High School DxD:Volume 8 Life 2

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Life.2 Familiar's Requirement[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Right now I’m looking at a magnificent view. The scene where the girls are changing their clothes is right in front of me! YES! I’m in the girls changing room! I’m enjoying the bodies of the first year girls. Peeping on junior girls getting changed…….. Having the feelings of guilt and corruption makes this situation even better. Man…..Even if they are my juniors, the ones who are developed are amazing. Their oppai are appealing themselves even if they are covered in a bra! Eh? Where am I peeping from? Fufufu, I’m inside a steel locker, that has a piece of paper on it which reads, “Don’t Use”. I’m enjoying the view which could be recorded in the world’s treasure of UNESCO. Oh, that girl has nice legs! Thank you for the beautiful legs! That’s what I would like to shout! By the way, there’s another locker, that has a piece of paper on it which says, “Don’t Use”. Inside it, my comrades Motohama and Matsuda are also hiding.

[I have a super VIP seat. It has the value of an S-Rank seat for the concert of an idol.]

Like that I was introduced by my two evil pals! Yes! It certainly is a SS-Rank seat! Hmm? That’s a really small girl over there…….. Hey, that’s Koneko-chan! Oh, so this was Koneko-chan’s class! What a coincidence! Uwa, Koneko-chan is really small! In a lot of ways!

SHIVERS. I can feel a mysterious aura coming from Motohama’s VIP seat. That’s right. He is a real loli-con. He can’t keep in his excitement after seeing Koneko-chan. Right about now, he’s saving the image in his brain. Looks like you will be busy tonight Motohama! No, but Koneko-chan is my important kouhai. I shouldn’t be enjoying her loli-body……. Huh? Maybe this can be enjoyable. That’s weird. I’m not supposed to be a loli-con……. The girls leave the room. But Koneko-chan didn’t try to leave even when she finished getting dressed. Huh? Did something happen? It’s hard to leave……. When it finally became only Koneko-chan left in the room, she got up slowly and…….

DON! Oooooooooooooh!!? There was a violent punch which hit the locker I’m in! I just dodged it by twisting my body, but Koneko-chan’s fist punched through the steel door! As to be expected from the girl with superhuman strength! Terrifying!

High school dxd v8 c006.jpg

PACHIN! The door got ripped off. There’s no point in having the steel door! Me and Koneko-chan were facing each other.


I put a smile on and raised my hand up to greet Koneko-chan…….

“…..You are the worst.”


“Gufu! Oga! Wai..! Koneko-chan! Hold on a sec…..GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

I was horse-ridden by her, and she hit me with her fists without a word! I’ll die! Ouch! I’m going to die!

The next day, Motohama and Matsuda confessed with a blue face that it was their first time seeing a bloodbath.

Part 2[edit]

After school that day.


“Are you okay?”

I was getting my bruised face fixed by Asia’s healing ability in the Occult research club room. Asia seems worried.

“……You reap what you sow.”

Koneko-chan mutters from the sofa which is a bit away from me. Her mouth is in the shape of an “n” and her expression didn’t look pleasant. Well of course she will get pissed if she was peeped on getting changed. But it was a combo of punches and she didn’t hold back. I thought I was going to die.

“Geez. Why are you so….”

Buchou made a sigh of astonishment.

“Ara ara. You have to keep the level of peeping at girls changing at a moderate level.”

Akeno-san who always has a smiley face poured some tea for me.

“I got too carried away.”

“I will show you anytime when I’m getting changed.”

The one who made a gay reply was Kiba.

“Shuuuut up!! How can I enjoy looking at a guy getting changed! I can't even enjoy looking at a girl with an undeveloped body!”


GLARE. I received a sharp glare from Koneko-chan. I..I’m very sorry Koneko-sama!

“Ise-san. You shouldn’t be peeping at girls getting changed……. I…if you want to see the naked body of women that much……I can……..”

Asia says it while wriggling her body shyly.

“No, no! You don’t have to push yourself Asia! I want to! But that’s not it!”

Lately this girl has became more daring. She’s cute, but I will get confused if the girl I am supposed to protect says that to me.

“Yes. If you want to see naked bodies, you can just tell me. I can show you mine at anytime inside the bath and bed.”

