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Team Members[edit]

  • Team Imperial Purpure Tournament Registered Members.
    • [King] - Sairaorg Bael
    • [Queen] - Kuisha Abaddon
    • [Rook] - Sectaas Barbatos (Magdaran Bael’s [Queen])
    • [Rook] - Ladora Buné
    • [Knight] - Beruka Furcas
    • [Knight] - Liban Crocell
    • [Bishop] - Misteeta Sabnock
    • [Bishop] - Veves Furfur (Magdaran Bael’s [Bishop])
    • [Pawn (5)] - Regulus
    • [Pawn (2)] - Gandoma Balam (Previously [Rook])

※ Substitute: [Bishop] - Coriana Andrealphus (Substitute player against Cao Cao’s team.)

  • Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor Tournament Registered Members.
    • [King] - Cao Cao
    • [Queen] - Guan Gong (God-tier class)
    • [Rook] - Heracles
    • [Rook] - Connla (User of Sacred Gear [Night Reflection])
    • [Knight] - Jeanne
    • [Knight] - Perseus
    • [Bishop] - Georg
    • [Bishop] - Marsilio (User of Sacred Gear [Dreamlike Curse])
    • [Pawn] X 8 - Eight former members of the Hero Faction.

※ 1. Team [Imperial Purpure] is centred around the peerage of Sairaorg Bael and the peerage of his younger brother, Magdaran Bael, who are currently acting as sub-members. They exchange members depending on the situation at hand.

※ 2. The Pawn of Team [Imperial Purpure], Regulus, is an irregular being known as a Longinus itself. Therefore, there is no accurate measure of its worth of Evil Pieces, and the current value is given as an estimate after careful consideration of events up until now.

※ 3. Including their King, Cao Cao, the members of the Team [Spear of Heavenly Emperor] have been registered using their aliases and not their true names.

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