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Novel Illustrations[edit]

Life.1 Oppai is the Sun[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Hey Ise… Do you know of the Devil Mermaids?”

That incident started with these words from Buchou.

One day, after school after returning back from Kyoto.

We, second year students were telling the first year students, Koneko and Gasper, about what had happened in Kyoto.

“Just as I thought it must be someone from the extinct…”

“It’s amazing how the Kaichou found it.”

Meanwhile, Buchou and Akeno-san, who attended the club meeting hosted by the Student Council, came back while chatting to themselves.

Putting down the documents that were used at the meeting on the table, Buchou turned her attention toward us.

“Everyone, I’m so sorry to ask of you since the culture festival is so near but, I would like you guys to help with the club activity report.”

Club activity report? That is….

“…Are you talking about the report which you have to send back to the Underworld as a condition for Buchou to live in the human world?” Koneko raised her hand and asked.

Yes, Buchou should have attended a prestigious school in the Underworld, but instead, she’s attending Khou academy as a special student. She therefore needed to gain the academic points which she would have achieved through attending school in the underworld by participating in activities in the human world. A few activities include carrying out a Devil’s job or by writing reports on creatures that live in human world. Koneko also knows of this.

Hearing Koneko’s question, Buchou smiled and nodded her head.

“Yes, I’ve got interesting information from Sona. As well as achieving academic points, I think we can get some useful information for the Underworld as well. Not only that, we can also use it to publish in the corner of [Reports on UMA] in the school newspaper’s Occult section.”

Oh ho, the information does sound very interesting. On top of that, information that’s good for both the club and the Underworld? Buchou was making a happy expression when it seems like she heard something interesting from Kaichou.

“What’s it about?”

When I asked, an intriguing phrase having been brought up at the beginning of this story catches my attention…

“Hey Ise… Do you know of the Devil Mermaid?”

…..like that. But an image which comes up in my head after hearing about the mermaid is a part of physical appearance of the mermaid raised by Beast Tamer, Abe-senpai…. Fish with legs! I teared up just thinking about the appearance which shattered my fantasies! When you mention mermaid, the top half is usually a beautiful woman! The bottom half is fins covered in beautiful scales! I was thinking about these! But I don’t know how much the world’s perception of mermaids changed. When you relate the mermaid in this world as an ugly creature being a gigantic tuna with legs, it makes me want to cry.

When I witnessed what I saw, I fell into despair! Life is such a cruel place!

“Ah…. Mermaid, you say….”

I replied in a subdued voice. Looking at me who was disappointed, Buchou gave me a bitter smile.

“Ise was surely disappointed after meeting that mermaid. Well, it’s understandable since all the mermaids in stories have beautiful appearances.” Buchou said while stroking my cheek.

“Now, shall we all go and meet UMA?”

Buchou said so, but… Hmm, I can't get excited about this.

“UMA, that’s just normal monsters. Well, monster exorcism doesn’t sound too boring.”

“I want to meet a mermaid!”

“Do we need fishing rods?”

Xenovia, Asia, Irina. The Church trio heard the word, “mermaid” and could not contain their excitement! Wait, don’t fish it, Irina!

…every incident that started like this never ended well! It’s obvious that we are going to meet a weird UMA… mermaid.

Although I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it, it was decided that the ORC members will visit the sea next holiday.

Part 2[edit]

And so, on goes our next holiday. After going through multiple teleportation magic circles, we have arrived at the beach where it is summer all year around.

Bright sun in the sky! Bright white endless beach! Even the sea was so clear that you can see the bottom! There is also no one else here other than us!

…It’s autumn in Japan right now, but places like this where it is currently summer does exist in this planet. After all, it is a big world.

“It’s the sea~!”

Shouting in an excited voice, running across the beach as well as jumping into the sea was Irina in her swimsuit. Following her, Asia and Xenovia also dunked their feet into the water.

“The sea is not bad, Asia.”

“Yes, Xenovia-san! The weather is nice and the water of the sea is also cool as it feels so nice. This is also actually my first time going into the sea; it’s very different from a pool.”

That’s right, Asia, who grew up in church, has never been to the beach before. Now, let’s check out the swimsuit of the church trio! Irina and Xenovia are in a bikini! I don’t know about Xenovia, but for Irina who’s an angel to also wear a bikini….! Both have got a pair of nice breasts so their breasts jiggle whenever they jump in the sea …. It’s really wonderful! Their white skins are so bright!

Asia’s wearing a marine blue one piece styled swimsuit. Even though it doesn’t show too much skin, this is also very nice!

By the way, I am also wearing a swimsuit, but it’s one of those boxer types.


Oh ho, Koneko also walked past me and went into the sea. Since Koneko can’t swim, she went in with a tube. She’s wearing a school swimsuit! It’s beyond fitting for her, the words [this is it!] just comes out naturally!

Mmmm, since all the girls are wearing swimsuits, my eyes got quite a service and since we are the only ones here, we don’t have to worry about other people!

Actually, thinking back we never went to a beach this summer. We spent all of our summer in the Underworld. I spent my precious youth huddled up in the mountain training with dragons….

Actually, this is a great chance to take back my lost summer as a second year high school student! It’s summer! I can feel the lost summer coming back!

“Now, I should also enjoy myself. Ise-kun, do you want to play beach volleyball later?”

Kiba appeared in swimming boxers. Even though he’s quite tall, he does not have any excess fat and his muscles are quite balanced. He seems slim, but also tough at the same time.

…I’m one of those types where I gain muscles as I keep training and my body get more toned…. Even though Buchou complemented my body saying it’s more reassuring, I’m still envious of Kiba’s body type!

“…W-Why do you keep looking at my body…?”

He said in an awkward tone! T-This guy! He must be thinking of something strange!

“Hey, you idiot! I’m just admiring the fact that you don’t gain all that excess muscles! I’ll participate in beach volleyball, so just get into the water already!”

“Fufufu, got it.”

Kiba gave me a bitter smile and headed towards the beach… Che, all the guys including Gasper in the club misunderstand my gaze as something weird!

“Now, has everyone put on the special oil for devils? Since the sun is strong, you might collapse if you don’t put them on.”

“Ara ara, everyone’s so young. Since we packed lunch, if you get hungry just come back.”

Buchou and Akeno-san, the two onee-samas are resting under the parasol. Both were calm, and their tone almost like saying [there’s no reason to be excited, it’s only a beach.]! They are more like our guardians than anything!

And the swimsuits they are wearing are….! Buchou is wearing a red bikini that is very revealing! Her B-Breasts, having not been covered, is so voluptuous! The bottom piece also didn’t cover much and it is amazing! Ah, your silky smooth feet are too incredible!

And Akeno-san is wearing a white swimsuit! This one also doesn’t cover much since it seems like her breasts are about to pop out! Are you two trying to compete who can show as much breasts as possible?! It’s wonderful! Thank you for the view!

“Hey, Ise. Can you rub some oil on me?”

Buchou called me out and then, proceeds to take her top off and lay on the picnic mat! R-R-R-Rub oil on herrrrrrr!

A man’s dream! A must when it comes to beach! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s the best event at the beach. Rubbing oil on a girl’s body?!


I quickly returned to the parasol and sat beside Buchou! It’s the first time after the pool!

“If that’s so, I would also like to.”

Akeno-san also requested me to rub oil on her! After taking off her top, she laid next to Buchou!

As soon as she lay down, her breasts stick out from the side! Those breasts, it’s the best! Of course both of you!

Yes! This is it! I want to change my job to rubbing oil full time! This picnic mat with four breasts sticking out from the side is the best work place!

I normally touch Buchou and Akeno-san’s body all the time so even if I’m rubbing some oil on them it’s nothing much…. Is definitely not what I’m thinking right now! That is that, and this is this! The sensation of a woman’s body is that what you can feel over the oil is so great that it’s beyond the comprehension of any man’s imagination!

After taking the bottle out and spraying my hand with some oil, I rubbed it against my hand. Then I took my hand towards Buchou’s back. Rubbing my hand against her back, I applied the oil gently onto her soft back.

Pst! I had a slight nosebleed. Woah, Buchou’s body is still the best! It’s smooth and so soft to the touch! Now that I finished applying oil on her back, next is… her thigh!

My hands are able to feel an amazing sensation from her tender thighs! It’s so soft, my brain might ascend to heaven, but I need to suppress myself. It’s not over yet! Next is Akeno-san!

“Please, I’ll be in your care”

I rubbed oil on Akeno-san’s back and thighs while she was saying that. Kuu…..! This sensation from her tender skin really is the killer! The feeling of my hand being buried on this amazing skin is just amazing! It can be compared to a pudding that doesn’t topple over! Soft as a mochi!*

“Ise, keep rubbing oil on me too.”

Buchou keeps urging to rub oil on her as well….

“Buchou, it’s not fair. Are you trying to keep Ise-kun’s hand to yourself?”

After Akeno-san complained, I periodically switched and rubbed oil on both of them, but….

Even though the feeling on my hand is just amazing, it got pretty tough when I kept being hurried! Nevertheless, it’s happy job nonetheless! This is called happy hardship!

There is also someone at the corner of the mat who is moaning…. It is Rossweisse -san.

“Since I’ve been reincarnated into a devil, the sunlight must not be good for me. If I run around this beach, the sun is shining so brightly that I might get wrinkles on my skin…. Ah, so scary.”

Rossweisse-san is muttering to herself while rubbing oil onto her skin herself. Although not as bold as Buchou’s or Akeno-san’s, her swimsuit is still a very bold bikini. Her breasts and her thighs are also great!

…. And even though our age differences aren’t very much, she’s talking like she’s in her mid-20s to early 30s. I think she’s beautiful enough not to worry about those kinds of things… I really can’t understand how woman thinks.

Our torture teacher, Azazel-sensei did not come with us today. He likes this kind of stuff, but he’s on business leave due to some circumstances. The Governor of Fallen Angel sure is busy, but whenever he’s free, unbelievable incidents do happen.

…Wait…? There seem to be someone missing from the ORC members…

I searched through the beach, but…. Couldn’t find him…. Ah, there is a familiar box near where we put our luggage.

After rubbing oil onto these two, I hesitantly approached the box. And when I opened the lid….

“…. GASP… I… I think I….I’m going to die…”

With his face blue and sweating madly, Gasper was in the box.

Gasper! What are you doing here?! Besides that, you look terrible! That is right! As a devil, vampire and a shut-in, for Gasper to come out into sunlight like this is a matter of life and death!

But the fact that he’s wearing a woman’s’ swimsuit seems so out of place!

“A-Are you alright…?”

When I spray some water from a nearby water bottle…

“Ah, Ise-san. That bottle is…” after coming out of the sea, Asia said looking at the water bottle I was holding.

“It’s… holy water that I prepared just in case”


I replied in a half-witted way. But it was too late; the water that was in the bottle was…

Pssssssst! From inside of the box, I heard something burning, and at the same time smoke came out from the box! Holy water is bad news for both Devils and Vampires! For him, who’s already weakened, that thing must have caused critical damage!

“Kuuuuuuuu….! I…. can’t stand it any longer….” Gasper shouted as his head collapsed to the side. His expression was peaceful, like he was released from pain!

“Gaaaaasper! I’m sorry! Come back!”

As if trying to bring back Gasper’s soul, I shook his shoulders violently.

Even though such tragedy occurred, we still managed to enjoy the time to make up for last summer’s loss.

Wait. We came here to meet the mermaid!

… To tell the truth, I’m not that keen on this, but I’m happy enough that I got to rub oil on Buchou and Akeno-san so I shouldn’t complain.

And like that, after enjoying ourselves at the beach, we decided to go and meet our mermaid.

Part 3[edit]

“This is it.”

Following Buchou who was in the lead, we headed from the beach to somewhere a bit further away, covered in moss.

Waves are splashing against the rocks and in the corner there is…

When we reached our destination, there was a beautiful woman sitting on top of the rock! W-Wait, no! It’s only her top half that’s beautiful woman! Her bottom half is… Fish! T-This is…!

Not being able to distinguish if I’m dreaming or not, I stood there bewildered with my mouth wide open. I-I mean… I thought the “mermaid” we were going to meet today was the same as one Abe-senpai was raising…! And that image never left my memory since then…

Buchou, leaving me, who was bewildered behind, went and talked to the woman.

“Hello. You must be the one who requested protection right?”

When talked to, the beautiful woman nodded her head shyly, while twirling her beautiful green hair.

“…M-Mermaids do exist!”

Finally, after realising what is happening now, I got emotional and my body trembled! They exist! They exist! Mermaid-san! It’s not some tuna with legs!

If there is a God of the sea who I don’t even know exist, thank you so much for letting real mermaids exist! While crying without myself knowing, I gave my thanks to the sea God.

Not only is this girl super cute, her rare green hair is so dreamy! Since mermaid themselves are dreamlike, it’s a perfect combination!

Buchou introduced us to the mermaid.

“She’s Lilitifa Vepar. As you can see, she’s a mermaid, but she’s also a Devil.”


Wow, her voice is also cute! They say that mermaids have beautiful voices and they were right! I’m so glad that it’s not the same as that [Gyo gyo gyo] noise made by that tuna!

“It’s a mermaid!”

“Hmm, mystical.”

“This must be another will of Heaven!”

Asia, Xenovia and Irina, those trio’s eyes were shining at the sight of a mermaid.

Wait? There was something that’s strange from what Buchou said earlier. One was the fact that she was a Devil, but a bigger problem was with her name.

“Vepar? Hmm. If my memory serves me correctly, isn’t that name from an extinct family?”

That’s right. Vepar is one of the High Class Devil families. But when I was memorizing the names of the 72 pillars, I learnt that the House of Vaper has gone extinct.

Having heard what I said, Buchou nodded her head and spoke.

“That’s right. It was originally one of the High Class families in the 72 pillars, but due to war in the past, their House has gone extinct. She, Lilitifa, is a descendent who has inherited the blood of Vepar. All women in the House of Vepar are beautiful.”

R-Really?! They were alive?! My, this is amazing! Not only that, she’s a Devil and a mermaid!

Hm, so descendants of the families who were thought to have gone extinct are living quietly in this world. Then again, Vali also inherited the blood of old Maou.

“Although they have children, there are High Class Devils who fell into economic bankruptcy due to wars between the three factions in the past. While their House was in trouble due to getting involved in the mess of the fall of the Old Government and establishment of New Government, their House couldn’t survive and went extinct. Since they couldn’t keep their House from going extinct, they had to flee and live quietly in the Human World. Not only that, during conflicts between the Old and New government, the government couldn’t support the ones in trouble. The current Government is regretting what happened in the past, and therefore are currently searching for descendants of the extinct Houses.” Buchou explained to us.

It’s quite a complicated situation; it does mean that there must be people from extinct Houses that live their lives like this.

Buchou coughed to get our attention and continued her talk.

“I’ll tell you guys what happened. I heard from Sona about a mermaid, a descendent of Vepar living in the sea around this area. When they find the descendent from the House thought to have gone extinct, it is the job of a High Class Devil for them to either protect or get in contact with them and understand the situation. This is however an extremely rare case.”

Ah ha, so that was it. So it’s a High Class Devil’s job to respond to rare cases.

Buchou continued.

“Originally, these kinds of jobs are for Maou Leviathan-sama’s team who knows more about sea, but apparently both Serafall-sama and Sona are too busy with their work to set a date for a meeting…”

Akeno-san then continued.

“That’s why Kaichou asked us to get in touch with her. Well, thinking about our Buchou’s academic points and about our club’s activity, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Fufufu, maybe Kaichou thought about that already and asked Buchou because of that reason.”

When Akeno-san smiled softly, Buchou blushed and grumbled cutely, saying [That makes it sound like I’m just a bad student who always gets help from her friend]

So Sona-kaichou not only looks after her friends well, but she also knows how to use the right person at the right time.

Buchou just sighed and went back to talking to the mermaid.

“Well, I’ll ask Lilitifa some questions. Just answer the questions that you can answer.”

After that, with one hand on the rare case manual, Buchou asked some questions of the mermaid.

Buchou asked questions such as how she is living here after not being able to continue the name, how does she think of the new government, if she had any inconvenience or dissatisfaction living here, so on and so forth. And Akeno-san is noting down the answers given by the mermaid, it seems like she wanted protection from the current government. Irina also is taking notes. Is she going to give it to the Heaven? When we got to the [Anything that she is worried about] question, mermaid, Lilitifa-san’s cute face suddenly got darker.

Noticing the change, Buchou asked her softly.

“It’s alright; you can talk to me about it.”

When Buchou spoke in kind voice, Lilitifa-san opened her mouth.

“…Umm…. Actually… I’m getting threats from a scary person…”

She spoke hesitantly. What?! There’s a bad guy who dares to threaten someone this cute?!

“Scary person? That’s…”

Buchou was about to ask for more, but suddenly, dark shadows appeared and… formed a fog.

…what is this? I can feel some aura.

Seeing the fog Lilitifa-san’s body trembled, saying […No] with her voice.

“…Smells fishy.”

Koneko frowned and pinched her nose. Fishy? When I heard her say that and thought about it for a second, I heard some weird noise.

Kyoooooooo… squawking noises echoed around the area here.

[Mermaid of Vepar, I finally found you.]

With a terrifying voice, what showed up from the fog was… a gigantic ship!

W-W-Woah… it’s a gigantic battle ship! Pirate ship? No, ghost ship?! A posh looking battle ship anchored near the rocks.

“I am Captain Gregg!”

Shouting from the head of the ship, the person in the pirate costume was…an ugly giant! His face looks like some kind of ugly fish! Judging by the fins that come out of his face and under his hat, he looks like a monkfish? He has an eye patch on his left eye, and he had a cutlass on one of his hand.

For his Jolly Roger, instead of skull…. Magic circle! Seeing the circle, Kiba muttered.


Hearing him, Buchou nodded her head.

“Yes, looking at the Magic Circle, it seems like them. One of the High Class Devils, the House of Forneus.”

“Another High Class Devil?!”

I’m surprised! Forneus…! If my memory serves me correctly, Forneus is one of the 72 Pillars, just like Buchou! We are meeting with a lot of 72 Pillar House members!

Woah, This type of Monster devil is new to me! I knew that monster devils do exist, but everyone around me all look like humans!

Monster pirate… Forneus stood with the people in crew uniform that looked like his subordinates and shouted in a commanding voice.

“Did you people intentionally messed around in this area even knowing this area is an area owned by the House of Forneus?! Sensing your aura, you guys seem to be Devils like us.”

Even when knowing we are Devils as well, he didn’t change his attitude. But after having heard his subordinates, his expression changed.

“Captain! From their auras, they must be High Class Devils!”

Looking at Buchou’s crimson hair, Forneus narrowed his red glowing eyes.

“Hmmmm. Crimson hair…..A person from Gremory… I do beg your pardon, representative of House of Gremory. I am from the House of Forneus, Gregg Forneus.”

It seems like the name of Gremory comes in handy at times like this. That monster captain’s attitude became softer. Buchou, noticing the shift in mood, also returned the greeting.

“It’s pleasure to meet you, Gregg Forneus. As you said, I’m Rias Gremory of the House of Gremory.”

Hearing that, Forneus snorted.

“I’m sorry to inform you, but that mermaid is a person we’ve been searching for. I’m sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your conversation, but won’t you give her to us? I will finally make her part of my peerage Kukuku”

While Buchou was having an important conversation, he spouts nonsense like that. Not only that, he also let out a laugh that sounds nothing less than evil. Such a wicked laugh! He must have other plans for her! He can’t fool a pervert like myself!

“……………..I’m scared.”

Lilitifa-san hid behind Buchou’s back. Seeing her reaction, we can see who she was talking about when discussing who was threatening her, it must be this monster.

DxD Dx2 03.jpg

Protecting Lilitifa-san, Buchou made a frown.

“What are you saying all of a sudden… I heard that the House of Forneus is well-versed in ocean life, and gives great names to ocean creatures, but I guess there’s an exception. I think I get the reason why Sona asked me instead of the House of Forneus, who owns the area here.” Buchou sighed, looking at deplorable situation.

Even I got the feeling. Instead of asking the person from House of Forneus, who owns the area around here, asking Buchou would be safer for this mermaid. Even now, mermaid-san is scared of the ugly monster.

By the way, if you own the area around the sea, I wonder what kind of jobs you get. It seems like there are a lot of islands here, do they make contracts with the people from the island? Or maybe just like pirates they are doing some bad things around her.

Hearing Buchou’s words, furious Forneus showed his fangs.

“Oi, this bitch, just when I was going easy on her…! Do you have the right to invade into other’s territory and have that kind of attitude…! I thought that only your breasts were big, but your ego is just as large!”


Hearing Forneus’s words Buchou was still smiling, but…Aura enveloping Buchou’s body became more and more visible! Ara?! I can feel her anger building up from her aura?!

After being given nickname ‘switch princess’, she was sensitive when it came to discussions about her breasts! Forneus has just touched on the switch that must not be approached!

“Captain, Captain!” One of his subordinates approached him.

“My underling, what is going on?”

“T-That person is that famous Rias Gremory from House of Gremory! Younger sister of M-Maou Sirzech-sama!”

Having been surprised from hearing that, Forneus pointed his finger at us.

“What?! Younger sister of Maou-sama?! That person who said to contain unidentified power in her breasts….!”

“Captain! T-They are famous for not only having beaten the Old-maou faction, but also the God from Northern Europe, it’s “Sekiryuutei & Switch Princess, and their 7 lively comrades + α ”!”

W-We are known as such…..

“…….W-What the hell is “Sekiryuutei & Switch Princess, and their 7 lively comrades + α ”………?!”

B-Buchou was saying that while grinding her teeth and her body trembled! S-she’s mad! Mad Buchou’s really scary!

“Is + α me?”

“You must be, you do hang around with us a lot Irina."

Pointing at herself, Irina tilted her head sideways and asked Xenovia. Well, you must be the one.

Forneus suddenly changed his attitude and said

“…That kind of celebrity is trying to snatch my pray huh.”

“…snatch? You must be joking. We are simple just trying to protect this person of the House of Vaper since it seemed like some suspicious people are targeting her. Besides that! I’ve been quiet for the last few minutes and you guys kept saying ‘switch’ multiple times! Are you guys saying that my breasts are some kind of Sekiryuutei Growth switch or something?!” Buchou said in extremely displeased tone.

B-Buchou exploded! Buchou, even when they didn’t say such a thing!

“We have already our eyes on the mermaid of Vaper!”

Forneus shouted with the top of his lungs.

“No way, we are going to protect her!”

Buchou didn’t back down either! Those two glared at each other, there were tension between two families then both sides went into the battle stance……

…..was going to happen, but just then.

Large pillar of water came from the sea! W-what’s going on?! Wait! Something came out of the sea!

After summersaulting multiple times in air, the person landed on the rocks was… wearing a crown in his head and wielding a trident in his hand. There was an Old man with a beard wearing fundoshi.


That old man shouted with a voice loud enough to be heard from miles away! So loud! My ear’s gone deaf! Others also blocked their ears!

“Who are you?!”

When Forneus pointed his finger at him, Old man in fundoshi spun around his trident and started to laugh!

“Fuhahahahahahaha! Zeus in the heaven, Hades in the hell, and I in the sea! King of the sea! I am guardian of the sea Poseidoooooooooooon!”


Hearing the old man, everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

“P-Poseidon-sama?! W-What are you doing in this area?!”

“Fuhahaha! The Sea is my territory! Since there are mass terrorism across different mythologies, isn’t it obvious to at least patrol the area!”

“Patrol by the God himself?!” Both Buchou and I were surprised!

This bearded old man is a god?! Ah, I remember! There was a god like this in ancient Greek mythology. And if I remember correctly, Ddraig also mentioned this in Kyoto as well! The origins of my special move, Triaina… Trident, the weapon of sea god!

S-So this person is Poseidon?! He looks like an ordinary muscular old man in fudoshi!

I-Is my thanks about meeting the real mermaid that called him here?! I-I don’t want to think about it!

“Even gods patrol around for safety! Coincidently I was passing by when I saw bickering between Devils! Don’t fight between comrades! I said don’t!”

Poseidon is swinging his trident around and was being angry at us. Both us and Forneus’s peerage all was astonished at the sudden appearance of the god.

Not only that, Poseidon suddenly nodded his head, and then continued his talk without other’s regard.

“I don’t know the details, but you guys are fighting about that mermaid over there right? Okay then! Then why don’t you guys decide the winner using a game like real devils!”


Both Buchou and Forneus flinched at those words.

T-That’s… is he talking about rating game? So the winner of the game is able to claim Lilitifa-san?

“We have not yet officially participated in the game so…”

Fundoshi god then pet Buchou’s head excitingly while she was saying that.

“Fuhahahaha! Although you are a Devil girl, you give attention to such small details! You don’t have to nip pick small details like that! The important thing is the battle itself! I, Poseidon will be the judge of this game! Claim this mermaid fair and square with this game! Fuhahahahaha!”

The tension is so high! And aren’t you deciding it yourself without other’s concerns?!

“C-Captain! An unexpected situation has occurred! What should we do?!”

Forneus’s side also seems to be perplexed.

“uuuuuu….! We can’t back out now that Poseidon-sama is here, and we didn’t want to back out from the beginning, but…..! Ok fine!”

Seems like Forneus made up his mind as he provoked Buchou.

“Oi, bitch from House of Gremory! Let’s decide who gets the mermaid from House of Vepar by Game!”

Buchou, after being provoked, let out a large sigh and shouted back at him with a determined look on her face.

“Although it seems like this situation has gotten out of hand, I will gladly accept the invitation to the fight! We will definitely protect her! Now, let’s begin the Game!”

It’s been decided just like that!

“…..What’s going to happen to me?”

Seems like Lilitifa-san is getting anxious.

“….Well, everything will be alright in the end.”

Koneko spoke, and then she decided to have her banana that she packed as her snack.

As such, it was decided there would be a game between Gremory and Forneus on a wimp, and Poseidon-sama as a judge!

Part 4[edit]

On top of the sea.

We are waiting on top of a yacht that can carry multiple people. In front of us is a gigantic battleship!

After initiating two fields, Poseidon-sama, together with Lilitifa-san, is standing on top of a giant turtle. Next to them is Irina, who is floating next to them with her angel wings out. Since she’s not part of the Gremory servants, she decides to watch this by the side.

“Good luck, everybody!” Irina cheered for us. Yeah yeah, we’ll do our best…..

“When I give the signal, begin the match! The rules are simple! First one to sink loses! Be cautious to not kill each other!” Poseidon-sama explained in an enthusiastic voice.

….The beach holiday that was meant to recoup our lost time during the summer has suddenly turned into another battle. Fufufu, looks like Devils suffer all the time.

“Uuuuu….. I hate the sea…” Gasper, whose body is still not well, is inside a cardboard box at the corner of the yacht. To tell the truth, I don’t think he’s going to be any use today. Koneko is looking after him by continuously fanning him and saying [….Gasper-kun, are you alright?] to him.

“Since my stress was released during the time at the beach, let’s go all out shall we.”

“Ara ara, it seems like we end up fighting wherever we go.”

Xenovia is full of fighting spirit and Kiba is making a bitter smile. The two [Knights] are wielding their swords and are in battle mode in their swimming suits.

“Ah…. It seems like there’s nothing for me to gain from this battle…. I’m worried about my skin condition since the sun is so bright here.”

Rossweisse-san is holding her sun shade and is complaining. I can’t feel any fighting spirit within her at all!

“Fufufu, I wonder how I should destroy that boat.” Akeno-san has a sadistic expression and is making a dangerous smile on her face! It’s been a while since we saw this sadistic side of her!

“Issei-san. What shall I do?” Asia asked me while tilting her head. While petting her head, I said [well, something will happen if we leave it to our offensive team]. As long as the other team isn’t massively strong, it really seems like everything will be fine if we leave it to the offensive team.

Looking at the lack of tension in the Gremory team, Forneus said,

“That big breasts of the House of Gremory! My peers are specialists at battle in the sea! You can turn back if you are scared! Even with those huge breasts of yours, you are only a little girl! Hahahahaha!“

Forneus bravely shouted those words and laughed. Buchou was….. trembling not in fear, but in anger! Scary! Her body is emitting an aura that’s condensed with her anger!

“….I will annihilate that fish.”

Hiiiiiiiik! Buchou was making an expression that can only be described as pure anger! Her crimson hair was waving around with aura also coming out of her body!



“Don’t go easy on them! Get into Balance Breaker and shoot them with your gigantic Dragon Shot!”

“Yes ma’am!”

I had no choice, but to reply as such! Whatever, I don’t care anymore! Like Rossweisse-san, I’m not really up for this fight, but for that cute mermaid-san to be defiled by that monster, I can’t allow that as a perverted student!

“Let’s just shatter them into pieces!”

As soon as I get pumped up, Poseidon-sama shouts in loud voice.


As soon as Poseidon-sama gave his signals, cannon balls are blasted out of the canons on the battleship loudly! Landing on the water near our yacht, the cannon balls made huge water pillars.

“Shooting cannon balls at us…?! Yuuto, Xenovia! Charge forward!”

As Buchou give out orders as such, two of them replied [Yes] and open their Devil wings and fly straight towards the battleship! Through creating shockwaves with their swords, they begin to destroy the opponent’s ship! Buchou also deploy destructive magic balls toward the ship.

With loud noises being heard, the ship is slowly getting destroyed! The ship mast is being broken easily and Jolly Roger is getting worn down!

“Noooooo! My precious Flying Dutchman!”

Forneus seems to be so surprised at the destruction of his ship that it seems like his eyes seems is about to pop out.

“Damn them! Get rid of them!”

Forneus pointed at Kiba and Xenovia with his cutlass with his servant Devils then put forward their hands.

“Water! Become a snake and bite them into shreds!”

Servant A, who looks like a swordsman, shoot water out of his sword which then becomes a snake and is heading towards Xenovia!

“Come! Beast of the wind!”

Servant B, who looks like a magician, summons a beast from his shadows and order it to shoot a tornado towards Kiba! Both of the attacks of water and wind is fitting for pirates.

“This is too easy…!”

“Need to try harder!”

Both dodge the attack easily, and after landing on the enemy ship, they slash their enemy. Froneus’s servants can’t even give a proper fight and are falling down one by one. It is obvious they are not trying to kill them and instead, they hit them with the back of their swords. If we end up killing them, there may be some problems between the respectable Houses.

“Both of you get away from the ship!”

When Akeno-san shouted, Kiba and Xenovia both opened their wings and flew away from the ship.

At that exact moment….. BOOM. Lightening came straight down from the sky, striking the battleship! Having been hit by lightning, smoke came out from several places on the ship! It seems like that attack just has given tons of damage to the ship! It seems like fire is spreading on the deck, and Forneus’s servants got burnt to a crisp after getting hit by that attack!

Several servants that avoided the lightening by jumping into the sea also got hit by Rossweisse-san’s magic and floated on the water with their backside.

Hmm, as expected, we are quite strong.

“It’s finished even before I got into Balance Breaker…?”

When I was thinking that… Forneus isn’t standing on his deck?! He’s nowhere to be seen! If he got hit by Akeno-san’s attack, he must be lying on top of the deck right now!

When both Buchou and I are looking around to see where the opponent is…


We hear a woman’s scream. When we turn our heads around, we see Lilitifa-san being captured in tentacle of squid or octopus or whatever it is!


That annoying laughter is…! Making a loud noise and creating a giant pillar of water, a huge squid monster and Forneus shows up, standing on top of the monster!

“This guy is my loyal monster, kraken the sea monster! Mufufufu, I will be taking this mermaid!”

“Forneus! To kidnap Lilitifa in front of Poseidon-sama, it seems like you’ve got a death wish!”

Buchou is right! Wait, was Poseidon-sama just sitting there letting him kidnap Lilitifa-san?!

When I was about to complain to the god….


He was snoring while standing?! This sea god, he’s standing with his two feet on top of the turtle and fell asleep!

“He seems tired. As expected, it seems like there a lot to do carrying out a god’s duty.”

Buchou, is it okay to just accept it like that?!

“Since the god isn’t looking, you can do whatever you want! Just like this!”

When Forneus ordered the kraken, the giant squid captured the women of the House of Gremory! And while at it, it also captured Irina that was floating in the air.


“Ku, so sticky!”

Asia looks like she is disgusted by the kraken’s tentacle and she makes an unpleasant expression with Xenovia’s face being just frozen.

“Ara ara, the swimsuit is…”

Just like Akeno-san said, a woman’s swimsuit gets slipped off due to the mucus from the kraken’s tentacles! The breasts! Their butt! As their swimsuits get peeled off from their body, there is an amazing scenery.

Pst! Got a nosebleed! Kraken, Good job!

“I won’t look, I won’t look”

The gentleman, Kiba, looked away. Trying to be a good boy while he’s so obvious!

“Ise, once your countdown has finished, finish off Forneus as well as this kraken!”

Buchou gave me order while her breasts are showing off! My eyes keep looking toward her breasts, but…

"Understood! Wooooah! Balance Break!”

I quickly summoned the armour and concentrated the aura on my hands! Then….!


“Dragon Shot Ocean version!”

Shouting the name of a skill that is no different compared to the normal one, I shot a huge Dragon Shot towards the kraken!

“W-Why is this magic shot so huge?!”

My shot hit the kraken, and shocked Forneus who is riding it!


