High School DxD EX Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Crimson Haired Red Dragon Emperor[edit]

From this point on, what I am about to tell you consists of top secret circumstances known only to a small number of highly important people —.

Due to the severe magnitude of this matter, it is absolutely important to prevent anything at all be made public……however the truth is, if the time should come, this information may prove to be useful.

Therefore, in the case that something were to happen to me, I am purposefully recording this to serve as an intermediary.

Even though it is my earnest desire that this shall never be released, I shall commence my account of the incident.


These events took place after the fierce encounter with the 'Khaos Brigade', and around the time when some level of calmness had finally been recovered.

I——Azazel, for the sake of confirming something that had been reported by my students with my own eyes, was accompanying Rias and the others late one night as they were mobilized at that time. I had also been informed about it by them.

——Recently, strange things have been appearing frequently within the territory of the Gremory peerage.

That was what had been discussed with me. At the very least they did not appear to be Stray Devils. When I first heard about it, I thought that it was the remnants of the 'Khaos Brigade', or Sacred Gear owners who had been influenced by the 'Khaos Brigade' in the vicinity that we'd been making light of.

It happened late night, two days after having that discussion with Akeno contacting me on an emergency channel.

'Sensei, that thing we mentioned earlier has appeared again. For the sake of identifying it, would you please make your way here?'

Having received the communication, I immediately arrived at the approximate location I was informed by jumping through the transportation-type magic circle. During the discussion, Irina had also expressed an interest in participating in the subjugation of this enigmatic enemy. Immediately after transporting I spread my wings and flew to the location where I sensed the demonic powers and the aura of Rias and the others.

That location was an abandoned house on the outskirts of Kuou Town. At this deserted location, there was nothing but the light from the electric lamps to light up the area. it seemed that a fight had already broken out, as I could confirm the use of offensive demonic power.

The moment I arrived at the position of Rias and company, she was delivering her Gremory speech.

"Clan of miscreants, who have invaded my jurisdiction! In the name of the Duke of Gremory, you will all be blown away! …… Although I'm saying this at this point I'm doubtful if we are even capable of communicating with words."

With Rias having made up her mind, Ise and company fixed their stances. Someway or another, it seemed as if they had been hesitating until just now. Ise had also changed into his armour.

I directed my gaze ahead, where illuminated in the light under the electric lamp——was a hard to describe silver-colored thing, standing there…….

It was barely humanoid. By barely, I mean that it had four limbs, a head, and was standing on two legs like a human — but nothing beyond that could be said of its external appearance. The question was "what exactly is its composition"?

It's entire body was a shade of silver with the surface appearing hard like the exoskeleton of an insect emitting a brilliant lustre. At first glance it appeared to be a machine, but something akin to a skin formed smooth curves on its exterior, which would lead one to assume that it was a living creature. The back of its head was protruding from the head itself, just like the 'gray space aliens' rumors that were spread among humans, but there were five of what appeared to be the thing's eyes (which were reminiscent of an insect's compound eyes), and neither a nose nor a mouth could be found. More than anything else——its aura couldn't be sensed at all. No... I understood that something was being released from its body. However, compared to the energy that we were familiar with, it was clearly a completely different kind of energy[1]. There wasn't even any visible indication that it was breathing.

Squaring off against this enigmatic creature, every member of the Occult Research Club similarly showed an extremely complex expression, being completely bewildered by the body that was before them.

……Well, I also couldn't comment on seeing such a troubling opponent. To begin with, over the course of my long life, this was my very first time encountering this kind of being.

I see, this guy……is a subject that is stimulating my researcher's curiosity.

Ise asked me about the unpleasant opponent.

"……Sensei, this thing, what is it? A machine? A demon?"

I replied in an instant.

"I don't know. It's my first time seeing this as well. It doesn't seem to be a machine or a demon. Anyway……why don't we capture it for examination. You guys, can you catch it without damaging it as much as possible?"

Receiving my instruction, Rias was confused, yet nodded her head reluctantly.

"……Seeing as it challenged us from before, there's no way we can simply ignore it. —— Koneko."


In compliance to Rias' command, Koneko took a single step forward.

……To begin with, she chose a brawler huh. It is easy to understand that this is a good method for judging the type of material.

I provided additional instructions to Koneko.

