High School DxD:Volume 8 Extra Life

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Extra Life. The Fun Family of the Gremory[edit]

Part 1[edit]

On a certain day off. Since morning, Buchou has had a stern look.

“This is terrible.”

Unlike usual, Buchou is in a panic. She is walking from my room to the first floor and then keeps on coming back.

“Rias-oneesama is acting very weird.”

Asia who is sitting next to me is looking at Buchou with a worried face. Just like Asia said, Buchou is acting weird. She suddenly starts to clean the house and keeps on fixing her appearance every 10 minutes. We just finished the intense battle with the evil-god Loki. We, the 2nd years, are going to Kyoto as a field trip soon. It’s about time that us, the 2nd years, have to go to the department store nearby for shopping. But right now I’m concerned about Buchou.

“Buchou. Did something happen?”

When I asked her with a doubtful voice, she answers me with a serious face.

“Onee-sama is coming.”

“Onee-sama? Oh. You mean Grayfia-san?”

She nods quietly when I said that. Grayfia-san. The maid from Buchou’s house. She is deeply connected to finance matters and other things of the house of Gremory, which is a noble household of high-class devils. And she is the servant of Maou and also the wife of Buchou’s brother. In other words she is Buchou’s sister-in-law. But Buchou has been calling Grayfia-san, “Grayfia”. But why is she calling her “Onee-sama” today? I was in doubt, and Akeno-san tells me.

“Today Grayfia-san has a day off.”

“Hmm, a day off. So she has a day off as a maid?”

“Yes. Usually she is a maid who serves the house of Gremory. She has the relationship of servant and master with Rias who is the daughter from the house of Gremory. But it seems like it’s a different story when she gets a day off. Only then, she becomes Rias’s sister-in-law.”

“……Buchou is scared of Grayfia-san who becomes her sister-in-law…….. It seems like she is really strict.”

Koneko-chan says.

I see.

“So Buchou also has someone she is weak against.”

Xenovia nodded with confirmation.

Well even if Buchou is the next heir of the noble house of Gremory, she is still a girl. So Grayfia-san who isn’t a maid gets into a “sister-mode”? I do want to see the scenery where Rias and Grayfia-san are acting like sisters. The conversation between two beauties would look beautiful even if I were to look at them from the sides…….But I think something is going to happen by looking at how Buchou is feeling nervous.

“So she decided to visit my house when she got a day off?”

Akeno-san makes a small laugh at my words and answers me.

“Yes. It seems like there is something she wants to talk to Rias about as her sister.”

Buchou who is beside me and Akeno-san who are talking to each other is checking the room. Buchou, even if you clean more than this, nothing is coming out.

“I….I also need to prepare tea as well. Ise. I want you to dress nicely as well. She will probably check you as well.”

Buchou fixes my collar. She’s also checking my hair.

“I’m getting checked as well? Umm, why is that……?”

“You are….”

She stops there and her face becomes really red.

“…….Be…because…. You are special……..”

I’m special……..? I’m not sure, but is it because I’m the resident of the place she is home staying at? Or is it because I underwent lots of training when I went to the Underworld in summer? We went to the homeland of devils in summer and stayed at Buchou’s house. Especially I, who was doing different things from other members like learning how to dance and learning the history of Buchou’s house. Even now it’s still a mystery why I did all those things. Even all the servants of the house of Gremory call me “Waka[1]”….. It happened when I was bending my neck.


The door bell rang. Well by looking at how Buchou is behaving, I can imagine who the visitor is. Buchou went down quickly and headed for the main entrance. We also looked at each other and walked towards the entrance. The one who appeared from the entrance was a beautiful silver-haired woman with clothes like a celebrity. I recognise her. The clothes and hairstyle are different than usual but……. it’s Grayfia-san, the maid! She looks beautiful today because she is wearing clothes that look like they are from an expensive brand and she has her hair put up. Uwaa…… The usual Grayfia-san who is in the maid outfit is beautiful but Grayfia-san today has the charm of an adult! Usually Grayfia-san appears in front of us by using the magic-circle, but today she came from the entrance. So she must have wanted to visit here properly as a sister-in-law. I can see a gorgeous limousine parked outside! Wow! That’s the wife of Maou for you! Grayfia-san looks at us then greets us while having a smile filled with elegance.

“How are you doing everyone?”

Then Grayfia-san looks at Buchou. Grayfia-san then greets Buchou with a cheerful smile.

“How do you do Rias.”

“Hello Onee-sama.”

Buchou replies back with a smile but I can see that she is nervous.

“It has been a while Hime-sama.”

Another voice. When I looked at the direction where the voice came from there was a strange creature! The face looked like an Asian-dragon. It seems like a dragon and it had red scales throughout its body. But the torso looks like either a horse or deer. The size is about 2 metres I think. Either way it’s a creature I am seeing for the first time. I mean, was this the one that spoke? It seems like it realised I was looking at it and the creature bows its head down to me.

“Oh if it isn’t Sekiryuutei-dono. This is our first meeting. I’m a “Pawn” that serves Sirzechs-sama, and my name is Enku. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

It spoke! And it has a polite speech and greeted me!

“Ha, yeah. Nice to meet you too!”

I also greeted him. Then the voice earlier…… was this guy called Enku after all! Wait, he serves Sirzechs-sama? Then…..

“Ise. He is Enku. He is a Kirin, which is a legendary creature and is Onii-sama’s servant. It’s been a while Enku. I’m glad that you look healthy.”

Buchou pats Enku……. The Kirin’s neck with her hand. So it's the Kirin that doesn’t have a long neck[2]. Even I know it’s name. I don’t know the details about it but it’s the one that appears in Chinese folklore. But Sirzechs-sama has a legendary creature as his servant…….. It said that it is a “Pawn” but it definitely isn’t worth only 1 or 2 pieces. Even if it is a same “Pawn” as me, he seems like he is in a different league as me…….. The Kirin, Enku-san, then says it to Grayfia-san.

“Then Grayfia-sama. I will be returning to my station.”

“Yes. Thank you for escorting me till here, Enku. It would have been fine by myself though……”

“What are you saying. Our great “Queen” who is also the wife of our master. For you to go and visit someone officially without an escort……. Well even though I say that, I don’t even have a slight thought of Grayfia-sama being in danger even without my escort. I thought I should bring “fortune” to Sekiryuutei-dono’s residence by coming along with you. More than that I’m glad to see the face of Hime-sama and Sekiryuutei-dono who is the Waka.”

I see. Officially visiting here as Sirzechs-sama’s wife and Buchou’s sister-in-law is a serious matter. Wait, “Waka” again. Where does my position stand? But what does he mean by “fortune”? I was in doubt and Akeno-san whispers to my ear.

“Kirin is said to bring great fortune. It’s said that if it visits a house, something good will happen to that house.”

Hmm. That’s good. I'm grateful. I hope something good happens to my house.

“By the way, Sirzechs-sama is the only person among the devils who was able to make a sacred creature into his servant. Originally the two sides have relationships that are mutually exclusive. Making that possible makes Sirzechs-sama belong to a different league compared to others.”

Akeno-san gave me additional information. Are you serious! Sirzechs-sama is in a different league, just like I thought……..

“Enku. You could stay even for a while.”

Buchou seems sad.

“Hahaha. Those words alone are enough for this Enku. Even I have lots of duties as a servant of Sirzechs-sama. I must accomplish that when I return to the Underworld. But Hime-sama, I would like to run at the mountain with you again while carrying you on my back like before. Now, I shall leave. I’m hoping to meet all of you again.”

Enku-san turned into a red mist and disappeared after saying that.

“When I was living in the Underworld, Enku became the one I could talk to. He carried me on his back often.”

Buchou says it to me while smiling. I see. Enku-san is also one of those who watched over Buchou growing up. Buchou is immersed in her memory, but Grayfia-san does a single cough. Buchou then had a nervous face again. Confirming that, Grayfia-san asks.

“Now, lets make the greetings short. May I come into the house then?”

Like this Grayfia-san came to visit my house as Buchou’s sister-in-law.

“I see. I’m relieved that Rias isn’t causing trouble.”

“I’m here like this thanks to Rias-oneesama.”

The conversation between Asia and Grayfia-san. Grayfia-san certainly is having a friendly chat with the members that are staying at my house in the living room. Buchou who is next to me has a smile on but she looks stiff. Some of the people living here were gathered. Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia and Irina are sitting around the table. By the way my parents are away today because they went somewhere far.