Thus! With a loud noise being heard and the ocean being split, the kraken turned into fish food and sank. I then caught mermaid-san who got flung out from the kraken, keeping my cool.

“Miss, are you alright?”

When I said that while also keeping my cool, Lilitifa-san blushed and replied with ‘Yes….’! So cute! Mermaids are so great!

Fufufu, Forneus got hit by that attack and is floating around the sea nearby. Ah, that eye patch is fake! There is no scar on the eye that he was covering! He was enjoying himself pretending to be a pirate! So atrocious, good job he’s gone now! I also saved the mermaid!

“Solved another problem. Cool, Lilitifa-san. Let’s go back to the beach, and play some volleyball or something.”

When I suggested that….


I heard Buchou’s voice behind my back. When I turned around, I was beaten up by the women of the House of Gremory! Since all of their swimsuits are gone, they are only hiding their important body parts with their hands.

“Thanks for finishing up but…”

“Leaving us behind and trying to get friendly with the mermaid…”

Both Buchou and Akeno-san are smiling, but are also giving off a dangerous aura!

“…the swimsuit that I got is ruined.”

“Ah, I also got caught in the fight.”

“Uu, this is too much Ise-san.”

“You better pay back for the swimsuit…..”

Xenovia, Irina, Asia and Rossweisse-san all complained to me! Ara? Ara ara? It seems like everyone is giving off a negative vibe towards me…?

When I was about to leave with mermaid-san, Koneko grabbed my arm!

“…Since it got to this, just take the beating.”

“No way~!”

In the end, I got the treatment of getting a beating from lovers.

Anyway, as we won the battle against the House of Forneus, we were successful in protecting descendent of the House of Vaper.

Soon after receiving the desired official protection from the government, Lilitifa-san decided to live quietly in the lake that is within the area owned by House of Gremory as there is no sea in underworld.

And since the reports on the mermaid are finished, articles are published as part of the ORC research as well as part of the academic points in the Underworld school.

Now that I think about it, Poseidon-sama just disappeared…. What was that fundoshi old man doing there in the first place?!

“….it seems like senpai is loved by weirdoes. Ah, will it be correct to mention the weirdo god in this case?”

Koneko! That definitely did not sound like a joke! Are you saying that it was me that summoned Poseidon-sama?! Haaaa…… am I some kind of a weirdo god magnet?

Life.2 The Student Council’s Decision[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was currently the afternoon of a certain day not long after the school trip. I — Hyoudou Issei and several female students who belonged to the Student Council arrived in front of the door to the Chess Club.

“Official inspection![1] We’re the Student Council!”

I shouted that out while I pushed open the door of the club room. Within the room were male students who were playing chess while half-naked.

“The rumours were true! Playing strip shogi is not permitted by me and the Student Council!”

“P-Please wait a minute! There’s a reason for this!”

Although the panicking boy with glasses seemed to have something to say in response to our sudden appearance, the other female members and I mercilessly took the half-naked boy of the Chess Club away.

“There’s no need for excuses, come with us to the Student Council!”

That’s how it was, I was currently doing the work of the Student Council. Why? Ah, there were many reasons for it….

Going back in time a few hours ago — in the club room of the Occult Research Club after school.

“Could you lend Hyoudou-kun to me for a while?”

From the sudden visitor — that was the first thing that Sona-kaichou said.

“What? All of a sudden?”

Buchou asked in surprise.

Kaichou sat down on the sofa, and then began to explain in detail after taking a sip of Akeno-san’s red tea.

“Saji is sick with the flu. It seems like it’s a cold that only Devils can get, and also a cold that only Dragons can get occurred concurrently.

“…It’s like before, it’s the one that Ise-senpai had.”

Koneko-chan added while sitting on my lap. Ah, it’s that. That was quite severe. It would make people so uncomfortable that they wouldn’t be able to do anything. This world really is full of wonders; there was actually a type of flu that would only affect Devils and Dragons.

“Ara ara, did it spread from the Devil businessmen that kaichou and buchou frequently visit again?”

Akeno-san asked with a worried expression as she supported her face with her hand. Because kaichou and buchou both buy many things from the same Devil businessman, did Saji get infected like I did that time?

“The reason is still being investigated. Basically, the present situation is that Saji is sick and can’t move.”

That guy who’s always full of vitality and busily running around the school also can’t defeat a flu huh. That flu is truly deadly. Kaichou shifted her gaze towards me and continued on that topic.

“So then I thought that I could borrow Hyoudou Issei-kun’s strength, which is why I came over.”

…I’m going to replace Saji? I raised this question, and kaichou continued to explain.

“Simply put, we lack manpower from the males who are responsible for having strength. Although we’re Devils, we have much greater strength compared to ordinary human girls. But, we normally hide this; if we suddenly became very good at jobs which required strength while Saji was absent, it would appear highly unnatural from the perspective of other people.”

Indeed, Devils normally hid their true strength as they progressed through their daily activities. If the girls suddenly gained Herculean strength while Saji was absent, it would be too suspicious.

“So I thought that I could borrow this male student Hyoudou-kun for a brief period of time to fill-in for Saji, which is why I came to ask. In addition, he’s also quite clear about the internals of the Student Council — we’re all Devils, so it also becomes easy to work together.”

Since they needed to borrow strength from male students, it would be best to do so from the Occult Research Club who were also Devils. After buchou listened to that, she looked at me, Kiba, — and Gasper again.

“In Gasper’s case…it doesn’t look like he has much strength.”

“I’m really sorry for being weak and powerless!!!”

Buchou’s merciless comment caused Gasper to apologise. I’ll train you well in the future! Gasper!

“But, why not Yuuto?”

“Some of the girls in my peerage may not be able to work together with Kiba-kun naturally. Speaking of the extreme case, there’s even the possibility of disrupting our discipline. I don’t doubt Kiba-kun. But there may be problems when it comes to the girls under my command. Although I have repeatedly taught them about this, they’re high school girls after all, so they might do something unexpected on impulse.”

Speaking of which, there were several Kiba fans in the Sitri peerage. Kaichou thought that if Kiba was in front of them, those girls wouldn’t be able to stay calm and do their work. After Kiba heard this, he made a wry smile and said ‘that’s quite a problem’. Damn it! This was a problem that simply made people envious! Kaichou shifted her gaze towards me again.

“That’s why Hyoudou-kun is perfect. He’s stronger than Gasper, and he won’t disrupt discipline unlike Kiba.”

“…But, Ise-senpai is very perverted.”

While sitting on my lap, Koneko-chan coldly said such a thing! Yes! Just as Koneko-chan said, I’m very perverted! Kaichou nodded.

“I’m also clear in that regard, but I don’t think that’s a problem.”


I-It was a response truly beyond my expectations. Kaichou actually supported me?

“Ara, you have a lot of faith in Ise.”

Buchou was also quite surprised.

“Eh, he is someone that you chose, so of course I’ll trust him.”

“W…W-W-Wh-Wha…What are you saying all of a sudden!”

Upon hearing Sona-kaichou’s words, buchou’s face suddenly reddened. ..What happened? Why was she blushing like that?

“However, I believe that Ise-kun will definitely be a great help to the Student Council. If you don’t look at him that way, he’s actually very serious towards people.”

Kiba smiled as he said that. ‘that way’ isn’t necessary! That guy! Buchou calmed down as she exhaled.

“…I-I know. Ise, I want you lend Sona a hand.”

“Yes! Then, please take care of me, kaichou!”

A slight smile emerged on kaichou’s face.

“Alright. We’ll take care of you, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Thank you, Rias. I’ll be borrowing him now then.”

Although I was a little uneasy about whether someone like me could do the work of the Student Council, I was often helped out by them, and kaichou was also buchou’s friend. We should help each other out when there’s trouble, so I went to help! —Thus, I immediately arrived at the Student Council office, and participated in the Student Council meeting in Saji’s seat.

“Well, I think our temporary meeting can begin.”

Kaichou glanced at me, and then added

“As I just mentioned, in order to fill-in for Saji, who is sick, I borrowed Hyoudou Issei-kun from the Occult Research Club to temporarily act as our male manpower. Although there may be many things that you’re not used to, the school festival is approaching so everyone needs to work hard together with Hyoudou-kun.”


After the calm response, the atmosphere of the meeting room immediately became very quiet again; it could be said to be the complete opposite of the Occult Research Club. Over there, everyone would be laughing and being lively.

“P-Please take care of me!”

I got up to say that and bowed, and then quickly returned to my seat. That was too scary! What a serious atmosphere! Looking around at the room, there wasn’t a single useless item. There were simply the desks and chairs of each member, bookshelves filled with information, and a single whiteboard. Everyone’s desk was extremely tidy, and there wasn’t a trace of disorganisation in their appearance. There was also a flat-screen TV and several computers which seemed to have little use. There was a tea set, but I couldn’t see any snacks. The fukukaichou[2] with glasses and long black hair — Shinra Tsubaki-senpai stood up from her seat, along with one of kaichou’s [Bishops] — second year Kusaka-san who had her hair in two braids; they stood in front of the whiteboard together. Shinra-senpai began to read the file

“Well, first I’d like to confirm the group events which have been scheduled for the festival in the courtyard.”

Hearing this, Kusaka-san began to write various things onto the whiteboard. Everyone began to write notes in their documents! I also hurriedly opened the file which was in my hand.

“Starting from the groups of the sports clubs, first is the baseball team—”

Like that, the super serious meeting that was least compatible with me began!

Thirty minutes later—.


I-It’s finished. After finishing the meeting, I lay my face down on the table, and exhaled deeply.

“Uh…I’ve never experienced such a serious meeting.”

The Occult Research Club also held meetings, and it could have a rather serious atmosphere depending on the situation. But it had never made me so nervous like just then. Who can possibly stand this kind of ‘writing a single thing down wrong is a big mistake’ atmosphere! …Did Saji always attend such meetings? That guy was truly amazing. Including kaichou, the members of the Student Council all left to do their own work, which left only me and a few other members behind in the Student Council meeting room. When the second year [Bishop] with long wavy hair, Hanakai-san, and the first year [Pawn] with her long hair tied in two ponytails, Nimura-san left—

“Since you’re here to fill in for Gen-chan, you should work hard and seriously.”

“Because you’re here to substitute for Genshirou, you don’t need to ask people for help.”

I had already been told that a lot. Ah, that guy really had the trust of the girls in the peerage. The tall female student — second year Yura-san came over to pat my shoulder, and then spoke to the [Knight] Meguri-san behind me who was also a second year student.

“Alright, we should go, Hyoudou.”

“Go? Where?”

I couldn’t help asking. We needed to go out? Meguri-san lifted up a bag which contained bamboo swords, and replied to me after confirming that there were no problems

“Patrolling and miscellaneous chores. It’s a part of the work that Gen-chan is responsible for. It’s also a job that’s suitable for you.”

…It seemed like some kind of physical job which didn’t require one to use the brain much. Thus, I began to patrol the Academy after school together with Yura-san and Meguri-san…because the two of them appeared very pretty when they were walking, I couldn’t help straightening my back to match them. …T-This could be more tiring than I imagined.

“Hyoudou isn’t good at doing work which required thinking, right? I’m not good at it either.”

Yura-san causually said that. This girl not only looked like a bishounen[3], but even her tone was quite boyish. She was similar to Xenovia. Or was Xenovia slightly more boyish? But, Yura-san was also quite pretty.

“Well, I think that I’m the same as Yura-san and I’m more suited to physical work.”

I completely agreed to Yura-san’s words. For me, moving my body around was more relaxing than working on documents.

“That’s a good reply, which is why we’re going to do some moving work. Also, it’s fine to just call me Yura.”

So that’s how it was, moving things. It was certainly simple and easy to understand. Speaking of which, the Student Council even did these kinds of things huh. Next, me and Yura-san…Yura as well as Meguri-san arrived at the staff room together to receive the teacher’s instructions, which was to move some goods to a certain location.

“Okay, that’s done now.”

After moving a load of goods, Yura exhaled, and I also took a break. Although moving things wasn’t particularly tiring, helping the Student Council out with things was quite tiring. I kept on thinking ‘Although this is only temporary, I can’t do anything strange as a member of the Student Council’, and was rather nervous about it. The two girls flexed their shoulders and wrists. Yura then announced

“Okay, we should get down to business next.”


After hearing my surprised question, a suspicious smile emerged on Yura’s face.

“Hyoudou, for people like us who do physical work, the next task is a critical one. Alright, let’s head over to the club room.”

Meguri-san continued with the topic

“Going to confirm whether suspicious rumours about various groups are true is also the work of the Student Council. Especially since this is the time before the School Festival, it’s best to deal with the groups which plan to conduct improper activities during the School Festival prior.”

“A surprise attack like this is the most effective. Hohoho, we’ll start with the cultural groups.”

It felt like Yura was quite happy. Meguri-san sighed.

“She likes doing these kinds of things the most.”

I-Is that the case? My Occult Research Club could also be considered a cultural club, that doesn’t matter, right? Like that, I followed behind Yura and Meguri-san, and made surprise attacks on the cultural clubs whilst they were making their preparations.

“Official inspection! We’re the Student Council!”

Then, we started with that line each time—.

The story returns back to the beginning.

Yura, Meguri-san and I made surprise visits to each of the various cultural clubs. The bad rumours of each club were exposed by us one after the other — well, investigating further, it wasn’t just the Chess Club at the beginning, the groups who secretly broke the school rules were really everywhere…. I-I was in no position to talk about others, but all of the other guys were really presumptuous. As for the Sports Clubs, after the surprise inspections, we tied them up on the ground (anyone that tried to run away was swiftly caught and brought back by us), and then used the bamboo swords that Meguri-san had to discipline them on the spot. …After all, it was impossible for ordinary people to beat us Devils. Most of the students understood that resisting the Student Council was useless, so there were a lot of people who instantly sank into despair and gave up as soon as they saw Yura and Meguri-san. Well, there were occasionally a few people who tried to resist or escape. Of course, there were a lot of people who could only exclaim “It’s not Saji!” when they saw me. I’m substituting Saji today, so I’m sorry everyone. …Please don’t hold any grudges against me afterwards!

This kind of inspection didn’t seem like it could be done on a fixed date, it was most effective only when it was sudden. If the inspection was scheduled only to occur on the first day of the week or the first day of the month, those guys would only act honestly on the day of the inspection, and would act as they liked on the other days. Giving these people the impression that they were subject to a sudden inspection by the Student Council was very important. Yura and Meguri-san explained this to me afterwards. But, I was able to understand more or less why Yura enjoyed this. Ah, although I couldn’t say that my feelings were exactly the same as Yura, this kind of work in which we exposed the misconduct of other groups in the name of the Student Council really gave us a sense of pleasure. It was nice to borrow such a power and authority. Although it may not be a very good feeling, I enjoyed using the Student Council’s authority like this a bit.

—-Then, we arrived at the Manga Research Club. The rumours were that students were reading H-manga. It seems like they also secretly held an exhibition at last year’s School Festival, because I heard that those H-manga were sold out in the blink of an eye. What kind of H-manga would they sell at the School Festival…I also wanted to see and buy them! So, this was naturally targeted by the Student Council as they thought ‘Would they also engage in that this year?’.

“The Manga Research Club often seems to secretly draw some questionable manga for ordinary students to read.”

Yura said to me. T-Those kinds of rumours. Even I, who was well-informed on the H information of Kuoh Academy hadn’t heard of that!? Matsuda, Motohama, as members of the H circulation network, you guys also didn’t know? …The Student Council is too terrifying! This is such a powerful intelligence network! Arriving before the Manga Research Club on the third floor of the new school building, Yura, Meguri-san and I nodded as we exchanged a glance, and then lightly knocked on the door. Soon after that, a voice replied ‘come in’, and the door was opened.

“Uh! Student Council.”

The male student with glasses was surprised to see Yura, and everyone else within the room began to panic!

“Not good! Hide it quickly!”

Then, the members of the manga club seemed to be busy hiding something—. Yura pushed aside the spectacled boy and shouted

“We’re from the Student Council! I’ve heard that you’ve been making suspicious manga and spreading it around to students, and thus came here!”

Yura strode into the room, while Meguri-san and I followed behind, after which she pointed to a girl who appeared to be the buchou[4] and said

“We need to inspect your manga. Alright, hand over all of the manga in this room.”


The manga club’s buchou replied calmly, and then gave instructions to all of the members. The members then shakily handed over each of their originals. The three of us then carefully inspected each of these originals. Among these were those which ranged from hot-blooded shounen manga to four-koma manga. There was also shoujo manga.[5] But—.

“…It’s ordinary manga.”

Those were Yura’s, and also my thoughts. Mmm, it’s very ordinary manga. Although the quality of the art didn’t seem like the product of a high school student, there were also some ecchi parts, but there weren’t any explicit H works? I was kind of looking forward to it, as I thought that I would be able to see a lot of H things…. Were all those poor rumours about the manga club just lies? At that time, I heard the conversation between Meguri-san and a female club member.

“W-Why is the beast Hyoudou-kun here…?”

“Our member Saji Genshirou has the flu. So, he’s acting as a substitute and has come from the Occult Research Club to work with us.”

“Shouldn’t Kiba-kun be the one to come!?”

“Indeed, it should be like that.”

“If it was for a surprise inspection, it would be better if it was Kiba-kun.”

The female members were crying! I’m really sorry, it’s me! Even so, I am the candidate that kaichou picked herself! After inspecting all of the members’ manga, none of us found anything in the end. The manga club buchou showed a relieved expression.

“See, there’s nothing right? Okay, please head out.”

The manga club president began waving her hand to send us away. Just in the moment where it seemed as if the Student Council had to believe the outcome that the rumours were mistaken — Meguri-san’s interest was suddenly piqued by a certain computer tower which sat on the floor as her eyes homed in on it. She walked over to it, and began to examine it carefully.

“Hmm, Tsubasa. This thing is suspicious, only this computer has traces of dust from being moved around.”

She then invited Yura over to take a look. Ah, so Yura’s first name was Tsubasa. Yura and I also walked over and began to carefully inspect that computer, and confirmed that only the dust on that computer didn’t match up…

“I-Inside that is…”

One of the members accidentally let their mouth slip.


The manga club buchou immediately interrupted him; there was a problem in here!

“This response…Hyoudou-kun! Block those guys!”


Hearing Yura’s instructions, I inserted myself between those two and the manga club members, acting as a wall between the two parties. After the computer tower’s case was opened, several thin booklets were found inside. Ooh, so that’s where they were hidden…! Meguri-san had very attentive eyes! That was the power of the Student Council!

“Don’t, stooopp!”

The manga club buchou cried out! Yura opened the thin booklets and examined them carefully.

“…This is the thing that you guys were hiding. I see…t-this is!”

After checking it, Yura opened the booklet and held it up in front of all of the manga club members.

“Found it! Manga Research Club! This is evidence of the rumours!”

Shown on it was — a character that looked like me and a character that looked like Kiba, entangled with each other doing H things! WHAT IS THIS! I quickly ran over and grabbed the booklet from Yura’s hands and looked at it carefully! …A-All of it was me and Kiba doing gay and yaoi[6] things! The title on the cover was [Beast Hyoudou x Prince Kiba-kun 15]! Fifteen!? Could this be the fifteenth series!? This is the fifteenth volume!? This kind of thing is already up to the fifteenth volume!? Putting the shaken me aside, Yura made her conclusion to the manga club.

“This is clearly a homoerotic manga which is in violation of the school rules.”

Hearing this, the manga club buchou began to make excuses.

“A-Are you trying to take away our freedom of expression!? T-This is a violation of the Freedom of Information!”

“I don’t have any opinions on your work, however, I hope that you don’t hand these out to ordinary students.”

“B-But, there a lot of girls in Kuoh Academy waiting for this…the love story of the beast and prince!”

I don’t want to hear that kind of information! This can’t be for real! This kind of manga with me and Kiba has been secretly circulating around Kuoh Academy!? Moreover, it’s already been serialised into the fifteenth volume! That must have required a lot of popularity! The demand for it is too high! Although I was aware that some girls used to see my relationship with Kiba as girl-corrupting, I didn’t think that it had become a manga, let alone that manga being so popular… I see, I know why there was H-manga secretly circulating around the school without me knowing about it now. BL[7] is outside of my information network, so of course something unrelated wouldn’t reach my ears! Only the girls must have known about it! How could this be! I found out about the truth of a situation that I didn’t want to know about!

“In any case, these need to be confiscated, and you’ll need to report to supervising sensei afterwards.”

Yura said that as she confiscated those thin booklets. Yes yes, take them all away! It’s best if they’re burnt right away.

“Uhh…! It can’t be helped! This series became popular since this spring, and now it’s finally succumbed to the authorities!”

The manga club buchou knelt on the floor in tears, and the other members also had regretful looks and moist eyes. Then, that buchou turned towards me.

“Please! There’s only one thing that you definitely have tell me! In that case, I won’t have any regrets! Hyoudou-kun! I’m begging you, please answer my question!”

“So, what is it?”

“In reality, you and Kiba-kun, who’s the attacker and who’s the receiver!? I want to know the truth!”


Help me destroy this BL club! I strongly wished that from the bottom of my heart. I’m really begging you to give me a break…

Part 2[edit]

“Haah…. Overall, I felt happy, but also tired…”

I sighed in front of the sink in the nearest men’s bathroom to the Student Council Office. …The Student Council’s work had a very interesting side, but I was also dealt a heavy blow because I found out about the truth of something that I didn’t want to know about. Not even the first day of after school activities was done yet…. It’s fine, I’m just here as a substitute for Saji right now, so I’ll just continue to work hard. —Then, when I came out of the men’s bathroom. I bumped into the bespectacled fukukaichou Shinra Tsubaki-senpai with her usual straight face.

DxD Dx2 04.jpg

“Oh, it’s Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

“Ah, hello fukukaichou.”

Senpai was a cold beauty above even the kaichou. Although she was a bit of a beauty, her overall impression was slightly scary. Honestly, she was the type that I wasn’t good at dealing with.

“You seem to be taking the Student Council’s work quite seriously. Although I was a little worried about whether you would be able to be a good substitute for Saji…”

“I-I see…”

Up until now, I still haven’t gained this person’s trust? I suddenly saw a flash of light shine across Shinra-senpai’s glasses.


“Ah, yes.”

“I think you’re excellent as a Devil. After all, you’ve experienced the battles with Loki and in Kyoto and have even emerged victorious.”

Ah, I’ve been praised. That was rather unexpected. As I thought that, fukukaichou frowned as she continued

“But, having strong sexual desires is not a good thing. Don’t you think that as a male high school student, you should have the appropriate mind and body? Seeking only to raise your perversion by developing related techniques, it’s simply stupid. You’re already the peerage member of a high-class Devil, so don’t you feel that you have an obligation to make your master appear more honest and wise in front of others?”


She seems to have accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction towards me…Shinra-senpai really was a typical honour student, the class representative type. Her expression was one which seemed as if she completely missed the point of a fun topic, and she certainly wouldn’t have a boyfriend.

“Originally, as the master of the Gremory peerage, Rias-san is too bold and too cheerful, she’s simply too indulgent on her free-spirited peerage, and not just those in her peerage, but also to other people—”

“Oh? It’s Ise-kun — and Shinra-senpai.”

Shinra-senpai’s eyes trembled unstoppably like a machine gun, as a handsome guy appeared behind me.

“Ah, Kiba.”

Yes, it was Kiba. It was quite a coincidence to encounter him here. The pitch of Shinra-senpai’s voice suddenly increased.

DxD Dx2 02.jpg

“K-K-K-K-Kiba-kun…. Ahem, if it isn’t Kiba Yuuto-kun. What have you come here for?”

Senpai deliberately cleared her throat so that she could change her tone of voice, it seems like she’s quite shaken. …T-This is really quite a fresh reaction. Kiba made a wry smile then answered

“No, I’m just a bit worried about Ise-kun. So I came over to the new school building to take a look, but there isn’t anything else to do here in particular.”

He’s still the same guy with a great sense of obligation. Or perhaps I just make people worried? Shinra-senpai reluctantly put on a smile.

“T-There’s no need to worry about that right? Hyoudou-kun is doing a very good job. He’s been a great help to the Student Council! The boys of the Occult Research Club are really strong and worth relying on!”

…Shinra-senpai, isn’t that completely the opposite of what you just said? Speaking of which, she’s been acting rather strangely ever since Kiba showed up. Her trembling face has become really red, could this reaction possible be…? While speaking with Kiba, Shinra-senpai appeared to be like a young deer prancing around, and her attitude was the complete opposite of when she was speaking to me. Shinra-senpai was really like a maiden in love, as she pointed her two index fingers against each other in front of her chest and asked

“…I-I have something that I’d like to ask.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“…K-Kiba-kun, right now, do you h-h-h-ha-have any girls that you’re in an r-relationship with…?”

Ooh! She asked about it directly! Even I could see Shinra-senpai’s feelings at a glance in that moment! It was too obvious! The Shinra-senpai who seemed so serious and intellectual also had a maiden in love side like this to her! It’s true that one can’t judge a book just by their cover! Kiba maintained the smile on his face, but he lifted his eyebrows a bit with a slightly troubled expression.

“That…I don’t have anything like that.”

Kiba’s reply caused Shinra-senpai’s face to light up. Ah, senpai is so cute like this.

“Y-Yes, I see! I-I understand! Ahem, it’s really fortunate that I was able to speak with Kiba-kun and Hyoudou-kun today. I still have some work to do so I’ll go first, good afternoon.”

After Shinra-senpai said that, she walked with joyful steps towards the other end of the corridor and disappeared. Midway, she even turned back and waved at us, so it seemed like she was really in quite a good mood. …Even though her tone and attitude when she saw me before was quite serious….

“Hahaha, ever since the match with the Sitri peerage, Shinra-senpai always spoke to me quite gingerly, could it be because I said too many things about the aura of holy swords to her during that battle…”

Kiba scratched his face and said such thoughtless words.

“I think that an intellectual beauty is also pretty good.”

I replied like that to him as I pat his shoulder.

Part 3[edit]

“Ah, Tsubaki-senpai’s mind is filled with just Kiba now.”

Yura took a sip from her bottle of water and then said that to me.

After that, we returned to the Student Council Office; including kaichou, the majority of the members had returned, and work had finally come to an end so everyone each went off to rest. Yura and I, as well as the [Bishop] Kusaka-san went to a corner of the cafeteria together and sat down at a table. At this time, there weren’t many people in the cafeteria and there were many available seats. Meguri-san stayed back in the Student Council Office to report on the various groups which underwent a surprise inspection, and wasn’t currently here.

“Tsubaki-senpai, wasn’t she defeated by Kiba in the Rating Game? She’s been like that ever since then.”

Kusaka-san said to me. Ah, it looks like what Kiba said was right. After that match/battle with the Sitri peerage, Shinra-senpai attitude greatly changed every time she saw Kiba. After Yura took another sip from her bottle, she continued.

“Originally, Tsubaki-senpai liked those younger than her, and guys who would make her serious, so in that sense, Kiba is a match.”

“But, she didn’t like Kiba before the Rating Game.”

“It’s not unusual that people treat the person who first defeats them as their crush.”

Yura asserted. …Hmm, there was such a thing? I don’t really understand the heart of a maiden.

“But, if I had to speak of the people among us who had crushes, it would be Hanakai Momo-chan and Nimura Ruruko-chan.”

Kusaka-san made a playful smile as she said that to me. Hanakai-san and Nimura-san?

“Those two are secretly trying to get close to Genshirou and have started a battle between women.”

“Say Yura, Genshirou means Saji, right? You mean someone…wants to get close to Saji and started a contest between women?”

With a delighted expression, Kusaka-san replied to me

“That’s right, Hyoudou-kun. The love story around Gen-chan has already started within the peerage.”

“Love story, you mean Hanakai-san and Nimura-san, with Saji…?”

In response to my question, Yura and Kusaka-san nodded in agreement. What! Something like this happened within the Student Council! Although I knew that the Student Council and we of the Gremory peerage similarly had a close relationship between members, I didn’t think that there were even romantic relationships…. Speaking of Hanakai-san, she was the [Bishop] who held a blood bag and continually drained my blood during the match. To me, she was a girl who was slightly hard to deal with…. Nimura-san seemed to have appeared at the beginning of the match with Saji, and was the [Pawn] who stood in front of me and Koneko-chan, but was defeated by Koneko-chan in the end. I see, they both had feelings for Saji. It was also those two who told me that. They specifically emphasised that I was a substitute for Saji. Ah, so there was actually another layer of meaning to that? Kusaka-san continued with a straight face

“But, it’s ironic that Gen-chan only has kaichou in his eyes, and for kaichou, Gen-chan is an existence like that of a little brother. Although, to some extent, this is a good thing for Momo-chan and Ruruko-chan…”

That’s right, Saji’s goal was kaichou. All that guy thought of was just kaichou. He heard that I was getting along very well with buchou’s family, and the memory of his shocked face was still fresh in my mind. It’s just that kaichou only saw him as someone like a little brother. Saji, you still have a long way to go. But, even so, we still have to forge ahead, right? Even though I haven’t been encouraging you in that regard!

“…Hanakai-san and Nimura-san, they’ve both been attracted by Saji. But, if I remember, wasn’t Hanakai-san one of Kiba’s fans?”

I asked that. During the match against the Sitris, I once used [Pailingual] to listen to the voice of Hanakai-san’s heart, and at that time, she clearly had a liking for Kiba. Nimura-san…I confirmed that she was already attracted to Saji by that time, and it seemed to be from when she found out that that guy was worth relying on. Kusaka-san nodded as she replied to me.

“Yes, Ruruko is a first year student, and was given a lot of help by Gen-chan when he began doing Student Council work, and from there it began very traditionally.”

Yura went on to explain

“Momo-chan — Hanakai Momo was just as you said Hyoudou, she could only think about Kiba Yuuto. But, after she saw Genshirou Saji’s passion when he fought against Hyoudou and his constant endless training, she unknowingly began to turn to that side. Compared to the handsome guy who was far away, she chose the hot-blooded youth who was in front of her. Although that girl has a side which likes to chase after an idol like a young girl, she’s also quite realistic.”

Haah—, so that’s how it was. Although her target was originally Kiba, she gradually began to have her heart stolen away by Saji who was beside her, without realising. Mmm, a maiden’s heart truly is difficult to understand. Kusaka-san’s eyes shone again as she said

“But I always stayed true to Kiba. Although I’m not as passionate as fukukaichou, Kiba really is like that in that you just can’t get enough of him. He’s even become a bit friendlier now than before, so he’s also easier to talk to.”

Ever since that incident with Kokabiel, it was true that Kiba had softened and was a lot friendlier to people than before.

“That guy Kiba, he’s really popular even here. W-Well, how about my popularity?”

I finally asked that. I thought that Yura and Kusaka-san would be dismissive about it, and didn’t expect that they would strain their minds seriously to think about it, which was quite unexpected.

“If someone were to make a move on Hyoudou-kun, I think they would be killed by Rias-senpai or Akeno-senpai…. Although, I think that your face looks pretty good, and your future looks quite promising. But, the girls around Hyoudou-kun are all too strong. …Rather, the girls in the Occult Research Club are too abnormal.”

I-I see. So that’s how other people saw us. …Buchou and Akeno-san, I didn’t’ think that they would appear so scary in the eyes of the people beside me…. I thought that all of the Student Council members disliked me, but this was quite a common and fair evaluation! It’s the first time that girls outside of the Occult Research Club have said that! Not good! I feel like I’m about to be moved to tears! Also, the girls in our club actually gave others the impression of being like abnormalities! But, people like Xenovia and Irina-san would certainly make others think like that! While I couldn’t help feeling moved by that, Yura suddenly said

“I might like you more than Kiba and Genshirou.”

—! I found it hard to contain myself with the sudden confession! I immediately stood up and even my voice sounded quite flustered.

“R-Really!? Yura!”

Yura nodded.

“Ah, I might like the types of boys who get dirty after a fight…. Compared to Kiba and Genshirou, Hyoudou’s overwhelming strength is more masculine.”

“Is that meant to be a compliment to me…?”

While not knowing how to respond, Kusaka-san laughed cheerfully and said to me

“Tsubasa-chan is always praising Hyoudou-kun. Kaichou and fukukaichou also praise you quite often. The resistance against Gen-chan is becoming more and more passionate.”

S-So that’s how it is huh. Kaichou, and even that fukukaichou praise me! This actually…makes me feel embarrassed.

“E-Eh…hearing these thoughts about me from these girls is something quite new. I’m not even sure if I should be happy or embarrassed. …Ah no, of course I’d be happy.”

I couldn’t even speak properly! I-I see, the Student Council’s evaluation of me was quite good! Or should it be said that they had a good impression of me? Ah, looking at it this way, going through all of those difficult battles might not be a completely bad thing. While I felt embarrassed, Yura continued

“But, for Hyoudou, comparing us and the girls of the Gremory peerage, who’s better?”

“That, of course! I’ll say it clearly right now!”

It was true that the girls in the Gremory peerage were very precious to me. Compared to the Student Council, I’ve interacted with them for longer, and we often do things together. But, if they were separate things, I would be even happier!

“That’s right, you can’t not pay attention to Rias-senpai and Asia-san. You pervert!”