"Koneko, give it a single punch loaded with a reasonable amount of Touki [2]."


While displaying some light footwork, Koneko waited for the opponent to show an opening……. The opponent didn't move at all nor display a single movement. That was much too ominous.

Koneko closed the gap and hammered a single punch into the opponent's abdomen.

——A sound like a hammer striking metal resounded throughout the area.

A metallic sound? As expected, is it a metal——machine?


Koneko jumped back, returning to where we were. She was staring fixedly at the fist she had just punched with.

Koneko spoke in a subdued murmur.

"……It was like striking a lump of rubber."

……That's, surprising. The sound on impact is that of metal yet it feels like rubber? Its true nature has become even more difficult to understand!

——Then, the opponent began to show movement. With its head trembling ever so slightly——the five blue eyes shifted to a dangerous shade of red!!

"That's! Everyone scatter! Azazel you too, evade!"

Rias quickly issued an order to everyone.

Sensing the danger myself, I spread my wings and flew into the midnight sky! As I cast my gaze down upon the enigmatic being, I patiently observed —— as a previously unseen pattern revealed itself on its entire body, a red beam was fired from each of its five eyes!!

The Gremory peerage, despite being young also had done a splendid job evading that carnage, seemingly taking no notice of such a half-hearted attack. ——However, the red beams that had been fired flexibly bent the trajectory of the light!!

Akeno yelled.

"Please be careful! That light can move freely like a whip!"

As for the red light, each one of them seemingly possessed its own will as it moved left and right through the air in a manner reminiscent of confused tire tracks drawn on a highway while swooping down on us.


Being on the receiving end of a shot, Rossweisse spread out a defensive magic circle in front of her repelling——. No, not only did Rossweisse's magic circle not repel the red beam, it passed straight through the magic circle without caring about it! It passed through a defensive magic circle!? When it comes to Rossweisse's magic circles, at the very least it ought to have been developed with defensive measures against every type of known phenomenon. The technical formula she had compiled was capable of dealing with both physical attacks and magical attacks.

——And it had slipped right through it?

If that was the case, then it wasn't physical or magical, wouldn't that mean it was an attack born from an entirely different system of knowledge? No no, that's unlikely! Apart from the Norse Mythology system of magic there is no other mythological system as advanced in this area. Therefore for it to have slipped through the magic circle of Rossweisse who was an elite——.

Instantly noticing it herself, Rossweisse used defensive body movements to avoid the red beam, establishing some distance from it.

The other members of the ORC were driven throughout the sky by the other red beams.

"Huh! What a nuisance!"

"Ooo! What is this!"

Xenovia and Irina were clearing away the red beams with the specialized weapons they were wielding.

……The attacks from holy swords were capable of cutting them?

"Damn it! Dragon Shot!"

Ise fired an extra large sphere of demonic power aimed at the opponent. Fired at tremendous speed, this single attack from the Red Dragon Emperor scored a direct hit upon the mysterious silver creature——. It made no move to avoid it.

Giving rise to an explosion and fumes, the opponent lay in the center of a crater created by the impact torn into pieces. The four limbs had been plucked off, and its head had also been severed from the torso.

……Did that do it? No, even though I said it had been scattered there were no bodily fluids pouring out of it. ……Just what on earth was this guy……?

Rias narrowed her eyes without dropping her guard.

"……With this"

Just as Rias spoke, the enigmatic creature that ought to have been eliminated—countless thin tentacle-like objects extended from its torso and also from the severed limbs. The tentacles from the cross section of the arms approached those extending from the cross section of the torso——and fused together!! The arms with the torso, the legs with the waist, each was successively tied to the other, restoring it to its original appearance!


Rushing in, Kiba severed the tentacles that were fusing together with his Holy-Demonic Sword——but before long they resumed their regeneration.

Rossweisse spoke up at this point.

"It is the same as before. Temporarily, it can be defeated, but it then immediately revives. Moreover, when it comes to ordinary attacks, they cannot inflict even a single injury upon its body."

……Certainly, even though it had received Ise's attack, its body had only been scattered without a single wound being inflicted upon the surface, which was still releasing that damn brilliance. Well, if these guys were to get serious without paying any mind to the surroundings, it seems that not only this, but the entire neighborhood likely wouldn't be able to withstand it.

I spoke to Rossweisse.

