High School DxD EX Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Invaders from Another World[edit]


The crimson haired young swordsman Ex Gremory was slicing up his opponents——the "UL" creatures from a parallel universe-with a merciless ferocity. Judging from his appearance, he appeared to be about fifteen, possibly sixteen. The boy's hair, the aura covering his body, and the sword he wielded in his hands were all colored crimson.

The multitudes of 'UL' each held both their hands out in front of themselves. Thereupon the entirety of their wrist slid with a machine-like clickety-clack, and began to change shape. From the silver substance of their arms, muzzles appeared. To think that they had such a thing prepared within the arms. It was a trait befitting mechanical lifeforms. With the arms of the 'UL' having taken on the form of gun barrels, a dangerous violet radiance was being released from the muzzles.

In an instant, they fired orbs of light that were aimed directly at Ex. Without a single one landing on him, the orbs of light struck a tall tree that had been behind him. Ex had silently vanished from that location.

At the point where the tall tree had been struck by the orbs of light, the entire area had been completely gouged out. When it had been struck by the orbs of light, the light had instantly expanded, and had completely enveloped the area to that extent. Those orbs of light, while they aren't beyond the techniques and supernatural powers from this world, it would still be unpleasant to suffer a direct hit. Having seen them pass through Rossweisse's defensive magic circle, it was quite likely that ordinary defensive measures would result in receiving a fatal wound.

Light orbs were also sent towards myself, Kurenai, and Zen. In order to avoid a direct hit, I leapt backwards successfully avoiding the orbs but……not only the trees, the light orbs also impacted the ground and the road, leaving craters behind.

As for Kurenai and Zen——.


"For this much, if it's my Durandal IV!"

Expanding an unfamiliar magic circle equation, Kurenai defended against the light orbs. On the other hand, the aura of the Holy Sword that resembled Durandal extinguished them. ……Someway or another, it seems that in the time period these guys are from a means for defending against the attacks of the 'UL' had been formulated.

——Also, as I looked over at the area around the "UL" I was able to confirm repeated flashes of red light occurring.

The figure of Ex reappeared, silent just like before. The red blade of the sword that was in his hand was flickering with a dense aura of destruction. Avoiding the light orbs of the 'UL' at high speeds, he drew close, and sliced through several of them at once. Even his sword speed was frightening. Altogether it was Kiba's sword technique.

For the 'UL' that were sliced by Ex's sword, the part that was cut would vanish as though it had been extinguished, such that it would be correct to describe the boy's attack as disintegrating rather than cutting. Regarding that, it was certainly the same as Rias's demonic power of "Destruction".

Rather, as it could be understood from Ex's aura, I could feel that the degree was an aberration……! I couldn't help it but it was obvious that at his age he had completely surpassed his own parents from the present time.

And then, the way he handled his body was altogether like Vali, and as for his sword posture, the techniques were those of Kiba. ……I see, so this child of Ise and Rias, had inherited the special characteristics from both of his parents and had studied under both the White Dragon Emperor and the Holy-Demonic Sword, and this was the result…….

With the "UL" that he was employing having been mown down, Loki was clenching his teeth. Ex fearlessly pointed the tip of his sword at the evil god.

"Loki, you will remove the curse you placed on Asia kaa-san. If you do so, I will end you painlessly."


"It seems you would prefer to get chopped to pieces right here then."

The atmosphere was explosive, but for Loki who no longer appeared to be flustered, he seemed to be well aware of the extent of Ex's true strength. Kurenai and Zen also positioned themselves to surround Loki.

Since I was also cooperating with Ise's children I took a single step forward.

——In Loki's vicinity a spatial distortion was manifesting!

The distortion gradually expanded, releasing a blue light, which formed into a figure. A floating humanoid appeared within the blue light as the distortion then vanished. The brilliance of the floating body died down, and what was standing there——was a mechanical humanoid.

The main color theme was blue with the lustre of a mechanical body. There were three horns on its head, and it had a visor for eyes. Overall it possessed a form of acute angles, with what seemed like three wings sprouting from the right side of its back, but instead of wings on the left side, a cannon-like gun barrel was extending. Its aura was unreadable, but a strange pressure could be felt. In all likelihood it was equal to myself when I wore Fafnir's armor……no, not at all, it's even greater than that.

The humanoid machine appeared to gaze upon Ex and company. The visor-shaped eyes emitted a mechanical brightness.

[——No way, for the kids of the «Welsh Dragon[1]» to have appeared even here.]

Nothing like a mouth could be discerned on the head, and yet something like a voice was clearly being emitted.

Loki displayed a reassured expression at the appearance of this entity.

"Ruma Idra! Well aren't you late!"

[Since the place I transferred to was far from the rendezvous point, I was slightly delayed.]

Upon seeing the humanoid machine——the thing Loki referred to as Ruma Idra, Kurenai and Zen each put on a stern expression.

Kurenai let out a whisper.

"……Rezzwo Roado's 'Invade Fanatic[2]'"

……Rezzwo Roado, naturally it was a name I had never heard of. Though it seemed like a safe bet that he was a being from another universe, and a high-ranking one at that……

Ruma Idra spoke to Loki.

[You have been moving about as you please, Loki-dono. Our chief should have instructed you to take action only after we we're all present.]

"……I get it! It was purely by chance that I happened to come across Ex Gremory!"

Ruma Idra fixed his gaze upon Ex. The visor was shining suspiciously.

Despite his older brother Zen increasing his vigilance upon seeing Ruma Idra's arrival, Ex was merely displaying a fearless smile.

"Just great. So you'll also perish here, Ruma Idra."

[You have always invariably acted like a daredevil, Ex Gremory. However, as of present it seems you are not yet clad in the degree of impressiveness like that of your father the Red Dragon Emperor.]

