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It’s been awhile, Ichiei Ishibumi here. The third instalment of the short story series [DX] has finally come. There wasn’t any limited edition this time, but to make up for it, there’s a lot of story in this volume. The legendary short story [Cross X Crisis] was also put into this volume as well. Now, let’s discuss each short story in this volume.

Precious of Asia – Between Volume 13 and 14.

This is a story about the meeting and contract of Asia and Fafnir. Well, with this being a story about the Panty Dragon, it’s quite something... I guess the fact that Ophis’s panties are fruity is the highlight of this volume. And there’s a rare scene where it shows the teacher-like qualities of Azazel and Rossweisse.

The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor – Right after Volume 14

This story took place during the time Rias was at the country of Vampires. And also, this chapter describes the Sitri peerage. Finally, I was able to write about their backgrounds, as well as their abilities. In the story line, there were problems regarding the artificial Sacred Gear. However, in the main timeline, the technology of the artificial Sacred Gear has been dramatically improved compared to when this story was set, so there aren’t many problems to be told.

Let’s Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~ – Between Volume 16 and 17.

This is a story which involved Sairaorg’s struggle to improve the House of Bael’s business, Rias’s dad’s character and the re-introduction of Mermaid-chan. Oh, and we weren’t able to discuss this on the main story, but Rias, although she’s a member of the House of Gremory, really hates camels. Around this time is where the relationship between Sairaorg and his younger brother was set, and it was really nice that we were able to explore the relationship back in Volume 21. If you go back to Volume 21 after reading this story, you’ll be able to feel the different emotion from before.

Talents of the Student Council – Beginning of the story in the middle of volume 22, main story in the middle of Volume 19.

This story is about the brand-new Student Council that Xenovia is leading now. The beginning of the story and the sections that handle the new characters that are introduced were edited slightly. This is also where Millarca is introduced for the first time. The two crucial members that are currently investigating the Longinus through Ajuka’s [Game] are Millarca and Ouryuu Nakiri. I would like to show off the story where these two achieve great accomplishments to readers if possible, especially since I am thinking of adding Ouryuu near the end of the DxD main story line. Tadami Kamo is a character introduced back in the special story that came bundled with the first season anime BD. She considers Mil-tan as her rival and is constantly looking to unravel the mystery of Mil-tan. Now that I lay it all out like this, the new members of the Student council that Xenovia is leading...they all have quite a strong character impression...

Worldly Desire of Steel – Middle of volume 19.

Seek-chan, A.K.A Seekvaira-san, finally came back. Whenever she is introduced, I always have fun with the writing. This chapter was heavily influenced by the anime [Gundam Build Fighters]. which was airing at the time of writing this chapter. and since I enjoy Gun-pla as well, I always wanted to write something like this. But the [Dun-pla] that is mentioned in this chapter is actually based on Danball Senki, but...well, let’s not focus on it that much! Also, Elmenhilde was seen again in this chapter. This is the point where the relationship between Ise and Elmenhilde begins. Now...please look forward to the advancement of what will happen to Elmenhilde in the future!

Cross×Crisis – Beginning of the story somewhere between Volume 17 and 19. Main story, few years ago.

Finally, the back story of how Xenovia and Irina met! This wasn’t a story that was published in Dragon Magazine, but rather a short story that was given out in a limited quantity during the Season Two anime event. With the introduction of Xenovia and Irina in the anime, I decided to write a story focusing on those two. This was virtually the same as when we gave them out during the event. This story was well received by the editors and was praised at how well polished it was. I’ve even heard that it was a waste to give them out as free merch. Well, since I was dealing with the precious first encounter between Xenovia and Irina, I thought it would be more fitting to write a more dramatic and serious chapter instead of a comedic one. Because of that, this is one of my top five short stories and I’m so happy that we can finally release this in this volume. Now that I think about it, this Volume has a lot of accomplishment of Vampires! This is the first book after Volume 16, which deals with Gasper, to have this many Vampires in one volume. Looks like this DX3 volume is revolving around Xenovia and the Vampires.

Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch – Middle of volume 22.

This is the new graduation story mentioned in Volume 22. Thanks to the idea of hunting and whatnot, I had a great chance to travel all over Japan in the past few years. When I thought that I wanted to put those experiences in my writing, I got a chance to write about a graduation trip, so after seeing the opportunity, I started to write while thinking ‘Let’s put everything I’ve seen from all the traveling into this!’.

The name Vortex, the secret organization that was introduced in this chapter, actually originated from the time when a number of fans mistook the kanji of Khaos as Vortex, and also the fact that sometimes on the internet, their names were misspelled. Either way, this was one weird chapter, filled with people who didn’t care about what they did. Actually, if it was against the ORC at the beginning of the story, the Vortex Bunch would be strong enough to defeat them easily. Well, since Ise and his friends got undoubtedly strong over the course of the story, they managed to defeat them quite easily...

One part that I was a bit uncertain while writing this chapter was a problem regarding Ise’s driving license. With him being the main character, I do want to write about him driving around with his girls sitting next to him on the passenger seats. That’s that, but Xenovia and her bike is really a nice combo. I kind of wanted to put that into the main series as well. Oh, and Final Death Shisa has really become Xenovia’s familiar.

As for the closing of this Volume, I would like to give many thanks. Miyama Zero-san, Editor T-san, thanks for everything.

Oh, and there’s something I would like to report to the readers as well. At the time regarding the publishing of this volume, the fourth season of the anime should have been announced. All thanks to everyone’s overwhelming cheer and support, the new season has been planned. I will not let everyone’s expectations down. With all that, the brand-new season will be in its planning very soon. However, I’ve also heard that it’s incredibly rare for a light novel geared towards male readers to get a fourth season, and because of that, I’m quite nervous and feeling pressured. I will do my best to create an animation that meets everyone’s expectations, so it will be an honor to be cheered by the fans.

Finally, I thought I would advertise something. The next Volume is going to be Volume 23 of the main series, a fight between Ise’s team and Dulio’s team, as well as the story involving the Church Trio. The Rating Game arc is also going to become more and more intense, so please look forward to Ise’s new life as a High-class Devil!

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