High School DxD:Volume 8 Life 6

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Life.6 300 Ise[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Right now, I’m inside a mysterious capsule!

“Hahahaha, seriously, you came in at a good time, Ise.”

The one activating the device while laughing cheerfully is Azazel-sensei!

When I entered Sensei’s laboratory bringing tea, I was thrown in here when he said “Oh, good timing”! I don’t understand!


Even if I bang from inside the capsule, it won’t even budge!

“What are you trying to do, Sensei!”

“Well, there was something I wanted to try for a bit, and I was troubled because I didn’t have a test subject. And you happened to come by to bring tea, so I just felt like it.”

“You ‘felt like it’!? So you decided to throw your student inside because you ‘felt like it’!”

“Everything comes with a sacrifice.”

“Eh!? It’s determined that I’m to be sacrificed!? No, let me out! Nooooooo!”

I beg for help, but the device is activated! There is an identical capsule next to this one! But nothing is inside. So I’m the only one inside the capsule!

“Wait, what kind of experiment is this!?”

When Sensei turned around at my question and tried to answer….


A single flash and explosion occurred.

Cough! Cough!

…….Uu, so much smoke. I was released from the capsule without realising it.

When I looked, the capsule I was inside is broken. Did it explode because the experiment failed?

The room was messed up because of the explosion and so many things are broken. When I look around the room, Sensei is no where to be seen. He must have got bored because his experiment failed.

I wanted to make a complaint to him. He is a disgrace to teachers since he used his student as his test subject! Just to be expected from the Boss of the fallen-angels. He sure has an evil way of thinking.

“Geez, that Azazel-sensei. He just left me after his experiment ended.”

I left Sensei’s laboratory after saying that.

The place I am currently in is the old-school building of Kuou Academy.

While heading to the club room….


The voice of a girl! This voice belongs to Asia!

When I headed towards where the scream came from…...there was Asia fully naked!


I got a strong nosebleed. Hmm! Like I thought, Asia-chan sure did develop quite a lot since I first met her! Your brother is so happy!

“You are h-horrible, Ise-san. For you to suddenly tear my clothes….”

Asia complains to me with teary eyes.

Eh……? I was told something from Asia which I have no knowledge of. I certainly do have a move limited to girls which blows the clothes of those I touch called Dress Break.

But there is no way I would use it against Asia, and I don’t remember using it now.

“Hey, stop right there Ise!”

This time it’s Xenovia’s voice who seems to be chasing someone.

I looked wondering what was going on and…..I saw myself coming from the corner! Wait, why am I in front of me!?

The guy who looks like me had a lecherous face while having a nosebleed, and he disappeared somewhere after going passed me and Asia.

Xenovia, who is chasing him, then appears. –Wait, Xenovia is also naked!

She is holding a weapon in her hand. After looking around, she caught me with her gaze and came at me, closing in while having her oppai shake. –And that’s while she is holding the Holy-sword!

Devils will die if slain by a holy-sword!

“What is the meaning of not doing anything to me when you have stripped me naked!”

You are angry for that reason!? Xenovia who I can never understand tries to assault me!

“Stop right there, both of you.”

A sudden voice. Xenovia stops her hand and the holy-sword stops right in front of me.

When I turned around, Akeno-san was standing there. She came bringing Azazel-sensei and someone who looks just like me!

Part 2[edit]

“The whole academy is filled with Ise.”

An emergency meeting of the Occult Research Club. Buchou puts her hand on her forehead and said it while making a sigh.

All the club members stood at the side of the window, and we were looking at the situation of the new school building through binoculars.

-There are so many of me!

There are me’s throughout the school and they are chasing after the girls who still remained on campus even after school ended, and they were using Dress Break on the girls!

“The groups of Ise are going around making the girls from this school naked.”

Buchou who is next to me put on a troubled face.

Koneko-chan gave strong intensity by breaking the binoculars!

“……. I was assaulted by them when I was on my way here. I didn’t understand the situation then, but I beat it up.”

Hiiiiiiiii! Scary! Koneko-sama is mad! But I don’t remember doing that! More like, what are all those me’s!?

“What should we do with this one here that we caught earlier?”

Akeno-san looked at the corner of the room.

There was a cage, and there is someone who looks just like me inside it!

“This one is the one who made Asia-chan and Xenovia-chan naked.”

Akeno-san tries to touch my look alike who is inside the cage….

