High School DxD:Volume 8 Life 5

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Life.5 Hell Teacher Azazel[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Greetings, everyone.

The school has just entered the summer holiday! I feel like enjoying this long holiday.

I feel that way, but I have my head held down because of the scene in front of me.

“Iche, carry me.”

The crimson haired little girl asks me to lift her up.

“Uu, carry me….”

Next to her, a blonde little girl is crying.

Little girls resembling Buchou and Asia are in front of me, and Buchou and Asia themselves aren’t anywhere in the house!

When I woke up this morning, both of them were gone and I was having trouble because instead there are two little girls…..

But, these girls, I know it’s insane but are they….. When I was being suspicious of this situation….


Someone was knocking on the door.

“Ise-kun, Rias, Asia-chan, it’s morning you know?”

The one who enters my room is Akeno-san.

“Ara-ara…… so many children.”

That was Akeno-san’s response after seeing this scene.

“U-Umm, Akeno-san, I really don’t understand……”

I am getting my cheeks pulled and having my hair messed up by the two little girls. Akeno-san puts her hand on her cheek and begins thinking for a while, and then she says with a smile,

“It’s summer holiday, but let’s call all the club members to this house.”

Like this, it was decided to have an emergency meeting of the Occult Research Club.

Part 2[edit]

With Vice President Akeno-san’s single call, the Occult Research Club members gathered in the living room of my house.

Everyone is looking at the children with weird expressions. The girl who looks like Asia is hiding behind me, and the girl who looks like Buchou is sitting on my lap. It seems like they have become attached to me.

“But, they sure do look like Buchou and Asia.”

Xenovia looks at the two little girls while tilting her head.

“More like, I think they are Buchou and Asia-san.”

Kiba says.

“Are you serious, Kiba? So these two are really Buchou and Asia after all?”


Kiba affirms clearly, and nods his head.

I did have a vague feeling they were. They are Buchou and Asia no matter how you look at them. But, why did they turn into little girls? I can’t help but think that they lost their memories as well. However, I don’t think they've completely lost their memories since they called me “Iche”…..

“……I think there was a technique that turns you into little girls.”

Koneko-chan said it quietly as if she remembered something.

“Koneko-chan, is there really a technique like that?”

“Yes, since devils can change their appearances depending on their demonic powers.”

The one who answered me is Akeno-san who is pouring tea. She continues and gives me more of an explanation.

“You know how it’s said in legends that devils appear in the form of an old lady or small child? That is exactly true, and devils can change their appearance to their liking when they have reached a certain age. It’s normal for a middle-aged woman to have a younger appearance in the world of devils. In comparison, the majority of men tend to have the appearance of their true age.”

I see, I see. So you can make your appearance look how you desire depending on how you use your demonic powers.

Then, Buchou and Asia turned into little girls by using demonic powers…… and what were they trying to do?

“Though, even in those cases you don’t lose your memories…..”

Akeno-san put her hand on her forehead while having a troubled expression.

“This is the rebound of the technique.”

Azazel-sensei says while drinking tea.


Sensei nods at my question.

“Yeah, when someone with a high richness of demonic power uses a technique they are not familiar with, sometimes they make a big mistake with it. So, the techniques comes back at them.”

“Then Buchou failed at using the technique? It also seems like they lost their memories.”

“It seems like it. Because of the kickback of the technique, they also had their memories sealed along with temporarily turning into children. But for a devil such as Rias to make a mistake... She probably imagined something else strongly while activating the technique. Anyway, to revert them back to normal we either have to wait for a while or we need to have someone with the power of anti-spell.”

For Buchou to fail a technique……. Seriously, what happened?

Even if I look at the mini-Buchou sitting on my lap, she just tilts her head dubiously.

“Iche, you have a weird face.”

But, she really is cute! It means that this is her when she was a child, right? No wonder her brother loves her so much!

“Uu, Asia also wants to sit……”

From behind me, the teary-eyed mini-Asia says that while looking at the mini-Buchou sitting on my lap, with envious eyes. Aaaaah, even this one is cute! She’s so innocent that my desire as her guardian is becoming very high! That’s weird. I don’t have a slight fetish towards lolis……

Is this perhaps the love that fathers have towards their daughters? Or is it brotherly love towards a sister? Either way, mini-Buchou and mini-Asia are little girls who have more impact than I can imagine!