“Rias is a bit selfish so I was worried that she was troubling everyone in the group.”

“That definitely isn’t the case. Rias is acting as our leader staying here as a home stay, and is looking after us very well.”

Akeno-san smiles by lifting up Buchou’s position. To be expected from her friend!

“Rias is a fortunate person to be blessed with good friends and kouhai.”

Grayfia-san smiles. That smile seems as if she is truly happy. But she then put on a strict face and looked at Buchou……..and me. Wh….why me?

“What’s left is……the gentleman.”

PIRI. After Grayfia-san said that, the atmosphere in the room froze immediately.

“I…..Is it perhaps…….. Is that what this is about………?”

Asia who was smiling until just now has a nervous face.

“……That must be it. Since Grayfia-san came here officially, it must be part of it.”

Akeno-san also has a pressured face along with her smile!

“……..I did think that this day would come.”

The loli-loli Koneko-chan who usually had an expressionless face has a stern look. Xenovia and Irina looked like they didn’t know what is going on……. To tell you the truth even I don’t know what’s going on. Why did the girls’ atmosphere change at Grayfia-san’s words……? The complex heart of girls? I don’t understand! Kiba and Gasper didn’t come here today. Buchou told them that it would be enough with just the members here. Rossweisse-san went out since early morning to buy furniture and such so she can start living at my house. It seems like that person is the type who uses money very carefully. Then Buchou says to Grayfia-san while putting on a red face.

“O…Onee-sama! Did you come here for that matter? I thought that you left it to me so I could make it go naturally!”

“Ara, Rias. Did Okaa-sama and I ever say that even once? You broke it off before, so isn’t it your duty as the next heir to make us feel relieved?”

It seems like Buchou couldn’t talk back to Grayfia-san who is simply talking. She probably thinks that she shouldn’t anger Grayfia-san who came here as her sister. But breaking it off…… Does she mean about breaking off the engagement with her former fiance, Raiser? That became a serious incident for the house of Gremory and other people from other houses started talking behind their back that……

[The selfish princess from the Gremory broke off the engagement.]

For devils in the noble society that take care of status and pureblood, the engagement between households is important. It seems like the freedom of love is something that is very strict for those children from the high-class devils. It seems like noble society is complex. Well it ended by me breaking into the engagement party, beating up Raiser and taking Buchou with me. Even so, Buchou’s parents forgave her about breaking off the engagement.

“The devils are said to have a dangerous birth rate. We especially can’t cut off the bloods of the noble family. One day we would like you to be the parent of children of the next generation. That is what Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, I and that person wish for.”

Grayfia-san said it to Buchou with a serious face. Then Grayfia-san softened her expression and made a bitter smile.

High school dxd v8 219.jpg

“Though I say that, I was also involved in that incident. I helped you. Even before that…. That person and I also had our own share of free romance. That time, we were in a situation that was more complicated than you are.”

“The love romance between you two is like a legend to female devils.”

Akeno-san says it while her cheeks are red. Hmm. I'm not sure but it seems like Grayfia-san also had an amazing romance as well. Well it seems like it’s obvious since her lover is a Maou.

“……It’s also turned into a play.”

Koneko-chan says. A play! Wow!

“I'm very interested in it!”

Asia also seems like she is very interested in it! Girls can't resist a love story. Grayfia-san made a single cough while looking a bit embarrassed and changes her expression.

“*Cough* Since there was the incident with us, I ended up siding with you. I want you to become a splendid high-class devil lady. I want you to have a strong self-consciousness as the next heir. For that there are lots of things we need to fix. The part where you think you can solve your selfishness with money. The part where you act immediately once you think about it. I think the part of you focused on having it all to yourself has softened a bit. Even so it’s miserable that you can’t act when you have to. When it was me and that person, we went through it straight away. There are girls your age who are already married, so keep that in mind. Once you graduate from High school, you will be invited to high-class society's parties even more. If you are thought to be as a selfish girl even in the future, it will become an embarrassment to the house of Gremory. Thanks to the influence of that TV programme, you are getting good support from the typical devils……Anyway, we need to further the learning of your partner from now. Once you become a University student, we need to prepare for the wedding quickly you know? You need to take in a husband right away when you become the heir after graduating from University. Until then we need you to take over from Otou-sama smoothly. You understand don’t you? I personally think that it’s okay to make you stable from now. The Rating Game is important, but only having that in mind might make you become dim as a woman. And you are……”

Aaah. Grayfia-san started preaching to Buchou like a machine gun…… Buchou also can’t talk back and has a very red face while listening to her preach. Usually Buchou acts with elegance but looking at her now she is acting like a girl her age when she is getting yelled at like this. Maybe she’s still a kid that her family still can’t leave her alone. But Grayfia-san right now seems like she is taking out all the things she has been thinking while she was doing her job as a maid as well. Her sermon isn’t stopping.

“Now, now Grayfia. Rias is doing quite well.”

…..! A sudden voice. I’m familiar with this voice. Everyone looks at the end of the table. There was a crimson-haired man! Buchou stood up and gets shocked at seeing that man.


Yes! That crimson-haired man is…….. the Maou Sirzechs Lucifer-sama! It’s the entry of the real Maou everyone! But when did he come in? I couldn’t sense his presence at all. When on earth did he come to the living room of this house in the humans' world?

“Hey Rias. How are you doing? I’m glad that you are doing well. Looks like everyone in the group is the same as well.”

Sirzechs-sama smiles charmingly. This person has a job as a Maou that makes him seem scary. But he is really kind and laid back.

“I’ve brought some gifts. It’s a collection of Rias’ photos that I produced. The title is “The girl called Switch Princess – The growing of Ria-tan compilation”. It’s a record of her growth from when she was a child until she got into High school in Japan.”

He took out the photo compilation and starts handing it out to us. Oh, even the photo when she was about the age to be in junior school! So Buchou’s oppai were big already since then! Aaah, I want to meet Buchou from back then…… Buchou on the other hand became red and confiscated the book from us saying “Don’t look! You can’t look!”. Thank you for the cute reaction!

“Sirzechs. You were supposed to have an important meeting today with only the Yondai-Maou weren’t you? Don’t tell me you didn't go to it?”

Grayfia-san’s eyes glow sharply. Sirzechs-sama doesn’t seem like he’s bothered by it and answers normally.

“Hahaha! I thought I would join the meeting from here. If I can send my image from here, then the meeting will be……. Ouch, ouch, ouch. It hurts Grayfia.”

Grayfia-san is pulling Sirzechs-sama’s cheek very hard! Sirzechs-sama is smiling but there are a few tears in his eyes.

“……..Why are you always like this when I have a day off……. Maybe it wasn’t good that I got today off. Maybe I should revert back to a maid now.”

Grayfia-san was scolding him with an unpleasant face. Uwaa, she’s seriously pissed…… I can feel intense demonic power with my skin just from her being unpleasant. What pressure…. No wonder Buchou is afraid of her.

KA. Three small magic circles appeared on the table while emitting light.


Ara? Something that looks like 3D image starts to appear from each magic circle. The image that is mixed with noise is starting to become normal bit by bit. Then three faces appeared from there.

[Sir………zec……..hs……………Sirzechs-chan……. Can you hear me……? Heeeeey. Sirzechs…….chan………]

It’s still mixed with the noises but I’m familiar with this unique way of speaking! Then the face and voice become clear.

[Sirzechs-chan! Geez, you just went to the human world by yourself! I also wanted to go to the human world as well!]

Mahou shoujou…… No. It’s the Maou-shoujo, Serafall Leviathan-sama!

“Hey Serafall. I’m sorry. I’m at Hyoudou Issei-kun’s house.”

Serafall-sama looks at me after being told by Sirzechs-sama.

[Ara ara. You are right. Yahou! Sekiryuutei-kun! Is Rias-chan there as well?]

“How do you do Serafall-sama.”

Buchou also greets her.

[Yes. How do you do Rias-chan. Geez Sirzechs-chan. If you were going there, tell me before hand. Ajuka-chan and Falibi-chan were also curious because Sirzechs-chan who is always on time wasn’t here!]

Even Serafall-sama is mad. Even her mad face looks cute, so I can feel peace. Serafall-sama indeed seems like a Maou-shoujou.

