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Volume 1: Red-Haired Camel ☆ Princess[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“…How awful.”

I just returned from shopping with the Church Trio to see Buchou whispering a complaint to herself. —She was in a corner of my room. However, her somewhat dejected and sulky mood actually seemed a bit cute.

“…Did something happen?”

I nervously asked — and as soon as Buchou noticed me, she immediately flew into my arms!

“Ise! Help me!”

She said as she pleaded to me. W-What on earth happened…? Buchou began to cry as she said

“…Just then, Grayfia — no, my sister-in-law contacted me…. My family has already decided that even I…. What she suddenly said to me was completely beyond my imagination…I…what should I do…?”

Just from listening to her voice which was interspersed with incessant sobs, I could understand just how serious the matter from the Gremory House was. …C-Could it be that they found another new suitor? No, that would be unthinkable. It didn’t seem like Buchou’s parents wanted to find another candidate after what happened with Riser. And the strong-willed Buchou wouldn’t cry just because of something like that. T-Then, just what was it that made Buchou cry like this…? C-Could it be that!? A family dispute!? While various thoughts raced around in my mind, Buchou continued to speak intermittently.

“…I am not riding a camel this time…”


For a moment, I was unable to understand what Buchou was talking about.

“…Huh? Camel?”

That was the only response I could muster at the time.  All of the members of the Gremory peerage who lived at the Hyoudou residence went down to the first floor living room. Akeno-san explained the details of the camel situation to all of us at the table. Buchou was still sobbing and weeping. Every mention of a camel seemed to trigger her even further.

“Rias hates camels very much.”

Akeno-san giggled as she began to explain, and then continued

“The Gremory name is associated with camels. In the grimoire which records details of the Devils known as [The Key of Solomon], the Devil Gremory wears the crown of a duchess, and appears from a magic circle while riding atop a large camel. Therefore, since ancient times, the members of the Gremory House have always ridden camels on important occasions.”

Ah, so that’s what it was. So the camel is like a symbol of the Gremory House. …Speaking of which, when I visited the Gremory castle, I did seem to recall that the guards rode camels. However, I didn’t pay that much attention back then, so I wasn’t entirely sure…. I tried to think back to that time. Akeno-san revealed a slight smile when she saw me scratch my head.

“It can’t be helped that you don’t remember anything about camels, Ise-kun. After all, Rias herself hates camels. The members of her family are careful to keep any camels away from Rias.”

So the fact that Buchou hated camels was already well-known within the Gremory House, and that’s why no one let camels near her. So that’s why no camels appeared in my memory. Because I was always by Buchou’s side, I never saw any camels. And then, we finally got down to the main issue.

“Well, what do you mean by not riding a camel?”

I asked Buchou. After Buchou made a deep sigh, she spoke with a heavy tone

“…Because I accepted an invitation from a magazine. They said that I was scheduled to do a major story…. But they said that they wanted a photo of ‘Rias Gremory riding a camel’…”

Oh, a magazine story huh. Buchou is a celebrity in the Underworld after all. As the Maou’s younger sister, the heiress of the Gremory House and the [Switch Princess], she was quite well-known to the public. Buchou had many supporters among both men and women, and there were many young girls who idolised her. …I heard that even imitations of the Kuoh Academy uniform had been made. In any case, that just proved to show how popular Buchou was. Well, the fact that she was a beautiful young princess was enough to catch everyone’s attention. —Then, for the sake of the magazine, couldn’t she just ride a camel? Akeno-san then added

“Until now, Rias has rejected anything related to camels, but only this time has Grayfia-sama asked her to do this as a sister.”

[Rias, you must ride one just this once. You are the heiress of the Gremory House, are you not?]

—It seemed like Grayfia-san had said that to her. Grayfia-san had made the request not as a maid, but as her sister. At the time, she must have given Buchou a sharp glare while she spoke in a serious tone. I could just imagine the pressure that Grayfia-san exuded. Although Grayfia-san usually acted like a maid towards Buchou, Sirzechs-sama, and the rest of the family, she could suddenly transform into a strict older sister once she took off her maid uniform. Because Buchou respected her older sister more than anyone else, it was impossible for her to disobey any of her orders. Buchou didn’t want to betray any of her expectations or make her angry either. Buchou softly trembled and tears filled her eyes as she whimpered

“…Oneesama’s orders are absolute. If I don’t think of a way, then…”

Ah, so cute! She was so cute when she had a look and voice that seemed younger than her usual self, and she didn’t seem like ‘Rias-oneesama’ at all! Akeno-san comforted Buchou by patting her head as she said

“Grayfia-sama only becomes strict when Rias acts wilful.”