“B-Buchou and Asia-senpai……. they are so adorable……”

The one who says that timidly is Gasper.

“Yeah, Gasper. Try making both of them laugh.”

I say something that a senior would say. Gasper is shocked but nods his head slowly.

He then searches inside his bag and…… he took out a paper bag. …….. I have a bad feeling about this.


Gasper made holes in the paper bag using his index-finger and middle-finger….


And then wears it over his head! I knew it!

“Look, Buchou, Asia-senpai. It’s a paper bag~. You get a hundred times more courage when you wear this.”

The two sparkling red eyes which appear from the holes in the paper bag are directed towards the two little girls.



Mini-Buchou and Asia cling to me, and they are shaking! Just as I thought! They are scared! ‘Paper-bag Gasper’ is a no-no!

By the way, ‘Paper-bag Gasper’ is the power-up form I gave to the hikikomori-vampire, who has a phobia of other people. By wearing the paper-bag, his heart gets stronger so he can confront other people!

But his appearance will turn into that of a pervert, and he becomes a monster who causes great fear to others! That is the end of my explanation!

“Heeeeeeeeeeeey! You! Gaspeeeeeer!”

I hit the paper-bag pervert away! Of course! What the heck are you doing!?

“W-W-W-W-What are you doing……!?”

Gasper protests as if he doesn’t understand.

“It’s not “What are you doing”! What are you trying to do by approaching Buchou and Asia while turning into your paper-bag form!? They will get scared! You are really scary in that!”

“N-No… I just wanted to tell them that by wearing the paper-bag you will overflow with courage.”

“It won’t! From other people’s perspective, you just look like a perv who is approaching little girls! Damn it! I was dumb for asking you!”

“….. Uu, it was scary.”

“I’m not scared! Rias never cries!”

Asia is shaking and Buchou is acting strong, while clinging to me. They sure are cute!

“Oh, it’s alright. It’s okay now, since I have taken down Gasper~”

I pat both of their heads gently.

“Uu, Senpai is horrible. I’m going to shut myself in!”

‘Cardboard Vampire’ is Gasper’s stationary mode. When this cross-dressing boy with a pure heart - who has a phobia of other people - has something happen to him, he escapes into the cardboard box, and he shuts himself in his own world! Don’t copy him everyone! You might get exported by mistake!

“However, Buchou and Asia-chan certainly are adorable. Maybe it might be alright if Ise-kun and I raise them like this.”

Akeno-san says it with enjoyment.

“Me and Akeno-san?”

“Yes. Ise-kun will be the father and I will be their mother. That would make us husband and wife.”

“Husband and wife!?”

Hearing those keywords, I started to imagine a scene in my mind.

High school dxd v8 141.jpg

[I’m back.]

I return home from work.

[Ara-ara, welcome home, dear.]

The one who appears in the entrance is Akeno-san in an apron!

[Papa! Welcome home!]

[Papa, play with me!]

The ones who welcome me back are mini-Buchou and mini-Asia.

[Hey, you, two. Papa is tired from work, so you can’t be reckless, okay?]

[No~! I’m going to play with Papa!]

[Asia was waiting like a good girl!]

[Akeno, it’s okay. Now, my daughters, let’s play together. Hahahaha.]

[Mou, you are too soft on these two.]

……..Wonderful. It’s really wonderful. I would admire that situation. A lifestyle like that might be good!

“……Ise-senpai, you are drooling while having lecherous eyes. ……. It seems like he went to a world of his own.”

“Hahahaha, he must have experienced that lifestyle within his head. Ise-kun sometimes goes away from the real world.”

Koneko-chan and Kiba are talking like that. Ah, even if it was just temporarily, I imagined a wonderful lifestyle.

While doing something like that, Azazel-sensei stands up and then says,

“Well, I will look for a way to dispel it. You guys also look for a way. You guys would be in trouble if it stays like this right? Let’s call each other when we find out something, so we'll split up temporarily.”