……..Wait. Ajuka-chan……and Falbi…….? I think I have heard the name of the ones that Serafall-sama just said. The faces of the two people that appeared beside Serafall-sama are……

[Sirzechs. For you to leave the meeting and go to the human’s world. Either an incident occurred or something interesting is about to happen. It’s the latter right?]

The super handsome guy with a fascinating face says it with a mysterious smile.

[…….Ehh…. I don’t want anything bothersome. I don’t want to work…..]

The other one is a man with a sleepy face who is resting on his cheek. I’m familiar with both of them….. When I went to the Underworld, the Yondai-Maou gathered at a gathering meeting of the young devils including Buchou from the six households. I only met with Sirzechs-sama and Serafall-sama so that was my first time seeing them so I’m not wrong! These two are also Maou! Uwaaaaaaaa! Something crazy is going on! There are four Maou on the table in my house! More like the gathering of all the Yondai-Maou! This is serious! I’m getting scared and Sirzechs-sama notices me.

“Aaah, I still haven’t introduced you to them Ise-kun. The man with the mysterious atmosphere is Ajuka Beelzebub. He is the chief advisor for the technology department including the Technical Equation Program.”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama then shifts his sight at me.

[It’s good having a mysterious atmosphere because it seems devilish. Oh, sorry. Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei-dono. I have heard rumours about you.]

“Ah…. Nice to meet you too! My name is Hyoudou Issei!”

Oou! I’m getting nervous! Since the one I’m talking to is a Maou! So this person is the Maou-sama who took part in the creation of “Evil Piece”…… Sirzechs-sama then introduces the remaining Maou-sama.

“And the one over there who seems like he can’t be bothered to do things is Falbium Asmodeus. He is mainly in control of military affairs.”

[……Hello. I’m Falibium.]

What an uninspired voice…… Is he really a Maou? Military affairs….. Is it okay for Maou-sama without any spirit to be in charge? I was making unneeded worries…..

“ “ “ “ “ “How do you do Beelzebub-sama, Asmodeus-sama.” ” ” ” ” ”

The other group members also greet them.

[Hey Falbi! You have to give them proper greetings because they are Rias-chan’s servant and Sekiryuutei-chan!]

Ah, he’s getting yelled at by Leviathan-sama. So Asmodeus-sama is being called “Falbi” by Leviathan-sama. Asmodeus-sama on the other hand isn’t trying to fix his listless expression. He’s even making sighs.

[……Serafall and Sirzechs work too hard. I live by the thought that “working means losing”. Apart from important jobs, I just leave it to my servants you know? For times like these you need to gather good servants and make them do the work…… Aaah I’m tired…….]

…..Thi…this is…… If I remember correctly the current Asmodeus came from the house of Glasya-Labolas, right? He has the total opposite personality to that Yankee guy who is the candidate for the next heir of Glasya-Labolas!

“…….Asmodeus-sama used up most of his lifetime's will to do things when he gathered his servants, and gathered talented people. And after, I heard that he orders his servants and passes the majority of his work to others. In other words he’s the type who does all the homework in the first day and use the rest of the days for taking a break. He is said to be the person with the Underworld’s best tactics and the best strategist….”

Buchou told me quietly. Also thank you for giving me an easy example. I see. He did his best first but left the work to his skilled servants after that. You can do that…..? The image of a Maou inside me is crumbling…….. No. Since the time I met Serafall-sama, I somehow imagined it but they definitely surpassed my expectations!

“By the way Serafall is in charge of foreign affairs.”

“V! Leave the negotiations with other nations[3] to me." Serafall-sama winks while doing a peace sign. She’s cute, but is it okay to leave foreign affairs to her? I think she was trying to attack the heavens because she was shocked that she didn’t get called for observation day at school……. Also it feels like Sirzechs-sama is doing most of the other three's work. In other words is the Underworld at peace because Sirzechs-sama is usually a serious person? Hmmm. I can’t understand how the world of devils works!

[So Sirzechs. What is going to happen?]

Beelzebub-sama asks Sirzechs-sama with great interest. After smiling, Sirzechs-sama looks at Buchou……then at me? He looked at both of us. He then spoke.

“To tell you the truth I was going to make Rias take “that” ceremony at the ruins of “connection”.”


Hearing Sirzechs-sama’s words, the three of them smiled…….. Eh? What is this about? The one who was in doubt wasn’t just me but also Buchou. She has her eyebrows up.

“Onii-sama. No. Lucifer-sama. What is the meaning of this? Are you referring to that place that is an important ruin that has been passed down from our ancestors?

Sirzechs-sama nods at Buchou’s question.

“Yes. Those from the Gremory perform a rite of passage at that ruin when they hit a certain age. With the one they hold “dear” that is. You know what I mean, right Rias?”

Hearing that Buchou’s face became so red that I had never seen her like that before…… Arara. What happened Buchou?

[That’s interesting. It’s more important than the meeting.]

[It hasn’t been done since Sirzechs-chan’s one back then!]

[Ah, congratulations. I will congratulate you two before hand.]

Arara. It seems like Beelzebub-sama, Leviathan-sama and Asmodeus-sama know about it. And they seem like they were having fun when they heard about it! What is happening? Grayfia-san stands up and tells Buchou.

“That’s how it is, Rias. That’s the instruction of Otou-sama and Okaa-sama. What we mean by making us relieved is by performing the ritual. We won’t allow you to refuse. You have to give at least that much relief to us. Though my husband ended up bringing unnecessary people into it. Sirzechs, you understand right? It’s re-education for you once we get home.”

Grayfia looks at him with cold eyes while pulling his cheeks hard! Uwaaaa, she’s scary!

“Hahaha. So that’s how it is Ria-tan. Do your best with Ise-kun…….. It hurts. It hurts Grayfia.”

Sirzechs-sama doesn’t lose his smile even if he is getting his cheeks pinched! But there were loads of tears falling down from his eyes! So the strongest person was Maou-sama’s wife! Wait…..me!? Am I participating in that ritual!? Why!? Then my eyes met with Buchou’s…….

“Hauuuuu. Ise….. Wh…what should I do……..?”

……! Th…that’s cheating! Buchou! For you to put on a cute and troubled face and voice like Asia! She totally changed from Onee-sama mode to a normal girl mode! Grayfia-san’s visit. Greetings with the Yondai-Maou. And the mysterious ritual. Continuous stream of unknown things occurred……. But it seems like I have to participate in that ritual as well. Seriously. Why do I always get involved in things like this? Is it because I’m a Sekiryuutei? Hmmm……

“Look at this! I bought each of the basic living ware for about 100 yen! There are shops selling things for 100 yen so it’s wonderful! Cheap is the best isn’t it!?”

Rossweisse-san who came back from shopping for 100 yen returned after the Maou husband and wife left.

Part 2[edit]

And a few days have passed since that day. Buchou and I came to the ruins in the mountain region located in the Gremory owned region of the Underworld. Though our outfits haven’t changed and we are wearing the Kuou Academy’s uniform. Everyone in the group is staying at home. Others wanted to come, but they couldn’t since this place is an important place for the Gremory’s and other people not involved in it can’t step their foot inside. Then the question is why am I allowed……..? In front of me there is a surface of rocks and there is a big entrance to the ruins which is delicately stone-built. There are pillars made from stones to the sides. There are also statues of people from each of the generations of Gremory between the pillars. Sigh….. It’s gorgeously made overall. It seems like there isn’t any visible damage at all.

“Fu….. What should I do if he ends up hating me because of rushing it……..”

Buchou who is besides me made a big sigh. I don’t know what to tell her, but lets just finish this quickly and go home.

“It’s okay Buchou. I’m with you. Just leave it to me…….”

It happened when I was trying to show off.


A mysterious voice! When I looked up……. There was something high up in the sky that sparkled. Someone is coming down! An enemy!? I made a posture and there were people wearing masks and Tokusatsu outfits who came down right in front of me! One, two, three, four……five people! I mean look at what they are wearing! They look like those heroes from the Japanese hero squadron[4]! Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink! From their builds Red, Blue and Green are males. Yellow and Pink are females. After they landed, the five of them made a pose!

DOOOOOOOOOON! Behind them a mysterious and flashy explosion occurred along with colourful smoke! What is this!?

“Wh…who are they?”

Buchou is also cautious. Of course she would be! No matter how you look at them, they just look like suspicious people! The person in the middle wearing the red outfit made a pose and shouted!