Being compared to Ise, Ex——was wearing an unpleasant expression.

Ruma Idra suddenly raised his right arm. Thereupon, a dome shaped barrier manifested covering Ruma Idra and Loki, having appeared from a point beneath their party's feet.

From within the brilliance was released their position, Ruma Idra spoke.

[Allow us to take our leave from this place.]

"Like I'd let you."

Swinging his sword downwards, Ex fired aura of destruction at the other party. ——But, Ruma Idra and Loki were secure within the barrier, which easily protected against Ex's aura.

A dazzling brightness spread through the entire area. By the time the light stopped, the figures of Ruma Idra and Loki were no longer present. It seems they had escaped.

Ex let out a sigh as he sheathed his sword in its scabbard.

"……So it's not going to to be quite so easy to kill them after all huh."

Turning on his heel as he made such an utterance, he began to leave this place.

Seeing Ex's behavior, Zen shouted.

"Ex! Our superior ought to have told you to abstain from taking independent action!"

Ex spoke without even looking back.

"……Zen nii-san as well as Kurenai nii-san, I'll have you guys mobilise me. I don't believe that achieving vengeance is for me alone. ——If I come across those guys, I will contact you."

Having made that announcement, Ex left that location without giving off a single sound.

While brushing his hair, Zen spat.

"Hey, Ex! Good grief, THAT GUY……!"

As for Kurenai, he was bowing his head to me.

"……My apologies on behalf of our reckless younger brother. Typically he's very obedient, but he has a tendency to become rash when someone important to him is injured……"

I see, they really are the children of Ise and the others though I didn't particularly mind Ex's behavior.

"Hahah, he's exactly like his parents isn't he."

At this Kurenai and Zen exchanged blank gazes with each other, seemingly having no choice but to smile bitterly.

"I cannot refute those words."

At the moment Kurenai said that, I suddenly sensed the presence of Ise and the others approaching. As it would seem, they had come here after noticing the gun fire coming from this vicinity.

I inquired of Kurenai and Zen.

"Oh, it seems they've arrived. ……You guys, what are you going to do?"

"We should try to avoid a direct encounter."

Having said that, leaving here was also not an option for me. Cause once they come here, there would be no way I could avoid providing a sensible explanation for the extent of what had happened here.

Kurenai reached a mutual understanding with Zen through eye contact and then spoke.

"Since an encounter would be unwise, we will temporarily step aside. ——Is it okay if we meet up with you at a later date in the vicinity of Kuou Academy?"

"Yeah, if something happens contact me through the usual line."

Kurenai and Zen nodded at those words of mine.


Leaving only those words, the two of them vanished into the darkness of the night.

I however was left behind……now then, about how much should I explain to Rias and company. While I was considering that, I awaited their arrival.


Two days had passed since the battle with futuristic Loki without anything uneventful transpiring.

I had invited Ise's children——Himejima Kurenai and Zen Quarta, to my laboratory that had been established at Kuou Academy.

If I had shown them in as is, Rias and company and Sona and company would have gotten suspicious, so I had gotten in contact with Kurenai, transmitted him the coordinates, as well as the route to reach the magic circle in this room, allowing them to transfer directly into this room. Regarding this laboratory, since it was concealed when I originally established it, even Kurenai and company were unable to sense it.

Having made preparations to that extent, I invited those guys. Moreover, from those guys I had been informed of various things.

Firstly, the goal of Loki and the others seemed to be focusing on this time period, a period stretching from several weeks from now to several months ago, and have been manipulating history by making small time warps in the past repeatedly. Regarding their going back in time focusing again on this time period, it seems they sought to create as small a time warp deviation as they could. ……Their influence hasn't shown up in this timeline, but it seems the number of alternate timelines spawned is quite large.

Their next priority——was concerning Asia. Ise's children, including Ex, Kurenai, and Zen, had originally made the jump to this time period due to a change that had affected Asia in the future. Ex had said to his opponent Loki to "lift the curse", with Kurenai and Zen adding "we would go anywhere to save Asia kaa-san". I was able to guess the rough situation from that. I asked Kurenai and Zen in regards to what they had said before.

"To explain what I heard from you guys, it was the war that breaks out in the future that was the cause of Loki escaping from prison. And then, you guys and Ex, rather than seeking to destroy Loki and the 'UL' who came to this time period, you said that the goal of your time travelling is to 'save Asia'. Ex had told Loki to lift the curse he had placed upon Asia. ……In the world of thirty years from now, did Asia have a curse placed upon her by Loki?"

At my question the facial expressions of the two of them were filled with sadness as they nodded.

Kurenai spoke.

"……Yes. Having broken out of prison, Loki, in order to get revenge upon us who he saw as part of the sect of Rias kaa-san and the Vanishing Dragon Vali belonged to, plotted a retaliation. For that reason alone —— he placed a curse on Asia kaa-san."

Zen continued.

"……We were overcome with grief. That day, since there wasn't anyone in the vicinity of Asia kaa-san, she became the recipient of his revenge……and fell into a sleep. A deep sleep that she cannot wake up from. ……It seems to be a curse that repeatedly invokes a countless number of atrocious technical equations that Loki developed while in prison, and even with numerous magical experts, lead by Rossweisse kaa-san, they concluded that unless Loki dispels it himself, or else explains the technical equation, Asia kaa-san will not wake up."

Kurenai continued at this point.

"There was an analysis that maybe if an immense amount of time was put in to it, it could probably be reverted however she ...it's not that significant. Asia kaa-san is already starting to weaken because of the curse, so she won't last until the analysis is complete. If that's the case, considering the approach of defeating the 'UL' that traveled through time with Loki and securing Loki himself, a discussion of the higher-ups concluded that this was the most realistic approach for dispelling the curse, and thus we are now executing said tactic."