Kusaka-san didn’t say that as an insult, but said that to me with a playful tone. Yura moved her face closer to me, and asked me in a whisper

“…Anyway, of the girls in the Gremory peerage, does Hyoudou like a particular one?”

“Eh? A-Ah, regardless of whether it’s buchou, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, or Xenovia, I like them all? Rossweisse-san is also a bishoujo that I like. What’s wrong…?”

She suddenly asked that sort of a question…. Yura and Kusaka-san sighed simultaneously.

“That really is…they really have bad luck.”

“That’s right…this might be even more excessive than our Gen-chan.”

W-What the hell, making that kind of response! The two of them looked at me in amazement!

“Yes, there’s also something I’ve noticed that I want to understand…”

“Ah, I also wanted to ask Hyoudou-kun about that clearly. Say, Hyoudou-kun—”

The two of them moved even closer! W-What do they want to ask this time? Please don’t ask any more about my personal feelings! As I was feeling more confused, the two of them said

“In the end”

“Hyoudou and Kiba”

““Who’s the attacker and who’s the receiver?””


For an instant, I didn’t understand what they were saying. After I understood it, I immediately trembled and then shouted back

“Kiba and I haven’t done that kind of thing!”

These girls, they’ve already been corrupted…! I really couldn’t stand it any longer!

Part 4[edit]

A few days after that, during Saji’s sick leave, I was busy doing various things after school every day with the Sitri peerage as a member of the Student Council. Normally, I couldn’t speak very well with the Student Council members while they were working, but their appearances when doing so was quite fresh, and we all chatted and laughed quite casually whilst working. After talking to the strict Shinra-senpai, Hanakai-san, and Nimura-san, I realised that they weren’t particularly fearsome people, they were simply born as rather scrupulous girls. Honestly, there were so many girls who were willing to talk to me seriously about things, and it kind of touched me. Tomorrow, Saji would be reinstated, following his recovery. My assistance would end today. These past few days, although I went through a lot because I did a lot of work for the first time that I was unfamiliar with, I felt fairly happy about it! After finishing the work for today with a slight sense of loneliness, I returned to the Student Council Office and saw — a huge cake!

“T-This cake is…?”

I couldn’t help asking that. Ah, looking closely, on top of the cake, it had ‘Thanks for your hard work, Hyoudou Issei-kun’ written on it! Sona-kaichou walked out from behind the cake.

“This is the cake that was specially prepared for Hyoudou-kun.”

What! This cake was prepared for me!

“In order to express our gratitude for your work in substituting for Saji, I made this cake.”

What! There was actually a special surprise at the very end! That strict Sona-kaichou actually made a cake herself! It was also made just for me! Ah, even my tears are coming out! As a serious student of the Student Council, she actually prepared something like this for me at the end, it was really quite touching! While I felt joy, the faces of the girls of the Student Council beside me became pale. Kusaka-san asked kaichou

“T-This was made by kaichou personally?”

“Ehh, that’s right.”

Kaichou’s reply caused Yura, who was beside me to cover her face, and with a difficult expression, she said

“How can this be….”

W-What happened…?

Shinra-senpai also tried to explain towards the gazes which seemed to be blaming her.

“I, I tried to stop it…”

…Hearing these words, I felt somewhat uneasy; kaichou calmly cut the cake, and then placed a slice onto a small plate and handed it to me.

“Come, Hyoudou-kun, please use it.”

She even gave me a fork. It would be bad if I didn’t eat it. But, it appeared to be a top-class chocolate cake… I didn’t quite understand, but said


And then placed the cake into my mouth. Then—.


What spread within my mouth was — pain!? Ouch! Hot! Bitter! Various different flavours were melded together within my mouth! What on earth was this!? Cake!? It didn’t have the taste that a cake should! Having said that, I couldn’t even taste the slightest bit of sweetness! What was this rough sensation which was left on my tongue!? Looking closely, it appeared to be made of whipped cream! It didn’t taste like chocolate at all! So what was the black stuff that was in the cake!? Was this really edible!? ‘crick crack’ and ‘kara kara’ noises were made between my teeth, they were noises which definitely weren’t made when eating a cake! It was unpalatable! No matter how it was explained, it was simply inedible! How could such an incredibly difficult to eat cake exist!? As kaichou’s friend, Rias-buchou’s cakes were definitely much more delicious! Where would one even learn the knowledge and skill to make such a cake!? My face turned pale as I tried to hold back the urge to throw up, my eyes became watery, and beads of cold sweat were perspiring all over my body. Kusaka-san whispered in my ear

“Hyoudou-kun! You have to endure and finish eating it! Kaichou’s self-made cakes have the power to kill people! She’s a genius who uses various ridiculous ingredients to bake cakes which only appear to be highly delicious! Kaichou bakes cakes whenever she’s in a good mood, and she’ll suffer a great blow when she finds out that it’s not to our tastes!”

Yura also whispered into my ear

“Kaichou is unexpectedly very slim! She thinks that she’s very good at making sweets! Genshirou always endures every time until he’s finished! Also, because kaichou’s older sister really likes the taste of her cakes, if you break her heart, that Maou will come to condemn you!”

Is that for real!? This is very difficult! This is really too difficult, Sitri sisters! Leviathan-sama actually likes this taste! What is wrong with those sisters’ sense of taste!? Anyway, you’re too respectful Saji! You can actually eat this cake with a forced smile!? This has the power to kill a Dragon King — no, it’s a cake which has the power to kill a Heavenly Dragon!


Kaichou was silently staring at me! Not good! At this rate, finishing this cake would be a million times better than being attacked by that Maou! And this was also specially made for me by kaichou! T-There was no choice but to continue eating!

“Thank you very much! I’ll be digging in then! Fuahhh!”

I took a deep breath, and began my attack against the massive cake! Seeing my like this, the girls in the Student Council trembled as they shed tears.

“You’re too fierce, Hyoudou!”

“Ahh, Hyoudou-kun is so cool like this!”

Although such praise constantly came from them towards me, I was no longer in the mood to respond….

Part 5[edit]

That night, because of my stomach’s incredible discomfort, buchou looked after me. …That cake was really too harsh on the digestive system. Buchou smiled wryly as she told me

“You actually ate an entire cake that Sona made…. That girl, she’s on a destructive level when it comes to baking cakes.”

Yes, it really was destruction class. Afterwards, when Saji found out about what happened, he sent me a short message.

“Thank you for taking my place in doing the Student Council’s work. I also give my sincere respect to you for eating that kind of cake.”

Ah, I really ate that entire cake, Saji…. I also can’t help but admire you, since you still have to continue to eat that kind of cake. Buchou gently caressed my head, while I lay down to rest atop the bed.

“Anyway, you’ve worked hard, Ise.”

Ah, just receiving this person’s care and consolation makes me feel as though it really was a good thing that I was able to go over to help the Student Council. I also had a deeper understanding of the Student Council members, so it was quite a great gain. However, I really wouldn’t want to eat that kind of cake a second time!

Life.3 Let's go with Training[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I’ve been having these thoughts quite a bit lately.

If someone who is not a member of the ORC comes to visit the club room, it usually is the beginning of some annoying shenanigans that we unwillingly participate in.

One day, the person who came and visited the club room was from the Kuoh academy primary school division… A primary school boy…

He was a lively boy, wearing Khou academy’s uniform short. He had spiky hair and there was a sense of arrogance in his eyes. Judging from his height, he seems to be around 5th or 6th grade.

Although he seems to be a bit nervous, he gave his greetings enthusiastically.

“N-Nice to meet you! I’m Hoderi Yuukihiko! I’m Kuoh academy’s 6th Grade! I’ve come here with an introduction from Sitri Sona-san. Pleased to meet you!”

When the boy bowed his head quickly, Buchou nodded her head and spoke,

“Yes, I did hear the story from Sona.”

I then asked Buchou.

“…. As he knows the Kaichou’s real name, he must be a human who knows our true identity.”

The fact that the members of ORC are either Devils or an Angel is a secret to normal students here. Instead of her real name, kaichou also goes by the name of [Shitori Souna] in the human world. The fact is that not only did he address kaichou with her real name [Sitri Sona], but he also came here with an introduction from her. It’s safe to say that he knows of our real identity.

As expected, Buchou nodded her head and confirmed it.

“He’s from a prestigious family that handles and collects Holy and Spirit swords.”

So he’s from such a family. There are quite a few people from the student council that has a similar background. Just then, some questions then came into my mind.

“So they had humans from those areas in the Elementary School division as well!” I said. We also have the captain of the tennis club, Abe-senpai, who also is a Beast Tamer, in the High school division. She also knows that we are Devils.

“There are many people of these backgrounds in each faculty of Kuoh academy who attend this school while hiding their identity.” Akeno-san answered my question.

Oh ho, so our school takes in people of special background. Well, this school is realistically under Gremory’s control so that kind of thing must be possible, especially since Gremory can get the benefits by interacting with special humans.

…I can understand that, but why did he come and visit us?

Buchou started the conversation.

“Hodori Yuukihiko-kun. From what I heard from Sona, you came and visited us to have your [debut]?”

When Buchou asked, the boy… Hoderi Yuukihiko nodded his head enthusiastically.

“In our household, as part of rite of passage, everyone participate in a real battle when they turn twelve with the opponent being mystical beings…either Youkai or Devils. Both my older brother and sister all had their rite of passage at my age, but… they said only I won’t be doing it…!”

Although he’s got a polite tone to his voice for his age, I can sense some anger in his voice. It seem like he’s got a lot of pent-up anger… or more like dissatisfaction.

“So your brother and sister are already engaged in house activities then?”

When Buchou asked him, Hodori Yuukihiko nodded his head,

“Yes. My brothers and sisters are all doing their duties faithfully. But…”

He showed some dissatisfaction on his face and pouted.

“Maybe because I’m the youngest, people in the house kept saying things like [As long as you don’t cause trouble for others, you can do whatever you want.]… And since it cost money for the rite of passage, they are saying that they won’t do it… To say that they allow my brother and sister to do it, but not me; don’t you think it’s unfair? Even if my brother and sister are much better than me, it’s so unfair!”

Ah, now he’s acting more like his age.

In a nutshell, this kid wants to take the rite of passage, but his parents are satisfied with his brother and sister since they are doing fine with the household tradition. Therefore, they are saying [do as you wish] to the youngest.

Kiba is looking at the luggage that Hoderi Yuukihiko was holding, a sword pouch.

“That sword of yours is….”

When he heard Kiba’s words, he grabbed his pouch.

“Ah, you mean this?” He then opened the bag….

A katana in its sheath came out; I can feel chills just by looking at it….

This, what is this? I get the same feeling as when I see Holy Swords and Holy Spears. It’s giving a vibe that we shouldn’t even touch it.

“This is the Holy Spirit Sword, [Totsuka-no-Tsurugi].”

Oh, so this is the Japanese Style Holy Sword! But instead of looking like a katana, it looks more like an ancient sword. Xenovia reacted when she looked at the sword.

“Holy Sword wielder, so you are the Holy Sword Samurai Boy.”

“Xenovia, that Japanese is wrong.”

“It’s my first time meeting a samurai!”

Irina scolded Xenovia and Asia is excited. It seems like the foreign members of our club have the wrong perception of a samurai! “Holy Sword Samurai Boy” is a bit…

“If you talk about the Japanese Holy Sword, [Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi] is quite famous.” Akeno-san said.

Ah, that’s the sword Buchou spoke of during the Holy Sword incident. Hoderi Yuukihiko spoke after hearing Akeno-san,

“You mean Murakumo? According to rumours, it got broken into half during a certain incident. They said that it was a real pain to fix it.”

It broke! Just like the Excalibur, every legendary Holy Swords just break so easily like that!

The wielder of Durandal is also a power idiot by the name of Xenovia… it seems like the fate of the legendary Holy Swords is to get utilised in a rough way…

“Totsuka-no-Tsurugi is also quite famous right?” when Buchou asked, the kid nodded his head.

“There were several Totsuka-no-Tsurugi from the ancient times and this is one of them.”

“Is it alright to let the youngest son keep hold of it?”

“Yes, my parents said [As long as you don’t use it for evil deeds or get it stolen, it is fine]. If those things do happen, I need to take responsibility so I think they were implying to guard it with my own life.”

Such a free spirited household! If you are a person from the household that handles Holy Swords, shouldn’t you take care of it more?!

I was thinking on such a matter in my mind, but Rossweisse-san then asked Buchou to further confirm the situation.

“So regarding the rite of passage, as per Hoderi Yuukihiko-kun’s request, how will the [debut] battle with the mystical beings happen in the end?”

That’s right. This is a problem of either accepting or denying the request. Since we are Devils, if we decide to accept the request, we need to be compensated accordingly.

…But the client is a primary school kid. Won’t it be too much to ask for monetary compensation?

“If it’s fine, I will give one of my Holy Swords from my house as compensation, but I can’t give away the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi.”

He said it so casually! Really?!Is it alright to hand over something like a Holy Sword that easily?

Buchou put her hand on her chin and tilted her head slightly

“Hmm, we are going to be paid for this, but we need to think about how this rite of passage will happen for a bit.”

Oh ho. Mystical beings…but how can we help with the rite of passage which involves fighting with mystical beings? It seems Buchou is thinking about that problem. Well, letting us fight against this kid is a simple answer, but…

“…if anyone is to fight us, they must be incredibly strong… You’ve got no experience fighting mystical beings before right?”

When Kiba asked, Hoderi Yuukihiko nodded his head. Kiba made an awkward expression and scratched his cheeks.

As Kiba have said, including Buchou, our [King], we have all become stronger and stronger through fierce battle. I am the Sekiryuutei, Buchou has the Power of Destruction, Akeno-san is Priestess of Thunder and Light, Kiba is the Wielder of Holy-Demonic Sword, Xenovia is the Wielder of Durandal, Rossweisse-san is talented in counterattacking magic while also being a former Valkyrie and Gasper contains a Scared Gear that stops time. Koneko, who’s sitting on my lap, is also able to use senjutsu and is strong enough to take on a fair amount of opponents and render them useless. Irina is also a reincarnated angel under Michael-sama’s guidance.

To fight against people like us… if I was in that boy’s shoes, I will definitely refuse! Everyone’s a monster!

“….Then, Asia-senpai?” Koneko tilted her head and said that!

“Kuu! A-Are you telling me to fight that Holy Sword wielder?!” Asia is shocked! Xenovia put her arm around Asia’s shoulder and nodded her head.

“Asia, this is all for this young swordsman. If he fights us, he’ll lose his confidence. Show him your power. Well, at least just pretend.”

“[Bishop] Asia-chan might be a very good opponent indeed! Ah, God must also see your sacrificial mentality very fondly! Don’t worry! If it seems it might get rough, Xenovia and I will help you.”

“Of course! If Asia is about to be in deep trouble, I’ll help you with my Durandal!”

Xenovia and Irina are saying such ridiculous things! Having been involved, Asia is making a worried expression and got antsy!

Oi, you two! What are you doing making Asia, who’s not even our front fighter, taking such a job! Asia, who’s very earnest, will take this job very seriously to the point that she’d be prepared to die! Not only that, isn’t the idea of two former church fighters joining fight against an primary school child very immature?!

“In the end, I guess we need to ask someone of similar calibre or summon someone who’s similar?” Rossweisse-san said calmly. I was thinking that this was the only way while going through suitable opponents in my head.

Suddenly, the door to the club room flew open!

“I heard the story! Leave it to me!”

The person who entered the room confidently was Azazel-sensei! His face was shining! This guy must have been hiding somewhere and was listening to us in secret!

Striding in, sensei spoke to Buchou in an energetic voice.

“I’ve got a great idea!”


Buchou and Akeno-san both rejected at the same time. Both are giving him a suspicious glance without any hesitation! Sensei obviously will think of something stupid, no one will allow him to go through with it! I would also deny the request!

“You probably made something weird again?” I said to sensei as I sighed. But sensei, ignoring our concerned expressions, just cracked his knuckles.

“Fufu. Soon, you will regret what you said. Coincidentally, the devil side and I are doing a joint project developing something fun.”

Saying such a thing, sensei takes a file out of his pocket.

“Look closely! This is a project briefing for [Azazel Quest]! Using the Devil’s technologies, the Game Field, we are creating an RPG area! The technicians from the Devil’s side are all joining the project: left, right and centre! Through the introduction from Sirzechs, we are also getting help from the technicians from Ajuka Beelzebub, who are providing us with the technology! Current Beelzebub is very talented in creating games like this!”

I skim-read the proposal I got from sensei.

…to explain briefly, this [Azazel Quest] is using entire Game Field and provide adventure-type experience. It’s experience RPG where within the massive field, there are things such as villages, caves, towers, and you become a player, who venture through the area. Of course, it says that monsters appear during the adventure. To put it simple, it’s an open-field RPG.

Oi! Sensei, what are you making with the Devils?! This thing, does it even help the Underworld at all?! It just seems like the people from the two factions are just making this for fun?!

Sensei took another proposal, and gave it to Hoderi Yuukihiko. When he saw it, his face brightened up and showed interest!

“Wow! This isn’t bad! It seems like fun! You can also fight against monsters right?”

When he asked, sensei made an arrogant expression and nodded his head.

“Of course! It’s an RPG game which can be experienced first-person, you can go on an adventure with your comrades and defeat the evil Dragon King!”

“I would like to use this game as my Rite of Passage! Everyone! Please participate in this game with me!”

Oh, his face is shining brightly… he’s reading the proposal carefully with an innocent look in his eyes… Since we always got into trouble at sensei’s expense, this proposal looked like a contract given to us by the Grim Reaper. Well, he is the Governor General of the Fallen Angels who lives in the Underworld!

Sensei asked Hoderi Yuukihiko while putting his hand on his shoulder.

“So then boy! I’ll take it that you will be playing this game then?”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

“Okay! Pick the three roles that your comrades will have from this list! Then we will take care of the participants from our end!”

“Yes! Wow~ comrades! Knights, wizards, and priestesses….”

Haaaa….. This kid, he’s looking at the proposal again, this is getting out of hand… Placing her hand on her forehead, Buchou sighed and asked me.

“…I’ll leave the rest to you, Ise.”

When I heard Buchou, my eyes nearly popped out! I got sucked into something stupid again! Every time I get caught up in this type of disaster, I end up nearly dead always!

“….Good luck.”

Koneko was cheering me up while sitting on my lap, but…

This is how I was forced into participating in the game that Azazel-sensei created….

Part 2[edit]

Next holiday.

I headed out to the field where [Azazel Quest] is being held, teleporting straight from the Hyoudou Residence. In front of my eyes, a huge wilderness appears and looking from the top of the hill, I can see some villages far away. There are also forests and mountains appearing out from the ground….

It’s quite a huge place, just like a game of open world. How large have they made this RPG experience?

I’m the only one standing on the meadow. None of the other people from my peerage came with me since sensei asked only me to come here. It seems like the others are part of this game in another way or are not part of this game at all. Participating in a game that sensei created on my free day… I’m sure this won’t end well!

When I was sulking inside, someone approached me.

“Ah, you are Gremory-senpai’s…”

When I turned around, I saw Hoderi Yuukihiko wielding a sword as well as wearing a light-armour… Oh, he looks just like a Hero from the RPG game and it looks quite real since he’s also wearing a cape as well.

As usual, I’m wearing the Khou academy uniform, but this can be considered more like a Gremory uniform at this point.

“You are Hoderi Yuukihiko-kun.”

“Please, call me Yuukihiko.”

“I realised that we haven’t been introduced formally. I’m Hyoudou Issei, call me Ise.”

“Yes, Ise-senpai. Please, take care of me today.”

We shook each other’s hands. Well, he doesn’t seem to be a bad kid. Since he’s this innocent, he’s been tricked into participating in this game by sensei. To be honest, we haven’t been ‘tricked’ yet, but it’s inevitable we’ll be ‘tricked’ by sensei, the source of all evil! Does this kid even know that sensei is the Governor General of the Fallen Angels? Most likely he wasn’t told of that yet… Hmm, I wonder if telling him the truth is a good idea… As I was thinking that, I heard a voice coming from above.

[Welcome to Azazel Quest! I am your narrator, Azazel! While playing the game, please brighten your room and play as far away from your television as you can!]

...So, you are the narrator. From the tone of your voice, it seems like you are having fun. He’s also saying a bunch of random things!

“Oi~ sensei, what’s my role? A party member?” I pointed at myself and asked towards the sky.

[Ah~ you aren’t a Party Member, but just a companion. As such, you don’t have to do anything. If something happens, just sort it out with best of your abilities. Hmm, like a debugger? No, more like a solution provider?]

A debugger?! A solution provider?! So if something unexpected happens, he’s asking me to solve it?! This game is in development right?! Oioioi~! So my role is not as a test player?! Ignoring my thinking regarding the bleak future ahead of us, sensei continued.

[As requested earlier by the kid… No, the Hero, we have assembled the party members! Now, let’s introduce them! First, the Priestess!]

With the voice announced from above, the magic circle appeared in front of us and it was a teleportation circle. It looks like the party member is using that to jump to our location.

After the light has disappeared, the priestess that appeared in front of us was Asia!

Wearing a nun’s outfit as usual, Asia stepped out of the magic circle!

[Priestess Asia!] The voice from above announced. So she’s the priestess then!

“P-Please, take care of me well today! I’ll do my best to accomplish the role sensei has entrusted me!”

Asia is full of spirit. Whatever happens, I’ll protect you! I must do my best so that my precious Asia doesn’t get hurt by this game created by the evil sensei! Wait, he places a real nun as the priestess in the game! It is true that Asia is our healer though!

[Next is the Wizard!]

The voice from above announced and another teleportation circle came out. And the person that came out is…!

“Hello~! I’m the Wizard, Levi-tan~☆”

The person that came out was Serafall Leviathan-sama!!!

No way?! Really?! Why is Leviathan-sama participating in this garbage of a game?! While I was confused, another party member is appearing in front of us! Another teleportation circle appeared!

[Last person… is this guy!]

Pst! With a bright light emitting from the circle, the person that came out was… a man in a special Hero costume!

“Hahahahahaha! I am Satan Red from the Satan Rangers, titled the Clown”


My mouth was wide open as soon as I saw the person that appeared in front of us…

And right after, I was shocked! No way! It’s Sirzech-samaaaaaa! I met Satan Red before! I fought him! Sirzech-sama went berserk while wearing that costume! He is fitting of the title [Clown] as well, logical choice sensei!

“Is it really okay to have Clown in the party?” when I asked Hoderi Yuukihiko the question…

“Ah, I thought playing is also important in an adventure.”… He replied as such! I want to decline this kind of ‘play’! He’ll experience what it means to ‘play’ to these two today until he’s sick of it! Buchou’s brother and Kaichou’s sister are outrageous!

When I was pulling my hair, The Maous greeted each other.

“Ara, it’s Satan Red ☆”

“Fufufu, so you are the Magical☆Girl Levi-tan. Let’s do our best today. By the way, I’m the Clown today!”

“I’m also a Wizard today ☆ Ufufufu, both you and I got invited to quite an interesting game ☆. I’ve always wanted to participate in a game that Ajuka made! Apparently this game has a very slight note of the System, so I was looking forward to this!”

“Same here. Even if he got some notes from things Ajuka was experimenting on… To be able to create such an original work… Azazel is also a genius at creating these kinds of games.”

Looks like the two maous are enjoying themselves.

Hey, Clown! Wizard! Oioioi! Sensei, why did you invite these people as Hoderi Yuukihiko’s party member!

[Hmm, now that everyone is here, I shall explain the details.]

Don’t just go off in this kind of situation! So is this it?! Did you tempt the two maous with your position? They must then come, right? Those two, who loves these kinds of stuffs, will happily agree with sensei’s suggestions!

[It’s simple. Just venture around the field today. Level up by defeating the enemy and clear the game by defeating the final Dragon King!]

Sensei was explaining the details, but….

[By the way, from this game’s system, if the boy’s level is 5, Asia is about 20.]

Oh, that seems quite fair. Asia’s healing ability is top notch, it must be around that.

[And Wizard and Clown’s levels are 5000. Well, it seems alright.]

“What did you just say?! Only those two are different from us, more like they are out of this world! Not only the final boss, but they seem like they are able to one shot the hidden boss that you can encounter after clearing the game! Why are these two travelling in the first place?!”

Well, even if their levels are fair enough, for a beginner that level is ridiculously high! It’s at a level where you can basically do anything! They can even achieve peace without breaking a sweat!

[Now, Hero and his company! Go defeat the Dragon King and bring peace to this world!] After the voice from above said that, the adventure begins! We can also hear the opening theme tune that doesn’t sound half bad!

“Hero, let’s go on an adventure together today!”

“Let’s go and destroy that Dragon King thing ☆”

“I-I’ll do my best too!”

Clown Satan Red, Wizard Levi-tan, and Priestess Asia all said to Hoderi Yuukihiko. It seems like he’s also excited. He pulled out his Totsuka-no-Tsurugi and pointed into the sky.

“Yes! I will also do my best as a Hero today!”

Ah, he’s full of spirit… and I have to follow these guys around as a person in charge of sorting out problems when they occur…. I wonder what roles others got…?

And thus, I accompanied the World-destruction level party consisting of the apprentice Hero, the Priestess, the wizard (Maou) and clown (Maou).

Part 3[edit]

A few minutes later after walking in the field.

[Slime has appeared]

With an announcement, a magic circle appeared in front of us, and a group of monsters made out of slime came out!

Ah, so this is how the monsters appear and we begin the adventure with slime monsters for beginners.

The hero, Hoderi Yuukihiko, pulled out his sword and charged into the group of monsters.


Slash! And like that, he defeated the group of monsters easily with his Holy Spirit Sword.

[20 points of damage given to the Slime monster. You have defeated the Slime monster.]

So he tells us the damage as well. It’s both fun and annoying at the same time…

Anyway, our Hero is quite skilled with his sword. He’s not at the level of Kiba or Xenovia, but against normal monsters, it seems like he can deal with it without any problems. Seeing him defeating the Slime monsters, Wizard Levi-tan stepped into the front and held her wand out.

“Hero-kun, not bad! I can’t lose here! Go, Fire Shot!”

Pssst! Bright light came out from the end of the wand and…

BOOOOOOOM! Making a loud shock that can be felt from all over the field, the Hellfire rained from all over the place. With the surroundings turning into a sea of fire, the area turned into hell.

….When the fire died out, the field was burnt to the ground! Did you destroy the entire meadows just to kill one Slime monster?! Maou-sama, if you don’t control your powers, this entire game field will be destroyed!

[63 million points of damage given to the Slime monster. You have defeated the Slime monster.]

We heard the announcement! I don’t think I’ve heard that kind of number before in an RPG?! What did this slime monster do to deserve such a massive damage given by that attack?!

“Hm, not bad, wizard. You destroyed that slime monster easily with a beginner spell.”

And then our Clown, Sirzech-sama stood in front of the slime monster!

“I can’t lose here! I will show you the circus of Clown!”

A few circular shaped spheres of destruction formed on his hand. Those spheres floated all over the ground! This is one of Sirzech-sama’s ultimate magic! It’s something that even my magic didn’t work on!

“I spin around these mysterious spheres like I’m juggling them and I aim at the enemy. Then…”

Ping! The spheres of destruction easily eliminated the slime monster!

“Oh, amazing! The enemy is gone without a trace as if I performed a magic trick!”

[Gone without a trace] my ass! That wasn’t a magic trick since he destroyed the enemy using the power of destruction! He is just like Clown! He can win the whole game just by fooling around! How strong is that slime monster for Maou to need to use an ultimate magic on them!

If we are accompanied by two Maous, how evil did they set the Dragon King to be?! I beg of the Dragon King to just not be greedy and just live his life in the Deep Mountain quietly! Two beings with tremendous power are on their move to kill you! I, however, do know it’s foolish to say these kinds of things in the game!

Ba baba ba! [9]

Suddenly, a trumpet melody came out from the sky! W-What’s going on?! I was confused and looked up at the sky and when I did…

[Wizard and Clown’s Level have gone up! Wizard and Clown’s levels are now 5001!]

Level up?! Just by killing a Slime monster?! Wait a second! What was the exp point of the Slime monster caught by those two which justifies the levelling up of the Maous from level 5000?!

[That is all.]

What! So the Maous levelled up from level 5000 but Hero being a level 5 and the Priestess being a level 20 have not levelled up?! This game, what is going on here?! This game smells like garbage!

“I don’t think I’m needed in this party!” Asia exclaimed! Yes, that is right! Let’s just look and observe this game from the side with me! The situation is getting so out of hand to the point that I am getting a headache.

“Wizard and Clown are stronger than I expect! I now know how weak I am.” The Hero was discouraged a little bit! No, for your first fight, you’ve done very well! You shouldn’t compare your skills with those two! The Wizard and Clown over there are the strongest in the world!

With that, the first battle ended with a terribly balanced match. Afterwards, various monsters appeared as we ventured through the field, but they are all defeated with our Hero’s swift attack and attacks at the level of world destruction from the Wizard and Clown.

During our adventure, we decided to visit a village. The wooden houses were built in a line and the villager in simple clothes walked towards…. Hey! I was shocked when I saw the villager!

“This is the Kara Village.” The person who said so is Xenovia!

“Xenovia! Y-You’ve got the role as a villager?” I asked as such, but…

“This is the Kara village. I am to keep saying this by order from sensei so I’m simply just repeating the [This is the Kara Village]. This is the Kara Village.” Xenovia was repeating the phrases like an NPC from a real RPG.

For a person from a Gremory to take the role of a villager… wait, she’s holding Durendal! Why is swordswoman, who wields the ultimate holy sword, just introducing a village?! If she’s one of the villagers, normal monsters won’t even dare to attack this village! No, just come with us!

“The village seems quite fully fledged. I would like to get some weapons!” Our little Hero wandered around the village and went inside a shop that has a sword mark on its sign. We’ve got enough money to buy some weapons. When we defeated the monsters, they turned into coins on the spot. Well, it seems it is part of the game system. We followed our Hero inside…

“Welcome, what weapon are you looking for?”

The person who greeted us was… the handsome shopkeeper, Kiba!

“I will prepare any Holy swords or Demonic swords you request.”

After saying this, he produced multiple swords! This place is ridiculous! Kiba, who can produce any Holy or Demonic swords at will, is running a weapon store in the first village! Will he make us some Holy-Demonic swords if we ask?!

“I would like an Ice Demonic sword ☆. I think a wizard with a weapon does not seem too bad.”

“Then I’ll get the Fire Demonic sword. I haven’t been in combat lately so I feel that I’m lacking in my offensive ability.”

Wizard Levi-tan and Clown Satan Red said something so ridiculous and requested the Demonic Swords! You guys, you guys don’t need such things! You guys have got enough power to destroy the world! It’ll have the opposite effect and reduce your attacking damage point!

Just like that, our Hero party have purchased our weapons from the first village. When we got back onto the field, we encountered a cave while making our way slashing the monsters and we decided to venture into the cave. We advanced through the cave with ease, defeating the monsters inside it… Since we’ve got two Maous, we can just relax and chill!

The problem that I need to worry about constantly is the possibility of us being caved in due to the attacks of Wizard and Clown. It can lead to a cave in accident so I just want to avoid that.

“It’s been a while since I made a sphere of destruction this small.” Satan Red, who’s making small tiny spheres from the tip of his fingers, is sending it off towards the enemy and…

“It’s quite hard controlling my powers ☆”

Levi-tan who’s freezing the enemy while tilting her head! Even the monsters inside the cave are ravaged by the two maous!

During the adventure, we also found a treasure chest and got some kind of herb but since we’ve got Asia, we won’t need it. Also, since Wizard and Clown are so strong, no one in the party received any damage! Sensei, the balance in this game totally collapsed!

When we went deeper into the cave, we arrived at quite a spacious area. It feels like the boss is about to come out and as soon as I thought that, we heard a voice.

[Lizardman has appeared.]

There was an announcement that tells us that a monster is appearing! Lizardman? Lizard man hybrid? Or Lizard monster?

When I was imagining a humanoid lizard, the thing that showed itself from the depth of the cave was…

Thump Thump!

The thing that showed itself with footsteps that rumble the whole cave is a monster with a huge body! it has huge arms and legs, the magnificent figure of a Dragon! It’s not a Lizardman! Before I complain, I’m quite familiar with this Dragon who’s got the role of Lizardman!

“…..I-I am L-Lizardman…” the Dragon who’s saying that shyly was… Old man Tannin!

“O-Old man! N-No way, why is the old man doing a thing such as Lizardman…”

“Oh, it’s been awhile, Hyoudou Issei. Well, I’ve been requested by General Azazel to help a boy turn into a man. But once I got here… he said my role is this.”

It’s too extravagant! The Lizardman is a former Dragon King! This isn’t a humanoid lizard at all! This is a fully fledged Dragon! Dragon King as well!

[This is a crucial event that only the Hero must fight! Others do not step into fight! Now, Hero! Defeat the Lizardman!]

We heard from the sky! My god! Leaving the weaklings to the two Maous, but leaving the old man, Tannin, to the Hero alone?!

“…..I-I’m scared. But this Lizardman must be nothing like all the weaklings we fought until now! I will do my best as a hero!”

Hero Hoderi Yuukihiko, pulled his Totsuka-no-Tsurugi out and charged! No, no, no! This kid, since everyone in the party is so strong, he thinks that he got stronger as well! That’s delusional! Your opponent is an ultimate class Dragon!

