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Life.3 Memory of Oppai[edit]


It’s the beginning of summer. Outside the cicadas are crying loudly. I’m sitting at the window side of the club room looking out the window. Today I’m looking outside with low tension.

“Ise♪ What are you doing?”


The one hugging me from behind is Buchou. Usually I would say “Owa! Bu-Buchou! I would get in trouble if you hug me all of a sudden because of the sensation of your oppai I can feel on my back!”. But the current me is…… I can only make a big sigh.

“…….What’s wrong? It’s not like you.”

Buchou rests her face on my shoulder and asks with a doubtful voice. She seems like she’s finding it boring because I’m not responding to her.

“I’m sorry Buchou. I was just thinking about my past for a bit.”

“The past?”


Yes, the sad parting I had when I was in junior school.

“When I was a kid, I lost something precious during this season of the year.”

I was looking outside with sad eyes. Buchou notices that it’s not a normal atmosphere so she became confused. She kisses me on my cheek lightly and says.

“Tell me about it. I will listen to you.”

“Okay. I want everyone to hear it as well.”

“Are you sure? Okay. Everyone gather up.”

The club members gather at Buchou’s instruction.

“What is it?”

Asia tilts her neck.

“Ara ara. What is it about?”

“…..I’m interested in it.”

Akeno-san and Koneko-chan.

“Ise-kun’s past? I want to hear his worries as his friend.”

“Are things like this also part of the club activity? I don’t understand Japanese customs.”

Kiba and Xenovia gathered as well. Everyone sits as if they are surrounding me. Everyone looks suspicious after seeing me feel down. Then I told them a story about a long time ago.

When I was seven years old….. There was a place I visited every time I finished school. A park in the neighbourhood. Over there was an Occhan[1] who did picture story shows for people who went there. I was always looking forward to Occhan’s picture story shows. Occhan rung the bell for the start of the story. There were few viewers. Everyone was a kid. There were times when it was just me. Even so Occhan showed me the show carefully. I loved Occhan.

“Long, long time ago. At a certain place, Geezer and Granny were living there. On a certain day the Geezer went to the mountains for lawn mowing. Granny went to the river to do washing. When Granny was doing washing at the river………”

I was waiting for the next development with my heart beating. Occhan changes to the next picture while looking at me with a smile.

“An Oppai flowed down.”

A small me was excited to see the detailed picture of Oppai that was drawn on the whole paper and looked so real. Yeah. I thought that I wanted to grope oppai like that. I also greatly admired the detailed picture Occhan drew.

“Donbura-ko. Bain-bain. Donbura-ko. Bain-bain. No matter how you look at it, it was a gigantic breast that is bigger than a G-cup. The size of it. The shape of it. It was the finest breast there is.”

My heart was racing hearing about an oppai story from a long time ago while I was eating an Oppai pudding. The Oni that was defeated by oppai. The geezer who became happy by oppai. A youth who received divine punishment by oppai. The dog who dug oppai. Hearing the Oppai-stories from a long time ago, I learnt about the World. I asked Occhan who was getting ready to go home after finishing the show.

“Did Occhan also grope oppai?”

Occhan answered me with a smile.

“Yes, I have groped them. A lot of them. Boy. Oppai isn’t something you only grope. You can suck it.”

“……Eh? But that would make you like a baby?”

Me back then, thought that oppai was only for groping. But I was wrong.

“A boy won’t understand yet because you are still a child. You will understand when you get older. The urge to suck it. An adult man still lives everyday life to fight against that urge.”

That time I didn’t know what Occhan was saying. But I just understood that what Occhan was saying was something cool.

“Listen boy. You suck it like this.”

Occhan starts sucking the oppai-pudding from the tip of it. The pudding disappeared into Occhan’s mouth instantly.


My heart as a young boy was aroused seeing it.

“Here. I will give you a couple of these oppai-puddings. Practice at home.”

Occhan says it as if teaching his successor. I took the oppai-pudding home and practiced sucking it very hard while hiding from my parents. But I couldn’t suck it like Occhan. I started to realise how great Occhan is every time I fail at it.

On a certain hot day in summer. I was pedalling my bicycle to the usual park with excitement. Today is the day for the new story! Occhan wrote a new story about oppai! What kind of story will it be? A fun story? A sad story? Is the oppai this time big? Or is it small? I couldn’t help myself from being excited. The thing that appeared in my sight after arriving at the park was……

“Hurry, we are going. Geez. Showing things like this to the children from noon.”

It was Occhan who was being taken away by a policeman. It can’t be! Why is Occhan…..? He didn’t do anything bad! To me who was a kid, Occhan was everything. I went to the side of Occhan who was being taken away.

“Occhan! Occhan! Why! Why!”

I got caught by another policeman and I couldn’t save Occhan.

“No! You can’t go near him! He is a bad person who showed something he is not supposed to, to you kids!”

“Occhan isn’t bad! Occhan taught me about Oppai! Occhan! Occhan! Oppai! Oppai!”

I screamed while crying. I was taught many things by Occhan. He isn’t evil. He was just a perv. Occhan smiled at me and said it quietly.

“Boy. One day grope oppai. Then suck it.”

That was Occhan’s last word.

“Oy, what are you telling to a kid!? Hurry, we are going!”

“Occhan! Occhan! The new story!? What about the new story!?”

