. So I formatted this for the short story. This was published on the Dragon Magazine which came out on the same month as volume 1. Even though it was a very important beginning for this series, I did outrageous things like making a busha appear. What was I thinking….. It became the subtitle of volume 8.

[Familiar's Requirement] – Timeline: After Volume 2

This short story was created from Miyama-san’s suggestion. Miyama-san gave the opinion to the person in charge, “Wouldn’t a Pokémon-like story be good?”, so I wrote this story with enthusiasm. During the story a person and an attack which are like that appeared in the story but it shouldn’t let it get to you. Rasse’s type is Dragon/Lightning type. Wait, the Gremory group are devils, so they are all ‘Dark-types’….. So they are very weak against ‘Fighting-types’.

[Memory of Oppai] – Timeline: After Volume 3

This is a short short story that was written on the back of the poster which came along with the Dragon Magazine. You can say that this is a very important story which shaped the Oppai Dragon…..Ise. What would have Ise been like if he didn’t meet the old man who did the picture story show…… I can’t imagine it.

[The Oppai of Tennis] – Timeline: After Volume 4

The result of discussing how I wanted to play tennis with the supervisor is this. This is also a horrible story. In the previous volume’s afterward I said “Yuki-onna will be appearing” so how was your reaction everyone? I also didn’t expect a moe-moe gorillia’s illustration, so I laughed my ass off when I saw the illustration. Miyama-san is the ultimate illustrator who can draw from cute girls to a shocking Yuki-onna.

By the way, this has no relation with “The Prince of Tennis”.

[Hell Teacher Azazel] – Timeline: After Volume 4

This is the first story when the short story became serialized. I wrote this because I wanted to show off Azazel-sensei’s moments and also Rias and Asia in their younger girl form. During the story a Super Robot appeared, but short stories can have anything happen more than the actual volumes plus it is like a parallel. Since around this time, Akeno-san’s seductive role began.

By the way, this story has no relation with “Hell Teacher Nube.”

[300 Ise] – Timeline: After Volume 5

The story which was published in Dragon Magazine. I used the number theme of 300. I wrote a tragedy about Ise increasing his number to 300.

And again, this has nothing to do with the 300 hundred strong men.

[The Fun Gremory Family] – Timeline: After Volume 7

This is a new written story which was written to preserve the settings. I also gave details about Sirzechs and Grayfia on it. People around them and Ise fears them thinking that Sirzechs’s group are bunch of monsters, but I do think that Rias’ group are also a bunch of monsters while Ise being at the front. Truly they are frightening siblings.

The supervisor gave me the opinion that “Lately Rias doesn’t have any spotlight so let's make a story about it”, so it was decided that I would write this. She is indeed the main heroine, but she seems to be pushed back by Akeno’s aggressive attack….. Akeno’s popularity is too high! No, Buchou is also popular you know?

This time, there were those who appeared for the first time. Those people are the remaining Yondai-Maou, Ajuka, and Falbium who is also called Falbi. He is a former rival of Sirzechs and a lazy Maou. Ajuka is someone whose power is in the same class as Sirzechs, and he is a natural creator-type person so he does the background jobs.

Old fans might realise it, but Ajuka’s word includes something ‘special’ in it. So……maybe it might include what would happen in the future?

Now some explanation of the setting behind the scene. Among Sirzechs’s group there is the “Kougyou[1] of the Deep Sea”, Bahamut; among Serafall’s group there is “Magical Beast King of the Earth,” Behemoth; among Ajuka’s group there is “King Snake of the Realm of the Dead”, Falak; and among Falbium’s group there is the “Blue Holy Bull”, Kuyutha. They are all legendary creatures.

For them to appear just for the setting………probably won’t happen. I just revealed it to the fans who likes the setting of it.

‘Extra Demons’ are famous devils who are not from the 72 Pillars. Among them there is Mephistopheles and other ridiculously strong devils, and they hid themselves in the depths of the Underworld, making a certain distance with the current devil’s government. Only a countable number of their clans have survived. Even the status of those from Grayfia’s house is unknown apart from her. The ‘Extra Demons’ are just only for settings currently.

The third arc will be about Ise witnessing and experiencing about the world of devils from the inside and outside. The inside part would be about the devils society. The outside part would be about their contacts with other factions. So what will Ise obtain from those things? The Khaos Brigade will make their move once again.

But for him to head straight forward even though his opponent is a Maou…… He is hot-blooded guy like usual. Ise also had Ajuka do something to him…. So what would happen after this!?

The next volume will finally be about the school trip. Ise, the 2nd Years, would rampage(?) in Kyoto.

Now for the thanks. Miyama-Zero-sama, Supervisor H-sama, I was able to have volume 8 get released safely. Thank you very much! Due to the number of them, I’m regretful that I couldn’t have all of the illustrations included in them. I definitely would like an illustration collection book for DxD. Even myself, the writer, would like one as well.

I give my thanks to all the fans. Thanks to you all, the sales are increasing! I don’t know how long it can continue, but I’m thinking of doing as much as I can. Please do support me from now on as well.

The truth is I’m writing about a different story. I’m thinking it would be good if it can get released while doing DxD.

That happens in the exact same world as DxD, but I’m hoping it will turn out to something both DxD and new fans would enjoy. Currently, my priority is DxD so please wait patently for it.

The truth is there are hidden factors within this short story collection…..Maybe. Anyway please do support me!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Glowing-Fish
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