However, the Kid Hero, unexpectedly, is fighting against the old man Tannin with fast movements combined with impressive sword skills. Even the old man exclaimed [Oh ho] quietly when he saw Hoderi Yuukihiko’s sword skills.

“As expected from a human from the family that handles the Spirit/holy swords, it seems like you’ve been trained well in swordsmanship. However…”

When the old man swung his arms around, Hoderi Yuukihiko got flown back by the wind that was generated.

“You still lack real experience. Okay, I will train you today! Go back after engraving the fear of Dragon into your heart today!” Ah…the old man’s switch got flipped on. I know all about this since I’ve been trained by him all summer. Once he’s like that, he doesn’t stop until either the opponent is about to die or until he’s satisfied.

“Uuuuuu He just said he’s a Dragon! Wasn’t he a Lizardman?!”

Our Hero was swinging his sword while crying his eyes out! Well, it’s good enough that he’s not running away, he’s got strong will. I can understand why that old man wants to train him.

“Hmm, do your best boy.”

“The fight against Tannin will be a great experience ☆. Real battle experience is all about quality and not the quantity of the fight ♪”

Both Clown and Wizard are nodding their head and are watching the growth of the kid… if you think about it, you’ve got two current Maous as your comrades, your opponent is former Dragon King and the Governor General of the Fallen Angels are looking over him. Isn’t that a glorious experience…? Well, that kid wanted a battle against mystical beings so by the end, even if I thought this game is total rubbish, this kid would have gained a valuable experience.

“Asia, when Yuukihiko is about to die, heal him please.”


The support is also perfect. Even to me who’s just observing the situation, this situation was great for training the kid and so, I decided to just look from the side.

Part 4[edit]


The elementary school Hero was totally knocked out as if his spirit was gone from his body. He managed to fight the old man Tannin for an hour. The old man went easy on him and Asia also healed him whenever necessary but seeing him fighting against a former Dragon King for an hour, his physical fitness must be in great shape and his future looks very bright.

After placing him on my back, we exited the cave. We continued the game, and made our way to the [Dragon King Tower] where our final boss, the Dragon King, resides.

Well, since we’ve got two maous, the battle won’t be too hard and they are indeed happily fighting against the enemy. These two maous seems like they are enjoying the game.

When we climbed up the mountain, we reached a stone tower and while defeating the weaklings…


Four enemies blocked our paths.

“We are the Four Heavenly Guardians who serve the Dragon King!”

The people that appeared while saying that was… Irina, Rossweisse-san, Koneko and a cardboard box! The front line consists of Irina, who had her halo and Angel wings out, Rossweisse-san, who is in her usual Valkyrie uniform, Koneko, who is wearing Khou academy uniform, and a cardboard box. That box must be Gasper. Irina spoke in voice that seems like she’s enjoying herself.

“Fufufu! You guys have managed to come all the way here! I am one of the Four Heavenly Guardian, the Angel of Love and Hope, Irina!”

“I am one of the Four Heavenly Guardian Battle Valkyrie, Rossweisse. I was hired for 5000 yens.”

“…. Just like them, I am one of the Four Heavenly Guardian, the Queen of the White Tiger, Heaven Cat. By the way, our character names have all been decided by sensei.”

“Woof…… I-I am also fitting for the Four Heavenly Guardians, the Vampire Box of Darkness.”

The Four Heavenly Guardians… are all people from the ORC! Not only that, their names are also terrible! Irina has a nickname that’s not even fitting for an evil army, and Gasper is just a cardboard box! Vampire Box of Darkness?! The name just sounds like it came from some kind of shitty urban legend!

Gasper seems like he’s always appeared in these kind of event in a cardboard box!

“Now, Hero! If you wish to fight the Dragon King, you must defeat… W-Wait, the Kid Hero, has he fainted?”

The enthusiastic Irina was confused having realised our situation. The kid Hero is still unconscious and still on my back.

“And even if it’s us, fighting against the maous is a bit… I don’t think 5000 yen can cut it.”

Observing our party, Rossweisse-san frowned. How much are you willing to accept to fight the maous then?!

[Ah, then let the Hero fight on his own again.]

The voice from above spoke like it didn’t care! Sensei, you are bored aren’t you?! Seriously, what a disrespectful developer you are!

But since we got all the way here, I should wake him up. I put our Hero down and slapped his cheeks.

“Oi, Hero, we got to the final dungeon~ The Four Heavenly Guardians have appeared~”

“…Ugh.. Woah… W-What?”

Well, he’s awake now. Since Asia healed his wounds, the rest depends on his will and his strength. Although his strength must have reached rock bottom after fighting the old man, Tannin, let’s swing your sword against the Four Heavenly Guardians at least once now that we’ve reached all the way here.

After realising what’s happening, he grabbed his sword and charged at them with a tearful expression on his face! As expected, he’s struggling against the Four Heavenly Guardians. Our club members are considerably stronger compared to normal Devils…

“Uuuuuuu! I didn’t know how strong mystical beings wereeeeeee!”

Hoderi Yuukihiko fought back his tears and shouted. Hey, there are skill levels within mystical beings. All the boss battles you’ve been fighting are all High Level Devils.

But since normally, people don’t get this kind of opportunity, we all thought this will be a good experience for Hoderi Yuukihiko so we decided to just watch the fight.


This time, the Hero’s spirit seems to be totally sucked out of his body. He was drooling all over the place and his eyes were also flipped. He was so broken that he didn’t even give us a reaction when I slapped his cheeks. Well, he did fight against those four for half an hour so I think you’ve fought well even if they were going easy on him. Even then, for a kid from primary school to fight this well, it’s very impressive. As expected from a kid that came from the family that handles Spirit Swords.

The only enemy left is the Dragon King, our final boss but…. Isn’t it safe to say that The Rite of Passage, requested by the kid to fight against the mystical being, was already achieved successfully?

Even then, since we got all the way here, we should see the face of the final boss at least once.

After climbing all the way to the top, we arrived in front of a lavishly decorated throne.

The person who was sitting on the throne had a scary-looking armour…. Saji?! Saji, no, the Dragon King, saw us and stood up while starting to laugh.

“Hahahahaha! I am the Dragon King of Darkness Vritra! Hahahahaha!”

Oh ho, he’s quite excited I see. But Saji as a final boss huh. The Dragon King of Darkness Vritra…

“Heroes! You have managed to arrive here! But for you to defeat me is….” When he was shouting out his lines, he took a closer look at our team… more specifically, our Wizard, he was so surprised that it seemed like his eyes were popping out.

“….W-W-Wait a second! What is Serafall-sama doing here?!”

“Hey~☆ Saji-kun, it’s been awhile~♪ I came here as a Wizard today~☆”

“And this Clown/substitute hero is Sirzech-sama.”

I roughly informed him. Clown Satan Red also pointed his finger towards the Dragon King, Saji and said in a joyful voice.

“You evil Dragon King! We came here to defeat you!”

When he heard that, Saji was terrified.

“WHHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?! W-Wait! This is different from what I heard from Azazel-sensei?! It’s completely different?! This is totally a game that’s impossible to clear! It is totally impossible for me to clear this game!”

Yes, this is an impossible game! If I was facing the two maous, I would have said that as well. But Satan Red and Levi-tan was full of excitement.

“Since our Hero has fallen, it’s up to me, Wizard and Priestess, the three of us to defeat the Dragon King! Isn’t that right? Levi-tan!”

“Of course, Satan Red! Let’s get revenge for our Hero! Prepare yourself, Dragon King!”

The two of them went into a battle stance against the Dragon King with a serious look! Seeing that, Saji, who was about to burst into tears, made up his mind and set out his dark flames combined with gigantic snakes as if he had nothing to lose.

“SHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I know that stopping Serafall-sama at this point is impossible! Since it came to this, let’s do my best until I die!”

Using the Vritra Promotion, Saji turned into a giant dragon! The two maous charged towards Saji who turned into a dragon!

As soon as the battle between the Dragon King and the two Maous started out of nowhere, the tower is being destroyed like it’s nothing. Carrying our Hero, Asia and I escaped from the tower! This is no joke! I’m going to escape!

5 minutes later… inside the demolished tower blocks, Saji was lying there motionless.

“We won! We have won!”

“We have defeated the Dragon King!”

The two maous were grabbing each other’s hand and even dared to celebrate their victory. Of course you guys were going to win. Rest in peace, Saji…

“”What is going on here?””

Out of nowhere, we heard other voices. When we turned our head towards the source of those voices, Sona-kaichou and Grayfia-san are standing there! Both look like they are furious! Seeing them, the two maous also trembled!

“T-This is. Azazel asked if I want to try this game…”

“T-That’s right, Sona! This is an important job making a boy into a Hero!”

Both of them started spewing excuses but, Kaichou and [Ultimate Queen] aren’t going to listen to that… In the end, the maous are dragged back via their ears.

“I will hear the detail back at the Castle. Ignoring your job and playing around in a game, I can’t forgive you this time.”

“Onee-sama. Let’s have a serious talk about your future today shall we.”

The teleportation circles have appeared and the two maous have been taken back by their family. So the weak point of the so-called ultimate beings in the universe is their family! Hmm, both Sona-kaichou and Grayfia-san are scary when they are mad…

Also, there have been progress at the control room where the voice from above came. We heard another angry voice besides sensei.

[Azazel, what are you doing in a place like this?]

[Welp! Shemhazai! What is the Vice Governor General doing here?!]

[That’s my line! I have not heard a single word that you were making such a game! Have you used the Grigori funds yet again?! Suspicious robot, useless UFO and now, this weird game… why do you always make something stupid like this!]

It seems like sensei is also getting escorted off by his subordinate. Also, you made this in secret?! Well, I knew it!

After that, since the game finished, we exited the field.

We learned after the incident, that [Azazel Quest] is still being developed but sensei has been expelled from this project and someone else from Grigory filled the position. This game is developed for humans with special abilities who want to fight against mystical beings.

By the way, the person who told kaichou, Grayfia-san and Shamaizai-san all of this was Buchou. She was observing this in secret and as events unfolded and she learned more of this, she contacted the appropriate people.

Our client, Hoderi Yuukihiko, have experienced fear from this but seems like he had fun by saying things like [Thank you very much! I will have going into this field of work as my goal!]

Although he lost, it seems like he developed profound interest in the world of supernatural beings.…. Since he’s able to think in this way after fighting such strong foes, his future seems very bright.

Also, I was basically a side character this whole time! I don’t know if I’ve lost or gained anything! Ah, I’m so exhausted. When I get involved with either sensei or Sirzech-sama, something so stupid always happen to me!

“Oi, Ise! I’m now making a game in which you hunt monsters with weapons. The opponents are the Dragon King and the Former Dragon King as well as the Heavenly Dragon! Please be an enemy this time!”

Sensei seems like he’s making something stupid again! You, how much hardship are you going to put the Legendary Dragons through?! Cut it out!

Life.4 Worship☆Dragon-God-Girl[edit]

Part 1[edit]

One afternoon during the weekend, everyone (all the girls living in my house) were in my room playing the Underworld version of Game of Life.

Irina suddenly opened her mouth and said.

“By the way, shouldn’t we have some kind of Temple or Shrine for Ophis-san? She is a Dragon God.”

…like that.

Temple, shrine…?

That’s right. Ophis is known as the Ouroboros Dragon. Well, [Former].

Koneko said while rotating the roulette.

“……Dragons have always been worshipped as gods and as a symbol of power. Even average dragons are more powerful compared to most monsters, so normally they are worshipped as [Dragon God].”

I’ve also heard that from Rias and Sensei.

In both the Eastern and Western world, Dragons have always been the kind of the symbolisation of power and from a human or another being’s perspective, they were considered to be threatening beings. So in occasions, dragons are considered to be marvellous beings that can be comparable to Gods.

I have encountered from High class Dragons to Legendary Dragons and they were all terrifying.

Normal humans or Low Class Devils would have trouble fighting against a dragon. Well, since an average dragon is that strong, it’s not strange that they are being worshipped as a god in different parts of the world.

After Koneko, Akeno-san continued the explanation.

“Even for dragons, the strongest and most noble are [King of Dragons], Dragon Kings. Beings that are even greater than [Kings] are [God of Dragons]”

[Kings] specify the Five Great Dragon Kings. [God] specifies this Infinite Dragon-God Ophis over there and True Red Dragon God Emperor specifies Great Red. If I think about it, both have [God] in their name. Well, the Great Red can also be called [Dragon of Dragon], [True Dragon] or [Apocalypse Dragon].

But Noble…beings huh. I glanced at Ophis.


The Loli Dragon God-sama noticed my gaze and tilted her head with a question mark on top of her head…

I know that Ophis is special and is a very strong dragon, but…

Apart from my trusted partner, Ddraig, and Ddraig’s rival, Albion, the only dragon that I look up to is the Former Dragon King, old man Tannin…

The other Dragon Kings I know are the Sloth Dragon King, a Dragon King that gives off deadly curses and a wild and violent Dragon King…but there is no Noble Dragon King! Just the fact that old man Tannin, who gave up being a Dragon King, but still acts a lot like a Dragon King, makes me suspicious at the criteria required to become a Dragon King!

“As a reference, since they are more powerful than a Dragon King, but not as much as a Dragon God, the Red and White Dragon Emperor becomes the [Two Heavenly Dragons]”

Ravel gave extra information.

Oh, so there was that kind of story behind the Two Heavenly Dragons.

Rias, who is sitting beside me, sipped from her cup and asked Ophis.

“Although building a Temple is a bit too much considering our position, if it’s only a small shrine… Hey Ophis, would you like a shrine?”

When Rias asked, our loli Dragon God sama tilted her head from side to side. She makes that cute movement when she’s deep in thought. As always her expressions are blank, but it’s very cute nonetheless!

Seeing her reaction, Rias smiled and nodded her head.

“Seeing Ophis who normally would straight up say no when she doesn’t like things to be deep in thoughts, it seems like she’s also interested. It is also good timing since we are currently being consulted on a certain matter. Let’s ask them about this as well.”

I didn’t understand what Rias was talking about at that moment, but…

Having decided that we should end this conversation here, we went back to the Underworld Game of Life.

And then…

Our next holiday.

To greet the guest that is coming today, we have been assembled in the teleportation room underneath our house (Kiba and Gasper have also come.)

I’m guessing it is the person involved in that [certain matter] Rias has mentioned before…

When I heard the person’s name from Rias for the first time, I was so shocked. For that person to be that girl…

When I was thinking that, the magic circle shines and what appears was a red torii! [10]

Oh! A Torii! That just came out of the magic circle! Wait, this Torii is familiar to me! Yes, this is from Kyoto…

With the light coming out from the magic circle, the space in the middle of Torii has warped in. At that same time, multiple wisps of smoke appeared. Ah, it’s the same as before.

As I was thinking that, a person appeared from the Torii…

“It has been awhile! Daughter of Yasaka, Kunou has arrived!”

The person who came out of the Torii energetically was wearing a miko outfit and had blond hair. It was Kunou!

Seeing this kid with her pointed animal ears standing up and her soft tails shaking around, it is so cute.

Kunou is a Yokai princess that we were indebted to when second year students of Kuoh Academy including me went to Kyoto for a school trip. Her mother is the leader of the Kyoto Yokai and a nine-tailed fox… Yasaka-san! Since she’s a real beauty and also has huge breasts, I remember her clearly!

Kunou also brought along fox eared shrine maidens that attend to her. They are most likely fox youkai onee-samas whom we’ve met before. Ah, fox onee-samas are also great!

I say to our little princess.

“Welcome, Kunou. It’s rude of us to let you stand here and talk so shall we go upstairs?”

“Hmm! Then please excuse me for intruding!”

Her reply is very energetic.

After that, we lead Kunou and her female attendees to the Hyoudou residence VIP room. When we arrived there, BANG! The Fox Youkai onee-samas bowed to Kunou and us and disappeared from the room, leaving behind a trail of smoke.

The person who’s got business here today is Kunou.

Rias, with a smile on her face, greeted Kunou.

“It is nice to meet you. I’m Rias Gremory. I heard that my servants have been indebted to you back in Kyoto.”

Ah, if I remember correctly, this is the first time that Rias and Kunou are meeting together. Actually, not only Rias, but it’s also the first time meeting her for Akeno-san, first year Koneko, Gasper and Ravel.

When Rias gave her greeting, Kunou politely bowed her head and replied.

“No, it is my pleasure to meet you. I am called Kunou, I’ll be in your care from now on.”

After greeting her, she stared at Rias’s face and her body.

Realising her gaze, Rias checked around her to see if there was something wrong with her appearance, but…

Kunou suddenly said in an excited voice.

“Oh ho, as according to the rumors, you’re such a beautiful person! As expected of the Legal Wife!”

Well, Rias sure is beautiful, she’s my proud Master!

Rias, hearing what Kunou said, seems like she’s a bit flustered.

“I do appreciate your thoughts, but L-Legal Wife…?”

It seems like she’s flustered with what Kunou had called her.

Kunou nodded her head and continued.

“Yes! I heard that you are Ise’s master as well as his lover! So, to me, you are the Legal Wife! My mother also said that I need to serve the legal wife well in order to have the Heavenly Dragon’s babies….” As soon as Kunou said that loudly, the fox youkai onee-samas reappeared and blocked our little princess’s mouth.

“Kunou-sama, it’s still too early to say such things!”

“It’s good to leave good first impressions first! If a relationship between the legal wife as well as his mistresses aren’t good, [Kyoto – Heavenly Dragon Descendant Plan] will be broken into pieces!”

Kunou is constantly nodding her head while her mouth is still covered.

…. When we stare at them with a suspicious gaze, they just laughed like [Hohohoho] and were intentionally vague about it. They disappeared again afterwards.

W-What is that [Kyoto – Heavenly Dragon Descendent Plan]…… does Kyoto's Youkais want something from me…? Not only that, but Legal wife and my mistresses.

Xenovia pointed at herself and asked Irina.

“…I don’t know about Asia, but I’m also one of his mistresses. Right?”

“For now, we need to just be good to Rias-san.”

It seems like those two have some thought after hearing Kunou’s words.

Both Ravel and Koneko are whispering to each other.

“…Koneko, what is the ranking currently?”

“…Even when we aren’t talking about top spots, there are people who we don’t even know if they are going to take part or not so it’s a complicated situation. Not only that, it seems like that kid is also….”

….what is this. The girls are ignoring me and are just talking to themselves…

F-Fine, let’s leave the topic for now. Anyway, it seems like after parting with us at Kyoto, Kunou kept pestering other people that she wants to come and see us. But since Kunou is a princess of the Kyoto Youkais, she can’t just come here on her whim.

Yasaka-san and the Youkai around her were perplexed on what to do with her and so, it seems like they ended up contacting Rias…

Anyway, it seems like Kunou didn’t just come here to play, but rather, she has an objective.

After mentally preparing herself, Kunou puffed her chest up and proudly proclaimed.

“You guys are building a Shrine for a Dragon? But I heard that since you guys are Devils, you guys don’t know how to do so! But don’t you guys worry now! The Nine-Tail Fox…Yasaka’s daughter is here! I will teach you from the basics!”

Building the shrine…… that’s Kunou’s [Objective] for coming here, and also a decision that both Rias and Yasaka-san have decided upon in the end. It’s a nice idea that solves both [Ophis’s shrine] problem that came up as a topic before and [Kunou being childish] problem for Yasaka-san.

Kunou looked around us and saw Ophis.

“Hmm. Beside from Ise, the only other person I can sense a Dragon’s aura is from that lady… You are also a Dragon right?”

Ophis tilted her head and went into [?] mode. At the same time, it’s going to be a problem if she says [I'm Ophis] to her.

To the outsiders, our Infinite Dragon-sama isn’t supposed to be here. Since the situation is like this, she needs to be careful of her surroundings.

Before Ophis say anything stupid, I quickly gave an explanation to Kunou.

“Y-Yes! She is O....... no, a Dragon called Phis. For one reason to another, she’s doing home stay in my house! Since she’s a decedent of a famous Dragon, we were talking about whether we should build a shrine for her… something like that.”

I just blurted out whatever came into my head!

“Oh ho. You are saying that by building a shrine, you want to worship this dragon, called Phis, as a [Dragon God]!”

Ah, Kunou just believed whatever I just said without any suspicion. That’s a relief.

“I thought we were building a shrine for Ise, but… well, it’s okay! But where are you guys going to build it?”

After Kunou directed that question at us, we headed to the rooftop.

The rooftop is made into a communal garden. There are flower pots and there is also a small vegetable farm as well. We also have a table and chairs to drink tea, so during the holidays at least one person spends their time here.

Since there is nothing in the corner of the rooftop, we’ve decided to build the shrine there.

Kunou is constantly nodding her head while inspecting the place we decided on.

“What do you think?”

I asked. Kunou then gave us a huge smile and a thumbs-up.

“Hm! We can build a small shrine with this amount of land! Okay! Since we now know who this shrine is for and decided on the plot, let’s quickly obtain the tools and materials!”

Kunou clapped her hands twice and then with a loud bang, smokes appeared and a fox onee-sama reappeared and handed Kunou a wooden box.

That shiny wooden box has an elegant design and feel to it. When she opened the box, there were tools such as a chisel, a plane, a wooden mallet, a saw and so on inside.

“These are historic tools that have been passed down for generations. We use these to refine the materials that are going to be used to build a shrine!”

Ah ha, so these are tools used to build the shrine.

…. No, I don’t know why… but including me….. When the other Devils saw the tools, our bodies shivered. The only ones that seemed to be fine are people who handled Holy Swords such as Kiba, Xenovia and Irina.

Rossweisse-san spoke up.

“Maybe because the tools are used for a sacred purpose, it’s giving off a holy aura. If Devils like us touch it, it might burn us. It might be alright if we use relaxation magic, but… it will be good to think for a moment on whether we are going to use these tools or not.”

That’s right, as Rossweisse-san has said; these tools are giving off a holy aura. So that’s why it gave us such chills, it’s not as bad as Holy Swords or a Cross, but it seems like our bodies will get hurt if we touch them. It’s quite inconvenient being a Devil at these times.

Now that I think about it, building a shrine for a Dragon God is a divine ritual.

Hearing that, Kunou made an embarrassed expression.

“Ah, I have not thought that far ahead…… Hmm, although I can hold them with no problem…… Thinking back, there are only a few from my kind who can use these tools as well.”

Kunou is holding them without any problem, but it’s too much for us to do so. If Azazel-sensei was here, he would give us some advice. He seems to enjoy getting involved in these kinds of things. But for some reason, we couldn’t see our trouble maker sensei.

“Sensei is quite reliable in these kinds of situations…” Xenovia said. Akeno-san then spoke with a hint of displeasure.

“Azazel-sensei has left saying that he’s participating in a [316th Leader of Fallen Angel Mahjong Competition]… Really, dragging even my father and holding a mahjong competition, no one can stop him…!” Akeno-san said while she was slightly dumbfounded. Wait, Mahjong competition?! With Fallen Angel Leaders?!

…. To say that it’s a bit too peaceful considering there has been more than 300 competitions, they’ve been holding them far before the peace talks… Since there are a lot of geeks within the Fallen Angel executives Mahjong might be quite popular among them.

Ah, Maou-samas are also all geeks! Both the high branches of Devils and Fallen Angels are a bunch of weirdoes!

“I’ll ask about these tools to my old friend. There are departments back in my home land that are quite well versed in these tools.” Rossweisse-san created a small communication circle.

That’s our Valkyrie that used to serve a Nordic god! Thinking about it, the person who had seen this kind of thing the closest must have been Rossweisse-san.

After briefly talking through the communication circle, Rossweisse-san spoke.

“I learned some magic from an old friend. If we use this magic on a pair of gloves they said we will be able to use these tools without a problem all day.”

They are such great magicians and since they are so kind, the tools that Kunou brought are not going to waste!

Kunou gave a big nod and put her hand up energetically.

“Hm, next are the materials! Let’s go and obtain the wood!”

We have decided to split up and look for materials for the shrine.

……I wonder what kind of shrine will be made.

Part 2[edit]

The place that I, Rias, Xenovia and Kunou visited is a forest. We came here through teleportation circles, but…

Every tree that is in this forest is impressive as it looks like they’ve been living for centuries… they stood in front of us with such height that it easily overwhelmed us.

… Not only the trees, but the silence of the whole forest gives off a spiritual atmosphere. Maybe because we are devils our senses are resonating with it. It could be that there are no humans around here as well.

“This is the correct destination, right?” Rias asked Kunou.

Kunou nodded her head in agreement and took a step forward.

“Yes, as expected, Legal-wife-sama is amazing, we have arrived at the exact spot. We have already talked to the god of this mountain and we are allowed to take one aged cedar tree.”

Oh ho, so they’ve already talked to the mountain god here… so we are allowed to take one of these impressive trees. We are thankful for the generosity, but at the same time felt like it was a bit of a waste to just use the trees for something so sudden.

“Is it really okay to use such an impressive tree as a building material?” I asked without thinking. Since it is a very old tree, it won’t be strange to think that these trees have developed a consciousness. I have this Japanese mind-set that tells me objects can have their own soul, so I feel a bit obligated to ask.

Kunou then said to me

"Ise, don’t worry. They told me that there is a tree that was broken into two during the last disaster so we’ve got special permission to take that."

When we arrived where the tree was… there was a grand tree that has been split in half near the center.

“I heard this tree had been living for around 400 years. They asked us to only take the broken parts and leave the rest.”

400 years! T-T-That’s impressive! This one’s quite a good looking tree!

Xenovia placed her hand on the broken tree.

“So shall we move this one then? I thought I would be taking down the tree with my Durandal.”

“Your thought process is still out of place!” I suddenly criticized Xenovia.

For a Devil to chop down a few-hundred-years-old tree that lives in a holy mountain with a legendary Holy Sword… That’s just so weird that I thought maybe we should do that at least once just to see what happens!

“Then let’s get to work.” We started working under Rias’s instructions.

First, Kunou gave a ritual to thank both the mountain god and the tree, and then I quickly put on the Balance Breaker armor and held the tree trunk. Xenovia, while taking note from the diagram brought by Kunou, cut the tree trunk using the sword that’s been treated with magic (prepared in advanced for this purpose).

Finally, Rias transported the wood using the teleportation circle.

The destination for this wood is the basement of the Hyoudou residence where the carpenter team is standing by. The wood is being processed there.

On the rooftop, the concrete foundation building team should be building the foundation for the shrine.

… While I was putting wood into the teleportation circle, I suddenly felt ominous about the future.

Will we be able to create the shrine when we’ve never done carpentry before? It’s different from building a simple hut.

Not only do we have to process the tree into building wood, but even if all the wood is prepared, we haven’t got the skill to make them into a shrine. Since we are Devils, maybe we can simplify the process using our magic, but we probably will need help from professionals for technical parts…

Rias asked Kunou.

“Those attendants are professionals at this kind of thing, right?”

“Yes. They have gone through proper training. We have also prepared the building blueprints in advance. The woods are currently being processed into building materials.”

Ah, is that so. Those fox onee-samas are professionals at these kinds of things, so I can feel at ease. They should be charging the operation and giving orders to the ORC members then.

Xenovia and I can relax and send the wood over there.

When Xenovia and I were working in silence, we hear a conversation between Rias and Kunou.

“Kunou is curious at how Legal-wife-sama is able to keep her nice figure on her body.”

“I don’t do anything special to be honest. Besides that, Kunou-chan, well…. When you call me [Legal-wife-sama]… it’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“Is that so?! I-I do beg your pardon! … If that’s the case, should I address you as Madam?”

When Kunou becomes surprised, Rias quietly laughed.

“That’s not what I mean. Just call me Rias. Ise also calls me that right? Will I be able to call you [Kunou] like Ise?”

Hearing her words, Kunou’s face brightened up.

Kunou, who was tensed when talking to Rias, let go of her tension for the first time.

“I understand, Rias-sama! Please call me [Kunou] from now on!”

“Of course, Kunou.”

Oh, it looks like Kunou and Rias became close suddenly! As expected from someone I love, she flattered the Nine-Tail Princess with a single smile!

While those two were getting comfortable with each other, Xenovia said something.

“…As expected from the Legal Wife, the pecking order is coming up so naturally. It’s good that I joined in early.” While giving Rias a glare of respect, Xenovia suddenly said…

“Ise! I’ve been thinking lately that I should increase my feminine power! And then I will win the inevitable war between the girls of the ORC!”

Xenovia said so and energetically chopped the tree, but… aren’t you mistaking feminine power with something else?! Feminine power doesn’t indicate your physical power! It’s talking about your charm as a woman!

Well, that answer you gave is just like you, I’m not going to say anymore.

I don’t hate the fact that you are a power idiot! But at least control yourself a bit! Kiba, who keeps pointing out the importance of technique more than power, is just going to cry his eyes out at this point!

Anyway, in order to build the shrine for Ophis, we continued our work.

At the workshop under the Hyoudou residence, the tree has been processed into the building material and is piled neatly on different parts on the floor.

Coming back from the mountains, we (me, Rias, Xenovia and Kunou) decided to help them with there work. The two attendants / professionals brought by Kunou explained the process carefully in detail so the making of the outline of the shrine wasn’t too difficult.

We are now also waiting for the concrete base in which the shrine will sit upon to dry.

The only thing that’s left is the Torii and the straw rope used to hang on the shrine, but because the orders have been made in advance, all we need to do now is to wait for the delivery. Since it is impossible to build a shrine in one day, we decided to call it a day and rest for now.

My body’s aching from not having used my muscles in a long time.

We had our dinner with Kunou’s group at the ground floor dining room.

“I’m Kunou. My mother and I were indebted back at Kyoto, so…”

My parents were surprised at Kunou’s politeness despite her looks. This girl does have an energetic and selfish side to her, but since she’s a Youkai princess, it seems like she’s been given proper etiquette lessons.

Not only that, but they’ve brought some gifts and they are massive amounts of Kyoto-style Inarisushi.

Kunou’s group did forget to hide their fox ears and tails, but when my parents saw that…

“Ara, those are cute ears! Your tail accessory is also very cute!”

“Hmm, your shrine maiden costume is not bad.”

Well, it seems like they believe the girls are cosplaying as shrine maidens and also wearing these kinds of accessories. Since they kept meeting people with strange and weird logic, their mental abilities are becoming stronger and stronger.

Just like that, Kunou finished the meal with my parents and went back up to her room.

“Ta da! I’m wearing a school uniform!”

Kunou, who’s been missing for a little bit, came back wearing Kuoh academy’s female student school uniform!

Even though the uniform looks like it doesn’t fit her well and did look baggy, it’s definitely Kuoh academy’s school uniform!

“Where did you get that from?”

When I asked, the fox princess put out her chest and replied.

“I asked specially and got it through telemarketing. I heard that this uniform is quite popular among the young women in the Underworld.”

I remembered that. I heard this story before.

During Rias and Sona Kaichou’s Rating Game, both Gremory and Sitri wore this school uniform and the young people in the Underworld got influenced when they watched the battle on television.

It won’t be weird if the House of Gremory is selling these uniforms in the Underworld. They are quite good at these kinds of business.

But the uniform that Kunou is wearing should be the smallest size. Even then, the sleeves are still way too big for her. Well, it’s cute in its own way!

“It fits you and I’d bet it’ll look good on you when you grow up a bit.”

When I told her that, Kunou blushed and twisted her body.

“H-Hmm! I will become a woman that will look good in this uniform so look forward to it!”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“And when I become a [Female High School Student], I will enrol in the Kuoh academy high school division! I already made a promise with my mother as well!”

“Kuoh academy?”

I wonder how long that will take. I imagined High school version of Kunou… Yes, she will become such a beauty! Judging by the look of Kunou’s mother, her b-b-breasts will also become huge! Ah, I’m looking forward to the future!

“… You are thinking about something indecent aren’t you?”

Kuu! Koneko’s sharp words jabbed my body.

Ravel laughed quietly.

“Ah, Ise-sama. Please don’t touch little girls that are smaller than Koneko-chan.”

“…I’m not a little kid. In the near future, my breasts will also become large like my onee-sama.”

“Ara, we… can’t be sure that the younger sister will be glamorous just because her older sister is such a beauty.”

“Uuuuuuu, my breasts will definitely become bigger! It’ll get bigger than Ravel’s!”

Ara, Koneko and Ravel started their argument yet again. Well, this is a common occurrence, but they will make up with each other soon.

“I will also wear it.”

DxD Dx2 05.jpg

….Our Dragon God-sama is also wearing the Kuoh academy uniform!

It seems like the smallest size just about fit her.

“I, look good?”

“Yes, it looks good. Very cute.” When I pet her head, she gave a reaction that she’s happy.

“I also want to wear Phis-sama’s clothes.”

“I also want to wear the shrine maiden clothes.”

It seems like those two are getting along well and the atmosphere is great right now.

When our Nine-Tail Princess and the Dragon-God-sama finished wearing each other’s clothes, Irina came back with a box in her hand.

“Since we’ve eaten our dinner and had our uniform fashion show, let’s play a game! Let’s all play together to celebrate Kunou-chan coming here! We’ve got the Underworld Game of Life and I’ve also prepared the Heaven Game of Life!”

“We also got cards and UNO.”

“And Karuta as well!”[11]

Both Xenovia and Asia also brought their games!