"Freeze it."

Seemingly understanding my instructions, Rossweisse expanded a magic circle, from which a cold air filled the surroundings, which froze the enigmatic creature. The movement of the tentacles gradually weakened. Losing the brightness in its five eyes, it finally ceased functioning——.

Descending to surround the silver creature, we proceeded with the recovery plan while sensing a bad premonition.

This, for us, was our first contact with the enigmatic creatures——.


After capturing the enigmatic creature, several days passed. While putting in an appearance in the ORC clubroom, I made my report to the members. At that precise moment, they all had just finished with their Devil's jobs.

Deploying a projection-type magic circle from my hand, I showed everyone a 3D image of the aforementioned creature. Simply put, it was the completed information gathered on the silver creature. Well as of yet, nothing could be said other than it was unidentifiable.

Ise spoke while watching the rotating 3D image being projected.

"……This thing, what the heck is it supposed to be?"

I shook my head from side to side.

"I don't know. Even for myself who has lived so long, this is my first time seeing something like this. Even from a simple examination, I can say that it is not a creature affiliated with any religious system. Even old man Odin and Zeus have just about given up on it, saying we need to send over additional samples. It has caught the major attention of every power's research institutions."

For the time being, the Grigori research facility was to continue its investigations. As part of the relationship involving the alliance of the Three Great Powers, researchers from both sides of heaven and the devils had been dispatched, and were investigating together……but since they couldn't even ascertain the composition of the material, they had all given up.

……Well, to some extent that could be determined just from a visual examination. That is to say, it was not a substance found in this world.

Rias then asked.

"What about the report from my brother and Ajuka Beelzebub-sama?"

"Sirzechs also doesn't know anything about it. As for Ajuka……I've been told he's still investigating."

Though I say that about Ajuka, if it's that Maou then it may very well be possible he has already understood what it is.

"……It's as if it were a combination of organic matter and metal, like a fusion between a machine and an organism……"

So said Koneko.

……Indeed, that perception doesn't seem to be wrong, but it may be hasty to make judgements based on our own limited viewpoints.

As I turned off the projection,

"Well, that's the report on what we know. Just in case, get in contact with me if you encounter something like that again. Until then it's okay to continue as usual."

Leaving it at that, I left the clubroom.

After departing the clubroom, I proceeded on foot to a vast space established beneath Kuou Town. It's something that was created by Rias' family, designed for the sake of being used during an emergency, as well as including an exceedingly large space for allowing the train to pass back and forth to the underworld, it was made up of countless rooms of various sizes and if someone were to enter this dimly lit place, it seems almost certain that they'd lose their way.

As for me, I finally managed to reach this one room.

As a matter of fact, last evening, a certain communication had come to me.

'I have business with those things that have been appearing frequently in your town. I'll be waiting for you in the underground of Kuou Town. You must come alone. Regarding the location——'

——So said the voice of a young man that had been transmitted to my private line.

……I had not informed anyone other than the leaders of the Grigori of this confidential line. I hadn't even taught Rias and the others how to use this line……who on earth was this person?

Although I was carrying such suspicions, I was waiting here. ……Although I ought to have 'Slash Dog' along as guard, I was alone just as I had been instructed. Against my better judgement I faithfully obeyed. Well, in any case I could always escape through the transportation-type magic circle whose formula I had prepared in advance.

After waiting for a few minutes——.

Sensing a presence behind me I looked back —— and what had appeared there were two more of the aforementioned silver creatures.

……A trap? Geez, and I had been so careful. I was honestly such a fool to have put faith in that line. Could this be due to the influence of Ise and the others?

Well, I had prepared for this anyways. I formed a spear of light in my hand.

As I squared off against them, I wonder……these guys, were they the ones who had learned of my private line? No, it would appear that whoever these guys' superiors were had been aware of my line. When it comes to a line that only the leaders of the Grigori were aware of……there was no reason to suspect anyone who was a mere subordinate.

While letting out a sigh my ear detected a strange sound.



……Hoh, some 'voice'-like thing was being emitted. Since there was no mouth, I had absolutely no idea from where it was being produced…….

I pointed the tip of my spear at the opponent and spoke.

"So it would be apt to say I've also been targeted separately. ……You guys, since you haven't acted against any of the other mythological factions, your aim must be us then right?"