Every club member apart from me responds to Sensei.

Ara? We are splitting temporarily? So we don’t have any solution right now?

“I will start by checking back from the traces of Rias’s demonic powers. I will check Ise-kun’s room, which was the place the technique was activated.”

Akeno-san heads to my room after saying that.

“Then, how about Koneko-chan and I start looking from other places then.”


Kiba and Koneko-chan also leave the room!

“Fumu. I don’t understand anything about demonic powers. Then, I will train Gasper. Hey, vampire. Come out of the cardboard box. If not, I will cut you.”

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Xenovia-senpai is bullying me!”

Xenovia exits the room while carrying the screaming cardboard box.

“So then, I will leave these two to you for a bit, Ise.”

Sensei also goes! I am left behind in the living room with the two little girls.

“……….. I-I’m a baby-sitter then, huh.”

“Iche, play with me.”

“…..Carry me.”

I carry both of them, and become lost at the current situation.

Part 3[edit]



“Yeah, it sure is cute.”

I was outside while holding both their hands. They take interest in anything that appears in front of us, and they pulled me towards everywhere.

I was urged by them when they said “I want to go outside!”, so like that we went out……. So what did these two want to do after all……..?

For now, our destination is the convenience store in our neighborhood. It felt like they would be satisfied if I buy them ice cream.

But, even Buchou who is a very noble Onee-sama is now a normal little girl. Even the quiet Asia is now spoiled and disobedient.

But they are cute so it’s OK! …….But I did think raising a child would be difficult.

“Ah! It’s Ise!”

I heard a familiar voice from another direction. When I looked, I saw my mates Matsuda and Motohama.

It’s summer holiday, so were they heading towards my house from noon? But I sure did meet up with annoying guys….

“What are you doing….~Wait, children!?”

“Hey hey, what are those little kids!?”

They both got shocked after seeing Buchou and Asia. Well, obviously.

“D-Don’t tell me, they are Ise’s children!?”

“Judging from the hair colour, they are from Rias-senpai and Asia-chan….?”

They started to guess something! They came up with the conclusion of them being my children!

“There’s no way that I have kids!”

I don’t want to have kids when I didn’t even do baby-making! I wanted to say that, but stopped. As I am living with bishoujo, I want to remain as the embodiment of their jealousy!

I tried to make excuses, but they continue with their delusion.

“From their appearance they are about 3 or 4 years old…… Ise is 17 right now right? ……..Is it just possible then?”

“Are you serious!? T-That guy acted as if he doesn’t have any experience, and you are telling me he was laughing at us behind our backs….?”

Matusda and Motohama look at me while putting on a serious expression which I can’t describe.

“Wa-wait a sec! Y-You guys, what are you calculating!? What are you guys imagining!?”

“It’s an emergency meeting! It’s me! [Case D] occurred! It’s [Case D]!”

Matsuda called somewhere after calling somewhere! W-Where are you calling!? What is [Case D]!?


Motohama takes a photo of mini-Buchou and mini-Asia! Heeeey! What are you taking!?

“Matsuda! We have the proof! Now, let’s head towards the hall of [Ise Extermination Committee]!

“Hell yeah! Ise! Prepare yourself after the meeting is over! We are always wishing for your misfortune!”

My mates leave this place really quickly! I tried to call them back!

“Hey! What do you mean by Extermination committee and wishing for my misfortune!? Wait! Where are you guys going while leaving your best mate here!?”


What I heard from afar is such a heartless word.

Part 4[edit]

……I think, I’m a bit exhausted. I was dead tired inside the living room, after coming back from the convenience store.

“It’s cold.”


Mini-Buchou and mini-Asia were eating their ice cream deliciously. But, this is a problem. I’m scared that another weird rumour about me might start in my class after the summer holiday is over!

I was holding my head down and Azazel-sensei appeared in front of me.

“I found the way to dispell it.”

Sensei was dressed up as an explorer. He hands me a western-style looking sword and steel shield. Huh? What is this?

“We will gather ingredients with the power of darkness within them. There is a medicine which will dispell the spell on them by mixing those ingredients. That’s why, Ise, let’s get going!”