Buchou-sama says it casually! I’m living with Buchou. And she says that to me! I’m grateful! Tears are coming out from my eyes! Buchou always does erotic things to me, so my body can't handle it! But I can’t do anything since I’m living with my parents. And also……


PINCH. Like this, Asia pinches my cheek silently with an unpleasant face……………

Part 3[edit]

“A familiar……?”

I replied with a suspicious voice, and Buchou nods.

“Yes, a familiar. You and Asia still don’t have one.”

Familiar. An existence which becomes the hand and foot of us devils. I was also told that they become handy for the devils job. Normally, handing out the leaflets are the jobs of a familiar. It was also the job for newcomers as well. I also handed out leaflets like mad at night while pedalling a bicycle…..

BON! A red bat appeared on Buchou’s palm after making a sound.

“This is my familiar.”

A bat which is the same colour as Buchou’s hair. It had a noble atmosphere with only that.

“This one here is mine.”

The thing Akeno-san summoned was something which looked like a palm-size Oni………. Ko-oni[1]?

“…….This is Shiro.”

Koneko-chan was hugging a white kitten. Since her name is Koneko, her familiar is a kitten huh. It’s so cute.

“Mine is…….”

“Ah. You don’t have to tell me.”

“You are so cold.”

Kiba made a bitter smile at my straight rejection but he made a small bird appear on his shoulder. I see. So everyone besides me and Asia has a familiar. Buchou’s bat flies above my head.

“A familiar is a basic for devils. They can help their masters. They can be used for information transmission. They can be used for persisting. You and Asia also need one since it can be used for adapting to certain situations.”

Buchou says it while patting my cheek. Aaah, getting patted by Buchou blows away all the pain I received today. My Onee-sama….

I was feeling entranced by it, but then the magic circle on the floor started glowing. What happened?

“Buchou, preparation is set.”

Akeno-san reports to Buchou. Preparation is set? Me and Asia are in wonders, but Buchou then tells it to us with a smile.

“Now, let’s go and capture your familiars.”

Carrying out her words. That is my master.

Part 4[edit]

When the glow for the transport magic circle stopped, I was in an unfamiliar forest.

“In this forest there are many familiar devil users living here. Today, I will have Ise and Asia get their familiars here.”

The Forest of Familiars.

Haa. So that’s how it is. There are giant trees growing around here, so not much sunlight shines through to the ground. Though a devil's eyes still work perfectly in the darkness so it doesn’t matter.

What a dense forest. I can't even feel heat around here, so it wouldn’t be weird if anything popped up.

“Get daze!”[2]



Woah! Asia and I were surprised by the sudden loud voice and it made us jump. Asia even hid behind my back. The one who appeared in front of us is a young man wearing rough clothing’s.

“My name is Satooji of Madara Town! I’m a devil in training, aiming to become the Familiar Master!”[3]

Nggh, a weird guy suddenly appeared. A devil? This guy? Hmm…….

“Satooji-san, I brought the ones I spoke of.”

Buchou then introduces us to the so called Familiar Master.

“Hee. A dull face boy and a blonde beauty huh. OK! Leave it to me! If it’s me any Familiar immediately would be ‘get daze’!”

Hmm, this guy sure does say the word ‘get’ strongly. And don’t call me dull face!

“Ise. Asia. He is a professional in terms of familiars. Today we will catch familiars in this forest while receiving advice from him. Okay?”

“ “Yes.” ”

Asia and I nod at Buchou.

I see. So I will also get a familiar. Hmm, I wonder what kind of types there are. While having that thought, Satooji-san asks us in a friendly manner.

“Now, what type of familiar do you desire? Strong one? Fast one? Or one with poison?”

“Don’t say something scary like poison type all of a sudden. So, what type do you recommend?”

Satooji-san smiles at my question and gets out a thing that looks like a catalogue. The one he points at is a creature with great ferocity that is drawn out on the whole page.

“This is what I would recommend! One of the Dragon-Kings! Chaos Karma Dragon, Tiamat! It’s a legendary dragon! It’s also the only female among the Dragon-Kings! Even until now, there hasn’t been a devil who has caught her yet! That would be obvious! Since it’s said to be as strong as a Maou!”