“Please show me your oppai! Oppai!”

He said while putting on a lecherous face and is trying to assault Akeno-san! Wow, they are dangerous!

“Be careful, you guys. Especially the girls. Ise’s copies have stronger sexual desire than the original.”

Azazel-sensei said.

“T-then this Ise-san destroyed our clothes?”

“I see, maybe it does have a more lecherous face than usual.”

Asia and Xenovia who changed into new uniforms were looking at my copy with keen eyes. I’m happy that the misunderstanding of me stripping them got through to them. I wouldn’t dare to use Dress Break on Asia whom I adore as my little sister, nor Xenovia whom I still can’t come to understand.

W-well, there was certainly a time when I accidentally blew away Asia’s clothing in the past.

“Hey, Azazel. What were you trying to do in the experiment?”

Buchou asks Azazel-sensei.

“Well~, the doppelgänger went crazy while I was experimenting on it. So Ise’s copies increased. Though I activated the barrier around the academy immediately, so Ise’s doppelgängers wouldn’t be able to escape from here. I made sure the damage would be suppressed.”

Sensei who is sitting on the sofa says that!

“Eh~! You did such a thing for that experiment!? More like, what is a doppelgänger?”

Akeno-san answers my question.

“Doppelgänger has the meaning of “counterpart of a living person”, and it is a phenomenon where your copy appears in front of you.”

Then, those are my copies!? I multiplied during the experiment?

“Hahaha, Ise came into my room at a good time, so I felt like it. It would have been enough if I was able to make one copy of him, but I made a mistake. Then Ise’s doppelgängers, which had Ise’s sexual desire enhanced, were mass produced. Hahahaha! Man was I scared!”

“So, you say that the number of Ise’s increased but exactly how many of them are there?”

Buchou asks Sensei while putting her hand to her forehead and making a sigh.

“Roughly 300.”


Everyone became shocked at Sensei’s confession! Of course! I’m shocked that there are about 300 of my copies!

“No……Azazel-sensei! Do you understand what you have done!? Are you trying to take this academy down to the depths of darkness!? Ise-kun isn’t any ordinary hentai you know!?”

Kiba is really mad and you don’t see that often. Yeah. I think he just said something rude about me.

“……It’s a nightmare that the number of super-perverts increased.”

Koneko-chan also says that while shivering with rage! I can also feel the murderous intent towards me as well! Eh! It’s my fault!?

“Hiiiiiiii! For there to be 300 Ise-senpai…. I-I-I will be stripped~!”

Gasper screams from inside the cardboard! Fuck off! I would never strip a guy naked even by mistake!

“I would like to have at least one of them, but it would be no good if it is Ise-kun who is just lecherous. Like I thought, the real one is definitely the best.”

Akeno-san hugs me! The sensation of her huge oppai!

As to be expected from Akeno-san! She sure understands me!

“You are right. Anyway, we need to do something about it.”

Buchou says it while pinching my cheek. It hurts, Onee-sama……

Kiba then tells us after he spoke to someone over his mobile phone.

“There has already been damage caused to the academy. The majority of the girls who remained at school have received Dress Break, and their clothing was blown away. The Student Council, the Sitri group, are also getting rid of Ise-kun but most of the Student Council are girls so they are having a hard time.”

The Student Council are also devils like us. So they were communicating with Kiba huh. More than that, I’m very sorry for causing trouble! Sona-kaichou, Saji, I’m sorry!


Azazel-sensei created a small magic-circle in front of him, and he moves his fingers as if he’s using a touch panel.



It felt like a very bright flash covered the whole academy.

Sensei then says, after the light stops.

“Anyway, I made the remaining students go to sleep by force so the casualties won’t expand anymore than this. On top of that, I put a barrier over the girls so Ise won’t be able to go near them. So with this, Ise won’t be able to do naughty things to the sleeping girls.”

Seriously? Amazing, he did all that with that single flash. The power of the Governor of the fallen-angels has no limit.


Sensei receives applause and compliments from the girls.

…….What is this weird feeling I have right now. This isn’t about me, yet it feels like I’m being blamed for it!

Sensei got up and then told everyone.

“What’s left is to eliminate Ise. They should disappear like smoke if they receive damage.”

I know he isn’t saying it to me, but it feels like I am being treated like a pest when he said “eliminate”…..

“Well, 300 Ise’s are the same as pests. We need to exterminate them.”

“You said something I had in my mind! You are horrible, Sensei!”