Azazel-sensei points in a direction while enjoying himself.

“Huh? Go? To where?”

I was full of suspicions, and Kiba comes in and explains.

“We found the way to turn Buchou and Asia-san back to normal. First we found the magic-spell used from the trace of demonic-power in your room, and we are currently finding the way to dispell it by reading the spell backwards. This was also mentioned in one of the documents Sensei brought, so it would be okay if Akeno-san or I am present. It’s just a matter of time.”

Hmm, I see. So the spell used by Buchou could be solved huh.

Sensei then adds additional explanation.

“That alone would be enough, but we decided to make a medicine to dispell the spell as well. But for that we need ingredients, so you and I will be gathering them.”

“You say gathering ingredients but where are we going?”

“To various locations. Akeno, you come as well. If you and I go, we can support Ise.”

Akeno-san put on an unpleasant face after being called by Sensei. Akeno-san doesn’t seem to get along with Sensei that well.

“…….I don’t feel satisfied by having you say that to me, but this is all for Buchou, Asia-chan, and Ise-kun. I will go with you.”

Akeno-san affirmed it while crossing her arms. Oh, her elbows are touching her breasts!

“Sensei, how about me?”

Xenovia asks while dragging Gasper. Gasper……So you were being trained by her huh.

“You train Gasper.”

“Roger. Now let’s go, Gasper. Next we will train on how to dodge the wave of the holy sword Durandal.”

“Hiiiiiiii! I will be vampire-hunted for real this time!”

Xenovia leaves while dragging Gasper who had a pale-white face. Xenovia, you seem to be enjoying it. Gasper, get stronger.

“Iche, where are we going?”

“…..Don’t leave us.”

Buchou and Asia pull the cuff of my trousers. Hmm, what should I do….

“Well, we will take them with us. I will be coming as well, so we won’t get into that much of a dangerous situation.”

Certainly, having the unbeatable Governor-sama will insure our safety…..

Like this, we started to gather the ingredients, by using the fallen-angel style transport magic circle for long-range distance purposes.

It started, but……..


A dangerous roar is aimed at me!

In the depths of the mountain of some country, I was confronting a massive monster while wielding a sword and shield!

The enemy is called a Minotaur and is a humanoid-shaped monster with the head of a bull! It’s about 4 to 5 meters tall and it is very big! It has thick arms and chest! It has a head of a bull but it has fangs! It isn’t a herbivore! It’s definitely a carnivorous bull!

I’m the only one who is having such a dangerous situation!


A sound vibrated through the air! The battle-axe that the Minotaur has was bigger than me! And it just swung that at me! I will be killed! If I get hit by that, it will cut my body in half with one swing!

The first ingredient. Apparently that is Minotaur’s liver! But it seems like my liver is the one which is being hunted!

“Hey, Ise, go all out!”

The one who said that is Sensei who is preparing for a nabe[1]!

“Sensei! I will be killed! There is no way I can take on this thing!”

I scream and yell for help! Of course! There’s no way I can beat a bull monster with a sword like thissssss!

“What are you saying? Show your love for Rias and Asia~. I will just watch over you with warm eyes from here.”

The Governor-sama says that while checking dashi[2] for the pot! What the fuck are you doing! You even took out a table and a set of stoves!

“Azazel-sensei, I have cut the ingredients.”

“Oh, Akeno, thanks. We now have to wait for that idiot to beat the bull. It would be okay if he gets its liver. Let’s eat the other parts then.”

“I haven’t eaten Minotaur’s meat before.”

“The Minotaur from around here taste amazing. Once you eat it, you will get addicted to it. I even think it is the same as Matsusaka beef. Hey, Rias and Asia, here are your plates.”



“OOOOOOOOI! Why are you guys having a situation like that of a family while I’m having a life and death situation right next to you!? I’m about to be killed by the so-called Matsusaka bull!”

I was put in an absolute demise while avoiding the attacks from Minotaur!

“Rias, Asia, the butcher will be bringing the meat soon. Lucky you~”

“Sensei! The so-called Butcher is about to be killed! I will be killed by the bull! This bull is strong! I will be killed before I deliver the meat!”