Well, Kunou came here to hang out with us today so let’s have a good time together for the time remaining!

“Then let’s have a Hyoudou Residence Games Night!”

When I raised my hands and announced this, everyone shouted [Ohhhh!] and gave an enthusiastic reply! And just like that, we started a games night with Kunou and her attendants.

…just then, Akeno-san took her phone out and sighed.

“……it seems like the Fallen Angel Mahjong competition has gone into an all-nighter mode.”

It seems like they are also having some kinds of situations…

Well, peaceful days are indeed precious to us!

Part 3[edit]

The day after.

After working through the weekend, the shrine construction has gone into the final stage.

While putting together the small wooden materials together, we also put our shrine up on the precise location. The craftsmanship on the materials is so great that we managed to build a small shrine just by following the blueprint. We then placed the completed shrine on top of dried concrete foundation and fixed it into place.

“Well, we’ve finished.”

Kiba sighed. The place he looked towards is… a beautiful wooden shrine!


Everyone gave a round of applause.

“The Torii have also arrived.”

Xenovia brought the red Torii that arrived through the teleportation circles, it was a torii big enough for one person to pass through. We placed the Torii and hung the straw ropes which also arrived with the Torii around the shrine.

“We made this with the leftover wood.”

One of attendants placed the wooden box in front of the shrine.

… It’s an offering box! Now the shrine looks more like it!

Now that the shrine is looking more and more like a real one, the last decoration to put on is a small statue.

Instead of the Komainu[12], the twin dragon statues are placed on both sides of the shrine. One is coloured red and the other is coloured white.

“Are these the Two Heavenly Dragon statues?”

When I asked Rias, she replied.

“Yup, when I asked O…. No, when I asked Phis which statue she wanted, she said she’d like the red dragon and the white dragon.”

Hmm, just like me and Vali?

When I was thinking that, Ophis slapped the red dragon statue. Seeing as how she tilted her head, she’s suspecting something!

“Great Red? I will defeat you.”

Don’t just slap it! That’s me and Ddraig! Don’t defeat meeeee! Is it always Great Red if they are red?! Give me a break, Dragon-God-sama…

Well that happened, but after Kunou gave a prayer to the shrine, the shrine has finally been completed! Having stood on top of the shrine, Ophis-sama seemed very happy.

Just then, Kunou spoke.

“The ceremony is kept brief, but this should be enough. If we did a full ceremony the power of the shrine would be too strong for you Devils to handle, and so this should be enough.”

Just like Kunou said, I didn’t feel any power that makes my body shiver in fear. If it’s like this, we won’t have any problem having it on top of our roof.

Akeno-san just then thought of something and she opened her mouth.

“Ufufu, for the celebration of shrine’s construction, shall we make a wish to Phis?”

Oh, that sounds fun!

Just like that, we gave our prayer to our Dragon-God, Ophis-sama!

Asia’s wish

“Let there be peace in this world.“

“Peace… World peace, where does peace come from……?”

That was a deep answer.

Koneko’s wish

“… I would like Ise-senpai to be less perverted.”

“Expect it in the afterlife.”

Is it impossible in this life?!

Xenovia’s wish

“I want to raise my Feminine power.”

“Make Ex-Durandal yours.”

That is not what feminine power is!

Akeno-san’s wish

“I would like my cooking to get better.”

“I would also like it.”

So would I!

Ravel’s wish

“I want my height to grow.”

“Drink milk every day.”

Isn’t that just simple advice?!

Irina’s wish

“I wonder if it’s alright for a Christian to wish to a Dragon-God…”

“I’m more powerful than Michael.”

What’s up with that illogical reasoning?! Also why are you smug about it?!

Kiba’s wish

“Hmm, I wish that we get more jobs as Devils.”


She’s sleeping! At least make Kiba’s proper wish come true!

Rossweisse-san’s wish

“I wish for a boyfriend and money.”



Gasper’s wish

“Instead of feminine power, I would like more masculine power.”


What?! How does she know him?!

Kunou’s wish

“Although I’ve got many wishes, as long as Kyoto is peaceful, I’m happy!”

“Thanks for the Shrine.”

Both of you did well!

Rias’s wish

“Not as big as Asia, but I would like everyone in this town to live happily.”

“I will protect the peace in this town.”

If Ophis really makes her mind up, no one will be able to attack this town!

… Well, everyone has made their wish meaning only I remained.

“… It’s obvious that you will wish for something perverted.”

Koneko’s on point as usual! I nearly wished to do some perverted things with the girls! Anyway, I will now pray for my wish.

“Although we are getting involved in all sorts of incidents, I wish to live with everyone peacefully!”

We are always getting involved in various incidents, so our daily life can easily get interrupted. That is why I wish for us to live peacefully and if that daily life includes perverted things, it will be great!

“… Don’t worry Ise, I will always look out for Ise. I will help you whenever. Ise is my friend.”

… Hehe, this is reassuring. But to make sure Ophis does not get involved in the front line, it will be my duty as a [friend].

When I was rethinking that, someone came up to the rooftop.

“Haaaam~ the sunlight after staying awake for the whole night is too strong…” it was Azazel-sensei! It seems like the Mahjong competition which went on for the whole night ended.

“How did it end?"

When I asked, he shouted [Baraqiel won!] and exploded. Akeno-san, who was near, shook her head in disbelief.

“Oh ho~ so this is the Dragon-God’s shrine, it’s well made. As expected, Kunou is the Nine-Tailed Princess.”

When Sensei gave his compliment, Kunou said [Obviously] and puffed her chest forward.

“Everyone is making their wish.” When I explained, sensei came forward to Ophis and put his hands together.

“Then shall I also make a wish! Hmm, please give a more lenient way of thinking to that bastard, Shemhazai. Please make Baraqiel more flexible and please make more cute angels fall since we haven’t got any executives and it will be better if you make Seraph Gabriel fall. That bastard Michael is giving us everything that could be done on their side so it’ll be best if all of Heaven falls. And the King of Heaven is also such an annoying person so I hope he trips while walking and breaks his nose!”

Maybe it’s because he stayed awake for the whole night, but sensei spewed out everything like a cannon!

For Gabriel-sama to fall, that will actually be quite great! If the Beauty, Gabriel-sama, the owner of that perfect body while also being a bit of an air head, becomes a seductive Fallen Angel, it will just be amazing!

After hearing sensei’s wish, my imagination ran wild.

Just then, the sky became dark with clouds and started to strike lightning. And right after….

Bang! A single bolt of lightning struck from the sky!

The lightning struck sensei who was wishing for something evilllllll! Ack, the lightning also struck through meeeeee!

The lightning went through both of our bodies!



Having been struck by lightning, both sensei and I got roasted.


However, Ophis just looked at us not realising what had happened.

…Heaven is complaining about sensei, and I was punished for thinking perverted stuff…

In the end, both sensei and I became roasted, but Ophis’s shrine finished without any problem.

It is now time for farewell.

After using up the excuse of building a shrine and staying overnight, Kunou is now going back home. Everyone gathered around the teleportation circle underneath the house.

Now that we’ve handed Kunou a huge baggage full of gifts, the preparations have now been completed.

“Thank you, Kunou.”

“Please, do come visit us again.”

Rias and I said our farewells to Kunou and she, although disappointed that she’s going home, said [Hm, it was fun! Thank you for your hospitality!] in an energetic voice.

As last, Ophis stepped forward and spoke to Kunou.

“I will like it if you can come and play with me.”

Hearing that, Kunou made a bright smile.

“Hm, Both Phis-sama and I are friends! So let’s play again!”

The Nine-Tail Princess, Kunou. It feels like she’s going to visit us often from now on.

I wonder what [excuse] she will have to come here in the future.

Life.5 Nekomata☆Ninja-Scroll[edit]

Part 1[edit]

This was during the time before Rias left to go to Romania, when we were doing this and that regarding the pact with a magician.

I don’t know how to express myself at the scenery in front of my eyes.

—Kuroka is leisurely playing a video game in my room.

The erotic Onee-san who wears her black kimono loosely. The one who has cat ears grow from her head, two tails from her bottom—a nekomata who is Koneko’s actual sister.

The blonde beautiful girl in a fashion of a magical girl who is sitting beside her apologetically. —Le Fay, notices me and apologises to me saying, “I-I’m very sorry!”……

These two originally hung out with my rival Vali, but they happened to freelodge in the Hyoudou residence after Koneko-chan called them.

This is the result of Koneko-chan who relied on Kuroka despite having differences in order to train her senjutsu skills that need polishing.

……Kuroka who happened to end up lodging in my place is, how should I put it, each of her actions is simply rude……

She eats the things inside the fridge without any permission, she makes Koneko or Le Fay do her laundry, she doesn’t help us in cooking and cleaning, and finally, she ended up playing games in my room without asking.

……This bad cat has a messy lifestyle except during the time for Koneko-chan’s training!

Le Fay on the other hand pays attention to our feelings as well as helping us out in cooking and cleaning.

This damn Kuroka, she didn’t even make any responses when I came in and is continuing to play the game……! She’s using the controls while rolling down on the floor!

……Though it’s not like she will change this habit even if I yell at her…… I sighed, and then sit down on my bed.

Oh yeah, this is a good time. I’ll ask these two the thing that has been bothering me lately.

“Hey, Kuroka.”

“What is it—nya? I’m busy now because I have to gather the materials.”

……When I look at the screen, I can tell that the character she is controlling has quite the equipment! T-This girl! Does she have a longer time spent on the game than me who owns this game!? There’s no doubt she plays it during the time we go to school!

By the way, the ones who play video games in my house are mainly me and Koneko, but surprisingly Rias and Rossweisse-san happen to play games as well. Both of them said it’s good for changing their mood. There’s also a time when we play games together with everyone and have fun.

“It seems like you and Le Fay sneak out of the house during the night……, but it’s not like you two are doing mischievous things at this town, right? Le Fay doesn’t seem to be the type who does such thing, but it’s possible if we are talking about you.”

Yeah, it seems like Kuroka and Le Fay are wandering around this town during late at night, so there are times when they aren’t home when we come back from our Devil’s job. When I asked her, she ends it by replying back with saying, “We went for a walk –nya”. But I’m concerned about it because she’s a bad cat who was originally a terrorist.

Well, she is taking Le Fay with her so it’s not like she’s doing something really bad, but it still does seem like she is doing a bit of evil deeds.

Hearing my word, Kuroka puts down the controller and makes an unpleasant face.

“How rude –nya. There’s no way I’ll do evil deeds, right?”

No, I wonder about that…… Doesn’t it seem like you’ll do a lot of it? Rather, it seems like she will make poisonous mist appear as a joke.

“……Exactly what Ise-senpai said. Nee-sama does smell fishy. Rather, I can’t trust you as much as I can't trust Ise-senpai when he thinks about naughty things.”

—Koneko who came in to my room without me noticing it gives a harsh opinion to Kuroka. ……Yeah, when I’m in a state where I’m thinking of lewd things, I must be someone Koneko-chan can’t trust!

“……Nee-sama, please answer us honestly. Your evil deeds you do in this town will cause trouble to Buchou and those living in this house. I……I have to stop you Nee-sama, if something was to happen.”

Koneko who declares such a thing while having strong determination in her eyes. Due to her feelings where she wants to believe in her sister and the past of being betrayed by her, she must have asked while having mixed feelings. Since they are sisters, I’m sure she is determined to stop her sister if something happens.

This is the behaviour of Koneko who has a strong sense of justice and thinks a lot about her comrades.

Maybe because she had her little sister say that to her, Kuroka and Le Fay start to look at each other and exchange words.

“Well, lately Le Fay and I are learning ninjutsu –nya.”


Due to the unexpected answer I got, I ask them again. Ninjutsu……? I even thought I misheard it, but Le Fay confirms it and smiles.

“……Umm, yes. It’s exactly what Kuroka-san said.”

Ninpou! Eh? What is happening? Koneko and I still can’t come to understand it. Then the closet opens and our Mascot-sama appears!

“I am also learning it.”

The one who appears from the closet is the small built Dragon-God-sama wearing a ninja’s costume!

Just what are you wearing! More importantly, since when were you there!? N-No, there’s a problem beyond that!

“Even Ophis!? Oi oi oi, you two, don’t take this girl out of this house. You know it will become a big problem?”

Just like I said, the existence of Ophis is a top secret. It will become a big problem if someone who doesn’t know about our circumstance finds out that the former boss of the terrorists is present in this town.

Kuroka smiles.

“I know –nya. It’s okay. We only travel within this town, and I’m good at travelling while hiding myself.”

Even if you brag that you’re good at taking her while hiding…… We will still become really troubled!


The Dragon-God-sama seems to be having fun by making symbols with her hand. A Dragon-God that uses ninjutsu……

“What’s the meaning of this?”

I ask once again to Kuroka while I put my hand on my forehead. What does she mean by ninjutsu?

“There’s a ninja in this town –nya.”


I ask her once again at the unexpected answer. ……N-Ninja? Well, certainly if we say ninjutsu then it’s a ninja, and they are certainly the ones to come up if you were to learn them…… No, why bring a ninja to this discussion……

“I~ k~e~e~p~ on telling you that there is a ninja. I’m serious, dead serious.”

Kuroka says that with a serious face. It seems like her expression is saying, “I can’t believe you can’t trust me”. Even if I look at Le Fay,

“Regarding this, this is the truth.”

She answers me as such. That must be the case if Le Fay is saying it.

……Hmm, so they are learning ninjutsu from a ninja? Kuroka, Le Fay, and Ophis are?

Koneko and I tilt our head. A voice comes from behind us when we were thinking hard about it.

“Did you say NINJA? Care to explain what this is about?”

It’s Rias. She looks really interested in this. Rias happens to be insanely interested in samurai, ninja, and about Japan's past.

Most likely Okita Souji-san who is the servant of Sirzechs-sama and is the one who taught her about Japan is the cause of this. To begin with, the reason why she came to Japan is due to that reason.

—Then, this time, the Church-trio shows up. Looks like they were also listening to our story.

“A NINJA!? NINJA is in that one, right? The title for the one strongest in Japan, right!?”

Xenovia who seems to be hyped. H-Huh? Looks like she has quite the misunderstanding.

Irina sighs.

“You’re wrong, Xenovia. NINJA are the people that ruled Japan from behind the shadows.”

That’s also wrong! Oi oi oi, you are Japanese too, Irina! I should tell her that she should at least know about ninja, but it seems like she has quite the misunderstanding regarding her knowledge of Japan due to going overseas when she was a child.

“I have heard that NINJA-san are present in the black society for every country. ……Were they mutants?”

Even Asia is having quite a big misunderstanding!? That’s the type that appears in films and American comics!

Maybe she heard our discussion, so Rossweisse-san says it with a serious face.

“I heard this when I was in North Europe. That the ninjutsu used by NINJA is something that surpasses magic.”

No, that’s also wrong!

What’s going on with foreigner's and their misunderstandings about ninja!? Ninja are the title given to those who do spying and assassination…… And they are clearly not a group of people with extraordinary powers that appears in films and manga, okay?

It’s something even I know, so it looks like the image of ninja that is carried by me and the rest of these girls who were born elsewhere is quite different.

“……It seems like everyone has quite the big misunderstanding.”

When I blurt that out with my eyes half closed, even Akeno-san shows up and starts to giggle.

“Ufufu, I’m sure ninja are an existence that is quite special to the foreigners.”

T-That may be true. I hear that there’s a big misunderstanding about ninjas outside Japan and that they are quite popular.

“In the underworld, the image of a NINJA is someone with quite the extraordinary power. They are also popular over there.”

Even Ravel continues after her by saying that. Seriously? So the Devils also have the similar impression as the humans living in foreign countries huh.

Rias says it to Kuroka while having her eyes sparkling.

“Kuroka, take me to the place where the NINJA is present at. I definitely would like to meet him. As a Devil living in this town, I’m sure I have to meet that NINJA.”

……I’m quite sure her hobby has got to do with this!

Like this, we head towards the ninja living in this town by having Kuroka and Le Fay guide us—.

Part 2[edit]

The place we step foot into is—one of the abandoned buildings located at the outskirt of this town.

An abandoned building with chilling atmosphere where it won’t be weird for a Stray Devil to be hiding in.

Kiba who joined up with us says it.

“Even I believed they were mythical beings until Master told me about it.”

Looks like Kiba doesn’t have any misunderstanding because he was told about ninjas from Okita-san.

Koneko-chan says it after him.

“……The truth is they are quite ordinary.”

Right? I’m glad that there are those within our group who have the normal impression about them as well.

“I also had a misunderstanding until I came here, but as I researched about them, I realised they were one of those assassination groups which also existed in the history of each country.”

Looks like Ravel also has a normal opinion regarding ninjas.

We walk up the abandoned building, and after we progress up the stairs, the double sided door appears in front of us.

Kuroka approaches the door and brings her body closer. Then a voice comes from the other side of the door.

[Password, mountain.]

Kuroka answers that.


……T-The passwords are “mountain” and “potato”!? I feel like saying that back at them.

[Alright, come in.]

The door opens while making a heavy sound. Is it okay to have those as the passwords!?

When we walk in—a traditional and wonderful looking Japanese garden appears within our sight. It seems like the area we are standing at is the dirt floor, and there’s also a spacious room a bit higher from the ground. There are many things positioned at the centre of the room, and there’s a tokonoma at the far end of the room with hanging scrolls on the wall.

The lights from the lantern covered with fixed paper is giving off an atmosphere which makes you think it won’t be weird for a ninja to be living here.

There are Japanese swords, sickles and chains, kunai, and shuriken, positioned on the wall.

Are you seriously telling me a ninja lives in this town!? No, I also can’t deny the possibility of a mere ninja maniac living here!

“So the NINJA is here!”

Rias and the Church-trio are in a state where they are really enthusiastic about this! They are looking around the room with keen eyes. —I then realise the presence behind me.

When I turn around—a ninja who is wearing a white ninja outfit stands there!

It’s real! It’s a ninja! He seems to be a man despite covering his face with a hood.

“Kuroka-dono, what is the meaning of this? I’m sure I told you that you can’t bring outsiders here –de gozaru.”

He speaks by saying gozaru! He’s a bit, no, this is really smells fishy now!

Having the white ninja say that, Kuroka scratches her cheek.

“Well, they were saying that they wanted to meet a ninja at any cost~.”

The ninja seems unpleasant at Kuroka’s attitude, but he opens his eyes wide due to being shocked when he sees Irina.

“Mgh, are you the Ace Irina-dono?”

“Eh, ah, yes. ……Who may you be?”

Irina who has her identity known by the ninja. He may be someone who stands in a special position since he already knows Kuroka and Irina, but I’m a bit surprised that he knows Irina’s identity as well.

Though it seems like Irina doesn’t know him…… In front of us who are feeling dubious, white wings appears from the ninja’s back!

The ninja says this while spreading twelve of his wings.

“It is I. Metatron –de gozaru.”

Hearing his name, not only Irina but the other members of the Occult Research Club apart from me makes a stiff expression.


After a pause—,

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Metatron!?” ” ” ” ” ” ””

Everyone in the Occult Research Club makes a shocked voice at once.

“……M,M,MMMMMMMMM, Metatron-samaaaaaa!? For real!? Why are you doing this kind of thing in a place like this!?”

The way how Irina panicked is unreal.

“Are you serious, Irina!? So this person here is Metatron-sama!?”

It seems like even Xenovia is really shocked at the ninja’s identity.

“W-Who is he?”

I ask Irina who is also shocked.

“Metatron-sama is an Angel who is counted as one of the Seraphs according to our teaching!”

A Seraph!? So it means he’s in the same position as Michael-san and Gabriel-san!

If I recall, I did hear that there are other Seraphs besides the Four Great Seraphs……but you’re saying this Ninja-Angel is one of them!?

The white ninja nods because we are in shock, and he starts to introduce himself.

“Yes, I am called Metatron, and I am a Seraph. Nice to make your acquaintance.”

……So he’s a Seraph and a ninja...... Since we don’t know how to respond to him, we ask Metatron the situation we are in—.

We got up on the spacious room and sit around the fireplace. Metatron-san says it while having the light from the lantern covered with fixed paper make his face visible.

“The only thing I had my heart taken away during my long life is NINJA –de gozaru. I was fascinated by them with their elegance and courage that is shown in films, television, and manga –de gozaru.”

……What the, I can’t understand the situation from the get-go…… What on earth is this Seraph-san saying!?

“After the peace between Three Great Powers, I got NINJA training from the famous master that lives in this land –de gozaru.”

What, such a famous ninja lives in this land!? I spent seventeen years not knowing that!

“……Did Michael-san give his approval?”

I ask him. No matter how much he admires ninja, he has an important role being a Seraph. Was he able to get the approval of Michael-san who is kind, but also strict?

I’m a bit concerned.


Metatron-san nods. Michael-san, you gave him your approval huh……

Apparently, this is what Michael-san said after hearing the situation.

[A NINJA……I never thought you, Metatron, would become a student of the famous warrior group. Your stance to polish yourself even further is something that deserves my respect. Very well. For the Heaven, and for our beliefs, please train yourself as much as you want.]

“ “ “ “ “Oo……” ” ” ” ”

Hearing that, Rias, the Church-trio, and Rossweisse-san release their voices of admiration.

What is happening?! Michael-sama, are you sure you should be allowing this?!

“…. Weird! You guys are all weird! Why are you guys fine with NINJA?!”

Just then, Xenovia stood up while snorting.

“Even Michael-sama regards NINJAS highly… I now want to learn Ninjutsu! What about you, Irina?!”

Irina also stood up energetically and nodded her head.

“Yes! If Metatron-sama is becoming a NINJA, I should also become a NINJA as Michael-sama’s Ace! Lord! I will also learn Ninjutsu!”

I don’t think learning Ninjutsu is part of the requirements of becoming an Angel?!

Having seen reactions from the people of the Church, Rias also stood up from her seat with her eyes filled with determination.

“For Heaven to learn Ninjutsu?!… I can’t just stay here and watch them do that. We need to deploy Ninjutsu in the Underworld as well, I’m sure there will be a time when NINJA’s tools will come in handy.”

…Both Angels and Devils, aren’t they exaggerating NINJAS?!

While I was seriously contemplating on whether I should also learn Ninjutsu, the door opened once again.

The person that came in was… an elderly man wearing a traditional Japanese costume. He was holding a plastic bag from the convenient store.

“Metatron-sama… Does it not seem quite noisy around here?”

Metatron-san straightened up and greeted the man politely.

“Master, Kuroka-dono brought more potential students – de gozaru.”

The person that is being called Master looked at us.

“Oh ho, potential students.”

That person put his hand on his chin and looked bit perplexed.

The man sat in front of us and introduced himself.

“Everyone, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, I am the person who teaches Iga Ryu, Momochi Tamon. I am from the immediate family of the Iga clan. I had to leave just now to go to the convenience store.”

The real NINJA! Not only that, from Iga ryu! There are things like Angels, Devils, Youkai, monsters and now, even a NINJA! And he’s even using a convenience store! I’m so surprised! The place where I was born and raised in is riddled with mystical beings!

Kiba gives us more information.

“I heard that Ninja from Iga ryu upheld the importance of a monetary contract, whereas Ninja from Koga ryu gave their allegiance to one single monarch.”

Rias then lean her body forward and said.

“IGA RYU! I have heard of them! Just like what Yuuto said, it seems like they have lived a life similar to us Devils!”

She’s so happy! I haven’t seen Rias like this before! T-That’s right, Rias does love Japanese traditional customs and cultures. Akeno-san did say that Rias was so happy when they went to Kyoto for the school trip last year.

It would be nice if I could go on a date with Rias at the Japanese Folk Village soon… Ah, I might just get KO’d by the excited Rias if that’s the case…

Xenovia leaned her body towards the man… Momochi-san and said

“NINJA Master! Please make us your disciples!”

“M-Me to! When I become a NINJA, I will be able to get closer to the true teachings of the God!”

“I also would like to do so. If I combine my healing abilities with Ninjutsu, it might benefit everyone else.”

Both Irina and Asia asked him!

In the end, the disconcerted Momochi-san gave up and said [Yes, I understand].

Just like that, the Ninja that lived in our town began teaching not only Angels, but also Devils.

Everyone decided to learn Ninjutsu but…

We decided to try it out straight away and so we assembled in the large hall on the ground floor of this building.

For some reason, we are all wearing a Ninja outfit. Guys are wearing an outfit similar to Metatron-san while the girls are…

“This is a KUNOICHI outfit.”

Rias is wearing a female Ninja outfit! It’s called a [Kunoichi] outfit normally… it’s an outfit that exposes a lot of skin! Her white skin is showing everywhere. It’s an outfit that seems like an important part of her body will be exposed if you move around too violently!

“Ufufufu, maybe this outfit is great when I’m playing around with Ise-kun.”

Akeno-san is saying such a thing while wearing an outfit that has great emphasis on her breasts! My eyes are seeing a great view right now!

“Hmm, it’s easy to move around in.”

“Y-Yes, it sure is a NINJA outfit.”

Warriors Xenovia and Irina seems like they are feeling the practicality of the [Kunoichi] outfit. For some reason, these Ninja outfits fit them really well. This may be since they are born to be warriors? Well, the warrior outfits they were wearing before were also quite erotic!

“I-I’m embarrassed!”

“T-That’s true, this is a bit…”

Asia and Ravel are twisting their bodies in embarrassment at such revealing outfits.

“I’m not going to wear such a perverted outfit. Normal clothes are just fine.”

“I agree”

Rossweisse-san and Koneko are wearing [Kunoichi]outfits that don’t expose much of their skin! Ophis is also wearing a normal [Kunoichi] outfit. Well, she was like this since when we left the house.

DxD Dx2 06.jpg

The person who put her body on my back was… Kuroka and she was wearing an erotic [Kunoichi] outfit!

“Ufufu♪ since we’ve become Kunoichi, we should also wear appropriate attire nyaa~”

The ero Nekomata onee-san’s Ninja outfit is also so revealing… T-Thank you very much!

“… Don’t go overboard.”

Koneko is trying to separate me and Kuroka apart! So strict!


I heard Gasper’s voice and when I turned around, I saw a cardboard box.

“L-Look at this! Ninjutsu, Cardboard Meisaihakure no Jutsu!” [13]

I-Isn’t that just hiding inside a cardboard box? That’s no different from normal!

Anyway, while everyone was finishing their preparation, Metatron-san gave out Shuriken. Looks like the proper training is about to start.

“Well, you throw a Shuriken like this.”

Momochi-san threw multiple Shuriken he was holding at a target at high speed! The Shuriken he threw all hit the vital points on the human shaped dolls.

Oh ho, his hand movements are out of this world, this is real! Rias and everyone else gave a round of applause after seeing the Shuriken tutorial.

… But will Ninja training be helpful to me? Well, anyhow it’s important to experience different things! You never know when you might need Ninjutsu to become a High Class Devil!

Let’s all learn Ninjutsu together today!

As I was thinking positively, Momochi-san spoke.

“So then let see what…”

When he was about to continue… suddenly we heard a loud explosion outside of the building.

…Ku! W-What happened?! Is there an explosion?!

We looked at each other in shock! However, Momochi-san and the Ninja-Angel Metatron-san made an expression that said they know what is happening and sighed.

When we went outside of the building…


Fighters wearing black body suit appeared, making weird noises! That cry! That clothing! They are very familiar! These guys are…

“Guhahahahahaha! NINJA, I will make sure you come to Grigori with us today!”

A familiar laughter rang around the area. The person that appeared in front of us is a weirdo who’s wearing armour, a helmet and a cape!

That eye patch and the beard! An axe and shield in his hands! He is a pervert that looks like a mini boss from old school tokusatsu shows! I know that guy! I know him from the time when I went to Grigori! T-T-This old man… Armaros-san, one of the leaders of Grigori I met back then!

What is Armaros-san doing here?! Especially with fighters with him! Armaros-san pointed his axe at the Ninja-Angel Metatron-san.

“Guhahahaha! I will take your life while at it, Ninja-Angel Metatrooooooon!”

“Armaros! You again!”

Metatron-san also took his sword out when he saw Armaros-san!

Armaros-san also kept swinging his axe while shouting

“Of course! You are the person with an ill-fated relationship with the mighty Grigooooori! I will finally finish you off here!”

I-Ill-fated relation? I asked Rias.

“… That Ninja-Angel-san, does he have a bad relationship with Sensei’s organisation?”

“…Yes. According to what is written in the Bible regarding Noah’s ark, it seem like they were on bad terms since the Great Flood.”

Written in the Bible. Having a bad relationship since Noah’s Ark…?!

Armaros-san and my eyes then met.

“Ah! Oppai Dragon?! Ohho~! You guys are also aiming for the NINJA then?!”

Not entirely correct but at the same time, not wrong either! To meet one of the leaders that I never wanted to see ever again when I just met with a Ninja, this is too much!

Armaros-san shouted with determination,

“Well, that’s fine! Metatrooooooon! I will destroy you with the power of Grigori! And you, NINJA!”

Armaros-san pointed at Momochi-san.

“Accept our invitation to Grigori! For our organisation to develop, we need your Ninjutsuuuuu!”

Grigori is trying to get Ninja as well?! Meanwhile Momochi-san just sighed.

“……..Sigh, both the Angels and Fallen Angels are coming to me every night. It’s been like this for a while now. I don’t know where they heard from but both the Angels and Fallen Angels kept coming and… Today, even Devils like yourselves have come.”

Seems like he’s in an awkward situation. Well, that is to be expected, he is getting offers from Angels and Fallen Angels and now, he’s teaching Ninjutsu to Devils…

How highly are the Three Factions seeing Ninja?!

Armaros-san laughed loudly like he didn’t care about Momochi-san’s worries.

“Guhahahahahaha! I have brought the Beast man who Grigori is proud of!”

Armaros-san snapped his fingers.

Hey, stop with that beast man! I get shivers just hearing about Grigori’s Beast Man! Grigori being a weird organisation that is made up of people like this old man and Sensei! Any beast man from that kind of place must not be normal!

“The first is Yeti!”

While I was complaining inside, the Beast came out from the darkness after Armaros-san’s introduction.

….Yeti? A worrying image came up in my mind! That is a fearsome image of Yuki-onna Goristie! Not again! The snow gorilla is making an appearance again! Isn’t this the third time?! How high are the chances of an encounter with a beast for me?! This town is littered with gorillas! I’m sick and tired of seeing a gorilla hitting her chest! But the view that I saw through my teared up eyes was…

“Fu, I have never imagined that I would face off with NINJA… it’s not very elegant.”

It was a blond bishounen wearing a tuxedo (Tuxedo had G engraved on It.) and he had a cynical smile on his face!

That is a Beast man? That’s Yeti? Isn’t he just a normal bishounen in a tux? It’s obvious that I will have doubt but besides that, I have mixed feelings in my heart!


I… am so angry that I am speechless and my face distorted in anger. Seeing as how angry I am, Koneko and Asia talked to me while being confused.


“Ise-san, what’s wrong?”

Snap! I shouted while wailing!

“This, This is unreasonableeeeee! Why?! Why! Why is a Yuki-onna a gorilla and why is a Yeti a handsome Bishounen?! This is strange! So strange! What is wrong with the system in this world?!”

This is so weird! Why is a Yuki-onna a gorilla yet, the Yeti is a normal guy?! It should be the other way around! No, please make it so!

“Ise, calm down. Nothing is wrong here.”

Rias placed her hand over my shoulder and said this in order to get me to calm down!

“This is wrong! Rias, Yeti should be a hairy snow gorilla! Just like Goristie! Then you can call that a Yeti!”

I hate this! This world, there’s something wrong! Someone, please take me to the world where beautiful Yuki-onna and hairy gorilla Yeti exists! I beg of you!

Ignoring me who’s gone into shock and tearing up, Armaros-san introduced the next person.

“And next is this guy! He is born by fruit of Grigori’s remodelling surgery… Kappa beast!”

To respond to the leader’s voice, the person that came out was… Kappa with green skin and plate on his head as well as a bird’s beak and a turtle shell.

The sunglasses with pointy sides were memorable. Looking closely, he had the letter [G] written on his stomach. Grigori engrave that symbol to everything they meddle with! Saji also has that on his back!

“Fu, I never imagined that I would come back to this town.”

That Kappa person laughed with a self-loathing tone. The person most surprised to see that Kappa was Koneko!

“…Ahh! Salamander Tomita-san!!! You were alive?!”

Koneko, who is normally calm, couldn’t hide her surprise after seeing that Kappa.

“…K-Koneko? You are giving off a vibe that I’ve never seen before…”

When I murmured that, Rias narrow her eyes and said.

“For him to return… This is going to be trouble.”

“For Salamander Tomita-san to return… that’s unexpected.”

Akeno-san also said such.

“Koneko and Salamander Tomita-san are friends.”

Does Gasper also know this situation?!

“W-Who is this guy?! It seems like everyone from the early ORC members knows him…”

It seems like except for me, the original members, Rias, Akeno-san, Koneko, Kiba and Gasper knows that Kappa.

Kiba, while frowning, said to me.

“You remember that ORC activity tennis match from before, right?”

“Yeah, the one against Abe-senpai?”

“Back then, Buchou wrote a report. Do you remember her mentioning about a wise Kappa that lives in the suburbs of the town?”

Ah, I remember now! That’s back in the first semester. So nostalgic, it happened right after Xenovia joined us.