To begin with, you are the cause of all this!

“It’s enough with just one Ise.”

“Yes, Buchou. It will cause damage if there are many of them. Let’s take down all of them.”

Buchou and Kiba are really eager to do this!

“…….Indeed the enemies of women. The worst phenomenon you can imagine. We need to take them down.”


Koneko-chan is really motivated to do this and she thrust her fist forward! The super-human girl who is usually emotionless is eager to do this!

Everyone seems like they don’t care what Sensei has done, and they are more focused on taking down my copies.

You guys are horrible! I’m the one who became the victim of all this! I’m going to cry!

“Okay, you guys. We will think of a plan. Don’t look down on the technology of fallen angels.”


Like this, the plan to defeat my doppelgängers started.

Part 3[edit]

Using the doppelgänger we caught before, a strategy was designed.

Doppelgänger says.

“I feel calm, when I look at o-oppai…… Give me o-oppai~”

He says something like a zombie that appeared in the zombie film dad showed me a long time ago….. But this is worse than I thought. Are you telling me that these guys have a deficiency disease towards oppai or something? Like that a strategy was made.

Strategy 1 - Fishing

“First, you have to prepare the fishing rod. And it will be completed if you use the porno mag as bait.”

Azazel-sensei gave out the fishing rods that have a porno magazine as bait.

Apparently we have to lure it out from the window of the clubroom, and wait till we catch my doppelgänger.

The offence team, which will be eliminating the doppelgängers caught, are stationed below. I’m also one of them and…..

N-No, is it really okay for the strategy to be this simple? I became dubious. Wait, this is the power of the fallen angel’s science technology!? This is something not only capable of junior schoolers but also nursery children as well!

“No matter how lecherous I am, I’m not so dumb as to jump into something so dangerous—“

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Porno!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“Porno magazine!”

“Let me read it!”

“It’s mine!”

There are so many doppelgängers that are being caught by the fishing rods used by the club members!? I was so shocked by what I was currently witnessing that my eyes were about to pop out! Eeeeeeh!? Is this really okay doppelgängers!?

“S-Sensei! They are biting at every cast!”

Kiba who is fishing seems very shocked at how much it worked.


Koneko-chan who is beating and eliminating every doppelgänger caught.

“……We have caught so many that it scares me.”

Yes it is! I’m also surprised as well, Koneko-chan!

“But, there are groups of Ise-senpai who are looking at the situation from the shadows!”

Gasper points at the doppelgängers hiding in the shadows. So there are also copies of me who are cautious.

“Use a manic porno magazine for those guys. They will come out.”

Sensei changes Gasper’s bait. No, I don’t think that will….. But even my thinking like that was…..

“Y-You are right! Amazing!”

Asia pulled the doppelgänger using a rare type of porno magazine!

Asia seems like she’s having a bit of fun even though she is shocked! Asia-chan, are you enjoying fishing using the porno magazines as bait!?

“……..Hentai eliminated.”


My adorable junior is continuing to beat up my doppelgängers without mercy!

“…….Even here!”


The super-human strengthened girl's fist even comes flying this way! She can’t see the difference between me and the doppelgängers!


Gough! …….I received a hit to my stomach! And that was a precise hit!

“…..Ko, Koneko-chan….. I’m… the real one....”

“I won’t be fooled. The real one has an even more lecherous face.”

How can this be! How does she look at me usually!?

“Koneko, it seems like that Ise is the real one. He won’t disappear even if he received an attack.”

Koneko-chan realised it after Xenovia who is also in the offence group supported my claim.

…..Uuu, it must be an unlucky day for me today.

Because of the fishing strategy, half of the doppelgängers have been dealt with……

My mixed feelings have yet to disappear……

Strategy 2 – Seduction

It was decided that we needed a second strategy.

“Looks like they won’t be caught with fishing anymore. Looks like even Ise started gaining a brain.”

Yeah. Azazel-sensei just said something quite horrible.

Sensei calls Akeno-san.


Being called by Sensei, the happy faced Akeno-san puts on an unpleasant expression. That’s because Akeno-san doesn’t get along with Sensei.

“What is it?”

“I have a plan. Your power is required for it.”

“…..I feel unsatisfied hearing that it’s your plan, but I will listen to what you have to say.”

Sensei whispers into Akeno-san’s ear. Hearing that, Akeno-san puts on a complicated expression.