To I who was asking, those guys spoke while shuddering ever so slightly.

〈Gigagagagaga, Aza, zel, Rias Gremory, gigagaga〉

〈Gugegegegege, Hyoudou Asia, Hyoudou Issei Gremory, gugegegege〉

The voice was mechanical sounding. ……As expected, is it a machine? Rather than that, just now it had spoken our names. The fact that they were targeting us, is now obvious but……. There was something the voice had said that concerned me.

——Hyoudou Asia? Hyoudou Issei Gremory?

Could I have misheard? Or else could the other party have misunderstood? Although that may be the case…….

The two silver creatures' five eyes began to shine with a dangerous red light. They intended to use the previous tentacle of light attack!! Preparing my spear, I was considering to deploy the escape-type magic circle!

——Then, it was at that moment.

A third party's voice resounded throughout the room.

"To think these guys would come so quickly to the meeting. Is this a good sign, or an evil one?"

At that moment, one of the silver creatures——starting from the head, was bisected vertically! The cause was a single holy sword flickering with a tremendous holy aura! The creature that had been cut cleanly in two collapsed, and from behind it a young boy wielding a holy sword was revealed! Regarding the holy sword —— its form was exactly like Durandal's.

Furthermore, yet another voice was heard!

"Get down, Zen."

Hearing that voice, the young boy in possession of Durandal leapt to the side. At the same moment a thunderbolt was formed above the head of the remaining silver creature.

"——Holy lightning"

Together with the voice, dazzling holy lightning fell upon the silver creature! The magnificent lightning strike fried its body all over! When the lightning strike ceased, all that was left there was the ashes of the humanoid.

They had very easily handled those guys who we could not even wound easily! The two boys who had defeated the two silver creatures then stood before me.

Along with the boy in possession of the holy sword, there was a slender boy with black hair. ……They each had faces that were somewhat familiar.

The black haired boy bowed to me.

"It's nice to meet you, Azazel……Founding Governor General-dono."

"Holy lightning……and a holy sword resembling Durandal. You guys are——"

In response to my question the black haired boy began with a self-introduction.

"Founding Governor General-dono, regarding my name I am called Himejima Kurenai."

At this point he boy in possession of the holy sword continued.

"I am called Zen Quarta."

……I was surprised at the surnames of the two, while simultaneously I began to grasp an understanding as well.

The black haired boy——Himejima Kurenai spoke.

"We are from approximately thirty years into the future from now——we are the children of the Red Dragon Emperor, Hyoudou Issei."


I had not been surprised by the sudden confession the two boys told me, but rather I immediately came to grips with what they had said.

……Well, generally speaking, it wouldn't be strange if 30 years from now a demonic power, magical power, or technique researched by the Grigori were to be developed allowing for travel through time. Personally, fearing a distortion of history, I wouldn't so much as set foot into such a field. Hence, I had not been seriously striving to achieve it……and yet it would appear that if such a major thing had been researched, then in that case it would be my future self doing it.

These two had called themselves the children of Ise……in all likelihood, the mother of the black haired boy was Akeno, while the mother of the Holy Sword possessor was Xenovia, or so it would seem at the very least. Both of their appearances were of handsome boys that looked just like their mothers.

Just as I thought this much, I inquired of the two boys.

"……Regarding what that was, it would be nice if you could explain it concisely."

The black haired boy——Himejima Kurenai spoke.

"Just now, those mysterious creatures that are infesting this place——they are things that came from the future."

The boy in possession of the Holy Sword——Zen Quarta continued.

"Regarding its true identity——they are creatures from a parallel dimension. Among ourselves, we have designated them as "UL"[3]. It is an abbreviation for "Underworld's Lifeform".

……I see, so that's how it was huh.

Just as I had somewhat predicted, those creatures were not of this world. If someone were to say that they were creatures from a parallel dimension, that would be something I could very much consent to. And on top of that, they were from the future. This was also something I could consent to. That such things had started appearing, and so suddenly at that, this was not the case at all. Since the devils were observing the dimensional gap, I would have been informed if there had been any dimensional fluctuations.

That wasn't the case at this time——. The things these boys were saying were astounding, to the point that I think they would lead to various arguments if it was anyone apart from myself.

"As for this parallel dimension, by any chance, is there some connection to the Chichigami Ise encountered?"

