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Novel Illustrations[edit]

Life.1 The Precious of Asia[edit]

“So, Damascus Steel, was actually something that originated from Wootz Steel—”

I — Azazel am digressing on a particular subject whilst teaching today, while instilling useless knowledge into these students. —Not long after, the bell for the end of class rang.

“Azazel-sensei, next time could you explain your unique view on UFOs please?”

“Ah — could you also talk about the Pyramids that you mentioned before please?”

“It was really interesting!”

After talking to some students after class, I returned to the staffroom. I was hired as one of Kuoh Academy’s teachers, mainly teaching Chemistry. Well, I was always engaged in research and performing experiments while I was in Heaven. In terms of teaching, it’s not a problem. Moreover, I also frequently participate in the teaching activities of other subjects. But, when it comes to languages, geography and history, they give me a bit of a headache. There was a group of fallen angel Cadres that said

“Azazel-sensei? He would definitely make a mess out of teaching things.”

Although they were being sarcastic, I do have a responsibility to fulfil my duties. …Today’s digression occasionally drifted towards impure topics…

“Listen up, the exchange of diaries is not allowed in class; furthermore, male and female students should not be writing anything which is impure.”

The teacher in the next room was lecturing her students. It looks like Rossweisse (Civics Teacher) was currently teaching a pair of male and female students how they should behave. Her angry expression actually revealed a rather cute side. From what could be heard, Rossweisse needed to punish two students for their misconduct during class. This arrangement of indoor staff really prevented me from being excused for some things. Anyhow, it certainly must have been Rias who used her power to have Rossweisse situated right next to me so as to keep me in line. …Seriously, it’s like she can’t trust me…

“I’m really sorry.”


The students apologised. But quickly they reverted and said

“But Rossweisse-chan, do you really need to punish students for this level of behaviour?”

“Yeah, exchanges like this are really common in the other classes.”

Telling students not to exchange diaries during class is only natural, but the content of the diaries themselves is more important. I suppose they are kids in puberty who are probably curious about relationships with the opposite gender. However, the young female teacher very stubbornly refused to budge.

“What you’re saying is insignificant. High school students should put their learning first. Getting into a good university and finding a good job is more important than anything else.”

Ah—Ah— this girl says the same thing every time. I really don’t know whether it’s because she’s less than twenty years old and naïve or simply lacking in experience. Those two students are probably thinking along the same train of thought as I am right now.

“Rossweisse-chan, you’re not getting any younger, if you’re so stubborn, you won’t find a boyfriend.”

They actually said the words which should never be mentioned! This is the most forbidden sentence to her! It was obvious as the kids were frozen stiff, and went completely silent. Rossweisse’s entire body was trembling; she made woeful noises, and even started crying!

“B-Boyfriend…I have one!”

A big lie. I couldn’t help criticising that. Well, she wanted to pretend in front of the students. However, I did hear about the rumour among the students that Rossweisse’s age = length of time without a boyfriend. Had such rumours spread throughout the entire school? Rossweisse didn’t seem to be aware of this situation, and she was especially strict in some areas, so the truth was seen by the students quite quickly. The female students called her ‘tragic beauty’, while the male students called her ‘pure bishoujo sensei’, so she was surprisingly popular. Well, she was also the subject of the female students’ envy for having the quality that ‘even when angry, she’s still cute’, so she was constantly being praised. It can’t be helped Rossweisse, even if this is how you normally are, it’s enough for the students to look forward to…you seem to be an example of someone whose relationships stay at the level of friends. Anyway, speaking about these principles illustrates the importance of a teacher’s job. Compared to those long-winded lessons, this was a better way to convey knowledge.

“Well, let it be, Rossweisse-sensei, just forgive them.”

I said that from the side. Just let the students be. You don’t need to get so involved in this, Rossweisse-sensei. You don’t need to emphasise the history that you don’t have a boyfriend. Although saying this was a bit verbose when coming from another person’s mouth, it could let the other person know that enough was enough.

“As expected of Azazel-sensei!”

The students seemed to be happy about what I said, but Rossweisse turned towards me and said

“I! H-Have a b-boyfriend I said!”

She sobbed as she finished that line…you can talk about it again the next time you go out with Ise.

After school.


On the way towards the old school building, Rossweisse continued to pout while walking beside me…she was still dwelling on what happened earlier in the day. I stared ahead with a slightly blank expression as I said

“The next step is to complete that thing from last time.”

“I know that! I’m not angry!”

…It’s not like I don’t have a brain. Well, whatever. We need to call Akeno and Ophis next. But the person in question this time was Asia. What we needed to do was to allow Asia and a certain monster to form a contract. It would be best if the contract could be made smoothly and successfully. However, that girl Asia was too innocent, and wasn’t bold enough. That’s why it was necessary for people who often deal with monsters to help with the job. In fact, forming a contract with a monster was actually a bargaining process. The person needed to have some experience in negotiations. If the other party led someone by the nose, the price would result in a lot of trouble. Rossweisse, who already knew about this frowned as she asked

“But, is this really okay? The other party is Azazel-sensei’s important contract object. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings, Fafnir, which is quite incredible.”

Indeed, I had made a contract with one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, the [Gigantis Dragon][1] Fafnir. He would normally face people in the form of a dragon, but during battle, he would be utilised by me as an artificial Sacred Gear. However, I planned to release the contract. Preparing Asia to inherit this contract was today’s important job. Anyway, I haven’t been directly on the battlefield recently, rather, I’ve been doing more support roles. It would be best if the battle situations could be left to the young Devils and Reincarnated Angels. An old man like me should back down from the front lines and do rear support, I would probably be more useful like that. —Watching Ise and the others, I couldn’t help having such feelings.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with being retired. The Three Factions have a peace treaty, and have now started to join forces with other mythologies. Although there are some hostile forces, it is truly much more peaceful when compared to the past. The new generation is already present, so we old people should make way for them.”

Gremory — no, this was a team composed of members from a variety of factions. Not long ago — last year, this was something that I couldn’t even imagine. To be honest, helping these guys grow and providing advice as a consultant makes me much happier than fighting on the front lines. I really enjoyed this kind of life from the bottom of my heart. Well, the Grigori was originally a group of defectors from Heaven who taught humans knowledge. Hoho, I wonder what extent the Gremory team and Sitri team will grow to become. These growing youths are like a seedbed with an infinite number of possibilities. They’re also my best research material. With Ise in the lead, everyone has been able to obtain unexpected results and growth.

“…Don’t think about strange things again. It’s the same as that time when you taught Ise bad things and were punished by the Grigori. If you have such thoughts, even the Maou-sama will get angry this time.”

Rossweisse stared at me while I was lost in these thoughts.

“That suits me fine. I wouldn’t be one of those in the old group of bastards who betrayed the omniscient and omnipotent God if I was teaching useless knowledge to humanity! I will turn these guys into the strongest team that no one can defeat, and no one can stop me.”

After hearing my speech, Rossweisse simply sighed in amazement. I will also help you to become strong, talented Nordic woman. But right now, the one who would be strengthened was Asia.

“Let m-me…form a contract with the D-Dragon King…!”

Asia was stumbling and stuttering as she spoke because she had been startled. After discussing it in the Occult Research Club; Asia, Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse and I came to the underground training area in the Gremory’s territory on the chosen day, which was today. It was a very spacious area. The Gremory Family, no, Sirzechs had prepared a truly remarkable training space for Ise and Rias as it was both high and wide. In this case, it wouldn’t matter even if things got a little messy. Before we transported here, both Rias and I told Asia what we would be doing. I would rescind my contract with Fafnir, while telling Asia about the matters relating to the monster at the same time. I would then allow Asia to form the [Dragon King Summoning Contract]. Well, since Asia had a rather modest personality, she panicked a bit at the beginning. There were two reasons why I wanted to let Asia use the Dragon King Summoning Contract.

The first was because Asia had successfully formed contracts with extremely difficult dragons as a Devil. Although there were only a few varieties of dragons, being able to form a contract with a [Sprite Dragon][2] was incredible. Dragons could be said to be the strongest existence amongst all living things. After all, the only ones in this world who dared to hate and kill gods were dragons. It could be said that Asia was the best candidate to make a contract with a dragon. But, suddenly making a contract with a Dragon King seemed like too much of a jump even to me. However, no one could know what would happen if they didn’t at least try. Currently, the members of the Gremory household all had different growth. Growing in great leaps and bounds was a very rare thing.

The second was because Asia’s role as a healer was crucial in battle, so the enemy would definitely target her. When Asia played a supporting role, it was necessary for someone to protect her. That was the current state of the Gremory peerage. As a team with overwhelming firepower, it would be wasteful if one person had to stay behind when they advanced. If Asia could protect herself, the team’s movement would become more convenient, and their overall strength would also increase. It would be quite appropriate for the Dragon King to have the role of protecting Asia. I also had a certain reason for advocating this. I turned my eyes towards the side. There was a girl wearing black clothing on her entire body — Ophis.

“What do I need to do?”

The Dragon God-sama scratched her head as she asked! She was exactly the reason why I was supporting this.

“I want to get your support. Well, you just have to support Asia.”

After I replied, the Dragon God-sama in the form of a girl seemed to have a ‘?’ floating above her head. This time, Ophis would be participating as well. Regardless of how it was seen, Asia had been under the care of Ophis. Asia normally had good luck, and often had lucky things occur. Irina was also the same. Circumstances like these were rarely seen in the world. This was the so-called ‘protection from God’. I took out a device that I created myself from one of my pockets, and then pointed it at Ophis. After it locked on to her, it measured Ophis’ aura level, and I then pointed the measurement device at Asia. This testing device was used to investigate mysterious presences and to what extent they affect an object. After seeing the numbers on the device, I felt relieved. A special faint and benign aura was radiated from Ophis’ body towards Asia. This was the truth behind Asia’s protection. This special aura caused Asia’s luck to become better. The ‘God of the Bible’ who was the backbone of our mythology had already died, so the believers of the Church actually had no way to receive protection or blessings (accurately speaking, they were able to receive something similar to protection by using the System in Heaven which was left behind). Asia, who was practically unable to receive blessings from Heaven, was now receiving the blessing of the world’s strongest Dragon God. After having just met, Asia showed kindness to Ophis…and since then, Ophis had been giving Asia a blessing probably without even knowing. Most likely, this protection, which originally covered Ophis, was a token of gratitude towards Asia.

“This contract will take place under Ophis’ watch and with our help.”

Choosing Fafnir to form a contract with Asia was an overwhelming consideration. With the supervision of a Dragon God and our assistance, it would really make her feel more at ease. Compared to having only Asia make the contract by herself, the success rate of forming the contract would now be much higher. After hearing my words, Rias and Akeno both nodded.

“Mn, I will also give Asia a helping hand.”

“Fufufu, Asia-chan really is quite brave to form a contract with a Dragon King.”

After the comments by the [King] and [Queen]—

“I will also use relevant magic or summoning techniques to assist from the side.”

Since even the magical genius Rossweisse said that, the preparations were already complete. However, even with these people here, it was still possible to fail.

“…Although I don’t know how much I can do, I will also work hard to become strong. Please accompany me to the end everyone, please everyone!”

Although Asia was a bit nervous, it was evident that she was determined. Even we could see that this girl consciously wanted to become stronger.

“Good. We’ll first prepare an ordinary dragon. Just talking casually to it will be fine. Before negotiating with Fafnir, it would be better to have some others for practice.”

Asia was not very good at negotiations. Although Asia needed to complete her Devils’ Job, most of the requests were from good-natured people, thus it didn’t require too much negotiation skill. But, against a Dragon King this time, it would be very important to have a certain amount of skill. Moreover, the other party wasn’t a human or a Devil, but a Dragon. In comparison to the humans that she met before, I was afraid that their values and thoughts were very different. It would be best to get used to it sooner.

AT 1.jpg

“I, will help Asia.”

“Thank you, Ophis-chan.”

Ophis conversed with Asia happily. …Well, she was seemingly able to communicate with Ophis. I wasn’t sure if this person would be categorised as a dragon, or as something else. —Rias then said

“Does it matter if we reveal Ophis’ identity in front of the dragons?”

The information regarding Ophis’ presence wouldn’t be disclosed. That was because it wouldn’t be good if it were revealed when summoning the dragons.

“There isn’t a big problem. Ophis’ power has already been reduced as much as possible, so as long as it isn’t a particularly powerful dragon, it won’t be detected.”

In this regard, I had already prepared everything. After hearing this from me, Rias said

“That sounds like it took a lot of preparation.”

The situation could be left alone now. Thus, we continued with our original plan to summon a normal dragon. In the centre of a magic circle appeared a massive dragon. I gave Asia’s back a light push.

“Go, Asia, talk to the dragon.”

“Yes, okay.”

With a determined look, Asia began to converse with the dragon (practice)—

“…Fire dragons which can breathe fire are mostly good, they have strong and generous personalities. Water dragons which manipulate ice and water are a slightly calmer type…”

In the practice area, Asia conscientiously confirmed her notes. Including me, everyone who was here working together with her smiled. Asia said to Ophis beside her

“Wind dragons are a very free type. Lightning dragons are slightly sensitive when small, but become very sociable when they grow up. Ice dragons like to live peacefully in places where there are fewer people.”

Asia was repeatedly reciting her knowledge of dragons. It had already been a few days since that now and Asia had encountered a variety of different dragons. The type, personality, and values of these dragons were all different, and she had more than a few troubles when speaking to them. With her serious and innocent personality, Asia continued to work hard. In the midst of Asia’s conversations with the dragons, I did my best to lessen Ophis’ power, so that the dragons wouldn’t discover her true identity…if they really found out, there wouldn’t be any conversation, and they would definitely try to make a quick escape out of fear. However, as a Dragon King, Fafnir would definitely notice that it was Ophis who was beside Asia. We already knew about Ophis’ existence, but I don’t think Fafnir would be afraid of Ophis…. Up until now, Ophis had been beside Asia as she spoke to the dragons — the person who came up with such a bold plan was awesome. If the other Cadres knew about this, they would definitely condemn me. Hahaha, it feels like I’ve constantly been in highly dangerous situations recently, perhaps my intuition has gone numb? Well, having received Ophis’ blessing, Asia hasn’t encountered any situations in which a dragon has become irritated or angry. From the perspective of those watching from the side, her conversations were quite interesting. Well, the other parties were dragons after all. In order to match the other party’s speech, Asia was also working hard.

At the same time, I provided Rias and Akeno with guidance in demonic energy. Rossweisse also trained in magic, in particularly, summoning magic. There was a lot to remember in a short amount of time, but their basic ability to learn and magic ability was quite high, and they finally learnt everything within this period. I watched the students while I took notes in my notebook. I had a habit of writing down my ideas. In order to prevent myself from forgetting, I wrote down everything that I thought of, and if there were any that I liked, I would go and research them. That was why, when I was in Heaven before, I had recorded a lot of data on Sacred Gears. Really, after those materials were taken away by Michael during the war, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t understand.

“What are you writing down?”

Rossweisse asked.

“Ah — the next quiz for the next class at school. It’s best to formulate the questions when I’m concentrating like this.”

I replied. Although I had to supervise Ise and the others as well as the situation in the surroundings, I was also a teacher of Kuoh Academy. It was my job to guide the students properly. Rias made a soft laugh.

“What’s surprising is that the students taught by Azazel are particularly outstanding.”

‘Surprising’ is unnecessary. I do what is necessary. All of a sudden, Rossweisse raised her voice.

“While maintaining a slovenly appearance, you finish your job brilliantly and produce results — you actually have such profound experience in the workplace. Your relationship with the other male teachers isn’t too bad either…mn…”

Ah, this young girl doesn’t need to talk about me like that. I’ve actually lived longer than you guys have, so I naturally make more use of my opportunities. Rossweisse-san, you will also be able to do this after accumulating more experience. …Ah, hold on, since Rossweisse has a somewhat more serious personality, it might be a bit difficult. —Putting aside the chatter, we should progress to the next stage today. I said to Asia

“Asia, I’m going to summon Fafnir next, and rescind my contract.”

Although I didn’t spend much time interacting with him, I decided to rescind the contract today. I removed the gem of the artificial Sacred Gear that Fafnir was sealed in. I clicked my fingers, created the magic circle that I used to make the contract, and then placed the gem in the centre.

“The Dragon King like gold, the existence on the other side. Please respond to my call, and appear before me—”

I recited the chant, the magic circle glowed at the same time, and the gem also responded by emitting light. After a dazzling flash of light was released — an enormous golden dragon appeared in the centre of the magic circle. It was a dragon with four legs, he didn’t have any wings, and his scales were shining with a sacred golden glow. —One of the Five Great Dragon Kings, [Gigantis Dragon] Fafnir. He was a dragon who collected treasures. I said to the Dragon King

“Fafnir, I didn’t summon you today for anything else — I want to rescind the contract.”

After listening to my words, Fafnir opened his thick and heavy mouth, then said

“Azazel, you want to give up your contract with me?”

“Ah, I’m already old, and I want to retreat from the front lines. So I want to rescind the contract with you.”


The Dragon King did not respond…well, it didn’t matter for this guy anyway. In order to rescind the contract, I had called him out of his residence, yet that guy seemed to have an indifferent look. Perhaps rescinding the contract was simpler than I initially thought. I cleared my throat and then said

“Although I’m somewhat sorry about this, I’ll introduce the next contract person to you…how is that?”


Really, he was still silent. Speaking of which, I initially said ‘I’ll use the treasures that I have personally collected as the price, form a contract with me’. In the end, the contract was completed when he simply nodded silently. My lips were trembling and I was smiling slightly.

“Yes, it’s a very cute girl. Don’t worry.”

“I have my own interests.”

Ho. He actually said something like that. Dragons don’t care what race the other party is, but they’ll like them as long as they’re female. In this world, there aren’t any stories about beautiful girls being offered as sacrifices to dragons. I introduced Asia who was beside me to the Dragon King.

“This is the person to form the contract today, Asia Argento. What do you think, cute right?”

Asia’s whole body was trembling intensely as she was nervous, but she tried her best to introduce herself.

“H-How are you? I am Asia Argento.”


The Gigantis Dragon inched closer to Asia and stared straight at her. His eyes suddenly opened wide and showed the reflection of Asia within them. Asia seemed to be very nervous, and she was trembling slightly while she smiled. Asia could interact with a Dragon God and a Heavenly Dragon quite well, but she was inevitably confused in front of a Dragon King that was indifferent to people.

“Come on, talk about what you think now. You still don’t talk much.”

I said to Fafnir.


He suddenly made such a comment. This guy only has gold in his eyes. The treasures that he’s collected are all gold items. Gold is his favourite thing.

“Yes, golden hair. A golden-haired girl who is also a nun. She’s very popular at school.”

After hearing the word ‘nun’, Fafnir eyes widened even further. Hey, are you interested in nuns? He really could have interests in such things. Rias and I both watched the Dragon King’s reaction. The word nun seemed to have caught his interest.


…Eh? What, did I hear wrong? Did Fafnir just say ‘tan’[3]? Hold on, how could it be such a nonsense thing? This guy is one of the Five Great Dragons Kings [Gigantis Dragon] Fafnir. How could he possibly use such a childlike honorific? While I was thinking about this, the Dragon King then dispelled some of my doubts, and suddenly wagged his tail left and right as he said

“Golden-haired girl Asia-tan, I, think she’s very cute.”

—I didn’t hear that wrong at all.

He added a ‘tan’ on to it…seeing this unexpected response, my expression went stiff. On the side, Rias also had a ‘??’ confused look. No, this could actually continue. Having a good first impression is a good thing!

“T-Thank you for your praise.”

Asia lowered her head in acknowledgement as she smiled. Seeing this, Fafnir began panting, and his tail was also waving about.



“—Want to lick.”

Eeeeeeeehh— This dragon kept on repeating that towards us while we were unable to understand the situation.

“Asia-tan, lick, cute, lick.”

I covered my face with my hands. What a waste, this is truly a waste. This is a waste of a dragon… Just because of her hair! This guy was going too far! This Gigantis Dragon actually likes to lick strange things!

“…Does he mean that he wants to eat Asia?”

Rias tilted her head. That’s a rather innocent way of thinking! If Ise saw such an innocent Rias, he would certainly be irritated. S-Slow down! Slow down! That guy seems to have taken a liking to Asia! I exhaled and then said

“Well, Fafnir, your next contract person, Asia, isn’t bad right?”


Although he didn’t say anything, that guy’s tail was still swaying from side to side, he really liked her. Speaking of which, the Dragon King is like a dog! Now it was time for the next step.

“Do you want to make a contract with this girl at a price?”

When making a contract, there were two types, paid and unpaid. These two methods were fundamentally different. In the case of a price, Asia would have to pay Fafnir what he wanted in order to have him serve her. The price to be paid could be very broad. If it was just a very expensive item, then that would be fine. If he requested a part of the contracted person’s body or the soul as the price, it would be very difficult to negotiate with Fafnir. Well, it would be good as long as that guy didn’t make such requests.

“I, want a price.”

He did indeed say it. Taking into account the immaturity of Asia and that her relationship with the Dragon King Fafnir was not equal, in order to make up for the difference, words of praise, gold or other similar things were necessary for the contract. However, by being cautious, the contract could be completed as long as a price was paid. Good. I didn’t actually expect it to get off to such a smooth start. Asia said with a slight sense of trepidation in her voice

“B-But, I don’t have any money or treasures which I can pay the Dragon King…”

Of course, I knew this. For Asia, who had not been a Devil for very long, the presence in front of her was immense, it was completely out of her reach. I said to Asia

“I will help out in this regard, Rias as well right?”

Rias nodded.

“Yes, you can leave the price to me. You’re one of my peerage members, and also my cute sister.”

Rias placed her hand on top of Asia’s shoulder, smiled, and then showed a sort of motherly expression. She is truly one of the Gremory Family who have deep love for their servants.

“Rias-oneesama…thank you.”

Asia thanked her several times repeatedly. In terms of the treasures, it would be fine for both Rias and I to prepare them, and then Asia to give them to the Dragon King. Asia was an irreplaceable team member of the Gremory household, which fought against terrorists. Those who understood Asia also understood this point. …In a Rating Game, there was nothing that could be done because there were rules and restrictions. After all, this being was a Dragon King.

“Well, Fafnir, what do you seek from Asia? Gold? Or would you want treasures like you asked of me?”

I asked. The Dragon King didn’t even stop to think and replied

“I, want the golden-haired girl’s treasure.”

It was the same as with me, he demanded treasures. In legends, this guy was a madman that collected treasures. He really wanted to collect all of the world’s gold and treasures. Among Dragons, there were many legends in which they collected and guarded treasures. In particular, Fafnir was famous because of his abnormal obsession with it. I then said

“What do you want exactly? Legendary weapons? Rare metals — mithril or perhaps orichalcum?”

Mithril…it was possible to buy it from the Nordic dwarves if the price was right. But, orichalcum was somewhat more scarce…. Because of work needs, there were several requests for the Grigori to obtain these metals, but…. Even if the Gremory Family possessed many riches and assets, these rare items were very difficult to obtain. I would have to get it from the Grigori’s top item storage vault to give it to him…but, even if I gave it to him, would he really be satisfied? While I was thinking deeply about this, Fafnir expressionlessly opened his mouth and said


…. Eeeh!? Eh, hold on, what was that? J-Just then, what did he say? Everyone furrowed their brow as they could not understand the word that Fafnir said.

“I misheard it, right?”

Rias also wondered whether she heard that incorrectly.

“I-It’s pantea, right? …A kind of tea that Dragons like?”

Asia’s interpretation was simply too strange, and she said out the name of a word that she didn’t even know the meaning of. A tea like that doesn’t exist! I looked over to the Dragon God-sama.

“Hmm, want a benarlya[4]?”

She was eating so many bananas that even her cheeks were bulging out. Hey, that’s too relaxed. Fafnir once again spoke amidst our silence.

“I want Asia-tan’s panty. —Please give me panty!”

—He even added on that honorific! Everyone aside from Ophis was rendered speechless— I coughed a bit, and then smiled.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter right? That’s good, isn’t it?”

Midway through, came Rias’ accusing tone of voice.

“As if that’s good, Azazel! Did you use some kind of strange spell or techniques when he was sealed in the artificial Sacred Gear? Furthermore, p-p-pan…cough cough”

After coughing several times, Rias continued.

“…Have you ever heard of a Dragon King asking for someone's panties? Did you do something again?”

“This is my fault?”

Even I was so surprised that my eyeballs nearly popped out. I was being glared at by Rias, Akeno and all the Gremory household members here! How terrifying!

“Wait, hold on, give me a break, I didn’t do anything like that…”

While I was explaining…hmm! I felt as though I had a slight clue in my mind…

“This Dragon King seemed too stubborn as a dragon, so I performed many experiments.”

Could this be the result of one of the strange experiments I did that time…no, no…it really couldn’t be, right?


I stuck my tongue out in a way that didn’t fit my age towards them.


Rias immediately shrouded her entire body in a crimson aura; the Crimson-haired Ruin Princess was angry now! Akeno also looked at me as if she was looking at a cockroach.

“It really was you. No wonder. After all, it is Governor Azazel. I’ll have to report this to my otou-san.”

How strict! Only Akeno was that strict with me! Ah! You don’t give any of the love that you show to Ise or your otou-san to me! But I treat you like a lovely niece!

“I knew this would happen! Azazel-sensei is truly the chief villain!”

Rossweisse confidently pointed to my nose as she criticised me.

“Azazel, you evil beast.”

Ophis, you’re also bullying me? No! What strange beast!? Hold on! Surfacing within my mind was a theory about Fafnir. That’s right, Fafnir, who had once been defeated by the demonic sword Gram, was revived by the Norse Gods. It was then that he became confused, so it must be that! It was the mythology of that perverted geezer Odin! Such a thing happening wasn’t surprising! That’s how it was! It wasn’t impossible since Ddraig and Albion also had some subtle perverted tendencies as well. Perhaps because the contracting person was female, Fafnir displayed his true desires like this!

AT 2.jpg

“…W-Well, are those pantea things really such expensive things?”

Up until now, Asia still did not understand the situation. She really was an innocent girl. Akeno moved towards Asia’s ear, and then told her the truth. After understanding the truth, Asia immediately showed a flustered and embarrassed face.

“…H-How, my…under, you want my under…wear!”

She was shocked by the truth. Until now, Asia had received all sorts of training, but the truth just then was far from those topics. Rias felt that that request was somewhat inappropriate, and then said to Fafnir

“That is really a bit too much. Is there anything else? I will prepare something more valuable than underwear.”

If the Gremory Family was serious, they could really bring out all kinds of treasures. However, the Gigantis Dragon shook his head.

“—I want the golden-haired girl’s panty, it’s something that cannot be bought with gold, a high-class product!”

—Too deep! These inner thoughts are too ridiculous, Fafnir! You actually said such passionate words which only a man could understand…! Being infected by this mysterious emotion, I turned to the side to look at the Dragon God-sama, she took something out and gave it to Fafnir.

“My panty, give you.”

Where did that come from! That’s her underwear!? Did they come off? Did you just take them off?


Fafnir silently moved his nose towards the underwear in Ophis’ hand. —Sniff sniff, he was sniffing the scent of the underwear. Really, this is ridiculous! The Dragon King was smelling the Dragon God’s underwear? What is this!? Was it sacred? A legendary scene? This was too nonsensical!

While he was in the midst of expressionlessly smelling the scent of Ophis’ underwear, Fafnir suddenly shouted


Hey, deal with your dripping nose first—. Oh, did the smell of fruit that Ophis was just eating get onto her hands? How did he even smell that!? I see, so the Dragon God-sama’s underwear actually smells fruity! No, hold on, Fafnir! Didn’t you have any questions when Ophis took out her underwear for you to smell? Why did you just naturally try to pick up the scent of the underwear!? But, when I thought about it, this was a bargain sale now. Simply by using one pair of underwear, Asia could form a contract with the Dragon King, this was incredibly exceptional especially for a beginner like Asia!

“Just using a pair of underwear to forge a contract with Fafnir is very cost-effective. Don’t you girls also feel that way?”

I said to all the girls present (Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse).

““”As if!”””

It was actually rejected.

“To actually give out the underwear of my cute Asia…”

Rias had rather mixed feelings.

“But to make the innocent Asia-chan do such dirty things…”

Rias and Akeno seemed to show some resistance against this situation. Usually, Rias and Akeno treated the younger members such as Asia like younger siblings.

“The statement just now is no longer something someone can be considered.”

Rossweisse-san, you would also buy cheap underwear to give to the Dragon King, right?

“If I can, then I’ll give my underwear to you.”

Ophis said. Indeed, the one in question was that Fafnir… Looking at our confusion, Asia shouted

“I can’t keep giving O-Ophis-chan, and my one-samas trouble! Akeno-oneesama! Please transport me back home! I’ll bring all of the u-un-underwear here!”

Asia had already made up her mind! That scene between Ophis and Fafnir must have really provoked Asia. That girl was under the influence of Ise and Rias, so her values had undergone a wonderful change.

“I understand. Since Asia-chan also said that…”

Akeno seemed a bit troubled about agreeing to Asia’s request. Just like that, Asia began forming the contract with the Dragon King with the price being her underwear—

“I order you in the name of Asia Argento! As an ally of mine, respond to the call of the contract!”

At the centre of a large magic circle for making a summoning contract, Fafnir and Asia began the ritual for the contract. This was different from the contract that would not require a price, as Asia was entering a give and take contract right now. …The price, which was also placed in the centre of the magic circle — Asia’s underwear, began to emit a glow. The magic circle projected a golden flash of light, and then returned to a calm state. The summoning contract was now complete. Fafnir and Asia had now formed a give and take relationship. While Asia was in the middle of healing her comrades, she would be able to summon Fafnir to protect herself. This meant that Asia could take on a healing role during a battle. Hahaha, their fighting strength has now increased by quite a lot. He was one of only five in the world — counting Tannin as well, it should be six — one of the Dragon Kings. This was not an ordinary protective barrier. Extremely few people would be able to break through the defence of this fierce Dragon King. —Suddenly, Fafnir’s eyes began to glow, and he turned his eyes towards the underwear that were in the magic circle. The underwear vanished in an instant. Where exactly did the underwear disappear to — I looked towards that area, and stopped at a certain spot. …The underwear was actually sitting in a corner on top of the Dragon King’s head! It’s actually s-stored there! I really could not say anything about this Dragon King’s interests.

“Ah! My underwear…is actually there! It’ll be seen during a battle!”

Upon hearing Asia’s exclamation, Fafnir obediently removed the underwear — no, that didn’t happen.

“Asia-tan’s underwear, I accept. My treasure, very happy!”

That bastard displayed a look of satisfaction.

“Anyway, the contract has been completed, so be grateful.”

I changed the subject. Next was the main event. I actually predicted that the contract would be successful so I prepared something in advance.

“Haha, as congratulations, I have a present for you, Asia!”

I waved my hand, and then created a transportation magic circle. From there, a mechanical dragon emerged. It was a mechanical dragon that I created by using Fafnir as the prototype.

“T-This is!”

Rias was surprised upon seeing this, and I revealed a mischievous smile.

“This is my secretly developed mechanical Dragon King — a mechanical Fafnir! Asia! I want you to perform a test since you just successfully completed your contract! Use Fafnir to defeat this mechanical Dragon King!”

Come, my student! Go through my trial!

“You’re misusing the funds of the Grigori again! Your experiments are getting even worse in this advisor position.”

Rossweisse pressed her hand against her forehead with a look of disbelief. Well, I suppose you are right!

“Now, let’s fire first!”

Simultaneously with my command, the mechanical Dragon King began to move. The mechanical Fafnir’s eyes fired a laser — Fafnir stood in front of Asia, and acted as a shield for her. That’s a good response, Dragon King! He was also unharmed!

“Asia-tan, protect! I also want underwear.”

Fafnir appeared to be very firm. Before fighting against the mechanical Fafnir, Asia had also resolved herself.

“Y-Yes! So, Fafnir, please defeat that robot!”

While the Dragon King followed Asia’s command to begin fighting—

“Hello, is this otou-san? Azazel made something weird again. Hmm, it’s a mechanical dragon.”

Akeno reported me to the organisation. —Ah, I’ll be scolded by Shemhazai again. Oh, whatever. No one can get in the way of my fun! As long as you’re still students of Kuoh Academy, I’ll do everything I can to let you grow! Seeing the real Dragon King send my mechanical Dragon King flying, I felt grateful that I could allow my students to grow!

The day after tomorrow, I had something I was slightly concerned about, so I went to ask Fafnir

“I want to ask something; what do you think about Asia’s underwear?”

“—Priceless, it can’t be measured in value with gold, that’s what I think.”