……That damn Loki, plotting revenge while in prison, and developing such an immensely powerful technique. Even if Loki was rotten, he is a god, and so even with the help of Chief God Odin and Rossweisse who's a woman talented in ancient magic, it seemed that they were still unable to analyze it.

I inquired of the two of them.

"Asia, is she kind?"

Kurenai spoke while smiling.

"……Yeah, among our 'mothers', she is the most kind. She is always smiling at us."

Zen continued as he wiped away the tears that had gathered in his eyes.

"……She never got angry at us, not even once. She was always gentle with her words, and was always guiding us. Us siblings, for the sake of saving Asia kaa-san we'd go to any lengths. Even if, for example, it meant journeying to the past, we would absolutely go, to save her. Therefore, this time, we will certainly capture Loki and return him to our original time period."

These children loved their mother Asia from the depths of their hearts. Well, even if it was from the present day Asia, one could perceive by inference that she had that fondness of a good mother. That their feelings for her were strong enough for them to depart to the past to save her shows just how important Asia is to Ise's children.

I groaned as I stroked my chin.

……OK, I have grasped the main point of the flow of events, as well as the purpose of these guys. Next, it seemed that it would be good if I asked them about a personal matter.

Regarding these guys themselves, including Rias son——the one named Ex, I had two or three questions I wanted an explanation about.

……The sword that Ex had been wielding had caught my attention, but by all means I had to ask about the gauntlet he was wearing on his left arm——the Boosted Gear.

I asked to receive an explanation of these things.

"Well then, about the gauntlet Ex was in possession of——. Is that an artificial Longinus as it would seem to be?"

Xenovia's son——Zen nodded.

"Yes, in our time period several artificial Longinus have been constructed. Ex's gauntlet is one of those which were successfully produced. However, its abilities are remarkably lower than the genuine article……. but it is definitely much stronger compared to an ordinary artificial Sacred Gear."

……Is that so? To think that thirty years from now they would have become capable of even producing a Longinus artificially. Well, even if we only consider the amount of my own advancements in research, and advancing it by two or three steps, it would not be surprising if it turned out to be the truth. Zen had of course said that they couldn't be compared to the genuine article but……. Even in that case, it was still the ability of a Longinus.

Suddenly, I spotted Kurenai picking up something that had been left in my laboratory, seemingly finding it of great interest.

What Kurenai was holding was a prototype artificial Sacred Gear……and the way he handled it was different from that of an amatuer, as though he was someone who was familiar with it. Clearly he was able to identify the special properties of the prototype.

Thinking "Ahh" to myself, I decided to ask Kurenai.

"……Regarding that, did you have anything to do with Ex's gauntlet?"

Hearing what I said, Kurenai stopped fiddling with the artificial Sacred Gear and wore an expression of astonishment.

"You realized that much huh."

"It's your ambience. I sense the temperament of a researcher from you. Among the leaders of the Grigori ……it's an atmosphere I've seen from my comrades numerous times in the past."

I was surrounded all the time by researchers. There were many of them among the family of comrades I associate with. The behavior Kurenai had shown in this room reminded me of two or three of them.

Kurenai continued.

"Yeah, since it's you I don't mind explaining, but in the world of thirty years from now I am a researcher with the Grigori. I am the one who has succeeded your research ——."

……And then Kurenai stopped talking, as though he had realized something.

'Succeeded' my research, huh. ……I see. Well, I'm not going to press him on that now. I probably don't want to hear the rest. It could result in behavior that changes the future even more than Loki's mischief.

"So it was you who succeeded our research. Akeno must have approved of this then."

I was the one who said this.

……When it comes it Akeno, she was still harsh with me at times. Although she had already reconciled with her father Barakiel, her feelings were still the same.

Hearing what I said——Kurenai appeared to be even more surprised than when I had guessed his true identity.

"……Is that how it is? That's very interesting. I've only heard respect and admiration from mother about you……she even let you name me as an expression of gratitude."

…………I-is that really how it is? Hmm. Is there some event that comes up after this that results in Akeno becoming more reliant upon me?

Zen spoke.

"While still a member of Rias kaa-san's household Akeno kaa-san is also participating as an executive of the Grigori, while in our era Barakiel-sensei has become the Governor-General."

……So that's how it is. She's an executive, huh. Somehow, that makes me get really emotional.

So in their era Barakiel in the Governor-General. Moveover he called him "Sensei".


……How on earth can that be. I just can't see it. That's just something I cannot imagine.

I tried to pull myself together. It wasn't something to deliberately inquire about.

"……About that, it certainly is quite interesting."

That was all I could say in reply. I needed to change the subject.

"Next question. Ex's sword——as well as the sword Zen is carrying, are those legendary weapons? Or are they something that doesn't exist in this time period."

Indeed, I inquired about the sword with the red blade that Ex was wielding, as well as the holy sword resembling Durandal that Zen possessed. When it comes to legendary weapons, whether holy sword or demonic swords, I can brag that I am familiar with roughly all of them. All of the data from every present day mythological system.

Zen produced his sword that had been stored in subspace, and handed it to me.

"My holy sword is called Durandal IV. It it the successor to the Durandal my mother wields."

The successor, IV, that is to say that it is the fourth in Durandal's lineage. It could be considered something that was newly manufactured……. That would mean that thirty years from now they were capable of manufacturing a new version of the legendary holy sword. However, this sword……it has an ejectable magazine attached. Not just alchemy, this made use of mechanical techniques. It was a weapon born from the union of supernatural and scientific techniques. This was an extension of a holy sword we at the Grigori had been pursuing.

Zen spoke as I handled the holy sword.

"As for the sword Ex wields, it's the Scarlet Blade Galatine III Revised——. Like my Durandal IV, it's a successor to the legendary sword Galatine, and furthermore it has been forged explicitly for Ex's use."