I inquired as such. During the battle with the evil God Loki, Ise, through use of Pailingual[4], had communicated with a Seirei[5] in service to the Chichigami. Because of this, with all of the other mythological societies being aware of us, it caught the interest of some researchers who were saying 'Based on this, an entirely different parallel dimension must exist.'

"Yes, that is the case."

——Such was Kurenai's exceedingly calm reply.

……I could do nothing but hold hold my hand to my forehead. Was this simply inevitable? Or else…….

"Explain what happened in the future."

Shaking my head to pull my thoughts together, I inquired. Well, precisely because something had happened in the future, it seems the effects reached even this time period. To start with I should probably inquire as to the situation.

Kurenai then began narrating.

"For the sake of not creating too much of a time paradox, I cannot explain it in detail, but, thirty years from now, a great battle called 'The Malevolent God War' is occurring within our world."

"……Well, it's possible to guess the gist of the main point. Things like evil spirits and malevolent gods have conspired together and launched some kind of invasion against us, am I right?"

I spoke with a sort of sarcasm. Zen Quarta also smiled bitterly.

Zen spoke.

"Yes, as a result of the peace you have accumulated, each of the future societies willingly cooperated with the other societies. Naturally, during this time there were also severe battles fought frequently but……through the sacrifice of father and the others they were all defeated."

That's……not pleasant at all. From here on out I should put all my effort into acts of peace. No, since it would perhaps be too much strain to try and change history, I should put such thoughts out of my mind.

Kurenai continued.

"They, the ones who have been supporting the evil spirits and malevolent gods from behind——were evil gods from a parallel dimension. The 'UL' that you encountered some time ago, they are soldiers manufactured by the evil gods[6] from the parallel dimension. Please think of them as a being that are a fusion of mechanical and living creatures."

……Evil gods from a parallel dimension, huh. Somehow or another, it seems the world of the future has heaps of issues of its own. From now on I'll be racking my brain over this.

Nodding, I inquired further.

"The future circumstances have become clear. Well then, for what reason did those 'UL' and you guys come to this time period? Isn't there a reason?"

I got to the heart of the matter. Indeed, the incident from the future had been made clear. However, why is the present day also being influenced by that? Why did the so called 'UL' and these guys come to this time period?

Kurenai calmly spoke.

"——The evil God Loki from northern Europe, accompanied by 'UL', has escaped to this time period."

……Loki had come back huh. I say, this is quite a complicated problem.

Zen then spoke.

"The evil God Loki from thirty years from now, in the midst of the war, broke out of jail through a gap that he had discovered. Thus, he ended up joining the war on the side of our opponents. Using a technique from the parallel dimension, he was able to cross over space-time, finally arriving in this time period."

……In short the Loki from the future had come to this time period. As for the present day one, he was apparently still locked up in Asgard's prison.

I asked a second time.

"In that case, those guys——what is the reason that they were sent from the parallel dimension to this time period together with Loki?"

"——To change history. The evil gods from the parallel dimension, the malevolent gods of the future, and the evil spirits, they seek to tamper with the history of this dimension, the overall conclusion being our demise."

Zen spoke.

"Because of this, our old man, Rias kaa-san and the rest made a plan to rewrite events in their original, desirable form."

Kurenai then spoke while scowling.

"In the time period we are from——the world of the future, there is someone capable of observing parallel worlds, or in other words the timelines. Based on what that person said, this timeline is undisturbed, but that for other timelines a different history is already advancing."

"There's a certain timeline in which the Seirei of the Chichigami did not appear. Without contact with the Chichigami, there apparently wasn't any speculation made about the existence of a parallel dimension."

It was Zen who had said this.

As I stroked my chin, I thought hard about all of this.

"Considerably, it has become quite the ridiculous story……."

That fellow Loki, having acted out violently once in this time period, now intended to distort the history of every timeline. Well, for him it seems that the future had embraced something like his Ragnarok[7].

Zen was speaking with a tense expression.

"Even if you find it to be unbelievable……it is the truth."

No matter how unbelievable it was I had to consider it.

Still, I was only able to composedly nod my head.

"No, I believe you. However reluctant I was, having seen the faces of you young kids has made it clear that you are the children of those guys."