—Those were such deep words. This guy has his own philosophy. Uh! Before, he clearly looked as if he didn’t care about anything! The Dragon King’s name wasn’t used just for show! You’re a dragon that won’t even allow a single underwear to be unaccounted for! Seriously, these legendary dragons really take these things seriously! Ah, as a former host of Fafnir’s artificial Sacred Gear, I thought that.

Life.2 Ordinary day of Red Dragon Emperor[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was a few days after Rias left for Romania. That day when I was passing by the Student Council room by chance…

“Come on. Show me your new skills today☆.”

I heard a familiar voice.

Hearing that voice, I stopped and peeped into the room through a small opening in the door.

“Onee-sama. To come here unannounced and to ask my peerage to show their artificial sacred gear, why did you…”

“What do you mean why~ Sona’s peerage just gained a new ability, right? Onee-sama wants to see it!”

… The perplexed Sona-kaichou and her Sitri peerage along with Maou Leviathan-sama, who was making an unsatisfied expression, were inside that room.

Wait, what is Maou-sama doing here?!

It hasn’t been long since the wizard’s attack, so the underworld should be busy with the aftermath right………?

Leviathan-sama noticed my confused expression and looked around…soon, her eyes met with mine as I was peeping into the council room!

As expected of Maou-sama! Her detection skill is too good!

Maou-sama flung open the door and gave me a bright smile.

“Good timing! You follow me too, Sekiryuukei-kun ☆.”

Whatever the case, it looks like I’ve been dragged into some troublesome event…

Part 2[edit]

Me, Leviathan-sama and Kaichou… And the Sitri peerage was all assembled at a different location. Everyone, including me, was now in our gym clothes.

This was an area underneath the land of the Sitri. It was just like the area that the ORC members and I used for our training. It was basically the Student Council version of that.

--- And the reason why I’m here with Leviathan-sama and Student Council members is…

“—As our special guest, Chichiyuutei-kun has joined us ☆ Now show me Sona’s peerage’s new powers!”

Leviathan-sama was still filled with excitement; she really is a person with a lot of energy…

It looks like the reason why Leviatan-sama suddenly visited us out of nowhere is to see the artificial sacred gears that the Sitri peerage obtained recently.

Looks like she’s mindful about the new powers that her sister got her hands on. Not only that, she seems to have been interested in the artificial sacred gear since a long time ago.

Sona-kaichou, who was standing next to me, said this while giving me an apologetic gaze.

“Ise-kun, I’m so sorry that you got pulled into this mess……”

“No, it’s fine. Well, I was surprised that Leviathan-sama suddenly visited us…”

I really was surprised, you know. It wasn’t that long after the surprise attack. In this kind of situation, I really started to get worried as a devil that Maou-sama decided to visit our school.

Kaichou continued.

“It seems like she came here to re-affirm the current combat capabilities of this place, a special administration of the 3 factions. Since that kind of incident has happened before, Maou-sama would personally come check it… Although I think there is a considerable lack of tension.”

Looks like even the Kaichou wasn’t approving this visit.

But then again, that incident happened not too long ago and so, the fact that someone from the higher ups wanted to check on our battle capabilities isn’t too far fetching.

I wonder if that’s why Leviathan-sama wanted to see the Sitri peerage’s new powers.

Looking at her younger sister sighing, Leviathan-sama pouted.

“We can’t even get through a proper meeting because those grandads from the council keep giving us shit.”

She ranted cutely.

Is she talking about the higher ups in the government when she said ‘grandads from the council’? I did hear that the experienced politicians that are older than the Maous are still quite vocal.

--- And the reason why I came here is because I was chosen to be the opponent to test the new powers of the Sitri peerage. And I’ve decided to participate.

My fate was sealed as soon as I peeped into the room.

Kaichou said towards me while I sighed.

“But don’t worry. We’ve already got the permission from Akeno and your manager Ravel-chan. Ravel-chan was excited at the fact that this was a good time to learn more about the Sitri peerage.”

So she’s already gotten permission from Akeno and Ravel. As expected, Kaichou is very quick at getting things done. And it seems like Ravel is okay with me training with the Sitri peerage.

Well, if it’s that girl then…

“Since Ise-sama was utterly defeated by the Sitri peerages in the previous game, if we know more about our opponents, it’ll come in handy in the future.”

… Probably said something similar and gave them the go ahead.

Kaichou then continued.

“In truth, we thought about training together with the Gremory peerage. But before then it seems like we will get to spar with Ise-kun first.”

I am also in favor of a joint training session with the Sitri peerage; it’ll be beneficial to have a training session with the other peerages.

Kaichou then addressed the Sitri peerage.

“Everyone here knows how Ise-kun performs within games and his fighting style in real battles, right? Just think of today as part of your learning experiences.”


They answered unanimously.

Well, I’ve somewhat been dragged along here but listening to their story wasn’t much of a deal. I can just do what I’ve been doing with the Gremory peerage during my training with the Sitri peerage.

All in all, I just have to participate in the training session with the Sitri peerage!

--- Thinking like that, I recapped the situation in front of me before the special training started.

The Sitri peerage was training daily like the Gremory peerage. After having witnessed the part played by the Gremory’s during the surprise attack by the wizards, Kaichou said…

“We will also increase our training sessions.”

… And had a thought like that.

She said that she was certain that even for devils, if they train continuously, they will be able to have an impact far beyond its basic capabilities.

As mentioned before, this huge space is the Sitri peerage’s personal training ground. It was basically the same as the ones that the Gremory peerage was using. It was said that Kaichou created this area after looking at our training area and got inspired. To create such a space on her own expense, it was such a Kaichou thing to do.

Now that I am warmed up, shall I join in the training? Training with someone different is getting me excited.

… Seriously I’m such a sucker for training, just getting excited because my partner has changed. It just shows that I’ve gotten more into training.

Well, it is a good thing to get stronger, especially when you think about your future as a devil or just in case of a surprise attack.

After making up my mind, I asked Kaichou.

“So how should we go about the training?”

“Is sparring alright? We are doing our basic training regularly. So what we lack is a real life styled brawl training.”

Sparring, I also like this format of training. it integrates into the basic training well and there’s nothing better than a brawl to learn more about your opponents.

“What about Pailingual?”

I asked. The Sitri peerage got quite a few female members so I asked in advanced if I can use my technique which can talk to female breasts.

“““Please don’t use it.”””

This time, the female members of Sitri peerage answered in unison. I knew this would happen!

“Kyaa~ so this is that famous Shinigami ☆.”

I heard Leviathan-sama’s shrill. When I turned around, I saw her bear hugging the recent addition of the Sitri peerage, the Shinigami—[Grim Reaper] Bennia.

I just noticed this but, the Shinigami Bennia and the Giant Rugal-san were here. Both of them have impressionable attire but, maybe their presence is weak……

Bennia is in her usual Grim Reaper clothes and Rugal-san is in his gym clothes like the rest of the Sitri peerage.


Rugal-san is keeping quiet. He’s a giant and has a great build and on top of that, he’s a [Rook]! It seems like his attack and defence is pretty solid so I feel like I can have a proper match with him.

<Me and Rugal-nii are just going to watch today.>

Bennia said so. Ah, so they are just going to observe then. I wanted to see the Grim Reaper’s characteristic scythe but… oh well.

Leviathan-sama hugs Bennia from behind and started to dote on him.

“Ufufu, so cute ~☆ Rugal-kun also looks dandy♪.”

Looks like she’s fond of the new members of the Sitri peerage.

Well, then shall we start the brawl.

I quickly activated my balance breaker and donned my armor.

“First will be our [Rook]—Tsubasa.”

When Kaichou finished, a tall girl came forward. She was wearing a pair of half-finger gloves.

“I’ll be in your care, Hyoudou.”


This girl was--- Yura Tsubasa, one of Sitri’s [Rook].

She wasn’t born from any special families but it was said that since she was young, she was able to see or touch supernatural beings or phenomena. So even before becoming a devil, she fought against these beings on her own.


As soon as Kaichou finished, Yura jumped towards me!

Unlike what her figure suggests, she kicked and jabbed toward my sight using agile footwork and light movements!

Hmm! Maybe because of her weight, unlike our [Rook] Koneko’s punch, her attack has some weight to it!

Koneko’s movement is faster, but Yura’s reach was farther due to her height. Her upper roundhouse kick changed its course several times, so I’ve been hit by it several times even though I thought I dodged it.

But I’ve activated the Red Emperor armor, [Boosted Gear Scalemail]. Even with a punch filled with demonic aura, I won’t take any damage! Well, the shockwave from the punch still transmits through the armor though!

While having a close-range brawl with Yura, I struck a conversation with her.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that back when you were a human, you used to beat up monsters or evil spirits with martial arts alone?”

She then made a confident smile.

“Yup, but I couldn’t go up against stronger monsters as a human!”

Yura concentrated her aura onto her right fist! I dodged her sharp attack--- but I felt a pain on my hip.

I’ve been hit by a low left kick filled with demonic aura! So her right fist was just a decoy! So she anticipated that I will dodge the first attack!

Hell yes! This is what I call a fist fight! But I’ve got something up my sleeves!

I fired a Dragon shot from my right hand!

Dragon shot travelled at a fierce pace but as it was about to hit its target, something changed from Yura.


Shield materialised from her left hand and blocked my Dragon shot!

Artificial Sacred gear, Shield of Spirit and glory—[Twinkle Aegis]!

There was a loud explosion, but she was fine! Her shield successfully blocked my attack.

This shield is going to be a nuisance! This is the artificial sacred gear that she got from Azazel-sensei! With the addition of [Rook]’s characteristic of solid defense, it showed its ultimate strength.

Did they also make a contract with the spirit and applied its power to the shield?

… Seeing as flames have enveloped the shield, maybe it was a fire spirit?

Yura then threw the flame shield at me like it was a Frisbee! If I block it, it must go back to her!

Hand to hand brawl in close quarters, defense using her shield and now she can attack at longer ranges by placing certain characteristics into the shield.

… Truthfully, it’s a flawless ability. Not only does this increase the usefulness of the artificial sacred gear, it also covers its weaknesses. It’s hard to find a [Rook] this difficult to fight against.

Observing Yura’s ability, Leviathan-sama exclaimed excitedly!

“So that’s Tsubasa’s shield that she can throw like a yoyo☆ I wanna see her tossing it like it’s a flaming yoyo!”

…… Maou-sama, your eyes are twinkling you know?! How much do you like your sister’s peerage?!

As I was slowly getting warmed up, I charged towards Yura with all my powers.

15 minutes after---

Yura dropped while panting and raised both hands.

“… As expected, Seikiryuutei. You’re strong. I’ve lost.”

Yura surrendered but in the end, I couldn’t penetrate her shield and give her a finishing blow. Well then again, I didn’t use my Trident and [Queen]… but man that shield is tough.

“Hey, that shield is really strong.”

I said while helping Yura up.

It can completely negate any power type. The shield itself is very strong along with all those technical moves she can do by making a contract with different spirits. For us Gremory peerage who are filled with power type, she’s one of those nuisance ability users.

… In a real match, it feels like either skill types like Kiba or Rossweiess-san, who can use many different types of element magic, will be the ones to deal with Yura.

After our brawl has finished, kaichou picked out my next opponent.

“Next is Tomoe.”


The girl wielding a katana styled sacred gear stepped forward.

Tomoe Meguri-chan. One of Sitri’s [Knight].

From what I’ve heard, she’s from the Meguri clan who mainly exorcise demons as their way of life. They’ve been defeating demons using holy swords combined with their unique sword style.

However buying resentment from a certain demon, the Meguri clan was then cursed and it was said that her soul had been cursed from the day she was born.

Not being able to live with their cute daughter dying of the said curse, they have decided to ask a devil to release the curse on her as a last ditch effort.

And the devil that was called upon was Sona-kaichou…

However, the only way that the curse can be lifted is to be reincarnated into a devil. In the end, honoring her parent’s request, Kaichou made her part of her peerage.

It’s a good thing that the devil who was summoned was Sona-kaichou. Even after saving Meguri-chan, she didn’t demand any other retribution apart from making her a part of the Sitri peerage from the Meguri clan.

However, since one person from the clan became a devil, Meguri-chan’s family was exiled from the exorcism business but even then, Meguri-chan is living in this town with her parents peacefully.

Just like with Yura, Meguri is a front line fighter.

Meguri-chan got into a battle stance. Hmm, her stance is different compared to Kiba. Kiba uses a Japanese kendo fighting style stance but he also uses a more freestyle stance. Xenovia doesn’t even have a stance.

Unlike them, Meguri-chan had a moderate stance. Beautiful, yet showed no weakness.


As soon as Kaichou said her command, Meguri-chan swung her Artificial Sacred Gear sword! The blade covered in bright and dark aura soared towards me!

The Spirit slaying blade of light and darkness, [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai Sword]!

Damn that name is long! What is wrong with Azazel-sensei’s naming sense?!

It feels like it’s to do with his chuunibyou and black history past… But the destructive power of this sword was quite high. When I dodged the attack, the blade had destroyed the floor that I was just standing on!

… It looks like it has different properties compared to Kiba’s holy and demonic sword. This feels more like the concentration of properties of light and darkness is activated at the same time and their high output is clashing with each other. This Artificial Sacred Gear is different from the combination of the properties of light and darkness… According to sensei, that sword is the result of his research after using Kiba’s Holy-Demonic sword as a reference…

This sword is lot more closely related to Xenovia’s sword's destructive power than Kiba’s Holy-Demonic sword.

Seeing Meguri-chan’s katana, Leviathan-sama became even more excited.

“That’s the same as the one that Azazel swung about at the Sports Festival! I don’t mind it at all! We need that kind of personality in politics!”

Seriously?! Do we really need that chuunibyou in Underworld politics?! I-I can’t believe it!

I nearly got distracted by Leviathan-sama. Anyway, from Meguri-chan’s attack, her stance as well as her movement showed her talent clearly. But thanks to fighting against better swordsman than her, I could easily dodge all of her attacks.

Spotting a weakness, I punched her side and sent her away.

Meguri-chan tumbled a few times, got up and put both of her hands up.

She surrendered. I went up to her and offered a hand.

“Hmm, this sword is strong but it doesn’t work against Hyoudou-kun.”

Meguri-chan said while getting back up.

“Well, I always train against a Swordswoman who overwhelms the enemy with her overwhelming attack power and would one-hit-one-kill a swordsman. To tell the truth, I’m used to fighting against sword users.”

“You mean Kiba-kun and Xenovia-chan. I feel stupid that I get slightly angry after hearing their name.”

Meguri-chan made a bitter smile.

“I think Meguri-chan’s skill is great too. Also that sword is made by Sensei right? There might be some kind of hidden features…”

Actually I’m fearful of even getting hit by that sword. There's a chance of something like [Hidden Ability Activate! Poison!] happening when I get hit by it……

Meguri-chan genuinely got horrified.

“D-Don’t say stuff like that! I didn’t think about it that much on purpose…!”

Ah~, so you had that kind of anxiety. So why did you choose this Sacred Gear?

Thinking back when I asked her before, she replied saying [It’s strong]. Meguri-chan is unexpectedly a funny person.

Yura, Meguri-chan, next is…

“Now let’s have three people challenge him at the same time. Momo, Reya, Ruruko, You three fight against Ise-kun.”


This time, [Bishop] Hanakai-chan, [Bishop] Kusaka-chan, and [Pawn] Nimura-chan came forward.

… One front, and two rears. Hanakai-chan and Kusaka-chan’s abilities aren’t suitable for combat. So she made them fight alongside Nimura-chan.

Hanakai-chan’s father is someone high up in a certain company and apparently had relationships with the Sitri House since way back. I don’t know the actual reason but Hanakai-chan is currently a devil. It doesn’t seems like she became a devil due to a wish or as a kind of payment…

Kusaka-chan’s grandmother was a witch and due to that link, she got to know about devils and met Kaichou that way. Kusaka-chan’s communication/spying ability is based on the magic that she learnt from her grandmother.

Finally the [Pawn] Nimura-chan. By chance, she learnt that the Student Council members were devil, and in a light-hearted manner she asked to be reincarnated.

“H-Hyoudou-senpai. You are making a bitter smile looking at me in that armor right?”

First year student with good awareness--- it’s Nimura-chan everyone.

Well, although this girl who decided to become a devil light heartedly is amazing, the president who agreed to that is also amazing.

… Or maybe not. If it’s Council President then she might have seen through her talent, since she doesn’t waste her time with useless agenda.

Now, let’s get this 3v1 started!

[Pawn] Nimura-chan and I confronted each other. Her long twin tails hair is impressionable. She has a strong will, and also she’s one of those people who’ll say anything and everything.

Her two legs were shining with bright lights and her legs were then covered in armor. That is her artificial sacred gear.

Moon and the Rabbit, [Precellarum Phantom]---

The armor came up to her hip. That artificial sacred gear was said to give more importance in increasing her pace and the destructive power of her kicks.

Nimura-chan promoted to queen, then after jumping with a light step--- she disappeared!

She suddenly disappeared from my eyes! If that’s the case---!

Noticing a presence on my back, I turned around and took a defensive position. Just then a sharp body kick came towards me! it was powerful enough to be felt through the armor!

The auras from her leg armor are coming out energetically and increased the power of her kick. No, it wasn’t just any ordinary power up, it felt like it was at least 10 times more powerful than an ordinary kick!

After her kick gets blocked, Nimura-chan backed off and disappeared from my sight once more. Turning my head towards a place where I felt some presence, I saw Nimura-chan next to two [Bishops].

She’s quick. She’s not as quick as Kiba but she’s definitely faster than Xenovia. It was quicker than what my eyes can follow. If I don’t rely on her presence and feelings, I'll be cornered.

Looks like her synergy with the properties of [Queen] and [Knight] seems to be great, which is the complete opposite of me who has great synergy with [Rook].

Seeing that, Leviathan-sama spoke in a bright voice.

“Ruru’s really quick~♪ [Pawn] with [Knight]’s properties can be used against the game’s irregular tactics. Even in chess, depending on the situation, instead of promoting to [Queen], they promote them as [Knight].”

Nimura-chan disappeared again. She’s going to attack again, I lowered my body and waited for her to strike. Her attack wasn’t something that can’t be blocked against. Her sneak attack using her speed is outstanding yet it does not reach [Fatal] level.

Just then, Nimura-chan appeared next to me while I was in a defence position and threw a kick. As expected, she is quick. Her attacks hit me consecutively while mine doesn’t even get close to her.

Taking light steps, Nimura-chan sent multiple precise, but weighted kicks.

Well I’m used to this really. I struggled all the time because I can’t land a single hit that often since everyone just dodges my attacks and aim for counters. But I’ve got a tactic for these kinds of situations!

Taking the opponent’s attack, I grew a fire inside me, and taking a big breath--- Fire!

The surrounding area was enveloped in dragon fire. That flame nearly devoured Nimura-chan but--- sensing a danger she tried to escape the flame. As expected, she’s trying to get away after I set the surrounding in fire!

Having expected this outcome I navigated through the fire and caught up with Nimura-chan.

“Watch out!”

Her face got tense! I caught her!

When I was about to punch her with my right fist…

The blue barrier surrounded Niura-chan! That thing was strong enough to withstand my attacks!

I looked towards the [Bishop] Hanakai-chan. There was a wristband that didn’t exist until a moment ago.

“Leave the defense to me, Ruruko.”

Hanakai-chan smiled. Garden of Moments, Applause Wall, if I’m correct.

Her artificial sacred gear has the ability to surround a person in a barrier. That barrier is sturdy and won’t budge against any ordinary attack.

It’s an annoying ability where she can cast a barrier at will within a certain distance.

--- Just then something touched my shoulders. It was a floating mask.

Reya using Scouting Persona.jpg

When I turned around towards Kusaki-chan, she stuck her tongue out.

“I’m a spying specialist so attack isn’t my forte. But I should at least do something like this right?”

Mmm, that’s commendable! [Bishop] Kusaki-chan’s artificial sacred gear is the countless number of masks floating in the air currently.

Masquerade of monsters, Scouting Persona I believe.

You can control from distances that are far away and thus, would be suitable for spying activities. Using her masks, she can scout distances that are far away. She can move the masks around like this but… against heavily defended opponents, all she can do is distract.

“Momo and Reya have powers which reflect their personality ☆.”

Leviathan-sama said while nodding.

Just like she said, the sacred gear of the Sitri peerage is all based on distinct personality. They are quite good at role allocations.

I got back to my battle position. Now, what shall I do? Nimura-chan and Hanakai-chan’s combo is perfect. If I could just defeat one of them, the rest will follow but they are covering each other’s weak points. So I couldn’t decide which one I should go for first.

To cover each other’s weak points using their best points…. I thought to myself that the Sitri peerge is a lot more balanced team compared to the Gremory peerage. We just go head on towards the battle…

Making a bitter smile, I shook my head and focused.

… Then let’s have a duel to see whether my stamina or Nimura-chan’s stamina will run out faster.

As soon as you get tired, it’ll be the end Nimura-chan!

I launched forward. Sensei’s artificial sacred gear vs my sacred gear, let’s see which one is better!

“You really are a monster. To have a stamina battle in a 3v1…”

Saji just sighed next to me.

I supressed Nimura-chan’s group in a prolonged battle. It seems like Nimura-chan hasn’t yet made the Sacred Gear truly her own as she mistook her pace and ended up tiring out first.

After that, I caught Nimura-chan and Hanakai-chan easily. Kusaka-chan gave up after the other two surrendered.

With that, the training session between me and the Sitri peerage who received the artificial sacred gears from Azazel-sensei has finished.

“So I don’t have to fight Saji or Shinra-fukkukaichou?”

I asked the two of them.

Fixing her glasses, Shinra-senpai said

“Yes. Today’s training purpose was to make Hyoudou-kun and the Artificial Sacred Gear users spar… most likely Kaichou wanted to analyse many different things while making you, Longinus user and Sekiryuutei fight each other.”

Ah ha, maybe this was to allow her peerage to get used to their sacred gear? Well they did just receive them only a few days ago.

Maybe because of that, everyone was feeling fatigued after using their sacred gears. Yura and Hanakai-chan are currently sitting down in the corner of the field waiting for their strength to come back.

They said that this is a unique occurrence with artificial sacred gear. Since it’s dangerous to either take or apply sacred gear's, you can’t normally do such things.

I mean, Asia died once because her sacred gear was removed from her and in order to gain Vritra’s sacred gear, Saji had to go through a procedure at the Grigory institute.

The Artificial sacred gear that Azazel-sensei has researched and invented also have several limits and side effects and some of them which causes fatigue after their usage is the biggest concern.

“Is it harmful for your body if you use artificial sacred gear excessively?”

I asked Saji. He made a bitter smile and nodded his head.

“Yeah. I heard that it gets to a dangerous state if you use them for long periods of time. Sensei said that although there won’t be any decrease in your life expectancy, it may affect your powers and abilities.”

Thinking back I also heard that even the genuine sacred gear may have a negative effect on your original abilities if you obtain them in some other ways. I guess this is similar to this scenario.

Kaichou, who was observing the match until now, was now talking to the new recruits, Benia and Rugal-san. They are probably talking about what they felt watching the matches against me. I’m sure that Kaichou is already thinking about how she’ll be using her new recruits in her team. She’s such a scary person.

And Leviathan-sama…

“So Ben likes Oppai Dragon?! Aren’t you watching Magical ☆ Levi-tan?”

<I am a Seikiryuutei fan through and through, although Levi-tan isn’t bad either. Since I’m fan of the original Milky so I don’t think I can just like Levi-tan much.>

“Oh my! So you’re a Milky fan! I’m so happy! Which one is your favourite?! I love them all!”

<I’m an original purist, ah but the third one…>

Ah~ Leviathan-sama and Benia are talking. Looks like the new recruit had become friendly with the Maou-sama. For her not to be nervous around Maou-sama, she definitely is courageous.

“……… I don’t know what that is.”

Rugal-san said in short.

--- From our side, we also continued our conversation.

“Maybe I should have gone for the healing type of sacred gear like Argento-senpai.”

[Pawn] Nimura-chan said while tilting her head.

“Why do you think so?”

Shinra-senpai asked.

“There’s Tomoe-san and Tsubasa-san at the front line so it’s sorted there, and I’m not as good at CQC like a [Rook].”

“Oi, you fought really well just now. You were fast and your kicks were accurate.”

Then I said that---

“To hear that from Seikiryuutei Hyoudou-senpai I’m feeling more encouraged.”

Nimura-chan said that. Like that, she’s such a cute first year student and as simple as Xenovia.

“Not only that, although the Healing type of sacred gears are theoretically possible, I hear they come with great danger.”

When Hanakai-chan said that, Saji repeated.


“He said that it’s so difficult to master, to the point where you have to sacrifice your other traits. Therefore, unless you give up your other powers, you cannot truly use it to its full potential. Hence that’s why healing powers are so precious.”

Just like Hanakai-chan said, the Healing abilities are rare and very precious, that’s why everyone wants such an ability.

So in short, Asia had such power since she was born, but it means that if someone tried to attain such power afterwards, there will be many consequences.

Hearing that, Nimura-chan smiled brightly.

“Saying that Argento-senpai is so cute~. She always has such a bright smile on her, you can’t help but idolize her. She’s a person that totally fits into the Healer type of image.”

Oh ho, I guess Nimura-chan is a fan of Asia. Yeah she’s so cute and always has that smile on her. I'm proud of her.

Then I just blurted out whatever that came to my head.

“So how does the Sitri peerage think of the ORC members? Ah, not in terms of fighting abilities but in the social kind of way.”

Thinking back, we never asked the Student Council about us before.

“Ah, and I know what you think about me, Kiba, Rias-Bouchou, Akeno-san, Asia, Koneko and Gasper roughly, so more about the others please.”

I’m a pervert and Kiba’s the handsome guy, Rias and Akeno-san are super popular idols onee-samas. These are all known facts. Koneko’s probably this school’s [Mascot] and Asia is also probably the [Cutie].

I also heard about Gasper before. Meguri-chan is his fan since she likes younger boys.

So I wonder how they think about the others?

[Rook] Yura said this as soon as she opened her mouth.

“Shidou isn’t a bad person but… She is quite weird.”


Others just agreed with Yura.

Hanakai-chan then continued.

“Shidou-san was praying in front of the vending machine a few days ago. It was one of those that had the ‘winning’ ones but, it looked like she was praying to heaven hoping that she could win it.”

IRINAAAAAA…. Someone saw your pitiful state! So you prayed to win something from that vending machine! You’re the Ace of Michael-sama aren’t you!

[Bishop] Kusaki-chan also continued from that.

“I saw her once when she was giving out bread to people who couldn’t buy them from the shop. It looked like she made some with Xenovia-chan with home bakery stuff.”

Nimura-chan then said.

“Ah that’s actually a bit famous. They called it [Irina bread] and it was super popular amongst the poorer students. But because the shop manager was complaining, we had to ask Shido-senpai to stop.”

Hm, Ahhhh there are talks about that home bakery stuff. That thing that the Church Trio bought from Akihabara! I did see them making bread from time to time. So they were giving it out to students! And got a complaint against you!

She probably started it out of good will but… it would have been a total humiliation from the shop manager’s prospective. She must have been giving it out while saying things similar to someone leading a stray lamb or something!

Haaa, are you trying to open up a bakery or something?

“I’m sorry.”

I blurted out an apology. I reflected by thinking that I should apologise since a girl that is home-staying in my house did such a thing!

Next they talked about Xenovia.

Saji started it off.

“Everyone in the sports club is trying to recruit her fiercely. We get requests like [Can you do something to make Xenovia-chan come to us] at the student council.”

Hmm, sports clubs huh. Well, to be fair her sports sense is way too good so that was to be expected.

[Knight] Meguri-chan then spoke.

“Especially the Kendo-club is gunning for Xenovia-chan and Shidou-chan. Although I also get that request from time to time, those two are on a whole different level. Well, if they’ve got those two, getting to the Nationals wouldn’t be a dream to them anymore.”

That’s true, if they get those two then getting to the Nationals won’t be a problem, so for them to want those two is no surprise. But for reincarnated devils and angels to get involved in human world affairs, it might be a little problem since it would most likely be against the rules.

Well, including Meguri-chan, all the reincarnated swords-woman here were probably of National level even before their reincarnation.

Nimura-chan then said with a bitter smile.

“Xenovia-senpai is super popular amongst the first-year girls. The reactions from the first-year girls are quite something. She probably has more female fans than male fans?”

Well, if you just look at her image she looks cool and those kinds of girls often get idolized by the same gender kouhais. Although she can be goofier than me sometimes, that’s probably another characteristic of her's.

“I don’t think Xenovia-chan is a bad girl either.”

Saji said so and Kusaka-chan agreed.

“I don’t know about during battles but normally, she seems quiet.”

That’s also true, Xenovia tends to be quiet at school, both during classroom and break time. Since she was living in a church facility before coming here, there are times when she would show that she lacked common sense but she would apologize straight away when she was in the wrong.

The third person to be discussed was Rossweisse-san.

“She’s full of missed opportunities.”


Everyone finished at that.

Finally, we finished off with Ravel. As soon as she became a topic, everyone at the Student Council said from one after another.

“Can’t you spare her to the Student Council?”

“We want her in the council next year!”

“She’s so great that we’re trying to recruit her like this!”

Hey hey hey hey. Your opinions on her are great! Not only did they praise her highly, but they are actively trying to recruit her into the Student Council!

Then again, I did hear from Gasper that Ravel is, not only in the classroom, but also a model student in social aspects.

She does complain a bit but she was known to have an honest personality so her habit of complaining became one of her personalities…

That’s why the student council is being like this. Of course, not as part of their peerage but as a student at Kuoh academy.

Even I realized that my manager is really great! Even if she does go into the Student Council, she’ll be able to do any work without any problems.

Hanakai-chan then pulled her face closed to me and said.

“I wanted to ask Hyoudou-kun who has her as his manager! We need her in the student council next year!”


Yura next to her also nodded.

That’s right; Saji and the others are already thinking of next year.

“But isn’t the student council Sitri-peerage only? Is it fine for outsiders to join?”

When I asked, the members of the council looked at each other and nodded.

“Others beside the Sitri peerage can join the council and this is Kaichou’s opinion. It’s not like we can increase the number anymore anyway.”

Saji replied. That is also true since it won’t be easy to run the student council with just the Sitri peerage. The number of peerage that the [King] can have is 15 maximum. So that means that after the Sitri-peerage graduates, the student council must be made from people outside the peerage.

So considering that, they are recruiting people outside the council from now on.

That must be why Ravel is one of the best contenders.

I thought about it for a long time. It’s not like I need to give them an answer right now. It’ll be better if I talk with Ravel and the rest of the ORC members.

When I was considering this, Kaichou walked towards us.

“Please don’t say things that might put Ise-kun in a bad spot.”

Kaichou threw me a life support! Thank you so much!

Fixing her glasses, Kaichou changed the subject.

“Now that the brawl against Ise-kun has finished, we can have a reflection meeting. Everyone is fine with that right?”


Everyone in the Sitri peerage spoke in unison. So they are having a proper reflection meeting. They are doing self-analysis way more strictly than us.

--- At that time, Kaichou spoke directly to me.

“Ise-kun. Can you spare some of your time after the reflection meeting?”


While I was wondering what was going on, Leviathan-sama with her sparkling eyes came into my sight.

“…… Ah, I know what you mean.”

Part 3[edit]

The place that me, Kaichou and Leviathan-sama arrived to after coming out of the training field was--- a Mega toy store, one of the ones that's open even during night time.

“Kyaa~! The best toy stores are definitely the ones in the Human world, especially the ones in Japan.”

The highly motivated Leviathan-sama ran around the store acting like someone not her age! Ahh, she has started to look around the store running here and there!

That’s right; the reason why Sona-kaichou asked me to spare my time was to visit this toy store on the way home. All in all, to help Leviathan-sama with her shopping.

Walking around the store, Kaichou asked me.

“Ise-kun. What did you think while fighting my peerage?”

“I think it’s a great team. Let’s just say the balance in the team is great, I think it’s a team that can cover each other’s weakness when it is needed.”

“It doesn’t have impact—some kind of special flair, doesn’t it?”

I did think that…

It’s probably because I know my team, the Bael peerage and the bunch from the hero faction that I might be thinking that. We’re all one weird bunch after all.

“I still think its fine as it is right now. The people I have chosen have great synergy and are people who can learn new powers.”

It’s true their synergy is one of the best. They’ll probably be able to learn more useful things than us.

Kaichou continued.

“Like Rias, I am thinking of entering the Rating Games in proper matches in the future. However, my peerage and I, unlike the Gremory peerage, will taste the defeat in the beginning.”