Occhan was taken away by the power of the state. I could only glare at the policeman taking Occhan away. I couldn’t hear the new story. What kind of story was it? I just became frustrated thinking about it. Give my Occhan back to me! Give my oppai back to me! My….. At the park where the cicadas were crying at summer. I……. I lost something precious.

“….So that’s how it is.”

My past. I think it was violent. I lost my important Occhan. Me, who was feeling down, looks across at everyone. Everyone had an astonished face. Absurd…… I became shocked at everyone’s reaction. No matter how you think about it, it’s a story that would make you weep like crazy! Asia was the only one who didn’t seem like she understood and had a face full of questions……..

“Ara ara. So Ise-kun’s urge to have sex came from there.”

Akeno-san is smiling calmly.

“Yes. I was troubled on how to react. More like, that person was taken away because he was a hentai.”

Kiba makes a bitter smile. No! Occhan isn’t a hentai! He’s a God!

“…..I really can’t understand Japanese people.”

Xenovia shrugs her shoulders and got up from the chair.

“No, Xenovia. That is being rude to other Japanese people. Originally Japanese aren’t worthless people like this……”

Kiba tries to support me. But am I worthless!?

“………Man who talks about indecent things to a child…… A real hentai. The worst story ever.”

Koneko-chan who has her eyes half opened gets up from her seat.

“What is it with that reaction!? The current me exists thanks to Occhan!”

I say it with narrowed eyes. Buchou puts my head onto her breast and hugs my head while calming me down.

“I know, Ise. The one who shaped you into “you” was that man. But I think it would have been okay if you had included it with the story of a gentleman.”

“But I can’t imagine Ise-kun who isn’t ecchi. It’s Ise-kun only if he looks at woman with lecherous eyes.”

“Yes, you are right Akeno. Ise who isn’t interested in woman’s breast isn’t Ise. When I see Ise looking at my breasts it makes me think that “This boy is also healthy today” and I can feel relieved.”

Buchou and Akeno-san seem like they are talking about me. Are my eyes that lecherous!? I certainly am enjoying myself to the fullest by staring at Buchou and Akeno-san’s breasts!

“…….Senpai who isn’t Do-sukebe……….”

Koneko-chan tilts her neck while putting on a serious expression. Eh!? Me who isn’t lecherous is that hard to imagine!? Wait! Even I can’t imagine it! It’s Occhan’s will that I’m enjoying the sensation of Buchou’s breasts with my face like this! Shit! Buchou’s breasts are the best!

It's now evening. On the way home after club activity. Buchou and Asia are walking to the side of me. Since we live in the same house, we go home together. It seems like today is the worst day. I talked about my past but no one had sympathy towards me. Fine then! The memory of Occhan is mine only!

“……Buchou-san. Ise-san seems to be in a bad mood.”

“Asia. At times like this it is the best to leave him alone.”

Both of them seem like they are saying something, but who cares. What should I do with the feeling I have right now after I got my memory laughed at? I was walking down the road with a complicated feeling. Then I heard “that” nostalgic sound.

RING RING. ……! Then I looked at the direction where the sound came from. I knew that my eyes were fully opened because I got shocked. 10 years…… Yes 10 years.

RING RING. That was the bell of the start of the story. I saw a familiar man preparing for the show at the park I passed by.


When I realised it, I was walking towards the direction of that man. It’s definitely him. That face. He looks much older but I’m not mistaking it!

“Is it you Occhan…….?”

I asked the middle aged man timidly. The man noticed me. He looks into my face for a while and then smiles at me.

“You are….. I see. I realised who you are right away. You have gotten big, boy.”

Ah…… He is…… He truly is.........!

“Occhan, you were alive!?”

It’s an emotional reunion! Occhan! I haven’t seen him since that day! I mean he actually remembered me when I have become this big! There were tears coming from my eyes because I’m so happy! Occhan you have got more wrinkles…..

“Yeah, thanks to you. How many years has it been? About 10 years? Hahaha. Boy, you have got big. Did you grope oppai?”

…..! I might have been waiting to get asked this question for 10 years. When I think like that, there were tears falling down from my cheeks. Then I nodded with a smile. Again and again.

“Yeah. I groped it! I groped it! Oppai was amazing! This person is my first oppai!”

Then I introduced Buchou who came next to me. Buchou was troubled over how to react. But please let me for today. Hearing that, Occhan nodded as if he was satisfied.

“Is that so? I’m glad. So that boy would have a girlfriend after 10 years. A girlfriend with a splendid oppai indeed. You have to grope them while you are still young. Then how about it? Did you understand what I was talking about back then? You want to suck oppai don’t you?”

“Yeah, I want to suck it! Occhan! I want to suck oppai!”

Occhan had a smile on after I said that.

“Boy. Do you want to look at the picture show that you couldn’t see back then?”

What he took out of his bicycle is……. The continuation of my “dream” that I couldn’t see that day. My wish that couldn’t be granted on that summer day. I wiped my tears and answered him with a big smile.


RING RING. The start bell of the show. Yes. The continuation of the story from that day.

“Then it’s the start of the “Oppai taking Geezer”. A long, long time ago. In a certain place. There was a Geezer that digs oppai……”

Just like 10 years ago, I have the oppai pudding in my hand. I sat on the ground listening. There is also the conversation from the two behind me. I want these two to hear this as well.

“Umm Buchou-san…..? What should I do……..?”

“Asia. Leave him like this. But if Koneko was here, she would have said…… Koneko? You were here?”

“……He is the worst.”

I just ignored those harsh words directed at me, as I was listening to the geezer talking about tits.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Old man

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