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Life.4 Talents of the Student Council[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Ah, Hyoudou-senpai.”

My first April after becoming a third-year student. During lunch time, a trio of three newcomers from the Student Council greeted me while I was spending my lunch time at the school ground of Kuoh Academy. First was a clerk, and she was also a third-year, Kamo Tadami-chan. Kamo-chan had long braided hair. She was thin and was a long eyed third-year with a tall figure. She was actually from an Exorcist family. They were using their powers to exorcise spirits independently around the Kuoh area and were helping ordinary people around them. Kamo-chan took Mil-tan as her rival, and it was said that those two have had fierce battles... I sometimes also thought of measures against Mil-tan with Kamo-chan. Then, there was the second-year male clerk, Nakiri Ouryuu. Nakiri was one of the Five Great Families and he was also the apparent heir of the household. He was a guy with an energetic personality and the one who just called out to me. And the last person was...a student who wrapped herself with thick clothing. She was deep inside a hoodie, wore a pair of huge glasses resembling the bottom of a glass bottle and was wearing a muffler around her neck. She was wearing trainers under her skirt and even wore gloves around her hand. No part of her skin was exposed. Smiling, I spoke to this fully-covered student.

“Hmm, you must be the second year clerk Millarca Vordenburg-chan, right?”

When I asked, the fully-covered person replied ‘Yes’ in a cute voice. There were reasons as to why this girl wore such heavy clothing. The eyes behind those glasses had...a scarlet kind of colour to them. As if to cover her, Nakiri said.

“Millarca always dresses like this during day time. Hyoudou-senpai may not be used to this attire, but this is her standard clothing...since she’s a Vampire.”

That’s right. Just as Nakiri said, this female student under heavy cover was a Vampire! Not only that, she was a Pure-Blood and the Princess of the Vordenburg Household of the Carmilla Faction. It was surprising indeed that she was here. But because she was a Pure-Blood, she couldn’t walk around during day time like Gasper, so many activities were restricted for her. In other words, she was weak against sunlight. She wasn’t like low-class Vampires who disintegrated as soon as sunlight touched them, but...apparently, her powers were reduced significantly. The reason why such a Princess was in Japan, and especially in Kuoh Academy was because...she said it was for her country. She was currently in the middle of a mission with Nakiri under Ajuka Beelzebub-sama, and was also entering his [Game], as well as investigating the mysterious Longinus. Thus, these were the new faces of the new Student Council trio including Millarca-chan. Kamo-chan then asked me.

“Hyoudou-kun. Do you know where Xenovia-kaichou is?”

Xenovia just ate lunch with me. Actually, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Kiba, Kiryuu and I all became classmates as we advanced to the third year (Oh, and the homeroom teacher was Rossweisse-san!). So, along with Matsuda and Motohama, who as always became my classmates again, all eight of us had been having lunch together often. By the way, Xenovia was escorted out by the Student Council Secretary and Sitri peerage Pawn, Nimura Ruruko-chan. Like last year, Nimura-chan was still in the Student Council. From what I’d heard, a fight broke out between the sports clubs regarding the usage of the sports hall. And so, Xenovia and Nimura-chan went to where the situation was happening. Upon hearing that, Kamo-chan grabbed her hair and sighed. And she told me.

“...So Nimura-chan said something to Xenovia-chan again. This happens more and more after that incident. My god...even working well together is troublesome...”

Xenovia and Nimura-chan tended to try and solve the students’ problems with power. Since both were types who acted before they thought, their way of thinking was quite similar. Just then, Kamo-chan suddenly smiled and looked at Nakiri and Millarca-chan.

“Kouchin, Millarca, let’s follow them. Kaichou is really awful, not telling us such fun events!”

Making a bitter smile, Nakiri replied ‘Yes’ and Millarca-chan also saluted and shouted ‘Let’s go’. ...The new Student Council was so energetic. Seeing them off, I fondly remembered that ‘event’ Kamo-chan talked about...

This happened on the third semester of the second year shortly after the Student Council election.

“Hello, Ise-kun.”

After school, inside the ORC room were Rias, Akeno-san, Sona-zenkaichou and Shinra-zenfukukaichou. They were relaxing and spending their time there. Third-year graduating students had free attendance during the third term, so they didn’t have to be at school if they didn’t want to. Rias and Akeno-san only attended school on the days they felt like it. Enjoying her tea, Rias spoke.

“Ise, I’m sorry, but we’ll be here for a little longer.”