Oh, so that was Galatine. Considering the sibling sword to Excalibur, it's a legendary unique sword whose blade would never get nicked. And on top of being a successor it was for Ex's exclusive use……I see, that's the reason why Ex could safely envelope the sword with his demonic power of destruction. By purposefully choosing the resilient Galatine, they were able to forge this exclusive use new model.

"So it's not a new model of Ascalon huh."

I would have thought that it would be a successor to the sword that Ise possesses, but alas that was not so.

At this Kurenai shrugged his shoulders.

"That guy, when it comes to our father, he has trouble dealing with him."

"Since it was the sword that he wore on his arm, he specifically emphasized 'something besides Ascalon'."

——Zen followed up after Kurenai saying as such.

……For the future Ise, the fact that his children were being brought up by Vali and Kiba could be a source of disagreements. At least that's what I think. Or perhaps, could there be some other source of displeasure……? Judging from appearances, these two do not hold any particular hatred towards their father, however…….

As for the last thing we discussed, it turns out that Kurenai is Ise's eldest son, and is eighteen years old. Zen is the second son at age seventeen. As for Ex, he is the fourth son of Ise's children.

Suddenly, I noticed that Kurenai was looking at the clock hanging on the wall.

"……Why are you so concerned about the clock? Is someone……I see, another sibling coming?"

No sooner had I started speaking the words when I realized that must be the case.

"Yeah, to be precise we have plans to meet up with our 'younger sisters'……"

This was what Kurenai said.

……'Younger sisters', huh. So they were Ise's daughters. Whose children were they? As before, I couldn't help but to wonder…….

Zen spoke to Kurenai.

"Nii-san, just like how there have been calculation errors occurring with the transference for those 'UL', could something like that happen here as well?"

"Indeed. We'd better amend the vicinity slightly."

Watching the siblings having this exchange, I suddenly had a good idea and spoke up while displaying a mischievous smile.

"Well then, it seems we have a little time. Just great. ——Would you like to see them, your parents that is?"

At my suggestion, the two of them exchanged a glance, then in unison asked me, "How exactly?"

'Just a minute Akeno! Right now Ise is going to have his ears cleaned by me with his head on my lap!'

'Nu-uh, Rias. Ise-kun already had agreed to have an "illicit relationship between a maid and her master" situation in a separate room with me!'

'Geez. A situation the likes of that is just strange! Akeno you twit!'

'If it's ear picking then the household can also do it! Rias is stingy!'

'Er, I give up. Guhehehehe……'

What was displayed on the monitor inside my laboratory——was the situation of the Occult Research Club. Right now, the scene was of Rias and Akeno who were arguing over Ise, while Ise who was troubled was wearing a perverted expression. Having dispatched an insectoid-type surveillance camera to the old school building, and by having that insectoid attach itself to the windowpane, I could have all that happened over there transmitted here.

Regarding the incident last night, when Rias and company had come rushing over, the excuse I had given them was that I had been investigating the mysterious enemies with some agents from the Grigori when, coming across them by chance, we ended fighting them at that location.

……Regarding the vestiges of the Norse magic technical equations that Loki had fired, as well as the demonic power of destruction associated with Ex, since Rossweisse had noticed them when performing her analysis, I had to come up with all kinds of pretenses.

……Yo Ise's children, if it should happen that you fail to settle this current affair, it would not be surprising if these actions of mine are treated as immoral. Since it is a fact that I am cooperating with you, can you please restore peace before it leads to future trouble?

Now then, speaking of the kids in question, as they watched their parents through the camera……they were covering their foreheads with their hands, and despite being amazed, they were seemingly quite embarrassed.

Zen spoke as he watched the image of Ise.

"……So this is father during his high school days. ……He never changed huh."

"So he's still a pervert in the future?"

At my question, Kurenai smiled bitterly and continued.

"……Well, I had kind of expected he was a pervert. You could also say that he is a man who gets dominated by his several wives though."

Ah, so he's the type to get dominated by his wives, that Ise. On that point, it seems like a good match for a young man of the Gremory household.

Zen puffed up his cheeks.

"But, we have surprisingly very little interaction with father……if one had to pick between the two, I would have to say that we were raised by Yuuto-san……"

So they seldom had any exchanges with their father. Ah, somehow or another I understand.

"That guy, he must be very busy in the future, am I right?"

It was I who said this. For him who was popular in the present day as the Oppai Dragon, his schedule keeps him under a lot of pressure. Since that's how it is in the present day, it wouldn't be surprising if his schedule became much more congested thirty years from now. No, rather it would certainly seem that it would.

Zen replied.

"You understand? Yeah, it's just like that. Moreover, he's always rushing all over the place. Not just in the underworld either, but rather he's rushing back and forth to locations of other mythological factions, whether it's helping out, giving speeches, some kind of industrial enterprise……. Being both the Red Dragon Emperor and the Oppai Dragon has him always bustling about all over the place."

Kurenai continued.

"His schedule for the next two centuries is completely filled. Even our mothers can go some time without seeing him; on the contrary it's our moms who have to rotate when it comes to escorting him."

Two centuries!? T-that is far beyond what I would have expected. H-he's become that busy huh……. That certainly wouldn't leave much time left over for raising children……. His wives——seemingly centered around Ravel his manager, were apparently covering for him by helping out with the state of affairs in various places.

Zen spoke.

"Since that's how it is, some of our younger brothers and sisters——and Ex in particular, are more attached to Vali-san than to father……"

……So rather than their father who was absent they bonded with the the White Dragon Emperor who was there more often. I cannot imagine the feelings that guy has accompanying the children of his rival……but unexpectedly, the future Vali seems to be enjoying himself.

