High School DxD:Volume 9 Bael

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“Sairaorg, are you listening?”

“What’s the matter, Seekvaira Agares?”

“Rumours say that the Sekiryuutei under Rias Gremory has acquired a new power.”

“Isn’t that great? Yes, he finally awakened. I look forward to it.”

“But then, they say that this ability is powerful enough to make the Rating Game unfair.”

“No problem. I will allow it.”

“It is also said that Ajuka Beelzebub-sama favours him.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Your opponent will also become the future brother-in-law of Sirzechs Lucifer.”

“That’s perfect.”

“He is on the same level as the Hero Faction leader. He fought the Holy Spear and lived.”

“Of course. It wouldn’t do to break the agreement we had. Wouldn’t you agree, Hyoudou Issei!?”

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