Uwa! The battle-axe which came down makes a big hole on the ground! I can’t even stop a single one of those attacks!

“Help me even just a bit! You are the “Governor of Fallen-Angels”, so doesn’t that make you something like a Last-Boss of films and such!?”

“Yeah. I’m strong. If it’s a RPG game, I would be the hidden-boss which appears after you have beaten the game. And someone like that is your ally, so you guys are really lucky.”

“Then please help me! I will get killed if I have to fight a monster by myself!”

“Then that will be boring~. If I shoot out a beam from my hand and defeat the monster, then the monster will be defeated in a few lines of a novel, you know?”

Azazel released a light from his hand.

The bull died.

Item received.

“Look, it finished in a few lines. It’s boring.”

“It’s okay to be boring! Governor-sama who is a bazillion times stronger than me! Please have merccccccy!”

While we were talking like that, I can hear the earth rumbling from a far!

When I looked……a group of Minotaur are heading this way!


Groups of Matsusaka beef are heading this way! Did it come to help its kind after realising it was battling!? I will seriously get killed this time! I’m going to be eaten by the bulls!

“Ara-ara, it came in a herd.”

Akeno-san has a troubled face! Next to her, Sensei put on a troublesome expression.

“Chi, so noisy.”

He points his finger to the herd…..


A ray of light comes from his finger and……


now While making a super big explosion, the herd of Minotaur and their surroundings were blown away!

It’s so insane! It certainly was an attack of a last boss!

“Hmph. The burdens are now gone, Ise. Fight to your heart's content.”

Sensei puts his thumb up! That isn’t it! That isn’t what I mean! If there were so many of them, you can get as many livers as you want! He turned all of them into ashes! He really did finish it in a few lines!

“The beam just now, can you shoot at least one of them this way!? The battle will end with that! Also, among the herd just now there were much bigger ones than the one I am battling!?”

“Just fight. Last-Boss-sensei!!”

I might be lucky or unlucky. The Minotaur became scared from the attack just now! I know how you feel! Scary right!? It would definitely be scary if someone like a last-boss is amongst your enemy!

But I kept the sympathy inside me and went slashing at it thinking this was a chance.

Part 5[edit]

I somehow obtained the Minotaur’s liver and we arrived in a different country.

In front of us was Akeno-san, wearing a thin cloth!

“Is this okay?”

The fascinating body stimulates me! Aaah, like I thought, Akeno-san’s oppai are big! The white thighs shown from the slit! Her beautiful legs are wonderful!

“Yeah, unicorns only open up to pure virgins.”

Just like Sensei said, we came to get a Unicorn’s horn this time. We are in a forest, in front of a beautiful lake. Apparently Unicorns appear before pure girls without any bit of filth.

Like that Akeno-san was selected for this role, and we are hiding in the shadows, killing our breath while waiting for the Unicorn to appear. Apparently that thin cloth is something which keeps in the demonic-power of a devil. It was prepared by Azazel-sensei because he thought that Unicorns might not approach a devil woman. Akeno-san stood in front of the lake, and we looked at her from the shadows. Buchou and Asia are sitting on my lap quietly. Yeah, you two are good girls.

Sensei then says quietly.

“Hmm, it might be weird if it’s coming from me, but I do think that Akeno has quite the erotic body.”

Sensei says it while looking at Akeno-san seriously. Rather than looking at her lecherously, it was a gaze of familial affection, as if he is happy about the growth of his daughter or sister.

“I agree. Why does she have such an erotic body?”

“Akeno also carries the blood of fallen-angels. There are so many erotic fallen-angel women.”

“Are you for real!?”

Certainly the fallen-angel women I met before had erotic bodies.

“Yeah, it’s one of their jobs to fascinate men from another kind. Their body becomes something which would be highly craved by men. But, even if you compare them, Akeno is exceptional. You, if you can get her, then definitely take her.”

“W-Well, if I can, then I definitely would…..”

“Yeah. Even if I’m like this, I also have the role to watch over her. I feel relieved after hearing you say that.”

Sensei started nodding by himself. What’s going on…..