“Fuhahaha! We are the mysterious Maou…..”

SMACK! The person in yellow hit the person in red with a slapstick. Wait……. The voice of that person in red……..

“Sorry, sorry. Cough. From the start then! We are the Maou-squadron, Maou-Rangers! I am their leader, Maou-Red!”


“I can’t be bothered but I’m Satan-Green.”

“Levi-ta….. I mean, I’m Satan-Pink☆”

“……Ha. Ummmm, I’m Satan-Yellow.”

……… Both Buchou and I were in a state where we can’t close our mouth. …..No no no! I mean! You guys! What do you mean Satan-squadron!? They are Yondai-Maou-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No matter how you look at them, Red is Sirzechs-sama, Blue is Beelzebub-sama, Green is Asmodeus-sama, and Pink is Leviathan-sama! Just a moment ago Leviathan was about to name herself! Then……. Yellow is Grayfia-san? It’s basically confirmed that it is since she seemed like she is used to hitting Red, who is Sirzechs-sama. She seems embarrassed so it must be Grayfia-san. Uwaaaa. Just by looking at Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama, you can tell they are very into this. Because they have been doing poses.

“How is it? A nice pose right? I practiced with my son last night.”

“What! Even I also thought about many cute poses as well☆”

I was troubled and dropped onto my knees. The Underworld is in Peace! It’s so peaceful that I’m starting to cry. No wonder the show that has me as Oppai Dragon became popular. Because people like these funny people are their leaders. Aaah. Did Sairaorg-san want to become a Maou-sama knowing this? He probably wants it to become an Underworld that is more severe. Ehehehe. I don’t know what to do anymore.

“Bu..Buchou. What should we do?”

I ask Buchou. Since this is her brother, then even Buchou will…….

“Wh….who are they…..? I can feel enormous demonic powers. A Maou-squadron…… Are they telling me that they are the gathering of those with the power in a Maou-level?”

…..! She hasn’t realised iiiiiiiiiiiit! Onee-sama! That isn’t good! It’s fatal! Please realise it! That is your brother! Buchou’s Onii-san! Even if he is weirdly dressed up and doing poses, that’s a Maou! More like the people in front of us are all of the Maou-sama and the Ultimate “Queen”! It’s the gathering of the invincible people in the Underworld! As Hero-squadron imposters! Seeing Buchou’s puzzled look, Sirzechs-sama…..no Satan-Red says. Let me call you Satan-Red then. It seems like that’s the flow of it.

“We were hired by the house of Gremory. There are three trials waiting for you two in this ritual. I want you two to successfully break through the trials with only your powers. What’s important is teamwork! “

Red explains it to us. Then Pink points to a certain direction.

“Ha! A mysterious flying object found!”

“What!? Everyone! Attack all at once! [Ruin the Extinct]!”

“[Kankara formula]! Karama-equation!”

“Ey. [Celsius cross Trigger]!”

“……Torya. Attack something like that of Asmodeus…..”

“Ummm. Then I will call it Yellow-shot then.”

BAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!! ……….A scale of explosion that I have never seen before happened up in the sky. Five people who are Maou-class attacked towards the sky at the same time. The shockwave created by it not only shakes us, but the whole mountain area around here and the air violently. The animals in the forest below us are screaming and fleeing…… The sky split and it created a creepy dimensional gap that I have never seen before which was spreading. And a bright coloured particle of light surrounded this mountain. Also a phenomenon that looks like aurora was created…… These rare phenomena occur continuously in front of us…..

“It’s just an evil spirit. Don’t scare us like that, Pink.”


All of the Maou just attacked an evil spirit at once and overkilled it!? An evil spirit that receives an attack from all of the Maou…… Just how evil was that spirit!? Geez! I’m tired of these people!? You guys should have defeated Loki then!?

“So what is the trial?”

Buchou talks as if nothing happened!?

“Bu…Buchou, you didn’t see that……? It seems like those Maou-level guys attacked an evil spirit at once!?”

“Calm down Ise. Evil spirits aren’t good so they should be dealt with.”

“That’s not what I mean! Aaah, forget about it then!”

I understand then! I will follow this flow! I made up my mind that I will slide through everything, even if anything happens! I mean the Maou’s are in high spirits!

“We will be waiting at each trial! The two young people who will carry on the Gremory! Breakthrough all three of the trials successfully and reach the end of the ruin! Now! Each of us will be waiting at certain sections of the trial! Fuhahahahahaha!”

Red goes into the ruins through the entrance quickly! The other four follow after him! ……..Buchou and I who were left behind…….. Unexpected things have occurred…….. I don’t know what their intentions are but for each Maou to be waiting in the ruins……

“Now, Ise! Let’s go in! Since I came all the way here, I’m not fazed anymore! Lets show them how deep the relationship between us is!”

Buchou seems like she got into high spirits! Since it turned out like this, we can’t go back! I decided that I will break through each of the trials along with Buchou!

When we went through the stone-built passage, we reached a room. And Pink was there! …….But that’s Leviathan-sama right? Pink made a peace sign at us after seeing us!

“Now, you two☆ This is the first trial!”

Gulp……. What will she make us do? I just don’t want to fight. The opponent is a Maou and it seems like I can’t win against her. More than that, I don’t want to fight against the cute Leviathan-sama.

“For the first trial…… I will make you two dance!”

………….He? I made a dumb face after hearing the unexpected content of the trial. Buchou on the other hand is……. She seems like she had expected this and is nodding. Eeeeeeeeh……. Thi…this…. What kind of ritual is this?

“I want you two to show me your dance! If you show me an excellent dance, then you will successfully pass this trial☆ Hurry dance, dance! For you two who would be participating in a high society party, knowing how to dance is important.”

When Pink makes a sound with her fingers, an audio system appeared. It starts to play classical and elegant music. Dance!? Are you serious!?

“Here Ise! Lets start!”

Buchou gives me her hand. Oh, I learnt this from Buchou’s mother at the Underworld. Buchou took my hand and bows at me. We then started to dance in rhythm with the music.

…….It’s something I learned in the Underworld so I can do it quiet smoothly. Buchou is also dancing beautifully, and sometimes she leads the parts I am still inexperienced at. I thought that I was called here as support for Buchou……. Did I get called here as her dancing partner? I’m dancing while thinking about that. Then my eyes met with Buchou’s. Buchou’s cheeks are a bit red……. Arara. Why that reaction?

“Ise. You are doing well. Looks like Okaa-sama’s lesson has proved itself properly…… I’m glad. With this, even at times like……..”

………Ummmmm. Buchou’s eye is also teary. And the music ended. Buchou and I bowed to each other after finishing the dance.


We received an applause from Pink.

“Ufufu. Looks like I didn’t have to worry about it☆ Both of you did well!”

Along with getting a compliment, the door made from stone opens in front of us while making a noise.

“Then, move on you two! Go to the second trial!”

Like this, Buchou and I cleared the first trial as if nothing happened.

I’m still confused but we reached a spacious room again.

“…….Ya. Welcome.”

Green. Looks Asmodeus-sama is the one in charge of the second trial. He seems like he doesn’t have any will to do it. Ah. If I look carefully, two women who appear to look like his servants are on standby. They are wearing maid outfits. If I look there is a table and chairs in the room…… On top of the table there are plates and various forks and knives lined up.

“Ummm, the second trial is table manners. I will be watching from here, so eat the food while having your manners checked by the two maids……. It’s a point reducing system, so you will fail if you reach zero points.”

…..Table manners? Now I totally can’t understand what is going on. What kind of ritual is this ruin supposed to have……? It seems like they are checking the learning of noble society from scratch. Is this ritual supposed to make Buchou remember about high-class society? Well Buchou is the next heir. But why me? I’m filled with doubts. Anyway, I will sit on the chair and open the napkin….. Like this Buchou and I started eating. I started to handle the movement of the fork and knife, and also the spoon for the soup with elegance. I was taught about these things by Buchou’s Okaa-sama and the maids. Even at home, Buchou points out at me. All the food is delicious. I can’t taste it till it's in my throat because I’m nervous. Buchou is eating elegantly besides me. She makes a good picture. That’s a Princess for you! I will also clear this without embarrassing this person! And then…….

“With that, eating is finished. That’s the end of the second trial, table manners.”

The maid said that while bowing at us. I’m nervous. Table manners are harder than dancing. Since I’m from a commoner's house, I was unrelated with eating with elegance. I wouldn’t have understood it if Buchou’s mother hadn’t taught me.

