High School DxD:Volume 9 Vali Lucifer

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Vali Lucifer[edit]

“And that’s it. My report is done, Vali-sama.”

“Ah, thanks, Le Fay. Thank you for luring the First Generation Sun Wukong and the Jade Dragon to that dimension. How’s Hyoudou Issei?”

“I was very touched to meet the greatly anticipated Chichiryutei-san!”

“...Is that so? Yes, great.”

“One more thing. First Gen-sama seems to be looking for Vali-sama and Bikou.”

“We may run into them soon. To completely shake the First Gen off our backs will be very hard... But Hyoudou Issei has begun contact with the past possessors hidden in the depths of the Sacred Gear.”


“Persuading others by words is not my style. I will take the greater challenge of dominating the past possessors. It’s more interesting that way. Cao Cao, if you want to defeat us, you’d better do it while it’s still possible—before Hyoudou Issei and I completely surpass your powers.”

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