Even if it hasn’t been caught, it’s a Maou level! Are you crazy! No matter how I look at it, it looks like the Last Boss which appears in an RPG!

“This doesn’t look like the level of a familiar! It’s like the super boss! The final Boss! And no one has caught it yet!? Do you know the meaning of ‘recommending’!? I feel as if I was thrown into the last dungeon!”

“That sounds good. It seems like they will get along since they are both legendary dragons. Ise. You are my adorable servant, so it might be acceptable if you can pull that off.”

The cheerful Buchou-sama says something so reckless. Are you trying to kill your adorable servant!? Certainly the power of Sekiryuutei is residing in my left arm, but I will seriously get killed!

“It’s impossible, Buchou! I can tell that we won’t be able to get along even from this book.”

“It’s just your imagination, Ise-kun. Yeah, you can do it.”

“Shut up, Kibaaaaaaa! You go and hunt it, damn itttttt!”

I already had a bad start from the beginning! I calmed down and asked once again.

“Umm, I don’t need a familiar like this one, so aren’t there any other ones which are friendly and easier to catch?”

“Hahaha! I see, then how about this one? Hydra!”

I was shown the illustration of a gigantic serpent with many heads. …….Hmm? I can’t sense it being friendly from the illustration. Even if it looks like this, maybe it specialises in sewing and making green tea?

It has sharp eyes, sharp fangs and there is a poisonous mark of a skeleton on the illustration…… Wait there are actually skulls around the serpent in this illustration.

“This one is amazing! It has deadly poison! There are no devils in this World which can endure its poison! On top of that it is immortal! The worst creature in the World which even kills its master! See? Pretty useful right?”


Crap, I can’t keep this feeling I’m keeping inside me.

“Can I punch him? Buchou, can I punch this guy?”

“Calm down, Ise. Hydra is rare so it would be wonderful. If I remember, there is one deep in this forest….. We would be able to return by the end of today.”

Buchou looks deep into the forest. She’s really eager to catch it!? I wouldn’t be able to return alive!! I will get lost and disappear right away! If things go wrong I would end up being inside this Hydra-san which is ‘useful’ and ‘friendly’!

Satooji-san puts his thumb up.

“Hahaha, you should experience the adventure!”

High school dxd v8 055.jpg

“Stop messing with me! I don’t want a monster which is more powerful than me!”

“This boy sure has lots of requests. Then, what would you prefer?”

Satooji-san who is messing around. Yeah, I want to kill this guy with the dragon inside me.

“Aren’t there any cute familiars? Like girl-types.”

Yeah, if you think about it there should be ones like that. Then Satooji makes a sound with his tongue with an unpleasant expression.

“That’s why newbie’s don’t understand anything. Listen? You have to catch powerful familiars. And each one has different abilities. If you are trying to become a Familiar-Master then you have to catch the same one several times, and then pick the strongest male and female among them. You have the two breed and make them give birth to their baby with strong abilities. And also---”

It seems like he started talking about the logic of familiars. Man, he sure is annoying.

“I also want a cute familiar.”

Asia says while hiding behind me.

“Okay, I understand.”

Satooji-san stopped his logic talks and replied with a smile. …….What is this guy? Looks like capturing a familiar will be a long road ahead.

Part 5[edit]

“Listen up, seirei[4] gather around this lake.”

Satooji-san says it with a small voice.

There is a spacious clear lake in front of us. It is glittering with sparkles, and it seems like a very sacred lake. We are hiding in the shadows near the lake while hiding our presence.

“Yes, the water seirei, Undine, living in this lake doesn’t show themselves in front of others.”

According to Satooji-san, the water seirei Undine is a maiden with a pure heart and beautiful body. On top of that they heal your broken heart!

Oh, that is wonderful! A maiden! Pure! Beautiful! Asia who has those specifications is always with me, but thinking I could get a familiar which is like Asia makes me excited!

Fufufu, looks like I can get a step closer to making my Harem come true. First of all, I will make a cute girl-type my familiar. I’m sure it would be wearing a transparent robe and it is a beautiful slender seirei with light-blue hair colour.