At this time, the insectoid camera——was displaying Kiba. Without paying any mind to the back and forth between Ise and the others, he was sitting on the sofa reading.

Seeing Kiba, Kurenai and Zen groaned.

"He was our sword master as one might expect. The fact is he was an impeccable swordsman even at that time."

Zen spoke with an exultant disposition.

"Including myself, the sword master for us siblings was Kiba Yuuto-san. Rather to me at the very least, he is something like a second father……"

Aah, these guys were attentively casting their gazes upon Kiba. I could sense it from the respect in their gazes, that he was greatly endeared by Ise's children.

……Rather then their busy father, it's possible that they spent much more of their time with Kiba who's their swordmaster.

Hearing Zen's statement, Kurenai cautioned his younger brother.

"Don't say that. Father is an extremely busy person."

Suddenly feeling bothered I spoke up.

"So in that case Xenovia and Irina didn't instruct you guys in swordsmanship?"

Judging from what Zen had said, while I could understand the point about Kiba being their swordmaster, it still bothered me. At least for this guy whose mother Xenovia was a swordswoman, one would naturally think that he would have been instructed in the sword by his mother but……. Given her temperament, one would expect her to instruct her son in the sword.

However, Zen who was Xenovia's son said, "Absolutely not!" as he shook his head.

"No way, she may be my mother, but for her to instruct me in the way of the sword……"

To me who was feeling puzzled Kurenai gave a supplemental explanation.

"Xenovia kaa-san, while she is someone with a zeal for training……besides assisting with Dad's work, she is also a principal of a cram school that's attended by students aiming for the underworld's top notch universities. In addition to that, whenever we meet she's having us study, do research, and act while using our heads as though she's the person in charge of our education."

……Seriously? That person went on to do teaching as a principal at a cram school!? ……I just can't imagine it!

Zen continued.

"……Given that she was unable to enjoy her youth like others due to practicing the sword day and night since childhood, she wanted us at least to be healthy children who studied and exercised, and as such her enthusiasm for studying was comparable to someone seeking to get into a good school."

Ah, so that was your undertaking, Xenovia~. Looking back on the first half of her lifetime, it would seem that she had decided that her sons shouldn't have to experience the same kind of rut. I certainly couldn't blame Xenovia for such a thing. Since she had gone from being raised by the church to being part of Kuou Academy……, it was not that her sense of values had been turned inside out.

Zen then touched on the situation of Irina in the future.

"As for Irina kaa-san, she's so busy with her work in Heaven that we almost never see her. Even when she does come home on occasion she's so tired that she falls asleep immediately."

"She even criticizes our other mothers whenever they take a female manager's vacation[3]……"

Kurenai was also saying such miserable things.

……I see, so Irina has become like an office lady who comes home late at night exhausted. ……Perhaps I should start giving her advice regarding her future management prospects.

Suddenly, Zen started looking at a picture frame that was standing on the desk. In it was a photo featuring the group of leaders consisting of myself, Sirzechs, Michael, Odin, and Zeus. As he was looking at it something Zen had said struck me.

"Come to think of it, the Maou-sama of this time period……is Rias kaa-san's older brother."

"……Is it different in the time period you're from?"

At my inquiry Zen became flustered and covered his mouth. It felt like he was thinking "Oh damn".

"Sorry, it was a slip of the tongue."

To Zen who was apologizing, Kurenai spoke.

"In the case of the first generation Governor-General, I don't think it'd matter all that much don't you think? Even if we were to sum up our time period, the degree of interference in history caused by someone like him would be exceedingly small."

I was extremely grateful for such an evaluation.

Kurenai then informed me about it.

"The Maou from our time period——it isn't the Four Mo system, but rather the Seven Great Maou system. In addition to Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus there's also the newly added Mammon, Belphegor, and Belial."

……So it changed from four names to seven names. The number of suitable representatives had increased. This displayed a significant change in internal administration.

A civil war!? No, if the deep darkness festering inside it were exposed, it would appear to be possible that they would be unable to maintain the current administration. ……The future will be full of troubles, Sirzechs.

Kurenai continued his explanation.

"Since this time period, with the exception of Ajuka Beelzebub, all of the Maou have changed."

……Such an unforeseen thing had occurred huh. By no means would I have expected the the Maou most likely to resign to be the only one remaining active in the future.

I spoke while narrowing my eyes.

"……Regarding Sirzechs' situation, I guess it would be better if I didn't inquire about it."

Kurenai nodded.

"Yeah, it would be better if you didn't. The most information I can give you on this is that it's not as unpleasant as you might be imagining……"

Besides, given that these guys had been calling me 'First Generation Governor-General'……it could be inferred that I did not have a very pleasant ending.

At this point, having finished touching on the subject of future politics, Kurenai and Zen proceeded to enjoy watching the past versions of their parents. They hadn't lost interest in watching Ise and company, who had been swinging between joy and sadness.

After about ten minutes had passed, miniature communication-use magic circles expanded next to the ears of Kurenai and Zen. It would appear that the 'younger sisters' had made contact with them.

Bringing an end to the peeping upon their parents, I who was acting as a chaperone transported together with Kurenai and Zen to the designated rendezvous point——.


The place that we transported to was in a forest of a town four stations away from Kuou Town.

Amidst the many varieties of tall trees growing in this forest the 'younger sisters' were standing. They were a pair of young girls, one wearing a white kimono, the other a black kimono. Judging from their appearances, they were small girls of about twelve or thirteen. On their heads——cat ears were sprouting.

The kimono clad girls smiled upon seeing seeing their older brother.

"—— Brothers Kurenai and Zen"

"At last we managed to meet up with you nyan."

Zen introduced me to the young girls.

"These are our younger sisters. The one in white is Shirayuki. The one in black is Kurobara."