Rias said in a slightly apologetic tone. She must be thinking that since she was retired, she was considered an outsider and that made me sad! This place was built by Rias, so she could come in whenever she wished to. I’d also told her several times back at home, but Rias still hadn’t changed her mind about leaving most of the work and the club room to the ORC members. Saying that without passing the responsibility to the new generation couldn’t be considered fully to be a high school club... Sona-zenkaichou smiled and nodded.

“It’s not like retired students to take up a seat in the council room.”

That’s also right, these two also retired from the Student Council. For retired Student Council members to show their faces at the council room had to be more awkward for them than retired club members coming to the club room. A club was in the end just a club, but the Student Council was a functioning organisation. Hearing that, Rias said.

“So I asked them to come here. This place has enough space, and there isn’t any problem with people coming here. Ah, we’ve also got permission from Asia.”

Asia, who sat at the President’s chair, said with her hands up.

“Yes. Since this is the place that Rias-onee-sama founded, I told her she could come and visit us whenever she would like to.”

Asia also seemed like she wasn’t used to her new title of Buchou yet as she was being hesitant. Well, we’d be sure to help Asia-buchou from now on! This was only just the beginning! Rias thanked Asia.

“Asia, thank you, but we’ve already retired. We can come hang out, but we don’t want to get in your way during club activities. This is now your place to make yours.”

“Ufufu, that’s right. Although I did make our tea out of habit...I did wonder if I should be doing that without permission.”

Akeno-san also had the same attitude as Rias. These two were aware of the fact that they had retired from the club, but...it was still lonely.

“It seems like we’ll be in your care until the graduation. I do apologise about that.”

Sona-zenkaichou said while lowering her head. Seeing Sona-zenkaichou relaxing while drinking tea here felt refreshing. As I was thinking about our onee-samas, someone ran into the club room.


That was no one other than Saji! He grabbed onto me as soon as he came into the room!

“S-Saji, what’s up?”

When I asked, Saji said in a sobbing voice.

“Kuuuuuu! President is! President issssss!”

Looking at the retired President sitting right here, I asked.

“You are talking about this President over here, right?”

Saji looked towards the direction I was looking at. It looked like he realised only just then that Sona-zenkaichou was there. She spoke to Saji in her usual cool voice.

“Saji, you’re being noisy.”

Saji, startled at that, fixed his posture. But looking at his expression, it seemed like he was still surprised.

“...P-President! No, former President! I-I didn’t know you would be here!”

Sona-zenkaichou simply replied by saying ‘I’m just enjoying tea with my friends’. I asked Saji again.

“Anyway, why did you come running looking for me? You also said something about the President or something.”

Hearing what I said, it seemed like he remembered why he came here and shouted.

“Ah! That’s right! Hyoudou, help me! I don’t understand Xenovia-chan at alllllllll!”

Me and Asia-buchou looked at each other and listened to what he had to say.

Well, the person who this guy could call the President of this school right now was just Xenovia. That girl was fighting against the Sitri peerage’s Hanakai Momo-chan in the last school-wide election, and in the end, she won the election. So ultimately, she was elected as the new school Student Council President. Following that, Saji was named the new Vice-President. I assumed the reason why Saji was being all weepy and asking for my help was probably because of the current President. Well, the current President also happened to be a member of the ORC... Listening to his story, it looked like Xenovia said something outrageous during the council meeting.

[So, today’s job for the Student Council is outdoor activity.]

When Xenovia-kaichou said that, Saji-fukukaichou made a confused face.

[Huh? Were there any activities that needed to be done outside?]

Saji checked the schedule, but there weren’t any activities that involved outdoor activities. Just then, Xenovia-kaichou said this.

[Yup. It looks like the students at this school caused some trouble against students from the other school. We’ve received the request to sort that out. So, we’ll charge into the enemy school.]

Upon hearing that, Saji lost his cool.

[Making trouble against another school!? Charge!? H-Hang on Xenovia-chan...no, Kaichou! Would it not be better telling teachers about this?]

Xenovia-kaichou then spoke in confidence outrageously.

[Mmm, I did tell them. When I asked Azazel-sensei, he told me to go ahead and encouraged us.]

[You chose the wrong person to ask! ...Well, that’s fine... So, where is that other school you were talking about?]

Saji asked one more time. To regain his cool in this situation, it was so like Saji. I automatically thought of the absolute worst case scenario as soon as I heard this since this was a collaboration of Xenovia and Azazel-sensei.

[Hmm, it’s Destroy[1] High.]

After hearing that, Saji’s eyes nearly popped out and he said.