Aaah, Undine! My Undine! Yes, I will make it give me a lap-pillow first! I will then make her clean my ears then! T-Then finally the o-o-o-oppaaaaaaaai!!

Man! I can’t wait!

“B-Buchou, since it would be my familiar, I can do whatever I want with it right?”

I try to get confirmation from Buchou just in case. Don’t tell me there is a ‘no sexual harassment’ policy for your familiar right?

“Yes, do as you like. It would become your familiar after all.”

Buchou answered like that, and I shed tears of joy from it. Soon, there would be a girl who I can do whatever I want with! I can’t express my joy except by shedding tears.

“Oh, the lake started glowing. Undine should make its appearance.”

Satooji-san pointed towards the lake. Oh finally! I then looked towards the direction Satooji-san pointed, with joy. Now, take me to the dream World!

And the one that appeared was a being with light-blue hair sparkling like lights, who was wearing a transparent robe over its……… gigantic body.

The insane biceps, the calves which were thicker than my waist, and the chest which looks like it has metal inside it, and like a veteran warrior it has many scars on its face.

Because of the sudden turn, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wipe my eyes many times. Hoping that this isn’t reality.


What the fuck is thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!?

“That is Undine.”

Satooji-san’s violent words reached my ears. It is like a fantasy in the other way!

“No no no! No matter how you look at it, it is a martial artist in training. Look, those biceps are meant for destroying a human’s body. It seems like it can conquer the World with just its fists. It doesn’t even have an opening. It’s a man of valour.”

“Yeah, Undine always have a battle while having their territory on the line. If you aren’t strong, you wouldn’t be able to get the lake. The World of the Seirei is also about power. But it sure is a strong looking seirei. That is quite rare. I recommend you catch it. A water seirei specialising in punching sure won’t be bad.”

Undine which specialise in punching!? A description I didn’t want to hear! I didn’t want to hear such dangerous words!

“It is bad! It isn’t a healing type at all! It is like the killing-type! I don’t need a healing-type seirei which has enormous punch power!”

I cried out loud. Horrible! I never heard of such a horrible thing before!

“But, that is the female type you know? And it has quite a potential.”

“I so didn’t want to hear that!”

I covered my face and started crying! Oooooooooo! So you are telling me that is a girl!? Aaaagh, the truth is so violent!

“Ise, the World is changing now.”

Buchou says it while resting her hand on my shoulder while nodding her head. I don’t want that kind of change!

“But she has pure eyes. I’m sure she is a girl with a pure heart as well.”

Asia says that with a smile. Umm Asia, can you not call that ‘thing’ a girl. Huh? That’s weird. My tears aren't stopping at all.

“Ah, another one has appeared.”

I heard Akeno-san say that, and I also looked in hope that this time it will be…….

……..And what appeared was a light-blue hair colour seirei with the same physique.



“I…..Ise-kun, I don’t think it’s something which will make you cry out that much, you know?”

“Kibaaaa. I had dreams inside fantasies. I was seeking for a beauty of the World. That’s because Buchou who is a devil is super beautiful. You would end up having hope in fantasies. But, what is that? Why do I have to see some martial artist make his appearance!? I hate it! I hate fantasies!”

“It’s okay. I’m sure there are fantasies which will fulfil Ise-kun’s dream.”

Kiba comforts me while rubbing my back. He is a good-looking guy who I really hate, but at times I think he is a good guy.

“Oh, look.”

Satooji-san points at the lake. When I look, the two big build Undine(Female) are glaring at each other. You can sense the hostility between them, and the space between them bended with their ‘Touki’.



The thick fist nailed into their opponent’s stomach, or the uppercut cracked the opponent’s chin. One of them low-kicked the opponent's calves making an explosive sound, and the straight punched nailed deeply into the opponent’s face.

Both of them started bleeding from every part of their body. They started showing an intense battle of hitting each other. The sacred lake now turned into a battle stadium.

…..No, that’s not what’s important. Eh? What are these girls doing?

“It’s the fight for the territory. And both of them look like warriors with lots of experience.”

Satooji-san started shaking his head and seemed very interested in it.

“Fight for the territory…… Shouldn’t they fight in a more ‘fantasy’ way? Isn’t there any magic used by seirei and stuff?”