Most likely, the white cat eared girl is Koneko's daughter, while the black cat eared girl……could it be that she was Kuroka's? Geez, so that girl also ended up falling deeply in love with Ise huh.

……Shirayuki was 'Snow White' then? Then Kurobara……would be from 'Sleeping Beauty's' alias of 'Thorn Princess'[4]. Unexpectedly those sisters had given them names from fairy tales. Those sisters…….

These two cat eared girls, their appearance right down to their faces, was such that one could mistake them for twins. Well, since they have the same father and their mothers are sisters, it's not unusual that they'd resemble each other, is it?. ……It would be safe to say that those sisters probably gave birth at around the same time.

Kurenai then explained the details of what had happened so far to his younger sisters.

"……I also wanted to see Papa and Mama when they were young nyaa."

The one in the black kimono——Kurobara, voiced her dissatisfaction over this. Rather than having her mother Kuroka's joyful personality she gave off a somewhat more composed atmosphere. The one in the white kimono——Shirayuki, spoke with a tough looking expression as she delivered a report.

"We have been in contact with old man Vladi."

"As it would seem, things are becoming quite troublesome nya."

Kurobara continued speaking after Shirayuki's words.

……Old man Vladi? The superior of Kurenai and company, the one they said was a member of the Gremory peerage who was related to 'Time'. And on top of that these girls referred to him as 'old man Vladi'. With this, regarding who the boss of these guys was, I was able to reach a definite conclusion…….


……All of a sudden, a disgusting sensation assaulted my whole body. There was some strong hostility that was being directed our way, and I was sensing that pressure. Kurenai and the others clearly sensed it as well, as they were also looking up at the sky.

Zen managed to squeeze out a few words.

"……This pressure, it's that bastard's……tch!"

Not only Zen, all of Ise's children who were here had clearly sensed it.

Looking up in the sky, a large object that was falling at high speed filled our vision.

While a strong pressure was being released from it, that huge thing fell down to the forest! A loud crashing sound was released as it violently impacted the ground causing the earth to tremble, resulting in debris being sent flying all around!

A large depression became visible before our eyes——a crater of considerable scale had been created. In the center of such crater, giving off a *Shuuuuu……* sound as though steam was emitted from its whole body, there was a fifteen meter tall figure——.

The mechanical creature was releasing a green lustre——its form was similar to that of a dragon. Its forearms were both very thick, to the point they appeared somewhat like shields. No, they actually possessed parts that were shaped like shields. There weren't any wings on its back, but it had what appeared to be rocket engines on either side of its back. Could it actually fly with those……?

——This dragon type mechanical creature, it couldn't be a robot……!!! From this I could understand that this must be another 'UL'…….

……Heh, that evil god from the alternate universe, it couldn't be that his hobby is coming up with designs like this could it?

As it rose out of the crater, the dragon type mechanical lifeform let out a voice.

[——Heh, as it would seem, the brats of that red guy have also come to this time period huh.]

The mouth that had been made of metal had been manufactured to look like the smile of a flesh and blood living creature.


Zen produced his Durandal IV from subspace. From the bloodcurdling situation, it was obvious that that dragon was a monster on a whole other level. ……As expected, given that it was a being from a parallel universe, its aura could not be sensed, but given this overwhelming feeling of oppression……it was at least Dragon King class……!!

Hearing Zen's voice, the dragon——the one called Galvaldan, spoke with a happy tone.

[Yo, it's Zen Quarta, plus the rest of you damn brats. I'm considerably indebted to you guys!!]

With a *GuuuuoooooOOOOO*, the rockets on Galvaldan's back suddenly spewed forth fire vigorously! ——Without warning, his spirit had become incited!!!

The force from the rockets increased, and then the enormous body of the mechanical lifeform——suddenly shot forward!!! It's large form rushing forward at high speeds, it was assaulting Zen!! Zen prepared his Durandal, and attempted to defend against the opponent's furious attack——but Galvaldan completely seized Zen with his enormous hand.

[This is a substitute for a greeting!!! I'll blow you awaaaaaAAAAAAAAAY!!!]

Galvaldan flew forward while dragging Zen who he had seized!!!

Gouging a large trench into the ground, much of the forest's vegetation was mowed down by Galvaldan who was charging while seizing onto Zen!!


While being held in the hand of Zen, who himself was putting up a furious resistance, the holy sword was being enveloped with holy aura. He then pulled the trigger on the guard of the holy sword, and an orb filled with power was fired at the blade with a violent sound, ejecting a cartridge as it did. At the same time the aura covering the holy sword increased!!

However, Galvaldan abruptly threw Zen high up into the sky!!

——Taking aim at Zen who was up in the sky, Galvaldan opened his mouth wide!!


What was fired from the mechanical dragon's mouth——was a massive ray of what could be said to be its maximum power! In order to shield himself against Galvaldan while in midair, Zen took on a defensive stance!!


Kurenai produced a transportation magic circle nearby, and released it at Zen who was up in the sky!!

Instantly——the sky above the forest was split by a HUGE beam that stretched in a straight line into the distance.

A transportation magic circle was expanding beside Kurenai, from which Zen appeared. Somehow or another, he had managed to avoid it by a hair's breadth.

His surprise attack being finished, Galvaldan spoke while laughing pleasantly.

[Well, killing you would never have been quite so simple. However, the same cannot be said of your father and the White Dragon Emperor who are the premier dragons of this time period! On the contrary, the same goes for the other Longinus possessors! Their battle potential isn't worth shit!!]

I and Ise's children took on a stance to confront the mechanical dragon before us.

Kurenai then spoke to me.

"……Regarding the name of the evil god from the parallel universe, he is called Melvazoa. This evil god has seven peerless brutal underlings, who we refer to as the 'Eclipsed Seven Luminaries'.[5] These Seven Luminaries are each accompanied by powerful retainers called 'Invade Fanatics[6]; the mechanical dragon before——Galvaldan is one of the 'Invade Fanatics'."