That’s right. As Saji said, that High School was the worst delinquent school around this area. It was to the point where there was an unspoken rule of never making any eye contact with the students wearing that uniform between the normal students.

[Yup! We are going to charge into Destroy High!]

It looked like the current President thought this outing/charge into that delinquent school was a positive thing... Saji wiped his tears off his face with a handkerchief and said in a defeated voice.

“...In the end, the current President took other members of the Council with her and charged into Destroy High... There were members who objected this like me, but the new members supported her...”

...My god. All the new members this year were muscle brains! Bishop Kusaka-chan, Knight Meguri-chan and Pawn Nimura-chan from last year were still there, right? That meant the total number of members who were there from last year were currently four. That meant three new members came in this year excluding Xenovia.

Now that I thought about it, there was a fellow third-year and a member of an Exorcist clan, Kamo Tadami-chan, from the new people of this year. That person was someone I was quite familiar with, and although she wasn’t a Devil, she had a bit of a cheeky personality. Hmm, she seemed like she would get along with Xenovia. Koneko explained some more.

“...I won’t say that all the like-minded people gathered together, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that half the people elected are muscle brains. Especially since the first years are the ones who prefer to talk with their fists instead of their mouth.”

Oioioi! Even the new first years!?

“Is Nimura-chan also like that?”

I asked just to be sure. Nimura-chan, who stayed in the council following last year, was easygoing, but since she was one of the people who used to be under Sona-kaichou, I thought she’d be more of a strict person... Also, Hanakai-chan, who didn’t get elected, and the Rook Yura-chan, who didn’t even stand for the election, retired and became normal students. Saji grabbed his hair.

“Yeah, that Nimura girl was getting along way too well with Xenovia...”

My god... I’ve got nothing else to say at that. Sona-zenkaichou said while sipping her tea.

“Ruruko was like that from the beginning. I thought from the beginning that she’d get along well with Xenovia-chan.”

Oh no! The thought of having an energetic Xenovia and an easygoing Nimura-chan in one place! N-Not only that, but if the muscle brain Exorcist lady was added to the mix, then it was basically a total train wreck! Saji continued to grab his hair and said.

“...Uuuuu. It’s not that long since the new Student Council was elected and the difference compared to the time when Sona-kaichou was the President already...! File work and hospitality towards the teachers are better than I expected, but the rest is...”

Then, he started to tell us the difference between Sona-zenkaichou and Xenovia-kaichou.

  • Argument between sports club about the use of the sports hall.

  • Sona-zenkaichou.

Sona: [Talk this out between you guys.]

Basketball club: [We called you because we couldn’t do that! We’ve got a competition next week!]

Volleyball team: [Hmph! We’ve also got a competition soon! So we’ve got to prepare for that!]

Sona: [I understand. Then, I’ll ask the hall teacher. This will be sorted once we figure out the time slot. And also, you have to use the sports hall fairly with not only between the basketball club and the volleyball club, but other sports clubs as well. You guys know that, right?]

Basketball Club: [Yes...]

Volleyball club: [We will do as you say, President.]

Saji: [As expected of the President! She solved it with just negotiation!]

  • Xenovia-kaichou

Xenovia: [Alright, determine this using your fists.]

Basketball Club: [We called you because... Whaaaaat!? Fist fight!?]

Volleyball Club: [What about negotiation or asking teachers for help!?]

Xenovia: [There are things you can only show each other through fighting. Especially the sports clubs which use their bodies. I’ll be the referee! Get ready!]

Basketball Club: [Stop with this nonsense!]

Volleyball Club: [Someone stop the President!]

Saji: [President, stop it! Don’t try to solve it using a fist fight!]

  • Cultural festival problems

  • Sona-zenkaichou

Sona: [For the manga club to sell such manga. I cannot allow this.]

Manga club: [T-That’s... It’s the freedom of expression! Like drawing my imagination inside my head...!]

Sona: [For such a thing, it’s too erotic... For two males to be doing such things...]

Manga club: [The expression of love is different from each other!]

Sona: [I will not deny such claims, but I cannot overlook the sales of such things within the school. In case such things get out of the school, it may cause our reputation to drop. I will not impose on your freedom of expression, but as the creator, you should be wary of the fact that your work will be seen by others. You understand that, right?]

Manga club: [...Yes.]

Saji: [As expected of President! She solved it with negotiation!]

  • Xenovia-kaichou

Xenovia: [So, isn’t there the next volume of this manga?]