“After all, violence is the answer.”

“Buchou, can I go home? I’m about to cry now you know?”

Actually I’m already crying! I want to go home! I want to go home with Asia! Even if I catch that thing, it doesn’t seem like it would use any magic at all! It seems like their punches are even stronger than the magic they use, and how can their big physique become useful in missions! It probably can’t even hide itself in shadows!

“Hahaha! Look, boy! The victor will be your familiar! The ultimate fight of Undine! It’s a wonderful adventure indeed! Oh! They certainly show a rare way of punching!”

Satooji-san says it with enjoyment while patting on my shoulder.

“Hahaha……. As if! Shut up with the adventure craaaaaap! I don’t want adventure like this!”

“How about we n-name her Dine-chan the Undine?”

Asia says that while being scared and watching the battle in front of us.

Eh!? Is this girl really trying to catch that thing!?

“Asia, no matter how you look at it, that Dine-chan will be too much for us. If you make that as your familiar, then you would become pregnant if you stay next to her.”

“I will bear the baby if it is Ise-san’s child!”

Asia says that clearly.

“Yeah. What are you saying? That isn’t the problem! ……..Eh!? You will actually bear my children!? No, that’s not the issue! Forget about that Dine-chan! You won’t be able to control it Asia!”

“B-But, I’m certain that Dine-chan was lonely by herself….. I know it.”

Hmmm, she was somehow empathising with that thing. It seems even more dangerous now, so I put my hand on Asia’s shoulder and tell her. While putting on a smile.

“Even if that is the case, that girl would be able to live by herself. Look, she succeeded in building a body which can break her opponents. Let’s give up on Dine-chan. Wait, who is Dine-chan anyway!? Don’t give her a name! More like, which one is Dine-chan!?”

“Hey, boy! Dine-chan is in crisis! She just received a seoi-nage[5].”

“Satoooooooooji! You shut the fuck uppppp!”

“Haaa….. Okay. Let’s just move on to another place. At this rate there will be no progress in this.”

Buchou says it while making a sigh.

Like this we gave up on Dine-chan, and moved on to another place.

Part 6[edit]

“The Sprite Dragon[6]?”

Satooji nods at my question.

“Yeah, the Sprite Dragon. Just like its name, it’s a dragon which uses blue lightning.”

We moved away from the fight scene of the Undine and we were told about the rare dragon while on the way.

Apparently, right now there is a super rare dragon which flew into the depth of this forest. Satooji-san suggested that maybe it would be good to catch that.

But, we were introduced to a very dangerous looking last-boss dragon called Tiamat before. I started shivering because of its scary name.

“Is that dragon, super strong?”

When I asked while shaking, Satooji-san smiles.

“Apparently its still a baby. If you are going to catch it, now is the time. You would definitely not be able to catch it once it matures. It won’t be as strong as Dragon-Kings, but it's placed in the Top-tier classes for dragons.”

A baby dragon. Maybe we would be able to catch it? Hmm, this certainly makes me worry. Top-tier dragon. I also have the power of Sekiryuutei, so our compatibility might be good. More than that a ‘dragon!’ sounds cool and strong.

But, I would rather prefer a girl-type familiar…… Hmm, it sure makes me think hard! It certainly does! Oppai or a dragon.

While I was thinking seriously, Satooji-san made a loud sound by saying “Owa!”. When I looked to see what it is about….

A scale which glows in blue…..

A dragon-looking creature which is about the size of an eagle is resting on a branch.

“Sprite Dragon! That is it!”

Satooji-san was over hyped about it.

….Oh…….oooooo! T-That is a dragon!? Wow, my first time seeing a real one! It’s small, but looks awesome. Its eyes are so lovely.

“Sprite Dragon. It is also my first time seeing one. What beautiful scales. It’s glowing in blue just like a blue diamond.”

Buchou was looking as if she was deeply moved. So it’s also Buchou’s first time seeing it. It must be very rare. Now I have decided! A cute familiar would be good, but a rare dragon would be good as well! So I choose you![7]

-Then it happened when I had made my choice.


Asia’s scream. When I turned around…..

A sticky thing was attacking Asia!

“T-This is!”