“? H-Haa, is that so….”

“Iche, you have a perverted face~”


I’m having my cheeks pulled by the two little girls. It seems like they are mad. What happened to these two little girls…..

“Uu, please don’t pull.”

“Looks like you will have many difficulties. –Oh, it appeared.”

High school dxd v8 c007-008.jpg

When I looked, a white skinned horse appeared near the lake! It really does have a horn growing out if it's head.

“Since ancient times, a unicorn’s horn has been heavily treasured as a medicine to cure everything. It also has the effect to dispell a spell. That’s why we are going to take it.”

“Is it okay? Will it grow back?”

“It won’t be a problem, since we will put medicine on it, so it will have its horn growing back.”

Ah, so even the after-care is done properly.

The Unicorn approaches Akeno-san. The moment Akeno-san’s hand touches it….


Akeno-san karate chopped the Unicorn’s neck! Because the Unicorn had its guard down, it fell down on the spot.

After confirming it, we got out of the shadows.

I’m sorry Unicorn.

Even if she looks like this, Akeno-san is a devil.

First it was a bull, and now a horse. Maybe the next target is a pig.

That time, I was…..foolish.

Part 6[edit]

The ingredient we came for…..was the worst!


Right in front of me, a monster which is more than 15 metres tall made a roar. A red scaled monster which has both wings spread…..A dragon!

“This is a Flame-Dragon. A dragon which represents fire. The scales growing from its back is the last ingredient we are looking for,”

Sensei explains, calmly!

Impossible! It’s impossible! No matter how you look at it, this is a monster! Uwaaaaaah! Are matured dragons this big!? I have seen a baby dragon before! Asia’s familiar is a mini-dragon. He is so small that you can carry him. And this guy isn’t something you can carry!

A sword like this would be like a tooth pick against him!

“……S-Sensei….. This is a bit……”

“The dragon which is residing in you is far stronger than this one. Show me that you can do something about it.”

Inside me, I have the legendary dragon……the power of the Sekiryuutei is residing in me. It’s certainly true! But I still can’t use the power properly, and it would be impossible for me to fight this guy!


The dragon released a humongous amount of fire from its gigantic mouth!


I could only just run around while crying! I will be burnt black if I get hit by even one of those!

It will be hot! Seriously hot! More like, why am I having so many near death experiences today!?

“Hey, Sensei! If I think about it, you and Akeno-san came with me today to support me right!?”

I’m sure he said that before we went around different places! But until now I haven't had any support yet!

“Before, you saw Akeno’s erotic appearance right?”


Of course, I saved it into my brain!

“With that our job is done.”


My eyes were about to pop out because of what I was just told! For real!? That’s it!? I was happy, and it was certainly wonderful! But!

“Sensei, it’s too cruel no matter how I think about it.”

Akeno-san argues! Aaah, to be expected from Akeno-san! She’s so kind!

“Who cares. You also want to see the cool side of Ise right?”

“………….T-That is certainly true, but…”

Huh? Akeno-san is going to be convinced with that!?

I was dodging the dragon’s fire-breath and tail whip while being shocked about it! But you will need strength even to dodge! Crap, I’m losing my breath!

“Sensei! I will be killed! My stamina won’t laaaaaaaaaaaaast!”

Maybe my desperate pleading reached him, so Sensei said “Fine then” while shaking his head to the side!

“It can’t be helped! Come ouuuuuuut!”

Azazel-sensei clicks his fingers, and a gigantic magic-circle appears on the ground. Something very big appears from it while emitting black pulses!

“What the heck is thiiiiiiis!”

What appeared from the magic-circle is a humanoid-type super robot which is the same size as the dragon!

Wait, a robot!? My view of the world changed!

“Where did it come from!? Outer-space!?”

“From the secret basement located under Kuou Academy’s pool! That’s the promised setting right!”

Sensei says it while making a wink!

“Don’t customise our school like you want!”

So he was making a thing like this below the pool we swim in! If Buchou who is the shadow ruler of the school finds out about this, she will snap!

“This is a devil-helping robot and I created it using fallen-angels technology! It’s the Maouga[3]! I was asked by Sirzechs! It’s powered by the hatred of humans which is flowing within the whole World! Hatred is overflowing in this world, so this is ecology!”

