High School DxD:Volume 9 Heroes

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“The Kyoto project failed, but another plan is under adjustment. You will see it soon, Cao Cao.”

“Is that so? Good, Siegfried.”

“According to the plan, I will take one of these. Cao Cao, are you going to use it?”

“This spear is enough for me.”

“How’s the eye wounded by the Sekiryuutei?”

“...No good, it can’t be used any more. Hoho, he really got me this time.”

“What made you carry Phoenix Tears and not use them...? Then, let’s prepare a replacement. Are you going to make him pay for the eye?”

“Of course not. I’m not some third-rate villain. This is a valuable lesson. The wound on this eye is a reminder. To me, Hyoudou Issei and Vali are the best Heavenly Dragons. What joy.”

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