High School DxD:Volume 9 Boss X Boss

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Boss X Boss[edit]

“Sirzechs, we will send the data we collected from the Hero Faction. They seem to have three high-tier Longinus, as well as a gathering of Balance Breaker users. Not only are they trying to summon Great Red, but it looks like they have other plans. These detestable terrorists.”

“They appear to be working under the banner of ‘Destroying the Devil and Youkai Alliance’, Azazel. Disregarding the core members, this is what the lower subordinates believe as ‘Justice’. It is due to this that the various factions in the Kyoto barricade suffered heavy losses. They not only possess Annihilation Maker, but have many Balance Breaker users. This is changing the situation much more than we imagined.”

“From the humans’ point of view, Devils, Angels and Youkai are all enemies. They probably just view them as monsters. The alliance of the Three Biblical Factions seemed to be the spark that lit them into action. The Devils getting along with the Fallen Angels is already shocking, but Heaven working with the Underworld is even more unbelievable. It isn’t surprising that the humans would feel threatened and angered at this unnatural turn of events. Anyway, how are the talks with the Youkai?”

“Extremely well. They want to negotiate with the Fallen Angels next.”

“Really? It looks like the proposal Shemhaza has been pushing all along will finally get started. Also, did you know that Sakra has been sending the First Generation Sun Wukong and the Jade Dragon all over the world? This time, they also helped a lot.”

“Since the God of the Bible is dead, as top-tier Gods, if Sakra and Zeus happen to get assassinated by True Longinus, then the balance of power between the various factions will be broken once again. Isn’t sending the First Gen Sun Wukong to deal with the terrorists the best way?”

“However, if the heroes, in other words the humans, are our enemies, then aren’t we the final bosses that the warrior party defeats at the end? Or the hidden bosses?”

“Humans will always be unpredictable and scary existences.”

“That’s right. By the way, Ise and the rest have accomplished new victories in Kyoto. There is no doubt regarding his promotion, right?”

“Yes, it is enough. If things go as planned, I will recommend him after the next Rating Game.”

“You mean the match with Sairaorg. Sairaorg has also defeated many terrorists.”

The only young Devils possessing this level of power are Bael, Agares, Gremory and Sitri. As to being able to contend with the upper echelons of the core leadership, I fear only Sairaorg and Rias’s servants have the power to do so. Thus, much hope is being placed upon the servants of both sides.”

“They’re already rivalling the professional High-class Devils, eh?”

“Yes. Once they begin official games, both of them will definitely win titles rapidly. Also, there are many in the House of Gremory that are optimistic about Rias, and they eagerly anticipate Ise’s future performance. As his future brother, I am very proud.”

“Haha, getting proud of your brother-in-law so soon? Being both a Maou and a brother, your identity sure is complicated.”

“I am very happy. Ise-kun and Rias are my hope. I want to watch over their growth. But then...”

“What is it?”

“...Azazel, I wanted to ask. What is going on with Rias’s breasts?”

“Rias’s breasts have exceeded their frontiers in this incident. It looks like they entered the second phase. So Rias has become the Super Switch Princess.”

“Ah, in that case... Shouldn’t the Oppai Dragon merchandise enter a new phase too...?”

“Your mind for business is getting sharper... Will Ise’s new power be allowed in the match? I think it’s a rather interesting ability.”

“All the other higher-ups are fine with it. They think it will be fun. What remains is Sairaorg... But I fear he will probably...”

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