… This is the complete opposite to Gremory peerage that I belong to. We are expected to win everything as soon as we debut and that just shows how many high-level people there are in there as well as how we are judged right now.

Kaichou then gave me a confident smile.

“But that’s all fine. The life of a devil is long meaning the amount of time being active in the rating game will also be vast. I will take my time and polish this team. I am planning to make this team into something that can react towards any event or any opponents.”

Then she suddenly asked me.

“By the way, Ise-kun. Don’t you think that it’ll be difficult to face off against opponents who are hard to defeat even after vast amount of research and investigation?”

--- Uuu!

…. That’s scary. Kaichou had the same smile like any other days on her face but when I heard what she had just said, I just got a chill.

… this person is already planning for games in the next ten years…. No next hundreds of years if not thousands of years.

It just got chilly. This team--- to think that far in the future, this team led by Sona kaichou will be our rival. In all honesty, it scares me.

We are a bit special. People expect us to be one of the rising stars. As soon as we enter the official games and thanks to our flashy style, we will be able to rise in ranks early on.

But… what if the other teams study us?

Not everyone is adaptable in the first place. Unlike real battles, there are many rules in the game which can either be a great weapon or a great drawback against us.

… Like us who have many exceptional abilities, the rules tend to hinder us but wouldn’t teams like the Sitri peerage be able to use these rules to their advantage?

A team composition that’s able to hold its ground among the many different rules---

So maybe she got hold of people with high adaptability so she’ll be able to use their abilities in the long term.

That was a great lesson learned since it seemed like this would have been a great thing to note when making my own peerage in the future.

I then began thinking about my future peerage while looking around the shop.

Just then, Leviathan-sama spoke while touching a displayed toy.

“They said that this place stocks their items a day before release but if you negotiate then you’ll be able to buy them early ☆. I really wanted to come here since there’s gonna be a new release related to Milky ♪.”

She looked so happy right now, seeing her like that, Sona-kaichou said.

“… She made some time out of her busy schedule so I’m happy that she’s able to enjoy herself at least for now. It’s going to get busier than ever, so I think that even a Maou-sama can act like this for now.”

--- Uuu. I can feel a warm and fuzzy feeling that she has towards her sister.

Yeah, since the terrorist started to make suspicious moves, she would have more and more jobs to do as Maou. That’s why this Maou-sama’s toy shop visit must be like a peaceful moment that is granted upon Leviathan-sama briefly.

Leviathan-sama then turned around towards me.

“That’s right. Going forward, I’ll also call Seikiryuutei-san by Ise-kun! Since Sona is calling you that, I’ll also call you that ☆.”

“Ah yes! It’s my honor!”

I’m so glad that she’s not calling me Oppai Dragon, especially since she has Oppai Dragon as her rival.

--- Just then Maou-sama stopped in front of a toy.

“This is it ☆.”

The thing that Maou-sama pointed to was--- a wand from a certain magical girl anime.

Hmm. Its name is [Milky Miracle Hyper Stick Triangle Ver].

“”Is this…the New item from the Milky series?”

When I asked, Leviathan-sama gave me a bright smile and nodded.

“That’s right ☆.”

Leviathan-sama made the brightest smile while grabbing it.

I thought that we had finished the shopping without any trouble but--- Leviathan-sama’s gaze followed somewhere else.

“Ah! That’s Pla-model of Mobile Gundam J! I love that too!”

Having turned her gaze, Leviathan-sama then proceeded to drag me and Kaichou around and checked out every item in the shop. She even got herself a shopping cart and put everything inside there!

Seeing that, Kaichou’s patience ran out.

“Onee-sama! Please restrain yourself! What are you going to do after buying all these toys?!”

“Oh Sona, you can’t say that this far in.”

“No way! Please only buy one toy! Take everything back beside the Milky item!”

“Uwwwwah~! Sona’s bullying onee-chan! Then let’s negotiate and only buy five?”


Ahh. That kaichou who was talking strategy with a sense of coolness around her can’t do anything against her older sister. It looks like Leviathan-sama’s shopping will continue for a long time.

As I was sighing, I started to look for a gift to give to Milicas.

Life.3 Let’s Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~[edit]

Part 1[edit]

This had happened when the members of ORC, including me, had gone to the underworld— to the Gremory household.

The payment earned by the Gremory peerage through fulfilling the request of our clients goes to the Gremory household and from time to time, we head to the castle to sort out and organise these items. After sorting them by their types, we put them inside the treasury that is under the castle.

Irina and Ravel, who are not part of Gremory peerage, also helps out but… I often ponder whether it would be a problem for Irina, who is an angel, to help us devils out. Well, the more the merrier.

It was when the sorting was nearly done.

Butler had told us that there was a guest waiting for us.

“I wonder who that is.”

I asked Rias.

“It’s been a while since he came here.”

Rias seem to know who the person was. And through listening to her tone, it seems like it was some that she knew.

When I and the rest of the members went to the large guest room while puzzled— a strange looking mascot was waiting for us!

The body was that of a character suit and the head resembled an apple and a cute face was attached to it. The Devil’s wing was attached to the back.

How can I say this? It was a devilish apple.

I know it sounds weird but that’s all I could describe this as.

There was a blond ponytail bishoujo standing next to this mascot. She seemed familiar.

That woman greeted us.

“How do you do, it’s been a while Rias-sama, people of her peerage.”

“Yes, it has been awhile. You look fine as always, Kuisha-chan.”

Rias said with a smile on her face.

That’s right. She’s [Queen] of Bael peerage. Kushia Abaddon-san!

It’s the first time meeting her after the rating game! I never thought the person who came to visit us would be her…

At that exact moment, something came to me. Why did the [Queen] of Sairaorg-san come to visit us with this character?

Everyone except Rias tilted our heads.

[It’s been a while, Rias. And also her peerage.]

A familiar voice came out of the character!

T-This voice. I won’t be able to forget! I just about managed to move my mouth to ask the person in the suit as I was frozen in shock.

“… N-No way. In that character suit… Sairaorg-san is in there?”

When I asked, the character removed its head and showed the face inside it.

That was indeed Sairaorg-san! He spoke while wiping his sweat off his face.

“Yes, it is me. It has been a while, Hyoudou Issei.”

Wild looking man! Sairaorg Bael-san! One of the person that I respect out of admiration!

For this person to come here while wearing a character suit!

As I reacted blankly out of surprise, Sairaorg-san smiled and said.

“The truth is we, House of Bael, are trying to create this [Mascot character]. So I became the actor of this suit.”

…… a mascot character you say.

It is popular in the human world— in japan. Many different communities are creating a cute character to advertise and such.

Sairaorg-san then continued.

“Actually [Bapple-kun] was invited to the event held in the land under the House of Gremory.”

Event! Bapple-kun!

Ah, I remember. There was such an event today. Oh and the name of the character Sairaorg-san is acting as is Bapple-kun.

“The name of the character was based on one of our land’s specialities, apples.”

— Kuisha-san said as such.

Mascot character based on a speciality in the Bael land… I guess they named it by combining Bael and Apple. That’s easy to understand.

Sairaorg-san nodded energetically.

“There are a lot to learn from the human world’s character business. As the heir of the House of Bael, I have these kinds of public works in mind.”

…. And thus as the part of the public work, he the heir of House of Bael is wearing a character suit… is that what he’s saying?

I was surprised at this different side of Sairaorg-san.

Rossweisse-san asked Rias.

“Umm, does the House of Gremory also have this [Mascot Character]?”

Rias lightly smiled.

“Yup, the House of Gremory also has a [Mascot Character]. — And the event using that [Mascot Character] is being held in certain towns under our rule. And since we are having a collaboration with Bapple-kun of the House of Bael, that’s why Sairaorg is here.”

Oh so that’s how it became like this.

Hmm, so the House of Gremory also had a [Mascot Character].

But after finishing her sentence, Rias’s expression went dark. I wonder if there’s anything wrong with this House of Gremory’s [Mascot Character]?

Folding his arm in his character suit, Sairaorg-san said.

“If we enter this event, not only will we have an advertisement effect, but the specialities of our land will also be focused. So I really wish to attend. Rias, I’ll learn from you guys today.”

Sairaorg-san’s face is full of spirit as always but… in his character suit; the mood was such that not even we can speak of!

Rias continued.

“Now that it came to this, let’s move to the location where the event is being held.”

And just like that, we, along with [Bapple-kun], Sairaorg-san, moved to where the event was held.

Arriving at the location, we moved to the waiting room.

The thing that’s waiting for us there was— another character suit!

It was a character suit in the shape of a camel.

Akeno-san introduced us to the character suit.

“This is the House of Gremory’s [Mascot Character] — [Gomorin]”

[Gomo Gomo]

[Gomorin], introduced by Akeno-san, said [Gomo Gomo] in unique voice. They also showed off their footwork skill there.

Oh ho, so the [Mascot Character] of the House of Gremory is [Gomorin] and it’s based on a camel. They said that the [Gremory] is also called Gomory; I guess they took the name from that.

Thinking back, I did hear a story where when you summon a devil from Gremory, they appear riding on a camel. They say that they do use a lot of camel in an event within an area governed by the House of Gremory.

They also raise a lot of camels within the castle of Gremory.

But we never got a chance to see a camel.

The reason is— because of this woman hiding behind my back.

“… Camel…”

Rias was shivering cutely behind my back. That’s right. Even though she’s the apparently next heir of House of Gremory, she hates camels with a passion.

She said that she got attacked by a camel while making fun of it when she was young. After that incident, she came to hate them.

I only became aware of it after becoming a second year.

Because Rias hated even a character based of a camel, there weren’t many chances for us to see camels.

Probably the reason why her expression darkened back at the castle was because of the thought of meeting [Gomorin] here.

Our time at the waiting room came to an end when the staff came to call us.

“Then we’ll leave the rest to you guys.”

We followed the staff to the backstage area.

Looking at the event venue from the backstage, there were many people there including families who brought their children. Wow it’s sold out.


Looking towards the direction of Sairaorg-san… while folding his arms, an unspeakable aura was seeping out of his body.

… Maybe he’s nervous? For such an aura to seep out of apple character suit even though it doesn’t seem like he’s related to these kind of job, it’s hard to approach him…

The onee-chan in front of the stage then shouted towards the audience.

[Then let’s all shout [Gomorin] and [Bapple-kun]! Let’s all give our all and shout!]

Then the children covered in smiles shouted with all their might.



We heard the energetic voices calling for these two [Mascot Characters]! [Gomorin] and Sairaorg-san inside [Bapple-kun] then jumped energetically onto the stage. All we could do now was just to watch over them.

The onee-chan on the stage is now striking a conversation with these two [Mascot Characters] but looking flustered, the [Bapple-kun]’s movement looked awkward.

[Ara? What’s wrong [Bapple-kun]? Aren’t you feeling well today?]

The onee-chan then said that to him! Uuu, I can’t watch this! As expected, such a stiff Sairaorg-san is too much to be a suit actor!

Meanwhile, [Gomorin] was showing an entertaining reaction towards the audience with its experienced movements. It looks like the person inside it is an experienced pro.

After the character introduction, the two [Mascot Character] was allowed to spend with the audience.

[Gomo Gomo]

“Waaaaa~ [Gomorin]’s so cute!”

[Gomorin] was playing with the children. However, [Bapple-kun] was…


It was standing there with its arms folded, and was giving off a strange energy around it.

Ahh. His aura is seeping out again! Sairaorg-san! Your aura can be seen by the naked eye! A [Mascot Character] shouldn’t be giving off a white light around its body!

Because of [Bapple-kun]’s hard to approach aura, in the end one child was…


A child ended up bursting into tears! They are sensitive to this kind of overpowering aura!

Because I also participated in this kind of event as [Oppai Dragon], I know all too well that you shouldn’t make this kind of aura!

“This apple is too scaryyyyyyy!”

Like a domino effect, the children near [Bapple-kun] all started to cry.

This situation can’t be salvaged… that’s what I thought but…

[Gomo Gomo]

Thanks to [Gomorin] playing with the children again, the situation calmed down.

“… It was too much after all.”

The Bael peerage’s [Queen] Kuisha-san, who was watching this from the backstage, was looking at her master with stiff face but in the end, covered her face with her hands.

Ah, by the way [Bapple-kun] was… it looks like he was too shocked as he was frozen in his place.

After the event has ended, we all returned to the waiting room.

Sairaorg-san sat down but couldn’t keep his head up.

“… My god, to be hated by these children… I am a failure of a [Mascot Character]!”

Seeing that he was too shocked, Sairaorg-san face palmed and was severely dejected. It’s extremely rare to see Sairaorg-san like this but… seriously, this kind of work didn’t suit him at all.

“I-It’s just that your aura seeped out because you were a little nervous.”

“That’s right; don’t worry too much about it. You’ll get it after getting some experience. No actually, there’s no need for an apparent heir to do jobs like this.”

Rias and I tried to cheer him up but all that Sairaorg-san did was sigh.

“Even so I am… I am ashamed of myself who could not train enough.”

This person is such an honest person so he must have tried his best to act as the perfect [Mascot Character].

[Gomo Gomo]

[Gomorin] also put its hand on Sairaorg-san and cheered him on.

“… Gomorin. You also are cheering me on… No, you are…?!”

Looking like he had felt something from [Gomorin], he suddenly stood up from his place.

Just then [Gomorin] took off his head…

“It’s been a while everyone.”

A dandy red-haired gentleman appeared from it

“F-F-F-F- F-F-F-F- F-F-F-F- F-F-F-F- F-F-F-F-FATHER?!”

Rias was bewildered! That’s to be expected! The person who was wearing [Gomorin] costume was her father!

If the current head of the House of Gremory showed up wearing a mascot costume then everyone would surely be shocked! The truth is everyone here couldn’t believe their eyes!

“W-W-W-Why are you…?!”

A bewildered Rias asked with a trembling voice. Then her father, the current head, said with a leisurely smile and said.

“Be calm, Rias. This is all part of my job. – There are times when you have to wear such costumes as a head.“

— I certainly don’t think that’s true though!

I gave him a flack in my mind! I never heard of a time where a head of a household participating in an event would wear a mascot costume!

Sairaorg-san deeply bowed his head.

“To think it would have been you Ojii-sama… I, Sairaorg did not notice at all. You certainly are very impressive Ojii-sama.“

Right, Rias and Sairaorg-san are cousins. Therefore the current head of House of Gremory— Rias’s father is Sairaorg-san’s uncle.

Rias’s father put his hand on Sairaorg-san’s shoulder.

“Hahaha, Sairaorg. The basic of [Mascot Character] is to kill your own self. By becoming the character itself and serving others, it’s the correct action.”

“I cannot win against you, Ojii-sama.”

Sairaorg-san said that then… with a trembling fist, he shouts in a fierce voice.

“However I cannot participate in further [Mascot Character] events in this state! Even if others can accept it, I cannot accept it myself! Would this be considered fine?! Never! To train myself over and over again is my essence! Only when I grow through driving myself into a corner can I then say that I am Sairaorg Bael!”

Sairaorg-san looked at me with a frustrated expression.

“Hyoudou Issei, I’ve got a request.”

“Eh? Ah, yes!”

Sairaorg-san then grabbed my shoulders.

“— Won’t you come with me to the mountain and train? I wish that you would come and train as a [Mascot Character]…!!!”

— Mountain! Why even?!

While perplexed, I asked.

“T-Training to become a [Mascot Character] inside the mountain?! W-Wait a second. I have trained inside a mountain multiple times but I’ve never done a [Mascot Character] training before…”

There were times that I’ve been dragged into the mountains multiple times to go for training. Why does devils consist of a mentality where training = mountain? Well, I did dragged Raiser into a mountain for his own training!

As I was helpless in wondering what kind of reaction to give, Rias’s father nodded his head.

“Hmm, then I shall go with you Sairaorg.”

And said such nonsense!

“Ojii-sama?! H-However…”

Sairaorg-san hesitated after hearing his suggestion but Rias’s father gave a dandy smile.

“Don’t refuse, Sairaorg. Just believe this Ojii-sama. There is nothing that I don’t know about the Gremory. I will lead you to the mountain most suitable for [Mascot Character] training. Let’s also go together, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

Really?! I can’t refuse if the head is coming at me like that! Sairaorg-san also was getting pumped, shouting [Okay, let’s give it all!]!

Rias’s father then created a teleportation magic circle beneath our foot!

I couldn’t even run away from Sairaorg-san’s grip!

Rias shouted at her father who was in the middle of his teleportation circle.


“Rias, please don’t stop us. There are things that a man must do.”

Rias says while shaking her head.

“If mother finds out she’s will be furious!”

………… T-That’s a huge problem! Venelana-san, Rias’s mother is very strict person!

If she hear about this then it can only be bad! Not only that but Rias isn’t worried about me at all! Well, she must be thinking that mountain training won’t be much of a problem for me!

Rias’s father was also trembling all over but as he was determined, he waved at his daughter!

“Then let’s go, Sairaorg, Issei-kun!”

The light from the teleportation magic surrounded us—

For some unknown reason, I ended up going to the mountain for [Mascot Character] training.

Part 2[edit]

Same day, same time.

The majestic great nature was in front of my eyes. The well shaded forest and the mountain range was within my sight.

The surrounding areas were filled with high mountains.

The apple character suit looked around then exclaimed.

“… Hmm, they are great mountains. The trees are all full of life and waters are shining.”

… Sairaorg-san was all fired up inside the character suit.

He then grabbed my hand and pointing at a mountain before he powerfully exclaimed,

“Hyoudou Issei! Let’s get started with training right away! First we are climbing all the way up the mountain!”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! You want to climb the mountain first?!”

I was shocked to the core! It’s not surprising to be shocked after hearing such a thing right after reaching here!

I didn’t bring any equipment! I’m still in my uniform! You want me to climb in this form?! Sairaorg-san is also wearing the character suit!

“There are things that you can only see at the top. Let’s clime up first!”

… Well, if it comes to that, I can equip my armour and Sairaorg-san won’t have problem climbing if he wants to.

But the mountain that he pointed at looks taller than Mount Fuji…

While being perplexed, [Gomorin], no Rias’s father, started to build the tent that came out of nowhere.

“Hmm, then I’ll be setting up camp here.

Hey, he’s even got a canteen and a steel pen! Where did all these come from?!

Hey Rias’s father. Aren’t you bit too familiar with this?! Not only that but he looks like he’s enjoying himself!”

“Then let’s go!”

Sairaorg-san then ran towards the mountain while dragging me.

Like this, I began mountain climbing with the apple shaped [Mascot Character] —.

……… 7, 8 hours later, I descended the mountain on my own.

Along with Sairaorg-san, we climbed a mountain that was easily 4000m range. As I was climbing up that mountain which didn’t even have anything resembling of a road, we occasionally climbed a stiff cliff too.

I got tired mid-way up the mountain but I continued after equipping my Balance Breaker… I’m not even a mountain guy and to climb such a mountain without any proper gears, I would have died without equipping Balance Breaker…

It took several hours to reach the top but since I flew using my balance breaker, it didn’t take that long coming down.

However when Sairaorg-san reached the top…

“I’ll stay here and admire the view.”

… And he began meditating. — In his character suit.

Admiring the view from the unknown mountain top, the apple shaped mascot character quietly meditated. Beyond shocked, I felt there was something spiritual witnessing that scene.

Although I meditated together for a few moments…

The person who greeted me was the camel [Mascot Character] who was making food in camp with the saucepan.

“Ah, Ise-kun. How is the training going?”

Rias’s father who was wearing that camel costume waved his hand towards me.

“Ah, I came down first. Sairaorg-san said he’ll be going waterfall climbing training. — while wearing his costume that is.”

That’s right. The reason why I descended first is because after finish admiring the view, he suddenly found a waterfall he found interesting…

“Maybe I should climb up that waterfall I found.”

… He said something outrageous and made his way to the waterfall!

Why are you climbing a waterfall when you aren’t a carp! And even then it’s just a story! There’s no way even a carp will climb up a waterfall! You shouldn’t be climbing up the waterfall in the first place! Even then if its Sairaorg-san then I’ve got no doubt he will do it! There must be a apple [Mascot Character] who’s swimming up a waterfall right about now!

Rias’s father nodded his head.

“Is that so? That’s the right direction.”

Is that really?! I don’t think there is anything related between [Mascot Character] training and admiring a view from the top of a mountain or climbing up a waterfall?!

First of all I’m confused on whether we even need a training camp for being a [Mascot Character]! Isn’t it that all you need to do is get some advice from either the general manager or a professional suit actor?!

But since I can’t say those things to either Rias’s father or Sairaorg-san… In the end I just decided to help him cook.

— Just then, a teleportation circle appeared. Haven’t seen that one before.

The person who appeared from the circle was—a female with bishoujo top half and fish bottom half.

— Mermaid! A real mermaid!

It wasn’t a tuna with a leg Estleena, but a real mermaid!

“Lord Gremory. I caught some fish from the lake.”

The person who appeared with a basket full of fish was a familiar mermaid!

“Ohho. Lilitifa-chan, thank you very much.”

Rias’s father took the basket from her.

That’s right, Lilitifa-san! Lilitifa Vepar-san! She’s a dependent one of the now extinct House of Vepar, a real mermaid who’s a devil!

There was a time when she was living peacefully in the human world sea. She was troubled because of guys resembling a pirate crew but the Gremory peerage, including me, protected her back then.

After that, I did hear she was living in a lake within the Land of Gremory….

Thinking back, I did see a huge lake from the top of the mountain. Maybe that’s where Lilitifa-san lives?

Lillitifa-san noticed me.

“Y-You were… thank you very much from back then.”

She politely greeted me. Oh, so she does remember me!

“Lilitifa-chan is living in the lake near here.”]

Rias’s father explained. Oh so it’s as I thought.

“It’s good that you look well.”

I said so. If she is smiling like that, then it looks like she’s living peacefully. I am glad.

B-But. Even if her bottom half is a fish, she’s still has a bishoujo top half… her body is not too fat, nor too thin, just the right size and my eyes kept looking towards her gorgeous body! So mermaids also have amazing breasts! This is the best!

As I was staring at her breast, she suddenly asked me a question.

“Seikryutei-sama. Japan is a good place right?”

“Yes? Ah yes it is a good place. There isn’t any fighting and the cuisine is also great as well but it’s not like I’ve been to different countries much so my words aren’t worth much though…”

I came to the underworld many times but thinking carefully, I haven’t even travelled to the main Japanese island properly.

All I’ve been to are the local areas and Tokyo and Kyoto from back when we went on the school trip with a high schooler’s budget. That’s all we can do. But in the future, I do want to go to Hokaido and Okinawa with Rias, Asia and the rest.

Rias’s father explained Lilitifa-san’s situation while gutting the fish. But Lord-sama, you’re quite skilled. Your cooking seemed natural too.

“Lilitifa-chan wants to study abroad in Japan. So she’s studying hard.”

Studying abroad in Japan!? Looks like every devil related to us want to come to Japan.

Lilitifa-san smiled brightly and nodded her head.

“Yes. I’ve began taking an interest in Japan after living on the land thanks to Rias Gremory-san’s generosity…… actually I want to take the test for permission to study abroad this time.”

Ohho, she’s even thinking about taking the exam.

“Lilitifa-chan. I’m sorry to ask but could you get us some spices?”

When Rias’s father asked, Lilitifa-san replied [Yes] and teleported again.

… So now there is only me and Rias’s father. The two of us were left alone.

And only the sounds of cooking were heard.



Neither me nor Rias’s father spoke. No actually in all honesty it’s so hard to talk right now!

T-That’s! I-I’m currently dating Rias! Lord sama also knows that right? Our relationship is quite famous in underworld!

Thinking back I haven’t met with Rias’s father ever since I began dating Rias! I couldn’t even give a proper greeting

This is bad! This can’t be one of those?! Things like [I’m dating your daughter] or [Please give your daughter to me!] are one of the most important times in the life of a man?!

Damn, I can’t believe that time will come at this kind of situation… we came to the mountain for [Mascot Character] training, but we ended up in a situation between me and my girlfriend’s father. This is too much!

What should I do?! What can I say?! Just silence isn’t good! If we keep this silence, this will be the worst possible scenario! For a person who normally goes around saying [Oppai], to be this quiet in front of my girlfriend’s father isn’t good at all! No~no~no~! This is really bad! The worst ever!

My head was going into chaos at all the kind of thoughts I was having!

Just then, Rias’s father ended the silence.

“My daughter— Rias is, quite stubborn. That’s because since when she was young, I’ve been spoiling her. Even Sirzech is truly treasuring her since he’s more than 100 years her senior… I’m still sorry and apologetic for leaving scolding Rias to Venelana.”

“I-Is that so.”

That’s only thing I could say! I decided to just listen to his story without replying much.

This isn’t like me, but this is… having only two of us here is too much!

Rias’s father handed me the fish pieces and continued.

“Hahahahahaha. It won’t be good to create this mood in a situation like this huh. Could you put these fish on top of the grill please?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Ojii-sama. I have just returned.”

The apple costume has appeared between us now. Sairaorg-san came back all soaked— eh!

I was shocked at what Sairaorg-san was holding!

He was carrying a huge deer-like creature!

“I caught this while coming back down.”

Did you just knock this out while coming down?! In your costume no less?!

“Good job, Sairaorg. We can have that and the fish which Lilitifa caught as tonight’s supper.”

Looking at Rias’s father who just greeted Sairaorg-san like no other day, I felt how brave you need be in order to become the ruler of House of Gremory—

For dinner, the four of us including Lilitifa-san who brought spices, were eating together.

Even though it was just a camping ground, the food looked like it just came from any high-end restaurant. Both the fish and the deer meat were salt and was turned into fantastic meal.

I took a bite.

…… I couldn’t find any way to express this taste. I couldn’t but it was good! The unique taste of meat and the fish are not destroyed. The sauce is bringing out the savouriness of the meat well but most importantly… this sauce has eliminated the fishy and meaty smell!

Were they always this tasty?! Not only that but to make such a meal in middle of nowhere!

“As always your cooking is fantastic Ojii-sama.”

Even Sairaorg-san said so.

Rias’s father said while tossing wood into the fire.

“The life of a Devil is very long. There was a time where I spend some time in the human world honing my skill in the culinary world.”

Oh so you can also have that kind of life! I can learn few things, to walk the path of culinary world! I guess it’s only possible because of our long life.

While tending the fire, he then asked Sairaorg-san.

“What do you think Sairaorg? Are there things you’ve realized about being a [Mascot Character]?”

Putting his plate down, Sairaorg-san’s expression stiffened.

“… Ojii-sama. I, who lack the years of experiences, have not understood the [Mascot Character] yet…! I am truly disappointed in myself…!”

… There’s no way you’ll be able to learn that kind of thing by climbing a waterfall or hunting a deer!

Rias’s father smiled.

“Hahaha, you don’t need to think like that since even I leave most things about [Mascot Character] to my wife Venelana.”

“Obaa-sama you mean. The rumor about obaa-sama is well known even in the House of Bael. We hear that the money from businesses is quite a lot.”

Sairaorg-san said so. Hmm, so Rias’s mother is famous in the business world.

Rias’s father continued.

“Mmm, her connections are very good. She’s got a talent in finding a hidden gem that has not yet been properly evaluated at its true price. She has been able to create a huge business out of rare crops that only people who live in countryside knows or crafts that natives makes and she was able to make them popular in the city. The petition from the ordinary people of the land who want help from Venelana is always growing.”

That’s an amazing thing to hear. No wonder she’s being entrusted with works relating to [Mascot Character] and such from the Lord himself.

“Even she has calmed down compared to before.”

Rias’s father made a bitter smile. And Sairaorg-san continued.

“I have heard Obaa-sams’s tales of heroism since I was young.”

“…… T-Tale of heroism? Was she that great when she was younger?”

When I asked, Sairaorg-san nodded his head.

“It was said that she was the strongest female in the history of the House of Bael.”

Rias’s father then said while sipping from his cup.

“She was once called [Brown haired Ruin Princess]. Rias’s nickname was taken from Venelana. — but compared to Venelana from back then, Rias’s just being cute.”

I-I-It was that much… [Brown haired Ruin Princess]… her looks might not have changed that much but, I can’t even begin to imagine how much of a tomboy she would have been back then.

Rias’s father then turned the topic back on track.

“Ah the topic got derailed a bit too much. We were talking about Venelana’s talent huh? She’s great at finding the less well known treasures. Ah Lilitifa-chan. Aren’t there any unique products around here?”

Rias’s father asked Lilitifa-san. Then she tilted her head thinking.

“Hmm… there’s this village at the end of the river stream in front of us where they have rare and beautiful patterned fabric.”

Lilitifa-san pointed at somewhere far away. Fabrics, looks like Rias’s father took an interest. He nodded his head.

“Ohho, sounds interesting. Let’s go and see them tomorrow.”

Right then Lilitifa-san had a worried look on her face.

“… actually bandits have arrived around here… that village is often getting attacked.”

Bandits are attacking the village. This isn’t good.

“Bandits are in every other territories.”

Sairaorg-san also sighed heavily.

Lilitifa-san then made an awkward expression.

“I think they are targeting me too… they kept saying that mermaids are rare and multiple times they have—.”

“They attacked you?!”

I raised my voice unconsciously. This lady is always becoming a target for these kinds of people!

Hearing me, she shook her head.

“No I’ve been confessed to. But for a bandit I’m a bit…”

Ah so she’s just been confessed to. But I still can’t forgive them! Such a bandit to confess to this precious mermaid?! I will not forgive them! I’m going to protect this precious bishoujo!

Rias’s father then spoke while putting his hand on his chin.

“I wonder if our mountain security is not enough. Hmm as the Lord, I can’t just sit still with bandits around this area— then let’s go beat some bandits.”

Rias’s father stood up, and following him, Sairaorg-san stood up too.

“Oh, it’s expected you Ojii-sama. For a Lord to personally defeat such people… you are a shining example of any High-Class Devil. I can’t stop admiring. I might be imprudent but, I, Sairaorg, will also help.”

“I do appreciate. What about you Ise-kun?”

Rias’s father asked me.

“Of course! If the Lord and Sairaorg-san are going, then I can’t just sit around doing nothing!”

How can I refuse! If the current head of the house and Sairaorg-san are going, there’s no way that I can just sit here and wait for them!

“Hmm as expected of Seikryuutei. Then let’s all go defeat these bandits.”

Leaving Lilitifa-san, we then headed towards the mountain where the bandits are said to appear.

Part 3[edit]

Two figures—the apple shaped character suit and the camel shaped character suit were climbing up the rough mountain road. If someone else saw this scene, it would be unimaginable.

… Since even I am in a [Gomorin] suit.

I asked Rias’s father while climbing up the mountain.

“W-Why did we wear this thing…?”

“Ise-kun’s amour is known all over the underworld. If they see you then they might run away, so that’s why I suggested you that character suit. The bandits will also be less wary if you show up in a character suit. I prepared an extra-large one so you’ll be able to wear your armor underneath the suit.”

That’s being too careful! Did you already prepare the suit that I will wear?!

“Also don’t forget to say [Gomo Gomo] while wearing that suit. You should never forget the mentality of [Mascot Character] since we are here to train and become better at [Mascot Character]. Isn’t that right Sairaorg?”

“Yes that is correct. — since we are no more than a mere [Mascot Characters]!”

Why are you being so pumped up?! Sairaorg-san. Aren’t you little bit too excited?! You are excited about defeating bandits, right?!

When we walked 30 minutes further into the mountain, a group of people rushed out.

“Oioi, stop there.”

They were men wearing clothes made out of fur like a stereotypical bandits.

They were shouting at us with an annoying gaze.

“This ain’t no theme park. Why are there two camels and an apple monster walking around here.”

I can’t even talk back! The bandits then shouted!

“This is the Land of bandits— the Land of House of Bilba! If you don’t wanna drop dead then hand us all you’ve got!”

“Hmm, the only things I’ve got on me right now are these character suits. Will you take these then?”

Sairaorg-san said whilst in his costume.

Because of that, the bandits became louder and got angry at us.

“Stop jabbering nonsense and if you don’t wanna die then take those damn clown suits….”

Just then Bapple-kun disappeared from the sight and in that exact same moment, the bandit who was talking got punched to the backline!


Screaming loudly, he was thrown into a rock nearby.

Sairaorg-san had an aura concentrated on the suit’s cute hands.

From the looks of it, he punched the hell out of that bandit just now. Sairaorg-san— no [Bapple-kun] then shouted.

“If you want my character suit then come and take them by force! However this suit is not some cheap thing that I can just let you guys have!”

There’s no way that there exist a bandit who can stop this apple character full of aura around his body.

We then walked along the road while completely destroying the bandits that came at us.