What these guys had said about what was happening with the present state of affairs, I immediately felt that it was consistent. Above all else, having sensed the wavelength of these guys' aura……it was definitely theirs. At this point, there was no room for suspicion.

Kurenai sighed in relief.

"It's just as our mothers said. If we spoke about it with you, you would certainly be able to understand."

Even if he was feeling relieved there was something more on my mind I needed to ask about.

"……Incidentally, who was it that sent you guys here? Someone who can manipulate time, isn't that quite considerable? Could it perhaps be……Ajuka, or else a significant amount of my research to produce a time machine in the future?"

In all likelihood, the technique they possessed for travelling through time should be either from me or Ajuka Beelzebub. If you consider Ajuka it was possible through the multiple uses of his types of magic circle. If it wasn't him, then it could be me for a similar reason.

Zen was confused by what I had said.

"……Um, it would seem fitting for it to have been either of you but……"

Kurenai continued while also being somewhat evasive.

"If it's the magical formula equation of Ajuka-sama and the technique of first generation Governor-General Azazel, they are both reliable but, as for the one utilizing it, I guess you would call him our superior……"

"I believe that person will probably be coming here but……"

The two of them both seemed quite timid. Apparently this 'superior' was extremely frightening.

"Is it someone that I would know?"

Kurenai nodded to my question.

"Yes. More or less, it is someone from Rias kaa-san's household."

Rias's household. If that's the case…….

"……Time, huh. ……Certainly not."

I could only think of one person but……was he that frightening? That something like that could occur, just thirty years into the future……. Well, given that these guys knew of my line that only the leaders of the Grigori were aware of, that would have to have been conveyed to them by someone in the future.

Zen spoke to Kurenai.

"Kurenai nii-san, about the matter of us meeting up with first generation Governor-General Azazel on our own accord, that person, he would absolutely be angry……"

Kurenai exhaled.

"That is so, Zen. Surely, he would cross his arms saying, 'You bastards, how could you do something like this?', invariably losing his patience as a *gogogogo*[8] resounded in the background. However, surely for that reason, you can say that it's appropriate."

Noticing that I was observing reactions of the two of them with interest, Zen and Kurenai both cleared their throats. Changing the topic, Kurenai began speaking frankly.

"The truth is, there is another matter of great importance, something for which we came to this time period."

Zen put on an expression that was true to his nature as he nodded his head in agreement.

"From my perspective you could say that this one is my true motivation. The truth is——"

Just as Zen had spoken to that extent, I was interrupted by an emergency communication. A miniature communication magic circle was deployed by my ear.

Akeno's voice could be heard.

'Azazel-sensei, it is very important. Those strange people, they have appeared in Sona-kaichou's territory.'


……Sona's territory, that was in the district adjacent to Kuou Town. So the "UL" have now shown up even over there huh.

"Understood, I'll also head out immediately!"

Saying no more than that, I terminated the communication.

Kurenai and Zen——were already filled with fighting spirit.

"Would it be okay if you guys came along?"

In response to my inquiry, the two of them nodded.


"Since this was our intention when we came here."

The faces of those two——the good expressions on them were exactly like their father's. It was as though they'd been completely taken over by their passionate hearts.

I spoke up while raising one finger.

"However, it would be good if you did not end up meeting your parents. We don't know what would happen if you did."

At this the two of them exchanged a glance before speaking up.

"Of course, that was also our intention."

"But, if you could please let us watch from a distance. It would be enjoyable seeing our parents when they were young……"

Well, that was one of the real pleasures of time travel after all.

Once all of us were standing together on top of the transportation type magic circle, we jumped——.


We were flying through the night sky.

Both Kurenai and Zen's wings were those of a dragon. From this it would seem that Ise's blood is strong with them. Both of their faces resembled their mothers though. Well, as far as resembling Ise's face goes it's probably a good thing that that's not the case.

Based on the second report from Akeno, I was informed that Sona's team had come under attack from several 'UL' and had escaped.

On the side of Kurenai and company, since it seemed there existed a device that could detect those guys whereabouts, they were nearby holding a small device and were verifying the reaction. Pointing at a certain dot, Kurenai reported, "Over there."

The three of us descended to a backwoods mountainous area that was a considerable distance from Kuou Town.

