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I am Ishibumi, who has turned 30 this month. My appetite seems to have lessened recently. Is it due to age?

After 9 months, the 9th Volume is finally released. I had so many ideas, so getting them down on paper gave a very satisfying feeling like pouring my heart out. As the pen flowed smoothly, so increased the thickness of the book. Ise’s group finally battles the Hero Faction! I got to write many battle scenes this time. It makes me so happy!

One year ago, I went to Kyoto to collect data for reference. Before that, I had never been to Kyoto. In the three school trips in primary, junior high and high school, miraculously, they all went to Fukushima. This time, I went to Kyoto, the food was great, and the scenery was beautiful. The old capital is a great place.

As the opening of the 3rd story arc, Volume 7 was the Norse legend story. This volume is the Kyoto Youkai story. The Kyuubi is introduced as the Youkai leader! But she will probably only be active this once... As to the leader, this was actually changed a bit. The original plan was to use the Shuten-doji as the leader, but then someone said that ‘Oni is not good’, so it was changed. They said that writing about Oni in the book would have terrifying consequences... In the early stages of planning DxD, one of the ideas was ‘the Kyuubi princess marries the onmyoji protagonist’. I was thinking whether I should write about that. In the end, the idea evolved into the Devils of the novel, but the original idea has been partially reused in this volume!

Volume 9 can be described as the Balance Breaker party. When discussing with Miyama-Zero and the supervisor, I was wondering ‘is a Balance Breaker party possible?’. But the two of them immediately gave their support, saying that ‘DxD can overcome inflation!’. Thanks to them, in this very volume, Ise’s power also increased! He begins to realize his own unique power as the Sekiryuutei, but different from Juggernaut Drive. As the power source, Buchou is quite something. Fresh naked shining oppai! Entering the 2nd phase! Buchou’s oppai can glow.

Regarding the Bishop version of Illegal Move Triaina. The cannons were Miyama-Zero’s idea. He was puzzling over how to draw the Bishop and suddenly had a great idea, and so he gave him two cannons on his shoulders. It looks a bit like the microwave cannons of Gundam DX. The Rook’s punch is a bit like Sudden Impact in ‘Big O’, increasing power in an instant. The Knight is a reference to ‘Kamen Rider Kabuto’, where there is a two-stage transformation. When the power is fully liberated to become Queen, what will Ise be like? Though he has the approval of the two strongest Sekiryuutei, the rest of the senpai are still ignoring Ise and are wallowing in their negative emotion. Will Ise be able to lift their curse? Please look forward it!

This time, I tried to dig deeper into the Church Trio. Asia doesn’t need explanation, Xenovia is cornering Ise step by step, and finally Irina is also...! Without lifting a finger, the Chichiryutei has gathered the three of strong faith into his clutches. How will things develop from here...? Also, Rossweisse gets to show her stuff... sort of! She is a different kind of onee-sama compared to Rias and Akeno, so everyone, please treat her with love! Because she has experienced a lot, she becomes like that if she lets loose a bit. Though she is very strict, at her core, she is a very kind person.

Vali’s team has the sorceress Le Fay and Gogmagog’s introduction. With this, the Hakuryuukou’s team has all appeared. This time is just to let everyone see them. Volume 6, when Vali was taking action in the Dimensional Gap, was the time when Gogmagog was found. The number of characters are increasing, but as long as you are familiar with the Gremory group, Irina, Ddraig, Azazel, Sirzechs and Vali, there’s no problem because the story basically revolves around them. Everyone else are occasional appearances and villains.

Let’s talk about the Hero Faction next. They are humans. When I was writing DxD, I thought ‘if the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels ally, who will feel threatened the most?’. The answer is humans. If you suddenly heard that ‘Devils and Fallen Angels have allied!’, wouldn’t that feel rather scary? The path they pursue is the one taken by RPG protagonists who defeat the Maou and Dragons. But other than that, Cao Cao and his group has other plans... Vali is also involved. Since the Hero Faction is rather merciless, Ise and his friends, who has their school trip interfered, are quite unfortunate. But then, after all that happened, Ise got a power up, and he did enjoy Kyoto very much, so it’s all good in the end?

I haven’t decided if all thirteen Longinus will make their appearance. The Sekiryuutei’s Boosted Gear and the Hakuryuukou's Divine Dividing are excellent Sacred Gears in terms of overall offense and defense. Dimension Lost and Annihilation Maker have world-class power when used by certain people and are very dangerous; they exceed normal standards in many areas. As for True Longinus, it is a secret. Apart from the spear, Cao Cao-kun sure was careless.

Looking back, Volume 9 is full of furigana. Designing the Sacred Gears and coming up with names took a lot of time, since I also need to consider the names of their Balance Breakers. As mentioned in the books, Sacred Gears have subspecies.

At this time, I would like to thank Miyama-Zero san and supervisor H-san. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the reader support. I think the first volume of the manga is about to be released. We hope everyone can support the manga version. Some of the oppai can only be enjoyed in the manga! Serialization has also moved from Dragon Magazine over to Dragon Age. It’s monthly now!

The next story will be the match against Sairaorg. This Volume was about the outskirts of Devil society (Devils dealing with outside factions). The next story will be about the inner workings of Devil society. Please look forward to the spirited battle between Ise and Sairaorg. Ravel is also coming to Kuoh Academy! As was mentioned at the end of the Volume, she is a first year. Ise’s juniors have increased.

Volume 10 is about the school festival. Please pay attention to Ise and Rias’s love!

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