“…..C-Certainly that might work.”

“I want to use Rias, but she would be better as a last resort. It’s you first.”


Akeno-san approved Sensei’s suggestion. Huh? What did they talk about?

Akeno-san used the power of devils, demonic-powers, to make what looks like a changing room appear in the corner of the room, and went inside it.

Is she going to get changed? When I was thinking like that……. Akeno-san wearing a bunny suit came ouuuuuuuut!!

The tights which are wrapping around her beautiful thighs! The erotic bunny suit which is suppressing her breasts! And it makes it perfect by her wearing bunny ears! Akeno-san already has an erotic body to begin with, and having her in a bunny suit has impact beyond any imagination!

“Hey, look. Even the real one has that reaction. This will have an insane effect you know?”

Sensei laughs looking at me since I had my eyes taken away by Akeno-san. That’s because it would be impossible not to be excited looking at Akeno-san in a bunny suit!

Akeno-san then says it loudly after leaving the old school building.

“Ise-kun! It’s your oppai here!”

High school dxd v8 191.jpg

A moment of silence. And right after that---

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Oppai!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The doppelgängers who didn’t come out during the fishing came out at once! You guys, where were you hiding!?

“Give me oppai!”

“Mine! It’s my oppai!”


All of them were saying naughty things, but their expressions are serious! How much do you guys crave for oppai! No, I’m also craving for it all the time as well!

The moment the doppelgängers try to attack Akeno-san—


The lightning flashed, and it envelops the doppelgängers. Oh! It’s Akeno-san’s lightning attack which she specialises in! The doppelgängers disappear immediately!

The effect is big. They don’t feel a thing about being eliminated and just try to jump at Akeno-san’s oppai.

Seeing a situation where they're jumping to meet their doom, the original me can’t stop tears from flowing out.

……..What are you guys doing……

The Akeno-san bunny strategy seems like it's working. I became heartless, and I felt empty inside. Hey, my doppelgängers. Are you guys happy? Having Akeno-san’s breasts in front of them, they ran with all their might putting their hopes on the line. And they were eliminated heartlessly.

“Ara-ara. If this was the real Ise-kun, I would have been happy…. I would have given service in this bunny costume. I’m very sorry, Ise-kun’s doppelgängers.”

Even I was moved by Akeno-san’s charming words that I want to jump into her arms, but I controlled myself.

Sensei walks next to me nodding his head, and putting his hand on my shoulder. His expression was that of sadness. But he is carrying a handycam.

“Can I send this video to my co-workers afterwards? This, is too hilarious.”

“I think that I wouldn’t be blamed even if I hit you.”

Sensei and I began beating each other on the spot.

I made a phrase.

-My self jumping into a fire of flashing lightning.

By Hyoudou Issei.

Strategy 3 – Governor of fallen-angels threat

There were half of the doppelgängers left before Akeno-san’s bunny girl strategy, but the number of them decreased drastically and there is less than ten of them left.

So, the strategy went into the last phase.

“Fuhaha! Foolish Ise!”

Azazel-sensei who is standing on the roof of the old school building! He is wearing the costumes worn by the boss of an evil organisation. He has twelve black fallen-angel wings growing out from his back, and he looks exactly like the boss of an enemy.

He then screams to my doppelgängers who are still hiding somewhere.

“Look at this!”

Buchou who is wearing a dress appears next to Sensei! She is in a princess in hostage mode. Well, you are a real princess after all, so you look beautiful in a dress!

This is the last strategy. Using Buchou who is my master as hostage to lure out the doppelgängers.

If Buchou was to be taken by the boss of all evil, then I would rescue her with my life! She is my master, and more than that she is the woman I love!

Either way, it is Sensei’s plan to use my love towards my master. How evil! To be expected from the boss of the fallen angel organisation!

“Kya~. Ise, help me~.”

But Buchou doesn’t seem like she is that eager about this. Even her speech is too obvious. Well, this does seem quite stupid.

Seeing that, Sensei sighs.

“Hey, Rias. Scream by putting more feeling into it. It’s so obvious you are acting that even I don’t feel like continuing this.”

“Even if you say that…. To begin with, will Ise’s doppelgängers really come out with something like this?”

It’s just like Buchou said, and the remaining doppelgängers don’t show any signs of movement.

“You are right. At this rate they won’t, so I have an idea.”

Sensei takes a big breath.