……There were four chief retainers who served a god's underling, and this is just one of them? The one called Ruma Idra who met with Loki was also one of the 'Invade Fanatics'. It could already be said that two of them have come to this time period……

Kurobara had a grim look in her eyes.

"Not just Ruma Idra, but even Galvaldan also came……"

Galvaldan spoke joyfully.

[Aah, have the other guys already come here? It's just a matter of time until my master——Rezzwo Roado arrives.]

"Rezzwo Roado, he's part of the 'Eclipsed Seven Luminaries' I just spoke of. You can think of them as having power in the same class as that of each mythology's chief god."

——Kurenai provided that brief explanation.

So the seven underlings who serve the evil god from the parallel universe, you're saying each and every one of them is chief god class?

"In other words, it would appear that that fellow may possibly end up coming to this backwater country as well huh."

Presently concerning myself with these troublesome inner thoughts, I was completely dumbfounded by the unexpectedly enormity of it all. ……I say, this matter is becoming something far beyond my ability to control.

I inquired of Ise's children.

"……You guys have a plan for achieving victory?"

To my question Kurenai, Zen, Shirayuki, and Kurobara, they all put on valiant looks.

Zen spoke while gathering the massive amount of aura of his Durandal IV.

"——Yeah, of course we do. If we didn't, there would be no meaning in coming here!!"

As for Shirayuki and Kurobara, their entire bodies flickering with touki, manifested countless numbers of kasha.

"I heard that, when Chichi-sama and Haha-sama[7] were young, they battled against even more severe opponents than this."

"Being the children of that Papa and those Mamas, there's no way we would ever back down nyan."

And then, Kurenai who was the eldest——created a spatial distortion, from which something mighty was summoned. Its vigour completely burning everything around it, it was an enormous fire bird that was releasing a scorching hot aura. Kurenai himself, who had holy lightning coiling around his body, fired of the following statement.

"I who am the eldest son of the Red Dragon Emperor, a man who carries the blood of the Himejima, shall not be defeated!"

The Himejima, being a Shinto clan, was a historical household that had been protecting Japan since ancient times from behind the scenes. That household originally manipulated flames and governed the sacred beast 'Suzaku'[8].

What Kurenai had summoned, it wasn't 'Suzaku'. ——It was a similar sacred beast called 'Houou'[9].

Akeno, the Himejima bloodline seems to run strong in your son. Moreover, he has even inherited the ability of holy lightning. ……Isn't it magnificent?!

Well then, I ensured that these guys could fight to their heart's content at this place. Extending my hand and forming a magic circle, I covered this area with several secure barriers. The instant the barriers had been established, regardless of any excessive noise, people from outside wouldn't end up trespassing in this area. That at least was the theory behind these specially prepared special barriers.

[Ho, so there was even someone from this time period capable of producing such a barrier.]

Even Galvaldan, perhaps getting an uncomfortable feeling from something mysterious covering this region, had apparently noticed the appearance of the barrier.

I then spoke to Ise's children.

"It's a barrier that's been designed to not be broken quickly or easily. Well then, feel free to fight to your heart's content."

Hearing my statement the children all wore valourous smiles.

I also formed a spear of light in my hand, and faced of against the mechanical dragon.

——As for who made the first move, it was the duo of nekomata girls!

Each of them respectively brought forth a countless number of kasha, Shirayuki's being of white flames while Kurobara's were of black flames, which spread out and surrounded Galvaldan. Each and every one of them were moving ceaselessly this way and that as though they each possessed an individual will. Together with the hand movements of the two girls, the countless number of black and white kasha assaulted Galvaldan!!


As for Galvaldan, as the kasha unhesitatingly swept down upon his whole body all at once, he once again fired a thick beam from his large mouth! When the beam subsided one part of the forest had been mown down, and the white and black kasha had also been blown away.

"Damn, how can this be?"

I also produced multiple spears of light in the air, which I fired at Galvaldan. Each and every shot was loaded with high density light. If it was an ordinary dragon, it would die from this but…….

Galvaldan, using his fat shield-like forearms on each arm, successively repelled all of my spears. Naturally, there were also a large number of spears that did successfully pierce him, but without paying any mind to the damage from my spears this guy struck down my shots with just his arms.

"——Go Houou!! And then, lightning!!"

Hearing Kurenai's instructions, the fire bird spread its wings and dove at the mechanical dragon! The scorching heat was even noticeable from this distance, as my skin was being roasted little by little. Given that the trees from the surrounding forest were not burned despite the extent of the blaze, it seemed Kurenai's command of them was superior. Had it been someone inexperienced, and they had to make use of a sacred beast of flames, the heat released from their mischief would have spread and set fire to the surroundings. The fire Kurenai had released had rushed forward to burn only the targeted enemy, despite there only being one.

[Heheh!! How interesting!! Bring it on!!]

There was the figure of Galvaldan standing there ready to take it head on! The Houou was attacking the dragon's metallic skin! As for Galvaldan, he brandished both of his thick forearms and struck the Houou! It seems that if he were to become lively, he'd mow down all of the nearby trees just by displaying his ability. The Houou, being held up by Galvaldan's herculean strength, had its power completely offset——at that moment lighting resounded from sky, and fell magnificently upon Galvaldan!

The mechanical dragon's entire body was swallowed by the lighting! The Houou, as though following up, swooped in for another attack——but, with Galvaldan newest attack, it was brought down! The aforementioned large arms that were shaped like shields, with a *pakari* sound they split vertically. Having split apart, gun barrels extended from them! From inside the shields, cannons appeared!