Buchou’s scream! Oh, there are sticky things on Buchou as well!

When I looked, all the girls were being attacked by the sticky things.


The sticky gel is falling from the sky. Did it fall from the trees? This gel is moving! Living thing? Creature? Is it alive!?

“A slime.”

Kiba says it. So this is a slime! I know it from a game!

Wait! It isn’t poisonous is it!? I thought of a dangerous predicament like that, but in the next instant that thought disappeared.

“My c-clothes…… are melting!”

Just as Asia screamed, the gel-creature started melting the girl's uniforms!

All of the girl's uniforms melted and their underwear was exposed!

Buu! I started to get a nosebleed! What a wonderful turn of events!

The attacks of the slimes aren’t stopping, and it started to melt their underwear as well! Uoooooooo! A scenery which my eyes can’t let go of, is happening right in front of me!


Koneko-chan hits me while hiding her private parts!


“……Please don’t look.”

E-Even if you say that….. Those slimes might be dangerous……. Ah, I also saw Buchou and Asia and Akeno-san as well. Save to my brain. Saved to my brain.

Kiba seems to feel bad, so he looked away. You sure are a gentleman. I will look, without holding back.

Then something which looks like a tentacle appears from the trunk of a tree and it started to wrap around the girls!


Asia screams. The tentacle wrapped around Asia’s leg and started to make its way up. It went inside her ripped clothes and started to move. Asia’s legs! Oppai! Butt! They are being violated!

When I looked, Buchou and the other girls are also having their important parts tangled by the tentacles. B-But even if this is improper it seems like a wonderful situation! Satooji-san who was having a proper look at them says it while having a nosebleed.

“This one doesn’t have a name, and it is a slime which melts clothing. And also just mere tentacles. These guys often work together to attack their prey. Even if they are called monsters, slime only targets the clothes and the tentacles target woman’s secretion so they aren’t harmful…..”


High school dxd v8 069.jpg

……Wh…..at? I couldn’t believe my ears. A slime which melts clothes!? A tentacle which eats woman’s secretions!?

“It’s not a rare slime and tentacles, and they are just a nuisance for when you want to investigate the forest. It would be the best to use fire on them to get rid of them-”

“Buchou, I will make these slimes and tentacles as my familiars! Melting clothes! Eating woman’s secretions! They are the ones I have been looking for!”

I declared it with my eyes sparkling while cutting off Satooji-san’s explanation!

Fufufu. Found it. I finally found it! My familiars. My only familiars! Buchou makes a sigh while burning the slimes and tentacles with fire. Nooooooo, my slime-chan and tentacle-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! They are getting burnnnnnnnnnnt!

“You know, Ise. A familiar is very crucial for devils, okay? Think properly.”


I closed my eyes and started to think.


“Like I thought, I will make them my familiars!”

“Ise, only three seconds have passed since you started thinking.”

Next to Buchou, Akeno-san was burning the slime and tentacles! Aaaaaaah! My……! My familiar-chans are being sent to the heavens! They are being burnt very well!

Koneko-chan was also tearing the tentacles and throwing them as if she sees them as pests.

Please don’t do that! Don’t bully my tentacle-chan!

“Step aside Ise. You have to burn these useless creatures. You are in the way.”

Buchou has no sympathy. She’s horrible!

“Hell no! Hell no! I’m going to make these slimes and tentacles my familiars!”

I shook my head while protecting the slimes and tentacles hovering over Asia.

“I will protect these guys even with my life! These guys are my important comrades! Friends! Familiars are our friends! They are my comrades, Buchouuuuu!”

A lecherous familiar like these guys! I will never have the chance to catch them!

“These are the guys whom I was looking for! I want to fly to the realm using these guys! I want to aim high!”

These guys will definitely be useful when creating a harem! It’s obvious that they will become useful in many erotic situations!

“Ise-san, umm…… you are hugging onto me…….”

Asia is putting on a red face. Please bear it, Asia. I want to protect these slimes and tentacles. There are things that I must protect!

“Sob, Surataro…… Shokushumaru…. My important partners…. I will definitely protect you guys….”

I hugged them gently along with Asia while shedding tears.

“Ara ara, looks like he gave them names already.”