While being gently held in Akeno-san’s arms, Buchou sighed again.

“…Oneesama only said that for my sake. After all, oneesama never says anything wrong. …But, I really can’t. Camels are the only thing…”

Akeno-san softly held Buchou’s hand as both her friend and her servant, and lovingly said

“The camel’s transportation has already been confirmed. It’ll be delivered here soon. Ufufu, Rias, I’ll accompany you with getting used to the camel.”

Buchou then turned and said “Akeno, you witch!” as she began to cry again. —So, I naturally followed along to this course on getting used to camels. Okay, so now what…?

Part 2[edit]

The camel in question was finally delivered on the weekend.

“Rias, the Gremory House has sent camel-kun over.”

The thing that Akeno-san lead from the magic circle underneath the Hyoudou residence to the courtyard was — a camel with three humps on its back.


The camel seemed to be a little angry as it made a strange cry.

“This is fifteenth head of the three-humped camel tribe in the Underworld.”

Akeno-san explained.

“What is a three-humped camel?”

I asked Akeno-san. I had heard about camels with one and two humps, but a three-humped camel was beyond me.

“It’s a species of camel that only exists in the Underworld.”

Akeno-san added. Ah, so they’re native to the Underworld. Hmm, so three-humped camels exist in the Underworld huh.

“…All wild single-humped camels have already become extinct in the human world, and those left are domesticated. I’ve heard that there are only around eight hundred wild double-humped camels left in the world.”

—Koneko-chan said. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Koneko-chan! …Well, so what about Buchou…. I looked about and tried to search for her, but it didn’t seem as though she was present—. …Actually, in a corner of the yard, I spotted the figure of a red-haired girl who tried to run away.

“Xenovia-chan, please catch Rias for me.”

As soon as Xenovia received that order from Akeno-san, she immediately shouted ‘I understand!’ and dashed out to retrieve Buchou.

“I don’t want to! Please let go of me Xenovia! Please! I don’t want toooo!”

“Buchou, please give up. Human beings must face challenges in order to grow. As members of the Gremory peerage, haven’t we also climbed over various obstacles?”

“But I’m a Devil! I don’t have to face challenges!”

Buchou desperately cried out as she tried to resist Xenovia’s grip on her shoulders. But, her voice and the way she tried to resist was incredibly cute!


Huh? I seemed to hear Asia’s cry — and when I turned to face the direction of her voice, I saw Asia being attacked by the camel!

“Hwah! W-Wait! Camel-kun! You’re in my skirt! Ah!”

“Gooh! Gooh!”

The camel seemed rather excited as it continued to plunge its head into Asia’s skirt! Asia then desperately tried to hold her skirt down to resist! Why is this happening!? I immediately ran over to Asia, and kicked the camel aside! I then pointed at the camel which had toppled over behind Asia and yelled

“Y-You perverted camel! How dare you stick your head into Asia’s skirt! I envy — no, I won’t forgive you!”

The camel trembled as it stood up, and then faced me as fighting intent began to build up in my eyes—


It spat at me! Although I wanted to evade, doing so would have caused it to hit Asia…. I couldn’t help but allow myself to be hit by a mouthful of spit from the perverted camel. Something within me snapped and I got heated-up!

“…Y-You bastard! How dare you spit at me! I’ll beat you!”

I summoned my gauntlet, and just as I was about to start the countdown, Akeno-san stopped me!

“Wait, Ise-kun! Calm down!”

“Even if you say that! This bastard stuck its head into Asia’s skirt and spat at me! It must be properly disciplined! It’s not like there are no other camels, right!?”

This absolutely cannot be the camel for Rias to rehabilitate with! See, this guy is clearly looking at Akeno-san and Buchou’s breasts! It was precisely because I was also a pervert that I could understand what it was looking at! This camel is a natural super-pervert! The camel was actually getting excited at Devil girls! This guy must have been an incredible pervert in its past life!