Manga club: [T-That’s… T-That’s… it’s freedom of expression… W-Waaaaaaaait?! N-Next volume?!]

Xenovia: [This character and this character are Ise and Kiba right? As their comrade, I’m concerned with what will happen.]

Manga club: [A-Are you saying that the expression of love is different from each other?!]

Xenovia: [Well, you could say that. Not only that, but Kiba in this manga is very Kiba-like. The way he talks and looks at Ise is very much like how Kiba does it, and the observation is very good. But why would Kiba be hugging Ise? Wouldn’t it be the other way around?]

Manga club: [Xenovia-kaichou is Ise x Kiba-kyun side?! B-But even so! Kiba-kyun is...the bear!!!]

Saji: [Stop, President! I’ve got no idea what you guys are saying at all! Try to convince me!]

  • Report to the teachers

  • Sona-zenkaichou

Sona: [Teacher, I’ve brought you the report you asked for.]

Teacher: [Ooh, Shitori! As always, you’re quick to finish your job! ...Hmm, perfect! As expected!]

Sona: [This much isn’t too much.]

Saji: [Hehe. To finish the report in a day after being requested. As expected of the President!]

  • Xenovia-kaichou

Xenovia: [Azazel-sensei, I’ve brought you the report you’ve asked for.]

Azazel: [Ooh, Xenovia! Let’s see... Student Council power-up uniform, huh!? Looks good to me!]

Xenovia: [I’ve heard from Kiryuu that there are many special things that are in the Japanese Student Council President’s uniform. I wonder if I could transform?]

Saji: [The Student Council President has got no need for such thingsssssssssss!]


PrinceXBeast (1).jpg

Everyone, including me, couldn’t say a word after hearing Saji’s confession. That Xenovia, she was really going along with her talk (physical attack)... After hearing that, the former President didn’t get flustered and was not surprised. ‘Well, since the change of leadership, this might be the case’ was all she said. Rias and Akeno-san were just smiling and listening to the story. Oi, the onee-samas were reacting like retired grannies already! While we didn’t know what to do after hearing Saji’s confession, the council members Meguri-chan and Kusaka-chan came into the club room.

“Gen-chan, we’ve found the kid.”

Behind Meguri-chan stood a meek-looking male student.

“It looks like this guy talked to Xenovia-kaichou about the trouble with the delinquent school.”

When Meguri-chan insisted, the male student took a step forward. They said he was the reason why Xenovia was charging into their school. He hesitantly opened his mouth.

“...W-Well, the truth is that...”

Saji then started to interrogate the student.

“Haaa. To ask Xenovia-san for such a request... How did you even get into trouble with them in the first place?”

When Saji went on his case, he started to cry his eyes out.


Then, he clung onto Saji and said.

“...Please don’t blame Xenovia-kaichou!”

Then, he started to talk about the incident.

“...My younger brother is in primary school and his road bike, which he got as a gift from our parents, was stolen by his class bullies. When we went to get it back, the older brother of the kid who looked like the leader was the boss of the delinquent school...so we came back without the bike.”

He said that he brought out all the courage and went back there once, but got beaten up in the process.

“...I-I couldn’t discuss this with anyone, but...my little brother was so upset...”

Not being able to discuss this with anyone else, he was feeling upset at the bench of the academy. At that time, Xenovia talked to him by chance.

[You don’t look well. Is there anything wrong?]

Since he wanted to discuss the problem with someone, he told her everything. So, after hearing his story, Xenovia stood up and said.

[...Got it. Just trust me.]

And she left. He didn’t understand what happened...


...And asked her back. Then, Xenovia proclaimed with confidence.

[I’ll get it back for you.]


[You are a student in this school, and I’m the Council President of this school. So it’s only natural that I’m helping you!]

That was what the male student said while crying his eyes out.

“...I just heard the news that Xenovia-kaichou is going to Destroy High from the council members... I’m really happy, but Xenovia-kaichou is in danger! The guys at that high school are people that even adults can’t touch! I-I don’t know what to do here...! Will it be good if I also go!? Or should I contact the police...!?”

The student said that in confusion, but... So that kind of incident happened. There was no way that Xenovia, who had such a high regard for justice, would overlook this. On top of that, she was now the Student Council President, so she wouldn’t just lay down and do nothing! Hearing that, Saji wiped his nose.

“...Che. If there was such a story, then why didn’t she tell me sooner?”

While walking towards the exit, he told his fellow members Meguri-chan and Kusaki-chan.

“Meguri, Kusaka. Looks like our new President is in a pinch... will you guys come?”