“Rias-sama cleared it perfectly.”

Oou! To be expected from my Buchou! Then the maid looks at me! My heart is beating fast!

“…….There were few points deducted……. But you passed it with a high mark. You did very well.”

……! I made a guts-pose because of happiness!

“Yeaaaaaaaah! I was a bit nervous when I made a sound using the fork and knife! Even I can do well!”

“You did well Ise!”


Buchou hugs on to me when she became overjoyed! The sensation of oppai is the best! Buchou…….is very pleased. She even has a few of tears around her eyes and her cheeks became even redder.

“To be expected from Ise. The boy I chose. I’m so happy…… With this, we can clear the rest.”

Wow. She seems like she is deeply moved.

“Fuaaaaaaaaa. You can go now. Congratulations.”

Green made a single sigh and opened the door to the next trial. What would happen to Buchou and me when we finish all this………

Part 3[edit]

I asked Buchou while walking in the passage connected to the next trial.

“By the way Buchou.”

“What is it?”

“The love romance between Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san became a topic in my house but did something happen to them?”

That was my only question. It’s been in my mind a bit. About their romance. If it’s something I’m not allowed to ask, then I won't ask again. But Buchou answers me.

“…..Yes. You have the right to know about it as a member of the Gremory group. Onee-sama’s surname is Lucifugus. Grayfia Lucifugus. A daughter from the noble family that has been serving under Maou Lucifer for generations.”

“So you mean……she came from the house close to Maou?”

Buchou nods at my question.

“Just like you know, in the past there was a quarrel between the Maou-faction, who wanted to continue the War against angels and fallen-angels, and the anti-Maou faction. House of Lucifugus was serving under the Old-Maou Lucifer. But an elder-son of a certain noble fell in love with the only daughter from the house of Lucifugus.”

Yes. The Great War that occurred in the heavens and Underworld left the outcome of losing both Maou and God. All three sides of devils, angels, and fallen-angels came to an exhausted state and they were in crisis of continuing their kinds. Even so the Maou-factions who wanted to continue the War got in a quarrel with the anti-Maou faction. It resulted in making the Maou-faction flee to the end of the Underworld, and like that the current devil society was created. Even until now there are problems about the grudge back then. But how can that be…… They fell in love during the quarrel…

“So that is…..”

Buchou continues from my word.

“Yes. Onii-sama and Onee-sama. That time Onii-sama was an ace of the anti-Maou faction. He was even called a Hero. And Onee-sama was a person from the former Maou side. She also stood in the front line as a powerful devil. I heard that she was competing with Leviathan-sama for the spot as the “Ultimate female devil”.”

……So something like that happened. They fell in love even when they were enemies. It seems like there are complicated events involved but they didn’t have that in their minds.

“Onii-sama and Onee-sama fell in love during the battle even if they were from different sides. And after the battle they deepened their love. Wonderful right? Their romance is so admired that it continues to be told amongst the women in the Underworld. I also admired them. There are those who think that Onee-sama is usually Onii-sama’s maid as a form of loyalty towards Onii-sama and the current Maou-faction. But she just likes small tasks and housework. It seems like it's easier to move around doing simple matters as a maid rather than as a wife of Maou. When she is a maid, she wants to do it completely so she started to have a relationship as a maid to us as well.”

Hee. The romance between man and woman during the battle certainly looks like a situation that women would admire. Then it came to my mind. Millicas-sama who is born between the ultimate two…… In terms of talent isn’t he the ultimate-class son?

“…….Along with admiring them, I loved and respected them. But you know Ise? I also feel anxious at the same time. Compared to them who are capable, I thought that maybe I’m an inferior sister. There are times when I wonder if it is okay for me to be the next heir.”

Buchou had an expression of feeling down. I see. Buchou has been comparing herself to those two the whole time. She probably felt inferior to them because her brother and sister-in-law are too superior. You would end up comparing yourself whether you like it or not if your brother is a Maou and your sister-in-law is the “Ultimate-Queen”. After hearing Buchou’s worries, I felt it for the first time. Anyone has huge worries within them. Even Buchou who is looked up to by everyone and who is also one of the “Two Great Onee-sama” also has worries. Buchou is also a girl. I get reminded about that sometimes. I knew that Buchou is a single girl. But I didn’t know she had worries like that. I couldn’t notice it. I hugged Buchou from behind her.


“Buchou’s worries are something that I can’t imagine. But there wasn’t even a single time that I thought you were useless. If Buchou wasn’t here, I wouldn’t have experienced such a splendid life. You will always……always be the best woman to me. That’s how I think even if I know everything about you. I will always follow Buchou for the rest of my life. That’s why lets get through all the obstacles together!

High school dxd v8 c009.jpg

That is the best thing I could say. It’s not something I could call a cheering up. But I wanted to become her strength, even a bit. Buchou holds my hand.

“…….You always look at me. Yes. You are right. I feel like I can go through anything if you are by my side. It means that I am crazy about you. Yes, lets get through this. Together. Forever.”

She is smiling when she turned over, Aaah. This smile is also one of the charming points of Buchou! I can move straight ahead because I know how this person, Rias Gremory smiles.

“…..But I’m still called “Buchou”……..”

“Did you say something?”

“……No. It’s nothing. Let’s go! Let’s finish the last trial!”


I followed Buchou who went ahead. The thing that Buchou said. I couldn’t hear what she said…… We walked through the passage after refreshing our feelings. There is only one more trial left for the so-called ritual!


Buchou and I arrived at the place of the trial where Blue, Beelzebub-sama was waiting. What was arranged was again a table and chairs. A writing implement and a pair of prints of paper are on the table.

“The last trial is writing problems. It’s an exam style test that covers the history of the house of Gremory and general knowledge of the Underworld.”

Test!? Uwa! We came all the way here and the last thing is something which I am the worst at! I became pale instantly!

“That’s why I will have you seated.”

Buchou and I sat on the chairs. Blue made a big sand-clock appear using his demonic-powers.

“Then the limit is one hour. The test starts….now.”

The sand-clock is tipped and the test starts! Uo! It already began! I turned around the test paper that has few pages…….. Unnnn! I looked at the test paper and nasty sweat drops appeared on my forehead. They are all hard questions!

….There are things about peerages and also about high-class, middle-class, and low-class devils related to it……. Maou, Great-King and Arch-Duke are extremely important…… For the high-class devils the peerage goes Duke, Prince, Marquess, Count, Viscount and Baron. Was the peerage for the middle-class devils Baronet and Knight……? It’s similar to the human’s peerage but also includes devils original meaning to it….. Nu, nuuuuuu…….. The applied problems are complicated…… The level of the test is the right level for me because all of the questions are either problems that I can answer or problems that I can’t answer. Buchou is answering the questions smoothly besides me! That’s what you call a talented girl! So problems like this are a piece of cake for her! I’m in trouble. If I fail the test, then I can’t face Buchou and her parents! I used my brain in full and started glaring at the test papers.

“Now stop.”

The test reaches the end with Blue’s words. The sand inside the sand-clock has all reached down as well.

………… I used my brain to the fullest for 1 hour and rested on the table after using up my brain. I did answer all the questions……. Now I need to wait for my mark and know the passing mark. Blue started marking the papers with a red pen. When he was marking Buchou’s paper, the movement of his pen signifies that she is getting all the questions correct. Though when he was marking mine, there were irregular movements of the pen a couple of times……. I never thought that I would feel so nervous to have my test marked in front of me….. Buchou is calm. To be expected from someone with dignity. She must be thinking that there is no way that she will fail. I feel like I’m dead.

“Now then.”

Blue fixes the test paper by hitting the tips of it against the table. Seems like he finished marking. Gulp…… I swallowed down my spit…….

“Rias Gremory passes without any problems. And Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei-kun has……..”

Why do you stop there Blue-san!?

“Passed, but it’s a sudden question! You're finished as soon as you make a mistake! So I will make Hyoudou Issei-kun answer!”

Whaaaaaat the heck is thaaaaat!? I don’t know what he means!? Please forgive me Beelzebub-sama!

“To us devils, there were these things called the 72 pillars that existed a long time ago. I want you to name them from 1 to 72 in a row.”

What!? You make that the question!? It’s the order of the high-class devils from a long time ago, right? When I stayed in the Underworld, Buchou’s mother told me about them so it’s stuck in my brain! I then started to answer him.