“Listen! I'm going to grope Rias’s breasts nowwwww! If you don’t want that, then come out and rescue her! Fuhahahahahahahahaha!”

He screamed something foolish like that!

Heeeeeeeeey! Groping Buchou’s oppai you say!? I didn’t hear that you would go that far for this plan! No, it’s just an act, but there are things you should never do!

“……..Ku! What an evil plan! To take my Buchou’s oppai as hostage!”

I lifted my fist up while feeling angered, and Koneko-chan made a sigh next to me.

“……What a lowly strategy.”

It’s just like you say, Koneko-sama!

Sensei then continues to tell the doppelgängers.

“If you don’t come out before I count to ten, then I’m going to grab onto Rias’s breasts! You hear!? Grabbing it! I’m going to do something in front of you which even you haven’t done yet!”

He moves all his five fingers lecherously!

“……You are in high spirits.”

Buchou made a sigh while having her eyes half closed.

“Hahahaha, I don’t have the job of a last-boss like occupation for nothing. Leave these things to me.”

“Okay. Then even I will also have to put on some acting then….”

Buchou made a single sigh of determination.

“Kyaa! Ise! Save me!”

She begs for help with a cute voice! My heart skipped a beat at when Buchou screamed out “Kyaa”!

“ “ “ “Buchou!” ” ” ”

Hearing that voice, my doppelgängers show themselves from behind the shadows.

Oh! The doppelgängers have a serious expression! Even if they are the doppelgängers which only show a strong desire for sex, it seems like their love for Buchou is very strong too! I was emotionally moved a bit after learning that.

“Look! The remaining idiots came out! Just to be expected from my plan! You saw that, you guys? This is the power of fallen-angels science!”

How is this science power!?

But is the reason why it sounds so convincing is because Sensei is someone amazing!?


Sensei released a beam from his fingers without any mercy, and starts to attack my doppelgängers!


Creating a huge explosion, a few doppelgängers were blown away! Like always, it sure has insane power! It scares me because it has that much power while he is holding back!

He continues to shoot his lights towards the doppelgängers rising up towards his attack.

……I felt chills on my back when I think about myself in that situation, but Sensei laughs heartily.

“Observe! Ise’s are like trash now!”

He is enjoying it very much!

“Hey Azazel. Hold back a bit. You do know that we are the ones who have to fix the damage right? Maybe I should ask for the fallen-angels to pay for it…”

Buchou also put on an astonished face.

“Hahahaha. Don’t say that, Rias. This is fun.”

While they were having a conversation like that, the last remaining doppelgänger was trying to stand up with its wounded body after being blown away by the explosion, and is heading for Sensei.

“……..It seems like that doppelgänger-san is desperate.”

Asia who is next to me says that while being worried about it.

…..I-It certainly doesn’t seem like we can ignore that.

That doppelgänger shouts while being wounded.

“I’m going to rescue Buchou!”

I had my heart shaken by those words. ……Yeah. You are right!

By the time I realised it, I had taken that doppelgängers hand. The doppelgänger looks at me suspiciously.

“Let’s go! To begin with, this is all Sensei’s fault! We will save Buchou together!”

Yeah, it all turned out like this because of Sensei. I was about to forget something I shouldn’t have.

The doppelgänger and I shook hands and we connected. Hehehe, we sure are alike.

“Let’s gooooooo!”


The doppelgänger and I ran towards Sensei! Yeah! The source of all of this is that fallen-angel over there! If we don’t beat him, then this academy will not become peaceful! I….We finally realised that!

“Arere? Those guys teamed up all of a sudden. Man, it can’t be helped then.”


Sensei releases the light from his finger without any mercy!


The doppelgänger and I barely dodged that! We can’t stop in a place like this! That guy! We need to eliminate that ‘Last-boss-sensei’!

“Mu! You dodged that huh! How’s this then.”


Continuous shots of light! Explosion happened everywhere, and we still continued to charge forward towards that evil-boss while being surrounded by explosions just like a tokusatsu hero.

At times one would fall, so the other one would help out, and stand up and charge forward once again!

But he shoots his light-laser heartlessly.


But the light-laser deflects right in front of me, and was shot elsewhere. The ones who deflected the light-laser were…..Kiba and Xenovia who are wielding their swords.

Both of them then say it while smiling.

“……I don’t know why, but my body moved by itself.”

“Yeah. Just like Kiba, it happened to me too. I thought I have to act when I saw you guys.”