After a few minutes a huge camp located in the middle of the mountain appeared and quite a few bandits were grouped at that base.

One of those bandits then said to someone who looked bigger and was probably the most violent guy out of all of them.

Bapple and Gomorin.jpg

“B-Boss! It’s them! They are the camels and the apple that I’ve mentioned!”

The person who looks like the boss of these bandits came forward and narrowed his eyes.

“… I thought they were just humorless jokes by my underlings but it’s actually a real apple and camel. What the hell is going on here… it’s not like you idiots mistook this mountain as an event location!”

Seriously I wonder what happened?! For an apple and camels to visit the bandit’s lair!

Sairaorg-san— [Bapple-kun] then took a step forward.

“Oi. Are you the boss?”

The boss then smiled after hearing that.

“What are you gonna do if I say yes?”

“I heard that you guys are attacking the nearby village? We cannot leave such villains go unpunished. I, as the Land of Bael’s [Mascot Character], [Bapple-kun] will show you justice!”

When [Bapple-kun] said that, the bandits all burst into laughter.

The boss then grabbed a huge axe and sighed.

“Oi you idiots, did you hear? This [Mascot Character]-sama is going to show us justice. Haaa, is that what you shout around after coming into a mountain in that clown suit? I got no clue why you guys are here but looks like you guys are confident in your skills. — But you see, some mediocre skill shortens your life! Oi you idiots, get ‘em!”


As soon as their boss shouted at them, the bandits all screamed and ran towards us!

Ahhhh, in the end this is what it comes down to!

Sairaorg-san threw his body towards them!

“Look like we won’t be able to talk our way through. Let’s go Hyoudou Issei! No, [Gomorin] second!”

“Ah yes! Ah no, Gomo~!”

I activated the Balance Breaker inside the costume and followed Sairaorg-san. Looks like this costume is specially made so I can fit inside here with my Balance Breaker activated. Seriously, the people in the House of Gremory love to spend their money on this kind of stuff!

“Hyaa! [Bapple-kun Chop]” [Bapple-kun Kick!]”

There’s no way there exist any bandits who can block a bare fist attack from [Bapple-kun].



One by one, the bandits were thrown away after getting beaten up! Even in the character suit, he annihilated the bandits with amazing speed and destructive power!

To be fair I thought it would be fine to leave all this to Sairaorg-san but I didn’t like to just stand around so…

“Gomo! Gomo!”

— Shouting that, I defeated a few bandits. Well I can’t leave the people who are targeting Lilitifa-san!

Rias’s father stood there in awe seeing us fight.

“Hmm, certainly, as expected of Issei-kun and Sairaorg-gomo. Even during the battle, they’ve got enough space to become [Mascot character]-gomo. If only we had a camera here, then we could capture this amazing battle scene-gomo.”

You’re more incredible by not forgetting to add [gomo] at the end of every sentence!

“W-What the hell is wrong with these two? They’re super stroooong!”

Looks like they’ve noticed our powers too since they are hesitating.

Even during all this, Rias’s father, who dodged bandit’s sword and axe effortlessly said this.

“Hmm, it’s been what, tens, no maybe hundreds of thousands of years since a real battle. Hahahaha, it’s quite entertaining. Ah gomo gomo.”

He’s enjoying the battle with bandits so much that he’s forgetting to say [Gomo]! Ara, not only is he enjoying this but his movement is also mesmerising! Every move was smooth and his effortless movement wasted no energy! As expected of a High-class devil and the current head of the House of Gremory!

In the middle of sorting out the bandits effortlessly, we heard a voice of a woman…

“Dear husband. What is going on here?”

— Venelana-san, Rias’s mother has appeared!

As if she is possessed by anger itself, a pitch dark aura is seeping out of her entire body!

And behind her, Rias was also there! She was shaking her head in a disappointing fashion.

As soon as she has appeared, [Gomorin] first froze from his steps.

“………………………… My name is [Gomorin] gomo. Hello.”

[Gomorin] first said in such a stiff robotic voice. Hearing that, Rias’s mother narrowed her eyes and exerted an overwhelming force.

“Is that… something a lord of the land should be doing and throwing his body into? Not only that but to bring your nephew Sairaorg into this… dear husband, would you like to be scolded now or later?”

Rias’s mother spoke in low and freezing cold voice.

Although I’m not the one who’s getting scolded here but I’m getting chills! When I turned around, even Sairaorg-san stopped his fists and didn’t know what to do!

[Gomorin] first — he then took his helmet off and immediately got on his knees.

“I’m so sorry, but Venelana there is an unavoidable reason for all this.”

He apologized! The Lord of the land apologized to his wife! Not only that but it hasn’t even been a minute since Rias’s mother appeared here! Every male of the Gremory house are seriously weak against their wives!

Looking at this scenery, the boss of the bandit shouted at us.

“H-Hey you people! Why the hell are you guys stopping after crashing into our base?! W-We don’t wanna fight you monsters anyway! You bitches over there! Just hurry the damn up and take these camels and apple away!”

As soon as he shouted at Rias’s mother—

“—- Shut up.”

Venelana-san directed her cold gaze toward them. Her hands exerted an enormous power and covered the bandits and the surrounding area in a black aura!


All the bandits screamed and were flung away! The boss also was flung away into a great distance!

It was then told that the bandits here were not only surprised attacked by a group of unidentified characters in suits but also had been flown away by a single attack of a single female devil—.

In the end I, Sairaorg-san and Rias’s father was escorted by Rias and her mother.

After coming back to the castle, we were scolded by her mother for at least half a day.

“I’ll be the one who’ll be directing the [Mascot Character] so there won’t be any reason to go to the mountain or for the lord of the land to wear the character suits.”

— And thus Rias’s mother became the producer of [Gomorin] and [Bapple-kun].

It also looks like she’s going to turn our victory against the bandits into [Mascot Characters] defeating the bandits in the news instead.

If that’s the case, then [Bapple-kun] and [Gomorin] would be known all over the underworld.

Well, I can’t help but feel like I’ve got the worst deal out of this unfairly…


Around the time when the lecture was finished, Rias called me… Man I’m so tired, I wanna heal by Rias’s side.

Thinking that, I walked towards Rias.

“I-I hate camels!”

Rias pushed me away in tears! I forgot that I was still wearing this!

Looks like I first need to help Rias get over her fears of camels…

As a side note, the fabric that Lilitifa-san introduced us got into Venelana-san’s attention and also became famous all over the House of Grrmory.

Lilitifa-san also became the model for those fabrics and thus, became a celebrity around the land of the House of Gremory.

Life.4 Talents of the Student Council[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Ah Hyoudou-senpai.”

My first April after becoming a third-year student--- during lunch time, a trio of three newcomer of the Student Council greeted me while I was spending my lunch time at the school ground of Kuoh academy.

First is a clerk and she is a third-year, Kamo Tadami-chan.

Kamo-chan had long braided hair. She is thin and is a long eyed third-year with a tall figure. She’s actually from an exorcist family. Around the Kuoh area, they are using their powers to exorcise spirits independently and are helping ordinary people around them.

Kamo-san took Mil-tan as his rival and it is said that those two have had fierce battles… I sometimes also think of measures against Mil-tan with Kamo-chan.

Then the second-year male clerk, Nakiri Ouryuu. Nakiri is one of the great five families and he is also the apparent heir of the household. He’s a guy with an energetic personality and he’s the one who just called out to me.

And the last person was…a student who wrapped herself around with thick clothing. She was deep inside a hoodie, wore a pair of huge glasses resembling the bottom of a glass bottle and was wearing a muffler around their neck. She was wearing trainers under her skirt and even wore gloves around her hand. No part of her skin was exposed.

Smiling, I talked to this fully-covered student.

“Hmm you must be the second year Clark Millarca Vordenburg-chan right?”

When I asked, the fully covered person replied [Yes] in a cute voice.

There are reasons why this girl is under heavy clothing. The eyes behind those glasses had--- a scarlet kind of colour to them.

As to cover her, Nakiri said.

“Miraka always dress like this during day time. Hyoudou-senpai won’t be used to this attire but this is her standard clothing… since she’s a vampire.”

That’s right, just as Nakiri said; this female student under heavy cover is a vampire! Not only that she’s a pure-blood and the Princess of the Vordenburg Household of the Camila-faction. It’s surprising indeed that she’s here.

But because she’s a pure-blood she can’t walk around during day time like Gasper as so many activities are restricted for her. In other words, she’s weak against the sunlight. She’s not like a low-class vampire who disintegrates as soon as they touch the sunlight but… apparently her powers reduce significantly.

The reason why such a Princess is in japan… especially being in the Khou academy is because… she said it was for her country.

She’s currently in the middle of a mission with Nakiri under Ajuka Beelzebub-sama and is also entering the [Game] as well as investigating the mysterious Longinus.

Thus the new faces of the new student council trios including Millarca-chan--- Kamo-chan asked me.

“Hyoudou-kun. Do you know where Xenovia-kaichou is?”

Xenovia just ate lunch with me. Actually Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Kiba, Kiryuu and I all became classmates as we advanced to the third year (Oh and the homeroom teacher is Rossweisse-san!).

So along with Matsuda and Motohama, who as always became my classmates again, all eight of us have been having lunch together often.

--- By the way Xenovia was escorted out by the student council secretary and Sitri peerage [Pawn] Nimura Ruruko-chan. Following last year, Nimura-chan is still in the student council.

From what I’ve heard, the fight broke out between the sports clubs regarding the usage of the sports hall. So Xenovia and Nimura-chan went to where the situation is happening.

Hearing that, Kamo-chan grabbed her hair and sighed.

And she told me.

“… So Nimura-chan said something to Xenovia-chan again. This happens more and more after that incident. My god…..even working well together is troublesome…”

Xenovia and Nimura-chan tend to try and solve the student’s problem with power. Since both are types who act before they think, their way of thinking are quite similar.

Just then Kamo-chan suddenly smiled and looked at Nakiri and Millarca-chan.

“Kochin, Millarca. Let’s follow them. Kaichou is really awful, not telling us such fun events!”

Making a bitter smile, Kamo replied [Yes] and Millarca-chan also saluted and shouted and said [ Let’s go].

…The new student council is so energetic.

Seeing them off, I fondly remembered that [event] Kamo-chan talked about…

This happened on the third semester of the second year…It happened shortly after the student council election.

“Hello Ise-kun.”

After school inside ORC room were Rias, Akeno-san, Sona-zenkaichou and Shinra-zenfukukaichou and they were relaxing and spending their time there.

Third year graduating students have free-attendance during third term so they don’t have to be at school if they don’t want to. Rias and Akeno-san only attended school on the days they felt like it.

Enjoying her tea, Rias spoke.

“Ise, I’m sorry but we’ll be here for a little longer.”

Rias said in a slightly apologetic tone. She must be thinking since she’s retired, she is considered an outsider and that made me sad! This place was built by Rias so she can come in whenever she wishes to. I’ve also told her several times back at home but Rias still hasn’t changed her mind about leaving most of the work and the club room to the ORC members. Saying that without passing the responsibility to the new generation can’t be considered fully to be a high school club…

Sona-zenkaichou smiles and nodded.

“It’s not like retired students to take up a seat in the council room.”

That’s also right, these two also retired from the student council. For retired student council members to show their faces at the council room must be more awkward for them than retired club members to come to the club room. A club is in the end just a club but the student council is a functioning organisation.

Hearing that, Rias said.

“So I asked them to come here. This place has enough space, and there isn’t any problem with people coming here. Ah we’ve also got permission from Asia.”

Asia, who sat at the President’s chair, said with her hands up.

“Yes. Since this is the place that Rias-onee-sama founded, I told her she could come and visit us whenever she would like to.”

Asia also seems like she’s not used to her new title of buchou yet as she’s being hesitant. Well, we’ll be sure to help Asia-buchou from now on! This is only just a beginning!

Rias thanked Asia.

“Asia, thank you. but we’ve already retired. We can come hang out but we don’t want to get in your way during club activities. --- This is now your place to make yours.”

“Ufufu, that’s right. Although I did make our tea out of habit… I did wonder if I should be doing that without permission.”

Akeno-san also had the same attitude as Rias. These two were aware of the fact that they’ve retired from the club but… it was still lonely.

“It seems like we’ll be in your care until the graduation. I do apologise about that.”

Sona-zenkaichou said while lowering her head.

Seeing Sona-zenkaichou relaxing while drinking tea here feels refreshing.

--- As I was thinking about our onee-samas, someone ran into the club room.


That was no one other than Saji! He grabbed onto me as soon as he came into the room!

“S-Saji, what’s up?”

When I asked, Saji said in a sobbing voice.

“Kuuuuuu! President is! President issssss!”

Looking at the retired president sitting right here, I asked.

“You are talking about this president over here right?”

Saji looked towards the direction I was looking at. Only just then it looks like he realised Sona-zenkaichou was there.

She spoke to Saji in her usual cool-voice.

“Saji, you’re being noisy.”

Saji, startled at that, he fixed his posture. But looking at his expression it seems like he’s still surprised.

“……… P-President! No, former president! I-I didn’t know you would be here!”

Sona-zenkaichou simply replied saying [I’m just enjoying tea with my friend].

I asked Saji again.

“Anyway why did you come running looking for me? You also said something about the president or something.”

Hearing what I said, it seems like he remembered why he came here and shouted.

“Ah! That’s right! Hyoudou help me! I don’t understand Xenovia-chan at alllllllll!”

Me and Asia-buchou looked at each other and listened to what he had to say.

Well, the person to whom this guy could call the president of this school right now is just Xenovia. That girl was fighting against the Sitri-peerage’s Hanakai Momo-chan in the last school wide election and in the end won the election and so ultimately, she was elected as the new school Student Council President. Following that, Saji was named new vice-president.

I assume the reason why Saji is being all weepy and asking for my help is probably because of the current president. Well the current president also happens to be a member of ORC…

Listening to his story, it looks like Xenovia said something outrageous during the council meeting.

[So today’s job for the Student Council is outdoor activity.]

When Xenovia-kaichou said that, Saji-fukukaichou made a confused face.

[Huh? Were there any activities that needed to be done outside?]

Saji checked the schedule but there weren’t any activities that involved outdoor activities.

Just then, Xenovia-kaichou said this.

[Yup. It looks like the students at this school caused some trouble against students from the other school. We’ve received the request to sort that out. So we’ll charge into the enemy school.]

Hearing that, Saji lost his cool.

[Making trouble against another school?! Charge?! H-Hang on Xenovia-chan… Kaichou! Would it not be better telling teachers about this?]

Xenovia-kaichou then spoke in confidence outrageously.

[Mmm, I did tell them. When I asked Azazel-sensei, he told me to go ahead and encouraged us.]

[You chose the wrong person to ask!... Well, that’s fine… so where is that other school you were talking about?]

Saji asked one more time. To find his cool in this situation, it was so like Saji. I automatically thought of the absolute worst case scenario as soon as I heard this since this was a collaboration of Xenovia and Azazel-sensei.

[Hmm, it’s Destroy[5] High.]

After hearing that, Saji’s eyes nearly popped out and said.


That’s right. As Saji said, that High School is the worst delinquent school around this area. It’s to a point where there is unspoken rule of never making any eye contact with the students wearing that uniform between the normal students.

[Yup! We are going to charge into Destroy High!]

It looks like the current president thinks this outing/charge into that delinquent school is a positive thing…

Saji wiped his tears off his face with a handkerchief and said in a defeated voice.

“… In the end the current president took other members of the council with her and charged into Destroy High… there were members who objected this like me but the new members supported her…”

… My god. All the new members this year are all muscle brains! [Bishop] Kusaka-chan, [Knight] Meguri-chan and [Pawn] Nimura-chan from last year are still there right? That means the total number of members who were from last year are currently four. That means three new members came in this year excluding Xenovia.

Now that I think about it, there’s a fellow third year and a member of the Exorcist clan, Kamo Tadami-chan, from the new people of this year. That person is someone I’m quite familiar with, and although she’s not a devil, she’s got bit cheeky personality. Hmm, she seems like she will get along with Xenovia.

Koneko explained some more.

“… I won’t say that all the like-minded people gathered together but it’s not an exaggeration to say that half the people elected are muscle brains. Especially since the first years are the ones who prefer to talk with their fist instead of their mouth.”

Oioioi! Even the new first years?!

“Is Nimura-chan also like that?”

I asked just to be sure. Nimura-chan, who stayed in the council following last year, is easy going but since she’s one of the people who used to be under Sona-kaichou, I thought she’ll be more of a strict person…

Also Hanakai-chan, who didn’t get elected and the [Rook] Yura-chan, who didn’t even stand for the election retired and became normal students.

Saji grabbed his hair.

“Yeah, that Nimura girl was getting on way too well with Xenovia…”

My god… I’ve got nothing else to say at that.

Sona-zenkaichou said while sipping her tea.

“Ruruko was like that from the beginning. I thought from the beginning that she’ll get along well with Xenovia-chan.”

Oh no! The thought of having an energetic Xenovia and an easy-going Nimura-chan in one place! N-Not only that but if muscle brain exorcist lady is added to that mix then it’s basically a total train wreck!

Saji continued to grab his hair and said.

“… Uuuuu. It’s not that long since the new Student Council was elected and the difference compared to the time when Sona-kaichou was the president already…….! File works and hospitality towards the teachers are better than I expected but the rest is…”

Then he started to tell us the difference between Sona-zenkaichou and Xenovia-kaichou.

  • Argument between sports club about the use of the sports hall.

  • Sona-Zenkaichou.

Sona [Talk this out between you guys.]

Basketball Club [We called you because we couldn’t do that! We’ve got a competition next week!]

Volleyball team [Hmph! We’ve also got a competition soon! So we’ve got to prepare for that!]

Sona [I understand, then I’ll ask the Hall teacher. This will be sorted once we figure out the time slot. And also, you have to use the sports hall fairly with not only between the basketball club and the volleyball club but other sports clubs as well. You guys know that right?]

Basketball Club [Yes…]

Volleyball club [We will do as you say President]

Saji [as expected of the president! She solved it with just negotiation!]

  • Xenovia-kaichou

Xenovia [Alright, determine this using your fist.]

Basketball Club [We called you because… Whaaaaat?! Fist fight?!]

Volleyball Club [What about negotiation or asking teachers for help?!]

Xenovia [There are things only you can show each other through fighting. Especially the sports clubs which use their bodies. I’ll be the referee! Get ready!]

Basketball Club [Stop with this nonsense!]

Volleyball Club [Someone stop the president!]

Saji [President stop it! Don’t try to solve it using a fist fight!]

  • Cultural festival problems

  • Sona-zenkaichou

Sona [For the manga club to sell such manga. I cannot allow this.]

Manga club [T-That’s… it’s the freedom of expression! Like drawing my imagination inside my head…!]

Sona [For such a thing it’s too erotic… for two males to be doing such things…]

Manga Club [The expression of love is different from each other!]

Sona [I will not deny such claims but I cannot overlook the sales of such things within the school. In case such things get out of the school, it may cause our reputation to drop. I will not impose on your freedom of expression but as the creator you should be wary of the fact that your work will be seen by others. You understand that right?]

Manga club [… Yes.]

Saji [As expected of president! She solved it with negotiation!]

  • Xenovia-kaichou

Xenovia [So isn't there the next volume of this manga?]

Manga club [T-That’s… T-That’s… it’s freedom of expression… W-Waaaaaaaait?! N-Next volume?!]

Xenovia [This character and this character are Ise and Kiba right? As their comrade, I’m concerned with what will happen.]

Manga club [A-Are you saying that the expression of love is different from each other?!]

Xenovia [Well, you could say that. Not only that but Kiba in this manga is very Kiba like. The way he talks and looks at Ise is very much like how Kiba does it and the observation is very good. But why would Kiba be hugging Ise? Wouldn’t it be the other way around?]

Manga club [Xenovia-kaichou is Ise x Kiba-kyun side?! B-But even so! Kiba-kyun is… the bear!!!]

Saji [Stop president! I’ve got no idea what you guys are saying at all! Try to convince me!]

  • Report to the teachers

  • Sona-zenkaichou

Sona [Teacher. I’ve brought you the report you’ve asked for.]

Teacher [Ooh, Shitori! As always you’re quick to finish your job! … Hmm, perfect! As expected!]

Sona [This much isn’t too much.]

Saji [Hehe. To finish the report in a day after being requested. As expected of the president!]

  • Xenovia-kaichou

Xenovia [Azazel-sensei. I’ve brought you the report you’ve asked for.]

Azazel [Ooh, Xenovia! Let’s see… Student council power up uniform huh! Looks good to me!]

Xenovia [I’ve heard from Kiryuu that there are many special things that are in the Japanese student council president’s uniform. I wonder if I could transform?]

Saji [The student council president has got no need for such thingsssssssssss!]


Everyone including me couldn’t say a word after hearing Saji’s confession. That Xenovia, she’s really going along with her talk (Physical attack)…

After hearing that, the former president didn’t get flustered and was not surprised. [Well since the change of leadership, this might be the case] is all she said. Rias and Akeno-san were just smiling and listening to the story.

PrinceXBeast (1).jpg

Oi, the onee-samas are reacting like retired grannies already!

While we didn’t know what to do after hearing Saji’s confession, the council members Meguri-chan and Kusaki-chan came into the club room.

“Gen. we’ve found the kid.”

Behind Meguri-chan there stood a meek looking male student.

“It looks like this guy talked to Xenovia-kaichou about the trouble with the delinquent school.”

When Meguri-chan insisted the male student took a step forward, they said he’s the reason why Xenovia is charging into their school.

He hesitantly opened his mouth.

“….. W-Well, the truth is that…”

Saji then started to interrogate the student.

“Haaa. To ask Xenovia-san for such a request… how did you even get into trouble with them in the first place?”

When Saji went on his case, he started to cry his eyes out.

“…… Sob

Then he clung onto Saji and

“… Please don’t fault Xenovia-kaichou!”

Then he started to talk about the incident.

“… My younger brother is in primary school and his road bike, which he got as a gift from our parents, was stolen by his class bullies. When we went to get it back, the older brother of the kid who looked like the leader was the boss of the delinquent school… so we came back without the bike.”

He said that he brought out all the courage and went back there once but got beaten up in the process.

“… I-I couldn’t discuss this with anyone but… my little brother was so upset…”

Not being able to discuss this with anyone else, he was feeling upset at the bench of the academy. At that time by chance, Xenovia talked to him.

[You don’t look well, is there anything wrong?]

So since we wanted to discuss the problem with someone, we told her everything. So after hearing his story, Xenovia stood up and said

[… Got it. Just trust me.]

--- And left.

He didn’t understood what happened…


… And asked her back. Then Xenovia proclaimed confidently.

[I’ll get it back for you.]


[You are a student in this school and I’m the council president of this school. So it’s only natural that I’m helping you!]

That’s what the male student said while crying his eyes out.

“… I just heard the news that Xenovia-kaichou is going to Destroy High from the council members… I’m really happy but Xenovia-kaichou is in danger! Guys at that high school are people that even adults can’t touch! I-I don’t know what to do here…! Will it be good if I also go?! Or should I contact the police…?!”

The student said that in confusion but…

So that kind of incident happened. There’s no way that Xenovia, with such a high regard for justice, will overlook this. On top of that, she’s now the Student Council President so she won’t just lay down and do nothing!

Hearing that, Saji wiped his nose.

“… Che. If there was such a story then why didn’t she tell me sooner.”

While walking towards the exit, he told his fellow members Meguri-chan and Kusaki-chan.

“Meguri, Kusaki. Looks like our new president is in a pinch… will you guys come?”

Hearing that, Meguri-chan and Kusaki-chan looked at each other and made a bitter smile.

“Well. There’s no way the council members won’t help the president, right?”

“We’ve always helped each other this whole time… although the new president is just full of trouble.”

Looks like the mind of those three are the same.

“Then we’ll get going!”

Saying that all three of them ran out of the club room!

Since Saji is also a guy with a great sense of justice, he probably can’t stand still after hearing that student’s story.

Now, what shall the ORC members do. I kind of wanted to go just to observe since I was worried about our comrade Xenovia, and our friend Saji.

I told Rias.

“Rias, I’ll go too… I wanna see the great success of the new Student Council that we’ll be with for the future.”

Just then, Irina and Asia also raised their hands.

“Me too! I, Shidou Irina, am Xenovia-kaichou’s BFF!”

“I also, as the president of ORC, will go and help Xenovia-kaichou!”

Our vice-president Kiba, who was observing the event from the corner, also raised his body while making a slightly bitter smile.

“Ah, then shall all the new ORC members go and pitch in?”

Just as everyone agreed, we all raised our fists!


Nice, let’s all go and see the success of the new Student Counil!

Just as I was about to leave the club room, I heard the retired one-samas’ conversation.

“… Fufu. Both your side and ours are full of young ones.”

“Isn’t this not that bad? It’s because they are like this that we can trust them.”

Rias and Sona-zenkaichou said so while smiling.

Ahhh, I’ve only just realized that they trusted us from the beginning to do a good job.

Part 2[edit]

The place that we arrived to was…the river side of Kuoh. It looks like Xenovia was called to this place. We’ve caught up with Saji, Meguri-chan and Kusaki-chan and were secretly observing the area.

There were Xenovia, the new student council members and the delinquent students and they were having a confrontation. They seem to have more than 50 people on the delinquent side.

Xenovia took a step forward and asked them.

“Are you guys the students from Destroy High?”

In the middle of the group of delinquents, there was a guy with a lot of piercings on his face leaning on a road bike. With an annoyed face, he made a punchable smile.

“Hehehe. What did the Student Council Prez of the Kuoh academy came here to see me for?”

The delinquents around him started to make noises in order to back him up.

“What’s up with these idiots!”

“We’ll dunk ya!”

Something that doesn’t even sound like Japanese comes out.

Instead of getting scared, Xenovia pointed at the road bike.

“Why don’t you guys give that bike back.”

Putting his foot on the pedal, the delinquent boss shouted in a loud voice.

“This road bike? Hell no! I’m gonna ride this bitch and go pick up all them gals! Recently the guys on road bikes are in with these bitches!”

“””Gals! Gals!”””

Whenever the boss shouted something, the delinquents around him just made random noises… Bitches, what kind of era do these delinquents live in?

“Ruruko, is that really so?”

Xenovia asked Nimura-chan next to her.

“Hmm. I’ve never heard such things. Boss, you don’t need to listen to the nonsense from delinquents.”

Nimura-chan said in such an [underling] tone! She also said [Boss]!

“Really? Anyway, I don’t understand that well but you need to give that back here.”

Xenovia said without hesitation. That boss looking guy looked at Xenovia‘s body with lecherous eyes.

“Oioi, your face isn’t too bad either. If you let me ride you instead of this bike then I’ll think about it.”


The entirety of the delinquent group laughed out loud. Seeing that, Xenovia sighed at that sight.

“It doesn’t matter what but the things that these idiots say are all the same whatever it is.”

“Boss! Let’s get rid of them! It looks like just kicking their butt first would be the best option!”

Nimura-chan said that in such a bright manner! You really look much more energetic compared to when you were under Sona-zenkaichou you know?!

Then I just noticed that Saji and the rest of the council, who were with us just a moment ago, were gone. Looking back I noticed that they were walking towards Xenovia and her gang.

“Xenovia-kaichou. We came to help.”

Saji burst into the scene!

“Ah you’re here. What took you so long?”

Xenovia said that but she seems genuinely happy. Saji replied scratching his cheek.

“Well. I had some things to think about as the Vice President.”

The Student Council gathered around Xenovia. Everyone’s fired up now! The Sona-kaichou’s cool student council is no longer there but replaced by Xenovia’s hot-headed student council!

Xenovia led the group!

“Alright! Looks like everyone’s here now! Let’s show them what our ‘conversation’ is all about!”

Xenovia pointed at the delinquents with her chin.

“Ruruko, Charge innnnnnnnnn!”

Taking that as her signal, Nimura-chan send a punch into the air and said…

“Roger. I love this kind of stuff!”

… and just charged straight through them! And like a flash she kicked down two or three delinquents in one go! Even without her artificial sacred gear, her kicks were sharp! Simple delinquents have got no chance against her!

“Ouryuu! Send them flying!”

After giving her orders, the first year clerk--- Nakiri Ouryuu stepped forward and sent some more delinquents flying.

“To think that this will continue for next year…I’m enjoying this but scared of the future too.”

Looks like he’s enjoying hanging out with Xenovia.

Next, the second year Kamo-chan threw a talisman towards the delinquents. Those who got hit by one all dropped on the ground there.


Looks like she’s also enjoying herself. Millarca Vordenburg-chan, who was just next to Kamo-chan, also sent some guys away with her cheerful punches and kicks.

“Hyyya, Hyaaa. It’s hard to move around during day time. I’m so envious of daylight walkers…”

In contrast to her cute voice, she’s showing such a massive destruction power!

“Haaaaa. How the hell are we going to recover from this!”

Saji also threw away incoming delinquents even though he was constantly complaining.

“Don’t worry! Azazel-sensei will do something about that! It’s not like we’re doing anything bad!”

Xenovia shouted with such confidence! Xenovia-kaichou, what the hell are you talking about?! Well Azazel-sensei must have thought that this would have been the easiest solution and would show the delinquent school what will happen if they touch our school's students. Yeah Azazel-sensei will do something so this would have never happened!

The Student Council was comfortably beating the others but… we, the ORC members, didn’t really have anything else to do here.

I asked the others just in case.

“So what should we do? Looks like they don’t need any help.”

But Irina looks like she’s itching to go! No she already ran out!

“My name is Shidou Irina, BFF of President Xenovia! I came to help out!”

The twin-tailed and brown-haired girl ran out while holding a wooden sword and was shouting something that sounded like lines from a historical play!

Xenovia was also happy to see Irina there.

“Ooo! My faithful friend! Thank you for coming!”

When I thought this can’t go worse, even Asia went out!

“I-I’m also here to help! I’ll heal you when you guys get hurt!”

She won’t fight the delinquents directly but it looks like she wanted to show Xenovia that she’s also here! Xenovia also was happy to see her.

I scratched my head… Ahhh, we’ve got no choice but to jump in now.

“… Since Asia-buchou also joined the fight, this is also our problem, right?”

I asked while looking at the others. Vice President Kiba had a bitter smile on his face and nodded his head.

“It looks like we haven’t got a choice, right?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

“W-We have to help our president as the males of the ORC~!”

Koneko and Gasper also nodded their heads.

Well then, there’s no helping it!

In the end we also joined the Student Council!

“Let’s go! We’re Kuoh Academy president Xenovia’s comrades----”

Just like that, a new chapter of Student Council history was written.

With the title ‘Xenovia-kaichou declares war against the delinquent school.’

Sometime after the incident, the student who returned the bike back to his younger brother was sincerely thankful to the current Student Council. Of course, Azazel-sensei did something and made sure the incident didn’t get too big.

However in Destroy High…

“Don’t even touch Kuoh Academy students. Their Student Council and Occult guys are monsters.”

… And such a story was floating around. As a result, even if they see Kuoh students, they would be the ones now avoiding us.

Not only that but rumours were going around the high schools in this area that [Kuoh Academy's Student Council is a group of people who are raring to fight].

After hearing that, Sona-zenkaichou just laughed.

“It’ll be fine with the new generation of the Student Council being this energetic. It will be a breath of fresh air compared to when I was running the Student Council.”

It seems like the former president became bold after retiring…

Looking at that scene, Rias smiled brightly and told me something.

“Sona was always this bold. She just acted a little reserved during the Student Council period.”

… Thinking back, I did feel this back when she came over to our house before.


--- Just then Saji burst into ORC room again! And grabbed onto me as soon as he saw me!

“H-H-Hyoudou! Our president, she caused another problem! That Nimura is also supporting her! Not only that but Meguri and Kisaka also have gone over to herrrrrrrrrrrr!”

He was crying his eyes out…the only thing which I could do was just smile and say [Is that so] while listening to him… well I think I need to teach him how to handle Xenovia first.

Looks like the relationship between the new Occult Research Club and the new Student Council will continue on for a long time…

Life.5 Worldly Desire of Steel[edit]

Part 1[edit]

--- 4th January.

The four of us including me, my parents and Asia were in our car currently on our way to the countryside. The reason is…

In the countryside far away from the big city, our car stopped in front of a small house in that village. And there was an old lady greeting us with a warm smile as we get out of our car.

“Happy New Year, Issei. How was your journey?”

“Grandma! Happy New Year! It’s been awhile!”

Today’s story was going to be Hyoudou family’s humble but warm scenery… well that was the plan but….

After having multiple guests from Devils to Angel to Fallen Angels and others, we’ve spent the past four days in chaos and decided that we should spend the rest of the winter holiday on our own.