“Bael, Agares, Vassago, Gamigin, Marbas, Valefor, Amon, Barbatos, Paimon, Buer, Gusion, Sitri, Beleth, Leraje, Eligos, Zepar, Botis, Bathin, Sallos, Purson, Marax, Ipos, Aim, Naberius, Glaysa-Labolas, Bune, Ronove, Berith, Astaroth, Forneus, Foras, Asmoday, Gaap, Furfur, Marchosias, Stolas, Phoenix, Halphas, Malphas, Raim, Focalor, Wepal, Sabnock, Shax, Vine, Bifrons, Uvall, Haagenti, Crocell, Furcas, Balam, Alocer, Caim, Murmur, Orobas, Gremory, Ose, Amy, Oriax, Vapula, Zagan, Valac, Andras, Flauros, Andrealphus, Cimeries, Amduscias, Belial, Decarabia, Seere, Dantalion and Andromalius! How’s that!”

Haha…… I said all of them. I was told by Buchou’s Okaa-sama that I need to remember this order so she made me learn it until it was stuck in my head. Even if I couldn’t remember all of them while I stayed in the Underworld, I memorised them by practising saying it after that! Though there are high-class devils who aren’t counted in the 72 pillars. I think the house of Lucifugus where Grayfia-san comes from also belongs there. I heard that houses like that are called “Extra Demon”.

“Splendid. Then what houses among them have become extinct.”

“Marbas, Valefor, Buer, Gusion, Leraje, Eligos, Botis, Bathin, Marax, Ipos, Aim, Bune, Ronove, Foras, Gaap, Marchosias, Halphas, Malphas, Raim, Wepal, Sabnock, Vine, Bifrons, Haagenti, Crocell, Alocer, Caim, Murmur, Orobas, Ose, Amy, Zagan, Andras, Flauros, Andrealphus, Cimeries, Amduscias, Decarabia, Seere, and Andromalius! H..How’s that!”

This time I’m not as confident as before! But Beelzebub-sama nods.

“Correct. You did well. I thought that you wouldn’t know about it because you became a reincarnated devil recently. It was supposed to be a nasty problem but….. I will give you a pass.”

Blue gives me an applause. Beelzebub’s nasty question certainly gave me a blow. Man, I was so nervous just now…… To tell you the truth, I thought I was done for….. Blue then announces loud.

“With this the ritual, the trial of man and woman of the house of Gremory is finished. Congratulations.”


Buchou and I hugged each other with great joy after receiving the announcement of the end of the ritual!

“Buchouuuu! We accomplished it safely!”

“Yes! You did well! Ise! With this there will be no one who will be suspicious of us! Aaah! You and I are definitely the best partners!”

I don’t actually get it but I also think the same!


Uooooooo! Buchou started giving me a lot of kisses on my cheeks! Just with this, it was definitely worth all the effort!


What seems like the last door opened. Blue then points at it.

“Now. Red is waiting. You should go and report about your passing of the ritual.”

Both Buchou and I nodded, and we went through the last door.

Part 4[edit]

There was a light coming from the front when we walked through the passage. When we came out of it, the ceiling disappeared and instead there was the sky of the Underworld…… It seemed like it’s the end part of the ruin and it's very spacious because there's no ceiling so I became shocked. Is this the thing you call a colosseum? It’s circular structured and has viewing seats and a battle stage. Buchou and I came out from one of the corners of the viewing seats. Red and Yellow are standing at the centre of the battle stage. In others words Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. We went down after we found the stairs towards the stage.

“Congratulations, you two.”

Yellow warmly welcomes us. Aaah, so this is the end then. The moment I thought that, Red stepped forward and shouts loudly.

“Yosh! So you have reached here! But! The trials of the house of Gremory aren’t that easy to end here! I will have Hyoudou Issei-kun fight me, Satan-Red, as the real final trial! Now defeat me then!”

Red who made a stance that has red aura around him! Whaaaaaat! I became so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out because of the sudden outcome! Obviously! This….! Are you telling me to fight Red…….. Sirzechs-sama!

“As the leader of the Maou squadron, Satan Ranger, I had wanted to fight Oppai Dragon at least once! Fufufufu! Let’s decide who is the real hero of the Underworld!”

Satan Red…… No. Sirzechs-sama is saying something so crazy because of the flow! I can’t do something reckless like fighting Maou-sama!

“Fufufu! Satan Red! I don’t know who you are, but my Ise is the legendary dragon, Sekiryuutei! You have some nerve to take on the dragon who defeated the Norse Evil-God Loki.”

Buchou! The person in front of us is a Maou! I certainly did defeat a God from Northern Europe but that was because of the legendary weapon and the school comrades I had with me. If it was just myself, then it wouldn’t have been a fight. There’s no way that I can take on the strongest Maou by myself! Red started to emit a tremendous amount of Power of Destruction at me who is panicked at this situation!

“The opponent is the Sekiryuutei who defeated Loki! I’m getting nervous! I haven’t had this much anticipation in a while!”

He’s just talking crazy! I need to have Grayfia-san deal with this situation!

“…….Please just don’t over do it.”

Huuuuuh!? You are okay with it!? Your husband is trying to fight a single devil with his full power!?




Sirzechs-sama shoots out the power of destruction without holding back! I managed to dodge it but……..


The shot that went behind me destroys a large portion of the colosseum! This is bad! I have seen Buchou’s Power of Destruction numerous times, but it’s my first time seeing it destroy everything without a trace! And is it okay to destroy the ruins!? Either way getting hit even once will eliminate me! I realised the danger I am in and made my gauntlet appear and shouted at Ddraig!

“Ddraig! It’s Balance-Breaker!”

[Yeah! I been waiting for it!]

The countdown started and <--!-->the whole time it's ticking, Sirzechs-sama is showing me weird poses. Is it because he’s confident or is it because he likes to do poses?

“It’s a rule that you can’t attack while transforming!”

Oh, so you will follow that rule just like a Hero. Thank you very much.

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!]

The sound echoes and a red-aura surrounding me forms into armour!

“Balance-Breaker Boosted Gear Scale-mail! Satan-Red! Since it turned out like this, I won’t hold back!”

“Fufufu! Bring it on!”

Like that I ended up fighting the Maou, Sirzechs Lucifer-sama.

High school dxd v8 259.jpg

About 10 minutes have passed since the battle started. Puff……pufff. The one who is obviously breathing hard is me.

“What’s wrong Hyoudou Issei-kun! Is this it!? Are your feelings towards Rias this small!?”

Satan-Red is making a pose full of confidence. …..Shit. I knew he is way stronger but……… this is crazy! I can’t even hit him once! All of the Dragon-shots were taken down! I shot them by mixing gigantic ones in with small ones but Sirzechs-sama’s Power of Destruction is overwhelming. None of my attacks are hitting! Even if I shoot them randomly, they get reduced to nothing by the floating sphere of Power of Destruction! It is small but has splendid power. Just touching it eliminates my attacks. I expanded my Dragon wings and charged ahead to have a melee fight, but he just dodged me easily. Sirzechs-sama is insanely strong at physical fights as well. The punch with the Power of Destruction coating on his hand shaved off my armour easily. In other words I’m not even putting up a fight because of the huge power difference between us. Hehehe. I thought that I gained strength even if I’m like this. Seems like it's still hard for me to take on Sirzechs-sama.

“Sekiryuutei-kun! Do your best☆”

“Keep on going. Fighting more than 10 minutes at your current level against Sirzechs proves that you have a promising future. To tell you the truth, I never thought you would do this well. You are a better Sekiryuutei than I expected.”


The other Maou-sama’s are cheering for me from the cheering seats. Seems like you guys are having fun watching the fight! And everyone besides Sirzechs-sama have taken off their mask revealing their faces! Damn it! And Asmodeus-sama is just sleeping! These people must be enjoying this greatly!

“…….Power of Destruction! It must mean…..!”

It seems like Buchou who was thinking while putting her hand on her chin realised something! So you finally realised it! That’s it! That person is……

“You're from the House of Bael!”

So she hasn’t realised!? Well, she would never guess that her brother is playing a Hero….. Red then points at me with his finger.

“You like Rias don’t you? Is it alright like this? If you don’t show a strong spirit to defeat me, then I can’t let you take care of Rias!”

You are right! But the question is how many people are there in this World that can defeat you!? It can’t be helped! I’m going to use it old man Tannin!

