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Devils, Fallen Angels and Dragons—they are the enemies of mankind. This is common sense.

And you—both a Devil and a Dragon; humans cannot regard you as anything but a threat.


“Please... Ise-kun, give me...”

It was a certain night before the school trip. With her hair let down, Akeno-san was cornering me on the bed! Akeno-san was wearing her very sheer yukata loosely, but it had begun to slide off, and the pale tender skin of her shoulders was revealed. Not only that, even the chest area was quite open to view...


I couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, unable to tear my gaze away from the pink existences flashing in and out of view. With a seductive expression, Akeno-san was crawling over and approaching me on all fours! With each motion, her ample bosom shook, creating images I will tearfully treasure for a lifetime!

“...Ise-kun is going to abandon me and have fun in Kyoto...”

Akeno-san cried out in sadness, her arms around my neck and her soft, tender body leaning tightly against meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

“How, how can that be, Akeno-san? It’s just four days and three nights. We’ll see each other again soon.”

I answered in an excited voice. To be honest, my mind was almost blown away by the sensations of Akeno-san’s body. The yukata had almost slid off completely, and Akeno-san was approaching full nudity!

Massive nosebleed...

That-that sweet fragrance from Akeno-san’s soft black hair... The slightly elevated body warmth... She must have come out of the bath just now.

Akeno-san lay on my chest and sounded as if she was about to cry.

“...I won’t be seeing you for two whole days...? I could die of loneliness...”

...What is this? Ever since the battle with Loki, Akeno-san has displayed even and stronger desire to have me spoil her when we’re alone together. When watching television in the living room, she leaned closely with her head on my shoulder. When she invited me to go shopping and I answered ‘I’m a bit busy right now...’, she pouted with a cute angry expression. After I changed my answer to ‘Let’s go’, she instantly reverted to that impossibly cute smiling face. In voice and attitude, she had already transformed into such a cute girl that one could easily mistake her for being the same year as me, or even younger than me. This cute onee-sama has exceeded Buchou in many situations. Though she still maintained her usual onee-sama attitude in school, everything changed in front of me...

Buchou and Akeno-san must have been hiding the art of ‘killing me with cuteness’!

Akeno-san clasped my hands and intertwined her ten fingers with mine.

“So, for tonight, I will refill four days and three nights worth of you.”


My brain was about to boil, but I struggled to hold myself back and questioned her. If this cute Akeno-san had her way with me, I could die today without regret...

“Yes, refill. By caressing Ise-kun’s skin, being fondled by Ise-kun and feeling your manliness, I will be able to experience the true meaning of being a woman.”

These words were too stimulating, and I couldn’t stop another spurt of blood erupting from my nose! No good, no good! She is a respected senior! Even though she is so incredibly cute that one could mistake her for a younger girl, I cannot forget my respect!

“H-how can it be? I-I’m just a junior...”

“...Please don’t use honorifics during these times...”

Akeno-san interrupted me. The color in those irises seemed to be asking ‘Why?’.

"But, but, Akeno-san is my senior..."

Akeno-san clutched at the bedsheets tightly.

“There is no senior or junior in bed. Only man and woman. That is the only point that matters."

“M-Man and woman...”

Gulp... I couldn’t help but swallow hard again. M-M-man! W-W-Woman! W-What is this, what kind of invincible force do these erotic words hold!?

As Akeno-san’s face approached, my lips were about to— Ah, at moments like these, the most likely one to appear was—.

"Akeno? What are you doing ...?"


...Feeling the demonic presence that was difficult to describe, I cautiously turned my head back to find the crimson-haired onee-sama releasing a dangerous aura! Of course! I knew it! The long flowing crimson hair was fluttering from the extremely strong aura! I will surely be killed this time! Akeno-san went ‘ufufu’, laughing seductively, and began to stroke her long black hair.

“Ara, ara, the scary—onee-sama is glaring at me and Ise-kun. Could it be that, after seeing us like this, you are jealous? Ufufu.”

“I just went to take a bath, and then you came to seduce Ise. How daring have you become?”

“I’m always this daring, all the time. Look, like this...”

Tight, rubbing.

Akeno-san pressed that smooth tender body of hers against me, and the grinding motions stimulated my entire bodyyyyyyy! Face! Breasts! Arms! Thighs! That uniquely feminine softness and flexibility was making me feel like all my bodily functions are going to halt!

“...Well said. Akeno-san is too sly.”

—! A third voice! My wits returned to find someone hugging my head from behind. Taking a good look—

“Koneko-chan!? When, when did you...!?”

Yes, that was Koneko-chan! Did she hide her presence and sneak into the room? Wearing a thin white robe, cat ears and tail deployed, she was hugging my head tightly with her cute small body! Mmmmmmm! Koneko-chan′s body was also smooth and soft, with a sweet fragrance...

“...I don’t want to separate from Senpai either... Senpai, let’s do several days worth of Senjutsu treatment for tonight...”

Koneko-chan pressed her body against my back while showing a lonely expression! Is this incredible feeling the sense of being hugged from behind by a little girl!? That furry white tail wrapped itself around my wrist. Ah, the soft fur on Koneko-chan’s tail felt so nice... By the way, Koneko-chan! This kind of daring display used to be only between the two of us, but now it’s okay to be seen by others!? Or is it because I am leaving on the school trip that you are acting like Akeno-san!?

“E-even Koneko... But Ise is clearly mine... He is my most adored Ise... All of you are going too far!”

This was getting incomprehensible. In front of me, Buchou was trembling, her face pouting tearfully! Onee-sama! That expression is too cute!


With a sound, the door opened to reveal Asia. Seeing the situation, she immediately began to cry out.

“How! How can this be...? Not only Rias onee-sama, but even Akeno-san and Koneko-chan too! Ooh, ooh, ooh, leaving out just me...? Unacceptable! I have to join in too! Hey—!”

Asia jumped on the bed! Grabbing my leg, she hugged it tightly with the determination of never letting go!

“I won’t let go of Ise-san! We have to sleep together tonight!”

It was becoming a most incredible situation! Akeno-san, Koneko-chan and even Asia were tightly hugging me... This, did it count as happiness? But something seemed to be off? I was very happy and completely in over my head, but why was everyone fighting with one another!? It was clearly a situation of opulence, but somehow, the atmosphere seemed to have thinned exceptionally! Buchou finally couldn’t stand it and began to yell.

“Really! You all! Why won’t you listen to me, your master!?”

Buchou gave her orders as the master. However, the other girls had no intention of obeying quietly.

High school dxd v9 013.jpg

“ “ “Because he is my—” ” ”




“No! He’s mine~~!”

The tearful screams of Buchou echoed within the house. As the school trip loomed near, my bed turned into a battlefield which tore my feelings between happiness and worry.

......Will the school trip go smoothly after all?

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