“I’m going back home for now.”

Rias said.

It looks like she wants to go and greet her parents before the third term starts. Having heard that, I asked if we needed to greet them as her peerage but…

“It’ll be fine with Yuuto only so there’s no need for everyone to follow.”

Rias said.

In these situations, our [Knight] Kiba go as her bodyguard in case of emergencies.

“But, we don’t’ know what will happen.”

… As I said this in a worrying tone, Rias said…

“Ise’s parents are going to visit your grandparent right? I heard Ise also went with them every year? Why don’t you go with them this year too?”

… And smiled at me.

That’s right every year on 4th January, we always went and visited my dad side of my family… the village where my grandmother lived. Rias knew this already and was looking out for me.

The other members beside Rias also…

“I also arranged to go visit my mother’s grave with my father this time…”

After Akeno-san said that…

“… I’m going to go train with my older sister in the mountain.”

“… I didn’t wanna but… it looks like I’m gonna get dragged along nya. Well, apparently our destination also has a natural onsen~ I’m gonna relax and enjoy the onsen ♪”

“I-I’m also going to follow Koneko.”

“I’m also going to go with Kuroka-san.”

Koneko, Kuroka sisters + Gasper & Le Fay said this also.

“I’m also going back to England to see my mum and dad! I’ll be back before the 3rd semester starts!”

Irina is also going back to her home.

“I’m going to help Sister Griselda so I will end up going too…The School President election is coming up but the church side of things is also worrying me…”

Xenovia said that while sighing but she doesn’t seem to mind helping out the church.

“I was thinking of just going around for a bit.”

Rossweiess-san seems like she’s going to go on holiday on her own. She probably decided to spend a little bit of money since it’s the New Year.

“I’m also going back to my house.”

Ravel seems like she’s going back like Rias is.

Now the only ones left are Asia and Ophis.

Since Asia didn’t really have anything to do, she was wondering whether to follow Rias, help Xenovia out or go training with Koneko but…

Rias then stroked her cheeks and said in a gentle voice.

“Asia, go with Ise and his parents this time. I also want to go but I’ll go when I get a chance later. As someone who spent the longest time in this house, you should go and greet her first.”

“Yes, I will!”

After hearing that, Asia decided to join our family.

“… I, don’t have anything to do.”

Ophis, who can’t move freely around, decided to stay at home… but as Xenovia decided to commute to where Sister is from home, she looks like she won’t be alone. Rasseei is also staying so even if we’re gone for few days she won’t get lonely.

Like that, the ORC members decided to spend the rest of our winter holidays separately.

--- And Me and Asia came to my dad’s hometown.

“I’ll be in your care~.”

When we stepped into the house, the nostalgic feeling, the smell and the atmosphere rushed in. It’s an old wooden house but it’s been cleaned from top to bottom well. Whenever I feel this nostalgic, I can finally say that I came to my grandmother’s.

Stepping into the living room, we gave our greetings to our grandfather in front of the alter.

Granddad, in the picture, was smiling brightly… it’s been awhile since grandad died but whenever we come back, he always greeted us with a smile.

Grandad, I’ve got a girlfriend now. And I’ve got tons of friends too… I did become a devil but I’ve survived this year without any problems. Please look after us for next year too.

Now that we greeted our grandad, my dad relaxed a bit.

“Fuuuu. I always get relaxed when I come back here.”

It’s not even been few minutes since we came here but he looks completely relaxed. Well it is where he was born and raised so I guess it makes sense.

“I’ll help with that mother.”

Mum followed my grandma to the kitchen.

Asia, whose first time coming here, is…


She was sitting down in the corner of the room looking nervous. She looks like she doesn’t know what to do here. Well it is her first time here so that’s understandable. Since this is our family’s house, it might be a little nervous for her.

“Asia, do you want to go and help my mum and grandma?”

“Ah, yes!”

It’ll be best to calm her nerves by helping around with house work.

After that, everyone relaxed and drank tea together. Then, my dad introduced Asia to my grandma.

“Mum, she’s Asia. She’s been living with us in our house.”

“Ara, I did hear about you but… I never thought it’ll be such a cute foreigner. Can you speak Japanese?”

“Ah yes! I’m Asia Argento! I-I’ve been in the care of the Hyoudou family!”

While hesitant, Asia kept bowing her head for no reason. Grandma was smiling gently at her.

“You can stay here like it’s your own house.”


Grandma then glanced at me and smiled brightly.

“Maybe at this rate, I’ll be able to see my great-grandchild. Ise, if possible, please hurry.”

Ku! G-ggggrandma and her jokes. What is she saying all of a sudden?!

“G-Grandma! Stop joking around!”

Mine and Asia’s face turned red! Even mum and dad is joining in and saying [We can’t wait]!

Aaaaaah, it must be in our blood somehow….! It’s like this kind of stuff is in our family’s gene… maybe I’m such a pervert because of this blood line!

Just like that, the holiday at the countryside started.

Afternoon that day…

“Asia, I’m really sorry. My grandma’s that kind of person…”

“Ah, it’s alright.”

Having such conversations, Asia and I took the road out of my grandma’s house and we walked 10 or so minutes to get to downtown. Well even if you say downtown, compared to the city it’s lot less busy and not many stores are here either. Even the stores are a few hundred meters apart from each other.

After getting things done at my grandma’s place, I wanted to show Asia the places around here so we decided to go for a walk.

As we were going out, grandma was…

“Ise, Asia. Here’s your new year’s money.”

And gave both of us New Year’s money.

… Grandma’s such a good person that she might give every kid that comes here some New Year’s money.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the entire ORC members didn’t come this year. If she prepared New Year’s money for everyone in the club, she’d be broke!

Anyway this countryside hasn’t changed at all. This tranquil and nostalgic feeling around this country scenery hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

“Did Ise-san come here often?”

Asia looked around in confusion.

“Yeah. Whenever mum and dad had something to take care of and needed to travel far, they often asked my grandma to look after me. I played with my grandparents around here often.”

And also I came here during Obon. I couldn’t come here last time since I was busy in the underworld. Even after getting older, I came here for the New Year every year and Obon and so, this Is like my second home.

Ah now that I think about it, grandma did say something like [it’s been dangerous lately so be careful.]. She said that there have been multiple cases of people getting ambushed at night lately. People who have been attacked all had some kind of bite mark on their neck… surely there’s no non-human this far in this country?

Hmm if that’s the case what should we do… If there are evil like that in my grandma’s countryside then it’s probably best to defeat them.

But if the opponent is from the other faction then it might become a headache if we attack needlessly but I also can’t leave the bad guy who’s been causing problem in my grandma’s village. But it might cause Rias and Azazel-sensei some trouble… should I contact them first? But to contact people who might be enjoying their winter holiday is a bit… man it’s doing my head in.

I walked around the town with Asia while thinking about this problem. After passing the barbers, launderette and grocery store, we’ve reached our destination.

Looking around the area, I looked for the specific store.

“There was a dagashi [6] /toy store near here…”

I went to that dagashi with my grandad quite often and whenever I went there, I kept asking him to buy me that Gunpla… Ah, maybe we came here to buy the models and bought some snacks along the way.

We stopped in front of quite an old shop.

“Ah, this is it. Asia, it’s here.”

When I opened the door, the chime rang. Man, this is nostalgic. Random snacks were all over the place and old toys were either hung on the ceiling or inside the boxes.

“Ahhh, this brings back memories.”

Stepping inside the store, I bowed my head towards the man on the till. Well, it’s not likely that he’s remembered me but I still greeted him just in case.

After wondering around the snack corner, I took Asia to the Gunpla [7] area. The Gunpla that I saw when I was a kid was still there and was not being sold.

“For a private establishment in such countryside to even have old and precious Gunplas….”

Noticing that there was someone else in the store before us, I stopped talking.

“L—Look at this, Alivian! T-This is the discontinued [Yata Robo] Gunpla! Not only that but it’s Yata Robo 3 which is said to have the least amount of production!”

Ku! That person was a green haired speckled bishoujo. As soon as I saw that person who does not seem to fit into this countryside at all…… I rubbed my eyes in disbelief but…

“!!! And there’s the discontinued [Robo Fighter Varum] 1/100 model of the enemy [Metaliums]!... the model that they couldn’t even bring out for the resale festival because they couldn’t find the mould a few years back, to find such thing here…!”

The bishoujo was so excited that her entire body is shivering in excitement while holding onto Gunpla box. Seekvaria Agares-san!

Oioioioioi. Why is Seekvaria-san doing in such a remote dagashi?! Me and Asia was so surprised that we couldn’t say a word! No way did we think we’d meet her in such a place!

Seekvaria-san said while fixing her glasses with her shaking hand.

“I thought the experts would have searched all over such a remote toy store but unexpectedly, the treasure was buried here.”

“Looks like it’s a good thing we’ve come here, Seekvaria-sama.”

The person next to her was in the butler outfit… Agares’s [queen] Alivian-san!

“Yes, I came into this store without much expectation but… this is such a good find.”

Seekvaria-san hugged the box with an ecstatic expression on her face. A person wearing deep hoodie then approached her.

“… W-Wait a second, Seekvaria-sama. Things get complicated when you enter here! This… This isn’t our purpose in this area right…?”

From the voice, she’s a female… but because of her hoodie, I can’t see her face well. But her voice is quite familiar…?

Seekvaria-san replied to her in a cold voice.

“There’s no reason to hurry in this moment since we’ve done the investigation work during the day. We now just have to wait for the night to fall.”

Seekvaria-san said this but… I don’t know. The fact that she’s holding a Gunpla box means her words haven’t got much persuasion or something… I guess you still love your robots.

Now that I think back, we saw each other during the New Year. Back then, she asked me about the new mecha anime airing this season… I think she’s considering me as a fellow comrade…

Alivian-san greeted me and Asia having noticed me who was just watching from afar dumbfounded.

“My, I never thought we’ll meet here like this.”


I gave a late greeting. Seekvaria-san also noticed us and sent us a smile.

“Ara, its Hyoudou Issei. We’ve met just a few days ago; I never thought we’ll meet here like this.”

Seekvaria-san stopped her words and made expressions that said she knew what was up.

“Ah that’s right… you’re also one of person who’s truly love Gundam… you found this place with your senses right?”

Seekvaria-san made a wide grin… Woah, she’s got the wrong idea again! Did she mistake me as a comrade who is going around the countryside toy store to find the rare Gunpla?!

When I was pulling my hair trying to think of a way to get rid of this misconception, the person inside the hoodie looked at me.


So this person also knows me….? Who can this be? – As I was thinking about that, the person lifted hood slightly so I can see her face.


Seeing the unexpected face inside the hoodie, I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything. She was a girl with red eyes and long wavy blond hair and with a doll-like face… vampire Elmenhilde!

… I totally did not expect this situation, not at all! It’s shocking enough that Seekvaria-san is in such a remote countryside but for one of the person travelling with her is to be Elmenhilde…! This is the first time I saw her ever since we’ve departed from the Vampire country… not only that but we didn’t even have a proper farewell…

Having been startled, I told Seekvaria-san my situation regarding the fact that I’m here since my dad’s family lives around this area. After listening, it seems like Seekvaria-san finally understood why I’m here.

“Oh so this is where your dad’s main house is at.”

“So what is Seekvaria-san… doing here?”

When she heard my question, Seekvaira-san exchanged a look with Alivian-san and nodded her head.

“… I guess I can tell you this if it’s with you. Let’s go outside for now… ah before that, I need to buy this.”

Saying that, Seekvair-san went off to buy that rare Gunpla.

… so she’s really buying that.

The owner then said this while entering the price into the till.

“Lady came from somewhere else, right? Did you move here?”

“No, I came here for the holiday.”

… Seekvaira-san said so.

Then, the owner nodded his head and continued.

“Hmm, so you’re here for your holiday. But this is quite strange since the new lady who recently moved here also come here from time to time like you are right now and buy whatever Gunpla that she can get her hands on.”

The owner said that while putting the box into the bag.

Then Seekvaira-san seems to realise something after hearing the owner’s words.

I sat on the bench in front of the dagashi and listened to Seekvaria-san while eating the snack I bought.

What she told me was… about [Stray Devil]!

That there’s a vampire [Stray Devil] around this area and that this information was given to the Agares-House not too long ago! Apparently, that person is an extremely dangerous person and they ran away after becoming a part of a peerage of a High Class Devil. Since they have dangerous tendencies, even the owner’s house is being cautious around it… in the end they showed their true colours and rebelled.

Hearing that, I stood up from my seat!

DX.3 illustration 6.jpg

“… S-So there’s that dangerous vampire somewhere in this village… a [Stray] around here?!”

… This must be what grandma was talking about! The bite mark on the people’s neck must be because that vampire drank their blood! My god! Of all places, why did that vampire hid in my grandma’s village!

Seekvaira-san spoke while eating candy from the shop.

“Coincidently, we were touring around the human world after they had their new years as per our schedule. At that time, I heard from the house and came here. Then I met with the agent from the Carmilla Faction… Elmenhilde over here.”

Elmenhilde, who was sitting right at the edge of the bench, said under her hood.

“That vampire is one of the heretics that the Carmilla Faction have been after for a long time. And now it just showed itself.”

So, it’s also vampire that the Carmilla Faction is pursuing.

Seekvaira-san continued,

“I think this started because of that terror attack by Qlippoth against the Carmilla Faction and the Tepes Faction. At that time, multiple high-level vampires were defeated. There’s no surprise that the rebels, who were being pursued by such people, will seek out to strengthen their own power.”

So, they were hiding with devils while being pursued and after the Carmilla Faction sustained huge damage, they’ve started their activities again…!

Alivian-san sighed.

“… It’s since Vampires can increase their own peerage whom they have absolute rule over. All they’ve got to do is bite the neck of the person that they have their eyes on during full moon. You could say that it’s much easier compared to the Devil’s reincarnation ritual.”

Alivian-san said as Elmenhilde’s expression darkened and she lowered her head.

“… Ah, I do beg your pardon. I have overstepped my boundaries.”

“… No, it’s all true. For such low-life vampires, that ritual is simply a method in which they increase their power. Even though it’s a really disgusting act… but we never thought they would have become a devil… I can see why we couldn’t get hold of their whereabouts.”

Elmenhilde said unimpressed. She’s still little bit of an elitist?

“Rias… should I contact my master?”

I asked Seekvaria-san.

“There’s no need to call Rias and the others. They’re having their holidays so let’s let them enjoy their time. We will deal with this on our own.”

It sounded like Seekvaira-san, Alivian-san and Elmenhilde were going to handle this on their own… but I can’t let them just do that!

“I’ll also help! If I leave such an unwelcoming person around my grandma’s village, I can’t go back to Khou with a sound mind!”

I said enthusiastically! Yes, this is my second home and the place where my late grandad lived. I can’t let a stray vampire disturb this place!

“I-I’ll also help!”

Asia also joined in!

When we told them that, Seekvaira-san smiled slightly.

“Ufufu, it’s reassuring hearing from you two. We were going to deal with this with just the three of us but it’ll be great if someone with your knowledge around the area joins… should we go on a secret [DxD] mission early in the year?”

Seekvaira held her hands for a handshake! I said [Yes!] enthusiastically and shook her hand! But after that, Seekvaira-san placed her hand on the chin ad murmured to herself.

“… but it’s bit concerning that they bought Gunpla from this shop. I wonder why… I have this feeling that something will come with the bell sound and the flashing light.”

Seekvaria-san said such things but… I didn’t dare open my mouth. It felt like she’ll talk about Gundam again at this rate…

When I then look at Elmenhilde …


She didn’t say a thing. I thought when we said we’ll help, she’ll reply saying [This is a problem with the Carmilla Faction.]… but she didn’t display such cocky attitude. Well, seeing as how they asked help from the House of Agares, it shows that there has been some change.

Seekvaria-san then stood up and asked me with a serious look on her face.

“So it’s decided that we’ll start our mission during night time when vampires are active… and also Hyoudou Issei-san.”


“… Are there more toy stores in this village?”

… it looks like the Archduke apparent heir-sama wants to enjoy her short break to her fullest.

Part 2[edit]


Having come back to my grandma’s house, Asia and I got ready to go out during the night without anyone being able to notice us.

And I also asked my dad about this area conveniently.

“Hey dad. Are there… any place where ghosts might appear?”

If vampire is going to hide, I thought they’d use house or building that people won’t usually use. And they won’t be much active during the day unless they are Daylight Walker like Gasper is. From what we’ve heard, they aren’t the type who is active during the day. Elmenhilde also wears a very deep hoodie as she’s careful not to show her skin.

If that’s the case, they must have some kind of hiding place. Most likely, it’s somewhere where there’s not many people and is a dark place.

Dad scratched his cheek and said this.

“You remember when you were like 8 years old, the place that your grandad and I took you right? That forest full of beetles. There’s a western style mansion deep inside that forest. I suggested going there as a Test of Courage but you cried shouting [No! I wanna go back!].”

Ah~ now that I think back, that did happen… there was a mansion in that forest.

According to dad, that was a holiday home that some noble have built somewhere around the Meiji or Taisho era. Whether the noble sold the mansion or their bloodline has been cut or whatever the case may be, dad told me that no one was living there when he was born…

As soon as I got that information, I contacted Seekvaira-san. And soon after I’ve sent the message, she replied saying [It does seem like they might be hiding there]. So we’ve decided that the five of us will check that mansion out today.

After checking that everyone has gone to sleep, me and Asia sneak out making sure no one saw us.

We took my familiar Skíðblaðnir to the place where we’ll accompany Seekvaria-san’s group. This guy has grown quite nicely as it can now carry multiple people with him and fly.

We joined Seekvaira-san in the middle of the countryside road in the fog and night sky.

“… Let’s go to the forest then.”

Seekvaira-san asked me to lead the way so I took them into the deep forest. This place is more like a small mountain with the side road instead of the forest and there’s a mansion on the top of the mountain.

While climbing the mountain, Elmenhilde asked me a question out of blue. Since it’s dark, she took her hood off.

“I’ve got something to ask.”

“… What is it?”

“… How is Gasper Vladi doing?”

“He’s doing fine. He’s training hard saying he’s going to wake Valerie up.”

This girl treated Gasper like an idiot just because he’s a half. Well, since pure-blood seems to think everyone’s beneath them so it probably wasn’t just aimed at Gasper…

But my kouhai is training himself to wake someone precious to him. And I won’t let anyone make fun of such admirable and strong resolve.

“Don’t make fun of him, will you.”

I said that looking at her. But she… didn’t retort nor get offended. She just kept looking forward.

“… I was just curious.”

She just said that to me and walked in front of me.

“… She doesn’t look like she’s got much attitude compared to when I first met her…”

I was perplexed at her response.

Back then she was overbearing but it looks like she’s not like that anymore.

Then Seekvaria-san told me in secret so she can’t hear us.

“She’s currently acting as an agent from the Carmilla Faction and traveling around to eliminate those who took advantage of the chaos and rebel. The reason why she’s here alone is because her country is currently in recovery and short on people.”

So that’s why her servants I saw before aren’t protecting her. Since her country became like that, no wonder they are short on hands. So, she’s working tirelessly for her country then.

“But why did the Carmilla Faction ask the House of Agares for help? Did you guys have some kind of communications before?”

I just realised that fact and asked her that question. It kind of bugged me regarding the relationship between the Agares-san and the Carmilla Faction. Something along the lines of an unexpected pair, I never thought I’ll meet both of them here.

“Since the ancient times, Agares was known as the devil [To make Deserter Return]. So, wizards of different factions summon the devils of Agares from time to time thinking that’s still true.”

Seekvaria-san explained as such.

Oh~ so it’s to do with what their attribute is and that is passed down onto High Class Devil families. [To make Deserter Return] huh, it’s a peculiar attribute.

“So have you got such power?”

I asked again. Then Seekvaria-san nodded.

“It was said that the first generation had such powers and it was said that he can even control the time somewhat with his power. But currently, we’re focused on the collection of information using our position as Duke.”

First generation… so he’s the person who has put their name on such documents. So, the rumours of his powers reached to even his descendants.

“Can Seekvaria-san control time as well then?”

“Well [Time] is House of Agares’s attribute so such power has been passed down to the people of the house. Although limited, I also have got such powers.”

… Maybe I’ve seen it from the records of Sona-kaichou vs Seekvaria-san’s Rating game but… since it didn’t happen frequently, I can’t really remember. Instead of that, the Dragon battle between Alivian-san and Saji was more memorable. I need to go back and watch the footage again.

---The conversation got side-tracked huh. Well it looks like the House of Agares and the Carmilla Faction are related by information.

We’ve walked for 10 minutes after that but… I’m feeling unsteady now. Even the fog is getting thicker but the mansion is nowhere to be seen.

When I was a kid, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes to get here during the day. Even if it is dark out now, I can see well during the night since I’m a devil. So even with thick fog, I should be able to see the mansion.

Not only that but this fog is… it has some heavy and ominous aura. It probably is a barrier. Using fog as barrier is a common tactic.

Seekvaria-san stopped her foot and looked straight forward.

“…It looks like they’re looking at this direction. Maybe they’re using fog to delay us while setting traps around their hideout?”

Seekvaria-san nodded her head and talked to herself.

“… Maybe they’re trying to escape using this fog?”

I asked Alivian-san.

“That’s impossible. Since this area is under Seekvaira-san’s own barrier. It’s likely that the opponents know this already and placed their own. So all in all, they’ve placed their own barrier inside ours.”

No way! Seekvaira-san already placed a barrier around here! She’s really thorough… she must’ve put them around here to not only prevent the enemy from escaping but also to make sure the outsiders don’t notice if there’s a huge fight.

“So you’ve managed to place the barrier even before the enemy runs away”

Asia said to Seekvaira-san. Then …a small shadow appeared under Seekvaria-san. Looking at it closely… that was Guunndam Gunplaaaaaaaa! Not only that but it moved like it was a living thing!

Seekvaria-san grabbed the Gunpla and said in a showing off voice.

“These guys are supporting my barriers. They don’t take much power to move but since they’re small we can infiltrate without the enemy noticing. Right now, using these little guys, I’ve set them up within a radius of several hundred meters to support the barrier.”

Woah! To use moving Gunpla as a Place-holder for the barrier…!

Alivian-san then added to the conversation.

“Also as reference inside this field… so in the area near us, the flow of time is different to outside. You can say that an hour here is equivalent to a few minutes outside. This is the limited [Time] power that Seekvaria-sama spoke of earlier.”

… So her ability is to create a space and then control the flow of time within them? Hmm, although it’s not attack ability, it’ll come in handy if you use them wisely.

So that means there’re a bunch of Gunplas around this forest and they’re the ones who are holding up the barrier. That’s quite wicked! I wanna control the Gunplas using my powers now!

My eyes shone and I stared at the Gunpla. Just then, Seekvaria-san’s glasses shone and said this.

“Shall I teach you how later?”


Of course, as a fellow comrade with common interest!

She seems awfully happy! I’m just getting played by her tricks! I’ve got a feeling that she’ll ask me to join the Gundam mania fan club later!

While stroking the Gunpla on her hand, she said to Alivian-san.

“Well, it’s fine searching through the forest with the heavy fog around us but it’s bad that we can’t see the destination. Alivian, make the road.”

“Yes, as you wish…”

Bowing towards Seekvaria-san, an immense aura came out of his back! That aura changed its shape, and became a shape of a dragon! The dragon shaped aura opened its wide mouth and forced out a powerful dragon shot!

The shot that Alivian-san’s dragon spread forward quickly got rid of the thick fog around here!

After that, we could see the huge mansion ahead of us! So, Vampires hide their presence like this…

We continued forward towards the mansion and soon reached in front of it. The fences were broken in several places and weren’t doing their jobs well. Even the metal door was half blown off, so it was easy to get into the ground. This place hasn’t changed since I last came here as a child.

The garden was overrun with weeds and the paved road leading toward the front door was also broken in places.

Seekvaria-san stood in front of the mansion and while swiping her long blonde hair out of the way with her hand, shouted confidently.

“The ones who left their master and live to fulfil their own desire, that sin is worth thousands deaths. With the name of Archduke Agares, I will punish you! Show yourself!”

Oh~ as expected, the intimidation coming from Agares towards the stray is intense! I’m getting pumped up as well!

--- Just then an ominous feeling creeped up to all of us. And we can all feel a killing intent near us!

I look towards the direction the killing intent was coming from! Something flashed behind the building! That killing intent was… towards Elmenhilde?!

“Watch out!”

Sprinting towards her, I grabbed and was using my dragon wings as I flew up!

Just then with a loud noise, a beam of light struck where Elmenhilde just was!

… that is, the Power of the Holy Light? I think I remember seeing that kind of power in heaven! Seeing as how the light beam has a shape of a cross, I’m probably correct.

After placing Elmenhilde on the ground, I look towards where the killing intent came from.

“… My…. well done spotting that.”

The caped person who came out of the dark without making any noise was a black haired female. Her eyes were blood red. Most likely that this woman is the [Stray] and the vampire… she’s a seductive onee-sama with a mysterious and voluptuous aura around her but that’s also a trait of vampires!

Not only that but the aura that we can feel from her power was… above a middle-class devil. Since it seems like there’re traps around here, it’s best not to stand easy.

I rapidly increased my power and summoned my Boosted Gear Scalemail.

“Asia, I’ll leave the support to you.”


After trusting Asia at the back, I stepped forward.

The vampire lady then spoke while making a confident smile.

“That attack just now was made with modified tools I got from guys from the church that were after me…”

The lady laughed with a voice filled with mockery. Elmenhilde gazed at that lady with eyes filled with hatred.

So that was an attack with the modified church tool! If a vampire or devil get hit by that, it’s gonna be dangerous.

Flapping her cape, she put her arms wide out.

“This area is filled with my peerage equipped with weapons similar to that! If you guys don’t be careful, it might get dangerous you know?”

Maybe she prepared this while we were lost in that fog? Or maybe she prepared this from the beginning. Well that’s not the important part. But her peerage… so there have already been victims! After turning my second home town like this, I can’t forgive her now!]#

I, who was filled with rage, then noticed the countless number of small shadows (?) that were around d the lady.

Those were… Gundam Gunplaaaaa?! No way! Why are there this many Gunplas here?! Gunplas with weapons are around this mansion!

Observing this, she shouted after realising what is going on here.

“No way you…! You really are doing that?!”

What’s going on now?! I’ve got no clue! A [Stray], traitor of Vampires and… Gunpla?!

Seriously, what’s going on here?! Only part I get right now is that she’s currently controlling the Gunpla with her power like Seekvaira-san!

“Fufufu. That light just now came from the weapons from these Gunplas. Using my very own modification schematics, I’ve modified them all!”

…The female vampire said in a somewhat proud manner. Looking at them more closely, lights were coming out of those weapons!

… N-No way, the light beam was coming from those things?! Using weapons stolen from Exorcist… you modified these Gunplas?! Seriously?!

The vampire lady then took out another Gunpla from her cape. Seeing that, Seekvaira-san couldn’t contain her anger.

“… T-That is. The original Doll Armour [Great Gundam Evil Plan Prototype No.4] that I sent on patrol! You were captured by the enemy!”

The vampire lady then glares at this great gundam… whatever. Oh and FYI Doll Armour is the title given to robots from the Gundam animation!

“… This is made by you huh? Looks like you’re controlling them using your power… to send such ugly contraption on patrol; you’re out of your mind.”

… She’s so angry that she sent Gunpla on patrol…. Wait that’s wrong! She’s also using her Gundam as a weapon!

The vampire lady then can’t contain her anger.

“Why… Why! Why did you put Another Gundam series weapons on the New Universal Century!! This pla-model is from the New Universal Centure! But the flashy rifle and shield with flashy decoration in addition to this back pack with the useless huge wings on it is from Another Gundam! I can’t forgive you!”

The lady then pointed at her own Gunpla.

“A simple yet effective rifle! Humble but practical shield! Backpack without any useless items but only consisting of the Burner and Saber Holder! This is the true Gundam! Unless it’s the New Universal Century, you can’t call others true Doll Armour!”

Hearing that, Seekvaria’san retaliated.

“So you are… New Universal Century fan? And looking at your stare, you seem to distaste Another. There are extreme factions who consider Another Gundam as like their family enemy. So, you’re one of those.”

“If you’re one of those Another clan, then I can understand you. But to mix match the Another and New Universal Century… as long as my eyes stay red I cannot accept that!”

When the vampire shouts filled with rage, Seekvaira-san made an expression filled with sorrow.

“… You poor one…it is because of New Universal Century and Another that the current Gundam exists right now. If you deny the existence of one then the Gundam as we know it right now won’t exist.”

“How come you don’t know that it is because of those weak and diluted sense from those mania from the previous series that it is the reason why they have corrupted the production company and the young viewers?!”

“That’s just their ego.”


… Me, Asia, Alivian-san and Elmenhilde couldn’t do anything but to just look at this scene with confused expression..

… I-I can’t really say anything to this.

… I couldn’t do anything but to grab my hair and just fall onto the ground there.

…My god! In this remote forest in the remote countryside, a Devil and a vampire are fighting over the topic of Gundam of all things!

Just then, Alivian-san enacted a magic circle and nodded his head. Looks like he’s doing something right now..

“It looks like a few villagers are inside that mansion… everyone is just creating Gunpla with dead eyes.”

The vampire lady then made a shrill laugh hearing that.

“Fufufu. These villagers are troops that were selected to create my peerage! I then bring life into the completed ones and I can control them! This is what I truly wanted after leaving my home country and my former master!”

Wait what?! Are you saying that these Gunplas are your peerage?! So, for just that, you betrayed your homeland, became a devil and in the end, you are controlling the villagers and gathered them here?!

No really!” you really dragged the villagers to build you the Gunpla!

After figuring out the current situation, Alivian-san then said.

“So, it seems like the new person living here which the toy store owner referred to must be her. And the things she bought were also Gunplas. And the reason why she bit the target wasn’t to turn them into her peerage but to build her peerage <Gunplas>… seriously I’m lost for words.”

I agree with you! My second home is being threatened by a Gundam otaku(at that a brutal New Universal Century fan)!

Vampire lady shouted rejoicing.

“These humans are nothing more than staffs who build my peerage… nothing more than a tool. Fufufu, after building factories all over the places, I’ll mass produce them. And if I succeed in doing so, I’ve got nothing to worry about that lot from the Carmilla Faction!”

!! So to build your Gunpla… no to build your peerage you’re going to take advantage of these people. Not only is that but to create pla-model weapons based on an exorcist’s tools a dangerous creativity! This must be why she got chased out of her country!

While this was all happening, Elmenhilde had an expression like there was a constant question mark above her head. There’s no way that the pure-blooded vampire princess would understand the Gundam talk. Most likely even what that lady proclaimed as well as the topic of Gunpla will sound mysterious to her.

“… Gundam… it’s something that even the Heiress of House of Agares gets emotional about and something that have tempted such a vampire… what is this? Will I be able to understand it better if I visit that toy store again?”

“Stop! You’ll get sucked in!”

I stopped Elmenhilde there! At this point, to get her hands on one of those is like making a deal with a devil!

“I-I also want to build one of those when I get back home!”

“Not you too, Asia!”

I can’t send our Asia into New Universal Century world as well!

Then the Vampire lady and Seekvaria-san, whose emotions got the better of them, took a battle stance!

“This mansion is a place where I can use an Airbrush without getting any noise complaint! If you bother me, then I’ll destroy you!”

“As Archduke Agares, I cannot let you get away with such evil! And there’s no way that your soul will be able to reach the Gunpla that you haven’t even built yourself!”

In the middle of the night, when the Gundam Gunplas controlled by the power of the Vampire and devil respectively, were having brutal fight…a Gundam aerial battle, meanwhile I focused on Vampire exorcism while being bewildered.

Part 3[edit]

After finishing our job, we walked towards the road at the side of mountain… maybe because this is the first ever Gundam fight, I was still mentally tired from this ordeal…

That vampire lady was defeated after getting hit by our direct attacks and the villagers, who have been freed, returned to their home.

We gave that vampire to Elmenhilde. Using a Devil’s teleportation circle, she took the culprit to her home land. Since she’s a vampire and also a reincarnated devil, she’ll be tried under the Carmilla Faction and the underworld.

“… I left her in the mercy of jurisdiction of the Underworld and my country”

Elmenhilde finally relaxed after finishing her job.

“… She will soon be able to accept all the Gundam in near future…”

Seekvaria-san gave a little tear of remorse while looking at the sky.

… Uuugh, I’m always tired after getting involved with this person…

Just then, Elmenhilde asked me.

“… Sekiryuutei. Why did you save me before?”

I saved her from the attack aimed at her from that Gundam controlled by the vampire lady. So, she’s asking this question because of that.