Though his entire body gave off smoke from the massive lightning, Galvaldan, without faltering, grabbed the throat of the Houou with his right hand, and shoved the cannon that appeared from the shield on his left arm into its abdomen!!


Firing a huge ball of light out of the cannon, the entire body of the Houou was swallowed up! As a violent flash of light spread through the area, the Houou was blown away entirely by the ball of light!

Since it was a sacred beast, it wasn't substantial. It should be possible to once again summon the Houou but……. The body of that mechanical lifeform is too tough. Lightning of that degree——having been struck by that, even the interior ought to have been burned. Nevertheless, without even flinching, it unhesitatingly continued to move and counterattack, which was quite befitting of its belligerence.

Just from the present exchange of offense and defense, with all of the trees from the surrounding area having been blown away, a bare circle had been created. ……Since we'll have to repair this afterwards, this will become all sorts of trouble huh……. The one who has to repair this forest can expect considerable difficulty!

——It was at this point that Zen finally cut in!


Zen's swordsmanship, bringing together Xenovia's passion and Kiba's splendor, it became the ideal style of swordsmanship.

Slashing at high speeds while slipping through the attacks of his gigantic opponent, he managed to fire tremendous power while stabbing through the gaps. While Durandal was also clad in a destructive aura, there was a calmness to it. Kiba would likely shed tears of joy if he were to lay eyes upon this swordsman. Galvaldan, despite having a reaction speed that was unsuitable for his large size, did have his limits, and was therefore overwhelmed by Zen's high speed and skills. Zen's attack, having reached Galvaldan, began to steadily cause accumulating damage as the sword landed blow after blow on his metallic body.

Regarding the accelerating attacks, becoming more powerful with each orb that was fired into the blade when the trigger was suppressed, after a few dozen seconds, the holy aura Durandal IV was clad and had swelled to the point it was larger than Galvaldan's body. Just from seeing this much it could be understood that its attack power had completely surpassed the Durandal of this time period. Like that, by launching a power augmenting orb into the sword blade, it seemed to be a method of further increasing the attack power to another level. So this was the holy sword of the future——Durandal IV.


Galvaldan fired a much larger beam of light than any he had up until now!! It was so powerful that, if it were to score a direct hit, not one person here would be able to escape annihilation! However, Zen, not hesitating even for a moment, faced him straight on and swung downwards with the Durandal!! From Durandal IV, the maximum amount of holy aura was released!! That was his mother Xenovia's prided Durandal Cannon, that's what it was——.

Galvaldan's beam and the Durandal Cannon struck each other head on, causing a magnificent large explosion within the forest!! The shock wave from the explosion anbd the flames that were spread by the explosion, these were the aftermaths of the two attacks that enveloped our location in the forest!!

……Once everyhing had quieted down, what was left was——the heavily breathing figure of Zen. Due to firing that enormous shot, the maximum aura Durandal had possessed until now had died out.

As far as Galvaldan was concerned——his entire left arm had been blown off, and from the cross section of the left arm sparks were flying with a crackling sound.

From the violent aftereffects of the collision, a distortion had arisen in the barrier and the sky was now visible through the hole.

Galvaldan, displaying an intrepid smile, ignited the rockets on his back.

[——Dammit, apparently the effects of time travelling consumed a lot of power. That I would be damaged to this extent by this brat's attack.]

Galvaldan looked up at the sky, and all at once flew towards it!!

Ise's children had no plans to let him escape!

"Trying to escape huh!!"

"You won't get away!!"

Kurenai and Zen both unleashed their attacks! I also expanded a magic circle to try and repair the barrier but——.

A portion of Galvaldan's right shoulder opened up unveiling something like a speaker unit.


Suddenly as they were rushing in to attack there was an offensive dissonance!! It seemed it was being emitted from Galvaldan's shoulder! As soon as I started hearing it, needless to say I immediately neglected the magic circle I was expanding. Kurenai the the others were also covering their ears, each wearing an expression of anguish.

[I'll kill you next time, brats of the Red Dragon!!]

Leaving behind those parting words, Galvaldan used his ignited rockets to fly away into the sky! Like that he passed through the hole that had opened up in the barrier, successfully escaping from this place.

"Shit!! Even though there was a chance to kill him!"

Zen spat out such a lament.

Kurenai put a hand on Zen's shoulder, shaking his head.

"……No, this was the first time we have seen his present equipment. In all likelihood, it would seem that Galvaldan and the others have altered their equipment since the last time we fought. If that is the case, I don't know of anyone who could have countered something as unforeseen as that. ……This is good enough for now."

At his older brother's words Zen let out a breath as he regained his composure.

Gazing up at the sky after the mechanical dragon that had flown away, I——Azazel, was experiencing an indescribable anxiety.

However——. I then looked over at Ise's children.

At the same time I was anxious, it was a fact that these children from the future were extremely hopeful. This time period had been invaded by unknown adversaries, but so long as those guys are here, so long as they face it together, the future will be protected. I truly believe that.

Looking forward to meet up with the rest of Ise's children I haven't seen yet, I began to consider how I would go about cleaning up the forest.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Kanji: Red Dragon
  2. Kanji: Four Generals
  3. Not completely sure about that line. It might be the equivalent of maternity leave.
  4. Snow White is called Shirayuki Hime in Japanese, using the same Kanji. Kurobara means black thorn.
  5. Kanji: 羅睺七曜. This is a highly interpretive translation. Ragou, the reading for the first two Kanji, doesn't actually translate. It's a proper noun for a being also known as Rahu, which is associated with eclipses. The latter two Kanji, read as 'Shichiyou', refers to the Seven Luminaries. Moreover, both Rahu and the Seven Luminaries are part of the Navagraha.
  6. Kanji: Four Generals
  7. Father and mother
  8. Kanji: Vermillion Bird
  9. Also known as Fenghuang, the chinese phoenix
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