“If I remember correctly, he wanted to become a rapper but he went back to the countryside to inherit his family’s cucumber farm….!”

I said while remembering what I’ve heard from back then.

The story of a Kappa who wanted to be a rapper but went back to his home town to inherit the cucumber farm stuck in my memory. Well, I didn’t understand why Kappa wanted to become a rapper.

“Then what’s up with the name, Salamander Tomita?! Isn’t Kappa a water Youkai and Salamander Fire Youkai?!”

Kiba, after listening to me, said,

“That’s his name. We said that Koneko is his fan back then, right?”

“Ah, thinking back Koneko was humming some rap. I remember thinking that it’s a rare event but it was quite surprising that Koneko was humming a rap music.”

Kappa spoke to Koneko, making a cool smile.

“Oi, Koneko. It’s been awhile.”

Maybe because of such a special encounter, Koneko’s eyes started to become wet with tears.

“……… Salamander Tomita-san. Sob, Light of the city that dries up my head plate.”

Koneko started to sing the rap. Hearing that, Kappa smiled and sang back at her.

“The anger within me which I cannot describe in full…“

“…So I say let's just steal the soul(shirikodama) from inside your body [14]

While captured in nostalgia, they sang the mysterious rap! Just then, Kiba shouted out!

“This is… one of his song's, [Shirikodama Rhapsody]! He sang that during The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace!”

What is The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace?! What in the world happened back then?!

“…. So nostalgic, I remember back then. Hey, Akeno, back then Koneko was…”

Rias had eyes full of nostalgia as it seems like she’s remembering something.

“Yes, it was a hot summer day. To Koneko that must be something she will never forget…”

Akeno-san spoke in a tone like she’s thinking back to the events back then.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about! What incident happened back then?!“

I feel like I’m being intentionally left out! Damn it! I’m so envious of the original members who are sharing this moment! Someone just tell me what happened at this The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace!

Koneko wiped her tears away and spoke.

“Salamander Tomita-san, I really, really wanted to meet you.”

“Fufu, I’m sorry Koneko. My father back home suddenly collapsed so I had to go back to inherit the cucumber farming. For Kappas, cucumber harvest are life and death matters.”

Kappa then asked Koneko.

“… So, have you found someone you love?”

“…Yes, thanks to you.”

Koneko said while stealing a glance at me. I can feel my face getting red.

Kappa, looking at that reaction, raised his head.

“Che…Seems sweat got into my eyes. So that little lady has now fallen in love…”

…Kappa is moved to tears. What expression should I be making here…

But having made his mind up, he confronted Koneko.

“Koneko, I’m sorry but… I think I’m your enemy. Right now, I have somehow been reborn as a beast man of Grigori to defeat that NINJA Angel.”

Really?! How did you become an agent for Grigori?! What happened to the Cucumber farm?!

“…Yes, I will break your plate.”

Koneko also got into her fighting pose!

“Fine, I will show you the rapper fighting style of Kappa.”

Oioi, the Nekomata VS Kappa youkai battle is about to start?! Stop doing meaningless things and go back to your Cucumber farm! This is a relatively peaceful place! And what in the world is the Rapper Fighting style?!

“Hehe♪ wait a sec nya.”

Suddenly, Kuroka stood between those two.

“Shirone, you don’t have to fight this Kappa nya… Leave it to Onee-chan.”

When Kuroka said so, Koneko was honestly shocked.

“…Ku! Onee-sama! This is between me and Salamander Tomita-san!”

“You, can you fight him? You looked up to this Kappa right?... Rely on this onee-chan sometimes.”


Ara……? What is this? Thanks to that Kappa, those two are making up to each other…!

Seeing Kuroka, Kappa laughed.

“Fu, so you are that famous Koneko’s older sister? We finally meet.”

“Seems like you already know our situation but let’s not talk about that now. I will show you my newly mastered Ninjutsu!”

Kuroka made a hand gesture! Suddenly, Kappa also made his move!

“This is interesting!”

In front of our eyes… Nekomata-onee-sama and Kappa started an impressive battle! When the Kappa shot a strong jet of water from his mouth, Kuroka dodged that with a clone jutsu!

That Kappa, he’s able to fight equally against a High-class Devil, Kuroka!

“Can you really just get stronger by cucumber harvest and rap?!”

I don't care about whatever is happening anymore! Meanwhile that handsome Yeti, who was ignored by the appearance of Kappa, spoke up while making a pose.

“Fu, who is my opponent then?”

Hmm, well should I just finish this in one punch? Since I didn’t want to get involved with the weird atmosphere, I made my mind and was about to step up but…

“I will also fight. Ninjutsu, Kill Great Red.”

Suddenly Ophis sprang out and attacked that Yeti.


She hit him with Ninjutsu… w-wait a slap?!

…That’s not a Ninjutsu! That’s a world class slap!


The Yeti, after getting hit by a world class slap, blasted off to the other side of the night sky while screaming! Ah, there was a flash just then! [15]

“Nin nin, it’s a punishment from heaven. That’s what I’d say.”

Ophis then made a hand gesture. A Dragon-God shouldn’t be saying such things!

And you shouldn’t fight anyone! Anyone fighting against Ophis will be in a state that’s worse than dying! Having utterly defeated the Yeti and with the fight between Kuroka and Kappa still ongoing, the fight between Metatron-san and Armaros-san was about to start.

“Gahahahahaha! I will finish you off today, Metatrooon!”

Armaros-san is swinging his axe joyfully! The power of his axe destroyed the floor! This person’s brain is made of muscle! His strength is unbelievable!

“Hm! Take this, Ninjutsu Seraph Shuriken!”

Metatron-san also sent shuriken made of light towards Armaros-san!

But is it okay for a Seraph and a leader of Grigori, who’s bound by the peace treaty, to fight each other? When that question came into my mind…

“Maybe they need some kind of change of atmosphere. I’m sure Heaven and Azazel-sensei also knows this.”

Akeno-san said while making bitter smile.

Well, if there’s any problem, they will get punished accordingly. It looks like both Metatron-san and Armaros-san are having fun.

While we are watching the fight between the Ninja-Angel and the Reckless Fallen Angel… out of nowhere, a Magic circle appeared in front of us.

That pattern is… Lucifer?! With a bright light, the person who appeared is Sirzechs-sama in the Satan Red costume! Seraph, the leader of Grigori and now even Maou-sama is making an entrance?!

“I came here after getting a top secret information that a NINJA is living here! I’m sorry but I’ll be barging in here! I’m Maou Sentai Satan Ranger’s Satan…”

And the next person that came out of the circle was Grayfia-san! Just like that, Grayfia-san suppressed Satan Red!

“Now, let’s go back… and if you don’t act moderately I will really get angry, Sirzechs!”

“Wait, Grayfia! We need NINJA in the Underworld as well! So please…”

Even before he had a chance to finish his sentence, the light from the magic circle created by angry Grayfia-san forcibly teleported him.

That happened so suddenly all at once.

… How much do the upper ranks of the Three Factions love Ninja…?!

Iga Ryu ninja, Momochi-san, sighed.

“Hmm… Whether it is Heaven, Fallen Angel or Youkai, they are stranger than Ninja.”

That’s right, I’m really sorry to bother you…… everyone aiming for Momochi-san are either our family or acquaintances. I’m so embarrassed about this.

“Will you guys continue with the training?”

After looking at each other for a moment, we all nodded our heads.


Like this, we left the battle of Metatron-san VS Armaros-san and Kappa VS Kuroka and we continued our training.

After the Ninja incident died down, we enjoyed throwing Shurikens around the house for a while.

“Now, I’m going to play at Ninja’s place again nyaa.”

It seems like Kuroka and Le Fay are continuing to visit Momochi-san and Metatron-san.

Now that I think about it, since he’s leaving the former terrorist, Kuroka, alone, Metatron-san seems like a very nice person. Or maybe, because he’s too busy learning ninjutsu , he just doesn’t pay any attention to her…

“…… I’m also coming, I can’t let onee-sama roam around alone.”

Every time when Kuroka was about to leave the house, Koneko now tagged along.

Kuroka seems a bit annoyed but…

“Well, can’t be helped nya.”

She seems a little bit happy at the same time.

I thought to myself that it would be great if they truly made up with each other and for that to happen, I will also do my best. When these two stand next to each other, they look like nothing but normal siblings…

Also as a side note, after the incident, Momochi-san has been invited as a VIP to both the Heaven and the Underworld. He has become a very popular talent in the Underworld. I also heard that his Ninja Dojo in the Underworld is very popular as well.

Why do foreigners and Mystical Beings all love Ninja so much!

Life.6 Maniac’s Sanctuary[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was a day near the beginning of our winter holiday.

“Hmm, this is coming along nicely♪”

As I was saying this, I moved my hands and was also whistling. I am currently in an unused room that’s located in the upper floor of the Hyoudou residence and I am in the process of…. Building a Plastic-model. The current phase is painting and I was washing the parts after using the sandpaper. [16]

Lately we Gremory peers have been busy like crazy. Not only do we have to focus on our school as well as our job as a Devil, we also needed to fight terrorists. In addition to this, we can’t skip out training in case of an emergency and so that we can respond when required in short notice. The truth is that things such as these are not something High Schoolers should be doing.

But it can’t be helped. I’m a person with the power of… the current Sekiryuutei. I want to do as much as I am able to with my power as I don’t want my friends to get hurt.

But I do like to have my own personal time where I can relax and focus on something else. Maybe since I have been accompanied by many people lately, I wanted to spend time on my own. So a thing which I do when I get time for myself is… building a pla-model.

This empty room is my own personal space. I keep my tools on the desk and I also have an old compressor as well as an air brush which I got from Azazel-sensei. I can build my pla-model without any unwanted disturbance.

I’m building a robot pla-model. When I was young, I was into [Mobile Suit Gundam] and often built one of them. As I got older, I slowly stopped but even after becoming a High Schooler, there’s been a time when I wanted to build one. W-Well, it could be said that I was only using an empty box to hide my porn DVD…

The notion of being given such an expensive compressor by sensei and not using it bugged me a little. To get something that I wanted when I was young but couldn’t afford it for free… I’m glad we have the peace treaty between the three factions!

After about an hour of starting the painting with an air brush, I heard a knock coming from the door and Asia entered.

“Ise-san, I’m sorry to bother you. Umm, there’s a guest who came to meet Rias-onee-sama so she wants everyone to come and greet her.”

Rias’s guest? Hmm, from her tone, guest seems to be a VIP guest… if that’s the case I should get going. After becoming the Sekiryuutei, I keep hearing [You should make acquaintance with people for now.] or [There’s no harm meeting them] from others.


Leaving my Pla-model aside for now, I headed towards the VIP guest room with Asia.

The person who unexpectedly visited Hyoudou residence was… a female Devil who seems to be around our age.

She wore a pair of glasses which covered her beautiful eyes, gives off a sense of coldness rather than calmness and had a blond hair with a slight hint of light green. She has a stricter aura though compared to Sona-kaichou when I first met her.

She wore clothes that are fitting for nobles. The flashy design and accessories with an Agares seal on them gave off a posh vibe. Although she’s a woman, she wasn’t wearing a dress but instead, she was wearing a mini skirt and high boots. She was wearing her clothes very well for a person who looks like she’s about our age and was matched with posh clothing.

“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m sorry I came here so unexpectedly.”

The person who greeted us with a smile in a cool voice was the next heiress of Archduke… Seekvaira Agares-san! Behind her was a black haired guy in the butler uniform… that person is Agares peerage’s male [Queen].

But for Seekvaira-san to visit the Hyoudou residence is unexpected! Well she is a member of the anti-terrorist organisation [DxD] and like Rias, Sona-kaichou and Sairaorg-san, she is one of the [Rookies Four] so she is one of our acquaintances. But this is the first time she visited here for a personal matter.

Rias, who seems to have been told of today’s visit, told everyone.

“Seekvaira came here because she’s got something she needs to discuss with Azazel, more specifically, with Grigori.”

She’s got something to discuss with Azazel-sensei? Well that guy is normally around this village so if you want to meet him, the fastest way is to come here.

Seekvaira-san sipped her tea that Akeno-san made and spoke.

“I stopped by here since I’m an hour earlier than the time I was supposed to meet with the former governor.”

So she just stopped by. Hmm, her movement while drinking tea is elegant and graceful! It’s like I’m seeing what a noblewoman should act like! She has a scary aura but she’s also really beautiful! Her figure… also looks amazing!

“(……Ise-sama, it’s rude to just stare.)”

Ravel gave me a warning in small voice! Well that is true… but since I’m looking at a bishoujo, my eyes are grateful!

Rias spoke with a soft expression on her face.

“It’s been awhile since we drank tea together. We often met with each other when we were young.”

“Since both you and I are the heiress of our families, it’s no wonder that your schedules are no longer as free. Not only that, we are currently part of the anti-terrorist organisation.”

Seeing her rare smiles, my first impression of her faded a bit… well, to be honest, when we first met her last summer in the Underworld… she was fighting that Yankee Devil Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas.

She was saying scary stuff like [Even if I kill you, I won’t be blamed by the people on top.]! It’s normal to be scared of her after that. Asia, who was with us back then, have a tense expression on her face… she’s certainly someone you don’t want to anger… well, since she’s a Princess from the Archduke Agares family who holds an important position in the underworld, it is no wonder that she’s so strict.

While we are all tensed up, the elegant chat between the [Kings] continued.

Seekvaira-san spoke to Rias in a joking way.

“Rias-chan. didn’t you used to call me [Seek-Chan]? You can still call me that.”

Right then, Rias’s face became so red.

“T-That’s when I was younger, when I didn’t even know some manners. Stop telling me that…”

Wow, that’s a cute reaction. It’s always fresh and nice to hear stories about Rias that I didn’t know about. I want to hear more!

Just then, Seekvaira-san looked at me who was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“…Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei-san”


When Seekvaira-san spoke to me out of nowhere, I replied in a flustered voice.

She continued.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. We are all fellow Devils and we will be knowing each other for a long time. Anyway, you are an important person within [DxD] so using my position, I will support you to my fullest abilities. If you’ve got something you need of me, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Hearing my answer, Seekvaira-san smiled and addressed everyone here.

“Everyone here can also use me, the heiress of Archduke, as you like. Since we are comrades, let’s help each other. To use each other… fufufu. That sounds more like Devils who hold importance of equivalent exchange so that sounds quite comfortable.”


Everyone said in unison. To use Archduke… I can’t think of anything right now but in the future, we will inevitably rely on each other. If we think of different generations, the archduke that we will rely on the most will be this archduke(archduchess).

… Just then, Seekvaira-san looked at my hands and murmured.

“The thing that’s on your hand is…”

Hand? When I looked at my hands…colourful pla-model dyes are on my hands! Woah~ since I was in such a hurry, all the dye had not been cleaned off! I ended up showing pathetic side of me!

“Ah! I-I’m so sorry… I didn’t know you were coming until just now… I’ve been busy with my hobby…”

I tried to wipe it with a wet towel given by Ravel but since I was using Lacquer paint, it seems like I can only get rid of it when I actually wash my hands properly!

In this situation where another person might have looked down on me or at least laughed at me, Seekvaira-san…instead… showed interest and asked me a question.

“Your hobby… does it happen to be pla-model?”

“Ah, yes. I was in the middle of building a mecha pla-model… I was painting it until a few moments ago.”

As soon as Seekvaira-san heard that, her eyes shone. Her calmness escaped her eyes and was replaced with excitement.

“Mecha… so Dundam? Or Macross?” [17]

… For me to imagine the Princess from Archduke Family to say such words… I would have never believed it. [Dundam] is the pla-model that I’m currently building based on [Mobile Suit Gundam] and [Macross] must be the anime about robot turning into jet planes [The Super Dimension Fortress Macross]

The atmosphere around Seekvaira-san changed so suddenly that everyone was so surprised.

“It’s Gundam, I made one when I was young…”

When I answered her, she clapped her hands and smiled at me!

“Ara, what a coincidence. Actually I really like Gundam!”

And Seekvaira-san put her face right against mine and kept asking!

“So which one is your favourite? First? Z? Another? Or OVA? Or maybe the Manga original.”


When Seekvaira-san tosses me questions like an innocent child, I got flustered and couldn’t answer her! Oioioioi, miss Princess! You are such a Gundam maniac! It seems like you know everything there is to Gundam!

It looks like even Rias is surprised at the totally different side of Seekvaira-san since her mouth is hanging wide open and she couldn’t say anything! This is another side to her that Rias never knew and her expectation have been exceeded!

We didn’t know what kind of reaction was appropriate but just then, Seekvaira-san’s butler, Agares’s [Queen], told his [King].

“Seekvaira-sama. Sekiryuutei-sama is in an awkward situation. Please, since he’s Rias-sama’s fiancé go easy on him.”

Having heard that, it seems like she came back to her senses. She hid her mouth with her hands and laughed.

“Ah, excuse me. Ufufu. If I start talking about Gundam, I can’t stop.”

… I couldn’t follow her extreme change of pace. While I am still flustered, Seekvaira-san’s butler came up to me and whispered something. A low bishounen voice came into my ears.

“(I do apologise. Seekvaira-sama is mecha anime maniac. She especially is obsessed with Gundam.)”

…I-Is that so?! The heiress of Archduke is… a Mecha anime fan?! U-Umm. I wasn’t expecting this at all. This is so shocking that my previous image of her has been erased. Just then, the butler said [Ah, please excuse me] and gave a formal introduction to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sekiryuutei-sama. I am Seekvaira Agares-sama’s [Queen] and her butler, Alivian.”

Agares peerage’s [Queen] Alivian-san. Hmm, I do recall his name being such from before. I remembered him from the video of Sitri VS Agares Rating Game with everyone. He was always beside Seekvaira-san and gave orders to his peerage.

It was Alivian-san who gave Sitri team a run for their money until the end. He is both great at attack and defence and he is an all-rounder type who’s good at both fist fight and magic. He is the reason why Saji was trapped and had to turn into Vritra. Alivian-san had to face against an offensive Saji and in that moment Sona-kaichou was successful at finishing off Seekvaira-san herself.

According to Rias’s opinion, even if Saji didn’t turn into Vritra, Sona-kaichou would have found out a solution to win the long fight in the end.

I returned the greeting to Alivian-san.

”I have heard rumours.”

“Thank you very much.”

Just then, Ddraig spoke.

[Partner, that guy is… a Dragon. From his aura, an Eastern European Dragon… Zmei[18] huh, Rare Dragon.]

That is right. Just like Ddraig have said, according to our information, he is a Dragon whose appearance is of Human normally.

“Alivian-san is a Dragon right?”

“Yes, I am from the Dragon clan called Zmei. My master has forbid me to turn into my normal appearance so normally I look like this.”

Alivian-san said in a bright tone. It seems like he’s not a bad person after all.

Alivian-san then spoke to his master again.

“Seekvaira-sama. The appointed time to meet with the Former Governor has arrived.”

“Is that so. Then Rias-chan, everyone. Thanks for…”

Seekvaira-san stopped her sentence mid-way and looked at me.

“Actually this might be a good opportunity. Won’t you all come with me? I’ll show you something fun.”

Me and Rias looked at each other.

We were curious at what kind of deal Seekvaira-san and sensei made so we decided to follow along.

Part 2[edit]

We decided to use the giant teleportation circle that’s underneath the Hyoudou Residence to jump straight to the Grigori facility in this town.

The place we teleported to was…a testing lab situated under this town… that former Fallen Angel Governor built this kind of place all over the town and that’s just for his amusement!

… Is he making some weird contraption in this facility as well? I’m beginning to think that…

The [Queen] Alivian-san spoke while walking down the corridor

“The truth is that we, House of Agares, are preparing for character business as well. Just like what the House of Gremory is doing with [Oppai Dragon], we are going into the media business.”

Seekvaira-san nodded her head and continued.

“We can’t think of a character marketing as a menial thing. The higher ups think of the [Oppai Dragon] as something stupid but [Oppai Dragon] is so popular that everyone in the Underworld knows what it is. And thanks to that, the House of Gremory raked in some good money right?”

[Yes, thanks to that] Rias replied briefly. Just as Seekvaira-san said, the House of Gremory is making a huge profit on the [Oppai Dragon], so much so that there’s an unbelievable amount of money being deposited into my bank account every month. Well Grayfia-san is managing that money so I can’t just spend it all as I wish.

From what I heard, people such as Kiba (Darkness Knight Fang), Koneko (Hellcat) and others, whose characters of [Oppai Dragon] is based on, also received an unbelievable amount of money into their account and so, we know how huge [Oppai Dragon] is. In a nutshell, the House of Gremory can get rich just on [Oppai Dragon].

… Well, a Devil’s life span is near infinite. So [Money to last for a life time] for humans will be not even 1/100 for Devils so I will need to earn more. Building your life for 10000 years eh, it’s going to take a long time…

When I was thinking that, Alivian-san opened his mouth.

“That’s why we decided to start our own character business but if we create something similar to the [Oppai Dragon] we won’t be able to get support from the people. Even if the House of Agares makes a Hero character, all it’s going to be is an imitation of the [Oppai Dragon] or other series… more bluntly speaking, it will be plagiarism.”

That sounds about right. It’s hard to succeed by copying other people. It seems like there have been others who copied what the Gremory have been doing and created a tokusatsu hero show but it seems like it’s not as popular as the [Oppai Dragon].

When we reached the end of the corridor, we arrived at a place that looked like a hangar. This place had all sorts of weapons… from tanks to jets. The weapons included even the ones that we saw in the Underworld that works on a Devil’s power.

These kinds of things are under our town?! Is this all owned by the Gremory… it might be over the top but this must be necessary to protect this town from terrorist attacks…

Standing in front of the vehicles, Seekvaira-san turned around and said.

“Plagiarism is not an elegant solution but I also want to jump into the character business. So I’ve decided to go into something that even the Gremory doesn’t do!”

Seekvaira-san said in a confident voice. Something that Gremory doesn’t do? What would that be?

While we were tilting our head and thinking, a familiar person came towards us.

“Ah, you are here.”

The person who came up to us with his hand greeting us was Azazel-sensei. Sensei is wearing a white lab coat like a scientist.

Sensei shook hands with Seekvaira-san and spoke while smiling.

“Ah, actually we’ve just finished building this morning so it’ll take some time to resupply but there won’t be any problem if it’s just for inspection.”

Seekvaira-san said [Thank you] after hearing those words.

Then sensei said to us.

“Hahaha, you guys came here at a nice time. Well, just watch for now.”

As I was feeling a bit suspicious at what he wanted us to see, I heard a noise of a machine working from the inside. The thing that showed itself was… a 20 feet tall humanoid robot! Wow~ it’s the same robot as the ones that comes out in a mecha anime!

“Kekeke, everyone thanks for coming along today.”

The person who stood next to the robot is one of the leaders of Grigori Sahariel-san, a mad scientist with thick glasses! Last time I went to Grigori institute with Akeno-san and Gasper, I have been troubled… no I was in a mess because of that guy…

Azazel-sensei stood next to Sahariel-san and puffed his chest out and said.

“”Today we will show you the Robot Army that Grigori developed!””

……R-Robot army?! We heard more noises coming out from the inside and all sorts of robots made an appearance! There’s one where the bottom half of its body is a tank and others with all various designs!

Everyone from the ORC including me was blown away by the sight! We did see weird monsters and a beast man before but robots… Ah, there was a time when Sensei made something called [Maouryuga] or something so the thing that expended from that are these…!

“……Wow, so cool!”

After seeing the robots, Seekvaira-san was… in such awe that she had her hands on her mouth. The cool person aura that once surrounded her was completely gone and she was looking at those robots with innocently childlike eyes.

Alivian-san spoke while seeing her like that.

“The business that the House of Agares is going into is real life mecha but since we are not used to these kinds of things, we weren’t able to create a functioning model, so….”

So the House of Agares enquired Grigori, whom always research and create a wide range of things, to create special tokusatsu robots. It seems like they decided to ask for help after hearing rumors of Sirzechs-sama receiving his personal robot [Maouryuga] from Azazel-sensei.

“Obviously we didn’t have any reason to refuse. As long as you pay us, we will make anything!”

“We will make anything!”

Sensei and Sahariel-san both said so, while giving us a thumbs up! Both of them smiling with joy!

Well~, if it’s these two, they will really do anything! Sensei and Grigori love making these kinds of things! Since they will gladly create a beast man, they would have had fun making these robots!

Anyway, so the business the Agares are going into is Mecha.

……… isn’t it enough to use CGI? Saying such a thing might be too rude. The person who ordered these robots, Seekvaira-san, is looking at these robots in awe!

But, I also… I think can respect that! In truth, aren’t robots great? I like both mediocre tokusatsu hero mecha robots and more sophisticated and life like mecha robots! Haa, when I get excited about these things, I’m glad that I was born male! Maybe because I’ve been building pla-model until just now, I’m getting more excited!

“Oi, Kiba! Gasper! Robots are great aren’t they?”

I asked with my eyes shining! This feeling, I want to share with other guys!

Kiba made an awkward face and scratched his cheek.

“Well, I don’t think it has to be humanoid though.”

This guy doesn't get it at all! Don’t you get that people feel this way because these are humanoid robots!

But Gasper looks like he’s interested, he’s touching the robots.

“These kind of coffin seems alright~”

Coffin?! Are you thinking of sleeping inside the robot?! Hmm, maybe vampire’s way of thinking is different…… if some hikikomori vampire rise from a robot cockpit, is that under the fantasy genre or the SF genre? I can’t make my mind up.

“Senpai, I like these things.”

Koneko gave me a thumbs up! Oo, Koneko understands me!

“It looks like my Onii-sama might like this too.”

Ravel also said so. That’s right; if it’s that Raiser, he might like these things.

“I don’t think I understand robots well….”

“Me too. I think the money spent making these can be used to create something more convenient.”

It seems like Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san didn’t understand the appeal of robots.

Irina and Xenovia were having fun going around and touching each robot.

“… I would like to deploy these in the Heaven as well.”

“I heard that Japan is passionate about these things… so this happens when Azazel-sensei gets involved. With this, even if you lost your body, we will be able to turn a person into a cyborg.”

“Ara, if you lose your body, you can’t have a baby. I don’t like that.”

“That’s also true. We can’t have our body not being able to bear Ise’s baby. But Irina, for you to think such things when we were talking about cyborgs…… your sexual desire is huge even when you are an angel.”

“X-Xenovia! Don’t make it sound like I’m some kind of pervert all the time! You make it sound like I’m some kind of nympho angel who only thinks about perverted thoughts!”

“…… Weren’t you?!”

“Why are you so surprised?! What?! Do people think of me like that?!”

… What are those two saying in front of the robots…

…… Just then, I heard Asia’s surprised voice.


Asia was looking towards a corner of the room while saying this in a surprised voice. When we looked towards where she was looking…a familiar golden dragon was sitting on top of a tank!

Fafnir is riding a tank! What is he doing there?!

While we were in shock, Sahariel-san said while fixing his glasses.

“Ah, this is the creation we made after fusing a panty dragon and a tank… a Dragon King Tank. It’s a hybrid robot. It’s a low emission robot that runs on nothing but pants.”

Panty Panzer.

…… That must be the worst thing I have heard recently! What the hell is that?! It’s over exaggerated and playing around with words… it’s the worst!

“…… Fafnir-san, I did wonder why I haven’t seen you lately……”

Seeing her partner’s transformation, Asia made a sorrowful expression. Or maybe she’s just confused and don’t know what kind of reaction she should have.

Fafnir was moving around by moving that tank caterpillar track around. I don’t know exactly how they move around but… it must be powered by panties.

Fafnir made a smug expression and said to Asia.

[Asia-tan, this body. Became Panzer.]

“… You, did you become like that just to say those words?”

I just gave him a scolding but… well whatever, let’s just quickly forget about it. Let’s just leave him be. Actually, no, shall I ask sensei to fix his head while at it?

“… I want to gift one to Millicas.”

Rias said so. Millicas eh. Yes, he will be happy seeing these things.

While everyone was reacting to these robots in their own way, Seekvaira-san was having a serious talk with sensei.

“Former governor, this airplane… does transform right?”

“…Hm? Transform? Ah, this is just a simple support plane. Like a support mecha.”

“What? It’s in the form of an airplane, isn’t it? But it doesn’t transform into a mecha, that’s a lie right? Every fighter jet in japan transforms into a mecha.”

… They actually don’t?!

I scolded her in my mind! I found another devil that’s got such a wrong impression of Japan! Everyone is looking at Japan in weird eyes! We don’t have samurais, ninjas don’t have ridiculous abilities and fighter jets do not turn into mecha robots!

Because of the Pure Blood Devil’s image of Japan, I am lost for words. Just then, as if reading my mind, Alivian-san spoke.

“You were thinking [why does this person love robots so much] just now right?”

“Ah, yes…… it seems like she’s a bit too obsessed with them as the princess from Archduke Family.”

Well, in my head, her character has been utterly destroyed. She’s turning from a cool beauty when angry to simple mecha otaku girl.

Alivian-san spoke.

“…… Seekvaira-sama has always been clever since when she was young. The ways she accurately and calmly thinks of everything have made people assure that there won’t be any problem for the next generation of the House of Agares.”

In other words, she’s an amazing woman. That was evident from her appearance, just like Rias and Sona-kaichou I thought of her as an example of a noble woman.

“However, as she is the daughter of Archduke and was born with the title of being the heir of Archduke, she must attend events related to the politics between Maou-sama and Great King, House of Bael, in the future. The Maou factions who are liberal and the Great King who holds importance of traditional values, both of the factions have different views… so standing between them is impossible with just normal mental fortitude. The current Archduke, being the father of Seekvaira-sama, is worried about the naïve nature of his daughter. A person with naïve nature will have their mind and body destroyed by pressure when it comes to making important decisions.”

I did also hear how much stress Archduke is under quite often.

Alivian-san held up a finger and continued.

“So the current Archduke taught her a way to clear the mind… change the mood and relaxation method to Seekvaira-sama. That relaxation method was…the viewing of Japanese mecha animation.”


…… What? What does Japanese mecha animation got to do with this at all?!

I was confused and have many questions but Alivian-san just shrugged and continued.

“That was the method that her father, who she respects, told her. That is why Seekvaira-san didn’t refuse. That is also why she watched so many Japanese mecha animations. The result was…”

Alivian-san’s gaze went to…

“… This won’t do it. Please make the replacement parts for both hands to be drills. The fact that the mecha, which looks like it’s from the 1970s, doesn’t have any drills is just outrageous. Have you guys not seen [Getter Robo] or [Steel Jeeg]?” [19]


“… I like the 90’s robot animation…”

His gaze was going towards the heir of Archduke, who was giving her opinions to Azazel-sensei and Sahariel-san, the two leaders of the Fallen Angels.

DxD Dx2 08.jpg

Alivian-san said in a confident voice.

“Thus, Princess Seekvaira Agares-sama, who normally is calm and has a great sense of judgement but who also loves to watch mecha animation during her personal time, was born!”

“You must have failed?! Archduke has totally failed her education right?!”

This is wrong! She is the precious heiress of Archduke House of Agares! Why have you made your daughter into a mecha anime maniac?!

While I was giving her a piece of my mind inside my head, a small communication circle appeared by the side of Alivian-san’s ear.

“… Ah, please excuse me for a second. This is…”

Alivian-san made a serious expression while listening to the information he is given.

“No way! Seekvaira-sama!”

Alivian-san ran towards his master and gave her a report of what he heard.

Seekvaira-san, who was just making a passionate speech about robots, makes a serious expression.

“What? Stray Devil?”

…Ku! As soon as we heard that, everyone here tensed up.

Stray Devil. These kinds of things happen at this kind of time. Not only that but for this to happen while the people from Archduke who gives out commands are here, this is new.

Seekvaira-san spoke to Rias.

“This is an extreme case. Rias-chan, I’m sorry to ask you this but would you cooperate with us in terminating…”

It seems like Seekvaira-san realised something mid-sentence.

“Ah, wait a minute… Yes.”

Seekvaira-san asked Azazel-sensei.

“Former governor-sama. Are these robots able to be deploy right now?”

Seekvaira-san said while looking at the line of robots!

Oioioioioioioi! Are you going to let these robots terminate Stray Devils?! And not only that, but allowing the Archduke(archduchess) herself?

When sensei heard Seekvaira-san’s suggestion he made a playful smile! N-No way! Sensei does outrageous things when he’s making that kind of smile!

“Hoho, I think I know what you are thinking of. Sahariel, can we deploy these right now?”

When sensei asked, Sahariel-san smiled confidently.

“Fufufu, since we didn’t know if these situations might happen, I made it so that it’s ready to launch whenever. Not only the outer looks are complete, but these are able to answer the call for emergency deployment!”

Sahariel-san pulled out a switch from his pocket and as soon as he pressed that switch, the red lights all around the room shone a few times and then, we heard some noise of a large machine moving. The catapult track then appeared!

[Scramble, Scramble.]

With a voice of warning telling us, the emergency sound rang around the facility!

The exit that leads to the ground above appeared and the robots automatically moved towards the catapult track! Amongst them was the Panty Dragon… no, Fafnir was amongst them! He’s launching into action! The Panty Dragon King is launching into action!

Sensei made a cynical smile on his face and asked Seekvaira-san.