Sensei who was standing on the robot’s shoulder gives an explanation like that.

“Ma-Maougaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? It’s definitely from a different series! It came out in the wrong story! More like, what do you mean by the hatred being its energy!? It’s evil! No matter how you think about it, it is a weapon used by villains! Why did Sirzechs-sama ask you to make such a thing!? Why did he have to ask this evil-governor of all people!?”

“Small details are unnecessary. What’s important is the flow and how you do things. Let’s go, Maouga! Absorb the hate of people! You are the master piece created by this world of darkness!”

Maouga aims its arm at the dragon. Like I thought, your imagination is evil, Sensei!

“Eat this! Rocket punch!”

When Sensei shouted…..


The arm had fire coming from it, and it was released forward! It really is a rocket punch!


The rocket punch which went ahead very fast was easily dodged by the dragon, and disappeared to the other side of the sky.


Huh? This is it? More importantly……

“Sensei. U-Umm, I just want to ask you something…..”


“T-The rocket punch which went flying, will it not come back?”

Sensei closes his eyes for a while at my question.

“………….. Like this, the hatred in the World disappeared.”

He replied back with a refreshing smile!

“I don’t understand what you mean! Wait, the rocket punch is continuing to fly!? That isn’t ecology!”

Where did the rocket punch fly off to!? Don’t tell me it hit a country somewhere!? Aaaaah, to the people living in that country! I’m sorry for the fact that a gigantic fist suddenly came flying!

“How sad. After all, robots are just weapons….. Sirzechs, can you hear me? How many more times do we have to taint our hands in evil to escape from this way of life…….?”

“Don’t say something like that with such a sad expression! By the way I will ask you this just in case, but which is stronger between Maouga and Sensei?”

“Of course it’s me!”

Sensei pointed at himself confidently!

“Then don’t make it! It’s a waste of money! You alone would be stronger even just by firing a beam!”

“There are even days for me when I can’t use beams.”

“You used it just before!”

While Sensei and I were arguing, the dragon tried to assault us while making a roar “Gaaaaaao!”!

“Shut up!”


A light came from the snapped Sensei’s hand!


A monster sized dragon fell on the ground from just a single hit! Look! I wasn’t needed after all! Maouga also wasn’t needed!

“Hmph. There’s no way that a mere wild dragon can even lay a finger on me.”

Like this, thanks to our… No, thanks to Sensei the ingredients were all gathered.

Seriously, it would have been enough if it was just Sensei alone, but why am I in this worn out state……?

Part 7[edit]

I was somehow able to return home.

We gathered the ingredients. I was tired. In both my body and soul.

How many times did I think I was going to die today…..?

From what I heard, Buchou and Asia performed a ceremony in my room, which failed and they were turned into little girls as a result.

This time, to do something opposite of that ceremony, it was decided to do the spell where the spell they used was activated.

We made Buchou and Asia sit in the centre of a dispell magic-circle, and we had them drink the fluid which had the ingredients we gathered crushed in it.



Both of them drank the fluid while having teary eyes.

“Now, what’s left is for me to activate the spell, and return both of them back to normal.”

Akeno-san sent her demonic-powers to the magic circle, and the magic-circle glowed.

Oh, so with this Buchou and Asia will revert back to normal. It felt very long indeed…..

I took a breath, and Sensei talked to me.

“Hey, Ise.”


“What would you do if you could only revert one of them back to normal, due to the medicine and solution for dispelling?”

He questioned me. I didn’t think about anything and answered him immediately.

“I will double it with the Boosted Gear, and make it twice as strong for both of them!”

Hearing that, Sensei laughs.

“Hahahaha! So you answer like that without thinking! Good answer! Yeah, that’s exactly right. You are capable of doing that. If you are a legendary dragon, then you can save both of them.”


I was confused, but it’s the truth that I will save both of them no matter what.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii! Ise-senpai! Please save meeeeeeee! I’m going to be killed by Xenovia-senpai~!”

The one who suddenly entered the room was Gasper. It seems like he was being chased around by Xenovia….