“Well, it was a reflex action. And also… the feeling of wanting to protect your home… the place you hold dear is the same for humans, devils and vampires right?”


Elmenhilde didn’t reply back to me, neither did she mock my actions. She looks much cuter than she did before.

Elmenhilde put on her hood once again and…

“I thank you for aiding us tonight. I will be sure to repay back this kindness.”

… and she was saying [Good night] while trying to get away from here.

“Wait a second.”

Seekvaira-san stopped Elmenhilde.

“You, don’t you want to know more about Gundam?

Seekvaria-san said such a thing to her! She then pulled something out of a small magic circle… Gundam blu-ray boxset! Then Seekvaira-san handed that to Elmenhilde.

“Start with this one. You need to report this kind of thing to your superiors anyway right? If that’s the case, then you should research on the thing that person wanted to obtain going as far as betraying the country. This is just a research material. Yup only a research material.”

After taking the boxset from her, Elmenhilde could only reply with [T-That’ is so…] and took it with her! Seekvaira-san is trying to make more Gundam fans using this opportunity!

Seeing that scene, Alivian-san said something.

“Well we surely will have more chance to cooperate between Elmenhilde-sama and [DxD]. It’s good to have such a connection at this stage.”

I still think she only want to increase Gundam fans….

W-Well I’ll leave that to the Heiress of Archduke!

Just like that, the [Stray Devil] elimination has cone to conclusion…

… Me and Asia snuck into grandma’s house before our parents woke up but…

“Ara, Ise, Asia. You guys are just coming back.”

Grandma came out of the house suddenly!

“A-Ah, T-This is…!”

“T-That is…!”

We didn’t even prepare any excuses since we didn’t think we’ll get caught! Never thought that grandma would notice us going out in the night!

Grandma took us to the living room… there was a hot meal prepared for us. It was udon with plenty of meat, vegetables and mocha left over from the new year.

“It must have been cold out there right? Come on, have some.”

We thanked her and ate our meal. Maybe we were quite hungry after that ordeal we couldn’t stop eating it.

While looking at my face, Grandma said to me.

“… even before grandma realise, Ise became able to make such manly expressions.”

Then grandma smiled brightly.

… she doesn’t know that I’m a devil now, but I’m sure she can feel that I’ve grown. I’m so happy to hear that. I’m glad I was able to save this place.

… While I was thinking that, grandma touched her lips with her hand and made a cheeky expression.

“… well, since you guys are so young, it’s not impossible to keep doing that for the entire night. So Ise and Asia have that kind of relationship already.”

!!!!! I choked up the noodles that were in my mouth!

Wooooooah! She’s got such a big misunderstanding?! It wasn’t an all-night XXX course with Asia!

Damn it, this perversion is definitely genetic! I want to think that… I’m glad to be born from this family!

That was what I thought during my winter holiday as a second year high schooler.

Extra Life.1 Cross×Crisis[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Inside training room under Hyoudou residence, two weapons crossed their blades.

Wearing training gloves, two people were colliding with each other as if they were dancing.

Sometimes they were slashing from top to bottom, others bottom to top. Time to time they were jabbing at each other.

They were avoiding each other’s attacks by hair's breadth, and powerful attacks narrowly missed their cheeks.

Although their attacks were nullified by each other, both of them smiled.

“You’re not bad!”

“That’s what I should be saying!”

|--- Shidou Irina is currently having practice match against my friend and old comrade Xenovia.

This is not our normal routine, but for some reason we are having one anyway.

I had trouble sleeping tonight so I came over here to the training room, and met Xenovia who was here before me. So in the end we ended up having this practice match.

Xenovia swung her sword and continued.

“We practiced with practice swords back then too!”

“What?! When did you mean?!”

Now that I think about it, Both Xenovia and I sure did have many fights like this. So I don’t know which period she’s talking about.

Xenovia then said while having strength competition by locking her sword against mine.

“I’m talking about first time we did this.”

--- Kuu!

I then remembered back to that event.

Part 2[edit]

It was three years ago.

Back then when I was fourteen, after being blessed with the Holy Sword as a Wielder, for our lord and for the Church, I gave my all as Sword of our God.

The sword that I have received after being blessed is one of seven pieces of Excalibur, Holy Sword of Mimicry … [Excalibur Mimic].

That was very honourable and glorious moment. So not only me and my parents, but also people around me were celebrating of such fact that I was chosen to receive the Holy Sword.

At that time the Church had six out of seven swords, and Vatican, Protestant and Orthodox all had two swords each.

Therefore there are only two Protestant Excalibur wielders. Saying like that, I probably was quite underserving of the fact that I became one of the wielder of such sword.

“You have become Holy Sword user following your father’s footsteps.”

I’ve also heard that many times.

That’s right. My dad is also one of Church members, and was Holy Sword user who has been on many missions before. After moving overseas, thanks to my dad’s influence I’ve gone through rigorous training in order to become a warrior myself.

So when I was chosen to be one I was so happy. After inheriting the [Property of Light] at Blessing Ceremony, I became a person who uses Excalibur and fought enemies of the Church.

When I was about to get used to working as a warrior I was summoned to Vatican.

When I was moving toward the chapel inside Vatican, I had a fateful meeting. I was waiting inside a church when a middle aged male executive appeared next to me and said this.

“Warrior Irina. The reason we have summoned you here is because we’ve got a request for you.”

When I looked at him with doubt, the executive continued.

“We wish that you pair up with a certain warrior.”

Depending on the mission, teaming up with a person from different faction isn’t that rare. Normally warriors from same faction prefers to make up the combo or the team, but depending on the details of the mission, there are lot of cases where teaming up with different faction is necessary.

At that time it was the first time I’ve been combo-ed with Catholic warrior.

I heard that there could be friction between different factions, in order to avoid that I was introduced to the Vatican warrior cautiously.

The person that was brought in by the executive was… a long-haired Bishoujo.

She seems to be of similar age as me, but her eyes and the aura around her were razor sharp.

Just with a glance I could feel that she was someone who can be hard to get along with, she had a atmosphere around her that strangers can’t approach her easily.

The executive introduced her to me and said this.

“Warrior Irina. This person is Warrior Xenovia, who like you became Excalibur user at a young age….”

--- Ku.

As soon as I heard her name, I realised her identity.

I heard a rumour that there was an Excalibur user who like me became the wielder of the Holy Sword at a young age.

Called by [Demon of Destruction], [Decapitating Princess] or [Violence permitted by God].

Warrior Xenovia…

The person that I was introduced to me was a girl who is known as Embodiment of Destruction.

As soon as I’ve realised who I was being introduced to, I was filled with nervousness. I’ve heard nothing but bad rumours about her. Like how person who got combo-ed with her got slashed by her, or how they got nearly destroyed just over a simple argument, or like how they were nearly erased from this world along with devil…

Thanks to all the bad rumours I’ve heard about her, as soon as I’ve identified what this girl in front of me was, I trembled.

This sharp eyed girl silently stared at me, and opened her mouth while raising something toward me…

“Want a banana? Banana’s a good snack. It becomes energy as soon as you eat it.”


While taking banana from her I made dumbfounded expression.

After looking at me and Xenovia the executive nodded his head.

“Hmm, I’m sorry to suggest such thing at people who’ve just met, but we wish that you guys fight each other with your weapons. There’s nothing better than fight to understand each other.”

After being escorted to training hall, Xenovia and I started our fight with training swords.


This girl attacked me from the front. It’s bold, but since she attacked me while identifying my movement, if all I did was to dodge her I would eventually be taken by her attack.

Xenovia back then had same energetic and exciting sword style.

Even a single hit will cause huge damage to me. Even though her opponent was a girl her age, Xenovia didn’t stop her barrage of attacks.

Attack without any hesitation, and from the look of her responding to my movement at once, I could feel chillingly that she had gotten her skill through countless amount of real combats. Its stark difference compared to me who built my skill through training, but even after few combats, still making textbook decisions. She was different to the core.

Keep dodging her attacks, I found a opening spot on her side.


I slashed my sword horizontally toward her side.

However even before my attack hit her, Xenovia grabbed my sword with her free hand.

As soon as my weapon was disarmed, her jab came toward my chest.

“…. Ku!

Just before that attack hit me, I twisted my body to avoid the attack. And in turn I grabbed onto her sword.

“…. ….!”


DX.3 illustration 7.jpg

While holding onto each other’s weapons, we glared at each other from short distance. Will the opponent send a kick toward me, or should I send a kick toward her, or should I head butt her… while we were predicting what the other was thinking of, the voice of executive that was watching this fight rang around the training hall.

“That’s it!”

Hearing that, we relaxed and let go of each other’s swords. While panting, she smiled at me for the first time and requested a hand shake.

“This is the first time finding a person my age that can fight me equal. I’m so happy.”

I still remember her bright smile. She was longing for a girl who had skill equal to hers.

That was the first encounter between me and Xenovia…

Part 3[edit]

“Listen well, Irina. You destroy any evil spirit who doesn’t listen well.”

While saying that, Xenovia slung her weapon, Holy Sword of Destruction—[Excalibur Destruction] on her shoulder.

Few days after the introduction, Xenovia and I got our first mission as Combo. We went to fulfil a mission to exorcise huge amount of evil spirits who were squatting in countryside abandoned house.

Normally they would be ones that ordinary exorcist will have trouble with, but for two Holy Sword wielders it’s a piece of cake.

One thing that I’ve learned about her ever since being in combo with her was that unlike her cool demeanour and endless knowledge in Devils and Evil Spirits, her fighting style is really bold and energetic.

Without holding back, she used the power of Excalibur Destruction wholly.

Before meeting her in person all I heard was terrifying stories of her, so I thought she would have a demeaning look and would be a rude girl, but never would I have thought she would be some girl of similar age as me.

Not only was that she’s cute. So much so that it won’t be surprising if boys our age will fall for her. Because of the aura she has around her, she’ll be popular amongst girls as well.


Covering her sword in cloth, Xenovia fiddled with her hair.

“What’s wrong?”

When I asked her…

“This hair is getting in the way.”

… And complained about her hair. She’s saying that her long hair is getting in the way of the fighting.

Among those who fight on the front lines, there are girls who prefer short hair style. If your hair is too long, there are chances of enemy grabbing on to them, or being used as medium for enchantment and so on, few negatives about it.

“Then you can just tie them together like I do.”

Just like her my hair is quite long. Back when I was living in Japan I liked playing together with this guy outside, so I kept it short. But when my body hit the puberty I started to keep them longer.

So right now I’m keeping it in twin ponytail.

When Xenovia looked at my hair she sighed.

“… If I can tie them well like you can I would, but I’m not really good at that kind of things. Beside even if I tie them like your hair, it won’t look good on me.”

‘Then you can keep it as one ponytail?’

… Is what I was going to say, but I’ve only just met her recently, so I don’t know what might piss her off. So I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Back then I was more worried about this combat suit that revealed quite a lot of skin. Even if they say it’s because it’s easier to move around during battle, I was repulsed at this tight skin body suit.

I mean its obvious right? I’m attending Junior High School. As I was hitting puberty, I was embarrassed of things that revealed my skin a lot. Meanwhile this girl similar age as me, forget about being indifferent, she seems like she didn’t care what so ever.

Stretching, then after praying toward the heaven, she said this.

“Well we finished without any incident. Irina, you hungry?”

Y-Yeah. “

Just like that, the first mission with her has come to a conclusion.

As soon as I got back to the headquarters, I reported my mission to them. But the guy over there was more interested in about Combo between me and Xenovia more than the Evil Spirit.

“… So Warrior Irina… What was it like the mission with Warrior Xenovia?”

The attitude of the executive back then was surely engraved to my memory even till now.

“Ah.. S-So… maybe that she’s got really energetic style to fighting or something…”

When I replied like that, the executive was confused for a second, and coughed dryly.

“Warrior Irina. We hope that you two stay close from now on.”

At that time I didn’t dream that that moment will affect my future… no my whole life.

After I returned from the mission I reported to my superior… Caesar Villiers -sama (Current J of one of Four Seraphs Uriel-sama) and he said.

“Looks like Vatican will like this. Probably saying something like [We’ve finally found someone who can work together with that troublemaker] or something like that.”

For those people at the headquarters, Xenovia is said to be quite troublesome girl. It was said that there was a high probability of conflict between agents in combo or team with her she would give them a bad impression of her. Since she fights using her unique style of combat skills, it’s getting in the way of majority of agents.

Maybe, no most definitely that bold and loose attack style is the reason why she’s getting hated. Using my Mimic, I cover her behind or aim at the enemy by breaking through the front line..

The attribute of Mimic, which changes their blade according to wielder’s will, has seen a great success in this mission.

But Xenovia is a gifted person who has been selected to be the wielder of Holy Sword from a young age. So Church must want to use her as most as possible, so they must have asked me, someone near her age and also fellow Holy Sword user, to be her partner.

My superior Caesar Villiers said this to me.

“There won’t be a problem if they send her on solo mission, but warriors can’t fight like that. There will be a time when they must call a combo or a team.  So at that time what can they do about a troublemaker who needs to be part of a combo or a team? They will need a stopper right? Irina, you have been chosen as that stopper.

That’s right; I was selected as her stopper. Thinking about the future, church is trying to get Xenovia to get used to team work by creating a combo with me.

I wonder if that is an honour or humiliation…

Probably both.

As a believer, fighting for our Lord brings us joy. But since I’ve been picked as her partner… it looks like trouble won’t be stopping any time soon.

Part 4[edit]

It was few months after that incident.

This happened after working on a mission with Xenovia.

After defeating a [Stray Devil] who had escaped to nearby country, we were resting in a hotel nearby.

Xenovia was touching her hair again as if they were getting annoying.

“”Why are you keeping the long hair after all that complaining?

Then I ask…

“Ah yeah, person from same home town as me is kept bothering me and saying that I should be more feminine. So I’m keeping the long hair.”

Xenovia said that while sighing.

That person she just mentioned would be Sister Griselda whom I meet later. That person was strict on her ever since this time. And it looked like Xenovia was running away from her and her lectures all the time.

“…I think you’ll look feminine with short hair though…”

With her looks she’ll look stunning even without long hair.

Xenovia got an old hair brush out from her pockets. It was quite simple for someone her age to carry around. Xenovia spoke while looking at that brush.

“Yeah, I’ve lived a life without knowing anything about ‘beauty’. If I can fight for our Lord then that’s enough to make me happy.”

“That’s same as me, but since you are a girl won’t it be nice to just dress up a little?”

“Will that be needed for mission?”

We are girls. In the future there might be a infiltration mission using our trait as [girls] since there are things only a girl can do.

“Since we’re both girls we might be needed for such missions. But during our personal life won’t it be better to care about things like that?”

When I said that Xenovia tilted her head.

“… it’s hard, this ‘beauty’ thing.”

It looks like her core value is far away from [Beauty].

But at the same time, since she’s so cute it feels like a waste not dressing her up.

And that hasn’t changed even now. High School student Xenovia’s figure is plenty beautiful.

Then when I got back to the hotel and was about to lie down on my bed after showering my sweat away, mission phone rang.

It was a call from my superior.

“Yes, Irina speaking.”

When I spoke, urgent voice tore into my ear drums.

[I realised that you guys have just finished your missions, but there’s something that we wish you to do.]

That was basically a call to ask us for another mission. It’s not rare for us to receive another mission on location.

[There was an incident in Country ‘I’, ‘T’ city that we monitor was ambushed by a vampire and turned the people into undead.]

Vampires… it was a being that us Church regard as one of arch enemy.

Like devils, they are beings who live in the darkness, but unlike Devils who makes contract and receive their reward from humans, Vampires exploit humans. No, it’s not an exaggeration to say they attack humans and suck their blood out.

In the past there were vampires whose influence reached the central power of their motherland.

Normally they would settle at places with lack of human interaction while maintaining their culture, but from time to time those who want to spread their influence in human settlements would appear. This probably is the scenario.

Not only that, they said this incident involves Undead. When humans with low tolerance against vampires get bitten, they become a living corps… an Undead.

Undead then attacks living humans and eat them alive, and then the bitten person becomes an Undead themselves and repeats the cycle. If this happens in densely populated area, number of Undead multiply exponentially.

…. They’re turning people into Undead… I dread how many people turned into Undead…

To resolve this situation, either Exorcist has to deal with this Undead, or the origin of Undead, Vampire must be killed.

[Three agents who have been deployed to resolve this situation have all martyred.]


I lost my words there. For three agents from Church to be killed off, this must be High level vampire, one of Pure-Blood ones.

Vampires belongs one of more advanced species in redeem of Evil Beings. For one of those to be Pure-Blood… the enemy won’t be easy to defeat.

[Only agents near that village who are A class or above are only you two. Won’t you please handle this situation? The target who has been attacked by the agents is already taking offensive stance… the location must be filled with villagers who have been turned into Undead by now.]


Closing my eyes, I gathered my breath and replied [Yes].

Looking at me, Xenovia already was packing her stuffs.

“Irina, what’s our mission now?”

“Xenovia, that’s…”

I told her the information that I’ve received just now.

“Well let’s go and see what we can do. It’ll be important to kill the vampire before damage gets out of control.”

She took the mission just like that, to reply I nodded my head.

“Xenovia and I will take care of things there. However, who is this vampire that we’ll be targeting?”

When I asked my superior, he replied back with even more concerned voice.

[… It looks like it’s a vampire from House of Manthar. From what we have gathers it looks like that vampire has entered that village after being exiled by his faction.]


I’ve heard of that name before. They are one of clans who belong of one of two Factions, [Tepes Faction]

As I expected, it looks like our opponent is Pure-Blood vampire.

This is the first time getting such an important mission like this after becoming Excalibur user… this is the first S-class mission that we’ve received after becoming a combo.

… For fourteen year old girls, won’t this be bit too much?

No, as people who have been chosen as Excalibur users, it’s a mission that we must carry out. Xenovia and I are young, but we aren’t going to decline our mission.

After finishing our preparations, we headed out.

The place we headed for was a countryside of a certain country. It was quiet place far away from any major city, and place filled with Wheat farm.

Although thanks to the Church many villagers have been evacuated, but we’ve also heard that many people have been sacrificed already.

This happened right after we’ve entered the village.

I felt an uncomfortable gaze all over my body, not only that, a thick fog filled the entire village instantly, I couldn’t see anything in front of me. This village under the dark has turned into totally unnatural ground.

… I’ve trained to be aware of my surroundings only with presences around me, and since I’ve trained to be able to move around in pitch dark, if this was a normal mission it wouldn’t have been a problem.

But this is a totally different case… Thick, humid and dense fog nulled my senses. Most likely that the Vampire was the one who created this fog, since controlling the fog is their speciality. For them this is their version of barrier and sensing ability.

Basically as soon as we’ve stepped into this land, our presence was known to the enemy. So there’s no need to hide from them.

This fog is also acting as barrier against their weakness, sunlight. It’s already an evening, but it’s still being used for sun block.

On top of that… smell of corpses was everywhere. Smell of rotting body hit my nose sharply.

While blocking my nose with my robe, I walked forward with Xenovia.

… Xenovia next to me was acting as if nothing is happening. She didn’t even block her nose.

She must be used to this smell. That shows how many hells she must have endured.

Xenovia then suddenly narrowed her eyes while staring at the fog in front of her.

“… They’re here.”

While saying that she took the cloth off form her sword.


Low and ominous noise were heard, and then a groan was heard over the fog.

And the thing that showed over the fog was… turned villagers. Blood was coming out from every part of their bodies, and flesh was missing from several parts of their bodies. And while dragging their intestines that are spewing out from their torn torso, they headed toward the living people.

These people have already met their end of life as human being. All they are now are beings hungry for living being’s flesh, and in order to get out from such thirst and hunger they will wonder around forever.

Without hesitation, Xenovia slashed the nearest Undead into two pieces.

The villager who has been slashed in half quickly turned into ash. The holy power of Excalibur has ultimate effect on Dark beings. Excalibur is like worst enemy against these beings.

Looking at the walking corps coming at me, I prepared myself.

“… I need to cut them down.”

… but while holding onto my sword, I still had doubt in my heart.

The reason was simple. I’ve been on many missions, but I have never slain other human… or undead for that matter.

If it was Evil Spirits or [Stray Devil] who have given pain and suffering to other people, then I have slain many of them.

But if the enemy is human, or being that used to be a human… this was the first time.

“You’ve never slain other human?”

Xenovia said that after looking at me who was still hesitant. Hearing that I realised that she had experience in this.


I’ve never killed a human… but if I’m living as a warrior then there will come a time where I will have to do so. As soon as being appointed as one, you will need to be prepared for that time.

Even then… at that time I was hesitant and scared of slaying humans.

End of my sword shook as my hands trembled.

Xenovia, who was eyeing me with side of her eyes while slaying undead villagers and a step forward.

“Is that so. Then you can watch my back, I’ll kill these!”

Without hesitation Xenovia swung her sword towards the Undead.

People who have become the undead instantly got destroyed and turned into ash.

… Meanwhile all I could do was kick or push the Undead.

… I’m so pathetic.

I was shocked at my own lack of resolve. Here I thought I gave everything up for the Lord, but it looks like I haven’t become a true warrior yet.

On the contrast the girl next to me who is fighting bravely was… she is the true Sword of the Lord. She is the true warrior of the Church.

And at that same instance, I felt fear. Fear from Xenovia.

To me that girl who had no hesitation what so ever at slaying what used to be a human… didn’t look like a human to me at that time.

After slaying the villagers who had turned into the Undead for a while, we have reached the village’s government centre that we’ve already heard from the mission brief.

According to information squad from the Church, they have noticed extra strong Dark aura from there.

The Vampire must be in that building.


Slaying the Undead, Xenovia made a path for us.

Breaking the glass door of the Hall building, we quickly blocked the door with chairs and table.

This was to make sure Undead aren’t coming in anymore.

After blocking everything, we searched the building.

… Light didn’t come on after switching it on, looks like electricity was cut.

Then this happened when we reached the second floor.

Someone’s voice boomed inside the building.

[Hmm, dogs of the church huh… look like those idiots sent the Holy Swords over, but for those to be these brats…]

With that voice we detected a dark aura. Every pores of our body froze, and then cold sweat came out. We’ve realised just with that sensation that our enemy is incredibly strong.

“You’ll be regretting if you go easy thinking we’re just brats.”

I bluffed toward the invisible enemy.

“Be willing and accept your fate, Vampire.”

Xenovia next to me was calm. Unlike me who just bluffing, she just said that naturally.

Just then, mocking laughter was heard.

[Kekeke… looks like it wasn’t enough to be exiled from my country, to hear that kind of things from brats with Holy Swords…]

Then fog cumulated into one place, and created a form of a man.

A man in attire that looks similar to ones from noble man of middle ages appeared. He even wore a cape.

Our opponent had neat appearance. No it won’t be weird to call him beautiful. He had such doll like features.

We didn’t feel any life inside of him. Just like a dead person his face was all white, and drew dark aura all over his body.

That man stared at us with his scarlet eyes.

[Being dogs from the Church, you guys must be virgins? Looks like tonight’s feast will be made from virgin’s blood and flesh.]

Vampire made a creepy smile on his face; he turned part of his body into a spider and attacked us!

Xenovia and I tried to attack the spider with our swords, but as soon as we lifted our arms the spider spewed out its web!

We dashed backward and avoided the black spider web. But I tripped over something that was on the hallway; I lost my balance and had to kneel down on one knee.

Spider web covered the building’s entire corridor. As soon as it touched the floor, everything melted around it. It looks like the web will dissolve anything it touches.

… There’s no way we can survive after getting hit by that.


Shouting that, the vampire disappeared into the hallway.

“You alright?”

Xenovia reached her hand towards me but…

“….. Ku!

I dodged her hand. It was because of fear I felt from her moment ago.

Noticing from my reaction, Xenovia retracted her hand.

I stood up without saying anything else. In an instant there was awkward atmosphere between us two, but we didn’t have luxury to just wait around here all day. We then chased after the disappeared vampire.

“Stop right there!”

We slashed the spider in half, we chased after the vampire.

From corner of the hallway, not only spiders, but giant centipede and bats also appeared.

Vampires can either breed insects and bats, or they can change part of their bodies into them.

Every animal/plants they handle have grotesque form, and their natural instinct is fundamentally different from normal beings. So we can destroy them easily with our holy swords but…

Countless number of monsters came out all over the place!

Xenovia destroyed many monsters with one sweep with her Excalibur Destruction, and I changed my Excalibur Mimic into a thin whip and swung around it everywhere. The Excalibur that turned into a whip killed many monsters in one go.

The place that we’ve reached after running through the second floor hallway was… double door entrance.

Most likely a place where they have some kind of meeting or huge events, wide interior had podium at the front, and benches were neatly arranged in a row.

Few blueish flames appeared at the podium, and then the vampire man appeared. He had this irritating smile on his face.

[You guys aren’t that bad, dogs of the Church. So you guys are true wielders of Holy Swords at such young age huh.]

That man flung his cape, and called countless number of his monsters over.

… Protracted tactic huh. Looks like the opponent is trying to call all of his monsters until we get tired and no longer can fight.

Well all in fairness, we are holding the most dangerous weapon against vampires. There is no vampire that exists that does not fear Holy Swords.

So in order to take us out without touching these swords, he brought many of his minions here.

Also the vampire will be better at such tactic compared to us too.

… If we don’t hit that vampire at least once soon, we won’t be able to last long.

Just then when I was about to discuss with Xenovia on how we should tackle this…

She had her eyes wide open and was looking behind us… is there something behind my back?


She suddenly pulled my hand. She was pulling my hand away from the source of presence by the time I finally noticed it.

The spot that I was at just a second ago was covered in spider web and floor was melted down. Even without me noticing it, our back was compromised… if I stayed there for a second longer there won’t be even a piece of bone left of me.

Xenovia slashed the spider in half, and pulled me to back of the bench to hide.

Hiding our presence as much as possible, we hid our bodies.

Xenovia was looking around from back of the bench.

Then I had to ask her.

“… Why did you save me there?”

I rejected her hand just before.

In short, I rejected Xenovia. But Xenovia saved the life of such a partner.

Xenovia said in unassuming  tone.

“Hmm? That’s not much of importance right now. Right now we need to think how we can kill that thing… Irina, you too…”

While repressing all the emotions with my might, I replied to her.

“I.. thought you were scary…! That people who slays human who have turned into undead are scary. That you aren’t human like I am! But why did you save me….? You noticed what I was thinking from my actions right? If so, why did you save me in the first place?!”

She must have been shocked, she must have felt sorrow, and she must have thought she can’t forgive me.

I… hate myself. I hate myself for avoiding her. I can’t forgive myself.

Even when I thought her as my partner, I avoided her. She didn’t have to save me back there. She could have easily left me to die, but why did she go out and save me?

Her eyes were wide open and she was clearly shocked…. And scratched her cheeks and acted awkwardly.


After a long silence, she replied.

“… You are the only person my age… that talked to me. So I was happy…”


After hearing that, I couldn’t say anything back.

Xenovia, who always had a stoic expression, smiled and continued.

“You can hate me; I’m used to being hated. You thought that it’s scary how I killed human right? It’s alright. I… only think of this as something I must do as Lord’s sword.”

“Why…? Why are you going that far…?”

After hearing what I said, Xenovia narrowed her eyes and looked at her sword.

“… Only talent I’ve got is just swinging this thing. I’m useless except for handling the Holy Sword. I’m sorry, Irina. Even though I’m like this… I…. ”

She then looked at my eyes.

“I thought of you as my first comrade.”



I completely lost anything to say. She… thought of me as her comrade. That’s why she rescued me. Although she was being rejected, she rescued me.

She nodded her head, and she ran out there.

”So I’m so sorry! If nothing else, I’ll “

… Why is she apologising?

The person in the wrong is me, who rejected Xenovia. Back then, the person who should have killed the villagers who have turned into undead was supposed to be me. Person who stepped into the battlefield without even proper determination is me. Person who regarded being a warrior to be a high achievement, even though not being able to be resolved was also me.

… Why are you apologising to me? You’ve done nothing wrong…!

After blasting vampire’s monsters away, she finally got near to the vampire himself.

But even before the sword hit his body, he turned into a fog and disappeared.

That fog surrounded Xenovia, and easily dodged her sword.

And as soon as she created an opening, the fog materialised into vampire behind her.

The vampire grabbed her long hair, then pinned her so she couldn’t move an inch!

This is bad! These vampires are stronger than normal human, so it’s hard to get out of their grip!

Grabbing Xenovia, vampire laughed.

[Haha you dogs! You guys thought you guys can win against pure blood! Hahahaha! Even if you are Holy Sword users, you guys can’t win against me by force!]

Although she was caught by vampire, Xenovia was still defiant.

“… Hmmp, as a vampire who has been exiled from your country, you boast that you’re a Pure-Blood when you can’t even survive without abusing a simple human village…? Don’t joke around!”

Hearing that, Vampire’s face was filled with rage.

[… Damn dog, your mouth is will running wild…!]

Baring his fangs, he looked at Xenovia’s neck.

At this rate, she’s going to get her blood suck!

I… launched myself toward them!


While shouting her name, I changed my Mimic into a whip and slashed towards the vampire!

The vampire dodged the attack at the last minute, but he lost his balance for a bit and let go of Xenovia.

After being freed, she retreated next to me and fixed her posture.

She then asked me.

“Why did you help me? I’m… scary right?”

When she said that in a lonely tone, I forced a smile and shouted at her.

“I am… a warrior and user of the Holy Sword Excalibur…! You are my comrade…! So I can’t show you my stupid weak side!”

When I made such pathetic proclamation, she made dumbfounded expression, but quickly smiled a little

“… Is that so.”

After having such conversation, we fixed our attention and faced the vampire.

After charging at him, we split from left and right.

Xenovia swung her Excalibur Destruction towards the vampire, but the vampire easily dodged the attack. Just then, as if it had its own will, Excalibur Mimic twisted its body and spewed forward to pierce the enemy.

At the same time Xenovia swung her sword horizontally!

Finally sword scratched the vampire’s chest!

As the power of the sword is passed through the wound, smoke appeared from the area.

Looks like he’s taken some damage, his expression has darkened. But even when he was in pain, he managed a creepy smile.

[… Hmm, as expected it’s harder than I thought with two enemies…. However your power and skills are still lacking! Lacking I said!]

And he was correct. Our opponent has already identified our attack’s range and skills. At this rate he will try to use his minions from far away and cause another long distance attack.

As I thought before, as soon as we get into protracted warfare it’s all over. There no way that us, human, can beat vampire against such tactic.

The opponent is someone who has been said to have lived forever…

After hearing his words, Xenovia had confident smile on her face.

“Really? Then shall I let you taste that ‘power’ you want?”

Saying that, she held her right hand.

And then she chanted…

“Saint Peter. Saint Basil the Great. Saint Denis. Holy-Mother Mary. Please hear my voice.”

Area in front of her then warped around, and someone appeared form there. The object that appeared from the area was… single huge sword.


She then shouted holding the sword that was releasing holy aura everywhere.

“…. Durandal!”

Both the vampire and I were in shock.

[…!! D-Durandal?! N-No way! You can use such a thing?!]

No wonder he’s so surprised.

Durandal… it’s one of the legendary swords the Church is keeping right now. Just like Excalibur, it’s got enormous power.

…. And Xenovia just summoned such a sword!

Xenovia said while holding on to such sword that was emitting aggressive aura.

“I was originally selected as user of Durandal, and I got Excalibur as a side. Now, I shall let you taste that power I was lacking with this. This thing is much more dangerous and nastier than the Excalibur Destruction, whatever your blood is, it probably will kill you in one go?”

Even while she was saying that, the killing aura from the Durandal was destroying floor, ceiling, benches, whatever that were near her.

A sword that even I, who has been chosen as Excalibur user, can’t go near. She was just holding it there.

… So she was chosen for Durandal. That means she must have gone through even more hell than I would have.

She is… a genius who leaps myself ten folds.

Feeling the wave that Durandal was emitting, vampire’s face turned into fear itself.

[T-This brat is… User of Durandal?! T-This God’s dogggggg!]

Vampire summoned countless bats and spiders from his body, but holding onto her Durandal, Xenovia didn’t cowered.

“This is my only talent. Look closely.”

The strong aura that emitted from her swing filled the entire room!

Bright light filled my sight. After getting hit by its holy presence, vampire’s body slowly turned into ash.

[… I-I’ve been… I, who am a pure blood, have been…]

After not being able to accept his defeat, vampire sniggered.

[Kekeke… so the [Blood] of the past have come to present time and chosen that Mix-Breed… Both my own house and Carmilla Faction… Kekeke, turn to ruin without even realising what has hit them… By… the power of those Mix-Breeds…! Kahahahahahahaha!]