I inhaled lot of air and filled my stomach with lot of oxygen. I then imagined a whirl of fire within my stomach. I’m going to make fire inside my stomach with demonic-power! The biggest flame of demonic-power that I can create! I’m going to be showing you the technique I learnt at the summer holiday! The increased power of a dragon…..

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]


I transferred the power to the flames inside my stomach and breathed out all at once from my mouth! I opened the mouth part of my mask!


I breathed out a huge fire-breath towards Sirzechs-sama! You can say that this is the special dragon power I gained at that training! Breath of Fire! It’s not as flashy or strong as that of the old man’s, but unlike Dragon-shot it has a huge range! I will make Sirzechs-sama burn with this! By the way, the name of this move is just what it looks like and is called “Flame Blaze”!

“A splendid breath of dragon fire. But…..”

After nodding his head, Sirzechs-sama waved his hand to the side. The sphere of power of destruction moved and went inside the flames….. Then it suddenly became bigger!


The sphere of power of destruction that expanded spread and eliminated the flames inside its range. That sphere can get that big!? All the flames I breathed out were eliminated and the remaining ones just vanished.

[Partner. Fighting for a long time will be a disadvantage. If you are going to take him down, then it’s better to do it at once.]

Even if you say that Ddraig, is there any chance of victory?

[……That will be hard. To tell you the truth, I never expected him to be this strong. Perhaps he’s stronger than the Old-Lucifer? The power and destructive power is overwhelming, but that “Power of Destruction” is on a different level. He put his talent and effort into the concept of “eliminating”. There’s probably nothing he can’t destroy with that.]

I didn’t need to hear that information! In a desperate situation, Yellow…….in other words Grayfia-san, beckons me to come to her. What is it? And Buchou is standing right next to her. I rushed over to Grayfia-san while not having Sirzechs-sama out of my sight.

“Wh…..what is it?”

I said it while opening the mouth part of my mask. Grayfia-san then speaks.

“Ise-san. Touch Rias’s breast.”

……! I started to burst blood out of my nose at the shocking words and Buchou’s face became really red! If you suddenly say that, both Buchou and I will be troubled! Yellow creates a dressing room with her demonic powers and throws us inside! Yellow then says it to Buchou as if she is persuading her.

“Listen Rias Gremory. This is my advice. You trust Sekiryuutei more than anyone correct? Then you must know his trait. Yes. He can completely change just with a breast.”

It’s painful to be told that by Grayfia-san! You are right! I’m an Oppai-Dragon that changes with breasts[5]!

[Yeah. Just like she says…..]

Ah, Ddraig says it in a monotone voice and has no emotion inside his words! Pull yourself together Sekiryuutei! Buchou……starts to think about it while she puts her hands on her chin. She then nods.

“To be given advice from you, who I can’t tell whether you are my enemy or ally is annoying. But that’s the only way right now.”

Buchou. You still haven’t realised that Yellow is Grayfia-san……. Then Buchou started to take her uniform off! The white skin and her round and big oppai started to show themselves!


The moment she unhooked her bra, her Oppai released themselves! No matter how many times I see them, I never get bored of her pink nipples! I then started to shed tears of gratitude! Buchou’s raw breasts are invincible indeed! They’re the best! Buchou then says it with determined eyes!

“Now Ise! If we can break through this trial, then I will gladly lend you “these” breasts! I want to get through this trial together with you, and make everyone approve of us! Let’s go Ise!”

Buchoooooooooou! You still gave me determined words even while showing your breasts! I…….! I will definitely get through this trial together with Buchou!

“Buchou! Rias Gremory-sama! I will touch your breasts and get through this trial with you and will defeat Satan-Red!”

I made the armour covering my hands disappear and aimed my hands towards Buchou’s breasts! My whole hand! I’m going to grope Buchou’s breast with all of my five fingers!

“I’m your “Pawn”! And I am Hyoudou Issei, the Sekiryuutei! I will be showing them the will power of Oppai-Dragon!”


The five fingers in both my hands get absorbed by her enormous breasts. I’m making sure to taste it slowly! It feels my whole hands are being enveloped by the ultimate quality of soft oppai! Grope! Grope! I’ve started to move my hands! It’s an amazing sensation!!


My nose also sprinkled out a huge amount of blood! Aaaaaaaaah!! Her soft and enormous oppai are stimulating my brain! This is it! This is seriously it! Buchou’s oppai!


! I heard Buchou’s pink voice that was like a finishing blow to me! Buchou made a cry with my hands!

“Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Here it is! Here it comes!”

The dragon power within me is circulating through my body!


In various places of my armour, the aura of dragon bursts out! The jewels also emit a red light! I’m filled with energy! Buchou’s oppai power! It can power me up this much! Maybe this is what you call the Oppai-Dragon and Switch-Princess!

“If we are going to do this, then we will finish it in one blow! Ddraig! I will use all of this power for the Dragon-shot, and I will blow away Satan-Red!”

[Ou! Leave it to me!]

I concentrate all the power to both my arms! My target is Satan-Red. Sirzechs-sama!

Sirzechs-sama! Please receive Buchou's and my feelings!

“That is it! Come! The shot created from the love between you and Rias! As a brother! And also as a brother in law! I would want to receive that!”

The spheres with the power of destruction around Sirzechs-sama also start to gather at one point! He’s trying to take my shot head on!

“Bring it on! Saaaataaaan Red! Goooooooo!! The shot created by me and Buchou! Dragon-shot Neo Bust Burssssssssssst!”

I shot it forward while screaming the name I just made up at the spot!

Part 5[edit]


Buchou’s face is right in front of me when I woke up. The soft sensation I can feel on the back of my head….. Is this Buchou’s thigh? I see. I’m getting a lap-pillow by Buchou.

“Are you awake? Ufufufu. You lost conscious after that Ise.”

Buchou smiles. When I got my upper body up, I was at the centre of the coliseum. When I looked around, the coliseum was in bad shape!

“Looks like the battle arena is in a mess because of Ise and Satan-Red’s battle. Looks like we have to send the repair team afterwards.”

Ah. So I ended up destroying that much. Well I was just concentrating on the fight so I didn’t think about these matters.

“Ah. Where’s Satan-Red?”

“He disappeared. Along with the others.”

…..There’s no way I defeated him. Then Ddraig called out to me within my heart.


“Hmm? What is it Ddraig?”

[That Maou, Lucifer. He negated the Dragon-shot you did. I did think that he has an irregular power for a devil. But for him to be this strong…… After that, he retreated with the other Maou’s during the explosion. Well. For you to be able to fight this much at this stage with that man means that you are improving well enough. If it was a few months ago, you would have been defeated instantly.]


Seriously? I did put quite a lot of strength in it. I haven’t neglected my training after the battle against Loki either. I had quite a bit of confidence in the Dragon-shot I just shot earlier….. So it was impossible even after I powered up after poking Buchou’s breast. But I think I’m amazing myself for having fought that much. Ddraig also sounded in awe. The last time he talked like this was since Fenrir. Well, that was also recently as well. So Sirzechs-sama is amazing after all.

“Both of you did very well.”

Sirzechs-sama’s voice. When I turned around, Sirzechs-sama is standing there. Grayfia-san in maid outfit is also besides him.

“Onii-sama. Did you just arrive here now?”

“Yes. I thought it was about time that you finished the trials.”

…..Buchou. Seriously. Please realise it. Sirzech-sama is Red. Sirzechs-sama, just tell her the truth already! When Buchou and I got up, Sirzechs-sama put his hand on our shoulders.

“You did very well. Both of you passed.”

Buchou and I looked at each other after hearing that and smiled. Yes! We ended up doing lots of trials, and it ended up having me fight against Sirzechs-sama. But looks like we passed it!

“With this, both Master and Mistress will feel relieved.”

Grayfia-sama says that. Looks like she’s in a complete Maid-mode right now.

“Ise-kun. I’m sorry for getting you involved in this all of a sudden.”

Sirzechs-sama apologies to me!

“N-no! You don’t have to! It allowed me to touch Buchou’s breast, so it’s OK!”

That’s the truth. It was fun. Buchou’s breast was really amazing!

“I feel better if you say it like that. I was also concerned with the future of both you and Rias. Thanks to that, I was able to catch a glimpse of a bright future. I will leave Rias to you, Ise-kun.”