“Mu! Don’t run! I’m just telling you to drink a nutrient juice with lots of garlic inside!”

Xenovia came chasing after Gasper while holding a cup of creepy coloured juice.

-Wait! Gasper is running this way!

“Ise-senpai save meeeeeee!”

H-He’s going to crash into me…….


I get pushed back to the magic-circle with the tackle from Gasper and Xenovia!


The magic-circle glowed, and it releases a single flash.

After that, the ones who appear at the centre of the magic-circle are the usual Buchou and Asia.

“…..Looks like we were able to revert back to normal.”

“Auuu, I’m back to normal.”

I’m glad! Both of them are back to their usual selves! Buchou with big oppai and the adorable Asia!

“So, why did this happen?”

Sensei asks them. Buchou and Asia looked at each other shyly, and then tell us.

“…..For quite some time, Asia and I were very interested about Ise when he was a child. And there was a spell which could turn a person into a child temporarily…….”

“You tried it, and the spell rebounded huh. Geez.”

Sensei made a sigh as if he was astonished. Buchou and Asia put on an apologetic expression.

Wait, so they were trying to make me into a kid huh. Ah, if I remember correctly both of them went crazy when they saw the old album with photos of me. So that’s why.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

Both of them bow their head down.

“It’s okay. I’m glad both of you are back.”

I replied with a smile.

“Ise…….. We still have our memory from when we were turned into children.”

“Yes. Ise-san treated us very importantly.”

“You worked so hard for us until you were beaten down that much…..”

“I was happy……”

Arara, it seems like they are looking at me with soggy eyes? If they act like that, I will feel embarrassed instead.

Huh? Is it me or are Buchou and Asia bigger now?

And the surroundings are bigger…… Was everyone this big? I was troubled with how to react, and Sensei says to me with a smile.

“So, this time it is your turn huh. Hahahaha, you are tiny!”


I made a dumbfounded sound. I started to feel uneasy and looked at my hand and…….they are small!?

I looked into the mirror inside the room, and what reflects is me in the form of a child!!

“Whaaaaaaaaat is thisssssssss!?”

I screamed and Sensei says with a mischievous smile.

“Just now, when you were pushed into the magic circle, it seems like a weird spell was activated.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeh!? So this time it’s me!? But I still have my memory!?”

“It looks like the spell worked on you properly. You are lucky, Rias, Asia.”

All the club members put on a expression of joy when they heard Sensei!

“Iyaaan! Ise! You are cute like I thought!”

Buchou hugs me tightly! I’m not a doll so you shouldn’t be saying “Iyaaan!”!

“Bu…Buchou-san! Please let me hug him as well!”

“Ara ara, then please allow me after Asia-chan.”

It seems like Asia and Akeno-san are deeply emotional as well!? Their eyes are sparkling!

“Ise, I think you are cute as well.”

“I….I also feel the same way.”

Xenovia and Gasper who were the culprits say that timidly while putting their hands up! Apologise! Apologise to me this instant! If I’m this small, then I won’t be able to go outside! How can I tell this to mum and dad! It’s a big problem!

“Then, you should be alright in that state for a while. It seems like Rias, Asia and Akeno are happy as well. No one is unfortunate in this.”

Sensei says something horrible! It seems like I will be super unfortunate!

“Wait! What about those ingredients!?”

“There’s none left.”

Sensei answers with a mischievous smile! What! How can you be so heartless!?

“Sensei! Please go and get the ingredients! You can do that immediately with your power right!?”

“Don’t wanna. I already had plenty of fun today. You just endure being in that state for a while. I’m leaving.”

Sensei is really horrible! He definitely worked today to have fun! I just ended up being unfortunate today!

“Then, I will be leaving now.”

“……I also have to do my research project so I will be leaving as well.”

Kiba and Koneko-chan are also going home!? What is this!? This is just a sad story about me now!

“No, I don’t want this! Someone save meeeeeee!”

Our summer holiday just started. But it’s scary because it seems like I am the only one who will be unfortunate!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Japanese pot
  2. Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp
  3. a super robot ranked higher than a Majinga or Mazinga

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