We confirmed that there were several wriggling objects in front of us. Upon closer inspection——they were 'UL' torsos numbering as many as ten or so. ——Apparently, the battle had already started, as I was able to sense waves of demonic power!

There was a red aura leaving behind a trail of light, which was swooping down upon the 'UL'!

Arriving nearby, I was astonished by the spectacle before my eyes.

Several 'UL', releasing an ominously sublime aura from their centers while remaining motionless, appeared to be confronting a small built swordsman whose entire body was releasing a red aura as they each glared straight at the other. The swordsman was wearing a hood, such that not even his face was visible.

Accompanying the 'UL'……was a wave of aura that I haven't missed at all. Indeed, it was the evil god Loki himself. Even his appearance was entirely unchanged from the present day's.

The small built swordsman, brandishing an ancient red-bladed longsword completely clad in a red-colored aura, was slashing through the bodies of two 'UL' in a single swing. The small built swordsman releasing the red aura then spoke to Loki.

"We finally meet huh."

Loki twisted his face in annoyance.

"You bastard……!! So you've pursued me all the way here have you……!! ……Annoying relative of the Crimson!!"

The small built swordsman suddenly removed his hood. At just that moment, the full moon that had been hidden by the clouds showed its face. Illuminated by the moonlight, the one standing there was a crimson haired youth of a swordsman——.

Kurenai took a step forward and spoke to the crimson haired youth.

"——Ex, so you have come here huh."

The young swordsman who had been called Ex displayed a fearless smile.

"Yo, nii-chans. ——Since you guys were slow, I thought I ought to clean this place up a little."

Announcing that much like a daredevil, the young boy once again gallantly slashed the 'UL'!

"Other siblings——more of Ise's children have come here?."

I inquired of Kurenai.

"Yeah, all of us, for the sake of saving Asia kaa-san, would go to any lengths."

To these words I inquired yet again.

"Asia, is it? The hell, did something happen to her or something……?"

As I was inquiring, Ex spoke to Loki.

"I have come all the way to the world, thirty years in the past, for the sole purpose of killing you all."

Creating a magic circle in his hand, Loki fired a ball of demonic power——. Using his red sword, Ex negated the attack!

Loki gnashed his teeth looking at this result.

"…………!!! My attack was completely cleared away huh!!"

I was astonished by what I saw equipped to Ex's left arm.

……Isn't that gauntlet exactly like the Boosted Gear[9]!?

"Crimson hair……a gauntlet like Boosted Gear……. Well then, that young boy is——"

Kurenai nodded at my words.

"Yes, that is our younger brother——Ex Gremory!"

Zen continued.

"The alias of Ex over there is 'God Slayer of the Scarlet Blade'[10]——. That guy, he is the young ace of the united armies of combined mythological systems, as well as the strongest swordsman of the Gremory family. Anyhow, his sword master is Kiba Yuuto of the holy-demonic sword, and as for his dragon master——"

Brushing his crimson hair and carrying his deep crimson sword, Ex approached Loki one step at a time.

"Loki, I'm terribly sorry, but I have been trained by the Vanishing Dragon [11] Vali Lucifer. I'm not as lenient as my father the Red Dragon Emperor ——I destroy my adversaries with certainty."

The crimson haired young swordsman, preparing his sword as his whole body was releasing a crimson aura, turned his gaze filled with hate upon Loki.

"——This is revenge for Asia kaa-san. In the name of the Duke House of Gremory, I will slice you to extinction."

This boy, who possessed the splendor of his mother Rias and the bravery of his father Ise, was certainly the child of those guys——.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. For some reason, the Japanese uses two different spellings for the word energy in this sentence (エネルギー and エナジー) with are both read "energy"
  2. Reminder, this literally means "fighting spirit" but in DxD refers to life force energy that can affect others
  3. It seems that it's read as 'ool' not 'yu el'
  4. Kanji: Breast language translation
  5. Spirit
  6. To clarify, the Japanese is using 3 separate terms for evil gods: Akujin, Jashin, and Majin. For consistency, I've chosen to translate akujin as evil god, jashin as malevolent god, and majin as evil spirit.
  7. Kanji: Twilight of the Gods
  8. Sound effect implying strong pressure, usually from anger
  9. Kanji: Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet
  10. The Kanji for God Slayer is "God slaying dragon child"
  11. White Dragon Emperor
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