Laughing like a mad man, vampire dissolved into dust.

That was the final word of the vampire…

Part 5

“Ah~ that did happen.”

Finishing our training, we were sitting down on the training room floor and were reminiscing the past.

“That place was blown into pieces thanks to Durandal’s power.”

That’s right. The area around the building was destroyed thanks to the power released by Durandal. She’s done something fitting of her nickname [Demon of Desturction]

Back then Xenovia couldn’t use her Durandal freely like she does now, so the amount of holy power that was released when she used the sword was unbelievable.

So unless there was an order from above, she never took Durandal out.

In the end, we have defeated the vampire, but because she released the Durandal without any order she said she got done in by the superiors. It seems like she was also lectured in length by Sister Griselda.

Xenovia scowled her eyebrows and told me what happened back then.

“Well, after that incident the number of times we were combo-ed increased.”

I said as such. It seems like that the superiors thought I could surpriess Xenovia, in every mission that Xenovia was going; I was chosen as her partner.

And that continued until now, and in the end we became best friends.

“Sister Griselda was seriously mad at me back then.”

While making bitter smile, she touched the area of her hair where she dyed it green.

Actually there isn’t a footnote of sort to that story.

A while after that mission, I was shocked at the Xenovia’s look after long time of absence.

“… X-Xenovia, you…”

I noticed her hair style has changed.

She cut her hair short.

“Remember I was in danger thanks to getting caught by that vampire? Yeah I don’t think long hair sutis me well.”

Well her hair was caught back then but… the more concerning part was her partially dyed hair.

“Ah, I tried partially dying my hair green. What do you think? It’s cool right?”

Looks like Xenovia tried her best at this fashion thing. When she asked me…


… I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Why did you dye your hair? Not only that, you’ve dyed your hair partially.”

Finind her sense of fashion so hilarious, I couldn’t help but laugh loudly even knowing that it’s rude.

Kuuu! I’ve done this after thinking about it for a long time! Damn you’re so rude!”

She pouted and displayed her annoyance.

“Don’t be angry! I think it suits you well!”

I said such, but she continued to be angry for quite a while.

“Weather or not it suits me, I’m gonna go with this style! You hear me!”

Chasing after her, I kept apologising saying [I’m sorry, so cheer up!]

After that she showed me various expressions and emotions.

That’s right, she’s girl of my age. She laughs, and she also gets angry.

Hey Xenovia. We’ll be best friends forever right?

Extra Life.2 Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was end of March, after our End-of-the-year assembly.

As soon as the ceremony finished, the new ORC members went straight home and packed our bags for the holiday trip.

Yup that’s right, we’re going on Rias and Akeno-san’s graduation trip we talked about before!

Not only that! This plan involved going on a trip from all the way up in Hokkaido to Okinawa to the south using all the time we’ve got using our Spring Break! Everyone was so pumped about this trip as soon as we heard the details!

Well that’s to be expected. From end of last year to until recently, we’ve been in battle after battle both our body and mind are tired. We’ve decided that we should use this opportunity to go and heal our tired bodies and minds as a healing trip, so there’s no surprised that everyone would be so excited!

Being in graduation classes, Rias and Akeno-san had begun their break early, so after finishing their preparations early, they sat in the living room, drinking tea casually.

“So our holiday finally starts tomorrow. Has everyone finished their preparation?”

Rias asked everyone in the living room.

“”Of Course!””

Everyone replied in unison! Wow the energy in here is off the roof!

“I’m excited!”

“Same here.”

“I want to go now!”

Firstly Asia, Xenovia and Irina finished their packing last night. There’s no way Asia, who is always utmost meticulous, will be careless with preparation, and Xenovia and Irina both had a habit from being warriors (they both travelled a lot back then) so they were used to packing.

“… Local specialities, savouries… Meat, snacks, fish. The first destination Hokkaido is famous for their crabs, fermented fish roe…”

Koneko also finished her preparation, and currently is focused on [Must visit restaurants] guide book.

“I need to prepare my mind as group’s supervisor… hm hm.”

Rossweisse-san also finished her preparation and was reading a tour guide as well.

Kuroka looked at the book Koneko was reading from the side.

“Ufufu♪ We’ll join after finishing things with Vali-nyaa.”

Kuroka and Le Fay both decided to join, but due to their prior arrangements they’ll be joining on a later date.

Le Fay lowered her head toward Rias.

“Thank you very much for letting us join in the trip.”

When Le Fay gave her thanks, Rias replied brightly saying [There’s no need. Don’t worry about it.]

Kiba, Gasper, Valerie and Tosca-chan were all here as well. This time Valerie and Tosca-chan decided to join as well.

“Ufufu. I’m looking forward to this so much.”

“To go on a trip around Japan, this is like a dream.”

Valerie and Tosca-chan have never been outside of Kuoh area, so they seems to be super excited about this. Both aren’t used to Japan, but everyone decided to help out with Kiba and Gasper as their primary guardian.

“We’ve been to a lot of places, but we haven’t been to a place as a holiday a lot.”

Kiba said so.

Ah~ thinking about that we’ve been to a lot of places to fight our enemies, but we’ve never actually went on a trip with everyone.

Gasper then said in a bright voice.

“That’s why I’m really looking forward to this trip where everyone’s joining!”

Yeah so am I!

I put my hand on their shoulders.

“Right! Us three Males of Gremory! Let’s enjoy this trip to the fullest!”

If some kind of event that unites us three Males of Gremory were to happen then it’ll be one hell of a trip!Looking at bishoujos around the area we visit won’t be bad either! Actually, no. it’ll be amazing if we can do that!

“We’re also celebrating Ise-kun’s promotion to High-Class Devil so it’ll be exciting.” That Kiba! He’s saying something I can agree! Seriously even I wanna treat myself for the promotion! I think I’m gonna treat myself big and get expensive and luxurious stuff during the trip! One thing I’m worried about… is Ophis and Lilith. Two Dragon-god-chan (-Sama?) are fine if we look after them, but when we’re traveling like this we haven’t got a clue of what to do.

There’s no way we can let them go out easily.

Just then, a handy and reliable helper opened her mouth.

“Do not worry, I will be looking after your house with Phis-sama while you guys are on holiday!”

Kunou said something so reliable. Kunou, who is starting her primary school at Kuoh academy from April, is already preparing for her homestay since this spring and nearly always shows her face in my house every day.

And she just said that she’ll look after these two instead of us for a while.

“Thanks Kunou. We’ll leave those two in your care.”

When I told her that, she puffed her chest and said [Leave it to me] enthusiastically.

“I will help you with Kyoto once your group gets there so wait for me!”

As Kunou has said, we’ll be stopping by Kyoto during our trip. And Kunou said she’ll be our tour guide during our time there.

I said while looking at Ophis and Lilith.

“We’re sorry you guys can’t come with us so we’ll leave the house to you guys. Don’t worry we’ll bring lots of gifts.”

Ophis and Lilith opened tour speciality catalogue and pointed at everything they wanted.


“Fermented Roe.”

…… Looks like Dragon-gods were entranced by human world food.

I patted their heads.

“Yeah sure.”

Well most likely everyone’s going to buy thing for these two, so if we add them all up it’s gonna be quite a lot of gifts. It’s thanks to those two that we’ve won against !

“I’ve finished Ise-sama’s schedule.”

…When we were excited about our trip, Ravel appeared in the living room. After becoming part of my peerage she’s been managing my schedule more tightly than before. She also worked out the schedule around our trip this time.

Well, since I, [Chichiyuutei], became a High-class Devil so not only from Devil side, but from all over the different factions are contacting me. So my pride and joy [Bishop] Ravel is working out the schedule for me! At this rate I won’t be able to lift my head up against Ravel.

Ravel spoke to everyone.

“I’ve cleared Ise-sama’s schedule, so there won’t be any important request during the trip. Now I can enjoy this as well.”

Saying that, Ravel made a huge bright smile!

Grrrrrreat! With this, I can fully enjoy my holiday now!

“By the way, after the trip.”

Then Ravel caught herself in the middle of something. Yeah, after the Graduation trip my peerage (Me, Asia, Xenovia, Ravel, Rossweisse-san) + Irina have something that we’re keeping secret from Rias and others.

Ravel quickly changed the subject.

“…. Ahem. Actually, I heard that some strange unidentified cosplay gang have been causing nuisance all around Japan, so it seems like it’s best to keep alert.”

“Unidentified cosplay gang?”

When I asked, Rossweisse-san remembered something.

“Ah. That’s been gaining attraction on the net. I heard that there are some strange people who are causing trouble around the tourist or the people living in the tourist area.”

Someone then searched for an article on their tablet, and when we found one… it had a picture of people wearing some kind of animal costume, more like a cosplay, who were causing trouble toward people at some village.

They were making claim against some shops, or violently shaking vending machines, or even stealing money from a kid, they’re doing some juvenile things…

“W-Well. Let’s be careful anyway.”

When I said that, everyone else nodded their head in confusion.

With dry cough, Rias grabbed our attention.

“Then let’s do final check before the trip. Everyone take your trip itinerary out.”


Everyone raised their fist and shouted in unison . In our hand were our itinerary (Church trio made them for us)! Looks like everyone forgot about those costume people thanks to being excited about the trip.

“As per schedule let’s look around Hokkaido first. The first day is individual…”

Like that we started our final check led by Rias…

Meanwhile when Ise’s group were making final adjustments…

On an unhabituated island off the coast of Japan where their secret base… their hideout is located.

Inside the hall furthest in the base, there stood combatant dressed top to bottom in black.

Standing in straight line, they were all looking at the podium at the front of the room.

On the podium was intimidatingly decorated chair, and on that chair sat a person with immense force. The person who’s sitting on the chair is elderly looking male wearing a helmet resembling a dragon… the leader of this organisation Kaiser Vortex.

Next to the leader were executives wearing masks and capes.

Kaiser Vortex… the leader looked around the members with sharp gaze and triumphally shouted.

“The prominent figure of the criminal organisation [Khaos Brigade] has finally been toppled.”

When he shouted that, one of the executive stepped forward.

“Both the factions has collapsed, and the following Qlippoth has also been destroyed after death of their leader.”

They knew about the existence of [Khaos Brigade] who were causing terrorism around Mythological world.

Not only that they have somehow received the information about the collapse of Khaos Brigade.

Kaiser snickered.

“Fu. They were just another newcomers at the scene. With their lacking history they lacked unity.”

Hearing that, everyone laughed darkly.

Opening his eyes wide, Kaiser stood energetically from his chair.

“Listen carefully you all! Finally, time has come for our secret society… [Vortex Bunch] to dominate this world!”

When Kaiser shouted that, everyone raised their hands making V shape and shouted in unison.


Their voice filled the room corner to corner.

The name of this evil secret society, [Vortex Bunch]. The shape that the members were making were also initial of [Vortex Bunch]’s [V].

This organisation was top tier organisation that was formed by Kaiser and his most evil henchmen.

Their members were demons, criminals, humans with supernatural powers, wide variety of personnel were gathered. Between them were beings…monsters that Kaiser had modified himself….

Suddenly everyone all started to bad mouth about [Khaos Brigade].

“Fufufu. It made no sense that those idiots at [Khaos Brigade], who obviously and shamelessly copied us [Vortex Bunch], should be parading around like that.”

“For idiots to go around and to disappear after only a year. They are second, no third rate organisation hahaha.”

Everyone there agreed with those sentiments.

“”Of course!””

“We’re the first one to start all this!”

“What’s up with their [Khaos]! It’s obviously copying our [Vortex]!”

And there are good reasons why they were annoyed with them.

This organisation was founded around 50 years ago, and since their inception they’ve been causing numerous troubles around the world in secret. It’ll be annoying if they got attention of ICPO so they’ve been careful about their works.

After a long time, when they finally got enough combatants to take entire Japan over, thanks to sudden rise of [Khaos Brigade] they missed their chance.

Not only that their name is very similar in kanji.

Time after time, their work has been attributed to their nemesis, and [Khaos Brigade]’s work has been falsely accused to them. They were always falsely accused and were always one drawing the short straw.

…… Every member here was cursing [Khaos Brigade] every day.

And as if their curse got answered by the heaven, few days ago [Khaos Brigade] had collapsed.

Now everyone here thought to themselves that it’s finally their time to shine.

Kaiser announced to everyone.

“And now us [Vortex Bunch] will commence our Japan takeover with full force. By throwing this country into a chaos, we will aim for world domination! For now, we will start with conquest of the north, Hokkaido!”

Kaiser raised his hand and clenches it into a fist. Behind Kaiser was a flag with ominous spiral.

“And one day… we will make this place a true hell.”

When Kaiser announced that with booming voice, everyone once again made V sign with their hand and shouted…


… And thus, combined all their minds into one.

With spark in his eyes, Kaiser called upon a name.

“Monster Salmon. Come forth.”

From between the combatants, the monster appeared.

“Saaaaalmon! You called me, Leader Kaiser Vortex! Leave the first step to world domination, Attack on Hokkaido to me the king of all Salmon… [Limit-Over Salmon] Salmon-King!”

The monster that appeared was fish-(salmon) head humanoid monster. On his hand was a harpoon and he wore a crown on his head.

When the Salmon-King appeared, murmur went around the combatants.

“To call King Salmon-sama… ah no he hates that name… to call Salmon-King-sama from the beginning… Kaiser is really going all in to this plan.”

“Yeah, normally salmons go back to the river they are born from after 6 years, but Salmon-King-sama is said to fight that instinct and has been swimming in the ocean for 30 years. And earning respect from the Kaiser, he’s a dangerous aquatic monster born from that.”

“This person is someone who easily calls a salmon that goes for more than ¥1,000,000 [A trash who lost to their instinct] …such a scary person…”

While everyone was talking about how scary the Salmon-King was, Kaiser gave him an order.

“Then King S… no Salmon-King. I will leave the attack on Hokkaido to you! Send that land into a chaos!”

Kneeling down, Salmon-King announced.

“Yes! I Salmon King, will complete Kaiser-sama’s order!”

Then standing up, he made V sign with his hand.



Rest of the members followed him.

While Ise’s group were checking for their trip, a mysterious group started to make their move…

Part 2[edit]

Noon on the day after… I, Hyoudou Issei, have arrived at Hokkaido’s New Chitose airport!


Ahhhhh, I can feel the cold air as soon as we arrived at the airport! As expected, it’s end of March but it’s still freezing here! But maybe because it’s our first time here, this coldness still feels good!

We’ve decided to take the plane to our first destination. But we’re using teleportation circle when we go to other regions though.

It was decided to take the plane first at Rias’s request, and rest of us agreed as well.

Firstly we’ve decided to separate from airport. We’ll visit places that we want to first, then we’ll meet up back at the hotel in Sapporo that we’ve booked.

Not only that we’ll be staying two days in Hokkaido.

“I’m thinking of going to Hakodate’s Goryokaku that’s related to Shinsengumi. Tosca said she want to come with me.”

Looks like that’s Kiba’s plan tomorrow. And like him, everyone will be traveling freely around during the trip.

… Then Xenovia took a key out from her pocket. And while spinning her keys around on her finger, she bragged.

“Fufufu., I’m gonna ride this baby around here.”

I noticed that thing straight away!

“That’s your bike key!”

She nodded.

“Yeah actually I got my license, and I bought myself a bike with money I earned doing my job. I’m gonna bring it using magic circle and ride it around this wide Hokkaido road.”

Really?! That Xenovia, she’s has been muttering about getting mid-vehicle  license, when did she even apply?! Thinking back, she said she wanted a bike as well!

Woah~ I’m jealous. I want one too!

“And I’m going to ride behind her later.”

And Irina said making peace sign! Damn it! I want to ride it too!

Rias smiled saying [Maybe Ise should get a license too] and took a car key from her pocket as well.

“I also got my license so I’m going to summon my car to drive around later. Actually, I wanted to ride my car on this wide road as well.”

I heard that she got her license before. Getting interested in getting license, she went to driving school both in underworld and human world.

“Ufufu. Actually, I also got mine as well. This is a good chance so I should also drive my car.”

Ah Akeno-san also got her license along with Rias. Feels like people around me are all getting their licenses.

Timidly raising her hand, Rossweisse-san also said something.

“I’m also thinking of driving with rental car.”

Ohh, so she’s gonna drive through Hokkaido as well! Looks like those who got their license want to race through Hokkaido’s road.

Rias then said to me.

“Ise. Let’s go on drive date later. I’ll drive.”

Oh, Rias gave me such an offer! I also want to look around Hokkaido while sitting in a car, they did say it’s hard to travel and enjoy Hokkaido without one.

I was going to accept her offer… but quickly got denied.


Rossweisse-san flushed her face and boldly raised her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

When Rias asked, Rossweisse-san spoke with all the courage she had.

“I-I also want to go drive date with Ise-san!”

Ku! Rossweisse-san offered a drive date to me. I’m really happy but… Rias, who gave me her offer first, smiled and looked at me.

“Ara, so bold. Expected this much from my peerage. Ufufu, then let’s decide using rock paper scissor. Winner takes Ise on a drive date, but you have to give him up for loser next time. This is just for deciding on the order, understood?”

“Of course!”

Rossweisse-san nodded her head! And the result was…

“—T-Then Ise-gun… L-Letts go ‘ave our drive date.” [8]

Rossweisse-san! She’s even using accent to ask me out!

“Ah, yes. Let’s go.”

Just like that my first day became a drive date around Hokkaido.

I rode on Rias and Akeno-san’s car part way, but since everyone wanted to go somewhere different we eventually split up. They’re using Rias and Akeno-san’s car to go to where each person wants.

The person whose destination was same as me and Rossweisse-san was Xenovia on her bike.  With Irina behind her she was riding her bike across wide, empty road of Hokkaido.

“That Xenovia is speeding quite a bit.”

Wearing tight rider suit and full-cover helmet, Xenovia was riding blue Racer-replica bike. Damn that fits really well on her! If she starts using durandal while riding that, she’ll look so cool!

Rossweisse-san, who is driving the car, then commented on her.

“She must be having so much fun since she’s able to ride that brand new bike on wide Hokkaido road. But she really is speeding quite a bit! I’ll have to give her a lecture as a guardian later!”

Ah, looks like her teacher-mode is being turned on.. but suddenly Rossweisse-san apologised to me.

“Ah, I’m sorry that I’m being too cautious. It’s not that thrilling right?”

“No, don’t worry about it. I like how I can just relax in the car that you are driving.”

I said that from bottom of my heart. Rossweisse-san drives very cautiously, so I can enjoy the scenery leisurely.

Driving around the road with snowy fields all around us, wow I can definitely feel I’m at Hokkaido.

“A-Actually driving around with a guy like this has always been my dream…”

Rossweisse-san said bashfully.

“Ah, is that so. But since the guy is just sitting here at passenger seat it’s a bit unsightly.”

Maybe it would have been better if I was the one driving.

Hearing what I said, Rossweisse-san quickly replied.

“N-No way! I’m…. enjoying this as it is very much.”

Blushing Rossweisse-san was really cute.

“I’ll get my license as soon as I graduate from High School so please, sit next to me in the car I’m driving then.”

Hearing what I said, Rossweisse-san was surprised.

“R-Really?! Y-You want to go on a driving date with me?!”

Being so surprised, she forgot to check where she was going!

“H-Hey Rossweisse-san, Loook ahead!!!”

“Ah I’m so sorry! I-I showed you something so embarrassing.”

“Well, if you’re fine with me, then I’ll go on a driving date with you. So please I’ll be in your care until then.”

When I lowered my head, she also followed me.

“N-No, I’ll be in your care for eternity!”

E-Eternity? Ah since she became part of my peerage we’ll be in each other’s care forever. Such an honour.

… Xenovia who was riding in front of us slowed down and parked her bike at the side of the road.

“huh? Xenovia stopped?”

We made a curious face. After stopping our car as well, we joined those two.

Xenovia and Irina dismounted from their bike and looked toward the area full of huts.

“Hey, Xenovia, Irina. Why did you stop here?”

Xenovia pointed towards the hut.

“That campsite over there seemed a bit rowdy.”

Looking closely, it looks like people were running away from something, even screaming!

“They operate campsites in March then, but I wonder what that screaming is about?”

Rossweisse-san replied my question.

“I saw that there’s campsite that operates during this season at cheaper rate.”

Hmm, that must be good business then, especially thanks to tourists.

Anyway, now that we know there’s something going on there we can’t just ignore it.

We looked at each other and headed towards the campsite.

When we went there… something so weird was seen.

… Weird people in black attire and… person in fish costume?

“Eh? What… are these cosplayers?“

When we were all wondering what’s going on, Rossweisse-san said this.

“Maybe they are that people we were talking about before.”

Ah Ravel did mention about these weird masked group that goes around causing mischief I think?

“Let’s go.”

When we arrived, that guy in fish costume made horrendous laugh.

“Saaaalmon! You low life enjoying your times camping here! Your peace is gone now that me, Salmon-King has arrived! I will make this place into a living hell! Let’s see, I’ll make all your barbecue ingredient into salmon!”

When that salmon guy shouted that…


Guys wearing black clothes made weird pose and shouted something, then everyone’s barbeque turned into salmon.

“Nooooo! My meat turned into fish!!!”

Getting their barbecue interrupted, kids all started to cry.

The guy in weird costume stole the barbecue from all the kids and shouted at them.

“Eat fish you brats! You’ll ruin your health If you only eat meat, so we’ll eat all the meat here for you! Saaaaaalmon!”

… U-Umm, what are they doing? W-Well at least it looks like they’re doing something bad.

Now, what shall we do. We can’t just pretend to not see this after coming all the way here.

Just then Xenovia and Irina, with their overwhelming sense of justice, approached them.

“Oi you there you fish… monster? Don’t go around causing trouble at leisure spots”

“Yeah! Stop right there!”

They aren’t wearing a costume but… a monster? Sage? anyway when the opponent saw Xenovia it just smirked.

“Saaaalmon! Don’t butt in when you’re a such a weak little girl! We won’t hold back if you’re thinking of causing trouble for us! I’ll drop out into salmon hell!”

That salmon got a harpoon?! we really can’t leave a guy with a weapon here.

Xenovia and Irina both summoned their sword from the circle and faced off this fish.

“Hmm, can’t be helped.”

“I don’t think we can avoid a fight like this.”

….No choice huh. I put on my armour and Rossweisse-san readied her magic circles and in the middle of all this, we prepared to fight against a salmon…

… And few hours later, after finishing the tour we came back to our hotel at Sapporo.

Ahhh, it was great when we went to cheese factory at Furano! We all made butter, cheese and ice cream, and we also ate some pizza! We did meet that weird salmon but rest was great!

Rias, who came before us, looked at us and said.

“Ara, what happened to you guys? I can smell salmon from you.”

Looks like that salmon smell seeped into our clothes, thinking back the people at the cheese factory also said something similar…

“Ah, yeah. Something happened. But that’s that, where’re we gonna eat dinner?”

I changed the topic quickly and asked where’s the location of our dinner.

“Ufufu. I talked with Koneko and apparently there’s this place where you can get unlimited refills on Jingisukan…”

And just like that our foody tour has also begun.

While Ise’s group was enjoy their time…

At [Vortex Bunch]’s hideout…

The meeting hall has become a scene of funeral house. On the corner of the podium was… [Salmon-King]’s picture. Salmon-King, who has been deployed at Hokkaido, was killed in action by warriors he unfortunately met.

Everyone there was silent throughout the afternoon.

Kaiser also gave a deep sigh.

“… for King Salmon, renowned warrior even within [Vortex Bunch], for him to be killed…”

Kaiser said as such, but the members dare not correct Kaiser that he has said the Salmon-King’s name incorrectly.

Just then… executives at the podium all came forward.

“Fufufu, dear Kaiser. That guy was someone who had not been appointed one of [Four Invincible Generals]. Leave the rest to us!”

When one of the Executive, [Four Invincible Generals] said as such, Kaiser also gave a positive attitude.

“Oh, our pride and joy of [Vortex Bunch], [Four Invincible Generals]! You say you four will handle the situation!”

One of the executive took his cape off. What showed up was… person with brown skin who dressed like a fortune teller, as well as wearing pentagram on his face.

“Leave the front charge to me, Count Pentagram. Using my fortune telling, I will turn prime tourist area of Japan… Kyoto into utter chaos!”

When men of pentagram, Count Pentagram stepped forward, everyone got excited again.

“Ooh, Count is stepping in personally!”

“Foreign born fortune teller who still uses name ‘Pentagram’ despite his job [9]! Not only that he’s a high social elite, a ‘Count’ !”

“But his skills are the real deal…! Thanks to his evil deeds in Kyoto, he was barred from all the shrines there.”

“It’s said that he swapped every fortune into ‘Worst Luck’ and hung up a plaque saying “Go die, normies” on wishing wall over there…”

While other combatants were telling the glory of this Count, Kaiser gave him an order.

“… Count Pentagram. Turn the capital of history and culture, Kyoto into ….”

Count kneeled, his mouth had cold smirk.

“Leave this to me. Voooooortex!!!”


The next target was decided while all the members made weird pose.

Part 3[edit]

Third day of the trip! After staying in Hokkaido for two days, my friends and I have arrived at our next destination, Kyoto.

“Leave the tour to I, Kunou!”

And as we decided before, we joined up with Kunou and asked her to be our tour guide.

“I’m so sorry to ask you to be our guide every time we come here, Kunou.”

When I told her that, Kunou made peace sign with her hand and said joyfully.

“No worries! As someone living at Hyoudou residence, I should be able to do this much at least!”

We’re going to spend only a day at Kyoto. While here, we decided to visit places people wanted to see together. Xenovia said that she wanted to visit Kinkaku-ji and Ginkaku-ji that gave such a great impression when she visited here for the school trip.

We asked Kunou for the most optimal course route that will satisfy everyone.

While we were visiting all the places and eating Kyoto specialities, Kunou suddenly said this.

“It would have been better if Phis-sama were here with us…”

“Phis… and Lilith can’t move outside the house for certain reasons.”

Well we can’t help it, so sorry Ophis and Lilith. Kunou’s with us but please look after the house for today!

Rias then told Kunou to ease her worry.

“Ufufu. We are sending them plenty of delicious food as soon as we find them so don’t be sorry worried.”

“If it’s those two it won’t be weird to imagine them just waiting in front of the circle for food to appear.”

Akeno-san also chimed in.

Hehe I couldn’t help but to imagine the scene where those two are just patiently sitting in front of the circle with their mouth filled with saliva waiting for food to appear. Just imagining that makes me relieved.

Hearing that Xenovia, Irina and Asia all said in union.

“But it’s a shame that they couldn’t look around Kyoto.”

“I wanna come here with those two at least once.”

“Yes, let’s do that one day.”

… Agreed, I also want to take those two everywhere. I want to show them a lot of things, I promised that much as a friend.

We also want to go travelling with Kunou who was looking after Ophis and Lilith.

…. It was when we arrived at Kiyomizu-dera while talking about that, looks like there’s something going on in the temple.

“Hm, what’s going on? It’s quite noisy, and we’re showing Ise-sama’s group around here…”

When Kunou said that, Fox shrine maiden appeared and explained the situation.

“Dear princess, that is… some weird person appeared at the temple and is complaining about everything…”

We were worried so we decided to go towards the noise.

Observing the people around the temple… a weirdo wearing pentagram on his face brought a bunch of people in black clothes and is complaining to the temple manager.

“Fufufu! I have turned every fortune here into “WORST LUCK”!”

That Pentagram weirdo shouted while giving a weird laugh.

“D-Dear customer! P-Please hold on!”

The manager seems to be quite angry. Well if someone changed the fortune without anyone knowing then it’s to be expected. It is, after all, part of their business.

Just right then, one of the employee at the temple pointed at the pentagram weirdo and said.

“Ah! It’s this guy! A weirdo known for getting banned from every shrine and temple in Kyoto!”

… Ah, so it’s this guy. Ahhhh, same with that salmon, why do we have such bad luck meeting these weirdos while we’re on holiday…

Xenovia and Irina also got angry.

“That’s unacceptable! Irina, you wanna join me take care of this guy? Those guys from Hokkaido are the  same guys as these ones.”

“Let’s go! Even if we teach them some lesson, Lord surely won’t mind us doing so!”

Unlike that campsite from Hokkaido, there are too many people here so we will cause a scene if we just release our power. Not only that if we cause too much trouble we’ll be the ones getting banned.

“K-Kunou. What can we do? Weirdos are causing trouble.”

Firstly, I asked the princess of youkais here.

After making the shrine maiden call somewhere, Kunou said this to us.

“There’s no need for you guys to do anything! It’s simple as calling police for those idiots. Now I’ll lead you to delicious restaurants so follow me!”

Ah so they’re calling the police… well police can handle the things here then, and if they try something weird  Kunou’s youkais won’t just stand there doing nothing.

After reaching that conclusion, we continued on our tour.

After Ise’s group finished enjoying their trip.

[Vortex Bunch]’s hideout…

“Unbelievable! You are saying Count Pentagram has lost?!”

Leader… Kaiser Vortex was shocked at his subordinate’s report.

They continued their report.

“T-To be exact, he was captured by the police. H-He’s currently under  investigation.”

Kaiser stiffened his expression and touched his forehead with his hand.

“… Ku. He better not tell them about this location. Police are bad news.”

Never underestimate the force of Japanese Police--- that’s one of the caution told to [Vortex Bunch] members.

At the news of Count’s capture, air of uncertainty began to cycle but…

“Kaiser! Please leave da things ta me, anotha [Four Invincible General]! I will conquer da region o’ Osaka!” [10]

Just then everyone heard a strong Kansai accent! And one of the executive threw away his cape and mask.

The person that showed up was… figure of tiger wearing the uniform of pro-league baseball team Hanshin Tigers. Unlike his appearance, he’s a spirit who was picked as number one [Draft] at [Vortex Bunch] meeting. Not only is he the owner of ‘tough as steel’ body, and he is a giant at over 2m.

“Hmpt! Coach Tiger! For you to step up by yourself…!”

When Kaiser was perplexed, tiger … Coach Tiger laughed.

“Nyayaya! No need ter worry! With this Dontobori nails, I will take on da fools!”

Taking his sharp claws out, his laugh was surprisingly cute.

Everyone couldn’t contain their excitement!

“Look its Coach Tiger!”

“A true warrior who force-fed countless Kanto people his okonomiyakii meal…!”

“I’ve heard that he knows literally any comedian on the face of the Earth! When asked to recommend a person, it is said that he recognises the person’s sense of humour 100% of the time and recommend them the best match he could give!”

“There’s an unborn legend that says his power increase by hundred folds when Tigers win!”

After calculating something with his abacus, Coach Tiger once again laughed.

“Nyayaya! I’ll dye Osaka with da colour o’ [Vortex Bunch]! Voooortex!!!”

When Coach Tiger made the V pose and shouted the chant, everyone followed his example


However, unfortunately Tigers did not win this year.

Part 4[edit]

Fourth day! I, Hyoudou Issei and my friends have parted way with Kunou after entrusting Ophis and Lilith to her, and arrived at the City of all things tasty… Osaka!

Xenovia shouted in a loud voice.

“I heard that in Osaka, you can eat until your wallet gets empty and still won’t be able eat everything here! Asia, Irina! Let’s go and stuff our self until we get absolutely stuffed!”

Irina and Asia both raised their fist and replied to her.

“Of Course!”

“I want to eat original Takoyaki!”

Asia was singing about original takoyaki for a while. Since this is my first time, I should also eat till I’m stuffed.

… And finally people who have joined us late opened their mouth.

“Nyayay! We’ve finally joined nyaa. Let’s stuff ourselves Shirone, Le Fay. Us nekomata can eat till we die.”

“This is my first time at Osaka. I’m so excited!”

Kuroka and Le Fay said that. Oh and Kuroka isn’t wearing her Kimono this time, and is in long coat and a skirt. Looks like kimono gets in her way of eating.

Koneko’s eye shone at Kuroka’s words.

“Of course. I prepared for this day by not eating a lot during dinner for past few days.”

That’s true. Koneko ate significantly less during Kyoto. Looks like she was preparing for this day.

Rias puts her hand on Koneko.

“Koneko’s sense of taste is quite reliable at this occasion. We’ll be in your care today, Koneko.”

“Rely on me, Rias-nee-sama. I’m not going to let you sleep tonight.”

Oooh, she’s being quite reliable! She did look for every destination’s speciality restaurants before we came.

“Nyayay! It’s best to prepare yourself when Shirone is in front of food heaven nyaa.”

Kuroka seems like she’s enjoying herself as well… I think she’s also going to be quite an eater.

After going around famous Shinsekai, Tsutenakaku and Osaka Castle, we decided to have our meals at the main attraction Dotonbori.