“It seems that camels are essentially pulled out whenever the Gremory House needs to hold some kind of event. The camel that has been sent to us is almost the same as the rest of them.”

Akeno-san said. This was the only thing they could get!? It’s clearly meant to be a rehab partner for the heiress to the House, so couldn’t you have gotten a more obedient one!? Argh! Could this also be one of the trials proposed by Grayfia-san!? The erotic gaze of the camel was overflowing with lust! And then, it stretched its head towards Akeno-san’s skirt again—. In the end, there was a flash of lightning ‘Doon!’, and the camel was instantly charred black.

“Ufufu, camel-kun? If you keep being naughty…we’ll eat you okay?”

Akeno-san smiled as she threatened him! After getting a taste of her power, the camel finally understood who was in a higher position, so he lowered his back and lay on the ground! Ooh, Akeno-san’s S side has appeared! It’s super effective against the perverted camel!

“Now, Rias. Let’s begin.”

Akeno-san seemed rather delighted as she smiled at Buchou who was held onto by Xenovia. Ah, I immediately understood that Akeno-san’s S side was unrelenting even towards her best friend.

  • Rias Gremory’s camel-riding rehabilitation – attempt one

Akeno-san announced to a pale-faced Buchou

“Let’s hurry along Rias’ recovery. But since even a single touch frightens her, this camel-kun has become quite a terrifying existence to her. So, how do we make this camel-kun as cute as one of her own servants?”

“…What do you mean?”

Buchou asked in surprise. Akeno-san took out an enlarged photo — the photo clearly showed my face on it.

“We’ll stick Ise-kun’s photo onto camel-kun’s head. See, now camel-kun has transformed into Ise-kun.”

Akeno-san said…. But there had to be more to just sticking my photo onto the camel’s head…. An indescribable feeling arose within me.

“What’s wrong, Rias? Do you think it looks like Ise-kun?”

Please don’t ask a complicated question like that, Akeno-san! H-Hey, this is a bit bad….

“I-It’s impossible. No matter how I look at it, that’s not Ise! My Ise is a bit wilder, and more indecent than that!”

That’s how I’m perceived!? My eyes popped out due to the surprise of how my own master was describing me! However, Xenovia held her chin as she responded to Buchou

“That’s right…he certainly does have that kind of perverse aura, Ise-kun. …No, hold on, you say that this camel isn’t like Ise-kun…but aren’t they quite similar?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about Xenovia! Irina took out several more photos of me and stuck them on the camel’s three humps!

“Now there are four of Ise-kun’s faces! Its Ise-ness is even higher now!”

It’s even more confusing now, stupid Angel! What is ‘Ise-ness’ anyway!? I complained to myself….

“…I wonder why? For some reason, I’m starting to be able to see this camel as Ise…”

Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!? Buchou, what’s happening!? Has seeing four of my faces on the camel confused you!? Even the colour of her eyes had begun to fade!

“Guhehe (laugh)”

Guhehe (laugh) my ass, you perverted camel! Don’t make it sound like you’re happy! This camel has been made to become ‘similar’ to me in such an absurd way! I’m the one who wants to cry! And so, the proposal to use my photos to get Buchou accustomed to the camel ended in failure. 

  • Rias Gremory’s camel-riding rehabilitation – attempt two

“It can’t be helped. Let’s move on to the next method.”

Akeno-san let out a sigh…and she tied Buchou up with rope, and then blindfolded her eyes!

“We’ll have to use force. Even if we have to get violent, we’ll make sure that you can ride the camel.”

Akeno-san cruelly said such things to her master! But while Akeno-san did such things, she was showing her ultimate S side! Rather than stopping her, I was just as guilty by looking on in excitement! Buchou, sorry I’m a pervert! I got excited by the expression on Akeno-san’s face as she tied Buchou up!

“Mmm! Mmm!”

Although Buchou shook her head and attempted to say something, Akeno-san heartlessly gave orders to Koneko-chan and Xenovia.

“Koneko-chan, Xenovia-chan, please carry Rias onto the camel’s back just like that!”

““Yes, ma’am!””

The two of them saluted Akeno-san and then carried Buchou on their shoulders until they set her down on the camel’s back!

“Hii—! Hii—!”

Although Buchou cried out desperately, Xenovia and Koneko-chan didn’t seem to care as they tied Buchou to the camel’s back with a rope!