A gentle light-green light envelops me and the doppelgänger. The wounds get healed immediately, and my body feels lighter. –It’s Asia. Asia who has a healing ability healed me and the doppelgänger.

“……When I watched both of you, I felt something warm welling up within me.”

Asia says that. Yeah, if Asia is with us, I have 100 times more courage than before!

“Yes. If I think about it very carefully, Azazel-sensei is the main cause of this no matter how I think about it.”

Akeno-san also came to our aid!

“……I think it might be good for Sensei to receive some punishment at times.”

“I don’t know what is going on, but I will also cooperate!”

Koneko-chan and Gasper came to our side as well!

It seems like doppelgänger and I lit a fire inside everyone.

……Hehehe, man. Geez….. They are all a bunch of kind guys.

It can’t be helped, since we are comrades after all.

“Now, let’s go forward to defeat Sensei!’


We realised who the true evil is, and we retrieved our bond once again!

And then we ran towards Sensei…. No! Towards the evil governor Azazel!

You are the most evil one after all!

Seeing that, Sensei gets so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out.

“Arara!? Those guys teamed up!”

“Well, it might be good for you to receive such punishment at times. You are basically doing evil deeds anyway.”

Buchou also nods her head.


Sensei becomes very astonished because it seems like something he didn’t anticipate happened.

He spread his black wings, but we arrived at the roof top and grabbed his legs before he could fly away.

“Of all people, I…..! In a place like this! Gyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

A scream which sounds like it is coming from the last boss when it meets its doom. We managed to capture Sensei.

“Chi. Everyone ganging up on me and bullying me.”

Sensei who has many bandages on his face says it while his eyes were half opened and had tears coming out from them.

“What are you saying. You do know this is all your fault right?”

Akeno-san is also making a bitter smile.

“Exactly. You should reflect on your actions a bit, okay Sensei?”


Having even Buchou tell him off, Sensei seems like he can’t talk back.

After he was captured, he received punishment from us. Well, I think it is right to do this at times. More like this incident all started because of Sensei’s whim.

“Ah, it seems like Senpai’s doppelgänger is about to disappear.”

I turned around to the doppelgänger after hearing Gasper’s voice and……I saw my copy who just fought alongside me about to disappear.

I silently gave him a salute. He also responded and saluted back to me.

We only fought alongside each other for a short time, but we were definitely comrades.

And then my doppelgänger disappeared. His expression was that of satisfaction because of successfully capturing Sensei. I also think he did a good deed in the end as well.

And it was decided that the girls who were stripped naked by my doppelgängers would have their memories erased by using Azazel-sensei’s power.

That’s good. With this, rumours of me stripping the girls naked would dissapea---

“No. If I erase it completely it would leave many bad effects on their memories, so I just erased the facts about the doppelgängers. In other words, their memories of having their clothes blown away by Ise would still remain.”

Sensei says.

…….He? What do you mean by that…..?

I was in doubts, and Kiba points his finger downward.

‘This is bad. Many girls are making their way towards the old school building.”


I peek down from the rooftop of the old school building immediately. And then….

“Ah! It’s Hyoudou!”

“Hey, hentai! You have some nerve stripping us naked!”

“Come down here! I will kill you!”

“For being tarnished by you, I will beat you to a pulp!”

So everyone woke up since Sensei’s technique wore off! Crowds of girls who had their clothes blown off had their eyes glittering with killing intent!

I’m going to be killed!

“Hahaha. Sorry, Ise. I will treat you to some food next time, so try to overcome this somehow.”

Sensei leaves after laughing lightly! H-He ran away! That damn shitty fallen-angel sensei!!


My body felt unnatural! Wait, I’m being lifted up by Koneko-chan!

“……At this rate it will cause trouble to the rest of us, so please solve this problem using your body.”


I get thrown towards the crowd of girls with killing intent, by my cute kouhai!


I am caught by several athletic girls and got dropped down in the middle of the crowd.


Me, who is surrounded by girls. In a way, it is a harem. But there is no such beautiful atmosphere here!

I get glared at by everyone. Intensely while silent. Everyone was filled with hostility and killing intent…..

I try to run away immediately. I’m definitely going to be killed!

[Don’t run away! Hyoudouuuuu!]

The girls come after me at once!

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Senseeeeeeei! Where are you! Shit! I won’t be satisfied unless I take you down with meeeeeeee!”

I searched for Sensei while crying out loudly.

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