High School DxD:Volume 9 New Life

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New Life[edit]

Part 1[edit]

On the last day of the school trip...

Perhaps due to the exhaustion of last night, we were still tired after a night’s rest. We of the Gremory group had to drag our tired bodies out of bed to finish shopping for souvenirs on the final day. ...Though rushing around made us pant, we finally saw the Kyoto Tower. After the souvenir shopping done, it was time to leave Kyoto. At the Kyoto bullet train station platform, we were being seen off by Kunou and Yasaka-san.


Kunou smiled and called my name, holding Yasaka-san’s hand.

“Just calling me Ise is fine.”

Hearing my words, Kunou's face went red, and she shyly asked.

“...Ise. A-Are you still coming back to Kyoto?”

“Ah, yes, definitely.”

A series of high-pitched noises were heard. The sound of the train about to leave echoed across the platform. Kunou shouted at me.

“You must come back! Kunou will always be waiting for you!”

“Ah, yes, I’ll come together with everyone. Next time, you need to show us the hidden side of Kyoto.”


Hearing our exchanges, Yasaka-san spoke.

“Azazel-sama, Sekiryuutei-sama, as well as all the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels, my apologies. I wanted to thank you all. I am prepared to meet and have talks with Leviathan-sama and the Victorious Fighting Buddha. I have always hoped that everyone can turn the situation around and strengthen cooperation, and never let Kyoto be terrorised again.”

“Ah, I’ll leave things in your hands, leader of the Youkai.”

Sensei smiled, shaking hands with Yasaka-san. But suddenly, Leviathan-sama placed her hand on top of theirs!

“Ufufu, everyone, return for now☆. Afterwards, Yasaka-san, the monkey ojichan and I will enjoy the very interesting Kyoto together☆.”

Leviathan-sama looked very happy. It seemed like she was going to stay for a while in Kyoto and have further talks with the Youkai. After exchanging a few pleasantries, everyone got on the bullet train. On the platform, Kunou waved her hand and called to me.

“Thank you, Ise! Everyone! We will meet again!”

We also waved to Kunou. With a rushing sound, the bullet train door shut. Though the train had started, Kunou continued waving. Kyoto, the four days and three nights trip. From setting off to now, so much had happened in such a short time. Kiyomizu-dera, Ginkaku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Arashiyama, Nijou Castle... Other than that, there were lots of memories. Let’s come again to reunite with Kunou and Yasaka-san. Next time, let’s bring Buchou and everyone... ...Ah. I suddenly thought of something.

“I forgot to ask Yasaka-san to show me her breasts as a reward!!!!!!!!!”

Damn it! And I worked so hard! So much happened that I forgot! Damn! This must be the Kyoto air messing me up!

“Nooooo!!!!! Kyuubi breasts!!!!!!!!”

I hung around the door, crying out in regret...

Part 2[edit]

Having returned from Kyoto, we were being lectured by Buchou in one of the rooms of the Hyoudou residence. We were all kneeling. Asia, Xenovia, Kiba and, who knows why, Irina were also reflecting. Due to travel fatigue, Rossweisse-san had returned to her room to sleep. It seemed like she had consumed a lot of stamina. Being a teacher must be hard work, and combined with her drunken vomiting... Buchou had her eyes half-closed as she interrogated us.

“Why didn’t you report to me...is what I would like to ask, but we did have issues in the Gremory territory. Did Sona know?”


We explained everything that could be explained. Nevertheless, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan were also angry.

“When I called you, I had hoped you would discuss things with me...”

“...That’s right. How could you treat us like that?”

“B-But, everyone came home safe...”

Gasper!!!!! You’re helping me! What a good junior!

“Oh well, Ise was getting friendly with a new girl there.”

Sitting on a chair, Sensei casually added fuel to the fire. What are you trying to do!?

“And it’s the Kyuubi’s daughter.”

Are you talking about Kunou!? Hey, hey, hey!

“No, it’s not like that! Really, Sensei, you’re saying it in such a bad way!”

“No, just look at Yasaka and you’ll know. That girl will surely grow up to be a great busty beauty, right?”

...I imagined Kunou’s future appearance. Yes, the breasts would be very large.

“... M-Maybe so. But still, I’ve already said I’m not interested in shorties!”

Smash! I was hit by Koneko-chan!

“Ouch! ...Why...?”


I-Is that so...? Koneko-sama’s heart was impossible to understand...