“… So we are launching now? We didn’t even do any test? It won’t be strange if they suddenly stopped working… even then, will you defeat the enemy using them?”

“Yes. We’ve got our robots here, and the enemy has come to us and I am here right now… in other words, it’s the best situation. Let’s go!”

Seekvaira-san said something that sounds like it came out of a mecha anime and went to the place the Stray Devils were at with us.

Part 3[edit]

The place we have arrived… it was an abandoned factory at the edge of a neighbouring village.

The surrounding was dark already; it’s that time where Stray Devils normally start their activities. This place also looks suitable for their base.

Seekvaira-san leads the way and said confidently.

“Those who leave their master and living only to satisfy your own desires, that is a sin worth thousands of deaths. In the name of Archduke Agares, I will punish those! Show yourself!”

The heiress of Archduke shouted towards the abandoned factory. Not long after, a disturbing aura filled the surrounding. The ones that showed were cyclops, a beast man with boar head and a slime monster in the shape of a human. All three of them were reincarnated Stray devils who left their master. I can feel the evilness from the aura around their body.

“…Che, the Archduke(archduchess) herself made a move.”

“Damn it!”

“Now that it came to this, we can only fight until we die!”

Realising who we were, the Stray Devils started to give out a dangerous aura from their body! While the killing aura fills the surrounding area, there was a flash in the night sky. Next with a loud noise, a robot army landed on the abandoned factory one by one!

Having seen the robots arriving one by one, it looks like stray devils are surprised.

“W-What the… Robots?!”

“The Archduke(archduchess) is… Bringing robots?! What’s going on here?!”

The Stray Devils were surprised at the ridiculous scene they are looking at right now. Directing her words at the confused stray devils, Seekvaira-san proclaimed confidently,

“Devils are advancing like there’s no tomorrow… now behold, see the mecha robots that the underworld is proud of with your own eyes!”

With her words as the signal, the robot army charged towards the Stray Devils! The Jet engines on their back burned and the rifles on their hand fired laser shots!

“What the hell is thiiiiiis!”

“I did think the exterminator might appear tonight but……!”

“I never thought it would be robooooots!”

The Strays Devils were screaming while they were terminated one by one.

…… We are Devils right? And they are Devils as well right? All I can see in front of me is just typical actions involving gundams…

BOOM! We heard something exploded from the sky! When we look above, we saw something with smoke coming off it like it’s been shot down.

“It looks like only one robot exploded in the sky?!”

I pointed at the object and shouted! Then a communication circle appeared in front of us and Sahariel-san came into our view. The speckled leader said to us.

[That was Panty Panzer. It might have had some problem with assembling.]

…… He was only sitting on top of the tank though!? No, the sheer fact that you launched a tank with a Dragon sitting on top is weird itself! Actually, I’ll understand if the Dragon itself was the problem!


Asia shouted Fanir’s name which got shot out of the sky. Xenovia then hugged Asia who’s shouting his name.

“No Asia, it’s for the best. Let’s not let Fafnir’s sacrifice be in vain.”

Irina also put her hand on Asia’s shoulders while sobbing.

“That’s right! Fafnir-kun must have been the first Dragon King to become a tank!”

Sahariel-san then added.

[His last words were [I will let Asia-tan ride me after this fight. And I’ll ask her to say Panzer Cannon]. Thinking about that now, it must have been the Death Flag.]

…… That guy, he’s an absolute idiot……! He’s so stupid that I’ve got no words!

“Let’s get revenge for Fafnir!”

Xenovia held her Durandal on one hand and charged at the Devils! Irina soon followed her.

“Yes, let’s go! Let’s put some panties into his coffin when we get back!”

Well, most likely he survived! There’s no way that panty Dragon King will die from this!

Seeing what is happening right now, Rias just sighed heavily towards the ground. Akeno-san, being next to her, also just said [Ara ara] and made a bitter smile.

“… Let’s get to work.”

When Rias said in a voice that was lacking enthusiasm, we followed her orders.

After suppressing the Stray Devils instead of killing them, we sent them to the Underworld. As the night sky slowly gets brighter, Seekvaira-san said in determination to her [Queen] with the morning sun and her robots behind her back.

“I’ve decided, Alivian… let’s deploy these robots around the lands owned by our House.”

Alivian-san just shrugged his shoulders.

“I wonder how many years it will take for that to happen.”

It seems like Alivian-san is used to his master acting like this.

Seekvaira-san then suddenly turned her head towards me.

“By the way, Hyoudou Issei-san. Thinking back, I still haven’t heard which Gundam series you like. Maybe… do you like the one that came out as a video game? Red Fortune is certainly a masterpiece. Besides that, tell me which Doll Armour you like the most, my favourite is Gemu II High Mobility Type.” [20]

Noooooooo! Otaku! Such an otaku! She’s way above my league! But, Seekvaira-san is making a face like she has finally met someone who understands her hobby…..!

When I couldn’t answer her back… I sent a gaze towards Rias to help me. Rias lightly laughed.

“It looks like the person who’s going to understand Seekvaira well from our generation is going to be…… Ise.”

Really?! Even if she’s such a bishoujo, I can’t handle such a mecha otaku…! But I can’t avoid questions from the heiress of Archduke either…..!

“U-Um! S-Since it’s now morning, I’ll be going back!”

“Yes, that’s fine. Let’s go back to your house and just talk while relaxing. I also want to hear your opinion about the other mecha anime.”

When Seekvaira-san said this, Alivian-san grabbed me!

After that, I talked about robots with Seekvaira-san until the night fell…… Both Rias and Akeno also came as [King] and [Queens] but… it looks that they got mentally tired along the way; they couldn’t keep their head straight!

I can’t get along with Archduke(archduchess) at all! I much prefer the Great King, Sairaorg-san!

Life.EX Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It happened a short time after the beginning of the spring term.

One night, I set out from my bed due to my needs to go to the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door, instead of a toilet… the pink ero room showed itself…

It was that Heaven made [Ero Room]! And the person who grabbed my hands while I was confused was…

“Now, Ise… let’s finally practice our baby making skills tonight!

Xenovia is wearing a see through and loose lingerie! On the bed, Asia and Irina are waiting. Just like Xenovia, they are wearing a see through lingerie and they weren’t even wearing any bra! Their nipples, being visible over the see through lingerie, caught my eyes! Asia, you snuck out of the bed before me!

Normally I would be happy but right now I came out of my bed in order to go to the bathroom. I am looking at their breasts but… to be honest, I can’t do anything right now! It seems like my bladder will explode before the explosion of my perverted mind!

I told Xenovia.

“Oi you. Are you out of your mind?! Why did you attach that thing to the bathroom door?!”

Xenovia just ignored my complaint and took her lingerie off! Her breasts showed themselves in front of my eyes! Xenovia then rubbed her body erotically! Where the hell did you learn that?! Rias?! Akeno-san?! No it must have been Kiryuu!

“Fufufu, if I want to steal Ise from Rias ex-buchou and Akeno ex-fukubuchou then I have to use some new and original ideas!”

“Oi you! And here I thought you would have gotten your acts together since you are going to become the Student council Kaichou… but your fundamentals remain unchanged!”

“It’s exactly because of that. I want to be in a position where I take responsibility but also at the same time, I want to play like girls of my age. Now let me taste the passion of youth, Ise!”

Xenovia said such a thing and pushed me towards the bed! Irina, who was on the bed, hugged me and said.

“I want to take darling but lately, even Ravel-chan has been tightening the security seriously so there isn’t any time to set up the trap.”

Trap?! What am I, a prey being hunted down?! Well to these girls, I might as well be one……! Even I will be perplexed at these unexpected events!

Even then, the feeling from Irina’s breasts was amazing! But instead of getting excited, my desire for the bathroom grew stronger!


From the corner of the bed Asia was looking at me longingly!

“Asia! Calm these two down please! I just want to go to the bathroom! Let’s do these kind of things next time! Right now nature is calling for me!”

If it’s Asia! If it’s her, she will understand my feelings!

Just then Xenovia went on top of me!

“But doing these erotic things is also nature’s call! Won’t it be fun to see which side will win?”

Don’t just say that while getting in the mood! A-Actually this ero room also has a bathroom! Let me go there first! After that I will gladly accept your challenge!

“M-Me too!

And then Asia went on top of me! Both Xenovia and Asia are on top of me! Not only that, Irina was also squeezing my head with her thighs! The sensations of her thighs are amazing but…! It’s fine when one girl is on top but two is bit too much!

Asia, who’s in front of Xenovia looked at me with wet eyes and said.

“… I also want a baby… can I?”


…… That’s cheating Asia! Hearing such words from Asia, I’m about to have a nosebleed! Xenovia, who’s behind Asia then said,

“Even Asia’s like this! Now just give up Ise! If you don’t have the energy to deal with three girls at the same time, you won’t be able to become the Harem King!”

Irina also started to pray while continuously squishing my head with her thighs!

“For Heaven! For Michael-sama!... A-And for myself Murmering…..”

No way, am I going to be messed up by these three girls while trying to hold on?! If possible I would have liked to challenge myself with you three in my best condition…!

Asia became bold and slowly came towards me with her lips forward…

When I swallowed hard and was just about to give up.

“Hoho, it looks like you youngsters are having fun.”

…Ku! Suddenly we heard another voice in the room.

An old man in Kimono is sitting on a chair at the corner of the room! W-Who is this old gramps?! He was bold and had a smile on his face riddled with wrinkles. But I’ve never seen this old gramps before! Above all, the fact that he managed to break into a place where mystical beings such as Devils live shows that he’s not a normal person!

“G-Gramps?! H-How did you get in…”

When I asked, old gramps smiled and said

“Ah, I was wondering if I could drink some tea here.”

“T-Tea? N-No, before that how did you…”

I asked the suspicious gramps but… Asia who was on top of me smiled and said.

“Tea? I’ll prepare it right away.”

Asia got off me and walked towards the kettle at the corner of the room.

After Asia, Irina also got off me and gave old gramps some snacks.

“Where did you come from, grandpa? Ah, we’ve only got yokan, is that fine?” [21]

When Irina asked, gramps said while still smiling.

“Of course, young lady.”

And finally, Xenovia stood behind him and started to massage his shoulders.

“It looks like your shoulder’s stiff. I’ll massage it.”

“Hahaha, I’m thankful.”

That old gramps received tea from Asia and asked me

“Would you join me?”

When I look at him closely, this gramps’s head is unusually long! He can’t be a human!

“E-Excuse me. Who are…”

I stood up and pointed my finger at him. I was about to ask this suspicious gramps some questions…


When I stood up I started to stumble… U-Umm, my conscious is slowly going… when I looked back at the old gramps… I-It feels like this gramps…It doesn’t feel like he’s a stranger… Yes, this gramps is someone I know, no, stranger… well does that even matter? I suddenly feel like being nice to this gramps.

Just like he suggested, I decided to drink tea with him. I got the tea from Asia as well as snacks from Irina.

“… Yes, let’s drink together!”

That is right! Since meeting this gramps, my desire to do ero things with the girls vanished and most importantly, I wanted to treat this gramps nicely!

Me and the church trio started to talk to this handsome old gramps and had a blast of a time!

But since I couldn’t hold off any longer, I headed towards the bathroom that was in the room. When I got back… that old gramps was suddenly gone.

At the same time, the feeling of confusion was cleared in my head. It seems like the others experienced the same thing as while confused they said [Ara? Why were we doing such things…?], [where did that old grandpa go?].

… That old gramps. Who is he?

The mysterious night was slowing ending…

“… That happened… was that a dream? When I got back to my consciousness, I was sleeping in my room…”

Since the next day was a holiday, I told everyone (mainly the ORC members) of last night’s adventure in my living room.

When I finished, Asia raised her hands and agreed with me.

“I also had that dream. It was a dream about making tea for an old grandpa who was wearing a kimono.”

Oh, so Asia had the same dream as me!

Irina also put her hands up.

“Ah~ I also had the same dream!”

“Hmm, same here. That’s strange. I was preparing to bait Ise into that room and was about to have sex with him…”

…Xenovia said so while tilting her head. But when Rias, Akeno-san and Ravel heard Xenovia…

“That story.”

“In more depth”

“Would like to hear again.”

Having said that in a serious tone and with a strange aura emitting from their body, it seems Xenovia just said something outrageous without blinking an eye!

Rias placed her hand on my chin and sighed.

“Maybe it’s an Illusion? Or maybe someone in the house is letting out their powers and magic unconsciously?”

The discussion is now heading toward the possibility of events occurring due to some unknown power instead of being a dream.

Ravel also said while nodding her head.

“Could it be that Ise-sama’s new technique is out of control and going beyond your imagination? However, I haven’t heard that it is that kind of technique from you.”

No way. When I’m creating a new technique, I’m not going to make one where that old gramps is going to appear.

Kiba, who was sitting next to me, whispered.

"(But Ise-kun. You said before that you wanted to experiment with your current techniques to find a new way of using them right?)"

I shrugged and replied in a quiet voice.

"(Well, when I get a chance I’ll test it.)"

Well instead of a new technique, I’m trying to develop my current ones… But that’s irrelevant to that gramps.

Now the problem is that I don’t remember his face well… I have definitely seen his face but I can’t remember anything. It was really like a dream.

Rossweisse-san nodded her head and said.

“I’ll go into that special Seraph room later… I’m not thinking of doing anything perverted! If there are traces of aura or magic left, I’m thinking of decoding it and that’s all! I’m not interested in the slightest in that ero room!”

Seeing how she blushes and raises her voice… Rossweisse-san, are you interested?

While Rossweisse-san is blushing, Rias and Akeno-san’s expression stiffened.

“… I have heard of this before. But if that’s the case… this might be out of our control.”

“Yes, I can also think of something. It would be clear if Kuroka or sensei was here…”

It looks like both of them know what might be going on here. If Kuroka and sensei were here, would this mystery be solved straight away? But…

I said while scratching my cheeks.

“Koneko and Kuroka are in the mountains right now and we can’t even get in contact with sensei at all.”

That’s right. Koneko and Kuroka are currently living in the mountains for their training. Meanwhile, Azazel-sensei doesn’t pick his phone up at all.

Rias replied after hearing me.

“We contacted Koneko so she should be back soon. Azazel is currently working with onii-sama. They are currently in secret talks with people living in Japan… Five Families who have special powers and are the leaders of the Youkai Factions. And they are part of something called [Mega Project].”

Sensei is in the process of negotiations then. That guy sure is busy but as soon as he’s got free time, he becomes a trouble maker… but lately I’ve been meeting various people who are even more strange with more of an impact. The world sure is a big place.

But talks with Youkai factions? Maybe Kunou’s mother… Yasaka-san is also in that meeting?

Kiba then continued.

“I also hear that Dulio-san and Slash Dog Ikuse-san are there as bodyguards.”

It might be extravagant for two Longinus users to be there but since VIPs are meeting in one place, it is even more fitting.

Since there was one more thing that was bothering me, I asked Rias.

“… What is the [Mega Project] anyway?”

“It sounds like they are holding a huge Rating Game. They’ve been talking about it since last summer but since last winter, they’ve been actively starting and it’s now on full scale productions. Well, there is also a big possibility that it may flop.”

Huge Rating Game? An Event? Maybe like a tournament? It sounds like the [Mega Project] is something that everyone and not only Devils will participate in… Is this the matches between different factions that they were only talking about before? From what Rias said, it sounds like it’s not fully confirmed yet.

Just then Irina spoke up.

“Ah that’s it! There were rumours amongst the Reincarnated Angels! … Is that real?”

When Irina asked, Rias just shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, it’s not certain for now but it seems like the higher ups are serious about this. But that’s not important right now. If we don’t figure out what’s going on in the house we can’t really relax and sleep at night… ah this might be a good time.”

Rias then stood up.

“What do you mean?”

When I asked, Rias just smiled.

“… They say always leave it to the professionals? Let’s ask that person who’s coming over soon.”

Only later did I understand what she meant.

Part 2[edit]

That afternoon, a Torii appeared at the teleportation room underneath the house. The person who appeared through the Torii was…the owner of a pair of fox ears and fluffy tails, the blond girl Kunou!

“It’s been awhile everyone! This is the first time after seeing you guys at the new year? I’m so happy to see you guys again!”

[The person who’s coming over soon] that Rias talked about before was Kunou.

Ophis, who is very close to Kunou, stepped forward and greeted her fondly.

“Kunou, Kunou.”

“Phis-sama! We haven’t met since last autumn! I wanted to see you!”

Those two grabbed each other’s hands and jumped like a pair of bunnies. It’s rare to see Ophis like this, she’s normally expressionless but she seems happy today.

Kunou told everyone.

“Mother said she has some business to do here so I followed along! I will be in your care for the few days!”

Just like Kunou has said, Kunou’s mother and the leader of the Kyoto Youkai faction [Nine Tail Fox] Yasaka-san is currently attending the talks that Azazel-sensei and Sirzech-sama are attending. According to Rias, it seems like while Yasaka-san is attending the talks, it was arranged that Kunou will be with us.

Actually, I was told that Kunou wasn’t originally coming here but when she was told that Yasaka-san was coming here, she kept bothering everyone saying [I’m also coming!] and as a result, it was decided that she will be coming here before the talks begin.

Arriving at our living room, Kunou gave out snacks she brought from Kyoto to everyone. From wagashi traditional stores to Warabimochi in Kyoto, the girls were thrilled to receive snack baskets full of different snacks. [22]

“Tasty tasty.”

The sweet loving Ophis shoved a bunch of wagashi into her mouth and seems genuinely happy.

We talked for a little bit and then we told Kunou about the mysterious event we’ve experienced last night. Hearing the story of the mysterious old gramps, Kunou had a serious expression on her face and was deep in thought.

“… Hmm, from the people I know of, there is only one person who does that but… since everyone here is a bit special, it’s hard to say. But the only person who’ll be able to do such a thing is…”

It seems like Kunou had an idea.

Both Rias and Akeno-san looked at each other and nodded.

“I think our thoughts and Kunou’s are the same.”

“Yes. If the princess from the Kyoto Youkai faction, Kunou, has the same suspicion, it’s safe to say we are not mistaken.”

… They said to each other.

Kunou then made a more serious expression.

“… But Rias-sama. If that’s the case, then we are in trouble…”

When Kunou said that much.

“Oh~ I like that there are many cute ladies in this house.”

Suddenly, a third person’s voice emitted from somewhere! All of our attention fell towards the source of the voice!

On one of the sofas, there was an old gentleman sitting on there! Obviously, he was a total stranger to us! But I have seen this wrinkled face and bold head before! This long head guy must be that old gramps from before!

“That old gramps I saw yesterday was this guy!

I shouted while pointing my finger at him.

Damn it! Why did I not remember this old guy’s face and appearance until now?! For me to remember after seeing him again, maybe I am under an illusion?!

Everyone tensed up! That’s expected! There’s no way this kind of mysterious events can happen! Everyone here are formidable people who has been through countless life-threatening combats! I’m not boasting or anything but if someone came in here, we would surely have noticed! But if no one noticed him coming in then it means this old gramps is no ordinary person! Even when we are all alerted and ready to fight, the gramps didn’t care about that and kept on sipping his tea while smirking.

When Kunou saw this gramps’s face, she couldn’t be any more surprised. She said in a flustered voice.

“…N-No way, Y-You… no you must be…! But, no way!”

I asked Kunou who was bewildered.

“K-Kunou, what’s wrong? Who is this old gramps?”

But before getting a reply, the old gramps started to talk to Kunou.

“This is interesting. The young lady over there is a daughter of that fox princess from the west, right? You resemble a lot of young princesses from the past.”

This old gramps, he knows Yasaka-san?

Kunou gave a deep bow to the old gramps and introduced herself.

“… This is first the time meeting you, Nurarihyon-sama.”

“””… What?!”””

As soon as Kunou said that, we were all shocked!

Even though they were expecting this, both Rias and Akeno-san couldn’t hide their surprise.

Even I know that name! I heard that name from the anime or youkai encyclopaedia! He’s that youkai that comes into a household unannounced and becomes part of their life and after that, mooches off snacks and tea from them! That’s exactly what me and the church trio experienced yesterday!

I asked Rias.

“Nurarihyon, you mean that Nurarihyon? That youkai that integrates into the household, then suddenly disappear… B-But why is everyone so surprised?”

Kiba swallowed and spoke.

“Ise-kun. Nurarihyon is just like the Nine-tail fox. He’s one of the leaders of Youkai.”

… What?! …….. For real?! This long head gramps is a leader of Youkai?! Actually, when Kiba’s sensei, Souji Okita-san, said something about [Hitori Hyakki Yakkou], I got curious and researched about it, and the name of Nurarihyon came up then as well! So this gramps is famous for Hyakki Yakkou!

…… The reason why he could sneak in was because he used an ability as Nurarihyon! If none of us realised that he was here, then he must be very skilful!

…… As I was in shock, I heard Koneko’s small voice…

“…… there is even a saying: Nine tail of the west and Nurarihyon of the east.”

When I looked up, I saw that Koneko and Kuroka, who came after getting a call from Rias, have arrived.

When Kuroka saw Nurarihyon, she made an awkward expression and hid her face with her hand.

“Ah~ it seems like we came back at the wrong time……

Old gramps… when Nurarihyon saw the nekomata sisters, he had a smile on his face but at the same time, emitted an overpowering aura that cannot even be described in words.

“It’s been awhile, Kuroka. It seems like you got back in touch with your younger sister.”

When Nurarihyon said so… Kuroka fixed her posture, kneeled down and bowed deeply!

“It’s been awhile, boss. Thanks to you, I have finally got back in touch with my younger sister. Shirone, give your greetings to him.”

Kuroka was serious unlike her normal self.

Seeing her sister like that, Koneko kneeled down and gave a deep bow.

“How do you do. I’m Toujou Koneko… before I have used the name, Shirone.”

When Koneko gave her greetings, Nurarihyon had a smile on his face.

“Hmm, the younger sister is just like the mother cat. Besides that, you two don’t have to be so formal. This is not my house. Now, both of you stand up.”

I grabbed Kuroka when she stood up to the corner of the room and said.

“(Aren’t you acting weird?! Normally even with a VIP guest, you would act arrogant, if not, downright rude!)”

That’s right. This cat, which would always be rude towards Azazel-sensei or any higher ups, showed a side of her that no one has ever seen in front of Nurarihyon and gave her respect.

Kuroka shrugged.

“(… well, even I have one person who I can’t act recklessly. Anyway, as someone who previously was a part of the east youkai faction, the boss is someone scarier than the maou or gods to me.)”

I looked at Nurarihyon after hearing Kuroka… he’s just drinking his tea… actually I can feel an overwhelming aura that is different from Sirzech-sama or Azazel-sensei. I guess that only youkais will understand the youkai world and their own rules and so having considered that, this Nurarihyon is a being that the Nekomata, Kuroka, respects.

While I was thinking what we should do, Rias held her hand up and was signalling to ease up. When our leader, Rias, gave us the signal, we all relaxed.

Seeing that, Nurarihyon just made a small laugh.

“It seems like the Crimson hair princess gets it, as expected of maou’s younger sister.”

Rias stepped forward and greeted Nurarihyon.

“I guess it’s best to greet you properly. Nice to meet you, my name is Rias Gremory, the heiress of the House of Gremory.”

Nurarihyon put his tea cup down and replied the greeting.

“Ah, I’m sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I am the leader of the youkais of the east based around the Kanto region. I am also an acquaintance of Shirone and Kuroka’s mother.”

After greeting each other, Rias asked Nurarihyon about why he suddenly visited the Hyoudou residence.

“How come the leader of the east youkai faction is visiting this house? This place is… no… this area is a place that the allied three factions are patrolling…”

When Rias stopped and thought about something, it seems like she noticed something.

“Is it to do with my brother… is it to do with talks between Maou-samas?”

When Rias asked, Nurarihyon made a suggestive grin.

It seems that this is his answer to Rias’s question. So, Nurarihyon’s action is related to the talks between sensei and Yakasa-san.

Rias continued.

“I know that you are one of the leaders who have not made peace with the alliance.”

Nurarihyon put his hand under his chin.

“The youkais in this country…. From leaders who command youkais such as Kyuubi, Yamamoto and Jinno, have all made peace with mystical beings from other scriptures like you guys. They therefore offered a treaty to us as well and we are in the middle of ongoing talks. Well, since yesterday, I’ve been absent anyway.”

Kiba murmured after hearing that.

“…… So Azazel sensei made a treaty with Yamamoto Gorozaemon and Jinno Warugoro. Both are the leaders of youkai.”

They are names I don’t recognise but it sounds like Azazel-sensei is in talks with the others besides Yasaka-san and Nurarihyon.

Nurarihyon continued.

“To make peace with Angels and Devils… well considering the age where we live in, if we continue to be close minded, we won’t be able to react quickly when something happens. Those terrorists you guys are dealing with also gave a significant damage to us as well; we couldn’t do much since we weren’t able to be informed quickly. Since that happened, we thought that it will be beneficial to be a part of the peace treaty even as courtesy.”

… Ah, normally they would have handled the situation by themselves without any outside assistance but Nurarihyon seems to understand the dangers of the terrorists… [Khaos Brigade] and so, even if it is just to defeat the enemy, they were thinking of joining the treaty.

…… so then why don’t they just join? Why did he sneak out of the meeting and came here?

While I was being suspicious, Nurarihyon pointed at Akeno-san with his finger.

“You there with the dark hair. You are a daughter of a Fallen Angel… but also [Himejima] right? I can feel the power of that house from you.”

“….. Ah, yes. My mother was from the main branch of the Himejima-clan.”

When he heard the reply, he narrowed his eyes.

“Since the old days, there have been several agreements between humans with powers including the Himejima and us youkais. There have been times where there was a dispute but normally, we just guarded our respected areas and put a distance between each other.”

“…… I have heard of this before.”

Akeno-san replied while nodding her head.

Then Nurarihyon lifted his index finger.

“…… But that agreement has been broken not too long ago and because of that, we have taken significant damage. Because of the incident, youngsters under me now detest those from the [Five Great Families] and the ones who possess the power of Sacred Gears with that being the last hurdle of our talk. In other words, the problem lies on the fact that there are people from the [Five Great Families] and the possessor of Sacred Gears within the Three Factions”

… [Five Great Families]

They are the clans that have been protecting this country from evil spirits since the ancient times. So the so-called [Five Great Families] include the head family [Nakiri], [Kushihashi], [Doumon], [Shinra] and [Himejima]. Both Akeno-san and the former fukukaichou Tsubaki-san are from those families. Man, the world is really small.

So basically, the people from Nurarihyon’s side had a fight with people from these families and because of that; they are not content with the peace treaty. Ah, I did hear that the former head of each clan had a firm stance on other factions so maybe they had frictions because of that. I also heard the story about the former head of Himejima clan being mean to young Akeno-san.

… Not only that but they were unhappy with Sacred Gear users and well, that can’t be helped. Each factions and even the enemies would have Sacred Gear possessors. It’s quite a stretch to say they don’t want to form an alliance just because of that, but Youkais have their own ideals so I shouldn’t judge them.

Nurarihyon said while looking at all of us.

“Everyone here is part of [DxD], the symbol of treaty between Three Factions? I heard that you guys have been approved by the leaders of each faction? So I thought it would be good to observe you guys before we make an alliance.”

“S-So the reason why you came here is because…?”

When I asked this, he made a smile.

“I’ve been observing you guys for a while. The truth is that although you guys haven’t noticed but I’ve been observing your life and activities from the corner of the rooms. Well, it looks like you guys aren’t considered to be bad people.”

…… So he’s been using his abilities as Nurarihyon to observe us…… and spy on us without anyone here noticing him. Damn he’s really good at disguising his presence!

After learning what had happened, the Church trio started to panic.

“Uuu! To show such a scene to another, I’m embarrassed!”

“Ku! For the leader of the Youkai faction to see us practice making babies ……!”

“If we went all the way back then, we could have given him the wrong impression of us and this treaty could have been ruined! No, before that, I might have died from embarrassment!”

Asia, Xenovia and Irina’s face turned bright red. Thinking back, someone else was watching what was happening in that ero room! Uuuuu, if the peace treaty was ruined because of that, we won’t be able to face Sirzech-sama and Azazel-sensei at all!

Nurarihyon laughed wholeheartedly having seen our reactions and opened his mouth.

“But I would like to observe for a bit longer.”

Nurarihyon suddenly stood up and he had his cane which he brought out from somewhere in his hand.

“Hmm, maybe we should change the location.”

Nurarihyon lightly tapped the floor with his cane, and then… Kunou was enveloped in smoke and suddenly disappeared! When we looked around, she was next to Nurarihyon!

“N- Nurarihyon -sama?! W-What is this…”

The surprised Kunou tried to get away from him but…

“I would appreciate your cooperation, princess.”

Nurarihyon touched Kunou’s forehead lightly with his finger.

“…… Hmm……Nyaa……”

It looked like she was losing her consciousness; she was stumbling on the spot! After losing her consciousness, she nearly fell over but Nurarihyon grabbed her before she did and lifted her up.

“Miss Princess, please sleep well for now.”

What is he going to do with Kunou?! Since the situation was quite extreme, I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing so I put my armour on and got ready to fight!

DxD Dx2 07.jpg

“Kunou! Damn it!”

When I was about to charge!

“Ara ara.”

“That won’t do.”

Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar voice! Then a smoke appeared from both sides of Nurarihyon.

From the smoke came out a ferret youkai in human form and a dog youkai wearing something that resembles a cloud. The two monsters… the youkais stood in front of Nurarihyon like they are protecting him.

“I am from the East youkai, Retsuza of Kamaitachi.”

The ferret youkai then brought out blades on both of his hands.

“Likewise, I am a part of the East youkai, Lightening Beast Kumowatari”

The youkai with the cloud all over him was sparkling electricity.

The concentration of aura they had on their body was so dense. I realised that they won’t be easy enemies to defeat. Unlike Nurarihyon, I can sense killing intent from them.

Having seen both of them, Kuroka shouted at me.

“Sekiryuutei, be careful with them! Both of them are one of the strongest youkais in the east! They serve directly under Nurarihyon!”

As soon as Kuroka shouted, not only me but everyone here got ready to fight.

When Kamaitachi saw Kuroka, he snickered.

“Oi, Kuroka. I heard that after being reincarnated into a Devil, you’ve been crashing with that white dragon, and now you are following the red dragon? Nekomata sure are unfaithful…The Nekomata elder is quite angry.”

Kuroka frowned.

“That’s none of your business! I’ve just found where we sisters can stay. Do you think I’ll let you guys interfere?”

Kuroka made a magic circle on her hand, and gave off a vibe that she’s ready to pounce anytime!

Kiba also made a Holy-Demonic sword and pointed at Nurarihyon.

“We can’t hand over the princess!”

When we were looking for an opening to rescue Kunou, Nurarihyon tapped the floor with his cane.

“Let’s retreat for now… I will send out the invitation soon. This is all harmless fun so don’t worry too much about it.”

Another cloud of smoke appeared and when the smoke cleared, we saw that Nuraiyon left with Kunou!

Harmless fun? Damn it! Even if he wanted to test us, to take Kunou who came here just to hang around…!

I punched my right fist into my left palm and grinded my teeth……

Part 3[edit]

That night.

Me, Rias, Akeno-san, Koneko and Kuroka headed toward the outskirts of Tokyo where there are less people.

Not long after the incident, we received an arrow with an invitation tied to it. In the invitation, the names of the five of us as well as a map was on there. The members whose name weren’t on the letter are taking position someplace a bit further away as we decided that if something happens, they will be rushing to our position.

After Kunou had been taken away, Ophis have been silent but since we need to keep her identity a secret for now, we decided to leave her at home. To be honest I’m worried about Ophis but for now, we headed to where the others told us to come.

It was an unpaved road with heavy fog… After leaving central Tokyo, a huge field devoid of any human presence or buildings appeared. There should be a place which they chose around here……

While the fog was getting heavier, Rias spoke with a low voice while walking.

“This must be Nurarihyon testing us as well as easing the tension.”

Rias continued.

“I felt some sort of hatred from that Kamaitachi and Lightening Beast… I’m sure it’s already been decided on the making of the peace treaty but there was nobody who oppose the treaty to vent out their anger so they chose us as their targets.”

…… So there was that kind of meaning behind their hostility and they were opposing the treaty….then… they must hate us as people related with the [Five Great Families] and Sacred Gear users.

“Did you hear from Sirzech-sama?”

When I asked Rias sighed.

“Yes. Onii-sama said [It won’t go out of hand, so will you play along?].”

So it’s an order from above to sort out the situation with Nurarihyon in mind.

Rias made a bitter smile.

“So we are taking care of this kind of request by joining [DxD].”

…. Hahaha, I couldn’t help but to let a bitter smile show. I don’t’ know what the [Five Great Families] or Sacred Gear users have done before but it’s up to us to clean up the mess. We have to sort out all kinds of things… this appointment is also reflecting upon Nurarihyon’s intensions.

Since the former fukukaichou Tsubaki-senpai is from [Shinra] of the [Five Great Families], she also wanted to join us but she decided to let us handle the situation this time.

“…… I need to have a word with that former Governor. Why am I doing such work here… well, if the opponent is Nurarihyon -sama then it can’t be helped… but…”

Kuroka was blaming someone in a low voice.

Meanwhile Akeno-san spoke to me and Rias apologetically.