Hearing that, Meguri-chan and Kusaka-chan looked at each other and made a bitter smile.

“Well, there’s no way the council members won’t help the President, right?”

“We’ve always helped each other this whole time...although the new President is just full of trouble.”

It looked like the opinions of those three were the same.

“Then we’ll get going!”

Saying that, all three of them ran out of the club room! Since Saji was also a guy with a great sense of justice, he probably couldn’t stand still after hearing that student’s story. Now, what should the ORC members do? I kind of wanted to go just to observe, since I was worried about our comrade Xenovia and our friend Saji. I told Rias.

“Rias, I’ll go too... I want to see the great success of the new Student Council that we’ll be with for the future.”

Just then, Irina and Asia also raised their hands.

“Me too! I, Shidou Irina, am Xenovia-kaichou’s BFF!”

“I also, as the president of the ORC, will go and help Xenovia-kaichou!”

Our vice-president Kiba, who was observing the event from the corner, also raised his body while making a slightly bitter smile.

“Ah, then, shall all the new ORC members go and pitch in?”

Just as everyone agreed, we all raised our fists!


Nice! Let’s all go and see the success of the new Student Council! Just as I was about to leave the club room, I heard the retired onee-samas’ conversation.

“...Fufu. Both your side and ours are full of young ones.”

“Isn’t this not that bad? It’s because they are like this that we can trust them.”

Rias and Sona-zenkaichou said so while smiling. Ahhh, I’ve only just realized that they trusted us from the beginning to do a good job.

Part 2[edit]

The place that we arrived to was...the river side of Kuoh. It looked like Xenovia was called to this place. We had caught up with Saji, Meguri-chan and Kusaka-chan, and were secretly observing the area. There were Xenovia, the new Student Council members and the delinquent students, and they were having a confrontation. They seemed to have more than fifty people on the delinquent side. Xenovia took a step forward and asked them.

“Are you guys the students from Destroy High?”

In the middle of the group of delinquents, there was a guy with a lot of piercings on his face leaning on a road bike. With an annoyed face, he made a punchable smile.

“Hehehe. What did the Student Council Prez of Kuoh Academy come here to see me for?”

The delinquents around him started to make noises in order to back him up.

“What’s up with these idiots!?”

“We’ll dunk ya!”

Something that didn’t even sound like Japanese came out. Instead of getting scared, Xenovia pointed at the road bike.

“Why don’t you guys give that bike back.”

Putting his foot on the pedal, the delinquent boss shouted in a loud voice.

“This road bike? Hell no! I’m gonna ride this bitch and go pick up all them gals! Recently, the guys on road bikes are in with these bitches!”

“““Gals! Gals!”””

Whenever the boss shouted something, the delinquents around him just made random noises... Bitches, what kind of era did these delinquents live in?

“Ruruko, is that really so?”

Xenovia asked Nimura-chan next to her.

“Hmm. I’ve never heard such things. Boss, you don’t need to listen to the nonsense from delinquents.”

Nimura-chan said in such an ‘underling’ tone! She also said ‘Boss’!

“Really? Anyway, I don’t understand that well, but you need to give that back here.”

Xenovia said without hesitation. That boss-looking guy looked at Xenovia‘s body with lecherous eyes.

“Oioi, your face isn’t too bad either. If you let me ride you instead of this bike, then I’ll think about it.”


The entirety of the delinquent group laughed out loud. Seeing that, Xenovia sighed at that sight.

“It doesn’t matter what, but the things that these idiots say are all the same whatever it is.”

“Boss! Let’s get rid of them! It looks like just kicking their butts first would be the best option!”

Nimura-chan said that in such a bright manner! You really look much more energetic compared to when you were under Sona-zenkaichou, you know!? Then, I just noticed that Saji and the rest of the council, who were with us just a moment ago, were gone. Looking back, I noticed that they were walking towards Xenovia and her gang.

“Xenovia-kaichou. We came to help.”

Saji burst into the scene!

“Ah, you’re here. What took you so long?”

Xenovia said that, but she seemed genuinely happy. Saji replied scratching his cheek.

“Well, I had some things to think about as the Vice-President.”

The Student Council gathered around Xenovia. Everyone was fired up now! Sona-kaichou’s cool Student Council was no longer there, but it was replaced by Xenovia’s hot-headed Student Council! Xenovia led the group!

“Alright! Looks like everyone’s here now! Let’s show them what our ‘conversation’ is all about!”

Xenovia pointed at the delinquents with her chin.