“This is also for Buchou’s own good! Please endure it, Buchou! After all, Vice President Akeno promised to let me do sword training after all this is over!”

“…Sorry Buchou. I’ve already received cake from Akeno-san.”

This is going too far, you two! You’ve been completely bribed by Akeno-san!

“Guhehehehehe ♪”

The camel which had been tied together with Buchou using rope made a rather excited noise! That bastard, it got excited because Buchou’s breasts were pressed up against its back! That perverted camel actually touched my precious oppai! Out of jealous rage, I couldn’t resist turning towards the camel!


After a desperate struggle to resist, Buchou let out a cute shriek before losing consciousness.

“Ara ara, ufufu. So you’ve given up, Rias ♪. Now what are we going to do…”

A wide smile emerged on Akeno-san’s face as she let Buchou down from camel-kun’s back.

“How about letting her swim with the camel?”

“No, it wouldn’t be bad to have a boxing match with the camel either.”

“Then, we can have a water fight at the underground swimming pool!”

Koneko-chan, Xenovia, and Irina each seemed rather thrilled as they proposed their own suggestions! …Akeno-san is definitely making fun of Buchou today! But, I didn’t stop Akeno-san either—.  So like this, the rehab operation entered its final stage. …However, what came next was true hell. 

  • Rias Gremory’s camel-riding rehabilitation – attempt three

“Since it’s come to this, we’ll just have to use our last resort. Another camel.”

Akeno-san sighed again as she said that.

“I see, Akeno-san. But, another camel means — isn’t that me!?”

I was in shock as I examined my own appearance! What the hell!? How did I suddenly turn into a camel!? The final plan was actually to replace the camel with someone close to her! As a result, the person chosen was — me!

“I truly never imagined that the Norse magic I learnt to turn people into camels would come in handy at a time like this.”

After completing her magic spell, Rossweisse-san sighed in relief. Indeed, it was actually Rossweisse-san’s Norse magic which turned me into a camel! Although I wanted to ask about why she had to learn such useless magic, the result was rather effective on me!

“Everyone, turning me into a camel is too excessive! Even if it’s for Buchou’s sake, this is going too far!”

I cried out loudly as I complained.

“But you’re so cute, Ise-kun!”

Asia, even if you say that, I can’t stop my tears — but, Buchou trembled while she approached me as a camel.

“…If the camel is Ise then, there shouldn’t be a problem…”

As Buchou murmured that, she gulped and made up her mind. Buchou’s hand shivered as she gingerly reached over — and then she suddenly jerked her hand!

“No! I can’t after all!”

Just as I predicted, I got a slap in the face—. Afterwards, Buchou eventually got used to the camel form that I turned into, and we finally finished the magazine photoshoot on the condition that I had to be the only camel used. Well, the magazine request was completed. Although Buchou hadn’t gotten used to camels, and Grayfia-san was a little angry and dissatisfied, she eventually accepted the outcome.

Part 3[edit]

“The reason why Rias dislikes camels? Ah, when that girl was still a child, she was bullied by camels which were kept at home. She was surrounded by a group of them and chased around for quite a long time. That’s why she dislikes camels.”

Having come to visit the Hyoudou residence, Sona-kaichou sipped on some black tea as she told us the reason.

“…That’s not it, it’s because I did the wrong thing when I was little.”

Buchou blushed as she puffed out her cheeks. Huh, so that was also a reason. When Buchou was a child, she was rather naughty. …But, this is fine, isn’t it?

“No, wait! That’s what you’re talking about when I can’t turn back!?”

I objected while still having the appearance of a camel! Of course I’d object! Why do I still have to be a camel!?

“That spell takes two to three days to wear off. That’s just how powerful the technique is.”

Rossweisse-san cruelly concluded! Why did you learn such powerful, yet impractical magic from the Norse mythology!?

“Noo! Even if I am a camel, I want to cuddle with Buchou! Buchou, please give me a reward!”

I shouted as I approached Buchou—.

“I hate camels!”

All I got was a series of light punches and slaps! This is weird! Why am I always the only one who gets treated unfairly!?

“…Perhaps she’s treating you as a representation of camel-kun, senpai. Or maybe camel-kun has become a representation of you, senpai?”

Koneko-chan quietly whispered.

“Alright, hurry up and change be back!”

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