“…… In the end, it’s my mother’s family that’s causing trouble. I am so sorry.”

It seems like Akeno-san was bothered by such a thing. Rias and I made a wide smile on our faces and said.

“Don’t be bothered about such a thing as Akeno san has done nothing wrong.”

“Yes, you are our Akeno Himejima right? You’ve done nothing wrong.”

When we said such a thing, Akeno-san made a warm smile.

… While we were having such a discussion, we saw a huge front door over the fog. The appointed place… it seems like we have arrived at Nurarihyon’s mansion.

When we stood in front of the door, it solely opened itself.

We went inside. Even if this is a Youkai’s mansion, it was a traditional Japanese home so we were deciding whether we should take off our shoes or leave it on… In the end, we decided to leave them on. Maybe I did feel a bit guilty since I’m Japanese.

Inside was huge, the corridors were long and there were countless number of doors on both sides….The inside seems more spacious compared to the outside? Maybe this is a labyrinth?

After walking for some time we saw the end of the corridor and beyond the corridor was a huge space where there was a path towards the inner part.

…however, there was someone expecting us.

“I do apologise for earlier.”

“We will deal with you here.”

They were the ones who appeared before, Retsuza of Kamaitachi and the Lightening Beast Kumowatari. So we can’t advance through unless we beat them? For our first opponent to be the leaders of the opposition.

I put on my armour and got ready to fight, but then Akeno-san took a step forward..

“… I’ll deal with this.”

When Akeno-san stepped forward, Kamaitachi opened his mouth.

“…… you are from the Himejima clan right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Although I have been disowned by the clan.”

Akeno-san made lightning appear on her hand and the sound of electricity rang around the area.

When I was about to join Akeno-san… I felt an odd and overpowering aura from behind me! When I looked behind… a giant black dog was there. It was Jin who Tobio Ikuse-san wields. When the Lightening Beast and Kamaitachi saw Jin, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

Kamaitachi wielded blades on both of his hand and shouted.

“I heard the rumours! I heard that my comrades had a bit of trouble with you? Where is your master?”

But Jin did not reply. It seems like Ikuse-san didn’t come here. It bothered me to think how it came here by itself but… it’s an independent Sacred Gear with its own instinct with Longinus also being the case. Maybe this shouldn’t be surprising.

“Hmm, you came alone then.”

Lightning Beast admired Jin who came alone.

Jin stood next to Akeno-san. Seeing that, Rias said.

“I can see a fate here.”

Rias continued.

“That dog’s master, Jin’s master, Tobio Ikuse-san, also inherited the blood of Himejima. Himejima’s former leader had two older sisters. One of them was Akeno’s grandmother and the other is Ikuse-san’s…”

… Ku! …. So that kind of story existed?! Akeno-san and… Ikuse-san are related?! Their grandmothers are sisters… that makes them second cousins!

Akeno-san gave a smile towards Jin and said.

“… Will you help me?”

Jin wagged his tail once, giving her a positive answer. Did Ikuse-san sent Jin alone to help her?

“Thank you, Jin.”

After thanking Jin, Akeno-san turned around towards us.

“Leave this to us and go ahead!”

If Jin is with her, we won’t have to worry about Akeno-san. Me and Rias nodded our head and left Akeno-san to deal with this. After that, we heard a loud sound of explosion.

After following the corridor more, another huge space appeared. As we headed towards the area… Kuroka and Koneko’s expression froze. For some reason unknown to us, Kuroka’s face is covered in cold sweat.

Kuroka said in a struggling voice.

“………… Ku! No way……! This is…………..?!”

Koneko also spoke while shivering uncontrollably.

“O-Onee-sama……! W-What is this……?!”

Two nekomatas seems like they’ve sensed something. But me and Rias can only feel an odd aura and our bodies didn’t shiver like Kuroka and Koneko.

When we arrived at the field, there was…… a spotted cat standing there but it wasn’t a normal cat. It had… seven tails!

“Oh ho, it looks like white cat has become a respectable nekomata.”

The young female’s voice rang around the field. When we looked closer, the voice was… coming out of the seven tailed cat……. Is she the nekomata who didn’t transform into human?

That spotted cat spoke while looking at Koneko and Kuroka.

“It’s been awhile, Kuroka.”

Kuroka, who had cold sweat running across her cheek, spoke with a nervous expression.

“…… I never expected you, Tortoiseshell granny, to be here!”

When Kuroka said that, Koneko was also surprised.

“S-So this is Elder Tortoiseshell.”

“Yes. She’s our youkais… Nekomata’s leader Magari, nicknamed as Tortoiseshell granny.”

Nekomata’s leader! She’s a big deal! I never thought I would meet such a person here! Ah~ thinking back, those youkais that came to our house said something about her.

The leader of the Nekomata youkai narrowed her eyes.

“Every cats that calls me such name are delinquents.”

Since she’s in her cat mode instead of her scary mode, it’s cuter but…

“Is she well known?”

I asked Rias.

“…… She’s a strong youkai, whose age is more than 800 years old. I’ve researched a lot about nekomatas but… this is the first time meeting her like this… it seems like the only ones who are known in the youkai world as the strongest have assembled here.”

Rias was also surprised.

… Wait, the youkai that have lived for more than 800 years?! Maybe she is older than Sirzech-sama or any other current maous…? But her voice sounds very young.

The spotted cat looked at me and Rias.

“I’ve only got business with those cat sisters. Sekiryuutei boy and Devil princess can always go forward.”

She is saying such a thing… it is true that I don’t feel any hostility towards us from her but instead of hostility, she’s showing more along the lines of curiosity towards Koneko and Kuroka.

Kuroka pointed towards the inside of the mansion and said.

“Go first. Leave her to me and Shirone. It looks like they called us two for this reason; even Nurarihyon can’t ignore this elder’s words.”

Koneko also spoke after Kuroka.

“Don’t worry, buchou and Ise-senpai. Please go to Kunou-chan quickly.”

And even the Elder cat spoke.

“I’m not going to eat them. Granny simply wants to lecture them. This is just a simple [Meeting between cats]. Well, the person who my boss really wants to meet is that boy over there.”

… Since all three nekomatas were saying that, we couldn’t say no. Rias and I looked at each other and nodded our heads.

“Then I’ll leave it to you two, Koneko, Kuroka!”

“If something happens, just run!”

After saying that, Rias and I ran towards the inner part of the mansion……

At the end of the long corridor, there was a fancy looking door that looked like it was saying its final destination. I opened the door and burst in!

“Kunou! Are you okay?!”

The room that was in front of me as I was shouting was… a luxurious looking room! The room was decorated with wall scrolls with drawings of dragons and on the head seat, Kunou was sitting there! And with the coffee table between the two of them, Nurarihyon was sitting across Kunou.

“Ise! You came!”

Kunou seems happy to see us but she wasn’t tied down with a rope. Looking at the tea and snacks in front of her, it looks like she’s getting treated properly.

Nurarihyon spoke after sipping his tea.

“So you came. What do you think; our boys are useful aren’t they?”

Nurarihyon said in a non-apologetic tone to Rias.

“Leader of the East youkai, this is enough right? We’ll be taking Kunou back.”

Nurarihyon replied in a calm manner.

“You don’t have to hurry; this is just this old man’s fun. Why don’t you have some tea.”

… My patience has run out. Those youkais, I don’t know what Nurarihyon’s youkais are thinking about or what they are not satisfied with. But……

I made a fist with my arm gauntlet and put my fist towards Nurarihyon.

“This may be the result of some kind of political agreement between you and our boss but Kunou is our guest! We can’t let her be part of this anymore! Return her! Or else I will show my own complaint.”

As I said that without hesitation, Nurarihyon seemed to be taken back for a second but regained his composure and snickered like he was seeing something fun.

“Like what the leader of the Fallen Angel said, I like your attitude. It looks like you aren’t a normal pervert… however.”

Nurarihyon looked behind me when I turned around myself… Koneko and Kuroka are standing there! Did their talk already finished? It doesn’t look like they had a fight since their clothes also looked clean.

“Koneko, Kuroka… you guys were safe.”

When I sighed with relief and said that, Koneko suddenly hugged me. When I looked at her face to see what’s going on… her face was reddened. She was looking at me longingly with her wet eyes and said in longing voice.

“…… Senpai, hug me.”

With no time to react to that, Kuroka hugged me from behind this time! Because of that, I fell down on the floor. Kuroka on ecstasy pressed her body onto mine and spoke in a seductive voice.

“Fufuf, Sekiryuutei~ do you wanna do erotic stuff right here right now~?”

W-W-W-W-What is this bad cat saying?! This is Nurarihyon’s mansion! Not only is Nurarihyon himself in here! H-How can anyone do perverted stuff in this situation! Even Koneko is rubbing her body against mine! The soft sensation of a female body is amazing! It feels amazing but there is time and places!

My eyes then met with the spotted cat that came out of nowhere.

“It seemed like they weren’t going to listen to me so I’m controlling them.”

No way! It’s because of that Elder cat that Koneko and Kuroka are doing such things!

While being stuck here, I requested help from Rias.

“H-Hey! T-This is…! R-Rias!”

But Rias was…

“…… Ise, don’t shout in here. This is the old man’s house……”

She was massaging Nurarihyon’s shoulders with a relaxed smile on her face!

“Oh~ you are good at this.”

Nurarihyon also became a kind and friendly old gramps just like when he broke into our house! Uuuu, he’s using that technique again! So he can use it in his own house as well!

Kunou stood up and was perplexed.

“Uuu, this is unbelievable. I heard stories that Nurarihyon -sama and Magari-sama’s spell are very strong but for it to be this effective…!”

Nurarihyon spoke while receiving a massage from Rias.

“I heard that the Sekiryuutei boy is weak against these kinds of tactics which means going against me would be the worst scenario for you.”

Well I’m sorry! It’s true that it’s difficult fighting against someone who doesn’t fight directly!

Nurarihyon stared at me.

… Ku! Suddenly my sight faded… M-My consciousness is…… as soon as I met his eyes…the ability to think clearly reduced and… it feels like fog clouded in my head…

…… as my consciousness slowly faded… Nurarihyon spoke to me.

“Hey, Sekiryuutei boy. Why don’t you give me that house of yours with everyone living in it? That house looks comfortable and the ladies there can make quite a fire power. So what do you think? Won’t you give them to me?”

…… I wonder why, his voice sounded sweet and absolute at the same time. I feel like I can trust his words with everything I’ve got… No, I feel like I can just follow his words… Ah, so it was like this… back there at that Ero room… this is Nurarihyon’s spell…

Then I heard Kunou’s voice……

“Don’t do it, Ise! Don’t answer him back! If you lose against his spell, the future of the alliance and the future of [DxD] will be in dire situation!”

… T-That’s right… I can’t lose to this kind of spell……! A-And also… ask for everyone living in that house… Kuu, my consciousness is…… is wanting me to follow his words… also this fault…!

Not only that… Koneko and Kuroka are rubbing their bodies against me so… I feel like I’m about to give in to temptation! Kuroka’s huge and elastic breasts are amazing…

“Ufufufu, Now, let’s do perverted stuff nya. You can do anything you want with my body nya.”

… After removing the front of her kimono, Kuroka tried to undress me! Lying next to Kuroka, Koneko transformed into Shirone mode and tempted me with her developed body!

“…… Senpai, with this body maybe I can engage in a more violent act? Even then will you not do it with me…?”

Even Koneko started taking half of her kimono off… and was shaking her breasts while at the same time, moved my face towards her breasts! Ah, my face is buried under Koneko’s breasts. This is like a dream… the grown up Koneko’s… her developed breasts are equal in size and elasticity compared to Kuroka’s…!

Nurarihyon then spoke cheerfully.

“Okay, if you agree with me, I’ll ask the others to do more stuff like this with you.”

… Really……?! …. T-That’s awesome…! W-Wait a second, is it really alright for me, who aims to be the harem king, to do that…?... can I be satisfied with breasts that others give me…?... Damn it, I don’t want to lose! Ah, damn Kuroka, she’s biting my earlobe…! Koneko is licking my body with her tongue!……Uuu, don’t lose, Ise! Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Le Fay, Kuroka, Ophis… Mum, dad…! Everyone’s face is, all the happy times we shared flashed through my mind……

Nurarihyon asked again.

“So what do you think, will you give me that house?”

“T-That is…”

… My answer was…

“No way, I won’t give it to you… that house is a place that I must go back… and everyone is my precious comrades... and my family… I can’t give it to you, old gramps…!”

… I resisted with all my might and just barely said that… even if my body is being controlled… I can’t give him my house! I was… resisting the sweet voice of Nurarihyon appealing to me with all my might!

Seeing me in such a state, Nurarihyon couldn’t hide his surprise and laughed wholeheartedly.

“… To give me such an answer, that’s surprising.”

I am… rejecting my mind that wants to accept everything, and shouted.

“I don’t want to get help from someone else to do perverted things to girls!”

That’s right! I don’t want someone else to control my pervert mind! My ero mind is mine only! I can’t let my ero mind be controlled by Nurarihyon as well!

“Damn it!!”

With the gauntlet’s power continuously rising, my armour responded by appearing within seconds.

[As expected from my partner. I was worried for a second but… well if it’s got to do with your perverted mind, I thought you will sort it out somehow.]

Even Ddraig said so! My partner understands me!

I said to Koneko and Kuroka.

“Koneko, Kuroka! Snap out of it! If you want to do perverted things with me, then don’t give in to mind control and tempt me fair and square! I will take you guys on anytime!”

But be wary of the time and place! I want to do it under a better situation!

At my shouting, Kunou responded.

“I won’t just stand here and do nothing! I am Kyoto Youkai’s leader, Yasaka’s daughter, Kunou!”

Kunou summoned her power and… her blond hair turned white! Her body is now emitting an overwhelming aura unfitting of this little girl.

“I also trained daily! If I want to walk the path with you guys I need to be strong!”

Our nine tail princess shouted confidently!

When Kunou’s hair changed colour, even Nurarihyon stood up from his seat and exclaimed.

“… her hair has turned white… is she going to turn into Hakumen no Mono Kyubi no Kitsune… [23]

When the Elder cat heard him, she shook her head.

“No, boss. This isn’t Hakumen no Mono Kyubi no Kitsune. This is more like a Beast god from [Hakkenden], similar to Masaki Kitsune. It becomes [Koryuu] [24] when it gets stronger… maybe it is because of her relationship with that Sekiryuutei boy that it is affecting her growth…?” [25]

That Elder cat then looked at me….Hmm, I haven’t done anything special towards Kunou though. Well, thanks to her I get praise!

This is a good chance; I can test out the new feature of my technique! I quickly touched the back of Rias, Koneko and Kuroka.

“I will also try out my new technique here!”

After shouting that, I pulled out all the imaginations from inside my mind! What I want is the power to destroy things around these girls! Not their clothes! I thought of this when Asia was captured by that bastard Diodora and got chained into that contraption! Back then, I touched her body that was chained into that machine and used [Dress Break] to destroy the seal.

To destroy the seal… in other words, destroy their technique! Simply put, I’m breaking the spell that’s on the girls! The thing I am breaking is not their clothes, nor their armour but the spell on them!

Lewd aura filled around me… I collected the imaginations in my mind! I opened my eyes and shouted!

“Dress Break!”

When I snapped my fingers, my imagination seeped out of my armour and filled the entire surroundings! Rias, Koneko and Kuroka who I’ve touched just before were enveloped in light. After that, the intensity of light kept getting stronger until it exploded. It sounded like something just exploded and when they look like they’ve got back to their senses, the light in their eyes returned.

“… Why am I massaging Nurarihyon’s shoulders…”

Rias tilted her head. She’s back to normal!

Meanwhile Koneko, who has gone back to her original size, realised that her body is pressing against mine.

“… I-I’m doing such shameless things…!”

Koneko pushed me away in embarrassment! But her sister Kuroka was…

“Ufufufu, well this is fine.”

Even when she gone back to normal she’s not moving away! Well she has always been an ero-cat!

But it’s a success! My new use of [Dress Break]! Instead of destroying their clothes, I’ve destroyed the spell around them! With this, I can break any weird spells on these girls!

The technique that destroys anything and everything that the girls has on their body is named [Dress Break] Ver.B (Body)! And the technique that destroys spells on them will be called [Dress Break] Ver.A (Astral)!

In the near future, I will cross both Ver.A and Ver.B together to form a single technique that will destroy both the spells and their clothing!

Now, while I was making a new resolve, we felt a familiar aura from behind. When we looked the source of the aura, No way! Ophis!

“Kunou, Ise.”

Ophis appeared out of nowhere! She should be back home… did she come all the way here just because she was worried about Kunou!

“Oh, Phis-sama! You came!”

When Kunou saw Ophis, she was so happy that she was jumping. However, when Nurarihyon saw Ophis, he raised his eyebrows.

“… I don’t think I’ve invited you here.”

Nurarihyon and the elder cat shouldn’t know the real identity of Ophis but the Elder cat seemed to notice Ophis’s unnatural power since she took a step back.

“… Boss, stand back. That girl… No, she’s not someone who you should mess around with. That presence of Dragon we felt on the fox princess was hers…”

The Elder was on full alert mode, as expected of an 800 years old youkai.

But Ophis walked towards Nurarihyon without faze. And after staring into his face for a while, she said.

“Don’t bully Kunou.”

And slapped his butt with her hand!


Even if it’s simple slap on the butt, if our infinite Dragon-God-sama is the one initiating it, the power of the slap would be unimaginable… Nurarihyon was so shocked he was jumping on the spot.

Soon after, in one of the room of Nurarihyon’s mansion, a thing that mustn’t be told to anyone was happening.

Nurarihyon was laying down face first and was grabbing his swollen butt while the Lightening Beast and Kamaitachi, who already finished with their fight, joined us and placed an ice bag on his butt.

Akeno-san and Jin also joined us and thus everyone that Nurarihyon called out arrived. Since the owner of this mansion, Nurarihyon was in such a state, there was a weird mood since we came here expecting to fight him.

I was originally thinking of giving him a piece of my mind, but since Ophis did that for me, I decided not to do it. By the way, Ophis is eating a snack with Kunou in the corner of the room…. Anyway I want to return as soon as possible.

… As I was thinking that, new people arrived.

“Leader of the East, I think your pranks have gone too far.”

The person who came in while saying so was Kunou’s mother… Yasaka-san!

“… Yasaka, I’m showing some embarrassing scene here.”

Nurarihyon said in a slightly embarrassed tone.


Kunou jumped into her mother’s body. Yasaka-san pet her daughter’s head.

“Hohoho Kunou, you developed a glimpse of the power as a Beast God correctly.”

While the fox mother and daughter were having a reunion, Azazel-sensei appeared this time.

“Yasaka, I told you didn’t I? Kids grow up fast even before their parents notice them.”


Sensei made a bitter smile on his face and roughed up my hair.

“Sorry I couldn’t call you guys for a while. The talks between the Japanese youkais got longer… well, the reason behind it was provided by that leader over there though.”

Sensei looked at Nurarihyon with a dumbfounded glare.

Then Nurarihyon complained.

“Don’t be too harsh. We also had a complicated reason.”

Sensei said without any concerns.

“I, Michael and Sirzech said to Nurarihyon’s side, who weren’t really up with the alliance this [Why don’t you observe the symbol of alliance, the youth from [DxD], especially the guys at the Hyoudou residence?] like that.”

Just like Rias said. Uuu, we always get involved in troublesome things… I had a feeling that we were made with these kind of jobs in mind.

“… So what did you think of our guys after all?”

Sensei asked Nurarihyon.

Nurarihyon stole a glance at Ophis but then laughed wholeheartedly.

“I’ve seen enough. It’s not often that I get hit on my butt like a troublemaker at this age. But thanks to that, I got to understand the [DxD] team. Honestly, I had fun.”

Nurarihyon stood up, still clenching his butt and lowered his head towards us.

“I do apologise, Sekiryuutei boy, Devil princess, daughter of the Himejima clan. I wanted to just tease you youngsters. Thanks for playing along with my stubbornness. But I will make sure that the young ones from my side won’t complain again.”

Nurarihyon spoke to Kamaitachi and the Lightening Beast.

“You guys are fine now right?”

Both of them stood while paying attention and replied.

“Yes. We have realised that they have no evil intent first hand.”

“We will not object the alliance.”

It seems like they’ve realised while fighting Akeno-san and Jin that we haven’t got either hatred nor evil intent towards them and Akeno-san also fought them seriously. There are many types of people in the [Himejima] clan and whatever the former clan leader was like, Akeno-san is Akeno-san.

Those two also bowed towards us.

“We apologise for acting rude.”

“We will receive any punishment you give us.”

It was like they were ready to give up their lives so we just replied [Let’s get along from now on]. Peace is the best and also, I’ve attained a new feature of [Dress Break] so I have profited from this.

Nurarihyon said to sensei.

“The leader of the opposition has now accepted so the others will now follow them. The head of the Fallen Angels, Azazel, I know this is just a shameless request but will you make a treaty with us?”

Sensei smiled and prepared to shake his hand.

“Well, I knew from the beginning that making a treaty between mythologies that were distant from each other would be hard. Well since we managed to resolve this at this line, I guess we should be grateful. Let’s fix a new date and talk again so until then, take care of your butt, Boss.”

“Haa~ you had to say that didn’t you.”

The two leaders of the factions shook their hands. It’s finally over.

Meanwhile, Kuroka was trying to escape using this time.

“Now, excuse me…”

“Kuroka, wait there.”

The elder cat stopped her on her track! Kuroka was resistant.

“Nyaa?!W-What do you want… have you still got business with me…?”

Elder cat narrowed her eyes.

“I will train you and Shirone next time. Come here whenever you want.”

“W-Well I think I will…”

Kuroka was trying to refuse but…

“Yes! Take care of us! Onee-sama, let’s come here again.”

Koneko gave an instant OK. Seeing her sister like that, Kuroka nodded her head reluctantly.

When the situation got under control, Yasaka-san said to Kunou.

“Now, let’s go back Kunou. Maou-sama said they will treat us to dinner at the hotel in Tokyo. It’ll be great since things Kunou like are there.”

“Yes, I can’t wait! But mother! Listen to me! I’ve decided that I’ll eat everything and not be picky!”

“Oh ho~ and the reason for that is?”

Kunou drew a circle around her chest and proclaimed.

“Yes! I have understood that Ise can’t help himself with women that have big breasts! I won’t be picky and I will have breasts as large as yours mother!”

“I also want bigger breasts.”

Ophis mimicked Kunou and drew a circle around her chest!

Children shouldn’t be saying such things! Seeing these two, Rias and Akeno-san had gentle expressions.

After that, the talks between the three factions and Nurarihyon’s side went well and in the end, they’ve finalised the details of the treaty. They said it’s not a matter of time until the treaty is implemented. The Nine tail mother and the daughter also finished their business here and went back to Kyoto.

Soon after, as an apology for creating such troubles, Nurarihyon sent in all sorts of treasures, talismans believed to bring luck, old paintings and more. According to Rias, they are all rare and priceless things. From Sirzech-sama and sensei, everyone received a fancy gift catalogue that is easily equivalent to 5 figures worth saying that this is our reward. Getting these kinds of things makes me feel guilty.

Anyhow, peace is the best and after coming back to our normal lives, I needed to go to the bathroom once again one night. After thinking for a while in front of the bathroom door, I purposely went to one underground.

When I thought they wouldn’t come here and I opened the door…

“Welcome Ise!”

“Amazing! it’s just as Xenovia said!”

“Ise-san, welcome in.”

It was the Ero room and Xenovia, Irina and Asia…the Church trio were waiting there! Ah, what’s going on? Have my bathroom break been totally compromised by these three?!

“Just stop it already!”

I couldn’t help but scream deep into the night.


It’s been a while. Ichiei Ishibumi here.

I bring a short story collection of the second volume of High school DxD [DX] series to you guys.

As I’ve said before, there are still plenty of short stories left and stockpile has been steadily increasing as well while publishing this volume.

The short stories should be worth around three or four volumes if we were to compile them into the length of normal volumes and these includes the ones which were published serially, in magazines and given out in some events.

Well, serialisation will continue along the way so maybe this series will exceed 10 volumes…I therefore appreciate everyone for their continuous support.

I’ll now give the context of each episodes listed in this book.

[Oppai is the sun!] – Straight after Volume 9.

How does the descendant from the extinct families in the 72 pillars live? I have had this question in my mind and I also haven’t written a story with the sea as the background and so, this is how the story came to be.

I thought it’ll be nice to have actual mermaids as well since all the mermaids which made an appearance in DxD are tuna with legs……

Since the majority of the main Devils look like human, I thought a devil in the form of a monster might be nice and this is why I introduced Forneus. He reminds me of that guy from Romancing SaGa 3…

I also introduced Poseidon but… it looks like many gods in this world are free spirited.

Now, mermaid Lilitifa-san also appears in other short stories. That story may be released in the next DX volume. I think it can also be put in the main series but… well, it’s not finalised so please wait patiently for now.

[Student Council’s decision] – After Oppai is the Sun.

I had an idea about what does the Stiri peerage of student council do normally. By having Ise experience the job of the student council, he gets to be friendly with them and to get to know more about what they do.

It has finally been revealed that Sona is disastrous at baking cakes. It has been known for quite some time now but I couldn’t really fit this into the story in the main volume.

The fact that Rias doesn’t like camels (originally the Devils of Gremory appear to be riding a camel) also appeared before in some stories so I wanted that to be released in short story volumes as well.

The title of this short story is similar to that of the student council series in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko but… please don’t mind that. The author of the series Aoi Sekina-san and I have made our debut on the same day of the same year and so we are quite close.

[Let’s go with Training!] – After Volume 10.

This is the story where the details of Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi being broken first appears.

Right now, I am enjoying Open World type games but when this short story was first published, I wasn’t particularly interested in such games. When this story was compiled into the DX2 volume and I was reading back, I’ve noticed that this story was all about the Open World game. I have edited the story to make it less so this time.

It is mentioned during the course of the story but regarding Azuka’s game… I want to have a story about it separately in a later date but right now… Editor H-san, I’m so sorry but I am writing the story slowly ……? I will publish it sometime in the future so, please…please wait patiently!

[Worship☆Dragon-God girl] – After volume 13.

I wrote this story after my increasing feeling of “I want to have Kunou in a short story!” and I also wanted to involve Ophis somehow. Unexpectedly but kind of expected at the same time, Ophis and Kunou got very close. I enjoyed writing it and I also thought the illustrations fitted well.

I was originally going to have Kunou only appear in volume 9 but her visuals are nice and since she is a cute fox lady, this increases her popularity. I was always thinking that she would appear one more time every time she appears even if it was little by little and so in the end, she managed to appear in the main volume again. In volume 19 Kunou became a great friend with Ophis but in reality, they are already friends by the end of this story. I really want to write more stories about those two hanging out with each other.

[Nekometa☆Ninja Scroll] – Within Volume 14.

I wrote this story with the thought that foreigners have a very huge misconception with ninjas. I thought that if foreigners have misunderstandings of ninjas, I’m sure the Devils and Angels also will have misconception about them too.

When I read it again, I’ve introduced too many characters with strong impressions so I felt like this story was getting out of hand. I regret having Satan Red appear. This maou-sama, what is he doing…

I also introduced Kappa Salamander Tomita. We talked about him in the last short story volume in main series but now we finally see him.

If I get a chance, I would also want to write about The Ultimate Battle at the River Terrace where the ORC members met kappa.

[Maniac’s Sanctuary] – After volume 17.

Finally a story about Seekvaira Agares, about Seek-chan. unexpectedly, she was really into mecha, I remember this story having such a great response before.

Seekvaira-san, who wasn’t very well known from the Rookies Four, is finally in the spotlight but for her to be Mecha otaku…

Since her influence was based on me who is huge mecha and Plastic-model mania… she has become such scary lady.

But ever since this short story was published, her popularity has risen and her personality has been settled on and so maybe I can call that a success?

And she also has a huge role in another short story so please look forward to next time… I want to imagine what kind of tactics she used against Sona but at the same time I don’t even want to think about it.

[Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium] – After volume 18.

This is a brand new novel for DX2. Since there was a lack of Ero stories in the main volume, I wanted to replenish that with a short story volume. In this story, Ise’s perverted self has fully shown.

Volume 19 move straight to volume 20 and since I wanted to base the short story around this time frame, sometime around volume 18 seems appropriate. So you can think this as the most recent event.

I never thought I would show Ise’s new technique in a short story… well, since Dress Break’s spell breaking ability is only a minor change version, I couldn’t really find a scenario to use it in the main volumes.

FYI this technique is split into A and B. I’m sure there are people who realised this but it’s homage to the A and B version of Avan Strash. People in my generation will think of that when we hear about the technique difference.

A and B, when you combine them together…? If you are curious then please look forward to the later stories.

[Hyakki Yako] from the title of this story, it might remind you of Okita Souji who in the [DxD] world can perform Hitori Hyakki Yako. I considered adding him in this story but if I do, it might complicate the story so I decided to go against it.

Instead, I was able to write story about the Himejima clan, the Nekometa sisters, Kunou, Ophis and Ise’s new technique. I think that the main focus of this story was on the Nekometa sisters, Kunou and Ophis.

Since this story involved a lot of youkais, I also considered adding Salamander Tomita-san but the story becomes lighter and his past with Koneko would have made it more complicated so I gave up on the idea.

Tomita-san is a useful character who I can use in other different short stories, he’s one of the strongest youkai in the Kanto region.

Now, this became a story about humans with abilities in japan and mystical beings. DxD includes all sorts of myths which is also set in Japan but in the past, not many mystical beings from Japan appeared. The only ones shown were in volume 9 during the School Trip chapter with Kyoto youkais.

So based on reviewing the volume 9 I wrote story about youkais and [Five Great Families] including the Himejima. I’ve decided to only lightly touch on the [Five Great Families] subject. If you want more information about them I would suggest reading other works that deals with them.

But in the main series, there are some information on the higher ups of these families so look out for it if you want.

Now I would like to give my thanks.

Miyama Zero-san, Editor H-san, thanks for everything you did. In the meeting before the new volume came out, we all decided that [Instead of introducing new characters, let’s only use existing characters!] but I ended up introducing [Nurariyon] and Tortoiseshell granny in novella…

Can’t I introduce Tortoiseshell granny’s human form…? If she’s in the form of a young woman, the illustration would be great… N-Nevermind, I’m sorry that I always include new characters!

I think that I would like to handle the Kanto youkais in the DxD’s serialised short stories and in the web novel [SLASHDOG].

Ah, before I forget, thanks to all the readers. I, Ichiei Ishibumi have celebrated 10th year since debut as writer. Somehow I’ve managed to make it until now.

This is all thanks to all the fans out there, Miyama-san and editor H-san and the people at the editorial. Now I will do everything I can to take breaks when I can and get to the 20th year.

Ah, and also my debut works [DENPACHI] has become available in e-book. It’s a story about using your phone to play a game in the real world with your life and it reminds me of certain events in DxD… if you are interested please go and read it. Nevertheless, it has a lot of weak points since it’s my first work.

Next main series is volume 21, it’s going to be released sometime next spring. If it goes according to my plan, it will finish the main story of the 4th arc and with volume 22, there will be the epilogue of the 4th arc and very exciting events will happen for all the readers. It’s going to be surprising.

… Hmm, if the final showdown doesn’t get too long, I think that’s going to happen! I would love to finish it with one book…… volume 21 might get too big but, I’ll do my best.

I wonder what will happen? Please look forward to the next volume of the DX series!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Archaic language is used here to mimic the language which would have been used in the late shogun period by the Shinsengumi, a special police squad of the time.
  2. fukukaichou: Vice-President.
  3. bishounen: Pretty boy.
  4. buchou: Club President.
  5. Shounen manga is aimed at a young male audience, four-koma manga is a comic strip with four panels, and shoujo manga is targeted at a young female audience.
  6. yaoi: Manga usually aimed at a female audience, focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters.
  7. BL: Abbreviation of Boys Love and a synonym of yaoi.
  8. Surely you’ve heard of this one. Means something along the lines of “Thanks for the food.”
  9. This is the sound of trumpet
  10. doorway that is normally used in Japanese shrines.
  11. Japanese card game
  12. statue that protects the entrance of the shrine
  13. Camouflage jutsu
  14. According to Japanese Folklore, it’s human soul in a physical ball which is up in your anus that Kappa steals from you…
  15. Just like when the light flashed when Team rocket got blasted off.
  16. TN Plastic model. Ones where you assemble yourselves.
  17. TN Dundam means Gundam. Don’t ask me how Code told me.
  18. Plural of Zmeu, a humanoid romanian dragon that lusts after young girls[1].
  19. god damn it what’s up with these references! they are all really old anime from 70s
  20. Dundam = Gundam, Red Fortune = Blue destiny, Doll Armour = Mobile Suit, Gemu II = Zaku II. I don’t even know, thanks Code Zero for deciphering these.
  21. Yokan is a sweet bean jelly. Usually eaten as snacks.
  22. Wagashi is type of mochi, known as a tea snack. Warabimochi is a Japanese snack made with Bracken.
  23. TN you guys have got NO IDEA how long I spent time to search for the right term. roughly translate into White fur gold hair nine tail fox
  24. TN Fox dragon
  25. TN it’s a novel series from EDO era. Not to be confused with manga series of same name.
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