I don’t understand anything complicated, but I will protect Buchou for the rest of my life! She’s the woman I fell in love with!

“Congratulation Rias-chan!”

Leviathan-sama who suddenly appeared jumped onto Buchou. Arara. When on Earth did she appear?

“…..Ah. It finally finished.”

The one who said that along with a sigh is Asmodeus-sama. Good work for being a Judge for the trial. But please do your job as a Maou properly. When I was thinking about that, a person came towards me. It’s Ajuka Beelzebub. He’s having a serious look at me. More like he is looking at my Sacred Gear with a very interested look.

“Can I have a look at the Evil-Piece inside you for a bit?”

Saying that, Beelzebub-sama poked his finger at my chest and creates many small magic-circles. The devil-letters and numbers written on the magic-circle are circulating really fast.

“Hmm. Looks like you are trying to do something interesting. You are going to the depths of the Sacred Gear right? It’s only something possible because it's a Sacred Gear type with a soul sealed in it. The one who pointed out this possibility must be the Viceroy of fallen-angels, Azazel……..”

He’s smiling and he looks like he’s having fun. He can tell, just by looking at it for a bit!? I did hear that he was someone who is talented at technology, but for him to be this amazing! Sensei! This Maou saw through your hypothesis instantly!

“…..The power of chess pieces. The trait is being used on something else and is changing a bit. This is an interesting phenomenon. Looks like it’s overwritten by a code that isn’t written in my program. From my personal view, it must be the influence of “Juggernaut Drive”…… But the overwritten code is messy. With this program, it would malfunction easily…… Yes. I will alter the evil-piece within you.”

….! I was shocked at the sudden offer.

“Is it alright? Doing something like this. Won’t it be unfair in the Rating Game?”

“Of course I will make sure it won’t work during the Rating Game. But it’s better if you can use it in a real battle right? No. It also might be interesting if you can use it in the Rating Game. It might receive good response from viewers who like irregular causes. Well, since you are Sekiryuutei you would continue to fight enemy forces. It would be good to be in an environment where you can use the ideas of your ability. More than that, it would be interesting for those viewing it. Also I need to give you my gratitude for stopping my family member.”

….Family member. He’s talking about Diodora. Even if he was involved in the incident with Asia, I beat him to a pulp and he ended up being killed by one of the leaders of the Old-Maou Faction. Beelzebub-sama came from the house of Astaroth.

“You don’t have to worry about that. The ones at fault are us. Instead I feel deeply sorry for troubling you.”

Saying that, he creates various magic-circles again and seems to continue tuning the evil-pieces within me. He sounds as if he isn’t that interested in that incident. Maybe the one who isn’t the most affected in that incident is this person. Then I spoke out what I thought.

“Excuse me…… How many secret factors did you include in the evil-piece?”

“There’s no way I would tell you that. I made it so the users can find out by themselves.”

He replied to me like that. He is truly a person who is hard to read. He’s calling devils, “Users”. I can feel a certain type of characteristic fixation from his words. Sirzechs-sama then says it while having a bitter smile.

“Ajuka is a rare person among devils who “create”. Thanks to that, the technology in the Underworld went up about 5 stages. But he doesn’t care about the role as a Maou.”

“It suits me by creating and having fun.”

Hmm, he certainly is a unique type of devil. Then Leviathan-sama whispers into my ears.

“Sirzechs-chan and Ajuka-chan have always been both friends and rivals since a long time ago. They were both candidates for becoming “Lucifer”. But since Sirzechs-chan was more talented at gathering people, Sirzechs-chan became “Lucifer” while Ajuka-chan became “Beelzebub”.”

So there was a past like that…… A rival huh. Something similar to me and Vali? No, we haven’t opened ourselves like these two have…… He is basically my enemy.

“Both of you work too much….. Lets take it more slowly…… I can’t follow your pace…… You will become a loser if you work……”

…..Asmodeus-sama is certainly a unique Maou-sama. Seriously work, please.

“Yes. That should be it.”

Beelzebub-sama who seems like he finished tuning makes the magic-circle disappear. I start to touch my chest….. I don’t feel any changes in me……

“…..Did something change?”

“The one who is going to change it from now is you. What I did was just a start. The one who would choose a door from various doors and opening it with the key will be you.”

……In other words I received the factors, but what will happen from now will depend on me.

“It seems like Beelzebub-sama will get along with Azazel-sensei.”

I thought that both of them will get along since they are both scientists. But Beelzebub-sama shook his head.

“No, no. It might seem like we will get along but we won’t. He’s talented at researching and creating something that already exists. I, on other hand, like to create from nothing. It might look similar but the differences are great.”

Hmm. So it’s like that. I twitch my neck. Beelzebub-sama then said.

“Now, I will go home. I created a certain game in the human world and am managing it. If I’m not there, difficulty will arise.”

“Ajuka. Is “that” the case? Or is it your hobby?”

Beelzebub-sama smiles at Sirzechs-sama’s question.

“Yeah. Hobby is something I want to treasure. Oh yeah, Sekiryuutei-kun. Do you also want to participate in my game? Don’t worry. You can participate from just a single mobile phone.”

He asks me that. But it seems creepy so I…….

“N-no. I will pass.”

I declined it. Beelzebub-sama then makes a bitter smile.

“Is that so. That’s unfortunate. I will look forward to our next meeting. Rise to a new level.”


Beelzebub-sama creates a magic-circle and disappears into the light of transportation while vibrating the atmosphere. Asmodeus-sama disappeared. Looks like he left early.

“Now. There is a plan to start the party for accomplishing the trials. I have already called and gathered Rias’s servants.”

Sirzechs-sama says that. Are you serious? So everyone is in the Underworld. And a party for accomplishing the trial for me and Buchou! I’m a bit happy! I can eat delicious food! I just ate before, but I’m hungry since many things happened today! Hmm? Grayfia-san creates a magic-circle. What is she planning to do? I was in doubt and a creature appeared that one can’t tell whether it’s a hawk or a lion. A Griffin.

“It’s the one Buchou and I rode when we escaped the engagement party!”

Sirzechs-sama nods at my words.

“Yes. We will return home immediately by magic-circle. You and Rias should return home with this.”

Why? I think it's faster to use the magic-circle…… I’m in doubt. Then Grayfia-san whispers into my ears.

“It’s a present for Ojou-sama. Please take care of the roads, Ise-sama.”<--roads?-->

P-Present…..? Something I don’t get continues on.

“Rias. Ise-kun. There’s one last thing. I was going to announce it at the party. But I will tell it to both of you before hand. The match against Sairaorg-sama has been decided.”



Both Buchou and I got shocked at Sirzechs-sama’s words. I see…… So it's finally here…..

“The date and time will be about the same time as the Kuou Academy’s school festival. We will manage the remaining schedules but just keep that in your mind.”

The school festival is after the school trip. After I return from the trip, I will finally have the battle with that person.

…..Hehe. Looks like there will be lots of events in the second term. After confirming that, Buchou and I got on the Griffin and flew up into the sky.

About 10 minutes after we flew up in the sky on the Griffin. Buchou and I are looking down on the scenery down below while feeling the nice wind. It brings back memories. The time during the first term. I broke in to the engagement party. I then turned into Balance-Breaker for the first time and beat Raiser. I then took Buchou and fled. Buchou who is sitting behind me then puts her body onto my back.

“……It brings back memories about that time.”

“For me too.”

I see. So Buchou was remembering the same thing.

“Do you still remember what you said to me on this Griffin?”

“Yes. I will rescue Buchou no matter what. Because I am Rias Gremory’s Pawn.”


Buchou puts her hands around my hip. She attaches her body onto me and is making sure not to get away from me. I feel so happy…… Right now I am really happy. I am having a drive up in the sky with the woman I love. There isn’t any happiness besides this. Oh yeah. There was a continuation of the thing I said back then.

“It hasn’t changed that I still want Buchou’s virginity even now!”

I said it with a strong voice. Buchou made an astonished face and made a sigh.

“……Think about the mood for a bit.”

I got told off. Hmm. Looks like I am too faithful to my greed. I was amending for my mistake. Then Buchou makes a small laugh and says.

“We will always be together. My lovely Ise.”

“Yes. Of course.”

Within my heart, I thought that I want to call her “My lovely Rias” one day.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Young master in Japanese
  2. In Japan Kirin is also called Giraffe
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  5. Ise being Sarcastic
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