Akeno-san says it cheerfully. Yes, I have given them names.

“……It is my first time seeing a devil who craves for these slimes and tentacles this much….. It truly did surprise me. The World is so huge, isn’t it Gremory-san?”

Satooji-san says it while he actually looked very astonished.

“I’m sorry….. This boy is true to his greed, so he doesn’t think properly….”

Buchou puts on a sad expression. It’s like she is looking at something pitiful.

Sob. I won’t go home until I make them my familiars!

I wasn’t going to move even an inch, and I heard something flying this way. When I looked…..there was a blue-scaled baby dragon floating in the air. Sprite Dragon. When on earth did it come here?


A blue lightning starts running through the baby dragon’s body.

…….Eh? Don’t tell me that its…….


Without any time to dodge it, strong electric voltage runs through my body!


……..My whole body is paralysed….. If this was a cartoon, I’m positive that my skeleton would have showed up…….

“U-Umm, Ise-san…..? Are you okay?”

……Asia, whom I was hugging, seems okay…. What the fuck……

“Sprite Dragon only gives electric damage to those who it acknowledges as its enemies. So it must have thought that the girl isn’t its enemy.”

Satooji-san who is burnt black beside me explains it to me. You also received quite a bit of damage from it! Wait, from the explanation you just gave me then, its certain that it sees me and you as its enemies! Kiba was also a bit burnt. He’s putting on a smile but I can sense that he wants to kill that dragon.

Haa! When I looked, the slime and tentacles which were on Asia had turned to ashes! Impossible! My comrades! My familiar-chan!

“Suratarooooooo! Shokushumaruuuuu! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”

I cried while embracing their corpses. How did it turn out like this! This World sure isn’t fair!

“Looks like it eliminated the slimes and tentacles which were attacking Asia. Maybe this dragon is a male. I heard that male dragons will also take a liking to females from other races.”

Buchou says it while patting the baby dragon’s head. The dragon sure is honest with his feelings.

But this is horrible. My Surataro and Shokushumaru……have passed away……

I feel shocked. Shit! So it’s a dragon and it is lecherous! That’s why the girls are unharmed and it also burnt Kiba! ……..Actually good job on turning Kiba black! But I still can’t forgive you! Surataro and Shokushumaru were lecherous but they weren’t bad! Maybe! They were living their life very seriously!

I wiped my tears and got up. I then stood in front of the baby-dragon.

“……..Surataro and Shokushumaru. They were really good guys…… My number 1 comrades…… And you turned them into ashes……”

I started to shake with rage. Yeah, I won’t forgive you! I will be the one to take their vengeance!


Baby dragon made a sigh.


Something inside me made a sound and I snapped. A shallow aura starts to envelope my body. Even the other members were pushed back because of the abnormal intensity.

“……I’m pissed now. Sprite Dragooooooooon!”

While emitting violent aura, I pointed my fist towards it. The trees around here started to make noises due to my aura.

“Amazing. A pulse of demonic-power so strong that I have never felt something like it before! Ise-kun still has powers sleeping inside him. I never thought it would awaken with something like this!”

“Overwhelming aura! Ise, why don’t you use that power for something more useful!”

Akeno-san and Buchou were both shocked but also astonished. I’m sorry my two Onee-sama. Having my greed and desires taken away, my rage has awakened me.

“The lecherous greed and the pure desire to have sex. Having those expectations betrayed, the rage has pushed forward Ise-kun.”

Kiba tries to analyse the situation calmly. That’s right Casanova! No one can stop my wrath!

“……..It’s only that the super-pervert snapped.”

That’s right Koneko-chan! Your answer is the most accurate!

Sprite Dragon! I will not forgive you! The slime which melts clothing, Surataro! The tentacle which eats girls’ secretions, Shokushumaru!

The guys who I fell in love with at first sight. And yet you……

Even Buchou and Akeno-san can’t stop me now! No! Please don’t come and stop me! For guys! There are things guys must do!

“Ultimate! Invincible! My power of dragon which is said to be the strongest in the World! Receive this power with your own body and perish!”

I said the quote used by Raiser Phoenix, and moved my hands covered in demonic-powers towards the dragon…..


“You can’t bully him.”

