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The intense battle had come to an end, and everyone returned to the real world, gathering on the roof of the hotel we were staying at. Sensei placed his hand on my shoulder and said.

“You really did it, Ise. Go rest now. Medical team! Please carefully examine the Gremory servants, as well as Irina and Saji! They shouldn’t be injured much, but they are severely depleted in terms of magic and stamina!”

Sensei gave directions to the other staff. Sensei’s kind thoughts were a blessing. So...tired to death. Definitely won’t be able to enter Balance Breaker again tonight... The battle ended with the retreat of the Hero Faction. After their intense fight with Dimension Lost and the antimonsters, the various factions which had participated in the Kyoto barricade were now handling the aftermath. However, the Hero Faction was able to slip past the barricade and escape... Just from this fact, it could be understood that the Hero Faction members were very troublesome opponents. It seems like they used the Annihilation Maker kid to create a large number of monsters as a diversion, which allowed the Hero Faction to break through and escape. When we got back, everyone was virtually falling over. My legs shook and I could hardly stand, it was total exhaustion... Asia was also exhausted from healing her companions and the tension of the battle, falling asleep as she leaned against my body. Everyone’s healing treatment had finished, but just to be safe, we were being wheeled away.

“Sorry, Ise-kun. I was too useless just now.”

Kiba apologised as he said that to me. I waved my hand. It’s the effort that counts.



The Sitri servants accompanied Saji, who was lying on a stretcher, their eyes full of tears of worry. Turning into the Dragon King consumed a massive amount of stamina, and Saji had lost consciousness after the battle. Since he didn’t need to dialogue with me in order to stay in control, it seemed like he was working hard. Saji has grown. By the way, Saji, you are also one who is loved by your companions. After that, I also received Buchou’s call. I reported back briefly, but I will need to give a full explanation when I get back. ...Am I going to be killed? Just as I was deep in my dark thoughts, monkey gramps, the First Generation Sun Wukong, walked over.


“Ah, yes!”

“You seem to have obtained your own power, a great power different from the Juggernaut Drive. What a good boy. Juggernaut Drive is a silly trick. It’s simply power out of control, pure violence. And then you die. Kid, you have a girl important to you, right? After all, you are the one called the Oppai Dragon.”

I-I’m being praised! What an utmost honour to be praised by the protagonist of the Journey to the West! Anyway, about girls! First Gen pointed at Asia.

“No, hahahaha. Eh, eh, I guess so.”

“Then don’t make her cry. You are the type who will become strong for dreams and girls. Also, the Sekiryuutei and the Hakuryuukou are already concentrations of power. Even if you don’t rely on Juggernaut Drive, you can strengthen to any degree. However, you are still in danger.”

First Gen stared at my face, nodding.


I didn’t understand what he meant, but First Gen simply puffed a breath of smoke and laughed.

“Also, that idiot from my family has caused you trouble. My apologies.”

Ah, that’s Bikou. Yeah, he sure was troublesome. Our Buchou is furious from that ‘Switch Princess’ nickname. First Gen rubbed my head.

“Emotions will bring forth Juggernaut Drive; remember that. And that last hit on Cao Cao was an excellent attack. You should work hard in that direction. Never let up on dreams and hard work. Next, when the Sakra messenger mission finishes, I will go find that idiot. Hanging out with Vali, I will teach them both a lesson. Take care. Jade Dragon, let’s go over to the Kyuubi.”

“Got it, damn old man! Bye, Ddraig!”

Before their voices subsided, First Gen and the Jade Dragon had already left far away. ...Left behind alone, I clenched my trembling hands... They were already numb. This was evidence of fatigue. The dormant power in the Sacred Gear had combined with the Evil Pieces to become my new power. There was still plenty of room for improvement, and training needed to begin anew. Sairaorg-san, Vali...and Cao Cao. I won’t lose, and I definitely will become stronger. Much stronger. I believe that, one day, my dreams will come true... Elsha-san, Belzard-san, though we parted in a most ridiculous manner, please continue watching over me from wherever you are. As the Sekiryuutei, as the Oppai Dragon, I will do what I need to do.

On the last night in Kyoto, I gazed up towards the sky and renewed my determination.

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