As if trying to stuff everything we see into our mouth, we filled our bellies with takoyaki, kushiage, okonomiyaki, [Speciality Curry] with raw egg, roasted squid and pork manju.

These were all good… and it’s as if there’s a fear in our head like we’re going to miss out if we don’t eat everything here, but…

“The real deal starts from now.”

“Yup yup.”

Koneko and Kuroka seem like they are still hungry. Are nekomata ’s stomach just a black hole!?

While we were surprised at the two sister’s proclamation, we noticed something happening in front of us.

People were crowded into one place, and we also heard a loud voice.

After scouting what’s going on, Xenovia said to Koneko and Kuroka.

“Hey Koneko, Kuroka. There’s a tiger type… nekomata? Cat yokai? Something’s up there.”

Nekomata sisters looked at each other in confusion.

When we arrive at the origin of the noise… this guy with tiger head was having a fight with normal person. Not only that he was wearing Hanshin Tigers uniform.

And around the tiger guy was…. Another men in black uniform!

“What the hell….? Cat…. Tiger spirit? Yokai?”

Looks like even Kuroka was confused.

When we got nearer we realised what was happening. This tiger…. Spirit was forcing plates of okonomiyaki and white rice at the unfortunate guy.

“Oi ya Kanto bastard! Eat da rice and okonomiyaki right now! Force it ter ya mouth!”

“What the hell?! How can I eat both rice and Okonomiyaki together!”

Looks like the guy is from Kanto region, he was disgusted at the fact of eating okonomiyaki and rice together. Seeing that reaction, tiger spirit got mad.

“Wot da fuck did ya just say?! Okonomiyaki is a fine side dish! What part that ya don’t understand?!”

“They are not side dish! Okonomiyaki, takoyaki even yaki soba! They’re not side dishes!”

When the guy shouts that, Kansai people around him were…

“Wot?! Wot’s wrong with eating them as side?”

“This is why Kanto people no nothing about their food!”

… And agreed with the tiger spirit. Oh so this is what they call Kansai spirit, they find fun in every situation.

When the guy’s expression got worse, tiger made evil smile and said.

“They got spaghetti in them bento innit? This is same as that innit. Once ya get used ter it this ain’t nothing. Now why don’t ya try eating this as side.”

My god is he really trying to force the Kanto person to eat Okonomiyaki meal?! W-Well I learned that people from Kansai region eat like this but… even I can’t do that. Okonomiyaki is definitely not a side dish! Well maybe yaki soba is an exception to that!

When I was thinking that, Koneko stepped forward. And while protecting the Kanto guy.

“Hey tiger-san. You shouldn’t bully normal people.”

Then the tiger, unlike his terrible face, laughed like a kitten and said.

“And wot are ya miss? Ah Nekomata? Well that ain’t matter. I’ll feed ya this Okonomiyaki meal as well!”

That tiger thing shoved bowl of rice and Okonomiyaki onto Koneko.

With that, Koneko made a overwhelmingly confident smile.

“That’s not even a challenge, but I can’t forgive you for causing trouble here, in the land filled with foods.”

While the crowd was shouting [Hit him up missy!], fight between tiger and a cat started…

After Hyoudou Issei’s group have enjoyed their fill of tour around Osaka…

Inside hideout of [Vortex Bunch]… there was a picture of Coach Tiger on the one side.

“Unexpected of Coach Tiger to be defeated…!”

As if shocked at the outcome, the leader… Kaiser Vortex covered his face with his hands. Looks like even he couldn’t believe what he is hearing.

Even the combatants were giving their reports in madness.

“They said 2 months until full recovery! Damn it! If the Tigers won the season then he wouldn’t have been defeated this easily …! Damn it!”

Kaiser then shook his head.

“Don’t say such nonsense. This was his fate. We couldn’t wait for the Tigers to win…!”

In the middle of heavy mood due to defeat of two of their executives, a laughter filled the hideout.

“Pffft! Both of them are such embarrassments! Let me lead the Fukuoka next!”

Third one threw away his cape and the mask. And the person was… a pig monster wearing an attire similar to Ramen shop owner. His head was one of the pigs, and he also had wrapped a towel on his forehead.

“so, it’s you who’s going to go next… Chief Pork Bone.”

Kaiser narrowed his eyes. His expression showed that he realised this is now a time for third executive to head out.

At his deployment, every combatant was all terrified.

“S-So even chief is getting involved.”

“for a monster that is to be the best that Kaiser has created to step in… Fukuoka is as good as destroyed now!”

“He apparently charmed away customers from a ramen shop that only serves their regular customers!”

“… They say that once you step into the shop that chief owns, his special ability activates and you are forced to follow the house rule…! No talking! No phones! Start off by drinking soup!”

“Once you get charmed by its taste then you start   writing on blog owned by ramen maniacs! Thanks to that his shop is crucial source of this organisation’s income!”

“Once his special water draining ability, <Last Pig Drain> gets activated, then Fukuoka is as good as gone!”

While the tensions rose inside the hall, Chief Pork Bone made a cruel smile.

“Pufufu, I will turn Fukuoka’s prized possession, street stall area useless with my Ramen! I will turn every one of them into my [Vortex Bunch Ramen]! Pufufufuf! Vooooortex!!!”


While every combatants was shocked at this deployment, Invasion of Fukuoka has begun…

Part 5[edit]

It’s now our fifth day of travelling! I, Hyoudou Issei and friends, have arrived at Fukuoka.

After enjoying looking around the area, we decided to go around finding for places to eat just like we did in Osaka.

Xenovia once again made a bright smile and said.

“We’re gonna eat loads in Fukuoka again! Let’s go Asia, Irina! We’re gonna go around as many stalls as possible!”

As eating lots of food from all over the places is taking a toll, Asia and Irina grabbed their abdomen concerned about their weight.

“No doubt I’ve gained weight! But Pork broth ramen, triple hot pot, fermented roe, grilled gyoza, chicken skewers…! I feel like they are sending a call to me to eat them!”

“Ise-san! Don’t hate us even when we get fat!”

Don’t worry, I won’t hate you for that. I’ll even help you with your diet!

Eating champions Nekomata sisters were full of energy today as well.

“I’m not going to go easy on you nee-sama.”

“Nice, I’m gonna enjoy speciality food here while drinking Fukuoka’s special sake nyaa~”

Even Valerie and Tosca, who were overwhelmed during entire trip around Japan were…

“My my, I’m being satisfied with all these rich foods and not blood, even though I’m a vampire. Ufufu~”

“There are so many delicious foods around the world…!”

And were excited and mesenteric about Fukuoka. Since they were sheltered all their lives, rich food would overload their taste buds. Hopefully we’ll have more chances like this in the future!

Watching this situation, even Rossweisse-san smiled.

“It feels like instead of graduation trip, it’s quickly becoming a foodie trip.”

Rias also smiled and said.

“Ufufu. Eating each region’s speciality is also part of fun during a trip.”

“That’s true. Since we can go looking around the region while looking for good places to eat, it’s so convenient.”

Just as Rias and Akeno-san said, this way we’re definitely feeling like we’re on a trip! Going around seeing region specific things and eating anything that looks good! This is what travelling is all about!

We decided to go to Fukuoka’s speciality stall street and look around the food stalls there.

But looks like that general area… was quite noisy.

“Ara, looks like the stall area is quite lively.”

Rias’s expressions turned dark while looking forward.

She’s right. Black curtain stalls were surrounding the area. Having ‘Ramen’ written on their curtain it seems like they’re selling just that…

Looks like the owners of other shops are having some argument with the employees of these stalls.

Ravel walked toward the stall, looks like she’s going out to scout ahead.

“Ravel, what’s going on there?”

When I asked, Ravel touched her forehead with her hand and pointed at them.

“… Ise-sama, everyone. Looks like those black stall people are causing trouble for other stall owners there…”

And when we looked at what she was pointing at , someone…. A pig… spirit that looks like the boss of these stalls is directing his employees and starting an argument between the stall owners.


I couldn’t figure out what to say. No, I was dumbfounded.

… It’s those black clothes bunch and weird spirit again!

We heard that they’ve been causing trouble around the tourist areas but, to meet them this frequently… ahhhh, this is causing me a headache.

In all honesty, aren’t spirits showing themselves in front of normal people too much?! I swear this won’t bode well with the other world?

Well it might just be a doll suit or just bad cosplay though…

Ravel followed up.

“…Whatever the case, it looks like these are those [mysterious costume bunch] we’ve heard about before. I never would have guessed that it would be a monster, not just random cosplayer, who are causing this much trouble.”

We looked at each other and just sighed.

“… Looks like we need to step in just to enjoy our graduation trip. It’s not like we can just ignore these people.”

In order to protect the food, and the owners of these stalls we walked toward the area.

Anyway, after this I need to get some pork bone ramen.

After Ise and his friends had enjoyed their Fukuoka specialities…

At the hideout… Kaiser, filled with rage, kicked his chair over. On the shrine the picture of Chief Pork Bone was added.

Heaving his shoulders, Kaiser shouted.

“This can go no longer! I will personally step in!”

Being disappointed continuously by his executives, he announced that he will personally step into the fight.

Everyone was horrified at that statement.

“What?! Kaiser himself will?!”

“P-Please calm down! I-If leader steps in, t-the world will be devoured in darkness!”

Everyone tried to calm him down, but Kaiser Vortex erupted his rage while emitting thick dark aura from his body.

“Our goal is no longer domination, but destruction! Destruction! After this continual defeat of [Vortex Bunch], only option left is to destroy this known world and start over!”

His voice was enough to shake the entire hideout.

In the middle of all that, the voice trying to calm the Kaiser kept coming in.

“Please calm down lord… looks like the very last [Four Invincible General], I can only protect Kaiser.”

Taking off his mask and cape, the final executive… the fourth [Four  Invincible General] stood next to Kaiser.

Finally Kaiser smiled and welcomed the person.

“Oh, you’ve come… Master of defense, ‘Final Death Shisa’”

The final executive revealed himself! The person was… black furred lion, no dog sized Shisa was sitting there. The cutest looking Shisa was the final executive!.

Everyone there… all welcomed Final Death Shisa and mouthed off his legend.

“T-That legendary person is finally making his move…!”

“He’s a being that is said to protect a household, but instead of protecting anything, he is said to just wander around travelling!”

“It’s that Final Death Shisa’-sama who was picked by female members as ‘Someone who we want to protect’' 5 years in row! And he’s protecting the leader!”

“But after deciding to protect someone, his protection level is so great that even if three of [Four  Invincible Generals] attack, it won’t be able to get close! Now there are no one who can touch our Kaiser who has announced world destruction!”

“He’s weak against bishoujos but… any men will be weak against that!”

“Not only that he himself is so cute! He’s our mascot character!”

Kaiser put Final Death Shisa on his shoulder and stood in front.

Final Death Shisa then cutely laughed and said.

“Then let’s go and invade my old home Okinawa. If the news breaks out that I, Shisa, didn’t even protect the citizens of Okinawa and went around destroying the world, world will plummet into despair.”

At that suggestion, Kaiser nodded.

“Hmm that’s good idea. Then let’s destroy Okinawa as first step to world destruction! Let’s go my comrades!”

Then Kaiser himself enters the scene, all the members shouted with a force that can’t be compared to  before.


… And thus, the final battle of Vortex Bunch has begun.

Part 6[edit]

After starting all the way up north at Hokkaido, and after visiting Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, we have finally reached the end of our graduation trip… Okinawa!

I, Hyoudou Issei have finally arrived the tropical Okinawa! This warmth! It’s still March but it’s warm enough for us to take our coat off!

After a week of travel, we’ve decided to spend last two days at Okinawa.

And the first day at Okinawa…

“Definitely beach!”

We’ve decided to enjoy the beach of Okinawa at the Hotel’s private beach which was owned by House of Gremory! Let’s all get changed quickly!

Blue sea! Bleach white sandy beach! And… half naked bishoujos!... ahhhh and these bishoujos are my friends!

So, it’s obvious they’d all be such bishoujos! Akeno-san, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel and Rossweisse-san all were wearing their bikini and was playing in the water. Oh and Kiba was swimming there as well.

Koneko and Kuroka were sitting under the parasol and enjoying Okinawa fruits… looks like these Nekomata sisters weren’t full yet.

And next to them was Le Fay drinking fruit juice with happy smile on her face.

Valerie and Gasper were also playing on the sand beach.

“Ufufu, to build sand castle on a beach. It’s just like a dream.”

“it’s so fortunate that we’re daylight walkers.”

Man, it’s such a heart-warming scene.

When I was looking at everyone who’s enjoying their Okinawa experience, Xenovia approached me. She was wearing bikini that’s covering virtually nothing! After approaching me with her bouncing breasts, she said something outrageous to me!

“Ise, can you rub oil on me? I think even I should be wary of getting sun-tan.”

With lecherous expressions on my face, I hurriedly received the oil from her.

“Of course! I’ll gladly rub oil on you with all my heart into it! Although I thought you wouldn’t really mind about your skin being burnt.”

Then Xenovia suddenly grabbed my hand and shoved it toward her breasts! While her softness of her breasts was felt by my right hand… Xenovia spoke with sensual voice.

“I’m in your peerage right. It’s not an exaggeration to say that both my body and mind are yours, so shouldn’t I try to keep my body as your interest fits? You like white skin  don’t you?”

…..!!! ….. This Xenovia, where did she learned to say such things! Both body and her heart are mine…! Well I am indeed her [King]!

Xenovia lied down onto the mat and pulled her bikini hook off. Her bare chest and nipple were just simply gorgeous!

“Now rub it on me. Ah, where are my manners asking such thing so rudely towards my master… Ise-sama, please rub oil on my body! …. Maybe that’s better?”

Don’t go around saying such things so cutely! W-Well don’t mind if I do! Yeah yeah I’m gonna rub it on you! Since I’m your [King] I’ll rub that oil on your body with all I’ve got!

“Y-Yes! I’ll rub oil on my peerage! This must be one of [King]’s duty right!”

“Yes, I’ll be in your care, my [King].”

As soon as I was about to rub oil onto Xenovia’s body…

“T-Then as your peerage I wish you would rub oil on me as well!”

Asia ran up to me and said such thing ! Not only that even Ravel followed!

“E-Excuse me, since I-I’m your peerage as well so umm… It’ll be an honour if you rub oil on me as well! Ise-Sama!”

Asia and Ravel tossed their swimsuit away as well!

Oioioioioi, not only Asia, but even Ravel became so bold now! This is private beach so no other people are here but aren’t you guys taking your tops off to casually?!

Well that’s that, but seriously I’m so happy that you two’s breasts are getting bigger during puberty! Those beautiful breasts with little gorgeous nipple on top is so great!

Then after that everyone else came!

“I-I’m your peerage so please rub oil on me too!”

“Darling, you’ll rub oil on me, right? I’m your teammate!”

Those were Rossweisse-san and Irina! Ooh, my peerage ’s [Rook] and [Knight] both came as well!

“Ara ara, I’m going to join in as well!”

And as if acting like a final boss, Akeno-san (she’s already got top of her swimsuit off and got ready to join in the battle) joined in!

Not only that Akeno-san hugged me from behind, and gently bit my earlobe! And through my back I felt her ginormous breasts and… that was such a bliss moment in my life!

“O-Oi. I was the first person to ask him to put oil!”

Even Xenovia got up, and while showing her bare chest grabbed onto me!

“I-I can’t rub oil on everyone at one time! K-Keep to an order!”

!!! since all these beautiful women are grabbing onto me, there’s so much I can stay calm!

“I’m first!”

“No me!”

!!!!! right, left, front and even behind! Three’s breasts everywhere! God this is breast heaven…! The soft sensation of female body is pleasuring me! But thinking this can’t go any longer, Ravel let go of me and while letting her large chest bounce, she suggested an idea.

“Then I’ve got a suggestion! Let’s choose the order by Toppling Stick!”

So, in order to choose the order in which I get to rub the oil on their body, all the girls decided to play Toppling Stick <Ba-Taoshi> on the beach while still exposing their chests, a tournament style game at that!

… Looks like this is going to take quite a long time. I just sat there with dumbfounded expression while holding onto single bottle of oil. Am I just supposed to sit here and watch them play…? well just watching bare chested girls play in sand pit is plenty fun enough! Ah~ I just want to get this over with and rub oil on their body!

While I was thinking just that…

“Ufufu, looks like they’re having fun.”

Rias strike conversation with me, then she asked me a question.

“Ah Ise. Will you keep your promise with me now?”

Instead of swimsuit, Rias was wearing short sleeve t-shirt. She was gazing at something little bit away from the beach. And there was… a red convertible.

Rias asked me again.

“You remember agreement I had with Rossweisse right? Let’s go on a drive date with me around Okinawa.”

… Ah right, I went on drive a date with Rossweisse-san at Hokkaido. Instead at the next destination…

I smiled brightly and nodded my head.

“Yeah sure. Let’s go.”

Since it looked like it’s going to take a while before Toppling Stick tournament between girls to finish, I decided to go on a drive date with Rias in the meantime.

After changing into my casual clothes, I got into passenger seat on the convertible. Wow Rias owns a lot of different cars… at Hokkaido she was driving a red saloon, and now she’s riding her red convertible.

Car that she’s driving is currently cruising through the road, and with that we drove through the seaside road of Okinawa.

After driving for a while making small talk…

I suddenly said something like this.

“… This is something I thought about when I was on date with Rossweisse-san earlier, but I think I should get myself a license as well.”

“Ara, so you will take me on the drive date next?”

“Yeah, I wanna be the one who drives at least once in the future.”

After getting my license I want to cruise around on a date with my girlfriend.

Rias smiled at me. Slicing through the road with her car, her red hair fluttered around beautifully.

“Ufufu, that sounds nice. But it was my dream to take my boyfriend around to a drive date, so I think it’ll be great if we take turns doing that.”

“Ah, that sounds nice too.”

It’ll be nice to take turns driving  even after I get my license.

Looks like Rias’s got a destination in mind. After driving for about an hour we arrived at Okinawa’s famous aquarium.

They said that this aquarium has multiple whale shark species, and scene of these creatures swimming is very majestic.

After entering the aquarium filled with tourist, we enjoyed our self watching many different aquatic creatures.

It was dreamlike scenery where inside the aquarium we saw many whale sharks and gigantic stingrays swimming with many different fish species, as if they are flying inside the tanks.

I’ve seen and experienced many different fantasy-like adventures… yeah even in normal life there exist something so dreamlike adventure.

Rias placed her hand on to the glass, and continuously chased after the creatures with her eyes just like a little girl.

“Ise, aren’t they just gorgeous?!”

Rias was enjoying herself to the fullest. She said before that she wanted to come here as soon as we arrived at Okinawa.

The scene like this where Rias acts her age still warms my heart so much.

Quickly looking around… I… pulled up all my courage and tried to create a good mood!

There are only us two around here! Let’s try to make a good memory here! It’s not like we’ll be punished for having a quick kiss or something!

At times like this I need to act like a man! After making my resolve I was about to take Rias to somewhere with a nice atmosphere…

“Hey Rias, let’s…”

Just when I was about to ask her…


We heard screams coming from somewhere nearby!

“What’s going on?”

We both looked at each other briefly and ran toward the place where scream was heard.

Once we reached the outside… a certain man wearing a helmet resembling a dragon was laughing while leading the men dressed in black.

“Hahahahahaha! Run! Run! You bunch of ignorant people!”

Looking around, we saw those guys in black were stealing and taking bags from the tourists!

That helmet person then announced to everyone over there.

“from now on this aquarium is under leadership of I, leader of Vortex Bunch! All the otter, sea cow, whale sharks, all sorts of fish, I will personally turn all of you into my soldiers!”

And then guys in black all in unison shouted something.


That pose they are taking with both of their hands above their head… this must be same ones we’ve been keep bumping into! Not only that this guy just said he’s the [Leader]? So boss has stepped in?

Wait wait wait wait… why in the hell have we been meeting these lot ever since we started at Hokkaido!

Is this on purpose?! Are you guys stalking us or something?! Or is this just a bad coincidence? Is that’s the case then our luck is utter trash for past few days… not only that this guy is letting out quite a lot of pressure and aura, he’s not so weak!

Rias narrowed her eyes and ranted.

“Just like what Ravel said about at Fukuoka, these guys seem to be that [Mysterious costume group] thing…”

“Ah~ Yeah I guess so…..”

All I could do was just agree with her at this point.

After exchanging eye contact that seem to confirm that we’ve got no choice but to step in, we stepped in front of them.

I shouted with voice filled with annoyance at this point.

“Oi, you guys. Stop with all these nonsenses.”

Rias also shouted while standing in front of these lot.

“You guys sure are annoying lots of people at the tourist area. I, the Heiress of House of Gremory--- and my fiancé Issei will stop you lot.

That was such Rias-like announcement. Since she says it like it’s Stray Devil extermination job, tension rose… Wait, fiancé?! I-I’m honoured but that’s unexpected!

“… I’m correct right?”

When Rias asked me, I engaged my armour and got in to battle position.

“Of course! To become a man that befitting of your presence, I will continue to work hard!“

Looking at us two, guy in his helmet smirked.

“Kekeke. Such enthusiastic boy and his girl. But there is no one who can penetrate the barrier of my guardian. Our guardian that boasts the highest defence characteristic out of everyone in my organisation, Final Death Shisa will be protecting me! Show your might!”

That guy called upon something, but no one showed up.

Frowning, that guy asked one of the black clothed guys.

“…. Hm? Where did Final Death Shisa go?”

Then that guy explained the situation to his boss.

“T-That is, maybe he got lost… he hasn’t joined us yet.”

Hearing that, the leader went into shock.

“….. W-What….?”

And just barely managed to get those words out of his mouth. Looks like he was so shocked at that news his energy has weakened.

…. W-Well, should we attack now?

“… W-We can get rid of them now right?”

Rias, with dumbfounded expression on her face, nodded.

“Yeah, looks like they’re bad guys so let’s quickly wrap this up.”


When I and Rias approached them, that guy in helmet, as if he’s making a final stand, emitted a overwhelming aura from his body!

“Fine! You red hair girl and red armour boy! We will defeat you! Do not take the leader of [Vortex Bunch], Kaiser Vortex, so lightly!!”

That guy then commanded the people to attack us!

And just like that, our little [weirdo extermination] has started..

Few minutes later…

We defeated this weird group.

The guy in helmet was actually quite strong, I had to activate my armour this whole time. But thanks to combo attack from me and Rias, including those guys in black their organisation was obliterated.

And since it felt weird handing this guy over to the police, we left this case to Tobio Ikuse-san. looks like they were one of the organisation that he was chasing after, Ikuse-san came as soon as we called. House of Gremory also took care of the rest.

Soon after leaving the aquarium, we went on a walk around the beach.

“It’s a beautiful beach.”


Walking through this beautiful white beach, we talked.

I was interrupted when I wanted to make a good mood between us, but since we ended up being together with just us two, I guess it’s all fine?

Rias, who was walking just in front of me, turned around and smiled at me.

“Hey Ise. You know, I want to travel all over the place with you. Not just here on Earth, but also places in underworld…”

“Yeah me too. I don’t know when we will be able to, but I promise to go with you… no actually, I will take you anywhere you want. Next time let’s go on a date with my car.”

Lifespan of a devil is really long , so it’s possible to go everywhere we want to. We can walk on any soil we want…

Rias, who’s red hair is fluttering with the wind, smiled and looked at the blue sky.

“yes, I can’t wait. But I want to go on trips with others as well.”

“That too, let’s go. We’ve got plenty of time left.”

We continued to talk like that.

… Rias, I’ve decided. I’ve become High-class Devil, but there are many things I’m lacking. So I want to learn many things in my life.

My life serving you is amazing… but now I’ve become High-class Devil myself. So by going independent, I want to walk into my future with my own two feet.

And most of all, I want to become a man that can stand next to you, Heiress of House of Gremory and a person who wants to become the Champion of the Rating game. I will become a man who can proudly stand next to you.

Yes, I will become a man that is most befitting you…

Therefore, when this graduation trip finishes. I will start my journey…

I want to enter the international Rating game where Vail, Sairaorg-san, Cao Cao, Saji, Dulio, Ikuse-san, many gods and rivals that I haven’t met are waiting, and I want to win against all rivals that have entered the game.

Of course, even if the opponent I face will be Rias, I…

… but Rias, this is what I think. Until that person, that Azazel-sensei returns, I stride to become a amazing men.

… Azazel-sensei.

During the trip, everyone at one point made lonely expression on their face. Most likely we’re still chasing the shadow of our sensei even as unconsciously, that even at most unlikely situation, he would just randomly turn up and join us in our trip.

I… wherever I go, will look out for sensei’s shadow.

“Ah! There he is!“

… Just then I heard a voice of Xenovia. When I turned around, everyone (who have changed their clothes) were chasing after us!

Asia was pouting and was verge of crying! My damn somehow, they’ve found us! How the hell have they managed that? Actually, if it’s these guys finding us won’t be that hard, they are quite good at sensing where we are!

“Ise-san! Rias-nee-sama! You guys are so mean! What are you doing leaving us alone!”

Ravel was also chasing after us with notepad on her hand.

“We’ve decided on the order with that tournament! Let’s start rubbing oil!”

Oh right, Oil rubbing! They’ve finally managed to set an order!

Meanwhile Xenovia showed me and animal(?) she was hugging.

“I caught a Shisa just over there! I’m thinking of keeping it as my familiar!”

Xenovia was holding onto black Shisa so they really do exist.

Looking at everyone, Rias laughed and pushed my back toward them.

“Ufufu, looks like skinship between your peerage will be a priority, rookie [King]-san.”

Ahahaha, looks like we’re ending this with a good mood.

With lecherous face, I raised my fingers and said to the girls.

“Ha! Well since it came down to this I’ll rub oil on you guys as much as you want! There’s no point in hiding your breasts now! Show me your breasts with all your might!”

I didn’t manage to have a kiss with Rias! So as compensation I’ll rub oil on everyone here!

“Then will you rub oil me once we get back as well?”

Even Rias said something like that! Well we came this far let’s go all the way with this!

Hey, Azazel-sensei. I’ll try my best to become [King] and also harem king, so be prepare to listen to my story once you come back!


It’s been awhile, Ichiei Ishibumi here. The Third instalment of short story series [DX] has finally come.

There wasn’t any limited edition on this time but to make up for it, there’s a lot of story in this volume. The legendary short story [Cross X Crisis] was also put into this volume as well.

Now let’s discuss each short story in this volume.

Precious of Asia – Between Volume 13, 14.

This is a story about the meeting and contract of Asia and Fafnir. Well, with this being a story about the Panty Dragon, it’s quite a something… I guess the fact that Ophis’s panties are fruity is the highlight of this volume.

And there’s a rare scene where it shows the teacher-like qualities of Azazel and Rossweisse.

The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor – Right after Volume 14

This story took place during the time Rias was at the country of Vampires. And also, this chapter describes the Sitri-peerage. Finally, I was able to write about their backgrounds as well as their abilities.

In the story line, there were problems regarding the artificial sacred gear. However, in the main time line, the technology of the artificial sacred gear has been dramatically improved compared to when this story was set so there aren’t many problems to be told.

Let’s Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~ – Between Volume 16, 17.

This is a story which involved Sairaorg’s struggle to improve the House of Bael’s business, Rias’s dad’s character and the re-introduction of Mermaid-chan. Oh and we weren’t able to discuss this on the main story but Rias, although she’s a member of the House of Gremory, she really hates camels.

Around this time is where the relationship between Sairaorg and his younger brother was set and it was really nice that we were able to explore the relationship back in volume 21. If you go back to vol 21 after reading this story, you’ll be able to feel the different emotion from before.

Talents of the Student Council – Beginning of the story in the middle of volume 22, main story in the middle of Volume 19.

This story is about the brand-new student council that Xenovia is leading now.

The beginning of the story and the sections that handle the new characters that are introduced were edited slightly. This is also where Millarca is introduced for the first time. The two crucial members that are currently investigating the Longinus through Ajuka’s [Game] is Millarca and Ouryuu Nakiri. I would like to show off the story where these two achieve great accomplishments to readers if possible, especially since I am thinking of adding Ouryuu near the end of the DxD main story line.

Tadami Kamo is a character introduced back in the special story that came bundled with the first season anime BD. She considers Mil-tan as her rival and is constantly looking to unravel the mystery of Mil-tan.

Now that I lay it all out like this, the new members of the Student council that Xenovia is leading… they all have quite a strong character impression…..

Worldly Desire of Steel – Middle of volume 19.

Seek-chan, A.K.A Seekvaria-san finally came back. Whenever she is introduced, I always have fun with the writing.

This chapter was heavily influenced by the anime [Gunadm Build Fighters] which was airing at the time of writing this chapter and since I enjoy Gun-pla as well, I always wanted to write something like this. But the [Dun-pla] that is mentioned in this chapter is actually based on Danball Senki but … Well, let’s not focus on it that much!

Also, Elmenhilde was seen again this chapter. This is the point where the relationship between Ise and Elmenhilde begins. Now…. Please look forward to the advancement of what will happen to Elmenhilde in the future!

Cross×Crisis – Beginning of the story somewhere between volume 17~19. Main story, few years ago.

Finally, the back story of how Xenovia and Irina met!

This wasn’t a story that was published in Dragon Magazine but rather, a short story that was given out in a limited quantity during the Season 2 anime event. With the introduction of Xenovia and Irina in the anime, I’ve decided to write a story focusing on those two. This was virtually the same as when we gave them out during the event.

This story was well received by the editors and was praised at how well polished it was. I’ve even heard that it was a waste to give them out as free merch. Well, since I was dealing with the precious first encounter between Xenovia and Irina, I thought it would be more fitting to write more dramatic and serious chapter instead of a comedic one. Because of that this is one of my top 5 short stories and I’m so happy that we can finally release this in this volume.

Now that I think about it, this volume has a lot of accomplishment of vampires! This is the first book after volume 16, which deals with how Gasper, have this much vampire in one volume. Looks like this DX3 volume is revolving around Xenovia and the vampires.

Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch – Middle of volume 22.

This is the new graduation story mentioned in Volume 22.

Thanks to the idea of hunting and whatnot, I had a great chance to travel all over Japan in the past few years. When I thought that I wanted to put those experiences in my writing, I got a chance to write about a graduation trip so after seeing the opportunity, I started to write while thinking [Let’s put everything I’ve seen from all the traveling into this!].

The name [Vortex], the secret organization that was introduced in this chapter was actually originated from the time when a number of fans mistook the kanji of [Khaos] as [Vortex] and also the fact that sometimes on the internet, their names were misspelled. Either way, this was one weird chapter, filled with people who didn’t care about what they did.

Actually, if it was against [ORC] at the beginning of the story, the [Vortex Bunch] would be strong enough to defeat them easily. Well, since Ise and his friends got undoubtfully strong in the course of the story, they managed to defeat them quite easily…

One part that I was a bit uncertain while writing this chapter was a problem regarding Ise’s Driving license. With him being the main character, I do want to write about him driving around with his girls sitting next to him on the passenger seats.

That’s that but Xenovia and her bike is really a nice combo. I kind of wanted to put that into the main series as well. Oh and the Final Death Shisa has really become Xenovia’s familiar.

As for the closing of this volume, I would like to give many thanks. Miyama Zero-san, Editor T-san, thanks for everything.

Oh and there’s something I would like to report to the readers as well. At the time regarding the publishing of this volume, the fourth season of anime should have been announced. All thanks to everyone’s overwhelming cheer and support, the new season has been planned. I will not let everyone’s expectation down. With all that, the brand-new season will be in its planning very soon.

However, I’ve also heard that it’s incredibly rare for a light novel geared towards male readers to get a fourth season and because of that, I’m quite nervous and feeling pressured. I will do my best to create an animation that meets everyone’s expectation so it will be an honor to be cheered by the fans.

Finally, I thought I would advertise something. Next volume is going to the volume 23 of the main series. A fight between Ise’s team and Dulio’s team as well as the story involving the church trio.

The Rating game arc is also going to become more and more intense so please look forward to ise’s new life as a High-class Devil!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Also known as the [Golden Dragon King], Fafnir.
  2. The Sprite Dragon is referring to her familiar, Rassei.
  3. –tan is a variation of the –chan honorifc typically used to show a young child’s mispronunciation or to emphasise on cuteness.
  4. She can’t say banana properly because her mouth is stuffed with them.
  5. The hiragana literally read "desutoroi".
  6. TN Japanese sweet shop
  7. TN Gundma Pla-model.
  8. This is supposed to be Hokkaido dialect
  9. TN Pentagram is related to devil/bad luck, and he’s a fortune teller who still uses that name.
  10. Osaka accent this time
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