“Ruruko, charge innnnnnnnnn!”

Taking that as her signal, Nimura-chan send a punch into the air and said–

“Roger. I love this kind of stuff!”

–and then she just charged straight through them! And like a flash, she kicked down two or three delinquents in one go! Even without her artificial Sacred Gear, her kicks were sharp! Simple delinquents had no chance against her!

“Ouryuu! Send them flying!”

After giving her orders, the first-year clerk, Nakiri Ouryuu, stepped forward and sent some more delinquents flying.

“To think that this will continue for next year... I’m enjoying this, but I’m scared of the future too.”

It looked like he was enjoying hanging out with Xenovia. Next, the second-year Kamo-chan threw a talisman towards the delinquents. Those who got hit by one all dropped on the ground there.


It looked like she was also enjoying herself. Millarca Vordenburg-chan, who was just next to Kamo-chan, also sent some guys away with her cheerful punches and kicks.

“Hyyya, hyaaa. It’s hard to move around during day time. I’m so envious of daylight walkers...”

In contrast to her cute voice, she was showing such massive destruction power!

“Haaaaa. How the hell are we going to recover from this!?”

Saji also threw away incoming delinquents even though he was constantly complaining.

“Don’t worry! Azazel-sensei will do something about that! It’s not like we’re doing anything bad!”

Xenovia shouted with such confidence! Xenovia-kaichou, what the hell are you talking about!? Well, Azazel-sensei must have thought that this would have been the easiest solution and would show the delinquent school what would happen if they touched our school’s students. Yeah, Azazel-sensei would do something so this would have never happened! The Student Council was comfortably beating the others, but...we, the ORC members, didn’t really have anything else to do here. I asked the others just in case.

“So, what should we do? Looks like they don’t need any help.”

But Irina looked like she was itching to go! No, she already ran out!

“My name is Shidou Irina, BFF of President Xenovia! I came to help out!”

The twin-tailed and brown-haired girl ran out while holding a wooden sword and was shouting something that sounded like lines from a historical play! Xenovia was also happy to see Irina there.

“Ooo! My faithful friend! Thank you for coming!”

When I thought this couldn’t get worse, even Asia went out!

“I-I’m also here to help! I’ll heal you when you guys get hurt!”

She wouldn’t fight the delinquents directly, but it looked like she wanted to show Xenovia that she was also here! Xenovia was also happy to see her.

I scratched my head... Ahhh, we had no choice but to jump in now.

“...Since Asia-buchou also joined the fight, this is also our problem, right?”

I asked while looking at the others. Vice-President Kiba had a bitter smile on his face and nodded his head.

“It looks like we haven’t got a choice, right?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

“W-We have to help our president as the males of the ORC~!”

Koneko and Gasper also nodded their heads. Well then, there was no helping it! In the end, we also joined the Student Council!

“Let’s go! We’re Kuoh Academy’s president Xenovia’s comrades–!”

Just like that, a new chapter of Student Council history was written with the title ‘Xenovia-kaichou declares war against the delinquent school’.

Sometime after the incident, the student who returned the bike back to his younger brother was sincerely thankful to the current Student Council. Of course, Azazel-sensei did something and made sure the incident didn’t get too big. However, in Destroy High...

[Don’t even touch Kuoh Academy students. Their Student Council and Occult guys are monsters.]

...Such a story was floating around. As a result, even if they saw Kuoh Academy students, they would be the ones now avoiding us. Not only that, but rumours were going around the high schools in this area that ‘Kuoh Academy's Student Council is a group of people who are raring to fight’. After hearing that, Sona-zenkaichou just laughed.

“It’ll be fine with the new generation of the Student Council being this energetic. It will be a breath of fresh air compared to when I was running the Student Council.”

It seemed like the former President became bold after retiring... Looking at that scene, Rias smiled brightly and told me something.

“Sona was always this bold. She just acted a little reserved during the Student Council period.”

...Thinking back, I did feel this back when she came over to our house before.


Just then, Saji burst into the ORC room again! And he grabbed onto me as soon as he saw me!

“H-H-Hyoudou! Our President, she caused another problem! That Nimura is also supporting her! Not only that, but Meguri and Kusaka have also gone over to herrrrrrrrrrrr!”

He was crying his eyes out... The only thing I could do was just smile and say ‘Is that so?’ while listening to him... Well, I thought I needed to teach him how to handle Xenovia first. It looked like the relationship between the new Occult Research Club and the new Student Council would continue on for a long time...

  1. The hiragana literally read "desutoroi".
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