“Oh well, Rias, Ise’s power also made a giant leap, so why don’t you cut him some slack?”

Sensei finally helped a bit. Buchou also sighed and nodded.

“That, I am very happy to learn that... But suddenly being summoned to Kyoto and br-breasts...”

Buchou stammered as her face went red. It’s that incident! It also gave me quite a fright! Everyone else who heard about it couldn’t believe it, but thanks to Ddraig’s tearful explanations, they were finally convinced. What an unbelievable development! Buchou’s breasts returned to normal and stopped glowing. That was such a shock... I didn’t know breasts could give off light... By the way, regarding all the people I caused to become molesters, I did help them so that they could return to their normal lives. Everyone, I am truly sorry! Azazel-sensei also said to me.

“Ise, I think your choice of power is great. Your rival, Vali, is trying to take Juggernaut Drive’s power to the limits, to become a true tyrant, the Heavenly Dragon. Even if you make the same choice as him, it will only proceed like the last time when the Old Maou Faction attacked, and you will be devoured by the power. Ise, do not take the path of tyranny, but choose the road to royalty. Wishing to become King is the right idea.”

The road to royalty. Is that so? After all, if I try to imitate Vali, I will never catch up to him. Let’s just go with the current flow for now. Akeno-san seemed to suddenly recall something and clapped her hands.

“By the way, the Youkai world has decided to start broadcasting the Oppai Dragon show. Hey, Ise-kun, it looks like you are going to be even more famous.“

“Really! Looks like things are getting out of control... I’m having such a surreal feeling.”

Xenovia nodded.

“Ise will become the hero of all the children in the world one day. Yes, perhaps your dream to rise above the ranks of commoners will be achieved soon.”

I thought deeply about Xenovia’s words.

“Is that so? But I don’t feel like I’m welcomed by the girls... If this continues, I will only be surrounded by kids, not by a harem.”

As I thought pessimistically, Sensei went ‘ah’ and remembered something.

“Oh, by the way, the House of Phoenix’s daughter is going to transfer to Kuoh before the cultural festival.”

—! Other than Buchou, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan, everyone was surprised!

“Ravel!? Really!?”

I asked and Sensei replied.

“Ah. yes. It looks like she was influenced by Rias and Sona’s example, and requested to study in Japan. She should be a first year. The formalities are all complete. The same year as Koneko, eh? But cats and birds don’t get along too well... Watching them together will be fun.”


Koneko-chan seemed displeased. Eh? Koneko-chan hates Ravel? Now that you mention it, I have never seen them speaking to each other. As first years, please get along.

“But then, why did she suddenly decide to transfer?”

Sensei gave me a derisive look and stared long and hard at me. W-What are you trying to say with that kind of expression...?

“Yes, this is just my guess. Rias will be having a tougher time.”

After hearing Sensei’s words, not only Buchou, but all the girls’ faces were showing complicated expressions.

“...Even after coming back, I can’t relax.”

Asia’s voice was so depressed!

“Endure, Asia. Developing relations with this guy means having endurance. I too have come to understand this recently.”

High school dxd v9 361.jpg

“Yes... I have no choice but to endure now...?”

Xenovia and Irina were also softly speaking among themselves!

“Rather than endure, I want to attack.”

Akeno-san showed a challenging smile! I r-really don’t understand. What are they talking about? Ravel’s not a bad girl... Buchou sighed and gave a wry smile.

“OK, everyone is back safe. Let’s call it a day. I will ask for the details from Onii-sama through Grayfia later.”

Ah, Buchou’s mood seemed to have improved finally...

“Now then, the school festival is coming up. We have to get serious with preparations. Also—”

Buchou’s face was serious as she continued.

“The match against Sairaorg. This is supposed to be the last battle in the youth tournament. We cannot be careless. Let’s prepare together.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

That’s right, the school festival was important, but the match against Sairaorg-san was also crucial.

“Ise-kun, let’s spar when we recover. I really felt my incompetence in Kyoto, and I hope you will give me strength.”

“Yes, Kiba. Let’s have simulated battles until the match.”

The training with Kiba will start once again. I really wanted to try this power on that person and see what effect it would have. And let the Queen awaken in that state. There was so much to do. Will the new power be allowed in the Rating Game?

“But then, Buchou and I, as well as everyone else, will surely win!”

I expressed my determination once again. We must defeat Sairaorg-san! Nothing short of victory is allowed!

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