Asia says it as if she is lecturing me while hugging the baby dragon.

………I stopped my fist right before I reached the baby dragon.

……Sob. If Asia who is like a little sister to me says that, then I won’t be able to do anything…..

I was glaring at the dragon, but it seemed like it was getting attached to Asia and was being spoiled by her.

“I hear that Sprite Dragons open up to those with pure hearts. It seems like it really is attached to that girl.”

Satooji-san explains. So that means it completely attached itself to Asia. Well, Asia does have a pure heart. She is a good girl after all.

“Looks like it is Ise’s defeat.”

Buchou was smiling while resting her hand on my shoulder.

Haa…….. My demonic-power disappeared and I took a breath.

“U-umm, can I make this dragon my familiar?”

Asia asks.

“I guess that will depend on Ise. How about it, Ise?”

Buchou asks me. Everyone looks at me. Uu, it seems like I’m the villain here. No, I am the villain. I did go crazy because of my sexual desires. It’s not the dragon’s fault. Instead it helped Asia who was being attacked by the slimes and tentacles…..

“Yeah, I will let Asia decide.”

Surataro, Shokushumaru, I couldn’t take your revenge. I shed tears of regret.

Part 7[edit]

“…..In the name of A-Asia Argento, I order you! Y-You shall become my familiar and respond to my contract!”

We returned to the entrance of the forest. Asia opened a green magic-circle in front of us. The Sprite Dragon is located in the middle of the magic-circle, and the contract ceremony between Asia and the familiar is about to take place.

Of course, since Asia is a beginner, Akeno-san is supporting her. But it seems like the ceremony is progressing very well. Akeno-san also seems relieved. Asia is very talented at being a devil, unlike me.

“Normally the Sprite Dragon is a dragon who won’t pledge to a devil, but it seems that girl has a very pure heart. Something like this has never happened before, but it seems like the contract ceremony will finish safely.”

Satooji-san says that.

Hmm, so Asia has succeeded in catching a rare dragon in a rare way huh. She is amazing after all.

The light from the magic circle starts to gradually lose its light. Because the contract has finished, the baby dragon flew to Asia and started to play with her.

High school dxd v8 079.jpg

“Ufufu. You are tickling me. Rasse-kun.”


When I became curious about what seems like the baby dragon’s name, Asia answers me.

“Yes. He is a dragon which uses “Raigeki[8]” and I also used Ise-san’s name as well. Even though he uses lightning, I want him to be lively like Ise-san. ……Would it trouble you?”

“No, that’s alright……. Well, who cares. Let’s get along Rasse—”

When I tried to approach it, its body started to glow in blue….


“Agaaaaaaaaaaah, Gggggggggga!”

……Gough…… U-Umm, Rasse-kun I wonder why I just received an electric shock…..

“I forgot to mention, but male dragons hate males from other races.”

Satooji-san who was also burnt black gives me additional information. Behind him, Kiba also was turned black while putting on a refreshing smile.

So if its guys, they are all the same to you Rasse-san?

“Rasse is a naughty one.”

He’s too naughty, Buchou….

“Ufufu. The part where he hates men, he sure is similar to Ise-kun.”

Oh, so you mean he hates the same gender, right Akeno-san….?

“……Like I thought, I would have preferred Surataro and Shokushumaru…..”

Even if I regret like that, they won’t return. Sob, why did you guys leave me and die!?

“……Perverts should just die.”

Yes, it’s exactly like what you said Koneko-sama.

Looks like my path to catch my familiar is still far ahead.

Well, since Asia has caught her familiar, this might be a ‘Good End’.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Small oni. An oni is a Japanese demon
  2. Get daze is a phrase from Japanese Pokemon. In English version it is the phrase ‘Gotta Catch 'Em All!’
  3. This is a parody of Pokemon. Ash Ketchum’s name in Japanese Pokemon is ‘Satoshi’. Satooji is a parody of it. Ash’s home town in Japanese is ‘Masara Town’. Madara is a parody of it. Familiar Master is a parody of ‘Pokemon Master’.
  4. seirei: means "Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost" [1]
  5. a shoulder throw in judo
  6. Blue-lightning dragon
  7. Pokemon quote parody
  8. Lightning

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